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Previously in ‘Mr. Harvey J. Specter’…

While Mike had been dealing with his hangover after leaving a love confession in his boss’ voicemail the previous night, Harvey had showed up to work in a skinny tie with his hair blond and spiky. If finding out that Rachel had visited his grandmother wasn’t bad enough, Mike had also found out that Kyle had been the one behind Harvey’s new look, including the ‘HK’ cufflinks. When Harvey had let him think that he had spent the night with Kyle, Mike had decided to choose Harvey right then and there, regardless of his previous arrangement with Rachel. While he had been busy kissing his boss, Rachel had witnessed it from outside the office and had sobbed into Donna’s blouse under her desk. Thanks to the wet tissue abandoned in front of Donna’s area, Donna’s steaming cup of coffee, and the sound of someone crying, Mike had realized that Rachel knew and that it was finally over.


One week later…

A young woman was standing near the window of her apartment with a cup of espresso in her hands. The summer rain was washing the dust off the streets and birds were rushing towards a drier sky. The woman took a sip of coffee with a grimace. It tasted bitter, but wasn’t that the general taste of her life these days. In the background, a puppy was whimpering near the couch, asking for the tennis ball that had rolled under it. But the woman was busy watching the outside world so that she could ignore her own.

“If you keep pushing it, it’s going to end badly for you. Believe me when I say it’s going to get bad to the point that you’ll beg me to share him.”

No matter how hard she tried, the man’s voice kept haunting her. He was the man who had what she wanted, who had taken the one thing that had been perfect in her imperfect world.

Rachel downed the espresso, enjoying the sting of her tongue, and started laughing. If she thought that it would work, she might have given it a try. What was wrong with a little begging if she could be a part of Mike’s life again? But she knew that Harvey hadn’t meant it; he had just tried to make a point. He didn’t seem like a man who would share, much to her sorrow.

Actually those weren’t the only words from the senior partner that were swimming in her head. Just yesterday, before going on vacation with his boyfriend, he had personally stopped by her office and had dropped a short letter on her desk. She had wanted to shred the letter without reading it but the temptation had been too strong.

It’s tough to run in the sand but it allows you to leave deep footprints behind. When you look back at your life, those footprints will show you just how hard you fought for yourself. And, those same footprints will lead you to what you’re looking for. So be strong and keep running. It’s only natural to reach water eventually.

The fact that Harvey had gone out of his way to console her made her feel more defeated. Mike had brought out a new side of him. The man had used to lack compassion, but now he could apparently muster enough sympathy even for his rivals.

‘Or he doesn’t consider me a threat. He probably never did.’ Rachel gave Ross a lopsided smile and retrieved the tennis ball. She knew that even such a simple act would help him consolidate his loyalty to her. As the puppy gave her a thankful look, she patted him on the head and gave him a kiss on the nose. Then she thought about how Mike had used to kiss him on the nose like that. She hadn’t spent that much time with him, and yet he was all she had to regret.

Mike looked different these days. He looked absolutely gorgeous. He had always been gorgeous but he had looked so exhausted and miserable at the end of their relationship that she had remembered him that way. Now he had a happy glow on his face and his voice was higher. He also wore much better suits with slightly wider ties. Knowing who was behind all that, she often felt the urge to cut his tie with her scissors. It wasn’t like they could go back to being friends anyway. Their dynamic had been fundamentally altered.


Rachel opened her arms and let Ross join her on the couch. She had actually named the puppy after Mike. “Ahahah…”

Nobody had to point out to her how silly and desperate she had been. She already knew it. She had always considered herself much smarter than the average woman but when it came to hanging on to a guy who had one foot out of your life, she was pretty much the same if not dumber. She knew that one day she would associate the name ‘Ross’ with her puppy’s face more than with Mike’s, but for now it hurt whenever she called his name.

At least one good thing had come out of this mess; she was going to take the LSAT next month. She wasn’t even sure why she had been so scared of the test. Now that she had gone through a devastating experience, failing a test didn’t seem like a big deal.

