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like coming undone

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A few weeks into his relationship—were they calling it a relationship yet?—with Patrick, and David was starting to understand the appeal of slow. Sure, he could do without the blue balls. Privacy was hard to come by, which meant most of the time David couldn’t even jerk off after those long moments spent making out with Patrick. Even still, David couldn’t deny that there was something romantic about spending time together without the expectation of sex. All of David’s past relationships had felt slightly transactional. People had occasionally been willing to deal with David for longer than one night because of his money or his clout, but the only reason they’d had that first night at all was always because of his body. Well, his body and the rumours of how much he was willing to do.

With Patrick, there wasn’t any of that. All of David’s money was wrapped up into the store, and clout didn’t mean much in Schitt’s Creek. David knew Patrick was attracted to him; Patrick’s constant flirting and the shy, flushed smile he’d get whenever they brushed past each other in the store were proof of that. And yet, Patrick seemed more than happy to spend an evening on Ray’s couch watching romcoms with no expectations of anything more. He enjoyed being with David as if David’s warm presence against his shoulder and snarky commentary were all he could’ve wanted.

It felt like being a teenager—or at least, like David imagined being a teenager was supposed to be like. He’d never had a gradual progression from flirting to holding hands to chaste kisses underneath a porch light. He’d seen it in movies, but he’d never been able to pinpoint any of those milestones in any of his relationships. He’d had his first blowjob twenty minutes after his first kiss, back in the day. So he liked having a chance to do that with Patrick. Patrick, who was already fond of acknowledging fake milestones like one-week anniversaries, seemed to enjoy the slow progression as well.

That is, Patrick enjoyed it except for in the heat of the moment. It was week three of their relationship—Patrick had very helpfully pointed that out with an Aero bar, which was especially rude since David liked chocolate enough that he could only manage a token protest. Things had started slowly, the two of them pressed up against a wall in the back after closing. David loved these moments, loved the bubble of warmth that rose in his chest at each unrushed drag of lips.

Patrick had been growing more and more confident as the days went on. He had initiated this time, pulling David close to him when he’d slipped into the back to restock their patchouli beeswax candles. And it was Patrick who deepened the kiss, Patrick who brought his lips down David’s jaw to suck at the sensitive skin of his neck. His fingers were curled in David’s sweater—not enough to damage the fabric, but enough to have David slightly distracted at the thought of wrinkles—and the tips of his thumbs brushed against a sliver of skin exposed above David’s jeans. It wasn’t the first time David had gotten hard making out with Patrick, but it was the first time it had happened so quickly.

It was also the first time it had been this difficult to hide. Usually, when David could tell things were starting to heat up, he would put some space between them and try to slow things down. That was easy to do when they were kissing over the console in Patrick’s car. It was a lot harder to do when they were pressed so closely together against the wall.

David could feel the exact moment that Patrick noticed. “Oh,” Patrick gasped, his thigh brushing against the growing bulge in David’s jeans. His eyes widened, and David winced a little.

“Not exactly slow, I’m sorry—” he started, but Patrick’s mouth was back on his before he could finish. Patrick moaned into his mouth, and then he pressed his thigh harder against David’s cock. Maybe it was because David hadn’t had sex in months, but his cock went from interested to rock hard in an instant. He slipped his hand down to Patrick’s ass, moving slowly in case Patrick wanted to stop him. Patrick answered with a louder moan, and David helped move them into a better rhythm. The friction between their bodies was gorgeous, and the sounds Patrick was making were even better. David knew it wouldn’t be hard to let himself fall into it, let himself grind up against Patrick until he came in his very expensive briefs.

There was one thing niggling in the back of his head, though. He didn’t want Patrick to do anything he might regret. While Patrick might have started things, David knew how easy it was to get caught up in the moment and suddenly find yourself somewhere you didn’t want to be. He could remember times when he’d wanted to slow down but had been too nervous to lose the other person’s attention to say anything. He never wanted that for Patrick, and even thinking about it made him feel a little sick.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it, though, because despite Patrick’s desperate kissing, there was no missing the fact that his cock wasn’t rocking back into David’s. He’d moved so that the only point of contact was his thigh against David’s crotch, and a quick glance made it obvious that he wasn’t hard. Or at least, he wasn’t as hard as David was since there was no sign of a bulge.

