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A Really Ridonculous Race

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A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 2: The Long Time Comers!

The "sequel" to the New Super Ridonculous Race, technically.

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely, but it's a mostly new race with all new teams in the mix!

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

So, bam, this is the only Ridonculous Race so far and I promise that it'll be good!

"Welcome back to the Really Ridonculous Race with teams that's going to make that name worth it!"

Max and Chloe were definitely trying to the best of friends, though.

Max was a typical-ish nerdy short brown-haired high school, who was wearing a tan jacket of sorts, a white t-shirt, jeans and black sneakers with a white tip.

Chloe was a clear rebel with her parted blue hair, light skin and looking tired of walking.

She was wearing a black leather jacket, a white top, a necklace or two, slim jeans and brown winter boots.

"Max and Chloe, probably pretty good friends!"

*The Questionable Friends' confessional*

Max was nervously laughing at...something, as Chloe was getting angry at nothing in particular.

"Come on, check this post!" Max shouted, just wanting to take a polaroid picture.

"I don't know, we've got the biggest reality show on Earth to win." Chloe remarked, kinda getting over the tornado. "Imagine 2 million dollars, probably being able to do crazy stuff."

"Like helping to rebuild Arcadia Bay?" Max asked, having stars in her eyes at this point.

"I don't know, it costs more than two million, obviously!" Chloe crossed her arms. "And we could spend it on good things, you know."

"I mean, helping to rebuild the town is the least you could do." Max didn't have the stars, as she was very sad. "Giving a million."

"Fine, I guess."

*Confessional cut*

These two were not messing around with their determined smiles and mean looks, though one was more than the other.

Kirishima was definitely a guy with red kinda scruffy spiky hair, but he wasn't about to let that get him down, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans that fit with his red hi-top trainers.

Bakugou was very angry (when he's just usually angry) and his white very scruffy and spiky hair added to his angry look. Though, he was wearing a black vest and jeans and brown leather slacks that were kinda loose.

"Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou, two very manly teens with powers!"

*The Heroic Students' confessional*

Kirishima was just about to do a hard handshake with Bakugo, who just crossed his arms and said the first words.

"Come on, we're here to win and this time, I'm here with the hard guy right here!" Bakugou was usual.

"My name's Kirishima, man. I think you should calm down for a bit." The red-haired guy exclaimed with confidence. "We're still repping UA in this...what is this?"

"Does it matter? I'm going to win this show and do things with that money!" Bakugou shouted, ready to make explosive waves...with his hands.

He sparked up his own hands to show that he was not scared.

"Bakugou, there's no way that we're going to keep that money! But we're gonna win anyway!"

"I didn't say that! I'm going to kill everybody with my performance and then give the money!" Bakugou couldn't help himself from saying 'kill', which was definitely metaphorical.

*Confessional cut*

Dante definitely looked like he had been in the demon hunting business for a while, having slightly scruffy short white-hair and stubble with a toned body that fit with his red jack, navy blue buttoned shirt, jeans and brown boots.
Because it was kind of loose and he was pretty dang tall.

Trish wasn't very loose if her mostly black leather clothing was showing anything...aside from her generally slim and sexy body, with a big belt on the leather trousers, a crop top. She was definitely blonde and was nearly as tall as Dante was.

"Dante & Trish, another team that does the hunting!"

*The Demon Hunters' confessional*

Dante and Trish were smugly grinning at each other, probably working on some sort of bet.

"Sometimes, saving the world is a little bit harder than you throwing a sword around and letting it swing." Dante remarked. "So, we're on a vacation."

"And unlike mister white hair, I can't just get more powerful out of nowhere, so it'll be a good time to stretch myself." Trish threw a remark back.

These two were kinda glaring at each other, before those glares changed into a smug look at the audience.

"Hey, just so you know, just because it is a rest from my job doesn't mean that 2 million dollars will be easy to get from us when we win it!" Dante offered a challenge to the people that weren't in the race.

"And that we will be a team to beat. That's a real promise." Trish smirked back.

*Confessional cut*

Bowser was as spiky as ever, as his son came out of a building with two sandwiches and a mask and probably some cash.