She had already worked as a paralegal in one of the top law firms in New York City for five years. She had learned a lot and it had been a marvelous experience but it was time to move on. She had even earned herself an office so what more was left for a paralegal to do?

‘Maybe I’ll fall for another cute genius in law school. History tends to repeat itself.’ She scratched Ross’ belly and thought about how improbable that sounded. Donna had dragged her to an upscale bar last night and some guys had tried to get their attention. Some of them had been cute and successful but she had found herself constantly comparing them to Mike. She knew that it was too early to smile at someone else and that her wound would heal eventually, but everything sucked right now and she really missed the Mike she had used to know.

Woof! Woof!

Rachel took Ross into her arms and hugged him tight. He was soft and warm, and he was the cutie that was staying with her. She didn’t want to think about how much lonelier she would have felt if she hadn’t got him.

‘Let’s just keep running.’ She hadn’t expected to take the senior partner’s advice on such an emotional matter, but it would be stupid to ignore a tip coming from someone who had succeeded in something that she had failed spectacularly.

There was no point in looking back and trying to determine what had gone wrong. Despite wincing every time she thought about it, she didn’t regret anything that she had done to keep her boyfriend. No decent woman would have sit by idly while a shark was looking for a small window of opportunity to sink his teeth into her guy. Even though that was exactly what had happened, she had tried her best and it was now time to put it behind her. It wasn’t her first breakup and it probably wouldn’t be her last.

“Go play, sweetie.” She threw the ball towards the kitchen and watched Ross happily go after it. Then she picked up her LSAT book from the coffee table and put on her reading glasses. She was going to pull herself together and pave her own path. She had never liked sand and had no intention of running in it.


A young man was standing near the window of a condo with a cup of milk in his hands. The summer sea was gently washing the grains of sand and a flock of seagulls were crossing the bright blue sky. The man took a sip of milk with a smile. It tasted fantastic, and wasn’t that the general taste of his life these days. In the background, a dashing man was humming in the kitchen, making breakfast for the two of them.

“Tell me you choose me. Whatever we did in your dream, we can do it better in reality. Leave her, Mike. I don’t see the point of you fighting me when we both know how this is going to end. You’re going to come to me one way or another.”

And, things had turned out exactly as the senior partner had predicted. Mike was currently wearing Harvey’s shirt over his boxers on Fire Island, Harvey’s New York City summer retreat. Things had changed so much in one week. He suddenly had a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend and had a sex life and a better wardrobe. He hadn’t wanted Harvey to spend so much money on him but Harvey’s response had been ‘Are you kidding me? Do you know what I went through to have the right to spend money on you?’ and he hadn’t had the heart to refuse anything since then.

“How many pancakes, Mike?”

Mike turned around and faced the man who was dressed the same way as himself but who looked better than any man could ever look.

“I’m going to charge a decent kiss for each one so answer wisely.”

Mike laughed. “Only a kiss? Aren’t you a gentleman. Three, please.”

“Only three? I’m a little disappointed here.”

“Well, if they’re really good, maybe I’ll be in the mood for some dessert.” Mike licked his lips to emphasize his point and saw Harvey smirk before turning his attention back to the sea.

He thought about the day when everything had gone down. It was last Friday. After the kiss in his boss’ office, he had found himself rocking back and forth between feeling guilt and sorrow over Rachel and excitement and affection over Harvey. By the time he had finished his work and had headed to Rachel’s office, she had already left the building. The talk that had happened on Monday morning in an empty hallway had been brief. He had said sorry and she had said it back. After everything they had gone through, it had been the only thing that was left to be said.

“What are you thinking about? It’s too early to think even when you’re a genius.”

Mike smiled as he felt Harvey’s arms around his waist. He leaned back and closed his eyes while a kiss landed on his hair. “I was thinking about our first night. Well, I was getting there.”

“Our first night?” Harvey frowned. “Why that night? Last night wasn’t good enough?”

“Haha, you already know the answer to that.” Mike finished his milk and put down the cup on the small table nearby.

