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A Really Ridonculous Race

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A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 2: Out In The Towns
Part 1: The Small City Start

In Northern Ontario, there's going to be 107 teams that are going to take on Canada's country roads in the middle of summer and some of them will be cool and others will not be cool!

Either way, it's finally finished, done and over with and so...the race has really started with these teams and the Sunshine City of Ontario is ready to drop its first challenge on everybody!

But...I don't know about this story, which has a ridiculous amount of teams and I haven't been updating it frequently (The second episode taking eight months to come out, while my Total Drama fic's on the eighth episode in six months)

I want this to be the final Ridonculous Race season that I start, but...I'll think about that once this part's out.

So yeah, let's just get this part running.

"Last time on A Really Ridonculous Race, we've hit the big 100 and then some with the teams and wherever it's a mistake or not, we were back in Toronto with a real remix! These 110 teams had to suffer through going downstairs through the CN Tower, which is ridiculous and then they had to play a bit of lacrosse, which isn't that ridiculous!"

"Either way, there was still 110 teams, so a few teams had to go home either back to Toronto or back to wherever they came from and all of the duos AND trios worked hard to make it!"

"That specific team was the cyborg and kid, who were definitely a real pair and also, the agent-stopping animals and the mice were eliminated as well." Don announced. "And we've got these 107 safe teams that are doing the thing, so it will be..."

Don's teeth shined in the sun.

"...A Really Ridonculous Race!"

insert boring intro here, because this is an RR fic, so there's no intro needed...just pretend that the many teams will be scrolling along the screen!

There was five different coaches, taking about 22 or so teams towards the next location...or more than likely, it was taking them towards some place where they could all camp and ensure that they had some good rest.

After all, racing on someone else's dime has to take quite a lot of sacrifices to make through for the winning team.

"Last time, the Kombatants were the ones to take the lead and this time, they're leading the episode off!" Don announced, as Liu Kang and Kitana were back with the steeliest of eyes and the proudest of poises.

*The Kombatants' confessional*

Kitana and Liu Kang were standing together.

"I bring my fighting arts to the realms and she's the fighting queen." Liu Kang said with confidence. "We've both got our roles, but we're both fighting pretty decently today."

"What matters is that we can fight any challenge within this race and winning." Kitana stated. "And of course, this race will be easy for us two."

*Confessional cut*

The deadly couple were looking determined to take the competition where it could go in Ontario.

"Didn't you say that we're going to Orillia yesterday?" Kitana asked.

"Yes, that definitely happened." Liu Kang confidently nodded.

Don was just taken aback for a second, as he forgot something.

"Never mind."

The host just took it in good spirit.

"Orillia, one of the biggest cities in Central Ontario and a city that's between two lakes. It used to be a fishing town a few millenia ago, but now it's a small town-ish city with a old-school charms, an old museum and boats on both sides! The teams aren't going to see the boats in this Mariposa...yet!" Don announced, as the twenty-two leading teams were running into their coach...after they managed to get a good rest somewhere and some ridiculous budget got fufilled. "Seriously, how are you going to fit all of these people?"

There was a whole bunch on the coach that were more than excited for the location, as there was cheers, nervous jeers, bad smells and a whole bunch of sweating in between.

"Aw yeah, Orillia's a city with two lakes!" Tails shouted.

"Man...I love big water space." Sonic said, his words failing him.

"Come on, it's not like we're diving in there." Tails said.

"Eh, it's cool." Sonic remarked, still sweating a whole Knuckles punched him on the shoulder.

Emphasis was on punch, as Sonic got knocked back into the office workers, who were a little nervous from dealing with all of the chaos.

"Damn, we're really not lucky to be here." Retsuko stated, as the red panda felt really tired of dodging random hits. "Everyone's just in a bad mood over here."

"Honestly, you can get used to it." Fenneko said, as she caught a random hat. "Hey, fashion blogging lovers, what's happening?"

"I don't even know. It's like everyone wanted to be a girlboss and didn't care that being a girlboss sucks." Jen answered Fenneko.

"Sure, I know that." Fenneko gave her the hat. "I'm just chilling."

"How the heck are you chilling here?" Jen looked more than surprised.

"Uh, I am." Fenneko said in a monotone.

The first group teams were just hanging out in the leading bus...trying their best to ignore the questionable smells coming from some of the contestants and some of them weren't surprised.