They were definitely throwing a few flames here and there, readying themselves to show that they were not easy people to beat.

"Bowser & his son, Bowser Junior, another team that doesn't need much of an introduction!"

*The Bad Guys' confessional*

Bowser and his son were crossing their arms, smirking like they had nobody's business.

"Okay, okay, we're like famous or something! Seriously, the people think we're just actors in a costume or something like that!" Bowser boasted. "We ain't in a costume!"

"Tell 'em, dad! We're the real deal...dealing real fire and real hard...things!" Bowser Jr. even made the pauses sound hilariously confident. "Alright!"

"Yeah, it's time for us to show them what we're really made of. Our scales and our damn hearts!" Bowser said. "Those hears of bad guy-ness or something."

"My dad's got this! I know this because he keeps on saying it." Bowser Jr. told the camera guys, as his dad was embarrassed to admit something like that. "I ain't gonna be deadweight, I can promise you that!"

"I hope so, Junior..."

*Confessional cut*

Pit was plucky and Dark Pit was angsty, even if they nearly shared the same skin colour.

Pit had a white chiffon with a lot of gold band and rings, dark brown sandal boots with a and gold and brown wristlets and Dark Pit had similar clothes except they were all black aside from the gold rings

Pit had white wings and Dark Pit had grey-green wings.

And also, Pit had brown hair and his gold leaf was on his right, while Dark Pit had black hair and his gold leaf was on the left, though they had the same exact short hairstyle.

Together, they were definitely trying to not fight random things.

"Pit and Dark Pit, an angel and his clone and also rivals!"

*The Angel Rivals' confessional*

Pit and Dark Pit were both acting like some serious chumps.

"Okay, so Pit thinks I'm just some guy who thinks he's too cool to exist!" Dark Pit shouted.

"And this awesome dude thinks that I'm not that smart!" Pit shouted back, throwing his opinion into the ring. "Don't worry, I'm going to prove that I'm smart!"

"How, you're illiterate and also, too much of a gamer to actually read pretty good. Unlike you, I can read and can snipe like crazy." Dark Pit bragged like he had a list to go through. "Though, we're probably equals..."

"Yeah, let's fucking go! We both saved a world, so we're both going to win this!" Pit felt something in his heart speed up.

"...That's still a big ask." Dark Pit had to tell his origin guy the obvious.

*Confessional cut*

Snufkin wasn't that short, though he was definitely below-average height and he had auburn brown hair and light skin.
He mostly wore a big hat, a large green shirt of sorts, green pants and brown boots and he was confident about this race being dumb.

Little My, true to her name, was pretty short and had red hair that tied up in a...bean-shaped ponytail and she was wearing a red dress with a collar, black gloves and black boots.

Also, Little My was older than Snufkin...for some reason, but they didn't come through on the show when they were attracting attention.

"Snufkin & Little My, a half-brother with his younger half-sister!"

*The Half-Siblings' confessional*

Snufkin was looking like he was thinking about how the universe worked, sitting on an armrest and Little My looked like an angry eight-year old standing on a chair.

"I don't have to look into this camera thing." Snufkin said, as though he said something wise. "Trying to think of something good!"

"I'm gonna make sure that everyone is scared of our team, because we have...scary things!" Little My was standing on the chair.

"Yeah, be scary on your own time. I'm just gonna be in the race." Snufkin remarked, still sitting he couldn't care less.

Little My just roared at the camera and tried to be scary...while being up close and personal.

"You all are going to regret underestimating me!" Little My shouted.

*Confessional cut*

These two were decked in the Turtle School's orange gi, socks included and strong in their own right though they couldn't be more different.

Krillin was light-skinned pretty short, pretty bald, had six spots on his forehead and was sure of something.

Yamcha was also light-skinned but he was also 6 feet tall, nearly twice the height of his friend, had scruffy black hair, a two scars on his left eye and right cheek.

Though he wasn't as sure as his friend walking around.

"Yamcha & Krillin, Martial Artists of the orange kind!"

*The Martial Artists' confessional*

These two were dudes that were really outclassed by Goku, but they had things to do.

"Yamcha, I know that Goku is training!" Krillin said, having a bad feeling about this race.. "And 18 is kinda mad for not telling her."

