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The Luthor Family

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“Miss Luthor?”

Lena looked from the paperwork to the social worker, Ms Samuels, standing in front of her. She flicked through the papers again as her mind scrambled to catch up with the situation.

“Normally we would try to allow more time for you to adjust to this, but news of his parentage is out and we are somewhat concerned for his safety-”

“Where is he?” Lena asked cutting Ms Samuels off.

“Lionel is in the car downstairs if you are unwilling to take-”

“Of course I’ll to take him,” she said quickly. 

Ms Samuels blinked for a moment then nodded. Lena sighed rubbing her head, she needed to calm down. She took a deep breath looking back at the pile of papers in her hands.

“Sorry,” she said. “What do I need to do?”

Ms Samuels nodded seemingly understanding.

“I just need you to sign these papers saying you’re accepting responsibility as his legal guardian.”

Lena picked up a pen and scanned the papers Ms Samuels was holding out. She signed at the bottom and handed them back. 

“There’s just,” Ms Samuels hesitated. “You should know he’s a very… anxious child.”

Lena was quiet for a moment as she considered Ms Samuels. 

“Is there a particular reason for his anxiety.”

Ms Samuels seemed to think about it as she looked Lena over. 

“From what I understand his maternal grandmother was not a particularly loving woman and it’s left a mark. Beyond that we don’t have any details. What I can say is that Mrs Teschmacher left him at one of our offices with a bag and the parting words return the devil’s spawn to his family.” 

Lena felt her jaw clench as she considered it.

“So she abandoned him?”

“In a nutshell, yes.”

Lena took a deep steadying breath as a knock on the door interrupted them. Jess walked in and placed a small pile of folders on her desk. 

“I would like to meet my nephew now,” she said. 

Jess froze. Ms Samuels nodded. 

“Of course Ms Luthor, I’ll bring him up.”

“I’ll come down with you,” Lena said. 

Ms Samuels nodded and they left. Lena waved her hand and Jess immediately followed. Downstairs she noticed several people’s heads turn at her arrival before quickly looking away. She ignored them.

A dark car sat by the curb with a police officer standing next to it. The officer looked at Lena then Ms Samuels. She nodded and he opened the car door. Ms Samuels put her head in and removed a faded backpack and then assisted a small boy out. She bent down to speak to the boy at his level.

“Lionel this is Lena Luthor. She’s your Aunt and is going to take care of you from now on.”

A pair of bright blue eyes peeked out from under a mess of light brown curls as he stood in front of her wearing a worn blue t-shirt and green cargo shorts. Lena crouched down to be eye level with him.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“For what?” she asked gently.

“Messing up your day.”

Lena smiled as gently as she could.

“You have done nothing wrong and have nothing to apologise for,” she said softly.

Lionel didn’t quite seem to believe her. 

“I’ll come to check on you in a month or two,” Ms Samuels said her tone gentle as she held Lionel’s hand. “She’s going to take very good care of you Lionel. I’m sure of it.”

She looked at Lena.

“If you have any questions or concerns I’ve left my details in the folder I gave you.”

“Thank you Ms Samuels.”

Ms Samuels nodded and rose nodding to the officer. Lena looked at Lionel again. He looked back hesitantly. She held out a hand.

“Shall we?” she asked. 

He nodded and held her hand. Lena started walking slowly back to L Corp as Ms Samuels and the officer left. Lionel kept close to her side. Several people looked up curiously as they noticed Leo at her side.

“Miss Luthor I think the press has noticed,” Jess warned.

Lena swore and winced as she looked at Lionel. She handed Jess the bag of his things.

“We need to move quickly. Can I carry you?” she asked looking at the boy.

He nodded. She picked him up as gently as she could and Jess moved to block the photographers view as the raced towards them several already taking pictures. Lena walked as fast as she could in her heels towards L Corp ignoring the questions being shouted at her. 

“Hide your face,” she instructed Lionel.

He did so burying his face in her shoulder as her security came running out creating a tunnel for them. Once inside the building they headed straight for the elevators. Lena turned to Jess. Jess was giving her a very concerned look. Lena looked at Lionel.

“It’s okay now Lionel you can look around again.”

He cautiously lifted his head.

“Sorry about that,” Lena said.

“Is okay,” Lionel mumbled.

They exited the elevator and went straight into her office Jess racing ahead to hold the door open for her. After a moment’s hesitation Lena put Lionel down on the couch and turned to Jess.

“Get those papers to my lawyers directly and tell them I want a meeting as soon as possible to discuss this. Push back my next meeting until tomorrow. Tell security not to let anyone up here without my express permission. When my mother calls tell her I will call her tonight about the situation. Ask Ms Arias if she’s able to receive a call later tonight and…” she looked over to see Lionel sitting on the couch silent and still. “Get me the contact details for a few good child psychologists.”

Jess nodded quickly writing everything down in her personal shorthand. 

“And your lunch with Ms Danvers?” Jess asked.

Lena froze. She’d completely forgotten about that. It wasn’t their first lunch since Lex’s second death, but she knew her relationship with Kara was still fragile. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 

“I’ll contact her myself,” Lena said.

Jess nodded and left. Lena turned to Lionel. He was still sitting where she’d left him watching her silently. She took a deep breath trying to process everything. Well in a way she had processed the facts. He was Lionel Alexander Luthor, her nephew. The DNA test and birth certificate were quite conclusive on that front, but the emotional processing… that was taking longer. She really wanted a drink but knew that was probably a bad idea. For many reasons. 

“I’m just going to make a call and then we can… talk, okay?” she said.

He nodded. Lena unlocked her phone and called Kara. 

“Hey Lena, I was just picking up lunch. Do you still want a salad or can I persuade you to have something with actual flavor?” Kara asked.

Lena couldn’t help her smile at hearing Kara’s voice.

“Uh, I think we need to reschedule,” she said.

“Sure. Is something wrong?” Kara asked sounding instantly concerned.

“Uh,” she looked at Lionel and saw him watching her. “I just met my nephew, and well…”

It hit her then. Lionel was her nephew. Lex and Eve’s son. And with that came every possible implication of her current situation. She was his guardian now. He was her responsibility. Her whole world seemed to be shifting as she looked at the silent boy sitting on her couch.

“Lena?” Kara sounded worried.

“I’m… I’m going to be looking after him from now on.”

There was a long moment of silence on the other end of the phone. Lena took a deep breath turning away so Lionel wouldn’t see her whisper the next bit.

“Kara I don’t know how to look after a child. What am I going to do?”

“I’ll bring lunch and we’ll work it out,” Kara said suddenly sounding very confident.

“What?” Lena asked confused. 

“I’ll get him a sandwich too. Ask him what he likes?” Kara said.

“Uh,” Lena turned to Lionel. “Have you had lunch?” she asked.

Lionel shook his head.

“What do you like on sandwiches?” she asked.

Lionel shrunk a little saying nothing. It took every bit of control Lena had not to change her expression as she watched him shrink. 

“Kara uh-”

“I’ll get him a selection so he can try different ones. I’ll be there soon,” Kara said. There was a pause. “It’s going to be okay Lena.”

Lena nodded and hung up. She turned back to Lionel.

“A friend of mine is going to bring us lunch. She’s very nice.”

Lionel nodded. Lena unsure what to do came and stood next to him. Lionel looked up at her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I know this is all very scary and new and… I promise it’s going to be okay. I-”

She laughed and sank down onto the couch beside him.

“I don’t know… anything about looking after a child but we’ll work this out. If you don’t want to stay with me that’s okay too. I’ll make sure you have a nice family who will look after you. I promise.”

Lena sighed rubbing her face as she tried not to think about how everything had changed in such a short time. It hadn’t even been ten minutes.

“I want to stay with you,” Lionel whispered.

She looked at him. He looked scared again.

“Okay, then you’re staying with me.”

She looked around again.

“I’m just going to tell Jess Kara’s bringing us lunch.”

He nodded as she got up and opened her office door. Jess looked up immediately.

“Kara’s bringing Lionel and I lunch, please make sure security knows to let her up.”

Jess nodded and Lena looked back at Lionel. 

“So, uh… what do you like to watch?” she asked.

Lionel was quiet. She tried a different tactic.

“Do you like cartoons?” she asked.

Lionel’s face lit up and Lena knew she’d guessed right.

Kara arrived ten minutes later with a bag full of sandwiches to see Lena and Lionel sitting on the couch watching cartoons on Lena’s tablet.

“Hi,” Kara said gently.

Lionel immediately hid behind Lena who smiled at Kara. She noticed Lionel’s shyness.

“It’s okay Lionel this is my best friend Kara. She’s got lunch for us,” Lena said. 

Lionel peeked out at Kara and she gave him a bright smile. He returned it cautiously. She came forwards slowly and placed the bag of food on the table taking things out one by one. She handed Lena her salad and then removed a half dozen sandwiches.

“Okay Lionel we have a lot of things here you can choose from.”

Lionel looked a little overwhelmed but Kara just smiled at him.

“Do you like cheese?” she asked. 

He nodded quickly and Kara picked up three of the sandwiches placing them in front of him.

“This one is a chicken and cheese; this one is roast beef, salad, and cheese; and this one is ham cheese and tomato.”

Lionel cautiously pointed at the ham, cheese and tomato. Kara handed it to him with a smile. 

“It’s okay if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it,” Kara said.

His smile in return was bigger as he bit into the sandwich. Kara looked at Lena.

“Thank you,” Lena said.

They both knew it was about more than the food.

“Anytime,” Kara said. 

Lena smiled at her best friend and started on her salad.

“So what’s the plan?” Kara asked picking up one of the other sandwiches and biting into it.

