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A Really Ridonculous Race

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A Really Ridonculous Race
Before The Race
Part 1: The Ordinary Comers!

Many teams, featuring very unique teams that missed the New Super Ridonculous Race and requests that missed the show completely are in here!

This fully supercedes the New Super Ridonculous Race (aka the third challenge probably shouldn't be non-linear...why was it non-linear? Also, there was slightly too many teams)

No reason for the race to be this big, besides the many legs that this race contains...and the drama storm that comes over these and the downpour of tactics!

And many new (and reused) ideas in between with wholly new challenges, inspired challenges and challenges that had small changes!

This race also has the amount...of a lot of people, so be warned of big episodes (which I generally have)

Don had a very hard job to do.

Hosting a show like the one that he consistently did for a few other seasons would already be very hard and adding a few more teams to the race would only be harder than before.

Multiplying the amount of teams by more than two would probably be a job that even the hardest working person would not want to do, but Don had that job.

He made sure that he had something booked at the end of it, as he was probably going to hate his job by the end.

"Welcome to the Ridonculous Race...or rather, the biggest Ridonculous Race ever!"

Don was just smiling in a small town

"For this season, we've got this race packed with more locations and more teams than ever before!"

The world map had a lot of dots, as there was so many that all of the locations couldn't really be seen on certain parts of it.

"As you may expect, it's really ridonculous and this show might have peaked in numbers..."

There was 96 unique spots for teams to be slotted in, as there was a whole assortment of trios and duos being willing to do the battle.

"...of course, this is now the Really Ridonculous Race! We're introducing each and every team in this extended race, starting now!" Don shouted, being in a very different place with very different circumstances.

"I must warn you some of these teams may or may not be slightly insane!" Don made sure that his butt was covered legally and literally, as the way that a few of them were put in were questionable and he knew that. "And/or confused, but that's neither here nor there!"

"We've got a lot of people here and we're introducing them starting with-"

These two would be hard to miss, as they were both dogs and got off their truck with a finish line flag.

Darrell was a white-ish dog with a long neck who was a mechanic and his clothes made sure that people knew that he was a mechanic, denim trousers, shirt and all that. His hair was also a pompadour.

Buddy Thunderstruck, the main dog, the tall truck driver, the guy that was a black-ish and brown dog and wore a green truck driving suit with two white stripes on the jacket and a orange shirt.

"-the stunt men, who are both dogs and do stunts."

The Stunt Men's confessional*

Buddy had a lot of words to say and Darnell was in the mood to back up his own dude.

"Listen up, I'm Buddy Thunderstruck and I am on TV...again except there's not that many trucks!" Buddy boasted. "Me and Darnell are gonna be doing our thing without trucks!"

"We've got grit, steering and confidence to push this into the extreme!" Darnell yelled, carrying a wrench. "And tactics."

"What kind of tactics. Tactics that make truck driving easy for me and...some other people!" Buddy Thunderstuck shouted this with an absurd amount of confidence.

"Dang...the people that don't like us need to get off and go home!" Darnell exclaimed...forgetting that you're going to have to be at home to watch/read this.

*Confessional cut*

Rick, the guy who was probably drunk, was a tall-ish old man with spiky hair, wore a lab coat, a teal-grey jumper, some trousers and some brown leather shoes.

Morty, who was his grandson, was 14 and didn't look like much of a adventurer in a yellow t-shirt, jeans and white trainers and had brown combed hair.

Unsurprisingly, Morty was just giving a good cringed look at his grandfather.

"Rick & Morty, guys who probably hop dimensions like it's nothing! Apparently-" Don announced.

*Dimension Hoppers' confessional*

Rick didn't care about anything, as usual and Morty had some reason to actually care.

"Oh woo-hoo, we're on some bullshit reality show. Who the fuck is really going to care about this?" Rick asked, feeling a bit tipsy and glaring at Morty for some reason.

