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A Really Ridonculous Race

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A Really Ridonculous Race
Chapter 1: A Return To Toronto
Part 6b: Avoiding The Elimination

The final set of teams are finishing this long, long chapter off...that's it, because let's be honest, this episode has gone on for so long...that nine extra teams just appeared out of nowhere, including one that just appeared out of nowhere!

However, Josuke and Okuyasu aren't out of the fire despite being stand users, so they're also struggling with the lazy guys, the working class guys, the slackers and other random bottom-tier teams that are struggling!

Either way, this part is happening!"

"Welcome back to the longest episode of a Ridonculous Race ever and these 24 remaining teams are ready to...not get eliminated, because they already lost!"

"Hey, Josuke! Do you think we're last?" Okuyasu asked, ready to get out of it.

"Almost. I swear there was talking mice or something." Josuke said.

"...Man, you're going crazy!"

"Yeah, you're right. How do we get out of last place?"

The strong students were in the bottom four, along with the slackers, the smart mice and the working class guys and they were all trying to find some relevance in this Ridonculous Race.

Besides that, there were a whole bunch of players that were down to do some lacrosse or try to find their own way to High Park...considering the traffic that they were avoiding.

"Seriously, these taxis ain't moving!" Jack complained, walking on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, it happens all of the time in my hometown and it's shit there and shit here." Phil exclaimed, practically chilling on the sidewalk.

"Honestly, man, it ain't a unique problem, but it takes forever." Jack said, as a flying squirrel and a gloved moose were walking on a sidewalk. "Look, even those guys even left."

"Wait, how did you even recognise us?!" Bullwinkle was a little bit stunned. "Oh, yeah, we're the flying squirrel and moose."

"I'm just here to win, though. And I don't think we're winning." Rocky said, just taking in all of the sights. "I like this place, though."

"Well, we've gotta run!" Bullwinkle shouted. "I'm just hoping you can keep up."

"Bitch, we can. You gotta slow down for my cuz, though." Phil remarked, as Jack got a little bit mad and both Rocky and Bullwinkle were stunned. "We're still this fucking team game for real."

"...For real?" Jack asked.

Phil was just throwing a thumbs up out there with Rocky reciprocating the two teams were passed by the last taxi out of the CN Tower looking at them.

*Slackers' confessional*

These two were almost chuckling.

"As much as we both messed up, this race is kinda messed up in a cool way with all these wacky teams from another world." Jude said. "Wasn't expecting to get messed up like this, though."

"Jude, you're thinking a little bit too negatively right now." Jonesy remarked. "It's possible for us to make a serious comeback...just not now."

*Confessional cut*

"Also, once again, there's only one more spot on the fourth coach and two teams aren't willing to take the extra half-hour wait!" Don announced, as there were two duos that were pretty mad at themselves.

"We're not keeping them waiting!" Banjo shouted. "Evil ladies, you won't win!"

"Ignoring him, he's just judging your outfit." Kazooie said, practically taking the bite out of her teammates' words.

"And it looks kinda evil!" Banjo said.

"And you two look dumb." Kazooie shouted.

"Major, I won't allow my intelligence to be insulted." Viktoria said, making sure that she wasn't about to lose. "Let me do the challenge."

"As much as that wouldn't help, I think you'd do well in this kind of challenge." Tanya told her, taking this challenge seriously. "Besides, I wouldn't do well in this challenge."

"You wouldn't do good because you're a kid!" Kazooie shouted at Tanya, who just facepalmed.

The adventuring animals were first up with Banjo, who picked up the lacrosse stick and ran with it and did the classic shoulder tackle, angry enough to try and counter the lacrosse player.

The lacrosse player tried swatting him with the stick...but Banjo just barely knocked him down and he got the puck inside it and ran for it, throwing the puck in with all of his strength literally slid into the goal.

"You got 'em, Banjo!" Kazooie shouted, still somehow in the backpack.

"It doesn't matter if you can fit in a backpack, we've got our loyalty to our country." Viktoria replied seriously, as Kazooie just chuckled.

The auburn-haired soldier was running in with a strategy, as she immediately moved to the slight left and let the lacrosse player see that and countered that...before swerving to the left and back on her path, picking up the puck with the stick.

Though, she had one more job to the player wasn't about to let her get an easy goal and trying to cover her many angles...though she moved left and the player moved right quickly.

Somehow, that allowed her to get an awkward throw for an awkward goal.

"Good on ya, brown-haired lame." Kazooie said.

"Hey, the same goes to your bear partner." Viktoria remarked.

The two teams weren't letting up, as they ran off from the location and there were still quite a few people that were waiting for their turn in the spotlight...even here.

"Damn, this is a long story." Tohru said. "Can you cover up for the sake of the patriarchy or something?"

"No, it's twenty-seven degrees, are you crazy?" Lucoa asked. "I'm going to keep on showing my things."

"You don't have to show them all of the time." Tohru said, a little bit worried about Lucoa's...boobage.

"Listen, I'm a dragon, I'm pretty sure that I can handle this." Lucoa said.

The humanoid lady with big ones just ran in...expecting her strength to come on in and not being ashamed enough to cover her shirt, as the player got seriously distracted and Lucoa barged into him, knocking him down.

