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18th Birthdays, Amiright?

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Sunny's lips practically crashed into Basils as soon as they entered the small, cramped, yet cozy, bedroom. Through his lust heavy brain, Sunny was able to admire his boyfriends inexperienced fumbling. It was cute and eager. The best part of virgin kissing. The worst was the anxiety, nerves, and waiting for someone to do something. Of course, the anxiety was something that came with the BasilTM package, so Sunny expected that. Just not him shaking nearly out of his boots as soon as their lips touched. Sunny wasn't faring much better either. After all, they were both jittering from excitement. In their adrenaline filled haze they managed to knock various plants and knick knacks Basil has collected throughout highschool. Some merely jostled from their home, others completely knocked to the ground. Neither of them noticed the carnage or what room they were even in before plopping down on fresh sheets.

Years of pent up sexual tension tends to do that to people.

Sunny was far from certain if Basil had the same nasty perverted thoughts, If so, he didn't really voice it. I mean, who would wanna voice the need to pound their partner until they can't breath? Since they started dating none of their conversations got particularly dirty. Some bordered on the edge of dirty talk, maybe even dipped into it, but not really. Until now. Until Sunny brought it up, dragged a wide eyed Basil into his plant filled oasis that he called a bedroom, and attacked him with kisses as soon as he agreed. As soon as the raven haired boy managed to get a firm, coherent yes out of his boyfriend. One that was filled with certainty and trust that made his head swim. Soon enough Basil was hard, and from what Sunny could see, fucking aching. Aching bad, all for him.

God, if that wasn't a power trip in a half...

Sunny had to admit that he wasn't very experienced but he did some research. Very specific research. Maybe too specific? Sunny went into the late night searches with the idea of rocking Basils world to the best of his abilities. Armed with the other boys answers to vaugely sexual questions and not-very-sexy-more-banter dirty talk, he went on to scavenge for things that he thought Basil would enjoy. Always going to the weirdest most informative websites, digging for technique and supplies.

Sunny might be a horny prick, but he wasn't a selfish horny prick. It was one of the very few things on the list of stuff he prided himself on.

Despite the tiny intermission of self congratulating, His brain dropped straight back into the gutter. He wanted desperately to see his beloved partner shake like a leaf and cry with a few digits in his ass. An image that fit Basil quite well in Sunny's professional opinion. It permeated what was left of his pubescent highschool boy libito. Tortured him all through his last few years of highschool. Usually in dreams or late night jerkoff sessions that brought him to his brick of a house phone, searching out for a particular boys number. Sunny never really thought he would get quite this far with subpar kissing and humping but, he already got 3/4ths of that dream done from the looks of it.

...On second thought, maybe he was a bit selfish. Not too selfish though. Just a reasonable amount.

Basil had small shaking fistfuls of the other boys sweater in his hands. Every inch of his tan body was trembling with arousal, eyes watering as he began to reach his limit of teasing. He was squirming into and away from the feverish, but gentle, grind of their hips. Petite body confused on what part of it that it should listen too. A small patch of his pajamas turned a dark blue with precum, spreading slightly with every bump-n'-grind. Everytime Sunnys cock slid perfectly against Basils much more... modest (which wasn't necessary bad, just adorable) counterparts, he'd earn himself a soft moans straight into his mouth. Moans that were being struggled to be held back. Moans that could make any person that inhabited the shitty capitalist country they lived in bend to Basils will.

As they should.

Basils knuckles started to rapidly change shades of soft blankets of sand into white. Stubbed, yet practical, nails threading themselves into the woven fibers of Sunny's navy blue sweater. Nail beds roughed up by a weird mixture of gardening, nail biting, and cuticle oil. As their tongues swam together and sensitive crotches ground into eatch other, Basils hold got more and more dangerous. Every hot press of groins and track of drool down the chin made Sunny's sweater more and more of a valuable way to expel fustrations.

Basically, Basil started to twist the fabric. Hard.

The small inkling of worry for Sunny's favorite sweater getting damaged left as soon as it came, replacing itself with a dirty, borderline possessive thought; His boyfriend was getting off, and the shiny new holes are a sign of it, his personal sign. A sign that Sunny is Basils first. First to take the epitome of innocence. Even if it took hours of shy touching and humping to get to the main event. To get the smaller boy to cry and tremble in a way neither boy could forget. Sunny's heart was pierced with a desperate need to see his hard work. To see how he took apart the other boy so far.

Just to peep at how far they went together. As a couple.

