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A Really Ridonculous Race

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A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 1: The Ordinary Comers!

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely are in here!

This fully supercedes the New Super Ridonculous Race (aka the third challenge probably shouldn't be non-linear...why was it non-linear? Also, there was slightly too many teams)

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains...and the drama storm that comes over these and the downpour of tactics!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

This race also has the amount...of a lot of people, so be warned of big episodes (which I generally have)

Don had a very hard job to do.

Hosting a show like the one that he consistently did for a few other seasons would already be very hard and adding a few more teams to the race would only be harder than before.

Multiplying the amount of teams by more than two would probably be a job that even the hardest working person would not want to do, but Don had that job.

He made sure that he had something booked at the end of it, as he was probably going to hate his job by the end.

"Welcome to the Ridonculous Race...or rather, the biggest Ridonculous Race ever!"

Don was just smiling in a small town

"For this season, we've got this race packed with more locations and more teams than ever before!"

The world map had a lot of dots, as there was so many that all of the locations couldn't really be seen on certain parts of it.

"As you may expect, it's really ridonculous and this show might have peaked in numbers..."

There was 96 unique spots for teams to be slotted in, as there was a whole assortment of trios and duos being willing to do the battle.

"...of course, this is now the Really Ridonculous Race! We're introducing each and every team in this extended race, starting now!" Don shouted, being in a very different place with very different circumstances.

"I must warn you some of these teams may or may not be slightly insane!" Don made sure that his butt was covered legally and literally, as the way that a few of them were put in were questionable and he knew that. "And/or confused, but that's neither here nor there!"

"We've got a lot of people here and we're introducing them starting with-"

These two would be hard to miss, as they were both dogs and got off their truck with a finish line flag.

Darrell was a white-ish dog with a long neck who was a mechanic and his clothes made sure that people knew that he was a mechanic, denim trousers, shirt and all that. His hair was also a pompadour.

Buddy Thunderstruck, the main dog, the tall truck driver, the guy that was a black-ish and brown dog and wore a green truck driving suit with two white stripes on the jacket and a orange shirt.

"-the stunt men, who are both dogs and do stunts."

The Stunt Men's confessional*

Buddy had a lot of words to say and Darnell was in the mood to back up his own dude.

"Listen up, I'm Buddy Thunderstruck and I am on TV...again except there's not that many trucks!" Buddy boasted. "Me and Darnell are gonna be doing our thing without trucks!"

"We've got grit, steering and confidence to push this into the extreme!" Darnell yelled, carrying a wrench. "And tactics."

"What kind of tactics. Tactics that make truck driving easy for me and...some other people!" Buddy Thunderstuck shouted this with an absurd amount of confidence.

"Dang...the people that don't like us need to get off and go home!" Darnell exclaimed...forgetting that you're going to have to be at home to watch/read this.

*Confessional cut*

Rick, the guy who was probably drunk, was a tall-ish old man with spiky hair, wore a lab coat, a teal-grey jumper, some trousers and some brown leather shoes.

Morty, who was his grandson, was 14 and didn't look like much of a adventurer in a yellow t-shirt, jeans and white trainers and had brown combed hair.

Unsurprisingly, Morty was just giving a good cringed look at his grandfather.

"Rick & Morty, guys who probably hop dimensions like it's nothing! Apparently-" Don announced.

*Dimension Hoppers' confessional*

Rick didn't care about anything, as usual and Morty had some reason to actually care.

"Oh woo-hoo, we're on some bullshit reality show. Who the fuck is really going to care about this?" Rick asked, feeling a bit tipsy and glaring at Morty for some reason.

"My mom and my dad are gonna see me on TV, that's really about it. You know-" Morty just wanted to be excited for something.

"Shut up, Morty. At least I'm not getting arrested by some alien idiots!" Rick shouted, perfectly spacing the burps in between the sentences. "It's just some shallow show about who wants to be famous."

"Uh...I just want to have a normal adventure. It's free too!" Morty just saw his grandfather walk out of there. "Rick-"

"Morty, Morty, these portals are fuckin' stable!" Rick could definitely be heard off-screen.

*Confessional cut*

Chris McLean was back in a whole new way, as he had a confident grin and Chef Hatchet was ready to get himself going, if the angriness showing through was any indication of what he wanted to do.

They both wanted to get some more cash to stack for themselves.

"Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, TV Hosts, now they're contestants!"

*The TV Hosts' confessional*

Chris and Chef Hatchet were smugly crossing their own arms.

"I've been in enough wars to know that it ain't going to be easy, because there's no way that there is superpowered people." Chef Hatchet without being suspicious.

"We just hosted the craziest season of Total Drama and you know, this is kinda like that." Chris bragged, pulling his shirt up to show off his own arms. "Been training for the win!"

"Chris, it's a team game. I ain't gonna tolerate you being dumb here." Chef told him with the most serious tone.

"Right, Chef, which is awesome. Dude, nothing about my muscles?" Chris was pulling his shirt up.

"You did work out!" Chef shouted, while noticing the muscle.

*Confessional cut*

Badgerclops was just a big brown and white badger with an metal arm and an eyepatch and was in the middle of getting used to the city.

Mao Mao was a tailess black cat that had his weapons belt, his gold sword that could glow and a red cape that showed he was cool.

As he was just trying to hold a hot dog properly and Badgerclops was taking in all of the sights.

"Badgerclops and Mao Mao, they're very cute and very heroic!"

The cat felt the full force of the sausage that went into the badger with a gun's mouth.

*The Full-Hearted Heroes' confessional*

Mao Mao was standing in his chair, a practical tradition at this point, as Badgerclops definitely existed.

"Come on, get off the chair! You're on camera." Badgerclops said, trying to get his friend to jump off the chair.

"I am ready for any situation that requires me! This camera is one of them!" Mao Mao jumped off the chair. "I think they put my name there."

"No, they don't..." Badgerclops lied, trying to rub his own head naturally. "...uh, my name's here."

Mao Mao definitely noticed that his actual name was there and Badgerclops was sweating.

*Confessional cut*

Daniel Mouse was just a light brown-furred mouse who wore a blue jacket, a white t-shirt with red stripes and some jeans and he had a guitar that was being played.

Jan was also a mouse, she was a little more tan than Daniel was, with long-ish orange hair that had a lot of curls. She played the tambourine and wore a yellow shirt with a heart, light blue jeans and a green waistcoat.

And they were busking good, getting a few cents.

"Daniel & Jan, literal country mice!"

*The Country Singers' confessional*

The brown mice with a guitar and a tambourine were in this show.

"Look, we may have just a guitar and our hearts, but we're ready to get started on really starting our career honestly and without any bad spirits!" Jan exclaimed, holding the guitar.

"Yeah, what she said. I'm holding my partner's tambourine because I've got you in my heart." Daniel was a litlte bit tired, focused on doing his best.

"It's fine, you've gotta get some rest." Jan was a little worried about her partner. "...Or try to rest on the plane."

"Sure, Jan, it is no big problem." Daniel just took his guitar and whispered to Jan. "...It kinda is."

*Confessional cut*

There was no mistaking that light blue jumper and dark blue skirt...and trousers, there was only team that was rocking that combination like it was a day for throwbacks.

Throwbacks of the ridonculous kind, as Thomas and Jennifer were rocking it for their notable amount of fans.

"Second up on the fan-favourite list, the fashion bloggers!"

*Fashion Bloggers' confessional*

The couple were definitely not married, though they were up to not that much.

"Hey, hey, hey, we're back in this race! With our many followers and unproblematic status, we've got a good chance!" Jen exclaimed, joyously celebrating being back into this.

"I mean we didn't get into too much drama and I hope we don't get into too much other drama in this race!" Tom was going to say more stuff. "...Was going to say more stuff, but there's some other returning contestants!"

"Wait, there are?!"

*Confessional cut*

Lowain was one hell of a guy with two other guys that were definitely his bros and also look quite similar.

Though they all wore some boots, some leg armour, leather sleeves and on the shoulders, some weird vest with an insignia, a sash behind a dark belt, a auburn brown belt that went down like a seatbelt, brown boots, a bunch of other stuff and had dark skin and furry ears

Though there was some differences between the bros.

Lowain had blonde hair that got tied behind a headband, a chin beard, though and most of his clothes were blue.

Tomoi had grey hair that didn't have an hairband and was mostly swept to the side, a brown-ish vest and a brown sash.

Elsam had simple-ish and short pink hair with a cowlick in the middle and his vest was a dark red.

These three were definitely turning heads, though.

"Lowain, Tomoi and Elsam, three old-school cooks with new school names!"

*The Medival Bros' confessional*

Lowain, Elsam and Tomoi were a trio in the Ridonculous Race, as these three were a bit of a anomalous team within the two-person teams...because they didn't care.

"Bro, bros, we made it to the city leagues! We're in a city now!" Lowain said. "We're about to show us off right here!"

"Lowain, we're not the only trios that are here. Weirdly, they're real bros too." Tomoi stated. "Like actually blood-related."

"And a lot of brothers, but they ain't us. They haven't heard of the HPA, we're feeling it." Elsam told him, being the pinkest-haired of the three.

"We're really feeling it, man! The captain, the gals and the other cool dudes have got our backs, so we've gotta get ourselves marketed and not be villains, bros!" Lowain exclaimed. "That's pretty easy!"

"Be ourselves, baby!" They all shouted, high-fiving each other together. "Easy win!"

*Confessional cut*

Mario and Luigi are the duo that doesn't really need an introduction, because even when they're in another dimension...they're still the same bros and waved to their many fans.

"Mario and Luigi, humble to the max!"

*The Humble Brothers' confessional*

Mario and Luigi were...brothers, obviously and if the name didn't clue you on, humble, as they were sitting together like a cool duo.

"I'll be honest, I think we can do this. We've got our backs, got the jumps and the stuff to do it." Mario happily explained to Luigi.

"I don't know, bro, it doesn't sound like we've got a strategy. Mario, there's always crazy strategies." Luigi had a good suggestion.

"Luigi, we don't need that much strategy. We've just gotta beat the rest with running, jumping and items!" Mario exclaimed.

"Okay, bro....what kind of items?"

Mario wasn't prepared for this one.

*Confessional cut*

There's some more teams pulling in the moment, though there's eight more.

Rad was just pulling in something that Enid (who teleported from somewhere) probably needed.

A good suitcase.

Rad was a very buff green alien, having a bodybuilder's build and he had a green afro, antenna and wore a dark blue vest that was half-ripped off and pink trousers and boots that covered his thing legs.

Enid was a tan-skinned, purple-haired ninja with her rough purple hair tied in a bun and wore a sky blue crop top, a white undershirt with black stripes, some black shorts and brown boots.

"Rad and Enid, heroes who work in an conveinent store!"

*The Bodega Heroes' confessional*

Rad was ready to all of the talking and Enid wasn't, considering she was on her own phone.

"Okay, so we're repping Gar's place and the people who don't like Boxman, which is a lot of people. I thank KO for putting us on there, because he said that he was not old enough to be on here, so I've got a lot of people backing me up!" Rad boasted. "Man, we're about to own Boxman here!"

"...I can't believe he is here. I thought this was a vacation." Enid was keeping things chill around here.

"Hehe, it's no vacation! We're here to go around some world and beat Boxman!" Rad

*Confessional cut*

Mordecai was a tall blue jay and Rigby was a short raccoon and the tall guy was kinda annoyed and the short guy was in a motivated mood.

"Mordecai and Rigby, the bird and the raccoon and they keep some park clean!"

*The Groundskeepers' confessional*

Mordecai was just getting a little bit tired of Rigby doing a thing.

"Listen up, we're about to make our mark! Kinda literally!" Rigby exclaimed.

"Dude, what are you gonna do?" Mordecai asked, as though this was going to be a bad one. "Margaret's going to see this and think I suck."

"I was talking about impressing both our ladies, Mordecai." Rigby was slightly angry about something. "We could have the deadliest game of all time and Benson's not gonna stop us!"

"...We could get fired if we do something really stupid." Mordecai told him, as though the other guy was holding him back. "Please don't do that."

"Okay, I won't!"

*Confessional cut*

Shaggy was a very tall guy with long-ish dirty brown hair and wore a loose t-shirt, loose jeans with a belt and leatherslacks.

Scooby was a very long dog with a teal collar with his initials on it and they were hungering for some good Canadian sandwiches.

"Shaggy and Scooby, they're the mystery solvers!"

These two just bought the highest quality sandwiches that they could actually buy, since their flights are free.

*The Mystery Solvers' confessional*

These two were hungry.

"First thing, Velma, I may not be winning, that doesn't mean that I can't have giant standwiches!" Shaggy tried to introduce himself. "Sorry, Velma, those are too good."

"Ruh roh..." Scooby could see this going bad, nodding his head sideways.

"Don't worry, Scoob! We get chased by guys all the time! Hopefully, it's when we are in the lead!" Shaggy was in a motivated mood.

"Yeah, ret's go, Shaggy."

"Okay, now it's time to eat some breakfast!"

As if there was a cue, these two pulled out some big sandwiches from nowhere and it was just a pile of bread and ingredients.

"Bon appetit!" Scooby declared, before chowing down on the

*Confessional cut*

Fry was walking with confidence, being a nearly 6 feet tall, 25-year old guy with orange hair that spiked up at the front and he wore a white shirt, red jacket, jeans and black trainers.

Bender was just a robot with bendy limbs and an antenna and he was a decently tall one at that, being 5'6'' without the antenna and half a foot taller with it.

They were having fun and Leela wasn't having that much fun...even if it was only poor depth perception, having only one eye.

She was a muscular and curve-having cyclops that was 6 feet tall and had her purple hair in a ponytail, though there's a cowlick.

"The trio of delivery people are here to deliver!"

*The Delivery People's confessional*

Bender and Fry were probably chuckling over some joke, as Leela was just glaring at them and started off the actual introduction.

"Seriously, we found a way into another dimensions to find some money and apparently get into the past, but you two aren't taking things seriously." Leela told them.

"Sorry, who knew that things would end up like this? Also, it's just another dimension, there ain't even a virus!" Bender proclaimed.

"...True, but we've been given a serious opportunity." Leela said to Bender, who was still relaxing on the chair.

"Leela, sometimes, you have to go with the flow. Also, there's no way that we're getting that much." Fry was feeling himself. "There's nothing to pay for."

"Yep, nothing but those beers." Bender was cracking open a cold one. "Paid for 'em."

"That's fine. I'm gonna assume those are legal, because..." Leela felt a little bit antsy about something.

"I hope it converts into hologram money, because someone forgot to pay their debt, which isn't mine by the way." Fry said, willing to take things slow. "Doing this for you two, by the way."

"That's good."

"Okay, this is too long! When's someone-" Just like that, Bender ended the intro in the best way he only could do.

*Confessional cut*

They were practically guaranteed to in the first race for obvious reasons, but was held off into the third season and this time, they're coming back from that.

(A season that doesn't exist.)

Wearing similar clothes with a pink, white and black scheme showed their togetherness.

"Katie and Sadie, the best female friends for life!"

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Whatever people were saying about their name, it did not matter that much to Katie and Sadie.

"Okay, so if you've seen our channel, we've been through a lot!" Katie exclaimed. "Big betrayal and...other stuff like splitting apart for a bit."

"And also...I think you said it all, because if we bring up the other stuff, it's gonna break the good mood!" Sadie stated, as the big-boned best friend was happy to say it later.

"I'll be honest, like, being here is probably one of the best things we did. We're up against all of the superheroes and villains, like, can you say you did that?!" Katie was plain excited.

"Nope!" Sadie shouted.

*Confessional cut*

John and Gideon were both anthro foxes that had two entirely different ways of being slick, as they walked like they were the main actors in a movie.

Honest John was a somewhat short red fox that wore a green suit with a blue cape, trousers and blazer being a dirty green, a black neckerchief a and having a rotting green top hat.

Gideon was a definitely short olive-coloured fox that sorta had the same kind of suit as his partner, except the cape was yellow, the suit was purple and the hat was silver-coloured.

And together, they were carrying some money.

"John Worthington Foulfellow and...Gideon, the smoothest foxes around!

*The Smooth Duo's confessional*

They were both smiling in a such a way, that they showed that they were not playing games.

"Hahaha, 2 million dollars! Imagine the stuff we could buy with that...some jewellery, big sandwiches, getting away from a certain someone!" Honest John remarked. "Wait-"

Gideon was just shaking his own head.

"-Yeah, that was too big of a claim, but I'm ready to do my own thing!"

Gideon was just shrugging with a innocent smile.

"What, I can do it! Do you know what I could do?"

Gideon was just nodded to his partner, who was thinking about something.

"I guess, the challenges are going to be hard."

*Confessional cut*

Peridot was real short and was mostly green all over like the original gem. Wearing a bodysuit with various shades of green and a massive star in the middle, having a trapezium for "hair, she didn't look too angry.

Lapis Lazuli was happy, which was weird to people who knew her, and was blue all over. From her unkempt thick hair to her cyan-ish skin and her dark blue vest and loose pants.

Little did people knew that they were having a bad time.

"Lapis and Peridot...they're some weird people!"

*The Heroic Women's confessional*

Lapis and Peridot looked actually pissed off about something.

"As much as a stable travelling option between universes and dimensions is really good, I am angry about something very specific!" Peridot shouted at Lapis, who was just thinking hard. "The fact that I don't have my tablet!"

"They probably don't want anything stupid to be said." Lapis Lazuli said, being bored as hell. "Also, you'd say stuff!"

"Regarding the race, my lips are sealed shouted and I only want to record something for my personal diary." Peridot stated, holding up a tape recorder. "Besides, I will beat any clod that gets in our way with technology!"

"Are you?" Lapis genuinely asked.

"No, we will!" Peridot just stood on the chair with her fist raised. "This race is going to prove something unknown!"

Lapis may understood what Peridot was going for, but the chair thing made her just almost chuckle.

*Confessional cut*

Maybe it was because of the next team to be introduced, who were just enjoying their time being middle-aged and away from some dangerous things.

Barret was a very big, definitely black, man that had seen it all in Midgar's sprawling slums. His right arm being a gun, the left having a long glove, having shades and shaved black hair added to his tough guy deal.
A brown vest jacket, a black t-shirt, green military trousers and some boots finished added to that look.

Cid was just a little bit too much of a good mood to let his wheat stay in his mouth and he looked like a blonde scruffy man, stubble and unkempt spiky hair included.
His pilot's clothes with the blue jacket, green trousers and brown boots showed that he had a experience in flying with machines.

"Barret and Cid, two guys who'd probably knock me out!"

*The Hard Warriors' confessional*

Barret and Cid sighed like they were about to have some good times, which wasn't too far off from any Ridonculous Race.

"Huh, I bet you guys back at home weren't expecting to go on this race, but this cause is bigger than the both of us!" Barret shouted, laughing with his friend. "Cid?"

"The cause of another rocket ship? Hell yeah." Cid remarked, probably feeling the Barret's slap. "Mind your damn business about our age, because I'm too old to care about that business!"

"Damn right. We've got our cases, I've got an gunarm and Cid here has a spear!" Barret exclaimed, pointing towards his friend.

"...The damn thing didn't get through customs!" Cid yelled, not super happy about the lack of spear.

*Confessional cut*

Jasmine was definitely a dark-skinned survivalist and a tall Austrailian one at that, wearing some a traditional survivalist's outfit.

Shawn was very much white and looked like he came from the Walking Dead except quite a bit clean and with long brown hair.

"Jasmine and Shawn, the survivalists!"

They were definitely hiding in an alley that the cameramen got to anyways.

*The Survivalists' confessional*

Jasmine and Shawn had a certain smile that couldn't be mistaken.

"Okay, so while we may not be in the best position to be saying this...we've got a good chance of making it to the top!" Jasmine stated. "We have all sort of survival skills that would work here."

"I'll be honest, I'm more excited about the guys that apparently survived through zombie apocalypse. That doesn't mean I'm not excited for the race!" Shawn tried to justify himself, sweating more than he usually would.

"...Are you okay? You seem a little nervous?" Jasmine told him, as Shawn was just shaking in his seat. "Shawn?"

"Wait, how am I going to beat the rest? Must be hard without doing somet-"

Jasmine definitely noticed that her boyfriend was completely thrown off.

*Confessional cut*

Jo was just wearing a full military green tracksuit and she had short brown-ish hair and threw a menacing look towards Lightning, who didn't care.

Lightning was too busy admiring his massive crowd of fans, who were seeing his new jersey that was nearly the same at the original, only having a sky blue jersey with orange stripes on his t-shirt.

"Here comes the Lightning!" The guy shouted.

"Jo & Lightning, jocks that probably don't like each other!"

*The Jock Rivals' confessional*

Jo and Lightning were literally sat with the chairs away from each other.

"Look, this Jo right here tried to take me sha-down! My dad kinda wants the Lightning to team up with her to probably fix stuff up!" Lightning was in a good mood.

"Fix stuff up means that I liked something about you. Trust me, if there wasn't 2 million on the line, you'd be with someone else, Brightening!" Jo fired back, though it was more motivated by spite.

"You just hate the Lightning moves for no reason." Lightning stood up, still having the white hair.

"Great, your personality is as awesome as ever." Jo was sarcastic enough to make the black football player think about something.

Lightning though about his personality.

"Lightning's a one-man team of personality!"

*Confessional cut*

One of them was black and thin and actually wanted to get good with the law and the other was fat, white and wanted to do good regardless of the law.

Together, they were not police cadets anymore, but fresh police officers that were not scared of much...other than fruit smugglers.

"The second pair of fan-favourites, the former cadets, Sanders and MacArthur!"

*Former Cadets' confessional*

MacArthur was smiling with some serious confidence, as Sanders looked...angry?

"We're about to kick this race into full overdrive! We've got boots, we're on the ground and of course, we've got truth!" MacArthur shouted, somehow carrying the subway sandwich.

"You really didn't do that." Sanders said. "The guy we were chasing wasn't a criminal."

"So? I wasn't about to ask people that aren't there for the start!" MacArthur shouted, having some confidence. "Also, he got scared anyways."

"...Already knew the location." Sanders told her partner, who stopped talking for a moment.

*Confessional cut*

Heather and Alejandro were walking like they were eyeing the competition...which was true to an extent, as they were looking at the former cadets with revulsion and Heather dropped her shades.

Before she raised them and didn't bother to look at the former cadets.

"Heather & Alejandro, today's power couple of American reality show!"

*The Power Couple's confessional*

There were plain annoyed at the selection on offer.

"Okay, I was wondiering if they were going to put us in another normal season after the first time we performed strong. Not here!" Heather complained, though it was probably more sardonic than anything.

"Calm down, mi amor. Just because they have powers doesn't mean they're all smart." Alejandro stated with some serious confidence. "Some of them are not smart."

"What are we going to do against them?" Heather asked, gaining a sly smile. "I know that your brains can beat any power here."

"The power of convincing people is much, much stronger." Alejandro said with a chuckle that led to Heather giving him a mean look.

"Dramatic effect, obviously."

*Confessional cut*

They were jumping in from the fashion shop, as Ron ran with some clothes and Kim ran with conviction and were both pretty athletic.

Kim was a slim average height high-school woman with red hair and some freckles and wore a green t-shirt under a cyan jumper, loose blue jeans and white and grey-ish trainers.

Ron Stoppable wasn't that slim, but he made up for that in simple fashion sense with a red and blue football shirt with extended sleeves, light tan khakis and white and red sneakers.
He had blonde hair, was a slim boy and had a naked mole rat with him.

The rat's name was rufus.

"Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, agents that are also teens!"

*The Teen Agents' confessional*

These two were not scared of some otherworldly stuff.

"KP, I'm gonna say this. This can't be a real show, there's a hedgehog and some other things like other animals and other things!" Ron complained.

"Ron, they're just using other dimensions and/or planets...That sounds really weird." Kim replied with some disbelief.

"Listen, I don't know what these Ridonculous guys are up to, but it is kinda stupid to use for some reality show...especially since they could rip open some holes." Ron stated, crossing his arms with confident.

"I doubt these portals are going to rip open reality...I think." Kim Possible had to think about it.

"I'm gonna think!" Ron was ready to prove a pretty dangerous theory.

*Confessional cut*

Judy was a grey short rabbit with an eye for justice and she was wearing a pink buttoned-up shirt and grey jeans.

Nick was a short red-orange fox with an eye for a good hustle and he was wearing a green shirt with a loose red tie and beige khakis.

You wouldn't know that they were police officers, but they looked at the two foxes that were doing suspicious stuff.

"Nick and Judy are here to also bring the law!"

*The Police Officers' confessional*

Judy and Nick had sly smiles that showed that they didn't care about the law...which faded in Judy's case.

"Nick, I don't know how we got here, but I do know that criminals are clearly running around in this race!" Judy told Nick in a serious tone. "Someone has to stop them."

"I don't think it has to be us, sweetcheeks, there's a lot of other good people in here." Nick remarked. "It's not our jurisdiction."

"They're willing to break the rules a million times to even get close to the main prize, which is good enough reason for me!" Judy exclaimed with a smile that was ready to pounce on some goons.

"...This was a vacation thing, remember?" Nick was taken aback at the sudden show of justice.

*Confessional cut*

Subaru looked like your ordinary 18-year shut-in...minus the athletic body, as he had short black hair, brown eyes and was 5 foot 8 inches.

Rem didn't exactly look too different from a normal 5'1'' maid aside from having blue hair that covered her right eye, a hair clip and ribbon on her hair and blue eyes. She was also 18, though, she didn't look like it.

They were walking rather awkwardly, if only because Subaru was just happy to really have her back and Rem was kinda lost in this new world...but she didn't hit a sign, though.

"Subaru & Rem, house servants, I guess!"

Subaru just walked back a bit, rubbing his head, as Rem tried to

*The House Servants' confessional*

Subaru was a lot happier than Rem, though it was not like that Rem wasn't happy that her sorta best friend was back.

"Subaru...I've missed you for so long!":Rem exclaimed. "Why do you look like you haven't washed for a week, though?"

"Rem, it has been so good to see you again! It's like everyone forgot about you and plus, no-one besides me remembers your name." Subaru was trying to be all cutesy, trying to hug Rem in a weird way.

"Subaru, we have to introduce ourselves first. My name's Rem, a maid for the Roswaal house and this is Subaru Natsuki, a servant for the Roswaal house." Rem told everyone, being up front and honest.

"Yeah, I'm Subaru Natsuki!" He stood up with total confidence, pointing towards himself. "Broke, working hard and no-one can see my head."

"...Never stop doing that please." Rem whispered to no-one in particular. "What-"

*Confessional cut*

"The clones of JFK and Cleopatra, everyone!"

They were strutting on in smugly, as they did look quite a bit like John F. Kennedy and Cleopatra, if they were teens in a 2000s high school.

JFK was 6 feet tall, was a slim and athletic white guy and had brown hair that was tall and looked like a pompadour.
He was wearing a red jumper with a white stripe, brown khakis, black leather shoes and a white shirt that peeked out at the collar.

Cleo had short-ish black hair, tan skin, big breasts, long legs and was 5'8''
She wore a tank top with a cleavage window, two big earrings, a blue headband, black pump shoes and a black mini-skirt.

And they were not here to mess around, as they looked angry and satisfied to be here.

*The Clone Students' confessional*

JFK and Cleo were kissing in the confessional and then stopped kissing for a moment to actually do the confessional.

" uh...We were doing the kissing thing in private on camera!" JFK shouted. "Also, the race is going to see my...long dong and get scared."

"Yeah, that sounds cool. Anyways, we're clones of two famous legends. My name's Cleo and this is my boyfriend, JFK, who does jock things-" Cleo just kinda rushed the introduction, before her boyfriend stopped...being in kissing position. "-like be good at sports and I do...things!"

"Aw yeah...things like...working hard and getting me hard!" JFK yelled. "We're in the Ridonculous Race if you didn't know."

*Confessional cut*

To be continued with the second part with at least 60 more teams in the pipeline, some of which that are going to be new!

#1: The Stunt Men (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

To be continued in Part 2!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 2: The Long Time Comers!

The "sequel" to the New Super Ridonculous Race, technically.

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely, but it's a mostly new race with all new teams in the mix!

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

So, bam, this is the only Ridonculous Race so far and I promise that it'll be good!

"Welcome back to the Really Ridonculous Race with teams that's going to make that name worth it!"

Max and Chloe were definitely trying to the best of friends, though.

Max was a typical-ish nerdy short brown-haired high school, who was wearing a tan jacket of sorts, a white t-shirt, jeans and black sneakers with a white tip.

Chloe was a clear rebel with her parted blue hair, light skin and looking tired of walking.

She was wearing a black leather jacket, a white top, a necklace or two, slim jeans and brown winter boots.

"Max and Chloe, probably pretty good friends!"

*The Questionable Friends' confessional*

Max was nervously laughing at...something, as Chloe was getting angry at nothing in particular.

"Come on, check this post!" Max shouted, just wanting to take a polaroid picture.

"I don't know, we've got the biggest reality show on Earth to win." Chloe remarked, kinda getting over the tornado. "Imagine 2 million dollars, probably being able to do crazy stuff."

"Like helping to rebuild Arcadia Bay?" Max asked, having stars in her eyes at this point.

"I don't know, it costs more than two million, obviously!" Chloe crossed her arms. "And we could spend it on good things, you know."

"I mean, helping to rebuild the town is the least you could do." Max didn't have the stars, as she was very sad. "Giving a million."

"Fine, I guess."

*Confessional cut*

These two were not messing around with their determined smiles and mean looks, though one was more than the other.

Kirishima was definitely a guy with red kinda scruffy spiky hair, but he wasn't about to let that get him down, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans that fit with his red hi-top trainers.

Bakugou was very angry (when he's just usually angry) and his white very scruffy and spiky hair added to his angry look. Though, he was wearing a black vest and jeans and brown leather slacks that were kinda loose.

"Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou, two very manly teens with powers!"

*The Heroic Students' confessional*

Kirishima was just about to do a hard handshake with Bakugo, who just crossed his arms and said the first words.

"Come on, we're here to win and this time, I'm here with the hard guy right here!" Bakugou was usual.

"My name's Kirishima, man. I think you should calm down for a bit." The red-haired guy exclaimed with confidence. "We're still repping UA in this...what is this?"

"Does it matter? I'm going to win this show and do things with that money!" Bakugou shouted, ready to make explosive waves...with his hands.

He sparked up his own hands to show that he was not scared.

"Bakugou, there's no way that we're going to keep that money! But we're gonna win anyway!"

"I didn't say that! I'm going to kill everybody with my performance and then give the money!" Bakugou couldn't help himself from saying 'kill', which was definitely metaphorical.

*Confessional cut*

Dante definitely looked like he had been in the demon hunting business for a while, having slightly scruffy short white-hair and stubble with a toned body that fit with his red jack, navy blue buttoned shirt, jeans and brown boots.
Because it was kind of loose and he was pretty dang tall.

Trish wasn't very loose if her mostly black leather clothing was showing anything...aside from her generally slim and sexy body, with a big belt on the leather trousers, a crop top. She was definitely blonde and was nearly as tall as Dante was.

"Dante & Trish, another team that does the hunting!"

*The Demon Hunters' confessional*

Dante and Trish were smugly grinning at each other, probably working on some sort of bet.

"Sometimes, saving the world is a little bit harder than you throwing a sword around and letting it swing." Dante remarked. "So, we're on a vacation."

"And unlike mister white hair, I can't just get more powerful out of nowhere, so it'll be a good time to stretch myself." Trish threw a remark back.

These two were kinda glaring at each other, before those glares changed into a smug look at the audience.

"Hey, just so you know, just because it is a rest from my job doesn't mean that 2 million dollars will be easy to get from us when we win it!" Dante offered a challenge to the people that weren't in the race.

"And that we will be a team to beat. That's a real promise." Trish smirked back.

*Confessional cut*

Bowser was as spiky as ever, as his son came out of a building with two sandwiches and a mask and probably some cash.

They were definitely throwing a few flames here and there, readying themselves to show that they were not easy people to beat.

"Bowser & his son, Bowser Junior, another team that doesn't need much of an introduction!"

*The Bad Guys' confessional*

Bowser and his son were crossing their arms, smirking like they had nobody's business.

"Okay, okay, we're like famous or something! Seriously, the people think we're just actors in a costume or something like that!" Bowser boasted. "We ain't in a costume!"

"Tell 'em, dad! We're the real deal...dealing real fire and real hard...things!" Bowser Jr. even made the pauses sound hilariously confident. "Alright!"

"Yeah, it's time for us to show them what we're really made of. Our scales and our damn hearts!" Bowser said. "Those hears of bad guy-ness or something."

"My dad's got this! I know this because he keeps on saying it." Bowser Jr. told the camera guys, as his dad was embarrassed to admit something like that. "I ain't gonna be deadweight, I can promise you that!"

"I hope so, Junior..."

*Confessional cut*

Pit was plucky and Dark Pit was angsty, even if they nearly shared the same skin colour.

Pit had a white chiffon with a lot of gold band and rings, dark brown sandal boots with a and gold and brown wristlets and Dark Pit had similar clothes except they were all black aside from the gold rings

Pit had white wings and Dark Pit had grey-green wings.

And also, Pit had brown hair and his gold leaf was on his right, while Dark Pit had black hair and his gold leaf was on the left, though they had the same exact short hairstyle.

Together, they were definitely trying to not fight random things.

"Pit and Dark Pit, an angel and his clone and also rivals!"

*The Angel Rivals' confessional*

Pit and Dark Pit were both acting like some serious chumps.

"Okay, so Pit thinks I'm just some guy who thinks he's too cool to exist!" Dark Pit shouted.

"And this awesome dude thinks that I'm not that smart!" Pit shouted back, throwing his opinion into the ring. "Don't worry, I'm going to prove that I'm smart!"

"How, you're illiterate and also, too much of a gamer to actually read pretty good. Unlike you, I can read and can snipe like crazy." Dark Pit bragged like he had a list to go through. "Though, we're probably equals..."

"Yeah, let's fucking go! We both saved a world, so we're both going to win this!" Pit felt something in his heart speed up.

"...That's still a big ask." Dark Pit had to tell his origin guy the obvious.

*Confessional cut*

Snufkin wasn't that short, though he was definitely below-average height and he had auburn brown hair and light skin.
He mostly wore a big hat, a large green shirt of sorts, green pants and brown boots and he was confident about this race being dumb.

Little My, true to her name, was pretty short and had red hair that tied up in a...bean-shaped ponytail and she was wearing a red dress with a collar, black gloves and black boots.

Also, Little My was older than Snufkin...for some reason, but they didn't come through on the show when they were attracting attention.

"Snufkin & Little My, a half-brother with his younger half-sister!"

*The Half-Siblings' confessional*

Snufkin was looking like he was thinking about how the universe worked, sitting on an armrest and Little My looked like an angry eight-year old standing on a chair.

"I don't have to look into this camera thing." Snufkin said, as though he said something wise. "Trying to think of something good!"

"I'm gonna make sure that everyone is scared of our team, because we have...scary things!" Little My was standing on the chair.

"Yeah, be scary on your own time. I'm just gonna be in the race." Snufkin remarked, still sitting he couldn't care less.

Little My just roared at the camera and tried to be scary...while being up close and personal.

"You all are going to regret underestimating me!" Little My shouted.

*Confessional cut*

These two were decked in the Turtle School's orange gi, socks included and strong in their own right though they couldn't be more different.

Krillin was light-skinned pretty short, pretty bald, had six spots on his forehead and was sure of something.

Yamcha was also light-skinned but he was also 6 feet tall, nearly twice the height of his friend, had scruffy black hair, a two scars on his left eye and right cheek.

Though he wasn't as sure as his friend walking around.

"Yamcha & Krillin, Martial Artists of the orange kind!"

*The Martial Artists' confessional*

These two were dudes that were really outclassed by Goku, but they had things to do.

"Yamcha, I know that Goku is training!" Krillin said, having a bad feeling about this race.. "And 18 is kinda mad for not telling her."

"Yep, again! But sometimes, you've gotta take things into your own hands and so far, I want to become stronger!" Yamcha shouted, ready to not get cratered.

"That's great, but you should have told her!" Krillin just wanted to tell Yamcha, who was confused. "You sent it to 17...but it's fine."

"Hopefully it should be. It's time for us men to show off what we're really made off!" Yamcha was just getting into his fighting stance, as Krillin was going into one. "Your wife ain't going to be disappointed."

"You can say that again!"

*Confessional cut*

Kazuma was smug as hell for no apparent reason, as Megumin just threw off the smug vibe completely...even if she was also smug as hell.

Kazuma was just a typical light-skinned Japanese NEET in another world, having short brown hair, wasn't too tall and didn't look too athletic.
He was wearing a white shirt, a green cape with the collar up, a belt that went over his shirt, black pants and brown boots.

Megumin, despite coming from said world, wasn't that different, despite looking way different than Kazuma, being short, having shoulder-length dark brown hair and looking pretty young.
Her clothes were a whole other thing, as her red clothes and black cope were typical of a witch, except with an eyepatch and bandages on her right leg (aesthetics, tho), her black hat having a "scary" face on it consisting of two buttons and a ribbon.

Even if the former was 18 and the latter was 16, the looks were not easy to divert from them.

"Kazuma Sato & Megumin, roleplayers with powers that they don't deserve!"

*The Roleplayers' confessional*

Kazuma and Megumin were just laughing like they just saw the funniest clip that was ever seen, as these two were...very cool people.

"Yeah, let's go!" Kazuma shouted. "I dunno what I'm going to do about this race, but the bank is secured!"

"Listen, you already have too much money to care! I'm here to hone my Explosion magic!" Megumin exclaimed, doing a cool pose.

"On what? It's not exactly super cool to just do an explosion in some random place." Kazuma remarked. "Remember, the world's gone crazy."

"Then I know what I need to do! I need to increase my stamina to use Explosion and not be useless for the rest of the day!" Megumin had a declaration towards every other team. "This perverted man is my teammate."

"...I guess?" Kazuma was stuck doing a cool pose, while having to take the insult fully...grabbing life in his right hand. "I'm not a pervert."

*Confessional cut*

They were both probably a little bit more mature than the other adventurers, considering that they got persecuted for simply having a shield.

Naofumi was just..a Japanese guy with short spiky black hair, green eyes and a mean little scowl.

He wore Barbarian Armour, which had chest armour, a light green cape, green pants that were belted above the waist, a brown...jumper, brown boots, a black shirt with a collar and some fur armour around both upper legs.

Raphtalia was a 18 year-old demihuman girl with smaller breasts...which mostly translated to furry ears above her back-length brown hair that had braids at the front and was above-average height for an 18 year old.

She did wear a red and black dress with a high white colour and white sleeves, thigh-high olive-coloured boots and several silver rings on her upper arm and wrist.

Clearly, Naofumi was a little bit pissed off at the fact that people thought he'd look like a villain and Raphtalia wanted to tell him, but knew that he wasn't in that kind of mood.

"Naofumi & Raphtalia, adventurers with a massive shield!"

*Toughened Adventurers' confessional*

Naofumi just looked as he always did...questioning life, as Raphtalia was just enjoying what was thrown at her.

"Finally...back in my own world and I don't think that it would feel as awesome to come back! What am I even doing here, doesn't matter that much!" Naofumi realised. "I might not like it here!"

"Master, this camera sends all of our faces to big screen things! I want to make the best impression on the world!" Raphtalia exclaimed, still awe about cameras.

"I am the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani and I'm here to explore this weird new world...which is my home world, so what's up here?" Naofumi stated, understandably confused.

"There must be some kind of crisis here! Don't worry, Master, whoever is doing this crisis will be stopped and put into prison!" Raphtalia exclaimed. "...You don't seem happy here."

"Raphtalia, I'm...just thinking about things."

*Confessional Cut*

Schnitzel was a rock man with an apron and while everything except his head was small, his head made up most of his really tall height.

Chowder, in contrast, was a just purple raccoon child, who wore a purple jumper of sorts, a purple hat that looked like an extra pair of ears and purple shoes.

Schnitzel was grumbling, while Chowder was smelling the new kind of foods on display.

"Schnitzel & Chowder, cooks that are trying their best!"

*The Cooks' confessional*

Chowder was way too excited to realise that Schnitzel was very annoyed.

"Oh man, I'm so excited to be away from the kitchen! I bet there's new stuff to taste!" Chowder shouted pretty Schnitzel, who didn't need any more of that.

"Rada rada." Schnitzel told Chowder, not too happy with being used.

"I know that I've been super loud, but I like new food." Chowder was feeling pretty good about his chances. "We're gonna go super far!"

"Rada rada rada." Schnitzel had some worries.

"Hey, those guys don't matter that much! We're just here to get some new foods for Mung!" Chowder wasn't in a drama-loving mood.

"Rada...rada." Schnitzel crossed his arms like he wasn't into messing around.

*Confessional cut*

Gordeau was standing up, being a tall, white handsome guy with muscles that showed his fighter nature.

He wore a loose purple jacket, a white t-shirt, black smart trousers and black leather boots.

Chaos (real name: Kei Asuma) was sitting down and reading the Art of War.

He was a typical Japanese high school teen without much muscle and bulk, besides the white hair that was swept to the left.

He wore a dark green hoodie jacket, a white shirt, dark green trousers and brown leather shoes.

"Gordeau & Chaos, fighters that just show off an air of cool!"

*The Cool Fighters' confessional*

Gordeau was spinning around an empty bottle, as Chaos or Kei, as a normal person would know, reading a good book.

"Damn! Look, man, you need to stop reading to do this introduction." Gordeau told his friend. "Besides, we're kicking ass 24/7 if we can."

"Sleep is necessary, just as reading is, Gordeau. Finding the proper strategy to go through would help us significantly." Chaos stated in a monotone fashion. "Without strategy, I might hold the team."

"Seriously, why have you got to have a strategy? There's 88 teams in this thing, we're strong enough to plainly keep going until the halfway point!" Gordeau was just plain old grinning.

"Some of these duos and a certain trio might make it that much harder than you think." Chaos had a book of all the teams in this thing. "Be careful."

"Hah, you know I will!"

*Confessional cut*

Tohru was definitely a dragon maid in the literal sense, despite not showing many signs of a dragon besides the weird horn and the cleaned-up orange hair, as she was still wearing the maid uniform and had...actual breasts.

Compared to Lucoa, who was wearing a tank top, some jean shorts, black socks and trainers...which would be fine. Except it was on a voluptuous body with very notable breasts and butt and her shoulder-length dirty-ish hair being green and yellow didn't help.

Also, Lucoa was getting looks from all of the small town people.

"Tohru & Lucoa or a name that I can't pronounce, they're dragons! I don't think they're dragons, but what are you gonna do?"

*The Dragons' confessional*

Tohru was very angry at being taken away from her master walking around at his point and Lucoa was just there. Relaxing in a good wooden chair.

"Wow, talk about a good place to be in. Being on TV would bring some fans onto me and my...personality." Lucoa said.

"Sure, it wouldn't just be about how big your personalities are. Seriously, do they have to be out there?" Tohru was practically looking at the tank top that she wore. "Like that?"

"It's July the month of hot, who said I had to cover up? Aside from you." Lucoa wasn't taking this seriously. "And maybe a few other people."

"It doesn't really matter that much because when we show off, more people are gonna be distracted." Tohru was pretty angry at her...partner, who was too busy posting on Twitter dot com.

*Confessional cut*

Sonic was a little bit more scruffed up, having some big quills and a few small ones in there and he had a brown scarf, a wristwatch-grappling hook hybrid on his right arm and generally, sports type around his gloves and legs.

Tails only had slightly protective goggles and inventor's satchel that was tied to him.

Knuckles only had bigger arms, thing and relatively small legs didn't his generally big-boned body and sports tape around his arms and legs.

Most of the stuff was the same, though.

"Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, the second and fastest trio in this Ridonculous Race!"

*The Fast Heroes' confessional*

Sonic was just feeling himself, Knuckles was trying to do some shadow-boxing and Tails was sitting like he could care way less.

"Honestly, while I do think it's a bit of a surprise to be a trio that are great friends, I get the feeling that I didn't pick the best trio!" Tails just said, prompting the other two to look at him. "What's wrong?"

"Dude, you've got the most humble guy on your team! So, that means something good, best friend!" Sonic was just putting his arm around Tails.

"Yeah and we're moving, so we can't be trees! We're just the fastest team of three, so give me five." Knuckles was in a motivated mood.


Tails just barely dodged the longest high-five between the big strong dumb echidna and the snarky hedgehog.

"-I'm still sitting, though."

"Sorry about that. You want five?" Knuckles didn't want to leave Tails hanging, who was just trying to get up.

"Nah, he's thinking of some big brain moves." Sonic proclaimed. "Tails, let's get 'em!"

*Confessional cut*

Jude was chilling.

Jude was a pretty chill dude, despite being tall, lanky, blonde and white, because his hair was kept under a beanie, he had earrings, a mint green shirt with grey sleeves, blue jeans that stopped above his calves and blue trainers that were made for skating.

Jonesy was standing confidently, pretending to hustle.

He was pretty Hispanic, having black hair that peeked out at the front, tan brown skin and was definitely tall, but not lanky. He was wearing a dark purple shirt with pink edges and had light blue jeans and black sneakers.

People definitely knew that they were on the same team, but no-one knew how.

"Jonesy & Jude, two dudes from the dying mall!"

*The Slackers' confessional*

Jonesy was just clicking his fingers towards the camera, while Jude was chilling in the chair.

"There's a good reason why we're here! We're here to travel and get money!" Jonesy was chilling like he didn't have a job.

"Dude, the only teams that make money are in the top 5 or something!" Jude noticed, checking something. "Man, I'm just here to have a fun time."

"This is a eat-you-alive type of deal, look at a good chunk of these duos!" Jonesy told him with a smug look on his face, still laying back in the chair.

"Dude, we don't have to deal with those guys. The rest of these teams are not like hang with them." Jude was just feeling non-competitive today, which made his partner a little bit mad.

"Bro, I've gotta pay for something...that I didn't do." Jonesy sounded wishy-washy on this one, as Jude had an understanding look.

*Confessional cut*

If you've seen Disney's Peter Pan, these two pirates would be very familiar to you, as one of them was old, short and weirdly reliable and the other was the captain, tall, dark and weirdly handsome for a man with a massive chin and stubble.

Mr. Smee somehow got the handle of a smartphone really quick and Captain Hook had a hook and a hand, so dropped a thing.

"Mr. Smee & James Hook, two of the best pirates around!"

*The Pirates' confessional*

Captain Hook was in a very triumphant mood, as Smee was walking around quickly like he had something important to remember.

"Cap'n, there was something I wanted to tell you, but I forgot that thing and now it's all going wrong!" Smee complained, still walking around. "...It's not that hard!"

"Smee, it was a jar. it didn't even have anything in it, but we're taking the final treasure! Treasure from other planets!" Hook exclaimed without any irony...while pulling Smee.

"Oh yeah, cap'n. I think we should introduce ourselves and-" Smee definitely stepped in some jar.. "-The jar, it broke!"

"It was a fake, Smee! We're going after real treasure!" Hook was in a certain enthusiastic mood.

"Aye, aye, cap'n!"

*Confessional cut*

Thugnificent was not here to play around or fuck around, (His real name is Otis Jenkins, by the way), bringing back the old-school rapper style with the two mini-afros on each side, necklaces that were definitely paid for, jeans, black shoes, being very black, tall and lanky and probably trying to eye some random guy.

Leonard was his adult lackey, sidekick or something like that, though he definitely had cornrows, was light-skinned (relative to Thugnificent) and looked like he was lacking in a few areas.
He was wearing a white t-shirt, a random necklace that probably costs a dollar, the same kind of jeans and a black shoes...and a visor for some reason.

"Oh shit, I forgot to take it off!" Leonard realised.

"Of course you did!" Otis looked like he was tired of his problems.

"Otis & Leonard, a formerly famous rapper guy and a humble minimum wage worker!"

*The Rappers' confessional*

Thugnificent...was mugging the camera, probably having a comeback on the downlow and Leonard was there.

"Listen, I'm kinda tired of not getting shit, 'cause I started the whole motherfuckin' scene! Some of y'all be tripping out here!" Thugnificent shouted, standing up. "Deadass that Sgt. Cudda guy, I can't hate anymore."

"But I thought you were hatin'." Leonard asked about the beef.

"Shit, my career went down like a motherfucker! It's gonna like Rags to Bitches 2, because I'm tired of waiting for bitches to come!" Thugnificent shouted, was "Leonard, what the fuck you saying? There gonna be a lot of beef now!"

"So, there ain't no beef?" Leonard answered, probably meeting his friend's mean eyes.

*Confessional cut*

Spy looked like he couldn't care more, as behind that red mask of his was a clean and self-satisfied grin that showed he was about the money.

Sniper was just taking a smoke in such a way that showed he couldn't care less about being with this guy in the Ridonculous Race.

"Spy & Sniper, people with skills that would make good soldiers!"

*The Professional Soldiers' confessional*

Sniper didn't look too happy at what Spy got him into.

"You know, anything but this would have been cool." Sniper remarked, not happy to be in this thing. "Why does it have to be a race where you need to run!"

"Please, this appeals to my skillset much more. I'll get the intel, the ladies and most important, the information to embarrass our enemies!" Spy exclaimed, almost feeling maniacal in his glee. "And we'll get money."

"I get the feeling that I would work better with any else, because I can only see stuff from a mile away." Sniper stated, before realising something. "Besides we're getting money!"

"What are you going to do with that money?" Spy asked with an angry look.

"Get you some rest." Sniper didn't look too interested in entertaining an angry guy.