"My mom and my dad are gonna see me on TV, that's really about it. You know-" Morty just wanted to be excited for something.

"Shut up, Morty. At least I'm not getting arrested by some alien idiots!" Rick shouted, perfectly spacing the burps in between the sentences. "It's just some shallow show about who wants to be famous."

"Uh...I just want to have a normal adventure. It's free too!" Morty just saw his grandfather walk out of there. "Rick-"

"Morty, Morty, these portals are fuckin' stable!" Rick could definitely be heard off-screen.

*Confessional cut*

Chris McLean was back in a whole new way, as he had a confident grin and Chef Hatchet was ready to get himself going, if the angriness showing through was any indication of what he wanted to do.

They both wanted to get some more cash to stack for themselves.

"Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, TV Hosts, now they're contestants!"

*The TV Hosts' confessional*

Chris and Chef Hatchet were smugly crossing their own arms.

"I've been in enough wars to know that it ain't going to be easy, because there's no way that there is superpowered people." Chef Hatchet without being suspicious.

"We just hosted the craziest season of Total Drama and you know, this is kinda like that." Chris bragged, pulling his shirt up to show off his own arms. "Been training for the win!"

"Chris, it's a team game. I ain't gonna tolerate you being dumb here." Chef told him with the most serious tone.

"Right, Chef, which is awesome. Dude, nothing about my muscles?" Chris was pulling his shirt up.

"You did work out!" Chef shouted, while noticing the muscle.

*Confessional cut*

Badgerclops was just a big brown and white badger with an metal arm and an eyepatch and was in the middle of getting used to the city.

Mao Mao was a tailess black cat that had his weapons belt, his gold sword that could glow and a red cape that showed he was cool.

As he was just trying to hold a hot dog properly and Badgerclops was taking in all of the sights.

"Badgerclops and Mao Mao, they're very cute and very heroic!"

The cat felt the full force of the sausage that went into the badger with a gun's mouth.

*The Full-Hearted Heroes' confessional*

Mao Mao was standing in his chair, a practical tradition at this point, as Badgerclops definitely existed.

"Come on, get off the chair! You're on camera." Badgerclops said, trying to get his friend to jump off the chair.

"I am ready for any situation that requires me! This camera is one of them!" Mao Mao jumped off the chair. "I think they put my name there."

"No, they don't..." Badgerclops lied, trying to rub his own head naturally. "...uh, my name's here."

Mao Mao definitely noticed that his actual name was there and Badgerclops was sweating.

*Confessional cut*

Daniel Mouse was just a light brown-furred mouse who wore a blue jacket, a white t-shirt with red stripes and some jeans and he had a guitar that was being played.

Jan was also a mouse, she was a little more tan than Daniel was, with long-ish orange hair that had a lot of curls. She played the tambourine and wore a yellow shirt with a heart, light blue jeans and a green waistcoat.

And they were busking good, getting a few cents.

"Daniel & Jan, literal country mice!"

*The Country Singers' confessional*

The brown mice with a guitar and a tambourine were in this show.

"Look, we may have just a guitar and our hearts, but we're ready to get started on really starting our career honestly and without any bad spirits!" Jan exclaimed, holding the guitar.

"Yeah, what she said. I'm holding my partner's tambourine because I've got you in my heart." Daniel was a litlte bit tired, focused on doing his best.

"It's fine, you've gotta get some rest." Jan was a little worried about her partner. "...Or try to rest on the plane."

"Sure, Jan, it is no big problem." Daniel just took his guitar and whispered to Jan. "...It kinda is."

*Confessional cut*

There was no mistaking that light blue jumper and dark blue skirt...and trousers, there was only team that was rocking that combination like it was a day for throwbacks.

Throwbacks of the ridonculous kind, as Thomas and Jennifer were rocking it for their notable amount of fans.

"Second up on the fan-favourite list, the fashion bloggers!"

