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"We'd like to pay, please", Buck says, smiling at their waitress.

She smiles back at them. "Sure, I'll go get your bill."

She's already turning back around to go when Eddie clears his throat. "Uh… we'll pay seperately."

She looks back at them with slightly wide eyes, blinking, obviously surprised. Just as quick she covers it up though, smiling again. "Sure! Just a minute." 

Eddie smiles at Buck, sighing a little in exasperation. Buck gives him the same look back. Because it's always like this. The waiters and waitresses always assume they'll pay together and are always surprised when they don't. And it isn't hard to get why they think so. They think Eddie and Buck are a couple. It's not like they're the only ones though, so it isn't new to them. In fact, it's getting a little old by now. 

"Guess we need to come back here more often again", Eddie jokes. 

Buck chuckles. "Yeah, I guess so." 

They haven't been here in a while and this waitress is new to them which means she doesn't know them either. Most waiters oder waitresses in places they frequent ask by now if they'll pay together or seperately. They still always pay seperately, unless it's a special occasion. 


"Wanna stay over tonight?", Eddie asks when they're on their way back to his place, Buck driving them both. They went out to eat after the shift, both too lazy to cook anything and with Christopher staying the night at Eddie's abuela's he didn't needed to rush home. 

"Hm… yeah", Buck agrees after thinking about it for a moment. "I'm too tired to drive home tonight." Then he groans, seemingly remembering something. "I pulled off the sheets from my bed. Really don't want to put new ones back on tonight. I'm staying at yours." 

Eddie laughs lightly. "That's what you get for leaving half the work for the evening." 

"I didn't have time for more this morning", Buck grumbles. 



They're back at the house soon, Eddie unlocking the door to let them both in. Not that Buck doesn't have his own key. "Want a beer?" 

"Yeah, sure." 

Eddie walks into the kitchen after dropping his keys on the counter beside the door, getting two beer bottles. When he comes back into the living room, Buck is stretched out on the couch, taking up the space. Eddie hits his leg lightly with his knee. "Move." 

Buck groans again but sits up, leaning his back against the armrest of the couch instead of the back, facing Eddie. He does seem tired, eyes drooping closed. 

Eddie passes over one of the bottles and sits down too, pulling one leg up so he's facing Buck as well. 

"Why does everyone think we're a couple though?", he asks because he really wants to know. Sure, they're pretty physically affectionate with each other but that can't be the only reason, right? They barely touched each other in the restaurant, they sat opposite each other after all, so it can't have been that. 

Buck shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe they see something we don't see." 

Eddie raises his eyebrow at that. "What is there to see?" 

"Hm…" Buck slowly starts to grin. "I mean you haven't looked at anyone in years, Eddie." 

Eddie rolls his eyes at that. "Are you trying to tell me I've looked at you? And it's not like you've been with anyone in that time."

"True", Buck concedes. "You've never thought about it?" 



"Hm…" Eddie contemplates for a moment but decides to be honest. "I have." 

Buck seems surprised for a moment. "You have? " 

Eddie shrugs. "With everyone always assuming we're a couple, yeah, of course I did. You telling me you haven't?" 

"I have", Buck admits. 


They're quiet for a moment. Then Buck asks: "So? What did you think?" 

Eddie deliberates over his words for a moment. "I didn't think you'd be interested. Besides, the last time I thought about it, I wasn't really sure I'd be up for a relationship in general, not to mention one with a guy." 

"Fair enough." Buck seems to think for a moment. "What about now?" 

Eddie just looks at Buck for a moment, seeing nothing like apprehension on his face, so he lets himself slowly start to grin. "Well, I don't think I'd have anything against it anymore."

Buck starts to grin as well at that. "Huh. Who'd have thought, Eddie Diaz with a man?" 

Eddie rolls his eyes again, kicking at Buck but he's still smiling. "What about you? What did you think?" 

"Roughly the same", Buck answers. "Well, I've been curious what it'd be like being with a guy for a while." 

"Really?" Eddie's genuinely surprised because he's never heard about that. 

"Yeah. I mean it's never happened but I have been curious." 

"Why?", Eddie asks, elaborating when he sees the confusion on Buck's face. "Has it never happened, I mean." 

Buck shrugs. "I don't know, I felt like being with a guy for the first time should be with someone I trust. I never trusted a guy like that in the past few years." He grins again, looking at Eddie. "I might trust you, though." 

Eddie just stares at him for a moment because that-. That sounds a lot like- "Are you flirting with me right now?" 

Buck laughs. "I mean if there's any guy I'd trust to do it with me there'd only be you." Then he grins again. "I might also be flirting a little." Eddie raises his brows. "Don't look at me like that, I didn't exactly expect this either, Eddie. Do you mind?" 