"Um, did you wash?" Akaashi asked, noticing Bokuto's smell.

"Nah, I'm bringing out my manly musk!" Bokuto exclaimed, the white-haired volleyball player having that smell. "I think it's attracting the ladies!"

"...It sure is." Mako sarcastically said, closing his nostril.

"Man, you're a good friend!" Bokuto said. "...Bolin, dude?"

"I think you reek, though." Bolin said, a little bit scared.

"...Yeah, you're right, but it's pretty manly." Bokuto stated.

"Yeah, it's pretty manly." Bolin remarked.

The volleyball players and the bending brothers were definitely the only ones that were noticing something weird with this, as there was a duo that didn't care about the smells.

*The Stunt Truckers' confessional*

The two of them were extremely excited.

"Listen up, Buddy Thunderstruck's got this race in the bag and I'm gonna carry it to the end and get some money to...amp up my truck!" Buddy shouted with some focus.

"Yeah, Buddy, you get that money and boost your truck!" Darrell cheered on Buddy.

"Hold on, new stuff needs new tools and you're gonna get those new tools!" Buddy said. "Darrell, get ready."

"I'm ready as I'll ever be!" Darrell exclaimed, spinning a drill. "I'm gonna fix some truck up!"

*Confessional cut*

"But at the back of the race and on the last coach, things become a little bit more complicated than usual!"

"Man, Josuke, we barely survived by the skin of our teeth!" Okuyasu shouted. "What do you think I'm going to do?"

"What else do we do? We keep on moving ahead!" Josuke said.

"Yeah, that's right." Okuyasu remarked.

"It's right." Josuke said.

The strong students weren't the only one strategizing with their own food in their hands, as there was a few that also did that.

"Aw, fuck yeah, we're strategizing up right now!" Phil felt his second wind. "We survived that shit, so we've gotta plan."

"Isn't not losing a plan on its own?" Jack asked. "And we need to beat the challenge."

"Bruh, you watched this show shouldn't be that hard." Phil complained.

"Yeah, man, we're just going to try and win." Jack just put it simply.

The two teams may have been in the same aisle, but they weren't even remotely looking at each every other coach had left and this coach had all of the teams with terrible chances of winnings.

But it wasn't impossible, which was important for two teams that were deciding to hang out together.

"Well, what do you do for work?" Goofy asked. "I just kinda take photos and go on crazy adventures."

"I sell comics and have bad job security." Filburt answered, nervously.

"Yeah...that's funny!" Goofy said. "...It's serious?"

"Very serious, but I do have a job." Filburt said, a little bit scared of his boss firing back.

"Uh, nice!" Goofy's mood got completely thrown off by the obvious. "My son's here because it was summer break and we didn't have enough to travel the world!"

"That's pretty cool, we're just doing our thing!" Rocko exclaimed. "So see ya guys!"

Max came back from listening to some good old Nirvana in the bathroom to see the working-class guys leave the conversation.

"Dad, what did I miss?" Max asked very quickly and in a good mood.

*The Working-Class Guys' confessional*

Rocko looked confused, as Filburt was sure of something.

"What was that about? They seem like pretty nice people!" Rocko said.

"I know they're nice, but I just wanted to make sure that we'd make it past the next leg on our own." Filburt stated. "And I don't want to get fired!"

"I mean, we're working an good job, so there's no way that we're getting fired." Rocko said, trying to not think of that.

*Confessional cut*

"As the final coach finally leaves Pearson in Toronto, the first coach finally arrives with the eager and not sleepy contestants..."

"...just outside of Orillia, the Mariposa of Ontario!" Don announced.

Speaking of the leaders, there was a whole bunch that were running towards wherever the first challenge was and others that were asking the more important questions.

"Wait, I'm pretty sure that we're just outside Orillia." Tails remarked.

"I'm pretty sure that we're just outside the first challenge as well, so it's cool." Sonic said right back.

The fastest trio in the game managed to get a good lead on everybody, even the domiant kombatants and...

"Wow, how the heck are they so fast?" Yun remarked, smiling at the very tough competition.

"I'm pretty sure they're aliens, so they're probably just faster." Yang just said.

There was many contestants that were just running to get to the first challenge and of course, the first challenge was not that far away and...Knuckles just ran into the Don Box.