“Well first I need to meet with my lawyers to make sure everything is solid and I am his legal guardian. I wouldn’t put it past Lex to list Mother in a secret will somewhere. In fact I’m surprised she wasn’t the one to get him.”

“He probably thought if he was gone she’d be in jail,” Kara said. 

Lena nodded. She had a point. 

“So once you’re sure your mother isn’t going to come and try to take him from you then what?”

“I want to get him to a psychologist. Mrs Teschmacher reportedly wasn’t pleasant with her farewell so I want him to have someone to help work through that. Then I guess find a good preschool, beg Sam to move to National City so I can step back a little to look after him. And in between all that I’ll need to get him… stuff.”

Kara nodded.

“If you want I can get Kelly to help narrow down the psychologist list. It’s not her usual area but I’m sure she knows someone.”

“Thanks that would be great if you could.”

Lena looked at Lionel and he looked back. She gave him a small smile and he returned it.

“Is that bag all you have?”

Lionel frowned for a moment thinking then nodded.

“We’ll go shopping later, get you some extra clothes and toys and things.”

Kara looked at her and Lena felt… scared. She really had no idea what to do. She looked at Lionel again as her phone rang. Lena sighed looking at the caller ID. She answered it.

“I’ll call you later Mother.”

“Is he Lex’s?” Lillian demanded.

“Yes and I’m taking him in. We’ll talk more later,” Lena said firmly. “Goodbye mother.”

She hung up and looked at Kara. She didn’t know what to say.

“Just like that?” Kara asked giving her a very soft look.

“He’s my nephew. Lex may have been a-” She glanced at Lionel who had somehow finished his sandwich already. “Bad person. But you and I both know that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to his child.”

Kara nodded and smiled at her. 

“Especially if he’s going to have you as his parent,” Kara said reaching out to squeeze her hand.

Lena nodded squeezing back. Kara smiled at Lionel and offered him the chicken and cheese sandwich. He cautiously accepted it.

“You’re going to be alright. Lena may seem a little weird-”

“Thanks Kara.”

“But she’s the best person I know. She’ll take very good care of you, always,” Kara said.

Lionel nodded and looked at Lena. Lena cautiously placed a hand on Lionel’s shoulder and he leaned into the contact a little.

“Is it okay if I look in your bag to see what we need to get you?” she asked. 

He nodded and Kara handed the bag over. Lena quickly looked through. A couple of worn t-shirts, a pair of shorts, some socks and underwear, a hat, and a small green race car. Lena met Kara’s eyes and she nodded.

“I think we’re going to need to go shopping,” she said.

“I’m going to give Kelly a call,” Kara said. Lena nodded.


It was a little after three thirty when Lena sat at her desk watching nervously as Kelly talked quietly with Lionel. He was sitting on the couch playing on a tablet Lena had downloaded a few games onto for him. Lena meanwhile was knocking out all the work she couldn’t put off as she tried to keep an eye on her new ward. Kelly gave Lionel a smile and left him to his game coming over to talk with her. Lena got up moving to the balcony to talk out of Lionel’s earshot.

“Okay so there’s good and bad news,” Kelly said quietly. “Like I said earlier this isn’t my field and I highly encourage you to get a specialist for him.”

Lena nodded already fearing the worst.

“So he has quite a few signs of some emotional neglect and anxiety. He’s probably going to need at least some therapy to help him get over it.”

Lena took a deep breath letting it out slowly. Her lawyers were going to be getting a very long email.

“But good news, he’s four and so I think with some therapy and a stable life with his new Aunt he’ll get over it quite well. He already seems to be responding well to you and from what Kara said her as well.”

She gave Lena an encouraging smile.

“Whatever damage Mrs Teschmacher has done to him I think you’ll have no trouble reversing. However there are a few things I think might be issues for a while.”

Lena braced herself.

“Firstly I think he might get very clingy soon so be aware you might have a small shadow for some time as you become his primary support person. Especially as he learns he can get emotional support from you.”

Lena nodded. She had half suspected that already. 

“He also seems to find his name awkward. I suggested Leo to him and he liked that, especially after I told him the connection to lions.”

“Okay so I call him Leo from now on?” she asked.

“Give it a try, he seems to like it. Also I think maybe a trip to a good family GP just to track his growth because he looks a little small. That could be a number of reasons but he seems to love food as much as Kara does, and well… you know how Kara is about food.”

Lena nodded making a note in her phone. She’d have a full workup done by her private doctors.

“I also think you might need to get him a magical teddy bear that helps with bad dreams because Lena I think you’re going to be having a few sleepless nights. Especially as he gets more attached.”

Lena nodded.

“Get him that today. Okay last point and this is the one that concerns me most considering your life. He’s terrified of Supergirl.”

Lena took a deep breath and leaned against the railing.

“That’s going to be a problem,” she said.

“Considering how often she’s the last line of defense between you and a painful death, yes. Leo needs to trust her absolutely. He needs to call her if anything happens to you or him.”

Lena nodded. Everything felt ten times harder all of a sudden and she didn’t quite know what to do about it.

“Okay, yes.” 

She rubbed her face. She was having trouble feeling like she was really there. At times she was fully aware of everything around her and at other times it was like it was all happening in a dream. 

“Are you okay Lena?” Kelly asked.

Lena nodded pulling herself together.

“I will be it’s just… a lot. Once he goes to bed tonight I’ll have a glass of something and process it all.”

Kelly placed a hand on her arm. 

“Well if you need a friend to talk to. I’m here.”

“Thank you.”

“Now I recommend you go sit with your nephew for a few minutes before you take him shopping with a large security team because word is already out that Lex Luthor had a son and some people are very interested in him.”

Lena sighed. She really didn’t need additional security problems, enough people tried to kill her as it was. Now she’d need to make contingencies for threats against Lionel- Leo. Threats against Leo.

Her phone rang again. Andrea. She gave Kelly a nod and answered it.

“You better not be calling for an exclusive,” Lena said with a sigh.

Kelly smiled at her and went to say goodbye to Leo.

“No I’m calling as a friend to find out if it’s true, did Lena Luthor suddenly become a mother?”

“Aunt, but same thing I suppose, and yes.”

Andrea laughed.

“Wow. What a turn.”

“Is there a reason you called?” she asked. 


Lena waited. Andrea made an irritated noise.

“To check how you are, again as a friend.”

Lena sighed.

“I’ll let you know when I finally get it together,” she said.

“Well then. Have fun playing house and call me when you’re ready for a night out or someone to organise his birthday party. Ooh can I be the fun aunt?”

“Bye Andrea,” she said sighing.

Leo was watching her. She gave him another smile. She really hoped it was reassuring and not scary.

“Do you feel up to going shopping?” she asked. “We can get you some more toys and clothes.”

He nodded and she held out her hand. Leo got up quickly and took it. Lena sent an alert to her security. A team was quickly made as she headed down. She saw the press pack outside the doors and turned to Nick, her head of security. He gave her an apologetic look, no other way through. She turned to Leo and crouched down to talk to him.

“Is it okay if I pick you up while we go to the car?” she asked. 

He nodded and she lifted him into her arms. Nick gave her a nod and motioned to his team.

“Okay Leo hide your face again it’s going to be very loud and very bright for a little bit but I’ll keep you safe.”

Leo nodded. She sighed and put on her glasses before walking directly towards the cameras. There was a lot of shouting and she felt Leo hold her tighter as she let her security form a bubble around them pushing the cameras back as she made her way to the car. She put Leo in first then got in herself as he scrambled across the leather seats. 

Her security got in a cars behind her as her driver took off. 

“Seatbelt,” she reminded Leo.

He scrambled to do it up as Lena clipped her own in place. He fumbled and she reached over helping him. 

“What do you think our chances of losing the press are?” she asked glancing at her driver Bo.

“Slim Miss Luthor,” he said. 

Lena looked over at Leo. 

“So there’s probably going to be a lot of lights for a while and I’m sorry about that. But we need to get you some things.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Leo mumbled.

“I don’t really have anything for you to wear or play with so we do kind of need to go shopping today but I promise we’ll make it as easy as possible for you.”

Lena reached out to give him a reassuring pat then stopped herself. She didn’t know what to do. Should she give him space or a lot of affection? Was it best to guide him or follow his lead? Before she could continue that anxious spiral her phone buzzed and she saw a message from Kara.

How are you going?

She looked at Leo sitting in his seat and staring silently out the window. 

I am in over my head. But we’ll get there. I’m taking him shopping and Kelly told me I need to get him a magical bear that chases away nightmares.

Do you need help?

Lena thought about it. It would be so easy to just get Kara to come and help her. Kara knew about kids. She was sweet and bright and friendly and Leo would love her. But she knew it wouldn’t be fair. She decided to be honest. They’d both decided on an honesty policy after everything. 

I don’t think it's right for me to ask that of you.

Her phone rang almost immediately.

“Kara I-”

“Lena you can ask for help,” Kara said firmly.

“If I keep asking you now how am I going to do it later without you?” Lena asked.

Kara sighed sounding exasperated.

“Okay so firstly it’s day one and like hour four, you need help. And secondly who said you’d ever have to do it without me huh?” Kara asked.

Lena didn’t really know what to say to that.

“How about this. You take him clothes shopping now, just for a few of the basics. I’ll just finish this article and come join you, once we’ve got him the basics we do toys. After things die down a bit you can buy him more clothes the usual way. Which I’m assuming is a personal shopper of some kind.”

Lena scoffed. She was perfectly capable of buying her own clothes. Then she looked over at the silent Leo.

“Okay,” she said giving in. “Leo, do you mind if Kara comes shopping with us?” she asked.

He quickly shook his head. Lena breathed a small sigh of relief. 

