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Wolfhook Heart

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“Hey Razor,” Bennett pants, chest heaving as he catches his breath after pulling away from a deep kiss. His lips are swollen and shiny with spit, his hair already messily and adorably ruffled. Bennett’s looking at Razor fondly, his eyes as soft and verdant as spring grass.

“I want to try something new, if you’d be okay with it,” Bennett says. He looks so enticing that his words take a few moments to register in Razor’s mind, as distracted as Razor is with appreciating the unparalleled sight that is his mate.

“You have an idea? Tell me,” Razor says. He wants to do nothing more than lean down and nip at Bennett’s collarbone and suck at the tender skin, but he forces himself to pay attention. He needs to show Bennett his due respect.

“Well, you know how you have Electro powers?” Bennett begins. Razor nods. “I like it when things hurt, so I got to thinking about what it would be like if you zapped me.” Razor must be making a strange face because Bennett darkly flushes and rushes to explain himself.

“Just a bit! Nothing like what you do in battle. I was thinking of little sparks. Not enough to do any significant damage, just enough to hurt a bit.”

Razor purses his lips, thinking hard about it. This wasn’t the first time that Bennett had come to him asking to try something new when they mated. He’d asked before to try out spanking, requesting blows to both his ass and to his pussy, and while Razor had initially been reluctant to intentionally hurt Bennett, he’d found that he’d enjoyed it much more than anticipated. The sweet cries that had fallen from Bennett’s lips, the lovely reddening of his skin, and more than anything else, the incredible degree of trust Bennett had shown Razor had been intoxicating. Spanking had become one of their favorite bedroom activities ever since.

This was so much more dangerous, though. There was a certain thrill in knowing that his mate had such complete confidence in him to raise the stakes like this, though at the same time, it was scary to think of the consequences should Razor’s abilities escape his control.

Bennett was looking at Razor, his eyes gleaming and hopeful. Razor’s mind flicked back to the memory of the first time he spanked Bennnett, how beautifully his mate had whimpered and moaned under his touch, and a pang of arousal shot down to his belly. He could give this a shot.

“We will try it,” Razor says. Bennett grins, his smile toothy and utterly charming. “But it will be very gentle, very soft. And if it goes bad, never again will we do it.”

“Okay! That sounds fair.” Bennett says, tugging off his clothing. Razor follows suit and soon their clothes are in messy piles on the floor.

Razor places two fingers on Bennett’s arm. “First, we figure out your limit. How strong is best. Okay?”

Bennett nods, and Razor sends the slightest jolt into him, just the barest whisper of electricity. Bennett doesn’t even react, and they sit in silence for nearly a minute, each waiting on the other.

“If you changed your mind, it’s okay,” Bennett says, thinking that Razor must’ve lost his nerve and didn’t want to do it any longer.

Razor blinks. “I already started.”

“Oh! Well, I didn’t feel it. Again, a bit harder.”

Razor complies, sending a slightly stronger jolt of electricity into Bennett. “There,” he says, looking up at his mate’s face to gauge his reaction.

Bennett shakes his head. “I still didn’t feel it.”

“Okay. Here, again,” Razor says, sending another jolt into him. It’s still incredibly weak, nowhere near enough to harm Bennett, but it’s notably stronger than the other two.

“Oh, I felt that one! A bit tingly. Kinda odd. Can we keep going?”

They keep testing like that, Razor sending gradually stronger jolts into his mate and Bennett giving him feedback. Bennett starts yelping cutely midway through, body tensing and then going slack at each shock. Eventually, just as Razor is beginning to wonder just how long this will go on for, Bennet groans at a jolt and tries to shake his arm from Razor’s grasp.

“That one, too much! Anything softer than that is good.”

“Okay,” Razor says, noting his mate’s instructions. He sweeps a hand over the expanse of Bennett’s chest. “I will start very gentle. I will touch you in places weaker than your arm. It will hurt more there. If you want harder, tell me. But we start soft and go up.”

Bennett nods. “Okay. Start whenever you’d like.”

Razor grasps at one of Bennett’s nipples, tugging on it lightly. He sends a small burst of electricity into the tender flesh, and Bennett gasps. It leaves Bennett’s nipple feeling tingly and sensitive, craving more attention. The sting of the jolt fades quickly and Bennett finds himself missing the painful ache.

“Good?” Razor asks, hand stilling.

“Very good,” Bennett says. “A bit soft, maybe. But good.”