*Confessional cut*

Shrek doesn't need much of an introduction, as he was a fat ogre with typical medieval clothing and an attitude that showed he didn't care that much for judge-y people.

Donkey...was a donkey with some serious attitude, ready to talk to people who were scared of him, which was practically everyone.

"Shrek & Donkey, coming from an very unconventional fairytale!"

*The Fairytale Friends' confessional*

Donkey was trying to do a high jump to probably prove something.

"Donkey, the camera's on!" Shrek shouted. "What are you doing up there?"

"Trying to prove a point." Donkey was willing to stand on some parts of the chair. "It ain't at my level, so I'm gonna be at it's level!"

"Fine, just don't be surprised that it broke." Shrek had a bit of a knowing smile.

"Yeah, like that'll happen!" Donkey just jumped off the shaking chair to land with his head only visible and the chair still standing. "At least the chair's fine and I'll beat everyone with no arms!"

"Hey, Donkey, yeah, we're gonna be some problem to everyone here." Shrek didn't really have any malice, though.

*Confessional cut*

Fox McCloud was an anthropomorphic fox that was also coincidentally an astronaut and a pilot.

His clothing reflected that with a white pilot's suit that was adapted for space with the jacket bearing his team's logo, the red leg armoured boots, a scouter and comfortable green pants.

Falco Lombardi was an anthropomorphic blue falcon with wings for arms.

He had similar clothes to his colleague Fox, aside from the red pants, wing detailings on the jacket and the boots being brown.

"Fox & Falco, talking animals that are astronauts except in space mini-planes or something!"

*The Space Pilots' confessional*

Fox and Falco were not scared of much and that didn't change here.

"Listen, we're not just here to take the 2 million, we're here to explore some other dimension and see what their cultures are!" Fox stated with confidence. "Could use some new surroundings."

"Fox, who said you couldn't do both? You're looking at an expert in chilling and fighting." Falco proclaimed, putting his hands on his back.

"Okay, if you say so..." Fox sighed. "...I'm lucky to have you here, though."

"Yeah, no regrets on this end! Please, don't steal my bread." Falco said with a serious tone, both parts.

*Confessional cut*

Yun and Yang were definitely twins, as they did look mostly the same aside Yun having his black hair in a ponytail and Yang having his brown hair with long sharp bangs that was swept to the left.

Yun was wearing loose blue jeans, a cyan sleeveless hoodie, two yellow wrist bands, sky blue sneakers and a blue and yellow baseball cap.

Yang was wearing a whole red and black tracksuit, the same wrist things and dark red sneakers.

"Yun & Yang, guys who love noodles!"

*The Noodle Twins' confessional*

Yun had a certain smirk and Yang was just giving him a look of confidence.

"Uh, why do you look like that?" Yun asked naively.

"Because I don't think you're taking this show seriously. Multi-dimensional race or not, we've gotta promote our uncle's noodle place." Yang stated to his older brother.

"Stop trying to mess up my vibe! We're going 'round the world and probably beating everyone else, that's enough advertisement!" Yun was just saying words angrily.

"...It's noodles, Yun. They're really good, but it ain't no superhero-creating food." Yang was just putting his own hand in front of his face. "We're going around the world to test our skills and not disappoint our uncles."

"I'm on your level, brother!" Yun clicked his fingers at his brother, making him groan.

*Confessional cut*

Terry Bogard just adjusted his hat, as he just put it sideways for some reason, being a tall guy with long blonde hair put into a ponytail.

He was wearing his usual outfit of a red jacket, the 'Fatal Fury' baseball cap, white t-shirt, light blue jeans and red sneakers.

Joe Higashi was a Japanese guy with tall, spiky brown hair, above-average height for an adult guy and muscles that were on full display.

He was wearing an orange tracksuit jacket with black and white stripes, orange and black tracksuit shorts and black trainers below some rope bands.

"Terry & Joe, fighters coming from the streets!"

*The Street Fighters' confessional*

Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi couldn't resist the temptation to do a hard fist-bump, starting off the confessional with that...standing up.

"It's Terry and Joe, ready to take on the world in a different way and take on teams from many other worlds!" Joe boasted, showing off his knee. "At least they're saying."

"I don't know, that kid's hair was very spiky." Terry Bogard had a feeling. "Actual aliens, talking animals, superheroes, the full nine yards...this is dumb!"

"When wasn't it dumb? King of Fighters always has some creeps trying to take over the world through fighting!" Joe Higashi shouted. "Now we're just racing around it."

"Yep, it's an improvement." Terry remarked with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

Ryo had his blonde slick, yet spiky hair, light skin, thick eyebrows and a smile that showed he was down for a good fight.

He was wearing an orange polo t-shirt, some blue jeans and red trainers, but he was definitely carrying his orange gi.

Yuri, however, was definitely a smallish half-Japanese young adult with long brown hair tied into a braided ponytail.

She was wearing red high top sneakers, blue tracksuit shorts, a purple shirt, red fingerless gloves and of course, her navy blue leggings.

"Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, a brother and a sister who are warriors!"

*The Karate Warriors' confessional*

These two were a brother-sister duo to end them all, as they could both fight in very different ways using their dad's style.

"Yuri, our dad allowed us to promote our style, right?" Ryo asked, as she nodded. "Then let's give him a race that he'd definitely like!"

"Sure, I guess. But, we've got to do some cool stuff...I mean-" Yuri had a bit of a nervous smile. "-Stopping some bad guys from taking the race is pretty cool!"

"But would you like deal with a boatload of dumb drama or kicking butts in the challenges and just hanging out with teams...with our skills?" Ryo stated.

"Who said there ain't time for both?" Yuri was in a pretty good mood. "We've got a lot of legs to be in!"

"If the Ice Dancers showed anything, is that sabotage is apparently stronger than any two fists." Ryo remarked, feeling uneasy.

*Confessional cut*

Mai Shiranui was definitely the 21 year old leader of the team and also had quite the body, even if it was covered up. She had pretty long brown hair in a ponytail of sorts and a beautiful face and was kinda tall.

She was wearing a red sleeveless top, blue loose jeans and brown sneakers.

Kasumi Todoh was two years younger and wasn't as sexy, but she had a lot of grit. Her blue hair was tied up, had Japanese skin and was 5 feet tall.

Kasumi wore loose blue Japanese pants, a loose Japanese shirt that was tied with a red sash, a red headband and blue gloves that had arm guards.

These two ladies weren't scared of much, ready to fight any villain with their styles.

"Kasumi & Mai, the women that are also warriors!"

*The Women Warriors' confessional*

Kasumi wasn't angry, but didn't really understand things, as Mai was walking around.

"Aren't you going to tell me why you asked me?" Kasumi just wanted to understand. "I mean, King was busy and the Sakazakis teamed up, but-"

"...I mean, you've got it there! But there's no way that we need King to be the strongest team of women around!" Mai exclaimed, as she was in a determined mood to beat someone. "And travel the world, obviously!"

"While I wasn't expecting to be on here, sometimes, using your martial art in novel ways is a good way to show it off." Kasumi didn't look scared at all. "World, give it your best shot!"

"Tell them, Kasumi! My camera's ready!"


*Confessional cut*

The 6 feet guy with the dark skin, short white scruffy hair and an attitude to rival Iori was in this thing and looked like he actually cared a little bit, wearing his red shades and wearing his black t-shirt, black jeans and brown trainers.
K Dash didn't give much of a shit about this KOF, but this race, though.

Whip in contrast, was light-skinned, had brown hair with a sort of bob cut, a white tank-top that fit her curves, a black unzipped jacket, jeans that had a belt and dark brown high-heeled boots. And she couldn't be more enthused about being in this race.

"K Dash & Whip, two very fiery fighters with weird names!"

*The Fiery Fighters' confessional*

K' Dash was usual and Whip wasn't that surprised, having a odd smile on her face that was probably for a good reason.

"Damn, already here." The dark-skinned fire user said. "That was not that long."

"Are you talking about the flight here or something? Because you slept through most of it like a cute baby." Whip remarked with a sly smile.

"Whoa, that's some BS you're spouting there...and you get off my ass." K' was definitely in a fiery mood. "I've already got enough problems to deal with."

"Really? Doesn't seem you've got much problems aside from the personal ones...with Voodoo on my side, it's like no problems at all." Whip said, showing off her whip.

K' then crossed his arms, groaned for a second and then said this.

"Dang, you can be dumb sometimes."

*Confessional cut*

To be continued with the third part with yet more teams in the pipeline and new teams all around, some of which retread old franchises!

---Part 1 for real---

#1: The Stuntmen (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

---Part 2 starts here for the playas---

#25: The Questionable Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)

#26: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

#27: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)

#28: The Self-Proclaimed Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)

#29: The Angel Rivals (Pit & Dark Pit, Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#30: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)

#31: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)

#32: The Roleplayers (Kazuma Sato & Megumin, Konosuba)

#33: The Hardened Youngsters (Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia, Rising of The Shield Hero)

#34: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)

#35: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

#36: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

#37: The Fast Heroes (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)

#38: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)

#39: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

#40: The Rappers (Thugnificent AKA Otis Jenkins & Leonard, Boondocks)

#41: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)

#42: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)

#43: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)

#44: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)

#45: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)

#46: The Karate Warriors (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)

#47: The Women Fighters (Kasumi Todoh & Mai Shiranui, AOF & Fatal Fury)

#48: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

---Part 3 will come in future days to come!---

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 3: The Rough Upcomers!

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely, but it's a mostly new race with all new teams in the mix!

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

Requests are accepted until a certain point, which is Part 4 for obvious reasons.

The show was back for more introductions and newcomers to show up and enter themselves.

"Welcome back to the introduction for the biggest Ridonculous Race of all time, probably and we're starting again with...

Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire were a duo that didn't need to be recognised, as everyone could see the fat man with glasses and a white shirt and the slim perv with the double diamond chin.

They weren't exactly non-controversial, as there was tomatoes and cheers all around.

" number 49, these two middle-aged men from Quahog, Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire!"

*The Bar Men's confessional*

Peter was looking a little bit worse for wear, even if Quagmire had some women that were hanging outside his place.

"You know, maybe you shouldn't have called your ladies." Peter remarked with an angry look. "They're still knocking for you!"

"They're just attracted to my smell of manliness and effort!" Quagmire said. "Effort to get 'em over here."

"But they're Canadian woman, so there ain't going to be much!" Peter Griffin stated, as he wasn't prepared for the ladies. "Quagmire, you've got something to keep those women away?"

"Peter, I don't know why you're asking me this question." Quagmire exclaimed, more than ready to get into booty-having time...with women that were not there. "Oh."

*Confessional cut*

Tatsumaki was short, had very small breasts, had curly green hair, wore a black dress with two slits and had black shoes...and was floating.

Fubuki was defnitely taller and more developed than her sister and also had short black hair.
She did wear a full-length dark teal dress with a high collar, stockings and black high heels.

"Tatsumaki & Fubuki, the real-life psychic sisters!"

*The Psychic Sisters' confessional*

Tatsumaki looked like she had better things to do, as Fubuki had a look of concern.

"Sister, it is only fair that we do the challenge without our powers." Fubuki stated with some nervousness.

"Huh, what they are going to do to us, if they don't follow the rules? Don is just some reality TV host and I'm an in S-Class Hero, so what do you think?"

"The Hero Assiociation is watching this apparently, sister. Meaning that I don't think we can bend the rules to our...willing." Fubuki wasn't in the mood to complain.

"...Honestly, even if our psychic powers are banned, we would easily win this race with only some effort required." Tatsumaki proclaimed.

"Yes, sister!"

*Confessional cut*

Zangief didn't really change much, but he definitely had some pants on and they were mean jeans...very mean jeans that fit him very well and a jacket of sorts that showed his loyalty to being the Red Cyclone.

Rainbow Mika was doing a whole different thing, wearing the same kind of jacket, blue spandex pants and boots that were made running. Of course, she was a blonde wrestler with some very...distracting pourpotions.

"Zangief and R. Mika, wrestlers that are flexing for the camera!" Don announced.

*The Heavy Wrestlers' confessional*

Zangief and R. Mika were super willing to take on the world to beat a certain team of tag-team belt takers.

"Man, we're back in action and trust me, we're packing some new moves!" Mika declared. "Moves that are here to defeat a certain crew."

"It don't matter when we came here to show combined strength of the Red Cyclone and Mika!" Zangief was grinning, putting his arm on her head.

"Okay, that's really good. Still sure that we did come to show off the best things that anyone could do with these types of muscles!" Mika was a little scared of Zangief's hand, but went on anyways.

"Yes, that is the spirit! We don't do it for revenge, we do it for the fans!" Zangief...accidentally slapped Mika in the head, as she felt the full force of it.

Mika just felt a little bit pissed off, as Zangief was shocked.

"It was accident." Zangief told her, honest, head held in shame.

*Confessional cut*

Liu Kang was pretty obvious, looking like an alternate Bruce Lee with longer hair, a shirt and even a sleeveless jacket.

Kitana...had the fans, the mask, was wearing a blue skin-tight ninja's outfit and boots and the scowl that was clearly behind that mask.

"Respect a queen, please." Kitana told the two wrestlers.

"You're on thin ice here!" Mika shouted.

"Liu Kang & Kitana, two fighters who you shouldn't mess with!"

*The Kombatants' confessional*

Kitana didn't look too impressed with Liu Kang, who was just more than ready to take on the race.

"This was not that much of a surprise. Nor it is a good one, but it is also a test of skills." Kitana said the obvious. "Even then, you definitely tried."

"Tried was a bit of an overstatement. I just signed up on my own, waited for someone to team up with me...and you also signed up." Liu Kang had a smug grin.

"That's quite a big claim, but that is no lie. Seriously, I don't think fighting each other is going to anyone anywhere, but a multi-world competition like this one should prove something." Kitana just accepted it, considering that they were a bit of an item.

"Yeah, was getting tired of the non-stop wars and time...issues, but I have skills that this race needs!" Liu Kang was just ready to get going.

"I'll show you all that I'm not a princess of Outworld for no reason and we'll be a strong team!" Kitana stated without any fear.

*Confessional cut*

Peacock was an eight 8-year old orphan that was dressed in two shades of dark red with a top hat, had metal arms and had red hair...and of course, was packing some "legal" weapons.

Big Band was big, black and wore a massive trenchcoat to cover up his fifteen or something instruments and apparent lack of arms.

"Peacock and Big Band, technically cyborgs, definitely mechanical!"

*The Mechanical Fighters' confessional*

Peacock may have gotten on the nerves of Big Band, but she definitely had a reason for that.

"Look at this! It's like we're super famous or something for our achievements or the stuff that we did!" Peacock shouted, as Big Band was just actually looking at the newspaper.

"But you just went around beating up random people and then suddenly, it was like the problem had solved itself." Big Band said. "You did defeat-"

"Come on, that's super private! Right now, we're going on a vacation to get money and then we'll do stuff with that money!" Peacock shouted, as she was relaxing in the chair.

"I doubt that any one young orphan has anything good with two million dollars on their own." Big Band told the obvious, throwing a suspicious.

"Yeah, I'm gonna change that!"

"Tell 'em, Peacock!" Of course, Tony was there too.

*Confessional cut*

Harry was just a fat guy with a hat (and probably a criminal) and he wore a big jacket that was unzipped and he wore an orange shirt, some trousers and black shoes.

Marv wasn't fat, but he did have an brown afro and small beard and was also quite a bit taller than his partner and also wore a big fluffy jacket and an tan shirt and the same kind of trousers.

They were definitely here to do some race raiding...of the real kind.

"Harry & Marv, two guys who are doing something else!"

*The Wet Bandits' confessional*

Harvey and Marv were still looking a little bit worse for wear, as they still had some injuries.

"Man, that kid...I'm gonna-" Harvey stated, ready to choke a man.

"Harvey, my man, we're doing other things! And now we're in the chance for free legit money and doing free flights!" Marv told him, pretty damn tense. "And I would to not screw it up!"

"But, Marv, what are we gonna do now? There's friggin video game guys in here!" Harvey shouted.

"Yeah...wait...oh ever heard of an alliance? If they're so strong, then we should team up with them!" Marv stated to Harvey, as though he was getting tired of his nonsense.

*Confessional cut*

Beat was a red head young adult skater guy with massive goggles that doubled as headphones and he was wearing a lime green shirt with dark green writing on it, brown pants and shoes that resembled his tricked out orange and brown skates.

Gum was a blonde skater gal with short hair, a grey-green hat that fully covered, a white half-crop top sort of dress and of course, the shoes that looked like her skates.

These two were chilling.

"Beat & Gum, the nicknamed skaters!"

*The Skaters' confessional*

Beat was chilling in the seats and Gum was feeling some steam.

"Yo, we just got in this booth, what's your problem, Gum?" Beat asked.

"These two foxes that are in this race and were probably introduced like they were innocent people? I'm sure that they stole my cans!" Gum complained.

"No way...that's kind of insane." Beat remarked. "We're gonna beat 'em?"

"Pretty much. I've got better things to worry about than two foxes like putting some new art down, riding some random-ass animals and kicking ass as a team!" Gum shouted. "We'll probably kick their asses and not know it."

"Aw yeah, that's what happening."

*Confessional cut*

These two were definitely older teens, but they were built very different.

Kevin was a muscular, kinda tall guy with short black hair and he wore a black shirt with grey sleeves, some jeans and black trainers.

Ben Tennyson looked ready as hell, being a slim guy with short brown swept hair and he was wearing a green undone jacket, a black t-shirt, some jeans and black and white sneakers.

"Ben & Kevin, two teenagers with powers!"

*The Powered Dudes' confessional*

Ben didn't look too convinced at why Kevin was smiling like he had won the lottery.

"I mean, we just got here and we haven't even started, so why are you smiling like you've got the money already?" Ben asked him, slightly in jest.

"Come on, man! You've seen how my car gets consistently destroyed, so I'm gonna get the money to make it undestructable." Kevin stated. "Also, saving the world's real hard."

"Potentially the multiverse, even. Just hope that things don't go crazy when I'm around out there or in here." Ben remarked, not really prepared for it.

"Er, you better look at this thing if you think it's not gonna go crazy!" Kevin just threw him some paper. "Pretty crazy, am I right?"

Ben looked at it for a second.

"Yeah, I guess."

*Confessional cut*

Wario and Waluigi were just running like they were introducing themselves to the wrestling world, coming in with their hands both up to the sides and trying to high-five people that they weren't there.

"Wario and Waluigi, brothers and schemers!" Don announced, as they were shaking their butts towards a confused Mario.

*The Schemers' confessional*

Wario and Waluigi were laughing like that was about to be outlawed.

"Listen, all of you stinky fools! Wario has heard that there's a rumour going around that is saying that Wario won't win!" Wario shouted, as though he had a good reason.

"Yeah, Waluigi is gonna tell 'em that promises are promises!" Waluigi shouted at the camera with his long mustache. "When Waluigi knows how to play dirty-"

"-Wario finishes the job with some clean moves!" Wario shouted. "Wario and Waluigi are in the house!"

"Yeah, the ridonculous house!"

*Confessional cut*

Goofy was still tall and lanky, but he was wearing a bucket hat, a loose green t-shirt, a fishing jacket...and sandals.

Max Goof, his son, wasn't tall or lanky, but he was wearing a zipped-up hoodie, some baggy jeans and red hi-top trainers.

"Goofy and his son, Max, a father and son duo!"

*The Goofy Team's confessional*

Max and Goofy were just having a decent time together, as they weren't just crossing America in their world, but travelling 'round the world in another world.

"Son, we're just plain compared to all of the other guys, but I know we've got spirit, heart and a good father and son relationship here!" Goofy liked the simple stuff.

"...Er, yeah, the swords are not very cool and one of a kind." Max stated, definitely not hiding something. "Uhhh-"

"Come on, son, it's not that important to have a weapon. You just need grit, spirit and two feet!" Goofy said with confidence. "Most of the guys don't need a sword."

"I was just saying that a legendary sword with my name would be pretty cool." Max stated, a little bit mad. "Because...of stuff!"

*Confessional cut*

Siegfried was a tall, strong and blonde German knight with long-ish hair. that would've attracted many ladies, if it wasn't for his curse.
His white and blue armour looked like a monster knight's armour that was attached to a noble knight's armour and it did get one lady.

Sophitia Alexander was also a blonde warrior, but she was of average height, had wavy shoulder-length hair, wore a white Greek sleeveless dress, a blue fighting bra that stuck out, leggings, boots, armoured shoes.
She was carrying a sword and a shield.

"Siegfried & Sophitia, two warriors apparently connected by fate."

*The Sword Wielders' confessional*

Siegfried looked off to the side...wondering if Sophitia was just going to give it up or he was going to have to do something.

"Sophitia...why do you always follow me? My trail of destruction seems to always get longer, even with you trying." Siegfried was not feeling it today.

"Because you need my help, as questionable as it sounds." Sophitia stated. "You're not accursed."

"No, but I am as good as cursed with that sword. At least, Soul Edge seems to be in another place now." Siegfried dramatically said. "I still don't need your help."

"With that sword in another place, I should help you to avoid the temptation of the power." Sophitia just wanted to help, but the knight pushed her away. "We'll be stuck together, regardless."

"...Why did I do this?"

*Confessional cut*

Neo Cortex...was as he usually was, wearing some scientist's clothes with black gloves and boots and sunglasses to be vacationy.

Nina Cortex was his niece, as she had black hair, an bratty attitude, was a child and wore a blue and white school unform...along with ring piercings.

They were mad at no-one in particular.

"Nina & Neo Cortex, evil geniuses, it says on their profile!"

*The Evil Geniuses' confessional*

Nina couldn't be more embarrassed, while her father couldn't be more happy to get some father and daughter bonding time.

"Did you have to get me a badge that was made from some guy?" Nina didn't sound too impressed. "I don't have money, so dad, I came for money."

"Really, is that it? Because that makes a lot of sense, but I do want you to have the best present that any father needs." Cortex said with a smug look. "Defeating that bandicoot."

"I was thinking "make machines, make money, mark territory", but that works too I guess." Nina still didn't sound happy. "Pro-tip, Dad: move on."

"I can't move on from my creation running around and causing trouble in this world! I should be doing that!" Neo Cortex had a problem and his daughter, if her facepalm was showing anything, kinda knew that. "Nina, we will win!"

*Confessional cut*

Crash Bandicoot was a bandicoot adult guy...with jeans, sneakers and looking like an anthro bandicoot.

Coco Bandicoot was a 12-year bandicoot girl and being a 12-year old girl, she had long-ish blonde ponytail that was curled three ways, including an overhang and wore overalls, a white shirt, pink sneakers and carried a pink laptop.

"Crash & Coco, actual walking talking bandicoots."

*The Bandicoots' confessional*

Crash and Coco were feeling the vacation vibe, even with two geniuses that were around and probably didn't want to kill them.

"Crash, we're here to have a different kind of vacations, because sometimes, growing up on the same island you vacation sucks." Coco remarked.

Crash looked like he couldn't relate to that feeling, as he was putting some shades and posting a picture.

"Yeah, I know, but it's just one of those things that you definitely wonder." Coco said.

Crash was still in picture-taking mode, pointing fingers at Coco.

"Still weird that Cortex is here, but he can't make any machines, so...this just puts on a whole new perspective!"

Crash was just ready to stomp on some Cortex heads.

*Confessional cut*

Kim Kaphwan was 5'9'', Korean and his brown hair parted in the middle and had brown eyes

He was just wearing a brown leather jacket with top pocket, a white polo t-shirt with a popped collar, some jeans and a belt and dark brown leather shoes.

Jhun Hoon's long white hair that similarly parted at the middle went down to waist, as he had a striking chin and brown eyes.

His attire didn't signal his Taekwondo skills, as he was just wearing a buttoned up shirt under a slate blue casual jacket , navy blue trousers and some light brown leather brogues.

There was no mistakes, they were representing their country and taekwondo.

"Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, two rivals from Korea!"

*The Taekwondo Rivals' confessional*

Kim Kaphwan and Jhun Hoon both had some serious determination to prove a point to each other.

"Kim, we really should get over our rivalry for this one. There's a lot of evil teams in this race." Jhun stated without any irony.

"Yes, Jhun. Thought we could just race each other and challenge each other to be the best team...that was so naive." Kim said with passion. "Jhun?"

"Kim, for now, we have to settle this somewhere else because evil exploits the weaknesses. Can't we just enjoy these countries together?" Jhun remarked without much irony.

"I guess so. Evil can't handle the power of hard work and taekwondo!"

"That's a undeniable fact!"

*Confessional cut*

Nana and Popo were definitely two ice climbers that looked very similar with the short height, hammers and hair that stuck out of their parka.

Nana's hair was a bit longer and had a pink parka and Popo had shorter hair and had a blue parka.

They were running without any sweat, which threw the taekwondo masters for a bit of a loop.

"Nana & Popo, climbers who walk up ice."

*The Mountain Climbers' confessional*

Nana and Popo were spinning their hammers in celebration.

"Alright, let's go! We made it in a game that allows us to rely on each other!" Nana exclaimed.

"Because we've got skills on our own that would mess people up alone, but together, it's like we can climb Everest!" Popo was enthsuiastically shouting.

"Yeah! I wonder what we can do with that try to keep things cool 'round here." Nana said with a smile.

"I dunno, we're always wearing parkas to keep us warm, though." Popo told her. "And we're always at the right tempurature for anything!"

"Yeah, hopefully the race doesn't get too hot."

*Confessional cut*

Nathan and Sullivan looked like they've been on multiple glope-tripping trips, only this time, they weren't looking for treasure.

Nathan Drake was just looking pretty cool, as he was 5'9' and he was just adorned with some stubble around his mouth and chin, had scruffy brown hair and was pretty muscular.
He wore his green t-shirt with buttons that weren't buttoned up and worn out khaki pants...being pretty dirty.

Sullivan definitely looked like he was sixty, as his greying slicked back hair, mustache and wrinkles. His body was also looked it too, but still had muscles from those adventures.
He wore a clean and fresh polo t-shirt, along with some jeans and slightly worn boots that looked perfect for the race.

Together, it was back to the usual.

"Nathan & Sullivan, two treasure hunting adults!"

*The Treasure Hunters' confessional*

Nathan just groaned a little bit, as Sullivan was chuckling about being on here.

"Really?" Sullivan asked. "You're scared of this thing?"

"Well, not really. I'm scared that these guys are going to take themselves out...probably." Nathan remarked with a smile. "The rest of them, though."

"Come on, we both have been through life-threatening treasure hunts. Even with aliens and all that other stuff, it's still a reality show." Sullivan told Nathan, probably in a jokey manner.

"Honestly...I can't believe that worked. If we're jumping out of a plane, we'd be in the lead and keep the lead!" Nathan proclaimed, as Sullivan slapped him in the back. "I'm sure that's going to happen."

"Yeah, that's no joke."

*Confessional cut*

K. Rool was a big green alligator, maybe even fat. That fat-ness was mostly filled with muscles, he had a cape pinned with a dimension and his belly was covered in gold armour.

Krunch also a similar kind of alligator, being fat, muscly and had an army hat, belt that carried things and boots.

"K. Rool & Krunch, two reptiles with punny names!"

*The Snapping Reptiles' confessional*

K. Rool and Krunch were snapping their mouths at the camera for a second there, but it was only for some presence.

"Yo, we're in here, we're clear and sometimes, we don't have much of a sneer." K. Rool shouted.

"My king, that's a rhyme for the ages! You pull something off like that and no-one can catch us up!" Krunch shouted, almost doing a fist-bump.

"Hey, whoa, whoa, there's a lot more to the winning thing than sheer rap power. We've got girth, strength and the jaws to end 'em all!" K. Rool boasted.

"So what if we can't run fast? It matters to have presence-" Krunch almost got a slap to the face.

"Hey, that's just you! You've been hitting those treadmills?"

"Yes, my king!"

*Confessional cut*

King Dedede was a big blue penguin who looked like what he was, with a massive kimono with a lot of layers to it, a massive hat that went with the shape of his head...and a hammer.

Bandanna Waddle Dee was a circle...thing with a sky blue bandana and a spear.

"King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, a king and a servant with a really long name!"

*The King & His Servant's confessional*

King Dedede was just high-fiving his servant, who fit in his palm and might as well have gotten slapped.

"Okay, so, we're going to get clobbered out there if we do dumb things, but we're going to clobber them if we make them do dumb things!" Dedede shouted. "Easy moves."

"How, though? Most of these guys are pretty smart." Bandanna Waddle Dee stated. "Like look what they've been doing."

"They're just looking at the spoilers, while we're going in blind! And, uh, it's happening!"

"...What? That makes no sense."

These two were not scared of each other.

*Confessional cut*

Lori was definitely the oldest of the three, being a 16-year old blonde with a good boyfriend and wearing khaki shorts, a blue top and trainers.

Leni was 15-year old and wasn't that smart and had platinum blonde hair and was wearing a turquoise dress, a pink pearl necklace and sunglasses.

Luna was 14-year old, actually had brown-haired and looked liks she came out of a pop-punk band with the purple boots, purple skirt and purple shirt

"Leni, Lori & Luna, three of the Loud family's sisters!"

*The Sisters' confessional*

Lori just looked too tired to be here, as the other two was in a good mood.

"So, we're like a tree except we're three people?" Leni lead with a dumb question.

"Uh, no, we're a team of three sisters! Lori, I can't believe you got us in!" Luna threw a good compliment at Lori, "Must have taken some serious attitude."

"I literally just asked for us to be a team of three, that's really about it. Besides, Mom and Dad told you two to not do anything crazy!" Lori told them.

"But that's kinda boring and besides, this race has full of crazy moments, so I don't know if they're going to stop us." Leni told her sisters, who...didn't get it.

"They probably meant anything outside of the challenges." Lori told her. "Hey, Bobby and the rest of you guys at home, I think we have a shot of winning this!"

"Yeah, it doesn't matter what characters they put in here, we're rocking out here!" Luna yelled.

*Confessional cut*

Banjo was just a big cartoony brown bear with yellow shorts and a backpack that his teammate was hanging out in.

His teammate was kinda like a red ostrich with a beak and a mean attitude, being a Breegul.

"Banjo & Kazooie, two adventuring animals!"

*The Adventuring Animals' confessional*

Banjo was out of the backpack, Kazooie was in there.

"Hey, wonder what we're doing? We're showing the people who thought that we were done that we're not done!" Kazooie complained in the backpack.

"Those guys don't care that much about us. We're just going around the world." Banjo stated, as the brown bear was in a good mood.

"So what, I got a space to say my words and you can just race through the whole thing with me!" Kazooie shouted. "I'm just happy to be here."

"Aw, I'm happy to be here too, Kazooie! We're going to be taking a whole lot of pictures of the place and beating the rest!" Banjo's really good mood shone through his words. "We can make friends."

"Sure we will." Kazooie wasn't in that good of a mood.

"We should try hard."

*Confessional cut*

Applejack was a orange-coloured pony with freckles and blonde hair, being an Earth Pony.

Rainbow Dash was a blue pony with rainbow-coloured hair, wings and an way to move on ahead.

"Wasn't expecting to be so similar." Applejack stated.

"Besides the magic and the fact that everyone's too tall." Rainbow Dash remarked.

"Applejack & Rainbow Dash, actual dang talking ponies!"

*The Hardworking Ponies' confessional*

Applejack was surprised that she managed to get on here, even if Rainbow Dash was a little more sure.

"I can't believe we came together to represent our whole town and trust me, you won't be disappointed or something!" Rainbow Dash confidently exclaimed. "Our skills are kinda crazy."

"Don't get too big for your britches. There's probably some guys who can mess with our minds, but I ain't scared!" Applejack said.

"Me neither, we've got enough skills to beat 'em anyways!" Rainbow Dash was slamming hooves together.

"Yeah, I was just saying. We ain't gonna be fooled." Applejack stated with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

The Angry Video Game Nerd, a very angry white guy with brown hair, a white t-shirt, some black trousers and trainers that didn't fit his angriness.

The Nostalgia Critic was less stable and angry white guy with a sort of bucket hat, a white shirt, a loose red tie, some black trousers and brown-ass slacks.

They were glaring at each other on the street, as the rest of the teams couldn't understand.

"Nostalgia Critic & Angry Video Game Nerd, two angry critic manchildren."

*The Angry Critics' confessional*

These two were not liking each other and this race wasn't going to help matters.

"Okay, why am I with this total a-hole?" The Nerd stated. "Your career is technically not alive-"

"Okay, okay, does it really matter what I do about my life? I need to get outside." Nostalgia Critic tried to justify himself.

"You could've done it with the billion and one guys that seem to hang around your dumb ass." The Nerd complained angrily. "It's cool that I'm here, but why the fuck are we a team?"

"Sheer coincidence, my dear nerd. I was expecting anyone to, at least, team up with me, but..."

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. For a second, please."

*Confessional cut*

Tygra looked like a typical tough guy that had the features of a orange tiger with a lot of black tripes, as his "hair" was spiked up at the opposite ends. He pretty much wore his armour that fit on his tall and musuclar body, shotgun and all.

Cheetara was a yellow human-like cheetah with long blonde hair and was pretty dang beautiful (to Tygra, at the very least) and orange-brown clothes that were protecting the "essentials" and the arms and legs, as her tail stuck out.

"Tygra & Cheetara, two of the Thundercats!"

*The Thundercats' confessional*

Tygra felt something that was missing within him, aside from Cheetara arriving a little bit late.

"Well, I'm one part of the Thundercats and my name is Tygra, a pretty serious warrior." Tygra might as well pointed to himself. "I can't take this lightly."

"Really now? Because it seems like the opposite is happening, but then again, introductions are very hard to get down." Cheetara stated without missing a beat.

"We travelled to another world to go on an adventure that will make our territory in a weird way, I'm sure that this is a one shot thing." Tygra told his friend with complete seriousness.

"Tygra, you're not wrong there. Just don't get any weird ideas about good strategies."

*Confessional cut*

Spyro was just a small teenage anthro-ish dragon...that was purple and looked concerned for being here and Hunter was a pretty dang tall anthro cheetah with a strap pouch for arrows and the bows.

They were both walking through the streets with a mix of swagger with their steps and confusion in their eyes, being that they were in a whole new world.

"Spyro and Hunter, heroes of the animal kind!"

*The Animal Heroes' confessional*

Spyro and Hunter were very familiar with the camera, as they were both relaxing in their chairs.

"After saving the world three times, we've got the privilege of being on another universe's television show and also, sungoogles." Spyro was just enjoying his poorly-fitted eyewear.

"You know we're here to vacation hard and fight even harder to get that money, right?" Hunter exclaimed. "I think you can do both."

"Hunter, have you been getting sleep?" Spyro told him.

"You try sleeping next to one of the teams that don't sleep, but yeah!" Hunter wasn't scared of any sleepless teams.

"Cool, then let's...stop doing this botched intro!"

*Confessional cut*

Don had already done a lot...for the third time in a row, as he was sure of something.

"I know what you're saying. That's a lot of teams already and there's no way that there's going to be more!" Don sighed. "You didn't pay that much attention!"

To be continued with the fourth part with still more teams on the way, complete with a lot of new teams that are introducing themselves!

---Part 1 for real---

#1: The Stunt Men (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

---Part 2 starts here for the playas---

#25: The Questionable Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)

#26: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

#27: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)

#28: The Self-Proclaimed Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)

#29: The Angel Rivals (Pit & Dark Pit, Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#30: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)

#31: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)

#32: The Roleplayers (Kazuma Sato & Megumin, Konosuba)

#33: The Hardened Youngsters (Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)

#34: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)

#35: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

#36: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

#37: The Fast Heroes (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)

#38: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)

#39: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

#40: The Rappers (Thugnificent AKA Otis Jenkins & Leonard, Boondocks)

#41: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)

#42: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)

#43: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)

#44: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)

#45: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)

#46: The Karate Warriors (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)

#47: The Women Fighters (Kasumi Todoh & Mai Shiranui, AOF & Fatal Fury)

#48: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

---Part 3 has come in the new present!---

#49: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)

#50: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)

#51: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)

#52: The Kombatants (Liu Kang & Kitana, Mortal Kombat)

#53: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)

#54: The Wet Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)

#55: The Skaters (Beat & Gum, Jet Set Radio)

#56: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)

#57: The Schemers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario)

#58: The Goofy Team (Max & Goofy Goof, A Goofy Movie)

#59: The Sword-Wielding Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)

#60: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)

#61: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)

#62: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)

#63: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)

#64: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)

#65: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)

#66: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)

#67: The Ordinary Sisters (Lori, Leni & Luna Loud, The Loud House)

#68: The Adventuring Animals (Banjo & Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie)

#69: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)

#70: The Angry Critics (AVGN & Nostalgia Critic, no need for the series' names)

#71: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)

#72: The Animal Heroes (Spyro & Hunter, Spyro The Dragon)

---Will Part 4 keep up the same number or will it have less teams than usual?---

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 4: The Peachy Past-Timers!

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely, but it's a mostly new race with all new teams in the mix!

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

I will not take requests...for obvious reasons, I have to actually start doing the thing sometime in the future and this is the last part of the team intros!

There's only 96 teams and I'm not going to add anymore, anymore and trust me, I know that this roster is weird, but I want to make the most varied character-wise...

...even if most of these guys aren't going to do anything crazy!

Don...had a list and he was not sure what he was going to do with it at the moment.

"And here's the last set of teams that are in this thing and...there's another bunch of psychics."

Shigeo looked like a simple guy, as his hair was literally a bowl cut and was 5'2'' and literally looked boring.
He wore a yellow shirt over a white t-shirt with a blue circle, some jeans and of course, white trainers.

Ritsu wasn't that simle, as he was also 5'2'', had black hair that was messy spiky on the right and...had less good psychic powers.
He did wear a dark blue hoodie, some blue jeans and white-ish trainers.

"Shigeo & Riitsu Kageyama, brothers that are both psychics!"

Shigeo (or Mob) and Ritsu were both bending spoons, which got the angry attention of Tatsumaki...who looked on with confusion.

*The Psychic Brothers' introduction*

"Seriously, did they have to take us to another world? It seems kinda unecessary to just change worlds." Shigeo remarked.

"I know, right! But it's awesome to be here, anyways! We're travelling the world, you've got your friends backing you up...heck, I'm backing you up." Ritsu told him.

"Really?" Shigeo was surprised.

"You literally couldn't be here otherwise. I think those body improvement guys said that you should do your best." Ritsu stated, crossing his arms. "Who knows, how many people that are cheering me on."

"Don't worry, they've already told me. I'm going to always do my best." Shigeo wasn't scared.

*Confessional Cut*

Casey Jones was young, dumb and carried two hockey sticks for self-defense, but he was also a 17-year old 5'8'' slim guy with black hair, two teeth missing.
He wore a grey unzipped hoodie, a skull shirt, a blue jeans, black and white sneakers and a wide bandana on his head.

April O'Neill couldn't be mistaken, as she was a 5'4'' redhead teen with a headband. She did wear a yellow shirt with grey sleeves, jean shorts, leggings and black boots.

Though it wasn't like April wasn't the happiest being with Casey on here, though it was because of the teams.

"Casey & April, heroic teens!"

*The Heroic Teens' introduction*

Casey just raised his mask, as April was just chuckling.

"Hey, what's the rush? We made it this far, might as well work it out like we usually did?" Casey asked, still with the missing tooth. "You know, with-"

"I don't think this is the kind of race that can be won by swinging at things, because these challenges can get crazy." April stated, probably making thing serious. "I mean look at the other seasons."

"Yeah, but we're built different. I've got two sticks, you got the training." Casey remarked with a awkward smile. "I bet you can do it."

"Come on, this isn't a walk in the park. We're going around the world for free, so it's best to not waste the opportunity." April was just shaking her head.

"You're right, I guess."

*Confessional cut*

Wizard was a slim white man with white hair that practically only spiked up and a metal right arm.
He did wear a scientist's coat with a green t-shirt under it, black trousers and some light brown sneakers.

Boomstick looked like a tough country guy with a gut weapons knowledge that was borderline ridiculous.
He wore a red shirt with ripped sleeves, a trucker hat, jeans and of course, a right prosthetic leg.

The latter couldn't care less, as the former was getting glares.

"Wizard and Boomstick, hosts of the famous Death Battle."

*The Internet Hosts' introduction*

Wizard and Boomstick wasn't that angry, as these two were more than motivated to actually stand up...or Boomstick was.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your beautiful hosts are coming out here to be on this show!" Boomstick shouted. "I'm Boomstick coming from Death Battle!"

"...And I'm Wiz or Wizard." The white-haired guy said. "Don't they have other people to send?"

"We're doing it for the guys and for the drink." Boomstick said, ready to pop a can open. "We'll probably meet some of the guys that probably were on there."

"The likelihood is incredibly high, considering we've got a ton of episodes and we probably don't stand a chance!" Wizard reluctantly said.

"You prolly don't stand a chance, but I can for sure!" Boomstick shouted. "...I came packing, but I can't show it."


*Confessional cut*

Shingo was back in business with a blue tracksuit, white t-shirt, blue headband and white trainers with black shoes.
This guy was an ordinary Japanese guy with brown hair that was swept to the right and was 5'10''.

Benimaru definitely looked like a model with his tall blonde hair that could fall down to be incredibly long with the static and his height? 5'11"
But he did wear a chinese-styled black shirt with blue trim, white trousers with a belt and black boots that were made for fighting, running and modelling.

"Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru, young fighting guys!"

*The Upstart Fighters' introduction*

Shingo was plain excited about the race, as Benimaru wasn't too mad to be in here.

"I can't just let Kyo get all of the action, but there's been no KOF tourney to do some action in! So, I guess that means we're here as a team of two!" Shingo stated, taking things seriously. "Benimaru, let's go."

"Dang, you're really feeling it, huh? I can't blame you, the host doesn't seem like he's putting it out every year...but he's not wrong." Benimaru proclaimed, as the blonde-haired model was chilling.

"Come on, KOF's all about the good fight, teaming up and having a chill talk with your teammates after it!" Shingo exclaimed, willing to crack a cold one. "Beni, man."

"Without fail, there's some crazy stuff behind this. Unless there's some god of the Ridonculous Race, but the gods are never on our side." Benimaru remarked.

*Confessional cut*

Rocky was a tall orange moose and Bullwinkle was the short grey squirrel with a blue pilot's hats.

That was really about it, besides the fact that everyone thought the moose's name was Bullwinkle and the usual.

"And we've got a moose and a squirrel to finish them off!"

*The Agent Stoppers' introduction*

Rocky was in a raving mood, as Bullwinkle looked like he had a bad feeling.

"I get the feeling that we're not alone to race." Bullwinkle stated. "But not in that way!"

"What do you mean? We're with like...80 people or something!" Rocky said. "They're mostly cool people."

"I know that most of them are people that wouldn't mess with people's lives, but I'm not sure about some of those guys...especially the foxes." Bullwinkle told his friend, a little nervous about the competition.

"They're fine...they were checking things to do with my bag and said I had, like, eyebrows or something." Rocky said. "I like 'em."

"Yeah, I just hope that we're going around the world to do some challenges and not get caught up in some scene." Bullwinkle remarked, a little bit angry.

*Confessional cut*

Inspector Gadget was a cyborg and a detective, though he was definitely a goofy guy with his probably balding black hair...and extending arms.

Penny was just a young-ish girl with blonde hair that in a ponytail, a red t-shirt, jeans and 80s sneakers.

"There's still plenty more teams where that came from with Inspector Gadget and...Penny."

*The Cyborg's & The Kid's introduction*

Inspector Gadget was genuinely eager and Penny wasn't as eager.

"I know that there's a whole bunch of bad guys in here, so I'll stop them with what we usually do." Inspector Gadget said, stretching his arms. "...only outside the challenges."

"These guys don't look like your regular bad guys, heck some of them are really smart!" Penny stated. "But we're smarter, right?"

"That's what we do! If they're doing criminal things, we'll make sure that those criminal things are shown to down!" Inspector Gadget shouted. "We just want to enjoy being here same as the rest of you guys!"

"Pretty much...seriously, this is just a show. I like being on this show, but still..." Penny exclaimed with a hopeful look.

"Some people like to cheat, I guess."

*Confessional Cut*

Retsuko was like a light-ish red panda and Fenneko was like a white fennec...except they were like office workers and were definitely not wearing their office outfits.

Retsuko was wearing her usual casual outfit and Fenneko also wore her casual outfit, but the difference was how they were rocking.

"The cutest office workers on this side of Tokyo, Retsuko and Fenneko!"

*The Office Workers' introduction*

Retsuko was a little bit nervous, as Fenneko was almost in her natural element.

"Hey, you took a vacation around the world and you should be feelin' pretty good." Fenneko just wanted to help a co-worker out. "Why aren't you feeling pretty good?"

"I still don't know, but I'm here now. Can't really complain about the service." Retsuko said, still a little bit nervous.

"Good, because we're going to take over this race with...running and really good teamwork and you know, we both work well with each other." Fenneko had a lot of confidence while saying this.

"Uh, that's great and all, but what about Haida?" Retsuko asked, still a bit frazzled. "I don't think he'll be happy.."

"Are you happy, though?"


*Confessional cut*

These two were brothers that could bend in different ways, though they wore the same tan clothes of a jacket, brown-ish pants, socks and shoes...but they were very different otherwise.

Mako was slim, was slightly taller than his brother, had a his black hair kinda spiking up and wore a red scarf and his jacket had some red trim and a red...sash to tie up the jacket

Bolin, in some contrast, was muscular, stocky and his hair was spiky at the back and had a cowlick and his jacket had white trim and a green sash.

Either way, no-one doubted their bending abilities.

"Mako and Bolin, brothers who can throw some dirt and fire!"

*The Bending Brothers' introduction*

Mako didn't want to be here, even if Bolin sort of got it.

"Why did you-how did you even find this thing?" Mako asked. "We're probably in some other world."

"I'm in another world with my bro, so it's probably decent." Bolin proclaimed. "Man, what are we going to do?"

"Hopefully find a way to get out of this mess. That's your fault." Mako said, not willing to take this seriously. "At least we can bend out of this situation."

"Aw yeah, we're Bolin. A lot of people are saying that." Bolin was just too excited to not care, as his brother groaned. "But-"

"It has your name on it...I know, I know." Mako said with a weird groan.

*Confessional cut*

Megamind was a blue man with a massive cranium, even if he wasn't that tall. He wore a lot of black, as it was on his gloves, his suit, his boots and even the spiky shoulder pads that carried the cape.

Minion was a pufferfish in a bowl....that was in a giant mech suit that was grey-green and probably could make a Gundam fan faint.

"Megamind and Minion, two heroes that were villains."

*The Reformed Villains' introduction*

Megamind wasn't too happy about his partner...being the fish.

"Out of all the people, why you? I'm not exactly in this kind of motivated mood to team up with my fish friend." Megamind asked. "...Oh yeah."

"I kinda told you that everyone was going to be busy doing jobs, so it'll be like old times." Minion proclaimed. "The times that we were together."

"Yeah, I guess so...why are you wording it like that?" Megamind asked. "We're in this race to get money and do things!"

"I like doing things with you!" Minion immediately cut off his boss. "Sorry for the words."

"We're about to embark on a crazy journey, we don't need that many words...just a lot of action." Megamind proclaimed. "We're in a whole new business!"

*Confessional cut*

Susie was a pretty dang tall purple somewhat scary monster with long purple hair that covered her eyes and wore a denim jacket, a shirt, jeans and some shoes.

Kris was kinda short human guy with brown hair that covered his eyes and he wore a green shirt with a yellow stripe, jeans and some white trainers.

"Susie and Kris, a duo that studies probably..."

*The Slacking Students' introduction*

Susie was just down to speak for Kris...considering that he didn't speak much.

"Hey, we're not here to be messed around with! Kris, you've got a problem with that!" Susie shouted.

Kris nodded no with a smile.

"Seriously, are you going to say something or do I have to say all of the things?"

Kris just put the thumbs up.

"Cool, 'cause I've got killer words and two fists that are here to back 'ya up!"

Kris just stood up with passion.

"At least you're cool."

*Confessional cut*

Richter, despite being born in the 18th century, looked like a modern 19-year old guy with his short brown hair, lean muscles and being pretty tall...and white.
He did wear a blue jacket with ripped sleeves, arm guards, a belt with a sword, white pants, brown boots and a headband.

Maria Renard was 13 year old blonde and looked like a aristocratic kind of daughter with a pretty pink dress, her hair being wavy, a blue ribbon and some boots.

Together, they were both as confused as each other.

"Richter Belmont & Maria Renard, vampire slayers!"

*The Vampire Slayers' introduction*

These two were not scared of any vampire that was going to touch them or even exist in the general vincinity.

"This is probably the most bizarre challenge that Dracula has done to me or whoever challenged to be here, but I won't take it lying down!" Richter shouted. "What is he up to this time?"

"Probably doing bad things inside of that mansion! Even though he's kinda, what brung us together?" Maria asked.

"I'm hoping that it is one of your spirits, because it's only through sheer coincidence that we're together." Richter stated, as Maria gave him a thumbs up. "Thanks."

"Now we can beat up the bad man again! What's a camera?" Maria asked, without any hesistation.

*Confessional cut*

Phoenix was just an young lawyer (being 22), as his face was fresh, his clean black hair with proiment cowlicks and he was fair-skinned. He wore his pressed shirt, blue pants with a belt and finally, brown leather brogues.

Maya Fey was also young (being 18), but she definitely looked like a spirit medium with the purple coat of sorts, big magenta sash that wrapped her lavender-ish robe and of coursem the necklace and magatama.
Her black hair was cut in a very specific way with it being back-length, the front being cut and a very small bun, though.

"Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey, defense lawyers!"

*The Defense Lawyers' introduction*

Phoenix and Maya were both happy to sit together and do things...again.

"So, what's up with this one? Charity, huh?" Maya asked. "Because that's cool."

"Yeah, you can say that. A lot of people probably need the money more than me, because I'm already in a good position." Phoenix said.

"Wait, there's a whole bunch of other people that could ask like that Larry guy...I think." Maya explained, though with a bit of hesistation.

"It just wouldn't feel right to ask some of the friends that I have and Larry's doing his art thing. It is going pretty good, but still..." Phoenix remarked.

"It's not the same without the two of us doing things. We'll do this race within each of the country's laws." Maya just raised a fist. "Because that's what we do?"

*Confessional Cut*

Miles Edgeworth was a 5'8'' light-skinned man with grey-ish hair that had very noticeable bangs and he wore a red formal suit with a cravat and a grey waistcoat, along with some formal leather shoes.

Franziska's outfit was a little bit more complex than her white chin-length hair and parted to the left.

She wore a waistcoat with diamond buttons over a puffed sleeved shirt with cufflinks and bow-tie and cravat hybrid, a short black dress, leggings and ankle-length high heel boots.

"Franziska Von Karma & Miles Edgeworth, prosecutors!"

*The Prosecutors' introduction*


"I did not know that Wright would be here. Which doesn't make that much sense, but it is a fair decision nonetheless." Edgeworth just accepted the situation.

"Wow, I can't believe that Phoenix is neglecting his duties to go on this reality show. Really says a lot about him." Franziska remarked, showing her whip. "Luckily, I'll whip him into shape!"

"That's not a great idea. Remember, we're here to race for our charity, not try to deal with personal issues." Edgeworth stated without missing a beat. "Besides, we can beat them to the punch."

"And then I can whip them?" Franziska exclaimed.

"...I get the feeling that you'll ignore my decision." Edgeworth sighed.

*Confessional cut*

Sully was weirdly fluffy for the former most scary monster in his world, but he did look like a pretty big monster for sure with his blue and purple fur, sharp teeth and horns.

Mike was not scary and was small, though his one eye was massive, he was green and his limbs were small.

"Sully & Mike, monsters that are not scary."

*The Monsters' introduction*

Sully and Mike were sitting like they had something personal to say.

"So, I'm Sully and this is Mike Wazowski." The big monster said. "We're monsters and we're not scared."

"And if you tell anyone that we're scared, I don't know what I'm going to do other than beat them." Mike attempted to be threatening.

"Whoa, whoa, you mean in a race? It's just a race." Sully just felt shocked.

"Yeah, I just wanted to carry on the threatening thing! Come on, you did it right there." Mike remarked. "I mean-"

"I was just introducing ourselves, Mike. You were pretty threatening there, though." Sully just said.

"Yeah, you're right, you're right." Mike stated.

*Confessional cut*

Bart was still Bart Simpson, skateboard, pouch full of pranks and all.

Homer still was wearing his same thing, aside from the fishing jacket and trainers.

"Bart & Homer, the father and son team!"

*The Father & Son Team's introduction*

Homer was mad and Bart was sad and that was all that needed to be said.

"Come on, Dad, why can't I spend the summer with my classmates and prank the heck out of everyone!" Bart complained jokingly.

" you not want to win money?" Homer asked. "Also, imagine all of the stuff that we could buy and the pictures that we could take."

"Dad, it's gonna be on TV and I promise're gonna do something really funny!" Bart proclaimed.

"No, I'm not! I'm too old to do-" Homer just got up and tripped on a wire. "-When was that there?"

"Yeah, like I said." Bart after said he was chuckling.

*Confessional cut*

The first challenger was a 5'6'' tall 18-year old man with messy red hair, a mole above his lip, a serious youthful and a muscular fighting body with lean muscles and flexibility.
He was wearing a white buttoned-up shirt, grey trousers and white trainers.

The second challenger was an 8'' tall 22-year old man with shaved blonde hair, long eyebrows, a serious scowl and an angry-looking face, but the rest of him looked...superhumanly-strong.
He wore a brown jacket, an ocean blue t-shirt, blue jeans and black leather brogues.

"Baki & Jack Hanma, half-brothers that could lift a truck!"

*The Fierce Half-Brothers' introduction*

Baki was smiling like he had won this and Jack didn't smile, as he usually would.

"Baki, don't get too cocky. If what he's saying is true, we're up against some people with ferocious attitudes." Jack said. "And I don't think he lies."

"Have you seen the people that deal with non-stop? They're still trying to fight against me, but I'm beating 'em." Baki had his fists up.

"These people aren't normal human beings, hell most of them aren't fighters, but they are unspeakably strong. And there's the freaks." Jack said.

"Well, this is a team game and our strength is pretty unspeakable when we're together, so watching out is real wise." Baki was borderline arrogant about his strength.

*Confessional cut*

Star was just a 5'2'' 15-year old light skinned girl with long blonde hair with bangs that was tied in a devilish hairband. She wore a frilly turquoise dress, purple striped leggings, monster-ish magenta boots, a pouch and her wand was in that pouch.

Marco was a 5'3'' Hispanic tan-skinned guy that was 15 and had swept, short brown hair, brown eyes, a mole on his cheek and a slim build. He wore a red jumper, a grey shirt, dark grey jeans, olive sneakers and a honest smile.

"Marco & Star, teenagers who apparently travel to other dimensions!"

*The World Travellers' introduction*

Marco and Star were both looking happy to go on another adventure, which was going to be slightly a way.

"Seriously, how did we get in here? There must have been a thousand people willing to get into this thing or two thousand people!" Star exclaimed.

"I think we just got lucky, but these other teams are something crazy." Marco said. "Can we do this?"

"What do you mean can we do this? It's just us two, but the two of us have done some crazy things and I don't think this race is that kind of crazy." Star was still beaming with positivity.

"Alright, alright, we're still going to vacation our hardest right now!" Marco shouted.

*Confessional cut*

These two are kind of a team that don't need much of an introduction, as Pinky didn't have a big brain and was thin and the Brain had a really big brain that made his head...relatively big.

They were here to take over the world, but had other ways of doing it.

"Pinky and The Brain, two...mice that can talk." Don said, as though he had seen way too many of these teams. "Though, they've got something!"

*The Mices' confessional*

Pinky liked the situation that he was stuck in and the Brain probably didn't.

"I can't tell people what I'm thinking about today, because in this age, explaining things are so complicated." The Brain explained. "And lies just spread like wildfire."

"Aren't we on TV, right now? Because I want to say some stuff!" Pinky exclaimed.

"You really don't have to-" The Brain just explained with a hint of venom.

"We're inventing stuff and we're doing things like...adventure things." Pinky somehow forgot what he had to say.

"The competition will be ours and we will take over the competition, because I have a lot of plans." The Brain declared with the anger.

"On your thing?" Pinky remarked.

"...This was wasted."

*Confessional cut*

The Soldier was a American man whose head was covered by his helmet...well, half of it, as the rest was a 60s soldiers outfit that was red, down to the pants and boots that were real protective.

The Demoman was black and Scottish and had an eyepatch. His clothes generally looked like what a demoltions exper would wear..with the headband, red clothes and gun vest.

They were sure scaring the hell out of most of the people that were sitting there for sure, though.

"Soldier & Demoman, two guys who scare me. A bit."

*The Loose Cannons' introduction*

Soldier and Demoman were both ready to bring on some good ol' Scottish and American craziness.

"Rule number 1 of war: Never allow your enemies the step up on your territory! This is our territory, of course!" Soldier proclaimed, as though he was talking to...anyone but the cameraman.

"Yeah...anyone's who knocking on our door is gonna get...hit by my stuff!" Demoman shouted, clearly not drunk.

"It's like a warzone with weapons out there."

*Confessional cut*

Kanji was an manly Japanese high-schooler with blonde hair that was spiky at the back and had a little bit of muscle. He did wear a t-shirt with a skull on it, some black trousers, a jacket that hung on his shoulders and brown shoes.

Chie wasn't manly, but she had fighting spirit and kung-fu, though her auburn brown hair in a bob cut didn't show it. She wore a green jacket, a blue top, navy jean skirt and lighter green boots.

Though one of them wasn't a fighter and no, it's not the teenager girl.

"Kanji & Chie, high-schoolers from Japan!"

*The High-School Fighters' introduction*

Kanji and Chie was in that motivated mood and their smiles showed that off with ease.

"Huh, can't believe that we made it. Man, if only there's some was beef bowls right now." Chie said. "Then it would be awesome."

"I think it is awesome here, because we're still going to wipe the floor with these guys!" Kanji said. "Even with their powers."

"Oooh, you gonna put something good on their laps. Probably, food right?" Chie enthusastically exclaimed. "Maybe even give 'em a little bit of the things."

"Not really to my enemies here, definitely."

*Confessional cut*

Poison Ivy just wore a dark green leather jacket, a white t-shirt and green pants and brown leather shoes.

Harley Quinn had her blonde hair in two ponytails with coloured ends and was wearing a black t-shirt with the words suicide squad and shorts that were red and black...

...and shoes and legging, but that was a given.

They were walking around like they got out of jail free, which wasn't too far off from the actual situation.

"Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn, two bad girls! As it says on their application."

*The Bad Girls' introduction*

Poison Ivy sighed at the name, as Harley Quinn was practically proud of the name.

"I can't believe that we're going to call ourselves the bad girls!" Poison Ivy remarked. "That's going to make us stick out like a rock!"

"I'm pretty sure that we're super recognized." Harley Quinn remarked. "If we can make this happen, we'll pay our rent!"

"Harley, I love you but the place that we're in doesn't do rent...or non-broken windows." Poison Ivy shouted.

"Then we'll get bullet proof windows, because I dunno what else are gonna spend it on?"

"...My relationship?" Ivy asked, as though she had forgot.

*Confessional cut*

Rocko was a wallaby with a light blue shirt with a purple pattern all over it, because it is a 90s shirt.

Filburt was a turtle with glasses and he was practically hunchback.

Together, they both worked at the comic store...sort of, as they were in the future now, but some things don't change.

"Rocko & Filburt, the animals that are also working class!"

*The Working Class Guys' introduction*

Rocko and Filburt were both a bit worried about one thing.

"Yeah, this nearly free vacation is nice and all, but what we are going to do about our jobs? We can't just get 'em or something." Rocko said. "It's been 20 years."

"But it's fine, because we've got each other. That's only if we don't encounter one of the many powerful teams in here." Filburt was just searching through his comics while making that nervous statement.

"Come on, this is no times for comics. We're on the screens!" Rocko remarked.

"Yeah, b-but I'm seeing some teams do some insane things to each other. Borderline war crimes even..." Filburt just retreated back into his shell.

"I'm just hoping the team isn't anyone scary or anything like that." Rocko stated.

*Confessional cut*

Tanya was a still short 13 year old girl with curly as hell blonde hair and blue eyes, but unlike Maria Renard, she wasn't nice and had a magic gun.
The fact that she still wore her dark green Germanic soldier's uniform, hat, medals and all showed in some other way.

Viktoria was probably 19 or something, but was definitely much taller and had longer auburn brown hair and being under the command of the 13 year old, stood tall.

They were getting a lot of heat and it wasn't even good heat, as a lot of the teams even joined in.

"Tanya & Viktoria, two women who scare me...a bit!"

*The Mage Soldiers' introduction*

Tanya has a lot of rage, Viktoria had a lot of questions.

"Why did you send me here? I don't know why I am here, but I know how I am here." Tanya complained, holding in a lot of rage.

"Does that mean we'll get answers from this person? Because I do not mind it here." Viktoria said.

"Well, as you might be easing yourself here, we still have a multitude of problems that are in here. Whoever sent us here, will send us back." Tanya remarked.

"Of course...I'm going to assume this means we died or we're in some other place." Viktoria stated. "I just hope that the Empire is doing fine."

"You could easily say that about whatever we are doing. We are up against some powerful and smart teams and they'll feel my wrath." Tanya practically let it out in that line.

*Confessional cut*

These guys were playing for the same team, thought they didn't make it obvious with their clothes.

Akaashi was a guy that had bushy-ish black hair and an expression of a guy that got somewhat ripped off.

He just wore a blue t-shirt, a white jacket and tracksuit trousers that was made to deal with a lot of things.

Bokuto was a kinda tall Japanese guy and had his spiky hair mostly grey with the frosted tips, weird yellow eyes that were like an owl and...a massive smile.

He nearly wore the same thing, besides his t-shirt being light blue and sports trainers.

They both looked like they lived volleyball, by the way.

"Keiji Akaashi and Kotaro Bokuto, two high schoolers who names' are kinda hard to deal with!"

*The Volleyball Guys' introduction*

Bokuto was just excited, as his teammate didn't look too happy with much.

"Man, I can't wait to get to play some volleyball...on a game show!" Bokuto shouted. "I don't know why they lied, though."

"Don't say that, we're even lucky to be here and to be speaking English, somehow." Akaashi said.

"This is one weird show, but I'm the ace, so we're going to at the top in the end! Hopefully, top 3." Bokuto excitedly said.

"Yeah, I guess you might end up in the top three, but still..." Akaashi had his doubts.

"Woo, we're in this!"

*Confessional cut*

Isabelle looked as he did when she went out to get lost in an island and still somehow created a working village, but only on vacation.
Pink jumper, beige dress, had light fur and the top of her head still looked like a bell.

Digby's did look quite a bit like Isabelle, but you couldn't get them confused with his swept bangs on the front instead of the bell, his fur was a deep brown with some tan spots.
He wore a blue and yellow beanie, a white t-shirt with an island on it, cargo pants and a jacket...just in case.

"The final team, Digby & Isabelle, both looking fiercely competitive!"

They were walking like normally.

*The Helper Siblings' introduction*

Digby and Isabelle were both happy to let their introduction be simple.

"Hello, we just got here. It's nice to meet everybody, well, it is going to be nice to meet everybody here." Isabelle said. "But we're here to have fun with the race."

"I guess so, but we're practically going to be dealing with the challenges as well. This vacation is going to be a tough one." Digby's attitude was still very positive.

"Well, yes, but our jobs are even tougher, so we can do this...vacation? It's still a vacation, because we're going to have some fun 'round the world!" Isabelle proclaimed.

"Pretty much. Let's just hope that there's no crazy people." Digby stated.

*Confessional cut*

Don looked like he had an ordeal on his hands, which wasn't too far off from what he was really doing.

"Well, that was a whole lot of teams that we introduced and arguably, maybe a little bit too many! But we've got the real race ahead of us and these 96 wacky teams."

The ridonculous host wasn't tired enough to not do his job, though.

"So you guys should really start watching this race, because it's about to get crazy!"

Don pointed towards the sky for a good reason, as the possibilities were crazy.

"It's going to be...A Really Ridonculous Race!"

To be continued in the future, as there's a lot that could really happen within the next month and the plans are not that set with the race so far...

...I know, the introductions are done and the first episode is still up in the air, but it will definitely start in Canada and more than likely, in a Ontario town.

Sure, Barrie won't be the biggest place to start in, but it will be the most fitting place for this season to start in.


Because it's a really ridonculous location to be in and well, look at the title of this fanfic.

---Part 1 for real---

#1: The Stunt Men (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

---Part 2 starts here for the playas---

#25: The Questionable Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)

#26: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

#27: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)

#28: The Self-Proclaimed Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)

#29: The Angel Rivals (Pit & Dark Pit, Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#30: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)

#31: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)

#32: The Roleplayers (Kazuma Sato & Megumin, Konosuba)

#33: The Hardened Youngsters (Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)

#34: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)

#35: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

#36: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

#37: The Fast Heroes (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)

#38: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)

#39: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

#40: The Rappers (Thugnificent AKA Otis Jenkins & Leonard, Boondocks)

#41: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)

#42: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)

#43: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)

#44: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)

#45: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)

#46: The Karate Warriors (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)

#47: The Women Fighters (Kasumi Todoh & Mai Shiranui, AOF & Fatal Fury)

#48: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

---Part 3 has come in the new present!---

#49: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)

#50: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)

#51: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)

#52: The Kombatants (Liu Kang & Kitana, Mortal Kombat)

#53: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)

#54: The Wet Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)

#55: The Skaters (Beat & Gum, Jet Set Radio)

#56: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)

#57: The Schemers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario)

#58: The Goofy Team (Max & Goofy Goof, A Goofy Movie)

#59: The Sword-Wielding Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)

#60: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)

#61: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)

#62: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)

#63: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)

#64: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)

#65: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)

#66: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)

#67: The Ordinary Sisters (Lori, Leni & Luna Loud, The Loud House)

#68: The Adventuring Animals (Banjo & Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie)

#69: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)

#70: The Angry Critics (AVGN & Nostalgia Critic, no need for the series' names)

#71: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)

#72: The Animal Heroes (Spyro & Hunter, Spyro The Dragon)

---Part 4 arrives with some more teams, though not that much more---

#73: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)

#74: The Heroic Teens (April O'Neill & Casey Jones, TMNT 2012)

#75: The Internet Hosts (Wizard & Boomstick, Death Battle)

#76: The Upstart Fighters (Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru Nikado, King of Fighters)

#77: The Agent-Stopping Animals (Rocky & Bullwinkle...same name series)

#78: The Cyborg & The Kid (Inspector Gadget & Penny, Inspector Gadget)

#79: The Office Workers (Retsuko & Fenneko, Aggretsuko)

#80: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, The Legend of Korra)

#81: The Reformed Villains (Megamind & Minion, Megamind)

#82: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)

#83: The Vampire Slayers (Richter Belmont & Maria Renard, Castlevania)

#84: The Defense Lawyers (Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey, Ace Attorney)

#85: The Prosecutors (Miles Edgeworth & Franziska Von Karma, Ace Attorney)

#86: The Monsters (Mike & Sully, Monsters Inc.)

#87: The Father & Son (Bart & Homer, Simpsons)

#88: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)

#89: The World Travellers (Star & Marco, Star vs. The Forces of Evil)

#90: The Mice (Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs)

#91: The Loose Cannons (Soldier & Demoman, Team Fortress 2)

#92: The High-School Fighters (Kanji & Chie, SMT: Persona)

#93: The Bad Girls (Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn)

#94: The Working Class Guys (Rocko & Filburt, Rocko's Modern Life)

#95: The Mage Soldiers (Tanya & Viktoria, The Saga of Tanya The Evil)

#96: The Volleyball Guys (Keiji Akaashi & Kotarou Bokuto, Hakiyuu!)

#97: The Helper Siblings (Isabelle & Digby, Animal Crossing)

---This roster is good and well, by the way!---

This is truly the final roster, with a whole bunch of ridiculous personalities in this thing and even a few teams that weren't in there initially.

But made it because of their personalities and other things.

Besides, there's a lot of unique personalities in here already and this thing is going to be a struggle to write, regardless of size.

That just means that the first episode is going to take a little bit longer.

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 1: No Jokes, All Racing.

100 set teams.

A gigantic TV crew.

More money than any one show can really handle and somehow, a miracle came together and unsuprisingly, it got a fitting name for this kind of race.

A really ridiculous one, if you will, so expect a metric ton of craziness within this thing that may never get finished.

This race is running the gamut from sheriffs, volleyball all-stars and legendary fighters to officer workers, store workers and adventurers!

But that doesn't mean that Don doesn't have this under control, (which might be a lie, but this is a miracle after all) as he has his ways of dealing with it.

Anyways, I just wanted to get the ball rolling after two weeks of not that much progress.

Don was about to get this race underway with all the stress of dealing with two hundred plus people and the passion of an usual reality show.

"Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, birthplace of funk and where the albino panthers are...missing, weirdly enough."

There was a yacht that sailed in the calm waters of Lake Ontario, minus a cage that was open and of course, had no albino panther, but another rare Canadian animal.

But it was pretty small.

"Beneath my manlier brogues, lie the actual start of the biggest reality show race ever. Hopefully, ever, because this is going to be one hell of a undertaking."

Don felt the panic of trying to top this show, as he was actually standing on Toronto's old airport for a good reason.

"I'm not going to envy the next guy that attempts to top this, because this is..."

Of course, the camera zoomed in to take in Don's attractive face.

"...A Really Ridonculous Race!"

"Hopefully, everyone can speak English..."

Bokuto, unfortunately, was the first guy to come up to Don.

"Wait, why does my voice sound different?" Bokuto asked a genuine question.

"Because you don't shut your mouth?" Tanya gave an sarcastic answer.

The host knew he was in for a good one, as he went into walking away from those two and he was smiling confidently.

"These 100 or so teams are ready to race to the edges of the planet, from desert to deadly plains and probably even some cool places that look good, but are...rigourous to get through!"

Don was walking towards something, while he was doing the walk and talk thing like it was not a problem.

The host had nailed this down in the six seasons that he had time to deal with, but with these crazy teams, things were a little bit different for obvious reasons.

The implications got dulled a bit after Chris basically did the same thing, but Don was freaked out anyways.

"Welcome to the biggest Ridonculous Race, probably ever! You'll be starting this old airport."

There was a lot of cheers that were coming people that had neither seen an plane before or didn't care too much about the starting location.

"Just saying, doing a bit of a throwback..."

Some of the teams that didn't cheer also groaned at Don's wit, but some of them just threw their hands up.

"Bro, that's cringe." Chloe stated quietly.

"Is it?" Max asked.

"This is called A Really Ridonculous Race, though you won't be going to a ridiculous amount of locations, but there's still a lot of places around the world that you guys will be going to!"

There was a ton of teams that were definitely listening to them, as the rapper and minimum wage worker from Woodcrest were definitely doing.

"From deserts that will heat the pants off you to the Russian tundra with some unsuable weapons and of course, small towns, big cities, whatever type of location you'd take a picture of..."

Jen and Tom were both still star-struck at the obvious, as Pinky and The Brain were both not so awed at the obvious.

"We've got all those pictures." Pinky whispered, as though Brain needed to hear it. "I kinda forgot what they looked like, though."

"...Seriously, there's 33 in total and every location has an elimination, besides this one!"

Ryo and Yuri were both not caring that much, as some others (read: the bunny and the fox police officers) were definitely anticipating their own eliminations.

"Once you guys reach the final location with four teams remaining, the winning team gets...a million dollars! And for the second and third place teams, they're not going home empty handed."

There was a lot of teams that were looking for that money, including two shady foxes that had a wide smile, a hedgehog and a fox that was being lifted up by echidna and Rainbow Dash touched Applejack's shoulder not so lightly.

"Ow." Applejack commented.

"We're just getting started, but these tips will light you up..."

There was a lot of eyes that were lit up well, as Mako and Bolin were looking pretty disappointed at the blue card that held some info.

"...the Ridonculous Tip Box or the Don Box is what these travel tips will be dipensed from, so be on the lookout for the box with my face on it!"

Sonic was just groaning the loudest out of all the groaners, which included Kazuma and Fenneko...who looked at each other with confusion.

" Most of you may have powers, but you can't use them in the challenges at all besides saving someone from the jaws of death or injury."

Kazuma and Fenneko just sighed, as the two bending brothers were not that surprised at the rule and the treasure hunters were smiling at the obvious.

"Finally, don't rack up penalties and don't do crimes. I don't know why it keeps on happening, but it does!" Don stated angrily, as he was looking at every single team with an watchful eye.

"...See, he knows it." Bender remarked.

"I doubt it, really." Leela fired right back.

"Now, we've got that out of the challenge, the real race is about to get started!"

Every single team was prepared to watch their backs, front and practically everywhere else, as they were getting themselves prepared for their biggest race of their lives.

That wasn't even much of a metaphor, as there was a lot of teams that were surprised to be out of their own world and were excited to see some madness.

Even the ones from the alternate future were still impressed.

"Get ready!"

That being said, the two teams that consisted of police officers were making their poses known with some proud looks (courtesy of Nick & MacArthur) and embarrassed looks (courtesy of Sanders & Judy)


Crash and Coco prepared their own legs to move, as Makoto and Kyoko were both looking at the competition with determination.


Don just moved out of the way of the stampedes of mostly duos and some trios, as he tried to avoid his good looks from getting hurt and they were all running towards the tower.

He did make it through almost every single team, as there was one team that did throw a stink bomb and a potent one at that.

They were hidden, though.

"Why would someone do this? I dunno?"

All 100 teams were making their way on the airport island, as the mix of trios and duos were actually crowding up the place and making passing certain teams impossible.

"Can you please move your butts of the way?" Wizard asked.

"Fat chance, buddy." Boomstick replied, seeing some teams bunch up. "Shoulder bash, man."

"Robot arm?" Wizard was confused at the suggestion.

At the front, it was no less competitive, as though the boat was just another obstacle in the way, as there was twenty-five teams that were bunching up in a good boat.

"Hey, hey, hey, we made it!" Bokuto shouted.

"Of course, we did. We're lucky that we made it." Akaashi realised something, as they saw that they were the last team on there. "So, you're not going to-"

"Listen, I'm here in America, so I'm not going to let the guys back at home down! After all, I'm the ace!" Bokuto exclaimed.

"You're not wrong, but we could still-" Akaashi pointed to the other teams, as Bokuto just put the hands down. "-I guess not."

"We've got each other!" Bokuto stated, putting his hand around his teammate.

The other boat teams were definitely hanging out together, as the bending brothers were trying to do...something.

"Uh, why is everyone looking at me like that?" Bolin asked, as he got the fair share of muscle-crazy eyes.

"I think it's because you look strong." Malin didn't look too surprised.

"I am pretty strong!" Bolin proclaimed, as Malin was just sighing. "So, what's happening?"

"You're happening." Donkey exclaimed, ready to shake something with Bolin. "Man, you wanna join an good alliance?"

"I guess so, but I dunno. You've got a pretty good alliance right there." Bolin noticed that there was two teams hanging out near him. "But I'll consider it."

"Sure, whatever." Donkey tried to shrug it off, by going back to his group of teammates.

The volleyball guys and the bending brothers just happened to be on the same spot on the same boat, but there was a new alliance in town and it wasn't one yet.

"Yeah, we kinda have one, but it's only us two and those guys." Shrek stated, pointing towards the cooks, who lit up with happiness.

"I think they're talking about us." Chowder whispered loudly enough so Shrek could hear.

"I don't think we're strong, though. We need two big muscly guys that can probably carry me." Donkey suggested, trying to picture something.

"Rada rada." Schnitzel crossed his arms, as the two half-brothers actually walked over to them. "Rada rada rada."

"Listen, you're exactly the guys that I was looking for." Donkey stated. "You can carry him and in exchange, we can-"

"Yeah, fat chance, Donkey. We're going to all run together and probably win something!" Shrek declared. "I dunno what that is, but we're all here anyways."

"...Whatever he said." Chowder quietly said.

Baki just nodded and so did Jack, the two of them adding to the race's first alliance that was the The Boys' Alliance, which they all agreed on...apparently.

The rest was history, the boat finally docked once again and it was time for another boat to make the rounds with the isekai teams coming on strong, but the first boat had the runners.

"Alright, here comes the old-timers!" MacArthur shouted.

"And the police timers!" Judy exclaimed.

The two police officers and former cadets were actually running along pretty well...until Nick unintentionally made a garbage can get smashing into it.

"Whoa, Nick, are you fine?" Judy asked.

"Yeah, sweetcheeks, don't sweat it." Nick just ran on anyways with confidence.

The team that got the garbage bin just...jumped over it and then tripped as a trio, as Sonic just ended up rolling onto the ground and his friends...messed up as well.

"Dang! Let's just go!" Sonic complained.

In the end, the first team to make it wasn't even on screen before, but they were definitely packing some good runs and confidence...and had green hair and a dark green dress.

"Hmph, there really is no competition." Tatsumaki just hit the box's top. "Sister, you said this was a hard competition."

"Well, sister, this is a competition that's about co-operation. But we're definitely doing an All-In." Fubuki commented, confident about this challenge.

"I know what an All-In is!" Tatsumaki complained, still being shorter than the rest.

"Don't finish that sentence."

What's with the first challenge?

Why are alliances being made so quick?

And more importantly, I kinda forgot to work my hardest on this, so...the next chapter will be coming sooner than this!

Trust me, this one was actually cut short for that reason, but there's definitely a lot of characters to deal with!

And the next part probably needs a lot of words to be really expertly done, so it will take a lot of effort.

But not that much time.

So, until Part 2 comes out, I'll be doing my thing!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 5: Duos For Free!

There are now no more teams, baby, it's the big nine-nine, as we've got nine more duos that have that...Ridonculous factor?

Yeah, there's now eleven more teams added into the original 97 duos and trios that are starting early to make 108!

Aside from that, there's some new info about the first two legs:

The first two legs are in totally different cultures of Canada, one is in the city and the other's in the country and the United States will still be coming early.

It's just that dealing with these 108 teams is going to be tough when the race really gets going, but then again the name of this game is called...A Really Ridonculous Race!

Sorry for the two random additions of a duo from The Nutshack and Mickey and Minnie Mouse themselves...but there’s officially 108 teams!

Don was back and he looked like he had some serious surprise on his face.

"Wait, there's more?! Oh, there's more alright...specifically, two teams that have arrived."

These two were definitely high-schoolers and one of them had light brown hair and two hopeful eyes and the other had nearly white-hair...and a neutral face.

Makoto Neagi was a high-school teenage guy with light brown hair and light skin. He wore a green hoodie with a mask on the back, green trousers, red sneakers and a white t-shirt

Kyoko Kirigiri was the white-haired teenage woman with long white hair that had very long strands on the front and back. She wore a purple jacket, a white jumper, a school skirt, white socks and leather shoes.

And they did survive some serious happenings.

"Makoto Naegi & Kyoko Kirigiri, two people that survived some...weird school." Don announced.

*The Hopeful Detectives' confessional*

The hopeful guy that was...there and the pink-haired detective were standing tall and proud.

"I guess if we can survive a school full of unspeakable stuff, we can survive this really weird race." Makoto confidently said. "I'm just happy that this is over."

"I guess so, but that doesn't mean we're out of the clear yet. Some suspicious teams are in this race, as well, so we should be wary." Kyoko had a feeling, being monotone.

"Wary, I don't know about that. As much as they're scary, I think we can race without them ruining our days. Besides, there's a lot of people to meet." Makoto remarked, feeling confident in the grace period.

"Probably. To be honest, there is something about this reality show that doesn't make sense." Kyoko stated. "How are they able to do this?"

"Must be an absurd amount of work and effort. I appreciate them." Makoto said with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

Kirby was ridiculously easy to describe, literally being a pink sphere with stubs for feet and legs and having eyes and a cute smile.

Meta Knight was slightly less easy to describe, despite being kinda like Kirby with the sphere-ness, but he had a mask, shoulder pads, gloves, armoured shoes, wings and...a stupid cool sword.

"Kirby & Meta Knight, warriors? I guess that checks out."

*The Star Warriors' confessional*

Kirby was just standing there being here, as Meta Knight introduced himself with his trademark accent.

"This challenge will be the greatest of all challenges that I have undertaken. My sword cannot get through this one alone." Meta Knight stated.

"Poyo." Kirby just touched his friend.

"It requires some serious teamwork, the likes of which has to survive through treachery, hard work, cooperation and even trying to socialize with other teammates." Meta Knight stated, still with his back to the camera.

"Poyo!" Kirby declared, happy to be by his side.

"Sometimes, we'll have to navigate the harsh worlds of alliances and other things." Meta Knight stated, finally turning towards the camera. "But we will prevail within this race."

"Poyo?" Kirby just didn't get it.

"...Dramatic effect." Meta Knight stated.

*Confessional cut*

The real last team (for real, this time) was walking in with a confident look on his face and no reason to not walk on the pavement, despite being casual as all hell.

Sly Cooper was a raccoon thief with a blue cap, a mask, a blue jumper, blue shoes and his trusty cane.

Bentley was a turtle with glasses and a high-tech wheelchair to move around in, because he couldn't walk that well.

"The real last team? Sly Cooper and Bentley, thieves? Technically not."

*The Noble Thieves' confessional*

Sly was in a good mood, as was Bentley.

"I'm surprised that you asked me to be in this kind of competition." Bentley said. "My range of movement is quite limited..."

"Well, buddy, this isn't just about the running and the jumping. It takes a little bit of the brains to avoid some guys." Sly Cooper stated without missing a beat. "And honestly, Murray was busy."

"That makes a lot of sense. The logistics of it would be too crazy and I'm just an inventor." Bentley remarked. "Though I found a good partner.

"Great, we're both doing our own things." Sly stated. "I'm just doing my thing and you've got a lady on your hands."

"...We're in a platonic situation at the moment, Sly." Bentley was a little bit embarrassed.

*Confessional cut*

The host that was going to deal with this crazy race.

"Please tell me that is..."

The director handed him the list with every single team on it and Don had a quick look over at the nine extra teams, including the three that was already introduced that just showed up out of nowhere.

"...oh wow, there's eight more teams that are willing to start later?! That's kinda insane, but who would pass up two million dollars?"

Don was definitely feeling like he had some issues, but he kept on going anyways for these eight teams.

And the first team to do that to him consisted of Kuroo and Kenma, coming in from Nekoma.

Tetsuro Kuroo was a 6'2'' Japanese guy with black hair that looked like a rooster's head and he wore a black t-shirt, khaki-like trousers and trainers...just in case there needed to be a volleyball thing.

Kenma Kozume was 5'7'', also Japanese and had simple blonde hair with black roots. He wore a red hoodie jacket, a white t-shirt, some red shorts and trainers.

"Tetsuro Kuroo & Kenma Kozume, coming from...Nekoma, they're the Volleyball Geniuses!"

*The Volleyball Geniuses' confessional*

Kuroo was just smirking at the chance for Kenma to get some serious exercise.

"So, what's up with you, Kenma? I mean, I could ask a whole bunch of other volleyball players. " Kuroo stated, already knowing the reason.

"I mean, it would be weird for me to not go, anyways." Kenma said. "You want me to go, Hinata wants me to go and I could spend the money on gaming stuff-"

"Whoa, it is because of Hinata?"

"...No?" Kenma asked. "Is it weird that I'm backing up my friends?"

"No, but on a big around the world race like this, that does sound crazy." Kuroo remarked. "But you're definitely up to it."

"It's going to take a lot of moving to make it alll of the way, though." Kenma complained.

*Confessional cut*

Seiya was a tall 17-year Japanese guy with kind of unkempt black hair that swept to the right...and he got isekai'd. He wore a black jacket that was purple on the inside, black trousers, black boots and a white t-shirt...and somehow kept the random bits of jewellery from his cautious adventure.

Ristarte was a young adult-looking goddess with blonde hair and was generally well-endowed in most areas. She was wearing a short white dress with string straps on the neck, two ringles, a blue bow and gold and white sandals.

"Seiya and Ristarte, the most cautious of heroes!"

*The Cautious Heroes' confessional*

Seiya looked like a bit of a badass, even though Ristarte was clearly waving him away.

"Seiya, you can't just say that you're the coolest to some people you've never met before! They may have been insulting you, but they're people too!" Ristarte exclaimed.

"They just said that I'm some weak guy and I'm not going to take that insult." Seiya remarked.

"You shouldn't slap women, even if it makes you cool, because they're...women!" Ristarte shouted at Seiya. "They're women of wisdom."

"Those two were weapons' masters and probably would have swung first at me, and one of them was almost going to do that." Seiya said, simple as day. "So, I slapped her."

"And we're her targets now!"

*Confessional cut*

Dr. Honeydew was a rounded green scientist and Beaker was also a scientist, but he was thin, orange, had a red nose and...screamed a lot.

Either way, they were clearly scientists with the white lab coat and black jumper and trousers.

"Dr. Honeydew & Beaker, definitely scientists and probably bad at communication."

*The Goofy Scientists' confessional*

Dr. Honeydew had a job to do, while Beaker had his own job.

"We can prove that us scientists have a high probability of staying competitive compared to the other late teams, but I don't know about the rest of them." Dr. Honeydew then had to...

"MEEP MEEP MEEP!" ...make sure that Beaker was calm. "Meep Meep Meep Meep Meep...Meep Meep."

"That's actually some sound methodology, but I think we can test it through some physical tests." The main doctor with serious confidence.

"Me-me-meep! Meep meep meep, Meep!" Beaker then tripped over something.

"The lab will be fine, because we have a whole bunch of inventions to get us through this race."

And Beaker just got up like it was nothing.

"Meep meep meep!"

*Confessional cut*

Eddy was still the shorter of the two, being really short and had not that much hair coming out of the top and he wore a yellow shirt with a purple popped collar and a red stripe, some jeans and red sneakers with white soles.

Double D...or Edd, was a kid that was clearly a bit taller than Eddy and he had black hair, as he wore an orange loose t-shirt, violet shorts, long red socks and blue shoes.

"And two kids that are scheming in their cul-de-sac, Edd and Eddy. They're both named Edward by the way."

*The Cul-de-sac Schemers' confessional*

Edd & Eddy were clearly trying their best.

"Come on, Double D! Do you know how many jawbreakers we can buy with one million dollars?" Eddy asked. "A lot of them and I could live like a king."

"You know that would only make things worse for us, considering that we're both trying to get a million dollars and there would be a lot of things that would take-" Double D tried to make some calculations.

"I bet that would be a lot of money to have left over. The neighbourhood's going to envy us!" Eddy shouted. "And Kevin can't hurt me."

"He still would. I'm only going here for an experience of travelling the world through many places that are beautiful in their own right and doing challenges that are native to each culture." Double D said.

"And a million dollars to earn." Eddy added to that.

"Eddy, that didn't need to be said."

*Confessional cut*

Raz was a purple ice age kangaroo with a white belly and a pouch, being a Procoptodon that looked aggressive and dominant. Said pouch was packed with weapons.

Gilgamesh was definitely a grizzled warrior that saw many battles and a ridiculously tall one at that and he wore a lot of elaborate armour that had a general colour scheme of black, gold and red and he wore a mask, some lilac-coloured pants and...a space for his weapons.

Together, they scared the hell out of everyone.

"Move your face out of the way!" Raz yelled.

"And two random weapon masters, Raz from the ice age and Gilgamesh with a ton of armour!"

*The Weapon Masters' confessional*

Raz and Gilgamesh were both kinda tired.

"Raz, why do you always go aggressive on our potential teammates? I could've had a fun spar with them and hone my weapon skills!" Gilgamesh declared. "He's very strong too."

"I don't know what you're looking at, because he looks like a shrimp with a sword." Raz stated. "Besides, he's not even allowed that sword."

"Eh, there's many, many fights that I would like to have with many of these strong teams! There's the people that were transported to another world and the many others too!" Gilgamesh was practically gushing about the weapons.

"That's great and all, but we're also racing them. If you're slowing us down with a duel, I've got a sharp one here for you." Raz was ready to pull out an ice age weapon.

"Oh ho ho, we can't do that here!"

*Confessional cut*

Satoshi was a 5'6'' 17-year old with short dark brown haid and obviously, the big brother to Yuka. He wore a school shirt with a rainbow fabric piece in the right pocket, blue trousers, a grey blue t-shirt and light blue and white trainers.

Yuka was 4'7'', 14 and looked weirdly young and has chin-length dark brown hair. She wore a plain blue dress with a neck thing and a bow on it and Mary Jane shoes.

Together, they survived a cursed version of Satoshi's high school as the big brother and younger sister.

"Finally, two people who came from some weird and probably cursed school, Yuki and Satoshi Mochida!"

*The School Survivors' confessional*

These two were happy to be in a sort of normal race.

"So, I'm happy that there's not going to be anything that's going to kill me." Satoshi said. "And my little sister, who's here."

"Onii-chang, I'm not scared of anybody in this race and I'm going to make it as far as I can with my big brother!" Yuka shouted.

"Yeah, she is really excited for this and I don't know why." Satoshi said. "I'm just happy to be away from cursed schools and to be here with my sister."

"Earthquakes and ghosts are going to be scared of us by the end of this race." Yuka had a very confident look.

"There goes Yuka."

*Confessional cut*

Phil was definitely an adult, but he wasn’t exactly the tallest half-Filipino adult, but he had black slicked-back hair with a few loose strands, skinny and light skin.

He wore a grey bucket hat, grey trousers, some red trainers and a black t-shirt that said ‘NUT UP’ in big white letters.

Jack was fully Filipino, a big guy in terms of weight and height and had black hair that was swept to the right.

He wore a red t-shirt, grey trousers and some black trainers, which all fit alright.

Phil and Jack, two Filipino guys who came from New York and they’re definitely a duo alright!”

*The Lazy Guys’ confessional*

Phil was just chilling in the chair, while Jack was just sitting tall, nervous about something.

Hey, man, just ‘cause we’re late to the whole deal, doesn’t mean we’re losing right here!” Phil shouted. “Jack, bruh, get in the game.”

Phil, I’m already in the game and I don’t think we’ve got a good chance of making it to the fifth round!” Jack said.

Come on, we barely made it, man and we need some cash. We didn’t came this far to fuck around.” Phil proclaimed.

Oh yeah, we’re not fucking around this time.” Jack said. “We still could be last.”

Shit, that ain’t happening, cuz. On my watch, we ain’t gonna be losers here.” Phil said.

*Confessional cut*

Mickey Mouse was walking in with a frantic strut, as he barely managed to make it here and Minnie looked confident in her boyfriend, even if he managed to make the both of them latecomers.

And finally, we’ve got Mickey and Minnie Mouse, somehow both very easy and very hard to get!” Don referred to the couple from the shorts.

*The Cute Couple’s confessional*

Mickey and Minnie both looked at each other.

You know, how we managed to be late. I kinda mixed up the times and we just went on the wrong flight to Toronto, but now we’re here…” Mickey nervously said.

...We’ll be sure to make it all of the way and take a lot of pictures of the places that we’re going to.” Minnie said.

Yeah, there’s Venice, Bangkok, some other places that I don’t want to we’d like to stay on for as long as we can!” Mickey shouted. “And Goofy’s here with his son.”

Alright, Mickey!” Minnie was just humming to herself at a second.

...He’s got his son here?!”

Mickey looked at her like she forgot a piece of common knowledge.

*Confessional cut*

Don was just checking the list twice to ensure that there was no-one else that was waiting to come into this race and this time, he read it right.

"...okay, that's one hundred and eight teams for some reason. Well, a Ridonculous Race is a good reason to have all these teams in one TV show!" Don announced. "These eight are going to start later than the rest to prove that they're worthy to be here!"

"Now that we've got 108 teams for a good reason, let's just say that this race is going to get spicy again in Toronto."

The city of Toronto was shown once again, as the CN Tower was shown once again with a certain coach station that was in the background and some of the more iconic locations of the huge Canadian metropolis.

"There's going to be an old favourite and a new challenge when that airs, so stick around for..."

Don was just pointing towards the camera, standing in the middle of North York Centre and ready to make this introduction count.

And the camera zoomed in.

"...A Really Ridonculous Race."

And his teeth flashed again.

To be continued with the first episode, which takes place in an expected place and the second episode, which does the same thing, with some old challenges coming back.

That's a lie, the first two legs are both in Canada, so expect some non-elimination in the first episode, but there's definitely a new challenge or even two.

There were quite a few teams that I considered from games and shows like Attack on Titan (currently watching season 1 as of writing this), Overlord (haven't watched it) and several others, but I already have a lot.

And with those teams, they missed the boat, so good luck.

#1: The Stunt Drivers (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

---Part 2 starts here for the playas---

#25: The Questionable Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)

#26: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

#27: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)

#28: The Self-Proclaimed Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)

#29: The Angel Rivals (Pit & Dark Pit, Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#30: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)

#31: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)

#32: The Roleplayers (Kazuma Sato & Megumin, Konosuba)

#33: The Hardened Youngsters (Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)

#34: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)

#35: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

#36: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

#37: The Fast Heroes (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)

#38: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)

#39: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

#40: The Rappers (Thugnificent AKA Otis Jenkins & Leonard, Boondocks)

#41: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)

#42: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)

#43: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)

#44: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)

#45: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)

#46: The Karate Warriors (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)

#47: The Women Fighters (Kasumi Todoh & Mai Shiranui, AOF & Fatal Fury)

#48: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

---Part 3 has come in the new present!---

#49: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)

#50: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)

#51: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)

#52: The Kombatants (Liu Kang & Kitana, Mortal Kombat)

#53: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)

#54: The Wet Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)

#55: The Skaters (Beat & Gum, Jet Set Radio)

#56: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)

#57: The Schemers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario)

#58: The Goofy Team (Max & Goofy Goof, A Goofy Movie)

#59: The Sword-Wielding Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)

#60: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)

#61: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)

#62: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)

#63: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)

#64: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)

#65: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)

#66: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)

#67: The Ordinary Sisters (Lori, Leni & Luna Loud, The Loud House)

#68: The Adventuring Animals (Banjo & Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie)

#69: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)

#70: The Angry Critics (AVGN & Nostalgia Critic, no need for the series' names)

#71: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)

#72: The Animal Heroes (Spyro & Hunter, Spyro The Dragon)

---Part 4 arrives with some more teams, though not that much more---

#73: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)

#74: The Heroic Teens (April O'Neill & Casey Jones, TMNT 2012)

#75: The Internet Hosts (Wizard & Boomstick, Death Battle)

#76: The Upstart Fighters (Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru Nikado, King of Fighters)

#77: The Agent-Stopping Animals (Rocky & Bullwinkle...same name series)

#78: The Cyborg & The Kid (Inspector Gadget & Penny, Inspector Gadget)

#79: The Office Workers (Retsuko & Fenneko, Aggretsuko)

#80: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, The Legend of Korra)

#81: The Reformed Villains (Megamind & Minion, Megamind)

#82: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)

#83: The Vampire Slayers (Richter Belmont & Maria Renard, Castlevania)

#84: The Defense Lawyers (Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey, Ace Attorney)

#85: The Prosecutors (Miles Edgeworth & Franziska Von Karma, Ace Attorney)

#86: The Monsters (Mike & Sully, Monsters Inc.)

#87: The Father & Son (Bart & Homer, Simpsons)

#88: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)

#89: The World Travellers (Star & Marco, Star vs. The Forces of Evil)

#90: The Loose Cannons (Soldier & Demoman, Team Fortress 2)

#91: The High-School Fighters (Kanji & Chie, SMT: Persona)

#92: The Bad Girls (Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn)

#93: The Working Class Guys (Rocko & Filburt, Rocko's Modern Life)

#94: The Mage Soldiers (Tanya & Viktoria, The Saga of Tanya The Evil)

#95: The Volleyball Guys (Keiji Akaashi & Kotarou Bokuto, Hakiyuu!!)

#96: The Helper Siblings (Isabelle & Digby, Animal Crossing)

#97: The Mice (Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs)

---Bonus teams, baby---

#98: The Hopeful Detectives (Makoto Naegi & Kyoko Kirigiri, Danganronpa)

#99: The Star Warriors (Kirby & Meta Knight, Kirby)

#100: The Noble Thieves (Sly Cooper & Bentley, Sly Cooper)

#101: The Volleyball Geniuses (Haikyuu!!, Kenma Kozume & Tetsuro Kuroo)

#102: The Cautious Team (Seiya & Ristarte, The Hero is Overpowered, but Overly Cautious)

#103: The Scientists (The Muppets, Dr. Honeydew & Beaker)

#104: The Cul-de-sac Schemers (Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, the characters are the name of the series)

#105: The Weapon Masters (Raz & Gilgamesh, Ice Age & Dissidia Final Fantasy)

#106: The School Survivors (Corpse Party, Satoshi & Yuki Mochida)

#107: The Cute Couple (Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse Shorts)

#108: The Lazy Guys (Phil & Jack, The Nutshack)

Well, that's it, as there's now only zero more teams in this building and I'm finally ready to work on this story.

This thing is still technically experimental, but some balls are going to be rolled quickly and I'm ready to make 'em all roll!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 2: All The Way Downstairs!

106 teams.

A gigantic TV crew.

More money than any one show can really handle and somehow, a miracle came together and unsurprisingly, it got a fitting name for this kind of race.

A really ridiculous one, if you will, so expect a metric ton of craziness within this thing that may never get finished.

And this time, the stairs are going to have a stake in the ridonculous-ness...along with a few other essential elements, but until you read it, you won't know.

Continuing off from last time...

"Don't finish that sentence."

Don was pointing at the camera that filmed his very attractive face, besides the tower that hosted the first challenge.

"An All-In is a challenge that involves both team members having to do the challenge together!"

The host was just walking around the front of the place, as there was a barrier that would've separated the teams that are doing it and the teams that haven't done it yet.

"This time, we're back at the CN Tower and it's nearly million stairs, but this time we're doing things a little bit differently. These 100 teams have to go down the stairs after riding on the lifts."

The host was at the top, but there was only a sign that indicated the opposite of the first season's first challenge.

To get down the stairs.

"For the record, they're going to have to go down more than 2,500 flights of stairs."

Don then showed the same guy that would've given the tips from the first season, being a nerdy-looking Canadian with a very disinterested expression and a cap with a maple leaf on it.

"And this guy will give the challengers their tip towards their next challenge!"

The host standing around him, made the guy just walk away.

Tatsumaki and Fubuki managed to get themselves back into reality, as these two were not the only ones that were prepared to do some dirty get to the top to get back down.

In fact, there was a lot of teams.

"Of course, we can easily do this, sister!" Tatsumaki shouted.

"It does help that the rest of us aren't psychics-" Fubuki declared, probably to stop her sister from fuming more.

A certain duo or two came out of nowhere.

"There's probably some more psychics around here, so chill out." Fenneko told them, as though she wanted to mock them. "Okay."

