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it's like i'm weightless in your gravity (oh, i never thought i'd feel so free)

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Lena wanders out of the bedroom, naked except for her underwear and Kara's flannel. The delicate beams of early morning light shine in through the glass patio doors and onto the hardwood floors, highlighting the lazy motes of dust drifting aimlessly about.

She yawns and rubs the sleep from her eyes, shuffling about in the kitchen to pull out the coffee grinder, airtight can of coffee beans, and AeroPress. The quiet of the morning is briefly interrupted once by the rattle of coffee beans skittering into the grinder, and then again by the shrill buzz of the grinder itself.

Lena scoops the coffee grounds into the AeroPress and dispenses hot water from the hot water boiler before twisting the filter on and setting it aside to steep. As she waits, she grabs her Yeti coffee mug off the rack and pulls out the cream for Kara.

It's just as she's flipped the AeroPress and started plunging the coffee that warm arms wrap around her waist a second before the rest of a warm body fits up against her back.

She expects Kara to rock her hips into her ass like she usually does when she hugs her from behind like this, but what she doesn't expect is the gentle, soft nudge of something against her butt when she does it. It's not hard like a strap, nor is it particularly big, but it's there and unmistakable and frankly more than a little distracting as Lena finishes compressing the plunger of the AeroPress.

"Baby…?" she says, dropping her hands to the counter and sucking in a breath when Kara rolls her hips again.

"Hm?" Kara hums, sleepily nuzzling at the side of her neck and continuing to languidly rub up against her.

"Happy to see me?" Lena half-jokes, tilting her head to the side to give Kara more room.

"Always," comes Kara's earnest reply, only slightly muffled by the way she's brushing her lips against her skin.

Lena moans softly, reflexively, and reaches back with one hand to grip at Kara's hip, fingers stroking against her boxer briefs.

The sound prompts a jerkier buck of Kara's hips and Lena spins in the circle of her arms, glancing down at—

There's a bulge at the front of Kara's underwear.

Lena bites her lip, but doesn't quite manage to stifle her appreciative hum.

"Sorry," Kara's already mumbling, pink flush dusting high on her cheeks as she releases Lena and starts trying to cover herself. "Is this—"

"I like it," Lena interrupts, grabbing Kara's wrists and settling her hands back on her hips.

After a brief recalibrating pause, Kara lightly rubs her thumbs over her hip bones, head tilting inquisitively.

"You do?" she asks.

Lena lets her gaze fall again, licking her lips as she studies the way the packer fills out the front of Kara's boxer briefs, pulling the cotton tighter to stretch around the full weight of it. She drags her eyes away to admire the rest of her, taking in the tanned skin not covered by her loose white tee or gray boxer briefs, the firm muscles of her arms and thighs, the dusting of golden hair across her forearms and down her legs, her strong jaw and pretty lips, the adorable scar by her left eyebrow, her piercingly blue eyes and long blonde lashes.

Kara is made up of so many features that are both handsome and beautiful, both powerful and vulnerable, and as Lena finishes her appraisal with her gaze inevitably back on the front of Kara's briefs, she marvels at how the simple but brave addition of the soft cock nestled in her underwear seems to tie all of those complementary facets together.

She looks good. She looks more than good. And Lena more than likes what she sees.

She takes a half-step closer and reaches down to cup Kara's bulge, squeezing lightly and feeling a slow smirk spread across her face when Kara wheezes and presses into her hand.

"I love it," she amends, rubbing lightly over the swell of her packer. "And I love you."

Kara drops her head to her shoulder with a whine. "Yeah?" she asks in her shy voice, the one she uses when she doesn't quite feel brave enough to ask for something she wants.

Lena turns her head to kiss the side of Kara’s head.

"Yeah," she says, affection welling up in her chest, building and building as Kara slowly rocks into her exploring hand until it spills out of her on a breathless, "Can I show you?"

"Huh?" Kara asks, still lazily rutting against the palm of her hand.