A 100% normal thing to want in a sexual situation, of course.

Basil let out a tiny wounded sound as Sunny pulled away. Small, dainty hands using the surprisingly sturdy hold on his boyfriends top as leverage to pull him back into a feverish kiss. Even though Basils desperation for any stimulation growing, Sunny's need to see his partner messy was much much stronger. Basils brows were knitted in a type of frustation that the paler man thirst after. He looked so fucking needy, desperate for any attention and praise. Seeking out his boyfriends approval. Looking for pleasure from his best man.

It was enough to make a grown man jizz his pants.

Thank god Sunny wasn't grown yet or else his briefs would be coated in a suffocating layer of cum. Cum that should be inside of Basil.

Sunny moved his palms from Basils thighs, replacing them on the other boys throat. Sunny took great care on keeping his boy still and keeping the temptation to press on the boys windpipe in check. Basils eyes slid closed, leaning into the touch like it was the last bit of comfort he'll get before marching into war. Sunny gazed at the kiss bruised, slick lips. The tender skin glimmering in the orangey-red of the boy's bedside lamp. The tinted glow reflected off of Basils tear clumped eyelashes, making him look so delicate. More than usual, atleast. Sunny placed small kisses all over his boyfriends face, visibly calming most of the trembling.

God... Basil is just so fucking beautiful.

Mindlessly, Sunny murmured, "So good for me..."

Basils perfect blue eyes shot open and were immediately rushed with more tears, glazed over with longing. He was looking up at his boyfriend like he just opened the gates of heaven and welcomed him into Valhalla. Wherever that was. Sunny reached up and brushed his calloused thumb against the smooth expanse of his boyfriends cheeks, admiring every little thing and committing it to memory.

"S-sunny... Pluh- please...?"

Basils voice was soft and faint, trembling slightly as he started to pull himself deeper into Sunny's arms. The boy looked absolutely perfect seated like this. He looked like he belonged against Sunny's body, his divine throne. Basils eyes nervously trailed down resting on his own white knuckled palms. You could almost see the slow moving cogs turning in that pretty skull. Trying to decide what he was begging for. It was clear his boy wasn't really sure yet. Sunny cupped Basils smooth jawline, pulling his eyes away from his chest guiding them to look into dark pools of black.

"What do you need?" Sunny tried his best to make it even remotely sound like a question, because in all honesty, he desperately wanted to boss the other boy around. See how his little gardener would fair with some filth whispered into his ears. It was Sunny's birthday after all, The birthday boy always gets to call the shots. That and Basil was just so enticingly submissive to him. The innocence that he just desperately wanted to smear pained him for years.

Sunny was, by far, no saint. Basil on the other hand...

Basil was just so... Clean. Pure in Sunny's eyes. Always using a soft kind tone towards strangers, never even dared to say a single cuss in his life and, most important in Sunny's book, never thought anything remotely bad towards anyone other than "mean". About him or anyone else. Anyone with a soul dirty and tainted would want to fuck out every last drop of innocence in the boy.

Sunny happened to be the type of person to have thick layers of mud coating his desires. Maybe even cow shit at this point.

"Hel-p..." Basils voice cracked hard, sucking in a broken gasp and a tiny hiccup. His eyes went half mast, oozing with something Sunny's never seen before and pure desperation.

"Help with what?"

Basil whimpered at that, probably cursing whatever gods decided to give him a cockblocking tease of a boyfriend. He took a deep breath before wedging a trembling clammy palm in between them, chasing after the outline of their dicks. The shorter man pulled a shaky breath into his lungs, desperately trying to keep his cool. Sunny reached behind his partner and squeezed the globes of Basils ass, forcing him to buck up against him and push his hand against the plush material of Sunny's Pjs.

"In words?" Basil looked at him with a broken pout smearing his delicate features, remaining silent while squrming, "Basil... Tell me what you need. I'll make it better." Sunny trailed a hand back up into Basils hair, carding through the sandy locks slowly. He cradled his boys head with a cupped palm, trying his best to exude comfort.

"Touch me..?" Somehow Basil managed to make his voice even more timid and sweet than it was already. His voice pitched slightly at the end, forcing it into a question. Basil looked up gingerly, asking with his eyes if the response was good enough.

Sunny just couldn't say no with those dilated baby blues looking up at him. He smiled and kissed his boyfriends forehead. Basil didn't specify where he wanted to be touched, so Sunny simply took it as a means of creative Liberty.

Liberty Sunny intended to abuse until it was nearly unreasonable.