"Plus, me and Darell are going in the elevator!" Buddy Thunderstruck felt the need to say that.

While the office workers and the stunt men were actually doing the elevator thing, the psychic sisters were way too distracted by Fenneko's mean words.

"Please, I'm the best psychic here, you hear me?!" Tatsumaki shouted, as Fubuki definitely followed behind.

"Well-" Fubuki tried to say something, as the doors closed.

"Urgh, some people these days. Besides, it is not like the second elevator isn't working!" Tatsumaki declared, floating into the second elevator.

"Yes, it is working." Fubuki confirmed it with the numbers going down.

The psychic sisters actually managed to meet up with the psychic brothers, who weren't that scared of them.

"So, er, are you two psychics?" Shigeo or Mob asked, just wanting the confirm the obvious. "Because you two are really strong."

"Yes, we are much stronger than you think. Honestly, do you think you can scam us?" Fubuki declared loud and clear.

"No..." Mob accidentally made a spoon bend. "...not really."

"Okay, you're the real deal. Doesn't change much, because Sister and I are ridiculously powerful espers." Fubuki stated with intent, as Mob was confused.

"Well, that's good. I'll see you later." Ritsu definitely noticed the awkward energy around those two, as Mob just stepped back.

The brothers that were also psychics were just not so sure about those two, as the second elevator arrived to pick up some more duos and even trios...but the first elevator was chock full of the best.

The craziest and most notably, the strongest.

And the elevator opened, having teams that were pushed out.

"Whoa, whoa, we're up really high! Imagine that." Bolin shouted.

"Well, you don't have imagine it anymore." Bokuto said right back, taking a look at the sights.

"Yeah, but-" Mako just pointed towards the stairs.

"-we're still in for a lot of money." Akaashi said the obvious to his teammate.

"Way ahead of ya." Bolin proclaimed.

Bolin and Bokuto just sped off towards the stairs with their teammates barely in tow, as they were sure that going down the stairs was the only way.

The stairs had a whole bunch of personalities that didn't account for the downhill battle that was just making some of them slip.

"Sonic, we're going down. Maybe you should slow down." Knuckles remarked, trying to not trip up pn the stairs.

"Nah, if we redirect momentum, we can not fall down!" Sonic proclaimed.

"...Really?" Knuckles said out of confusion.


While the first place team were being the first place, the rest were definitely playing some serious catch-up.

"Man, Sonic's still fast!" Luigi complimented.

"Yeah, he sure is!" Mario stated.

The humble brothers were in second and the Vampire Slayers and Soul Warriors were in third and fourth at the moment.

"Alright, time to get down these stairs!" Richter declared.

"Right ahead of you!" Siegfried stated.

Their partners didn't really have anything, as Sophitia and Maria were looking at each other with some pleased looks and the two teams of police were behind them.

"Wow, there really is stair timing." MacArthur stated. "Sanders, we've gotta speed our booties up!"

"There's no space to do that!" Sanders said. "Look at these stairs."

"Then we make space." Nick proclaimed, as the MacArthur had an honest eye.

Sanders and Judy were concerned at what they were doing, as the other two were not scared of doing dumb strategies.

Seventh and eighth belonged to two twins who were about to pass the police officers with sheer pushing power and a fighting duo that was legendary, but the police officers and former cadets were in the way.

"If you don't move, you're gonna be a pancake!" MacArthur shouted.

"Yeah...that's great." Sanders remarked, feeling the push of Yun. "I might be the pancake."

"Come on, you're the slowpoke." Yun stated, respecting the space.

Kitana didn't really have other plans, but she could definitely cause an accident, as she showed her very sharp fans to...someone?

The teams that did see were too distracted by the fans to not unintentionally let her team pass and Liu Kang just chuckled, as Kitana wasn't that surprised.

"Nice to see that they can recognise a Edonian princess." Kitana said in surprise.

"...Trust me, I don't think they know." Liu Kang stated, as his princess girlfriend didn't look too surprised.

The teams that were shifted down one position by the appearance of the kombatants, got back to doing their thing and this time, they were in it to win it with some tough competition.

Besides one.

"Oh, man. Why did we choose to go first?" Tom asked.

"Probably because we didn't want to wait. It was a mistake." Jen stated.

These two were slowly getting down the stairs, though.

*The Fashion Bloggers' confessional*

Thomas and Jennifer were feeling the sweat.

"Like, what's with the stairs again?" Jen asked. "I'm not in the mood to deal with these in my best throwback clothes."

"That's true. I thought we were going to do something, but not a throwback that forces everyone on the stairs." Tom whined. "Damn...they're really doing it."

*Confessional cut*

While there was more teams that were prepared to go up the stairs, there were some that were a little less ready than they thought they were...thanks to the effect of the stairs.

"Urgh, we're going down stairs? This is probably some kind of safety hazard." Franziska complained.

"Honestly, what were you expecting? Something light?" Barret suggested, trying to lighten the mood.

"...Maybe not this."

"Yeah, you're thinking too differently." Barret chuckled, pointing towards the defense lawyers. "Look at your friends, they're really excited to do the challenge."

"They're not my friends, they're just acquaintances!" Franziska shouted.

"I ain't saying much!" Barret just didn't get it. "You two teams seem to know each other."

Franziska just went away from the old guys, as a certain duo came in and did some good talking towards the old warriors.

"Man, I like the way you talk. I ain't here to play no games!" Thugnificent (or Otis) shouted at Barret, who just got it.

"Wait, you wanna fight or something?" Barret asked.

"Not really, but you better know I'm not gonna mess around." Otis threatened the man with an metal arm.

"Okay, that's cool with me." Barret just accepted.

Barret and Cid were just not understanding how being this race managed to bring some people's inner disser, as some others were just...chilling.

"Man, people sometimes think just because they're cool to be decent, it means they can fight everyone." Barret observed, as the rappers were just trying to talk to some other teams. "Some people."

"Yeah, I can't imagine doing that." Cid stated. "Heh, we're gonna do our race and not have to fight everyone."

"Honestly, I'm not even in a fighting mood, though." Barret remarked.

As for the people that were chilling, Naofumi was just getting the full isekai experience, right down to being at the end of good deals with the courtesy of Kazuma and Subaru.

"Hey, my man....!" Kazuma shouted at him.

"Go away, genius." Naofumi remarked, looking tired of him already.

"So, I heard you've got impressive defense with your shield, huh?" Kazuma stated. "And you use that to defend your teammates like there's no tomorrow and with our powers, we could make an impressive alliance with a mix of defense and offense."

Megumin had a determined look on her face, as the two servants were nodding at something.

"Trust me, I have the one spell that I need to clear an area!" Megumin declared to Raphtalia with a smile. "And also, another friend."

"Master, I don't know. I can't trust him...but I can trust her and those two!" Raphtalia remarked. "Besides, we need a numbers advantage."

"And we're pretty good at being numbers or something." Subaru just walked up to the demi-human warrior. "I can't do much other than support."

"Honestly, I appreciate your honesty. Megumin or what your name is." Naofumi had a smile on your face. "I guess we're the Isekai Alliance now."

"...So, that's what everyone calls it!" Subaru exclaimed, as Kazuma looked like his soul left his body. "Are you okay, Kazuma?"

"Just leave me be, man!" Kazuma shouted at him, as the guy went away from him.

"Rem, we've got another team in. Are you getting some team?" Subaru asked loudly, as his partner was just gathering another team the thumbs up. "Nice!"

"...Oh, great, I wonder who it is." Kazuma remarked, as the boat has landed.

And then he saw the clone students, as they were kissing.

"I hope that you two try your best to work in the alliance!" Rem told the both of them. "If you won't, you'll be kicked out."

"Oh yeah, we'll work our very best." Cleo stated with a voice that was sexy, as JFK threw a thumbs up.

"Good." Rem had a stoic face.

Subaru looked like he didn't get it, but so did the entire rest of the Isekai Alliance at the moment, but it did look like that Rem saw something in JFK that the rest didn't.

*The Hardened Youngsters' confessional*

Naofumi actually had a smile on his face, as Raphtalia didn't understand it.

"To be honest, Master, as much as the maid is very trustworthy, I don't those clone students would do much to help. But I think they can be cool people." Raphtalia said.

"Yeah, but we're probably not going to find another alliance that quickly and also, that team is probably liked by a lot of people. Somehow." Naofumi said.

"...Your world seems so weird."

"It is, but it's a different kind of weird."

*Confessional cut*

Back to the stairs, the second lift had long since gone up the tower and dropped off the other teams that were ready to get themselves down the stairs, but there was definitely a bit of a gap between the first and second group of stair runners.

Sonic's team was actually making a gap of that size between them and the first group of stair runners worse in general, but that was for another day, as the rest of the first group were kinda slow.

"Who knew that running downstairs would be harder than running upstairs!" Buddy Thunderstruck shouted. "If only there was some way to go down quicker."

"Er, you wanna jump from that high up?" Darrell asked. "We might die."

"...Forgot about that." Buddy stated, as Darrell was panting with him. "I'm still with ya, though."

"Run on them, buddy!" Darrell shouted.

The stunt men got their second wind, but the fashion bloggers and the office workers were practically tied together.

"Let's hope we don't get fired." Retsuko said, pretty dang tired of running down the stairs.

"I'm just hoping that I get to use my phone at this time." Fenneko stated.

"We're still in the top echleon of the competition." Retsuko said to practically everyone in the vincinity.

"I dunno, we're still a lot of the way up and your friend isn't getting any less tired." Jen stated, as Fenneko was feeling the sweat.

" many stairs...can't imagine going up them." Fenneko told her, getting tired of running down the stairs.

"Yeah, me too!" Jen added to the complaining.

"As the guys that are still at the top are moving downwards, the first place teams speeds into the travel tip man!"

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles just slid onto the bottom floor of the CN Tower with a lot of people still looking at them and unsurprisingly, it attracted a lot of ire.

"Yeah, I just saw some bullshit run onto some guy." Heather remarked.

"Scared that you can't keep up with me?" Sonic remarked with a smug smile. "Because you can't."

"Well, I don't intend on doing that anyways." Heather just took a look at the first place team.

"Yeah, that's un-disputable."

With that being said, the fastest trio in the game were hanging out together to take their travel tip towards whatever the second challenge was and the rest of the stair runners were going to have to follow them up.

And follow them up they did, as both the humble brothers and the kombatants were nearly tied for second, as they were down there and took a small breather...allowing for a third team to come on through.

"Man, I can't believe we aced it good!" Yun shouted, ready to fist bump his twin.

"Yeah, save it for the mid-point." Yang stated, taking a good breath. "Your highness."

"Please, I don't wish to be spoken with at this time." Kitana stated, ready to get on ahead with her team's tip. "Go and find a taxi take your team to High Park, where the next challenge should be."

"I don't think it's going to be a royal park." Liu Kang was just keeping his blood flowing with his idle stance.

"It is probably because of the height." Kitana remarked, not that impressed. "Though, I wouldn't go easy regardless."

The top teams were running towards wherever the taxi ranks where without any map or even looking at the rank map. so things got weird.

Besides that...

There was some more people that just came out of the elevator, ready to bask in the view for some reason or just to get the heck down these many flights of stairs.

And some people were quite a ways down these stairs.

"Dang, we really need to get moving!" Chet shouted. "Lorenzo, you keeping good?!"

"Heck yeah, I am!" Lorenzo yelled. "Those ladies have nothing on us!"

These stepbrothers were definitely working together a lot better than anyone really expected, but the old favourites were there to bring them back down to size.

"Say that again, gamer stepbros." Jo mocked them. "We'll be taking care of that."

"You just saw Lightning move like thunder!" Lightning shouted.

The second group of stair runners were ridiculously varied, as the jock rivals did have skill and the stepbrothers actually liked each other, but the rest were making it up with skill.

Or lack thereof.

"Shigeo, are you okay?!" Ritsu asked.

"Yeah, just gotta go down 910 flights of stairs." Mob replied, tired out of his mind.

"...I don't know how he's going to hold up, but he's definitely not going to have a good time." Ritsu remarked.

"That's alright." Mob stated, still willing to go down like always. "We're going down the stairs."

"Who said you can't float down the stairs?" Tatsumaki asked, as she did just that without much problem...still following the path of the stairs.

"I dunno, you probably could get penalized." Mob stated, still staying on a foyer.

"My sister and I will take the penalty." Fubuki declared, also floating down the stairs.

With that being said, the rest of the second lift teams and the third lift teams literally couldn't float down the stairs and they were really trying their best to make sure that the stairs weren't empty enough to have no action.

Which was easy, because there was a lot of teams in this mess of a show and they certainly noticed the floating psychic sisters go down at a good pace.

"Total-" Chet remarked.

"-Bullshit." Jo wasn't afraid to swear.

"Please, complain that you don't have powers like mine." Tatsumaki proclaimed, just adding to the salt that the stepbrothers and jock rivals felt. "I'm sure that I care."

These two teams were more determined to go down than ever.

*The Stepbrothers' confessional*

Chet and Lorenzo were both pretty miffed.

"Look, I don't care if you're psychic or whatever, can you just go down the stairs like a normal person?" Chet asked rhetorically.

"The other guys are doing and they're struggling, but these two are gonna struggle anyways." Lorenzo said.

"We'll probably beat 'em to the mid thing anyways!" Chet exclaimed.

"Yeah, I hope so, bro. We are gonna, right?"

*The Jock Rivals' confessional*

Jo wasn't too angry, while Lightning felt the anger coarse through his veins.

"Look as much as the psychic shorty can float down the stairs, the other challenge is probably going to stop here from even getting close to us." Jo stated. "Lightning."

"Lightning is gonna make them hurt and their sha-float power ain't gonna matter! Jo, just let Lightning take over!" Lightning shouted.

"...What's your problem?" Jo asked.

*Confessional cut*

"As some teams take the easy way out, the rest are taking the hard way down the stairs..."

"...but some teams are struggling to get High Park, where the next challenge is." Don announced, as there was a certain team that didn't want to pay for the taxi.

Or good directions.

"Sonic, I'm pretty sure we're going north on Yonge!" Tails shouted.

"Who made these names anyways?" Sonic asked. "A bunch of Canadians?"

"Yes..." Tails looked pretty tired of his friend's antics. "...Maybe we can look at a map or ask a bunch of people."

"I dunno, that sounds not very risky." Sonic stated, as Knuckles was just struggling to understand the map. "Knux?"

"I dunno what Bloor is, but we should go down that. Just a hunch." Knuckles remarked.

The directions certainly improved a bit, as the trio were going down to High Park, as the top teams were actually riding in their own taxi...with determination and confusion.

"A carriage that moves on its own? Shouldn't there be any horses or something?" Richter asked with the taxi driver eye-rolling. "Using your magic for moving around."

"Yeah, you wanna shut up, alright?" The taxi driver snapped on the two old-age teams of heroes.

"Well, he just wanted to ask an question about this taxi thing." Sophitia suggested, very curious about the modern world.

The taxi driver grumbled.

"Wherever this High Park is, he doesn't want to tell us about it."

"It's just a park inside this gigantic city with so many buildings, nothing special." Siegfried wasn't in that kind of mood.

"...What a foul mood." Richter remarked, as Siegfried just did a look at him. "Sorry."

"Wow, this knight guy is mean and angry." Maria huffed, as she patiently waited for High Park to be there.

With the two teams that came from the vampire-slaying and the sword-breaking worlds were not having that great of a time, the others were having a good ol' time getting to the location.

Or not.

"Sanders, I know where that place is!" MacArthur had just finished reading the tips. "It's that one place where-"

"Please, don't tell the story once again." Sanders said, feeling a bit tired. "Still not used to going down a lot of stairs."

"I thought you trained your glutes." MacArthur remarked, still flexing 'em.

"I did. But this is still a ton of stairs." Sanders stated.

And the police officers were just taking a breather to comtenplate on what they just did another team who went unnoticed.

"Oh, man, we're definitely getting it now." Krillin just felt a weird feeling in his legs. "Going down these stairs is some kind of crazy exercise."

"I know, bald guy." Nick commented, as Krillin had a weird look in his eyes.

"Come on, really?" Krillin said with offense.

"I don't exactly remember your name, sorry." Nick casually said to Krillin, who just didn't understand him.

"Yeah, it's fine. But there's still a lot of teams coming and I bet they're-" Krillin stated.

All of a sudden, there was two teams that came down and they were really feeling their legs give out a little bit...but only a little bit, as the volleyball guys and the wholesome brothers made it and then laid down on the benches.

"Akaashi, my legs aren't moving the way that I want them to move." Bokuto, being the white-haired volleyball player, really felt the leg pain. "How do you stop the pain?"

"I dunno, man, I'm just running the same as you guys." Luigi just felt his mood go down, as he felt them hurt.

Nick and Krillin didn't really have words to say.

"...Ouch." Yamcha stated.

*The Martial Arists' confessional*

Yamcha just nodded in pain, as Krillin still was cringing.

"Man, most of these teams are going to have to rest and get themselves back up. Not us, we're just relaxing to ease up and get us going again!" Yamcha proclaimed with a serious smile.

"Pretty much. Kinda means we're going ahead fast." Krillin had a goofy smile.

*Confessional cut*

In the middle of High Park, there was a bunch of teams that were all trying to do their territorial thing of just standing near the Don Box like it was a big deal and all three of them were also fast.

"Come on, who's going to hit the button first?" Yun asked, touching his baseball cap. "I just can't get wait to get this started!"

"...You do it." Yang just pushed him towards the button.

And Yun slammed it down, as the other two teams sighed at the dumbassery of the noodle twins.

"Alright, we've got another challenge here!" Yun declared.

"And you just wasted our time by standing there." Kitana was pretty displeased. "That's sure to help."

"Okay, okay, we can complain about...that later, right now, our team is going to beat you in this Botch-or-Watch!" Sonic shouted. "I know what that is too."

"Good, because this challenge is for the powerful." Knuckles shouted, as he flexed his arms once again.

There was a fourth and a fifth coming in, but they were on the very edges of High Park and hanging out in the general vincinity of the top three and they had some moves.

They were the vampire slayers and the soul warriors, more than ready to take on that challenge.

"Wow, I can't believe there's a second challenge in this throwback leg and it's all new! The Ridonculous Race will return after the break with that challenge!"

To be continued in Part 3 with another challenge that may block some of the more tired teams from moving on quickly and others to boost them further along the race.

These six teams will start off in Part 4, which is actually in the works.

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 3: Lacrossing Boundaries

Well, this is actually a whole new challenge in the middle of one of Canada's biggest city parks, High Park and this time, things are different.

Some teams took the taxi, some teams used their feet and some teams were definitely taking the subway.

But either way, there's a whole new challenge ahead of them and after a lot of stair climbing, it might be a relief for some people.

Like I said, there's going to be eight new teams arriving in the next part!

In the middle of High Park, probably on an earlier day, Don was about to introduce the new challenge for the teams to put themselves through...and a thing called "Botch-or-Watch"

"A botch-or-watch is a challenge that only one team member can do, regardless of wherever they're a trio or a duo."

The soccer field that was there looked like a hastily made lacrosse field, as the host was just standing in front of Toronto's second challenge.

"What's this botch-and-watch then? Just a simple old game of one-on-two lacrosse with this guy and his friends!"

A young adult that had a bit of stubble smiled with his lacrosse stick and his buddies, also with lacrosse sticks, were hanging out in the area...and they were all pretty Indian.

"Just like all games with a ball, they've gotta get it into the goal and avoid the circle area or they wait in a potentially long line."

These guys were just awkwardly nodding at Don, as he threw the ball into the goal and then the host just dropped the stick to just get excited at the goal.

"If you can do that, these guys will give the tip from the bag to go to the airport!"

The lacrosse guys just showed the random bag full of Ridonculous Tips like it was nothing, as the host looked like he wanted to do some bedroom things...for the tip anyways.

Besides that, there wasn't that much debate about who would do it, but the real debate happened when they were lining up to see who would go first.

"You're about to get some of that trademark butt kicking!" Yun shouted.

"Honestly, I don't think there's going to be much butt kicking around here." Knuckles said. "We're throwing balls."

"Come on, it's a figure of speech, bro."

"...Uh, I'm gonna throw the balls too."

With those four sentences, the kombatants knew something.

"They've really got something not going on." Liu Kang stated. "I think we'll win this with effort."

"Don't be so sure, this race has brung down strong people before. We are stronger than them, though." Kitana said, still doing the fan poses.

Yun and Knuckles were just looking at them like they assumed too there was a medieval pair that also joined in the conversation and the tip-getting.

"What kind of foul challenge is a Botch-or-Watch?" Richter asked, scratching his headband.

"It is probably a challenge that only one team member can do and it swaps every time there is one." Sophitia remarked, as Siegfried just grumbled.

The vampire slayers immediately understood what they were getting into, as the soul warriors chose Sophitia to do the lacross-ing and Maria just signed herself up for it.

Besides that, Yun and Knuckles were up for the lacrosse challenge and Liu Kang was actually in the middle of doing it.

"This is some kind of weird ball carrying sport, right?" Knuckles asked.

"Yes, that's literally what it is." Yun remarked, as Kiu Lang was positioning himself around the actual player. "Man, he's moving well."

Liu Kang was definitely in the right place, moving foward with the ball and this time, he had one good trick ahead of him and the ball went up pretty far a good angle.

Even the lacrosse player wasn't distracted, Liu Kang just used his karate skills to complete a challenge in one try before avoiding the net and the ball going in the circle.

"Well, I guess there's next time." Liu Kang was completely thrown off by the missed throw, as Kitana just shrugged.

*The Noodle Twins' confessional*

Yun and Yang were both sitting down like they were about to enact a plan.

"Man, those two screwing up has opened the wide for me to come in, throw the ball into the basket and show our uncles why we're really cool." Yun proclaimed.

"Come on, Yun, I doubt that you could do it in one try, if they couldn't do it in one try." Yang remarked seriously.

"Yeah, but they do have the real Kung Fu deal?" Yun stated.

"No, but they've saved the world."

"Then let me show me how a pro does it."

*Confessional cut*

"Like I said, there's 100 teams and they're raring to get some serious screentime!" Don announced, as there was a whole lot of team-up action

There was a lot of teams that had no coverage so far and Bakugo was here to make some kind of absurd statement...with fire with Kirishima running his best.

Explosions were a bit abound, even if they were small and that resulted in...

"Calm down, Bakugo! We're still in the top half of the leaderboard!" His red-haired hero teammate shouted, as Bakugo was angrily running down stairs.

"If I don't win this thing, then what's the point?!" Bakugo shouted.

"We don't keep the money, though." Kirishima felt surprised.

"Hah, if Deku thinks he's going to get ahead of me, he's got another thing coming!"

Suddenly, there was a pair of mice that was just very sure that they've managed to get on the wrong side on a guy that was consistently raging.

"That is weird." Daniel Mouse said, noticed the angry hero. "Why is he so angry?"

"Honestly, I don't even know, but we might as well keep going." Jan just went with it, as she kept on jogging down.

With all of that said, there was a whole lot of downstair action that couldn't be replicated in any other season, the other teams were just getting their butts downstairs.

"Kazuma, you know how to navigate down a whole bunch of stairs, right?" Megumin asked with confidence.

"Yeah, have been not looking at me?" Kazuma fired back. "Walking to monsters is what we do!"

"Good, just keeping up." Megumin boasted. "That Subaru kid is just running down."

"No way, he's behind-"

Megumin and Kazuma were suddenly booking it, as the house servants, the hardened teenagers and the clone students were way ahead of them...along with two mice.

Weirdly, JFK and Cleo noticed that Subaru was really putting his legs into this challenges.

"Oh, yeah, he's going to have to rest at the end of this challenge." Cleo said. "And then we'll carry him."

"Nah...I'lll carry him!" JFK said to his girlfriend.

The clone students were trying to kiss, but they were saving the real one for the bottom...while Naofumi and Raphtalia were lookng at them with confusion.

"Master, does that happen a lot?" Raphtalia asked, not wasting breath on small talk.

"...Probably in America." Naofumi said, not really that sure.

As for some other teams that didn't get the spotlight yet, Minion was definitely doing something, but it wasn't working that well near the top.

"See ya butts later!" Mike said, before tripping down the stairs with his eye closed. "...Ow."

"Minion, how the heck are we even going to finish this?" Megamind asked, as Minion was just slowly moving down the steps.

"Slowly and carefully." Minion stated, doing that thing.

"And we'll be last and-oh." Megamind realised the obvious.

Mike and Sully were not surprised at how slow they were moving.

*The Monsters' confessional*

Mike and Sully were down to just talk about stuff.

"We're not saying that those two couldn't have made it far-" Sully just said the obvious.

"-Those two are going home because of this challenge." Mike stated.

"I was going to say that." Sully said, not too surprised on getting juked.


On these stairs, the insane amount of teams that were trying to get to the bottom were still notice-able and the teams that had already gone to the bottom...and were tired were there.

"Urgh, so many stairs, so many teams passing us." Heather groaned, as she really felt the feet pain.

"There's no way that we'll dominate the competition this way!" Alejandro complained.

And two fashionistas went down to make things worse.

"Oh, Heather, get ready to be beaten!" Tom declared, as Jen just stopped him. "What, I just like her as a player."

"Don't dignify the drama-hungry people, Tom." Jen just casually walked him into the Don Box.

Heather and Alejandro were seething, but them Heather still felt some of the foot Alejandro was trying to carry her.

"Hey, Alejandro, you can put me down, I'm fine!" Heather shouted.

"Never mind that, we need to do some competition dominating, mi amor." Alejandro stated.

The power couple, of course, found a way to just push it through, which made a certain team a bit more motivated to copy it.

"Yeah, we can, like, use their moves against them!" Sadie declared, slowly walking and carrying Katie at the same time. "I think I can run!"

"Then let's run, Sadie!"

"I'm doing it, Katie!"

The best female friends were working through the pain, as the duo were more than prepared to take some teams down.

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Katie and Sadie were just sticking their tongues at Heather in the beginning.

*Confessional cut*

"As the rest are trying to clear the stairs or trying to rest after going down a massive amount of the stairs..."

"...the best are trying to ace a little thing called lacrosse!"

More teams showed up in their taxis, ran to the Don Box, read the tip and got beaten by the challenge then was necessary, because the local streets provided fast ways for the taxis to reach near the Don Box.

And somehow, it was either due to their throwing technique lacking a certain degree of finess, being too slow to properly move or even forgetting that you weren't stepping into the ring.

Weirdly enough, the kombatants were practically blocked by many new teams that messed up.

"Hey, what's with the long faces? You guys can't do lacrosse?" Ryo Sakazaki asked with a confident smile.

"Kinda, it's not really lacrosse." MacArthur stated. "But it's definitely messing us up!"

"...Yeah, let me show what's up!" Ryo just put the top of his gi...for show.

"Nice muscles, man!" MacArthur praised the karate guy.

And Liu Kang was back up to the very Canadian challenge, doing his manly stance up to get the lacrosse thing a monk, which he realised was goofy.

But he probably had better things to do than to complain about the challenge, he moved confidently, just turning the actual lacrosse player around...and then throw the ball into the net.

Like it was the coolest thing ever.

"Whoa, what the heck? How did he do that?" MacArthur asked.

The line was still building up, so there was even more duos and even a trio or two trying their own hands at completing the challenge ahead of them.

"I don't know, but we can see how he did it." Nick dismissively remarked.

"Hey, my glutes are really good, so I'm going to pull something different off." MacArthur proclaimed, as she was just preparing herself to get in there.

The Kombatants were definitely in for first place, as the lacrosse guy that they fought against was giving them the tip from a bag of tips that was outside of the shot.

And Liu Kang read it.

"Go all of the way to Pearson International Airport through other means, as you're not allowed to use your taxis for this part of the race. There you shall find the coaches that lead to our next location." Liu Kang said. "Kitana, we're one step closer to our goal."

"And it's fair to say that you contributed to it a lot." Kitana said. "Finding the airport is the easy part."

"Right! Goodbye, teams!"

And they were speeding off.

"Urgh, they're so quick!" Bolin shouted. "How are we going to catch up to them."

"Learn how to play that lacrosse thing, right?" Mako asked, ready to swing a stick. "I promise that I'm going to clear the way!"

"Okay, sure, it's not like this is a weird sport of anything." Bokuto said. "It's not that hard, right?"

"It very much is, Bokuto." Akaashi said, picking up the tip. "Even if it doesn't seem like it."

"Come on, Akaashi, I bet you could do it first try." Bokuto just put his arms around his friend.

"Yeah, we're picking it up."

With that being said, there was a whole bunch of fast ones that were trying to copy Kitana's strategy with their two bare hands...though it didn't go that much better for them.

Mako misjudged the swing and accidentally threw the ball in the right angle, but too strongly...making it land in the grass....Mario tried his best to ensure that the swing was good...but it got blocked good and into the other net.

And the puck went into the opponent's goal.

MacArthur, Knuckles and Richter messed up for their team, making their teammates frustrated.

"As teams slowly slip through the lacrosse challenge..."

Luigi, who just came into the challenge with a confident smile, was definitely doing his best to use his own two feet to ensure that he could swing it in there.

While the plumber just barely dodged the actual lacrosse player, his dodge provided a slide and a throw that happened at the same get it into the goal.

"...there's a whole outpouring of teams that are coming down the stairs and getting their second tip with motivation and words!"

The heroic students were really feeling the pressure of representing U.A. and...dealing with each other, as Kirishima really felt it.

"Bakugo, man, I don't think we can be first." The red-haired hero stated. "There's a whole bunch of people way ahead of us."

"And? We can win by being near the top the whole way through!" Bakugo exclaimed. "Dammit, go!"

"Yeah, we're going!"


Some other teams were definitely noticing the aggressive attitude coming from those two and none of them were more surprised.

"Some people really cannot wait to get going, can they?" Peridot said with a gritted face. "Can you please save some space for us?"

"Honestly, can you people please move for a second?" Lapis Lazuli was definitely in the lift. "My friend needs to-"

Peridot somehow barely fit.

"Finally, my short stature leads to a positive consequence! Which isn't much, but it is good!"

The gems were far from the only ones to get up in the lift, as there was a whole team that felt squashed.

*The Mystery Solvers' confessional*

Shaggy and Scooby were both standing strong.

"So, Scoob, it's like everyone wants to go on the elevator and wants each other have a uncomfortable time in the lift, which I don't think is going to work." Shaggy remarked.

"Yeah!" Scooby exclaimed.

"I mean, it's just going to slow you down." Shaggy said.

*The Slacking Students' confessional*

"When you show dominance on the elevator, good things are about to happen!" Susie shouted.

Kris just nodded sideways.

"We're going to crush the competition this time around!" Susie exclaimed. "With our feet, hands and other tools!"

*Confessional cut*

There was still a lot more duos and even a trio or two on the stairs that were going down them at a ridiculous the stairs were packed to the brim with some cool personalities.

And strategies that were definitely working against themselves, as there was a few of them that were...clearly trying, but weren't going anywhere.

Two very small mice being one of them.

"I say, Brain, how comes we're moving a lot slower than the rest of 'em?" Pinky asked.

"We're not even close to being the same size this time." Brain said, as though he had to answer this question many times.

"I swear I keep on forgetting that!" Pinky remarked.

"...Holy shit, you are dumb." Angry Video Game Nerd shouted at the mice, who just understood him. "You mice are too small to do this shit!"

"You made your point while unnecessarily swearing." Brain looked like he couldn't care less. "Good job."

And the angry nerds were gone, before the mice knew it and also before Pinky realised something.

"He is wrong, right?" Pinky asked. "You can make something, right?"

"You forgot that something that would've not made it impossible to race." The Brain said, as Pinky just realised now. "We will end up in last."

*The Angry Nerds' confessional*

These two were looking pretty disappointed.

"Man, those mice would've cleaned house if they were bigger. Look at the stuff that they've made over the years and even recently, that would be a winning combo!" Nostalgia Critic said.

"I don't know what's with you and that fucking pair of small-ass mice, but they're not big and you're still kinda chicken shit." The Nerd complained.

"Listen to me, I've worked out for this very race." Nostalgia Critic proclaimed, still with the same hyperactive attitude.

"Uh-huh, so that's why we're in the bottom fucking 20."

*Confessional cut*

The mid-point Chill Zone was blocked by lacrosse, which might have been absurd for that to happen to the fastest trio in the game, two vampire slayers, two warriors that dealt with Soul Edge too many times and other stronger duos...

...but the technique was kinda off for all, but two of them and the two of them were racing to get ahead for something special.

Or that's what the teams that were stuck at the lacrosse challenge have been saying, as once again...some techniques were messed up.

"Knuckles, I swear to god, stop sucking! Please." Chet remarked.

At this point, there was 16 teams that looked confident in their skills, but couldn't implement them.

"Dude, don't distract me-" Knuckles got tackled down.

And the two leading teams had a massive lead with even the faster trios struggling to get through it.

Besides a few and those few were able to...actually do the basic thing of an accurate long throw for their team with Yun coming in with a strong swing from the bat...thing.

Despite the fact he clearly messed it up.

As the thing went into the goal.

"Good job, Yun! You...did it!" Yang shouted.

"Nah, we did this leg together!" Yun exclaimed.

These two were definitely celebrating, as they were clearly in the top three and trying their very best to get their butts moving.

"Damn, those noodle twins are really noodling outta here!" Lorenzo shouted. "Chet, I've got this one, right?"

"Pretty much, Lorenzo." Chet said. "Please ace it to ensure that these guys aren't stuck here."

"Okay?" Lorenzo didn't care that much. "I'm gonna win anyways."

*The Stepbrothers' confessional*

These two were more than happy to lead the way for the others.

"Er, bro, we're going to make sure that these guys aren't stuck forever!" Chet yelled. "By winning at a ridiculous speed and inspiring them to not suck!"

"Dang right, bro, we've got skills that are kinda opposites to each other, so we've got a good chance at taking that money!" Lorenzo proclaimed, standing up. "Top 10 would be good, though."

"Yeah, it would!"

These two were high-fiving each other at the end.

*Confessional cut*

Another familiar team was next in line, as Jo and Lightning were looking onwards at these two.

"Heh, Lightning bets they're going to suck!" Lightning said, as Lorenzo was in the ring.

"Shut up, loser." Lorenzo remarked, ready to do the lacrosse.

Lorenzo had a lot of space to run in an one-on-one situation and he started to use rotating himself around the guy with his karate skills to get a head start of sorts.

While he had the space to run around, the dark-skinned lacrosse player actually got him in one different area and managed to take the ball by slapping him with the stick.

Lorenzo tripped, leaving the goal wide open and the player just swung it good into the goal...past the line.

"Good attempt, man." The guy said.

"And the next one's gonna be mine!" Lorenzo said back at him.

Next up was Lightning...ready to use some of his football skills against the random guy, as he crouched against the guy (who already knew this guy to be a bit of an jackass.) and picked up the ball.

Lightning just had the speed on him, outrunning the guy and swinging the ball into the net...with the random flex to boot.

"Sha-crossed! Jo, this guy ain't nothing compared to the Lightning!" Lightning shouted.

"Yeah, don't celebrate too long." Jo remarked, as Lorenzo sneered at him. "Keep it up, Regre-nzo!"

"Yeah, at least we're team players!" Lorenzo boasted.

These two got the tip, as the stick was dropped and the jock rivals were out.

As the stepbrothers were stunned at how fast those two could do it, one of the fastest guys...even relative to the rest of the racers stepped back into the thing.

"Just to let you know." Knuckles remarked. "We're doing the stick thing!"

The player was actually confused, as the big ol' echidna picked up the ball quickly and the player just got to work following Knuckles and being right behind him.

Despite that, the player tried his best to swing his stick on him and Knuckles kept on moving along...and accidentally swung the ball into the goal.

"Wait, we did it?" Knuckles was as confused as the player.

"I guess so."

Three more teams were running out of there, as the top five were practically set and the rest of the teams were more than fired up to win and none were more so than the psychics.

"Hmph, this is so simple." Tatsumaki declared.

"But it is very much not." Richter just said the obvious.

*The Psychic Sisters' confessional*

Tatsumaki had a disdainful frown...for some reason.

"This should be child's play. All I have to do is clearly put the ball into the stick and this challenge is practically done." Tatsumaki said. "Isn't it so, sister/"

"Yes, sister, you will clear this in one single throw!" Fubuki shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Tatsumaki tried it as she could, getting the ball in with her stick and her hidden powers.

"As the teams keep on piling up in the lacrosse challenge..."

And then she got knocked down with the stick, leading to her attempting to snatch him with her power, which worked in the amateur player's favour with a goal on his side.

"...the top five try and navigate their way towards Pearson International Airport!"

Kitana and Liu Kang definitely had an massive head start on that front and they were both using the map well with their own eyes.

Mario and Luigi didn't have the lead, but they did have some good navigation...courtesy of actually standing around to look for the roads and the rest were practically playing catch-up.

Besides the fast heroes, who was leading by a guy who didn't know his directions well, Knuckles and Tails, who was actually reading the map.

"Okay, Sonic, we're not rushing this time around!" Tails shouted. "We need to be in a great spot!"

"My speed's going to get us into that great spot!" Sonic boasted.

"Yeah, we don't have the directions." Tails remarked.

"Not a problem, guys."

The jock rivals and the noodle twins that were racing each other? They were somehow relying on each other to figure out where they were going with a map in the western areas of Toronto.

"Uh, get out of my personal space." Yang told him. "You don't know where this place is."

"You all are sha-not living here." Lightning shouted.

"Thanks for telling the obvious."

"No problem, Lightning's got the word."

Yun and Jo were just glaring at each other, as these two were practically fighting on where they were going...and saw their partners turn northwards or right from their perspective.

"See, Hong Kong skater, my choice was right." Jo remarked.

"That's great." Yun remarked, still smiling. "Still top three."

The top five were inching towards the mid-point Chill Zone through random Torontonian suburbs and an airport that was practically distinct compared those places.

And some were a lot closer to the airport than others.

And first place was...

"Kitana, Liu Kang, you're in first place!"

These two were honestly celebrating, though it was muted with Liu Kang doing a bow and Kitana just showing her fans.

"We've got a lot more first places to snatch." Kitana said.

"That we can both do, though it won't be easy." Liu Kang understood her.

Two plumbers were definitely coming up with positive attitudes and both were really tired.

"Mario & Luigi, you're in second place!"

"Wow, we were closer than we thought! Good leg, you two!" Mario exclaimed to the duo, who were contemplating something.

"Thank you for the compliment." Kitana just answer, as Luigi looked at her with confusion.

"...Wait, she's a princess, bro?" Luigi said that, making Liu Kang look at him.

"Yeah, she is!" Mario said. "She's a tough lady too."

"Wrong me and you'll know." Kitana made the off-hand comment.

"While the top two were having a good talk, there was some other teams that were beating the unbeatable lacrosse." Don announced, as these two were having an real awkward time.

Speaking of the unbeatable lacrosse, there was some dangerous stunts pulled.

Not for Ryo, who just managed to take his karate lessons in with him and did a good body steal the ball and send it into the goal.

Heather may not have been good at lacrosse, but she was good at causing some trouble with the stick slap/body check and she had the ball in it too, but this was apparently street lacrosse, as she passed.

Bakugo was literally built different and he showed that off by accident by showing off his quirk.

"You want some of this?" Bakugo just sparked it up, before he picked up the stick.

The player didn't even understand what was going on, but Bakugo just picked up the ball and ran towards the goal, by the time it was in...the player was actually pretty close.

"Listen, I'm the-" Bakugo said.

"Bakugo, come on. You can't just go and do that." Kirishima exclaimed, as he got the tip for his friend.

"Sorry I showed off my Quirk? You can't handle that." Bakugo told the player.

"Okay, maybe we don't have to mock him for no reason." Kirishima said.

There was definitely a lot of onlookers that were confused at why the white-haired hero did that, not in the least two stunt dogs that were nodding sideways.

*The Stunt Men's confessional*

These two were unimpressed.

"Listen, Baku...whatever your name is. This sport that is lacrosse doesn't need to have a guy like you in it, because you're exploding and stuff!" Buddy shouted. "It probably needs some of that Buddy Thunderstruck magic in it."

"Yeah, your truck's going to have to go in storage." Darrell said.

"...Just saying it could be anything in this dang race." Buddy proclaimed.

"You said it, Buddy!"

*Confessional cut*

In the front of Pearson International Airport's coach place, 5 Ridonculous Race-logo marked coaches were set for another location in Ontario, but that location was pretty rural compared to Toronto...or even the airport and the surrounding industrial areas.

This location was yet to be revealed because of the barrage of teams that were coming in.

"Noodle twins, you guys have ended up in third! Jock rivals, you two are in fourth place!" Don announced.

"We'll beat ya next time!" Jo shouted.

"You know some of us are here for free-ish global travel, right?" Yang said.

"So, Yang, doesn't mean we can't have a fun time." Yun added to the conversation.

"The Lightning's gonna look at these beautiful places and win in them!" Lightning flexed his muscles.

"Er, fast friends, you guys are definitely in fifth. Why do you look rustled?" Don said.

These three were a little bit wind-swept sans the map, but they were all happy to make it to the end.

"We kinda had to find a guy to find the airport and we went all around the place, anyways. So we deserve it." Sonic smugly remarked.

"I just remembered now that we could just let Tails read the map." Knuckles realised something. "We're fifth out of...what's the number?"

"One hundred and something teams." Sonic remarked, as Knuckles high-fived him. "Take that, everyone else!"

"Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, you both ended up in sixth place."

Ryo got a little bit fired up, as Yuri got a lot more fired up by the comment.

"You're going to regret saying that!" Yuri shouted.

"Heather and Alejandro, you guys are keeping up your reputation in 7th place!"

These two were smugly grinning at another team that was off-camera.

"Kirishima and Bakugo, you guys are in 8th!"

Bakugo was practically being held back by his red-haired classmate, as the two were sure of their top position.

"You guys are basically going to Orillia, all of the way up in Central Ontario, which is still in Canada." Don announced. "Besides that, I've somehow got to start off eight late teams."

All of the teams that were there were confused at how there was more teams that ended up late to a reality show that had its' cash prize being more than a millon dollars.

But they all understood.

"Yeah, they're all damn extras compared to me." Bakugo said, not very calmly. “Bring them on.”

"I can't imagine that they'll do good." Ryo remarked. "They're starting after the mice, who were really slow."

"You could be wrong! After the break, we're bringing those eight more teams that were late into the race !"

Don suddenly transitioned to a black screen, as a whole bunch of confused looks were still there.

To be continued in Part 4, which is happening and only contains these two challenges and a whole load of teams that haven't even been seen yet, but have been introduced.

And yes, a few teams have already finished.

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

And there's going to be a lot more teams boarding the leading coach towards Orilla, a city that's near Barrie, but definitely deep within Ontario's forest!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 4a: The Late Starts!

That's right, there's now eight more teams, but they have a serious disadvantage in the fact that they are far behind the back of the pack of the rest of the teams!

While that was happening, there's a lot more teams finishing up their race after the lacrosse challenge and some of them were rounding out the contestants’ spots on the coaches!

Either way, there’s a lot of faces appearing on this show and a lot of them are about to be shown off in this massive part with some more teams finishing!

So please read and review this!

Weirdly enough, the host was back at the starting line, even after passing six different teams in the place.

"Okay, so, we've got more teams that have arrived in Toronto and they were late, so they're starting late!" Don announced, as he had eight more teams that were behind him.

Who were they?

What were they?

And it didn't really matter.

What mattered was that they were late and the host was actually calling them over a screen thing.

"You guys should know that you could win one million dollars, that this box is called Don Box and that the box dispense tips that lead you to your next challenge or location!"

"Yeah, we've got it." Kuroo stated.

"I can easily understand, but some of us haven't got it yet." Dr. Honeydew added in.

"Come on, green guy, I think everyone understood."

"Okay, then..."

The other six were just flexing their bones.

"I'm glad that we made it, but did you have to get the slightly later flight? Now, we're way behind!" Ristarte complained. "...Behind some mice."

"I think we can run much faster than a good majority of the teams in this race." Seiya said, sure of he looked on a map. "This city is kinda dangerous."

"But it is Toronto, it's apparently one of the safest cities on your home planet!"

"But I don't live in-"

All of sudden, there was a short girl and her sheepish big brother that come out of nowhere to basically startle the duo that were trying to play catch-up.

"No! Because me and my onii-chan would never drop a thing!" Yuka shouted out of nowhere, startling the Cautious Duo. "Sorry, my name's Yuka and this is my brother, Satoshi!"

"Hello, everyone!" Satoshi just waved.

"...Hey, Satoshi. Do you always do that?" Seiya asked, honestly and clearly.

"No, no, it's fine, I promise you!" Satoshi told him honestly, as Yuka and Shingo were glaring at each other. "My little sister's...doing something."

"Ristarte, you're looking at an actual kid." Seiya just wanted his partner to stop staring at Yuka back. "I know she's 14, but still."

"I know, but she's really cute." Ristarte whined, as Yuka could hear it.

"And she think she's really cool for having powers and stuff." Yuka told Satoshi in an annoying tone.

While those four were having some kind of weird interaction, there was a certain team that was focused on coming up with an cool introduction...or an attempt at it.

"Hey, welcome to the gun show. We've got-" Eddy had to say something, but then someone random slapped him. "What, we've got everything!"

"We literally don't have the map." Double D told him, as Eddy just sighed.

"Oooh, we're going to get lost or something? It's not like we're going into the giant tower over there."

No-one could blame the cul-de-sac guys for messing up the map thing, as a good majority of the late arrivals weren't willing to get maps or rather, couldn't get maps anyways.

Besides that, these six teams were ready to get on ahead and prove that they were good enough to make it.

"On your marks..."

Eddy was taking a quick look at Yuka.

"...get ready!"

Raz growled at a few people that couldn't care less.

"GO, late arrivals!"

All of these teams were running ahead of each other, besides one that didn't notice the race had already started yet.

"Eddy, everyone's ahead of us." Double D told him.

"Yeah, I know, I know!" Eddy shouted, as he started moving.

The cul-de-sac brothers were definitely not starting in a good place, as these two were not that fast and not that good at racing.

With that said and those teams introduced, the rest of them were definitely playing the game of trying to put a ball into a goal in a very unusual way.

Unfortunately, that was the sport of lacrosse and the team that wanted to participate in the game were quite a bit better than a good majority of the Ridonculous Race duos and trios.

The sun was still bright and the trees were providing some good shades for the waiting teams that already chose their team player to take it.

"Urgh, there's so many other teams here!" Jen complained. "I'm going to nail it this time!"

"You go, Jen. You can slay it out here!" Tom encouraged her to do her best.

The fashion bloggers were not the only ones that were trying to motivate themselves, though.

"Katie, you know how we both did some lacrosse?" Sadie asked.

"Sadie, I haven't forgotten. It was, like, one day, though!" Katie exclaimed.

The best female friends were the ones that were doing the challenge, hockey stick in Katie's hands, as Jen was more than ready to show off next.

Both the bending brothers and the volleyball guys were just struggling to deal with the lacrosse challenge, as these two looked tired of this.

"Dang, Akaashi, this was hard after all! Looks like I'm going to turn it up a notch!" Bokuto shouted.

"How, though?" Akaashi was just confused. "It's your first time playing lacrosse."

"I'm going to apply a bit of my volleyball magic." Bokuto proclaimed.

"That's the spirit, Bokuto! I don't know how probending fit in here, but I have eyes!" Bolin shouted. "And these eyes are good."

"Yeah, Bolin, that's happening!" Bokuto shouted.

"...I'm not even sure what you two are hyping each other up for." Mako said, as he didn't look too sure. "I'm just hoping that you pass this time!"

"Same goes for you, Bokuto!"

Katie...almost didn't pass surprisingly enough, as while she threw in a very sloppy way...the ball touched the edge and rolled on in.

"Sadie, I did it!"

"Katie, you did!"

The best female friends squealed with elation, as the other teams were just shielding their ears and ensuring that they were ready to use their motivation to get on ahead.

"That's the power of a good friendship over there. Siegfried, maybe you're too hasty at this moment." Sophitia said to her friend.

"This man is too easy for me to beat, but he has so much technique." Siegfried said. "That much is admirable."

"But you also have technique, so use that to clear this challenge." Sophitia told him, as he grunted.

While that was happening, a four-leaf clover must have grown in the race, because Jen managed to take advantage of the lacrosse player's lacking skills.

By just moving left and right really quickly and throwing it sideways with the ball.

"Thanks for letting me win!" Jen shouted. "Tom, I did it."

"Aw yeah, you slayed this challenge." Tom remarked, just happy that his girlfriend made it. "And everyone's motivated!"

"Well, we're off to a great start, so let's keep it going."

"Right you are!"

*Richter's confessional*

The vampire slayer had a determined face.

"If those two very ordinary people can do it, why can't I? I fought against Dracula before and kept him at bay, a challenge like this should be easy."

*Confessional cut*

"As a lot of teams have finally found their groove..." Don sounded excited to say just that, as the host was plainly sure of the comebacks.

Richter may not have had the advantage when it came to the lacrosse stick, but he definitely knew where to aim the ball...making it past the now tired lacrosse player and catching it, avoiding the goal ring and getting it in there.

Because of that, Judy may have been doing it for the first time, but because she was so small and could definitely slide under the player...with the ball and the stick, she managed to win it.

And Siegfried was big enough to actually intimidate the player and used his dual-sword skills to throw the ball into the net from a seriously far distance.

"Don't cross me." Siegfried said.

"...I wasn't?" The player asked.