"Can I show you how much I love you?" Lena says, lifting her hand away to slip her fingers just under the waistband of Kara's boxer briefs and stroke at the skin of her hips.

Kara shudders and huffs a warm breath against her neck, hands gripping tighter at her hips.

"Uh, yes? Please?" she manages.

Lena smiles and drops to her knees to nuzzle at Kara's bulge right there on the kitchen floor. It's not a sustainable position, but it's worth it a hundred times over just to hear Kara's breath catch.

"Is this okay?" she asks anyway, just to be sure. She looks up to meet Kara's wide-eyed stare and slides her hands up the back of her thighs, enjoying the way her leg hair brushes at her fingers.

"Mm, mhm. Yeah. Yep," Kara says, head bobbling. "Very okay."

Lena presses her smile against Kara's cock, smiling harder when Kara grips at her shoulders with a gasp.

"You like it when I'm on my knees for you," she states, not a question after all this time.


"And… this?" She opens her mouth and licks a messy, showy stripe over the soft curve of her packer.

Kara's eyes go glassy and her hips sway forward. It takes several moments for her to produce sound.

"Y-yeah. Fffuck," she finally grits out, pupils blown, fingers twisting into her hair, and what follows then is pure indulgence.

Lena pulls Kara closer by the hands on the back of her thighs, sliding them up to squeeze at her ass as she presses wet kiss after wet kiss to her flat stomach, tongue swirling over her hipbones and through the fuzz of her happy trail, teasing just over the waistband of her underwear as Kara lovingly runs her fingers through her hair. Every time she hits a particularly sensitive spot, Kara makes an imploring noise and her grip tightens in her hair, sending a direct spike of heat between Lena's legs.

By the time she finally moves past her waistband and mouths over her cock, pressing light kisses down the soft length through her boxer briefs, Kara's got both hands fisted in her hair as she subtly rubs up against her lips.

It's doing wild things to Lena's heart. And underwear.

"Can I—?" Her voice comes out hoarse and low and Kara's fingers twitch in her hair.

Lena swallows a few times to wet her throat—not hard with how much her mouth seems to be overproducing saliva currently—and brings a hand up to rest by the fly of Kara's boxer briefs.

"Can I put my mouth on you?" she tries again, voice still low, slipping her fingertips just inside the fly.

Kara nods quickly, chewing at her lip.

Lena carefully pulls her free of her briefs, marveling at how warm she is to the touch, at how soft and pretty and sexy she is, and leans in to kiss her shaft.

Heat curls heavy in her belly when she notices the way Kara's knee almost buckles.

"Okay?" she asks, stroking soothingly over the back of her thighs.

Kara merely whines and urges her closer with the hands wound tightly in her hair.

Lena parts her lips and looks up at Kara before taking the tip of her cock into her mouth, eyelids briefly fluttering shut as the delightful weight settles on her tongue.

"Oh god," Kara gasps, and when Lena forces her eyes open again, her face is flushed and her jaw is dropped and she looks like she's just found religion on Lena's tongue.

Lena reaches up with one hand to steady her shaft, then takes her the slightest bit deeper. It's not a big packer—most of them aren't—but it's still sizable enough that she has to actively think about staying relaxed as she bobs further. When she pulls off again, she deliberately slows as she nears the head, letting the flared base of it gently part her lips before keeping her mouth pressed to the wet tip.

"Ohhh fuck," Kara curses breathlessly, powerful thighs trembling adorably.

"Good?" Lena asks, flicking her tongue along the little divot of her tip and wishing she could just… taste.


"Good," she says. "I love you."

"I love you t—"

She takes Kara into her mouth again and Kara chokes off with the sound of air pushed out of a fluffed pillow.

Lena lets her eyelids hood, sliding her tongue along the soft skin of Kara's cock as she slowly bobs up and down the length, moving at a measured pace even as more saliva pools in her mouth, moaning happily as it drags against her tongue.