“We’ll see you when you get here,” Lena said.

They arrived at the department store and her security poured out of the other cars as she exited and offered her hand to Leo. He stayed very close to her as they walked in. People turned watching them. Phones appeared in people’s hands all pointed at them. Lena knew a dozen very large and beefy security personnel wasn’t exactly subtle but she didn’t have time for subtle. Subtle had been blown up the moment the whole world suddenly found out Lex Luthor had a son.

They entered the first store and she watched the staff panic a little. She sighed removing her sunglasses and motioning to a sales woman.

“I have maybe ten minutes before a lot of cameras try to follow me, so please help me make this as painless as possible,” she said.

The sales woman nodded and looked at Leo.

“Hi there,” she said brightly. 

Leo shifted a little closer to Lena. 

“He needs clothes, of all types. Probably two or more of everything.”

The sales woman nodded as a manager arrived.

“Miss Luthor how lovely to have you in our store today,” he said quickly.

“Thank you. I intend to spend a lot of money very quickly. If you could accommodate us I would be most appreciative,” she said. 

He nodded.

“Whatever you need,” he said smiling. 

“His sizes,” Lena said. 


Kara had no trouble finding them. The large number of photographers held back by Lena’s security was like a giant neon sign even to the most oblivious. Lena’s security recognised her immediately letting her through. Kara ducked into the store and found Lena on the phone next to Leo watching as he was fitted for a pair of red sneakers.

“Hello again,” she said grinning at the boy. 

Leo gave her a small smile. Lena gave her a bigger one. Kara sat on his other side. 

“Today is very busy for you isn’t it,” Kara said looking at Leo. 

He nodded.

“Do you like the shoes?” she asked.

He nodded again. Lena ended her call.

“Sorry about that,” she said turning to Leo.

“Is okay,” he mumbled. 

The saleswoman smiled at him.

“You’re a very lucky young man,” she said sitting back. “Okay how do those feel?”

Leo shrugged. Kara looked at Lena. Lena got up and held her hand out to Leo.

“Shall we try them out?” she asked.

He nodded and she walked him up and down the limited space asking if they pinched anywhere. He shook his head so she gave the sales woman a nod.

“Do you want to put on your old shoes or wear these ones?” Lena asked.

Leo thought about it for a minute. Lena waited. Eventually he pointed at his new shoes. Lena smiled at him and he smiled back. She turned to the sales woman.

“If you could-”

The saleswoman quickly packed his old runners into the box and gave her a nod. Lena went to pay and Kara followed talking to Leo. 

“Okay but important question, do you think you can run fast in them?”

Leo looked at the shoes thinking about it.

“I don’t know,” he said. 

Kara pretended to think for a moment.

“Why don’t we find out,” she said holding out her hand. 

Leo took it with a cautious look at Lena. She nodded.

“It’s okay, you can trust Kara. She’ll keep you safe,” Lena said.

They exited the store Lena following behind handing off the bag to one of her security. 

“Whenever you get new shoes you need to see how fast you are in them it’s the rules,” Kara explained.

Lena smiled watching the two of them. Kara pretended to take a runners pose with Leo then they were off running. She saw her security tense but she waved them off. Nothing would touch Leo with Kara there. The camera flashes begun as soon as Leo became visible. Kara pretended to trail behind him blocking their view until he slowed then she scooped him up spinning him around.

Lena felt something inside her chest seize. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as she looked at Kara. Kara was smiling as she spun around the flash of cameras illuminating her as Lena watched her holding Leo bringing out the biggest smile on his face she’d seen yet. Kara had never looked more perfect than she did in that moment.

Kara looked up smiling at her and Lena found herself smiling back as their eyes met. Kara looked away nodding at Leo who was saying something. Lena seized the feelings coursing through her and started shoving them back into the box they’d come from. 

“Are you watching Lena?” Kara called.

Lena nodded quickly focusing her attention on the pair.

“I’m watching,” she promised. 

Kara put Leo down whispering something to him as he adopted a runners pose. Then he was racing towards her. She smiled and held out her hands immediately lifting him into her arms as he crashed into her.

“Did you see how fast I ran?” he asked excitedly.

She nodded.

“Yes, you were very fast,” she said smiling at him. 

He beamed at her and she started to think they might be okay. Then the camera flashes started again. She quickly held him closer shielding Leo’s eyes as he scrunched up his face.

Kara appeared at her side blocking Leo from the cameras. Lena looked at her and smiled. Kara grinned back. 

“Now for the fun stuff, toys,” Kara said.

They kept walking her security surrounding them once more. Lena put Leo down again taking one of his hands. Kara took the other and Lena gave her a small smile. Lena found herself struggling to put that smile in a box as they kept walking Leo between the two of them.


The day wore Leo out. Lena helped him into his new pajamas at eight and tucked him into her spare bed with his new stuffed red lion, Rao. She knew exactly where that name had come from. She had wondered briefly if it counted as blasphemy but Kara had laughed when she asked so she supposed not. Kara had given the lion a special blessing in Kryptonian to make him magic. 

Now it was time for bed despite his obvious exhaustion Leo seemed scared to sleep. She picked up one of the stack of new books she’d bought him.

“Did you want a bedtime story?” she asked.

Leo nodded and she sat on the bed next to him opening the book as he snuggled into her side. He was asleep before she finished the third page. She finished reading it aloud anyway. 

Putting the book aside she carefully got up so as not to wake him. She tucked the blankets higher around him. It was strange to have this small child trust her so completely. It was terrifying. No one had ever trusted her like that. Now she had to make sure she never gave him a reason not to. 

She turned out the bedside light and closed the door partway. Lena took a deep breath turning she made her way to the lounge room and the glass of scotch she’d desperately needed all day.

Once she was settled on the couch and halfway through her scotch she took out her phone again and made the call she had been putting off.

“Mother,” she said.

“Lena. You took your time calling me.”

“I had certain logistics I needed to handle first,” Lena said.

She sipped her scotch grateful for the calming affect it was having on her anxiety.

“I saw. The photos are adorable. I would doubt his parentage if he didn’t look alarmingly like Lex at the same age.”

“I had noticed,” Lena muttered. 

The Luthor manor had been full of pictures of Lex growing up. Leo looked just like every picture of Lex at the same age, except his eyes. 

“You sound disappointed,” Lillian said. “If you don’t want to take him-”

“Mother I am not handing him over to you.”

“But you’ll hand him to Supergirl.”

Lena sighed heavily. She had. It really wasn’t right to do that to Kara. She’d take care of him herself from then on. No more getting Kara’s help. No matter how badly she wanted to. She drained the rest of her glass and contemplated a second one. She decided against it. Best not now she had a child to look after.

“She won’t hurt him,” Lena said.

“And you think I would?” Lillian asked.

“Maybe not deliberately. But then again look how Lex and I turned out.”

Lillian sighed and Lena smiled at the hit.

“I am, shockingly, capable of learning from my mistakes. And I don’t really think all of Lex’s madness can be put at my feet.”

“Just his xenophobia and ego,” Lena said.

Lillian sighed again and Lena really wanted that second glass of scotch.

“Can I see him?” Lillian asked.

Lena weighed her options. Both in regards to more scotch and her mother.

“I’ll think about it,” she said finally.

“Alright. I’ll call again soon.”

“Goodbye mother.”

Lena hung up and sighed. She carefully put her glass down and called Sam. She answered on the second ring.

“I was this close to calling you,” Sam said quickly.

Lena let herself fall back onto the couch.

“I am in way over my head Sam,” she said.

“Welcome to parenthood. That feeling never goes away.”

“Great,” Lena muttered.

Sam laughed and Lena sighed.

“So you’ve just become a parent. How are you feeling about it?” Sam asked gently.

“Terrified and tired.”

“Sounds about right. What’s he like?”

“Anxious. The only person capable of bringing out normal child… behavior in him so far is Kara. It’s like she has some kid specific powers. He’s quiet with me and is scared of everyone else or completely unresponsive. He barely says more than a handful of words and doesn’t like making decisions.”

“You might want to think about getting him a psychologist.”

“Already on it. I just… Sam I just…” She blew out a breath. “How did no one know. Not even my mother.”

“Well your brother always did enjoy being the only one in the know and I imagine Eve wasn’t exactly keen on people finding out.”

Lena sighed and rubbed her face. Now came the hard part.

“Sam, I hate to ask but-”

“Term ends in three weeks. I’ll talk to Ruby about it tomorrow then make plans and move to National City over the holidays.”

“Thank you,” Lena whispered.

“Considering all the allowances you made for me with Ruby I consider this a pretty small sacrifice to help you with your new kid.”

Lena sighed and felt the sudden urge to cry.

“I was not prepared for this Sam,” she whispered.

“None of us really are. It’s not going to be easy and from what you’ve said you’re in for a harder time than most. It’s a learning curve and you’re going to be racing to figure it out but the best advice I have is build your support network now. Kara’s an excellent choice by the way.”

“I can’t ask her to do that Sam. For a lot of reasons.”

“You might want to tell Kara that because I don’t think she agrees.”

“What do you mean?” Lena asked sitting up.

“The photos of you three today. You look like a perfect little queer family. Kara doesn’t seem to care who his father is she’s throwing herself into being there for you both. Hang on I’m just going to check on Ruby, she keeps sneaking her phone under the covers.”

Lena got up finding a tablet to check the stories that had been reported on them. She flicked through the pictures. She saved a few, they were surprisingly cute. Though she was going to have to do more to keep Leo from cameras from now on. She didn’t want him to be easily recognised. Sam returned with a sigh.

“Based on those photos I think Kara might be determined to be a part of his life in the way you’ve always wanted her in yours,” Sam continued.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lena muttered.