"Just get the token!" Tohru yelled, as Lucoa picked her lacrosse stick back up...and made the goal. "Whew, finally...this is nearly over."

There was three teams that were trying to be on their way to Toronto, as they were all sure that they were barely safe from elimination...two of the three actually checking some sort of map.

Some of them could fly and others couldn't, but they were all trying their hardest and Don easily noticed it.

"How the heck did they get here so fast?" Don asked. "Eh, on foot probably."

Despite the fact that one team flew, Banjo just got ahead enough to take up the last pair of seats on the fourth coach.

"Banjo and Kazooie, you two, in 85th, are the last ones to reach...the fourth coach, meaning that you're leaving half an hour ahead of the next set of teams!"

Banjo and Kazooie were just shaking their heads.

"Tohru & Lucoa, you're in 86th and are in the last coach to Orillia!"

"No, we got beaten by a bird and a bear! I still don't feel that bad, though." Lucoa said, as Tohru was just angrily staring at Kazooie. "Had a fun time."

"I mean, we're on separate buses, so it's gonna be rough for you ladies." Banjo said. "Would've been cool-"

And insults were flying in.

"Geez, chill for a bit, we're not even close to being eliminated." Lucoa was relaxed, as her partner was literally swearing up a storm. "Let's find some guy to hang out with."

"Tanya, Viktoria, you're in 87th and on the last coach to Orillia."

"I'm sorry for setting us back so far, Major!" Viktoria shouted. "If only I had more stamina on the stairs, we'd be in a better place."

"You could say that, but we are not out of the race. We could still do a great performance and so many teams could fall down out of the race." Tanya told her. "The point is we need to be 100% tomorrow, lieutenant."

"Yes, I will give this race my all? How did we get here, though."

"Portals, obviously."

"Though some teams are getting lost in the challenge..."

Max was just gulped heavily, as he felt his throat swallow something, as Goofy got punched back...again.

"Dad, you alright?" Max asked.

"Uh, just a buncha scratches." Goofy stood back up confidently.

"...and literally, not figuratively, lost in Toronto!"

Inspector Gadget managed to get him and his friend lost on the way to High Park, as Penny was just holding the map up.

"Well, I didn't really check. We went down and my GPS thing somehow got turned off, Penny." Inspector Gadget said, a little worried about his chances in the race.

"I wonder who would have done that. Probably someone evil!" Penny speculated, still in a good mood. "I just hope that we're not eliminated."

"Yeah, imagine that." Inspector Gadget he ran towards High Park. "Could it be-"


"But now for some loose cannons!"

Don said that, as the self-named loose cannons were about to say some words of inspiration.

"Though we may be mostly American, I don't care about how you are, but I only care about what you do to help us in whatever war happens next! Because I'm sure that-" Soldier shouted.

"You're insane." Makoto said, just wanting another go at the challenge.

"-Japanese kid, I'm going to inspire all Americans to take up arms!" Soldier ran in with a yell.

Makoto just shrugged, as Kyoko didn't look too surprised.

"Geez, I feel like a celebrity." Makoto rubbed his back, as Soldier was just doing a running tackle towards the guy.

Soldier ran and ran and of course, he hit the lacrosse guy in the chest and he had the stick with him...and he picked up the puck and threw it into the goal.

"Aw, yeah, I'm tired of being here. Can you believe the people that I's crazy!" Demoman complained, as the black guy with an eyepatch saw the Soldier just run back with the tip. "Uh, let's get outta here."

"Canada, when you're in a war, remember me."

Soldier said that, as the good majority of the teams were baffled by that kind of statement.

"Let's just get this over with, because if we don't, we're stuck." Kyoko stated, ready to get some more knowledge.

"Okay dokey, we're doing this in a row, right?" Goofy asked.

"I guess I'm next." Makoto said.

Makoto's weirdly negative luck somehow flipped around, as the player tripped up on a wet patch and he got the puck and basically did a close throw into the goal.

Poison Ivy sprung up some hidden plants and it was pretty clear that she was up to something with the lacrosse stick, casually running to the side of the guy.

And the guy tripped on...seemingly nothing, as Poison Ivy took up the puck and kicked him on the leg to deal with it.

"Yeah, you're a cheater, but I don't really care." Gum said.

"I like your vibe, but save that for the actual challenge." Poison Ivy, basically walking out of the frame with serious sass. "Score one for lady empowerment!"

"I don't really care!" Gum remarked, as Beat was just grinning doing the challenge. "Besides, I'm not doing this challenge."

"Bummer, it's pretty cool." Beat was just willing to let things be chill, spinning around and picking it up and awkwardly balancing the puck. "Let's frigging get them!"

*The Skaters' confessional*

The two of them were a little bit nervous.

"Hey, we're down in the dumps and this time, the dumps are the things that we're going in!" Beat said. "And we're coming out without any problems!"

"That's right, we've done the challenge, that other challenge and we're going to the airport that we came in. So, shut up!" Gum exclaimed, as the skater girl looked confident.

"No-one was talking, Gum. We're making statements out here." Beat bragged with a smile.

