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Family is the most important thing

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Leaving the pack house was the last thing that Phil wanted to do, especially after his pack had been raided, they'd lost so many people, skills and resources. His pup, Tommy was sick, he had no other option but to take him and seek help. Injuries he could deal with, but sickness he didn't have the resources nor knowledge.

He left his eldest son and beta in charge, Wilbur would look after the pack, and the omegas, Techno and Niki would make sure he didn't do anything too rash. Not that Phil particularly thought he would. Wilbur's own adopted pup, Fundy, was living with them and he wouldn't risk it. Fundy had been the son of Wilbur's idol and crush Sally, she had been a young mother, only 29 when she died in the raid that took most of their pack lands. Phil had immediately took the boy in, Wilbur adopting him in an instant. Phil wasn't sure whether to let him at first, fox hybrids could be a handful, but Wilbur had become a surprisingly good parent, so Phil hadn't contested it further.

Phil had bid goodbye to his pack, wrapped his pup in a blanket and carried him out into the snow. As snowflakes landed on his face, his pup let out a small grumble. "Its okay Tom's, I'm going to get help." He pulled the blanket tighter around the boy in his arms, keeping one hand on the sword at his hip as they reached the forest biome. His wings, which had been shielding them both, retracted, his instincts telling him it was safer before he had figured it out.

Phil felt like he wasn't going to find anyone as he reached the swamp land. He was a long way from home.

As if the moon goddess herself had answered his prayers, in the distance he saw a friendly looking cottage with gardens full of healing herbs and potion supplies. He all but ran there, Tommy clutched to his chest.

The door was made of sturdy dark oak with iron supports. It was made to protect the inhabitants. He knocked on the door.

It was answered with in moments, opened by a fairly short brown haired boy in a multicoloured hoodie, who looked like he was about to say something and froze when he realised however he was about to speak to was not at the door. Instead he saw a flustered alpha clutching a feverish pup.

"Um... hello?" He asked. Just by his scent Phil could tell he was an omega, in fact he couldn't catch the scent of a beta or an alpha anywhere in the building.

"I'm sorry, my pup, he's sick and I don't have anything to heal him." Phil explained, the boy's eyes widened and he immediately ushered them into the house and into a small room which evidently housed their medical supplies.

"George!" The boy shouted, as he helped Phil get Tommy comfortable. A slightly taller boy appeared in the doorway. He had slightly darker hair and wore a blue hoodie and thick lensed glasses.

"Hey Karl... Do you know who that is? Dream's going to freak if he finds out." George was staring at Phil in fear. Phil's heart dropped, he was in Dreams territory, the alpha who had raided and stole his land, killed members of his pack. Reportedly he had even kidnapped pups.

"His pup is so sick, please go and get Tubbo." Karl replied. Phil felt like he had been stabbed in the stomach. Tubbo, his youngest pup, the one he had found orphaned, left at the side of the road as a baby. The one who had disappeared without a trace when Phil had taken his kids to the beach. The one time Phil had left Tubbo and Tommy to run in and out of the sea while he helped Wilbur with his sand castle, looking up when he'd heard Tommy scream, Tubbo had been dragged under the water.

They had all ran to help him, but he'd disappeared with out a trace. Phil wanted to scream.

It had been Dream all along. But Dreams omegas seemed genuinely helpful. Phil had never believed the rumours that Dream had his omegas and pups locked up in a remote location, only visiting with his beta's when he deemed it necessary, until he saw it with his own eyes.

"Are you kidding me?' George's exasperated tone snapped Phil out of his thoughts. "I just got the pups to sleep."

"Please, his pup is so sick." Karl begged. George sighed and turned to Phil.

"Please don't touch him, I'm not sure whether we'd be able to hide your scent off him before Dream gets back and he's scared of water so baths are a nightmare." George begged, Phil nodded and gently stroked Tommy's messy blonde hair.

"We've got help now buddy, it's going to be okay." He whispered to his son.

Karl had already taken Tommy's temperature and asked Phil to list all of his symptoms when George returned, coaxing a small figure with him. Phil wanted to scream. It was his son's best friend, his adopted son, his Tubbo. That boy belonged in his pack and it hurt to see him so scared.

"Is dre back?" Tubbo asked George, his grip on the omega's arm was tight.

"No, this is Phil, his pup is sick and Karl needs your help." George explained gently.

"Oh." Tubbo rubbed his eyes. He looked exhausted, and if Phil wasn't so desperate for help he would have forced the boy back to sleep at once. Karl filled him in on what he knew and the pup and the omega ran through a list of sicknesses they knew that matched Tommy's symptoms and quickly deciding on a potion that would help.

"Put that in there bud." Karl instructed, Phil watched the omega carefully teach the pup how to brew the potion and it became clear to them that the two were a good team and taught each other what they knew.

When the potion was brewed, Karl decanted the potion into bottles and passed them all to Phil.

"Alright buddy, back to bed." George lifted the pup up with ease.

"I can walk." Tubbo murmured, but he didn't try to get down.

"What you get to eight and then you're too cool to let Gogy carry you?" George teased as he carried the pup out of the room.

"He needs to drink one now, and then every four hours." Karl explained, Phil nodded taking the four bottles from the omega. He put three in his bag and managed to awaken his youngest, carefully helping him to drink the potion.

"Thank you." Phil said, he was stroking his sons hair gently. "For everything."

"Look after your pup okay?" Karl replied as he helped Phil bundle Tommy back into his arms. "Are you sure you will be alright out there?"

"I have to get back to my pack." Phil nodded. "If you need anything..." he paused, scribbling down the phone number of the pack house. "Just call."

"I... thank you." Karl smiled. "Stay safe."

When Phil reached his home everything was quiet. Techno was asleep on the sofa, the piglin hybrid snoring softly, but the others were nowhere to be found, he hoped they were all asleep upstairs. Being as quiet as he could, Phil carried Tommy up to his room, tucking him in carefully. He put the potions to one side, and then he left his son to sleep.

Phil couldn't leave Techno curled up uncomfortably, so he woke him up, the omega smiling slightly when he saw him.

"Dad?" Techno asked when he saw the slight distress on Phil's face, Phil couldn't hide it, what he had seen had shaken him up, he was considering all of the things he had trusted Dream with in the past, now he had been betrayed twice.

He had asked Dream to his face if he could help them find Tubbo. And now he knew he had lied, that he had grabbed Tubbo and dragged him under the water to avoid their detection. That he was the reason Tubbo had become scared of water.

"We ended up at the house on the edge of Dream's land, where he keeps his omegas and pups." Phil explained, he wasn't sure how to continue to tell Techno everything that happened.

"Was he there?" Techno asked, he sat up with wide eyes. They all knew Dream was a threat to them at the moment, he had taken so much from them already.

Phil shook his head. "No, they made some potions for Tommy, but Tech." He sighed. "One of the pups, it was Tubbo Tech, our Tubbo."

"You mean Dreams the one who-" Techno cut himself off. "Do you think he remembered you?"

"No." Phil shook his head. "But he's deathly scared of water now. I... I don't know what to do."

"Talk to dream tomorrow, I'll come with you. Maybe we can reason with him." Techno thought, Phil nodded.

"I'd better give Tommy his next potion." He stood up, watching his son shift his position on the couch. "Techno go to bed."

Techno opted to ignore Phil, making the alpha sigh as he made his way into Tommy's room. His ten year old was already awake when he entered.

"Hey Toms, how are you feeling?" He asked, coming to sit on his son's bed.

"A little better." Tommy admitted. "Dad where did we go?"

"Its okay bud, you don't need to worry about it." Phil said as he passed his pup the potion he needed to drink.

"Its just, when we were there... I thought I smelled Tubbo." Tommy murmured.

"You remember what he smelled like?" Phil asked with shock, it had been years since they lost Tubbo, and as much as he wanted to, he couldn't tell Tommy what he knew.

"He was my best friend." Tommy replied with a shrug. "Maybe I just want him back."

"I'm sorry Tommy." Phil sighed, stroking his sons hair. "Come on, get some sleep."

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Once Tommy's fever had cooled off and he had finished the potions, Phil left him in the care of Wilbur and Niki and he and Techno went to scope out the house on the edge of the swamp land.

"Pups be careful!" They heard Dream call. The alpha himself was sat on a picnic blanket, George lying beside him, basking in the sun. The pups, all three of them were laughing, being chased by a winged omega Phil hadn't seen the other day and Dream's right hand man and beta Sapnap, who usually was a stone-faced arsonist, but today was being so gentle with the pups.

The three pups looked all around Tommy's age, Tubbo the smallest and youngest at eight, and Phil would put the other two at around ten or eleven, particularly the tall one who was displaying the skill of short range teleport to escape the two adults who were chasing them jokingly.

"Enderman hybrid." Techno murmured, he pulled his long pink hair back from his face and tied it up. Phil nodded, but what he was more concerned about what how Dream had acquired the pups, had he stolen them like he had Tubbo? More than likely.

Karl and two betas, who Phil vaguely recognised as going by Bad and Skeppy were tending to the front garden of the cottage, whilst two more betas, warrior betas, Phil knew them well, Punz and Ponk also seemed to relax, they appeared to be fishing in the shallows of the swamp water, having some sort of competition of who could catch the most.
The entire main body of Dream's pack were there, just enjoying themselves. Sapnap caught Tubbo before he could get too close to the water, the pup hiding his face in the beta's chest as he noticed, letting out a frightened whimper that made Phil want to run forward and scoop his pup up, protecting him from any danger.

"It's alright Tubs, you're safe." Sapnap whispered to the pup, who was holding onto him like his life depended on it. Phil knew the beta was releasing his scent to calm the pup down. A mix of pheromones that would help the pup to feel safe. The omega that was closest had already appeared at the distress of the pup, and the other two pups had ran over at once as well. Phil felt anger well up in him. Tubbo shouldn't be scared to get less than a metre close to water.

Dream had noticed them, whilst his pack were preoccupied with the pups, he crossed the swamp to where they were hiding.

"Philza, what are you doing?" He sounded bitter, angry even and it was terrifying.

"Why did you take him Dream?" There had been so much Phil had wanted to say, but seeing his pups distress had thrown it all out of his mind. "Why did you attack my land, my people."

"Tubbo is rightfully mine. I meant to take him when I killed his parents, but you found him first. So I had to wait." Dream replied. "He can make potions more powerful you know, he has innate magic that I've yet to even begin to harness. And he's not bad when it comes to healing either."

"And my pack?" Phil's voice was shaking. He wanted, no he needed his pup back.

"Well I wanted a bit of fun." Dream shrugged. Phil wanted to scream, to kill Dream there and then, but he held it back.

"And where did you get the other pups?" Phil finally asked.

"Your pack, being so weak left them orphans. There are no women in my pack you know, and our omegas couldn't bare the thought of pups being left alone." Was Dream mocking them? Phil wasn't sure, Techno who had been quiet throughout the whole exchange, glanced from Dream's pack to Dream.

"We want our pups back." He said, there was as always no emotion in his voice, but Techno was probably the one omega you wouldn't dare cross. Phil fought back a smile, of course  Techno would fight for all the pups. As much as he suppressed it, he couldn't fight all of his omega instincts.

"I'm not giving you my pups, you can barely sustain the pitiful amount of pack you have left." Dream snorted. "You're pathetic Philza, go back to your hovel."

With that Dream left them, Phil just stared after him, gobsmacked.

"Asshole." Techno commented.

"What is he going to do to them?" Phil asked, worry for the pups clouding his mind. Harnessing Tubbo's magic... Phil didn't even want to know what that meant.

"He must be using them for something, not just to appease his omegas." Techno mused aloud, all omegas adored pups it was in their nature to make sure all pups were safe before all else.

"Well, he says Tubbo's had magic, then one is an enderman hybrid, there must be something special about the third." Phil considered. "I... I don't feel right leaving pups with him Tech."

"Me neither, but what can we do? And his omegas won't let him hurt them anyway."  Techno replied, his eyes were watching the pups intently, he let out a slight growl when he noticed something.


"The omegas, they're scared of him, the pups too." Techno said. Omegas had been blessed by the moon goddess to be hyper observational, and Phil was once again glad that he had brought Techno with him. Sure Omegas were easily controlled by Alpha's, an Alpha only having to release a scent to subdue them, but Omegas shouldn't be overlooked. Techno was proof of that.

"Can you see anything else?" Phil asked. Dream was ushering his omegas and pups back into the house, but he still had hold of George's wrist. Phil wasn't sure what was going on.

"That Omega, he's mad at dream about something." Techno continued. George certainly seemed to be talking rather out of place, but he suddenly stopped, his head lowering out of respect. Dream grabbed his neck, putting pressure on exactly where George's scent glands were. "He shouldn't be treating him like that."

Phil felt anger bubbling in his stomach, the omegas had shown him so much kindness, they didn't deserve that. "We aren't strong enough to do anything Tech." He whispered, he wanted to save them, to look after the omegas, to hold his pup in his arms again.

It was the middle of the night when Phil awoke to the house phone ringing loudly. It had been weeks since they had had their confrontation with dream, and Techno had been pretty insistent that they all curl up in a nest together. So much for not giving in to your instincts, Phil thought.

Detaching Tommy's arms from his neck, and placing him in the arms of Wilbur, Phil all but ran to the phone.


"Sorry to bother you so late Phil." It was Karl. "One of our pups, he's half enderman, I don't... he keeps freaking out."

"Its okay Karl, take a deep breath." Phil calmed the omega. "He might need something to ground him, I've got some netherwart and if that doesn't work I've got a piece of end stone."

"T-thank you Phil."

"Its alright, I'll be right over." Phil told them. He put down the phone and went back up to Techno's room, where he had built his nest. Niki was lying beside Techno, her head nestled into his arm. Beside her Wilbur was lying with both pups clinging to him. Tommy in one arm and Fundy in the other.

Gently waking Wilbur without waking the pups, the beta was concerned at once. "Dad? What's going on?" His wings tensed anxiously.

"I'm going out, I won't be long." He told him.

"Where are you going?" Wilbur asked, his hand going to his son's orange-brown hair, Fundy's fox ears twitching happily in his sleep.

"The house Dream keeps his omegas."


"If I can help them, we can ally with them and bring Dream down from the inside." Phil explained. His oldest nodded, but he still looked concerned.

"Please don't be long."

"I'll be three hours max." Phil promised, "if this works, we can take him down."

Phil told himself that was the only reason he was helping the omegas, but part of him knew that he wanted to protect them, to bring them into his pack. And he wanted his pups back.

He reached the cottage an hour later, the door answered by the omega he still didn't know the name off. He looked at the winged boy who looked at him in surprise.

"Thank you for coming Phil!" Karl appeared at the omegas side. "Quackity let him in."

"Sorry, I've never seen anyone else with wings before." The omega, Quackity apologised, showing him into the living room. The tall pup, the enderman hybrid was crouched under the coffee table, hands over his ears. As Phil walked in he teleported to the top of the bookshelf.

"Ranboo, it's okay." George was trying to coax him down. Ranboo teleported again, hiding behind one of the couches.

"Do you mind if I try?" Phil asked. The omegas nodded and Phil carefully made his way over to the pup. "How are you doing buddy?"

The pup said something in Ender and continued to stare at Phil. The Alpha brought the netherwart out of his pocket.

"Here buddy, what do you think of this?" The pup took it, stared at it and then ate some of it. Phil frowned, but watched the pup smile at him softly. "I've got something else for you mate, here." He gave the pup the end stone as well, the pup brightening at once.

"Mama." He said softly, holding the stone close to his chest.

"You Alright mate?" Phil asked the pup, not expecting the pup to throw himself at him and hug him tightly.

"Thank you." Ranboo told him, nuzzling his nose into Phil's neck. Phil lifted him up gently. The omegas were watching in surprise.


"Phil you're amazing." George said, watching how calm the pup was in Phil's arms.

"Do you want me to take him upstairs?" Phil asked, he wanted to check on the other pups, and this seemed the best way to do it.

"There's a nest in the third room on the right, we built it because we thought it might calm them." Karl said with a nod.

"Calm them?" Phil asked.

"You know pups, they all get agitated when one of thems upset and... they saw Dream grab George in a not very nice way... we just want them to feel safe." Karl continued, he seemed to feel safe talking to Phil.

"What happened?" Phil asked gently. George sighed.

"I was mad at Dream for abandoning us for so long, it had been six months since we'd last seen him, seen the rest of the pack. He didn't like that I was speaking up... he grabbed me by the neck and threw me to the floor. He didn't do anything else, but the pups still saw." George explained. "Maybe that's what set Ranboo off, I don't know." Quackity said timidly.

"You three relax, I'll take him upstairs, and check on the pups." Phil told them. Releasing his scent to calm them down, it worked instantly.

"Thank you Phil." Karl said, before Phil climbed the stairs, holding the pup tightly in his arms. Ranboo was talking to him in Ender, it was soft and Phil couldn't understand Ender very well, but he got a few words like 'safe' 'love' and 'Alpha'.

When he opened the door, and saw the nest on the floor, he could sense how panicked the omegas were when they built the nest. It was nothing to what Techno and Niki usually built.
The other two pups began chattering in Ender when they saw Ranboo, who replied with one word of 'Safe' before they stopped talking.

"Are you sure?" The pup Phil didn't know the name of asked timidly, talking in English now, as Phil placed Ranboo in the nest.

"Purpled he's safe." Ranboo nodded, as Tubbo climbed into Phil's arms. Phil couldn't believe it, he had his pup in his arms again.

"You won't let him hurt us, will you?" Tubbo asked, nuzzling his face into Phil's shoulder. "He hurt George."

"Dream?" Phil asked, the pups nodded, following Tubbo's example and climbing into Phil's arms. "Has he hurt you?"

"He shouts sometimes, and he looks like he's about too, but he tells us we're lucky he doesn't." Purpled told him.

"He threatens you?" Phil asked. The pups nodded. "I won't let him hurt you."

"Phil?" Tubbo asked timidly.

"Yeah buddy?"

"Why did he hurt George?"

"I don't know Tubbo, he shouldn't have." Phil explained, "are you scared of him?"

All three pups nodded. "What if he hurts us?" Ranboo asked.

"Karl has the number for my pack house, if you're scared just call okay?" Phil told them, these pups were his, something deep down was telling him that they were his and he wanted to leave the house with them and take them home. "If he hurts one of you again, the omegas or you pups, just call."  The pups nodded.

