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Today’s afternoon was just like yesterday's afternoon. There weren’t many emergency patients coming in.

  Once in a while, the hospital was packed, and the ER room was the busiest room among all.

  For Seokjin, he was very used to it as he had been trained in SungWon Hospital since he was in year 4 in SungWon medical university to become a doctor. There were days that Seokjin stood for 12 hours straight.

  Thank god it was Friday, and there weren’t many patients that needed to be treated. There were only a few injured from bike falling that just needed a nurse to treat them.

  Seokjin took his time drinking Iced Chocolate, and eating his strawberry donuts. There wasn’t much interesting news for today, except the one about some beauty competition.

  As he was about to pick his third donut, one of the ER nurses came banging through the door, asking for his presence in the ER room.

  “Doc, a patient just arrived. Fell from the first floor, might fracture his legs.”

  Seokjin nodded, thanking the nurse before he packed his food away and followed the nurse to one of the emergency rooms.

  Inside, Jimin, one of the nurses and his best friend, was already asking the patient's friends (he assumed since the two looked at the almost unconscious man with eyes full of worries.) He would be too, if his friend was to groan in pain, and his left leg looked weird.

  “What happened to him?” Seokjin asked Jimin once he was close. He greeted the patient’s friends before turning to Jimin.

  “I think he broke his wrists as well as his left shin, from his friends’ telling.”

  Seokjin walked closer to inspect the man. The first thing Seokjin noticed about him wasn’t his swollen wrist, but his ripped shirt.

  “You said he fell from the first floor of his apartment, correct?”

  “Yes doc. He slipped on the spilled water he forgot to wipe dry.”

  “I think it wasn’t only his wrist. There are a few dark purple and red spots on his chest.” Seokjin quickly put on his stethoscope to listen to the patient’s breathing and heart. He pressed the stethoscope to one of the red spots softly. The patient groaned faintly, brows frowning from the pain.

  “His heart and breathing aren’t unusual. According to my check, the blood might clot around here due to hard impact when falling down. Also, it seems like his leg would need to wear the case in order to heal faster.”

  “How long until he could stand up again?” The brown hair kid asked.

  “I apologize I couldn’t give you the specific answer, but Dr. Kang, the orthopedist, would check on him because from the look, it’s not mild at all.” Seokjin answered kindly. The patient looked like he was about to faint for real after Seokjin answered truthfully.

  Seokjin then turned to Jimin to ask him to go and get Daesung to check on the patient.

  “Please don't worry. He will be as good as new after the treatment.”

  “I couldn’t help, doc.” The black hair guy said, sighing heavily. “This is not the first time he injures himself until he needs to be sent to the hospital.”

  Seokjin smiled with sympathy. It sounded as if the patient was a very clumsy person.

  While waiting for Jimin and Daesung to come, Seokjin checked the patient’s chart Jimin had written.

  According to the chart, his legal name was Kim Namjoon. He had Kim Taehyung and Min Yoongi as his emergency contacts. And that he was a frequent visitor to their hospital.

  Apparently, last week, he accidentally cut his own finger while helping his friends cook.

  Seokjin shook his head slightly, thinking this person was very clumsy. Whoever was his soulmate might get a heart attack every time he wounded himself.

  Seeing that Jimin hadn’t arrived back yet, Seokjin invited the two friends to sit on the visitors’ chairs. He then walked back to the bed to check the patient’s blood pressure and heart monitor.

  It seemed like the pain subsided as the patient could open his eyes, albeit not wide as normal. Seokjin stepped aside to give the patient and his friends privacy.

  After ten minutes passed and Jimin still hadn’t came back yet, Seokjin asked to check the guy's wrist as he saw it was very swollen and there was a long cut on it too. How Namjoon got a long cut just from falling down the staircase really made Seokjin curious. Maybe the stairs' edges were sharp?

  “Excuse me, sirs. Since Doc Kang isn’t here yet, may I check his wrist as I notice he got a deep cut on it?”

