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Hair ties and clips

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On flinched as the comb suddenly came free from her hair, ripping off a few strands while it was at it.

She winced as she saw the tangled silver strands tangled around the plasticky teeth of the comb.

On lightly carded her fingers through her hair but she kept running into troublesome knots. Again, she tried valiantly to smooth out at least the tips of her hair, but no luck there.

Giving up, On accepted that she’d have to spend the rest of her life with a mop of messy hair. Perhaps she should cut it?

Tangles and knots had always been a problem, although not as apparent as it was nowadays, with her hair much longer than it used to be.

On twirled a rough and disorderly lock of hair around her index finger, it was already waist-long.

..Surely it wouldn’t be too bad if it were cut shorter.

..On didn’t really like people touching her hair, but if it was Cale..

Making up her mind, On quickly went off to find her dad before she was talked herself out of it.

On found Cale lounging on a couch, reading while basking under the weak morning sunlight.

She padded over silently, “Dad?” she tapped the book’s hardcover.

“Hmm?” Cale stowed the book away before he moved aside to allow On to sit, which On gracefully did.

“Umm..” she twiddled with her fingers, suddenly unsure, “I’m thinking of cutting my hair shorter. Is that alright?”

Cale tilted his head, that was unexpected. “That’s fine, but can I ask why?”

On took Cale’s soft hand and brought it to her hair.

Cale frowned as he felt the tangles that weren’t really visible against her silver hair. “Oh.” He paused, “So do you want to cut it only because it gets tangled or do you also prefer shorter hair over long hair?”

Cale patiently waited for On to think things through.

“..I like having long hair, but it keeps getting tangled.”

Cale hummed. “If I could help fix that, would you be happier with long hair?”


“Okay, come on.” Cale pulled On along as they walked to his room.

Feeling very confused, On followed.

“Sit.” Cale patted the tidy bed before he left to go grab the things he needed, momentarily leaving a still very confused girl behind.

“Here,” he dumped an armful of things on the bed, about a meter away from where they sat.

“Turn around please,” Cale held a wide toothed wooden comb in his hand.

On obediently did so.

Cale started to comb the hair, starting from the tips and very slowly moving up to the roots, it took an entire half an hour to comb out the worst of the tangles.

On started to relax around five minutes into the combing session.

While she still didn’t know how Cale knew how to tame her hair while she, who’d been living her entire life with it, still couldn’t do it. On supposed it wasn’t too surprising. Cale had hair that reached a few centimeters past his shoulder blades and now that she thought of it, his hair always seemed soft and smooth. A stark contrast to her own.

Before she realized it, she was purring as Cale gradually switched out to finer toothed combs that scratched pleasantly across her scalp. She wasn’t even paying attention to her hair anymore, just the feeling.

“There.” Cale put the last comb away. “How does it feel?”

On dazedly ran her fingers through her hair— smoother than it had ever been. It was almost silky in texture and On instantly fell in love with the feel of it.

She didn’t have to cut her hair! She happily launched herself at Cale. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

Cale smiled slightly as he pat her hair, carefully of course.

“We’re not done yet, I still need to tie your hair to keep it from being tangled.”

On stared at Cale wide eyed.

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It was only then did On notice the colorful array of hair ties and clips piled up on the bed.

Cale smiled as he poked her forehead playfully. "Relax, I'm not that bad at this. What do you want?"

On excitedly answered, "Can I have hair like Sylvia's?"

Cale racked through his memories. After a while, he tentatively asked, "The kitchen maid?"

On nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! Her hair is always nice. Yesterday, she had a braid that looked as pretty as a fishtail!" she stared at Cale pleadingly, "Can I..?" On gestured towards her hair.

Well, a fishtail braid wasn't that hard to do, so Cale had no problems with it. "Sure, just leave it to me."

On stayed as still as she could while Cale have her hair one final brushing before he started separating it into sections.

With deft fingers, Cale quickly brought small amounts of hair over larger chunks of hair and tucking them into the other side, repeating the motions again and again. Meticulously making sure that not a hair was left out of the braid.

On sat herself at an angle where she could see her hair in the mirror, she watched with shining eyes as Cale speedily transformed her hair into a braid that looked impossibly intricate; even more so than Sylvia's.

"On? What color hair tie do you want?" Cale's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. On glanced at herself, the final result was absolutely stunning. She loved it.

Cale's hand was still holding on to the end, keeping the entire thing from unravelling.

"Umm.." On looked at the colorful pile of ties, she picked a simple one that was her favorite color. "Red, please." 