"Alright, you three get some sleep okay." Phil said, gently removing the pups from him, holding onto Tubbo until last. The pups watched him as he headed to the door. "Goodnight pups."

"Night Phil."

When he returned to the living room, the omegas were silent, Quackity sat with his head in Karl's lap, Karl playing with the strands of hair sticking out of the winged hybrid's beanie. George was biting his nails anxiously.

"Thank you Phil." George was the first to speak. Phil sat down beside him.

"Why do you stay in his pack?" Phil asked.

"Sapnap." Karl and Quackity said at the same time George said "He's my best friend."

"The pups are terrified of him." Phil told them.

"What can we do Phil? We're just omegas." Karl told him. "We can't fight him and if we run he'll find us."

"If you need me, just call." Phil told him, putting a hand on George's shaking shoulder. "If you need to get out, we'll come and get you."

"Thank you Phil, you're a good ally." George hugged the alpha, he needed some sort of comfort and Phil would be damned if he didn't help him. "And a friend."

"I'm here for you, okay? If you need anything, you have our number." Phil told him. "We live in the big house in the snow tundra."

"Thank you Phil." Karl said, the alpha brought all the omegas into a hug, feeling them all relax. "Thank you for everything."

"Stay safe, all of you." Phil told them as he left. "And look after the pups."

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Phil stepped immediately into the shower when he returned, placing his clothes to be washed and scrubbing the scents of the omegas and pups from his body. He had done it, he had secured the alliance with them, and he had their trust.

He set about making breakfast when he was dressed, it was getting to early morning and his pack would be waking up soon. Tommy was first to wake, it was coming up to seven am when the pup appeared, looking distressed.

"Hey Toms, are you hungry?" He asked his pup, who wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his head in his chest. "Tommy?"

"My back hurts." Tommy mumbled, Phil frowned and looked down at his son, through his thin pyjama top he could see two unnatural bumps protruding from his back.

"Oh Toms." Phil hugged his son tight. "Your wings are coming through."

"My wings?" Tommy asked timidly.

"Yeah buddy, your wings." Phil kissed Tommy's blonde hair. "Its gonna hurt a little and it won't feel very nice. You eat something and then you can go back to the nest, okay?"

"Okay." Tommy agreed, sitting at the table, allowing Phil to serve him the pancakes he had just made. He ate slowly, with a shaking hand. Wishing his best friend was with him like he promised he would be.

Fundy and Wilbur entered next, the beta carrying his son on his back. "Morning!" They choroused as they sat down at the table.

"You Alright Tommy?" Wilbur frowned as he took in his shaking little brother.

"He's wings are growing in." Phil replied as he passed his son and... well technically Fundy was his grandson, their breakfast.

"Your wings! Tommy that's amazing!" Wilbur celebrated, his own wings rustling at the thought.

"Yeah." Tommy murmured. Wilbur and Phil exchanged a look. They knew exactly what Tommy wanted, but they couldn't give it to him. Phil had considered it the moment he had realised Tommy's wings were growing in. But what could he do? Tubbo didn't even remember Tommy, which was definitely due to Dream and Phil wanted nothing more than to kill him painfully for what he had done to his pup, and how could he convince Karl, Quackity and George to allow him to take the pup away from them, knowing full well the rage it would set off in Dream if he found out?

"He would be here if he could Tommy." Wilbur told his brother gently. "We all miss him."

"I'm trying to get him back." Phil said. "Believe me I'm doing what I can."

"You know where he is?" Wilbur asked in surprise. Phil shook his head.

"No, I'm just following any leads I can. It's like grasping at straws. But I'm not giving up on him." Phil lied effectively. He didn't want to, he wanted to tell them that he'd found their pup and they were going to break in and steal him.

But that wasn't viable. He needed that alliance with the omegas if he had any chance of taking down dream.

Tommy let out a whine, which they could tell he was holding in, Phil stood up abruptly, walking to his son and gently leading him out of the room. "Let's go to the nest okay?"

"Can we... can we go to your room?" Tommy whimpered. It made sense to Phil. Any time he was ill, or hurt he would go running to Phil's room. Regardless of whether there was a nest or not. Phil nodded.

"Course we can." Phil smiled, allowing his pup to curl up in Phil's large king bed. He helped Tommy get his shirt off, he didn't want to rip the fabric when his wings came through. "Its okay Tom's."

"It hurts." Tommy mumbled, Phil rubbed his back gently.

"I know, it will do." Phil remembered when his own wings came in, he remembered the pain, and he would be damned before he let his son go through it alone.

It took less than half an hour for Techno to burst into the room. "Why is he hurt?" He asked, taking in the sight of the crying pup and Phil's terrible attempts at consoling him.

"His wings are coming in." Phil explained as the lumps on Tommy's back retracted and then doubled in size, pulsing every now and again.

"Why is he so sad?" Techno asked. And then he remembered a conversation he'd witnessed between Tubbo and Tommy. They'd been discussing Phil's wings, Tommy had informed Tubbo he would get his own pair one day, Tubbo promising he would be there, excited for his best friend.

None of them could have dreamed what had happened. Ironic really.

"We could reunite them." Techno hissed to his father.

"No, as much as I want to, we need that alliance, going in and stealing a pup will not help us keep it." Phil replied. "We will get him back, but not like that."

"Okay." Techno didn't want to agree, but he did, what could he do? He couldn't go against the word of an alpha.

It took hours for Tommy's wings to come through, fits of screaming and crying that shook the entire house.

Tommy was unconscious when it happened, the beautiful gold wings stretching out from his back, unfurling from their prison and stretching in the fading light.

"Wow." Niki whispered, she had joined them, wanting to check on Tommy, worried for him.

Phil smiled, he was so proud of his son. Wilburs wings were a more darker, mustard colour and Phil's own were a muted navy, he hadn't expected Tommy's wings to be so beautiful. "We should let him rest, he'll be out for the rest of the night." Phil looked at his son, his pup, and tucked him in with Tommy's favourite blanket.

The omegas nodded and followed Phil out of the door. They entered the living room to find Wilbur and Fundy sat together on the couch, the two reading a pop-up book together.

"How's he doing?" Wilbur asked.

"He's okay, he's resting." Phil replied. "Its over now."

"I can't believe he's got his wings." Wilbur shook his head.

"Time flies." Techno added with a nod as he sat down beside Fundy.

Chapter Text

Tommy awoke feeling restless. He sat up with a frown, his eyes widening at the large golden wings spreading out beside him.

"Hey mate, how are you feeling?" Phil appeared at the doorway. Tommy grinned widely at him.

"Can we go flying Dad?"

"After breakfast." Phil promised. Tommy somehow smiled wider at him and raced downstairs.

"Look at you!" Wilbur shouted, hugging Tommy dramatically. "My baby brother is all grown up."

Tommy rolled his eyes and shoved his brother away from him, and grabbed the plate of pancakes Niki offered him. She loved to bake, which meant the house always smelt like baked goods, not that any of them minded.

"Dad says we can go flying." Tommy explained enthusiastically as he shoveled food into his mouth. "Are you coming Will?"

"Yeah, I haven't been flying for ages." Wilbur agreed. Phil watched his family as he sipped his coffee. They were happy and safe and that's all he wanted, he would do anything for his family.

When they were ready, the three bid goodbye to Niki, Techno and Fundy and Tommy took off into the air for the first time. He let out a 'woop' as he felt the wind against his face.

"Tommy stay in the biome okay!" Phil called as his son began to stray from his side.

It had been a while since Phil had been for a fly, and he was enjoying it and enjoying his time with Wilbur when he heard his son scream his name sounding heartbroken.

"Dad! Will!"

Frantically locating his son, Phil found him standing over a small pile of snow.

"Tommy what's wrong?" Phil asked, he received an answer in the form of Tommy pulling a small body from the snow.

"Is he dead?" Tommy asked. Phil landed beside him and froze. No... no no no. He couldn't be dead... but... what had happened to him? What had happened to his poor little pup.

"Is that Tubbo?" Wilbur asked as he landed on Tommy's other side. Tubbo had a black eye and bruises running up his side. He was wearing only a t-shirt and short, his skin pale and his lips blue.

"He's still alive." Phil whispered, bundling the frozen figure into his arms.

"He came home." Tommy whispered, frowning as he unfurled Tubbo's hand to reveal the small crystal he had been desperately holding onto. "What's this?" Phil took it from him, he had a feeling he knew what it was, but he wanted to ask Techno just incase.

"We should get him home." Wilbur said, the other two nodded and they took off into the sky, wasting no time in returning home.

"You're back soon." Niki said as they burst through the door.

"Please can you get the first aid kit Niki?" Phil said as he placed his pups frozen form on the hearth, adding another log to the fire.

"Did you- Dad?" Techno paused, staring at Tubbo's figure in shock. Fundy looked equally confused.

"We found him buried in the snow." Tommy explained, he hadn't left Tubbo's side since they'd gotten back home.

"Techno is this what I think it is?" Phil passed his son the crystal Tubbo had.

"The reason he couldn't remember you? Yes." Techno nodded.

"So do we break it?" Phil asked, Techno nodded, placing it on the floor and crushed it under his heavy boots. Tubbo's body spazmed once.

"What happened to him?" Niki asked, checking Tubbo's arms and legs for breaks, she must have found one, because she began carefully bandaging his wrist.

"We found him like this." Tommy explained. "He must have ran from something and tried to get home."

"He's safe now." Phil said, sitting down on the sofa. As worrying as Tubbo's condition was, he couldn't stop the happiness of having his youngest pup back home. Tommy lay down beside his best friend and wrapped his arms around him, covering him with a wing. Tubbo had begun shivering, which meant he was slowly warming up.

"He was so close to home." Wilbur muttered, he pulled Fundy onto his lap so he could help him detangle the fur on his tail.

"Poor little pup." Niki sighed, she and Techno had begun brewing regen potions to go with the healing pots they already had. "I wonder what happened to him." She mused.

"We'll make sure he's never hurt again, right dad?" Tommy asked determinedly. Phil nodded.

"Of course."

Chapter Text

The entire family, because they were more family than simply a pack, slept in the living room, Phil only waking when he felt an icy breeze hit him in the face. He panicked at once.

Tubbo was gone from where he had been curled up beside Tommy and the front door was wide open. He stood up at once, moving to the door and looking out.

Tubbo stood in the snow, holding a flower and talking to an enderman. The pup must have been freezing, but he seemed perfectly happy. The enderman pointed in the direction of the swampland and accepted the flower Tubbo gave it and gave him something in return.

Techno appeared at Phil's side. "Tubbo?" He asked, the enderman teleported away. "Tubbo what are you doing?"

"I have to go back or he'll hurt them." Tubbo muttered. Phil moved to pick him up.

"You're never going back there Tubbo, he hurt you, didn't he?"

Tubbo nodded, nuzzling his head into Phil's shoulder. "Techno." He said, holding out whatever was in his hand to the piglin.

Techno took it with a small smile. "Thank you Tubbo."

"Its Edward's." Tubbo replied pointing at the enderman who was just in the tree line. "He likes you."

"You can speak Ender?" Techno asked in surprise.

"Ranboo taught me..." Tubbo trailed off, forcing himself out of Phil's arms and running through the snow. The alpha and omega chasing him at once.

"Tubbo, pup its okay." Phil grabbed him again, lifting him up with ease. God his pup was too small.

"What if he hurts them?" Tubbo was sobbing now.

"We'll call Karl tomorrow okay? You'll see that they're fine." Phil told him.

"Promise?" Tubbo sniffled, Phil nodded.

"I promise."

"Okay." Phil carried his pup into the house, followed by Techno, who fetched a regen and a health potion.

"Tubbo will you drink these for me?" Phil asked, sitting the pup down on his knee and wrapping him in a blanket.

"Do they hurt?" Tubbo whimpered.

"Why would they hurt?" Techno was one movement away from grabbing his sword and murdering Dream.

"Dream would give us potions that hurt sometimes." Tubbo explained. "Sapnap always got mad at him for it, it made us sleepy but not in a good way, they hurt Karl worst."

"Dream took you!" Wilbur asked, he was awake and seething with anger. Tubbo nodded.

"Weakness potions." Techno mumbled.

"These ones will make you feel better bud, I promise." Phil told him, Tubbo took the first potion from him and sipped it absent-mindedly. He was watching the start of the blizzard from the window.

"You knew where he was, that's why you went to Dreams lands." Wilbur said accusingly. "You could have stopped him from being hurt!" His voice raised slightly.

"It would have put us in danger, I was working on convincing the omegas to leave, knowing they'd bring the pups too." Phil replied. "I'll explain in more detail later." He added.

"Dad?" Tubbo asked as he finished the first potion.

"Yeah mate?"

"When you came to get help and help Ranboo, I couldn't remember you, but now I do." Tubbo mused, he seemed upset.

"I know buddy, that was Dream, he took your memories of us, of home." Phil rubbed his pups back gently.

"But you brought them back?" Tubbo's eyes were wide.

"I guess you could say that." Phil nodded, Tubbo hugged him, almost spilling his potion, which Wilbur took from him just in time.

"Thank you." Phil just relished the way his pup fitted in his arms. He'd missed the kid, far too much to talk about. They all had. Tubbo's grip suddenly went lose around his neck, startling the alpha, until he saw his pup had fallen asleep, tired from his second trip out into the snow, wearing still only shorts and a t-shirt.

"We need to make Dream pay." Wilbur said. He had relinquished Fundy into the arms of Niki, who was perfectly happy to look after the pup.

TechnoBlade looked from the Enderpearl in his hand to Tubbo and nodded, an almost devilish smile on his face. "We will, We'll take his omegas and pups and then we'll come for him."

Chapter Text

Tubbo awoke only a few hours later, Phil only awakening in panic after, when he felt Tubbo being removed from his arms. His fear was unfounded, when he saw Techno holding Tubbo and managing to get him to drink the potion he had not previously drank. Phil smiled at him tiredly, jumping up as the phone rang.

He answered it at once. "Hello?"

"Phil! Thank god, have you seen Tubbo? Dream... Oh Goddess Dream hit him and he ran, we can't find him and... Phil I'm so scared." It was George.

"George, calm down, it's okay." Phil assured him. "I've got Tubbo."

"Thank God, can you bring him over, Dream's on a rampage." George still seemed to be rambling.

"I'm sorry George, I can't do that." Phil sighed. "I'm here for you, whatever you need, but I've just got my son back, I'm not handing him over to a tyrant."

"Your... your son?"

"My youngest pup was pulled under water and disappeared four years ago." Phil replied. "When we found him in the snow, I realised who he was. I'd had a feeling any way, but a father always knows." It was a lie, but George bought it.

"Phil what if we need you, he's... he's so scary." George sounded like he was crying.

"I'm here for you George, call at any time. Tubbo is safe, and healing, look after each other, if he goes for any of you again, I'll come for you." Phil said with a firmness in his voice that told the omega the conversation was over.

"Okay, thanks Phil." George replied.

"Stay safe George." Phil hung up, a smile creeping on his face as he saw Techno stood by the window with Tubbo, who was pointing at the blizzard excitedly. Techno was subconsciously scenting his brother as part of their pack, Techno was protective, and he liked others to know who was in his pack and under his care.

"You two hungry?" Phil asked, pulling his middle child and youngest child into a hug, laughing as Techno rubbed the scent glands in his chin on Phil's shoulder. "Boys?"

"Yeah, yeah sounds good." Techno nodded, putting Tubbo down and letting him run to the kitchen.

"What's wrong?" Phil asked, he hadn't seen his son so lost in thought for a long time.

"Tubbo was telling me about his friend Ranboo, the enderman hybrid. He just... it reminded me of my boy." Techno admitted.

"It wasn't your fault." Phil told him. Techno's son, whom he had with an enderman... enderwoman he supposed, had been killed during the raid on their pack four years ago. "Ranboo's just an enderman hybrid. I've met him, I would have recognised his scent."

"I know, I... losing him and then Tubbo and then almost losing Tubbo again... its freaked me out."

"I know." Phil hugged his son again. "Come on, I want to make sure Niki gets a break, shes cooked every meal bar one for the past two weeks."

Tubbo had climbed onto the counter when they arrived, both just laughing at him. Phil pulled him into his arms again. At eight, he was probably too old to be carried around like that, but Phil had missed four years, he wanted his pups where he could see him and in his arms.

"What are you wanting to cook?" Techno asked, opening the fridge. "We have eggs?"

"Eggs will be good, Tommy needs the protein now that his wings have grown in." Phil nodded, Tubbo who had been resting his head on Phil's shoulder perked up at the sound of his best friend's name.


"He's still asleep Tubbo." Phil explained, balancing both his son and turning on the oven with ease.

"He will wake up, won't he?" Tubbo asked nervously.

"Of course he will, why wouldn't he?" Phil asked, Tubbo rested his head in the crook of his neck.

"When Dream gives us the potions that hurt, they hurt Karl more, sometimes he makes him drink two or three and then he doesn't wake up for days." Tubbo explained. "Sapnap and Quackity get really upset by it, Dream always says it's their fault it happened."

"That's awful Tubbo, I'm sorry." Phil frowns as he set about trying eggs.

"Tubbo, why did Edward give you an ender pearl?" Techno asked, half out of curiosity, half to change the subject and cheer the pup up.

"He likes you, said you might need it. He notices that you trade for them rather than... hurt for them." Tubbo replies, one of his legs swinging lazily as he settles himself further into the crook of Phil's neck. "And he likes flowers."

"Where did you get the flower from Pup?" Phil asked, pausing to shift Tubbo into a better position, as he had loosened his grip too much.

"I made it." Tubbo replied, he seemed so happy and content, it made both the alpha and omega happy. "I like flowers too."

Techno instantly started wondering if this was linked to the magic Dream had mentioned. "Can you show me?"

Tubbo nodded, putting his hand out, palm up. A stem sprouted in the air above his palm, growing until it produced a bud, which opened into a gorgeous red and yellow flower, which settled itself into the pups palm gently. "There you go Techno." He passed it the omega with an obliviously happy smile.

"Thanks pup." Techno reached out and ruffled Tubbo's messy hair. Tubbo giggled lightly, it warmed Phil's heart to hear Tubbo laugh again, their home had been void of the sound for four long years and made them forget the impact the pup had on the atmosphere of a room. Tubbo was a powerful, happy presence and they had missed it, missed him.

"Good morning!" Niki and Fundy entered the kitchen, she beamed at them. "Oh Tubbo, how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay, are you?" Tubbo asked, she smiled at him.