*Fashion Bloggers' confessional*

The couple were definitely not married, though they were up to not that much.

"Hey, hey, hey, we're back in this race! With our many followers and unproblematic status, we've got a good chance!" Jen exclaimed, joyously celebrating being back into this.

"I mean we didn't get into too much drama and I hope we don't get into too much other drama in this race!" Tom was going to say more stuff. "...Was going to say more stuff, but there's some other returning contestants!"

"Wait, there are?!"

*Confessional cut*

Lowain was one hell of a guy with two other guys that were definitely his bros and also look quite similar.

Though they all wore some boots, some leg armour, leather sleeves and on the shoulders, some weird vest with an insignia, a sash behind a dark belt, a auburn brown belt that went down like a seatbelt, brown boots, a bunch of other stuff and had dark skin and furry ears

Though there was some differences between the bros.

Lowain had blonde hair that got tied behind a headband, a chin beard, though and most of his clothes were blue.

Tomoi had grey hair that didn't have an hairband and was mostly swept to the side, a brown-ish vest and a brown sash.

Elsam had simple-ish and short pink hair with a cowlick in the middle and his vest was a dark red.

These three were definitely turning heads, though.

"Lowain, Tomoi and Elsam, three old-school cooks with new school names!"

*The Medival Bros' confessional*

Lowain, Elsam and Tomoi were a trio in the Ridonculous Race, as these three were a bit of a anomalous team within the two-person teams...because they didn't care.

"Bro, bros, we made it to the city leagues! We're in a city now!" Lowain said. "We're about to show us off right here!"

"Lowain, we're not the only trios that are here. Weirdly, they're real bros too." Tomoi stated. "Like actually blood-related."

"And a lot of brothers, but they ain't us. They haven't heard of the HPA, we're feeling it." Elsam told him, being the pinkest-haired of the three.

"We're really feeling it, man! The captain, the gals and the other cool dudes have got our backs, so we've gotta get ourselves marketed and not be villains, bros!" Lowain exclaimed. "That's pretty easy!"

"Be ourselves, baby!" They all shouted, high-fiving each other together. "Easy win!"

*Confessional cut*

Mario and Luigi are the duo that doesn't really need an introduction, because even when they're in another dimension...they're still the same bros and waved to their many fans.

"Mario and Luigi, humble to the max!"

*The Humble Brothers' confessional*

Mario and Luigi were...brothers, obviously and if the name didn't clue you on, humble, as they were sitting together like a cool duo.

"I'll be honest, I think we can do this. We've got our backs, got the jumps and the stuff to do it." Mario happily explained to Luigi.

"I don't know, bro, it doesn't sound like we've got a strategy. Mario, there's always crazy strategies." Luigi had a good suggestion.

"Luigi, we don't need that much strategy. We've just gotta beat the rest with running, jumping and items!" Mario exclaimed.

"Okay, bro....what kind of items?"

Mario wasn't prepared for this one.

*Confessional cut*

There's some more teams pulling in the moment, though there's eight more.

Rad was just pulling in something that Enid (who teleported from somewhere) probably needed.

A good suitcase.

Rad was a very buff green alien, having a bodybuilder's build and he had a green afro, antenna and wore a dark blue vest that was half-ripped off and pink trousers and boots that covered his thing legs.

Enid was a tan-skinned, purple-haired ninja with her rough purple hair tied in a bun and wore a sky blue crop top, a white undershirt with black stripes, some black shorts and brown boots.

"Rad and Enid, heroes who work in an conveinent store!"

*The Bodega Heroes' confessional*

Rad was ready to all of the talking and Enid wasn't, considering she was on her own phone.

"Okay, so we're repping Gar's place and the people who don't like Boxman, which is a lot of people. I thank KO for putting us on there, because he said that he was not old enough to be on here, so I've got a lot of people backing me up!" Rad boasted. "Man, we're about to own Boxman here!"