  “Of course, doc. And please don’t call me sir. I’m only 25, and my name is Taehyung. This is my boyfriend, my soulmate, Jungkook.” The brown hair guy-Taehyung- introduced himself.

  “Ahhh, nice to know your name, Taehyung. I’m Doc Kim, Kim Seokjin.”

  After names were exchanged, Taehyung and Jungkook stepped another way to give Seokjin a little space to check on Namjoon.

  Just as he was about to talk to Namjoon and asked for permission to check his wrist, Doc Kang came in.

  Seokjin, as well as Taehyung and Jungkook, greeted Doc Kang. Doc Kang greeted them back, before asking Soekjin about the patient.

  Seokjin told him about the inspection he had earlier, and that he suspected Namjoon might break his left shin, and wrist according to the purpled spots and swollen signs. Also, the bruises on his chest area.

  Doc Kang first checked the guy’s leg. Turns out Seokjin was right. He broke his leg’s bone snapped in two, and might need to wear the cast for a month in order to heal completely faster. As for his wrist, thankfully, he didn’t break it but still needed to wear a cast to prevent movement that could cause it to be broken.

  “Alright, Doc Kim, Please help with his open wound on his wrist before sending to the CT scan room. I want to see if there were any bones broken beside his shin. I suspected a few bones under his heart are needed to be treated too.”

  “Yes, Doc.”

  Doctor Kang bid them all good bye. After he left, Seokjin asked Jimin to fetch him necessary items to fix the injury.

  While they waited for Jimin to go and fetch the items, Taehyung and Jungkook started asking questions. It started with Taehyung asking if Namjoon would die from the internal bleeding caused from bones breaking under his heart if there were any, and Jungkook tearfully begged Seokjin to help Namjoon.

  Seokjin assured them to not worry as the specialist would help him, just in time Jimin carried bags of necessary items back.

  Seokjin thanked Jimin, who then took on a task to calm Namjoon's friends down when they heard Namjoon whimpering softly.

  “Please don’t worry. He would be fine. He’s in the best hands.” Seokjin said, before he asked Namjoon. “Namjoon-ssi, is it alright for me to hold your wrist? I need to clean it before bandaging your wrist up.”

  “Doc Angel, would it be less hurt after you hold my wrist?”

  The whole room turned into a crackling sound, before Taehyung started laughing.

  “Oh my god, that was smooth as fuck.”

  “Okiee, now I know he won’t be dead if he could flirt like this.” Jungkook giggled. So did Jimin, but because he spotted Seokjin’s red ear.

  Seokjin didn’t respond though because he knew he would definitely flirt back, then his job would be at risk. He hadn’t met his soulmate yet, Christ’s sake, he needed to earn money so he could travel and one day, hopefully he would meet his soulmate who potentially could be at where he traveled too.

  Seokjin slowly grabbed Namjoon’s wrist. Immediately, megawatt of power ran inside their body, and one thin but strong red string visually appeared before the two newfound soulmates’ eyes, wrapping itself around their wrist tightly and surely.

  In the distance, he heard multiple shocked gasps, but he couldn’t focus on that now. His eyes were on his and Namjoon’s shared red string and his palm that was clued on his soulmate’s wrist.

  It was like the shock in finding Seokjin, finally finding his soulmate, was all Namjoon needed to have his energy charged because he quickly got up, which then whined in pain before flopping back down on the bed.

  Seokjin was quick to catch Namjoon, and helped him lay back down.

  “N-nice to meet you, Soulmate.” Namjoon mumbled shockingly before he passed out.

  Seokjin too would have passed out on the floor, if not for Jimin and the other two ran to catch him.

  When Namjoon became aware of his surroundings again, he noticed Jungkook was sitting close by.

  “Kook.” Namjoon called softly. 

  Hearing his call, Jungkook put his phone down, and looked at Namjoon worriedly.

  “You are good?”