Harvey released his boyfriend only to pull down Mike’s boxers. His signature was proudly covering half of the pretty ass. He wouldn’t have signed him if Mike hadn’t wanted it, but it had seemed like Mike needed the reassurance that he belonged to the right person. The signature was to commemorate the fact that Mike had stopped crying in bed. He had finally overcome his guilt and had dropped his baggage. Last night was the first time Harvey had felt that he had the whole Mike with him and he had been proud to have successfully comforted his boy.

“I knew you’d like it too much. Should I start looking for a tattoo parlor?” Mike hiked up his underwear and turned around.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t prefer claiming you freshly every single night?”

“Good point. I guess I still need to learn more about you.” Mike leaned in with a grin and got a morning kiss that he could have only dreamed of. He felt so loved and yet he wasn’t overwhelmed anymore. A week wasn’t long enough to forget about his ex-girlfriend but it was apparently long enough to accept Harvey’s love in its entirety.

“Come on. Let’s get breakfast and go out for a walk. And, I still have two more kisses to collect.” Harvey hooked his arm around Mike’s waist and padded towards the kitchen.

“You can kiss me anytime you want anyway! We’re on vacation!” Mike chuckled into Harvey’s neck.

“Of course I can. I just want to keep you on your toes.” Harvey kissed him on the temple and Mike lost the urge to say something witty. He had found out that Harvey’s lips could do that to him.

They settled down at the table, both facing the huge window that led to the sea. Mike glazed the pancakes with maple syrup and drank his apple juice. He watched as the waves rolled in and out while listening to Harvey enjoy his salad with a soft crunch. It was much more peaceful than he had expected, probably because he had gone through a storm. He was happy now with the rainbow shining over his head. With every new day, he was reassured that he had made the right choice. Harvey looked happy too and it was such a nice change from what he had seen in the office.

“Why are you grinning like a complete idiot? You’ve had my pancakes before.” Harvey took a sip of coffee.

“Yes, I have. The morning after I gracefully lost the tennis match to your client.” Mike reminisced fondly as he pushed a piece of pancake into his mouth.

“In what world could that have been described as graceful?” Harvey didn’t even bother to snort. “And, here I thought I was molding you into a real lawyer who knew how to use correct words.”

“Hey, I’m just like a real lawyer! Let’s not forget how we got another day to spend together!” Mike remembered how Harvey had initially planned to extend his three days of vacation by winning a pro bono case on his own. There were no words to describe how much love he had felt when he heard that. Harvey? Pro bono? Just so he could get one more day with him? He had naturally pulled down the blinds in Harvey’s office and had given him a hot French kiss.

But Harvey had already done more than enough for him even before their relationship had properly started. He didn’t want Harvey to do something that he didn’t want to. So he had worked hard to find the loophole for a tricky case and had handed it to Harvey to use as leverage. Of course he had let Harvey do the talking alone with the managing partner since he was terrified of her.

Harvey was thinking about the same event. Jessica already knew that Mike did excellent work so it wasn’t difficult to convince her that he could use another day off. Then he had pressed a little harder to get him one more day by handing over one of his own vacation days. They had managed to get a whole week off together, including the weekend, and he was looking forward to find out what Mike was like on different days of the week. They had arrived here late last night so today was their first day together in their own little world. He had never brought anyone on his vacation before but it didn’t feel strange to be here with Mike.

Harvey watched as Mike devoured his pancakes with a smiling face. He knew that the boy wasn’t grinning because of the pancakes. Anyone would be able to see that the weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

‘I’m coming, Harvey. You were right. I see that now. I love you. And, you’ll see how much I do in a couple of days.’

Mike had been hanging onto him for dear life for the past week. He had only started to loosen his grip on him since they had got here. They hadn’t had time to process all the changes since they had had to wrap up their cases before leaving. They had been busy even during the weekend with signing a client at the tennis club and visiting Mike’s grandmother.

The woman hadn’t been thrilled at the idea of her grandson dating: a) a guy, b) who was ten years older, c) and who also happened to be his boss. But she had made it clear that she was very grateful to him for giving Mike a chance at a worthy life and making him shine like he was supposed to. He would have to work hard to win her over but he had considered it a solid step ahead when she had told him to call her ‘Edith’ by the end of their visit.