"Honestly, chill, it's just for the haters." Gum remarked.

*The Lazy Guys' confessional*

These two were kinda chilling, as Phil and Jack had a nervous calm.

"Uh, what's up? We're here, stuck in the bottom twenty of this kinda awesome race and we're in the shit zone, Chita." Phil said, practically spinning around his bucket hat.

"Isn't that my girlfriend? Because what about uncle?" Jack asked, trying to calm down the situation. "He said he's cheering me on."

"Nah, he said that my dream and my game are the same, jack shit." Phil said, very bothered.

"Don't worry about it, our dream's gonna be finished." Jack remarked.

*Confessional cut*

There were 17 teams that hadn't finished both challenges yet and they weren't exactly doing too good in the lacrosse challenge, thanks to their lack of skills.

"Fuck being here." AVGN slammed the thing down. "I'm tired of losing."

"Me too, but you don't see me swearing." Marco complained. "My mom will get mad at me."

"Then you've got a lot of growing up to do, motherfucker." AVGN told him.

"Whoa, what is your problem?" Marco asked. "My girlfriend’s out there in the lacrosse field winning!"

"Calm down, I was just giving some fucking advice, man." AVGN said, as Marco's friend Star managed to make some moves in the field. "You've got an awesome girlfriend."

Star Butterfly was rocking it with her cool moves and spinning around to use her skills to knock the lacrosse player off his game, allowing her to pick up the puck and then throw it into the goal.

"Let's go!" Star shouted. "I swear we're in the bottom ten or something, which kinda sucks, because I want to see way more!"

"Yeah, what you said." Marco remarked, seeing the tip in his girlfriend's hand. "How are we down here at the bottom?"

"I dunno, we kinda messed up on the stairs." Star remarked, as AVGN hopped back into the lacrosse field. "Why does he swear so much?"

"Because he's angry, I guess." Marco said, as AVGN ran as loudly as he could.

AVGN was yelling during his whole run, as he had the strength that Nostalgia Critic with his several injuries couldn't even get and he just slid through the guy...tripping him up and taking the puck for himself.

And he did it, allowing for his team to finally make it through the second challenge in Toronto.

At Pearson, six teams have finally arrived...

"Loose Cannons, you're in 89th and safe!"

Soldier and Demoman were grinning massively and clearly sitting on the side of someone else.

"Bad Girls, you're in 90th and still safe!"

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were somehow content with the two loose cannons on the side of them, as they both knew that they were badass in some ways.

"Hopeful Detectives, you're 91st and safe!"

Makoto and Kyoko were just standing quite a distance from the two bad people, as they weren't willing to get hit for no reason.

"Skaters, you're in 92nd!"

In between the bad girls and the hopeful detectives, the skater duo was just painting the whole

"Dimension travelling duo of teenagers, you're in 93rd!"

These two were just happy to be safe in the competition.

"Angry Critics, you're in 94th and safe!"

These two were clearly pissed off at Don for allowing them to be in that position, as there were two ladies that weren't too surprised at their positions.

"Listen, you just suck." Poison Ivy told the two of them, as they got even madder. "Goddamn, people hate me now because I'm telling too much truth."

"Not really, you somehow missed 30 attempts in the lacrosse challenge and you two aren't weak people." Kyoko told the Bad Girls. "Makoto isn't really the physical type either."

"Shut the fuck up." Poison Ivy said.

"Still on the second challenge, there's still 12 teams that aren't done and making this leg a bit too long and Josuke's really getting to that." Don announced, as the Strong Students came in with a pose and then they were running to the lacrosse challenge.

"Oh no!" Josuke shouted. "I swear, there's like 100 teams."

"Yeah, thanks, genius! We're going to be here for a little while." Megamind remarked, as the blue-skinned superguy was just chilling in doing his wait.

"Well, I'm not! We've got our Stands ready!" Josuke just showed off Crazy Diamond, which was still invisible to everybody...besides a few.

"Nice guys." Megamind remarked, as Minion just chuckled. "Did you know that I could see them?"

The camera couldn't even see Crazy Diamond and The Hand, but the strong students were definitely getting seen by two teams, the reformed villains being one of them.

"How the hell can you see them...besides your big head?" Josuke asked, a little stunned.

"I don't even know why I can see them, but I still can." Megamind quipped with a smile.

While Josuke was just having a fun time throwing quips out there with Megamind, Okuyasu saw a team that probably should have done way better in Toronto.

"Wait, didn't you guys do that KOF thing?" Okuyasu asked. "How the heck are you two down here?"

"Oh yeah, Shingo literally got knocked out by some guy...he was big and he just punched him for some reason." Benimaru said, as Shingo was just up and running. "He's moving his butt unlike you guys, though."

"Damn, man, imagine that. I just forgot where the start line was." Okuyasu said.

"Well, that sucks for you." Shingo said, flexing his muscles. "I'm gonna take this guy down!"

"Take him down, dude!" Okuyasu shouted.

Shingo Yabuki wasn't the first one to wasn't even close, as Minion came into the stomping ground, wherever he wanted and his presence was enough to win the challenge.