And finally, Bolin and Bokuto managed to use their very few adaptable skills from volleyball and moved real good in and out of the lacrosse player's way...and ensnared the tip with a goal throw.

MacArthur was still mad from messing it up.

It cut to the psychic sisters, who were expecting a top ten finished.

"A cheating team comes up to me."

Don didn't look too surprised when he looked at the indignant psychics that were both angry for an obvious reason...being at a very busy Pearson Airport that had a lot of sun.

"Sorry, Psychic Sisters, you've got a 40 minute penalty!"

"What, I went down the stairs with my sister as the tip instructed! And the tip didn't say anything about walking!" Tatsumaki complained.

"Yes, it only said to go down the stairs to finish the challenge, especially since there were so many." Fubuki said.

"Look, you can't just float down the stairs like that. So you got the forty minute penalty!" Don told the two of them. "By the end of it, you'll probably wise you used your two feet."

"This is an outrage!" Tatsumaki shouted to Don, who was moving away. "You'll end up in a bad place, you hear me."

"Sister, nothing can be done now." Fubuki said. "Sorry about her."

"Don, you will regret this!"

The Ridonculous Race host was not that scared of the psychics, as he had a shield of his own and it was a pretty dang hidden and there was actually a whole bunch of teams that were coming after the cheating sisters.

"Tom & Jen, you're in 9th!"

The fashion bloggers were both doing the peace sign, Tom's right arm and Jen's left arm crossing each other with the peace sign.

"Katie & Sadie, you're in 10th!"

The best female friends were just jumping for joy, as these two were just jumping while the picture was plain taken and too happy to not celebrate in the top ten.

"Judy & Nick, you're in 11th!"

These two police officers were leaning on each other's back with very calm smiles, almost being in the top ten.

"Siegfried & Sophitia, you're in 12th!"

Siegfried had his back to the camera and felt his own shame, as Sophitia was just plain panicked at the knight turning his back on his potential audience.

"Richter & Maria, you're in 13th!"

Richter was just doing the peace sign, his back turned to the camera, but his head was pointing to it...and Maria was plan jumping to even be in the shot for his team.

The psychic sisters didn't look any more regretful.

"Hmph, it's not like we're going to be eliminated or anything. We've still got 33 minutes on the clock." Tatsumaki declared.

"Sister, I don't think these teams won't be coming any slower." Fubuki was definitely noticed that two more teams were coming in. "Those two are here."


The next two duos were just happy to bring it on, as these two were actually kinda paired together.

"Bokuto & Akaashi, you're in 14th!"

The spiky-haired volleyball player and weirdly enough, the muscular earthbender were just fist-bumping each other with utter confidence and very dumb smiles.

"Bolin & Mako, you're in 15th!"

The other two were just also doing the fistbumping, though the ordinary-looking volleyball setter and the slim firebending cop were not exactly super happy.

"Yeah, what do you think of cheating?" Bokuto mocked the psychic.

And then he got lifted off the ground.

"Alright, okay." Bokuto just stopped doing that.

There were 15 teams that had finished and twelve more that were stuck on the lacrosse challenge and they were all skilled in some way or another and two more were coming in with tips.

Chet, Sanders, Lorenzo and MacArthur were practically running as one group, as the former cadets were sure of their directions and the stepbrothers didn’t want to question the geographical skills of the officers.

Either way, the psychic sisters were plain angry at seeing two more teams come in and said teams were hyped to be at the midpoint finish line.

Stepbrothers, you’ve easily gotten sixteenth! Former cadets, you two have ended up in 17th!” Don announced to those two teams.

“What.” MacArthur didn’t really have anything to say.

“Uh, we just ran faster and better than you two! No disrespect.” Chet boasted, as these two were happy to do it.

“None taken!”

Tatsumaki had one thing to say.

“Surely our penalty has whittled down by enough minutes?”

Only by seven minutes, so you two have 33 minutes left to think about what’s happened!”

Tatsumaki wasn’t in the mood to not crush the host, but she couldn’t really do that and Fubuki was sighing about the situation, knowing that her sister wouldn’t stop.

*Vampire Slayers’ confessional*

These two were sure of something.

Well, well, looks like they couldn’t just float down to the bottom and get away with it! They’re cheaters.” Maria shouted, as Richter was willing to let it easy.

Definitely, but they’re not scoundrels.” Richter just chuckled. “Just big-headed.”

*Confessional cut*

With 17 teams done with the whole leg and the rest of them doing the stairs challenge, it was about time for some other people to show up and they showed up in style.

Some people were arriving down at the bottom.

“Yeah, this is...this is something.” Rick said, too bored to properly care.

“God, you could be excited for this. We’re up against people from other worlds and uhhh, not killing them.” Morty said.

“Listen, you’re saying a lot of stuff that I don’t give a shit about.” Rick stated. “Where’s the shooting.”

“Man, I hope there’s a shooting challenge.” Morty was really happy about this.

Those two were definitely being watched by a team with a funky ankle.

“Let me be sure of something. Those two are a pretty dangerous each other and to everyone else.” Kyoko stated, as her friend was dealing with the ankle. “Makoto, we’ll be fine.”

“I know, but I don’t exactly have that much good luck, just luck that’s bad for others.” Makoto just got himself up. “I mean-”

“What the fuck’s up, you two?”

The hopeful detective duo weren’t even sure what was happening, as Rick blurted that out at those two.

"Not much...besides when some scientist swore on me." Makoto said. "That just kinda happens."

"Yeah, but I don't mind fucking around." Rick proclaimed, as the scientist was happy to talk to random people. "Morty, you've got to learn from this kid."

"Uh, yeah, sure, Rick." Morty said, very unsure.

"Okay, it's fine, we're just in here." Makoto said. "Wait, aren't you Rick Sanchez?"

The duo then ran away at speed, as the hopeful detectives weren't very sure at what happened to them and why the dimension travellers ran away at that speed.

"I just wanted to thank him for making this show possible!" Makoto awkwardly said.

"Yeah, he's a wanted criminal, so make of that what you will. There's a lot out there about the man." Kyoko said. "I read those many things."


Besides those two duos that went through chaotic situations, there were also a bunch of teams that were tired of getting behind in the competition.

"Pit, are you seriously doing this?" Dark Pit asked.

"Yeah, we are!" Pit shouted. "You agreed to this for experiment reasons!"

"Uh, I don't think so." Dark Pit stated, unsure of the statement.

"Come on, why else are we racing?" Pit asked, ready to work things out.

The two angels that raced managed to get at the bottom, as there was a whole other bunch of others that were still stuck in the stairs...running quickly to the bottom, even if they didn't care that much.

"Goddamn it, we're still in the stairs." K' remarked, as the white-haired fire guy was complaining. "We've gotta move!"

"Yeah, I know." Whip told her sort-of brother.

These two may have been a great team in KOF, but since one of them was wearing high heels, things turned out much differently.

"Wow, we're really slow now." Whip said.

"Yeah, thanks." K' remarked with a smile.

And there was more for some reason, as there was a whole bunch more teams that haven't been seen yet.

"Er, this is going to be painful." Filburt said, walking down the foot pain. "Going down a whole bunch of stairs without the proper preparation and checks is tough."

"It's going to be pretty okay, I promise." Rocko remarked, happy to do things.

"That doesn't sound too confident." Filburt said.

"He isn't Chris, I can tell you that!" Rocko said.

Either way, there were still a lot of teams in the stairs and a lot of teams that were ready to do the lacrosse throw into the net and they were in an inconsistent state of mad or not mad at not finding the actual challenge.

"Excuse me, bruh. Do you know where High Park...because I don't." Badgerclops remarked.

"Trust me, we're his friends and we are looking for it!" Rigby shouted.

The groundskeepers and the full-hearted heroes were just looking at each other on Keele Street, as a disappointed guy on his lunch break said nothing.

"Come on, dude." Rigby said.

"We're dudes." Badgerclops remarked.

"...You're looking at it."

The guy then went away, walking out of the Ridonculous Race cameras and the dumber half of the two teams that were not inside the park already and there were many inside the park.

Mordecai and Mao Mao both sighed, as they were waiting in line for the challenge.

“Uh, I don’t know what the challenge is.” Badgerclops said.

“The challenge is to play some lacrosse...or trying to put a ball in a goal with a stick handle and avoiding the other man with the stick handle. Oh and getting the goal outside the goal circle...thing.” Mao Mao explained, determined to finish the challenge.

“It’s definitely a Botch-or-Watch.” Badgerclops snatched the tip from his friend’s hands. “Called it and it’s all yours.”

“Come on, Mordecai, I’m small, I could slip through these guys easily!” Rigby boasted. “Though I’m not super good at it.”

“Dude, can you carry it?” Mordecai asked.

“Yes...but it looks a little bit long for me.” Rigby said, as Mordecai nodded. “Alright, Mordecai, do it!”

No-one could blame Rigby for smiling, though there was a duo that could take advantage of that.

*The Reformed Villains’ confessional*

Hey, I could ruin this guy’s day for no reason. But I’m going to do something crazy.” Megamind said. “When the opportunity strikes, we will ally with those two.”

...And then what? Those two aren’t the most skilled or the most determined.” Minion told him.

They’ve apparently been friends for most of their lives, make a good pair and probably survived some crazy things. Us, them and some other pair would make an incredible trio of duos!” Megamind shouted. “And then we will take the money!”

Never change, Megamind...never change.” Minion said, smiling at his boss, as Megamind raised his hand for a high-five.

*Confessional cut*

While the teams in the middle beckon for the luck of the lacrosse challenge to come back or finally landed at the bottom…”

Chowder, Shrek and Leonard were dumbfounded at how many failures that the other teams racked up at the lacrosse challenge, which was pretty simple.

Back on the stairs, the entire Isekai Alliance finally reached the bottom and they all looked tired...besides the clone students, who were just kissing on the benches.

...the latecomers are starting their race off at incredible speed. Well, most of them.”

Eddy and Double D were definitely the slowest duo of the latecomers, as they weren’t doing too bad when it came to the ferry...but they were both tired.

“Don’t worry, there is a chance that you two could make it to the end.” Dr. Honeydew stated happily.

“We already know. Double D says that it’s very unlikely, whatever that means.” Eddy grumbled.

“It means that the chance of you making it to the final leg is very low.” Dr. Honeydew clarified for the now angry tween.

“Then it’s time to make moves!” Eddy declared.

Once the ferry got to the other side, things didn’t change that much between all of these teams.

“Listen, Phil, just because we’re not in New York anymore, doesn’t mean-” Jack remarked, the big guy feeling unsure.

“Yeah, shit is gonna change because I’m here.” Jack proclaimed. “And you’re here to back me up, brotha!”

“...Okay.” Jack said, very unsure.

“Who taught those two guys to talk like that?” Minnie asked. “It’s so weird...and so vulgar.”

“Our uncle Tito Dick. Bruh, that’s his real name, man.” Phil confidently said.

“Yeah, he sure did…” Minnine felt weird now, as Phil left the conversation.

As Mickey came in with a nervous grin, as Minnie looked at him, not exactly happy with his mood

“Mickey, are you fine?” Minnie asked. “You can relax.”

“Yeah, Minnie, I’m the most relaxed mouse that you’ll ever meet!” Mickey Mouse shouted with sweat and a smile. “I’m very fine.”

“That’s good.”

Mickey just wiped the sweat off his brow.

Even with the latecomers not being the fastest, Eddy and Double D had a serious disadvantage compared to the rest of them and it showed up again when the ferry docked.

Everyone else ran faster than them.

“What the heck, Double D, you said that we were fast.” Eddy said.

“I was speaking relative to the rest of the teams...these other seven seem to be fast as well.” Edd said, sockhead flying in the wind.

“Oh, thanks. Let’s just hope we don’t lose.” Eddy remarked.

“We can do that.” Edd stated, feeling good about the chances.

*The Volleyball Geniuses’ confessional*

The smaller of the two volleyball geniuses looked down at the ground.

Er, I get the feeling that I’ll be slowing you down compared to all of the other guys.” Kenma told Kuroo. “I mean, there’s-”

Come on, Kenma, there’s seriously no-one else quite like you. You always know when to use your energy well and plus, you’re not much of a quitter.” Kuroo said.

This is bigger than volleyball or even the Nationals. We’re in the Ridonculous Race, which needs a lot of skills to even make it halfway.”

Exactly, Kenma. You’ve got those skills.” Kuroo said, as Kenma looked notably more positive.

*Confessional cut*

Back with the remainder of the teams, they were definitely working on the second challenge and it was either a roadblock or an open gate.

And it was a roadblock for the vast majority of the teams that chose to tackle it.

"What the fuck, I just came here!" Krillin shouted. "Sorry for swearing."

Krillin was seriously flummoxed by the lacrosse player going hard on him, as he got stuck in the ground.

"Whoa, Krillin. Imagine getting pounded on the ground." Yamcha said.

Krillin just glared at his friend.

"Hey, whoa, I wanted to say something!"

The martial artists were far from the only ones to not finish the challenge, as Wario and Waluigi were both doing their wait and looking kinda scared of the other teams.

"Heh, Waluigi's time is coming up and it's coming very soon!" Waluigi shouted. "Yeah, that's happening."

"It is? I really doubt it." Bender said, having gone through the stairs. "You're not ready for the real deal."

"Yeah, you got bendy arms...what are you going to do about it?" Waluigi asked.

"Not much apparently." Bender said. "Besides win!"

There was a certain duo that was standing tall, ready to wreck the lacrosse player as basically a black brickhouse.

"Yeah, I'm here to do lacrosse."

There was another guy lacrosse player that was also Indian and slightly bigger than the other guy...though they were both looking scared of Barret.

"What are you two going to do about it?" Barret asked, ready to use the lacrosse stick

The very tall and very muscled black guy was basically holding the thing with one hand and letting the stick rest on the other hand.

"...Er, he's definitely down and out, my nigga." Thugnificent said. "He ain't even got one arm."

Barret just did his thing, running on the side of the player and doing a body check that thanks to his build, basically was a push and then the guy with one arm cleared the challenge.

"I don't know how the fuck he made it with one hand, but he ain't playing games in this shit." Thugnificent said.

"Uh, huh. So, I expect some kind of apology for saying that I have one arm." Barret just shrugged, as the rapper was just taking a serious look.

"...Shit, I don't do that."

Despite the fact that the old guys managed to get their way onto the midpoint Chill Zone, it was more of a slow trickle out of there were definitely a few that did it.

And those few were relishing in the top 20 positions.

Buddy Thunderstruck, despite not having many lacrosse skills, somehow did it with he threw the ball upwards enough for the guy to catch it, but the truck driver missed and hit it into the goal.

“That’s what I like to call that, the Thunderstruck Throw!” Buddy proclaimed.

“You did it, buddy.” Darrell stated. “And we’re sure to be in the top ten!”

Chowder and Schnitzel were both cooks and they haven’t even been seen since showing up in the alliance thing, but Schnitzel wasn’t scared….and he was not scared enough to throw the ball as far as he could.

It somehow worked.

“Go, Schnitzel! You threw it all of the way to the...basket?” Chowder asked.

“Rada rada.” Schnitzel said with a smug smile. “Rada!”

“Yeah, got the tip.”

While it may have taken a while to get these two to arrive at the midpoint Chill Zone like it wasn’t a problem, the penalty was still happening for the psychic sisters.

Stunt truckers, you two are in 18th and on the first coach to our next destination!”

Buddy and Darrell were both doing the high five, as these two were happy to just leave it.

Cooks, you’re both in 19th and on the same coach as these two!”

“Wasn’t expecting it to be that high.” Chowder said. “Schnitzel, you’re the man!”

“Rada.” Schnitzel contemplated the situation at hand.

And Psychic Sisters, you have twenty-five minutes left on your penalty!”

“It’s not like we’ve forgotten!” Tatsumaki shouted. “You two teams are in massive trouble when we come through on the first coach towards Orillia!”

“You should hear my sister out!” Fubuki yelled, adding to the noise.

“Cheating isn’t awesome and I’m too awesome to cheat!” Buddy shouted.

“Yeah...we’re awesome, small child.”

Tatsumaki just got into some kind of state.

“Do you think you can take advantage of me and my small stature! The power that I have far excels yours by some serious distance, you hear me?!”

Don wasn’t even sure what to say, but he just let it sit.

As I was saying, the backlog at the lacrosse challenge is enough to put even big events to shame!”

There were so many teams that were at the challenge, that it was even a problem to get an attempt in during the right time and the right time was basically when the challenge happened.

So it was no surprise that someone had to open it up.

“Who’s up for some lacrosse?!” Leela shouted. “I’m not really up for it, but we’re all stuck here!”

“Okay, Leela, get us all unstuck!” Fry yelled, as Bender was just drinking an unlabelled bottle. “Do you think she can do it.”

“No, because of my arms.” Bender whispered to Fry.


Leela had one eye, but she also had one will to do the challenge with and she put it into good use, by directly challenging the lacrosse player with a good body she ran.

And she managed to put in a good throw for good measure for every single team that was there to basically copy, and it was a goal and she barely missed the wrong.

“Nice arms, Leela!” Fry shouted.

“Thank you. Hopefully, you guys should be able to get through.”

And it was like a hidden switch opened the doors for even more teams to do their awesome thing of not messing around when it came to pass the lacrosse challenge.

“Fenneko, you’re alive, right?” Retsuko nervously asked.

“Yeah, what of it?” Fenneko said, as she managed to stay standing with her ball.

And she put it into the goal.

The office workers were feeling good.

*The Office Workers’ confessional*

Wow, Fenneko, I didn’t know you had that in you! Though, you seem tired.” Retsuko said.

I’m not tired enough to give a damn frankly.” Fenneko said, calmly...even when she was deep in her chair. “I’ve been through worse things.”

*Confessional cut*

The two teams made their way west and were actually surprisingly close, especially considering when one of them was desperately catching up to the other.

Delivery driving trio…”

Fry was just looking in anticipation, as Bender looked smug and Leela looked like she would take the news well.’re in 20th place, marking the last three seats on the coach.”

These three were celebrating, as the second trio to make it was more than happy to let the good things roll and the office workers came in...sad and tired.

“Whoa, that was a lot faster than I expected.” Fry said, as he saw a burnt out Retsuko. “ two look real tired.”

“You tell me.” Retsuko looked like she was about to collapse.

Don was actually discussing things with the producers that actually knew how many seats were inside the coach and he looked kind of angry and Fenneko just came up, as he ended the call.

...Retsuko and Fenneko, you two are in 21st and are also going on the first coach to Orillia!”

“Okay, that’s weird.” Fenneko said. “I thought you said-”

Congrats on the finish, you’re really the last ones on it!”

“Woo, we can rest!” Retsuko exclaimed, as she hopped onto the coach.

“Wait, Retsuko, this man just-”

While that was happening, Fubuki just wanted to ask something important.

“How many minutes until we have finished this leg?”

...Fifteen minutes.”

“Well, I’d like to say something. We did a mistake and we will not do it again.” Fubuki said, as her older and shorter sister raised an eyebrow.

Yeah, you’ve still got the penalty.”

The psychic sisters were sure that they were going to have to wait a while to even get in their own coach.

Anyways, the eight late teams are arriving at the very top of the stairs and they’re seeing the sheer height of these stairs!”

Kuroo was just seeing the sheer height of it all.

“It’s like a infinite staircase except backwards.” Kenma remarked, seeing the similarity to a certain game’s set of stairs.

The eight latecomers were trying their hardest on the ludicrously high amount of stairs in the CN Tower and trying their hardest was practically right for those eight.

“Ow.” Ristarte said. “Seiya, slow down!”

“We’re in the bottom eight, so we should run as fast as we can.” Seiya said. “You can handle that, right?”

“...Sort of!” Ristarte shouted, as though she wasn’t going to run faster.

“Good enough for me.”

The cautious heroes were running down the stairs, as they were going fast enough to both not get hurt and to be relatively fast on the stairs.

And they were the fastest by a good measure too, despite there being other fast runners within the latecomers.

“How the heck are the two pretty people ahead of us?!” Raz shouted. “I want to show them-”

“No, this is a battle of speed and we’re fast enough to beat them!” Gilgamesh proclaimed.

“-I thought you were a battle-ready warrior.” Raz complained.

“To be in a good fight, you have to be prepared for any kind of battle! And those kinds of battles are the best!” Gilgamesh complimented.

Even with the weapon masters and the cautious heroes, the eight teams were far from even the back of the rest of the teams...besides the two small mice.

“Yeah, we’re not going to be in first, but we won’t be in last!” Pinky exclaimed.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen today.” The Brain said, not that happy to not have his inventions.

*The Mice’s confessional*

Okay, so we had all of this stuff to carry ourselves and that got taken away by this beautiful lady who said she was Customs!” Pinky said.

The Brain sighed, as he knew what had happened.

Please tell me, you at least brought the things that were in front of you.” The Brain said.

...Oh, it was that box.” Pinky said. “I can’t believe we’re going to be late.”

Yes, we’ll be more than late.” The Brain said, as though this had happened many times before.

*Confessional cut*

There was still the fact that there six others that were running in the wings and these two were slowly going up in the ranks.

"Yeah, that's-Whoa, is that two small mice?" Mickey asked.

"Get out of here." The Brain said. "We literally can't finish because whatever challenge happens next would knock us out."

"Have a little faith in yourself, guys!" Mickey shouted.

"Good one. We've got spirit and we have nothing else." Pinky said.

"...Thanks for that." Mickey said.

The two duos of mice were sure that the interaction happened, but they weren't sure of why it ended up like that on these ridiculously high amount of stairs.

"Well, that was weird." Minnie stated. "At least this race is going to get a lot weirder."


Both teams kept on making their way downstairs and so did a vast majority of the teams, as these stairs were definitely looking infinite and they were also very finite.

"108 teams are making their way towards the million, 21 have finished and the rest are trying to not be last! Come back after the break for more of A Really Ridonculous Race!" Don announced, as he didn't look that surprised about these duos and trios.

To be continued in Part 4b, where many, many more previously introduced teams get on their ways to the Chill Zone through the lacrosse challenge and the stairs!

Also, there are five coaches that take 21 teams each and the last one takes an extra team along with them.

These spaces are going to be filling up at speed, as the race gets hotter and hotter at the new front of this first-leg Ridonculous Race...being consisted of the back burners and the rest!

And sorry, having 106 teams feels kinda weird, so there’s two more coming in as additional latecomers, as I’ve always planned to have 108 duos:

#107: The Cute Couple (Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse Shorts)

#108: The Lazy Guys (Phil & Jack, The Nutshack)

Either way, these two challenges are making it hard for everybody.

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The psychic sisters have been penalized for the next 15 minutes!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 4b: Lacrossing The Losers!

Eight late teams have already started and twenty one teams have filled up the first coach to Orillia and the rest are trying to make sure that they're not down and out for doumb reasons!

However, while there may be many teams at the lacrosse challenge, doesn't mean that there's going to be some weird plays happening in this extra part!

These 87 remaining teams aren't hoping to the bottom two that'll booted off the race and while one's inevitable, the other's going to be a bit of a surprise...or not.

Either way, please read and review this chapter of teamwork and power!

There was a whole bunch of teams that were making things happen.

"Welcome back to A Really Ridonculous Race, where there's over 100 teams racing on through!"

On the stairs and in High Park, there was an incredible amount of teams that were working their best to ensure that they weren't in last.

Which was incredibly unlikely for most of them, but it was still possible and on the stairs, things were moving slowly.

"Dad, we've gotta speed up!" Bowser Jr. shouted. "Wario's way ahead of us!"

"Son, I've got big feet. If I run any faster, I'm going to fall down!" Bowser told his son honestly. "Come on, let's just run this."

"Okay, dad." Bowser Jr. said.


While they were running slowly, a certain team of lesbians were running together down these stairs without a problem.

"Wow, those two are slow. But we weren't super fast either." Max said, a little scared of what was going on.

"I dunno, we were getting used to these stairs. Nothing too serious." Chloe said.

"Yeah, we're moving hella good!" Max shouted.

"Pretty much." Chloe remarked.

While they were roughly around the lower end of the middle of the pack, around 60th place or so, the stair runners that were near the bottom of the gigantic stairwell and closer to the lead...were feeling the pressure.

And two teams basically encompassed that.

"Fox, you were running too fast for me to catch up and now what's happening?" Falco asked.

"I already said that I was sorry, Fox. Not sure what else you could do." Fox stated, unsure of his friend.

"Not a problem. I don't prefer the stairs." Falco remarked.

"That we can both agree on."

While the space pilots were taking things a little bit easier than the rest of them, the next team ahead of them were having...problems.

"My foot's screaming for me to stop." Kasumi remarked, not too happy about her lacklustre position.

"Yeah, my foot isn't helping me either." Mai said.

"...But I doubt that this challenge isn't giving me strength." Kasumi said.

"I'm not super sure about that, but we are definitely getting a little bit stronger." Mai remarked.

"I don't know what you ladies are talking about, but you already look pretty strong." Falco told the women warriors, who was just smiling at him. "Besides I don't think it needed to be said."

Fox was just looking at him like his teammate was saying some weird stuff.

"Yeah, we've got it." Mai stated, rebuffing the bird.

And there was a third team that was just looking up at the two pairs like they had a bit of a problem with each other.

*The Fiery Fighters' confessional*

K' didn't look too surprised, while Whip looked very surprised.

"I don't get it. I wanted to give some expert advice and they said that they had good feet." Whip said. "Now look at them."

"Yeah, it sounds like a real situation." K' Dash remarked, chilling in the chair. "And we're doing just ok."

"What's wrong with doing just okay?" Whip snapped for no reason.

"...Nothing, really."

*Confessional cut*

There was a whole bunch of duos and trios were that in the middle of the stairwell and also in the middle of the leaderboard, relatively speaking and these trios were having some action.

"Nah, brah. I think we can't jog down the stairs." Lowain remarked.

"Yeah, brah! We've gotta to make sure that we're not losing this one!" Elsam proclaimed.

"And we're doing that right now, Sammy!" Tomoi kept up the speed.

"Yeah, it's no problemo for us!" Lowain stated.

The cooking bros were definitely keeping up their jog, as did the taekwondo masters that were struggling to keep their legs in shape...which, considering the sport that they partook in, was a weird thing.

"Right now, we may not be the best representatives of taekwondo out here, but we have determination to make it through!" Kim shouted. "Jhun, let's settle this."

"Kim, we're settling our purpose." Jhun asked, catching his teammate in another...thing. "I bet there's a bunch of people with foot pain."

"I dunno, bro, I don't have foot pain." Lowain remarked, as his trio was pretty close to the taekwondo masters.

*The Taekwondo Masters' confessional*

The taekwondo masters didn't look tired at all.

"When you've been training criminals and delinequents of all kinds, a million steps is nothing to me. Though it's not like it didn't hurt." Kim remarked, his brown hair still clean.

"Yeah, but the pain that we're going through is nothing compared to even the weakest of KOF's competition." Jhun said. "Alright, we should be good."

"We are terms of state I mean!"

*Confessional cut*

There was many bunch of teams that were trying to get into their coaches through both the stairs and the second challenge, which was basically unknown from their perspective.

"Yeah, while 21 teams have finished and one is still penalised for eleven minutes, there's still a lot of teams that are waiting in line for their turn at lacrosse, which might be lame to some people!"

Don's perspective on that was pretty bang on, as there was a ridiculous amount of teams that were getting tired of waiting for the lacrosse challenge.

And one of them was looking more than tired of it.

"Come on, lacrosse isn't that hard of a challenge to do!" Kazuma shouted. "Geez, I'm going to do some things."

"It's an Canadian sport, so it's super hard." JFK told him.

"...That's great, man." Kazuma said.

"Alright, I can't teach some stuff...but I can tell you have to throw it with a basket." JFK told him, not really sure what else he could say. "On a stick."

"That's actually very different from the actual stick! And I'll do it." Megumin exclaimed, as JFK laughed at her. "You don't even know what lacrosse is."

"Look, as much as I'm saying too much, you didn't know what lacrosse is either. So give it a rest, because you all are dumbasses." Trish didn't look too interested to not making these two offended.

"Okay...just shut have no idea...what that is either." Kazuma said, as calmly as he could.

"For one, I'm in the real world and secondly, I've fought demons before like it's no big deal, so..." Trish just let the agape mouths of the two boys speak for themselves.

Dante was just groaning at Trish, as these demon hunters weren't that sure about the lacrosse challenge...though compared to the clone students and the roleplaying adventurers, it was utter confidence.

*The Demon Hunters' confessional*

Dante was looking confident and Trish looked pissed off.

"Yeah, honestly, you'd do rather well to be at the very top." Trish said. "We're just kind of in the middle of it all."

"But we can comeback out of nowhere, because there apparently isn't that many teams that haven't finished. And we're going to be up there!" Dante proclaimed. "With style."

"My style, obviously." Trish said, swinging a random lacrosse stick around.

"Be careful with the ball and stick." Dante advised her. "Heard it could get loose."

"Yeah, you're a great comedian, I forgot." Trish just put it down like it was her scythe.

*Confessional cut*

The trickster brothers and the martial artists were finally up to show off their lacrosse skills or their lack thereof, but either way, there was definitely something to look forward to.

"Yeah, let's go!" Yamcha shouted.

"Waluigi, make him pay!" Wario also shouted.

Those two were doing a double take at each other, as they were sure that both of them were doing the same thing...sort of.

Waluigi was trying to distract Yamcha with a rock and Yamcha had the stick to carry a ball and a rock at the same time and Krillin wasn't looking that surprised.

"I've got the handle on this thing!" Krillin exclaimed, just standing there like a pro...with Wario.

"Wario knows you're not doing the challenge." Wario boasted, as Waluigi missed with the an impressive amount.

Yamcha easily dodged, considering it wasn't even in his way and it managed to hit the lacrosse's player's...arms and Yamcha won for his team, as Waluigi gave a thumbs up.

Yamcha just did a coy thumbs up, as the other teams were more than ready to just take advantage of that.

"Thanks, Waluigi!"

Waluigi looked dazed, as though he wanted to do something completely different, but got an even better result than before.

"You're not welcome!" Waluigi yelled to the martial artists.

The opportunities opened up as the minor injury didn't really knock down the player, as much as it did give confidence to people that were in the line...even if they weren't hyped by the rock throw.

"Damn, that's insane." Shawn said, unsure about the rock throw.

"Uh, that has to be not legal." Ron remarked.

"I think it is!" Mai shouted, nervous about her teammate getting caught in the middle

"Does it matter, we'll have an easy way out of the challenge." Sniper remarked, readying his arms for the swing.

"Yes, it does. We don't need rocks to make it on through!" Peridot proclaimed. "Not sure what I'm going to do."

"I dunno, you probably could do something crazy." Lapis Lazuli remarked, not sure about her short teammate's skills. "Considering your-"

"I know, I know, but I have a plan for this lacrosse challenge and it won't be revealed." Peridot said.

The survivalists, teen agents, heroic women, women fighters and professional soldiers were only five of the teams that didn't exactly like the tricksters' rock move.

Waluigi went up to do his shot, as he managed to take advantage of the player getting slightly thrown off and his long limbs to take a good swing into the net.

"Waluigi takes the team to the Chill Zone! Let's go!" Waluigi shouted, gaining a lot of confused.

"Yeah, bring 'em in!" Wario shouted.

The tricksters were out and the rest of the teams were not waiting their turn to get into the swing of the they all had determined grins or looked plain bored.

Either way, there was three teams that were on their way to getting into their coach and resting it up for the day.

"Psychic Sisters, you've still got eight minutes on the clock!"

Tatsumaki was pouting and Fubuki definitely looked angry, though she wasn't really pouting at the host.

"Yamcha and Krillin, you're in 22nd and on the second coach!"

These two were decked out in their orange gi and did their coolest pose as martial artists, being both relatively weak in their universe.

"Barret & Cid, you're in 23rd!"

"Hey, hey, nice pose!" Barret remarked.

"Er...thanks!" Yamcha sheepishly said.

"But it looks kind of dumb." Cid told the guy.

"Alright, geez!"

"Wario and two are penalised!"

The smug brothers were just grinning at each other, as they were sure that the host wasn't going to give them a serious penalty.

"For four minutes. Please don't throw rocks at the challengers."

"Yeah, it's going to be worth waiting!" Wario boasted. "We actually ran on the stairs, Wario-style!"

"It's not Waluigi-style? Imagine if we could-" Waluigi proclaimed.

"Wario thinks that it would have super bad. And we're brothers too!" Wario remarked.

"Waluigi knows you're making sense!" Walugi said.

The psychic sisters were just plain dumbfounded at how these two were acting.

"I'm sorry! They have harmed some random person by throwing a rock and potentially even subverting the challenge with said throw!" Fubuki said. "These two are rather ridiculous and villainous."

"Yeah, they will cheat more often and I'd like them to give them a taste of my psychic powers!" Tatsumaki shouted at the host, as though Don cared.

"You two have seven minutes left, by the way!"

The psychic sisters felt a deep kind of rage at the tricksters, as the other two teams that finished were just watching in awe.

"Wow." Cid said.

*The Old Mens' confessional*

Barret and Cid were silent for a few seconds, as they were just smiling at their good result.

"Damn, since when are cheaters with relationships this good? I've seen some crazy things down in the slums and that's...very rare." Barret said.

"That sounds like some kind of hellhole." Cid remarked. "Imagine if-"

"Midgar's a beautiful city with all of the people in it!" Barret just raised his tone, very sure in his words.

*The Martial Artists' confessional*

"Hey, 18! Sorry that I didn't announce that I was going here, but I just wanted to say that you wouldn't have believed me anyways." Krillin said with an awkward smile.

"Whoa, whoa, that's a ridiculous bet. This thing managed to get advertisted in Namek, so I doubt it." Yamcha remarked. "I bet she heard it."

"Uh, that's cool and all, but I meant personally announcing it. Sorry, 17." Krillin said, feeling himself a little bit.

"Anyways, we're going all of the way to prove something to...someone!" Yamcha shouted. "That we're not weak!"

"...You're talking about yourself, I just came here for a weird vacation."

*Confessional cut*

Back with the late running teams, the eight of them were getting settled into their very different places within the they were also very different to each other.

The volleyball geniuses and the weapon masters were actually halfway down at this point...and the cautious heroes were not that far behind in the stairs, being careful to not get foot pain.

The lazy guys, the scientists and the cul-de-sac schemers were the farthest behind, though considering how they were late, it was kinda of impressive.

And 25% of the way through, were both the school survivors and the cute couple, who had wildly contrasting energies with each other...and they were practically next to each other.

"Wow, I can't believe you're with your...eight-year old sister!" Minnie said, not super nervous.

"Listen, I'm 14 and there's nothing you can do about it!" Yuka shouted.

"...You're really cute!" Minnie exclaimed.

"I'm not cute, I survived a super scary high school!" Yuka shouted.

These two were quiet for a bit, standing there for a moment.

"Must be super scary." Minnie said.

"It was super scary!" Yuka remarked.

The eight late teams were dealing with these stairs, as the back half of the teams were also doing that...pretty damn slowly compared to the fastest of the late runners.

"Dad, who are those kids?" Bart asked, as the volleyball geniuses were speeding past them. "I wanna be like them."

"They play volleyball, you know. You're not going to be like them!" Homer exclaimed, as the bald dad was a little bit angry.

"'re already out of breath!" Bart said.

"I know." Homer grumbled. "Those two are lame!"

Said team that managed to pass the father and son duo from Springfield were a bit tired of...going down these teams.

"It looks like a dungeon." Kenma remarked, trying to keep his breath up.

"...I can't blame you for comparing this place, though." Kuroo said, with a smug smirk.

*The Volleyball Geniuses' confessional*

Kuroo was just sitting down on a random bench, as Kenma was lying down on another bunch of seats.

"So, uh, how was that? We're even on our way to be in the middle of the race, because we're definitely not losing!" Kuroo proclaimed.

"Yeah, that is definitely an good one. I'm going to find a power up, Kuroo." Kenma said, still lying down on it.

"Cool, I'm going to rest my legs, Kenma. You look so excited." Kuroo stated, basically just sitting down.

"No, I'm not. I'm just missing the volleyball and I'm trying to defeat this guy!" Kenma was practically lying and playing  a Switch at the same time.

*Confessional cut*

These many teams were coming down as fast as they could and these teams were also very tired of the same bland concrete and...also tired of being tired from running down the many flights of stairs.

"As the late runners and the rest of the teams are getting accquainted with each other..."

"...the best of the rest are trying their hand at lacrosse and for unrelated reasons, they are passing too damn quickly!" Don shouted.

The best of the rest, as they were called, were taking advantage of Waluigi doing some dumb moves and Wario just standing there with a sincere smile and they did that in spades.

"Move it or lose it!"

That voice belonged to Peacock, who was busy showing up in the episode for the first time.

"Peacock, get back in line, it's not that serious." Big Band said.

"Do you want to have two million dollars?" Peacock asked. "I don't care what I'm gonna spend it."

Big Band sighed, as his partner was just going buck wild in the waiting line and someone was just giving him a dirty look.

"Come on, big guy. Let's calm this literal orphan down." Gordeau remarked, letting his purple jacket flow in the wind.

"I've tried and I'm not sure what else could calm her down." Big Band said. "I'm a detective."

"That's great and all, but you're definitely weighty."

"I really have tried, but my stuff is limited."

Peacock was angrily waiting in line with a good chunk of the other contestants, as Gordeau was smirking at her and the two of them were giving each other glares.

While the mechanical fighters and the cool fighters were taking the time to see the other teams just go on their way, the other teams were doing just that.

Trish was in the swing of things, having swung a scythe before and holding the lacrosse stick like she was about to slice something and...

...she pushed through the lacrosse player that was a bit rougher, tougher and had slightly lighter skin and swung the ball into the net.

"You never saw that coming!" Trish proclaimed. "Dante, what do you say?"

"...Eh, you're the boss and I do the crazy things!" Dante just shrugged with a smirk.

"Trust me, you're acting like crazy things are above me."

"I know they ain't!"

The demon hunters were actually not the only ones to go on through, as while Megumin was getting some unsurprised looks from Kazuma with the stick thing...and she knew how to do it.

Megumin may be small and wasn't the fastest of runners, but she could duel-wield a hockey stick and a wand for some reason and unsurprisingly, no-one wanted to on the end of that.

And the roleplaying adventurers were on their way to the Chill Zone and then Shawn came in with strength.

Hope and some serious movement, as the brown-haired prepper swung into the net.

"Ay, there's the opportunity!" Kazuma shouted. "Come on, tall glass of water."

"I've heard you steal pants, which is...definitely something." Jasmine said, not that surprised.

"Those are rumours, though!" Kazuma yelled. "I don't have the Steal spell."

"...So, why do you know about the spell?" Jasmine answered. "Shawn, let's just go."

The survivalists were just moving on through nervously, as the role-playing adventurers weren't sure what to do next.

*The Roleplaying Adventurers' confessional*

"Me and my big least, I can say that I retained my dignity." Kazuma remarked. "Whatever little of it is there."

"You basically embarrassed yourself on international TV with a crime. The amount of dignity must be very small." Megumin said with a smirk. "I'll lead the team."

"Urgh, you've only got one spell." Kazuma said.

"And the Explosion spell is very useful and actually does things."

*Confessional cut*

Lapis and Kim were just giving a look towards each other, as to ensure that they were both going to pass this challenge in very different ways and their partners were...not understanding it.

"Human, do you know what that means?" Peridot asked with a smile.

"Yes! She just met the blue-skinned gal." Ron scratched his head.

Kim Possible was really able to take advantage of her skills, going around the lacrosse's players moves and swings with her own speed and techniques and she put it into the goal.

Lapis Lazuli looked pretty pissed off for the wait.


Lapis immediately went in for the hit with her hard swing to the chest with the lacrosse stick and she really made that hit as strong as she could...making the lacrosse player get pushed back.

But she caught the ball with the stick and throwing it with force and it went into the goal...with some good strength.

"Well, we did it." Kim remarked. "...Pretty strongly, as it seems."

"I didn't want to wait in line and now we're not." Lapis stated.

"As there are several teams that have done the challenge..."

"...a pair of brothers finish up their penalty to finish this leg! Wario and Waluigi, you're both in 24th!"

"Yeah!" Wario exclaimed.

"Finally." Waluigi said with some serious relief.

"Dante and Trish, you two have made it into 25th!"

These two were doing a cool pose as a duo that were mutually okay with each other.

"Kazuma & Megumin, you two are in 26th!"

Kazuma wasn't that interested in the win, as he waved off the demon hunters.

"We did pretty alright!" Megumin shouted.

"Jasmine and Shawn, you guys are in 27th!"

The survivalists were both putting their thumbs up, as the two of them were happy to be staying in Shawn was a bit confused looking at Tatsumaki.

"Kim & Ron, you both are in 28th!"

"Heh, we pushed through it with skill." Ron Stoppable said. "Our own skill."

"That...didn't need to be said, Ron." Kim added to that.

"Lapis Lazuli and Peridot, you two have managed to make it into 29th!"

The gems were just standing together, unsure about the challenger that the blue-skinned Gem managed to hurt, but very sure that they made it.

There was six teams that managed to finish their first leg in the Ridonculous Race in an incredibly good place compared to the vast majority of the teams.

A certain duo still hadn't finished the leg, despite being at the Chill Zone and one of them was very angry and the other was regretting something.

"Psychic sisters, you two...still have fifteen seconds left on the penalty."

These two were doing their thing of waiting angrily.

"Ten seconds!"

Fubuki sighed with an indignant frown.

"Five seconds!"

Tatsumaki didn't look impressed with the short wait.

"'re in 30th!"

"Finally. Why would you let the two trickster brothers through before us?! They made the challenge easier for everyone else." Fubuki stated. "In another note."

"Yeah, why aren't those two getting the more harsh penalty!" Tatsumaki shouted. "Don, you're-"

"Hey, we didn't actually mean to hit the guy, just throw the rock out there." Waluigi suggested with slight remorse. "It just happened to hit the guy."


"Alright, don't do it again. That goes for both of you." Don told Tatsumaki and Waluigi, being very stern and serious.

The psychic sisters and the trickster brothers were both ready to say their opinion's in some fashion.

*The Psychic Sisters' confessional*

Tatsumaki and Fubuki were pretty angry at the host.

"Even if I floated through the place, it's not his place to judge it! What he calls cheating, I call taking advantage of the stairs!" Tatsumaki exclaimed.

"Sister, we must play a fair game. Imagine the Hero Accossiation seeing this." Fubuki said.

"Fubuki, I doubt that it's going to stop me from making those dishonest brothers regret cheating...Honestly." Tatsumaki said, trying to hold back the anger.

"That's all good, because I doubt that those two are going to stop at throwing rocks, sister." Fubuki remarked.

*The Trickster Brothers' confessional*

Wario and Waluigi were just grinning pretty widely.

"Hahah, imagine if Waluigi really didn't do that. That would be a lie and you know, Waluigi meant to pick up the rock!" Waluigi shouted. "But the rock wasn't meant to open up the competition."

"Yeah, but everyone's coming up quickly and beating the cheating psychics. If you're going to cheat, cheat like Wario does...with style!" Wario yelled. "Yeah, you're going to see that soon."

*Confessional cut*

With 30 teams done, the gates were still open for some of the more unfocused teams to take on the lacrosse challenge and there was a lot of teams and some of them were...

...a bit scatterbrained.

"Er uh, get the American way!"

JFK said that, as he was trying to use American football skills in a setting, where the lacrosse player got his bearings back and...take the ball from him.

And JFK failed the challenge with a serious grin.

"Aw, man. I guess Canada has skills."

"As 30 teams have passed the leg, the rest are getting the slightly harder lacrosse challenge and that means that teams are...slightly getting stuck!"

JFK went to the back of line with his bunch of guys and gals that were transported to another world, as Raphtalia from the rugged adventurers, Rem from the house servants were ready to do it and of course, Peacock was there.

"There's something with that guy!" Peacock complained. "He's a whole bunch stronger than before!"

"Not really, he's just a lot better at dealing with the more problematic contestants now. Of which, there a lot of." Chaos remarked.

"Shut up, nerd! That's not true!"

"I meant that the player adapted."

While the redhead oprhan and the white-haired teen genius were just giving each others some unique dirty looks, Rem was about to go into the lacrosse field.

"Rem, promise you that you'll pass this challenge ASAP!" Subaru exclaimed. "Please."

"Subaru, I definitely will. I kind of read up on the rules while we were in line." Rem said, sound kind of unsure.

"Well, that's good, Rem! I promise that I'll be the best teammate that I can be." Subaru remarked.

"Okay, then!" Rem said.

The blue-haired maid went in and used her extra speed to catch the player off-guard, complete with being short and just nudging the ball out of his stick into her stick.

And she made a good swing for the ball to get into the goal and it did.

"Rem!" Subaru shouted. "You did it! This is going to make up for all the things that I messed up with Emilia-tan!"

"Yes, Emilia...Well, let's go for it!" Rem shouted, as Subaru was just dragged along for the ride.

Raphtalia went for the more "why is she dual-wielding" approach, as she came in with the stick and the sword and basically threw the sword to Naofumi at the start.

And then she wrecked the player with her swing of the stick, allowing her to get the ball and ensure that her team went on.

"I mean, that was a little aggressive, but it's fine for getting all of us into the same...plane?" Naofumi said. "I think it's a plane."

"Master, does it really matter that much about the hastily made alliance?" Raphtalia asked. "The leader seems like a pervert."

"I know, I know, the rest of the alliance are pretty decent people, though." Naofumi said. "Not like those other three heroes."

"They could be great people, Master, especially by now."

"A lot isn't going to change in two days."

Back to the white-haired teen and redhead child, they were seeing an opportunity come about, as they were near the front of the line.

"Make it hurt!" Gordeau shouted.

"I was going to say make it count." Big Band said, still talking into the saxophone.

Shrek was ready to prove that he wasn't just an ogre guy, as he ran in with the full force and the stick just held in his hands, ready to take a ball.

The ogre just body checked him on the side and it must have had an effect, as the player just got pushed hard and Shrek took the ball to make...

...the winning shot.

"Oooh, you're going to be feeling that in the morning!" Donkey exclaimed. "That check hit harder than Megan Thee Stallion!"

"I doubt she's a donkey, but we definitely passed this one. Cheers to him, though!" Shrek exclaimed.

"Ok, he ain't feeling very cheery in the morning." Donkey said, seeing that the player felt the hurt.

"...Yeah, you're right." Shrek stated.

And the other part of the split-up and very informal alliance full of guys were doing their thing, as while Leonard didn't get shit about what was about to happen.

"Man, fuck this guy up! He looked like he's gonna fuck you up!" Otis yelled. "You dumb as shit!"

Leonard was just trying to pick up the ball, as he managed to accidentally bash his head into the lacrosse player, who got damned with serious recoil and he got the stick up.

"Oh shit, are you okay?" Leonard asked. "Dawg..."

He got the ball and put it into the goal.

"Damn, he got fucked up!" Otis shouted. "You're still bitch-made!"

"Okay, then." Leonard just held up the tip. "I still made it."

And the next pair were basically a talking tough girl and a silent guy that was raising his eyebrows, as the slacking students entered the field with a grin and a scared look.

"Kris, don't be scared, I don't have a axe! I' a stick!" Susie declared, almost an statement of intent. "To pick up the ball with."

Kris just sighed, as Susie went in for the tip...making sure that did a shoulder bash to the lacrosse player to knock him down.

"Yeah, let's party or something." Susie gruffly remarked, stil holding the ball.

Kris just did a good thumbs up, as Susie aggressively swung the puck into the goal with impressive speed and a bit of spin.

"Let's get out of this dump of a park."

The cool fighters and the mechanical fighters were both ready to take on the challenge, as one of them had some opinions to change.

*Gordeau's confessional*

"Wow, that guy needs to get swapped ASAP, because he is really not feeling good. As much as

*Confessional cut*

"Subaru & Rem, you're in 31st and on the second coach!"

The house servants were just happy to be safe.

"Naofumi and Raphtalia, you're in 32nd!"

The adventurers were just causally raising an fist, looking not that impressed with the two first challenges.

"Shrek and Donkey, you two managed to get 33rd!"

The ogre and the...donkey were just doing a seriously cool, as these two had each other's literal backs.

"Thugnificent and Leonard, you're in 34th!"

"You wanna try the mixtape?" Leonard asked Don, who just shrugged. "Oh ok."

"Susie & Kris, you're in 35th place!"

"Seriously, why'd you even ask?" Susie asked.

"But there's still 35 out of 108 teams..."


"...and some of the late runners are keeping things strong overall!"

"And we made it to the bottom!" Raz shouted. "And we did it on our own!"

"Hahahah, it was a team effort to be commended, by working on ourselves!" Gilgamesh exclaimed, as the armoured warrior laughed.

"No thanks to you." Raz said.

"But we ran strongly together!" Gilgamesh said. "Besides, those kids are down here first."

Kenma was practically knocked out, as Kuroo tried to wake him up.

"I'm fine, I just ran down a whole bunch of stairs." Kenma whispered, still laying down on a seat.

"I mean, that is kind of rude, but I respect it." Kuroo said, sitting down with his guy.

The cautious heroes were right behind the weapons masters, as they were all getting a rest in preparation for the next challenge and their feet wasn't hurting.

"Hey, my feet doesn't hurt right now! It's fine and I can walk on them!" Ristarte complained.

"I mean, can you properly run on them?" Seiya asked, as the gooddess was actually silent. "Well, there's my answer."

"I was silenced by your beatiful abs...under the shirt!" Ristarte lied, as Seiya raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I don't think you can see them." Seiya said. "Trust me,. we'll finish further ahead than you think."

