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Hold Me Now

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Feet stumbled on the ground, lungs struggling to catch a breath, her eyes frantically looking back onto Link and she couldn’t begin to contain the horror she felt in her chest. Link standing behind her, sword at the ready to defend her, but she could only focus on the gash in his shoulder. Arm seemingly hanging on only by a thread. Body coated in blood as it surged out a fatal amount.

They had stood but a second when he crumpled to the ground, her barely able to drag him behind the cover of a dead guardian. “Link,” she whispered as she stumbled down by his side, afraid to gain the attention of the guardians after them, a once-white dress fastly staining red. “Hold on just a little longer," she started to plead, "please, just a little longer.”

With strength she didn’t think he had anymore, he took his working hand and pushed against her chest, “Zelda,” he choked, “It’s going to be ok, I need to-”

“NO! You need to run, save yourself. I’ll be fine you’re barely hanging on”, Zelda begged, “Link PL-”

Time seemed stopped as a Guardian’s ray started to power up, and there was no other thought as they both scrambled up and tried to run, but there was nowhere to go.

As they ducked around another pile of dead guardians, Zelda ran out of emotions to give. Mind falling into a state of peace as she squeezed Links hand as she prepared for what she had to do.

As the guardian climbed on-top of its fallen brothers, all she could do was lunge in front of Link, hoping that that would give him time.

And Everything Stopped.

Golden Light thundered across the now graveyard, consuming everything in its path.

“Link! I unlocked it, the Light!” she said, turning around to face him, but it was too late. The screech of pain, as he hit the ground, would ring in her ears for decades as she scrambled towards him. Eyes clouded and unfocused as his hands went limp. The Master Swords hilt hitting the ground as she screamed.