She could stay like this forever, mouth full with this perfect, precious part of Kara, one hand smoothing over the back of her thigh to keep her close, the other cupping and gently squeezing at her balls. She could spend forever showing Kara just how much she loves her, every part of her, this part of her.

Lena would spend forever if her knees weren't beginning to complain and if Kara weren't starting to breathe hard, nostrils flaring, freckled cheeks pink, canting her hips forward in an attempt to stay as deeply buried in her mouth as possible.

When she pulls off with a soft, wet pop, Kara tries to buck and sink back in.

"Enjoying yourself?" Lena asks, voice settling somewhere in the region of fine grit sandpaper.

Kara lets out a helpless groan. She runs her fingers through Lena's hair and tugs lightly, sending another zip of heat between her legs. "Yeah, it's. Really good," she says haltingly. "And you look so pretty with my— with, uh…"

"With… your cock in my mouth?" Lena asks, curious.

Kara's eyes widen and she blows out a shaky breath, gaze darting down to watch Lena rub a satisfied smile against the blunt head. "Um! Yeah. That. It's. Mmhm."

Lena licks over the tip again, teasing the little slit. "Do you think you could come for me like this?"

Kara swallows hard and starts to nod, then pauses to consider and shakes her head instead.

"I can get close," she admits. "And um… maybe if I'm really turned on?"

Lena hums and lightly strokes her shaft in thought as she studies Kara's handsome, blushing face.

"Are you really turned on?" she asks.

Kara blows out another breath, half laugh. "God, yeah. I'm a wreck."

"Okay then, I wanna try," Lena decides, using the cabinets—and the hand Kara immediately offers—to haul herself up to her feet. "Couch."

She watches Kara tuck herself back into her boxers, once again appreciatively noticing just how well she fills out the front of them, then grabs her hand to tug her towards the couch.

The coffee can wait.

She practically pushes Kara down onto the cushions, but Kara suffers it with nothing more than a quiet oof as she bounces slightly and settles in, legs casually falling open and causing her bulge to seem even more devastatingly pronounced, as if Lena had somehow needed any more reason to have her eyes drawn there.

Her mouth waters.

"Try?" Kara finally asks, eyes widening as Lena drops a pillow to the ground in front of her and falls to her knees on top of it.

"You're really turned on, and I'm really turned on," Lena explains, eyes glued to her dickprint. She swallows heavily, tongue feeling slow and thick now that she's so close to having Kara back in her mouth again. "Think maybe I should suck your dick about it. Wanna try to make you come like this."

"Oh my god," Kara says, hiding her face with her hands as her hips jerk adorably upwards in anticipation.

Lena tries not to think about all the other things she can do to make Kara buck her hips like that again, but it's a failed effort.

"Can I please?" she asks, sliding her palms up Kara's warm, hairy thighs, eyes focused on her generous bulge.

"God, baby," Kara says, and when Lena glances up, she's peeking out at her from between her long fingers. "You can… you can do anything you want to me."

Lena feels a tingling thrill run up her back and eagerly sits up to pull her dick free again. A soft, happy sound sighs out of her when it flops cutely out of the fly.

"Yay," she breathes, noticing the tantalizing vein along the top for the first time.

"Gosh," comes Kara's voice above her. "You really like it that much?"

Lena looks up at her and wets her lips, not failing to notice the way Kara's eyes flicker down to watch.

"Yes," she says simply, and then she cups her shaft from below and licks up the vein right at the top of her cock.

"Oh, shhhit," Kara whispers hoarsely, hips shifting forward.

Lena hums, sliding her tongue along the vein, hot melty pleasure dripping down her spine as Kara moans and twists her hands back in her hair. The slight tugging pressure at her scalp is enough to persuade her to stop teasing and properly take her into her mouth though, so she places a parting kiss to the top of her dick and looks up at Kara's flushed face, resting her lips against her tip and slowly letting it coax her mouth open as she takes her deeper and deeper.

It's different sucking on Kara's cock like this, different from feeling her hard strap in her mouth. It's different and good and maybe even better sucking on her when she's soft, letting her dick rest against her tongue before licking along the sides and under her shaft, looking up with bleary eyes to watch Kara watching her with a wondrous, adoring look on her face.