  “Kook, I have a weird dream that I will finally met my Soulmate.”

  “Hyung... I think....”

  The door pushed open before Jungkook could finish. Seokjin walked in with Taehyung, with bags of snacks and drinks.

  “Ohhh, look there, Jin hyung. Your soulmate is finally awake.” Taehyung cheerfully said before he walked in to hug Jungkook.

  Namjoon stared at the man, Jin hyung, mouth gasping openly. So the Angel he thought he had a dream of being his soulmate was a real person.

  And Namjoon looked at him fondly.

  “How are you feeling?”

  “You’re real?”

  Seokjin chuckled at the question. “Of course I am. Do you want to hold hands?”

  The doctor offered his hand shyly towards Namjoon. The hand that had a red string wrapped around its wrist connected to Namjoon. He was caught off guard by Namjoon quickly intertwining their fingers together, eyes admiring their red string of fate.

  “You are really real. Oh my god, I finally found my soulmate after 27 years of being alone.”

  Seokjin giggled at the younger. “It looks like my soulmate is younger than me.”

  “Hmmmm...” Namjoon said dreamily as he stared at their hands together. Then he remembered Seokjin was still standing, so he pulled the guy to sit on the edge of the bed. “Your hand is very soft.”

  Seokjin laughed shyly at the compliment. He then asked about his soulmate’s health.“How are you feeling now?”

  The CT scan showed he only broke his shin, and anything else wasn't as serious. All Namjoon needed to do was stay safe, and tried not to do heavy work.

  “Not bad. I think the endorphin of meeting my soulmate helps heal the wound.” Namjoon answered cutely, making Seokjin bite his lips to not lean down and kiss his forehead.

  But with Namjoon staring at him like he held millions of stars, Seokjin couldn’t help but did just that. Kissed his soulmate’s forehead.

  “How about now?” Seokjin asked the dazed Namjoon.

  “Never better.” 

  Seokjin was about to ask to check the wound and his wrist once again, but the room’s door busted open again, coming in was an angry looking guy. He looked small, but the energy surrounding him could kill.

  “Joon, what the fuck? I told you to always be careful and mindful of your surroundings.” The guy looked heavily agitated. Maybe Namjoon always made him feel scared for the younger life. 

  Namjoon looked at the guys, a bit scared and apologetic.

  “Oh my god, Joon. Why are you holding the doc hand? Oh my.”

  The guy came to pull their hands away before bowing 90 degrees at Seokjin.

  “I’m so sorry doc. Maybe the medicine still made him delirious. Please don’t sue him over this.”

  The guy apologized profusely. He hadn’t noticed the red string yet. To which only when Seokjin grabbed his shoulders did he stop.

  “Hey, you don’t have to worry about it. What kind of soulmate am I to sue my soulmate for just holding my hand?”

  The guy gasped at Seokjin, a bit more loudly than Seokjin thought a man could make.


  The guy looked at their wrists and red string, before screaming loudly. “Oh my god. I won’t be worry at night of you dying alone without no one knowing anymore.”

  “Yoongi hyung, stop it.” Namjoon whined embarrassingly. “I can look after myself.”

  “Yeah? And landed yourself here again after only like what? a week apart from the last time?”

  “Hyung, please stop embarrassing me. You’re making me look like an idiot in front of Jin hyung.”

  At the mention of Seokjin, Yoongi turned to face the said guy. He bowed politely. He seemed less angry, and became nicer now. “I’m so sorry, if I came out rude. I was just worried about this idiot.”

  “No no, it’s okay. I’m glad Namjoonie has someone like you to watch out  for him.” Seokjin said, hand patting Yoongi's shoulder.

  Behind their back, Namjoon mumbled dreamily at Seokjin calling him with cute name.

  Yoongi ignored him though. He extended his hand.

  “Nice to meet you, Namjoon’s soulmate. I’m Min Yoongi. One year Namjoon’s senior, and his best friend since we were 5.”