"I'm great thank you!" She poured Fundy a glass of orange juice and began to set the table.

"You still up for training today Fundy?" Techno asked, making a pot of coffee.

"What about Tubbo?" Fundy asked, his tail wagging slightly.

"We've got to get him settled mate." Phil explained, Tubbo seemed to have zoned out from where he was lying lazily in Phil's arm.

"Okay." Fundy didn't contest it further, but he too seemed very happy to have Tubbo back. Phil had distant memories of the two and Tommy playing together when they were very young, Wilbur and Sally talking as they watched over them.

Tommy was next to wake up, running through to the kitchen as soon as he awoke and found Tubbo nowhere in sight. Phil let Tubbo down so Tommy could hug his best friend.

"Tubbo!" Tommy was a head taller than his best friend and completely enveloped Tubbo in his arms, wrapping his wings around him for extra security.

"Tommy!" Tubbo hugged him back just as enthusiastically.

"I can't believe you're back!" Tommy celebrated, he had yet to let go of Tubbo. "You got back all by yourself!"

"I got lost Tommy." It was the first time they had heard true pain and sadness in Tubbo's voice. Even when talking about Dream's pack he had still had hope in his voice. This was the first time he sounded truly broken.

"What?" Tommy frowned, worry hitting his voice at once.

"I almost couldn't find my way back, I was trying so hard and it was scary and..." Tubbo broke off into tears, Tommy just held him close, refusing to relinquish him to the Omegas who wanted desperately to comfort him.

"You did it Toby." Tommy said, it was very rare that he used Tubbo's real name and only really did so when he wanted to make a point.

Tubbo looked up at him. "You helped me." He pointed out.

"Obviously, who am I without you?" Tommy laughed.

"Yourself." Tubbo replied softly.

"But better."  Tommy said, finally letting go of Tubbo. Tubbo grinned at him.

"I missed you Tommy."

Phil smiled at his two youngest, they were best friends, platonic soul mates, he loved them both so much. If he saw anyone lay so much as a finger on them he knew he would not be able to stop himself from attacking to keep them safe.

"Alright, breakfast is ready, will someone please go and wake Wilbur." Phil asked as he dished up breakfast for his pack.

Chapter Text

Wrapped up in Techno's spare cloak, Tubbo seemed perfectly content in Phil's arms as he carried him to the nearest village to get him some clothes. Nothing of Tommy's would fit, nor Fundys on account of Tubbo being so much smaller, and he had grown since he had been taken so they couldn't use his old clothes either.

He found it adorable how his pup would every now and then point out an arctic fox or rabbit that they passed, or wave excitedly at an enderman.

Phil had two things plans for the day, buy things needed for Tubbo and somehow bath him. The second one he wasn't sure on how he would achieve, but by some convincing he was sure that he would manage. It would help him in the long run as he wanted to help his pup not be so scared of water.

They arrived at the village soon after, Tommy had begged to go with them, and Phil felt guilty separating them, but he had left Tommy with Techno to learn fighting with Fundy.

Entering the clothing store and greeting the villager at the counter. They made a sort of 'huh' sound at him in greeting.

"What do you think of these bud?" Phil needed to get Tubbo some warmer clothes, now living back in the arctic warm clothes were the priority. Tubbo looked at the yellow hoodie Phil was holding and nodded excitedly.

"I like it."

Phil bought him a range of hoodies, sweatpants, jeans, t shirts, and underwear, socks seemed particularly exciting to Tubbo, who found it so amusing that he could get socks with different patterns. He seemed to like ones patterned with bees the most.

As they were walking out of the village, Phil spotted a toy shop and smiled to himself. He knew that Tubbo had clearly been through a lot in his escape from dream and was not going to have a happy time when he learned he had to have a bath. And so he entered the shop.

The pure wonder on Tubbo's face was worth it as was the unfiltered joy on his face when he saw a bee plushie in the corner of the shop. Phil bought it for him at once, smiling as his pup cuddled his new plush happily.

"What are you going to call him buddy?" Phil asked as he began the walk home.

"Spins." Tubbo replied happily. "Because he's round."

"That's a good name mate." Phil told him, pulling Techno's cloak tighter around Tubbo, tucking his bee in as well. "Don't want you two getting cold huh?"

A blizzard started as they neared the house, and Phil was glad to get indoors. He smiled at Wilbur who met him at the door.

"Will, can you run a bath for Tubbo please." Phil muttered to his son, he had explained everything to him, and Wilbur knew how difficult getting Tubbo into the bath would be. Wilbur nodded and ruffled Tubbo's hair as he left.

Unraveling Tubbo from Techno's cloak, Phil set him down onto the floor.

"I've got this." Techno told him, oddly paternal. He took Tubbo's hand and led him upstairs, Phil heard Tubbo shouting for a few minutes before he began rambling excitedly about a duck. He smiled when he realised what had happened. Techno had gotten Tubbo a rubber duck to help him not feel so scared despite the waters of his bath being fairly shallow.

Another minute passed and the sounds of Wilbur singing about some sort of duck and its adventures carried down the stairs. Phil felt so lucky to have his boys sometimes.

"Did you have a good trip to the village Phil?" Niki asked from where she was playing a heated game of snakes and ladders with Tommy and Fundy.

"You landed on a snake!" Tommy yelled suddenly.

"I didn't!" Fundy protested.

"You did, look!" Tommy counted the spaces and sure enough Fundy had indeed landed on a snake.


"Fundy! Where did you get language like that?" Phil pretended to be shocked.

"You and dad." Fundy replied. Phil laughed and ruffled his hair as he moved to sit on the sofa behind them.

"There's a storm moving in, so we're in the house for a few days." Phil told them, glad he had a huge reserve of food ready to hand and Techno's hardy potato farm as well.

"Does that mean its movie night?" Tommy asked excitedly. "We should watch Up, I bet Tubbo hasn't seen it."

"We'll ask him." Phil promised. He was surprised at how quickly they had gotten used to Tubbo being back with them. He was also impressed with how effectively Techno and Wilbur had been able to convince Tubbo that his bath wouldn't hurt him. The wonders of a rubber duck he supposed.

The sounds of Tubbo screaming and crying broke him out of his thoughts, he just managed to catch Tommy as he attempted to run upstairs. His son struggled in his grip, wings flapping wildly.

"Let Tech and Will sort it out bubba." He hadn't called his son that for a while and it caught the boy off guard slightly.

"But Tubbo's crying." Tommy said, a frown plastered across his face.

"I know, he's scared of water." Phil explained gently. The slight distraction of the rubber duck had broken, and he would have to ask what set him off, but for now he trusted his two older sons with their brother.

"Poor Tubbo." Fundy frowned as he rolled the dice, eyes suddenly lighting up. "I won!"

He had indeed reached square 100 first. Phil smiled at him.

"Well done bud."

"I'll beat you next time." Tommy promised.

"Oh sure." Fundy snorted.

"I will, just you wait big man."

Techno and Tubbo came down the stairs around ten minutes later, the pup's eyes were red and puffy from crying and he was clutching Spins desperately. He was wearing the yellow hoodie Phil had picked out first with a pair of sweatpants and fluffy socks, which were actually Wilburs and far too big for him. Phil smiled at his pup and allowed him to climb into his arms.

"Hey buddy."

"Ducky sunk." Tubbo mumbled as he introduced Tommy to his plush bee. Ah, so that was what had happened.

"I'm sorry mate, I know that must have been scary for you." Phil told his pup, Tommy grinned at Tubbo.

"I bet Spins would like Henry, you remember him right?" Tommy asked excitedly, he had had the cow plush since he was born and although he wouldn't admit it, he still loved it.

Retrieving the cow plush from where he had put him beside the tv earlier, Tommy ran back to the sofa and made the plushie dubbed 'Henry' wave a hoof at Spins. Tubbo giggled.

"Fundy, bring Sally over." Tommy suggested. When he had adopted Fundy, Wilbur had bought him a salmon plushie, of which the boy had named after his mother. Fundy grinned and grabbed his own plush before moving to the sofa as well.

Phil smiled at his pups, watching them chat together quietly about their plushies. They were still just kids, and in his eyes they deserved the world.

Techno had settled into the armchair nearest the fire with the book he had been reading for the past week. Phil was surprised at the progress his son had made, the book was chunky. The piglin hybrid frowned and looked up at the sound of the wind rattling down the chimney.

"Storms here." He said, throwing another leg onto the fire. Phil nodded, smiling at Wilbur as he came in, shaking out his wings.

"I'll make hot chocolate." Wilbur said, heading to the kitchen, Phil just looked at his family with a smile, he was so happy that he had them all back.

A huge gust of wind hit the windows making Tubbo jump.

"You okay big man?" Tommy asked from where he had been making Henry headbutt Phil's thigh.

"Windy." Tubbo replied, as though it was an answer.

"You'd better not go out there, don't want you blowing away." Niki teased, reaching out to boop Fundy on the nose. Fundy laughed.

"I won't blow away, I'm a big man!" Tommy pointed out.

"Who are you trying to kid Tommy?" Wilbur asked as he carried a tray full of their drinks and an assortment of biscuits.

"What do you mean?" Tommy shrieked, Tubbo jumped again and covered his ears. Phil rubbed his back gently.

"You okay mate?" Phil asked as he handed the small boy his drink. Tubbo nodded, he didn't seem to be able to cope with loud noises anymore, which worried Phil somewhat, but Purpled had told him that Dream yelled at them, so it was probably from that.

Chapter Text

Whilst waiting out of the storm, the entire pack got their fair share of cuddles from Tubbo. He seemed happy to reciprocate the hugs that he received from them and didn't mind that Phil, Techno and Wilbur wanted to carry him around as though he were still a toddler.

Of course, it was Tommy who commanded his attention the most. He had missed his best friend and would barely let him out of his sight for a second, and he called Tubbo the clingy one.

Phil was perfectly fine with that, he knew that the two would protect each other until the ends of the earth.

Currently, Phil and Niki were watching the pups play in the snow, whilst Techno and Wilbur worked on sparring in the distance, so as not to hurt or scare the pups.

Tubbo and Fundy were rolling the body of a snowman, whilst self-proclaimed 'big man' Tommy had given himself the task of collecting sticks for arms and rocks for eyes and a mouth.

"Isn't it lovely to have them all together again?" Niki said happily. The soft-spoken omega loved simple moments like this, she liked baking with Fundy and playing games with Tommy, and recently reading to Tubbo with Techno. But that did not mean that Niki was not a fierce warrior, she could deal a huge amount of damage in battle and although she couldn't beat Techno in a duel, she could beat Wilbur.

Phil nodded from beside her. Tubbo had given him the very important job of looking after Spins, who apparently wanted to come outside but didn't want to play in the snow in case he got cold, and of course he accepted. He would do anything for those pups.

Fundy and Tubbo had rolled a huge ball of snow, which was nearing the height of Tubbo's shoulder and were now working on their snow man's head. Tommy was weaving in and out of the trees, inspecting sticks and rocks to see if he deemed them to be worthy of being put on the snowman.

"I was talking to Tubbo last night, he likes to talk about the other pups dream has." Niki said, catching Phil's attention. "And one of the pups is Dream's little brother."

"W- What?" Phil stared at her.

"Purpled he's called. Of course I dont endorse using pups as blackmail, but it would get to dream if we were looking after him." Niki continued. "And if we do, we can't leave Ranboo. He's an enderman hybrid, but Tubbo says he's mixed with another mob as well."

Another mob... The details just kept matching Ranboo to his lost grandson. The only difference was his scent, but then he had been maybe six years old when he died, and scents can change, particularly of mob hybrids. Phil nodded.

"I don't plan on leaving any of them with Dream, not even the omegas." He told her. She brightened, glad that he would not hurt the pups or omegas.

"It'll be nice to have new members to the pack." She nodded.

"It will."

Chapter Text

After noticing how much Tubbo appeared to like bees, Techno suggested that the two go and visit the bee farm he and Phil had set up to harvest honey.

Early the next morning, with Tommy not accompanying them, because it was too early, Techno and Tubbo walked into the woods.

Tubbo had to move quite fast to keep up with Techno's long strides, but didn't complain about it. Instead he held onto his brothers hand and forced him to stop at every flower they came across.

At each flower Tubbo asked the same question: 'do the bees get pollen from here.'

And trying his hardest not to dampen his brothers enthusiasm, Techno replied with: 'yeah they like these types of flowers.'

At last they made it to the small clearing just out of view of the house. There was a small wooden structure with a complicated redstone circuit inside. Attached to the outside of the structure with a pain of glass covering three sides of them were a row of bee hives. Bees flying in and out every now and again.

"Techno! Look!" Tubbo pointed at a bee which flew around his head before going back into the hive. Techno laughed.

"They like you."

"Really?" Tubbo's eyes filled with wonder.


"Techno you're the best." Tubbo hugged him around the middle and went back to investigating the hives.

Techno just ruffled his hair and went into the structure to check on the mechanism, the strong redstone scent just drowning out  a sickening scent that forcefully came their way.

"Tubbo! My little pup I was so worried!" Techno froze, he knew that voice... It was Dream, and he was not about to let him take his little brother again.

"D-Dream?" Tubbo sounded terrified. Techno ran to him and pushed him behind him.

"Oh and Technoblade too!" Dream smiled as though something he had hoped to happen just had. He squared up to the omega. "Hello Techno."

"You don't get to call me that." Techno spat, his hand going to his sword, which wasn't there, why didn't he bring it with him?

Dream laughed and grabbed Techno by the neck, forcing him to the ground. Techno tried to force him off, but Dream felt as though he had suddenly become cement. Techno felt his heart break when Tubbo tried to pull Dream off him.

"No Dre! Don't hurt Techno!" He yelled desperately. Dream pushed him away, the tiny pup falling from the force. It was enough to shock the poor boy into not moving for at least a few minutes.

"Now Techno, what should I do with you?" Dream asked, he was forcing his scent onto Techno and it was making him feel sick. He felt as though he couldn't fight, like his body was made of lead and he couldn't move. He let out an involuntary whimper. Dream's victorious smile was sickening.

Dream forced Techno to bare his neck to him, an act of submission, before wrapping a thick chain around his neck and a second tightly around his wrists. Tubbo tried once again to free Techno, but Dream just shoved him away again.
"You're going to do exactly as I say. You follow me, you do not try to escape and you do not try to slow us down." Dream pulled him roughly to his feet. Techno nodded miserably. "Good, pick up the pup."

Struggling with his bound hands, Techno managed to get Tubbo settled on his hip, the pup clinging to him desperately.

"Techno, what's going on? Why is Dream hurting you?" Tubbo asked, Techno sighed, kissing his brother's forehead.

"I'm sorry Tubbo, everything will be okay, I won't let anything bad happen to you. I promise." Techno told him, he may be powerless to the alpha in front of him, but he would be damned if that stopped him from looking after his baby brother.

"Hey there Tubbo." Dream caressed the pups cheek gently. "Here, will you drink this for Dre?"

"Does it hurt?" Tubbo asked, he still trusted Dream after everything and it made Techno want to scream.

"Of course not pup." Dream said, his tone still sickly sweet. Tubbo drank what seemed like water, but Techno caught the spidery scent. Weakness potion. He held Tubbo closer to him.

They'd barely been walking five minutes when Techno felt Tubbo slump against him tiredly. He kissed his brothers head, hoping that their father would notice their absence soon.

The house on the edge of the swamp was quiet as Dream tugged Techno up to the door and opened it, the three omegas moving to greet them at once, all of them staring at the sight that greeted them.

"Look we got Tubbo back and we have a new omega!" Dream told them, before turning to Techno, releasing more of his paralyzing scent. There was nothing he could do against an alpha. "Now Techno, you are not to leave this building, nor even think about leaving. Okay?" Techno forced his focus onto the sleeping pup in his arms. A sharp slap reverberated around the small hall, Techno's cheek started to burn. "I said Okay?" Techno forced a nod.

Dream seemed satisfied and released Techno from his chains. "Karl, I'm sure Techno is tired out from our journey, will you take him up to the nest?"

A short brunette in a multicoloured hoodie stepped forward with a nod, offering Techno his hand as a form of comfort, which Techno found himself accepting, and led him upstairs.

The shoddy nest lay in the centre of a big, empty room, it was clearly suffering from overuse, and Techno couldn't help but wonder where all of the furniture and their things were. "I'm sorry, we... we have to sleep in here, we're only allowed this room and a small storage room." Karl explained, trying his best to straighten the nest. Techno stopped him.

"Let me." He said, handing Tubbo over, he didn't really want to let go of his brother, but Karl seemed trustworthy enough to be allowed to hold him. Karl smiled softly at the pup and watched Techno rearrange the nest.

"You're a lot better at that than we are." Karl commented with a small smile.

"The other omega in our pack is quite particular on her specifications for a nest." Techno explained with a small fond smile as he thought of Niki. He reached for Tubbo, Karl taking a minute before handing him back.

"Sorry, I just... I never thought I'd see him again. " he explained softly. "In all honestly I thought he was dead until George phoned Phil."

"I thought he was dead until Phil said he saw him." Techno confessed. "I thought he drowned."

"Sorry, I should let you rest." Karl said suddenly. "I'll try and keep the pups out until you've rested, but I don't know how long I'll be able to do it."

"Its fine." Techno was upset and angry, but he wasn't about to take it out on Karl, who was really trying his best to help.

"I'll leave you two to rest, if you need anything just call, or you know, Tubbo knows his way around pretty well so-" Karl cut himself off. "Yeah, um, sleep well."

"Thanks." Techno nodded, what could he do against the orders of an alpha. Karl smiled and left, closing the door behind him.

Feeling a little tired and not really having much else to do, Techno settled himself and Tubbo into the nest. The pup was still out and probably wouldn't wake up until the morning, and Techno wasn't about to let him out of his sight anytime soon. So instead he wrapped his cloak around them, pulled his little brother close to him and hoped to the moon goddess that their father would come for them.

Chapter Text

Phil felt like he was losing his mind. He'd gone to get Tubbo and Techno to call them in for breakfast, when he found them gone and the ground covered in Dream's strong scent. The snow was badly disrupted, and so there must have been a struggle. But the alpha had taken one of his pups and one of his omegas and Phil wanted war.

When he returned home alone he was met with a parade of questions, and he didn't know how to answer, he just sat down at the kitchen table and brought Tommy into his lap.

"I'm so sorry." His voice cracked, his pack fell quiet.

"Dad?" Tommy whispered. Phil just held him closer to him.