His thoughts got cut abruptly when Mike grabbed his face and kissed him out of nowhere. He tasted like syrup, apple juice, and yogurt. He smelled like relief, contentment, and hope. And, he looked like… he just looked lovely. The best part was that all of it was his now. It could have gone to the paralegal but thankfully it had come to him. With a sudden rush of possessiveness, he gripped his boy’s arms and kissed him harder. These emotions were rather new to him but with Mike, everything was just a little bit easier.

“If you do that one more time, I’m going to have you for breakfast instead.” Harvey returned to his salad and pancakes while Mike lazily giggled against his shoulder. He couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a threat or a seduction. What he could tell was that it wasn’t an empty statement. Harvey would most certainly follow through. So he busied himself with his own breakfast and when Harvey had one piece of pancake left, he dropped Harvey’s knife to the floor and climbed onto his lap.

“I warned you, puppy.” Harvey’s tone was calm as he put down his fork.

“Yes, you did.” Mike put his hands on Harvey’s shoulders and looked into his eyes. He would never get tired of wandering around in those beautiful eyes. “I see that you have one bite left.” His tone was challenging as he pointed towards Harvey’s plate with his chin.

Harvey fixed his boy with a look that said ‘You brought this on yourself’ before claiming his lips and lifting him onto the table. Mike let out a moan full of anticipation and tried to get out of his boxers without breaking the kiss. Harvey thought that it should look hilarious but he found Mike’s eagerness hot and adorable. When the boy whimpered in frustration, he gave him a hand and fixed the situation.

“Harvey…” Mike panted and let Harvey undo the two buttons of his –well, Harvey’s- shirt. Since Harvey seemed to have no intention of pushing the shirt off his shoulders, he kept it on and lay back.

“I like my breakfast warm.” Harvey announced, making Mike think ‘Who doesn’t?’. But he didn’t get to say it out loud since Harvey took his time thoroughly sweeping every bit of skin on his torso. He didn’t know if Harvey was warming him up or checking if he was warm enough to eat. All kinds of sounds spilled from his lips, but he knew that Harvey liked him responsive so he tried not to be embarrassed.

Harvey took his hands off Mike and grabbed his mug. He made sure that his mouth was as hot as possible before leaning down and swallowing his boy.

“Harvey!!” Mike let out a startled sound even though he had seen him drink his coffee. It was definitely not the first blowjob from his boyfriend but the warm liquid made it feel different. His hands were in Harvey’s hair, fingers gliding over his scalp. His hips kept moving of their own accords to get himself deeper inside Harvey’s mouth. He was willing to offer himself as the last bite of Harvey’s breakfast every morning if this was how the man treated his meal.

But just when he thought that he could predict Harvey’s next move, he saw him reach for the apple juice. An embarrassingly loud moan left him even before Harvey was back on him. His arms knocked over cups and plates but his boyfriend didn’t budge. Harvey’s mouth was now cold and the sudden change of temperature was doing wonders for his body.

“I’m glad it’s me…” Mike shivered when Harvey’s hands left his hips and started moving up and down his thighs. He was still incredibly relieved that Kyle hadn’t gotten anywhere near this man. He didn’t want Harvey to pay this much attention to anyone else. There was nothing more arousing and fulfilling than to be at the center of his attention.

“Why would it be anyone else?” Harvey rinsed his mouth with coffee and went back down. The coffee should be hotter and the juice colder, but Mike was reacting beautifully and he couldn’t be bothered to leave his boy. He didn’t give Mike a rhythm to get used to. He blew him harder while he switched faster between beverages.

Mike couldn’t help but arch his back and kick the back of Harvey’s chair. He also swept whatever was left on the table with his arms. His limbs were out of control and he was being impossibly loud. It was only then that he realized he had made a mess out of the coffee and juice. He closed his eyes and whined through his nose. He was such a mood killer.

“It’s fine, Mike. There wasn’t much left anyway.” Harvey soothed him by running his hands along his sides. “I have other ways to finish my meal.”

Mike opened his eyes and nodded. He needed a little more push to give Harvey what he wanted.

