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James and Henry Go to the Movies: An APTCH Ficlet

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James was surprised that Henry had invited two women along to the matinee, but as soon as he was introduced to the redheaded Daphne and the petite, brunette Grace, he understood. They were under no illusions about the purpose of the invitation. They were trusted friends who not only knew of Henry’s nature but shared it.

Sitting between the two women, James felt himself relax. Anyone would think they were just two blokes on a double date. Then Henry switched places with Daphne so he could sit beside James. He placed a hand over his lover’s and James looked at him in alarm. “It’s okay, no one can see,” Henry assured him. James breathed deeply. He would allow himself these moments of happiness, this normalcy. They were just a couple watching a film, after all. What was wrong with that?

A few minutes into the movie, however, Henry moved his hand to James’ muscular thigh, giving it a brief squeeze before sliding up to cradle his crotch. Surprised, James gasped, causing Grace to look over.

She caught his eye and smiled widely. “Go ahead,” she whispered. “I won’t tell.”

Henry was staring straight ahead at the screen, but his hand was inching up, over James’ chocolate- brown wool trousers, to his belt buckle. As he loosened it, James’ eyes darted frantically around the cinema. No one was behind them because they were sitting at the back, and none of the patrons in front were turned around. Perhaps it would be all right. Grace was sneaking glances, though, and James was embarrassed. He put a hand over Henry’s. “Stop!” he hissed.

Henry looked at Grace, who smiled back. “She doesn’t care. Don’t worry about it.”

Grace leaned forward and craned her neck to look at Daphne. In response, Daphne slid her right hand up under her skirt.

Henry breathed in James’ ear. “See? Let them do their thing, and we’ll do ours.”

“In public??”

“Ssshhh.” The warm hand slid down James’ belly, under his cotton boxer shorts, and curled gently around his stiffening cock.

James closed his eyes, but opened them again when he heard a rustling beside him. Grace had her hand under the waistband of her skirt. She was leaning forward, gazing at Daphne, whose own hand was working busily. Grace licked her lips.

“Henry, please!” he whispered, but the hand kept moving, faster and faster, and he couldn’t bring himself to remove it. He was hard as a rock now, and his breath was coming in pants. Henry definitely knew how to get the job done. “Wait, stop! I can’t just--”

Sighing, Henry paused to undo James’ trousers a little more, and carefully folded his shirttails up. “There,” he said. James’ cock was peeking up at him in the dim, flickering light. He desperately wanted to lick it, but not even he would venture that far. Instead, Henry covered it again with his hand.

James was torn between mortification and ecstasy. This had to be the most shameful thing he’d ever done, he thought—not just a homosexual act, but in public, and in view of two at least outwardly respectable women. So why did it feel extra good? A thrill of excitement ran up his spine as Henry stroked him. He risked a look at Grace, who was still watching Daphne. Then he closed his eyes, blocking everything out but the sensations running through his body. He jerked slightly in his seat as he came, opening his eyes to see Henry’s face smiling at him. The beautiful and daring man who had done this to him then handed James a serviette. He wiped the mess off his stomach quickly, dropped the paper to the floor, and refastened his pants.

Beside him, Grace was making tiny mewling noises like a kitten, the suspicious bump under the fabric of her skirt moving back and forth with increasing force. James turned his head to the left and saw Daphne gazing rapturously at her girlfriend. Grace let out a small moan as she finished, and he looked up sharply. A man was coming up the aisle toward them! In a panic, James grabbed the jacket from behind Henry’s head and threw it over Grace’s lap. The man walked past and out into the lobby without so much as a glance in their direction. “Thanks,” Grace told him, removing her hand and passing the jacket back. James looked at it as though her touch may have soiled it, but handed it to Henry with no comment. Henry was chuckling softly.

James leaned over to his ear. “You three are unbelievable!”

“You enjoyed it though, didn’t you?” Henry grinned. “My turn.”