"Yep, again! But sometimes, you've gotta take things into your own hands and so far, I want to become stronger!" Yamcha shouted, ready to not get cratered.

"That's great, but you should have told her!" Krillin just wanted to tell Yamcha, who was confused. "You sent it to 17...but it's fine."

"Hopefully it should be. It's time for us men to show off what we're really made off!" Yamcha was just getting into his fighting stance, as Krillin was going into one. "Your wife ain't going to be disappointed."

"You can say that again!"

*Confessional cut*

Kazuma was smug as hell for no apparent reason, as Megumin just threw off the smug vibe completely...even if she was also smug as hell.

Kazuma was just a typical light-skinned Japanese NEET in another world, having short brown hair, wasn't too tall and didn't look too athletic.
He was wearing a white shirt, a green cape with the collar up, a belt that went over his shirt, black pants and brown boots.

Megumin, despite coming from said world, wasn't that different, despite looking way different than Kazuma, being short, having shoulder-length dark brown hair and looking pretty young.
Her clothes were a whole other thing, as her red clothes and black cope were typical of a witch, except with an eyepatch and bandages on her right leg (aesthetics, tho), her black hat having a "scary" face on it consisting of two buttons and a ribbon.

Even if the former was 18 and the latter was 16, the looks were not easy to divert from them.

"Kazuma Sato & Megumin, roleplayers with powers that they don't deserve!"

*The Roleplayers' confessional*

Kazuma and Megumin were just laughing like they just saw the funniest clip that was ever seen, as these two were...very cool people.

"Yeah, let's go!" Kazuma shouted. "I dunno what I'm going to do about this race, but the bank is secured!"

"Listen, you already have too much money to care! I'm here to hone my Explosion magic!" Megumin exclaimed, doing a cool pose.

"On what? It's not exactly super cool to just do an explosion in some random place." Kazuma remarked. "Remember, the world's gone crazy."

"Then I know what I need to do! I need to increase my stamina to use Explosion and not be useless for the rest of the day!" Megumin had a declaration towards every other team. "This perverted man is my teammate."

"...I guess?" Kazuma was stuck doing a cool pose, while having to take the insult fully...grabbing life in his right hand. "I'm not a pervert."

*Confessional cut*

They were both probably a little bit more mature than the other adventurers, considering that they got persecuted for simply having a shield.

Naofumi was just..a Japanese guy with short spiky black hair, green eyes and a mean little scowl.

He wore Barbarian Armour, which had chest armour, a light green cape, green pants that were belted above the waist, a brown...jumper, brown boots, a black shirt with a collar and some fur armour around both upper legs.

Raphtalia was a 18 year-old demihuman girl with smaller breasts...which mostly translated to furry ears above her back-length brown hair that had braids at the front and was above-average height for an 18 year old.

She did wear a red and black dress with a high white colour and white sleeves, thigh-high olive-coloured boots and several silver rings on her upper arm and wrist.

Clearly, Naofumi was a little bit pissed off at the fact that people thought he'd look like a villain and Raphtalia wanted to tell him, but knew that he wasn't in that kind of mood.

"Naofumi & Raphtalia, adventurers with a massive shield!"

*Toughened Adventurers' confessional*

Naofumi just looked as he always did...questioning life, as Raphtalia was just enjoying what was thrown at her.

"Finally...back in my own world and I don't think that it would feel as awesome to come back! What am I even doing here, doesn't matter that much!" Naofumi realised. "I might not like it here!"

"Master, this camera sends all of our faces to big screen things! I want to make the best impression on the world!" Raphtalia exclaimed, still awe about cameras.

"I am the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani and I'm here to explore this weird new world...which is my home world, so what's up here?" Naofumi stated, understandably confused.

"There must be some kind of crisis here! Don't worry, Master, whoever is doing this crisis will be stopped and put into prison!" Raphtalia exclaimed. "...You don't seem happy here."

"Raphtalia, I'm...just thinking about things."

*Confessional Cut*

Schnitzel was a rock man with an apron and while everything except his head was small, his head made up most of his really tall height.