And picked up with his sticky arm.

"Uh, where's the Don Box? I got-" Knuckles just got a tip. "-I think I have it."

"And he's not joking either." Liu Kang said, pulling off the Don Box. "Please tell me it's not broken!"

The kombatants got the first tip for the first challenge and it was a pretty simple one, as both Tails and Liu Kang read it out nearly simulteanously, but Don had a job to do.

"Alright, it's a Botch-Or-Watch! Lumberjack Cutback!" Tails shouted. "Sonic, this challenge is for you!"

"In Canada, lumberjacks exists...a lot of them to be exact, so in a homage to all of those guys, whoever didn't play some 1-on-1 lacrosse...has to cut a hard-to-cut chunk of a tree and for the record, it's sustainable and nailed down!" Don announced the challenge. "For trios, it's who would be next in member order."

Don then went up to a very muscular guy who had red hair and definitely looked like a stereotypical lumberjack, plaid, overalls and steel toe-capped boot.

"The tip's under the nailed piece of wood and you give it to this guy in a good mood!" Don said.

"At least it's free money." The lumberjack said...before seeing the first teams to get to it. "Wait, isn't there like a hundred teams?"

There was many that weren't ready for the challenge and others that were actually ready for it and Fenneko was attempting to handle the axe.

"This isn't so bad." Fenneko just held up the axe. "Just gotta-"

The wood didn't cut.

"This is going to take only a short while." Fenneko said in a monotone.

"Okay, sounds good!" Retsuko had a lot of hope...though the sweat was apparent. "It should take-"

Akaashi with his somewhat messy black hair only chipped part of the log cut.

"I'm hoping that doesn't take forever!" Bokuto shouted. "Akaashi, get through it!"

The officer workers realised that they were in a bit of massive trouble, as they started sweating quite a bit more and some others adapted well to the challenge.

"Wood, time to be cut!" Kirishima shouted, preparing his arms. "AAARRGHHH!"

"Quit doing that, it's not gonna help." Bakugo Kirishima did the swing and it cut the thing in one shot. "Good job, extra."

"Hey, it's a team effort." The red-haired hero said, trying to cheer his friend and lift off the wood. "We're first."

The student heroes were, indeed, Kirishima lifted up the wood and Bakugo snatched the tip.

"Yeah, that's right, you guys better move it!" Bakugo shouted, before Alejandro came up to him. "Huh?"

"Well, we moved it and did it without breaking a nail." Heather said, definitely angering Bakugo. "What's your problem?"

"What's your problem-" Bakugo wanted to ask, as Kirishima was just holding him back.

"Look, just because you were on Total Drama, doesn't mean you have to be a villain to everybody." Kirishima said. "Chill out for a leg or two."

Heather was about to shout something, as Alejandro just stopped an unwise insult coming from her mouth.

"Well, we will. After all, we're not in a fighting mood." Alejandro said. "We're just here to be the best team."

"Bring it on, man." Kirishima said.

The student heroes and the power couple were just running together, as the rest of the teams were attempting to cut a thick trunk, somehow rotating it and lift a tip up...which was very hard.

"Mako, you can do it!" Bolin shouted. "You're my brother, so I gotta believe in you!"

"That's great and all, but this axe isn't...good." Mako just got the axe stuck. "This shouldn't take that long."

"No, it shouldn't!" Sonic exclaimed. "It should be easy and cool for guys like me, who are fast!"

The bending brothers were looking at the fastest friend with an confused eye, as Sonic was still struggling in the challenge.

"Come on, Luigi, it's all in the technique...I think." Mario backed his brother up.

"What technique?" Luigi asked, wiping the sweat off his brows. "This is just really hard."

Luigi swung at it again, as did Kitana who just cut it on her third try and stayed poised.

"How do you do it?" Luigi asked Liu Kang.

"Stay focused on cutting your log." Kitana stated. "Other than that, I wouldn't give advice."

"Yeah, strong guys like Buddy are gonna-" Darrell didn't even cut the log. "-cut it quickly!"

The good majority of the first-coach teams weren't really doing too well, as aside from Alejandro, Kitana and Kirishima, they didn't have the strength, the technique or even the finesse to cut the thick log.

Except for a few who had all three of them, or so they said.