“There’s something I need to know.” Harvey murmured while he pressed kisses to Mike’s thighs.

“Anything, Harvey. Anything.” Mike spread his legs wider. The back of his left leg was getting sticky with juice and syrup but it only made things hotter.

“What did you dream about that day in my office? On my couch.” Harvey started leaving love bites on the softest parts of Mike’s thighs as he moved his hands down to the taut calves.

Mike squeezed his eyes shut. Why would Harvey want to talk about that embarrassing day? Especially now? “I dreamed about you.”

Harvey snorted and bit a little harder than necessary. “Of course you did. I want specifics, Mike.”

“Uh, you were dressed like Batman… and it was a game show with a lot of people watching…” Mike wanted to die. He could only hope that Harvey would find it amusing and have mercy on him.

“A game show, huh? How did I win and what I did win? ‘Cause I would’ve obviously won.” Harvey kissed Mike’s knees for encouragement before guiding him to bend his legs and put his feet on the table.

Mike felt horribly exposed with this new position but he focused on Harvey caressing his ankles. “You won me and… you beat another player by making me come.”

Harvey chuckled at how fast Mike’s body turned red. “You naughty boy.”

“Hey! It was a silly dream, okay? It’s not like I had any control over it.”

“Let me guess. Was the other player a woman?” Harvey squeezed Mike’s ankles and swallowed him again. Dream or not, he didn’t want the paralegal anywhere near his boy.

Mike whimpered before getting his voice back. “You really need to quit asking questions you already know the answer to. A smug man can look attractive for only so… oh god…” He bit his lower lip as Harvey’s tongue expertly worked on him.

“Look at how coherent you still are. You’re going to tell me exactly how I won you.”

A sound of protest left Mike’s lips but he knew that Harvey would eventually get the information out of him.

“Tell me what I did. Did I lick you from head to toe?” Harvey had already done that on their first night together but he was willing to do it all over again.

“Something like that…” Mike felt Harvey tug him closer to the edge of the table as his tongue swept every part of his stomach.

“Give me details, puppy. What did you like the most?”

Mike somehow managed to think despite Harvey fondling his balls. “Mouth! Mouth… kiss…”

Harvey got the message and stood up to lean over his boyfriend. He was glad that they were on the same page. As much as he enjoyed kissing other parts of Mike, nothing was better than kissing his lips.

Mike’s arms flew around his man’s neck. It was quickly becoming an instinctive reaction. As Harvey kissed him with renewed passion, he wrapped his legs tightly around Harvey’s waist. He didn’t care if that wasn’t what had happened in the dream. Harvey was better than any fantasy and this was hotter than anything he could possibly dream of. His world was currently reduced to one man, and yet he didn’t feel isolated or suffocated.

“Love you, Mike.” Harvey couldn’t resist the urge to whisper those words in Mike’s ear. He had made it a habit to tell him every single day but it turned out that he didn’t need much resolution for the task; he always ended up saying it several times a day.

“Love you back.” Mike declared as he thrust his hips up. “I think I’ve always loved you… and I don’t think I could love anyone else now.”

Harvey grinned at Mike’s honesty as he rolled his hips in sync. This was a perfect start to their weeklong vacation. “You know how far I’m willing to go to get you. So no more paralegals.”

“No more Kyles.”

“There never were any Kyles.”

“I get all the watches.”


“And, all the tennis and dumbbell lessons.”


“You only wear Lycra for me.”

“I’m never wearing that again but I could be persuaded.” Harvey kissed his boy hard before settling down on his seat.

“Oh, Harvey…” Mike panted as he felt close to completion.

Harvey took Mike in his mouth again and sucked mercilessly. Mike was flailing his limbs and gasping as if his heart was going to stop but he held him down and kept on sucking. When Mike gripped his hair and let out a desperate moan, he took a deep breath through his nose and drank everything that Mike had to offer.

“Come on, Mike. Join me in the shower.” Harvey licked his lips and stood up. Mike tasted great. “I’ll get the water running.”

He drank in the sight of his boy utterly undone on his breakfast table. He could eat him all day long but he wanted Mike to take enough time to process the changes in his private life. That was one of the main reasons why he had brought Mike with him when they had only gone out together for a week.