"Hello." Minion said, scaring the lacrosse player into moving away, as he picked up the puck. "Yeah, that's understandable."

He got the tip, though and Josuke looked really angry, as Okuyasu was just looking at Megamind, who was freaking out.

"You don't insult his hair, bro." Okuyasu said, genuinely warning Megamind.

"I said that it looked kinda weird, but in a good way. I'm assuming he didn't hear the second half." Megamind just saw Josuke just really getting his puck.

"...I don't know if that's true, though."

Josuke was just running to do a strong shoulder bash and he hit the guy squarely in the middle, considering the random hair insult and he picked up the puck and won the challenge.

"He kinda said my hair looks dumb." Josuke said, as he got the tip.

"Alright...dude." Shingo was shocked.

Shingo Yabuki basically copied one of Kyo's techniques, being the dashing shoulder bash with the lacrosse stick and casually just won the challenge.

"Seriously, though, who would do something like that?" Benimaru asked. "I'm going to assume he accidentally did that."

"Weirdly enough, it was some Russian guy and he was pretty cool." Shingo said. "He talked a lot about muscles, though."

"Huh, nice." Benimaru remarked.

*The Defense Lawyers' confessional*

These two were a little bit unnerved.

"Imagine saying that someone's odd hair is odd and then just getting beat by that guy for it." Phoenix said. "Yeah, I don't know if I can be friends with a guy like that."

"But his hair is awesome, doesn't have a girlfriend and apparently beat up a serial killer." Maya just talked up Josuke. "Those are facts."

"Are they really facts...because that doesn't sound super objective." Phoenix said, in the middle of a serious discussion. "His hair is pretty cool, though."

"Yeah, that's the's still rumours, though." Maya looked more than ready to check Josuke' out.

*Confessional cut*

Once again, Don was starting to feel this leg getting a little bit long for his liking, but there were only a few more teams left.

"Shingo & Benimaru, you're in 95th place!"

"Alright, we're safe!" Shingo shouted, as he jumped for joy and pumped his fist.

"Megamind & Minion, you're in 96th place!"

"I'm not going to lie, I thought we were going to do quite a bit better." Megamind remarked.

"I'm not that surprised, though." Minion answered.

"Josuke & Okuyasu, you're in 97th place!"

The two guys with the stands were just doing what could be considered a bro-pose, as they posed together as a team.

"This is gonna take a while, as the last set of teams are making it happen..."

Back at High Park...

The two teams of lawyers that weren't at Pearson and were still at High Park were having a moment, but it wasn't really a positive one at all.

"What the heck, Edgeworth, I thought you were ahead of me!" Phoenix exclaimed.

"Wright, I thought the same thing looks like we're both struggling with this challenge." Edgeworth said, as Franziska looked angry. "I was right about this not being an easy challenge."

"Well, that's no joke here." Phoenix said, as Maya looked confident. "But I will try."

"I hope you'll complete this challenge, because it is not easy." Miles said, as Franziska finally went on a tear towards the lacrosse player. "With that being said, Franziska, please-"

"-I'm tired of losing to these fools!" Franziska complained. "I am calm at this very moment!"

Franziska "legally" used her whip on the lacrosse player, as she basically just hit 'em in the eyes and then picked up the puck to put it into the goal and obviously...

"Thank you, that was a demonstration for you, Wright. You fool." Franziska told Phoenix, who had a nervous smile now.

"Come on, we have a race to finish." Edgeworth said, pretty tiredly.

The prosecutors were out and Phoenix was in with a beaming smile and some hands that had seen things and done quite a bit of lacrosse, as the lawyer looked ready.

"Yeah, you've got this." Maya exclaimed, practically crossing her fingers for luck. "I believe in you!"

Phoenix just tried his best, as he basically ran after the puck and the player...was still recovering from the eye whip, so he managed to make it through, picking up the puck and then just checking the ring and putting it into the goal.

"Uh, we did it? Is he going to be okay?" Maya asked.

"Yeah, he should be fine." Phoenix said, as the lacrosse guy just got up with his black hair and still fine eyes. "Hopefully, we make it before we lose for good!"

"Then, let's move!" Maya basically dragged her partner/boss along.

And back at Pearson...

"Miles & Franziska, you're both in 98th place!"

The two prosecutors were just there, having a quick sweat from running all of the way from downtown to the western suburbs.

"Phoenix & Maya, you're in 99th place!"

" took forever!" Maya shouted, sweating a lot. "I think we found the right airport, because I can hear this host guy."

"Well, there's going to be a lot more of these in the future." Phoenix told her, very much tired of the show. "Safe to say, we're not getting any brakes."

"You're not that bad at this race. But you should really be prepared for the next leg, because I think we're going there after all of the teams arrive here." Edgeworth said. "I don't expect you'll be going too far."

"Well, just you wait! You're not doing too hot yourself." Phoenix respectfully said.

"That can be said, but we both have unique skills that will help us." Edgeworth said.

Back at it again, there was a whole bunch of people that were either arriving at the second challenge and were at the second challenge and were tired of it.

"The correct angle for the throw shouldn't be that hard to figure out, but at the same time, Beaker...are you okay?" Honeydew was one half of the scientists.