It's hard to decide between keeping her eyes open to enjoy Kara's reactions, or letting them slip shut to lose herself in the feeling of her mouth being full, so she settles for half-lidding her eyes, moan muffled by the cock in her mouth, squeezing her thighs together to ease the increasing ache between her legs.

Kara's hips jolt up when she moans, thighs jerking inward to clench around Lena's shoulders.

Lena hums a questioning noise and scratches her fingers lightly against her hip with her free hand, reluctant to pull off.

"'s good," Kara explains breathlessly, cheeks red. "Feels really good in your mouth."

Lena preens and pushes forward—wanting to be good, wanting to make Kara feel even better—and takes her as deep as she can go, nose brushing against the front of her boxer briefs. The visual seems to do it for Kara because she groans and bucks up into her mouth, driving her cock further, grinding hard with a huff, filling her mouth to the brim.

All Lena can do is relax and let her rut, skin tingling, underwear soaked, clit throbbing in time with the way Kara pushes her soft cock into her mouth and makes her jaw stretch again and again and again.

She just— It's—

"So pretty," Kara growls with her cock buried as far into Lena's mouth as it'll go. "So good for me."

Lena whines and digs her nails into the side of Kara's thigh, her own thighs trembling when she clenches them together and sends a twist of pleasure swirling in her stomach.

Kara grunts and her hips jitter up. "Harder," she says, freeing a hand from her hair to press over the hand at her thigh.

Lena swallows, tongue sliding against her cock, and rakes her nails down her thigh.

Kara hisses, urging her head down as she unsteadily thrusts up again.

"'s really good, fuck," she mumbles. "Taking me so well, baby."

Lena whimpers, clenching desperately around nothing on reflex, so used to hearing Kara say those words in a different context. It makes her head fog up, makes her sloppy as she hollows her cheeks and bobs as best she can on Kara's soft cock, saliva pooling in her mouth, because Kara says that when she's close, when just fucking into her is enough to make her come too.

Knowing that sucking her dick like this is good enough makes heat rise to her cheeks, makes her stomach tense, makes her clit ache, and she moans, wanting desperately for Kara to come in her mouth.

As if Kara somehow understands her unspoken desire, she flattens the hand in her hair to gently but firmly press her head down as she bucks up into her, keeping her mouth filled.

"Gonna come," Kara tells her, voice low, and Lena moans again, louder, encouragingly.

She stays there, looking up at her with unfocused eyes, clit aching as Kara jerks her hips until her eyelids flutter shut and she finally comes in her mouth with a hushed but vehement fuck.

The hand Kara has at the top of her head eases up, but Lena stays put for a little longer, swallowing carefully around her cock like she would if Kara were actually coming in her mouth, shyly wondering if Kara can feel how much she wants it, how much she'd welcome it.

Judging by the way Kara repeats, "Fuck," after blinking her eyes open again, voice distant to her bloodrushed ears, she definitely understands Lena's intentions.

Lena squeezes her thighs together, suddenly impatient, and finally lets her slip out of her mouth, tucking Kara back into her boxer briefs, stumbling to her feet, and clumsily climbing into her lap.

"S-sorry," she mumbles, hips shuddering as she drops down and grinds shakily against Kara's bulge. "I'm just— I'm really—"

She chokes off with a whimper and rolls her hips down, hungry for pressure against her clit.

"Yeah?" Kara asks, sounding and looking supremely satisfied with herself as she reclines against the couch cushions, hands stroking up and down Lena's thighs. "You gonna come just like this?"

Lena gasps, a hot lick of pleasure shivering up her spine.

"Please, yes. Please," she hears herself whine, rubbing against Kara's bulge with increasing desperation. It feels so good against her swollen clit, but it's almost not enough and she's just. So close and so wet.

"Please please please please," she chants breathlessly as she grinds, thighs trembling.