The hair tie snapped into place with ease.

On ran her fingers almost reverently across the smooth strands twisting around each other to form a delicate pattern.

She grinned widely as she thanked Cale repeatedly.

"Why don't you go and play with Raon and Hong now? I'd like to go back to my book."

"Okay! Thanks again, Dad!"

"Hong! Raon!" On briskly walked towards them, careful not to run lest her hair gets messed up.

"Noona!" Raon flew circles around On's head while Hong curled his furry self around her ankle.

"Your hair looks really nice today!"

On happily did a little twirl. "Thanks! Dad did it!"

"Really?" Raon gasped, he jealously mumbled, "I wish I had long hair. Or any hair, actually. I'm bald."

Hong changed into his human form. "Should we show everyone Dad's work?"

"YES!" Raon did a few loops, thankfully not crashing into any of the crystal chandeliers with how high he flew.

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Raon sulked as he watched the small braid Hong had clipped behind his ears. He wished he had hair for his human to braid too.

..maybe if he had a human form? He should ask Goldie gramps if he could help, he was a great and mighty dragon. There was nothing he couldn’t do!

Eruhaben had no idea why Raon suddenly wanted to have a human form, but he supposed it was about time.

Six was a bit young but not unheard of.


“Thank you!” Raon grinned toothily as he beat his wings hurriedly.

They were making a stop at the castle first.

Sheritt would love to be there for Raon’s first transformation, she’d missed out on so much already, and Eruhaben would feel terrible if he deprived her of this.

Besides, Raon would need clothes and Sheritt definitely had a lot stockpiled, and they were made for so many different ages.

He was pretty sure she had enough clothes for Raon that he could wear a new outfit everyday until the day he died.

Sheritt cheered as the blue light the color of Raon’s eyes started to fade and a small humanoid form could be seen in the blinding light.

She froze; a pang of regret and anger struck her as she realized that the six year old child was small enough to look five. After all, malnutrition—especially for a toddler—would last for a long time regardless of how well he’d been treated by Cale.

He might have gained weight, but his frame remained smaller than it should have been and he would most likely be at least a little stunted even when he was fully grown.

But all her thoughts were easily cast aside when Raon ran up to her, smiling brightly. “Mom! Do I look cute?”

Sheritt squealed, shoving away everything she’d been thinking, the past was the past, they were all dead, anyway.

She immediately grabbed the clothes she had on put standby, grateful Eruhaben had taken the initiative to leave the two of them to themselves, her son was so cute!!

He had raven black hair with dazzling sky blue eyes and he looked a bit like Cale, not surprising since dragons sometimes morphed to resemble the person they most admired. Sheritt wasn’t surprised. A tiny bit bitter, but mostly grateful.

Sheritt smiled uncontrollably as Raon allowed her to dress him up in a cute grey fuzzy sweater and black pants.

“Cale’s going to love this!”

“Will he, really?”


”Gramps!” Raon ran towards the man leaning against a tree.

”Do I look great and mighty?”

Eruhaben nodded gravely. “The mightiest,” he said solemnly.

Raon beamed.

”I’m going to go see the human now! Do you want to come with me? Your hair looks boring!” He bounced on the balls of his feet, swaying slightly.

”..what’s wrong with my hair?” Eruhaben frowned, twisting a few strands together.

”The human can make it better!” Raon said, puffing his chest out and looking very confident.


They teleported into Cale’s bedroom.

Cale was napping peacefully on the bed. While Eruhaben would have suggested they leave him be, Raon did not give a damn.

The tiny human jumped onto the bed, the recoil pushing the human onto the floor.

Cale rubbed his side, the pain already starting to dull. ‘What the fuck just happened?’

“Human, I’m so sooory!” A child shoved his face way too close to Cale’s for his comfort and wailed.

“...” Cale wondered if he was still dreaming.

The child wrapped his arms around him as he continued to cry.

Cale awkwardly patted his back. “...Raon?”


”I’m okay, you can let go now.”

”I don’t wannaaa. I just got my hands,” he sniffled, “and your hair is soft.”

Cale nearly dropped the child when another voice suddenly joined in.

”Little kid, let go of him. You’ll have as much time as you want to do,” Eruhaben gestured towards them, “this.”

”You’re right.” Raon pouted as he clambered off Cale. “Are you really okay weak human?”

”I am.” Cale patted himself off. “By the way, why are you human?”