“Oh please, don’t think I missed the picture of your face when she was holding him. Do you wanna talk about the secret feelings you’re harboring for your best friend?”

“I’m harboring no secret feelings,” she said.

Sam laughed.

“Uh huh, sure you’re not. You do remember I know you and I can recognise that longing look you do whenever you look at her.”

“Goodnight Sam, I’ll call you tomorrow about your move.”

Sam chuckled.

“Goodnight Lena.”

Lena hung up and went to her home office she needed to get some work done before bed. 


Lena woke at three am having gone to bed two hours ago after checking on Leo one last time through the door. She couldn’t work out what had woken her at first. Everything seemed quiet and no alarms were blinking at her. Then she heard it. A muffled sob. She was up in an instant terrified he’d hurt himself. She made her way down the hall listening carefully for anything else. She heard a sniff and another small sob. Opening the door and saw him curled up with his lion.

“Hey Leo, are you okay?” she asked.

He nodded quickly rubbing his face on the pillow.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Lena walked into the room and turned on the bedside lamp. Leo blinked at the sudden light.

“Did you have a bad dream?” she asked crouching next to the bed.

He nodded. 

“Was it about your grandma?” 

He shook his head.

“Monsters under the bed?”

“Supergirl,” he whispered.

Lena reached out brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“What did Supergirl do?” she asked.

“She took me away for being bad,” he whispered.

Lena moved closer wrapping her arms around Leo in a careful hug.

“I promise, Supergirl will never take you away from me. She will never hurt you.”

“What if I’m bad?” he whispered.

“Even then.”

Leo tucked his head into her shoulder and she felt a wave of tiredness hit her. Her habit of existing on five hours and less of sleep was catching up with her.

“Are you still scared?” she asked.

Leo hesitated then nodded.

“You can stay with me tonight. I promise nothing can hurt you in my room, not even an evil Supergirl.”

“Really?” he whispered. 

“I’ll put on the red sun lamps, she’s powerless under them. So even if she did come in she wouldn’t be able to take you. I promise.”

Lena picked Leo up and carried him and his lion back to her room. He didn’t say anything as she settled him into the bed and climbed back in herself. She left the door open and the hall light on for him. Finally turning to the panel beside her bed she turned on the set of four overhead red sun lights. She disliked having a light on while she slept but she would take that over Leo being scared again. He looked at the lights for a few moments.

“They stop her?” he asked.

“Yes, they take away her powers,” Lena said.

She tucked the blanket around Leo and lay down again. The moment her head was back on the pillow she was falling asleep again. Leo shifted a little closer.

“Can I really stay with you?” he asked.

“Forever if you want,” Lena promised already half asleep.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “I promise I’ll be good.”

Lena was too tired to think about his promise. She’d deal with it tomorrow, when she’d had sleep.


Kara sighed in exasperation slamming the fridge door a little too hard as she turned to glare at her sister. 

“Don’t you think you’re making a mistake trying to become involved here?” Alex asked holding up the tablet.

The tabloids had gone crazy with the few clear pictures they had from their shopping trip. The picture Alex was holding had the two of them looking down at Leo as he held their hands. Someone had added a pink heart around the three of them and a large headline underneath: The New Luthors! Lena Luthor’s new family.

“No,” Kara said firmly. “Lena’s my best friend and she just became a mother and I’m going to support her however I can.”

Kara mindful of the possible damage she just did to her fridge carefully removed the lid of the ice cream tub. 

“Okay first she just became an Aunt and second-”

“Alex trust me, she just became a mother, the title is irrelevant.”

Alex conceded the point.

“Fine but it’s to Lex and Eve’s kid. You know family nemesis’ numbers one and two.”

“So? Lena was his sister.”

Alex blew out a breath clearly frustrated with her. Kara glared at her.

“Alex he’s four.”

“I know. I know. I just… Kara have you considered that you probably shouldn’t get close to this kid. You are kinda the reason his parents are… gone,” Alex finished awkwardly.

Kara stabbed the spoon into the ice cream and it went all the way in. She sighed digging it out.

“You mean the same parents who ditched him with a woman who called him the spawn of the devil and had zero contact with him?” Kara asked.

Alex had the decency to look apologetic.

“Alex I know you’re trying to protect me but, you don’t need to not in this. Lena needs help and I want to help her. I want to be there for my best friend and-”

“So this has nothing to do with your feelings for Lena?”

“What feelings?”

Alex scoffed.

“The unresolved romantic tension you’ve been trying to hide ever since crisis. Remember William?”

Kara sighed, that had not gone well. Their three month relationship had kinda imploded and she refused to blame it on her relationship with Lena like William did.

“I still think he was wrong-”

“Yeah we’re not going there again,” Alex said quickly. 

Kara fidgeted. Her breakup with William had been particularly embarrassing for her as William had done it in front of Nia stating some things about her relationship with Lena that she’d found… a bit personal. 

It’s not like anyone else needed to know how she’d put off sex just to talk with Lena, or how she’d rescheduled their dates twice because something happened to Lena and she wanted to go check on her, or that one time she accidentally said the wrong name. She had been bored and thinking about her plans for the next day and lunch with Lena had seemed much more interesting at that moment so really it was his fault for being mediocre in bed. Though she supposed mediocre was a bit harsh considering it probably wasn’t his fault she wasn’t that into the same things. Or rather he wasn’t into the same things. She’d gently suggested something once and he immediately promised he would never do anything like that to her. It didn’t have the affect he thought.

Nia thankfully had found it all very entertaining and nicknamed William several less than flattering things behind his back. Kara found all of them remarkably appropriate but once Alex had heard one it had been a bit awkward. 

“Look I’m just…” Alex sighed heavily. “I just don’t want you to get all invested playing happy families with Lena on your weekends and then end up heartbroken when she finds someone else. Okay?”

Kara sighed.

“I’m not playing happy families Alex, and I just-” Alex gave her best big sister glare. “I’ll be careful okay.”

Alex gave her a hug. 

“You might be the girl of steel but emotionally you’re the girl of marshmallow,” Alex said with a sigh.

Kara giggled.

“I’d probably eat myself if I was a marshmallow,” she said.

Alex rolled her eyes.

“You’re ridiculous.”

Kara hugged her back.

“But you love me!”

Chapter Text

After a week the media frenzy around Leo had died out much to Lena’s relief. Leo had also become very attached to her. After their second full day together she noticed he would follow her from room to room. He would stay if she told him to, but then he would move closer to her the moment she returned. He also seemed to want to be held a lot, even though he wouldn’t ask, and would hold her hand whenever they went anywhere. He also hid behind her if anyone new came into the same room.

With Kelly’s input she’d found him a psychologist and set an appointment for the next day. One of the first things they were going to discuss was the nightmares.

He went to bed in her spare room —which was now his room— and then sometime in the early hours of the morning he would have a nightmare and she would find herself waking up to his muffled sobs and wandering down the hall to carry him to her bed where they would fall asleep under the red light. She’d spent an hour in her lab Thursday evening making him a special “red sun" torch and night light. It wasn’t real but having it made him feel safer and it had also meant she’d slept alone all night for the first time that week.

Kara had an interesting reaction to finding out Supergirl was his greatest fear. At first confusion then something contemplative. Lena had worried that it would change things but instead Kara had just started talking about ways she would adapt her usual visits so he wouldn’t be faced with Supergirl before he was ready. Starting with his alert watch. 

Lena had been a little in shock when Kara arrived to their next lunch with new alert watches. Lena’s was a plain gold and black “To match your work wardrobe” and Leo’s a bright red band with a cartoon lion on the face. When he flipped up the face the button underneath instead of the super insignia there was a plain circle.

Kara also demonstrated how when Leo’s watch was pressed Lena’s would light up red to alert her too. Kara’s watch would light up red if anyone’s button was pressed and if someone other than Leo activated their button both Lena and Leo’s watches would flash blue as a warning. Alex was the only other person whose watch would turn red for everyone as the director of the DEO so she could arrange backup. 

Kara had sat with Leo and very carefully attached it to his wrist explaining how it was only for emergencies and anyone whose watch lit up red or blue when he or Lena pushed their button was a friend and he could trust them to keep him safe until Lena or Kara came to get him. Leo had nodded his understanding. That night at bath time he hadn’t wanted to take it off in case he lost it. A quick call and the watch’s waterproofing was confirmed so he didn’t have to.

Kara had come to lunch twice more and joined them for dinner another three times over the week. Lena was grateful, not just because she got to see Kara a lot more but because Leo adored Kara almost as much as she did. It seemed Luthors had a weakness for supers. Or maybe Leo was just following her lead. Either way it made everything much easier especially when Kara seemed to be the only person Leo was comfortable being left with while Lena worked.

During the day Leo stayed in her office with her, perk of being the boss no one could stop her. Jess learnt very quickly that if a meeting could be done over the phone it was to be. As Leo couldn’t come to most face to face meetings she would leave him with Jess for the time she was gone. While Jess said he didn’t disturb or interrupt her work at all she was concerned watching the obvious anxiety he had being separated from Lena. When she returned Leo always ran to her side shaking and clinging to her hand until she picked him up and spent time helping him calm down again.

She’d had to spend more than one afternoon sitting in her office working one handed because Leo had been unable to calm down enough to let go of her after she’d left him with Jess for a meeting that ran long. Jess was given a pay rise considering how her duties now included making sure Leo wasn’t unsupervised when Lena left her office. 

Lena knew a babysitter or nanny of some kind was needed but Leo was apparently scared of everyone, including Jess, and considering the amount of death threats he’d received her security was already concerned about anyone new around him. For his safety and anxiety levels she was reluctant to introduce anyone else without first discussing it with his psychologist and having them thoroughly vetted by her security, along with several private investigators, and maybe the DEO.

