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Family is the most important thing

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Leaving the pack house was the last thing that Phil wanted to do, especially after his pack had been raided, they'd lost so many people, skills and resources. His pup, Tommy was sick, he had no other option but to take him and seek help. Injuries he could deal with, but sickness he didn't have the resources nor knowledge.

He left his eldest son and beta in charge, Wilbur would look after the pack, and the omegas, Techno and Niki would make sure he didn't do anything too rash. Not that Phil particularly thought he would. Wilbur's own adopted pup, Fundy, was living with them and he wouldn't risk it. Fundy had been the son of Wilbur's idol and crush Sally, she had been a young mother, only 29 when she died in the raid that took most of their pack lands. Phil had immediately took the boy in, Wilbur adopting him in an instant. Phil wasn't sure whether to let him at first, fox hybrids could be a handful, but Wilbur had become a surprisingly good parent, so Phil hadn't contested it further.

Phil had bid goodbye to his pack, wrapped his pup in a blanket and carried him out into the snow. As snowflakes landed on his face, his pup let out a small grumble. "Its okay Tom's, I'm going to get help." He pulled the blanket tighter around the boy in his arms, keeping one hand on the sword at his hip as they reached the forest biome. His wings, which had been shielding them both, retracted, his instincts telling him it was safer before he had figured it out.

Phil felt like he wasn't going to find anyone as he reached the swamp land. He was a long way from home.

As if the moon goddess herself had answered his prayers, in the distance he saw a friendly looking cottage with gardens full of healing herbs and potion supplies. He all but ran there, Tommy clutched to his chest.

The door was made of sturdy dark oak with iron supports. It was made to protect the inhabitants. He knocked on the door.

It was answered with in moments, opened by a fairly short brown haired boy in a multicoloured hoodie, who looked like he was about to say something and froze when he realised however he was about to speak to was not at the door. Instead he saw a flustered alpha clutching a feverish pup.

"Um... hello?" He asked. Just by his scent Phil could tell he was an omega, in fact he couldn't catch the scent of a beta or an alpha anywhere in the building.

"I'm sorry, my pup, he's sick and I don't have anything to heal him." Phil explained, the boy's eyes widened and he immediately ushered them into the house and into a small room which evidently housed their medical supplies.

"George!" The boy shouted, as he helped Phil get Tommy comfortable. A slightly taller boy appeared in the doorway. He had slightly darker hair and wore a blue hoodie and thick lensed glasses.

"Hey Karl... Do you know who that is? Dream's going to freak if he finds out." George was staring at Phil in fear. Phil's heart dropped, he was in Dreams territory, the alpha who had raided and stole his land, killed members of his pack. Reportedly he had even kidnapped pups.

"His pup is so sick, please go and get Tubbo." Karl replied. Phil felt like he had been stabbed in the stomach. Tubbo, his youngest pup, the one he had found orphaned, left at the side of the road as a baby. The one who had disappeared without a trace when Phil had taken his kids to the beach. The one time Phil had left Tubbo and Tommy to run in and out of the sea while he helped Wilbur with his sand castle, looking up when he'd heard Tommy scream, Tubbo had been dragged under the water.

They had all ran to help him, but he'd disappeared with out a trace. Phil wanted to scream.

It had been Dream all along. But Dreams omegas seemed genuinely helpful. Phil had never believed the rumours that Dream had his omegas and pups locked up in a remote location, only visiting with his beta's when he deemed it necessary, until he saw it with his own eyes.

"Are you kidding me?' George's exasperated tone snapped Phil out of his thoughts. "I just got the pups to sleep."

"Please, his pup is so sick." Karl begged. George sighed and turned to Phil.

"Please don't touch him, I'm not sure whether we'd be able to hide your scent off him before Dream gets back and he's scared of water so baths are a nightmare." George begged, Phil nodded and gently stroked Tommy's messy blonde hair.

"We've got help now buddy, it's going to be okay." He whispered to his son.

Karl had already taken Tommy's temperature and asked Phil to list all of his symptoms when George returned, coaxing a small figure with him. Phil wanted to scream. It was his son's best friend, his adopted son, his Tubbo. That boy belonged in his pack and it hurt to see him so scared.