Eddie thinks it over for a moment, thinks to Buck flirting with him and remembers the way his heart had started beating faster when Buck had said he might trust Eddie with it. He smiles. "I don't think I do." And because he decides to give back a bit and because it's Buck so he doesn't think any harm would be done even if he made the wrong choice, he drops his voice and adds, "Evan", licking is lip for good measure. 

It's Buck's turn to stare at him, blinking a few times. Eddie's almost worried he went too far when Buck lets out a breath with a slightly shaky laugh. 

"Wow." Buck smiles a little at Eddie and he can still see the disbelief in his features. "I don't think I've ever been turned on by someone just saying my name." 

Eddie almost chokes on his beer, coughing a little, staring at Buck in disbelief himself. 'Seriously?', he asks with his eyes. 

Buck just shrugs with an unrepentant smile. "Come on, Eddie, do you think I have any idea what's going on here? I don't even like it when people call me by my name." He points at Eddie then. "And you can't tell me that wasn't your bedroom voice." 

Eddie's already opening his mouth when Buck adds his last sentence and closes it again, taken aback. Because, well… Buck is right. Eddie just didn't realize because he hasn't used his 'bedroom voice' in quite a while. He suddenly gets what Buck means when he says he has no idea what's going on. Because he doesn't either. He's reacting in ways to his best friend flirting with him that he never thought he would. It's… a little confusing but he can't find it in himself to mind. If he's being honest, he's actually enjoying this. So he grins at Buck. "It might've been." 

"I think I could get used to you saying my name like that", Buck adds with a grin of his own. 

Eddie laughs. "I might need some more practice again, it's been a while." 

Buck waggles his eyebrows at him. "You wanna practice on me?" 

Eddie leans closer to Buck, letting his gaze drop to Buck's lips for a moment - a long moment, actually - before looking back up to Buck's wide eyes, dropping his voice again. "Do you want me to?" 

"Fuck, I wanna kiss you", Buck breathes out, then stares at Eddie like he can't believe he actually said that just now. 

Eddie lets out a startled laugh, both at Buck's words and his face. Then he grins at Buck again, licking his lip when Buck's gaze drops down to them. "Why don't you then?" 

Buck leans forward immediately, only hesitating slightly when they're mere inches apart. Eddie can feel Buck's breath come a little fast and notices how his own heart is beating fast in his chest. Buck is still just staring at him but Eddie can't wait anymore. He wants to know already what Buck's lips against his will feel like so he bridges the space between them himself. 

Buck's lips are soft against his. Eddie feels like he knew they would be. How could he not? Eddie knows Buck, of course he'd know what Buck's lips would feel like if he ever kissed him. Now he just knows for sure. Not that he ever imagined it but it feels great to kiss Buck. Even though he has to admit he didn't expect the light scratchy feeling of Buck's beard against his own but even that feels good, sending a tingling through his skin all the way down to his toes. 

Buck reciprocates hesitantly first but when Eddie leans back to withdraw Buck chases after him, putting his hand on the back of Eddie's neck to keep their kiss going. Eddie leans back in immediately, not complaining at all. It's nice. He can't help smiling a little into their kiss because it feels so good. Suddenly, he wants to do this all the time, doesn't ever want to stop kissing Buck. 

They keep kissing slowly like this for a few minutes, just enjoying it, when Buck presses the tip of his tongue against Eddie's lips. Eddie is surprised for just a moment, then parts his lips, allowing Buck's tongue into his mouth, meeting it with his own tongue. The kiss grows heated immediately and, seconds later, Eddie finds himself on his back on the couch with Buck lying on top of him. 

He didn't expect that. And he definitely didn't expect to like it as much as he does. Buck's weight above him feels grounding in a way he didn't know he craved. 

His hands find their way into Buck's hair and onto his back and Buck moves his free hand to the side of Eddie's neck, stroking the skin below his ear with his thumb. 

Eddie groans. 

Buck finally leans back. Eddie is so surprised by his own reaction that, by the time he thinks to chase after his lips himself this time Buck is already too far above him so he just uselessly lifts his head from the couch for a moment. Buck grins at him but his pupils are blown wide so there's no way he's unaffected which Eddie takes comfort in. Not that he needs it, really, but it's nice to know they're equal here. 

"Are we really doing this?", Eddie asks and fuck, since when did his voice get this hoarse? He barely recognizes it himself. 

Buck seems surprised too but then he surges back down and they're kissing again. "Fuck", he breathes out a few moments later, their foreheads touching, both breathing heavy. "Your voice is doing things to me, I swear." 

Eddie laughs at that, still breathless. He loves that Buck seems to be just as affected by him as he is by Buck. 

"Do you want to be doing this?", Buck asks then, going back to Eddie's question when they first parted. 