Chowder, in contrast, was a just purple raccoon child, who wore a purple jumper of sorts, a purple hat that looked like an extra pair of ears and purple shoes.

Schnitzel was grumbling, while Chowder was smelling the new kind of foods on display.

"Schnitzel & Chowder, cooks that are trying their best!"

*The Cooks' confessional*

Chowder was way too excited to realise that Schnitzel was very annoyed.

"Oh man, I'm so excited to be away from the kitchen! I bet there's new stuff to taste!" Chowder shouted pretty Schnitzel, who didn't need any more of that.

"Rada rada." Schnitzel told Chowder, not too happy with being used.

"I know that I've been super loud, but I like new food." Chowder was feeling pretty good about his chances. "We're gonna go super far!"

"Rada rada rada." Schnitzel had some worries.

"Hey, those guys don't matter that much! We're just here to get some new foods for Mung!" Chowder wasn't in a drama-loving mood.

"Rada...rada." Schnitzel crossed his arms like he wasn't into messing around.

*Confessional cut*

Gordeau was standing up, being a tall, white handsome guy with muscles that showed his fighter nature.

He wore a loose purple jacket, a white t-shirt, black smart trousers and black leather boots.

Chaos (real name: Kei Asuma) was sitting down and reading the Art of War.

He was a typical Japanese high school teen without much muscle and bulk, besides the white hair that was swept to the left.

He wore a dark green hoodie jacket, a white shirt, dark green trousers and brown leather shoes.

"Gordeau & Chaos, fighters that just show off an air of cool!"

*The Cool Fighters' confessional*

Gordeau was spinning around an empty bottle, as Chaos or Kei, as a normal person would know, reading a good book.

"Damn! Look, man, you need to stop reading to do this introduction." Gordeau told his friend. "Besides, we're kicking ass 24/7 if we can."

"Sleep is necessary, just as reading is, Gordeau. Finding the proper strategy to go through would help us significantly." Chaos stated in a monotone fashion. "Without strategy, I might hold the team."

"Seriously, why have you got to have a strategy? There's 88 teams in this thing, we're strong enough to plainly keep going until the halfway point!" Gordeau was just plain old grinning.

"Some of these duos and a certain trio might make it that much harder than you think." Chaos had a book of all the teams in this thing. "Be careful."

"Hah, you know I will!"

*Confessional cut*

Tohru was definitely a dragon maid in the literal sense, despite not showing many signs of a dragon besides the weird horn and the cleaned-up orange hair, as she was still wearing the maid uniform and had...actual breasts.

Compared to Lucoa, who was wearing a tank top, some jean shorts, black socks and trainers...which would be fine. Except it was on a voluptuous body with very notable breasts and butt and her shoulder-length dirty-ish hair being green and yellow didn't help.

Also, Lucoa was getting looks from all of the small town people.

"Tohru & Lucoa or a name that I can't pronounce, they're dragons! I don't think they're dragons, but what are you gonna do?"

*The Dragons' confessional*

Tohru was very angry at being taken away from her master walking around at his point and Lucoa was just there. Relaxing in a good wooden chair.

"Wow, talk about a good place to be in. Being on TV would bring some fans onto me and my...personality." Lucoa said.

"Sure, it wouldn't just be about how big your personalities are. Seriously, do they have to be out there?" Tohru was practically looking at the tank top that she wore. "Like that?"

"It's July the month of hot, who said I had to cover up? Aside from you." Lucoa wasn't taking this seriously. "And maybe a few other people."

"It doesn't really matter that much because when we show off, more people are gonna be distracted." Tohru was pretty angry at her...partner, who was too busy posting on Twitter dot com.

*Confessional cut*

Sonic was a little bit more scruffed up, having some big quills and a few small ones in there and he had a brown scarf, a wristwatch-grappling hook hybrid on his right arm and generally, sports type around his gloves and legs.

Tails only had slightly protective goggles and inventor's satchel that was tied to him.

Knuckles only had bigger arms, thing and relatively small legs didn't his generally big-boned body and sports tape around his arms and legs.

Most of the stuff was the same, though.

"Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, the second and fastest trio in this Ridonculous Race!"