"...I can't believe he is here. I thought this was a vacation." Enid was keeping things chill around here.

"Hehe, it's no vacation! We're here to go around some world and beat Boxman!" Rad

*Confessional cut*

Mordecai was a tall blue jay and Rigby was a short raccoon and the tall guy was kinda annoyed and the short guy was in a motivated mood.

"Mordecai and Rigby, the bird and the raccoon and they keep some park clean!"

*The Groundskeepers' confessional*

Mordecai was just getting a little bit tired of Rigby doing a thing.

"Listen up, we're about to make our mark! Kinda literally!" Rigby exclaimed.

"Dude, what are you gonna do?" Mordecai asked, as though this was going to be a bad one. "Margaret's going to see this and think I suck."

"I was talking about impressing both our ladies, Mordecai." Rigby was slightly angry about something. "We could have the deadliest game of all time and Benson's not gonna stop us!"

"...We could get fired if we do something really stupid." Mordecai told him, as though the other guy was holding him back. "Please don't do that."

"Okay, I won't!"

*Confessional cut*

Shaggy was a very tall guy with long-ish dirty brown hair and wore a loose t-shirt, loose jeans with a belt and leatherslacks.

Scooby was a very long dog with a teal collar with his initials on it and they were hungering for some good Canadian sandwiches.

"Shaggy and Scooby, they're the mystery solvers!"

These two just bought the highest quality sandwiches that they could actually buy, since their flights are free.

*The Mystery Solvers' confessional*

These two were hungry.

"First thing, Velma, I may not be winning, that doesn't mean that I can't have giant standwiches!" Shaggy tried to introduce himself. "Sorry, Velma, those are too good."

"Ruh roh..." Scooby could see this going bad, nodding his head sideways.

"Don't worry, Scoob! We get chased by guys all the time! Hopefully, it's when we are in the lead!" Shaggy was in a motivated mood.

"Yeah, ret's go, Shaggy."

"Okay, now it's time to eat some breakfast!"

As if there was a cue, these two pulled out some big sandwiches from nowhere and it was just a pile of bread and ingredients.

"Bon appetit!" Scooby declared, before chowing down on the

*Confessional cut*

Fry was walking with confidence, being a nearly 6 feet tall, 25-year old guy with orange hair that spiked up at the front and he wore a white shirt, red jacket, jeans and black trainers.

Bender was just a robot with bendy limbs and an antenna and he was a decently tall one at that, being 5'6'' without the antenna and half a foot taller with it.

They were having fun and Leela wasn't having that much fun...even if it was only poor depth perception, having only one eye.

She was a muscular and curve-having cyclops that was 6 feet tall and had her purple hair in a ponytail, though there's a cowlick.

"The trio of delivery people are here to deliver!"

*The Delivery People's confessional*

Bender and Fry were probably chuckling over some joke, as Leela was just glaring at them and started off the actual introduction.

"Seriously, we found a way into another dimensions to find some money and apparently get into the past, but you two aren't taking things seriously." Leela told them.

"Sorry, who knew that things would end up like this? Also, it's just another dimension, there ain't even a virus!" Bender proclaimed.

"...True, but we've been given a serious opportunity." Leela said to Bender, who was still relaxing on the chair.

"Leela, sometimes, you have to go with the flow. Also, there's no way that we're getting that much." Fry was feeling himself. "There's nothing to pay for."

"Yep, nothing but those beers." Bender was cracking open a cold one. "Paid for 'em."

"That's fine. I'm gonna assume those are legal, because..." Leela felt a little bit antsy about something.

"I hope it converts into hologram money, because someone forgot to pay their debt, which isn't mine by the way." Fry said, willing to take things slow. "Doing this for you two, by the way."

"That's good."

"Okay, this is too long! When's someone-" Just like that, Bender ended the intro in the best way he only could do.

*Confessional cut*

They were practically guaranteed to in the first race for obvious reasons, but was held off into the third season and this time, they're coming back from that.

