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Dont say no... to chores

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"Wei Ying"

"Lan Zhan"

"It is the weekend"


"it is time for you to do chores today." Wei Ying groans into the bedsheets and tries to go back to sleep but Lan Zhan takes the blanket off him.

"Lan Zhan, can I sleep ten more minutes?" he mumbles into the pillow

"No" Wei Ying groans as he reluctantly gets up rubbing at his eyes

"Can I at least get a morning kiss from my husband or does he not love me anymore seeing as he'll wake me up on the weekends?" Lan Wangji huffs in a laugh and staddles Wei Wixian’s lap kissing his forehead, eyelids, and placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Wei Ying will you do the chores today?" Lan Wangji asks even though he thinks he knows the answer already since he's been trying to convince Wei Ying to do some housework for a month now.

"Hmm," Wei Wuxian taps his chin pretending to think, " Nope!" Lan Wangji sighs knowing this was the most likely answer, "Hey Lan Zhan why are you so adamant about trying to convince me to do chores I thought you liked housework?" Wei Wuxian inquires with a teasing undertone to his words.

"Mn I do, but I don't want to do all the work by myself all the time." Lan Wangji says exasperated as if he and Wei Ying haven't had this conversation a million times before.

He attempts to get up from his beloved's lap to the closet in the hallway to get the vacuum, when hands grab at his waist to keep him put, Lan Wangji quirks a well-groomed eyebrow in question towards Wei Ying.

"I might be willing to do the dishes" Wei Wiuxian starts and a sliver of hope blooms in Wangji's chest "-if you call me Wei-gege" Wei Wuxian teases, causing Lan Wangji's ears to go pink, "shameless!"

"Will you say it?"


"Aww Lan Zhan please?"


"Then I guess I won't be doing the dishes today" Wei Wixuan sighs, feigning disappointment.

"You don't do them anyway it won't make much a difference." Lan Wangji says "Lan Zhan! that's mean don't bully me!" Wei Wuxians startles and starts laughing

An Idea pops into Lan Wangji's head, a last-ditch effort that works one hundred percent of the time, and if he was any other person, he would've smirked.

"Wei-dada." Lan Zhan says coyly as his voice softens and starts to speak in his native dialect, he can feel Wei Wuxian stiffen under him, he immediately stops laughing, his pupils start to dilate, and feels the hands on Lan Zhan’s hips tighten.

"Lan Zhan!" Wing Ying gasps " You can just say things in that voice! You know what that does to me!"

"Wei-dada I don't know what you mean, you asked me to call you this" Lan Wangji says feigning innocence tilting his head as to appear genuinely confused as he continues to slip into the accent making it stronger than usual.

"Careful," Wei Ying says his voice low, sending shivers up Lan Zhan's spine, "tease me too much and neither of us will able to get up out of this bed to do any chores."

"I just wanted Wei-dada to do some chores, he can even just do the dishes and I'll be satisfied." Lan Wangji implores knowing the effect it'll have on his Husband.

"Fine" Wei Wuxians yields and Lan Wangji is radiating smugness "I'll do the dishes but don't think this is over Lan Zhan" declares lifting Lan Wangji off his lap and stalks towards the kitchen

While Wei Wuxians is doing the dishes Lan Wangji walks behind him and hugs him from behind "See Wei Ying is wasn't so hard was it?" Wei Ying can hear the smugness in his voice, "Yeah yeah, you're lucky I can't deny my dear husband anything," Wei says, feigning irritation.

"Where did you learn to do that from Lan Zhan? I didn't know you had it in you!"

"I observed and learned from the best." Lan Zhan says sounding amused

"Ah, so you're using my techniques against me huh?" Wei Wuxian says and he finishes up with the last of the dishes and feels Lan Wangji nods against his back. Wei Wuxian washes and dries his hands off and turns around to lift Lan Wangji off the ground, smirking as he hears a Lan Wangji gasp, and Lan Wangji hooks his legs around his waist.

"Let's see how well you learned from me huh?" he says, carrying Lan Wangji off towards the bedroom.

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Wei Wuxian walks towards the bed and ceremoniously drops Lan Wangji onto it, and climbs over top of him, arms framing each side of Lan Wangji's head.

"Lan Wangji, Lan Zhan, Lan-gege, love of my life, I did the dishes all by myself today! Aren't you proud of me?" he says leaning closer towards Lan Wangji's neck.

"Mn, I'm...always proud of Wei Ying," Wangji says in between pants as his husband kisses and sucks marks down his neck and reaching his collarbone Wei Ying takes a bite, and Wangji gasps at the sharp pain that fades into pleasure as Wei Ying licks over the bites. Lan Zhan pulls Wei Ying's head up in a silent request for kisses which Wei Wuxian obliges and kisses Lan Wangji slow and deep, reaching over toward the nightstand and grabs the bottle of lube sitting on top of it and he sets aside on the bed.

" I think for doing so well today I should get a reward." Wei Wuxian says in between kisses.