It wasn’t as though he was much of a disturbance to her work anyway. Her couch was now Leo’s space and he seemed content to play there by himself watching cartoons, or playing with his toy cars while she worked. It probably wasn’t the best idea to let him spend hours watching a screen but she didn’t have an alternative yet. She couldn’t help but feel she was constantly doing something wrong with him but she was too tired to work it out yet. Sam told her this was normal. Lena didn’t find that reassuring.

Her lawyers confirmed she was indeed Leo’s legal guardian and started looking into anything they could level against Mrs Teschmacher. Her PR team had released a statement that yes Leo was Lex’s son and yes she was now his legal guardian, along with the usual request for privacy during this time. The tabloids hadn’t listened at first but her security was getting better at spotting their reporters and blocking them. A couple of restraining orders had been threatened against the most determined. Combined with the now continuous and very threatening presence of her security team when not at home or in her office the number of pictures of him had significantly dropped. 

Lena set aside the report she’d been reading and looked at Leo who was playing with his cars on her office rug.

“Hey Leo,” she said gently.

He stopped immediately and looked up.

“I’m going to do a call soon but after that we can have a something to eat, okay?”

That was the other major change to her day; she’d learnt after their first day when it was lunchtime before she realised he hadn’t asked for anything to eat or drink. She’d quickly rectified the situation but it was a scary moment for her to realise he wouldn’t ask for anything. To prevent further issues she made sure food was scheduled, for both of them. Jess had been overjoyed Lena was now going to eat regularly.

Leo nodded quickly and motioned zipped lips. She smiled at him.

“Thank you.” 

She gathered her next stack of papers as a knock on the door announced Jess. She looked up.


“Your mother-”

Lillian swept in and Leo grabbed Rao moving back on the couch to put as much space between him and Lillian as possible.

“Thank you Jess,” Lena said with a sigh.

Jess nodded and disappeared.

“This isn’t the best time Mother I have a meeting shortly.”

“Then I would say this is perfect timing. You can handle your meeting while I get acquainted with Lionel here.”

“Leo,” Lena corrected.

Lillian raised an eyebrow in question. Lena sighed not prepared for her mother today. But she also knew a trap when she saw one.

“His name is Leo. Leo this is your other grandmother, Lillian. You do not have to talk to her or do anything she asks. If she upsets you in any way I’ll send her away.”

Leo nodded holding Rao close as he looked at his new grandmother.

“Really Lena, so much aggression. I am simply going to sit here near young Leo and watch him play with his toys.”

Lena narrowed her eyes but the call came through then and she took it. She watched Lillian as closely as she could throughout the call looking for anything, but Lillian behaved herself. She sat quietly in her chair watching Leo from a distance. When one of his toys rolled off the table towards her she picked it up and put it back without a word. Eventually Leo seemed to decide she wasn’t that scary and showed her one of his cars. Lena watched closely as her mother whispered to Leo seeming almost sweet with her grandson. She even got a few small smiles out of him. 

When the meeting ended Lillian rose and gave Leo a smile. She placed a hand on his shoulder looking down at him.

“It was nice to meet you Leo. I hope we get the chance to see each other again soon.” 

He didn’t say anything as she turned and approached Lena. Lena narrowed her eyes.

“May I see him next week?” Lillian asked.

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Asking. He’s your son now and while I would love to be involved in his life I am well aware I can only do so at your allowance. I’d prefer not to have to fight you for time with him.”

Lena sat back thinking for a minute.

“You can join us for brunch on Sunday next week. I’ll have Jess email you the details. No gifts.”

Lillian smiled and nodded. She gave Leo a wave and left. Lena got up and went to sit with Leo for a few minutes to make sure he was really okay. He didn’t seem worried after meeting his grandmother so once she gave him something to eat she moved back to her desk and the stack of proposals she still needed to go through and approve.

Andrea was her next unexpected visitor for the day. She turned up at five thirty with a determined expression.

“Okay Lena it’s Friday everyone else is gone and I have been very patient but we are going out,” Andrea said.

Lena sighed looking up from her paperwork.

“Andrea…” she sighed and gestured to her office encompassing Leo. “I’m busy.”

Andrea rolled her eyes.

“I’m not suggesting you abandon him. We can go to the park together then to dinner. I assume you feed him dinner.”

Lena sighed and glared at her friend. Andrea was unmoved. Andrea walked closer to Leo and he grabbed Rao backing up.

“Andrea,” Lena said warningly.

Andrea turned and held up her hands not moving any closer. She turned back to Leo and crouched down to be eye level with him. Quite the feat in that dress and heels.

“Hello Leo. I am a friend of Lena’s and that means I’m your friend too.”

Leo tilted his head cautiously lowering Rao a little.

“And as your friend I say we need to take you to the park otherwise you’ll end up as deathly pale as Lena. We also need to take you shopping for a new suit because you will look adorable with a bow tie.”

“Andrea he is not a doll,” Lena said firmly.

“No, he’s a young man and if he’s gonna to be yours he needs to look the part. Do you want to look fancy Leo?”

Leo hesitated seeming to think about it. He looked at Lena who gave him a small smile. He turned back to Andrea and nodded. Andrea turned to Lena triumphant. Lena sighed. 

“Five minutes,” she said. 

Andrea smiled happily. Five minutes later Lena had her desk clear and Leo had his bag packed. Lena held out a hand and Leo took it walking next to her as Andrea happily led them out. 

They took Andrea’s car to the nearest large park followed by three members of Lena’s security team. Her security found them a seat near the water away from most. Lena let go of Leo’s hand encouraging him to explore while Andrea went to get them coffee. Leo cautiously approached the water’s edge and then sat down with Rao finding a stick and digging in the soft sand. 

When he sat down Lena realised he was probably going to need a change of clothes before they went to dinner. She sighed. She really should carry a change of clothes for him. She was beginning to understand why Sam’s car always had a couple of packed bags in the back with enough supplies for the apocalypse. Andrea reappeared offering her a cup of coffee.

“Don’t worry, he’s cute and well behaved. I doubt he’ll have too much of an affect on your dating. Who knows you might start attracting all those ultra sweet family guys.”

Lena scoffed. Andrea knew her better than that.

“Andrea I didn’t really date before. Leo hasn’t changed that. Zero to zero isn’t a significant shift.”

She took a sip of the coffee and made a face. It wasn’t good. Andrea shrugged tilting her head to one side.

“Well I suppose at least now you can claim you have a man in your life.”

Lena laughed and put down her cup of coffee watching Leo move Rao around in the dirt. He seemed quite happy and distracted. She mentally added more trips to the park to her schedule.

“I suppose. I’m just waiting for some clueless reporter to ask about the important relationships in my life to see how long before they realise the only non work connections I have at the moment are you, Leo and Kara. And Kara’s borderline because she does interview me semi regularly.”

Andrea sipped her coffee and made a face.

“I can make it happen if you want. You can tell everyone how incredibly eligible you are now that you and James are officially toast. I’m sure I could even make it clickbait. National City’s most eligible bachelorette.”

Lena laughed.

“Send Kara, she’d love it.”

“Oh no,” Andrea said with a smirk. “I’ll send William and then make him ask you about your close and very intimate relationship with Kara.”

Lena raised an eyebrow.

“Apparently he thinks you and Kara are alarmingly close. His words,” Andrea explained. Lena sighed. “I just thought he was the typical jealous type but having seen all those adorable pictures of you and Kara with Leo I’m starting to think he might have seen something before the rest of us.”

“I think his mediocrity is probably the reason. Kara mentioned he got upset when she would get bored on their dates and start talking to me instead.”

“Oh?” Andrea was smiling at her. “Because I heard a story about a small slip of the tongue.”

Lena frowned turning back to watch Leo. She reached for the coffee again out of habit and stopped herself.

“How do you know so much about their breakup?” she asked.

“William broke up with her at work, well in her office, while Nia was there. Which I found very poor taste. Breakups should be done in private unless someone’s done something particularly egregious, which it sounded like Kara had not.” 

Lena absently nodded her agreement. Kara had told her about her breakup and Lena had been suitably scathing of his timing. Knowing Andrea had heard parts of it too gave her a strong desire to give William swift kick the next time she saw him.  

“It seemed to be quite the rant but I heard a little bit at the end. Apparently your name came out of Kara’s mouth during a very intimate moment.”

Lena’s head snapped up as she turned back to Andrea. Andrea winked and then casually tilted her head to indicate something over Lena’s shoulder. Lena leaned back and saw the cameras coming out and being pointed towards them.

“Andrea what are you up to?” Lena asked.

“You mean besides helping end all the speculation about you and Kara?” Andrea asked winking at her. “You’re welcome by the way. Catco hasn’t posted a single article making suggestions about your relationship with her. Even though I have quite a bit to say about it.”

Lena laughed and turned to watch Leo as he splashed his hands in the lake talking quietly to Rao next to him. Tanya, one of her security motioned to the cameras silently asking if she wanted them to do something about them. Lena shook her head. She trusted Andrea, mostly.

“Who knows maybe we can make her jealous enough that your precious Kara will finally make a move because I know you won’t,” Andrea said.

Lena rolled her eyes ignoring the sudden pounding of her heart.

“You and Sam, both determined to see something that’s not there,” she muttered.

“So Sam sees it too?” Andrea said smirking.

Lena sighed hoping Andrea would pick up on the exasperation she was feeling.

“We’re just friends,” she said firmly.

“But you want more,” Andrea teased.

“Andrea I’m starting to think you’re projecting.”

Andrea laughed.

“We both know I grew out of the phase.”

“Not entirely,” Lena said pressing her lips together to hide her smile. 