(A season that doesn't exist.)

Wearing similar clothes with a pink, white and black scheme showed their togetherness.

"Katie and Sadie, the best female friends for life!"

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Whatever people were saying about their name, it did not matter that much to Katie and Sadie.

"Okay, so if you've seen our channel, we've been through a lot!" Katie exclaimed. "Big betrayal and...other stuff like splitting apart for a bit."

"And also...I think you said it all, because if we bring up the other stuff, it's gonna break the good mood!" Sadie stated, as the big-boned best friend was happy to say it later.

"I'll be honest, like, being here is probably one of the best things we did. We're up against all of the superheroes and villains, like, can you say you did that?!" Katie was plain excited.

"Nope!" Sadie shouted.

*Confessional cut*

John and Gideon were both anthro foxes that had two entirely different ways of being slick, as they walked like they were the main actors in a movie.

Honest John was a somewhat short red fox that wore a green suit with a blue cape, trousers and blazer being a dirty green, a black neckerchief a and having a rotting green top hat.

Gideon was a definitely short olive-coloured fox that sorta had the same kind of suit as his partner, except the cape was yellow, the suit was purple and the hat was silver-coloured.

And together, they were carrying some money.

"John Worthington Foulfellow and...Gideon, the smoothest foxes around!

*The Smooth Duo's confessional*

They were both smiling in a such a way, that they showed that they were not playing games.

"Hahaha, 2 million dollars! Imagine the stuff we could buy with that...some jewellery, big sandwiches, getting away from a certain someone!" Honest John remarked. "Wait-"

Gideon was just shaking his own head.

"-Yeah, that was too big of a claim, but I'm ready to do my own thing!"

Gideon was just shrugging with a innocent smile.

"What, I can do it! Do you know what I could do?"

Gideon was just nodded to his partner, who was thinking about something.

"I guess, the challenges are going to be hard."

*Confessional cut*

Peridot was real short and was mostly green all over like the original gem. Wearing a bodysuit with various shades of green and a massive star in the middle, having a trapezium for "hair, she didn't look too angry.

Lapis Lazuli was happy, which was weird to people who knew her, and was blue all over. From her unkempt thick hair to her cyan-ish skin and her dark blue vest and loose pants.

Little did people knew that they were having a bad time.

"Lapis and Peridot...they're some weird people!"

*The Heroic Women's confessional*

Lapis and Peridot looked actually pissed off about something.

"As much as a stable travelling option between universes and dimensions is really good, I am angry about something very specific!" Peridot shouted at Lapis, who was just thinking hard. "The fact that I don't have my tablet!"

"They probably don't want anything stupid to be said." Lapis Lazuli said, being bored as hell. "Also, you'd say stuff!"

"Regarding the race, my lips are sealed shouted and I only want to record something for my personal diary." Peridot stated, holding up a tape recorder. "Besides, I will beat any clod that gets in our way with technology!"

"Are you?" Lapis genuinely asked.

"No, we will!" Peridot just stood on the chair with her fist raised. "This race is going to prove something unknown!"

Lapis may understood what Peridot was going for, but the chair thing made her just almost chuckle.

*Confessional cut*

Maybe it was because of the next team to be introduced, who were just enjoying their time being middle-aged and away from some dangerous things.

Barret was a very big, definitely black, man that had seen it all in Midgar's sprawling slums. His right arm being a gun, the left having a long glove, having shades and shaved black hair added to his tough guy deal.
A brown vest jacket, a black t-shirt, green military trousers and some boots finished added to that look.

Cid was just a little bit too much of a good mood to let his wheat stay in his mouth and he looked like a blonde scruffy man, stubble and unkempt spiky hair included.
His pilot's clothes with the blue jacket, green trousers and brown boots showed that he had a experience in flying with machines.

"Barret and Cid, two guys who'd probably knock me out!"