Eddie just looks at Buck for a moment. This whole thing is… unexpected, to say the least. But- "I think so. You know, thinking about it, I probably never really felt like dating because I had you already. Our lives fit so well together, you've basically been co-parenting Chris with me for the past few years, I just didn't need anyone else." 

Buck smiles at him. "Yeah. It's the same for me, I think, that I didn't need anyone else. And besides, we basically live together anyway." 

Eddie raises an eyebrow at that. "You have your own apartment." 

"Half of my stuff is here", Buck points out. "You have stuff at my place. Christopher has stuff at my place." 

Which, yeah, ok, that is true. Putting it like that… "Hm… it really does seem like a partnership."

Buck slowly smiles. "Partnership, huh? I like the sound of that." 

Eddie returns the smile. "It doesn't sound too bad." 

Buck laughs. Eddie can feel happiness radiate off him and he basks in it. Seeing Buck happy and carefree has always lifted his spirits but now he feels it even more. 

Buck smiles at him when he's calmed down. "If we really do this, we both know it's not just going to be physical, right? It's going to be about the two of us actually being together, right?" 

"Yeah." Eddie smiles back at him. "You do realize that I never even thought about being intimate with a guy until today right?", he adds in a bit of a joking tone. "I might need a bit for that, not the being together part."

Buck laughs at him. "Yeah, that's true I suppose." His smile softens. "Are we doing it then?" 

Eddie smiles back up at him, framing Buck's face with his hands. "Yeah. If you want to." 

"I do", Buck confirms with a smile of his own. 

"Good." Eddie pulls Buck back down and they kiss again. They keep it slow, just gently moving against each other. There's no hurry, they can take their time and Eddie really feels like, taking this plunge today, into completely unknown waters to him, was the best decision he ever made. 

When they part after what feels like both hours and mere minutes, they keep smiling at each other. 

"Let's go to bed?", Eddie asks quietly because it has to be late now and their shift starts early next morning. 

Buck stares at him, pretending to be incredulous and failing as he obviously tries to hold back his laughter. 

Eddie swats at his shoulder, chuckling. "To sleep, Buck. Just to sleep." 

Buck laughs, falling down heavily onto Eddie. "I know, I know."

Eddie just rolls his eyes with a fond smile on his lips. 

Buck gets up when he stops laughing, a smile still on his lips and Eddie knows his own is still visible too. He feels like they haven't stopped smiling and grinning at each other since they came home from the restaurant. 

They head to Eddie's bedroom, going through their familiar routine of getting ready for bed. Familiar because Buck hasn't slept on Eddie's couch since the one time a few months after they got to know each other when Buck hurt his back a bit at work and Eddie dragged him to his own bedroom, wanting him to sleep on an actual bed since he had a bad back. Buck hadn't slept on the couch ever since. It felt unnecessary. Besides, until now, there was never a reason either of them would've felt weird about sharing a bed. They were friends, why would they? Now, they aren't exactly friends anymore. Not 'just' friends at least. 

Eddie keeps glancing at Buck as he gets ready for bed and notices Buck doing the same with him. Every now and then, when they pass each other or are just close enough, they steal kisses like they can't keep their hands from each other. 

In bed, Buck immediately scoots over, snuggling up to Eddie, throwing his arm over Eddie's upper body as he lies on his side. Eddie wraps his arm around Buck's shoulder, pulling him close. And this is not new, exactly, either because they have woken up cuddling more often than not - whether it be in the morning or when one of them woke up in the night. But it is new because it feels different and they haven't gone to sleep snuggled up to each other yet. 

"They're going to know, aren't they?", Buck mumbles, sounding half asleep already. 

Eddie laughs a little. Their team will definitely know. "Yeah. They will." 

Buck lets out a noise halfway between a groan and a sigh. "They're going to be soo annoying." 

Eddie can't help his chuckle. "We can just be annoying right back." 

Buck lifts his head from where he's pillowed it on Eddie's chest, looking up at him. "How?" 

"By being all lovey-dovey? Just really getting into their faces with it. They're going to be annoyed by that sooner or later." Eddie shrugs. 

Buck laughs and, god, Eddie loves the sound. He did before but everything seems to take on a new colour right now and things he loved about Buck before - he loves them even more now, appreciates them on a different level. He's still a bit thrown, if he's being honest, by… all of it but it just feels right, nonetheless. Like they were always supposed to end up like this. Like they were headed to this point all the time in the last few years. Like it was meant to be. 

He will never let anyone other than Buck hear about those thoughts, the others would be insufferable, talking about how they always knew. 

"Eddie?" Buck's voice is quiet and he sounds tired but he also sounds really happy. 


"I'm glad", Buck says simply. 

Eddie has to smile. He presses a kiss to Buck's head. "Yeah, me too. I'm really happy." 