Razor sends a stronger jolt into the nipple. Bennett twitches and moans softly in response, the sensation the perfect amount of pain that makes endorphins rush into his bloodstream. The reaction emboldens Razor, who keeps working at Bennett’s chest, using electricity to make the nipples sensitive and tingly and then leaning down to bite and suck on them. Bennett is keening beneath him, hands tangled in Razor’s hair as he cries out sweet “yeses” and words of encouragement. The burn of each jolt has Bennett arching his back and the bites to his nipples hurt deliciously. The soothing relief of Razor’s cool saliva on the sensitive nubs makes Bennett pant and sigh and crave the next warming bolt of electricity into his abused flesh.

Razor‘s hands trail lower, fingernails scraping over Bennett’s skin. Bennett’s cheeks are flushed with arousal, his teeth worrying his lower lip in anticipation, and he whimpers lowly when Razor’s palm comes to rest over the damp folds of his cunt. Razor teases at Bennett’s clit with his pointer and middle finger, rolling the sensitive bud between the digits. Bennett’s legs are trembling from the pleasure and all that manages to escape his mouth are ragged breaths and pleas for Razor to continue.

Brows knitted in concentration, Razor presses a small zing of electricity straight onto Bennett’s clit, sparks transferring from the pads of Razor’s fingertips into Bennett’s sensitive flesh. It’s the weakest amount of electricity Bennett said he was able to register, but he still jerks like he’s just been branded with a hot iron, then goes perfectly taut. Razor momentarily panics, thinking he’s carelessly hurt Bennett, but the low, wanton moan falling from Bennett’s lips reassures him that everything is fine.

“A little harder,” Bennett pleads, and Razor complies, sending an ever-so-slightly stronger jolt into Bennett’s clit. Bennett flings his head back and lets out a guttural moan that becomes high-pitched and needy towards the end, rocking his hips into Razor’s touch. Razor massages the clit beneath his fingertips, sending bursts of electricity into it intermittently, licking his lips as he watches Bennett lose his mind to the pleasure. Bennett’s back seems stuck in a permanent arch and his hands gripping the sheets so tightly his knuckles are white. His mouth is open, tongue lewdly lolling, and his eyes are nearly all whites, the irises looking like they’re going to roll back into his head from pleasure at any moment.

Razor brings his hand back and then hits Bennett’s cunt with an open-palm slap, the impact hitting both his folds and his clit. Bennett shrieks, tears prickling at the corner of his eyes as his orgasm hits him, his legs spasming violently from the overwhelming pleasure. Razor rubs his clit and presses kisses against Bennett’s forehead as his mate rides out his orgasm, only pulling away once Bennett goes boneless and slumps down on the bed, basking in the afterglow.

“That was amazing,” Bennett pants, smiling toothily up at Razor. It doesn’t escape his notice that Razor is half hard, his cock having stirred in interest from the delectable sight of seeing his mate lost in the throes of pleasure. Bennett leans over, one hand propped on the mattress to support himself and the other wrapping around Razor’s cock. He jerks Razor off, stroking the shaft and swiping his thumb over the sensitive slit to work Razor to full hardness. “You can enter me in a bit,” Bennett promises. “I just need a minute to rest.”

Rrrgh- sure,” Razor readily agrees, thrusting his hips into Bennett’s touch. It doesn’t take too long for Razor to grow fully hard and for a light sheen of sweat to form on his forehead, his skin glistening from the moisture just as much as his eyes glimmer with desire.

Having regained his energy, Bennett fully sits up and settles into Razor’s lap, one of his hands braced on Razor’s shoulder to help keep him balance while the other holds Razor’s dick in place and lines it up with the puffy lips of his cunt. Razor rests his hands on Bennett’s hips, lowly growling as Bennett sinks down onto his cock, marveling at the perfect, moist heat enveloping his cock. At the same time, Razor is patient, his hands merely resting on his skin and not pushing him downwards, allowing Bennett to take things at his own pace.

Hah,” Bennett pants once Razor’s fully sheathed inside of him. “Feels different. Different, but good,” he says, quickly clarifying to make sure Razor doesn’t misunderstand and grow worried. There’s a lingering tingliness and warmth from the electrostimulation in his nethers, and when he experimentally lifts his hips to rise up and sink down on Razor’s cock again, he finds that he’s so much more sensitive than usual. The drag of Razor’s cock against his inner walls somehow feels so much sharper and clearer, and Bennett gasps and trembles at the sensation.

Nnnngh,” Razor rumbles. The muscles of Bennett’s cunt are already pulsing and twitching around him, and he can’t help but agree that things feel different this time. “Different. Feels good.”

Bennett tries to take the lead, lifting himself up with his thighs and working himself on Razor’s cock, but it doesn’t take long for the pleasure to sap him of his strength. Each time Razor fills him up again, his generous girth stretching him and the head of his cock kissing the entrance to Bennett’s cervix, Bennett can feel the arousal in his gut coiling tighter and denser, making his body feel simultaneously heavier and like it’s made of clouds.