"Dream took them, both of them." He whispered back. Tommy stared at him.

"What? Well then we need to go and get them!" He told them, getting up and trying to pull Phil up after him. "Dad!"

"We can't just storm in, we need to prepare." Phil explained, Wilbur nodded.

"We need to go mining, we need armour, at least full netherite, if not enchantments as well." He agreed. "Me and Niki will go mining." He added.

"Alright, Tommy, Fundy I need you to help me sort through the chests and see what we can find, can you do that?" Phil asked. The two pups nodded, the pack getting themselves ready to get their family back.

They had no idea whether they were going to need to fight or not, and they wanted to be ready for anything. He just hoped Tubbo and Techno could protect each other until they got there.

Techno awoke with a jolt. He could hear his brother crying. Loud, screaming sobs that made him want to stab whoever had dared to hurt him. He froze, he was covered in Dreams scent, and he was sure Tubbo was too. The bastard had scented him in his sleep, it was like he was trying to force every aspect of his individuality away. He couldn't smell the scents of his pack anymore, just the overwhelming scent of the alpha he hated more than anything. He sat up, Tubbo's crying getting louder until the door opened and an omega wearing thick lensed glasses and a blue hoodie entered, carrying Tubbo.

"I know it hurts, I'm sorry." George muttered, he was trying desperately to calm the pup down.

"What happened?" Techno was on his feet in an instant and taking his brother from the omega. Tubbo looked up at him, his eye tinged by a forming bruise, he promptly buried his face in Techno's shoulder. "Where is he? I'll kill him!"

He moved to the door, clutching Tubbo tightly, but George stopped him.

"He's gone." He said, his voice barely a whisper over Tubbo's sobbing, which had died down considerably since he'd been in Techno's arms. "Tubbo came downstairs for some water and Dream decided he wanted to punish him for running away and... trying to fight him?"

"He tried to stop him from putting me in chains." Techno explained gruffly.

"Karl tried to stop him and now... There was nothing we could do. He's gone now." George was repeating himself. "Sapnap's still here though, he's a beta."

"Its okay, do you mind if we stay up here?" Techno was going to stay up in the nest regardless, but he felt like small talk would do the shorter omega some good.

"Of course, of course. I'm sorry he took you Technoblade, you dont have to come down at all if you don't want to, but... well we all sleep in here... Dream is the only one who has a key to the other room... it's his you see." George was clearly nervous.

"That's fine, I just... I just want us in a nest right now." Techno explained, trying to calm the other down as best he could.

"I get it, but the pups, I can't stop them from running up, they're worried about Tubbo." George continued.

"Its okay." Techno managed a weak smile for the omega, who smiled back in relief.

"Okay, well if you need anything, call okay?"

"Alright, thanks."

"Look after him." George ruffled Tubbo's hair before leaving the room.

Techno sighed and settled himself down in the nest with Tubbo in his lap. "Does it still hurt bud?"

Tubbo nodded. "Did Dre hurt you too?"

"No, I'm okay Tubbo."

"Good, I dont want you to be hurt Techno."

Techno placed his hand in his brothers hair, his fingers gently carding through the brunettes hair. "Are there any healing potions here Tubbo?"

"Not allowed to have reserves of them and only Karl is allowed to use the brewing stands." Tubbo explained.

"Where's Karl?"

"He's ouch sleepy." Tubbo frowned.


"The ouch potions." Tubbo tried again. "W-weakness potions."

"Oh he gave him weakness potions?" Techno recalled Tubbo telling him something similar when they were home. "How many?"

"F- Four." Tubbo's bottom lip shook, he'd only just stopped crying. "Now he won't wake up."
"He'll be okay." Techno was trying to be positive, but he felt for the first time in his life, completely out of his depth. Tubbo sniffled, his grip on Techno tightened. "Its going to be okay."

"I want to go home Techno."

"I know, I do too."

Chapter Text

Phil had organised all the supplies they would need with the pups when he smelt the overwhelming scent of the alpha that seemed intent in stealing things from him. He looked at the two pups in front of him.

"Stay in here, do not leave okay." He told them, they both frowned.

"Dad what's going on? Who's at the door?" Tommy asked, putting an arm around Fundy, who looked fairly terrified. He must remember Dream's scent.

"Its okay, I just need you two to stay here okay?" The pups agreed and Phil closed the door on the storage room and went to the door, where Dream was stood waiting for him.

"Philza, nice little place you've got here." Dream laughed lightly.

"Where are they Dream? Where are my sons?" Phil was trying to keep himself from lashing out at the arguably more powerful alpha.

"They're mine now." Dream replied simply. "I don't know what you think you're planning, but it won't work."

"You can't do this, I will get them back, and when I do I will kill you." Phil really wasn't the best at self control in this situation.

"Is that a threat Philza?" Dream raised a brow as though it was a huge surprise.

"You're damn right it's a threat you bastard!" Phil squared himself up to the taller man. "Where the fuck are my kids?"

Dream just laughed, "Oh Philza, you have no idea what you're doing."

"And you think you do?" Phil countered, two could play at whatever ridiculous game Dream was trying to play. "I could very easily come for Purpled."

Dream froze, his eyes wide. "I don't know what you mean." He tried to feign, but Phil had caught him so off guard he couldn't hide the clear fear in his voice.

"So I can kill him then?" Phil asked purely to get a rise out of the other alpha.

"You dare!" Dream snarled. Phil laughed, oh how the tables had turned.

"You come for my family, I'll come for yours." Phil threatened. "If they're not back with me in twenty four hours, I will kill you."

And Phil slammed the door on Dream's face, feeling oddly satisfied with the conversation he had just had.

It hadn't taken long for the other pups to enter the room, first was the one Tubbo called Ranboo. He was at least a foot taller than Tubbo, and looked rather familiar. He had a chimera split down the centre of his face, one half an enderman, the other Techno wasn't sure what it was. He was at least some percentage of human, that Techno could tell.

Nervously, the pup sat at the edge of the nest, chattering softly to Tubbo in ender. Techno didn't speak End very well, but he caught Tubbo explaining who Techno was and that he wouldn't hurt them.

Ranboo shuffled closer, frowning sadly when he saw Tubbo's bruised face.

"Techno this is Ranboo." Tubbo explained. Techno smiled at the pup, who seemed so familiar to him. The pup rubbed the unknown side of his mouth, where he would have an incisor or a tusk depending on what his mystery half was.

"Hi Ranboo, are you alright?" Techno couldn't stop his protective instinct, particularly now that the pup seemed so familiar to him now.

"My tooth hurts." He replied, allowing the omega to look at it. He seemed to be growing in a large tooth, possibly a tusk. Techno had been through the same many a time.

"You're growing a new tooth." Techno said. "What happened to the old one?"

"Dream pulled it out." Tubbo answered as Ranboo wasn't about to. "He says it will help but it just hurts him."

Techno sighed and pulled the other pup over to them. "I'm not letting him hurt you any more."

"Thank you." Ranboo murmured, resting his head on Techno's shoulder. His scent was weak yet familiar, and it gave Techno all the more reason to want to protect him.

A third pup poked their head around the door. "Purpled, this is Techno, he's Tubbo's brother." Ranboo explained quickly, Techno waved at him. The sandy-haired boy joined them, sitting on Tubbo's other side, resting his head on the smaller boy's legs.

"Techno, do you know any stories?" Tubbo asked, Techno smiled at him. All three pups seemed incredibly anxious and Techno just wanted to protect them.

"Well I do know one, have you heard of the trojan horse?"

Chapter Text

Dream stalked into the house where his omegas and pups were. His talk with Philza had angered him beyond belief and he was going to make sure he kept them well out of his reach.

The house was quiet, the occupants asleep, which Dream was glad for. He climbed the stairs and poked his head into the room to look at the nest. He couldn't help but smile at them.

His beta Sapnap was in the corner, Karl resting half on top of him, Sapnap had one arm wrapped tightly around him. His other arm held Quackity close to him, the omega's wings resting protectively around the three. George lay beside them, Purpled beside him, the pup had been crying again, tear tracks dried on his cheeks, barely seen from where he curled up beside George.

The other corner held Technoblade, Tubbo and Ranboo. The omega had his arms tightly around the two pups, who were curled into his chest. Dream smirked. Techno had been a surprisingly easily obtained prize, and he as sure as hell going to keep him.

He almost didn't want to disrupt the calmness of the room, but he needed to move them, Philza knew where they were and would come for them anyday now. He couldn't allow that.

Dream shook Sapnap awake, Quackity also awakening with the force, his eyes straying sadly to Karl's limp form. Dream almost felt bad for forcing the omega to take the weakness potions, but it was the only way to keep them all in line, and he would be fine eventually anyway.

"Dream?" Sapnap frowned, sitting up carefully so as not to harm Karl.

"We're moving, pack up."

"What?" Quackity asked louder than he meant to. Dream didn't answer, he'd moved on to wake George, making sure to leave the pups asleep.

"We're moving George, don't wake the pups." Dream told the confused omega, before moving on to wake Techno, who awoke with a start, clutching the pups.


"We're moving Techno." Dream replied, taking the chains from his pocket and wrapping them around Techno's neck. "Don't wake the pups." He added as a warning. Techno's hands strayed to the chains, Dream slapping them away. It was unnecessary seeing as he could force the omega to bend to his will anyway, but he felt like it put his point across.

He went over and picked up Purpled, his brother barely stirring as he did so. The way Philza had threatened his brother had shaken him to his core, how on earth did he know? Dream had been meticulous, only Purpled, George and Sapnap knew, so how on earth could Philza have found out?

Sapnap had Karl in his arms, wrapped in a blanket. Quackity had packed up the nest and grabbed a few change of clothes for each of them. George had by some miracle convinced Techno to allow him to carry Tubbo, leaving the piglin hybrid to carry Ranboo.

Punz and Ponk appeared in the doorway, Dream had called them to help protect them in the move, and the betas immediately grinned at the sleepy pups.

"Follow me, stay close and don't try anything stupid." Dream warned the omegas, grabbing the end of the chain around Techno's neck and dragging him with him. He still had hold of his brother, despite Quackity's attempt to help out and take the pup from him. He would not let his brother go, not after he'd been threatened by an alpha.

He moved his pack to the stronghold he'd been working in. The omegas set up the nest in the library and settled there with the pups and Punz, Ponk and Sapnap, all of whom had tried to convince Dream to allow his brother into the safety of the nest, but he had refused.

And so the Alpha paced the dead ends of the stronghold, his sleeping brother in his arms. He'd raised Purpled for most of the pups life, since he himself had still been a pup.  He remembered when he was born, only eight and a half short years ago, he'd been a tiny little thing, their mother and father leaving him in the care of others to take up pack duties. So dream, at only twelve years old had taken charge and began to look after his brother. The omegas of the pack had tried to stop him, tried to take HIS brother away from him, told him he wasn't capable, told him that he couldn't take care of him.

Dream hated being told he couldn't handle something.

So he'd left, taken his brother, his pup and his best friends, Sapnap and George and they'd started their own pack. Four pups, none of them presented, a fourteen year old, a twelve year old, a ten year old and a baby, out there alone.


And throughout the years their pack grew and Dream got more and more distant. And Dream got more and more desperate for control, living with the fear that someone would try to take what was his away from him again.

And he didn't want that.

He would never deal with that.

Although he was an Alpha, Dream wasn't supposed to be a head alpha, just part of a pack, he'd pushed the position on himself, and it had changed him.

But he didn't care. His pack was safe, Skeppy and Bad were on their way to join them, they were all safe from harm.

Dream let out a sigh and brought his brother into the warm portal room, he still had to figure out how to activate it, and then he could get the riches in the new realm. Purpled stirred in his arms, the sudden heat of the lava pools of the room waking him. He rubbed his eyes and looked around in confusion.

"Dream?" He asked with a frown.

"We're safe Purp, it's okay, we just had to move." Dream kissed his brothers head and sat down on the steps up to the portal.

"Okay Dream." Purpled nodded. Although sometimes Dream could be very scary, he loved and trusted his brother, Dream always made thing okay, he'd brought Tubbo back when he'd accidentally hurt him, and found Tubbo's brother. "Can we go and cuddle with the pack?"

Dream rarely joined in on nest cuddles, but he was feeling particularly protective of his pack, so he nodded. "Once Skeppy and Bad are here, we'll go to the nest." He promised the pup, who returned to his position of resting against his shoulder.

"Are they here yet?"

"They might be, shall we go and see?" Dream smiled at his brother. This almost felt normal. Purpled nodded at once, a small smile danced onto his tired features.

Skeppy and Bad had been the first to join their pack, they'd stumbled across them after smelling the scents of George presenting as an omega. Bad had only just presented as a beta himself, whilst Skeppy, who was only a year older than Sapnap, had very little clue as to what was going on. They were best friends they explained, their pack destroyed in an Illager raid.

Dream and Purpled made it to the stairs leading to the entrance just as Bad and Skeppy entered. Both of them smiled at their alpha and the pup they had met when he had been only two years old.

"Hey pup." Skeppy ruffled the pups hair as Bad brought them all into a hug.

"Well this is definitly safe." Bad said with approval, "Where's the nest, I'm exhausted." He added.

"Me too." Skeppy added with a yawn, he like Bad found it slightly strange that their alpha was clinging to his brother so protectively, but they weren't about to question it, Dream had moved them because he was scared for their safety, and as Purpled was practically his pup, it was no wonder the alpha wanted him close.

Dream led them into the library, where the rest of the pack was asleep. The omegas had done a wonderful job with the nest. It was big, with sturdy walls and a soft centre, techno had once again chosen himself a corner, arms tightly around the other two pups, who were a bundle of limbs in Techno's arms. Beside them lay Quackity, Sapnap and Karl, the latter in the middle with the others either side, both holding onto him protectively. Dream felt guilt appear in the bottom of his stomach, Karl still hadn't woken up.

George was stretched out in the middle, his head resting on Ponk's shoulder, and Ponk had his legs across Punz's lap, the latter curled up in a corner.

"Is that TechnoBlade?" Bad frowned, staring at the pink-haired omega.

"He's in our pack now." Dream replied with a shrug, climbing into the nest beside George, who sat up at once, he hadn't been asleep after all. Bad and Skeppy entered the nest, both smiling at George as they chose their spots to sleep, which wouldn't last long, they always ended up cuddling anyways.

"Hello you two." George smiled at them sleepily, Purpled reached out to him, Dream lessening his grip on the pup so he could hug the omega.

"Gogy." Purpled smiled, "I'm sleepy." He added. George just laughed and scooted closer to Dream, the alpha bringing both back into his arms.

The entire pack slept the best they had in a while. It was so rare they all got to be all together after all.

Chapter Text

On their way back to the pack house from their mining trip, Niki and Wilbur encountered one of the snow villages, it had been pillaged a long time ago and was deserted, but there might be some good loot inside.

As they neared one of the small cottages, both beta and omega were hit with the scent of blood, the scent of a distressed alpha and the scent of an injured omega.

Niki looked at Wilbur with wide eyes, fishing some healing potions from her inventory ready and waiting into her hands.

They entered the building to find an alpha sat on the bed, an omega lying in between his legs, head resting against his chest. The omega was injured, his chest was bandaged and the alpha was desperately trying to keep him awake, one hand carding through his hair.

The alpha let out a protective growl as he heard them enter, readying himself to protect his omega.

"We won't hurt you." Niki said gently, she bared her neck to him, it made her vulnerable but able to go up to the two. "What happened?"

"We got surrounded." The alpha replied. "There were so many mobs, I told him to hide, but he wanted to help." He took the potions from Niki thankfully. "Ant, please drink this for me." He begged the cat hybrid omega in his arms. The omega obeyed, his glassy eyes trying desperately to focus on the Alpha above him. The omega let out a whimper as he felt the sting of the healing potion begin its work.

"Where's your pack?" Wilbur asked, he had stayed by the door so as not to freak the alpha out.

"Its just us." The alpha replied, he planted a kiss on the omegas forehead.

"What's your name?" Niki asked, she was gently redressing the omegas wound.

"Velvet, this is Ant." He replied, he looked exhausted.

"Come back with us." Wilbur suggested, the alpha in front of him was no head alpha, he was just without a pack trying desperately to protect his omega. He needed them and they could use the man power. "My dad, our alpha can help."

"I- he'll be safe, right?"

"Of course." Niki smiled, she had such a calming energy.

"We'll come with you." Velvet nodded.

Phil went on high alert immediately when he smelt two unfamiliar scents. He flung open the front door to see Niki and Wilbur leading an alpha carrying an injured omega to the house.

Upon seeing Phil the alpha bared his neck submissively, trying not to cause a fight. Phil strode over to them at once.

"They don't have a pack and his omega is injured, we couldn't leave them." Wilbur explained quickly. Phil nodded once to show he understood.

"Okay, is it just you?" Phil was willing to help, particularly when an omega was injured, but he had to make sure that they wouldn't cause harm to his pack.

Velvet nodded his head. "Its just us."

He was telling the truth, keeping his neck bared, the omega close to him. Phil thought for a moment. "Okay, come on in. When he's better you either stay or you go."

Velvet nodded and followed him into the house, startling at the pups that stared at him and Ant as he entered. The fox-hybrid pup looked particularly intrigued by them, or most likely by Ant as he too had pointed ears on top of his head instead of the human ears everyone else seemed to have.

Phil led them to one of the pack houses spare rooms, Velvet carefully placing Ant on the double bed checking him over for other injuries briefly.

"We have another room if you'd like to get some rest." Phil offered. Velvet shook his head at once, moving himself protectively in front of his omega.

"We, we stay together." He explained. Phil nodded at once, he had sort of expected a reaction like that.

"Alright, get some rest, we'll be around if you need anything." The winged man smiled softly at them.

"Thank you." Velvet mustered a smile for the older alpha, who nodded again and left the room, allowing them the space they probably wanted.

Chapter Text

"Tubbo!" Dream shouted exasperatedly as he tried to get the pups to cooperate with him. He had corralled them into the portal room and had them sat on the stairs, trying to get them to cooperate with them.

Tubbo looked at the alpha inoccently, pretending that he had no idea why a flower had suddenly sprouted beside him.

"So we need to find a way to combine the ender pearl and the blaze powder and that will unlock the portal somehow." Dream told the pups, who all looked slightly confused.

"What's through the portal?" Purpled asked. He had a crafting table in front of him and had placed both some blaze powder and an ender pearl on it, trying his hardest to figure out how to craft them together.