“We should—we should slow down,” David panted, pulling away from Patrick’s mouth. Patrick let out a disappointed sound, pressing another kiss to David’s neck before he took a step back.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Patrick said. His adorable flush was back, and David had to bite back a smile. “Sorry, I got carried away.”

“I very much enjoyed that,” David grinned, and Patrick’s eyes immediately snapped down to David’s crotch. He forced himself not to laugh, focusing instead on how nice it was to be on the other side of that gaze. “But it’s important to me that we don’t do anything you regret, you know? I don’t want anything to happen in a spur-of-the-moment decision that you’re not ready for.”

“Yeah,” Patrick said. He shoved his hands in his pockets, his eyes flicking to the door of the stockroom. “No, you’re right. I think… I think I’d rather this happen in a bed, next time.”

So they put things on pause, finished up their closing tasks, and headed to Elmdale for dinner. After a little more discussion, they decided that they would wait to take things any further until they had the time and privacy to do it right. Patrick still wasn’t great at talking about sex, but he seemed a little more relaxed by the time the night was over, and that made David feel more relaxed too.

Despite a near disaster—thanks, Jake and Pony—they finally made it into a bed together. Patrick was clearly nervous, even if he was trying his hardest to pretend that he wasn’t. David thought it was sweet, but he knew saying as much would probably destroy the mood more than Jake’s arrival had.

“Hey,” David said in a soft voice, stroking his thumb across Patrick’s cheek. “We don’t have to do anything new tonight, okay? I’m honestly thrilled to be spending more than two uninterrupted hours with you. That’s enough.”

“I want to do more, David,” Patrick said with a frustrated sigh. “It’s just—I don’t know if…”

“‘I don’t know’ means stop,” David said firmly. “I’m not comfortable doing anything you’re not one hundred percent ready for.” It was true, obviously, but it also put the pressure of saying no on David instead of Patrick for not being ready, which might make Patrick feel more comfortable.

“I want to make out with you,” Patrick said. His voice had regained his normal confidence, the same Big Dick Energy that always made David’s stomach flip. “Shirtless,” he added after a second. “I’ll tell you when I’m ready for more.”

“That sounds perfect.” David was already reaching to take off his sweater, turning to leave it folded on Stevie’s dresser. When he turned back around, Patrick had thrown his own sweater onto the ground and was shirtless on the bed.

“Oh god, David,” he said, and David preened at the hunger in his voice. “You’re so gorgeous. I want to touch you.”

Patrick asking for what he wanted deserved positive reinforcement, so David climbed up onto the bed next to him.

“I was hoping that flush would go all the way down,” David teased. Patrick’s flush only deepened at that, and for a moment David thought he had the upper hand. He reached out for the back of Patrick’s neck, pulling him close for a deep kiss.

Patrick’s hand slid down from his shoulder to his chest, his fingers tangling in his chest hair. David had been in Schitt’s Creek—and therefore without access to his esthetician—long enough to have stopped feeling self-conscious about his body hair. Even if he hadn’t, though, any insecurity would’ve slipped from his mind the second Patrick got his hands on his chest. Patrick moaned into David’s mouth, and then he was pushing David onto his back. He straddled David’s waist with his knees on either side of him, his ass barely brushing against the crotch of David’s pants.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Patrick murmured into the kiss. David wasn’t sure if ‘this’ was referring to being in bed with a man or being in bed with David in particular, but he wasn’t complaining either way. He reached up, sliding his hands down the muscles of Patrick’s back. He was so warm and solid in David’s lap, confidently taking up space in a way that David could only envy.

“Me too, fuck,” David gasped. Patrick had started sucking a kiss on David’s neck, seemingly unbothered by the idea of hickeys if they weren’t on his own neck. David’s head tipped back, his eyes falling shut as he fell into the sensation. “But what happened to hickeys being disgusting and unprofessional?”