"Yeah, dude! You loosened up your muscles, so they're like Lightning's muscles!" Lightning exclaimed.

"Shut up, Brightening. You'd have disqualified us with your impatient butt." Jo remarked, as she got the tip from under the wood without that much effort.



The jock rivals were part of the leading set of teams to move onto the second challenge and they were wasting no time losing.

*The Noodle Twins' confessional*

Yun and Yang were both pressed for answers, as the former was complaining.

"Come on, Yang, I thought you were the strongest of us two! And you couldn't even cut some wood." Yun mocked Yang playfully.

"For the record, you'd be struggling too."

Yun looked at his brother with a gasp.

"It's not like you would instantly win either, which you did say you would do."

"Hey, hey, I didn't know that this was the challenge!"

*Confessional cut*

The other eighteen teams that were trying to get ahead in this super-sized Ridonculous Race...were really trying, but some of them were a bit worn of those teams were also shouting a lot.

"Go, Chet!" Lorenzo shouted for his brother.

Chet took the swing again and once again, he only managed to cut it a bit.

"Man, Lorenzo, this is really hard! But I've done harder stuff before!" Chet exclaimed.

"Let's do it, then!"

The stepbrothers had enthusiasm and a lot of strength to beat the challenge, as did a good chunk of the teams and like most of them, they were definitely struggling in some parts.

And then several more went through, as they found the secret technique of hitting it really hard and just pulling the wood off.

"Well, it's our turn to be in a good place!" MacArthur boasted, as Sanders just took the tip and a splinter. "Oooh, nice."

"Not really, but I'll take it." Sanders remarked, just picking out the splinters. "What the heck, the two medieval teams beat us?"

"Yes, we did. What's your problem?" Richter asked, as Maria spat at them. "No, nothing's wrong with them!"

MacArthur just got heated to fight with Richter, who raised an eyebrow.

And the soul warriors were moving far on ahead to whatever the second challenge was...with the vampire slayers right behind them, both sure that they were in a different age.

*Soul Warriors' confessional*

Cassandra was in the middle of something, as Siegfried was in a very frustrated mood.

"Can't you believe that we rode in that vehicle that needed no horses! Siegfried, there's so much to experience wherever we are!" Cassandra said, enthusiastically. "I completed the axe challenge."

"Yes, but I feel that the Soul Edge has also been sent here." Siegfried remarked, as the knight looked solemn. "Even in here."

"...I don't know what you're feeling, but this not so durable bottle of water could help!" Cassandra just gave the water to the knight, Siegfried opening it and taking the water.

*Confessional cut*

"As the first set of challengers had arrived, the second set are still in some kind of light traffic!" Don announced, before the traffic became a little more apparent. "Okay, it's not that light, but not heavy!"

It was now thirty minutes since the first set of teams arrived in Simcoe County and doing some lumberjack stuff and these teams weren't that far from arriving there...but the traffic somehow got on people's nerves.

"Nah, nigga, my flow's working out!" Thugnificent was on the grind. "You just ain't hearing it from me, 'cause it's not ready!"

"Yeah, no shit it ain't ready!" Barret shouted. "You ain't even writing down anything."

"Shit, gotta use my creative process!" Thugnificent said.

"Uh-huh." Barret dismissed the guy before going back to his teammate. "See ya at the finish line."

"Wait, what the fuck..." Thugnificent said. "...Leonard, don't even say a thing."

"Nah, man, I wasn't." Leonard was a little bit shocked.

The coach was chock full of random discussion between teams that had allied with each other.

" you ones?" JFK asked Kazuma, who looked real interested.

"Yeah, but only if the person's cool." Kazuma remarked.

"Aw yeah, got a fellow melon-loving friend!" JFK proclaimed.

"Heck yeah, I've got a good sense of checking team members out." Kazuma said, as Megumi was just grumbling about not being appreciated or something. "She might do one spell, but she's got...spunk."

"Whoa, whoa...whoa...whoa, where's the other party people?!" JFK shouted at Kazuma, considering that Megumi was...young.

"They're both hanging out together, as there's this lady named Darkness that-" Kazuma just explained, as Megumi and Cleo were both looking jealous.

"-Oh yeah, they were in that weird Total Drama Ultimate thing! Er-uh, okay..." JFK finally read the room, as the other teams were a little bit tired of his words.