"Meep meep meep." Beaker felt something pretty bad. "Meep."

"Well, we don't have a lot of people here now and there's a few others that are more capable of completing this challenge." Beaker told his partner. "Besides, you're mostly okay."

"Meep meep!"

"Don't you worry, I'm sure that it won't take long."

The scientists were sure of something, as there was quite a few duos that were ready to 'fuck this player up' in a short Filipino-American guy's words and the next one involved.

"Don't be bitch made." Phil shouted. "That's right, I'm declaring some fighting words and he's gonna make them happen!"

"Uh, what if I lose, because-" Jack was just stretching his arms.

"Nah way, man, you're my big cus, bruh!" Phil said, happy to back him up.

"Alright, Phil, let's do this shit!" Jack said, not ready to lose.

Through sheer weight, Jack just managed to bounce off the guy with an accidental push, as he just looked at the puck for a second and then picked it up with the stick.

He had the other guy come in, but he just sorta slapped him by accident and then he basically made the puck shot in there.

"Sorry, man, was just helping my homie out." Jack said, as Phil crossed his arms and sticking his finger out proudly.

Spyro and Hunter weren't that impressed by the move.

*The Animal Heroes' confessional*

These two were confident about something.

"Hey, uh, do you know what I'm about to do?" Spyro asked. "I may not have hands, but I do have a friend."

"Obviously...I am going to have to wash this thing, am I?" Hunter said, not really listening. "Because I came here to win and right here, I'm pretty sure we're losing."

"I wasn't even going to do that...'cause I probably couldn't even pick up the puck with my mouth!" Spyro shouted.

*Confessional cut*

Hunter looked interested in doing the challenge, as he had a lacrosse stick, some arrows that were just there and a player who wanted to stop him and he sped off.

The cheetah was running at speed to do a quick slide to the guy and then picking up the puck to throw it into the goal...especially since it barely landed in there...but it did land.

"Honestly, let's go!" Hunter shouted. "Looks like we're still in this, though we're pretty far down."

"Hey, you two could do it. If he can do it, you can, too!" Spyro encouraged the goofiest team in the game, as Hunter had an irked look.

"Come on, I'm pretty good, those two are looking kinda ordinary!" Hunter told Spyro. "Which doesn't matter, because you're doing okay."

"We are? We're at the bottom of whatever race this is." Max said, looking down on the ground. "I'm just hoping that my dad can do it."

"I can do it! I just need my moves!" Goofy was a little bit nervous.

"Then do those moves, obviously." Max told his dad, still scared of losing.

"Max, I am gonna do them!"

Goofy may have shouted that, but he was kinda as nervous as anyone else would, as he ran into the lacrosse player and just tripped and rolled into the player...allowing for Goofy to get knocked up first.

He just picked the puck up, still being pretty dirty, but he made a high throw that...made it mark into the goal.

"I did it, son." Goofy said, not looking super okay. "Let's get to the Chill Zone together!"

"Dad, are you okay?" Max saw Goofy's slight injury from the trip roll.

"Okay enough to get to the Chill Zone." Goofy replied, just happy to make it.

In Pearson AKA west Toronto...

"Phil & Jack, I don't know how you're in 100th place, but you're safe anyways!"

The two dudes were just crossing their arms with their hands out, these two sure of their future performance.

"Spyro & Hunter, you two have made it to 101st place!"

Spyro was just hanging on top of Hunter's head, as these two were trying to have some fun in the middle of the bottom ten.

"Max & Goof, you're in 102nd place!"

The father and son team were happy, even with Goofy having some injuries on his face.

"Seriously, though, chill with the ridiculous moves!" Don announced. "I can't just instantly heal these guys!"

"'re right!" Spyro shouted.

"Sorry, Don!" Goofy apologised.

"We kinda messed them up here." Jack remarked.

"And now we're at the very bottom, the sun is going down, the lacrosse players are getting tired and there's still like seven teams that are trying!" Don announced. "Well, six."

"Finally, onii-chan!" Yuka shouted. "We're definitely going to lose, if you suck too much!"

"I'm just trying my hardest to make it through, Yuka! Which I will do!" Satoshi had confidence, considering that he survived several haunted schools.

"Okay, then, you do it." Rocko said. "We're both at the bottom."

"You're an ugly animal!" Yuka complained, as Rocko was feeling something rise within him. "My brother's going to make it, as you can see!"

"Well, let's see it." Rocko said, very much bothered.

Satoshi was just...some guy, but he was a guy that had survival skills and a roll that allowed him to get under the lacrosse player and tripped him up and just picked up the puck with the messed up roll.

The guy fell down and then got up with the puck...besides the throw, which was eh, but it got a goal.

"Onii-chan, you did it!" Yuka shouted. "I wasn't going to do it anyways."

"Well, that's good." Satoshi said, as Rocko didn't look too happy. "I'll be going."

"Yeah, you better get ready to have competition!" Yuka exclaimed.

"And I think we're it." Satoshi said.

The school survivors left the working class guys stunned, though Rocko was about to do his own Filburt was nervously shaking together, as his friend was about to do it.