"I don't know." Dream replied. Ranboo sneezed suddenly and teleported to the doorway. "Ranboo that's the second time." He sighed exasperatedly. A bee suddenly flew past him. "Tubbo!" He rounded on the smallest pup.

"You said you were teaching them, not getting them to help with your insane plans!" Sapnap stood in the doorway, arms crossed. George beside him, beckoning for the pups, none of them moved.

"Just because you're still mad about Karl." Dream shot back, he stared at the pups, daring them to move.
"Its been four days Dream! All he wanted to do was stop you from hitting Tubbo!" Sapnap shook his head. "You want to open the portal, fine. But don't involve the pups."

"Fine, take them." Dream glowered, "but NEVER speak to me like that again." Sapnap shrank back at the alphas anger, but then shook it off and strode forward to corral the pups out of the room.

"Are you three alright?" George asked, examining the three pups for injuries. Techno hurtled around the corner and grabbed Tubbo, checking him over for injuries himself. "I told you he was okay Techno."

Techno just shook his head and hugged his brother tightly. "I don't trust him." He replied, Tubbo hugged him back, resting his head on Techno's shoulder, the omega lifting him up.

"What was he doing pups?" Sapnap asked, he had both Purpled and Ranboo by the hand as the group walked down the corridor.

"He wanted to combine pearls and blazes to make a key." Purpled explained. "It kept making Ran sneeze." He added with a laugh. Ranboo rubbed his nose with a frown.

"For the portal?" Techno frowned. Purpled nodded.

"Its the end, isnt it?" Tubbo murmured.

"What?" George frowned, he had no idea what Dream was doing, he was more worried for the pups safety.

"Dad told us a story once of a portal that led to the end. There are cities and these huge crystals that protect a dragon." Tubbo elaborated.

"Its just a story Tubs." Techno pointed out. "He's a fool if he thinks he can actually make it to the end, let alone back out of it."

When they made it back to the nest, they found Quackity helping a disorientated Karl sit up. Sapnap dropped the pups' hands and ran to them, throwing himself into Karl's arms.

"Sap?" Karl frowned, he was used to rarely seeing the beta, and to have the entire pack in the same building seemed very strange to him.

"You're okay!" Sapnap replied in relief, holding both omegas close.

"Come on pups, let's give them a moment." George suggested, Techno nodded and the two corralled the pups out of the library, into one of the big empty rooms. The stronghold was no place to live, and Techno once again found himself wishing that Phil would hurry up and save them.

Chapter Text

"Are you ready?" Phil asked his son, who nodded.

"Yeah, just worried about Tech and Tubbo." Wilbur sighed. "What if he's done something to Tech?"

"He won't have." Phil said, trying his best to comfort his son. "But we'll still make him pay."

"Techs still an omega Dad, I just... if he's touched him..." Wilbur looked at his father, who hugged him tightly.

"They're fine, they're both fine."

They both looked up as Velvet nervously entered the room. "Is this a bad time?"

"Of course not, what can I do for you?" Phil asked with a slightly forced smile.

"Phil, Ant and I, we would like to become a part of your pack." Velvet began. "Um... I'm not leaving Ant in this state, so we could look after the pups? And then you can all go and rescue your sons?"

Phil looked at Wilbur in shock. "Are you sure? My brother and son can be a bit of a handful." Wilbur asked. Velvet nodded.

"I want to help out."

"Thank you, that's... welcome to the pack I guess. We'll have a ceremony when we get back, I have a feeling we may gain a few more members on the way." Phil smiled, earning a smile back from the young alpha.

"Let's get ready to go." Wilbur clapped his hands, hungry for both a fight and excited to save his brothers.

"Techno?" The pink-haired omega looked down to where Tubbo lay with his head in his lap.


"Tooth." Tubbo held out his palm to reveal a small molar nestled in the centre of it.

"You look after that, and when we get home, put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will give you money." Techno recited the story he had been told as a child and he'd had to keep up pretence for Tommy and Fundy for as well.

"Tooth fairy?" Tubbo frowned, he was poking his other teeth with his free hand to see if any others were wobbly.

"Theres a fairy out there who collects baby teeth in exchange for money." Techno explained, gaining the interest of Ranboo.

"What does she do with them?" He asked, rubbing his jaw reminiscently.

"She builds her palace out of them. She has a huge palace in the sky made out of teeth." Techno carried on, smiling at the wonder on the pups faces.

"But she can't get down here?" Tubbo frowned.

"No, it's too scary for her." Techno replied as though he had all the knowledge in the world. He loved how they hung onto his every word.

"When we go home, can Ran come with us?" Tubbo asked, he and Ranboo proved to be very close and Techno knew Tommy would not appreciate having a rival for his affection.

"Do you want to?" Techno turned to the half-enderman, who nodded. "Then of course."

"Can we go home soon Techno?" Tubbo asked, Techno carded his hand through his brothers messy hair. He sighed.

"I hope so Tubbo, I hope so."

Chapter Text

The house at the edge of the swamp was pitifully empty. Phil felt like his heart had shattered, he just wanted his sons back.

"Where's he taken them?" Wilbur shouted, kicking over the coffee table angrily.

Hey, look at this." Niki had found somr sort of journal in the locked room upstairs. "Phil, what's a stronghold?"

"You think he's taken them to a stronghold?" Phil asked, his eyes suddenly full of hope again. Niki nodded, showing him the passage of the journal she had just read. "Theres one not too far."

Techno had never felt so scared. Dream was angry and was taking it out on the weaker members of the pack, having sent the betas off to 'gather resources' sapnap being the only one staying behind, refusing to leave Karl alone with Dream again. Currently, Techno was looking for a place to hide Tubbo and Ranboo, and he had to move quickly, Dream was already screaming at his brother and he didn't know how long it would take until he started hurting him.

It was then he spotted a hidden room, barely visible apart from the slight differences between the colour of the wall and the hidden door. It was safe enough. He ran back, telling Sapnap and George where it was, before running to where Dream had Ranboo and Tubbo cornered.

"Dream stop." He commanded, feeling an odd sense of pride from where Tubbo was trying desperately to protect Ranboo, despite the boy being half a foot taller.

Dream ignored him, he had his axe raised above his head. "I ask for one simple task for you to complete. Use your magic to help me out, use your skills to help me, your Alpha out. You stupid filthy pig and your even dumber useless sidekick." He brought his axe down, Tubbo pushing Ranboo out of the way, the blade catching him in the shoulder. He screamed.

Dream raised his axe again, but it paused in the air as though it had met some kind of wall. Techno ran to the pups and grabbed them, both were bruised badly and Tubbo held on tightly to him, sobbing into his shoulder.
Ranboo closed his eyes and teleported them, Techno felt the familiar pull of an ender pearl and then they were in the corridor near the hideout he had found. He quickly took them inside, the other omegas, Purpled and Sapnap had already gathered there and it seemed Tubbo and Ranboo had borne the brunt of Dreams anger.

Techno just held them close to him, allowing only Karl to try and clean Tubbo's wound. He wondered what Dream had meant when he called Ranboo a pig, was his mystery half a piglin? Could he be...

No, that was ridiculous. Of course this pup wasn't his son, maybe he was just wishing he was.

They could hear Dream raging outside, angry that he couldn't find them, Techno held the pups tighter, unconsciously scenting them. He'd never been so scared. Sapnap was holding Karl and Quackity protectively, but was ready to get up and fight Dream if he found them, the axe in his hand was proof of that. Techno winced at the sight of it. He didn't think he's ever forget the sight of that axe digging into his brothers shoulder. George had Purpled in his arms, the pup sobbing silently. He too was sporting a black eye. Techno understood his pain, it was the pups brother who had done all of this. If it had been Wilbur out there... Techno would feel the exact same.

There was nothing they could do apart from hold each other and hope Dream would stop or leave.

Chapter Text

Phil found the stronghold faster than he had expected. Half going on memory and hoping it was the same stronghold that he had stumbled across years ago, half desperately following the weak scents of his sons.

The stronghold appeared deserted, but there was a strong scent of blood and distress permeating the empty stone rooms. What had Dream done?

Niki, who was perhaps the best at following scents led them through winding passageways and stopped at a seemingly normal wall. "Its in the wall." She said with slight confusion.

"Techno! Tubbo!" Phil called desperately. He could hear muttering from the other side of the wall.

"Technoblade don't!" A vaguely familiar voice Phil pinpointed as Sapnap's hissed.

"Its our dad!" Techno replied. Part of the wall opened, revealing a group of omegas, pups and the lone beta.

"Oh my boys." Phil ran to Techno and pulled him and the two pups he seemed to be guarding with his life into his arms. "Tubbo?" He frowned, his youngest was too quiet. Tubbo looked at him with clouded vision, as though he couldn't focus. "Tubbo, its dad." He added with a whisper, noting the makeshift bandage on his pups shoulder. Phil sighed and hugged them all again. "Let's get you out of here."

"Phil?" Karl shakily got to his feet, Sapnap reluctant to let him go. "Phil-" he stumbled slightly, the alpha catching him.

"You are coming aren't you? I can't leave you here." Phil asked them, they all nodded without hesitation. He felt someone hug him around the middle. It was Ranboo, Techno had put him down as he stood up, but was still clinging to Tubbo. "Hey mate."

"Let's go, quickly." Wilbur suggested, attempting to take Tubbo from Techno, who refused at once.


"Techno you can't carry him all the way home, you're exhausted, you all are." Wilbur tried again to take his brother, but Techno wouldn't let him go. "Techno!"

"Leave him be Will." Phil advised from where he was making sure they all got out of the stronghold. George had a sleeping Purpled in his arms and was shyly talking to Niki, who had Ranboo's hand in hers tightly. The pup had taken a shine to her already.

Tommy was excited, Tubbo and Techno were coming home with possibly new pack members and he'd finally gotten to talk to Ant, who had woken up from his injury.

"Red, what are you doing?" Ant asked the alpha, who was stood staring out into the snow. The omega somehow was managing to answer all of Fundy's questions about his ears and play a game with Tommy.

"I can smell blood." Velvet muttered. He dug some healing supplies out of one of the chests. "They're almost back."

"Yes!" Tommy celebrated. "You'll love Tubbo and Techno, Ant. Especially Tubbo, he's my best friend."

"I can't wait to meet him." Ant smiled, earning a wide grin from the pup. Velvet moved to the front door suddenly as Techno walked in carrying Tubbo, who seemed to be asleep.

"Techno! Tubbo!" Tommy ran over to them as his elder brother lay the pup on the sofa beside the omega he didn't recognise. "T- Tubbo?"

"Healing potions, I need healing potions." Techno demanded, ignoring his brother. Velvet passed him two healing potions and Ant helped him to pull Tubbo's head back to help him drink one potion.

"There we go." A fairly short omega in a blue hoodie, carrying a purple clad pup followed Wilbur into the house. Two more omegas, one in a multicoloured hoodie and one with wings followed them, as well as a bandana wearing beta. They all crowded around Tubbo.

"How's he doing?" Blue hoodie asked. Phil, Niki and a tall pup, who had a chimera split down his face, one side enderman, one side difficult to make out entered the pack house.

"Dad! What's going on?" Tommy frowned, noting the bruises on both Tubbo and the other two new pups.

"Tubbo got hurt bubba." Phil explained, hugging his son tightly.

"Right, let me see about rooms." Niki said, hoping to make herself useful.

"We can all share a room, we're used to it." Blue hoodie spoke up again. The pup in his arms attempting to get down, but he didn't let him.

"We have enough rooms." Niki said. "The pups can go in Tubbo's room with Tubbo." She began thoughtfully.

"Tubbo stays with me." Techno ordered before Tommy could object that he wanted to share a room with his best friend.

"Techno-" Wilbur tried, he wasn't sure why Techno was being so protective over their brother, and he wasn't sure it was wise.

"He stays with me." Techno repeated.

"Me, Quackity and Karl will share." Sapnap offered up, Niki nodded.

"And George gets his own room." Niki clapped her hands. "Thats nice and sorted."
"Is there anything we can do to help?" The winged omega asked nervously, adjusting his beanie.

"Why don't you relax, you can use the shower and I'm sure we can find you some warm clothes." Phil replied. "Its colder here than you're used to."

"I'll show you around and get you towels and such." Niki said happily, the bandana wearing beta, the winged omega and the omega in the blue hoodie, who had finally put down the purple-hoodie pup, followed her.

The omega in the multicoloured hoodie was helping Techno heal Tubbo's shoulder.

"Tommy, Fundy, this is Purpled and Ranboo." Phil introduced the pups before turning the Velvet and Ant. "Thanks for looking after them."

"We're a pack Phil." Ant replied with a tired smile.

"Techno?" Tubbo was somewhat awake, Phil and the pups ran over to him at once.

"We made it home Tubs." Techno replied, bandaging his brothers shoulder gently.

"Tooth?" Tubbo asked worriedly.

"I've got it, don't worry, she'll come tonight." Tubbo seemed satisfied with his answer, his eyes straying to Phil when the alpha started smoothing his hair.


"Hey mate. How're you feeling?"

"Ouch." Tubbo replied, smiling softly when Tommy shoved his bee plushie into his arms. "Tommy!"

"Spins missed you, and I did too... Only a bit though." Tommy replied, but he ever so carefully hugged his best friend.

"I missed you too." Tubbo replied, trying to hug Tommy and hold onto Spins with only one arm.

Chapter Text

When Phil went to check on the new pups late that night, he found Tubbo's room completely empty. Half-panicked, he rushed to Techno's room to find the omega and all five pups curled up in a small nest. Techno had Tubbo and Ranboo on either side of him, with Tommy clinging to Tubbo and Fundy on one side and Purpled curled up beside Ranboo on the other. They all looked incredibly relaxed and Phil had to smile.

He knew Techno was being ridiculously protective, but they didn't know what he'd been through yet, so couldn't really judge him.

He was about to go when he heard one of them move. It was Tubbo.


"Hey mate." Phil smiled as Tubbo raised his arms, with a small ask of 'help.' Phil lifted his pup out of the nest carefully. "You Alright?"

"Thirsty." Tubbo explained. "Couldnt get out."

Phil nodded and carried his son downstairs, noting how his bandages were tinged red. He got Tubbo a glass of water and set about changing his bandages, Tubbo didn't seem to mind too much, he had Spins in his lap and was making it hop up and down as though he was flying.

Phil smiled at his son, remembering the day he found him, a tiny little boy half hidden in a cardboard box. He had clearly been there for days and had cried when he saw Phil, and had continued crying until Phil had taken off his green cloak. And he had realised he wasn't whom he had thought he was. He hadn't realised it at the time, but Tubbo had mistaken him for Dream upon first sight, the blonde hair and the green cloak... the alpha had been tormenting his son for longer than Phil had thought.

Tubbo finished his water and walked over to the kitchen to put it by the sink. Phil followed him. "Thanks for saving us dad."

"I would never leave you with him." Phil replied, he hugged his youngest tightly. "I'm going to protect you for as long as I live."

"I love you."

"I love you too." He picked Tubbo up and began walking upstairs, he knew that Techno would not be impressed if he woke up and Tubbo was gone, but he was fairly certain Tubbo would appreciate his own bed. "You want to go back to your bed Tubs?"

Tubbo nodded, and made Spins nod too. "My bed." He nodded with a small smile.

Phil tucked him and Spins under the covers gently. "Sleep well Tubbo, if you need anything, you come and get me okay?" His pup nodded and snuggled under the covers, both arms tightly around his bee plush. Phil smiled at him and turned out the light, his pup was so precious.

Chapter Text

Morning came quickly, and Phil was awoken by Techno storming into the room, a sleeping Tubbo clutched to his chest.

"Who moved him last night?" He demanded. Phil sat up, rubbing his eyes.


"Who moved him to his room?"

"Oh Techno, I'm sorry mate." Phil patted the bed beside him and after some hesitation Techno did so, but he did not let go of his younger brother. "He wanted some water and I took him downstairs, and then he wanted to sleep in his bed. He was a bit overwhelmed."

"I was worried." Techno said, he was holding Tubbo tightly, almost too tightly.

"Tech what happened to you two?" Phil asked, reaching out to cup his sons cheek, one of his tusks bumping his thumb.

"I'm not letting him take him away again. I had to watch him get attacked with an axe, I'm not letting him get hurt again."

"Techno nothing is going to hurt either of you. I promise you, I'm going to make sure you're safe." Phil said. "Neither of you are going to br taken away from me again."

"I was scared dad." Techno's voice broke and with it Phil's heart. Techno was always so strong, so so brave. He held out his arms and his son melted into them.

"I know, I'm so sorry Tech." Phil held both of them close, Tubbo wiggling fitfully in his sleep. He frowned and gently pried his youngest from Techno's arms, laying him between them. "Tubbo, pup wake up." He shook him awake gently, the pup's scared eyes relaxing when he saw Techno and Phil.

"Tubbo?" Techno was in attack mode at once.

"Bad Dream." Tubbo muttered, Phil sighed and pulled both of them into his arms again.

"I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."

Dream's omegas were still in their rooms and as the pack house started to become alive, Phil felt like he had better check on them all. He passed Velvet who was helping Ant into the living room. His injury had almost healed, but he was incredibly weak from it still.

He knocked on the first door he came to, hearing a quiet 'come in' before he opened the door. Sapnap smiled at him as he entered, the beta was lying with an arm around Karl and Quackity who lay on either side of him. Quackity was still asleep, his wings, which were shielding most of him from view fluttered up and down lightly in time with his breaths. But Karl was awake. He too smiled at Phil, he was preening Quackity's wings gently, repositioning the bent feathers. Sapnap was playing with his messy hair carefully.

"Morning Phil." Karl greeted the alpha.

"I was just checking in, seeing how you're doing." He smiled at them. "Can I get you anything?"

"We're okay thanks Phil, we'll come down for breakfast if that's Alright?" Sapnap asked, his hand going to Karl's cheek, the omega smiling softly and nuzzling his face into Sapnap's palm.

"Of course, come down to the kitchen whenever your ready." Phil smiled and left the three, going to George's room to check on him. He was more concerned about that omega, as he was close to Dream.

He knocked lightly on the door, hearing a shy 'come in' before he did so. George had Purpled curled up in his arms, the pup had obviously been crying and gone to the omega for comfort.

"Dream was so happy when he was born." George muttered, his cheek was resting against the pups messy blonde hair. "Then he started to get... weird."

"How so?" Phil went and sat on the end of the bed, looking at the omega, who looked like he was about to cry.