Andrea turned to gape at her. 

“I can’t believe you’re bringing that up!” she said horrified.

“Well it was very memorable,” Lena said.

Andrea smacked her. Lena gave in and started laughing at Andrea. Andrea hit her again.

“You are a terrible friend. And I’ll remind you that it was you who was right there beside-”

“Behind,” Lena corrected.

Andrea made a frustrated noise hitting her again. Lena threw her head back laughing harder as Andrea shoved her. Lena fell to the side still laughing so Andrea shoved her again. Lena fell backwards crying with laughter as Andrea crossed her arms and huffed.

“You are-”

Leo ran over looking between them. Lena was still laughing as she watched Andrea throw up her hands in exasperation.

“And now you have a kid I can’t even swear at you!”

Lena kept laughing as Leo continued looking between them concerned. Lena managed to pull herself together enough to sit up and take Leo’s hands in her own.

“Yeah, I do,” Lena said smiling at him. 

Leo smiled back and Andrea sighed dramatically.

“Well that’s how I'll get you back. I am going to buy Leo every noisy, flashy, obnoxious toy I can find. Starting today. We’re going shopping because I will have my revenge for this Lena!”

Lena laughed again and Leo smiled at Andrea. She winked at him and his smile got a tiny bit bigger. 

Andrea kept her word. They went to a nearby department store and Andrea found an obnoxiously loud toy police car Leo loved. Lena made plans to secretly remove the batteries as soon as plausible. They also got Leo a change of clothes for dinner. Including a bow tie much to Andrea’s delight.


Kara looked at the pictures of Lena and Andrea at the park. Lena was clearly laughing at Andrea the two of them sitting very close. She scrolled through the articles quickly. It was the usual tabloid speculation about her and Andrea competing for Lena’s heart accompanied by pictures of them with Leo. She stopped on one of Andrea smiling at Lena as they walked to a car. Leo was half asleep in Lena’s arms his head hanging off her shoulder and Rao tucked under one arm. Andrea was holding Leo’s suit jacket as Lena’s security opened the door for them. 

Kara tried to work out if they looked closer than she and Lena did. She knew it was stupid but she couldn’t quite stop herself. Lena was definitely laughing more in the pictures of her and Andrea. Leo didn’t seem very close to Andrea though. He was fairly well hidden in the pictures but she could see he was only interacting with Lena. 

She felt a small spark of pride that Leo liked her more than Andrea. With a sigh she closed the tabs and reminded herself she wasn’t allowed to have those feelings. She sat for a few minutes doing a mindfulness exercise Eliza had taught her years ago. Lena was allowed to have other friends. She liked Lena having other friends. She just… she wanted to be Lena’s only best friend. 

She looked up and found her attention caught on Andrea as she stood talking to William. She looked back at her article with a sigh. She glanced up again and saw Andrea coming towards her. She quickly returned to her computer typing a couple of sentences she knew she’d just delete in a minute. 

Andrea stopped next to her desk and stared at her. Kara slowly turned away from her computer and looked at Andrea.

“Did you want something?” Kara asked.

“I want to talk about Leo,” Andrea said her eyes moving over the office. 

“Is this work related?” Kara asked.

Andrea sighed pulling up a chair and sitting down.

“No,” she said her tone becoming far more normal. “This is about supporting Lena. You know how stubborn she is. She thinks she has to do everything alone and will actively fight any offers of help.”

Kara couldn’t disagree. It struck her then that Andrea had known Lena far longer than she had. They were once best friends at school and after but Andrea was now coming to her.

“So, what do I need to know that Lena isn’t telling if I want to be Leo’s doting Aunt?”

Kara hesitated. She knew Lena was being very private about everything to do with Leo, for good reason. But she also knew Andrea was Lena’s friend and actively being supportive of her in caring for Leo. Her gaze drifted back to her screen where the pictures of Lena and Andrea had been just moments before. She grabbed the jealous feeling currently surging through her and wrestled it into submission as she looked back at Andrea.

“Off the record?” Kara asked.

Andrea rolled her eyes.

“Yes,” she said.

“He needs routine and stability, positive reinforcement only, and if he asks for any type of affection give it. Also don’t display any frustration, irritation, or impatience with anything he does. If he asks you thirty times what your favourite animal is answer him every time. He shuts down if he gets scared. Don’t try to rush him just wait it out. If you want to see Lena expect Leo to join her.”

Andrea nodded.

“He loves cartoons, cars, and animals. Especially the big cats.”

Kara hesitated glancing around. Andrea moved a little closer.

“And he’s terrified of Supergirl.”

Andrea frowned.

“Really?” she asked.

Kara sighed and nodded.

“He was told if he misbehaved she would take him away and punish him. We’re not sure what the details of that punishment were but Leo starts shutting down the moment people talk about her. Lena has to watch the news on her tablet with headphones so he doesn’t see Supergirl before he’s ready.”

Andrea was looking at her with a strange expression.

“That’s concerning.”

“Yep,” Kara said looking back at the article she was working on. “Lena’s working on it.”

“How does that make you feel?” Andrea asked. 

Kara frowned at Andrea’s surprisingly gentle tone. She turned to look at her. 

“Worried,” she said. “For both their safety.”

Her phone buzzed and she saw a message from Lena. Kara immediately opened it and saw a picture of Lena smiling with Leo in her lap. Lena looked her usual radiant self with her hair down and styled a little more than usual to fall about her face exactly right. Leo was holding Rao and smiling broadly at the camera his head turned slightly to show his new haircut. His brown curls had been removed leaving him in a short crew cut.

Kara smiled looking at the picture. She heard an aw behind her and saw Andrea looking at the picture.

“He’s adorable,” Andrea said her eyes fixed on the picture.

Her phone buzzed again and she went back to see Lena had sent a text as well.

I had intended a quick trip just to get my hair cut but Leo got his hands on Ella’s style book and this is what he liked. As if there was any more proof needed that he’s not like Lex he decided to get rid of his hair on purpose.

Kara laughed smiling at her phone for a moment longer before saving the picture. She looked up to see Andrea looking at her with her arms crossed and… was that a pout?

“How come you got the new haircut picture?” she asked.

Kara smiled at Andrea feeling very smug.

“I get all the cute Leo pictures.”

Andrea narrowed her eyes a little. Kara turned her phone around to show her latest wallpaper. It was of Lena sitting on her couch holding Leo who was half asleep in her arms.

“Do you have one of him in a bow tie?” Andrea asked glaring.

Kara nodded. Lena had sent her one of Leo in his new suit when they bought it. Andrea huffed and walked away muttering about smug bitches and Luthors betraying her. Kara watched her go with a smile. She looked back at the message and quickly typed out her response.

He’s adorable!!! Tell Leo I love his new haircut. You look beautiful by the way but then again you always look amazing.

It was only after she hit send that Kara realised what she’d said. She had a moment of panic as she worried Lena would take it the wrong way. Her phone buzzed again.

Leo smiled when I told him. And thank you, I’ll tell Ella you approve of her work. She’ll be delighted.

Kara breathed a small sigh of relief. Then she went back to smiling. If there was a competition between her and Andrea she was clearly winning.

Chapter Text

Lena glanced at the crowd as she got out of the car holding out her hand for Leo. He slid out and cautiously held up his hands indicating he wanted to be held instead of walk. She immediately picked him up and made her way towards the podium that had been placed in front of two large L Corp banners. Her security team was nearby standing between her and the gathered press. Lena glanced up and saw Supergirl fly past. She gave Kara a nod.

Nick gave her a smile as she approached. She put Leo down and crouched beside him as he looked around still holding her hand. There was a much bigger than usual press pack. Several of which had set up video cameras. She sighed looking at them as her PR team approached.

“Everything is set to go. All the checks are done and your statement is printed and waiting for you. We also put the final numbers on the page in case you need to reference them,” Pradeepa said smiling at her then Leo. “Do you need someone to watch him? I can get one of the junior-”

“No he’ll be alright waiting here. This should only take fifteen minutes,” Lena said with a wave of her hand.

She’d rather leave him with her security than a PR intern. Lena looked back at Leo who was holding Rao very tightly with one arm while still holding her hand with his other. He looked at the crowd of people seeing quite a few looking back. Several cameras turned towards them. Her security shifted to block the shot. Leo moved closer holding her hand tighter. She gently touched his shoulder drawing his attention back to her.

“I’m just going to go right over there for a presentation. You can wait here next to Nick. He’ll keep you safe. Okay?”

Leo clutched Rao tighter his eyes wide and scared as he looked up at the giant form of Nick. Nick gave him a warm smile. Leo’s grip on her loosened a little. Lena silently thanked her past self for hiring the father of four. Leo nodded slowly letting go. She gave him a quick hug and he seemed to relax a little further. 

“You’ll be able to see me the whole time,” she promised. 

Leo nodded again and Lena rose giving Nick a nod. They’d exchanged several emails already with regards to Leo and Nick understood his role well. Protect Leo first, then her. Lena turned back to Pradeepa and gave her a smile and a nod heading for the podium. Her security had placed a generous gap and three well armed personnel between her and the reporters. It was probably a good security measure but it meant she had to pay extra attention as she walked so her heels wouldn’t sink into the grass. 

She looked at Leo one more time standing next to Nick. She gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile before turning to the press to begin. 

Her prepared statement only took two minutes then it was question time. Halfway through an explanation of their recent decision not to acquire one of Lord Tech’s subsidiaries she saw movement out of the side of her eye. 

Nick moved to grab Leo before he stopped himself as Leo ran towards her. Lena kept talking and subtly braced as Leo crashed into her legs hiding his face in her skirt. There was an increase in camera flashes as she placed a comforting hand on his head. He clung tighter to her shaking. She finished her answer and took advantage of the momentary pause to try and release Leo’s death grip on her leg.

