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Family is the most important thing

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When George's heat finally subsided, some long thirty four hours later, Phil left him to sleep, curled up with Tubbo and Purpled. The poor boy had endured the pain, screaming into Phil's chest as he held him tightly, emitting the sickly sweet pheromones that had the betas hammering at the door. But the omegas, pups and Velvet were stronger than they seemed and had barricaded the door with both furniture and themselves.

Phil had left the exhausted omega with 'his' pups to sleep, glad his pain was finally over.

George had a tight grip on the pups, holding them close. "Omega." A soft whisper and a gentle kiss roused George from his sleep.

"Alpha?" He recognised the intruder at once.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that alone." The alpha pulled the omega and pups into his arms, the omega just buried his head into the crook of his best friend's neck. "I'm here now. My boys."

The pups too, snuggled closer to the alpha in their sleep, he had raised them after all, he would always in some way be their alpha. "Let's go home hmm?" The alpha whispered, the omega just nodded, gripping the alpha tighter. The alpha smiled and held on tightly to the three, pulling out his communicator and messaging someone that he was ready.

The pull of an ender pearl dragged them from the warmth of the pack house, into a small cottage in the desert.

Already back was his beta, with a beta and an omega curled up to him on the sofa. He smiled softly and curled up to the alpha as he sat down with the omega and pups still held in his arms.

"Thank you." The alpha nodded to the beta who had helped them, once with getting them out of their prison and again to get their loved ones back.

"I hope I've repaid my debt." The creeper-hybrid beta said, looking to the iron door behind which one of his mates lay.

"You have." The alpha threw the key to him, and the beta carefully unlocked it, running to the totem hybrid who lay defeated in the centre of the room.
"Sammy?" The omega was weak, allowing his mate to help him up. "Where's Ponk?"

"We're going to get him." The creeper hybrid promised. "We're going to find him again."

"What happened?"

"Its okay Foolish, I've got it under control."

The alpha allowed them to go, before turning to his beta. "I thought you were only getting Sap."

"I couldn't leave Karl." Punz replied with a sigh. Dream couldn't blame him, he was the one who found Karl as a pup, a starving twelve year old, whom he looked after whilst he desperately looked for Dream, George and Sapnap. He found them a year later and when he had introduced Karl to his brother, he knew they were fated mates. Maybe that's why he didn't like Quackity, how he felt he couldn't leave Karl with him. Quackity felt like an unnecessary addition to the love that Karl and Sapnap had for one another. He didn't and had never liked it.

"I should never have expected you to, I'm sorry." Dream nodded. George shifted in his lap. "Easy Georgie, you're safe."

"I thought for sure we were going to get caught." Punz murmured, he had Karl in his lap, Sapnap tucked into his side. "I can't believe we got them out."

"I'm not letting him get his hands on them again." Dream nodded, he looked at the three in his lap. "We made the right choice."

"I know."

"Hmm?" Sapnap stirred, barely lifting his head from his brothers chest. His bleary eyes saw Karl and he snuggled closer to him, before finally taking in his surroundings. "What?"

"Hey Sap, it's okay." Punz whispered, rubbing his scent glands on his brothers hair. "Its okay." This seemed to calm the beta somewhat, familial bonds could do that with ease. "You're safe."


"Yeah bud, I'm here." Punz maneuvered Karl closer to Sapnap, who accepted the omega with a smile. "Its okay, go back to sleep Sap."


"I wish we had a nest for them." Punz sighed, looking from Karl and Sapnap to George and the pups. "They've gone through so much.

"Dre?" Tubbo was the next to awake, he rubbed sleep from his eyes, and reached up to nuzzle his nose into Dream's neck. "Are you okay now?"

"Yes pup, I'm okay." Dream nodded, moving the pup so he didn't wake George and Purpled. The delight in the pups eyes when he saw Punz was endearing.

"Unz." The pup cuddled the beta. "Are you okay now?"

"Of course I am pup, why wouldn't I be?"

"Dad said you had to be locked up until you're alright again." Tubbo replied. "I know you didn't mean to hurt us Dre."

"Thanks pup, I'm sorry." Dream ruffled his hair. "I'm sorry you got hurt."

"Its okay, its fixed now." Tubbo shrugged, how he trusted them so blindly was a mystery even to them, but then they had raised him, he had more memory of them then he did Phil. "And you're fixed."

"Yeah, yeah we're fine." Dream smiled. "You still tired pup?"

Tubbo nodded, his excitement had quickly waned and given way to the fact that his body was not happy that his sleep had been interrupted.

"Come here." The alpha beckoned and the pup immediately snuggled into his side.

"Love you Dre."

"I love you too pup."


Karl awoke with confusion that quickly turned into fear. Although he was snuggled up with Sapnap, he was also in Punz' lap. "Hey, hey its okay." Punz was a comforting presence even still. "Its okay Karl."

"What?" Karl choked out through his anxiety.

"You're safe Karl, its okay." He trusted Punz and lay his head back against his chest. He couldn't help but feel like something was wrong, something had happened, but his mind was clouded in anxiety, so he simply moved closer to Sapnap and hoped the feeling would go away soon. "I know you don't trust us, but we won't hurt you."

"How?" Karl asked, opening his eyes to look up at Punz.

"How'd you get here? Dream and I saved you." Punz replied.

"We were fine."

"No you weren't Karl, you should be with us, not Phil. You're ours omega." Dream chimed in.

"You're not- you won't hurt us?"

"Of course not, I've made mistakes, I get that. But you're mine, I always protect my own." Dream paused. "Karl, can you forgive me?"

Karl swallowed, he glanced at Sapnap, then the pups and George. "I forgive you."