"I still don't believe you, but it's not like I can't work with it." Ristarte just huffed, as she sat down.

Three of the late-starters already embarrassed a good chunk of the duos and trios that were down near the bottom and...those other teams weren't giving up.

"While the best of the bottom and the best of the middle may be fighting for their spot on the second coach! There's still a lot more teams to see in the middle and on the bottom, so...come back after the break for more race!"

To be continued in Part 5, where the same thing happens with a set of very different characters and very different pairs!

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia:

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 5a: Shenanigans In High Park

With so many teams out there and not seeing any camera time, this time is now the time to show them out doing things and making moves in both challenges!

With the late-starters and the unrevealed pack in the middle, there's going to be some horrible interactions in between the slick duos, questionable conversations and what not!

However, there's going to be a lot of teams that haven't showed up, so expect a boat load of characters that haven't been seen to appear...anyways, this took too long to write.

So, enjoy this new chapter.

"Welcome back to A Really Ridonculous Race, where 35 teams have already finished...and that is not even a third of the way through how many teams that are now. It's just under a third."

While that was happening, there were a whole bunch of teams that were down at the bottom of the stairs...including three of the late-starting teams feeling weird.

And one of them had a sneaky whistle.

"Wow, look at all these guys. Kinda stuck down there without a taxi, huh?" Honest John asked. "Hey, Giddy?"

Gideon was just nodding his head sideways, as the yellow fox was trying to get one.

"Yeah, most of us might be down here for a little while, so it's time to get cosy." Honest John said.

"This is real cosy compared to going through a bunch of temples." Nathan croaked.

"Yeah, you're definitely speaking from experience. These taxis don't appear from thin air." Honest John stated.

"I have enough experience when some kind of shady guy comes up to me, they're asking for something." Nathan told him straight.

"Alright, alright, I just want an alliance of us two and some other team!" Honest John remarked, spoked by the adult treasure hunter's instinct.

"Don't worry about it. We're not in, so you can go somewhere else." Nathan dismissed the fox, as the shady duo went away...spinning the cane. “Who the hell were those guys?”

“Honest John, some guy who does a bunch of crime and works for whoever he wants to.” Sullivan said. “Yeah, there’s just a bunch of teams that I know for reasons.”

“Alright! Time to get on a taxi.” Nathan remarked, as there was a glaring team that looked at him.

The treasure hunters just ignored them, as they were coming up to the bottom of the stairs.

“They think they’re cool with their guns and clothes that aren’t boring.” Mao Mao seethed, very angrily going down. “I’ve still got my sword.”

“Wait, didn’t the plane people say that you had to store your sword safely?” Badgerclops told his friend.

“Yeah, this is safe! It can’t hurt people anyways.” Mao Mao remarked.

“That’s good, because my legs aren’t working alright.” Badgerclops said, as there was a pair of teens with powers...from a different world. “You’re good, Rad!”

“The goodest of the Rads out there. I bet I could carry you.” Radicles boasted, as he used his power finger to...lift up the human-sized badger. “See.”

“Who is that?!” Mao Mao yelled.

“That’s Rad, both the coolest and the most annoying teammate that I’ve had.” Enid remarked, as her friend just dropped the badger. “Also, I don’t know what’s with you and that guy.”

“There’s a taxi!” Rad shouted.

“Let’s go!” Badgerclops exclaimed.

The bodega heroes and the pure-hearted heroes were a team that were definitely packed into the same taxi, as they were did a bunch of other teams that weren't waiting anymore.

Including a certain pair of a trio and a duo.

"Okay, you might not get it, but you're not stylish!" Leni exclaimed.

"Guys, guys, these two are powerful people, they could light us up at any time!" Luna shouted at her sisters, as K' unintentionally making his head hot.

"Oh yeah...that's why I felt hot."

"Shut up, ladies. I'm just riding the taxi with my sister." K' remarked like it wasn't the biggest deal.

"We're sisters riding in the taxi as well! Not your sisters, I think." Leni added to the conversation, as Lori shook her head and Luna...looked confused.

"Definitely not, Leni." Lori said, trying to keep the conversation between both teams not awkward. "High Park shouldn't be that far away."

The sisters and the fiery fighters were riding together, as were the bodega heroes and the pure-hearted heroes...even if both teams got the driver shook.

"Hahaha, who's laughing now!" Mao Mao shouted, very much tired.

"You. We're going to High Park." Enid said, practically on her phone.

"Wait, you can't interrupt me."

"Oh yeah, you were going to say something kinda dumb."

The four teams were riding towards the second challenge that they haven't seen, as there was a whole bunch more that were doing their thing in their taxi with a good smile.

"Eh, you're both dragons, so it's fine." Tohru stated. "Don't get buddy buddy with any other humans."

"I'm sorry, who are you again?" Bowser asked, very unsure of the redhead dragon. "Yeah, exactly, get my off issue, redhead!"

"Yeah, they've taken our treasure." Tohru told him angrily.

"...It's gold coins, it's not a big deal." Bowser said.

*The Bad Guys' confessional*

Bowser looked angry, as his son had a weird blush.

"Yeah, I've never known her before and I've never seen her before, but she acts like she's got a handle on my life!" Bowser shouted. "Son, we're wrecking them."

"Didn't the green-haired dragon had some-" Bowser Jr. said.

"Son, don't be ruined by the big galoombas!" Bowser shouted.

"She looked good and she looked at me!" Bowser Jr. yelled.

*Confessional cut*

"As eight teams leave the first challenge..."

" still ridiculous amount of teams are stuck doing lacrosse, which shouldn't be that hard."

Don was actually right, as there was also a surprising amount of teams that were, at the very least, able to do the challenge without that much problem...considering that there was a ridiculous variety of teams.

There was a bunch of players and most of them were more than ready to take the duos and a trio on, but...some teams are just ridiculously strong here.

Kasumi made her headband well-tied as she took the lacrosse player, holding the stick with her own strength and she managed to do the push.

And then, she picked up the puck and basically swung it into the goal with force...and it worked really well.

"Kyokugen, I won't be left far behind!" Kasumi shouted. "Mai, we're not losing this one."

"Yeah...weren't they way ahead?" Mai asked. "Never mind."

The next team in line was very nervous.

"Like, zoinks, we're up against ladies like that!" Shaggy shouted. "Scoob, we won't own this first-try?"

Scooby Doo may have felt pretty scared, but he held the stick with confidence.

"Scoob? That guy's crazy strong!" Shaggy said.

"Watch-rout, Shaggy!" Scooby declared. "I'm getting it."

Scooby was a talking dog with a lacrosse stick and it somehow worked in his favour, as the player didn't want to deal with the dog...and Scooby basically tripped him up.

Scooby picked up the puck and he basically threw it upwards...just before stopping in the ring.

"Good job, Scoob! Wait, how did you do that?" Shaggy asked, as he petted his dog.

"...I dunno."

The slacking students and the mystery solvers were both taking off towards the airport, where the multiple coaches were actually going to take them to another place to Ontario...and there was going to be more.

"Yeah, we're not wasting any time doing...this long line!" Bowser yelled, hopping out of the taxi. "Listen, we're racing with you guys and we like to win!"

"We're not winning right now, so we'd like to be not winning less!" Bowser Jr. exclaimed.

"Er, that's hella dumb. If you were fast enough, you'd be here before us." Max told the two Koopas, as he walked forward.

"Yeah, piss off and wait like everyone else!" Chloe shouted, as Bowser just barged past her. "I bet there's some kind of rule against that."

"Yeah, do you care?" Bowser asked.

The other teams that were in front of them didn't care about the bad guys, as there was a whole bunch of teams that were trying themselves out...such as Little My, who had an intense stare.

"Fear me and my stick!" Little My shouted. "I will slap you with it!"

She was just getting laughed at by some of the teams, as the player was raising an well.

"Fine then, don't say I didn't warn ya."

The short red-haired kid ran foward with the stick and she jumped...not all that high, but she managed to hit him in the...area and Little My took the puck.

And made her team win, as an human-sized pair of mouse looked interested.

"Hold on, you can't do that!" Daniel Mouse said. "The guy could've been having a bad guy."

"And why do you care?" Snufkin asked. "I think he's okay."

"He could be not okay!" Daniel exclaimed.

"I dunno, he looks fine."

Jan had her partner defending the challenger that she had to beat and she didn't look too happy dealing with the still...worn out player... as she carefully held the stick.

"Er, nice to meet you?" Jan asked. "You're hurting, right?"

The player looked like he was pushing through some hard time, as he ran awkwardly and angrily, as Jan tried her best to catch the puck and the player...basically let her do that, as he got slowed by the pain.

"Sorry...but I have to win."

Jan basically swung it into the goal...with some awkward throws, but it bumped its way into there.

"Seriously, man, who the hell was that?" One of the players asked.

"She was some little girl was in red." Jan told them, a little scared of the girl.

"So, we weren't seeing things?"

"...Honestly, no." Daniel came up to them. "We'll just take the tip and let him rest."

The country mice just went before things could be more awkward, as these two weren't sure what to do...along with the other three teams that finished their challenge.

And some of them made Don very unimpressed.

"Women fighters, you two have managed to get 36th!"

Kasumi and Mai were posing for the cameras, ready to show that they're weren't just KOF contestants.

"Mystery Solvers, you two have gotten 37th!"

Shaggy was just in an excitable vibe, as Scooby Doo was high-fiving him awkwardly.

"Half-siblings, you get 38th despite...the happening."

Snufkin and Little My were both smiling, despite Don's not exactly liking the crotch hit.

"Country singers, I don't know how you got 39th, but then again, I don't know how you're mice."

"Well, I don't know either, but I think we got really lucky!" Daniel Mouse exclaimed.

"Yeah, we sure did." Jan added to her boyfriend's words. "Also, it kinda hurts."

Back at the still green, still sunny and still team-filled High Park, the extended line was beginning to get some onlookers confused at what was even happening on TV.

Either way, there was some teams that didn't care that Bowser scared the guy into putting in less effort into the lacrosse challenge and still steamrolled through the challenge and passing it.

Morty...saw the guy and he took advantage of it, as the teenager basically moved quite a bit faster than the somewhat dazed lacrosse player and used that to even pick up the puck.

Casually going on multi-dimensional adventures does help ya, as Morty swung the stick into the goal.


"Bad guys, I'm impressed that you've got 40th...even though you skipped the line!"

Bowser was just flexing his own muscles, as his son was very sure of something.

"What's with that guy's hair?" Bowser Jr. asked of a team that hopped dimensions.

"Rick & Mortimer Sanchez, you two have earned 41st are on the second coach with these two!" Don referred to Bowser and Bowser Jr., as the two teams were getting an eye up on each other.

"Hah, smooth moves there." Rick remarked.

"Same to ya there." Bowser remarked.

Bowser Jr. and Morty were looking at each other like they weren't surprised that they made it, both having self-assured smiles.

"...Yeah, that was pretty cool." Bowser Jr. said.

"Thanks...Bowser Junior. Wait, is that it?" Morty asked, as the Koopa kid was frowning at the comment. "Sorry."

"And there's still a lot more teams that can't all fit on one coach! Technically speaking."

"Er uh, ER UH!" JFK screamed for his team, as he was just charging him for his country and pushing the player out of the way. "I played football for my life!"

"Aw, JFK, you're the hardest player in this place. You could've smashed through robots!" Cleo exclaimed.

"...What?" JFK finished the challenge by accident, as he heard that. "Good luck, random guy with white hair."

"Shit, I haven't told you my name." K' remarked. "The name's K Dash, shut the fuck up."

"You should shut up. I'm ahead of you!" JFK proclaimed, as the brown-haired jock looked pissed off.

"Okay, that's gonna change right now." K' just flicked a flame outta nowhere, as the clone students were walking like brats. "Good grief, you two are stupid."

"Hey, some people call me kinda dumb, but I'm not stupid." Cleo said. "And you might want to take a look in the mirror."

"Get the hell out of here." K' stated.

The clone students were running out of here, as the fiery fighters were currently doing the these two weren't letting up at all.

The white-haired guy was definitely doing his best sprint, despite looking very uninterested, as he managed to get to the ball much faster than the actual lacrosse player.

And K' didn't look the part, but he managed to straight up slam the player into the ground and he sped his way into outside of the circle...knowing that he was guaranteed to win it.

"We're getting out of this situation." Whip remarked. "Let's go, bro."

"Just don't call me bro." K' stated.

JFK was too mad to not pull his effort.

*The Clone Students' confessional*

JFK and Cleo were both looking angry.

"Yeah, I wouldn't like to lose because those fighters are pretty annoying!" Cleo shouted. "Also, the other one's ugly."

"...You're very sexy and very fast!" JFK said, trying to get into the conversation. "So, we'll beat that white-haired guy and his Canadian-ness."

"You know, I heard he wasn't Canadian." Cleo said, like she heard something.

"...Oh, er uh, I'm still gonna beat him as an American."

*Confessional cut*

The many teams were working on the challenge were seeing JFK go as hard as he could on the lacrosse player, seeing that the clone was pushing through him and then swing it into the goal.

"Er uh, this for....American stuff!" JFK shouted.

"But we're not American. Born 'strayan." Sniper didn't look too impressed.

"Shut up!"

The clone students weren't the only ones that were doing their business of passing the challenge, as Sniper looked sneakily at the lacrosse player, who looked angry.

"Hey. You're lookin' stupid." Sniper said, getting tired.

"Yeah, what he said except I said it cooler!" Falco shouted, pretty much next in line.

Sniper may have been...a sniper, but he didn't really care about that when he avoiding the lacrosse player and picking up the puck like it wasn't a big deal...considering that he drunk something.

"Nice smell." Falco said, as Sniper made the goal.

"Yeah, that's the power of Jarate." Sniper remarked.

Falco almost slapped his hand up to Sniper, before stopping to watch his friend to do the lacrosse challenge...and realised that his hand smelled weird.

"Fox, I'm not liking the smell of this." Falco just sniffed his hand. "At least, I didn't touch him."

"Falco, this is no time to be smelling your wing...why did you make me say that?" Fox asked, not in the losing mood.

"I dunno, just a feeling." Falco was still looking at it.

"Cool, then we'll sort it later, Falco!" Fox had the stick, ready to swing.

The speedy fox ran fast enough with the stick to run circles around the player, as he easily handled it like it wasn't a big deal and was sure to keep the puck in he snatched it.

And he got a goal.

"Let's get 'em, Falco!"

"Wait for me, I came here to win!" Radicles proclaimed.

And win he did, with his big arms, strong hands and an accidental psychic grab, as he had a smug grin on his face.

"Er, will Don accept that?" Enid asked, not looking up from her phone.

"Yeah, because it's been too long." Rad remarked.

And there was more of course, as there was a bunch of teams that didn't want to be waiting the host did.

"I'm tired of messing around!" Peacock shouted, ready to get into the field and do the only thing that she knew how to do.

Trip the player up on the lacrosse field, getting the distance and carrying the puck like it wasn't a big deal.

"Not really the way that I wanted to go out, but-" Big Band said, as Peacock got the goal and the tip. "-Forget it, we've got the tip."

"Awesome! Raccoon guy, you think you can top that?" Peacock asked Rigby, who looked more than determined to make it.

"I just want to get out here! Better question, who let you in here?" Rigby asked back, which wasn't an wise idea.

"Dude!" Mordecai exclaimed.

"Come on, man, I got it!"

Rigby was finally in the field, picking up the stick with one of his hands and booking it like there was no tomorrow to get out of the the other player was determined to not make it through.

But Rigby was small, which was good for him, because he back up and then picked up the puck and then...threw it into the goal.

"In your face...random guy." Rigby said, running out of here with a tip.

"Yeah!" Mordecai exclaimed to Badgerclops. "By the way, it's kind of hard."

"It's not, okay."

Badgerclops went right into action, determined to not make his team the biggest losers of the Mao Mao was just shouting about...something that Mordecai couldn't understand.

"You think you can beat me, Don! You haven't even heard of Mao Mao!"

"My guy, what's up?" Mordecai asked, completely freaked out.

Badgerclops was practically an impassible barrier for the other guy, as he barged into the other player by accident and said player was...down for a moment.

The puck went in hard, but it was definitely a goal.

"Mao Mao, I beat the botch-or-watch. Chill, dude." Badgerclops said, feeling relaxed.

"We can chill when we're done with this leg!" Mao Mao yelled.

"Okay, some teams may be happier than others, but these duos are on the Chill Zone!"

Don was still at the airport, though he had been sitting down when the next two teams have arrived.

"Fiery fighters, you're in 42nd and the last team on the second coach!"

"Looks like we're okay." Whip said, calm and cool.

"Clone students, you're in 43rd and the first team on the third coach!"

"And we're not okay? Yeah, we'll get you back in the next leg." Cleo said, trying to do some threatening.

"That's fine with me." Whip didn't hesitate to accept the challenge.

"Pro soldiers, you're in 44th and joining the clone students!"

"Yes, please don't let me be seated next to this guy." Spy requested of Don, who was just shrugging.

"Space pilots, you're in 45th and on the third coach!"

Fox and Falco were standing proud with washed hands and wings.

"Bodega heroes, you're in 46th!"

"We did pretty okay." Enid said, all nochalantly.

"Mechanical fighters, you're in 47th!"

Peacock was smugly smiling, as she was the only that could make an expression and Big Band was standing there like a bad-ass.

"Groundskeepers, you're in 48th!"

"Aw, man! I thought we were way higher!" Rigby complained, as his friend didn't feel too good either.

"Full-hearted heroes, you're in 49th!"

"Considering that we're dealing with 108 teams, we're far from out!" Mao Mao shouted, as Badgerclops was just standing there. "Badgerclops..."

The big badger with an metal arm and a metal eye looked at him.

"...we're going to sleep!"

"Okay, as the 49 teams have finished the first leg...a lot more teams have not and let's see what they're up to..."

"...Some teams have just been holding back for no reason!"

Baki and Jack were a duo that was absurdly strong and if you watched any of their MMA matches, the amount of stuff that was pulled by them was...ludicrous to even slightly understate it.

The fierce half-brothers may have had absurd strength and punches, but lacrosse threw them for a loop.

"What the hell? This shouldn't be that hard." Baki said. "I beat guys like it's no problem."


The red-haired fighter was about to step back onto the field, as his shaved-headed half-brother looked interested.

"'ve got no technique."

"Okay, dokie, you've literally wasted your top-tier stair running." Honest John said. "So, let's just-"

Baki really went for it, making sure that the puck got picked up on the way and it got flown upwards and slightly forward in the air, considering his massive strength.

"-Well, that's enough strength for one lifetime, eh, Giddy?" Honest John bumped the sleeping Gideon. "It's 1pm, Gideon!"

The cat got awoken, just as the puck finally landed far in the middle of the goal and Baki just did a thumbs up.

"Let's just get out of here and forget this happened."

The next team to come in had some intentions, judging by the silent guy's confused smile and Honest John's smug grins...and there was a whole lot more duos that weren't in the waiting mood.

"Come on, lose!" Coco Bandicoot shouted.

Crash was just looking at the guy with some suspicious eyes, as Honest John went up into the field and showed him what he was made of.

Honest John wasn't the physical type, but he had a banana.

Of course, the fox avoided what the lacrosse player slipped on and the guy managed to fall down on his bottom and the fox managed to get a tip...despite the lacrosse team giving him dirty looks.

"Whoa, gentlemen, I was going to put them banana in the bin, but I didn't really have the time! Sorry..." Honest John apologised.

"Huh, there's bins all around you. Come to think of it, you didn't even-" Coco Bandicoot tried to expose him.

"Whoa, whoa, it could be that, but it could be a genuine mistake." Rainbow Dash said. "Seen it happen more than it should!"

"...Okay." Coco said.

Crash was on it and ready to make up for that with his lacrosse skills.

He didn't have any, though, as he picked it up and swung it into the other guy's hand and then the bandicoot managed to get slapped down and Coco didn't look too surprised.

"Crash, you really need to get the hang of this quickly."

Crash got the memo, doing a sad thumbs up to boot.

"Alright, guys who aren't on our team. This challenge is actually pretty hard, my dudes, so do your best." Lowain said, looking at the good chunk of the teams that were there. "How's that for motivation?"

"Wait, why are you motivating us? It's not like Don cares that much." Gordeau said.

"That is true and I don't care about that bandicoot!" Neo Cortex exclaimed for show.

"Uh, that's cool." Gordeau remarked.

Besides the serious motivation, there was about 20 or so teams that were seriously throwing attempts at the lacrosee challenge and despite the lacrosse players noticing...quite a few thrown sticks, there was definitely some succesful attempts.

Ritsu looked very tired, but he definitely managed to do the challenge...while accidentally looking badass.

Gordeau had a smile, a scythe that fell out of somewhere and a swing that somehow put the puck into the goal...with that same old smile.

Nana just put the hammer inside somewhere and picked the stick up and went right into action, not letting missing Smash 4 turn her down and smashed through the lacrosse player with the puck.

And Crash Bandicoot spun once with the lacrosse stick and immediately, Neo Cortex got very mad.

"What kind of bull is this?" Neo Cortex asked. "He literally spinned to win."

"Cool, are you going to complain about it or win this challenge?" Nina asked her uncle, pretty bored.

"All I can do is complain, we're stuck in line."

"Who said we couldn't skip the line?"

Coco Bandicoot was just judging the both of them, as the Bandicoots were out of there and out of the business...and R. Mika had one thing to shout.

"That's right, this challenge is ready to be taken on!" R. Mika yelled. "Zangief, say something cool!"

"The real challenge is getting your skill checked. Muscle without skill don't matter in life!" Zangief exclaimed, ready to stand there awkwardly.

R. Mika also had strength on her side, as she managed to take the puck and accidentally smashed in the player's stomach....and she did it.

"Whoa, is he going to be okay?!" Kenma finally arrived, being one part of the volleyball geniuses.

"Yeah, he'll be fine. Because I'm going up next!" Neo exclaimed. "With my mechanical hand, I'll be unstoppable and will also beat that bandicoot!"

"That's a lot of words." Kenma said, not even sure what he said.

"It's not even that many, but I have to do the challenge."

And the Evil Geniuses were the next ones to do it, mostly because of the metal hand and Neo Cortex doing what he the challenge.

At this point, Don wasn't exactly in the mood, but the host had to deal with almost sixty more teams that were ready to do the business.

"Baki and Jack, I don't know what you're in 50th...but we take those anyways."

The MMA duo were very intimidating.

"Honest John & Gideon, you're in 51st!"

These two were smiling smugly, as they were standing on their cane.

"Crash & Coco Bandicoot, you're in 52nd!"

Coco was a blur, as Crash Bandicoot did his iconic pose from the back, celebrating an decent fish.

"R. Mika & Zangief, you're in 53rd!"

The wrestlers posed for the camera, their muscles somehow going out of the frame.

"Ice climbers who might be twins, you're in 54th!"

These two were high-fiving each other with confidence.

"Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, you're in 55th!"

Mob or Shigeo was practically half-alive, as Ritsu was very much tired.

"Self-proclaimed evil geniuses, you're in 56th!"

Nina Cortex somehow stood completely behind Neo Cortex.

"Gordeau & Chaos, you're in 57th! Seriously, what's with everyone's names?"

The host didn't look too mad, but he definitely felt the effect of having to deal with over two hundred and ten people on the show.

"Then again, I chose to deal with a hundred teams. So, there's more happening!" Don announced, as there wasn't really a break.

Moreso, that this part is actually over and done with.

To be continued in Part 5b, where the same thing happens with a set of very different characters and very different pairs, as the race to not be the last one to the Chill Zone.

However many there may be, there’s going to be some serious competition for a decent position!

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia:

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)
36th: The Women Fighters (Kasumi & Mai, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury)
37th: The Mystery Solvers (Shaggy & Scooby, Scooby Doo)
38th: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)
39th: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil Meets Daniel Mouse)
40th: The Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)
41st: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)
42nd: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

The Third Coach to Orillia:

43rd: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)
44th: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)
45th: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)
46th: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)
47th: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)
48th: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)
49th: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
50th: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)
51st: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)
52nd: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)
53rd: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)
54th: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)
55th: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)
56th: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)
57th: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

To be filled soon...

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 5b: The Mid-Tier Losers

That's right, the 57 teams that have finished will be joined by 15 more teams and this time, there's a 109th duo from Morioh-cho and yes, they're both unbreakable diamonds.

However, there's still 3 eliminations and there's still a lot of teams that aren't willing to be part of the elimination trio...even if one of them is set for it.

Lame puns and all, the episode will finally get into progressing and being uploaded more frequently than once a month.

New Arrival: (No. 109) The Strong Students (Josuke Higashikata & Okuyasu Nijimura, Jojo Bizarre's Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)


Of course, the new duo on the block again and more importantly, the reason for the four eliminations arrived late...and were also with the late runners.

Josuke Higashikata, big pompadour hair and all, came in being 180cm tall and was half-Japanese...though you couldn't notice it.

He wore his blue school uniform with the peace sign and heart on the chest, yellow t-shirt and high-end purple shoes.

Okuyasu Nijimura also had a pompadour, though it was small, was fully Japanese, 178cm tall and had some lines across his face.

Also wearing a blue modified school uniform, it had a dollar sign on the chest, the neck and was double breasted, looser trousers with two belts and green shoes.

"Geez, we just barely got here before the start line? Do you think that Don guy's going to notice?" Okuyasu asked.

"...This job just keeps on piling on me." Don said, technically being back at the start line. "Josuke & Okuyasu, please be here on time!"

"Sorry, Don. Looks like we're right at the back of it." Josuke apologised. "Okuyasu, you know what we're going to do!"

"Of course. We're going to beat everybody!" Okuyasu exclaimed, happy to be getting in the thick of it. "Oi Josuke, do you think we can do it?"

"I just wanted to get around the world for free."

"Oh, that too!"

The host looked at them with some pity.

*The Strong Students' confessional*

Josuke and Okuyasu were ready to get this started.

"Hey, Koichi, I wonder when you're going to do the thing." Okuyasu said. "You know-"

"Okay, we're on international TV. I don't think it's too crazy to say that maybe we shouldn't talk about our friend's love life in here...I do want a normal girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, America!" Okuyasu shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Well, we're back in the present...

Back in the present, they weren't doing super well...and were right next to Tanya and Viktoria, who were just looking suspicious at the they weren't sure what was up.

"Uh, you're 13, right?" Josuke said, not even sure what to do.

"Yes and what's wrong with being 13." Tanya replied like it wasn't a big deal.

"You're a child soldier? Damn, that's kinda wacky." Okuyasu said.

"You really should actually compete in the race." Tanya remarked to the strong students, who were just sprinting down the stairs. "It was rhetorical!"

"Lieutenant, I don't think they could have understood or not." Viktoria replied, as the duo that they talked to were making some serious progress. "They don't speak our language too well."

Either way, there were still 48 other teams that hadn't finished their leg and were about to get their own screen time or some of them were about to get some more.

Such as the leading two from the nine late teams and a bunch of other teams that were ready to smash things hard, ready to make some work on the second challenge in Toronto.

Pirates, hardworking ponies, medieval bros, taekwondo rivals and treasure hunters were actually hanging out in the general area as the crowd of teams doing lacrosse had just changed.

"There's definitely a lot of happenings, though." Applejack shouted. "...Wait, how are we going to do this?"

"The only way we know how." Rainbow Dash remarked. " hoof."

"Dude, you're absolutely toast." Lowain remarked. "I'm not lying, just check it."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow Dash asked. "What do you mean, we can't do it?!"

"Yeah, watch my mouth." Applejack said.

The first team to do the thing wasn't any of them, though, as there was a duo that were doing their business quickly.

"Let's get back into this and prove that we're good!" Chloe shouted, handling the lacrosse stick. "Good enough to beat a bunch of random jocks."

"I don't think they're random jocks. They're probably a team of random jocks." Max remarked, from the outside.

They may have been named as the Questionable Friends, but Chloe wasn't about to lose to a bunch of lacrosse jacks...coming in with a hard shoulder bash to own the lacrosse player.

Though...the new guy that brought in was quite a bit stronger than her and picked up the puck first, but Chloe was still standing...guarding the goal with the stick and looking generally okay.

Sadly, he had some questionable aim, even with the decent side goal it literally went over the goal and Chloe managed to pick it up, run all of the way over there, make the goal and avoid the small circle.

"Fuck, that was weird." Chloe remarked. "Er, thanks for the free win."

"Damn, Chloe...those were some power moves." Max said, feeling a little bit intimidated.

*The Lesbian Friends' confessional*

These two were pretty alright.

"I'm so pissed...mostly 'cause I didn't even know how I won." Chloe said. "But also because there's a massive line that was there and I'm tired of waiting."

"Uh, that's cool and all." Max said. "Can't we just celebrate finishing this leg in a pretty good place?"

"How many teams are in this race anyways?" Chloe asked. "I think we can beat most of them."

"109, apparently. Also, some of them can fly." Max said, with Chloe giving a suspicious look. "Not even joking about that one."

*Confessional cut*

With that being said, there were some more finishes.

"Applejack, how are you going to pick it up?" Rainbow Dash asked, plain old worried.

"The same way that I farm." Applejack got the lacrosse stick in her mouth. "My mouth's clean."

"Yeah, that's not much of a guarantee." Kenma looked quite a bit Applejack got into putting her team in the Chill Zone. "Does she do that all of that time?"

"Yeah. That's what happens when you don't have arms." Rainbow Dash said, in disbelief, that someone would ask the question.


Kenma said that, as Applejack got into business running with the stick and the Earth Pony was out there to be a good representation for the whole of Ponyville.

Applejack came up to the guy, basically went around the lacrosse player, reached the puck with the stick and tried her best to avoid the guy from trying to take the puck...though her height made that kinda impossible.

"I know what to do!" Applejack exclaimed, as the puck got thrown into the goal from a distance. "Got it."

"Yeah, good job!" Rainbow Dash shouted. "Let's just go and finish our leg."

The Volleyball Geniuses were just looking at the lacrosse stick and Kuroo stepped in with his spiky hair with a smug grin.

"I mean, a lot of money is a lot of money." Kuroo remarked, picking up the lacrosse stick. "Huh, this feels weird."

"Well, someone had to put their mouth on it. Of course, it would feel weird to carry it...but we have to carry on." Kenma said, saying it softly. "Besides, I think I would lose this challenge."

"Hey, don't speak like that." Kuroo said. "You never know what you could do here until you do it."

"This kinda smells..." Kenma replied, a little bit nervous.

Kuroo went into the challenge with a smug grin and some words to start off his attempt.

"I think lacrosse is pretty okay."

The volleyball captain of Nekoma ran into the field, trying to pick up the puck and messing up the technique...allowing for the lacrosse player to pick it up and he ran back to do some defense.

A defense he did, as the lacrosse player swung and Kuroo caught it right up, allowing for the volleyball captain to run as fast as he could...looking back at the player...and then he hit the awkward goal.

"Yeah, you're actually pretty good." Kuroo said.

", my friends are not going to be ok." The player remarked, looking at his five downed teammates.

Three more teams have finished.

"The lesbian friends, you're in 58th!"

Max and Chloe were just awkwardly hugging.

"The hardworking ponies, you're in 59th!"

These two were giving each other the high hoof.

"The volleyball geniuses, you're in 60th!"

Kenma was just looking down on the ground, as Kuroo put an arm around him.

"Hell yeah, it's time to put this into action!" Sullivan shouted.

"Kaphwan, this challenge could not actually be easy." Jhun remarked.

"Thanks for telling me, Jhun Hoon." Nathan said, irking both of the taekwondo rivals.

"I already knew that this could be hard." Kim Kaphwan said with a steely look in his eyes.

Kim Kaphwan showed his skills in the challenge, using his taekwondo skills to do a quick dodge and own the other guy in a goal that was ridiculous...almost doing it in the air.

Nathan Drake just pushed and the simple move managed to make him safe thanks to his far goal.

"Taekwondo rivals, you're 61st!"

These two were just smiling confidently at each other, though Kim Kaphwan was side-eyeing...

"Treasure hunters, you're in 62nd!"

...Nathan Drake, who got a pat on the back from his partner/mentor/treasure hunting senior, Anthony Sullivan.

*Treasure Hunters' confessional*

"If he wants to get some of my rare findings, he's gonna have to go the Amazon or some place like that and even for a fighter, I don't think he'll make it." Sullivan said.

"I mean...he's always been in that fighting tournament. Though, he was up against me in treasure hunting, I'd win...and I think we'd go even in fighting." Nathan said.

"Yeah, if you lose against me, those words are gonna hurt ya."

"...Honestly, couldn't hurt me more than any of the crazy treasure hunts."

*Confessional cut*

"Though two more spots remain on the third coach..."

" can't stop the many other teams from trying to take the spots with their weight, speed and being really annoying to someone."

62 teams had finished the leg, 57 teams were trying to not get eliminated by the inertia of losing and there were way too many of them to not get the competition in a bit of a wreck.

Though, the first challenge wasn't exactly making things easy for the snapping reptiles, the king with a servant and the powered-up dudes finally got out of the challenge...on top of each other.

"Get out of my personal space. I'm a king!" King Dedede said.

"I'm also a king, you should get out of my space!" K. Rool shouted.

"Eh, you guys can move a little bit, we're just passing through." Ben basically slipped on through the two teams with kings. "Are you guys really okay?"

"Hold up, they're fine." Kevin noticed the two kings fighting, as they had already gotten up. "Never mind, they're fighting like girls."

"Do you want to go or not?" Ben snatched the tip.

Dedede and K. Rool were both pushing each other, the two kings having a bit of a conflict.

"Yeah, I got it." Kevin said, as the dude with powers were out.

"Hey, hey, make some room for some honest people!" Harry shouted, as the wet bandits managed to run in...into the empty lobby. "Wait, are we at the-"

"No way, look at where we're at." Marv said. "We're still not doing good, we're like 75th or something."

"Oh, this is really rough! How did we end up all of the way down here with our dragon selves?" Tohru asked, finally getting back into the race. "How did we get so tired?"

"We just did whatever we wanted to." Lucoa said, still letting people see her big things. "Also, this jacket on encroaching on my patriarchy, whatever that means."

"It mean we need to step up." Tohru remarked. "We're taking care of the competition in multiple ways!"

"...Er, do me first." Marv remarked.

There was many teams just wanted to their own spotlight and the two teams of lawyers were sweating, but they looked like that their work was worth something.

"Oh no, we're probably a bit too far back!" Maya shouted. "Nick, you know what we're going to do?"

"What else are we going to do?" Phoenix Wright had a ridiculous amount of sweat. "We're not going to run away, that's for sure."

"You're just stating the obvious, you fool." Franziska said, still sweating. "This is the Ridonculous Race, what did you expect?"

"This?" Phoenix nervously answered.

"Never mind, you're not as much as fool as I thought."

*The Former Bandits' confessional*

These two were pretty angry.

"How did these two pairs of lawyers made it through? They'd frigging snap like a twig and no, I'm not the one who's going to do it!" Marv shouted.

"No, I'm gonna do it." Harry exclaimed. "With our racing skills!"

"...We can't and we don't." Marv said.

*Confessional cut*

"As the technically not bottom-tier teams take their taxis and run for the next challenge..."

"...said next challenge is still bringing pain to several others that still in to battle for the third coach. These days aren't getting any longer!"

The last two spots for the third coach to Orillia was open and it looked like someone got the memo, because several teams had arrived and were about to arrive and none of them were doing super well on this challenge.

"Oh, man, this is kinda like a dumpster fire that you can sometimes jump over." Peter Griffin, somehow getting way ahead. "I remember that."

"Wait, that was real?" Quagmire asked. "I was just thinking about skirts."

"Hey, isn't there supposed to be a cutaway?" Peter asked, as a few other teams came in.

"What in the heck are you talking about?" Raz said that, after the next failed attempt to complete the lacrosse challenge.

Several other teams were also running in, as they didn't want to be last and they didn't want to be breaking the line...except for a few that were tired.

"Didn't expect to see me here, huh? Chef, you good?" Chris McLean asked, his co-host looking a little bit pissed off.

"Not really. Not especially with these two just eating out!" Chef said, trying to glare at the mystery solvers...who were eating. "Where did you even get those?"

"Oh, sorry, we did the first challenge a while ago so-"

Shaggy got stopped by Chef's glare.

The eleven or so duos and one trio that arrived were working on beating the lacrosse players, as there was still many teams that didn't finish yet.

"Urgh, we managed to make it. These taxi things are pretty cool." Tygra said. "Though, I could probably run with my own two feet."

"I could easily outrun and be stuck at the challenge." Cheetara stated, taking things seriously. "And somehow, get a penalty."

"I didn't even know those things. What are the penalties?" Tygra asked.

"Losing time." Cheetara said, doing the challenge.

She had speed, she had manouvering and she managed to out pace the both of them, picking up the puck...thanks to people saying stuff to her for no reason and she sped to the goal...throwing the puck thanks to sheer speed, bouncing off into the goal.

"Ho, damn. What the hell are you?" Chef asked loudly.

"I'm Cheetara and I came from the slums!" Cheetara was just spinning her spear, as Tygra just pointing to her. "Seriously, Tygra, it's not that big of a deal."

One more team left and one more team could take the last seat on the third there was more teams piling up with some failures, some of them failing in unique ways.

"Oh my lord!" Marv shouted.

"Why is this so hard?!" Peter said.

Harry slipped on dry grass for some reason and people noticed.

"Whoa, physics got owned!" Tomoi exclaimed, as Lowain was just leaning on his side. "I wonder if I can do that."

"Do that later, Tommy! We've gotta not get eliminated first!" Lowain exclaimed, ready to bro the challenge up.

"Lowain, I kinda don't know how this thing works, but stepping in rings and throwing that thing works really good!" Elsam said with his pink hair.

"Cheer me on, bros!" Lowain stepped into the field. "This lacrosse thing is hard."

Though he didn't have a clue why he was stopped, he dodged like a true bro would...complete with the knee slide into a high throw that the player saw...and still missed.

"Yeah, the player might be acting sus, but we're real tough!"

The bros got themselves to the Chill Zone, as the gates of the Chill Zone apparently opened to many teams that did one certain thing.

Harry didn't slip on the ground and the big guy pushed through the player like it was football, even though it was lacrosse...and he still made it.

Kevin absorbed the carbon fibre of his stick and you can guess what happened the player got the hurt of the hard block of his extended arm and his team got through.

Raz was mad and took the anger out with the lacrosse stick, making the player trip up and throwing the puck far enough to get it into the goal.

"Finally, this thing is over!" Raz yelled.

"Calm down, small rabbit. The race has many more parts." Gilgamesh said.

"Yeah, there's five more coming and only two of them are coming on the third coach!" Don announced, as those five weren't that close to each other. "Which is going to make the other three kind of mad like me."

It cut to Don at the airport feeling the wait, as he was sitting down casually and then just standing up doing his job.

"And here's some of them really."

"How we are ahead of everybody?!" Marv shouted. "We just went around a bunch of corners."

"And we're ahead of everybody, it's fine." Harry said, feeling it.

"Uh, look at those two other teams." Marv saw the bro trio and the weapon masters just sprint ahead of them. "They're it."

"Why? I can see the Chill Zone." Harry stated.

The real problem was that the bro cooks, the thundercats and the weapon masters were ready to bring it all on and by bring it all on...they just spun the both of them out on the lawn.

"Seriously, this is actually going to be close!"

The bro cooks and the weapon masters were sprinting on ahead, as these two weren't ready for Cheetara speeding things up alone.

"'s not that close, but it's something. Bro cooks and weapon masters, you guys have reserved seats on the third coach...sorry, Thundercats!" Chris announced, as Tygra got on up onto the Chill stand. "It means you're starting one and a half hours after the leaders, thundercats."

"Don't worry, we're fast enough to-" Tygra remarked, before seeing the Wet Bandits come up in a bad state. "-You're not looking that good."

"At least, we're ahead of the last team."

"Uh, you two are in 66th and on the same coach with these guys." Don announced, as the two teams were looking at each other.

"Also, Kevin and're in 67th and also on the fourth coach!"

"Wait, how did you two get ahead? You don't really look okay." Ben said, trying to hide his cringe.

"Got beat up by some old guy and we still made it ahead of you!" Marv shouted.

"...He's got you there." Kevin remarked to Ben, putting his hand on his Ben just stopped the hand. "Hey, he's right."

"Yeah, but it's a dumb point...even if he is right." Ben said.

*The Weapon Masters' confessional*

These two were in a pretty decent mood.

"Hey, we have made a good team! We have managed to ensure that we're still staying ahead of the many other teams in the business!" Gilgamesh shouted. "Our fighting spirit-"

"My fighting spirit is telling me to get out of here. I'm a frigging ice age kangaroo, being here is easy." Raz bragged, tired of the race.

"But we are both masters of our weapons!" Gilgamesh said.

*Confessional cut*

"Also in other news, there's still many more teams being accounted for..."

Kanji and Chie just about managed to reach the bottom of the the Cute Couple and the Strong Students that arrived late and the former duo was looking at the other two.

"Hold on, didn't you arrive late with your weird hair?" Kanji asked.

"Yeah...what the fuck are you going to do about it?" Josuke asked.

"Absolutely nothing, I just noticed it." Kanji summoned his Persona.

"Cool, you can take that hair comment back-" Josuke summoned his stand.

Chie and Okuyasu were definitely seeing the blonde tough guy's Persona and the hero with a pompadour's Stand at the same time.

"...I'm going to tell the truth, that's a pretty cool Persona." Kanji remarked. "What kind of power does it have."

"Now do you want to apologise for my hair comment?" Josuke said.

"Nah, your hair's actually pretty cool." Kanji remarked.

Chie and Okyuasu had the tips in their hand, though the two different teams were clearly behind the Cute Couple by now.

"Hey, where's High Park? It sounds like some weird place." Minnie asked some people, who gave her some looks. "Oh...sorry, it's most be a beautiful place."

Someone pointed her in the general direction of it with Mickey just pointing to a taxi.

"Oh, thank you! I'll be right back." Minnie just went into the taxi.

The Star Warriors were also in there, but they weren't mad about it.

"I assure that my sword is very sharp!" Meta Knight declared. "Also, we're struggling in this challenge."

"We're struggling together! I think we can learn something from each other." Mickey said.

"That is right. I need to learn how you two don't get pressured." Meta Knight said, as Minnie hopped into the taxi.

"And also, many teams are in their own taxi..."

The internet hosts and the noble thieves were in the same Wizard was just getting a close look at Bentley's wheelchair.

So were the father and son and the bad girls, though the latter didn't look too surprised at Homer trying to slap Bart from his seatbelt.

"...and quite a few are still doing lacrosse!"

Makoto wasn't doing this for the first time, as the puck...still managed to land into the other player's lacrosse stick and his practically negative luck made him lose again.

"Makoto, if you can't complete...we should swap." Kyoko stated. "I don't think your luck's helping you this time."

"The possiblity's still there for it to happen. Plus we survived a murder school, I think I can do better than that." Makoto said with a nervous smile.

"Just as a warning, it might take a while." Kyoko said.

"I do need one more turn." Makoto said, as Quagmire owned the challenge on his turn with the random pelvis thrust. "He did do that and it worked."

"Well, that was more of a distraction anyways." Kyoko saw that there were quite a few that were waiting.

"It's going to be our turns now!" Tohru shouted. "Pleased to be winning against you!"

Though she looked like an cosplaying maid, Tohru just brang the punch down against the other person and picked up the puck and put it in Lucoa looked stunned.

"You might have broken something." Lucoa noticed. "I think."

"Nah, he's fine! Check me out!" Dedede replied to her.

The giant penguin may have been super slow, but he was also super he just inhaled for a bit and then made the player bounce off his belly with some get his goal.

"Eh, you're definitely a downer." K. Rool stopped Dedede. "Compared to me!"

K. Rool had a gold belly...which also hurt the guy by running into it, so he got an easy win.

"Ah yes, your kingliness!" Krunch bowed to him.

Captain Hook may have had one hand and a lacrosse stick, but he did have some seriously sneaky tactics with there was a small rock that came from seemingly nowhere.

And said rock distracted the other guy enough for Captain Hook to snatch the puck and awkwardly throw it up in the air...hitting his head and then going into the goal.

"Cap'n, are you still alive?" Smee asked, as Hook just fell down. "Don!"

*The Pirates' confessional*

Captain Hook was just sitting down on the chair, as Smee was just looking like he was about to lose it.

"Okay, cap'n, I don't think you will just have to-" Smee tripped up onto a wire and got a bit of shock. "Cap'n, I'll be fine."


Smee got up, his lack of hair standing up.

"How are you going to help my headache with you doing that?" Hook asked.

*Confessional cut*

"Men from Quahog...Peter and Quagmire, you're in 68th place!"

These two were satisfied with surviving the first round, judging by their somewhat content smiles.

"Dragons, you two have managed to 69th place!"

Tohru looked very angry, as Lucoa just looked excited to see a lot more in a sense.

"King & Servant, you're in 70th...though you might want to change your team name."

Dedede was bringing the proudest thumbs up for the number of placing, though Bandanna Waddle Dee looked worried.

"Snapping Reptiles, you're in 71st!"

K. Rool chuckled at the number that his friend got, as Dedede went for a five and Krunch just stood there with a chuckling salute.

"Pirates, you're in 72nd!"

Smee was just confused by all of this time, as Captain Hook looked tired.

"What's so funny?" Smee asked. "It's just a number."

A good chunk of the chuckles about the 69th place team was still going on.

"No, what really is so funny?" Smee asked with some serious confusion.

"No way, you don't know what 69 is?" Lucoa said real suggestively.

"Well, you can find that out...after the break!" Don just interrupted the conversation with smoothness and moves.

To be continued in Part 6a...the second to last part of this episode, that's mostly 'caused by the fact that I haven't updated in so long, this part is getting a bit too long and I need to get this episode done finally.

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia:

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)
36th: The Women Fighters (Kasumi & Mai, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury)
37th: The Mystery Solvers (Shaggy & Scooby, Scooby Doo)
38th: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)
39th: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil Meets Daniel Mouse)
40th: The Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)
41st: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)
42nd: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

The Third Coach to Orillia:

43rd: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)
44th: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)
45th: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)
46th: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)
47th: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)
48th: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)
49th: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
50th: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)
51st: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)
52nd: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)
53rd: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)
54th: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)
55th: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)
56th: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)
57th: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)
58th: The Lesbian Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)
59th: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)
60th: The Volleyball Geniuses (Haikyuu, Kenma Kozume & Tetsuro Kuroo)
61st: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)
62nd: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)
63rd: The Bro Cooks (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)
64th: The Weapon Masters (Raz & Gilgamesh, Ice Age & Dissidia Final Fantasy)

The Fourth Coach to Orillia:

65th: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)
66th: The Wet Bandits/Former Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)
67th: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)
68th: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)
69th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
70th: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)
71st: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)
72nd: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

TBC in Part 6a...

To be continued in Part 6a and 6b, where all of the teams finish up their first leg of the race...including all of the late arrivals, non-late arrivals and team that is practically fated to lose!

New Arrival: (No. 109) The Strong Students (Josuke & Okuyasu, Jojo Bizarre's Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 6a: The Rear of The First Round

That's right, the chapter/episode isn't over yet...but it is going to be over pretty soon with the next part, so for now, we'll enjoy a good chunk of the rest finishing the first leg!

And yes, I'm going to update these more frequently!

"Welcome back to the final third of the teams finishing off their leg! Some of them will go home, while the rest go on and potentially lose in the future...but that's neither here nor there!" Don announced, as the show started back up with a good chunk of the teams still in the running.

For some of them, it was rather the duos and a few trios were working their business out to get to High Park.

"Heh, hey! Did you know that I-" Boomstick asked before Wizard sealed his lips.

"Aren't you two the hosts of Death Battle? Shouldn't you know a lot about us." Bentley suspected the two of them, as Boomstick was sweating.

"Trust me, most of the stuff up there are more than likely scripts or hell, maybe it's exaggerated." Wizard attempted to defend his crew.

"So, you know?" Sly Cooper asked, looking somewhat interested. "You two seem like you know a lot."

"Weapons, sports and good ol' American stuff! Don't forget beer." Boomstick said, practically drinking the thing like it was going out of style.

"...What the heck kind of weapons are you buying?" Bentley asked, clearly suspicious.

"The most American of them all. Swords!"

The other taxis were just a little bit quieter without much conversation going the two lawyers weren't sure what to say, even if the two of them were prepared.

*The Prosecutors' confessional*

Edgeworth was calmly reading an newspaper, as Franziska was in an rant-y mood.

"One of these days, I'll wonder what he is actually doing and then it turns he is doing something smart." Franziska stated. "Phoenix Wright, I will beat you!"

"You seem to think about him too much. We're not doing too well either, which isn't too surprising." Edgeworth said calmly.

"How can you be so calm about the fact that we're losing by a lot of distance...even to those fools?" Franziska asked, almost very angry.

"It's not like they're going to get any stronger or faster." Edgeworth said. "The fact is that the next challenge should not be hard."

*The Defense Lawyers' confessional*

These two were definitely freaking out however.

"I'm going to be real with you, Nick! I didn't really expect to do this bad in this race." Maya's nerves a little...frayed. "How are we going to come back."

"That's not the question that I can answer...the real question is how are we going to do the next challenge?" Phoenix said, trying to figure something out.

"...Huh, it's lacrosse! This isn't going to be our day." Maya said. "Do it, Nick, you look like you could do it."

"Er, thanks, I haven't really been working out." Phoenix replied with a sheepish smile.