“You could wear a scarf in the middle of summer and you’d still be better dressed than anyone else in Schitt’s Creek,” Patrick teased, nipping over David’s shoulder. His hand moved over David’s chest, and David shuddered when his thumb brushed over one of his nipples. Patrick was nothing if not observant, and the next thing David knew the mouth on his shoulder had moved down his chest. “God, you’re sensitive,” he said, his breath ghosting over the peak of David’s nipple.

“You’re teasing,” David accused, his voice nearing a whine.

“You’d think after months of working together that wouldn’t be a surprise,” Patrick shot back. David could practically hear the cocky grin on his face, and that only made him harder. Any response he could’ve come up with floated away when Patrick started to suck over his nipple, his hand pinching harshly at the other. It was on the edge of too much, which was exactly what David had wanted. Either Patrick was a natural, or experience with tits was transferable to any gender. Either way, David was having a great time.

“Okay, so—” David started, but when Patrick’s teeth sank down lightly on his nipple he broke off with a gasp. His hand came up, clutching desperately at the back of Patrick’s head since his hair was too short to grab. Patrick smirked up at him, sliding his mouth over to suck a bruise on his pec. “So, if you keep doing that, I might have a hard time calming down.”

“Who says you need to calm down?”

“We’re going at your pace,” David reminded him. He took a deep, shuddery breath, trying to keep himself together.

“Exactly, we’re going at my pace,” Patrick said. His hand trailed down David’s chest, stopping above the fly of his pants. “Can I?”

Well. David wasn’t going to say no to that. Patrick slowly worked David’s pants down his jeans, his eyes locked in on the bulge underneath David’s briefs. There was an embarrassingly large wet spot at the top near the waistband, where the head of his cock was trapped against the too-tight fabric. Patrick’s eyes locked in on it, and he let out a low moan.

“Fuck, David,” he breathed, leaning forward to drag his tongue over the wet spot. “I want to suck you.”

“Yeah, yes, you should do that,” David said, shoving his briefs off and flinging them toward the end of the bed. He’d regret that later, but at the moment all he could think about was the way Patrick’s tongue peeked out to brush over his lower lip when David’s cock sprang free and slapped against his abdomen.

“You’re fucking huge,” Patrick breathed. David had always considered himself average to slightly above average—not that he’d ever gotten any complaints—so he couldn’t deny that the comment went straight to his ego.

Patrick reached out, sliding his thumb over the head of David’s cock, spreading his precome around. It shouldn’t have ripped a moan out of David, but the sight of Patrick’s thick, calloused fingers wrapping around his cock was enough to bring him to his knees. He’d meant to be the one in control, the one slowly guiding Patrick through his first sexual experience with a man. He should’ve known better, should’ve known that Patrick’s inexperience wasn’t going to detract from his confident, take-charge attitude.

Patrick’s mouth returned to his pecs, his teeth grazing over David’s nipple while his thumb kept moving in slow, gentle circles over his cock.

“Mmkay,” David gasped, biting back a moan when Patrick’s teeth bit down experimentally. “When I said we were going at your pace, I didn’t realize that pace would mean torturing me?”

“Torturing you? Looks to me like you’re having a great time,” Patrick said, giving David’s cock a slow stroke to emphasize his point.

“Not arguing that but—fuck, Patrick, just like that—if you wanted to go a little faster, I wouldn’t complain.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be complaining about anything tonight,” Patrick said with a cocky grin. “But this is the first time I’ve been able to get my hands on your gorgeous dick, David. Can you blame me for wanting to take my time?”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” David said, his voice closer to a whine than he’d meant it to be. Patrick seemed to like that, surging forward to kiss the breath out of David. He started stroking David’s cock a little faster, but soon the precome wasn’t enough to ease the slide.

“Do we want to get some lube?” David pulled back, breathless as he pushed his hips into Patrick’s hand.

“Not yet,” Patrick said. He moved his hands to David’s shoulders, slowly pushing him back against the headboard. “Stay put.”

David swallowed, holding back a shiver at Patrick’s low, intense tone. This might have been Patrick’s first time with a man, but it was definitely not his first time. It was probably too much to ask for tonight, but David could imagine those strong arms holding him down, that husky voice telling him exactly what to do.