*The Fast Heroes' confessional*

Sonic was just feeling himself, Knuckles was trying to do some shadow-boxing and Tails was sitting like he could care way less.

"Honestly, while I do think it's a bit of a surprise to be a trio that are great friends, I get the feeling that I didn't pick the best trio!" Tails just said, prompting the other two to look at him. "What's wrong?"

"Dude, you've got the most humble guy on your team! So, that means something good, best friend!" Sonic was just putting his arm around Tails.

"Yeah and we're moving, so we can't be trees! We're just the fastest team of three, so give me five." Knuckles was in a motivated mood.


Tails just barely dodged the longest high-five between the big strong dumb echidna and the snarky hedgehog.

"-I'm still sitting, though."

"Sorry about that. You want five?" Knuckles didn't want to leave Tails hanging, who was just trying to get up.

"Nah, he's thinking of some big brain moves." Sonic proclaimed. "Tails, let's get 'em!"

*Confessional cut*

Jude was chilling.

Jude was a pretty chill dude, despite being tall, lanky, blonde and white, because his hair was kept under a beanie, he had earrings, a mint green shirt with grey sleeves, blue jeans that stopped above his calves and blue trainers that were made for skating.

Jonesy was standing confidently, pretending to hustle.

He was pretty Hispanic, having black hair that peeked out at the front, tan brown skin and was definitely tall, but not lanky. He was wearing a dark purple shirt with pink edges and had light blue jeans and black sneakers.

People definitely knew that they were on the same team, but no-one knew how.

"Jonesy & Jude, two dudes from the dying mall!"

*The Slackers' confessional*

Jonesy was just clicking his fingers towards the camera, while Jude was chilling in the chair.

"There's a good reason why we're here! We're here to travel and get money!" Jonesy was chilling like he didn't have a job.

"Dude, the only teams that make money are in the top 5 or something!" Jude noticed, checking something. "Man, I'm just here to have a fun time."

"This is a eat-you-alive type of deal, look at a good chunk of these duos!" Jonesy told him with a smug look on his face, still laying back in the chair.

"Dude, we don't have to deal with those guys. The rest of these teams are not like hang with them." Jude was just feeling non-competitive today, which made his partner a little bit mad.

"Bro, I've gotta pay for something...that I didn't do." Jonesy sounded wishy-washy on this one, as Jude had an understanding look.

*Confessional cut*

If you've seen Disney's Peter Pan, these two pirates would be very familiar to you, as one of them was old, short and weirdly reliable and the other was the captain, tall, dark and weirdly handsome for a man with a massive chin and stubble.

Mr. Smee somehow got the handle of a smartphone really quick and Captain Hook had a hook and a hand, so dropped a thing.

"Mr. Smee & James Hook, two of the best pirates around!"

*The Pirates' confessional*

Captain Hook was in a very triumphant mood, as Smee was walking around quickly like he had something important to remember.

"Cap'n, there was something I wanted to tell you, but I forgot that thing and now it's all going wrong!" Smee complained, still walking around. "...It's not that hard!"

"Smee, it was a jar. it didn't even have anything in it, but we're taking the final treasure! Treasure from other planets!" Hook exclaimed without any irony...while pulling Smee.

"Oh yeah, cap'n. I think we should introduce ourselves and-" Smee definitely stepped in some jar.. "-The jar, it broke!"

"It was a fake, Smee! We're going after real treasure!" Hook was in a certain enthusiastic mood.

"Aye, aye, cap'n!"

*Confessional cut*

Thugnificent was not here to play around or fuck around, (His real name is Otis Jenkins, by the way), bringing back the old-school rapper style with the two mini-afros on each side, necklaces that were definitely paid for, jeans, black shoes, being very black, tall and lanky and probably trying to eye some random guy.

Leonard was his adult lackey, sidekick or something like that, though he definitely had cornrows, was light-skinned (relative to Thugnificent) and looked like he was lacking in a few areas.
He was wearing a white t-shirt, a random necklace that probably costs a dollar, the same kind of jeans and a black shoes...and a visor for some reason.

"Oh shit, I forgot to take it off!" Leonard realised.

"Of course you did!" Otis looked like he was tired of his problems.