"What kind of reward does Wei Ying want?" Lan Wangji feels Wei Wuxian smirk into the kiss.

"I want these" Wei Wuxian says as he reaches for Lan Wangji's thighs, Lan Wangji huffs in amusement.

"Lan Zhan, will you be a good boy for me tonight?" Wei asks, breaking off the kiss and starts to strip Lan Wangji of his clothing and travels down Lan Wanji's body kissing and making bruises on his way to his thighs.

"Mn" Lan Zhan hums in a daze from the lack of oxygen.

"Words, bunny" Lan Wangji shivers at the commanding tone in Wei Ying's voice.

"Yes, Wei-dada" Lan Wangji taunts feeling smug when Wei Wuxian's hands grip his thighs in warning, the grip feels hard enough that there's gonna be bruising tomorrow and Lan Zhan relishes that thought.

"Bunny" Wei Ying's voice sounds strangled and Lan Wangji is happy that he has that much of an effect on his husband. "You remember the safe word?"


"what is it?" "Bichen"

"Good boy" Wei Ying smiles when he sees Lan Zhan preening under the praise.

"And if you want to slow down?" "Yellow"

"And if it's okay to continue" "Green"

"And if you want to stop the scene completely?" "Red" Wei Ying smiles at Lan Wangji and he feels his heart skip a beat, no matter how long they'll be married Lan Zhan doesn't believe he'll ever get used to the sight of Wei Ying smiling at him with so much adoration.

Ever since they went to school together Wei Wuxian has noticed he had a thing for Lan Wangji's legs especially his thighs. He found out while in the locker room and Lan Zhan changed into gym shorts for PE and Wei Wuxian couldn't stop starting until Jiang Cheng broke him out of his trance by telling him he needs to change or he'll be late.

Lan Wangji had suspected that Wei Wuxian had a thing for his legs but never really knew the extent until they started dating. Wei Wuxian would take any excuse he can to caress and feel his legs, and while he was somewhat discreet in public, but in private he was a menace.

When Wei Wuxian got to his ankles Lan Wangji relaxed into the bed knowing he was going to be here for a while Wei Ying indulges in his reward.

Wei Wuxian massages and kisses his way up to Lan Wangji's calves, he licks behind Lan Zhan's knees and moves to press open mouth kisses to his thighs, Lan Wangji feels like he's melting from the touch. Wei Ying bites his thighs and licks over the wounds and the pleasure compels Lan Zhan to slip under a trance and his mind feels like he floating in warm water.

"Bunny you okay?" Wei Ying says pulling away from Lan Zhan's thighs and looks at his love's face noticing how his eyes are unfocused.

Lan Zhan is struggling to form words but manages a weak "Yes"



"Good boy, you're doing so well for me" Wei Ying gives a chaste kiss on his lips as Lan Wangji gives a noise that sounds between a mewl and a moan at the praise, he feels himself slipping further into headspace.

Lan Wangji shivers as Wei Wuxian scrapes his nails across his calves and thighs. Wei Wuxian goes back down to bite at the creases in Lan Wangji's thighs right where it meets the pelvis, Lan Wangji whimpers at Wei Ying tongue licking over the bites. Wei Wuxian grazes Lan Wangji's cock by the base to tease him and chuckles and Lan Wangji subconsciously thrust his hip towards the air and Wei Wuxian moves away back to his thighs.

Lan Zhan whimpers when he moves away and Wei Wuxian coos at him

"Shh baby, I'm going to give you something better" Lan Wangji has half the mind to ask him what when he gasps at the feeling of a tongue licking at his entrance.

"Ah- Wei Ying!" Lan Zhan's fingers start digging into the sheets as Wei Ying starts licking with more vigor fucking him with his tongue, he groans at the feeling of nails digging in his inner thighs, his cock leaking at the tip. He rocks back pushing onto the tongue to get it deeper he almost cries out when Wei Ying starts sucking around the rim.

"Wei Ying, c-close!" and he feels the pressure build-up and kees building, and he's about to come when Wei Ying stops and pulls away. Lan Zhan tears up and whines at the loss.

"Not yet bunny I have another idea" Wei Wuxian pulls Lan Zhan up and gets him standing on his knees and kisses Lan Zhan deep. Lan Zhan mewls into the kiss and Wei Wuxian pulls away and spreads Lan Zhan thighs apart and goes between his legs,

"I want you to sit on my face and let me eat you out this way okay? What's your color?" Lan Zhan moans at the thought, mind still in a haze he almost didn't hear the question


"Good boy, you have to tell me when you get close okay?" Wei Wuxian praises and guides Lan Zhan's hips to go lower until he can lick across Lan Zhan's taint.

Lan Zhan moans out when Wei Ying's tongue goes back inside of him and he rolls his hips to his husband's tongue deeper to hit his prostate, Wei Ying notices and assists, grabbing Lan Zhan's hips to get him to bounce on his tongue flicking his tongue into the gland.