Patrick moved down, sucking a kiss right above the base of David’s cock. David’s hand came down unconsciously, his nails dragging against Patrick’s head as he tried to get a grip on his hair.

“Maybe next time I need to tie you up,” Patrick teased, and that had David’s hips thrusting up, his cock desperate for friction. “I’m pretty sure I told you to stay put.”

David nodded, forcing his hips back down. He softened his hand, letting it cup the back of Patrick’s head gently without exerting any pressure.

“Much better,” Patrick said. David was glad that he was so focused on his dick, completely unaware of the flush that minuscule amount of praise had brought to his face.

“Please, Patrick,” David said, his voice shaky. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this desperate after so little contact. Something about being on the other side of Patrick’s intense, focused gaze was making him fall apart.

Patrick relented, and then his mouth was finally on David’s cock. His tongue dragged against David’s glans, letting out a considering hum at the burst of precome that filled his mouth. He worked slowly, meticulously categorizing David’s reactions to everything he did. He wasn’t perfect—his movements were a little uncoordinated and there were a few stop-and-starts as he figured out the limits of his gag reflex. But Patrick was a vision, from the gorgeous curl of his eyelashes to the delicious realization that he had started to grind against the mattress.

“Why are your jeans still on?” David asked, unable to get the idea of seeing Patrick’s ass out of his mind.

Patrick stilled on his cock, and when he pulled off David could see the hesitation on his face.

“Or, hey, wait, no,” David said quickly, frantically trying to backtrack. “You don’t have to take them off. I wasn’t trying to—”

“I know,” Patrick said, squeezing David’s thigh. Reassuring David appeared to help Patrick push past his nerves. “You’re not pressuring me.”

“Good, because that’s the last thing I want to do,” David told him, tilting his chin up to meet his eyes.

Patrick smiled softly. He sat up on his knees, leaning forward to give David a gentle kiss. Then he was leaning back, his fingers working on the button of his jeans. David couldn’t resist reaching down to his cock, grateful for the combination of precome and Patrick’s spit as he jerked himself a few times.

Patrick’s hands stilled for a moment, another rare moment of insecurity on his face. “I don’t want you to fuck me,” he blurted out, a dark flush returning to his face. “I’m not, um. I’m not ready for that.”

“Okay,” David said slowly. He sat up a little, his cock forgotten as he tried to work through whatever it was that was going through Patrick’s head. “That’s not—it’s not, like, an expectation,” David said, trying to find the right words. “Like, a lot of queer men aren’t even interested in anal, let alone bottoming. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“I don’t know that I’m not interested,” Patrick said, squirming a little. He sat back on his heels, rubbing his palms over his thighs. “But…”

“Why don’t we press pause for a moment?” David said, reaching out for Patrick. “We can make out a little, try to get a little more comfortable?”

“Lock it up?” Patrick joked. He was next to David, pulling him in and letting their lips meet before David could respond. Slow, soft brushes of lips soon became heated, and it became a lot harder to ignore David’s cock as it started to perk back up.

Patrick’s hand snaked down, slowly fisting David’s cock. It was so distractingly good that it took David a while to realize that at some point in the last few minutes Patrick had shoved off his jeans. Instead of scratchy denim brushing against David’s thigh, there was the drag of cheap cotton. David pulled back, eyes widening at the sight of Patrick’s tight boxer briefs clinging to his ass.

“Fuck,” he breathed, his hand sliding down to cup Patrick’s ass. Patrick shifted back a little, and David’s hand jerked back. “Sorry, is that too much?”

“No, it’s okay,” Patrick said, and as he leaned back David caught a glance of the front of his boxer briefs. If David hadn’t spent the last half hour hearing Patrick’s moans growing more and more wrecked, he might have thought he was only half hard. But that seemed unlikely, and suddenly Patrick’s hesitance to take off his pants made a little more sense.

“I know it’s not much to look at, but—” Patrick started, but David wasn’t going to have any of that.

“You’re gorgeous,” David said, his thumbs brushing over Patrick’s hips. “Can I take these off?”

“Yeah, okay,” Patrick said with a shaky breath, whether from desire or nerves David couldn’t be sure. He curled his fingers around the waistband, slowly tugging Patrick’s underwear off.