"Posessive would be the best word for it. The omegas in the pack were charged with looking after the pups, but Dream wouldn't let them look after his brother. He came to me and Sap one time in the middle of the night, purp in his arms, I mean he was only a baby at this point, and he said they were trying to take Purpled away, we had to go." George said, tears filling his eyes. "And we left with him Phil. We trusted him, and then the pack grew and he locked us away... and he got violent." George tried to wipe his tears away, but they were spilling too fast for him to cope with. "He's my best friend, he's Purps brother and... look what he did." George showed the alpha the bruises on the pup's face. "He said, no matter what, he'd never hurt us." Phil went over to the omega and hugged him, George melted into his side, face buried into the man's arm as he cried.

"Its okay George, he's never going to hurt you again." Phil promised, in his mind he had already accepted them, accepted them all into his pack, he just needed their willingness to leave Dream. "Why don't you two come down for breakfast?"

George nodded, he had stopped crying, but only because he was forcing himself to stop. Breathing slow, shuddering breathes. "Okay."

"Alright, I'll leave you to get ready, theres no rush George, take your time." Phil smiled at both before he left, feeling angry for the alpha harming his pack.

Tubbo and Tommy were chasing each other around the table when Phil entered the kitchen, Fundy was sat with Ranboo on the window sill, pointing things out to him in their snow covered yard. Times like these were so precious. Niki beamed at him when he entered, she was busy making cups and cups of tea for them all. Ant and Velvet were sat at the table, laughing at the pups running rings around them.

"Dad!" Tommy shouted, laughing as the alpha scooped both pups up into his arms.

"What are you two doing?" Phil asked them with a small smile, painfully aware of Techno's eyes latched onto Tubbo.

"I was chasing Tubbo, or maybe Tubbo was chasing me... we aren't sure." Tommy laughed, Tubbo nodded uncertainly.

"Can we play in the snow later?" Tubbo asked, Tommy nodding excitedly at once.

"Yes! Can we?"

"I'm sure you can." Phil nodded, earning a cheer from the two pups.

"Edward's at the door." Tubbo said suddenly, wiggling out of Phil's grasp and grabbing Ranboo's hand, pulling him to the front door and opening it to greet the enderman stood on the porch. Phil followed them, surprised when the enderman hugged Ranboo.

"Tubbo, what's going on?" Phil asked as the pup watched a flower grow in his palm.  He beamed at his father.

"Ranboo is Edward's nephew." He explained, giving the enderman a flower.

"What?" Phil frowned, looking at the strange gathering.

"Edward hangs around because his family is here." Tubbo said as though it was obvious.

"Tubbo, can you ask Edward who Ranboo's dad is?" Phil asked, the pup nodded and turned to the enderman, muttering soft ender to him. The enderman nodded and said something back.

"He said the blood god." Tubbo replied, before wandering off to the kitchen to find Tommy. Edward teleported away.

Phil turned to the other pup. "Ranboo, did Dream give you a crystal to look after?"

Ranboo nodded, pulling the rock from his pocket, it was large and seemed to be pulsing. "Here you go Phil." He was looking at the alpha with wide, trusting eyes.

"Can I destroy this Ranboo?" The alpha asked, turning the crystal over in his palm. Ranboo looked confused, but nodded, trusting Phil with whatever he wanted to do.

Phil ruffled his hair gently and crushed the crystal under his boots. Ranboo let out a cry and clutched his head, his scent shifting dramatically. Phil froze. He knew that scent. By God he knew that scent, of course he did, what alpha wouldn't know the scent of their own grandchild.

Ranboo's bottom lip shook and he looked at Phil with tears in his eyes. Phil just picked him up, clutching the ten year old close to him. "Oh Ares." He kissed the pups forehead. "Oh my pup." Ranboo was crying into his shoulder, the pup was hurt and confused and being flooded with six years worth of memories. His mystery half of his chimera split had taken a pink tinge, as had his hair. "Techno!"

The omega came running at once, pausing in the doorway as he smelt his son's scent. His eyes widened as he took in the pup his father was clutching. "D- dad?" Techno asked as he slowly walked closer, taking in the pup he had become quite close to over the past few days. "I can recognise him now, I couldn't before." He muttered, reaching out to Ranboo, the pup reaching for him at once. "Hey." He held the pup, his son close. "Hey it's okay."

"Dad?" Ranboo muttered, looking up at him in wonder. "I-I couldn't-" he burst into tears again.

"I know, neither could I." Techno comforted his son. "It was the crystal." He explained. "I missed you so much Ares." He paused. "Or do you prefer Ranboo?"


"Then we'll call you Ranboo." Techno confirmed, smiling at his father over the shoulder of his son. "I can't believe our whole family is back together again."

"Come on, it's time for breakfast!" Niki called from the kitchen, she had been busy cooking whilst they had been having their revelations.

Chapter Text

"Ant?" Sapnap asked as he entered the kitchen and stared at the omega in the kitchen. Ant stood up painfully and wiped tears from his eyes as he grabbed hold of the beta and hugged him tightly.

"Sap!" Ant sobbed. "You just left you-"

"I'm sorry, we went with Dream." Sapnap tried to comfort the omega, aware of the glares he was getting from the omega's alpha. "But Ant what are you doing here? Why aren't you still with the pack?"

"I met an alpha and they kicked me out because he wasn't the alpha they wanted me to be with." Ant explained. Sapnap kept his arms around Ants waist as he took in Velvet.

"Does he treat you right Ant?" He asked, holding his childhood friend tightly. Ant nodded.

"He's amazing Sap."

"I'm glad Ant, really I am." Sapnap smiled. Velvet came over and helped him sit down, before introducing himself to Sapnap properly.

"So, what happened? Why are you here Sap?" Ant asked as Fundy climbed onto his lap. The fox hybrid had taken a great liking to the cat hybrid omega, particularly because the two shared similar hybrid traits. Ant hugged the pup tightly.

"We... Dream changed Ant, we couldn't stay there anymore. It's not safe for the pups or the omegas." Sapnap explained. He sighed. "He hurt the pups, he was getting obsessive over this portal... it just wasn't safe."

"So... George and Purpled? Are they... are they okay?" Ant asked. Sapnap nodded.

"They're here." He said. "They're safe."

Niki began handing out all of the cups of tea she had made, finding a space for everyone to sit, which was an arduous task in itself. "So what so we all want for breakfast?" She asked.

The general consensus was a mixture of toast, cereal and Porridge and so Niki with the help of Karl and Quackity got everyone their food, even George and Purpled joined them.

The pack had already merged quite well, but Phil still needed to talk to the new omegas and Sapnap, and so he gathered them in the kitchen whilst the others went out into the snow, which the pups were ecstatic about.

George looked nervous and was not calming down despite Quackity's best efforts, Sapnap looked calm, but his heart was racing and Karl just looked exhausted.

"How are you all?" Phil asked, trying to calm them down, he didn't want to use his scent, it didn't feel fair, not with what they had told him.

"Phil are you kicking us out?" Karl asked cautiously.

"What? Oh no of course not!" Phil shook his head watching them all visibly relax. "I know we haven't known each other very long, but I want to know if you wanted to join my pack?"

Sapnap was the first to speak. "Phil, I've known Dream for a long time, and I've watched him become the person he is now." He paused, taking a deep breath. "He's paranoid and he's going to get revenge, especially because we have Purp."

"I understand that, I will do all I can to keep you safe." Phil nodded.

"Phil we don't want you to get hurt and... I don't want him to get hurt either." George said quietly. "He'e still our friend, he's just... I'm not really sure what happened to him."

"I don't want to hurt him either, he's far too young to be leading a pack, all of you were too young to be alone." Phil shook his head.

"I'm twenty two." George pointed out, "Sap and Quackity are only 18 though." He mused.

"And karl?"

"I'm twenty."

"You're all barely adults, no wonder he's been falling apart." Phil sympathised. "I'll do what I can, I don't want any of you to get hurt."

"Even though he hurt your sons?" Quackity's eyes were wide.

"I'll try not to lose my temper with him." Phil promised. "I can't say the same for the rest of my kids."

"So, we could really join your pack?" Karl asked with equally wide eyes. Phil  nodded with a smile.

"Of course, I'll try to be the best alpha I can." He promised.

"You've been doing that for us for a while Phil." Karl was practically beaming, the hunch of his shoulders had gone as though he was no longer in fear of something anymore.

"I'd like to join too Phil." Quackity nodded, his wings ruffling nervously.

"Me too." Sapnap nodded, Phil had little doubt that with the other two joining Sapnap would even give it a second thought.

"I..." George sighed.

"You don't have to George." Phil said gently. "I'll still do everything I can to help you, but I'm afraid you won't be able to join in pack activities."

"I want to join your pack Phil, I really do." George nodded. "I'm worried about Dream, do you think we can get him back? He was such a nice person before he got paranoid and obsessed with finding a new realm."

"A new realm?" Phil frowned. "Techno mentioned something about that?"

"Its dangerous Phil, I think he'll come for us... well maybe Purpled at least, can you talk him out of it?"

"I'll do everything I can for all of you, Dream and the other members of your pack included." Phil promised. George looked like he was about to cry with relief.

"Thank you Phil."
"Come on, I'm not sure the other three can handle all five pups for very much longer." Phil said with a laugh. "And Niki and I have a ceremony to plan."

Chapter Text

The ceremony was simple, but beautiful at the same time. Ranboo and Tubbo having been born into the pack didn't have to participate as an entry for the pack, but wanted to stand with the new group to support Purpled. The pup was actually quite shy, as Phil had come to realise and barely left George's side.

Once the group were accepted into the pack, they ate. Niki had baked everyone's favourite pumpkin pie and Tubbo had pestered Techno into making chips, whilst Karl had helped and insisted they were called fries the entire time. Either way they were delicious with the steak Wilbur had bought from the butcher in the village.

It was the most smiles they had seen in months.

Phil has managed to sneak Tubbo away from Techno's watchful eye, and of course Tommy came too, he wanted to spend some time with his pups, his youngest sons and whilst everyone was distracted seemed like the best time to do it. He and Tommy had taken Tubbo flying, he carrying the small boy and Tommy flying along beside.

Techno had spent the evening mostly with Ranboo, getting to know his son again and had surprised the pup with a gold block, making both hybrid sides of Ranboo happy. The piglin and the enderman.

Ant reintroduced himself to Purpled and got to know Quackity and Karl as well as let George and Sapnap get to know Velvet.

Niki, Wilbur and Fundy sang songs by the fire, the pup sat in his fathers arms as he tried to teach him the guitar.

It was a wonderful night for the entire pack, and for a lot of them, the first time they truly felt safe in a long time.

Phil had opted to stay up that night and keep watch, and he was glad he did, because a shuffling noise in the corridor alerted him to the fact that someone was in the kitchen.

He raced there at once, fearing the worst. Instead he found Purpled, trying to reach for a cup in the cupboard. The pup had dried tears on his cheeks and he had a bundle of fabric tightly encased in his fist.

Phil got him some water and carefully led him into the living room, where he set the pup on his lap and tried to comfort him best he could.

"What've you got there mate?"

"Saps bandana." Purpled sniffed, rubbing his eyes with his fists. "Dream made it for him."

"Do you miss him?"

"I don't know." Purpled's lower lip wobbled his violet eyes filled up with tears. "He hurt our pack, and me."

"I know." Phil held the pup close to him, he was both sorry for and worried about the pup. "You're safe now."

Purpled sniffled again and hugged Phil back after placing his cup down. He nodded against his shoulder. "Thank you."

"I'm not going to let you get hurt like that again Purpled, I promise you."

The pup rubbed his eyes held onto Phil tighter.

"Alright, let's get you to bed hey?" Phil stood up. "Where were you sleeping Purp?"

"Gogy's room."

Phil had quickly cottoned on to the fact that the pups had nicknamed George 'Gogy' and used it fondly. Tommy too had started calling the omega that.

George was still awake when Phil entered, he sat up and held his arms out for the pup at once. "Is he okay?"

Phil nodded. "Confused and anxious I think." Purpled snuggled into George's arms instantly.

"Thanks Phil."

"Alright, goodnight you two." Phil smiled at the two as he left, hearing a soft 'goodnight Phil' as he closed the door.

Chapter Text

Dream returned to the stronghold to find it silent. At first he concluded his pack were asleep, until he smelt the irritatingly familiar scent of the alpha he was quickly starting to despise. Philza.

He sighed and punched the nearest wall, making his betas stare at him in alarm.

"Dream?" Bad asked with a frown. He put a hand on the alphas shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"He's taken them, he's got our pups, our omegas, he even took Sapnap." Dream growled, the betas exchanged a confused look.

"Who took them?" Punz asked, his hand on the axe at his side.


"Who?" Ponk frowned, picking up Purpled's plush bear. He held the bear carefully, wondering what had happened to them.

"The alpha over in the snow biome. He took them." Dream took the bear from Ponk and held it to his chest. "We have to get them back."

"So this Philza, can we take him?" Skeppy asked, he had sat down dejectedly in the nest the omegas had made in the library. It was a bit messy, but still going strong.

"He has one beta, one omegas and two pups, plus our omegas and pups, and Sapnap, and we don't know what they've done to them." Dream replied. He looked at his betas gathered around him. "Full enchanted netherite, I want them scared."

Bad nodded, pulling open his enderchest and distributing the armour, all they needed were extra weapons and then they would be ready.

Dream was worrying them, they'd never seen him as angry nor as sad before. He had always been unmoving, unbeatable and to see him so vulnerable in the threat of this other alpha unnerved them slightly, how powerful was he if he had overpowered Sapnap, Technoblade and the other omegas and managed to take the pups as well?

"Will it be enough?" Ponk asked, they were all thinking it. They didn't know how powerful this alpha was, Dream was the only one who had met him before.

The alpha turned to them, his brothers plushie in his hand like a totem of undying. "It will have to be."

Chapter Text

Confused as to the absence of his three youngest sons, Phil entered TechnoBlade's room to find the omega sat reading to three of the pups. Ranboo was curled up at his fathers side, head resting on his chest, listening attentively to the story. Tubbo was resting his head in Techno's lap and Tommy was leaning against his best friends stomach. All of them seemed engrossed in the tale of Eurydice and Orpheus.

"Toms, do you still want to help us teach Quackity to fly?" Phil asked softly, hoping he wouldn't interrupt the story. Techno barely faltered. Tommy nodded excitedly and climbed over Tubbo, wings flapping excitedly. Phil smiled and helped him down.

He had found out that Quackity didn't know much about being a bird hybrid, Karl only knew how to groom his feathers through trial and error. The boy couldn't preen on his own, nor could he fly and Phil was determined to change that, and of course he'd brought his winged boys, Tommy and Wilbur with him.

Quackity stretched and unstretched his wings anxiously. His wings weren't as strong as they should be as he hadn't used them. He'd been in Dreams pack since he was thirteen he explained. Duck hybrids didn't get their wings until sixteen. The others had tried their best, but they knew nothing about winged hybrids either.

"Okay, are you ready?" Phil asked the omega, who nodded unsurely. Tommy took his hand.

"You've got this big Q." He encouraged. The omega smiled.

"Let's do this." He said with a smile they had already come to expect from him. Quackity seemed a lot more sure of himself that the last time he had met Phil and it made Phil smile. His pack was happy, what more could he ask for?

Under the instruction of the others around him, Quackity flapped his wings, managing to hover for a few seconds before touching the ground. If he had been taken flying when he first got his wings his innate ability would have kicked in, but he'd been suppressing a lot of his hybrid attributes, Phil had noticed the way sometimes he wanted to chirp in response to Karl saying something, and had covered his mouth once to suppress a quiet 'quack'.

"Come on, let's see if you can fly back to the house." Phil challenged, Quackity's eyes widened, but Phil knew he could do it. His innate ability was still there.

"Come on Big Q." Tommy encouraged, Quackity nodded, and slowly went back into the air, Tommy following him. Wilbur and Phil flew up into the air with them, Quackity smiled at them. They went as slow as he wanted on their way back.

When they landed outside the house, Karl hurtled out and hugged Quackity tightly.

"You did it!" He cheered. Sapnap ran out after him, the worry disappearing when he realised it was just them. The young beta had been on edge since they'd left the stronghold. Fundy followed a minute later, barreling into his fathers arms.

Wilbur smiled and shot into the air, knowing exactly what his son wanted. Fundy laughed in delight. Phil shook his head at them, he loved his family.

Karl had yet to let go of Quackity, he had been supportive of him throughout, of them all really. Sapnap helped Quackity pry the omega off him. "Thanks Karl." Quackity laughed uncertainly.

"I told you you could do it!" Karl laughed, grabbing Sapnaps and Quackitys hands and pulling them inside. Wilbur touched down beside Phil and let Fundy down.

"You're doing the dad face." Wilbur teased. Phil frowned.


"The dad face, you look like you're proud of your kid." Wilbur explained himself as Fundy ran inside to find Niki.

"Oh stop it! I'm just happy they're happy." Phil defended himself.

"Should I get the adoption papers ready?"

"Get inside." Phil lightly shoved his sons shoulder, the beta cackling as he stepped inside the house, the sweet smell of cookies greeting them, Niki had been teaching George and Purpled how to make cookies. She admitted it had been a challange, but only because Purpled insisted he had to try the batter at each stage. Phil hoped the pup wouldn't be sick that night, the poor kid had been through enough.

Chapter Text

Phil sat on the couch, gently changing the bandages on Tubbo's shoulder. It had almost healed now, but he kept it wrapped up just in case, the rough and tumble way he and Tommy played together sometimes made him worry he would reopen the wounds. Tubbo didn't seem particularly bothered by what was going on, he was playing uno with the other pups and it seemed a very serious game, as they all took great care with their moves.

That was when they smelt something. Phil didn't know the scent, but Purpled, Tubbo and Ranboo did. Ranboo instantly went to his father for safety, Tubbo grabbed Spins from under the couch holding him tightly and Purpled tried to run to the door.

"Bad!" He said excitedly, Wilbur caught him.

"Hey there bud, we have to be careful okay?" Wilbur warned.

"I'll go talk to him, Phil said, looking at the lone beta in the snow.

"I'm coming with you." Quackity stood in the doorway. "Bad and I are good friends."

"Philza." Bad greeted when they left the house. "I'm here to negotiate."

"For what?" Phil was unimpressed, the betas eyes widened when he saw the winged omega walk to Phil's side, Phil put out an arm, warning Quackity to stay back. The omega obeyed.