"Wei Ying! I-I'm close." Lan Zhan sobs and Wei Wuxian stops and lifts Wangji off him, murmuring how good he is, how proud he is that he told him, and lays Lan Zhan back, leaning his head across the pillows. He grabs for the lube that was lost in the bed.

"Lan Zhan, you still with me?" And Lan Zhan can't bring himself to speak but shifts his eyes towards Wei Ying.

"Oh, you're real under now huh?" Wei says as he caresses the side of Lan Zhan's head, and Lan Zhan leans into the touch.

"Lan Zhan sweetheart, I'm going to prepare you and then fuck you, are you okay with that?" Lan Zhan just stares at Wei Ying, his mind failing to form words. "Bunny, I know it's hard right now, but I need you to tell me, what's your color?" Wei Ying asks, rubbing his thumb across Lan Zhan's cheekbone.

"Green, Wei Ying." Lan Zhan manages after a few tries, rubbing his face against Wei Ying's hand.

Wei Ying smiles putting a pillow under Lan Zhan's hips and opens the lube bottle pours a decent amount of lube on his hand and rubs it between his fingers to warm it up and circles around Lan Zhan's rim it's still loose from getting eaten out earlier as he starts to push a finger in

Lan Zhan closes his eyes and sighs, feeling the sensations of getting fingered open while Wei Ying whispers praise and sweet nothings into his ear, he feels himself slipping lower into the pool of warm water that his mind currently floating in.

Soon enough Wei Ying adds a second finger and then a third as he kisses Lan Zhan's neck. He pulls his fingers out, and Lan Zhan mourns at the loss, Wei Ying chuckles and shushes him.

"Hush Bunny, you'll get my cock soon." Wei Ying purrs into his dearest's ear and strokes himself, covering his cock in lube and lining up at Lan Zhan's entrance. He pushes in, slowly inch by inch until he bottoms out, resting his forehead on Lan Zhan's, staying still until Lan Zhan gets used to the stretch. Lan Zhan pants as he tries his best to stay still, but gives up and gyrates his hips, trying to get friction but Wei Ying stops him by grabbing his hips and starts to move, startling a surprisingly loud moan from Lan Zhan's lips to out of it to even try to stifle his noises.

He keeps a steady pace, rolling his hips, Lan Zhan's mouth is open in silent moans Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan, and Lan Zhan reaches up and wraps his arms around Wei Ying's shoulders. Wei Ying starts thrusting pulling out slowly and thrusts back in hard hitting Lan Zhan's prostate making him cry out.

Wei Ying sets a punishing pace thrusting roughly, whispering into Lan Zhan's ear, "You're so good, taking me so well." and Lan Zhan mewls, broken moans that sound like a mix of Wei Ying's name and gasps.

Wei Wuxian grabs Lan Zhan's cock and starts to stroke in time of his thrusts, making Lan Zhan moan louder. Lan Zhan's breathing becomes more labored "You're such a good boy bunny, you can let go I've got you."

Lan Zhan comes with a slight scream, feeling Lan Zhan tighten around him was enough to bring Wei Ying over the edge.

"Fuck, Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying comes inside, leaning his head on Lan Zhan's shoulder, he slowly pulls out despite the wines of protest underneath him

"I know bunny, but I have to clean us up to we can go to sleep okay?" Wei Ying assures, but Lan Zhan doesn't respond to his voice "Alright, I'm going to start the bath so I can clean you up okay?" and Wei Ying goes to the bathroom and starts the tub. After he makes sure the water is warm, he goes to the closet and pulls out some towels, and sets them on the sink.

He comes back to the bedroom and stops dead in his tracks at the sight of Lan Wangji crying, he rushes over.

"Baby what's wrong?" Wei Ying asks immediately pulling Lan Zhan into his arms, rocking him in an attempt to comfort him.

"Don't go." Lan Zhan pleads, clinging to Wei Wuxian, Wei Ying suddenly feels like the biggest idiot in the world, he knew that Lan Zhan needs touch after a scene and still left him, he curses himself internally.

"Oh Bunny, I'm so sorry, I'm not going anywhere, okay? I was going to the bathroom, I'm sorry for leaving you." Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan's temple and picks Lan Wangji up and carries him towards the bathroom, Lan Wangji curls up against Wei Wuxian, leaning his head against his chest. Wei Ying lowers Lan Zhan into the warm water, washing and rinsing him off as he stares into space. Wei Wuxian leans Lan Wangji forwards and joins the tub behind him hugging him from behind, Lan Zhan leans into Wei Ying and slowly comes back to himself, tilting his head up to kiss Wei Ying's cheek.

"There you are sweetheart, how are you feeling?"

"Fuzzy, warm, safe." Lan Zhan closing his eyes, smiling when he feels Wei Ying's arms tighten around him before. "I'm glad you feel Safe with me Lan Zhan." It's peacefully quiet with the occasional exchange of I love yous as they wash each other off.

After drying off with the towels and changing the sheets, they lay down, cuddling.

"Wei Ying"


"Love you"

Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan's forehead "I love you too."