“I really want to get my mouth on you,” David groaned because Patrick was perfect. He was small, sure, but thick enough to have a nice, solid weight in David’s hand when he wrapped two fingers and his thumb around him. His foreskin was pulled back, his head flushed and dripping with his arousal. And his balls were—fuck, David couldn’t resist getting his mouth on those balls long enough to come up with the words to describe them.

Patrick gasped at the gentle suction, gripping David’s hair. David glanced up, loving the broken moan Patrick let out when their eyes met. He shot Patrick a grin, and then he sank his mouth down on Patrick’s cock, easily taking it to the base.

The first time David had hooked up with Jake, he’d had the unfortunate realization that deepthroating while sober did not come easily. Jake hadn’t minded—and David wouldn’t have slept with him if he had—but it had still been disappointing. David had always prided himself on his oral prowess, and it was disheartening to know that his drug-hazy memories might have artificially inflated his skills. But now, with Patrick, none of that mattered. David could take him all the way down, could swallow around his dick and draw out the most beautiful noises.

Patrick’s hips jerked forward, pushing his cock further into David’s mouth. “Shit, sorry,” Patrick gasped.

“You don’t have to be,” David said, licking his lips as Patrick popped out of his mouth. “You can fuck my face.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Your gorgeous cock is honestly perfect for it,” David said, pressing a kiss to the head of Patrick’s dick. Patrick let out a moan—either from the compliment or the kiss, David wasn’t sure—and tightened his grip on David’s hair.

“Pull back if you need to, okay?” Patrick said, and David hummed his agreement.

Patrick started out with a tentative press of his hips, his eyes locked on David’s face as his cock slid over his tongue. After a few more hesitant movements Patrick’s confidence was back, and he started to really fuck David’s mouth. David’s eyes fell shut, sinking into the warm feeling of just being used. He’d always liked being pushed around a little in bed, but it had never felt like this before. He’d never trusted anyone the way he trusted Patrick, never been so certain that he felt it in his bones that Patrick wouldn’t push him too far. And he couldn’t remember ever being able to take cock like this before, not even when he was strung out. There was no hesitation, no flicker of discomfort as Patrick pushed in and in and in.

God, one night with Patrick’s cock and David was already obsessed.

“I’m gonna—” Patrick gasped, and then he was shooting into David’s mouth. That was another benefit of Patrick’s size; David actually got to taste him, rather than having his come spill straight down his throat.

“Fuck, I love your cock,” David said after he’d swallowed, pressing a kiss to Patrick’s hip before he pulled away. “I know you’re not ready for anal—and you don’t ever have to be!—but if that is something you’d ever be interested in… I’d love to have you inside me.”

“Wait, really?” Patrick asked. He sank back against the bed, boneless after his orgasm. “You don’t have to say that. I know you’ve been with, you know. Bigger guys.”

“I’m not just saying it. I’d love having you fuck me,” David said. He brought his hand down to his cock, which was aching from so much time without being touched. “I’ve been with people who had bigger dicks, yeah, but honestly? I’m not really into huge cocks. With prep, sure, it’s not going to cause any damage, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be sore as hell the next day. But you? Fuck, Patrick, your dick is perfect. Like, you could lube up, bend me over, and fuck me without any warning. You could—”

David didn’t get anything else out, because right then Patrick surged forward to kiss him. The hand on his dick was replaced with Patrick’s, and he started jerking him off with a warm, hard grip.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Patrick’s low voice murmured, his face pressed against David’s neck as he tilted his head to watch his hand glide over David’s cock. “You’d be doing inventory in the back, and then I’d come in and have my way with you.”

The mental image of that was enough to rip an orgasm out of David, his head banging back against the headboard as he came.

“Holy fuck, who knew you were hiding such a dirty mouth under your Boy Scout exterior,” David said once he’d finally gotten his breath back.

“You bring it out of me.” Only Patrick could manage to make the use of dirty talk sound so romantic. David turned his head, pressing a soft kiss to Patrick’s lips.