”Because I want you to do my hair too! Noona and Hyung got to, I’m the only one who haven’t yet.” He paused. “Goldie gramps too, his hair is,” Raon’s volume dropped significantly, “boring.”

”Oh.” Cale nodded along as though everything made sense. “Okay.” Even though he’d much rather go back to bed, sleep didn’t matter if Raon really wanted to get his hair done to the point where he got himself a human form.

”Since your hair is about as long as Hong’s, do you want what he had too?”


Cale patted the kid’s head before he looked towards Eruhaben. “Do you want your hair braided too?”

Eruhaben awkwardly nodded. He hadn’t known Cale could do this.

Ten minutes later, Raon was excitedly sprinting out of the room sporting a small braid that was tucked behind his ear and tied in place by a glittery blood red ribbon—chosen by Raon himself.

The kid was probably going to On and Hong. 

Cale distantly wondered how they would react.

And then his attention was redirected when Eruhaben took Raon’s place on the couch in front of Cale.


As Cale combed his hair, Eruhaben couldn’t help but lean back a bit as he asked, “You’re good at this.” It was a fact.

Cale didn’t deign him a response as he focused on the golden hair. “I can do anything I want?”

Eruhaben hummed.


‘What in the name of hell is going on?’ Eruhaben thought. He was expecting Cale to be good, but not this good.

Eruhaben had seen royalty with hair less elaborate.

He couldn’t recognize what exactly his hair was turning into but whatever it was, it looked amazing.

Eruhaben was in absolute awe.

Hair braiding took a long time and Cale’s fingers felt really pleasant against his scalp.


He lost the battle.

He fell asleep.

Cale used a random hair tie to secure the end of the braid.

‘There.’ Cale moved back to admire his work. His fingers were slightly cramped, but it was worth it.

”Do you like it?”

”Hello? Eruhaben?”

Cale frowned. ‘Why was he not answering?’

Cale clapped loudly.

Euhaben nearly died.


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Cale just wanted to sleep.

Sadly, right as he sent Eruhaben off, Rosalyn strode in with two girls in tow.

“Young master Cale! Eruhaben. That—that was your doing wasn’t it?”

A bolt of fear ran up his spine as he turned to face the full force of their ridiculously sparkly eyes.

“Yes?” No matter what anyone else would claim, he didn’t squeak.

Internally, he screamed. Outwardly, he plastered on a deliberate, cloyingly sweet smile, silently asking the former princess with his eyes why she brought strangers into his manor.

Woefully, she ignored the unspoken question. Instead she, along with the two girls behind her, went bright red.

Cale frowned, feeling mildly concerned. He didn’t think his manor was hot enough to give someone heatstroke. It wasn’t hot at all, cooling charms had been placed everywhere.

Rosalyn’s blush was the first to recede, having spent years with him meant building up a tolerance was absolutely necessary.

The same couldn’t be said for the two girls, though.

“Do me a favor,” she said.


She rolled her eyes gracefully, blush only a light dusting of pink across her cheeks. “I’ll pester, I mean I’ll talk his highness, the crown prince into giving you another golden plaque.”

His mouth moved faster than his brain. “Alright.”

The bright smile she sent his was disconcertingly terrifying.

“This is Lola and this is Nicky.” She pointed at the tall girl with tan skin and black hair then at the girl who was even taller and had pale skin with bright red hair. Not at all like Cale’s or Rosalyn’s.

Rosalyn nudged Lola who stiffly stepped forwards towards Cale before she stammered out, “A-and if it’s alright with you, we’d like you to do our hair.”

“That’s it?”

“Yup.” Rosalyn nodded. “That’s it.”

“Oh, okay.” Cale didn’t ask why, he didn’t think he wanted to know.

“I have around two to three hours. What do you want done?”

She shrugged. “Up to you, it just has to be pretty and has to be able to hold up under... strenuous activities.”

Cale could almost feel his poker face breaking.

He took a deep breath.

“Crown braids?” Cale suggested.

Lola and Nicky mirrored Rosalyn’s confused look.

“There are three variations of it that I can think of which ticks all the boxes. The classic Dutch crown braid, the double crown braid, and the milkmaid braid.”

She interjected, “What’s Dutch?”

Cale blanked out for a split second before he snapped out a ‘nothing.’

He continued as though nothing happened. “Anyways, a crown braid is basically a braid that’s been pinned and arranged to look like a crown. It looks a bit like a halo.”

Rosalyn moved back to her friends and they talked quietly for a short moment before she came bouncing back. 

“Sounds great! Who gets which hair style?”