"Me too." Buck lifts his head to look at him, then yawns. 

Eddie smiles at him. "Good night, Buck. Go to sleep." 

"You too. Good night, Eddie." 

Eddie hums, closes his eyes with a smile on his lips. It has been a good night. 


He wakes to the morning sun streaming in through the window - how the hell had he forgotten to pull the fucking blinds? - and Buck mouthing at his neck. Before Eddie's fully awake he already lets out a quiet moan, stretching his neck further when Buck sucks at his pulse point. 

"Buck", he breathes out. 

Eddie can feel Buck grin against his skin, then his mouth is right next to his ear and Buck whispers, voice a shade darker than normal from sleep, "Good morning."

Eddie can't suppress the shiver going through his body at that. He's awake now though. And very turned on. "Morning", he replies as Buck is already back to mouthing at his neck. Eddie lifts one hand to the back of Buck's head, carding slowly through his hair. 

Buck keeps just kissing his neck for a while but it's enough for Eddie to keep making noise. It's been ages and he's never really enjoyed this before but of course everything is different with Buck. 

Then Buck sucks at his pulse point again and Eddie moans - not so quiet this time. "Fuck." Eddie involuntarily grabs Buck's hair a bit, keeping him in place. "You're going to leave marks", he says a little breathlessly when Buck leans back. 

Buck grins at him. "Want me to stop?" 

"Fuck, no." 

They both laugh, Buck dropping his forehead on Eddie's shoulder. When they calm down Eddie drags Buck up to kiss him properly. He turns them around on the bed, so he is lying on top of Buck now. This time Eddie's the one who wanders down Buck's jaw with his lips, soon turning his attention to Buck's neck. 

Buck pants below him the more Eddie kisses his neck, moaning when he sucks at the crook of his neck. Eddie loves hearing it, paying attention to all the spots that make Buck squirm beneath him. 

"You're leaving marks, too", Buck breathes out. 

Eddie grins, sucking pointedly at the spot in the crook of his neck that was already turning red, making Buck moan again. They're pressed together, head to toe, and Eddie can feel Buck's hard-on twitch against his own. He isn't used to the feeling of having another guy's cock press against him but he really doesn't want to stop. It feels too good and, honestly, Eddie imagines it will only feel better if they continue. 

"I thought we're going to really rub it in for them", he eventually replies, grinning up at Buck and kissing his lips again. 

Buck laughs into their kiss. "We're going to be late at this rate." 

Eddie looks at him for a moment. "I don't want to stop", he says honestly then. 

Buck smiles up at him. "Yeah, me neither." 

"Good." Eddie smiles at Buck as well, sitting back then to pull his sleep shirt over his head. 

Buck's hands land on Eddie's hips but he doesn't pull him back down. His eyes wander over Eddie's bare upper body and Eddie swears he sees Buck get even more turned on. He grins down at Buck, letting him look all he wants. 

"You ever gonna take that off?", Eddie asks eventually, grabbing the hem of Buck's t-shirt. 

Buck grins at him. "Are you getting impatient?" 

Eddie rolls his eyes. "We don't have forever. We have to leave for work in…" He glances at his alarm. "… one hour." 

"We might need to hurry a bit", Buck admits. 

"I don't want to hurry. Not with this."

Buck smiles at him. "Yeah. We should still get a move on though." 

"Then get this off already." Eddie pulls at Buck's t-shirt again and this time Buck sits up to take it off. Eddie ends up sitting on his lap and just lowers his head to kiss Buck. They make out like this until grinding against each other isn't enough anymore and they land side by side on the bed again. 

"Fuck, feels so good", Buck breathes out, moaning when Eddie kisses the forming bruises on his neck. 

Eddie grins at him, but he's panting too. "Wanna get the rest of our clothes off?" 

"God, yeah." 

They break apart for a moment, fumbling to get their boxershorts off. When they come together again, their cocks touching naked for the first time Eddie groans, dropping his forehead against Buck and Buck shudders as well before he takes them both in hand. Eddie throws his head back at that, exposing his neck which Buck immediately takes advantage of, biting at him. A shiver runs through Eddie's body. He wants to feel Buck's weight on top of him again so he pulls at Buck until he's on his back and Buck is lying on him. 

"You like it?", Buck asks curiously. 

"Yeah", Eddie admits, not even sure why he likes it so much when Buck is lying heavy on top of him. 

Buck just smiles. "Okay." Then they're kissing again, Buck continuing to stroke them both, using their pre-cum as lube. 

Eddie grabs Buck's head with one hand, fingers in his hair, his other hand roaming his back, lightly scratching at Buck's skin every now and then. 

It's not long before they can't keep their kiss going. Buck's head drops onto Eddie's shoulder, moaning into his ear. 