After an embarrassing amount of cuddling, they finally managed to pull themselves out of bed and into Stevie’s bathroom. They cleaned themselves up, ordered pizza from the only place in town that delivered, and eventually found themselves right back in bed again.

“I want to thank you, David,” Patrick said, only slightly above a whisper. The lights were off, the room illuminated only by the moon from outside Stevie’s window and the light creeping in from underneath the bathroom door. “I was so nervous, but you made tonight perfect.”

“Mm, I think you played a part in making tonight perfect,” David said. He was curled up against Patrick’s chest, so it only took a slight turn of his head to kiss Patrick.

“I mean it,” Patrick said, shaking his head a little. “I’m… Well, you know I’m generally a pretty confident person, but sex has always been the exception. For obvious reasons.”

“Having sex with someone you’re not attracted to will do that,” David said. “I’m really glad you got to have a good experience. Sex is supposed to be fun, you know?”

“I know that now,” Patrick grinned. “Tonight was the first time I’ve enjoyed myself in bed. I never knew it could feel like this. I never knew I could feel like this.” He paused for a moment, his thumb rubbing calming circles on David’s arm where they were curled together. It was soothing enough that David could feel himself start to fall asleep, but the sound of Patrick’s voice brought him back up. “Tonight was also the first time that someone’s taken off my pants and not looked disappointed, so. Thanks for that too.”

David frowned, pulling away so that he could look at Patrick properly. “Nothing about your body is disappointing, Patrick,” he promised him. “I know everyone has hang-ups—I mean, look at me, I’m practically the king of insecurity—but you really don’t need to worry about that with me. I think you’re so fucking hot.”

It was hard to tell in the dark, but David was pretty sure Patrick was blushing.

“So you, uh,” Patrick started, pulling David back to his chest. “You really meant that, then? About me fucking you?”

“Give me ten minutes to shower and I’d let you bend me over right now,” David joked. He could feel Patrick’s dick twitch where it was pressed against his leg, and suddenly he wasn’t joking anymore. “Mm, something feels like you could be on board with that.”

“When I realized I liked men, I always figured I’d be, you know, the bottom,” Patrick said. “Like, in porn, the smaller guy is always—”

“Okay, there’s your first problem. Don’t get sex advice from porn.”

“Right, right, yeah,” Patrick laughed. “But I guess I got in my head about it, and I never considered that I could try it both ways.”

“You can,” David said. “Or you can never try anal at all. There’s no one way to be queer, no one right way to have sex.”

Patrick hummed his agreement, thinking it over. “I want to fuck you,” he said after a moment. “I think eventually I want to try you fucking me, but I’ll need to work up to that.”

“You want to fuck me in general, or…?”

“Tonight? If you’re up for it?”

David tilted his hips, letting his very interested cock drag against Patrick’s. “I’m up for it. Give me a few to shower.”

David tried not to think too hard while he showered, not wanting to let his anxiety spiral about the responsibility of showing Patrick a good first time. He’d meant what he’d said—anal sex wasn’t for everybody, and it was perfectly fine if Patrick wasn’t interested in it again after tonight. But if he wasn’t, David wanted it to be because Patrick had decided it wasn’t for him, not because of any insecurities he might have. It was a lot of pressure, but at the same time, David felt so fucking lucky that he got to be the person to give Patrick that.

When David walked out of the bathroom, Patrick was spread out on Stevie’s bed. He was jerking himself slowly, the head of his cock barely peeking out from the top of his hand. David swallowed back the urge to crawl up on the bed and suck him again. He didn’t want to get distracted and lose sight of what Patrick wanted.

“I see you started without me,” David grinned. He reached for a lamp, wanting to be able to see Patrick properly. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah, I wanna see you,” Patrick said, and David was glad the light wasn’t on yet so that he couldn’t see how hard David’s dick had jerked at that comment.

He turned on the lamp and then climbed into bed with Patrick. “Hey,” he said in a soft voice, smiling as he leaned down to kiss Patrick.

“Hey yourself,” Patrick grinned into the kiss. David pressed the bottle of lube and condom he’d gotten from his bag into Patrick’s hand, pulling back slowly.