*Confessional cut*

The second challenge was hurting and it was not playing around this time, the challenger's rotation changed again and these teams were up against soem tough people.

"Goddamn it, we're down in the bottom half of this race and we're not going to get any worse!" Homer shouted, as he felt real tired of the lacrosse. "Besides this stick is reminding of something."

"Oh, okay, dad." Bart said, almost mocking his dad. "Yeah, this is gonna take a while."

"It won't."

Homer then smashed into something.

"Oooh, I wouldn't wish that kind of hit on someone!" Chef shouted. "Except for disobdient dumbasses!"

"Oh, Chef, you're experienced in having this lacrosse thing. My beautiful face needs protection, because I'm still the Total Drama host." Chris looked worried for being in line.

"Shut up, Chris, you agreed to this."

"Chef, I'll cut your pay."

Then the two TV hosts swapped positions, as six more teams stepped into the challenge and Casey was more than ready to use another kind of stick.

"I can't believe that the host with the most is here. How much you want to bet he's going to lose in three rounds?" April wasn't that interested.

"It's Chris and Chef, those guys probably need a guy like me in the season!" Casey shouted, as April raised an eyebrow. "You'd be cool too."

"I'd be cool with not being in the season." April remarked, as the line got shorter.

Chef Hatchet went for the challenge and looked very pissed off, as he came in for the hit and picked up the puck slowly, but the player was out get he got a free win.

"Man, what bones did he break?" Bart asked.

"Hopefully none of them!" Homer said. "I think..."

A few taxis had arrived and they saw the TV Hosts with a tip, a lacrosse player in pain and some other people just being confused and some of them weren't too happy.

"Oh damn, they're not okay!" Sly Cooper exclaimed. "Yeah, this is definitely an easy win, though."

"Not gonna lie, he took it like a man!" Boomstick proclaimed, as the noble thieves were out of the car.

"Yeah, not the time." Wizard said, stopping the excited guy's ride.

There were a lot of teams in line and some of them weren't even seen yet, but they were about to show themselves off in unique ways...and others that came back on camera.

Consider the scared high-school fighters and the cautious heroes.

*High-School Fighters' confessional*

"Not going to lie, the fact that this challenge has a ridiculous waiting time in ridiculous. I'd rather bake something!" Kanji shouted.

"Yeah, go and do your thing. I'm going to do the challenge!" Chie just said, approving of Kanji doing his thing.

"Uh, I can't, gotta support my teammate."

"Bring it on, lacrosse!"

*Cautious Heroes' confessional*

"Seiya, we could have been down there much faster if you used your power or didn't try to be super careful!" Ristarte shouted, as Seiya looked confused.

"I kinda don't have powers here and as you know, you don't have powers either. So, we're not powering through this." Seiya said.

"You know what I mean?" Ristarte complained.

"Yeah and there's a million stairs that we could've easily seriously injured ourselves on."

"I think we would've been okay with sprinting down a few flights, but I guess that's a problem."

*Confessional cut*

"And there's still a lot more action coming from the bottom 27 teams or-how did you get here so fast?" Don asked, surprised to see the TV Hosts so far ahead.

"Shut up, Don, my show's a lot better than yours." Chris remarked, as Chef was just shaking his head.

"I actually like Total Drama, though. You two are definitely in 73rd!" Don announced.

"Good, because pretty boy right here wasn't running at full pace." Chef said, as Chris got offended.

"Chef, I was kinda tired of running all of the time."

"Listen, someone's gotta keep you in line." Chef shouted. "And I know your ass."

"Okay, sure..."

Don wasn't sure what to say next.

"Though even hosts have quarrels, a good majority of the rest don't have them that much." Don announced, as there was a bunch that were ready to get this into business.

Such as Chie with her movie style kung-fu providing some strong counterplay to another lacrosse guy's stick with the clean strike from her stick...and finishing up the challenge.

Bentley may had been disabled, but he put his brain and chair into good use with the stick being handled by the wheelchair itself...and brung some evasion to clear the challenge.

And finally, Ristarte may have been annoying and had no powers, but she knew how to handle a stick...even with lacking lacrosse knowledge, as she picked it up...and somehow nailed the accidental shot.

"Noble Thieves, you've made it to 74th and still being safe!"

Sly Cooper and Bentley were just high-fiving each other.

"High-School Fighters, you're in 75th!"

"How did you two get ahead of us two? Must be some kind of BS." Kanji said, as Chie was looking at them.

"I kept the map of Toronto." Bentley simply stated.

"Well, that's some kind of bullshit." Kanji just crossed his arms.

"Come on, we don't know some random city." Chie said.

"Cautious Heroes, you guys made it to 76th, despite being late."

The two previous teams were looking at both of the heroes, who were satisified with their goal.

"For starting an hour and a half late, we did pretty good." Ristarte had a genuine smile, as the blonde goddess did a thumbs up.

"I mean I was expecting a little bit worse. But we did alright." Seiya said with a smile, which Ristarte noticed.

"Hold up, I saw you smile!" Ristrate pounced.

"My mouth just got a feeling." Seiya denied the smile.

"Of course, some of them are really mad..."

"This line is really long, I'm really tired and my one eye is really strained!" Mike felt some grass on his eye, as Sully didn't look too surprised. "This guy's gonna get it."

"Yeah, make him do that please." Sully said, not too bothered.

"Damn, you do that, I can't handle more of this waiting!" Poison Ivy was more dissapointed than angry.

These many teams were just hanging in the area, ready to get in the business of messing up lacrosse careers some more arrivals were in the line and Casey was ready, dropping his hockey thing.

"Casey, you go out there and lacross things up!" April shouted from the sidelines.

"Er, I will!" Casey proclaimed, swinging the lacrosse stick with confidence. "Man, you're up against me!"

The black-haired vigilante was just running with it...preparing a fast pick-up hockey-style and the lacrosse player instantly saw that and tried to counter that swing with putting his stick low-down to the ground to catch the puck.

Casey saw that and just continued the thing and he caught the puck like a fishing net, having the puck in the right area and the puck stayed in the net of him...leaving the guy to ran way ahead of the lacrosse player.

Despite his lack of weight, Casey threw the puck in at his speed and he nailed the challenge.

"I lacrossed it up pretty alright." Casey shouted. "Good moves, though."

"If it was like normal still would've passed this." April said, as Casey did a goofy smile. "It's not that big of a deal."

"It's kinda big deal." Casey remarked, as April just groaned for a second.

With that being said, there was still a ton more teams that were doing things and they were about to get their screen time, but-

"As the Heroic Teens get 77th place, the rest of the competition finally steps up for real!"

-Don basically interrupted their screen time, but only for a bit, as these teams were down to make things work.

"You know what they say? Things get good with beer in them!" Boomstick declared, being the first guy to do it.

"They really don't." Wizard said, as he saw his teammate run in with the challenge.

Boomstick was just going on them football-style...going with the forwards tackles and pushing through the lacrosse player with a grin and a strong arm, basically smashing the lacrosse player off him.

He picked the puck up with his stick and held it one handed to push the lacrosse guy in the stomach with his elbow and then...he made the goal.

"Yeah, that is very much right. We're a killer duo with filler moves." Boomstick proclaimed, as Wizard just adjusted his glasses.

"Shut up, guy from Texas! I'm representing my family!" Homer shouted.

"Chill out, Homer. You're not even doing that good." Boomstick replied.

"I'll show you, random guy!"

Homer stepped up to the challenge, as the yellow-skinned dad ran with some serious determination and carrying a lacrosse stick...and also smashed into the lacrosse player.

"Take that, Canada!" Homer yelled, picking up the stick and finishing the challenge. "Or Toronto."

"Wow, good job, dad." Bart remarked, which got Homer threatening his son with the choking hands. "Yeah, let's finish this."

Two teams finally went and the third may have been the second smallest in terms of competition, but they weren't lacking in experience of moves.

"Let's have a fight." Meta Knight stepped into the lacrosse ring. "I have taken down bigger warriors before."

Kirby frantically waving his arms arounds didn't stop Meta Knight from taking advantage of his speed to basically speed around the field...and picking up the pick with impressive force.

"Your chance is done." Meta Knight...dodging around the desperate swings of the lacrosse player...doing a fast throw.

"...Damn, how are you so quick?" The player asked. "Great moves, my cute little knight."

"I am not cute, I am a warrior!" Meta Knight stated, as Kirby raised his hand.

*The Internet Hosts' confessional*

"I'll be honest, we probably don't know everything...but it's not like I haven't been keeping a database on some of the contestants and let's just say that I'm not surprised." Wizard said, practically ignoring Boomstick trying to get a gun working.

"Dang, this is gonna take a while. At least we finished this leg." Boomstick stated.

*Confessional cut*

"And three more teams take their places in the Chill Zone, riding on the four coach to Orillia!" Don announced, as these three were just taking their respective places.

"Father and son, I don't know how you were 78th, but you are! Star warriors, you're....definitely 79th and internet hosts, you're in 80th!"

"How the hell did we get passed up by one half of a family?" Boomstick asked.

"...We got lost." Wizard said, not look too surprised.

The street fighters from Southtown weren't losing time either, as while they definitely didn't do too bad in the first challenge, Duck King was getting trounced in the lacrosse challenge.

Mostly because he managed to trip more than a few times and Terry Bogard look like a scared of him.

"Geez, dude, this ain't my challenge!" Duck King proclaimed.

"Well, it sure ain't...but you can do this for sure!" Terry Bogard shouted.

"I mean...I ain't breakdancing out here to get beaten up by some dude." Duck King remarked. "I've done this at least ten times, so you've gotta swap in."

"Okay! You can probably ace the next challenge." Terry said caught the stick that Duck King threw...and then ran straight in.

"Swing them a new one, Terry!"

Terry Bogard may have been a fighter, but he came with a serious stick swing and a Power Charge to boot, basically trying to clear this for his teammate and he picked up the puck and owning it without much problem.

The goal caught the puck and these two celebrated like friends would, with some fist bumps and a awkward smiles.

"Finally! I'll bring my A-game on the next Botch-or-Watch!" Duck King shouted, as three sisters were looking at each other.

*The Ordinary Sisters' confessional*

Luna was still not so jazzed about losing, despite Leni and Lori being very worried in three different ways.

"We've got a real problem, because we're just stuck doing the same challenge and I'm pretty sure that being eliminate in Canada would suck." Lori told the two of them. "This isn't an easy challenge either."

"Man, this sucks and I don't really know how to deal with it." Luna just angrily shrugged. "But we came here to get past the first challenge!"

"But how? I don't even know how this thing works." Leni was still carrying the stick. "You can do it, right?"

"Yeah or else, we'll be embarrassed forever!" Luna said with confidence.

"...Sounds dumb." Lori said.

*Confessional cut*

"The Street Fighters have finally finished in 81st!" Don announced, as the street fighter or rather, the hometown heroes were just doing their pose.

"Still though, the stairs are spitting out the last of these teams...besides one!"

Rocko and Filburt were the second to last team to be out of the location and they were pretty damn tired of going down they were breathing their hardest.

"...Still can't believe we made all of the way down." Rocko said.

"I know and I hope we don't lose this one!" Filburt complained.

"Yeah...wait, is there another team in the taxi?" Rocko noticed another duo in the taxi. "Hey, we're here!"

"Thank god, you arrived." Jonesy said. "We were just waiting."

"Wait, didn't you-" Jude managed to get shushed by Jonesy. "-oh yeah, what's happening?"

"Not losing, that's for sure...that's pretty unlikely, though." Filburt the turtle was the last one to get into the taxi.

These two teams...were in some weird traffic, considering it was starting to get a bit late at 3pm and people were coming and going a lot in this big 'ol city...and weirdly enough, there was still quite a few teams that were stuck within the traffic.

None of them were a cute couple or a couple of flying mage soldiers, however, as they saw the impressively big line.

"Well, we can wait. Are you two soldiers from a bad country?" Minnie asked.

"That's exactly the country that we live in, though." Viktoria replied, not letting an accident insult get her down.

"...Oh, sorry."

"Yeah, that's a bold move."

These two were silent for a Mickey moved far away from Tanya due to her attire and the monsters were just sighing in solace of not losing...with Mike finally getting the hang of it.

"This one eye is going to win for us!" Mike shouted, as he carried the lacrosse stick.

Though he was pretty small, it helped out in the he got the puck, essentially made the guy dodged his eye and then practically got a free goal the two of them did a high-five.

"I shouldn't have said that." Mike felt his eye sting. "Rock lady, I forgot what your name is."

"My name is Luna and I'm going to clear this challenge for my sisters!" Luna shouted. "And help your eyes out."

"Yeah, tell it to them."

The monsters left the location, as Luna came in with her run and basically side-stepped the guy pretty quickly in her boots...picking up the pick with the stick and just running with it.

"How the heck does Lynn do so much?" Luna asked, before seeing the guy come after her. "Ah, whatever!"

The sisters got a goal for once.

"Finally. Let's just hope we don't mess up like this again." Lori said, as Luna had the tip. "Wait...isn't that the airport we arrived in?"

"Weird, but that's what the tip says." Leni said. "Let's go!"

"...I can see it, but that's about it." Luna looked at the buildings. "Barely, though."

"We have a map, so let's go!" Lori just put it out there, as the other two were shocked at how it fit.

There was two other teams that were ready to step in...through what could only be considered people just shuffling around to find a toilet, as the next two weren't super into the challenge.

*The Cul-de-sac Schemers' confessional*

"Eddy, it's going to be a while before we pass. We're not the most physical team in this race, not by a long shot." Edd said.

"Come on, Double D, you're just being a downer. There's a whole lot of money on the line, so you know what else is happening!" Eddy shouted.

"I don't see your point." Edd stated, not reading the book.

"Me being a bit stronger than that guy!" Eddy exclaimed.

*Confessional cut*

Mickey was just going in for the run, yelling his battle cry while he ran with the lacrosse the mouse was doing it for his own partner, sliding under the legs and picking up the puck casually and running for it.

"Oh, Mickey, you're always going for it!" Minnie exclaimed, as Mickey just threw it in the goal. "Er, that's fine too."

"Honestly, if I went for a goal. I'd make sure that it was a safe one too." Edd said, as Eddy looked ready.

"Uh...I guess, but I don't really know what this sport is." Minnie said.

"And I know quite a lot about it. But it's not practice either." Edd stated. "Besides, you should get with your boyfriend."


The cute couple were out and two kids from a cul-de-sac was in and Eddy looked confident being a short guy, considering the same tricks being reused ridiculous amount of times.

Eddy somehow managed to nail it, even though he had a panicked he caught the puck with the stick and then just threw it forward with a confident grin, making it land in the goal.

"Easy!" Eddy shouted. "This guy's got nothing on me."

"He has lacrosse literally just got lucky." Edd said. "Which shouldn't take away-"

"Shut up, you're definitely taking away from my skills!" Eddy shouted, as Edd was just thinking of fast ways to get to Pearson Internation in mid-afternoon Toronto.

"Okay, there's still...109 teams in this thing and only 28 are left. That's still a lot, but there's a whole bunch of teams arriving to cut that number down!" Don announced, starting to get tired of waiting.

Sully and Mike somehow still freaked Don out, even if the host actually saw them.

"Monsters, you're in 82nd!"

"You guys look kinda weird when you're big." Sully remarked, from only seeing children.

"No, they're not. I'd like to not have one giant eye, but I'm fine with it." Mike said, happy to have a single eye.

"Trio of ordinary sisters, you're in 83rd and safe!"

The trio were just standing together like they achieved something great, which wasn't too far off from what they did.

"Well, we could've done way better, but we can do that not here!" Leni shouted, just happy to rest. "Where's the water stuff?"

"Cute couple, you've gotten 84th place and are still in!"

"Alright, it's time to rest!" Mickey exclaimed.

These two were just walking off-screen, as they were just lying down on a bench.

"Are we out? I just heard 84th and thought we were out!" Edd remarked.

"Cul-de-sac schemers, you guys have gotten 85th place...and have taken the second-to-last place on the fourth coach!"

"Yeah, we did it!" Eddy shouted. "And we're going to do some more next time!"

"Next time might be today or tomorrow!"

"It's tomorrow. You guys probably need sleep, I need sleep and who else is going to get some respite on the coaches to Orillia and who is going home this early in the game? Find out after the break!"

The four teams were watching the host like they were actually outside of the camera, as Don just ignored all of them.

To be continued in the final part of the episode/chapter, where it will finally reveal the other two teams that are going home with the mice...because let's be honest, Pinky killed their chances with his forgetfulness!

And the rest will be history or has been history...according to this part.

The First Coach to Orillia:

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia:

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)
36th: The Women Fighters (Kasumi & Mai, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury)
37th: The Mystery Solvers (Shaggy & Scooby, Scooby Doo)
38th: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)
39th: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil Meets Daniel Mouse)
40th: The Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)
41st: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)
42nd: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

The Third Coach to Orillia:

43rd: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)
44th: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)
45th: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)
46th: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)
47th: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)
48th: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)
49th: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
50th: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)
51st: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)
52nd: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)
53rd: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)
54th: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)
55th: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)
56th: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)
57th: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)
58th: The Lesbian Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)
59th: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)
60th: The Volleyball Geniuses (Haikyuu, Kenma Kozume & Tetsuro Kuroo)
61st: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)
62nd: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)
63rd: The Bro Cooks (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)
64th: The Weapon Masters (Raz & Gilgamesh, Ice Age & Dissidia Final Fantasy)

The Fourth Coach to Orillia:

65th: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)
66th: The Wet Bandits/Former Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)
67th: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)
68th: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)
69th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
70th: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)
71st: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)
72nd: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)
73rd: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)
74th: The Noble Thieves (Sly Cooper & Bentley, Sly Cooper)
75th: The High-School Fighters (Kanji & Chie, Persona 4)
76th: The Cautious Heroes (Seiya & Ristarte, Cautious Hero)
77th: The Heroic Teens (Casey & April, TMNT 2012)
78th: The Father & Son (Homer & Bart, Simpsons)
79th: The Star Warriors (Kirby & Meta Knight, Kirby)
80th: The Internet Hosts (Wizard & Boomstick, Death Battle)
81st: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)
82nd: The Monsters (Sully & Mike, Monsters Inc.)
83rd: The Ordinary Sisters (Leni, Lori and Luna Loud, The Loud House)
84th: The Cute Couple (Mickey & Minnie Mouse)
85th: The Cul-de-Sac Schemers (Edd & Eddy, Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy)

To be continued in the final part of this episode!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 6b: Avoiding The Elimination

The final set of teams are finishing this long, long chapter off...that's it, because let's be honest, this episode has gone on for so long...that nine extra teams just appeared out of nowhere, including one that just appeared out of nowhere!

However, Josuke and Okuyasu aren't out of the fire despite being stand users, so they're also struggling with the lazy guys, the working class guys, the slackers and other random bottom-tier teams that are struggling!

Either way, this part is happening!"

"Welcome back to the longest episode of a Ridonculous Race ever and these 24 remaining teams are ready to...not get eliminated, because they already lost!"

"Hey, Josuke! Do you think we're last?" Okuyasu asked, ready to get out of it.

"Almost. I swear there was talking mice or something." Josuke said.

"...Man, you're going crazy!"

"Yeah, you're right. How do we get out of last place?"

The strong students were in the bottom four, along with the slackers, the smart mice and the working class guys and they were all trying to find some relevance in this Ridonculous Race.

Besides that, there were a whole bunch of players that were down to do some lacrosse or try to find their own way to High Park...considering the traffic that they were avoiding.

"Seriously, these taxis ain't moving!" Jack complained, walking on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, it happens all of the time in my hometown and it's shit there and shit here." Phil exclaimed, practically chilling on the sidewalk.

"Honestly, man, it ain't a unique problem, but it takes forever." Jack said, as a flying squirrel and a gloved moose were walking on a sidewalk. "Look, even those guys even left."

"Wait, how did you even recognise us?!" Bullwinkle was a little bit stunned. "Oh, yeah, we're the flying squirrel and moose."

"I'm just here to win, though. And I don't think we're winning." Rocky said, just taking in all of the sights. "I like this place, though."

"Well, we've gotta run!" Bullwinkle shouted. "I'm just hoping you can keep up."

"Bitch, we can. You gotta slow down for my cuz, though." Phil remarked, as Jack got a little bit mad and both Rocky and Bullwinkle were stunned. "We're still this fucking team game for real."

"...For real?" Jack asked.

Phil was just throwing a thumbs up out there with Rocky reciprocating the two teams were passed by the last taxi out of the CN Tower looking at them.

*Slackers' confessional*

These two were almost chuckling.

"As much as we both messed up, this race is kinda messed up in a cool way with all these wacky teams from another world." Jude said. "Wasn't expecting to get messed up like this, though."

"Jude, you're thinking a little bit too negatively right now." Jonesy remarked. "It's possible for us to make a serious comeback...just not now."

*Confessional cut*

"Also, once again, there's only one more spot on the fourth coach and two teams aren't willing to take the extra half-hour wait!" Don announced, as there were two duos that were pretty mad at themselves.

"We're not keeping them waiting!" Banjo shouted. "Evil ladies, you won't win!"

"Ignoring him, he's just judging your outfit." Kazooie said, practically taking the bite out of her teammates' words.

"And it looks kinda evil!" Banjo said.

"And you two look dumb." Kazooie shouted.

"Major, I won't allow my intelligence to be insulted." Viktoria said, making sure that she wasn't about to lose. "Let me do the challenge."

"As much as that wouldn't help, I think you'd do well in this kind of challenge." Tanya told her, taking this challenge seriously. "Besides, I wouldn't do well in this challenge."

"You wouldn't do good because you're a kid!" Kazooie shouted at Tanya, who just facepalmed.

The adventuring animals were first up with Banjo, who picked up the lacrosse stick and ran with it and did the classic shoulder tackle, angry enough to try and counter the lacrosse player.

The lacrosse player tried swatting him with the stick...but Banjo just barely knocked him down and he got the puck inside it and ran for it, throwing the puck in with all of his strength literally slid into the goal.

"You got 'em, Banjo!" Kazooie shouted, still somehow in the backpack.

"It doesn't matter if you can fit in a backpack, we've got our loyalty to our country." Viktoria replied seriously, as Kazooie just chuckled.

The auburn-haired soldier was running in with a strategy, as she immediately moved to the slight left and let the lacrosse player see that and countered that...before swerving to the left and back on her path, picking up the puck with the stick.

Though, she had one more job to the player wasn't about to let her get an easy goal and trying to cover her many angles...though she moved left and the player moved right quickly.

Somehow, that allowed her to get an awkward throw for an awkward goal.

"Good on ya, brown-haired lame." Kazooie said.

"Hey, the same goes to your bear partner." Viktoria remarked.

The two teams weren't letting up, as they ran off from the location and there were still quite a few people that were waiting for their turn in the spotlight...even here.

"Damn, this is a long story." Tohru said. "Can you cover up for the sake of the patriarchy or something?"

"No, it's twenty-seven degrees, are you crazy?" Lucoa asked. "I'm going to keep on showing my things."

"You don't have to show them all of the time." Tohru said, a little bit worried about Lucoa's...boobage.

"Listen, I'm a dragon, I'm pretty sure that I can handle this." Lucoa said.

The humanoid lady with big ones just ran in...expecting her strength to come on in and not being ashamed enough to cover her shirt, as the player got seriously distracted and Lucoa barged into him, knocking him down.

"Just get the token!" Tohru yelled, as Lucoa picked her lacrosse stick back up...and made the goal. "Whew, finally...this is nearly over."

There was three teams that were trying to be on their way to Toronto, as they were all sure that they were barely safe from elimination...two of the three actually checking some sort of map.

Some of them could fly and others couldn't, but they were all trying their hardest and Don easily noticed it.

"How the heck did they get here so fast?" Don asked. "Eh, on foot probably."

Despite the fact that one team flew, Banjo just got ahead enough to take up the last pair of seats on the fourth coach.

"Banjo and Kazooie, you two, in 85th, are the last ones to reach...the fourth coach, meaning that you're leaving half an hour ahead of the next set of teams!"

Banjo and Kazooie were just shaking their heads.

"Tohru & Lucoa, you're in 86th and are in the last coach to Orillia!"

"No, we got beaten by a bird and a bear! I still don't feel that bad, though." Lucoa said, as Tohru was just angrily staring at Kazooie. "Had a fun time."

"I mean, we're on separate buses, so it's gonna be rough for you ladies." Banjo said. "Would've been cool-"

And insults were flying in.

"Geez, chill for a bit, we're not even close to being eliminated." Lucoa was relaxed, as her partner was literally swearing up a storm. "Let's find some guy to hang out with."

"Tanya, Viktoria, you're in 87th and on the last coach to Orillia."

"I'm sorry for setting us back so far, Major!" Viktoria shouted. "If only I had more stamina on the stairs, we'd be in a better place."

"You could say that, but we are not out of the race. We could still do a great performance and so many teams could fall down out of the race." Tanya told her. "The point is we need to be 100% tomorrow, lieutenant."

"Yes, I will give this race my all? How did we get here, though."

"Portals, obviously."

"Though some teams are getting lost in the challenge..."

Max was just gulped heavily, as he felt his throat swallow something, as Goofy got punched back...again.

"Dad, you alright?" Max asked.

"Uh, just a buncha scratches." Goofy stood back up confidently.

"...and literally, not figuratively, lost in Toronto!"

Inspector Gadget managed to get him and his friend lost on the way to High Park, as Penny was just holding the map up.

"Well, I didn't really check. We went down and my GPS thing somehow got turned off, Penny." Inspector Gadget said, a little worried about his chances in the race.

"I wonder who would have done that. Probably someone evil!" Penny speculated, still in a good mood. "I just hope that we're not eliminated."

"Yeah, imagine that." Inspector Gadget he ran towards High Park. "Could it be-"


"But now for some loose cannons!"

Don said that, as the self-named loose cannons were about to say some words of inspiration.

"Though we may be mostly American, I don't care about how you are, but I only care about what you do to help us in whatever war happens next! Because I'm sure that-" Soldier shouted.

"You're insane." Makoto said, just wanting another go at the challenge.

"-Japanese kid, I'm going to inspire all Americans to take up arms!" Soldier ran in with a yell.

Makoto just shrugged, as Kyoko didn't look too surprised.

"Geez, I feel like a celebrity." Makoto rubbed his back, as Soldier was just doing a running tackle towards the guy.

Soldier ran and ran and of course, he hit the lacrosse guy in the chest and he had the stick with him...and he picked up the puck and threw it into the goal.

"Aw, yeah, I'm tired of being here. Can you believe the people that I's crazy!" Demoman complained, as the black guy with an eyepatch saw the Soldier just run back with the tip. "Uh, let's get outta here."

"Canada, when you're in a war, remember me."

Soldier said that, as the good majority of the teams were baffled by that kind of statement.

"Let's just get this over with, because if we don't, we're stuck." Kyoko stated, ready to get some more knowledge.

"Okay dokey, we're doing this in a row, right?" Goofy asked.

"I guess I'm next." Makoto said.

Makoto's weirdly negative luck somehow flipped around, as the player tripped up on a wet patch and he got the puck and basically did a close throw into the goal.

Poison Ivy sprung up some hidden plants and it was pretty clear that she was up to something with the lacrosse stick, casually running to the side of the guy.

And the guy tripped on...seemingly nothing, as Poison Ivy took up the puck and kicked him on the leg to deal with it.

"Yeah, you're a cheater, but I don't really care." Gum said.

"I like your vibe, but save that for the actual challenge." Poison Ivy, basically walking out of the frame with serious sass. "Score one for lady empowerment!"

"I don't really care!" Gum remarked, as Beat was just grinning doing the challenge. "Besides, I'm not doing this challenge."

"Bummer, it's pretty cool." Beat was just willing to let things be chill, spinning around and picking it up and awkwardly balancing the puck. "Let's frigging get them!"

*The Skaters' confessional*

The two of them were a little bit nervous.

"Hey, we're down in the dumps and this time, the dumps are the things that we're going in!" Beat said. "And we're coming out without any problems!"

"That's right, we've done the challenge, that other challenge and we're going to the airport that we came in. So, shut up!" Gum exclaimed, as the skater girl looked confident.

"No-one was talking, Gum. We're making statements out here." Beat bragged with a smile.

"Honestly, chill, it's just for the haters." Gum remarked.

*The Lazy Guys' confessional*

These two were kinda chilling, as Phil and Jack had a nervous calm.

"Uh, what's up? We're here, stuck in the bottom twenty of this kinda awesome race and we're in the shit zone, Chita." Phil said, practically spinning around his bucket hat.

"Isn't that my girlfriend? Because what about uncle?" Jack asked, trying to calm down the situation. "He said he's cheering me on."

"Nah, he said that my dream and my game are the same, jack shit." Phil said, very bothered.

"Don't worry about it, our dream's gonna be finished." Jack remarked.

*Confessional cut*

There were 17 teams that hadn't finished both challenges yet and they weren't exactly doing too good in the lacrosse challenge, thanks to their lack of skills.

"Fuck being here." AVGN slammed the thing down. "I'm tired of losing."

"Me too, but you don't see me swearing." Marco complained. "My mom will get mad at me."

"Then you've got a lot of growing up to do, motherfucker." AVGN told him.

"Whoa, what is your problem?" Marco asked. "My girlfriend’s out there in the lacrosse field winning!"

"Calm down, I was just giving some fucking advice, man." AVGN said, as Marco's friend Star managed to make some moves in the field. "You've got an awesome girlfriend."

Star Butterfly was rocking it with her cool moves and spinning around to use her skills to knock the lacrosse player off his game, allowing her to pick up the puck and then throw it into the goal.

"Let's go!" Star shouted. "I swear we're in the bottom ten or something, which kinda sucks, because I want to see way more!"

"Yeah, what you said." Marco remarked, seeing the tip in his girlfriend's hand. "How are we down here at the bottom?"

"I dunno, we kinda messed up on the stairs." Star remarked, as AVGN hopped back into the lacrosse field. "Why does he swear so much?"

"Because he's angry, I guess." Marco said, as AVGN ran as loudly as he could.

AVGN was yelling during his whole run, as he had the strength that Nostalgia Critic with his several injuries couldn't even get and he just slid through the guy...tripping him up and taking the puck for himself.

And he did it, allowing for his team to finally make it through the second challenge in Toronto.

At Pearson, six teams have finally arrived...

"Loose Cannons, you're in 89th and safe!"

Soldier and Demoman were grinning massively and clearly sitting on the side of someone else.

"Bad Girls, you're in 90th and still safe!"

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were somehow content with the two loose cannons on the side of them, as they both knew that they were badass in some ways.

"Hopeful Detectives, you're 91st and safe!"

Makoto and Kyoko were just standing quite a distance from the two bad people, as they weren't willing to get hit for no reason.

"Skaters, you're in 92nd!"

In between the bad girls and the hopeful detectives, the skater duo was just painting the whole

"Dimension travelling duo of teenagers, you're in 93rd!"

These two were just happy to be safe in the competition.

"Angry Critics, you're in 94th and safe!"

These two were clearly pissed off at Don for allowing them to be in that position, as there were two ladies that weren't too surprised at their positions.

"Listen, you just suck." Poison Ivy told the two of them, as they got even madder. "Goddamn, people hate me now because I'm telling too much truth."

"Not really, you somehow missed 30 attempts in the lacrosse challenge and you two aren't weak people." Kyoko told the Bad Girls. "Makoto isn't really the physical type either."

"Shut the fuck up." Poison Ivy said.

"Still on the second challenge, there's still 12 teams that aren't done and making this leg a bit too long and Josuke's really getting to that." Don announced, as the Strong Students came in with a pose and then they were running to the lacrosse challenge.

"Oh no!" Josuke shouted. "I swear, there's like 100 teams."

"Yeah, thanks, genius! We're going to be here for a little while." Megamind remarked, as the blue-skinned superguy was just chilling in doing his wait.

"Well, I'm not! We've got our Stands ready!" Josuke just showed off Crazy Diamond, which was still invisible to everybody...besides a few.

"Nice guys." Megamind remarked, as Minion just chuckled. "Did you know that I could see them?"

The camera couldn't even see Crazy Diamond and The Hand, but the strong students were definitely getting seen by two teams, the reformed villains being one of them.

"How the hell can you see them...besides your big head?" Josuke asked, a little stunned.

"I don't even know why I can see them, but I still can." Megamind quipped with a smile.

While Josuke was just having a fun time throwing quips out there with Megamind, Okuyasu saw a team that probably should have done way better in Toronto.

"Wait, didn't you guys do that KOF thing?" Okuyasu asked. "How the heck are you two down here?"

"Oh yeah, Shingo literally got knocked out by some guy...he was big and he just punched him for some reason." Benimaru said, as Shingo was just up and running. "He's moving his butt unlike you guys, though."

"Damn, man, imagine that. I just forgot where the start line was." Okuyasu said.

"Well, that sucks for you." Shingo said, flexing his muscles. "I'm gonna take this guy down!"

"Take him down, dude!" Okuyasu shouted.

Shingo Yabuki wasn't the first one to wasn't even close, as Minion came into the stomping ground, wherever he wanted and his presence was enough to win the challenge.

"Hello." Minion said, scaring the lacrosse player into moving away, as he picked up the puck. "Yeah, that's understandable."

He got the tip, though and Josuke looked really angry, as Okuyasu was just looking at Megamind, who was freaking out.

"You don't insult his hair, bro." Okuyasu said, genuinely warning Megamind.

"I said that it looked kinda weird, but in a good way. I'm assuming he didn't hear the second half." Megamind just saw Josuke just really getting his puck.

"...I don't know if that's true, though."

Josuke was just running to do a strong shoulder bash and he hit the guy squarely in the middle, considering the random hair insult and he picked up the puck and won the challenge.

"He kinda said my hair looks dumb." Josuke said, as he got the tip.

"Alright...dude." Shingo was shocked.

Shingo Yabuki basically copied one of Kyo's techniques, being the dashing shoulder bash with the lacrosse stick and casually just won the challenge.

"Seriously, though, who would do something like that?" Benimaru asked. "I'm going to assume he accidentally did that."

"Weirdly enough, it was some Russian guy and he was pretty cool." Shingo said. "He talked a lot about muscles, though."

"Huh, nice." Benimaru remarked.

*The Defense Lawyers' confessional*

These two were a little bit unnerved.

"Imagine saying that someone's odd hair is odd and then just getting beat by that guy for it." Phoenix said. "Yeah, I don't know if I can be friends with a guy like that."

"But his hair is awesome, doesn't have a girlfriend and apparently beat up a serial killer." Maya just talked up Josuke. "Those are facts."

"Are they really facts...because that doesn't sound super objective." Phoenix said, in the middle of a serious discussion. "His hair is pretty cool, though."

"Yeah, that's the's still rumours, though." Maya looked more than ready to check Josuke' out.

*Confessional cut*

Once again, Don was starting to feel this leg getting a little bit long for his liking, but there were only a few more teams left.

"Shingo & Benimaru, you're in 95th place!"

"Alright, we're safe!" Shingo shouted, as he jumped for joy and pumped his fist.

"Megamind & Minion, you're in 96th place!"

"I'm not going to lie, I thought we were going to do quite a bit better." Megamind remarked.

"I'm not that surprised, though." Minion answered.

"Josuke & Okuyasu, you're in 97th place!"

The two guys with the stands were just doing what could be considered a bro-pose, as they posed together as a team.

"This is gonna take a while, as the last set of teams are making it happen..."

Back at High Park...

The two teams of lawyers that weren't at Pearson and were still at High Park were having a moment, but it wasn't really a positive one at all.

"What the heck, Edgeworth, I thought you were ahead of me!" Phoenix exclaimed.

"Wright, I thought the same thing looks like we're both struggling with this challenge." Edgeworth said, as Franziska looked angry. "I was right about this not being an easy challenge."

"Well, that's no joke here." Phoenix said, as Maya looked confident. "But I will try."

"I hope you'll complete this challenge, because it is not easy." Miles said, as Franziska finally went on a tear towards the lacrosse player. "With that being said, Franziska, please-"

"-I'm tired of losing to these fools!" Franziska complained. "I am calm at this very moment!"

Franziska "legally" used her whip on the lacrosse player, as she basically just hit 'em in the eyes and then picked up the puck to put it into the goal and obviously...

"Thank you, that was a demonstration for you, Wright. You fool." Franziska told Phoenix, who had a nervous smile now.

"Come on, we have a race to finish." Edgeworth said, pretty tiredly.

The prosecutors were out and Phoenix was in with a beaming smile and some hands that had seen things and done quite a bit of lacrosse, as the lawyer looked ready.

"Yeah, you've got this." Maya exclaimed, practically crossing her fingers for luck. "I believe in you!"

Phoenix just tried his best, as he basically ran after the puck and the player...was still recovering from the eye whip, so he managed to make it through, picking up the puck and then just checking the ring and putting it into the goal.

"Uh, we did it? Is he going to be okay?" Maya asked.

"Yeah, he should be fine." Phoenix said, as the lacrosse guy just got up with his black hair and still fine eyes. "Hopefully, we make it before we lose for good!"

"Then, let's move!" Maya basically dragged her partner/boss along.

And back at Pearson...

"Miles & Franziska, you're both in 98th place!"

The two prosecutors were just there, having a quick sweat from running all of the way from downtown to the western suburbs.

"Phoenix & Maya, you're in 99th place!"

" took forever!" Maya shouted, sweating a lot. "I think we found the right airport, because I can hear this host guy."

"Well, there's going to be a lot more of these in the future." Phoenix told her, very much tired of the show. "Safe to say, we're not getting any brakes."

"You're not that bad at this race. But you should really be prepared for the next leg, because I think we're going there after all of the teams arrive here." Edgeworth said. "I don't expect you'll be going too far."

"Well, just you wait! You're not doing too hot yourself." Phoenix respectfully said.

"That can be said, but we both have unique skills that will help us." Edgeworth said.

Back at it again, there was a whole bunch of people that were either arriving at the second challenge and were at the second challenge and were tired of it.

"The correct angle for the throw shouldn't be that hard to figure out, but at the same time, Beaker...are you okay?" Honeydew was one half of the scientists.

"Meep meep meep." Beaker felt something pretty bad. "Meep."

"Well, we don't have a lot of people here now and there's a few others that are more capable of completing this challenge." Beaker told his partner. "Besides, you're mostly okay."

"Meep meep!"

"Don't you worry, I'm sure that it won't take long."

The scientists were sure of something, as there was quite a few duos that were ready to 'fuck this player up' in a short Filipino-American guy's words and the next one involved.

"Don't be bitch made." Phil shouted. "That's right, I'm declaring some fighting words and he's gonna make them happen!"

"Uh, what if I lose, because-" Jack was just stretching his arms.

"Nah way, man, you're my big cus, bruh!" Phil said, happy to back him up.

"Alright, Phil, let's do this shit!" Jack said, not ready to lose.

Through sheer weight, Jack just managed to bounce off the guy with an accidental push, as he just looked at the puck for a second and then picked it up with the stick.

He had the other guy come in, but he just sorta slapped him by accident and then he basically made the puck shot in there.

"Sorry, man, was just helping my homie out." Jack said, as Phil crossed his arms and sticking his finger out proudly.

Spyro and Hunter weren't that impressed by the move.

*The Animal Heroes' confessional*

These two were confident about something.

"Hey, uh, do you know what I'm about to do?" Spyro asked. "I may not have hands, but I do have a friend."

"Obviously...I am going to have to wash this thing, am I?" Hunter said, not really listening. "Because I came here to win and right here, I'm pretty sure we're losing."

"I wasn't even going to do that...'cause I probably couldn't even pick up the puck with my mouth!" Spyro shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Hunter looked interested in doing the challenge, as he had a lacrosse stick, some arrows that were just there and a player who wanted to stop him and he sped off.

The cheetah was running at speed to do a quick slide to the guy and then picking up the puck to throw it into the goal...especially since it barely landed in there...but it did land.

"Honestly, let's go!" Hunter shouted. "Looks like we're still in this, though we're pretty far down."

"Hey, you two could do it. If he can do it, you can, too!" Spyro encouraged the goofiest team in the game, as Hunter had an irked look.

"Come on, I'm pretty good, those two are looking kinda ordinary!" Hunter told Spyro. "Which doesn't matter, because you're doing okay."

"We are? We're at the bottom of whatever race this is." Max said, looking down on the ground. "I'm just hoping that my dad can do it."

"I can do it! I just need my moves!" Goofy was a little bit nervous.

"Then do those moves, obviously." Max told his dad, still scared of losing.

"Max, I am gonna do them!"

Goofy may have shouted that, but he was kinda as nervous as anyone else would, as he ran into the lacrosse player and just tripped and rolled into the player...allowing for Goofy to get knocked up first.

He just picked the puck up, still being pretty dirty, but he made a high throw that...made it mark into the goal.

"I did it, son." Goofy said, not looking super okay. "Let's get to the Chill Zone together!"

"Dad, are you okay?" Max saw Goofy's slight injury from the trip roll.

"Okay enough to get to the Chill Zone." Goofy replied, just happy to make it.

In Pearson AKA west Toronto...

"Phil & Jack, I don't know how you're in 100th place, but you're safe anyways!"

The two dudes were just crossing their arms with their hands out, these two sure of their future performance.

"Spyro & Hunter, you two have made it to 101st place!"

Spyro was just hanging on top of Hunter's head, as these two were trying to have some fun in the middle of the bottom ten.

"Max & Goof, you're in 102nd place!"

The father and son team were happy, even with Goofy having some injuries on his face.

"Seriously, though, chill with the ridiculous moves!" Don announced. "I can't just instantly heal these guys!"

"'re right!" Spyro shouted.

"Sorry, Don!" Goofy apologised.

"We kinda messed them up here." Jack remarked.

"And now we're at the very bottom, the sun is going down, the lacrosse players are getting tired and there's still like seven teams that are trying!" Don announced. "Well, six."

"Finally, onii-chan!" Yuka shouted. "We're definitely going to lose, if you suck too much!"

"I'm just trying my hardest to make it through, Yuka! Which I will do!" Satoshi had confidence, considering that he survived several haunted schools.

"Okay, then, you do it." Rocko said. "We're both at the bottom."

"You're an ugly animal!" Yuka complained, as Rocko was feeling something rise within him. "My brother's going to make it, as you can see!"

"Well, let's see it." Rocko said, very much bothered.

Satoshi was just...some guy, but he was a guy that had survival skills and a roll that allowed him to get under the lacrosse player and tripped him up and just picked up the puck with the messed up roll.

The guy fell down and then got up with the puck...besides the throw, which was eh, but it got a goal.

"Onii-chan, you did it!" Yuka shouted. "I wasn't going to do it anyways."

"Well, that's good." Satoshi said, as Rocko didn't look too happy. "I'll be going."

"Yeah, you better get ready to have competition!" Yuka exclaimed.

"And I think we're it." Satoshi said.

The school survivors left the working class guys stunned, though Rocko was about to do his own Filburt was nervously shaking together, as his friend was about to do it.

He was going to the other side, trying to dodge the big ol' guy and ensuring that he was able to do some more action with Rocko getting the puck...running as fast as he could to get away from the rest.

Rocko barely managed to stop before the goal line, as the puck got thrown by his forward momentum and he did it.

"Finally, I hope we're not eliminated." Filburt said, seeing the other four teams just hang out here.. "I've counted the number of teams here on one hand."

"Isn't it two? There's like...oh, yeah." Rocko remarked.

"Rocko & Filburt, you're in 103rd place and safe!"

These two were just in there, standing carefully.

"Satoshi & Yuki, you two are in 104th place, surviving another day! Two of them...will survive, while the other three are not!" Don exclaimed, as the bottom five had finally settled and the competition to get into the roll.

"So, what do you do for a living?" Satoshi asked.

"Work in a comic and manga shop." Filburt said. "It's not as simple as it sounds."

"Yeah, we're basically studying in not haunted schools." Satoshi remarked.

"Jonesy & Jude, you're in 105th!" Don announced. "Also, how did you get here?"

"That's right, we're just starting the comeback!" Jonesy shouted.

"We kinda dipped out of the episode, no big deal." Jude casually said.

The two surviving teams and the two eliminated teams that actually have a chance

"Holy cow, we finally made it back here!" Inspector Gadget shouted, as there was four teams that were doing their best competition. "I swear there's like 110 teams or something."

"Well, it's actually 109, but you were really close." Honeydew remarked, as Inspector Gadget was checking something and Isabelle nodded.

"Yeah and we're not going to lose." Inspector Gadget said, as Isabelle was a little bit nervous. "Don't you worry, little girl."

"Well, I'm an adult that can do things and works really hard!" Isabelle declared.

Suddenly the Don Box screeched, as a voice was coming out of it.

"Hey, teams, only two of you will make it through today and three of you...won't. That's it!" Don told the four teams that had been doing this challenge for a while or had arrived.

The scientists, helper siblings, agent-stopping animals and cyborg and kid duos were all trying their very best to make it through the early sunset, as the final four weren't scared of elimination.

"Bullwinkle, can we-" Rocky wanted to ask something.

"No time, Rocky, we've got to clear this thing!" Bullwinkle exclaimed.

"I was going to say that I wanted to do it." Rocky said, as Bullwinkle gave a thumbs up. "'s not my turn, though."

"Hahaha, hope we're not too late." Bullwinkle said.

There was some whole load of commotion and a few failed attempts that came from all of the teams, Rocky, Digby, Beaker and Inspector Gadget doing the attempts...things became way better the second time around.

Rocky was a moose (of the agent stopping animals) and he used his strength to knock the guy down with a push and he picked up his puck to complete the challenge successfully.

Next, Digby may not have had strength, but he could do sports fine and he simply did fine in the challenge, not doing anything too crazy...especially since the guy was reeling from Rocky's antler charge.

Thirdly, Beaker was really...really...trying his best, but through what could be considered a miracle, he ducked under the guy and grabbed the puck and just ran awkwardly with a yell into the goal.

Before he fell down.

"Oh, he's good!" Rocky shouted.

"I wasn't expecting him to do that, but I'm glad he did." Honeydew remarked.

And finally, Inspector Gadget had a hat that occasionally didn't work properly and this was one of the occasions, as he rocketed forward before picking up the puck at speed and then...doing an awkward side throw, or else, he'd have to do it again.

This meant that the agent-stopping animals, the helper siblings, the scientists and the cyborg and kid were leaving the second challenge in that specific the final part of the Toronto race was on.

"Though it's only four of the five teams, the race is very much close...who will continue onto Orillia?!"

Isabelle and Digby were somehow holding up the big map that they were taking their directions from, as they were getting a lot of squeals and people saying that they were cute.

Inspector Gadget and Penny were taking a view from the skies to finally figure where they were really going, as they were...going in not that direction before, hitting the ground running.

Honeydew and Beaker were just trying to take a shortcut with their GPS aka their phone, as they were really taking the directions into consideration as they were going west towards Pearson Airport.

And finally, Rocky and Bullwinkle were attempting to pull some moves, as Bullwinkle took to the low skies to check out the area and Rocky was going somewhere slightly different.

Through good directions, two teams were coming ahead on the other two and Don could easily see them.

"And here they are now, still kinda close!"

The helper siblings and the scientists were running as fast as they could to make sure that the cyborg and kid duo wasn't going to do just that and that the agent stopping animals couldn't do it.

Thing is...though, Inspector Gadget trip on a rock, which caused Penny to stop to see him pick himself up.

"I'm okay. Not sure about the race." Inspector Gadget just kept on going.

"And wow, it's actually kinda close!"

The agent-stopping animals were even a whole meter behind the scientists, as the two teams were just resting...but Beaker's yell basically made the bad news.

"MEEEEP!" Beaker yelled, making Don cover his ears. "Meeep..."

"Yeah, we cut it real close there. How the heck are you two okay, though?" Bullwinkle just wanted to ask the scientists something.

"I'm not." Honeydew said. "I can see that you're behind, though."

"Dang it, you're right!" Bullwinkle shouted, very much sad.

"Isabelle & Digby, you're in 106th place!"

Both of the hard-working dogs were just taking a seat on the benches, almost out of breath.

"Dr. Honeydew & Dr. Beaker, you two are in 107th place and the last team to be safe!"

"Looks like science will survive another day on the Ridonculous Race." Dr. Honeydew said. "I'm just hoping that we make it farther than the Geniuses did."

"Meep meep meep meep." Beaker was in an optimistic mood.

"It's not too impossible for us to lose, but the chances of that happening are still low." Dr. Honeydew was basically calculating. "So much sweat for one part of the race."

"Meep...meep meep meep."

"You're right, being on this show does take a lot of energy."

*The Helper Siblings' confessional*

Isabelle and Digby were both excited for the future legs and also very tired.

"We finally did it and we were not eliminated as well. Isabelle, I think we're going to do some good things in the future!" Digby shouted. "We've worked pretty hard to get here and we're going to work hard to make it to the end."

"Seriously, I'm pretty sure our invitation got stolen two times and both times, I had to resort to measures to snatch them back from the thieves! Smashing measures." Isabelle said, a bit too serious about the invitation.

"Wait, I thought that it got mixed up both times." Digby stated, finally remembering something

"I'm sorry to those two guys, they probably got there by accident." Isabelle said, covering her eyes.

*Confessional cut*

"Rocky & Bullwinkle, Inspector Gadget & Penny, you two have been eliminated from this super race!" Don announced from the Chill Zone, as both teams groaned in frustration...considering that the latter was one trip away from safety.

"We were so close!" Rocky shouted, as Bullwinkle got up. "It was like...kinda close."

"Yeah, we were both kinda close now!" Inspector Gadget complained. "Penny, I hope that whoever the evil guys are doing the business are stopped!"

