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in the sun

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They sat together, backs against the wall, hands joined together. Noelle bumping Barbara’s knees with hers. Talking about their day, the citizens they helped today, all the mundane things that mattered so much. Hushed laughs, worried that the nun next door is going to hear them. As if she hadn’t already the day before and the day before that. And all of the previous times that Noelle would sneak into the church to talk to Barbara, to cross all the lines of “friends”.

Barbara looked beautiful, illuminated with the light spilling from the window on her right.

Ah, what would Noelle give to continue this routine.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Can you?” Barbara said, voice low. Was she trying to act like Lisa?

Noelle smiled and took her hand, kissing the top of it. Gently, gently. All of the five fingers, as if they were the biggest treasure in the world (they were). Her knuckles. The inside of her palm. She intertwined their fingers once again, pulling herself up to reach Barbara’s forehead. One just above her brows, one at the tip of her nose. Two on her jaw, she couldn’t help it. Then she pulled away. Can she risk a kiss on her neck? Can she go for the lips?


Two arms wrapped around her neck and. Oh. Barbara pulled her down on the bed with her, so now Noelle was on top. She pulled one leg over her lover, straddling her. Noelle stared for a brief moment to take in the image of Barbara. Her hair golden in the evening sun was spread on her bed covers. She was smiling, flustered, her eyes filled with love. Noelle’s heart thumped in her chest with the power of thousands abyss mages. The world had stopped for a moment, the only real thing being the girl under her finger. She didn’t need to breathe anymore, the sight before her being the single thing she needed.

Such was the power of Barbara.

“Noelle” once again, this time more pleading, more like her. Even quieter now. It wasn’t fear of being noticed, it was shushed with simple want.


How could Noelle say no.