"Otis & Leonard, a formerly famous rapper guy and a humble minimum wage worker!"

*The Rappers' confessional*

Thugnificent...was mugging the camera, probably having a comeback on the downlow and Leonard was there.

"Listen, I'm kinda tired of not getting shit, 'cause I started the whole motherfuckin' scene! Some of y'all be tripping out here!" Thugnificent shouted, standing up. "Deadass that Sgt. Cudda guy, I can't hate anymore."

"But I thought you were hatin'." Leonard asked about the beef.

"Shit, my career went down like a motherfucker! It's gonna like Rags to Bitches 2, because I'm tired of waiting for bitches to come!" Thugnificent shouted, was "Leonard, what the fuck you saying? There gonna be a lot of beef now!"

"So, there ain't no beef?" Leonard answered, probably meeting his friend's mean eyes.

*Confessional cut*

Spy looked like he couldn't care more, as behind that red mask of his was a clean and self-satisfied grin that showed he was about the money.

Sniper was just taking a smoke in such a way that showed he couldn't care less about being with this guy in the Ridonculous Race.

"Spy & Sniper, people with skills that would make good soldiers!"

*The Professional Soldiers' confessional*

Sniper didn't look too happy at what Spy got him into.

"You know, anything but this would have been cool." Sniper remarked, not happy to be in this thing. "Why does it have to be a race where you need to run!"

"Please, this appeals to my skillset much more. I'll get the intel, the ladies and most important, the information to embarrass our enemies!" Spy exclaimed, almost feeling maniacal in his glee. "And we'll get money."

"I get the feeling that I would work better with any else, because I can only see stuff from a mile away." Sniper stated, before realising something. "Besides we're getting money!"

"What are you going to do with that money?" Spy asked with an angry look.

"Get you some rest." Sniper didn't look too interested in entertaining an angry guy.

*Confessional cut*

Shrek doesn't need much of an introduction, as he was a fat ogre with typical medieval clothing and an attitude that showed he didn't care that much for judge-y people.

Donkey...was a donkey with some serious attitude, ready to talk to people who were scared of him, which was practically everyone.

"Shrek & Donkey, coming from an very unconventional fairytale!"

*The Fairytale Friends' confessional*

Donkey was trying to do a high jump to probably prove something.

"Donkey, the camera's on!" Shrek shouted. "What are you doing up there?"

"Trying to prove a point." Donkey was willing to stand on some parts of the chair. "It ain't at my level, so I'm gonna be at it's level!"

"Fine, just don't be surprised that it broke." Shrek had a bit of a knowing smile.

"Yeah, like that'll happen!" Donkey just jumped off the shaking chair to land with his head only visible and the chair still standing. "At least the chair's fine and I'll beat everyone with no arms!"

"Hey, Donkey, yeah, we're gonna be some problem to everyone here." Shrek didn't really have any malice, though.

*Confessional cut*

Fox McCloud was an anthropomorphic fox that was also coincidentally an astronaut and a pilot.

His clothing reflected that with a white pilot's suit that was adapted for space with the jacket bearing his team's logo, the red leg armoured boots, a scouter and comfortable green pants.

Falco Lombardi was an anthropomorphic blue falcon with wings for arms.

He had similar clothes to his colleague Fox, aside from the red pants, wing detailings on the jacket and the boots being brown.

"Fox & Falco, talking animals that are astronauts except in space mini-planes or something!"

*The Space Pilots' confessional*

Fox and Falco were not scared of much and that didn't change here.

"Listen, we're not just here to take the 2 million, we're here to explore some other dimension and see what their cultures are!" Fox stated with confidence. "Could use some new surroundings."

"Fox, who said you couldn't do both? You're looking at an expert in chilling and fighting." Falco proclaimed, putting his hands on his back.

"Okay, if you say so..." Fox sighed. "...I'm lucky to have you here, though."

"Yeah, no regrets on this end! Please, don't steal my bread." Falco said with a serious tone, both parts.

*Confessional cut*

Yun and Yang were definitely twins, as they did look mostly the same aside Yun having his black hair in a ponytail and Yang having his brown hair with long sharp bangs that was swept to the left.