"We want our pack members back and we want to avoid a fight." Bad took a step forward, Phil pulled Quackity back toward the house. "We're willing to talk, we don't want to have to hurt you."

Something about what the beta said just didn't ring true to Phil.

"Quackity, has he hurt you?" The beta turned to the omega, who was stood just behind Phil.

"No." He shook his head.

"If you've hurt them, you will pay." Bad warned. Phil scoffed.

"Its not me you should be worried about mate."

"What do you mean?" Bad's determined expression fell, shifting into soft worry. "Are they okay?"

"I am, Karl, Purp and Tubbo not so much." Quackity explained.

"What happened?" Bad's eyes narrowed.

"Dream." Quackity was quiet, like he didn't quite accept what happened.

"Yeah right, Dream practically raised all three of them!" Bad laughed. "So, Philza we want them back."

"No." Phil replied. "They're in my pack now, and they're safe."

"So you won't let us talk about this?" Bad asked. Quackity looked nervous. Phil put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"There's nothing to talk about."

"Why don't they decide." Bad said confidently. "Quackity?"

All three of them knew what the beta wanted, and the surprise was evident when Quackity shook his head. "I want to stay with Phil."

Bad sighed. "Okay. Okay, but we will be back and you will pay for what you've done to them."

Phil didn't doubt that Dream would launch an attack, he, Wilbur and Sapnap had been discussing their options since they came back from the stronghold. This was a fight he was not going to let Techno do, although the omega didn't know it. Phil wasnt going to risk losing him again.

Quackity stared after Bad as he left, accepting the hug when Phil offered him one. "Dream's going to be so mad."

"He's not going to get anywhere near you." Phil promised. "Everything's going to work out fine."

Chapter Text

It was late that night, both Tommy and Tubbo had fallen asleep cuddled up to their father on the couch, the rest of the pack had gone to bed, leaving only Techno and Niki the only other ones up. Techno had been explaining to her the story of Hestia as he had likened her to the greek goddess earlier that day.

Phil had considered Niki one of his children for a long time and the bond between her and Techno was the sweetest thing. Techno had taught her how to fight back when they'd found her seven years ago. She had been lost in the woods alone at eleven years old and Techno had been the one to find her, although Wilbur was the one who convinced her to join their pack, Techno was somewhat socially inept, particularly when he was younger.

"I'd better get these two to bed." Phil commented, brushing Tubbo's curls lightly. His two youngest looked so peaceful on either side of him, it seemed a shame to move them.

"Do you want a hand? I was thinking of going upstairs anyway." Techno offered. "Ranboo wakes up around this time."

Ranboo had been waking up every night for an hour or two, most of the time he was calmed down by Techno, but on occasion Phil had found him freaking out because he couldn't find everyone.

"Please." Phil nodded, allowing Techno to lift Tubbo off the couch. He loved the bond between his boys, and their bond in particular had grown so strong due to recent events.

He pulled Tommy into his arms and followed behind Techno. That day they had moved Tubbo into Tommy's room, it made the most sense seeing as both wanted to do so and as Tommy's room was beside Phil's they were most protected there.

He tucked the blonde into his bed, making sure that he had Henry tightly in his arms. On the bed beside Tommy's, Techno tucked Tubbo into his own bed, smiling at his brother. It was rare that Techno could be caught smiling by anyone other than family and Phil loved to see his son happy.

"Night pups."

The sounds of quiet crying made Techno run from the room, and Phil didn't hesitate to follow him. He hated the sounds of his children and grandchildren crying and wanted to do what he can to stop it.

Techno scooped Ranboo up in his arms and held him tightly. The pup peaked at his grandfather from his fathers arms. Phil smiled at him.

"Hey mate, what's wrong?"

Ranboo just pointed to the window and both Phil and Techno went over to investigate.

Someone had been trying to force the window, there were chips in the wood around the lock, Phil tested the window.

It stood firm.

"Did you see who it was?" Phil asked, looking up from the window to see Techno with his head resting against his sons hair. He was swaying slightly to comfort his son.

"No." Ranboo muttered.

"Okay." Phil nodded, he pulled the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around the boy in his sons arms. "Take him to your room." He advised. He looked around the room, it used to belong to Tubbo and now they had allocated it to Ranboo, who was originally going to share with Purpled, but the blonde pup preferred to share with George, as he stuck to the omega like glue.

As an extra measure, Phil checked the window again and then locked the door. The fact that someone had tried to get into the house, to get into his grandsons room, to kidnap or kill or maim him. He couldn't have that.

And he knew that it was Dream. Or maybe one of his betas.

And Phil was not going to let it slide.

No one comes after his family.

Chapter Text

The pups were unsettled, and that put the entire pack on edge. So much so, that there was someone with each pup at all times. Some people said that pups had a mild sixth sense, an innate ability to have an inkling of what was going to happen. And whatever it was, it scared all five of them.

Currently, Phil was sat with Fundy, his grandson had been pulling out the fur on his tail in anxiety and now had a bald spot on it, so Phil had resorted to holding him tightly so he would feel at least a little safe. He wished he could know what it was they were sensing, but he couldn't they didn't know enough to tell him anything, and they didn't really want to talk about it anyway.

He had his hand in the spot between Fundy's ears, thumb running over his ginger bangs. The pup had his face firmly pressed into his grandfather's chest, his salmon plush close to his chest.

"Its okay mate." Phil hummed, pulling the pups hand away as he reached for the fur on his tail. "Please don't do that Fundy."

"Sorry." Fundy muttered, Phil just held him tighter, looking up as Wilbur entered the house.

"See anything?" The alpha asked hopefully, the beta shook his head.

"Nothing." He crouched down to see his son. "Hey bud."

Fundy's wide eyes met his fathers and he offered the beta his plush.

"Hey Sally, have you looked after my Fundy?" The beta asked the fish, making her nod. "Oh good." He bopped his son on the nose with it. He reached out and picked his son out of his fathers arms. "Oh buddy what have you done?" Wilbur was aghast at the sight of his sons tail as he held him tightly in his arms.

"I tried to stop him." Phil said wearily.

"Its okay, I'll sort it." Wilbur grabbed a healing potion from the supply chest and headed upstairs. Phil watched them go, his chest tight as be wished that he could have prevented it, how he wished he could do something to stop it. But Dream had his claws in his pack and he wouldn't stop.

He just wished he could figure out what he was doing.

But he couldn't.

And it royally pissed him off.

He was not going to let Dream win, he couldn't.

A quickly hushed cry came from upstairs, Techno's cry.

And Dream was the first person who had ever overpowered his son.

And Phil was terrified.

He ran up to Techno's room as fast as he could, to see the alpha himself stood in Techno's room, the omega pinned to the floor, neck bared in submission, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Something in Phil's mind snapped, this was his son, his pup, his baby, no one touches his kids and gets away with it.

He shoved Dream away, forcing the alpha to the floor by the neck, pushing him into the floorboards. "Leave before I kill you." He warned, letting go of the other alpha, he couldn't help feel some sort of sick satisfaction at the bruises on the alphas neck. Dream snarled at him.

"This isn't over Philza."

And then he was gone.

Phil didn't doubt that Dream would be back with a real attack, he knew that the alpha had been messing with them thus far. He knew that this was Dream trying to get to them, put them on edge, take their guard down.

He wasn't about to let him succeed.

He rushed to Techno, pulling his son into his lap, cupping his face with his hands, wiping the omegas tears away. "Has he done anything to you?"

"No- no just-" Techno pointed at the broken remains of a splash potion on the floor, that explained why Techno was so weak, why he couldn't get up. "Ranboo?"

The cupboard door squeaked open and the pup poked his head out of the door. His eyes widened as he took in the sight. "D-dad?" He ran to his fathers side at once.

"I'm okay." Techno promised, burying his head in his sons hair. "I'm okay."

Phil just held them, wondering how Techno had been fighting the effects of the potion for so long. The omega finally slumped against his father, Ranboo poked his head up.

"He's okay, he just got caught by a potion." Phil promised. He wanted to move Techno to his bed, but at the same time he wanted- no he needed to be in a nest. "Niki!"

The blonde omega came running, Tubbo balanced on her hip, head buried in her shoulder, he looked half asleep.

"Phil?" She gasped at the sight of them.

"Make a nest for the pack, all of us, we need..." he didn't have to finish. She knew what he meant.

"Okay, do you need anything else?"

"Wheres Tommy?"

"With Sapnap, Quackity and Karl, don't worry, he's safe." She smiled at him, shifting The pup in her arms. "I'll get the other to help me."

"Thanks Niki." Phil smiled gratefully. He had to do something.

Dream was getting to him, whether he liked it or not, Dream was getting to him. And he hated him for it.

And he hated himself for it.

Chapter Text

Dream was on his way and Phil was terrified. He was currently gathering the omegas and pups and taking them down to Techno's war bunker.

"Tommy come on." Phil had his sons hand tightly in his, a sleepy Tubbo held in the other arm.

"Dad what's going on?" Tommy frowned, as they followed Techno and Ranboo down to the bunker.

"We have to get you safe." Phil replied, glancing to see Wilbur, Niki, Purpled, George and Fundy behind them and right at the back were a confused Karl and Quackity led by Sapnap. Ant and Velvet had gone on ahead, the alpha wanting the cat hybrid as safe as possible.

In the bunker sat a small kitchen, bunk beds, a nest Phil had Niki build the previous day and a wall of chests. Plus the sealed door to Techno's war room.

"Techno I want you to stay here." The alpha decided, shocking his son.


"If something goes really wrong, I need you to look after them." Phil told him, the omega agreed and took his son into the nest, getting himself settled before opening his arms to the sleepy pup in his fathers arms. Phil passed him Tubbo, watching the omega settle his son and his brother in his arms. Ranboo took Tubbo's hand, the pup smiling sleepily at him.

"Dad what's going on?" Tommy demanded, trying to square up to his father.

"Tommy I need you to stay here okay?" Ph said to his confused son. "We're going to meet the alpha who took your brothers okay, I need you to protect the others, can you do that for me?"

Tommy nodded. "Of course."

"Good lad, do not open the bunker door until I tell you." Phil kissed his son's forehead. "I'm so proud of you Tommy."

Ant, Wilbur and Sapnap followed Phil out of the bunker, leaving the omegas and pups safely behind. None of them wanted to, not with the threat looming over them, not where they could get hurt.

The remaining members of the pack got ready to fight, enchanted netherite armour and weapons and a dire need to protect the others.

None of them really wanted a fight.

Chapter Text

Dream met them in the yard. He had his betas with him and Sapnap stepped slightly behind Wilbur, his face wracked with guilt.

"Where are they Philza?" He asked, one eyebrow raised. "You're not going to force poor Sapnap to fight me are you?"

"They're safe." Phil replied, he looked from Bad and Skeppy to Punz and Ponk.

"We want them back Philza, I don't even know what poisonous lies you've filled their heads with." Dream snapped, as though he wasn't allowing the betas to talk.

"I've barely mentioned you." Phil replied calmly. "If they have its of their own volition."

"Please Philza, we just want our pack back." Skeppy said, earning a glare from Dream. So they weren't allowed to speak.

"I'm sorry, I can't put them in danger like that again." Phil said simply, he gripped the handle of his axe tightly. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop them without a fight.

"What danger?" Ponk asked, earning himself a glare. "Are they okay?"

"They are now." Wilbur replied. "The danger is Dream, he's the one who's hurt them." Ponk and Skeppy exchanged horrified glances.

"Please, let us see them." Skeppy and Ponk stumbled through the snow towards them, Phil raised his weapon, but Sapnap stopped him.

"Sap." Skeppy hugged the other beta tightly. "Is it true?"

Sapnap nodded.

"We trusted you to keep them safe!" Ponk turned to Dream, a netherite sword materialising in his hand. "We never should have trusted you."

"You're seriously turning on me now? After everything I've done?" Dream chuckled.

"What? What have you actually done apart from give us false hope and false promises." Ponk replied, he shook his head. "Philza I'm so sorry."

"What are you going to do next?" Phil shook off the apology.

"Keep them safe." Skeppy nodded, he turned back to Dream, standing in front of Sapnap as though shielding him from his alpha. "You can't do this Dream."

"You're pathetic, both of you." Dream laughed, but his smile faded when Bad began to walk over to Phil. "What are you doing?"

"Skeppy's right." Bad sighed. "I should have believed you Phil, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to fight him, me and Wilbur can handle this." Phil told him, Bad nodded sadly.

"I can't fight him... I've known them too long." He spoke solemnly and with the way the other three were nodding, they felt the same.

"That's okay, just protect the house." Phil told them. The betas nodded.

Wilbur leaped in front of Phil, blocking an attack with his shield. "Can we do this?" He asked, his father nodded.

"We have to." He glanced at the house. They had to protect the others. "You take Punz, I'll deal with Dream."

Phil attacked before Dream could, his axe hitting the shoulder of the other Alpha's polished netherite armour. The cocky bastard hadn't even enchanted his armour. That gave Phil the advantage.

He swung again, Dream's diamond sword blocking his attack, Phil channeled his rage. Fundy losing his mother. Tubbo being dragged under water, the fear in his eyes. Ranboo going missing, their families devastation, the loss of most of their pack, Techno crying in fear, the injuries on the pups, the way he treated the omegas. The alpha had wronged and Philza minecraft was not going to let him keep on hurting people.

The blow hit the alpha in the side, making him stumble. Punz stared at his alpha in surprise, earning a hard blow to the head as Wilbur took advantage of his distraction.

Winded, Dream stumbled, blocking another attack and gaining his balance back. He was known to be powerful for a reason. Phil narrowly dodged as his sword went for his arm. This wasn't going to be easy.

The sound of bones crunching pulled him out of his thoughts. Wilbur. He spared a glance for his son, the beta was clutching his face, blood running from his clearly broken nose. Punz had viciously gone for the face, knowing it was a vulnerable part.

Phil did not like that.

He aimed his axe at Dream's head, who was goading the betas behind him and swung. The netherite changed off the helmet, knocking the alpha sideways. He fell.

Punz ran over to him.

Sapnap cried out, but  Skeppy held him back. He looked relieved. Dream struggled to get up, clutching his head. He looked vulnerable.

"Let me see him, please." He rasped, tears I his eyes. "Let me see my pup." Punz pulled him upright. "Before you kill me, please let me see him."

Wilbur glanced at his father, he almost wanted to ask him to do as he asked. But Phil shook his head before he could. He glanced back at the betas, and immediately wished he hadn't. Dream body slammed him.

He hit the ground hard. Winded and aching, he forced Dream off him, the injured alpha launched across the snow, hitting his back painfully.

Wilbur helped him up. Dream was struggling now. Punz was desperately trying to pull his alpha up, not noticing Sapnap pass the two weakness potions. Splash potions of weakness.

They also didn't notice notice when Phil and Wilbur threw said potions, until they heard the bottles smash and realised what was going on.

The two were out cold before they could think about attempting to run.

"What are you going to do with them?" Skeppy asked nervously.

"We have a lock up, we'll put them there whilst we figure out what what do with them." Phil said, his eyes went to the half buried door that led to the underground lock up.

It took the whole group to get the two down there, safety in chains and behind bars. Phil couldn't risk them getting out after all. Not so near to the house. He clapped his hands and led the group into the house.

"How about a cup of tea?" He suggested, trying to comfort the forlorn betas as best he could. "After we tell the others it's safe." He added, watching them light up when told they could reunite with their old pack members.

Chapter Text

Phil led the betas down to the bunker. He didn't exactly trust them, but he knew there was no way they would hurt the omegas and pups.

Tommy was waiting diligently by the door to the bunker, barrelling himself into his father's arms. "Dad! Did you win?"

"We won." Phil nodded, hugging his son tightly. "I told you to stay with the others."

"I was keeping watch." Tommy replied, moving from his father's arms to Wilbur's. "Wilby you're hurt."

"I'm fine Tommy."

Phil opened the door, surveying the rest of the pack curled up in the nest. The pups perked up and ran to them at once. Purpled running from George's side to Ponk, Tubbo and Ranboo running straight to Phil and Fundy to Wilbur.

"Did you win?" Tubbo asked, almost a whisper.

"We're safe." Phil confirmed, holding his son and grandson close.

"Missed you Purp." Ponk laughed, holding the pup in his arms as the omegas came to greet them.

"Wilbur, let me fix your nose." Niki pulled Wilbur over to a bench, grabbing a medkit.

"Bad?" George moved cautiously, brought into the arms of the older beta.

"George, thank god." Bad enveloped really small omega in his arms. "Thank god you're all okay."

"What happened?" George whispered into the beta's chest.

"Dreams locked up." Bad whispered back. "You're safe now."

"L-locked up?" George stuttered, staring up at the beta with wide eyes. Bad nodded, catching Ranboo with his free arm as the pup ran over to him. Techno's eyes latched onto the beta immediately.


"So he doesn't hurt you again." Bad nodded, turning to the pup. "Hey muffin."

"Skeppy!" Karl moved from Sapnap's arms, where the beta had a tight hold on both him and Quackity, to the other beta, who grinned and hugged him back.

"You doing okay Karl?" The last time Skeppy had seen the omega he had been unconscious and unresponsive, all because of Dream. Karl nodded at once.

"We all are... I think."

"Good, good." Skeppy nodded, wrapping an arm around Sapnap and bringing him and Quackity into the hug. "When we came back and you'd all gone, I have to say I was a little worried."

"Awe Skeppy!" Sapnap replied teasingly, but he was smiling, touched that the other beta cared.

It took a little while, but at last the group made their way back up to the house, most of the pups had either fallen asleep, or like Tommy and Purpled, were desperately fighting it.

Ranboo walked silently beside his father, carrying a sleeping Tubbo.

"Let me take him Ranboo." Techno offered, but the pup just shook his head and tightened his grip on the younger pup. "Why not?"

'I've got him." Ranboo replied stoicly. "I've got him."

"What happened kiddo?" Techno's tone was quiet, understanding.

"Tubbo always protects me, even though he's little." Ranboo explained. "So now I need to protect Tubbo."

"Protect him from what?" Techno frowned, he had reassured them so many times that they were safe, he had been sure they felt safe and yet now he was beginning to wonder whether they felt that way.

"The bad dreams." Ranboo replied. "He always woke up and looked after me, but when he's scared he just cries silently."

"Ranboo." Techno sighed, pulling his son closer to him, watching the pup pull the smaller closer as he let out a quiet whimper. "You're not alone anymore, remember that."