"Same thing goes for you. There's no way that evil people are hanging out, though I don't think it broke your GPS." Bullwinkle said, just adjusting his hat.

"Inspector, we really tried our best and now we're just here with the rest." Penny said. "At least we can see Canada on our own."

"Hey...we've been in Canada a lot, so there's a whole bunch of places here." Bullwinkle said. "We've got our own bad guys to beat."

"Really, that must suck for you. Sometimes, you just have to take a rest." Rocky was just chilling on the chair.

"Yeah and I don't mind taking a rest." Inspector Gadget said.

The two teams were just accepting their fate together, though they were still pretty sad.

"Do you think we can team up sometime?" Bullwinkle asked.

"Yeah, you two seem cool!" Penny shouted.

"Not gonna lie, that's pretty wholesome. Now, if you excuse me..."

The final team that had a chance were at High Park and they were sitting down, waiting for their inevitable elimination.

"Mice AKA Pinky & The Brain...I'm not surprised that you were in last place, so go home please." Don told them, as they just managed to get to High Park.

"No, we're going to go home on our own terms!" Pinky shouted. "Let's go home, Brain."

"This is literally your fault, Pinky." Brain grumbled. "Though we could've ruled the world this way."

"I'd still want a girlfriend, though, because she would be hot." Pinky said. "And have things that I would like."

"It's back to the drawing board..."

"Uh, we just eliminated a bunch of mice! Will there be eliminations more inevitable than this or will the eliminations be controversial? What the heck kind of challenges do Northern Ontario have? And finally, how is this possible? Find out next time...on A Really Ridonculous Race!"

To be continued in the next episode with these 107 teams continuing on, as while three may have gone home...there's 107 more that are moving onto the next round and the next round's still in Ontario...just in a different part of it.

The First Coach to Orillia (...basically already started):

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia (Half an hour after the first coach):

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)
36th: The Women Fighters (Kasumi & Mai, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury)
37th: The Mystery Solvers (Shaggy & Scooby, Scooby Doo)
38th: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)
39th: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil Meets Daniel Mouse)
40th: The Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)
41st: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)
42nd: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

The Third Coach to Orillia (An hour after the first coach):

43rd: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)
44th: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)
45th: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)
46th: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)
47th: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)
48th: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)
49th: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
50th: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)
51st: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)
52nd: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)
53rd: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)
54th: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)
55th: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)
56th: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)
57th: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)
58th: The Lesbian Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)
59th: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)
60th: The Volleyball Geniuses (Haikyuu, Kenma Kozume & Tetsuro Kuroo)
61st: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)
62nd: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)
63rd: The Bro Cooks (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)
64th: The Weapon Masters (Raz & Gilgamesh, Ice Age & Dissidia Final Fantasy)

The Fourth Coach to Orillia (1 and a half hours after the first coach):

65th: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)
66th: The Wet Bandits/Former Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)
67th: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)
68th: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)
69th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
70th: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)
71st: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)
72nd: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)
73rd: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)
74th: The Noble Thieves (Sly Cooper & Bentley, Sly Cooper)
75th: The High-School Fighters (Kanji & Chie, Persona 4)
76th: The Cautious Heroes (Seiya & Ristarte, Cautious Hero)
77th: The Heroic Teens (Casey & April, TMNT 2012)
78th: The Father & Son (Homer & Bart, Simpsons)
79th: The Star Warriors (Kirby & Meta Knight, Kirby)
80th: The Internet Hosts (Wizard & Boomstick, Death Battle)
81st: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)
82nd: The Monsters (Sully & Mike, Monsters Inc.)
83rd: The Ordinary Sisters (Leni, Lori and Luna Loud, The Loud House)
84th: The Cute Couple (Mickey & Minnie Mouse)
85th: The Cul-de-Sac Schemers (Edd & Eddy, Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy)
86th: The Adventuring Animals (Banjo & Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie)

The Final Coach to Orillia (2 hours after the first coach):

87th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobyashi's Dragon Maid)
88th: The Mage Soldiers (Tanya & Viktoria, The Saga of Tanya The Evil)
89th: The Loose Cannons (Soldier & Demoman, Team Fortress 2)
90th: The Bad Girls (Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn 2020)
91st: The Hopeful Detectives (Makoto & Kyoko, Dangonronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)
92nd: The Skaters (Jet Set Radio, Beat & Gum)
93rd: The Dimension Travellers (Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz, Star VS. The Forces of Evil)
94th: The Angry Critics (Nostalgia Critic & Angry Video Game Nerd)
95th: The Upstart Fighters (Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru, King of Fighters '99)
96th: The Reformed Villains (Megamind & Minion, Megamind)

97th: The Strong Students (Josuke Higashikata & Okuyasu Nijimura, JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)
98th: The Prosecutors (Miles Edgeworth & Franziska Von Karma, Ace Attorney)
99th: The Defense Lawyers (Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey, Ace Attorney)
100th: The Lazy Guys (Phil & Jack, The Nutshack)
101st: The Animal Heroes (Spyro & Hunter, Spyro The Dragon)
102nd: The Goofy Team (Max & Goofy, A Goofy Movie)
103rd: The Working Class Guys (Rocko & Filburt, Rocko's Modern Life)
104th: The School Survivors (Satoshi & Yuka, Corpse Party)
105th: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)
106th: The Scientists (Dr. Beaker & Dr. Honeydew, Muppets)
107th: The Helper Siblings (Isabelle & Digby, Animal Crossing)

Sent Home From Toronto (aka eliminated from the race):

108th: The Agent-Stopping Animals (Rocky & Bullwinkle)
109th: The Cyborg & The Kid (Inspector Gadget & Penny, Inspector Gadget)
110th: The Mice (Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs)

Well, the next episode will be shorter and will be updated more consistently, as I'll get used to this.

Because, these updates have not be this infrequent (Took me five months to finish one episode , but that's going to be different now)

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 2: Out In The Towns
Part 1: The Small City Start

In Northern Ontario, there's going to be 107 teams that are going to take on Canada's country roads in the middle of summer and some of them will be cool and others will not be cool!

Either way, it's finally finished, done and over with and so...the race has really started with these teams and the Sunshine City of Ontario is ready to drop its first challenge on everybody!

But...I don't know about this story, which has a ridiculous amount of teams and I haven't been updating it frequently (The second episode taking eight months to come out, while my Total Drama fic's on the eighth episode in six months)

I want this to be the final Ridonculous Race season that I start, but...I'll think about that once this part's out.

So yeah, let's just get this part running.

"Last time on A Really Ridonculous Race, we've hit the big 100 and then some with the teams and wherever it's a mistake or not, we were back in Toronto with a real remix! These 110 teams had to suffer through going downstairs through the CN Tower, which is ridiculous and then they had to play a bit of lacrosse, which isn't that ridiculous!"

"Either way, there was still 110 teams, so a few teams had to go home either back to Toronto or back to wherever they came from and all of the duos AND trios worked hard to make it!"

"That specific team was the cyborg and kid, who were definitely a real pair and also, the agent-stopping animals and the mice were eliminated as well." Don announced. "And we've got these 107 safe teams that are doing the thing, so it will be..."

Don's teeth shined in the sun.

"...A Really Ridonculous Race!"

insert boring intro here, because this is an RR fic, so there's no intro needed...just pretend that the many teams will be scrolling along the screen!

There was five different coaches, taking about 22 or so teams towards the next location...or more than likely, it was taking them towards some place where they could all camp and ensure that they had some good rest.

After all, racing on someone else's dime has to take quite a lot of sacrifices to make through for the winning team.

"Last time, the Kombatants were the ones to take the lead and this time, they're leading the episode off!" Don announced, as Liu Kang and Kitana were back with the steeliest of eyes and the proudest of poises.

*The Kombatants' confessional*

Kitana and Liu Kang were standing together.

"I bring my fighting arts to the realms and she's the fighting queen." Liu Kang said with confidence. "We've both got our roles, but we're both fighting pretty decently today."

"What matters is that we can fight any challenge within this race and winning." Kitana stated. "And of course, this race will be easy for us two."

*Confessional cut*

The deadly couple were looking determined to take the competition where it could go in Ontario.

"Didn't you say that we're going to Orillia yesterday?" Kitana asked.

"Yes, that definitely happened." Liu Kang confidently nodded.

Don was just taken aback for a second, as he forgot something.

"Never mind."

The host just took it in good spirit.

"Orillia, one of the biggest cities in Central Ontario and a city that's between two lakes. It used to be a fishing town a few millenia ago, but now it's a small town-ish city with a old-school charms, an old museum and boats on both sides! The teams aren't going to see the boats in this Mariposa...yet!" Don announced, as the twenty-two leading teams were running into their coach...after they managed to get a good rest somewhere and some ridiculous budget got fufilled. "Seriously, how are you going to fit all of these people?"

There was a whole bunch on the coach that were more than excited for the location, as there was cheers, nervous jeers, bad smells and a whole bunch of sweating in between.

"Aw yeah, Orillia's a city with two lakes!" Tails shouted.

"Man...I love big water space." Sonic said, his words failing him.

"Come on, it's not like we're diving in there." Tails said.

"Eh, it's cool." Sonic remarked, still sweating a whole Knuckles punched him on the shoulder.

Emphasis was on punch, as Sonic got knocked back into the office workers, who were a little nervous from dealing with all of the chaos.

"Damn, we're really not lucky to be here." Retsuko stated, as the red panda felt really tired of dodging random hits. "Everyone's just in a bad mood over here."

"Honestly, you can get used to it." Fenneko said, as she caught a random hat. "Hey, fashion blogging lovers, what's happening?"

"I don't even know. It's like everyone wanted to be a girlboss and didn't care that being a girlboss sucks." Jen answered Fenneko.

"Sure, I know that." Fenneko gave her the hat. "I'm just chilling."

"How the heck are you chilling here?" Jen looked more than surprised.

"Uh, I am." Fenneko said in a monotone.

The first group teams were just hanging out in the leading bus...trying their best to ignore the questionable smells coming from some of the contestants and some of them weren't surprised.

"Um, did you wash?" Akaashi asked, noticing Bokuto's smell.

"Nah, I'm bringing out my manly musk!" Bokuto exclaimed, the white-haired volleyball player having that smell. "I think it's attracting the ladies!"

"...It sure is." Mako sarcastically said, closing his nostril.

"Man, you're a good friend!" Bokuto said. "...Bolin, dude?"

"I think you reek, though." Bolin said, a little bit scared.

"...Yeah, you're right, but it's pretty manly." Bokuto stated.

"Yeah, it's pretty manly." Bolin remarked.

The volleyball players and the bending brothers were definitely the only ones that were noticing something weird with this, as there was a duo that didn't care about the smells.

*The Stunt Truckers' confessional*

The two of them were extremely excited.

"Listen up, Buddy Thunderstruck's got this race in the bag and I'm gonna carry it to the end and get some money to...amp up my truck!" Buddy shouted with some focus.

"Yeah, Buddy, you get that money and boost your truck!" Darrell cheered on Buddy.

"Hold on, new stuff needs new tools and you're gonna get those new tools!" Buddy said. "Darrell, get ready."

"I'm ready as I'll ever be!" Darrell exclaimed, spinning a drill. "I'm gonna fix some truck up!"

*Confessional cut*

"But at the back of the race and on the last coach, things become a little bit more complicated than usual!"

"Man, Josuke, we barely survived by the skin of our teeth!" Okuyasu shouted. "What do you think I'm going to do?"

"What else do we do? We keep on moving ahead!" Josuke said.

"Yeah, that's right." Okuyasu remarked.

"It's right." Josuke said.

The strong students weren't the only one strategizing with their own food in their hands, as there was a few that also did that.

"Aw, fuck yeah, we're strategizing up right now!" Phil felt his second wind. "We survived that shit, so we've gotta plan."

"Isn't not losing a plan on its own?" Jack asked. "And we need to beat the challenge."

"Bruh, you watched this show shouldn't be that hard." Phil complained.

"Yeah, man, we're just going to try and win." Jack just put it simply.

The two teams may have been in the same aisle, but they weren't even remotely looking at each every other coach had left and this coach had all of the teams with terrible chances of winnings.

But it wasn't impossible, which was important for two teams that were deciding to hang out together.

"Well, what do you do for work?" Goofy asked. "I just kinda take photos and go on crazy adventures."

"I sell comics and have bad job security." Filburt answered, nervously.

"Yeah...that's funny!" Goofy said. "...It's serious?"

"Very serious, but I do have a job." Filburt said, a little bit scared of his boss firing back.

"Uh, nice!" Goofy's mood got completely thrown off by the obvious. "My son's here because it was summer break and we didn't have enough to travel the world!"

"That's pretty cool, we're just doing our thing!" Rocko exclaimed. "So see ya guys!"

Max came back from listening to some good old Nirvana in the bathroom to see the working-class guys leave the conversation.

"Dad, what did I miss?" Max asked very quickly and in a good mood.

*The Working-Class Guys' confessional*

Rocko looked confused, as Filburt was sure of something.

"What was that about? They seem like pretty nice people!" Rocko said.

"I know they're nice, but I just wanted to make sure that we'd make it past the next leg on our own." Filburt stated. "And I don't want to get fired!"

"I mean, we're working an good job, so there's no way that we're getting fired." Rocko said, trying to not think of that.

*Confessional cut*

"As the final coach finally leaves Pearson in Toronto, the first coach finally arrives with the eager and not sleepy contestants..."

"...just outside of Orillia, the Mariposa of Ontario!" Don announced.

Speaking of the leaders, there was a whole bunch that were running towards wherever the first challenge was and others that were asking the more important questions.

"Wait, I'm pretty sure that we're just outside Orillia." Tails remarked.

"I'm pretty sure that we're just outside the first challenge as well, so it's cool." Sonic said right back.

The fastest trio in the game managed to get a good lead on everybody, even the domiant kombatants and...

"Wow, how the heck are they so fast?" Yun remarked, smiling at the very tough competition.

"I'm pretty sure they're aliens, so they're probably just faster." Yang just said.

There was many contestants that were just running to get to the first challenge and of course, the first challenge was not that far away and...Knuckles just ran into the Don Box.

And picked up with his sticky arm.

"Uh, where's the Don Box? I got-" Knuckles just got a tip. "-I think I have it."

"And he's not joking either." Liu Kang said, pulling off the Don Box. "Please tell me it's not broken!"

The kombatants got the first tip for the first challenge and it was a pretty simple one, as both Tails and Liu Kang read it out nearly simulteanously, but Don had a job to do.

"Alright, it's a Botch-Or-Watch! Lumberjack Cutback!" Tails shouted. "Sonic, this challenge is for you!"

"In Canada, lumberjacks exists...a lot of them to be exact, so in a homage to all of those guys, whoever didn't play some 1-on-1 lacrosse...has to cut a hard-to-cut chunk of a tree and for the record, it's sustainable and nailed down!" Don announced the challenge. "For trios, it's who would be next in member order."

Don then went up to a very muscular guy who had red hair and definitely looked like a stereotypical lumberjack, plaid, overalls and steel toe-capped boot.

"The tip's under the nailed piece of wood and you give it to this guy in a good mood!" Don said.

"At least it's free money." The lumberjack said...before seeing the first teams to get to it. "Wait, isn't there like a hundred teams?"

There was many that weren't ready for the challenge and others that were actually ready for it and Fenneko was attempting to handle the axe.

"This isn't so bad." Fenneko just held up the axe. "Just gotta-"

The wood didn't cut.

"This is going to take only a short while." Fenneko said in a monotone.

"Okay, sounds good!" Retsuko had a lot of hope...though the sweat was apparent. "It should take-"

Akaashi with his somewhat messy black hair only chipped part of the log cut.

"I'm hoping that doesn't take forever!" Bokuto shouted. "Akaashi, get through it!"

The officer workers realised that they were in a bit of massive trouble, as they started sweating quite a bit more and some others adapted well to the challenge.

"Wood, time to be cut!" Kirishima shouted, preparing his arms. "AAARRGHHH!"

"Quit doing that, it's not gonna help." Bakugo Kirishima did the swing and it cut the thing in one shot. "Good job, extra."

"Hey, it's a team effort." The red-haired hero said, trying to cheer his friend and lift off the wood. "We're first."

The student heroes were, indeed, Kirishima lifted up the wood and Bakugo snatched the tip.

"Yeah, that's right, you guys better move it!" Bakugo shouted, before Alejandro came up to him. "Huh?"

"Well, we moved it and did it without breaking a nail." Heather said, definitely angering Bakugo. "What's your problem?"

"What's your problem-" Bakugo wanted to ask, as Kirishima was just holding him back.

"Look, just because you were on Total Drama, doesn't mean you have to be a villain to everybody." Kirishima said. "Chill out for a leg or two."

Heather was about to shout something, as Alejandro just stopped an unwise insult coming from her mouth.

"Well, we will. After all, we're not in a fighting mood." Alejandro said. "We're just here to be the best team."

"Bring it on, man." Kirishima said.

The student heroes and the power couple were just running together, as the rest of the teams were attempting to cut a thick trunk, somehow rotating it and lift a tip up...which was very hard.

"Mako, you can do it!" Bolin shouted. "You're my brother, so I gotta believe in you!"

"That's great and all, but this axe isn't...good." Mako just got the axe stuck. "This shouldn't take that long."

"No, it shouldn't!" Sonic exclaimed. "It should be easy and cool for guys like me, who are fast!"

The bending brothers were looking at the fastest friend with an confused eye, as Sonic was still struggling in the challenge.

"Come on, Luigi, it's all in the technique...I think." Mario backed his brother up.

"What technique?" Luigi asked, wiping the sweat off his brows. "This is just really hard."

Luigi swung at it again, as did Kitana who just cut it on her third try and stayed poised.

"How do you do it?" Luigi asked Liu Kang.

"Stay focused on cutting your log." Kitana stated. "Other than that, I wouldn't give advice."

"Yeah, strong guys like Buddy are gonna-" Darrell didn't even cut the log. "-cut it quickly!"

The good majority of the first-coach teams weren't really doing too well, as aside from Alejandro, Kitana and Kirishima, they didn't have the strength, the technique or even the finesse to cut the thick log.

Except for a few who had all three of them, or so they said.

"Yeah, dude! You loosened up your muscles, so they're like Lightning's muscles!" Lightning exclaimed.

"Shut up, Brightening. You'd have disqualified us with your impatient butt." Jo remarked, as she got the tip from under the wood without that much effort.



The jock rivals were part of the leading set of teams to move onto the second challenge and they were wasting no time losing.

*The Noodle Twins' confessional*

Yun and Yang were both pressed for answers, as the former was complaining.

"Come on, Yang, I thought you were the strongest of us two! And you couldn't even cut some wood." Yun mocked Yang playfully.

"For the record, you'd be struggling too."

Yun looked at his brother with a gasp.

"It's not like you would instantly win either, which you did say you would do."

"Hey, hey, I didn't know that this was the challenge!"

*Confessional cut*

The other eighteen teams that were trying to get ahead in this super-sized Ridonculous Race...were really trying, but some of them were a bit worn of those teams were also shouting a lot.

"Go, Chet!" Lorenzo shouted for his brother.

Chet took the swing again and once again, he only managed to cut it a bit.

"Man, Lorenzo, this is really hard! But I've done harder stuff before!" Chet exclaimed.

"Let's do it, then!"

The stepbrothers had enthusiasm and a lot of strength to beat the challenge, as did a good chunk of the teams and like most of them, they were definitely struggling in some parts.

And then several more went through, as they found the secret technique of hitting it really hard and just pulling the wood off.

"Well, it's our turn to be in a good place!" MacArthur boasted, as Sanders just took the tip and a splinter. "Oooh, nice."

"Not really, but I'll take it." Sanders remarked, just picking out the splinters. "What the heck, the two medieval teams beat us?"

"Yes, we did. What's your problem?" Richter asked, as Maria spat at them. "No, nothing's wrong with them!"

MacArthur just got heated to fight with Richter, who raised an eyebrow.

And the soul warriors were moving far on ahead to whatever the second challenge was...with the vampire slayers right behind them, both sure that they were in a different age.

*Soul Warriors' confessional*

Cassandra was in the middle of something, as Siegfried was in a very frustrated mood.

"Can't you believe that we rode in that vehicle that needed no horses! Siegfried, there's so much to experience wherever we are!" Cassandra said, enthusiastically. "I completed the axe challenge."

"Yes, but I feel that the Soul Edge has also been sent here." Siegfried remarked, as the knight looked solemn. "Even in here."

"...I don't know what you're feeling, but this not so durable bottle of water could help!" Cassandra just gave the water to the knight, Siegfried opening it and taking the water.

*Confessional cut*

"As the first set of challengers had arrived, the second set are still in some kind of light traffic!" Don announced, before the traffic became a little more apparent. "Okay, it's not that light, but not heavy!"

It was now thirty minutes since the first set of teams arrived in Simcoe County and doing some lumberjack stuff and these teams weren't that far from arriving there...but the traffic somehow got on people's nerves.

"Nah, nigga, my flow's working out!" Thugnificent was on the grind. "You just ain't hearing it from me, 'cause it's not ready!"

"Yeah, no shit it ain't ready!" Barret shouted. "You ain't even writing down anything."

"Shit, gotta use my creative process!" Thugnificent said.

"Uh-huh." Barret dismissed the guy before going back to his teammate. "See ya at the finish line."

"Wait, what the fuck..." Thugnificent said. "...Leonard, don't even say a thing."

"Nah, man, I wasn't." Leonard was a little bit shocked.

The coach was chock full of random discussion between teams that had allied with each other.

" you ones?" JFK asked Kazuma, who looked real interested.

"Yeah, but only if the person's cool." Kazuma remarked.

"Aw yeah, got a fellow melon-loving friend!" JFK proclaimed.

"Heck yeah, I've got a good sense of checking team members out." Kazuma said, as Megumi was just grumbling about not being appreciated or something. "She might do one spell, but she's got...spunk."

"Whoa, whoa...whoa...whoa, where's the other party people?!" JFK shouted at Kazuma, considering that Megumi was...young.

"They're both hanging out together, as there's this lady named Darkness that-" Kazuma just explained, as Megumi and Cleo were both looking jealous.

"-Oh yeah, they were in that weird Total Drama Ultimate thing! Er-uh, okay..." JFK finally read the room, as the other teams were a little bit tired of his words.

The shield hero and servant guy were a little bit stunned at the conversation because the sarcastic NEET and the cloned jock, as how it started was weird.

*The House Servants' confessional*

Subaru and Rem were...kinda weirded out at the conversation.

"Come on, Rem, I wouldn't talk about Emilia-tan like that! We're supporting each other!" Subaru said defensively.

"I mean that you might be the type of person to say that...when you're drunk." Rem said. "That's what I said."

"Oh...yeah...don't worry about me, I respect her too much and trust me, there's a lot that I've been through that would help." Subaru said. "But we've got a challenge to do."

"It has been since I got eaten and you've definitely grown...a bit!" Rem was just beaming. "But you should work your best."

"Okay, Rem!" Subaru declared.

*The Rough Youngsters' confessional*

Raphtalia and Naofumi weren't impressed.

"If I talked about my teammates that way, I'd be dead...because I do have shame unlike that guy." Raphtalia said. "But they're both getting along, master!"

"I don't know, I think it just could be talking about breasts. Which is painfully weird and really stupid." Naofumi explained, as he didn't look too impressed.

*Confessional cut*

"With seven of the teams making it through the second challenge, the rest are struggling to catch up, before the second coach was arrives!"

The former cadets, the soul warriors, the jock rivals, the student heroes, the kombatants, the vampire slayers and the finally, the stepbrothers were the seven that made it through.

"Yeah, Chet! You did it with bro power!" Lorenzo declared. "Let's do the same in the next challenge!"

"Okay, let's go, bro! Man, I can't believe you suck at this challenge." Chet proclaimed.

"Chet, let's just go." Lorenzo just shrugged, as Chet was just getting on ahead. "Alright, time to ride some boats!"

"Yeah, let's do this." Chet proclaimed.

The stepbrothers were the seventh...and the eighth was a bit of a surprise, as Akaashi finally managed to make it out and Mako just looked surprised at the guy's axe swings.

" did you do it?" Bolin asked, borderline scared.

"I just swung it with technique." Akaashi nonchalantly stated.

"You don't even have special powers, yet you still did it!" Bolin praised the guy. "Bokuto, how did this guy do it?"

"I wish I knew!" Bokuto shouted. "Straight to the top, baby!"

"Calm down, Bokuto, I did some axe moves." Akaashi remarked, as...Mako cut his wood. "Mako, I'm glad you did it too."

"Thanks, but we're still rival teams. Just trying my best." Mako said right back.

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Katie and Sadie were both a bit nervous.

"Oh my gosh, Katie, I can't believe that we're still in this and nine other teams got ahead of us." Sadie said, a little bit scared. "And we're staying positive."

"Yeah, but I've been doing it for 25 minutes and I haven't, like, made a mark on that piece of wood!" Katie shouted with some frustration.

"But we've been doing stuff for 5 years." Sadie said. "You've gotten some experience cutting wood!"

"Yeah, you're right." Katie stated.

*Confessional cut*

The best female friends and the stunt drivers were both working on the first challenge, as the other teams were feeling a little bit the many teams were working working out their differences.

"Uh, Darrell, you're working that hard and the thing still ain't cutting." Buddy stated. "But you're the mechanic in here!"

"Yeah, thanks, Buddy!" Darrell proclaimed. "This thing has got to cut sometime."

"It sure will!" Buddy stated.

"Pro tip: it take forever and it eat away at your very soul and then make your hands look like this." Chowder said, as the guy had some...injured hands. "Be warned."

Buddy and Darnell were looking at him, as the mechanic dog was still cutting and finally managed to get it open, which got Chowder shocked.

"What's your secret?!" Chowder was in awe.

"Uh, I drive trucks?" Darrell said. "And being with Buddy Thunderstruck!"

"Heck yeah, now we're moving on." Buddy said.

The stunt drivers were now the tenth team to move the second bus finally arrived at the location, some of them were in the middle of snoring and others instantly hopping out.

"Though ten of the first bus may have arrived, all of the second bus are either energised or aren't even aware of the location stay tuned...for the second challenge, which is partially on these boats!" Don announced.

To be continued in the next part with the more of the first and second challenge adding onto the small town with a tough challenge and with these 107 teams, the race becomes a little bit hotter and a bit louder...despite the fact that there's no more teams changing!

Chapter Text

A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 2: Out In The Towns
Part 2: Lakeside Leaps

The second challenge finally reveals itself and this time, it involves the Canadian countryside and the many teams that have ahead of the rest are...about to get themselves into a bucking situation!

Yeah, it might have taken a while to get this going, but the lake will take even longer for these teams to cross!

So, let's see what the second challenge is...and I've decided that I'm going to make this go as long as I can (considering that I've on my fourth super-sized Ridonculous Race crossover and my second super-sized Total Drama crossover, it shouldn't be that hard...actually, it's very hard)

Also, I'm not going to make schedule promises (This literally got delayed so much because I didn't want to work on it for a while.)

"And we're back with the second coach arriving on time and ready to leap over most of the first coach's teams!" Don announced, as the Ridonculous Race host looked more than motivated. "Seriously, they should step it up a bit!"

While ten of the leading teams were long gone from the first challenge, the rest were joined by people that were more than willing to mock them.

"What's that? I thought you were the best of the best! Wait, until you see my challenge doing!" Donkey proclaimed, despite being a donkey.

Shrek just groaned, as Donkey was just ready to sit.

"Wait, don't you have...only a mouth or something?" Jen asked.

"This mouth's going to do better than you have ever done!" Donkey proclaimed.

"I mean, you were the one who claimed that." Tom remarked.

Donkey just held the axe in his mouth, but he swung his head up and then down and he actually cut it pretty well and Shrek wasn't that surprised.

"Okay, that's actually impressive." Jen answered. "But I gotta focus on my own challenge right now."

"Alright, I'm gonna nail this!" Donkey bragged, before the axe...just hurt his teeth, even if it managed to cut all of the way through. "AUGH, my jaw!"

"Holy...are you good?" Shrek just saw Donkey just jump in pain.

"Nah, man, my teeth is in pain, my thing is in pain, it hurts a lot..." Donkey wanted to say more, but his teeth was really hurting. " you wouldn't believe."

"Yeah, it's okay. This piece of wood isn't going to-" Shrek just his friend cut through the thick log with strength and teeth pain. "-Donkey, do you need a potion?"

Donkey just fell down to the ground in pain, as Shrek just picked him up.

And the fashion bloggers were watching this like it wasn't a big deal, despite them not being used to it.

*The Fashion Bloggers' confessional*

"I mean, if there was a talking donkey, which is still crazy by the way, he'd definitely do donkey things." Jen said. "Like, he'd used his mouth."

"Imagine if I was the next team to carry that, I'd be kinda mad that the thing isn't sanitised!" Tom declared. "And kinda ugly looking."

"It's an axe, Tom, it's all kinda ugly looking." Jen remarked. "Still can't believe we're stuck, though."

*Confessional cut*

There was eleven teams on the way to the second challenge and the numbers were only going up, as the stronger teams had...arm strength and cutting strength in spades.

"We're up against a lot of strong teams on our bus!" Shawn shouted.

"Yeah, I really noticed." Jasmine remarked, as there was a lot of first-try passes. "Shawn, you think you can match 'em?"

"That's easier done than said!" Shawn declared, before raising the axe and slamming it down...and merely chipping it. "What kind of technique do these guys have?"

"I don't really think they have one-Look at him!" Jasmine shouted, as she pointed to Krillin, who easily cut the thick cut of wood in half. "How the-"

"Does it really matter now?" Shawn asked...

...before doing a similar thing, as he tried for the second time and made it through to get the tip.

"While five teams instantly get their tip to the second challenge, wherever it maybe..."

"...the first ten of them have finally figured out where the second challenge is and are feeling the pressure of the Don Box apparently being locked!" Don announced, as the ten teams were waiting for the Don Box to lift up its button.

Which was kind of weird, considering that some of them had been waiting for about twenty minutes and some of them just arrived.

"What's wrong with this thing? Open up, bastard!" Bakugo yelled.

"Calm down, dude. It's literally locked out." Sonic stated, as the button was inside the Don Box...and Tails pressed it down. "Don, what's your deal?"

"It's obvious, come on." Tails remarked, having the tip in his hand. "Well, let's get to the second challenge!"

"Alright, it's back to it." Sonic remarked. "We're going to all-in, guys!"

"Finally, I can use my skills in here!" Bakugo exclaimed, as Kirishima just hardened up in response.

---Challenge introduction---

Don was ready to do his own job again, he was just riding in a boat in the middle of a lake with his clean hair.

"As the simple name implies, each team have to cross Lake Simcoe...but not before getting something in the middle."

Don just pulled out a casino chip from a hidden bucket that was floating in Lake Simcoe.

"This is how both teams will get through the challenge and also, pay this intimidating lumberjack guy...he's the first challenge giver's friend, so I couldn't really say no!"

Don was standing right next to another lumberjack on the other side of the lake, as the tall bearded tan-skinned man looked at Don with suspicion and gave the host a little bit of fear.

"Please don't hurt me."

---Challenge introduced!---

The ten teams that were doing the business were more than determined to make their boats count, as there was about 105 boats on shore that somehow fit into a marina.

And 12 teams that were ready to make the moves.

"Get ready for the advantage!" Tails was seeing Sonic row at speed.

"Yeah, see ya!" Sonic shouted. "Hope you don't fall into the...deep, deep water..."

Sonic's confidence slowly ebbed out, as the other two kept on rowing.

"Hah, good luck to ya!" MacArthur shouted to Sonic. "Sanders, you're rowing last!"

"You know, your glutes aren't...forget it." Sanders wanted to say something, but MacArthur was already in the boat. "I'll back you up!"

"That's how we do it." MacArthur fist-bumped Sanders with confidence.

The stepbrothers and the fairytale friends were the next ones to grab a boat and get going, as Donkey's teeth were still hurting and others were still lagging behind...some a bit too much as well.

"Wow, imagine rowing this water." Sonic said, trying to psych himself out. "A force of nature."

"You're a force of nature by yourself. Water should be nothing!" Cassandra exclaimed, as she rowed on by...with a nervous Sonic.

*Knuckles' confessional*

The echidna was looking out at the water.

"Sonic's still somewhat scared of the water, like he can swim it and ride across it, but his primal fear of the water still remains!" Knuckles shouted. "I hope that this challenge gets him over it!"

"You do that yourself!" Sonic easily hear the confessionals. "These calm waves disguises dangerous freshwater!"

"...Man, you know words!" Knuckles complimented Sonic.

*Confessional cut*

The 12 boat riding teams tried their best to get to the casino-chip cache that was a buoyant platform and there was too many boats and just enough space to get into arguments with.

"You want some of that!" Shrek exclaimed.

"Yeah, I bet it's not that strong." Chet shouted right back, as Lorenzo was nodding to cut it out. "Come on, bro, we're good."

The stepbrothers and the fairytale friends weren't close to being the first ones to the platform, as the former cadets were working their business in the water.

"Show those benders who's in charge!" MacArthur yelled, as Sanders wasn't rowing as fast as her.

"Yeah, I would be in charge, but my friend's teeth is in-" Shrek remarked, before his teammate yelled something.


These two other teams stopped doing their thing, as Donkey completely threw their game, their rhythm and train of thought and one team was coming through with some nervous smiles.

"Taking on the competition!" Bolin yelled. "Man, that animal is in pain."

The bending brothers were riding their boat forward, as Bolin and Mako were making good on taking the lead and stepping onto the island.

The lead was packed with teams that were stepping onto the island and taking their casino chip and trying to put into important places...such as the fastest trio in the game.

Sonic practically leaped onto the island, snatched the chip...threw it to Tails, who caught it and then Knuckles just rowed off for some reason.


Sonic just ran on the water with all of his rage.


"Wow, he really did not need to do that." Chet said, putting the chip in his pocket. "Bro, if you get like that, I'm gonna be like that."

"Nah...that's weird." Lorenzo said, letting his stepbrother on the boat.

"Man, what do I do?" Chet asked.

The stepbrothers were in second, as there were several teams weren't wasting any time with the cross-lake boat ride, especially since Richter and Siegfried wanted to know what was Don's deal.

Others like the fast friends and stepbrothers were just enjoying themselves a little bit on the water and Donkey...was still trying to get over the pain, but of course, there was one team that was unaccounted for.

"Yeah, Akaashi!" Bokuto said. "Get our butts into first place!"

"You know, we've got to pick up a thing from that island." Akaashi explained. "And there's no rule against stealing it either."

"No way, there's enough space." Bokuto scoffed at the potential thievery. "And I can't really swim."

"Point taken." Akaashi didn't sound remotely impressed.

*The Volleyball Guys' Confessional*

Bokuto was a little bit scared, while Akaashi was the exact opposite of that.

"There's so many guys that are just below us that could literally blow us up outta nowhere!" Bokuto yelled, as the white-haired guy was a little bit nervous. "The vampire guys, the knight team, the green guy."

"Blow us up, how, Bokuto? Those three teams are more focused on getting themselves ahead than...doing crimes." Akaashi remarked.

"You know what I mean. They just come out of nowhere and be in the top five." Bokuto said. "Sorry."

"Honestly, you're not wrong, just you worded it badly." Akaashi stated.

*Confessional cut*

Hilairously enough, there was so many boat that were taking chips and leaving the floating island, the boats were moving pretty quickly and also...doing the ol' reality show classic.

Smashing into each other's boat with impressive momentum.

"Hey, bro, get your own space!" Chet shouted at Sonic. "You good?"

"I'm good enough to row at speed!" Sonic yelled, practically contributing to the speedboat that was basically their team.

The fast friends were actually back in the lead, even passing the heroic students, the power couple and of course, the kombatants, across Lake Simcoe.

Sonic was providing the panic speed rowing, Knuckles was following it up with his strong and consistent rowing and Tails was...not in the mood to be doing nothing.

Kiu Lang and Kitana knew that something was weird.

"I didn't know you could compensate for fear like that...weird." Liu Kang noticed the frantic race to the top.

"Yeah, there's still a whole bunch of teams that are still cutting the wood...or trying to cut the wood, because there isn't that much wood!"

Back in the woods outside of Orillia and in the midday sun, a good chunk of the second coach teams weren't even able to get on with the it had to be set up again.

And some others were already through.

"I'll do it for myself, thank you!" Trish yelled, as Dante managed to easily cut the thing. "You just got lucky."

"You're just really salty." Dante remarked. "Salty that I did this on the first try."

"Watch your damn tongue, okay! You're not the only one who could do challenges on the first try!" Trish shouted back with a grin.

"Heh, then it looks like we're equal." Trish said.

The teams in the Isekai Alliance saw this and freaked out a bit, because Rem looked nervously at the clone students, Raphtalia looked pleased and surprised and Megumin was surprised...but pissed off.

"How is she so strong?" Megumin asked with a lot of malice. "And so beautiful, yet so stupid."

"You want to do the challenge?" Kazuma asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah." Megumin didn't even cut the part-log halfway. "This is hard."

"At least you're the best of the party." Kazuma remarked, as Megumin kept on going at it. "And okay."

The house servants were just looking at the roleplaying adventurers with some concern, as they were done with the challenge.

"...Is she going to be okay? He does look fine, though." Subaru said, a little bit scared.

"We probably could handle the both of them...even with your cursed energy alone." Rem remarked, the blue-haired maid looking at Subaru. "Subaru, please don't hold us back."

"I can try!" Subaru shouted.

"Please do try."

Several of the teams weren't even remotely close to finishing the challenge, the calm Snufkin and the nervous Daniel trying their hardest and only chipping the log.

Others were very much done, as the Isekai Alliance, the demon hunters, the office workers, the fashion bloggers and the old guys were joining the fifteen that were actually on the second challenge and heck...two of the leading teams were almost at the third.

But that's for another paragraph, as the twenty-or-so teams that were ahead of the log cutters weren't having drama, but said log cutters themselves?

"Your fit's ass, your haircut is ass and your boring-ass haircut-" Thugnificent was just yelling at an unintimidated Susie.

"-is ass? Cool, tell me when you did the challenge." Susie said, as Kris gave a thumbs up.

"I'm bouta do the just watch." Thugnificent walked back to his team's station.

"I'm not gonna watch, I'm going to win." Susie remarked, as Kris gave a watching gesture. "Bye."

"Rat-ass purple-ass girl." Thugnificent said, as he finally cut the thing. "Damn, can't believe it took a real nigga that long."

"Man, it took that long?" Leonard asked, genuinely wanting to know. "...We ain't out."

"Shit...I can't believe you're right. We ain't out yet." Thugnificent remarked.

* Slacking Students' confessional*

"I don't know why you were scared, it's not my problem that my axe skills is real badass and real cool!" Susie exclaimed. "It's like I learned it in a dream or something."

Kris just gave the thumbs up and then shook his head.

"Cool, glad you can approve."

* Confessional cut*

"As some teams are still on the first challenge, despite being on the winners' coach..."

"Some teams are almost on the other side of the lake. Almost , though and they're providing some of that boat bumping!"

The fast friends were almost on the other side of Lake Simcoe and it was mostly smooth sailing for the trio, as they were working through the waves.

The heroic students, the power couple and the kombatants were right up against each other and the middle of the three duos were causing nudging them slightly off course.

"You don't scare me!" Kirishima yelled. "It ain't because you're reality show famous!"

"Chill out, they're just trying to stay relevant." Bakugo said, ready to boost his team's speed.

"You're not going to win, if you're irrelevant." Alejandro stated calmly to the two heroes, as he pushed the heroes' boat off-course. "Mi amor, let's lake the lead."

"We can't. These two have gotten ahead." Heather told with a lot of malice.

And then a malicious idea got into their heads, as the kombatants weren't that far away.

"But an alliance isn't impossible." Alejandro had serious grin.

"And they look like the competitive type as well." Heather noticed.

Back in second place, Liu Kang and Kitana were looking at the devious reality show couple with some interest...and then slowed down only a bit to do the thing.

"You two would be great for an alliance together, as you are both very strong at this game and we're a strong team in most shows." Alejandro tried to charm Kitana, who didn't look impressed.

"And your ability to cause drama and your absurd amount of skills...even if Heather doesn't seem like the best fit." Kitana remarked, as Liu Kang sighed.

"...I don't know what you plan to do, but making an alliance out of us two is an good idea." Alejandro's smile left, but he kept his cool.

"Then let's make it official...this is just an alliance, so pull your weight."

"Oh, we will!"

Though Alejandro, Kitana and Heather were good with it, Liu Kang didn't look too happy with it.

"Yeah, they've got-" Liu Kang attempted to protest.

"-we're not going to be friends, we're still competing, just allying ourselves to have a stronger chance." Kitana remarked, as Alejandro nodded to that statement.

"That's not a bad idea. Just an alliance." Liu Kang respected it.

And the heroic students saw it.

*The Heroic Students' confessional*

"Did you see that? They're making a villainous alliance." Kirishima explained to Bakugo. "We're not going to beat them unless we get stronger."

"Really? Looks like two weak teams teaming up." Bakugo scoffed at the alliance.

"It's not just about their strengths, though. It's about the fact that they're not manly and probably going to cheat." Kirishima said.

"Pfft, if they're going to do that, then they're up against the wrong team." Bakugo just lit his hands up. "And have got the wrong mindset."

*Confessional cut*

First place managed to arrive at the other side of the lake, passing the chip casually to the darker-skinned lumberjack and snatch some tip that was in the bowl, hanging on a tree with tied ropes.

"That was easy." Tails remarked. "Mmm, let's see...we're heading to Rama, a First Nations city on this side of Lake Simcoe and it shouldn't be that far north! And the Chill Zone is somewhere within the city, minus the casino!"

"It's not a city, it's a town...obviously!" Sonic smugly remarked. "And there's no set way to get there?"

"Yes, so, Knuckles, have you been skipping leg day?" Tails asked aggressively.

"...Dude, my legs aren't-" Knuckles was left in the dust.

Sonic and Tails were way ahead.

---Second introduction---

Don was actually in the middle of a park in the middle of Rama, the First Nations city, with a few paths and it being surprisingly indistinct within said town.

"As Tails has said, the Chill Zone is somewhere within Chippewas of Rama, signposted with me chilling at the Chill Zone." Don announced, as someone was popping up in the place. "It's in an incredibly obscure place, which will be very hard to find without looking through all of the First Nations...reserve."

"Hey, it's me." Sonic remarked.

---Introduction over---

"I'm pretty sure you're supposed to come here with your team." Don said with a smirk.

"Okay, then I'll sort that out." Sonic smugly stated, running back out towards the road.

"Man, some people are going to freak out when they realise that-" Don was seeing Sonic speed off. "-They're going to be here in three minutes, aren't they?"

The other teams were more than ready to actually follow the blue blur's trio into the Chill Zone, as some of them weren't in the mood to think about the zone too much.

"Man, this is going to be a shit challenge." Bakugo said.

"Yeah, for people that aren't that exciting." Kitana stated. "You do need to search to become a great hero."

"Yeah, but this is still lame." Bakugo remarked, running off without a second's thought...after Kirishima. "Found something?"

"Just Sonic's team." Kirishima said, pointing towards the head hedgehog himself. "But Sonic came back with a smile."

"...Great, how's that useful?" Bakugo stated, disappointed with Sonic. "We can find on our own."

"I think that making smart decision is also part of being a hero." Kitana stated, ready to go wherever Sonic went.

"He could be wrong, fan lady." Bakugo gruffily said.

*The Power Couple's confessional*

"You know, if those two kids are going to run around for a good hour and get lost and run around some more, at least tell me that they suck." Heather remarked, as the raven-haired influencer looked confident.

"Honestly, it's too early to say that they suck...considering that they're both got strong powers." Alejandro stated. "Bakugo can actually fly."

"Does it really matter when you can't put it into challenges? Like, get out of the way for a second." Heather remarked, as she put her shades on.

*Confessional cut*

The twelve teams at the front on the other side were going to be joined by a whole lot more duos and a trio with some passion, as there was 40 teams, several stumps of wood and axes...

...a whole butt load of 'em on the Orillia side.

"Dang it, this ain't my challenge! I swear some kid just beat it and then told that I was a fart smeller." Fry said, sweating his heart off. "How does he know about that?"

"Just letting you know, I didn't need to know that." Leela stated, trying to not cringe.

"They promised that I'd be disease-free and smelled good!" Fry complained, somehow cutting the log in half. "At least I can cut wood."

"Always look on the good side, Fry." Bender remarked, as he just snatched a tip from the lumberjack.

"Dang it, we're still at the back...but we're having a fun time at the back." Daniel Mouse stated, trying to smile as much as he could. "Jan, you can do it right?"

"Maybe?" Jan asked, not a hint of a smile on her face.

Even the cooks had made it through with the delivery people, so things were smooth in Orillia...and the many teams that were ready to ride some boats towards the Atherley side, which was where some of the teams were.

And in the water, things weren't getting any less testy.

"Man, fuck you." Barret stated.

"Fuck you too, nigga."

Right now, a eco-terrorist and a rapper was clashing in the water and aside from their teammates, almost no-one was looking at them slow themselves down.

"I thought you were a player." Thugnificent remarked.

"I don't even look like a player."

In the middle of Lake Simcoe, some madness was going down and it wasn't just the two black guys having a questionable some of the teams weren't liking the water damage.

"Okay, Fenneko, this water thing is really getting into places that are painful." Retsuko said, trying to get away from the fish that slapped her. "Maybe we should slow down."

"We've gotten the opportunity to take the lead. What's the worst that could-" Fenneko practically saw an explosion in the water. " are right."

"Wait, what was that?" Retsuko questioned what she saw.

"Some bomb, obviously!"

And the bomb was planted by none other than-

"Whoa, whoa, why did you blow that up?" Wario asked. "Wario knows that the thing wasn't going to go off any time soon."

"Er, some guy threw away his match and it started up lighting up. What do you think Waluigi was gonna do!" Waluigi shouted.

"That's no match, though." Wario dismissed his bro.

"Bro, it's a match." Waluigi stated with a smile. "And Waluigi just made a big brain play, anyways."

"Can't complain about that." Wario just chuckled.

And then there was the issue of the fire that apparently come out of nowhere...which wasn't too far off from the truth that happened, as Bowser accidentally lit something up (His son aced the axe challenge.) and threw it overboard.

"Uh, we won?" Bowser asked.

"Nah, dad, we lost." Bowser Jr. said, seeing Don from several miles away...with the first place team.

"Dang it, son, why didn't you tell me!" Bowser was grumbling, seeing that Sonic was in the lead. "...No way we could've caught up to them, though."

"Yeah! Let's have some fun times." Bowser Jr. said without a casino chip...and seeing a laughing Wario. "What is his deal?"

"What's their deal!" Bowser yelled.

*The Bad Guys' confessional*

Bowser looked mad and Bowser Jr. looked angry in the water.

"Look if I get penalised for venting out my frustrations, I'm going to make sure that my bad review gets through." Bowser said.

"That it, dad?" Bowser Jr. asked. "What about-"

"Son, this race is pretty fun. I bet it'd suck to get eliminated just cause those two doofuses blew up a lake!" Bowser shouted. "Those are the two I'm going to own!"

"Wise choice, dad!"

*Confessional cut*

"As much as Bowser was accidentally right, the race for not the lead starts right here with the Fast Friends in first!" Don announced, as they all cheered. "You get a free stay in Orillia, the place that you were just in."

"Aw, cool." Knuckles said. "Wait, did the lake just explode?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Heather remarked.

"The power couple got second, third goes to the kombatants with a k and fourth goes to the volleyball players...and fifth goes into the bending brothers! Please tell me that you-"

"It's either win or lose." Bolin said. "Was that smart or was that smart?"

"It wasn't that smart, it's really obvious." Mako stated. "I'm pretty sure you bent a sign."

"Goddamn it, I thought I was being discreet." Sonic complained to Don. "Be your own men, guys!"

"At some point, you've got to make smart decisions. Also, Stepbrothers get sixth place the karate siblings get seventh or do the-" Don saw both Ryo's team and Donkey with a bad tooth. "-You get eighth."

"Yeah, don't worry about me...these are tears of survival!" Donkey shouted.

The eight teams that have arrived at the same time just walked...far away to where Don couldn't really be seen and there was still a whole lot more teams that were running towards Don.

"Eight teams on the Chill Zone and I'm pretty sure that eight more have seen the Chill Zone...but there's still more where that came from with-"

The soul warriors, vampire slayers, noodle twins and the heroic students arrived in that order and they were all looking at each other.

"Four more have seen the Chill Zone, but these teams have a real challenge ahead of us and I'm-" Don announced.

"Hey, aren't you going to let us finish?" Yun asked.

"Slayers get ninth, warriors get tenth, twins get 11th and students get 12th!" Don announced. "Will more teams just show up outta nowhere after the break? Probably."

"Man, you need to relax." Richter stated with confidence and pinache.

To be continued in the third part with the third challenge showing itself to these not so worn out duos and trios...along with the Chill Zone and the many, many spots for the next location!

1st: Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
2nd: Power Couple (Alejandro & Heather, Total Drama)
3rd: Kombatants (Liu Kang & Kitana, Mortal Kombat)
4th: Volleyball Guys (Bokuto & Akaashi, Haikyuu!)
5th: Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
6th: Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)

7th: Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri, Art of Fighting)
8th: Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
9th: Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania)
10th: Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Cassandra, Soul Calibur)
11th: Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
12th: Heroic Students (Bakugo & Kirishima, My Hero Academia)

To be extended in Part 3...