He was going to the other side, trying to dodge the big ol' guy and ensuring that he was able to do some more action with Rocko getting the puck...running as fast as he could to get away from the rest.

Rocko barely managed to stop before the goal line, as the puck got thrown by his forward momentum and he did it.

"Finally, I hope we're not eliminated." Filburt said, seeing the other four teams just hang out here.. "I've counted the number of teams here on one hand."

"Isn't it two? There's like...oh, yeah." Rocko remarked.

"Rocko & Filburt, you're in 103rd place and safe!"

These two were just in there, standing carefully.

"Satoshi & Yuki, you two are in 104th place, surviving another day! Two of them...will survive, while the other three are not!" Don exclaimed, as the bottom five had finally settled and the competition to get into the roll.

"So, what do you do for a living?" Satoshi asked.

"Work in a comic and manga shop." Filburt said. "It's not as simple as it sounds."

"Yeah, we're basically studying in not haunted schools." Satoshi remarked.

"Jonesy & Jude, you're in 105th!" Don announced. "Also, how did you get here?"

"That's right, we're just starting the comeback!" Jonesy shouted.

"We kinda dipped out of the episode, no big deal." Jude casually said.

The two surviving teams and the two eliminated teams that actually have a chance

"Holy cow, we finally made it back here!" Inspector Gadget shouted, as there was four teams that were doing their best competition. "I swear there's like 110 teams or something."

"Well, it's actually 109, but you were really close." Honeydew remarked, as Inspector Gadget was checking something and Isabelle nodded.

"Yeah and we're not going to lose." Inspector Gadget said, as Isabelle was a little bit nervous. "Don't you worry, little girl."

"Well, I'm an adult that can do things and works really hard!" Isabelle declared.

Suddenly the Don Box screeched, as a voice was coming out of it.

"Hey, teams, only two of you will make it through today and three of you...won't. That's it!" Don told the four teams that had been doing this challenge for a while or had arrived.

The scientists, helper siblings, agent-stopping animals and cyborg and kid duos were all trying their very best to make it through the early sunset, as the final four weren't scared of elimination.

"Bullwinkle, can we-" Rocky wanted to ask something.

"No time, Rocky, we've got to clear this thing!" Bullwinkle exclaimed.

"I was going to say that I wanted to do it." Rocky said, as Bullwinkle gave a thumbs up. "'s not my turn, though."

"Hahaha, hope we're not too late." Bullwinkle said.

There was some whole load of commotion and a few failed attempts that came from all of the teams, Rocky, Digby, Beaker and Inspector Gadget doing the attempts...things became way better the second time around.

Rocky was a moose (of the agent stopping animals) and he used his strength to knock the guy down with a push and he picked up his puck to complete the challenge successfully.

Next, Digby may not have had strength, but he could do sports fine and he simply did fine in the challenge, not doing anything too crazy...especially since the guy was reeling from Rocky's antler charge.

Thirdly, Beaker was really...really...trying his best, but through what could be considered a miracle, he ducked under the guy and grabbed the puck and just ran awkwardly with a yell into the goal.

Before he fell down.

"Oh, he's good!" Rocky shouted.

"I wasn't expecting him to do that, but I'm glad he did." Honeydew remarked.

And finally, Inspector Gadget had a hat that occasionally didn't work properly and this was one of the occasions, as he rocketed forward before picking up the puck at speed and then...doing an awkward side throw, or else, he'd have to do it again.

This meant that the agent-stopping animals, the helper siblings, the scientists and the cyborg and kid were leaving the second challenge in that specific the final part of the Toronto race was on.

"Though it's only four of the five teams, the race is very much close...who will continue onto Orillia?!"

Isabelle and Digby were somehow holding up the big map that they were taking their directions from, as they were getting a lot of squeals and people saying that they were cute.

Inspector Gadget and Penny were taking a view from the skies to finally figure where they were really going, as they were...going in not that direction before, hitting the ground running.

Honeydew and Beaker were just trying to take a shortcut with their GPS aka their phone, as they were really taking the directions into consideration as they were going west towards Pearson Airport.

And finally, Rocky and Bullwinkle were attempting to pull some moves, as Bullwinkle took to the low skies to check out the area and Rocky was going somewhere slightly different.

Through good directions, two teams were coming ahead on the other two and Don could easily see them.

"And here they are now, still kinda close!"

The helper siblings and the scientists were running as fast as they could to make sure that the cyborg and kid duo wasn't going to do just that and that the agent stopping animals couldn't do it.

Thing is...though, Inspector Gadget trip on a rock, which caused Penny to stop to see him pick himself up.

"I'm okay. Not sure about the race." Inspector Gadget just kept on going.

"And wow, it's actually kinda close!"

The agent-stopping animals were even a whole meter behind the scientists, as the two teams were just resting...but Beaker's yell basically made the bad news.

"MEEEEP!" Beaker yelled, making Don cover his ears. "Meeep..."

"Yeah, we cut it real close there. How the heck are you two okay, though?" Bullwinkle just wanted to ask the scientists something.

"I'm not." Honeydew said. "I can see that you're behind, though."

"Dang it, you're right!" Bullwinkle shouted, very much sad.