Yun was wearing loose blue jeans, a cyan sleeveless hoodie, two yellow wrist bands, sky blue sneakers and a blue and yellow baseball cap.

Yang was wearing a whole red and black tracksuit, the same wrist things and dark red sneakers.

"Yun & Yang, guys who love noodles!"

*The Noodle Twins' confessional*

Yun had a certain smirk and Yang was just giving him a look of confidence.

"Uh, why do you look like that?" Yun asked naively.

"Because I don't think you're taking this show seriously. Multi-dimensional race or not, we've gotta promote our uncle's noodle place." Yang stated to his older brother.

"Stop trying to mess up my vibe! We're going 'round the world and probably beating everyone else, that's enough advertisement!" Yun was just saying words angrily.

"...It's noodles, Yun. They're really good, but it ain't no superhero-creating food." Yang was just putting his own hand in front of his face. "We're going around the world to test our skills and not disappoint our uncles."

"I'm on your level, brother!" Yun clicked his fingers at his brother, making him groan.

*Confessional cut*

Terry Bogard just adjusted his hat, as he just put it sideways for some reason, being a tall guy with long blonde hair put into a ponytail.

He was wearing his usual outfit of a red jacket, the 'Fatal Fury' baseball cap, white t-shirt, light blue jeans and red sneakers.

Joe Higashi was a Japanese guy with tall, spiky brown hair, above-average height for an adult guy and muscles that were on full display.

He was wearing an orange tracksuit jacket with black and white stripes, orange and black tracksuit shorts and black trainers below some rope bands.

"Terry & Joe, fighters coming from the streets!"

*The Street Fighters' confessional*

Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi couldn't resist the temptation to do a hard fist-bump, starting off the confessional with that...standing up.

"It's Terry and Joe, ready to take on the world in a different way and take on teams from many other worlds!" Joe boasted, showing off his knee. "At least they're saying."

"I don't know, that kid's hair was very spiky." Terry Bogard had a feeling. "Actual aliens, talking animals, superheroes, the full nine yards...this is dumb!"

"When wasn't it dumb? King of Fighters always has some creeps trying to take over the world through fighting!" Joe Higashi shouted. "Now we're just racing around it."

"Yep, it's an improvement." Terry remarked with a smile.

*Confessional cut*

Ryo had his blonde slick, yet spiky hair, light skin, thick eyebrows and a smile that showed he was down for a good fight.

He was wearing an orange polo t-shirt, some blue jeans and red trainers, but he was definitely carrying his orange gi.

Yuri, however, was definitely a smallish half-Japanese young adult with long brown hair tied into a braided ponytail.

She was wearing red high top sneakers, blue tracksuit shorts, a purple shirt, red fingerless gloves and of course, her navy blue leggings.

"Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, a brother and a sister who are warriors!"

*The Karate Warriors' confessional*

These two were a brother-sister duo to end them all, as they could both fight in very different ways using their dad's style.

"Yuri, our dad allowed us to promote our style, right?" Ryo asked, as she nodded. "Then let's give him a race that he'd definitely like!"

"Sure, I guess. But, we've got to do some cool stuff...I mean-" Yuri had a bit of a nervous smile. "-Stopping some bad guys from taking the race is pretty cool!"

"But would you like deal with a boatload of dumb drama or kicking butts in the challenges and just hanging out with teams...with our skills?" Ryo stated.

"Who said there ain't time for both?" Yuri was in a pretty good mood. "We've got a lot of legs to be in!"

"If the Ice Dancers showed anything, is that sabotage is apparently stronger than any two fists." Ryo remarked, feeling uneasy.

*Confessional cut*

Mai Shiranui was definitely the 21 year old leader of the team and also had quite the body, even if it was covered up. She had pretty long brown hair in a ponytail of sorts and a beautiful face and was kinda tall.

She was wearing a red sleeveless top, blue loose jeans and brown sneakers.

Kasumi Todoh was two years younger and wasn't as sexy, but she had a lot of grit. Her blue hair was tied up, had Japanese skin and was 5 feet tall.

Kasumi wore loose blue Japanese pants, a loose Japanese shirt that was tied with a red sash, a red headband and blue gloves that had arm guards.