“So, I can prep myself if you’d rather,” he offered, reaching over to spread a towel he’d brought from the bathroom over Stevie’s sheets. They’d already changed them once, so they needed to be more careful this time. “But I figured I’d give you the option.”

“I want to,” Patrick said with a quick shake of his head. “I spent the whole time you were in the shower thinking about how much I want to get my hands on your ass.”

The next thing David knew, he was on his back, Patrick leaning down to kiss him. The kiss was so nice that David almost didn’t notice Patrick pulling his leg up and hooking it around his back. He couldn’t miss the feeling of one of Patrick’s fingertips sliding over his entrance, slick from lube.

Like with everything, Patrick was careful and teasing at the same time. He worked David open with two fingers—any more than that wasn’t necessary—and as soon as he’d figured out where David’s prostate was, he hadn’t stopped brushing past it, never giving David quite enough. His cock stood hard against his stomach, completely ignored as Patrick fingered him.

“Mmkay, I think that’s good enough,” David whined, rocking back down on Patrick’s fingers. “Actually, I think we hit good enough ten minutes ago, so if you want to grab that condom and fuck me already, that would be great.”

Patrick laughed, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on the towel underneath them. “Maybe I wanted to hear you beg,” he teased as he tore open the condom wrapper. “Is this the best position for you?”

“Hm,” David sat up, thinking it through. “Actually, on my hands and knees would probably be better for you. You’ll get deeper, and if you put your legs on the outside of mine, it’ll be even tighter for you.” He turned over, grinning when he heard the sound that came out of Patrick at the sight of his ass.

“Fuck, this might not last long,” Patrick said breathlessly. It took him a moment to get situated, but then David could feel the heat of Patrick’s cock as the head brushed against his hole.

“Might not last long for me either,” David moaned, reaching down to grab his cock. “God, you already feel so good.”

Patrick took a deep, shuddering breath, and then he was slowly pushing inside. There was no burn, only a slight, gentle stretch as his cock slipped in. In a moment his hips had met David’s ass, the head of his cock just brushing against David’s prostate. “Fuck, that’s perfect,” David groaned.

Patrick started to thrust, but he pulled back too far, and his cock slipped out. “Fuck,” he said under his breath. His voice was low, but the frustration in it was clear.

“Hey, it’s fine,” David said, glancing back at him. “Why don’t you try rocking instead of pulling back like that? Grind into me.”

“Yeah, okay,” Patrick said. David could still see some embarrassment on Patrick’s face, but then he was pushing in again, and David’s head fell back down. “Like this?”

It took David a moment to find the brainpower to respond. The slow, steady drag of Patrick’s cock as he rocked his hips was delicious, each brush to his prostate driving him wild. “So good, don’t stop,” he gasped, his hand speeding up on his cock.

“You feel so good,” Patrick groaned, his fingers digging into David’s hips as he moved. “So fucking tight, so hot around my cock, David.”

“Your cock is so good, filling me so good.” David pressed back into Patrick’s movements, precome dripping down his fingers as he jerked himself off. “Fuck, Patrick, can’t believe you’re going to make me come twice in one night.”

“Next time we should shoot for three,” Patrick said, and the suggestion of a next time had David spilling over his hand in a few short moments.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” Patrick gasped, his cock pulsing inside of David as he clenched around him. He fell forward, his chest pressing against David’s back as he came.

It took them a moment to pull themselves apart, David rolling over and collapsing onto his back while he left Patrick to deal with the condom. He dozed off for a few moments, eyes closed as Patrick dragged a washcloth over his skin to clean off all of the come and lube. He felt himself get pulled into Patrick’s arms, letting himself sink into the embrace with a sleepy hum.

“So, thoughts?” David asked, tucking his face against Patrick’s shoulder. “Was that a one and done, or do you think you’ll want to try it again?”

“If my cock weren’t completely useless right now, I would already be wanting to try it again,” Patrick said. “Jesus, David. That was incredible.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” David said around a yawn. Maybe tomorrow morning they’d have enough time to go again, or maybe they’d have to wait until the next time they managed to snag some privacy. Either way, David couldn’t help but grin at the promise of next time as he drifted off to sleep.