The shield hero and servant guy were a little bit stunned at the conversation because the sarcastic NEET and the cloned jock, as how it started was weird.

*The House Servants' confessional*

Subaru and Rem were...kinda weirded out at the conversation.

"Come on, Rem, I wouldn't talk about Emilia-tan like that! We're supporting each other!" Subaru said defensively.

"I mean that you might be the type of person to say that...when you're drunk." Rem said. "That's what I said."

"Oh...yeah...don't worry about me, I respect her too much and trust me, there's a lot that I've been through that would help." Subaru said. "But we've got a challenge to do."

"It has been since I got eaten and you've definitely grown...a bit!" Rem was just beaming. "But you should work your best."

"Okay, Rem!" Subaru declared.

*The Rough Youngsters' confessional*

Raphtalia and Naofumi weren't impressed.

"If I talked about my teammates that way, I'd be dead...because I do have shame unlike that guy." Raphtalia said. "But they're both getting along, master!"

"I don't know, I think it just could be talking about breasts. Which is painfully weird and really stupid." Naofumi explained, as he didn't look too impressed.

*Confessional cut*

"With seven of the teams making it through the second challenge, the rest are struggling to catch up, before the second coach was arrives!"

The former cadets, the soul warriors, the jock rivals, the student heroes, the kombatants, the vampire slayers and the finally, the stepbrothers were the seven that made it through.

"Yeah, Chet! You did it with bro power!" Lorenzo declared. "Let's do the same in the next challenge!"

"Okay, let's go, bro! Man, I can't believe you suck at this challenge." Chet proclaimed.

"Chet, let's just go." Lorenzo just shrugged, as Chet was just getting on ahead. "Alright, time to ride some boats!"

"Yeah, let's do this." Chet proclaimed.

The stepbrothers were the seventh...and the eighth was a bit of a surprise, as Akaashi finally managed to make it out and Mako just looked surprised at the guy's axe swings.

" did you do it?" Bolin asked, borderline scared.

"I just swung it with technique." Akaashi nonchalantly stated.

"You don't even have special powers, yet you still did it!" Bolin praised the guy. "Bokuto, how did this guy do it?"

"I wish I knew!" Bokuto shouted. "Straight to the top, baby!"

"Calm down, Bokuto, I did some axe moves." Akaashi remarked, as...Mako cut his wood. "Mako, I'm glad you did it too."

"Thanks, but we're still rival teams. Just trying my best." Mako said right back.

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Katie and Sadie were both a bit nervous.

"Oh my gosh, Katie, I can't believe that we're still in this and nine other teams got ahead of us." Sadie said, a little bit scared. "And we're staying positive."

"Yeah, but I've been doing it for 25 minutes and I haven't, like, made a mark on that piece of wood!" Katie shouted with some frustration.

"But we've been doing stuff for 5 years." Sadie said. "You've gotten some experience cutting wood!"

"Yeah, you're right." Katie stated.

*Confessional cut*

The best female friends and the stunt drivers were both working on the first challenge, as the other teams were feeling a little bit the many teams were working working out their differences.

"Uh, Darrell, you're working that hard and the thing still ain't cutting." Buddy stated. "But you're the mechanic in here!"

"Yeah, thanks, Buddy!" Darrell proclaimed. "This thing has got to cut sometime."

"It sure will!" Buddy stated.

"Pro tip: it take forever and it eat away at your very soul and then make your hands look like this." Chowder said, as the guy had some...injured hands. "Be warned."

Buddy and Darnell were looking at him, as the mechanic dog was still cutting and finally managed to get it open, which got Chowder shocked.

"What's your secret?!" Chowder was in awe.

"Uh, I drive trucks?" Darrell said. "And being with Buddy Thunderstruck!"

"Heck yeah, now we're moving on." Buddy said.

The stunt drivers were now the tenth team to move the second bus finally arrived at the location, some of them were in the middle of snoring and others instantly hopping out.

"Though ten of the first bus may have arrived, all of the second bus are either energised or aren't even aware of the location stay tuned...for the second challenge, which is partially on these boats!" Don announced.

To be continued in the next part with the more of the first and second challenge adding onto the small town with a tough challenge and with these 107 teams, the race becomes a little bit hotter and a bit louder...despite the fact that there's no more teams changing!