"Buck", Eddie gets out between his own moans, grabbing at Buck harder. "I'm close." 

"Me too", Buck whispers into his ear and Eddie shivers. Again. 

Buck leans back and stares at Eddie while he keeps moving his hand around their cocks. "Let go, Eddie." 

Eddie's eyes widen as he realizes it's actually enough. Enough to tip him over the edge. His eyes close on their own, his head thrown back as he comes all over their stomachs and Buck's hand. 

When he gets his bearings again it's just in time to see Buck come as well. His eyes are glazed over as he keeps staring at Eddie. Eddie softly strokes through Buck's hair with his fingers, keeping his eyes on Buck the whole time. He's beautiful. It's not that Eddie didn't know that, he's seen Buck every day for the last few years but he didn't realize before that Buck is beautiful to him

Buck collapses on Eddie when he relaxes a few seconds later. He's still breathing heavy. Eddie rubs his back, kissing the side of his neck where he can reach. 

Buck rolls off him a few minutes later with a groan, lying on his side beside Eddie who turns his head so they can keep looking at each other. 

"That was…" Buck looks speechless. "Wow." 

Eddie chuckles. "Yeah. It was." His smile softens. "God, you're beautiful, Buck." 

Buck actually blushes, giving Eddie a wide smile even as he ducks his head. 

"You are", Eddie adds because he suddenly needs Buck to know how true it is, more than he ever did anything before, when he told Buck he could believe in himself, that he could stop being anxious about Eddie leaving Buck behind one day. 

Buck lifts his gaze again, smile still on his lips. "Thanks. You are, too." 

"You're just saying that because I said it", Eddie jokes. 

Buck laughs and shoves his shoulder. "I hate you." 

Eddie laughs too. "No, you don't." 

"Yeah, I might love you." 

When Eddie looks back over, Buck looks just as taken aback as he feels. 

"Too soon?", Buck asks with a wry smile when they've both taken a few seconds to process those words. 

"Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know." Eddie still has no clue what's going on if he's being honest. "Until yesterday I would've just taken it as… you know, as friends. But now…"

"Yeah, I don't think I meant it as just friends", Buck agrees. Then he laughs again. "I don't know if we're moving really fast or really slow." 

Eddie laughs as well at that. "Yeah, it's a bit unclear which one it is. But I'm happy we are moving." 

"Yeah, me too. And we should literally move, we have like… half an hour until we need to head to work."

Eddie looks at his alarm and promptly groans. "I don't want to get up." 

"You're gross", Buck says, looking pointedly at their come left on Eddie's stomach. Then he looks at his hand. "So am I. We need to shower." 

"Well, we're definitely not making it on time if we shower seperately", Eddie points out. 

"True. So we shower together." 

They look at each other for a moment then burst out laughing again. It's ridiculous how they're suddenly doing everything at once that they would've taken their time with in any other relationship and it doesn't even feel weird. It feels like the most natural thing and that makes it a little weird. At least to Eddie. 


They are almost late, rushing into the station, shouting a quick hello to the rest and immediately heading to the locker room to get changed. 

"I left some scratches on your back", Eddie notices when Buck changes his shirt. 

Buck chuckles. "Guess I shouldn't be showing my back in the next few days." 

"I don't think they're not going to notice all the hickeys I gave you. And you gave me", Eddie laughs. 

Buck laughs lightly as well. "Yeah, I think they're going to grill us with questions for their betting pool." 

"Oh, definitely." 

When they come out of the locker room, Hen and Chim are waiting for them already, staring at them. 

"Okay, not that it's unusual for you to come to work together but you were late and you're covered in hickeys", Chim opens up. 

Eddie looks at Buck next to him who looks back. They burst out laughing immediately. 

When they calm down, Chim looks confused and Hen looks unimpressed. 

"Sorry, sorry", Eddie says, chuckling again. 

"It's just… we knew you'd say something like that", Buck adds. 

"The hell happened last night with you two?", Hen asks, looking a little confused herself now. 

"Okay, technically this-" Buck gestures to his neck. "- happened this morning." 

"I really don't wanna know", Hen shoots back, making Eddie laugh again which sets off Buck as well. 

"Nothing happened last night", Eddie grins when he has himself under control again. "Well, not much anyway." He winks at Buck who grins back. 

"If nothing happened last night you wouldn't turn up like this." Chim gestures vaguely to them both but they all know what he means. 

"Well, to be fair, it's not like either of us planned any of this", Buck explains. Or doesn't explain. 

"Which means… you got wasted?" Hen raises an eyebrow at them. 

"No, Hen, we did not get wasted", Buck replies with the most unimpressed voice and expression he can manage, like he's disappointed she would think that of him, of them. Then he shrugs. "We talked." 