Cale shrugged. “You three decide while I get the bobby pins and clear hair bands.”


Cale came back and was greeted by the most passive aggressive argument he’d ever seen before in his life.

Here’s the YouTube video that got me to write this chapter: 3 ways to do a crown braid

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That’s— that’s enough. Rosalyn, you get the classic crown braid, Lola gets the double crown braid, and Nicky gets the milkmaid braid.”

He straightened himself trying to appear taller although it didn’t really do much since both Nicky and Lola were taller than he was. “Is that fine?” His tone left no room for argument.

“Alright.” They mumbled, slightly abashed.

“Good. Lola, yours will take the longest, so you’re last. Nicky first, and then Rosalyn.”


Nicky happily skipped towards the seat Cale had gestured to. She sat, almost vibrating in excitement as Cale took the spot behind her.

She fought to keep herself from squealing as Cale took her hair into his hands and started combing; from the tips to the roots. She internally cheered, his hands were so skillful!

Despite not facing them, she could feel their jealous stares boring holes into her back. Oh gods, she was so happy!

She was so glad she had agreed to join Rosalyn. The thought of performing in front of a crowd of thousands was terrifying, but if it meant she could showcase her singing and the hair Cale Henituse had done for her, then it was going to be well worth the nerves.

Cale kept his hold on her hair gentle as he split her hair in half, then into six and started braiding. Twining thin strands around each other, slowly binding bits of loose hair into the braid.

He took his sweet time, making sure not even a single strand of hair was left out. He braided her hair so tightly, even if she was in a full blown fight, it wouldn’t go loose.

He liberally used silver bobby pins to firmly pin the braids down and tucking them under each other so no tufts of hair were sticking out awkwardly.

This is Nicky’s hair, but her hair is a lot neater and the color is a bit brighter.

“Here.” Cale handed her a mirror and he watched as Nicky cracked her eyes open.

A beat of silence.

Cale almost feared she’d start crying. What if it wasn’t what she was expecting?

And then...

“Asjrgevzsvsjavz!” She blurted out gibberish as she grinned so widely her cheeks hurt. AAAAAH she looked so awesome!

Cale now felt frightened for a completely different reason as Nicky clasped his hands in a bruising grip, fervently thanking him.

He awkwardly pried her fingers off of him.

Rosalyn whooped, she was up next!

Lola died, there was at least half an hour until she got her turn.


Rosalyn resisted the urge to swing her legs out like a child as Cale ran his hands across her hair, scraping pleasantly against her scalp.

Cale was a lot more willing to be tactile with a friend than he was a stranger.

She sat with her back straight, her face calm but her heart racing. Her teacher would be proud.

He didn’t part her hair into two this time. Instead, he started at the top of her head, braiding tightly down the side,  often pausing to pin the braid closer to her scalp.

Rosalyn shivered as the cold golden bobby pins slid smoothly across her skin.

The only mirror there was was the handheld mirror in Nicky’s hand. So Rosalyn had no way to see herself. All she could do was wait, and clench her eyes shut, willing for time to pass by faster so she could see herself. She could feel her hair being twisted up and pinned across her head, all the weight of all the pins clipped onto her hair felt hefty.

Cale kept her still as he pinned down the last bit of her hair.

Her hair is a darker red, and is a lot neater.

Nicky reluctantly handed over the mirror.

Rosalyn held it with shaky hands.

She cursed. Holy shit, why hadn’t Cale told her he could do hair so well?!

Lola’s eyes gleamed in glee. Finally, it was her turn.

She had been tortured by two hours of watching the other two’s beautiful hair being twisted into stunning hair styles by a much more beautiful man, now that it was finally her turn, she felt like she was all the way up on cloud nine.

She couldn’t help the bouncing of her feet as Cale started to smoothen out her hair.


An hour later, Lola held the mirror, lovingly admiring her reflection.

Oh gods, if Cale ever opened up a hair salon, she was going to be his most frequent customer.

Her hair had never looked better! And the fact that Cale's hands felt so nice against her skin was just a bonus.

Lola smiled from ear to ear, she was feeling really good about this. There was nothing to be nervous for if she was going to show up and dance while looking this good.

Her hair is black and neater.

Cale happily waved the girls goodbye as they walked away to do who knows what.

Once they were out of sight, he slumped back into his bed. Finally, he could sleep.

Meanwhile, the girls were leaving to go get ready.

It was going to be epic.

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A few hours later, Rosalyn stood front and center, Nicky and Lola by her side.