Kara hums and snakes her arms around her waist, tugging her closer and effectively dragging her harder against her cock.

"Go ahead, baby. Want you to come for me," she rumbles out, scraping her teeth against her neck and chasing it with her tongue.

And it's abruptly enough, with Kara's arms heavy around her waist, her breath and lips and tongue warm at her neck, her bulge press pressing at her throbbing clit. Lena stiffens and comes with a quiet, overwhelmed noise, clinging to Kara's back, hips jittering forward to keep rubbing against her as she shudders through the waves of pleasure rushing through her. All throughout, Kara softly murmurs There you go, baby and Sweet girl and So pretty for me, and each one sends a new cascade of liquid heat dripping like honey down her back.

She whimpers and humps forward into Kara's firm stomach, tucking her warm face into her neck.

"More?" Kara asks, a crooked smile hanging from her voice.

Lena squirms but hums an affirmative, still hiding her face in Kara's neck.

With a little careful maneuvering, her back meets the couch cushions and Kara tugs her underwear off before fitting herself between her legs like she's coming home, bulge pressing right up between her legs in a soft, perfect kiss.

Lena gasps, arms wrapping low around her waist to keep her lower body as close as possible.

"Like this okay?" Kara asks. Her cheeks are flushed as she braces herself on her forearms above Lena.

Lena nods, hair dragging against the cushions and managing a soft mmhm as she rolls up to rub against the swell of her cock through her underwear.

Kara bites her lip, eyes a stormy blue behind her blown pupils. "Good," she says lowly, "'cause I want you to make a mess on me."

A shocked moan hiccups out of her, and she shivers, arms tightening around Kara's waist.

Kara takes it for the resounding approval that it is and starts grinding into her, lightly at first, just a tease of pressure against Lena's swollen clit, nudging gently enough for Lena to get some semblance of friction, enough to make her whimper impatiently and attempt to buck up for more. And then she gradually lowers herself until there’s barely any space between them at all, her warm, solid body covering Lena’s as she presses harder, dragging the length of her cock firmly along her clit in devastatingly slow, steady strokes.

Lena can tell she's soaking the front of Kara's boxer briefs, knows it from the way the slight dry friction of the cotton grows more slick and easy with each roll of Kara’s hips, and it makes her feel like melting ice cream in summer: sticky and sweet and dripping.

“God, you’re so pretty like this,” Kara says, and Lena bucks into her with a breathy whimper. “So desperate under me, so wet.”

Lena feels her mind haze over in the way that it does as soon as Kara starts praising her, and the tightness in her belly only constricts further as Kara grinds into her again and again and again, the movement of her hips and the pressure on her throbbing clit unrelenting.


“So sensitive,” Kara is murmuring, almost in a daze as she presses her cock firmly between her legs and kisses her forehead, her cheeks, the corner of her mouth. “So sweet, so perfect.”

Lena tosses her head against the couch cushions, thighs coming up to bracket Kara’s hips, quiet little whines slipping from her lips with every maddening press of Kara’s cock, hands sliding down to grab at her ass to keep her as tight and near as possible.

“Close,” she manages, and she can't even find it in herself to be embarrassed by how high and whiny it comes out, not when she's so close—

Kara drops her head to nuzzle at her ear, to suck her earlobe into her mouth, and Lena's breath hitches.

"Gonna come for me again, baby?” Kara asks, lips brushing and breath washing warm against the shell of her ear. “Before I even make it inside?”

Lena gasps, tension pulling tight tight tight— then comes with a near-sob, clit throbbing hard against Kara's bulge, vision whiting out and mind emptying of everything but pleasure as she shakes, hips jerking up to prolong her aftershocks.

"More," she mouths soundlessly, still shaking from her second orgasm. She wets her lips, squeezes at Kara's ass, and pulls her in tight.

"More, please," she says, voice gravelly. "Want you inside."

"Fuck," Kara breathes, jerkily humping into her. "Okay, yeah. Just. Give me a second."