*The Hard Warriors' confessional*

Barret and Cid sighed like they were about to have some good times, which wasn't too far off from any Ridonculous Race.

"Huh, I bet you guys back at home weren't expecting to go on this race, but this cause is bigger than the both of us!" Barret shouted, laughing with his friend. "Cid?"

"The cause of another rocket ship? Hell yeah." Cid remarked, probably feeling the Barret's slap. "Mind your damn business about our age, because I'm too old to care about that business!"

"Damn right. We've got our cases, I've got an gunarm and Cid here has a spear!" Barret exclaimed, pointing towards his friend.

"...The damn thing didn't get through customs!" Cid yelled, not super happy about the lack of spear.

*Confessional cut*

Jasmine was definitely a dark-skinned survivalist and a tall Austrailian one at that, wearing some a traditional survivalist's outfit.

Shawn was very much white and looked like he came from the Walking Dead except quite a bit clean and with long brown hair.

"Jasmine and Shawn, the survivalists!"

They were definitely hiding in an alley that the cameramen got to anyways.

*The Survivalists' confessional*

Jasmine and Shawn had a certain smile that couldn't be mistaken.

"Okay, so while we may not be in the best position to be saying this...we've got a good chance of making it to the top!" Jasmine stated. "We have all sort of survival skills that would work here."

"I'll be honest, I'm more excited about the guys that apparently survived through zombie apocalypse. That doesn't mean I'm not excited for the race!" Shawn tried to justify himself, sweating more than he usually would.

"...Are you okay? You seem a little nervous?" Jasmine told him, as Shawn was just shaking in his seat. "Shawn?"

"Wait, how am I going to beat the rest? Must be hard without doing somet-"

Jasmine definitely noticed that her boyfriend was completely thrown off.

*Confessional cut*

Jo was just wearing a full military green tracksuit and she had short brown-ish hair and threw a menacing look towards Lightning, who didn't care.

Lightning was too busy admiring his massive crowd of fans, who were seeing his new jersey that was nearly the same at the original, only having a sky blue jersey with orange stripes on his t-shirt.

"Here comes the Lightning!" The guy shouted.

"Jo & Lightning, jocks that probably don't like each other!"

*The Jock Rivals' confessional*

Jo and Lightning were literally sat with the chairs away from each other.

"Look, this Jo right here tried to take me sha-down! My dad kinda wants the Lightning to team up with her to probably fix stuff up!" Lightning was in a good mood.

"Fix stuff up means that I liked something about you. Trust me, if there wasn't 2 million on the line, you'd be with someone else, Brightening!" Jo fired back, though it was more motivated by spite.

"You just hate the Lightning moves for no reason." Lightning stood up, still having the white hair.

"Great, your personality is as awesome as ever." Jo was sarcastic enough to make the black football player think about something.

Lightning though about his personality.

"Lightning's a one-man team of personality!"

*Confessional cut*

One of them was black and thin and actually wanted to get good with the law and the other was fat, white and wanted to do good regardless of the law.

Together, they were not police cadets anymore, but fresh police officers that were not scared of much...other than fruit smugglers.

"The second pair of fan-favourites, the former cadets, Sanders and MacArthur!"

*Former Cadets' confessional*

MacArthur was smiling with some serious confidence, as Sanders looked...angry?

"We're about to kick this race into full overdrive! We've got boots, we're on the ground and of course, we've got truth!" MacArthur shouted, somehow carrying the subway sandwich.

"You really didn't do that." Sanders said. "The guy we were chasing wasn't a criminal."

"So? I wasn't about to ask people that aren't there for the start!" MacArthur shouted, having some confidence. "Also, he got scared anyways."

"...Already knew the location." Sanders told her partner, who stopped talking for a moment.

*Confessional cut*

Heather and Alejandro were walking like they were eyeing the competition...which was true to an extent, as they were looking at the former cadets with revulsion and Heather dropped her shades.