"Isabelle & Digby, you're in 106th place!"

Both of the hard-working dogs were just taking a seat on the benches, almost out of breath.

"Dr. Honeydew & Dr. Beaker, you two are in 107th place and the last team to be safe!"

"Looks like science will survive another day on the Ridonculous Race." Dr. Honeydew said. "I'm just hoping that we make it farther than the Geniuses did."

"Meep meep meep meep." Beaker was in an optimistic mood.

"It's not too impossible for us to lose, but the chances of that happening are still low." Dr. Honeydew was basically calculating. "So much sweat for one part of the race."

"Meep...meep meep meep."

"You're right, being on this show does take a lot of energy."

*The Helper Siblings' confessional*

Isabelle and Digby were both excited for the future legs and also very tired.

"We finally did it and we were not eliminated as well. Isabelle, I think we're going to do some good things in the future!" Digby shouted. "We've worked pretty hard to get here and we're going to work hard to make it to the end."

"Seriously, I'm pretty sure our invitation got stolen two times and both times, I had to resort to measures to snatch them back from the thieves! Smashing measures." Isabelle said, a bit too serious about the invitation.

"Wait, I thought that it got mixed up both times." Digby stated, finally remembering something

"I'm sorry to those two guys, they probably got there by accident." Isabelle said, covering her eyes.

*Confessional cut*

"Rocky & Bullwinkle, Inspector Gadget & Penny, you two have been eliminated from this super race!" Don announced from the Chill Zone, as both teams groaned in frustration...considering that the latter was one trip away from safety.

"We were so close!" Rocky shouted, as Bullwinkle got up. "It was like...kinda close."

"Yeah, we were both kinda close now!" Inspector Gadget complained. "Penny, I hope that whoever the evil guys are doing the business are stopped!"

"Same thing goes for you. There's no way that evil people are hanging out, though I don't think it broke your GPS." Bullwinkle said, just adjusting his hat.

"Inspector, we really tried our best and now we're just here with the rest." Penny said. "At least we can see Canada on our own."

"Hey...we've been in Canada a lot, so there's a whole bunch of places here." Bullwinkle said. "We've got our own bad guys to beat."

"Really, that must suck for you. Sometimes, you just have to take a rest." Rocky was just chilling on the chair.

"Yeah and I don't mind taking a rest." Inspector Gadget said.

The two teams were just accepting their fate together, though they were still pretty sad.

"Do you think we can team up sometime?" Bullwinkle asked.

"Yeah, you two seem cool!" Penny shouted.

"Not gonna lie, that's pretty wholesome. Now, if you excuse me..."

The final team that had a chance were at High Park and they were sitting down, waiting for their inevitable elimination.

"Mice AKA Pinky & The Brain...I'm not surprised that you were in last place, so go home please." Don told them, as they just managed to get to High Park.

"No, we're going to go home on our own terms!" Pinky shouted. "Let's go home, Brain."

"This is literally your fault, Pinky." Brain grumbled. "Though we could've ruled the world this way."

"I'd still want a girlfriend, though, because she would be hot." Pinky said. "And have things that I would like."

"It's back to the drawing board..."

"Uh, we just eliminated a bunch of mice! Will there be eliminations more inevitable than this or will the eliminations be controversial? What the heck kind of challenges do Northern Ontario have? And finally, how is this possible? Find out next time...on A Really Ridonculous Race!"

To be continued in the next episode with these 107 teams continuing on, as while three may have gone home...there's 107 more that are moving onto the next round and the next round's still in Ontario...just in a different part of it.

The First Coach to Orillia (...basically already started):

1st: The Kombatants (Kitana & Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat)
2nd: The Wholesome Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)
3rd: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)
4th: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)
5th: The Fast Friends (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)
6th: The Karate Siblings (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)
7th: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)
8th: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)
9th: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)
10th: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)
11st: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia)
12th: The Soul Warriors (Siegfried & Sophitia, Soul Calibur)
13th: The Vampire Slayers (Richter & Maria, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
14th: The Volleyball Bros (Kotaro Bokuto & Akaashi Keiji, Haikyuu!)
15th: The Bending Brothers (Bolin & Mako, Legend of Korra)
16th: The Stepbrothers (Chet & Lorenzo, Ridonculous Race)
17th: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)
18th: The Stunt Truckers (Buddy & Darrell, Buddy Thunderstruck)
19th: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)
20th: The Delivery Drivers (Bender, Fry & Leela, Futurama)
21st: The Office Workers (Fenneko & Retsuko, Aggretsuko)

The Second Coach to Orillia (Half an hour after the first coach):

22nd: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)
23rd: The Old Men (Barret Wallace & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)
24th: The Trickster Brothers (Wario & Waluigi, Super Mario/Wario)
25th: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)
26th: The Roleplaying Adventurers (Kazuma & Megumin, Konosuba)
27th: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
28th: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
29th: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)
30th: The Psychic Sisters (Tatsumaki & Fubuki, One Punch Man)
31st: The House Servants (Subaru Natsuki & Rem, Re:Zero)
32nd: The Rough Adventurers (Naofumi & Raphtalia, Shield Hero)
33rd: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)
34th: The Rappers (Thugnificent & Leonard, Boondocks)
35th: The Slacking Students (Susie & Kris, Deltarune)
36th: The Women Fighters (Kasumi & Mai, Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury)
37th: The Mystery Solvers (Shaggy & Scooby, Scooby Doo)
38th: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)
39th: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil Meets Daniel Mouse)
40th: The Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)
41st: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)
42nd: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