"You talked?", Chim asks incredulously. "How did you get from talking to this?" He gestures at them again. 

"We talked about how everyone thinks we're a couple and why the hell that is", Eddie clarifies. 

"Thought", Buck adds, sounding a little amused. "Thought we were a couple. We kinda are now. Are we?" 

Eddie grins at him. "We are, aren't we?" 

Buck laughs. "Yeah, I can live with that." 

Eddie hits his shoulder playfully, still grinning himself. "Don't make me dump you so soon." 

Buck just laughs, shoving back at him. "As if. It hasn't even been a day." 

Eddie snorts at the reminder that, 24 hours ago, they were still just best friends and completely fine with that. They didn't necessarily need more between them, they could've just stayed friends for another few years and neither of them would've felt like anything was missing. But it still feels more complete now between them. 

"It hasn't been a day?" Hen sounds incredulous now. 

They turn their attention back to their friends. 

"I mean, yeah", Buck confirms. 

"Okay, no." Hen looks at them. "We're going up there now and you're telling us what the fuck's going on." 

Eddie shrugs with a laugh and sees Buck do the same out of the corner of his eyes. 

They all head up the stairs to the station loft and Hen directs them to the couches. Buck and Eddie sit next to each other as always, shoulders touching. 

"Start from the beginning", she commands. 

Eddie and Buck look at each other for a moment then Buck shrugs and begins. "I mean, like I said, neither of us really planned on anything happening yesterday-" 

"Definitely not how I expected that evening to go", Eddie snorts. 

Buck rolls his eyes at him. "Yeah, same here. Like we said we got talking. People always assume we're a couple and we were just wondering why." 

"Wait a minute, you knew basically everyone thinks you're going out? I mean I guess you are now but… before that I mean." Hen looks like she can't quite believe it. 

"Hen, do you know how many times people have assumed Christopher's my kid as well?", Buck just asks. 

Eddie snorts. "Oh yeah, I've been told I'm lucky to have a husband like Buck so many times. Hell, my abuela's asked me before if we're together." Then he looks at Hen and Chim. "And you guys are not subtle either. Were." 

Buck laughs. "Oh, yeah, not at all." 

Hen and Chim look taken aback for a moment. Then Chim speaks again. "All that and you still didn't get together until, what? Yesterday?" 

Buck shrugs. "I didn't know if he'd be interested. I didn't know if I could even be with a guy like that." 

"Yeah, same", Eddie agrees. "I didn't know if I was interested. And I definitely wasn't ready for another relationship until some time ago."

"So, what? No pining? No unrequited, Not Actually Unrequited love? You were literally just best friends until yesterday?", Hen asks, obviously a little disbelieving. 

"Yeah?", Buck looks at Eddie who reaches out on instinct to hold his hand. Which he then realizes they haven't done before. He looks at their intertwined hands for a moment then up at Buck who looks back at him in wonder. 

"Hey! Guys!" Chim snaps their fingers at them. "Seriously?" 

"Sorry." Buck looks at Chim with a dopey smile and Eddie keeps looking at Buck. 

"This is the first time you're holding hands, isn't it." Hen sounds defeated for some reason. 

"Like we said it hasn't even been a day, there's going to be some more firsts coming." Eddie winks at Buck with a grin. 

Buck rolls his eyes but grins as well. 

Hen and Chim both groan. 

"Go on", Hen waves her hand. "You were talking and then?" 

"Then we talked about how neither of us has dated in years and why that is and then we kinda started flirting. And then we kissed. And went to bed", Buck continues, skipping the details of their conversation which Eddie is glad for because that feels like it should belong to him and Buck. 

Eddie looks at him, a little speechless. "Can you say that in a way that doesn't make it sound like we did literally anything other than sleep?" 

Buck laughs. "I don't know, it's fun though." 

"Oh, is it?" Eddie smirks, leaning closer to Buck, whispering in his ear. "Evan." 

Buck draws back to stare at him, his eyes wide, then points at him. "Don't call me that. At work", he amends at Eddie's raised eyebrow. 

Eddie grins. It's fun to know how easily he can make Buck forget where he is for a moment. 

"I can't believe these two", Chim complains with a shake of his head. 

Hen hits his leg with the back of her hand, still facing Buck and Eddie though. "So, what now? You're actually going to move in with Eddie, Buck?" 

"Huh." Buck looks surprised for a moment, then looks at Eddie. "Am I moving in?" 

Eddie shrugs, looking back. "I don't know, you want to?" 

"Yeah, why not." 

"Okay, let's get the rest of your stuff then." 

"Okay." Buck grins at Eddie. "I'll terminate my lease then. I think I need to pay another three months though." 

"It's not like you have to pay for living with me", Eddie counters. 