These two ladies weren't scared of much, ready to fight any villain with their styles.

"Kasumi & Mai, the women that are also warriors!"

*The Women Warriors' confessional*

Kasumi wasn't angry, but didn't really understand things, as Mai was walking around.

"Aren't you going to tell me why you asked me?" Kasumi just wanted to understand. "I mean, King was busy and the Sakazakis teamed up, but-"

"...I mean, you've got it there! But there's no way that we need King to be the strongest team of women around!" Mai exclaimed, as she was in a determined mood to beat someone. "And travel the world, obviously!"

"While I wasn't expecting to be on here, sometimes, using your martial art in novel ways is a good way to show it off." Kasumi didn't look scared at all. "World, give it your best shot!"

"Tell them, Kasumi! My camera's ready!"


*Confessional cut*

The 6 feet guy with the dark skin, short white scruffy hair and an attitude to rival Iori was in this thing and looked like he actually cared a little bit, wearing his red shades and wearing his black t-shirt, black jeans and brown trainers.
K Dash didn't give much of a shit about this KOF, but this race, though.

Whip in contrast, was light-skinned, had brown hair with a sort of bob cut, a white tank-top that fit her curves, a black unzipped jacket, jeans that had a belt and dark brown high-heeled boots. And she couldn't be more enthused about being in this race.

"K Dash & Whip, two very fiery fighters with weird names!"

*The Fiery Fighters' confessional*

K' Dash was usual and Whip wasn't that surprised, having a odd smile on her face that was probably for a good reason.

"Damn, already here." The dark-skinned fire user said. "That was not that long."

"Are you talking about the flight here or something? Because you slept through most of it like a cute baby." Whip remarked with a sly smile.

"Whoa, that's some BS you're spouting there...and you get off my ass." K' was definitely in a fiery mood. "I've already got enough problems to deal with."

"Really? Doesn't seem you've got much problems aside from the personal ones...with Voodoo on my side, it's like no problems at all." Whip said, showing off her whip.

K' then crossed his arms, groaned for a second and then said this.

"Dang, you can be dumb sometimes."

*Confessional cut*

To be continued with the third part with yet more teams in the pipeline and new teams all around, some of which retread old franchises!

---Part 1 for real---

#1: The Stuntmen (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

---Part 2 starts here for the playas---

#25: The Questionable Friends (Chloe & Max, Life Is Strange)

#26: The Heroic Students (Kirishima & Bakugo, My Hero Academia)

#27: The Demon Hunters (Dante & Trish, Devil May Cry)

#28: The Self-Proclaimed Bad Guys (Bowser & Bowser Jr., Super Mario)

#29: The Angel Rivals (Pit & Dark Pit, Kid Icarus: Uprising)

#30: The Half-Siblings (Snufkin & Little My, Moomin)

#31: The Martial Artists (Yamcha & Krillin, Dragon Ball)

#32: The Roleplayers (Kazuma Sato & Megumin, Konosuba)

#33: The Hardened Youngsters (Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia, Rising of The Shield Hero)

#34: The Cooks (Chowder & Schnitzel, Chowder)

#35: The Cool Fighters (Gordeau & Chaos/Kei Asuma, Under Night In-Birth)

#36: The Dragons (Tohru & Lucoa, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

#37: The Fast Heroes (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Sonic Boom)

#38: The Slackers (Jonesy & Jude, 6teen)

#39: The Pirates (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Peter Pan)

#40: The Rappers (Thugnificent AKA Otis Jenkins & Leonard, Boondocks)

#41: The Professional Soldiers (Sniper & Spy, Team Fortress 2)

#42: The Fairytale Friends (Shrek & Donkey, Shrek)

#43: The Space Pilots (Fox & Falco, Star Fox)

#44: The Noodle Twins (Yun & Yang, Street Fighter)

#45: The Street Fighters (Terry Bogard & Duck King, Fatal Fury)

#46: The Karate Warriors (Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki, Art of Fighting)

#47: The Women Fighters (Kasumi Todoh & Mai Shiranui, AOF & Fatal Fury)

#48: The Fiery Fighters (K' Dash & Whip, King of Fighters '99)

---Part 3 will come in future days to come!---