She pulls off to grab a stiffer dick to play with and returns mere moments later, cock hard in her boxer briefs and a bottle of lube in hand.

Lena can’t stop the little whine that slips out of her throat as she props herself up on her elbows, legs opening wider as Kara prowls forward, eyes dragging down her body, tongue darting out to lick at her lips when she notices the way Lena is spreading her legs for her.

“Eager,” she murmurs, stroking at herself through her underwear as she falls to her knees on the couch.

“Just for you,” Lena breathes, dropping one leg to the floor, unable to resist the urge to lift her hips up slightly in a silent bid for Kara to stop wasting time.

It works.

Kara huffs out a breath and pulls her dick out of the fly—the new one they’d purchased the other day, flesh-colored and thick, with a reservoir for liquid and a stimulating cap at the base for Kara to rub against as she fucks Lena.

Lena stifles a hungry sound, hips bobbing up again of their own accord.

“Did you fill it?” she asks, eyes tracking hungrily over the way Kara’s spreading lube over her cock.

Kara shivers, fist slowing to a stop on her shaft. “Ah, n-not this time,” she mumbles. “Didn’t want to make you wait.”

Lena nods, reaching down to collect some of her wetness to show Kara, but she bumps against her clit and lets out a soft moan at the contact. Kara sways forward unsteadily, jaw going slack as she watches the movement of her fingers, so Lena considers it a victory all the same.

“Thank you, that’s very considerate,” she says. “Now please come and fuck me.”

Kara nods quickly, swallowing hard and shuffling forward, cock bobbing enticingly. She presses her dick down with her fingers and nudges her tip against Lena's entrance, but their combined wetness causes her to slip up instead of in and her cock drags against Lena's clit in a slick little stroke.

Lena’s elbows nearly give out. Her head threatens to drop back and her eyes start fluttering shut, but she forces them open again, wanting to watch Kara work her cock into her. She whines, arching from the stimulation and aching to be filled.

"In," she pleads, shifting her weight to one forearm to snag the hem of Kara's shirt and tug impatiently. "In in in."

"I know, baby," Kara coos apologetically, grabbing her shaft and fitting the head of her dick against her again. "Just hold on."

Lena feels her breath quicken with anticipation and tilts her hips up to make it easier for Kara to just. Slide in. But even with how wet she is, even with the lube, even with how fucking ready and eager she is, the slow, stretching press of Kara's cock takes her breath away, pushes it out of her in tiny, hiccuping gasps until she’s lightheaded and floaty.

Her mind goes blissfully blank the more Kara fills her up, the more she watches Kara disappear inside of her, all the while murmuring tender little encouragements like Almost there, baby, and You're doing so well, and Just a little more, and it warms her from the inside out, fills her chest with so much gooey delight that her arms do give out and she flops onto her back, loose-limbed and ready to be taken care of.

The satisfied groan Kara lets out when she’s finally buried all the way inside reverberates bone deep as she settles on top of Lena, chest to hip. She’s warm and heavy and comforting and Lena nuzzles at her soft shirt, breathing in the smell of their dryer sheets and Kara’s light, clean scent.

“Good?” Kara asks quietly.

“So good,” Lena promises, voice coming out slightly muffled and breathier than she intends it to. “Big.”

Kara stiffens and her hips jog forward on reflex. It pushes her dick just that little bit further and Lena gasps as her tip nudges deep.

“You like the way this one feels?” Kara asks, voice low, hips press press pressing her down into the couch cushions, like she’s trying to get even deeper.

“Fuck,” Lena whispers, thighs squeezing around Kara’s hips, clenching hard, trying to think. “I— It—”

Kara pulls out slightly before sinking back in again, and the drag of her cock is so good that all Lena can do is squirm and keen helplessly, hands fumbling to grip weakly at her hips.

“You like it, baby?” Kara asks again, starting up a slow, delicious rhythm, pulling back halfway before thrusting as deep as she can go, keeping Lena filled up.

“I—" Lena chokes off with another whine as Kara slides into her again.