“Bennett,” Razor begins, having noticed that his mate has stilled completely. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Bennett pants. “More than okay, just a bit weak. Fuck me, please?”

Razor is all too happy to comply with the request, lifting Bennett up and pulling him down on his cock, his hips snapping up to meet him halfway. He licks and sucks on the sensitive skin of Bennett’s neck as he fucks into Bennett with the roughness and ferocity they both enjoy. Bennett cries out, his arms wrapped around Razor and his fingernails digging crescents into the skin of Razor’s back as Razor easily manhandles him and uses him like a toy. Bennett loves it. He’s always adored how easily Razor is able to take control of him, how he can lift him up with those bulging biceps and make Bennett feel so powerless and weak in his grasp, all while gazing at him reverently and showering Bennett with adoration and affection.

“Bennett,” Razor growls into Bennett’s ear, pausing to nip at his earlobe before speaking again. “My special Lupical. My mate. Mine,” he says, his cock stirring up Bennett’s insides and hitting against Bennett’s cervix with each thrust. Bennett is dripping with slick arousal, wet and eager around Razor, and in his haze of pleasure he starts babbling, his usual veil of shyness disappearing.

“Yours, y-yeah, I’m yours. Love you, love you so much, Razor. Love you love you love you-”

The words seem to flip a switch for Razor, his eyes swimming with affection and hunger as he lifts Bennett off of his cock and places him onto the bed. Bennett lets out a small moan of disappointment at the loss, but it’s soon replaced by delight as Razor pushes him down onto his back and hikes his legs up, forcing them up and pushing them back towards Bennett’s chest until his cunt and ass are lewdly on display. Razor tries to thrust back into Bennett’s cunt, though his cock is so slick from Bennett’s juices and his own precum that his first few attempts are failures and his shaft brushes right past Bennett’s hole and over his sensitive clit. Bennett lets out a small “guh” of annoyance and arousal and reaches down to grab Razor’s member and line it up with his entrance. With this guidance, it easily slips in.

Razor hammers into Bennett, the sound of skin slapping against skin and their moans filling the bedroom. Razor bends down and kisses Bennett, sucking on his lower lip before pushing his tongue inside and entwining it with Bennett’s own. Bennett moans and returns the kiss, his hands running over the muscular planes of Razor’s chest as he ruts into him.

Everything about Bennett is warm and inviting to Razor, from the way he clutches sweetly to Razor’s chest to how eagerly he’s returning the kiss, noises of delight rumbling in his throat as their tongues dance, but the most intoxicating of all is how Bennett’s cunt throbs and tries to suck him in deeper. Bennett’s body is so receptive to Razor, in fact, that on one particularly harsh thrust the mouth of his cervix gives way, the hot, tight core wrapping around the head of Razor’s cock as he pierces deeper into Bennett than he ever has before. Razor immediately stills, ignoring the screams of lust inside him that encourage him to carry on, sensing that something is different and potentially wrong.

Bennett’s pupils are practically nonexistent, tiny specks in the green sea of his eyes. He lets out a high-pitched whimper against Razor’s lips, the sensation of being filled so deeply and completely foreign and overwhelmingly pleasurable to him.

Razor,” he gasps, his voice thick with disbelief and lust, before careening hard into his orgasm, his cunt clenching down around Razor and wave after wave of mind-numbing pleasure rolls over him.

The sight and feeling of Bennett enjoying his own orgasm is enough for Razor to tip over the edge, thick ropes of white semen deposited directly into Bennett’s womb as the spasming cunt wrapped around Razor milks him of his release. Razor finds the world temporarily falling away for him, buoyant bliss replacing it. When he returns to his senses, he’s laying on top of Bennett, no doubt crushing him with his weight. But Bennett doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest and is instead looking up at him with a look of adoration and contention, as if there’s no place in the world he’d rather be. Razor’s heart suddenly feels tingly and itchy, as if wolfhook berries have sunk their burrs into it and are scratching at its surface.

Razor slowly pulls out, a lewd stream of semen following after his cock and dribbling out from Bennett’s entrance. Knowing that they’re too tired to bother with cleaning up properly for a bit, Razor pushes the thick cum back into Bennett with two fingers and then lies down next to Bennett.

“Good,” Razor succinctly says. Bennett hums in agreement. “Yes, good.”

Bennett cuddles up next to Razor, resting his head on his chest and pulling the blanket over them. “A lot happened, but we can figure out why it was so good later. For now, let’s sleep.”

“Hnnnn.” Razor tries to grunt in agreement, but it cutely morphs into a yawn halfway through. “Sleep well, my special Lupical.”

Bennett grins. “Sleep well, Razor. I love you.”