  “Nice to meet you too, Yoongi-ssi. I’m Kim Seokjin, and it’s good to meet Namjoonie’s best friend.”

  “You can call me Yoongi though. But what could I call you?” Yoongi asked. Seokjin looked young, but beauty could be very deceiving.

  “Jin or Seokjin, or hyung. Since I’m a 92 liner.”

  “Ahhh Jin hyung then.” And he was right. Seokjin didn’t look his age at all.

  They exchanged a few more words before someone, again, busted inside the room. This time, the man looked as if he had just seen a ghost or something. He ran inside to grab Yoongi’s wrist, to which Seokjin noticed a red string connected them together.

  “Yoongi, holy fuck. You wouldn’t believe this.” That man pulled Yoongi away, not even acknowledging Namjoon or Seokjin.

  “Ohh, who was that?” Seokjin looked at the door dumbly.

  “Hoseok, or Hobi, my other best friend and Yoongi’s hyung soulmate.”

  “Wow, you have a lot of handsome friends.” Seokjin said, before turning to smile at Namjoon.

  “Do you think I’m handsome too?”

  “Of course, you are.” Seokjin caressed his cheeks. “I’m still wondering how could you hurt yourself so many times anyways?”

  “Well, first of all, I’m very clumsy.”

  “I could guess that.” They both laughed. “But from now on, I will help around you, alright? I can’t stand seeing my soulmate get hurt.”

  “I’m sorry, Jinnie hyung. Promise I will try to be very careful in the future.”

  Seokjin smiled at the determination in Namjoon’s eyes.


  Namjoon stayed at the hospital for a whole week. Seokjin would come to visit anytime he had free time, and brought him donuts.

  They had a lot of things to share, a lot of things to talk about in order to get to know each other better.

  Seokjin was very proud of his soulmate. Turns out, Namjoon was his favorite author “RM”. The emergency doctor almost passed out on the floor after his soulmate mentioned his job, if not for the fact that he was already cuddling Namjoon on the bed. He also learned Namjoon was an orphan. He worked his ass off to get to where he was. Seokjin cried as he listened to Namjoon’s childhood stories which turned out to be the base plot of You will never walk alone .

  “Please don’t cry, Jinnie. I’m alright now. I have the best friends in the world, and now an amazing soulmate I could ever ask for.”

  In return, Seokjin told him back to his parents. They both retired, and Seokjin's brother took over the family law firm. The reason he wanted to be a doctor was because he loved to help people in pain.

  “And just your luck, I’m the best at treating wounds.”


  During Namjoon’s stay, he noticed something unusual. Seokjin told him he had asked his head supervisor to put Jimin as Namjoon’s nurse. But Jimin would run away as soon as he saw either Yoongi or Hoseok come to visit the patient. Sometimes, Namjoon heard Taehyung begged the nurse about something.

  “I will ask Jimin about it. Everytime I remind him to make a round to your room, he always asks if Yoongi or Hoseok would be here.”

  “Do you think they have things before?” Namjoon asked his boyfriend. They were worried that complicated things would make their relationship a bit harder for them. Namjoon didn’t want Seokjin to feel bad in choosing between him or his best friend.

  “Nahhh, I think it must be something else. Maybe, Jimin used to punch Yoongi since sometimes Yoongi curses a lot and Jimin hates when people curse.”

  The two didn’t know the truth until Namjoon arrived back at his home. Seokjin moved in for two weeks to help the still-patient with his daily tasks.

  They couldn’t go out on date because of the circumstances, so all their six dates were all in-house, with Seokjin’s cooking and movies. Their bonds grew stronger day by day, making the couples couldn’t find words to put on what they were feeling now besides happiness, contentment and bliss..

  The day Namjoon took off the healing case, Seokjin and him decided to throw a celebration. Because Namjoon was finally healed, also to celebrate him moving in with Namjoon permanently.