The Third Coach to Orillia (An hour after the first coach):

43rd: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)
44th: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)
45th: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)
46th: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)
47th: The Mechanical Fighters (Peacock & Big Band, Skullgirls)
48th: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)
49th: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
50th: The Fierce Half-Brothers (Baki & Jack, Grappler Baki)
51st: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)
52nd: The Bandicoots (Crash & Coco Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot)
53rd: The Heavy Wrestlers (R. Mika & Zangief, Street Fighter)
54th: The Ice Climbers (Nana & Popo, Ice Climber)
55th: The Psychic Duo (Ritsu and Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100)
56th: The Evil Geniuses (Neo & Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot)
57th: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)
58th: The Lesbian Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)
59th: The Hard Working Ponies (Rainbow Dash & Applejack, MLP:FiM)
60th: The Volleyball Geniuses (Haikyuu, Kenma Kozume & Tetsuro Kuroo)
61st: The Taekwondo Rivals (Kim Kaphwan & Jhun Hoon, Fatal Fury & King of Fighters)
62nd: The Treasure Hunters (Nathan Drake & Anthony Sullivan, Uncharted)
63rd: The Bro Cooks (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)
64th: The Weapon Masters (Raz & Gilgamesh, Ice Age & Dissidia Final Fantasy)

The Fourth Coach to Orillia (1 and a half hours after the first coach):

65th: The Thundercats (Tygra & Cheetara, Thundercats 2011)
66th: The Wet Bandits/Former Bandits (Harry & Marv, Home Alone)
67th: The Dudes With Powers (Ben Tennyson & Kevin, Ben 10)
68th: The Bar Men (Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire, Family Guy)
69th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
70th: The King & His Servant (King Dedede & Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kirby)
71st: The Snapping Reptiles (K. Rool & Krunch, Donkey Kong)
72nd: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)
73rd: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)
74th: The Noble Thieves (Sly Cooper & Bentley, Sly Cooper)
75th: The High-School Fighters (Kanji & Chie, Persona 4)
76th: The Cautious Heroes (Seiya & Ristarte, Cautious Hero)
77th: The Heroic Teens (Casey & April, TMNT 2012)
78th: The Father & Son (Homer & Bart, Simpsons)
79th: The Star Warriors (Kirby & Meta Knight, Kirby)
80th: The Internet Hosts (Wizard & Boomstick, Death Battle)
81st: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)
82nd: The Monsters (Sully & Mike, Monsters Inc.)
83rd: The Ordinary Sisters (Leni, Lori and Luna Loud, The Loud House)
84th: The Cute Couple (Mickey & Minnie Mouse)
85th: The Cul-de-Sac Schemers (Edd & Eddy, Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy)
86th: The Adventuring Animals (Banjo & Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie)

The Final Coach to Orillia (2 hours after the first coach):

87th: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobyashi's Dragon Maid)
88th: The Mage Soldiers (Tanya & Viktoria, The Saga of Tanya The Evil)
89th: The Loose Cannons (Soldier & Demoman, Team Fortress 2)
90th: The Bad Girls (Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn 2020)
91st: The Hopeful Detectives (Makoto & Kyoko, Dangonronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)
92nd: The Skaters (Jet Set Radio, Beat & Gum)
93rd: The Dimension Travellers (Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz, Star VS. The Forces of Evil)
94th: The Angry Critics (Nostalgia Critic & Angry Video Game Nerd)
95th: The Upstart Fighters (Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru, King of Fighters '99)
96th: The Reformed Villains (Megamind & Minion, Megamind)

97th: The Strong Students (Josuke Higashikata & Okuyasu Nijimura, JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)
98th: The Prosecutors (Miles Edgeworth & Franziska Von Karma, Ace Attorney)
99th: The Defense Lawyers (Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey, Ace Attorney)
100th: The Lazy Guys (Phil & Jack, The Nutshack)
101st: The Animal Heroes (Spyro & Hunter, Spyro The Dragon)
102nd: The Goofy Team (Max & Goofy, A Goofy Movie)
103rd: The Working Class Guys (Rocko & Filburt, Rocko's Modern Life)
104th: The School Survivors (Satoshi & Yuka, Corpse Party)
105th: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)
106th: The Scientists (Dr. Beaker & Dr. Honeydew, Muppets)
107th: The Helper Siblings (Isabelle & Digby, Animal Crossing)

Sent Home From Toronto (aka eliminated from the race):

108th: The Agent-Stopping Animals (Rocky & Bullwinkle)
109th: The Cyborg & The Kid (Inspector Gadget & Penny, Inspector Gadget)
110th: The Mice (Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs)

Well, the next episode will be shorter and will be updated more consistently, as I'll get used to this.

Because, these updates have not be this infrequent (Took me five months to finish one episode , but that's going to be different now)