Before she raised them and didn't bother to look at the former cadets.

"Heather & Alejandro, today's power couple of American reality show!"

*The Power Couple's confessional*

There were plain annoyed at the selection on offer.

"Okay, I was wondiering if they were going to put us in another normal season after the first time we performed strong. Not here!" Heather complained, though it was probably more sardonic than anything.

"Calm down, mi amor. Just because they have powers doesn't mean they're all smart." Alejandro stated with some serious confidence. "Some of them are not smart."

"What are we going to do against them?" Heather asked, gaining a sly smile. "I know that your brains can beat any power here."

"The power of convincing people is much, much stronger." Alejandro said with a chuckle that led to Heather giving him a mean look.

"Dramatic effect, obviously."

*Confessional cut*

They were jumping in from the fashion shop, as Ron ran with some clothes and Kim ran with conviction and were both pretty athletic.

Kim was a slim average height high-school woman with red hair and some freckles and wore a green t-shirt under a cyan jumper, loose blue jeans and white and grey-ish trainers.

Ron Stoppable wasn't that slim, but he made up for that in simple fashion sense with a red and blue football shirt with extended sleeves, light tan khakis and white and red sneakers.
He had blonde hair, was a slim boy and had a naked mole rat with him.

The rat's name was rufus.

"Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, agents that are also teens!"

*The Teen Agents' confessional*

These two were not scared of some otherworldly stuff.

"KP, I'm gonna say this. This can't be a real show, there's a hedgehog and some other things like other animals and other things!" Ron complained.

"Ron, they're just using other dimensions and/or planets...That sounds really weird." Kim replied with some disbelief.

"Listen, I don't know what these Ridonculous guys are up to, but it is kinda stupid to use for some reality show...especially since they could rip open some holes." Ron stated, crossing his arms with confident.

"I doubt these portals are going to rip open reality...I think." Kim Possible had to think about it.

"I'm gonna think!" Ron was ready to prove a pretty dangerous theory.

*Confessional cut*

Judy was a grey short rabbit with an eye for justice and she was wearing a pink buttoned-up shirt and grey jeans.

Nick was a short red-orange fox with an eye for a good hustle and he was wearing a green shirt with a loose red tie and beige khakis.

You wouldn't know that they were police officers, but they looked at the two foxes that were doing suspicious stuff.

"Nick and Judy are here to also bring the law!"

*The Police Officers' confessional*

Judy and Nick had sly smiles that showed that they didn't care about the law...which faded in Judy's case.

"Nick, I don't know how we got here, but I do know that criminals are clearly running around in this race!" Judy told Nick in a serious tone. "Someone has to stop them."

"I don't think it has to be us, sweetcheeks, there's a lot of other good people in here." Nick remarked. "It's not our jurisdiction."

"They're willing to break the rules a million times to even get close to the main prize, which is good enough reason for me!" Judy exclaimed with a smile that was ready to pounce on some goons.

"...This was a vacation thing, remember?" Nick was taken aback at the sudden show of justice.

*Confessional cut*

Subaru looked like your ordinary 18-year shut-in...minus the athletic body, as he had short black hair, brown eyes and was 5 foot 8 inches.

Rem didn't exactly look too different from a normal 5'1'' maid aside from having blue hair that covered her right eye, a hair clip and ribbon on her hair and blue eyes. She was also 18, though, she didn't look like it.

They were walking rather awkwardly, if only because Subaru was just happy to really have her back and Rem was kinda lost in this new world...but she didn't hit a sign, though.

"Subaru & Rem, house servants, I guess!"

Subaru just walked back a bit, rubbing his head, as Rem tried to

*The House Servants' confessional*

Subaru was a lot happier than Rem, though it was not like that Rem wasn't happy that her sorta best friend was back.

"Subaru...I've missed you for so long!":Rem exclaimed. "Why do you look like you haven't washed for a week, though?"