  It had been a long talk between them. During Seokjin’s two weeks stay, their lives had never been better. It made sense as their bonds were settling in well, also because Namjoon couldn’t bear the thought of not hugging Seokjin all night after he knew how it felt to be inside Seokjin’s arms the whole night.

  The two decided not to tell their friends about it yet, more like Yoongi Hoseok and Jimin because they knew the Jimin would choose to avoid coming. Taehyung and Jungkook knew about their plans, so they volunteered to make sure Yoongi and Hoseok would arrive on time. Seokjin, too, begged Jimin to come visit him at his new “Boyfriend’s home” to just have a conversation.


  “Babe, what will you order for tonight?” Namjoon asked his boyfriend. Seokjin put down his phone to look back at his lover.

  Namjoon was feeling better now. This morning, he told Seokjin that he suddenly had amazing ideas and interesting plots for his upcoming new book. Thus,here he was inside his working room. With Seokjin sleeping on the couch to accompany him.

  “I was thinking of pizza, chicken, ice cream, sodas and beer; the classy you know.”

  “Hmm, great. I haven’t had pizza, in like, 10 years.”

  Seokjin rolled his eyes, before standing up to walk towards his boyfriend.  “Don’t be so dramatic. I didn’t let you have pizza because it was bad for your healing process.” Seokjin kissed his forehead.

  “I know.” Namjoon pouted, but then smiled. “Yeah, I think I don’t need pizza if I get to eat your amazing food everyday, for the rest of my life.”

  Seokjin chuckled at his sweet-talker soulmate. He lovingly bopped his nose.

  “Now, finish your plot. We have to shower and rearrange our living room.” Seokjin winked. “If you’re done with work now, maybe we can take a shower together.”

  Namjoon grinned, eyes shone with sinister light. “Can we do more than just shower?”

  “Well,” Seokjin stepped backward toward the door, away from Namjoon. He licked his lips. “How about you follow me there, and let's see what we can do?”

  Namjoon quickly jumped off his chair, pen throwing away before lifting Seokjin on his shoulder.

  “Yahh, your leg.”

  “Not a problem. We have something more important to do.”

  Seokjin laughed all the way to their bathroom.


  As expected, as soon as Jimin arrived, he almost ran out of the door the moment his eyes landed on Yoongi and Hoseok.

  Seokjin quickly grabbed his wrist.

  “Minnie, you are acting so suspicious. What happened between you three?”

  Jimin didn’t answer as he was trying to get away from Seokjin’s hold. To his horror, Seokjin pulled him towards the guest room and threw him inside. Yoongi and Hoseok followed him inside the room, eyes pleading for something Seokjin might be able to tell.

  “Sort things out please. The whole “running away” thing of yours is taking a huge toll on your health, Minnie. Hyungie doesn’t want you to be unhappy.”

  Seokjin pat his shoulders before turning to the other two.

  “If any of you make my best friend cry, I swear I will have your heads.”

  The two nodded, promised Seokjin that they wouldn’t make Jimin cry, and to resolve things in between the three of them today.


  “What are they talking about?” Namjoon asked once his lover sat down beside him. Seokjin glared at the couple before them for stealing chicken.

  “Yah, wait for all of us to gather first. You gonna ruin your appetite.” Seokjin scolded the two, who just made puppy eyes at him in return, before he turned to face Namjoon. “I don’t know either.” Seokjin shrugged. “I pushed Jimin inside so he would run away again, so the three can finally sort things out in between them.”

  Namjoon pulled him closer for a hug. He understood how it felt like to see your close friends got hurt. He had been there, done that to Yoongi (pushed him to talk to Hoseok; he was just being stupid about not deserve Hoseok) too.

  The two youngest soulmates stopped eating chicken, and turned to ask Seokjin. They suddenly looked serious, and scared.

  “You think Jiminnie will be alright?” Taehyung asked. His eyes told Seokjin he knew what was going on with the three.