“I don’t think I can walk, Harvey.” Mike blushed as he felt Harvey’s eyes all over his body.

“It’s nothing we haven’t done before. And, if I can walk, you can walk.” Harvey didn’t need to point at his underwear.

“I know. But I really don’t think I can.” Mike sat up and moved his legs only to have them twitching. “Maybe my body knows it’s on vacation?” He opened his arms with a hopeful look on his face.

With a sigh, Harvey lifted his boy and threw him over his shoulder. He was too sexually frustrated to carry him any other way. Mike gave a yelp but soon proceeded to giggle.

“I think someone’s enjoying this a little too much.” Harvey’s tone wasn’t really accusing.

“Don’t worry. I’m enjoying it too.” Mike said cheekily before earning a slap on his ass.


Harvey was standing outside the front door, looking out to the sea as he waited for Mike to join him on his walk. It was still early in the morning so there were very few people strolling along the beach. Mike had wanted to borrow one of his shirts again and was apparently taking a lot of time choosing one.

‘Understandably so.’ He nodded as he thought about all the fine shirts that he owned. He was pleased that Mike liked to wear his clothes. As a possessive bastard (those were Mike’s words when he had signed his ass), he relished seeing the boy wrapped in something that belonged to him.

“Harvey! Forgive me for taking so long.” Mike threw himself in Harvey’s arms and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re forgiven.” Harvey kissed him on the hair that was still moist from the shower. He held out his hand and smiled when Mike took it. It was Mike who liked holding hands but it was growing on him too.

Mike laughed happily as he held Harvey’s hand tighter and walked next to him. Harvey knew how to express his feelings for him in surprisingly many different ways, but his favorite method was through his hands. Harvey had slightly bigger hands than his that were warm and strong. He didn’t even try to fight the urge to hold up their joined hands and press his lips on the back of Harvey’s hand. It was difficult to contain his love for him now that he was allowed to show it.

Harvey looked at Mike who had wonder in his eyes. The wonder was purely for him. How did the kid manage to keep everything down his throat for so long? The amount and intensity of emotions that Mike was displaying weren’t something that could have developed in a week. Mike had been denying himself all of this just so that he could play house with some random woman. His eyes slid down to Mike’s wrist. He was wearing the watch that he had given him and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Your watch was on the nightstand so I put on mine. Someone has to know the time.” Mike felt like explaining. He didn’t want Harvey to think that he was obsessed with the watch even if he were.

“Smart puppy.” Harvey wrapped an arm around Mike’s shoulders and felt Mike’s arms hook around his waist. They actually didn’t need to know the time in the conventional sense. They only needed to know when it was time to switch to another way of sharing their love.

Mike closed his eyes and leaned on his boyfriend. He had always liked sand and the sunlight was just warm enough on their skin to feel like blessing. Now that he was with Harvey, it didn’t seem too difficult to walk in the sand. He wasn’t in the desert anymore. He had made it out of the harsh land and Harvey was the one who had guided him to a safe place.

Mike opened his eyes when he felt water on his feet. He looked down where small waves were tickling his ankles. They were in the water, standing side by side just like they used to do in front of the windows in Harvey’s office. It was one of Mike’s favorite activities at work. He relished the image of the two of them looking down at the world, eager and confident to take it as they pleased. The only difference from then was that they were now looking out to the endless horizon. There was no limit ahead of them. There was nothing to stop their journey together.



When there was no question headed his way, Harvey turned his attention from the sea to his boyfriend. The blue eyes were layered with fear and worry so he took Mike into his arms and hugged him tight. Mike had been on an emotional rollercoaster for weeks. All he could do was provide a safety net and make sure that he didn’t get hurt.

“This is too good to last. But god, I love you so much.” Mike’s voice was barely louder than a whisper. He didn’t want to sound weak but such intense happiness frightened him. It wasn’t something that he had experienced before and he didn’t want to think about what would happen if they ever lost each other.