Buck rolls his eyes at him again. "If I'm actually moving in I'll pay my share."

Eddie gives him a fond smile, knowing Buck won't back down on this. "Alright, alright, after those three months then."

Buck nods, getting his phone out to see if he can find his rental agreement somewhere in his documents. 

"Just like that?", they hear Hen ask and look back at their two friends who both look like they can't believe it. 

Buck shrugs. "What else is there to say?" 

"I don't know, you've been together not even a day", Hen points out. 

"And people have thought we were going out ever since we've known each other", Eddie gives back. "You guys were sure since the beginning that we'd get together eventually. That reminds me, who won the betting pool?" 

Hen and Chim stare at them. "You knew about that?"

Eddie rolls his eyes while Buck says once more: "You weren't exactly subtle." 

Hen sighs. "I won."

Buck snorts. "You always win." 

Eddie grins at Buck. "We should've bet on who would win." 

Buck laughs. "Yeah." 

The alarm rings at that moment. They all get up, meeting up with Bobby on the way to the stairs. He raises his brows at Buck and Eddie when his gaze catches all the hickeys on their necks. "Really, boys? Next time leave them somewhere people can't see. We're still trying to come across as professionals." 

Eddie laughs. "Sorry, Bobby. We'll be sure to remember next time." 

Buck beside him is red from embarrassment. Eddie knows Buck probably feels like he got caught by his dad, even if it's technically their boss. Bobby just means that much more to Buck. 


They go together to pick up Christopher from abuela's after work. The next day is their day off and they plan to spend it with Chris and getting Buck's stuff from his apartment. 

"Eddie! Buck!", abuela greets them at the door. Then she, too, notices the hickeys on their necks. She sighs, a relieved smile on her lips. "Finally!" 

Eddie chuckles. "Yes, yes, we're together now."

Abuela looks at him. "Since when." 

"Yesterday. You haven't missed anything." Eddie grins at his grandmother, knowing she would have complained if they had kept it from her. 

His abuela fixes him with a glare. "You better take care of him, he's the best thing that's happened to you and Christopher." 

Eddie laughs and is glad to hear Buck behind him laugh too. "I know that, abuela. Don't worry, I'm not going to let him go." 

Buck snorts. "Should I be worried?" 

Eddie grins at him. "Only if you plan on leaving us." 

Buck laughs. "No way. I'm not going anywhere." 


Abuela turns to Buck now, pulling him into another hug. "You're finally officially family now. Good." 

Buck smiles at her. "Thank you, abuela." 

Abuela smiles back. "Welcome to the Diaz family, Buck." 

Buck grins at her, giving her a kiss on her cheek. "Thank you", he says again. 

Eddie smiles, looking at them. He knows his abuela already saw Buck as family even before this but he's still happy that his family here at least has always accepted Buck as family even when they were still 'just' friends. 

He heads inside in search for Christopher, leaving his grandmother and Buck to speak some more. He finds his son in front of the TV, completely engrossed. "Hey, Chris." 

Christopher turns around, smile already on his lips before he even sees Eddie completely. "Dad!" 

Eddie laughs, picking his son up to pull him into a hug and spinning him around a few times. Christopher giggles, holding on to Eddie as well. 

"Buck!", he squeals then, struggling out of his dad's arms. 

Eddie snorts as he lets him go, looking up at his grandmother and Buck coming inside with a smile. Christopher rushes toward Buck as soon as his feet hit the ground and Buck also picks him up with a grin like Eddie did before. 

"I see I've already been replaced", Eddie chuckles. 

Buck grins at him. "I've always been the favourite, Eddie." 

Christopher laughs but then stills when he looks at Buck's neck. "Did you get hurt, Buck?" 

"No, why?", Buck asks, confused. Eddie snorts, already aware what Christopher saw. 

"You have a bruise on your neck", Christopher explains. 

Buck chokes a little, looking to Eddie for help. Yeah, they really should've thought about how they would explain this to Chris. 

"Uuh, I didn't get hurt", Buck eventually says when Eddie doesn't say anything because he doesn't know how to explain either. 

"No?" Christopher looks confused. 

"No. It's… not exactly a bruise", Buck continues. 

"It's not?" 


"What is it?" Of course Christopher would ask that. 

"Uuh…" Buck looks around for help again. Eddie is still smiling helplessly. He also doesn't know how to get out of this situation. 

"You two are hopeless", abuela sighs. "Christopher, it's from kisses. Your dad and Buck were kissing." 

Eddie stares at his grandmother. He was still trying to figure out how to tell Christopher about them before this. Not that he thinks Christopher would have a problem with it. 

Christopher proves him right when his eyes light up. "They kissed?" He looks at Eddie and Buck in turn with wide eyes. "Are you together now? Is Buck my dad too now?" 