"Rem, it has been so good to see you again! It's like everyone forgot about you and plus, no-one besides me remembers your name." Subaru was trying to be all cutesy, trying to hug Rem in a weird way.

"Subaru, we have to introduce ourselves first. My name's Rem, a maid for the Roswaal house and this is Subaru Natsuki, a servant for the Roswaal house." Rem told everyone, being up front and honest.

"Yeah, I'm Subaru Natsuki!" He stood up with total confidence, pointing towards himself. "Broke, working hard and no-one can see my head."

"...Never stop doing that please." Rem whispered to no-one in particular. "What-"

*Confessional cut*

"The clones of JFK and Cleopatra, everyone!"

They were strutting on in smugly, as they did look quite a bit like John F. Kennedy and Cleopatra, if they were teens in a 2000s high school.

JFK was 6 feet tall, was a slim and athletic white guy and had brown hair that was tall and looked like a pompadour.
He was wearing a red jumper with a white stripe, brown khakis, black leather shoes and a white shirt that peeked out at the collar.

Cleo had short-ish black hair, tan skin, big breasts, long legs and was 5'8''
She wore a tank top with a cleavage window, two big earrings, a blue headband, black pump shoes and a black mini-skirt.

And they were not here to mess around, as they looked angry and satisfied to be here.

*The Clone Students' confessional*

JFK and Cleo were kissing in the confessional and then stopped kissing for a moment to actually do the confessional.

" uh...We were doing the kissing thing in private on camera!" JFK shouted. "Also, the race is going to see my...long dong and get scared."

"Yeah, that sounds cool. Anyways, we're clones of two famous legends. My name's Cleo and this is my boyfriend, JFK, who does jock things-" Cleo just kinda rushed the introduction, before her boyfriend stopped...being in kissing position. "-like be good at sports and I do...things!"

"Aw yeah...things like...working hard and getting me hard!" JFK yelled. "We're in the Ridonculous Race if you didn't know."

*Confessional cut*

To be continued with the second part with at least 60 more teams in the pipeline, some of which that are going to be new!

#1: The Stunt Men (Buddy Thunderstruck & Darnell, series with the same name)

#2: The Dimension Hoppers (Rick & Morty, R&M)

#3: The TV Hosts (Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, Total Drama)

#4: The Full-Hearted Heroes (Mao Mao & Badgerclops, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

#5: The Country Singers (Jan & Daniel Mouse, The Devil & Daniel Mouse)

#6: The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen, Ridonculous Race)

#7: The Medieval Bros (Lowain & Elsam/Sammy & Tomoi/Tommy, Granblue Fantasy)

#8: The Humble Brothers (Mario & Luigi, Super Mario)

#9: The Bodega Heroes (Rad & Enid, OK K.O.)

#10: The Groundskeepers (Mordecai & Rigby, Regular Show)

#11: The Delivery People (Bender, Leela & Fry, Futurama)

#12: The Mystery Solvers (Scooby & Shaggy, Scooby Doo)

#13: The Best Female Friends (Katie & Sadie, Total Drama Island)

#14: The Smooth Duo (Honest John & Gideon, Pinocchio)

#15: The Heroic Women (Lapis Lazuli & Peridot, Steven Universe)

#16: The Manly Warriors (Barret & Cid Highwind, Final Fantasy 7)

#17: The Survivalists (Jasmine & Shawn, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

#18: The Jock Rivals (Jo & Lightning, Total Drama: Revenge of The Island)

#19: The Former Cadets (Sanders & MacArthur, Ridonculous Race)

#20: The Power Couple (Heather & Alejandro, Total Drama: World Tour)

#21: The Teen Agents (Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)

#22: The Police Officers (Judy & Nick, Zootopia/Zootropolis)

#23: The House Servants (Subaru & Rem, Re:Zero)

#24: The Clone Students (JFK & Cleo, Clone High)

To be continued in Part 2!