“No stay,” he mumbled. “Please.”

“It’s okay Leo I’m not sending you away I’m just going to pick you up,” she said gently. “Come on, let go for me.”

Leo cautiously let go and she was able to lift him into her arms. The strain she felt as she did told her she was going to need to spend more time in her home gym. She hadn’t seen her personal trainer since Leo arrived but she was starting to think that might need to change. Although Leo seemed to be her own personal weight considering how often she found herself carrying him. She turned back to the press and nodded to Pradeepa indicating she was ready for the next question.

“Naomi Campbell, National City Tribune. Was this decision based on your personal feelings about Maxwell Lord?”

“No, as I said before the decision was made due to the company’s close ties to certain weapons manufacturing centres. We’re not interested in fostering those connections and so for us the acquisition wasn’t worth it.”

Leo was breathing very quickly but seemed to be calming now she was holding him. The shaking had mostly stopped. She rubbed soothing circles into his back. 

“Edward Crane, Business Insider. What do you say to the calls for you to step down now that you’re a parent?”

“If you wouldn’t ask a man to don’t ask me,” she said glaring at him.

“Well you are holding him at this moment. Most men in your position wouldn’t,” Crane said with a smirk.

Lena gave him a look of exaggerated surprise.

“And yet somehow I am still able to answer your questions. It’s almost like holding a child isn’t actually affecting my ability to do my job. As for men not doing the same thing, I think that tells you more about them than me.”

She could feel the shaking starting again as Leo listened to the reporter. She grit her teeth levelling her most devastating glare at Mr Crane.

“Well surely it has some affect on your decision making,” Crane pressed undeterred.

“It certainly makes me far less tolerant of nosey reporters digging into my personal life,” she snapped.

“Miss Luthor surely you can understand the concern that you might be more distracted than your married-”

Lena barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Mr Crane you’re-”

There was a yell and a flash of blue and red landing beside her as the sudden boom of something exploding filled the air. Lena dropped to the ground covering Leo. Her security rushed in and she was quickly buried under several large and heavy security personnel. Leo started crying immediately. She held him tighter. 

Her security disappeared a minute later as several calls were made but Lena’s attention was on Leo in her arms as she sat up.

“Leo are you okay?” she asked panicking.

She struggled trying to get a good look at him but he was clinging to her too tightly as he cried. She looked around and saw Kara. 

“Supergirl!” she yelled. 

Kara spun around from her place holding what was probably the assailant. 

“Is he hurt?” she asked.

Kara’s head flicked up and down and she quickly shook her head.

“Nothing broken Miss Luthor, I’ll fetch you a doctor to check you both over properly,” she said loudly. 

Lena nodded holding Leo tighter as Nick appeared in front of her.

“The individuals are detained and my team are watching them in conjunction with Supergirl until the police arrive. We want to move you both now, just in case,” he said. 

“Car or on foot?” Lena asked accepting Nick’s help to stand.

There was the rush of air as a black helicopter arrived overhead and DEO agents descended. Among them Alex who immediately started yelling orders. Nick and two of her security quickly took positions around her. Lena held Leo closer as the police arrived and the inevitable bureaucracy begun. Nick sighed. They weren’t going anywhere now.

Lena moved to the side letting the police and DEO work as she sat on a bench with two of her very alert security personnel hovering nearby. Leo had stopped crying but he was still holding tightly to her and he was shaking again.

Alex approached and her security glared. Lena waved them off.

“Hello Alex,” she said in greeting.

“Ms Luthor, someone mentioned you wanted a check done of your nephew.”

Alex sounded very formal as she said this and Lena raised an eyebrow. Alex’s eyes flicked to the two security personnel around her. She nodded understanding. 

“Thank you, yes.”

“There’s an ambulance nearby, I can look you both over with their equipment if you would like.”

Lena looked down at Leo and rose indicating for Alex to lead the way. At the ambulance and Lena moved to put Leo down but he held tighter shaking his head. Alex motioned an offer to help but Lena shook her head. She looked around and sighed.

“I don’t suppose you’ve seen his lion?” 

Alex looked around her eyes sweeping over the area. There was a soft whoosh of air and Supergirl arrived handing Rao out to Alex without a word. She gave Lena a nod and disappeared. Alex handed Lena Rao. Lena let out a breath offering Rao to Leo. He let go for half a second to grab Rao then he was back to clinging to her.

“Hey Leo can you look up for me?” Lena asked gently.

Leo hesitated but nodded slowly lifting his head. Lena gave him a smile and wiped away his tears.

“Good, now we need to get looked over by a doctor,” he held tighter again. “It’s okay we’re going to just do one thing at a time. Can you put your feet down?” 

Leo cautiously lowered his feet and Lena smiled. Bit by bit over two minutes she slowly separated them until Leo was just holding her hand. She nodded to Alex who was watching her curiously. Alex turned to smile at Leo and it looked genuine.

“Hi Leo my name is Alex. I think you know my sister, Kara.”

Leo nodded slowly.

“She’s told me all about you,” Alex continued putting on a pair of gloves. “And is this Rao?” Leo nodded. “Now I think I’m going to need your help Leo.”

Leo looked at her holding Rao tighter.

“You see I need to check your Aunt over in case she got hurt but I know she’s not very good at these so maybe you can show her how it goes,” Alex said still smiling.

Leo seemed confused as he looked at Lena. But Lena nodded.

“She’s right I am very bad at getting checked by doctors. I never know what to do.”

Kara arrived ten minutes later to find Leo with a stethoscope checking Lena’s heartbeat ‘for Alex’.

“Okay, this is adorable,” Kara said.

Lena turned to look at her with a smile.

“It got faster,” Leo said excitedly.

Lena sighed as Alex laughed. Kara gave Leo a smile. 

“She was surprised to see me,” Kara said. 

Alex nodded smirking as he took her stethoscope back. 

“Sure she was.”

Lena decided to ignore the implication of Alex’s tone.

“I’m pretty sure the Tribune has a picture of Leo shining a light in my eyes now so…” 

She shrugged and Kara smiled. 

“Andrea is gong to be so jealous. She loves any and all pictures of you two being cute.”

Lena rolled her eyes.

“She has video of me singing a rhyme in Irish while doing up his shoes,” Lena said with a shrug. “Apparently nothing could top that cuteness.”

“How come I don’t have this video?” Kara asked. 

“If you want it ask Andrea for it,” Lena said with a smile. 

Kara sighed.

“She’ll never give it to me,” she said pouting. 

“Offer to trade her the video of me telling him about the harp of Dagda.”

Kara grinned pulling out her phone and shooting off a message to Andrea. Over the last week Lena had discovered the two of them developing a strange kind of… alliance. She wasn’t sure what to make of it. 

Normally Lena would have gone back to the office after the police gave her the okay but Leo was still too anxious to let go of her and if she had to work one handed it was much easier to do so at home. Kara came with her. They got into her car and Bo took them back. A second car followed with Nick and two other members of his team.

Arriving at her building she saw there was an extra set of guards on duty. She recognised them both. They gave her a subtle nod as she carried Leo to the elevator Kara at her side looking around her glasses perched on the end of her nose. Lena knew this meant she was likely checking everything for any threats with her x-ray vision. She seemed satisfied though as she pushed her glasses back up her nose before they stepped into the elevator. 

Inside the penthouse Lena put Leo down and walked towards the office to collect her laptop and files. Leo followed her. She went back to the lounge and set herself up as Kara stood in the kitchen making tea. 

Leo sat on the couch beside her as she turned on her laptop. He seemed hesitant to touch her even as he sat as close as he could. Lena stopped and turned pulling him into a hug. 

“It’s okay Leo. No one is going to hurt you here,” she promised as he clung to her once more. 

Kara came over offering her a cup of tea and sitting her back against the couch next to Leo. She offered him a chocolate bar.

“For the dementors,” she said.

He blinked at her and Kara smiled. 

“They suck your happiness out but chocolate helps get it back.”

Leo unwrapped the chocolate and broke some off immediately offering it to Lena. She smiled accepting it. 

“Thank you Leo.”

He gave her a small smile and curled up against her side. Kara handed him his tablet before opening her own laptop. Lena called Jess and had her gather everything she needed from the office.

Two hours later Kara laughed and showed her laptop to Lena. There was a picture of her dropping to the ground her security sprinting in as Supergirl’s heat vision vaporised the assailant’s weapon.

Supergirl swoops in to save L Corp.

Lena sighed then Kara scrolled down to show the next picture in the article. It was of her sitting with Leo in the ambulance. Leo had his back to the camera but you could see her smiling at him as he tried to attach the blood pressure cuff. She leaned closer to look at the caption. 

Leo Luthor (4) helping to check his Aunt’s blood pressure after the attack. 

Andrea had probably spent ten minutes going over every picture to find the one she deemed most adorable. Lena sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Andrea is determined to get as many pictures of Leo as she can,” Lena muttered.

“She’s enjoying being the doting Aunt,” Kara said with a smile. “And she wants to help you however she can. Showing you being sweet with Leo helps counteract the ice queen image.”

Lena shrugged. She was less concerned with her image than Leo’s. The number of threats against him seemed to be much higher than originally anticipated according to her latest email from Nick. 


Lena smiled at Kara then looked down at Leo asleep on the couch between them Rao tucked under his arm. Kara made a small aw noise.

“I should put him to bed,” Lena whispered getting up. 