"I wanna hear you say it," Kara says, voice low and confident as she leans in to put her mouth by her ear again, like that's okay and allowed when she's pressing her into the couch like this, when she's so deep inside, when she follows it with a tongue slicking wetly against the shell of her ear.

She goes limp, a breathy whimper sighing out of her as her brain powers down.

"C- can't. I c- I can't," she stutters, shivering and arching feebly when Kara hums out an amused sound and sucks her earlobe into her mouth. "I— Not when y— Please—"

Kara takes mercy on her. She releases her earlobe and nuzzles gently at her cheek instead, hips still languidly pumping.

"Okay, sorry. How 'bout now?" she asks softly.

Lena takes a moment to remember where her limbs are and how to move them. She slides her hands up under Kara's shirt, fingers pressing against the firm muscles of her back, feeling them flex and tense as she fucks into her. It's so good, it's so good. And now that Kara isn't distracting her with a tongue in her ear, thinking becomes much easier even with how full she feels.

"Yeah," she breathes, lifting her hips into the next thrust and moaning when Kara sinks deep again. "Love it. Your cock feels so big."

Kara snaps her hips forward a little harder with a quiet whine, then shudders to a stop, breathing shaky.

"Oh fuck," she mumbles, tucking her face into her neck. "Sorry, hold on. Might come."

Lena feels that like a splash of gasoline on the flame in her belly. She recklessly jerks her hips up into Kara, whimpering imploringly, wanting her to keep going, wanting her to come again, wanting her to—

"Come inside," she hushes, her cheeks and the tips of her ears going hot. "Want you to come inside.”

“Jesus…” Kara groans, hips jumping unsteadily. “Yeah?”

“Please, yes,” Lena says, digging her blunt nails into her back and attempting to buck up into her again. “Want you.”

Kara huffs out a breath, beyond words, and mouths wetly at her neck as she slowly, haltingly starts moving again. It takes her a moment to find her rhythm, but once she does, she rumbles out an Okay and pumps into her in deep, filling strokes.

It’s a lot. Kara eagerly fucking into her tirelessly, cock stretching her wide as she quietly moans into her ear is a lot. It's a lot and Lena's already come twice and isn't usually one to come just from penetration, but Kara's desperate little noises are making her stomach tense more and more with every thrust, and she just—

Kara pistons her hips faster, messier, sounding about as ruined as Lena feels, then drives her cock as far as it can go, grinding into her again and again right there where she’s fully buried in her cunt.

"Gonna come," she gasps, and Lena whimpers, eyes squeezing shut, ankles crossing at the small of her back to goad her on and keep her as deep as possible.

It only takes a couple more seconds for Kara to come, whining and panting against her neck, losing her rhythm once more as she bucks erratically into her, dick jerking with the force of her shuddering hips.

It's somehow enough, with Kara's breath hot on her neck, with her thick cock filling her so completely, and Lena comes too, arching and clutching at Kara's broad back as she gives in to mind numbing bliss, little sounds hiccuping out of her mouth and mixing with Kara's soft groans.

It feels like an hour before she stops convulsing and trembling, sent into cycle after cycle of aftershock every time Kara jogs her hips and nudges her dick deeper.

She kisses Kara's sweaty temple, smiling wide when she mumbles something incomprehensible and snuggles closer.

"Next time I want you to fill it up," Lena drops into the quiet room. Her voice comes out scratchy and she clears her throat. "I love you, I love your cock, and I really want you to come inside me."

Her cheeks feel like they're on fire, but it's worth it to hear Kara sputter like an old engine and helplessly rock into her again.

"Oh— Oh wow, o-okay," she stutters shyly, squeezing Lena tight. "I'd, um… I'd really like that too."

"Good," Lena says, skimming her fingers down to massage gently at her lower back until Kara's warm, comforting weight and slow, deep breathing lull her into a doze.

An indeterminable amount of time later, she violently jolts awake and taps Kara's side urgently.

"Shit!" she says to a groggy and confused Kara. "The coffee!"