"Is dre back?" Tubbo asked George, his grip on the omega's arm was tight.

"No, this is Phil, his pup is sick and Karl needs your help." George explained gently.

"Oh." Tubbo rubbed his eyes. He looked exhausted, and if Phil wasn't so desperate for help he would have forced the boy back to sleep at once. Karl filled him in on what he knew and the pup and the omega ran through a list of sicknesses they knew that matched Tommy's symptoms and quickly deciding on a potion that would help.

"Put that in there bud." Karl instructed, Phil watched the omega carefully teach the pup how to brew the potion and it became clear to them that the two were a good team and taught each other what they knew.

When the potion was brewed, Karl decanted the potion into bottles and passed them all to Phil.

"Alright buddy, back to bed." George lifted the pup up with ease.

"I can walk." Tubbo murmured, but he didn't try to get down.

"What you get to eight and then you're too cool to let Gogy carry you?" George teased as he carried the pup out of the room.

"He needs to drink one now, and then every four hours." Karl explained, Phil nodded taking the four bottles from the omega. He put three in his bag and managed to awaken his youngest, carefully helping him to drink the potion.

"Thank you." Phil said, he was stroking his sons hair gently. "For everything."

"Look after your pup okay?" Karl replied as he helped Phil bundle Tommy back into his arms. "Are you sure you will be alright out there?"

"I have to get back to my pack." Phil nodded. "If you need anything..." he paused, scribbling down the phone number of the pack house. "Just call."

"I... thank you." Karl smiled. "Stay safe."

When Phil reached his home everything was quiet. Techno was asleep on the sofa, the piglin hybrid snoring softly, but the others were nowhere to be found, he hoped they were all asleep upstairs. Being as quiet as he could, Phil carried Tommy up to his room, tucking him in carefully. He put the potions to one side, and then he left his son to sleep.

Phil couldn't leave Techno curled up uncomfortably, so he woke him up, the omega smiling slightly when he saw him.

"Dad?" Techno asked when he saw the slight distress on Phil's face, Phil couldn't hide it, what he had seen had shaken him up, he was considering all of the things he had trusted Dream with in the past, now he had been betrayed twice.

He had asked Dream to his face if he could help them find Tubbo. And now he knew he had lied, that he had grabbed Tubbo and dragged him under the water to avoid their detection. That he was the reason Tubbo had become scared of water.

"We ended up at the house on the edge of Dream's land, where he keeps his omegas and pups." Phil explained, he wasn't sure how to continue to tell Techno everything that happened.

"Was he there?" Techno asked, he sat up with wide eyes. They all knew Dream was a threat to them at the moment, he had taken so much from them already.

Phil shook his head. "No, they made some potions for Tommy, but Tech." He sighed. "One of the pups, it was Tubbo Tech, our Tubbo."

"You mean Dreams the one who-" Techno cut himself off. "Do you think he remembered you?"

"No." Phil shook his head. "But he's deathly scared of water now. I... I don't know what to do."

"Talk to dream tomorrow, I'll come with you. Maybe we can reason with him." Techno thought, Phil nodded.

"I'd better give Tommy his next potion." He stood up, watching his son shift his position on the couch. "Techno go to bed."

Techno opted to ignore Phil, making the alpha sigh as he made his way into Tommy's room. His ten year old was already awake when he entered.

"Hey Toms, how are you feeling?" He asked, coming to sit on his son's bed.

"A little better." Tommy admitted. "Dad where did we go?"

"Its okay bud, you don't need to worry about it." Phil said as he passed his pup the potion he needed to drink.

"Its just, when we were there... I thought I smelled Tubbo." Tommy murmured.

"You remember what he smelled like?" Phil asked with shock, it had been years since they lost Tubbo, and as much as he wanted to, he couldn't tell Tommy what he knew.

"He was my best friend." Tommy replied with a shrug. "Maybe I just want him back."

"I'm sorry Tommy." Phil sighed, stroking his sons hair. "Come on, get some sleep."