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strike one

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Zuko gets everything

Zuko gets everything

Zuko gets everything

The mantra runs through Auzla’s mind as she goes through the katas over and over again, a few frustrated tears slipping down her cheeks. Pathetic , she thinks to herself as she wipes them away with the back of her hand. Sure, father isn’t exactly Zuko’s number one fan - but he forgave him. She knows that she would never be forgiven if she had messed up like Zuko had.

So of course the lost prince returns, and gets the girl that Azula had been.. been.. whatever. It doesn’t matter. It doesn't matter that Azula had been secretly pining, staring at Mai whenever she could, getting distracted by her killer aim and that small smile she so rarely showed. She was gorgeous - and she never hestitated around her own beauty. Not like Azula did, spending time in the mirror and around servants there to make her look pretty, look not like herself. Every flaw had to be covered, be hidden from view.

So. Zuko, with all of his flaws, gets the flawless girl, the girl that’s perfect for Azula. Together, they’d be perfect. 


She tries not to think about the kiss.

The one she and Mai had shared in Ba Sing Se or the one she had seen Zuko and Mai share a few hours ago… she doesn’t know. Tries and fails to not think of either of them. Tries not to think about how Zuko gets rewarded for fucking up with a pretty girl as a prize.

Azula tries another kata, bends lighting at her will and aims it at the target.


It misses.