Rosalyn smiled, feeling the chilled air brush past her face, swishing her skirt slightly. Her gold bangles clinked together as she raised her arm up high, waving slightly.

The audience’s excitement was almost palpable.

Rosalyn, Nicky, and Lola didn’t feel the slightest bit of stage fright.

They were here, on a gorgeous stage situated in a large auditorium, and they were going to be absolutely amazing.

Rosalyn was wearing a simple yet elegant baby blue dress which had a flowy skirt that stopped at her knees, it was decorated with bits of real gold and hints dark purple.

It was complemented by the small sapphire necklace around her neck.

And as the main singer, she wore golden high heels. After all, she wasn’t the one dancing.

Nicky was wearing a mostly purple jumpsuit, lavender—a few shades lighter than the accents on Rosalyn’s dress. There were dark blue, almost black pockets each decorated with a small silver hearts.

Her shoes were white and they went halfway up her calves. 

She was wearing silver accessories, a silver inlaid emerald necklace coupled with silver studded earrings.

Lola was wearing a green crop top with a pair of long black pants. The pants had small, decorated chains hanging from their pockets to the silver belt resting high on her waist, and bright yellow stars were sparingly stitched onto the flaps meant to close the pockets.

Her crop top stopped at her mid riff, and it was made out of multiple shades of green, from dark evergreen to a grassy shade of green. 

Lola had on a pair of white sneakers.

She also donned a silver necklace, inlaid with amethyst, like Rosalyn, she wasn’t wearing earrings. She had a delicate silver anklet and attached to it were a multitude of charms—all of which were made by her sisters and brother.

They were ready.


Rosalyn grinned as she asked the crowd. “Do you like our hair?”

“YES!” was the resounding response.

Lola and Nicky shared a smile. 

“Well you should! Young master Cale did them.”

Immediately, the audience fell into a hushed silence, as strangers and friends alike talked among themselves indiscriminately.

Just a few moments later, a thunderous applause rocked the auditorium.

The three in the spotlights smirked.

Rosalyn stayed where she was as Nicky and Lola spread out.

Under the pressure of over a thousand pairs of eyes, Rosalyn gripped the voice amplifying device tighter.

The first notes rang out from the speakers, she opened her mouth.

She sang.

Nicky and Lola danced. 


Song link: Aikatsu! Precious~Mizuki Kanzaki (pls click)

Ame agari no sora ni
Nanairo no niji wo mitsuketa yo
Kono kimochi goto kimi ni misetai
Itsumo egao wo arigatō

Sono mama no omoi
Kotoba [Ichi/Sei/Miku] (todoke)
Kokoro [Ichi/Sei/Miku] (hibike)
Sekaijū doko mademo

Ai no kaeru basho
Arigatō no umareru hikari
Kon'na ni atatakai no wa kitto
Wa ni natteku kara
[Ichi/Sei/Miku] (Thank you for all my Precious days)

Soshite ima wakatta no
Min'na kara no shiawase no piece
Hitotsu zutsu moratte
Koko ni irundane
Precious days



Kinō made no tsubomi
Yawaraka na hana ga hiraita yo
Nē ohisama to waratteru mitai
Dare no egao ni niteru ka na?

Yasashī kimochi
Doko ni (ite mo)
Kureru (itsumo)
Sekaijū doko datte

Aitai hito ga ite
Arigatō-tte ieru yorokobi
Atari mae nante nani hitotsu nai
Mainichi ga kiseki
(Thank you for all my Precious days)

Soshite tada sukoshi demo
Kokoro kara okaeshi no piece
Minna no shiawase ni shitai to negau yo
Precious days


Rosalyn stood proudly, out of breath. Nicky and Lola, both sweaty but smiling widely, moved to her side.

The audience erupted in cheers.

Half an hour later, when everything was done and they could leave, Rosalyn checked herself out in a mirror.

..her hair was basically untouched.

As though it’d only been five minutes since Cale had braided it.

...she needed Cale to do this more often. What did she have that she could bribe convince him with?


Cale woke up well rested.

He was having a nice day, just relaxing.

And then, Alberu came.

“Dongsaeng, if I let my hair grow loose, will you do my hair?” He asked chirpily. 

“No. Get out, you’re blocking the sun. Also why are you asking?”

Alberu stared at him speechlessly for a few seconds before burst out laughing.

Unable to form coherent words, he tossed Cale a recorder.

He watched sadistically as Cale watched.

Cale wished he’d never gotten up.