“It can last and it will last. It’s a challenging case we’re going to win together.” Harvey hoped that fifteen years of lawyering was enough to make him sound confident. Mike wasn’t the only one who was terrified of what lay ahead of them but he didn’t need the boy to freak out even more.

Harvey walked out of the water before tackling Mike to the sand and falling on top of him. He wanted him to stop thinking. He briefly wondered if this was one of the special aspects of dating a genius.

“You’re much heavier than you think.” Mike squeaked but wrapped his arms firmly around Harvey’s torso. He had Harvey exactly where he wanted.

“All the romantic things you say.” Harvey kissed the pretty forehead and moved onto the nose. He could see that Mike was waiting for a kiss on the lips but he skipped the mouth and headed towards the chin.

“I hate to tell you, Harvey, but you suck at geography. You missed a spot.” Mike licked his lips in anticipation.

“Now did I?” Harvey smirked and leaned towards Mike’s lips, only to pull back at the last moment.

“Don’t tease me like that! My patience gets very low when I’m on vacation!” Mike put his wrestling skills to use and rolled them over. Now he could kiss his man as much as he wanted to.

Harvey stayed pliant and let his boy take his mouth in any way that he wished. Mike seemed to be too busy figuring out new ways to kiss him to worry about their future. He gave some encouraging moans and ran his hands all over Mike’s back. Mike pressed himself even closer to him and took his breath away.

“Done with me?” Harvey asked playfully as he tried to catch his breath.

“For now, yeah.” Mike rolled off his boyfriend and lay on the sand. The infinite sky was all that he could see.

“I know what’s going through your mind.” Harvey searched for Mike’s hand as he kept his eyes on the sky.

“You always do.” Mike chuckled as he intertwined their fingers. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” There were no words to express how relieved he was that Harvey had read his mind and had decided to fight for him. Even when he had pushed him away with everything he had, he hadn’t given up on him.

Unlike with Rachel, he didn’t feel like he was walking on eggshells with Harvey. It wasn’t just because there was no third player in play. Everything seemed just a little more natural with him. While he wanted to be his best for him, Harvey already knew his worst. The right combination of freshness and familiarity kept things exciting and comforting.

He appreciated all the new things that he had learned about Harvey; how he knew how to play the saxophone thanks to his father, how he was obsessed with the dimples on top of his ass, and how he seemed to be scared of the panda painting in his apartment. “Ahahaha…”

“Care to share what’s so hilarious?” Harvey raised his perfect eyebrow. “I was trying to make you feel better but there’s apparently no need. But then, acting like a giggly mess might be a sign of some very disturbing conditions.”

“All the romantic things you say.” Mike swatted him on the arm with his free hand. His heart pounded hard at the sound of Harvey laughing into the fresh air. He felt like that sound could chase away all the darkness inside him and if this wasn’t hopelessly falling in love, he didn’t know what was.

“Do you remember the letter I wrote you?” Harvey’s voice was tender.

“Of course! You know I can’t forget a single word even if I wanted to. Not that I’d ever want to! You signed it with love.” Mike smiled and squeezed Harvey’s hand.

“Well, then I don’t have to remind you that the sky never falls, Mike. It’s going to pour rain and bring thunder but it’s never going to fall on your head.”

Mike stared at the sky before turning his head to the man who was lying next to him. He had often associated the sky with Harvey but the comparison had never made more sense than at this very moment. They were going to have their share of difficulties like any other couple, but in the end Harvey was going to keep him safe and warm like a blanket full of stars.

“I trust you.” That was the most he could offer; the ultimate trust. If Harvey said that they were going to be okay, they were going to be okay. He watched as Harvey slowly turned to his side and cupped his face in his hands.

“I know you do.” Harvey caressed Mike’s cheek with the back of his hand. “I trust you too.”

Mike blinked a few times. “Even after everything I did? I almost lost you!”

“Even after everything you did. I trust you to trust me when it really matters.”

As narcissistic as that sounded, Mike did prefer trusting Harvey’s judgment to his own for now. So he nodded firmly and kissed his very own sky. Nobody could convince him that life could get better than this. For once, he felt like everything was in place. Harvey was his to kiss and his to love. And, he was going to work damn hard to keep things that way.