"Sometimes it feels like all of this will just go away and we'll be back locked in the house." Ranboo had started to cry, burying his head into Tubbo's shoulder as he held him. "I don't want all this to go away."

"Its not going to. This is our family Ranboo, your family, Tubbo's too. We're not going to lose you again." Techno told his son, the pup nodding slightly.

"Can Tubbo stay with us tonight?" He sniffled.

"Course he can." Techno replied, keeping one arm tightly around his son. "Of course he can."

Chapter Text

Phil once again found himself pacing the halls of the pack house, checking in on the members of his pack.

As always, he started in George's room. The omega was curled up with Ponk and Purpled. The beta in a protective position with his arms around the pup and omega.

Quackity, Karl and Sapnap's room was next. He could see a smidgeon of light under the door, so he knocked gently and received a quiet 'come in' .

Karl was lying in Sapnap's arms, sobbing into his chest, the scent of distress rolling off him in waves. Quackity was sat beside him, an old, overused book in his hand, the other hand rubbing Karl's back as he read the pages with a grave expression on his face.

"Is everything okay?" Phil's mind was going haywire at the sight of such a distressed omega. He wanted to hold him and tell him it would be fine. Sapnap nodded.

"Yeah, I'll explain everything later." He said. "Tomorrow."

"Good night boys."

"Night Phil." Quackity looked up from the book with tearful eyes.

Phil felt his heart break. Would there be any end to the torment his omegas have been through?

Velvet and Ant were next, the alpha was already asleep when he poked his head around the door, but he gained a wide smile from the omega. The cat hybrid waved him over and hugged him tightly when he approached. Phil relaxed into the hug. His omegas were safe, Ant felt safe. It made him happy to know his pack were safe.

"Night Phil."

"Are you alright mate?" Phil asked, Ant nodded, his ears turning to listen to Velvet's soft breathing.

"In my old pack we would hug our alpha to help stimulate feelings of safety." Ant sighed. "I know that I don't really know what Dream did, and that he's locked up now, but the whole thing put me on edge."

"Its okay to be scared." Phil told him.  "And no matter what I'm always here for you."

"Thank you." Ant let out  a shaky breath and removed his arms from Phil's middle. "Thank you for saving us Phil."

"Get some sleep Ant." Phil smiled at the cat hybrid and left the room. Heading to Wilbur's room. He wasn't sure who he was going to find there. Usually his son and grandson were joined by Tommy, but today he found just his son asleep on his own, having allowed Fundy to sleep in his own room.

He found it a little strange, but simply assumed that with the threat neutralised Wilbur didn't feel the need to keep so close to his son, so ready to fight to protect him.

Phil had to smile at his son, the beta looked so peaceful in his sleep, his injuries were mostly healed by potions and he was glad of it. Seeing his son in such pain broke his heart. His children were his everything, his family meant everything and nothing was ever going to take them away.

Techno's room was next, and he found Techno snoring softly with his arms tightly around Tubbo and Ranboo. Phil smiled at the way the held the pups, the way the blankets were places ever so delicately over them. Techno had built this nest in an action of peace and happiness and it warmed Phil's heart.

Niki's room was next and he found the omega asleep beside Fundy, who was clutching one of the omegas latest knitted blankets tightly. She had attempted to teach the pup, but he hadn't quite mastered it yet. He had to be credited for his determination though, as he kept trying.

The sibling like relationship between Niki and Fundy was heart warming. The omega and pup got on so well and although they liked to tease one another, they always made up quickly.

Tommy and Tubbo's room was next, and Phil found the room occupied only by Tommy, who was asleep, clutching both Spins and Henry tightly. Phil smiled at his son, going over and making sure he was tucked in properly. Tubbo must be with Techno or Skeppy and Bad, although it was unusual that Tubbo would comfortably sleep without Tommy near.

He went back to find Tubbo in Techno's room. Ranboo had his arms wrapped tightly around the younger pup, sleeping soundly. His sleep wasn't affected by the fitful way the pup was sleeping in his arms.

Bypassing Techno's sleeping form, Phil reached to Tubbo, pulling him into his arms and trying to shake him from the claws of his nightmare. "Tubbo? Hey pup wake up."

He left Techno's room as the pup began to cry. "Shhh it's okay, you're safe."

"Want Tommy." He murmured when he had at the very least calmed down a little. Of course, if anyone could make Tubbo feel completely safe it was his best friend.

"Let's get you to Tommy then Tubs." Phil cuddled his pup close to him as they walked back to his and Tommy's room. Tubbo was calming down now and Phil was hopeful that soon the nightmares would stop for him. That his mind wouldn't continue to plague him with the fears that weren't prevalent in his life anymore.

He didn't wake Tommy up, simply tucked Tubbo into his side, removing the stuffed bee from one child and giving it to the other. Tucking them in he had to smile as Tommy pulled his brother close to him. "Goodnight boys."

Skeppy and Bad's room was last. The two betas were curled up together, they'd had a hard time of it of late. Moving packs is most stressful on the betas that move, as they can never be sure how they will be treated. Omegas and pups are prized, and tend to be treated well in most cases, but new betas to a pack can be treated as lesser than all the other pack members due to their free will abilities, they do not suffer under an alphas order as Omegas and pups do.

And that fear had been seen from both Skeppy and Bad. Phil was just glad he could put those fears to bed and reassure his new pack members that they are safe and loved.

Chapter Text

Pack life had settled into normalcy for Phil's pack. Although he had never found out what Karl had been crying about that night. The two omegas and the beta had point blank refused to talk of it.

But the biggest shock came in the form of Purpled. The pup pattered up to Phil looking rather anxious.

"What's wrong Purp?" Phil asked, the pup like the others was his pup now. As far as he and the pack were concerned, Purpled was his child, his pup and no one could take that away from them.

"Can I go visit Dream?" The name shot a spark of dread into Phil's heart. The alpha paused.

"Are you sure this is what you want Purps?" He asked gently, hoping the pup would decline the offer. But instead the pup nodded. "Alright then, come on."

Phil didn't want to do this. If he lacked his strong moral compass, he would pick up the pup and run back to the house, but instead he held the pup tightly by the hand and walked with him to the lock up.

"You can turned around at any point." Phil prompted, but Purpled shook his head.

"I want go see him."He confirmed. Phil nodded and opened the lockup, leading the pup down the many stairs to where the cells were.

In the first cell were Punz and Dream, injuries unhealed from the fight. Dream tried to get up, to run to the door when he saw his brother, but was stopped by the chains attached to the shackles around his wrists, keeping him close to the wall. "Purp!"

"Do you want to go in?" Phil asked, the key to the cell in his hand. He didn't want to let the pup get so close to the alpha that had done so much damage to his pack. The pup nodded. Phil opened the door without trying to talk him out of it. His pup was displaying such strength and he was so proud of him.

Purpled entered the cell, running straight into Dreams arms. "My pup." The alpha whimpered as though he was about to cry, holding the pup as close to him as he could. "My baby."

"Can I see Sapnap?" Punz asked quietly. "Please? He's my brother..."

"Purpled requested this visit." Phil was displaying no emotion, he couldn't let the emotion the two were displaying sway him. "Its up to Sapnap if he wants to visit."


Phil sighed inwardly, he was going to have to get George or Sapnap to explain their old pack to him fully. He hadn't realised Sapnap had any siblings, nor that they had been in that pack with him.

"How's George?" Dream seemed strangely emotional, he had half of his face buried in his brothers hair.

"Fine." Phil was not going to give them anymore details than necessary.

"I want to see him and Sap." Dream demanded, kissing the top of his brothers head.

"Its up to them if they visit." Phil replied stoicly.

"Phil, I need you to listen to me." Dream said urgently. Phil looked at him, but he wasn't that convinced that Dream had anything worth saying. "George is going to go into heat soon, its almost his time, you have to help him."

"Of course I'll help him." Phil nodded, the worry the alpha had for his friend made his heart soften a little bit.

Heats were one of the best and worst gifts for an omega. Although allowing them to be pregnant, unmated Omegas went through the worst pain imaginable every six weeks, letting off a pheromone that made then irresistible to unmated betas and Alphas and one of the reasons that packs were so so protective of their omegas.

Phil had heard of packs that kept their omegas unmated and when they were in heat they would... He didn't even want to think about it.

Only one omega in the pack was mated, and that was Ant, which meant Phil and Velvet would have to keep the betas at bay, whilst George went through his heat. And presumably when the others had theirs as well.

Techno had had his heat in Dreams stronghold as it turned out, but the other omegas and even the pups had kept the betas at bay.

Niki had had hers whilst they were planning their rescue of Tubbo and Techno, so Phil didn't have to worry about her having a heat either.

Karl and Quackity though, Phil had at first thought they were mated with Sapnap, and upon finding out they weren't, he wouldn't be surprised if they chose to share their heats with the beta. But that was their choice and he would talk to them about it first.

"Thank you." Dream nodded, having Purpled in his arms seemed to have mellowed the alpha somewhat.

"Purpled come on." Phil let them have a few more minutes after the room fell silent, but then he had to call the visit to a close. He didn't feel like it was in the pups best interests to spend too much time with the alpha.

"Talk to Sap and George, please." Punz begged as Phil locked the cell door behind Purpled. He just nodded and left with the pups hand tightly in his. George could go into heat any day, he needed to be ready.

The whimpers of pain and muffled screams awoke Phil with a start. George.

He pulled Tubbo off his chest and tucked him into the bed, and all but ran to George's room. The omega was lying with his head buried into a pillow, muffled screams and cries coming from him. The intoxicating smell of heat was rolling off him as he lay in his pathetic attempt at a nest, Purpled hugging him tightly as though he could help.

"Purpled, I need you to get Karl and Quackity." Phil whispered to the pup, who uncertainly unwound his arms from around the Omega. "Don't wake Sapnap if you can help me. Once you've got them get me Techno and Velvet."

Purpled nodded and left the room with a parting glance at George. Phil sat down on the bed and pulled George's head into his lap, fingers running lightly through his hair. "Hey, hey little Omega its okay." He spoke as softly as he could, trying to soothe him as best he could. "Shhh you're okay."

He remembered Techno's first heat, it had been terrifying. His late wife singing to their son as Phil had to keep Wilbur from attacking his own brother. Well attacking and then... he didn't want to think about it. Wilbur had cried for three days when he'd been told what had happened and had point blankly refused to be anywhere near the entire pack when Techno was in heat again.

There was a reason that the heat was called an omegas curse. Heat pheromones didn't care about family.

Phil had had to learn how to handle both heat-tranced betas and omegas in heat at the same time once his wife had... passed on. He wasn't one to brag but he'd gotten quite good at it.

He rested a hand on George's stomach, the other not moving from the omegas hair. He'd learnt this technique from his wife, apply pressure to the stomach area, occasionally shifting position. It helped ease the pain, no one knew why but it was good that it did. There wasn't much help for an unmated omega in heat. George let out a whimper, but he'd stopped screaming.

"I know, I'm sorry." He whispered, trying to be as soothing as he could.

Karl and Quackity entered the room as quietly as they could, both had worry etched onto their faces.

"Hey Gogy." Karl came to sit beside them, he had very clearly just woken up, he laced his fingers into George's and began tracing circles into the back of his hand. "Its okay."

"Oh Jorge." Quackity seemed more awake, and began to organise the nest around the three occupants.

"Want my baby." George mumbled through his tears.

"Purpleds in his way back." Phil reassured him, frowning when Karl shook his head.

"He means Tubbo." He replied, "he was the one who looked after him when he.... when Dream took him."

"I'll go get him." Quackity nodded, quickly leaving the room, almost walking into Techno as he, Velvet and Purpled entered the room. Purpled climbed into Karl's lap at once.

"How's Gogy?" He asked.

"He's okay." Karl responded, kissing the pups forehead and holding him close.

"Is Tubbo coming?" Purpled asked. Karl nodded.

"Yeah, Quackity went to get him." Karl nodded.

"My baby." George mumbled.

"Good thing the others are asleep." Techno commented. "I can smell you from upstairs."

"Mm sorry." George whispered, letting out the most pathetic whimper as another round of pain hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Its not your fault George." Phil assured him. "You can't help it."

"Gogy!" Quackity appeared carrying a sleepy Tubbo, who settled into George's arms as soon as he was set down.

"My baby." George managed a half smile for the pup as he held him close.

"Is okay Gogy." Tubbo muttered with a sleepy smile. He had clearly accepted George's heats for something that happened, without knowing why or what they were.

George let out a muffled whimper and gripped Tubbo tighter. Phil let out a worried sigh, all heats were different, some lasted a few hours, others days. All he could do was make sure George was comfortable until it passed.

Velvet shifted uncomfortably, seeing George's distress was clearly making him want to be with his own omega.

"Go and get Ant." Phil told him, watching a smile work its way onto his face at once.

"Thank you!"

Phil had to smile back, his pack meant everything to him and he would help them rain or shine if it meant they were safe.

That also meant he would have to figure out what to do with Dream... permanently.

Chapter Text

When George's heat finally subsided, some long thirty four hours later, Phil left him to sleep, curled up with Tubbo and Purpled. The poor boy had endured the pain, screaming into Phil's chest as he held him tightly, emitting the sickly sweet pheromones that had the betas hammering at the door. But the omegas, pups and Velvet were stronger than they seemed and had barricaded the door with both furniture and themselves.

Phil had left the exhausted omega with 'his' pups to sleep, glad his pain was finally over.

George had a tight grip on the pups, holding them close. "Omega." A soft whisper and a gentle kiss roused George from his sleep.

"Alpha?" He recognised the intruder at once.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that alone." The alpha pulled the omega and pups into his arms, the omega just buried his head into the crook of his best friend's neck. "I'm here now. My boys."

The pups too, snuggled closer to the alpha in their sleep, he had raised them after all, he would always in some way be their alpha. "Let's go home hmm?" The alpha whispered, the omega just nodded, gripping the alpha tighter. The alpha smiled and held on tightly to the three, pulling out his communicator and messaging someone that he was ready.

The pull of an ender pearl dragged them from the warmth of the pack house, into a small cottage in the desert.

Already back was his beta, with a beta and an omega curled up to him on the sofa. He smiled softly and curled up to the alpha as he sat down with the omega and pups still held in his arms.

"Thank you." The alpha nodded to the beta who had helped them, once with getting them out of their prison and again to get their loved ones back.

"I hope I've repaid my debt." The creeper-hybrid beta said, looking to the iron door behind which one of his mates lay.

"You have." The alpha threw the key to him, and the beta carefully unlocked it, running to the totem hybrid who lay defeated in the centre of the room.
"Sammy?" The omega was weak, allowing his mate to help him up. "Where's Ponk?"

"We're going to get him." The creeper hybrid promised. "We're going to find him again."

"What happened?"

"Its okay Foolish, I've got it under control."

The alpha allowed them to go, before turning to his beta. "I thought you were only getting Sap."

"I couldn't leave Karl." Punz replied with a sigh. Dream couldn't blame him, he was the one who found Karl as a pup, a starving twelve year old, whom he looked after whilst he desperately looked for Dream, George and Sapnap. He found them a year later and when he had introduced Karl to his brother, he knew they were fated mates. Maybe that's why he didn't like Quackity, how he felt he couldn't leave Karl with him. Quackity felt like an unnecessary addition to the love that Karl and Sapnap had for one another. He didn't and had never liked it.

"I should never have expected you to, I'm sorry." Dream nodded. George shifted in his lap. "Easy Georgie, you're safe."

"I thought for sure we were going to get caught." Punz murmured, he had Karl in his lap, Sapnap tucked into his side. "I can't believe we got them out."

"I'm not letting him get his hands on them again." Dream nodded, he looked at the three in his lap. "We made the right choice."

"I know."

"Hmm?" Sapnap stirred, barely lifting his head from his brothers chest. His bleary eyes saw Karl and he snuggled closer to him, before finally taking in his surroundings. "What?"

"Hey Sap, it's okay." Punz whispered, rubbing his scent glands on his brothers hair. "Its okay." This seemed to calm the beta somewhat, familial bonds could do that with ease. "You're safe."


"Yeah bud, I'm here." Punz maneuvered Karl closer to Sapnap, who accepted the omega with a smile. "Its okay, go back to sleep Sap."


"I wish we had a nest for them." Punz sighed, looking from Karl and Sapnap to George and the pups. "They've gone through so much.

"Dre?" Tubbo was the next to awake, he rubbed sleep from his eyes, and reached up to nuzzle his nose into Dream's neck. "Are you okay now?"

"Yes pup, I'm okay." Dream nodded, moving the pup so he didn't wake George and Purpled. The delight in the pups eyes when he saw Punz was endearing.

"Unz." The pup cuddled the beta. "Are you okay now?"

"Of course I am pup, why wouldn't I be?"

"Dad said you had to be locked up until you're alright again." Tubbo replied. "I know you didn't mean to hurt us Dre."

"Thanks pup, I'm sorry." Dream ruffled his hair. "I'm sorry you got hurt."

"Its okay, its fixed now." Tubbo shrugged, how he trusted them so blindly was a mystery even to them, but then they had raised him, he had more memory of them then he did Phil. "And you're fixed."

"Yeah, yeah we're fine." Dream smiled. "You still tired pup?"

Tubbo nodded, his excitement had quickly waned and given way to the fact that his body was not happy that his sleep had been interrupted.

"Come here." The alpha beckoned and the pup immediately snuggled into his side.

"Love you Dre."

"I love you too pup."


Karl awoke with confusion that quickly turned into fear. Although he was snuggled up with Sapnap, he was also in Punz' lap. "Hey, hey its okay." Punz was a comforting presence even still. "Its okay Karl."

"What?" Karl choked out through his anxiety.

"You're safe Karl, its okay." He trusted Punz and lay his head back against his chest. He couldn't help but feel like something was wrong, something had happened, but his mind was clouded in anxiety, so he simply moved closer to Sapnap and hoped the feeling would go away soon. "I know you don't trust us, but we won't hurt you."

"How?" Karl asked, opening his eyes to look up at Punz.

"How'd you get here? Dream and I saved you." Punz replied.

"We were fine."

"No you weren't Karl, you should be with us, not Phil. You're ours omega." Dream chimed in.

"You're not- you won't hurt us?"

"Of course not, I've made mistakes, I get that. But you're mine, I always protect my own." Dream paused. "Karl, can you forgive me?"

Karl swallowed, he glanced at Sapnap, then the pups and George. "I forgive you."