Buck looks mildly shocked but Eddie can see how moved he is beneath the shock. Eddie smiles at him. 

"Yeah, we're together", Eddie confirms. "That does mean Buck is going to have to act more like a parent now… which means if he tells you to do something, like clean your room, you have to do it like when I tell you. And you" He looks at Buck, pointing at him for extra emphasis. "need to learn to say no to him." 

Buck acts shocked again. Christopher starts laughing, making Buck laugh too. "I'll try, I'll try", Buck promises with a grin. 

Eddie rolls his eyes but he's smiling. He knows Buck can say no to Chris - about as well as Eddie himself, which means not really, actually - and he knows they will have to talk about this more, all three of them together, but for now it's enough. 

They gather Christopher's stuff and leave after abuela hugs all of them once more. 

"Dad?", Christopher asks on the way back home. 

"Yeah?" Eddie looks at his son through the rearview mirror. Christopher is looking out of the window, seeming a little tired. 

"Is anything going to change?" 

Eddie has to smile, looking at Buck next to him who smiles back. "No, I don't think so, mijo. Well, how do you feel about Buck moving in with us for real?" 

That catches Christopher's attention. He looks forward to them with wide, happy eyes. "Really?!"

Buck turns in his seat to look at him. "If you're okay with it." 

"Yeah!" Christopher nods his head enthusiastically, wide smile on his lips, all sleepiness probably gone. 

Eddie chuckles. "Then he will move in. But I don't think anything will change, really." He reaches his hand over to put it on Buck's thigh which makes him think of something else. "You might see us kissing now." 

"Eww." Christopher doesn't look too pleased about that project. Then he frowns, deep in thought. After that he nods. "I can live with that." 

Eddie laughs lightly, Buck chuckling beside him. "That's good." 

Buck helps Eddie put Christopher to bed, like they have done many times before. Christopher insists on forehead kisses from both of them tonight. 

They end up on the couch again, beers in their hands. Buck is leaning against the right side of Eddie's chest who has his arm around Buck. 

"What a day", Buck mumbles. 

Eddie snorts. "Yeah. We're going out for one day and everyone already knows." 

"I still need to tell Maddie", Buck realizes, wanting to get up. 

"I'm pretty sure Chim told her by now", Eddie counters. 

Buck stills, then leans back again with a sigh. "Yeah, probably." 

Eddie nuzzles his nose into Buck's hair, closing his eyes. "You know, I feel like this was inevitable in a way", he murmurs quietly. 

"Us?" Buck turns his head so he can look at Eddie. 

Eddie smiles at him. "Yeah. Really, until yesterday I was completely fine with being friends, I hadn't even thought about more but the way our lives have already been so interwoven the whole time… I think we would've ended up together either way, if not now then maybe a few months or a few years down the road."

Buck looks back at him with his own smile. "Yeah, you're probably right. It feels like we were always heading towards this, even if we didn't know it ourselves. In some ways we probably already reached this point, like with basically living together, basically co-parenting Chris. Maybe we just needed some time for the rest."

Eddie can't help his smile growing wider. It's amazing that they're on the same page even in this, something that's so different for everyone. "Yeah", he agrees after just staring stupidly at Buck for a minute. "Yeah, I think you're right. God, I'm so lucky to have you." He leans forward until their foreheads touch. 

Buck chuckles lightly. "I'm lucky to have you. You and Christopher, you're also the best thing that's happened to me, you know." 

Eddie leans back a little to look at him, smiling. "Good. That means we make each other better." 

Buck laughs a little, giving Eddie a short kiss. "Yeah. That's true." 

Eddie keeps looking at Buck for a long time, the smile on his lips slowly turning into a grin as he realizes something. "I love you." 

Buck laughs happily, leaning his head against Eddie for a moment before leaning back again so they can look at each other again. "I guess it's not too early? I love you too, Eddie. I really do."

Eddie just grins at him, pulling Buck closer with a hand on the back of his head to kiss him. A few minutes later Buck is on his lap and they're both breathing heavy. 

"Let's go to bed?", Eddie asks when they stop for a moment to breathe. "We have a few things to do tomorrow." 

Buck grins at him, waggling his eyebrows and licking his lip. 

Eddie laughs, leaning his forehead against Buck's shoulder. "Is it going to be like this every night now? Just to sleep, Buck. I don't think I'm ready to do anything with Chris in the house yet." 

Buck is still grinning at him. "Don't think you can keep quiet?" 

Eddie looks back up at him, thinking of this morning. "Yeah", he replies honestly with a smile. Keeping quiet might really be a problem with how good it felt this morning. 

Buck laughs, kissing him again. "Alright. Let's go to bed. To sleep." 

Eddie grins at him. God, he really is so lucky.