  “Jimin is an adult. I believe he has his own reason to avoid the two, but it’s really draining his mental health. I just want them to sort things out.” The four nodded, agreeing with Seokjin.

  “I just wish he wouldn’t be too tight-lipped, and tell hyungs what was going inside his brain.” Jungkook sighed. He and Taehyung looked at each other and shook their heads.

  “You two seem like you know about what’s going on?”

  Before the two could reply, the three returned back from the guest room. It looked as if Jimin was crying before coming out. In fact, he was still sniffing softly.

  Seokjin immediately stood up to collect Jimin inside his arms.

  “What did you two do to Jimin?” Seokjin glared at them. Namjoon immediately stood beside his soulmate.

  “Wait... I feel like... wait, woah, Hoseok, don’t tell me he was the guy you dated before you meet Yoongi?”

  “Wait, you are the one who cheated on Jiminie?” Seokjin glared harder.

  Namjoon eyes were opened wider. “What the fuck? Hoseok? You cheated?”

  “Yah,” Yoongi kicked Namjoon’s leg, which immediately earned a loud groan from the man.

  Seokjin let go of Jimin to care for his hurt boyfriend.

  “Dude, my boyfriend has just recovered.” Seokjin said. Namjoon whined to get Seokjin’s attention.

  Yoongi sighed, “Sorry. It’s just so hard to hear that Hobi cheated, because he doesn’t and would never.”

  “Namjoon, I’m disappointed in you. You know me for so long, I wouldn’t have done that.” Hoseok looked at his best friend, a tad hurt from the serious accusation.

  “Sorry, man. Just can’t come up why you three ran away, more like Jimin ran away from each other.” Namjoon bit his lip, eyes looking down at his feet. He felt awful because he knew Hoseok as much as he knew of Yoongi.

  “Alright, let’s sit down first. I will explain everything.” Yoongi said, trying to cut the tension.


  Seokjin helped Namjoon back to the couch, while their guests sat on bean bags and on the floor.

  Yoongi immediately pulled Jimin to sit in between him and Hoseok. The second oldest quickly hugged Jimin, which made Seokjin even more curious.

  “Alright, so the thing is we are all soulmates.”


 Seokjin and Namjoon gasped. Taehyung and Jungkook just shook their heads.

  “What the hell?”

  “If so, why did Jimin always avoid you two?”

  “I thought I was the unwanted part. I mean, you could tell Hobi and Yoonie hyungs love each other so much. I didn’t want to ruin it.” Jimin tiredly explained. He had Hoseok holding from behind.

  “Which was stupid.” Taehyung rolled his eyes. “I told Minnie a million time that hyungs would love to have him in their lives, as their partner. He didn’t listen to my reasoning.”

  “Sorry, Tae. I know I was being unreasonable. I should have talked to them, but I was just afraid. I was afraid I would be unwanted by the person, well people, I have been waiting all of my life.” Jimin looked down at his nails.

  Seokjin could only sympathize as much.  He, too, was afraid his soulmate wouldn’t want him. Turned out, Namjoon very much wanted him, and loved him dearly.

  “It’s alright now. We are together.” Yoongi assured them, and they three held hands.

  “I’m glad you finally found your people, Jiminie.” Seokjin said before he clapped his hands. “Alright, now that the three are finally together, we MUST celebrate.”

  The crowd cheered before Jungkook distributed beer to everyone.

  “Cheer to Namjoon finally healed,me finally move in here permanently, and to Yoonminseok.” Seokjin screamed cheerfully.

  “To Namjoon, Seokjin, and Yoonminseok.” They all lifted their beer cans.

  That night was the night that their friendship’s bonds settled completely. Seokjin was glad to have more friends added into his used-to-be-silent life, especially someone caring and kind like Yoongi. Someone cheerful and lovable like Hoseok. A couple that brings them smiles like Taehyung and Jungkook. The bestest Bestie, Jiminie, who Seokjin could ever ask for. Moreover, Namjoon, his life line. He felt lovable and lucky.