Kara nodded smiling as Lena carefully picked Leo up and headed towards the hallway. She looked back at Kara before she disappeared and saw her friend staring at her with an odd look. She smiled and Kara quickly brightened returning the smile. She stepped into the hall walking to Leo’s room. It was a little awkward but she was able to flick the blankets back enough with one hand to lay Leo down.

He mumbled something holding Rao tighter as she covered him with the blankets again. She tucked him in and his breathing evened out again. 

For a moment she stayed there frozen in place watching the gentle rise and fall of his chest. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. Someone had tried to kill her again today. She bent down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of Leo’s head.

“Goodnight Leo,” she whispered. 

He didn’t react and she turned making sure his torch was within reach and then flicked on the night light. She paused at the door looking back once more and felt some part of her both relax and harden. If she described it to Sam she’d probably recognise it. Lena pulled the door mostly closed and walked back to the lounge where Kara was waiting. 

She didn’t say anything and Kara lifted the edge of the blanket. Lena smiled and curled up next to her. Kara adjusted the volume on the TV and pressed play. They were making their way through a list of the best nature documentaries. This one had penguins. Lena relaxed watching the slow waddle of the penguins soothed by the narration as she relaxed into Kara’s side her head falling to rest on Kara’s shoulder. 

Her mind drifted back over the events of the afternoon. She’d gotten a call from Nick who’d spoken with the police. A former employee had gotten his hands on some alien weaponry and decided to try and shoot her with it. Reason unknown. The perpetrator had been fairly tight lipped so far about motive but thanks to all the cameras and security they didn’t need it to have him charged. Lena sighed heavily and Kara put an arm around her shoulder in silent comfort. 

Lena closed her eyes letting the tension slowly ease from her. If Kara had been even a second slower she’d probably be dead. She could have died today. Normally that thought was just the cause for an extra glass of Scotch that night. People regularly tried to kill her, but now she had Leo; it wasn’t just about her anymore. If she was gone that would be his third parent dead, and she would have died holding him. 

She sighed opening her eyes and watching the baby penguins waddle around. Kara didn’t take her eyes from the screen just gave her shoulder a soft squeeze. She needed to update her will. She needed to put down who would take care of Leo if she died. Immediately her thoughts turned to Kara. Kara with her bright smile and sunshine personality always able to coax a smile from Leo. She would make him feel loved. She would keep him safe. She would give him a normal childhood, or as normal as possible for him.

Lena closed her eyes again as a single tear rolled down her face. When the moment came she would do what was expected, what was probably right. She couldn’t ask Kara to take him. She was Supergirl. She had more important demands on her time. Realistically Lena knew she would have to list her mother. Lillian wasn’t a particularly warm person but he would grow up safe and loved in a way. She would protect him and ensure he had options. Probably not the options Lena wanted for him. She shuddered imagining Lillian taking Leo and turning him into another Lex. 

Kara’s arm tightened around her and Lena turned her head allowing herself a moment to just breathe in the comforting smell of sugar, soap, and sunshine that clung to Kara. She begun to slowly drift off. In her head she continued running through all the options. Maybe Sam, though if she was gone then Sam would be taking over L Corp. Andrea? Though she would probably struggle considering her lifestyle. He’d be raised by a parade of nannies and spoilt rotten with Andrea. Kara. She wanted to trust Leo to Kara…


Kara woke the moment Leo did. She lifted her head stretching out her neck and looked around. The documentary had ended and the TV returned to the darkened menu. She turned and saw Lena fast asleep on her shoulder. She carefully shifted Lena to be resting against the side of the couch instead and got up heading for Leo’s room. She stepped into the hallway as he ran out of his room holding Rao racing towards Lena’s bedroom.

“Leo,” Kara called softly.

Leo spun around looking scared. She gave him a smile.

“She’s not in there, she’s still in the lounge.”

Leo froze and then wiped his eyes quickly making his way towards her. She held out her hands and he hesitated for a moment before running into her arms. Kara lifted him gently and hugged him close breathing deeply. Today hadn’t been the closest anyone had come to killing Lena, but it had been the first time she’d nearly lost Leo. Kara breathed in again feeling the tiny weight of Leo in her arms.

She carried him into the lounge then looked at Lena. Kara knew Leo would sleep in Lena’s bed when he got scared, Lena had even mentioned it as a distinct possibility that night. She hadn’t mentioned what to do if she fell asleep on the couch though.

Kara smiled at Leo in her arms.

“Shall we tuck her into bed?” she whispered. 

Leo nodded wiping his eyes again. Kara gave him a gentle squeeze before putting him down and sliding her arms under Lena lifting her easily. Leo blinked at her and she smiled back. 

“Come on,” she whispered walking slowly down the hall. 

Leo raced ahead to open the bedroom door for her. Kara gave him a smile as she passed still carrying a sleeping Lena. She looked at the bed.

“Which side does she sleep on?” she asked.

Leo pointed to the left and Kara nodded. She stopped noticing the blankets.

“Can you pull the blankets back for me?” she asked.

Leo hurried to help and she carefully laid Lena in the space pulling the blankets into place. She tucked Lena in then looked at Leo. Kara moved around the bed and lifted the blankets for him to climb in next to Lena. Even once he was tucked in he still looked scared his eyes not leaving her.

“Hey, you’re safe. Nothing can get you here. Not when you have us,” she promised.

Leo didn’t say anything. Kara climbed onto the bed lying down next to him. 

“What’s wrong?” she whispered.

“I was bad today,” he whispered back.

Kara reached out holding his hand.

“No you weren’t-”

“I ruined her meeting by crying,” he whispered. “She’ll give me to someone else now.”

Kara felt her heart breaking as she looked at Leo.

“I promise, she will never give you up. Lena will never abandon you.”

“But I was bad,” he whispered. “Like my father and then Supergirl came and-”

Kara shook her head giving his hand a small squeeze.

“You are not bad, and what you did wasn’t bad-”

“That reporter was mad about her holding me,” Leo said.

Kara nodded.

“And Lena told him off. You’re allowed to be scared Leo. You’re allowed to need help and hugs. You are more important to Lena than anything else. She will never give you up. She’d give up her job without a second thought if she thought it necessary. Leo,” she hesitated. “I know it’s still new for you and I know you’re scared but please trust me. Lena will never give you up. No matter what happens, even if you misbehave she will always love and care for you. Nothing you do can change that.”

“Did she love my father like that?” Leo whispered.

Kara moved closer. She sighed again trying to think how best to explain Lena’s incredibly complicated relationship with Lex.

“That was very different. He was the one who abandoned her. He promised to look after her, and then he tried to kill her. She never stopped loving the person he once was, but when he changed he wasn’t that person anymore, and it broke her heart. You are not your father. You are not like him, and you never will be. Lena will love you always. No matter what.”

“But what if I make a mistake, a really big one?”

Kara stroked his hand and took a deep breath.

“If she can forgive me after everything I did to her I can say she will definitely forgive you for anything you do. Lena is the best person I know. She is good and kind, and she loves with everything in her. Even when I broke her heart she still forgave me.”

“What did you do?” Leo asked. 

Kara looked into his eyes and sighed. Leo held Rao tighter.

“I kept a secret, and I lied to her over and over again to keep it. I was trying to protect her at first, and then I was protecting myself. When she found out it wasn’t from me it… Lex, he told her my secret and that made it much much worse. But even after everything, after a lot of fighting and mistakes she still forgave me. She still loved me. Even when she was at her most hurt and angry she still saved me. If she can forgive me for everything I did she’ll certainly forgive you anything.”

Leo nodded and Lena shifted in the bed rolling over and wrapping a protective arm around Leo. Kara thought she might wake up but she slept on. The day had likely taken a harder toll on her than she admitted.

“Will you stay?” Leo whispered. “To protect us?”

Kara nodded and climbed under the blankets moving closer. Leo reached out and she held his hand.

“You’re safe Leo. Nothing will hurt you with us here. And I promise no one will take you away from Lena. Not even Supergirl.”

Leo nodded and snuggled further into the blankets.

“Goodnight Kara,” he whispered. 

“Goodnight Leo.”


Lena woke in her bed with no memory of how she got there and the sound of Kara’s laughter from her kitchen. She groaned rolling over to discover a collection of sore muscles. She sighed remembering her security diving on her the day before. Resigned to an uncomfortable day and a new collection of bruises she got up shuffling towards the kitchen and it’s promise of coffee.

Emerging from the hallway she smiled seeing what was happening by the stove. Leo was sitting on the counter still in his pyjamas as Kara smiled at him a frying pan in hand. As Lena watched Kara flipped the pancake in the pan and Leo cheered. She smiled and applauded softly. 

Kara turned to look at her and Lena found herself struggling against the wave of affection that was crashing through her as she looked at her best friend. Unable to cram the affection into a box she turned to smile at Leo who had a pancake in one hand and jam smeared on his face. She walked over still smiling at him.

“Good morning Leo.” 

“Morning!” he said brightly holding out his hands.

Resigned to the inevitable stickiness she gave him a hug feeling jam cover her cheek. She let go and kissed the top of his head.

“I see Kara’s been making her famous pancakes.”

Kara blushed a little and nodded.

“I’m helping,” Leo said.

“Oh are you?” Lena asked moving to the sink and picking up a cloth. 

“I count the bubbles,” Leo explained.

“A very important job,” Lena said.

She cleaned the jam off herself then Leo before she offered the cloth to Kara indicating the light dusting of flour on her face. Kara quickly wiped it off.

“Good morning Lena, how did you sleep?” Kara asked smiling.

“Well thank you. I take it I did not sleep alone.”

“Kara carried you to bed and I did the blankets,” Leo said.

“Oh did she?” Lena asked picking up one of the stack of prepared pancakes and smearing it jam. “Well she is very strong.”

Kara’s blush deepened as Lena smiled at her biting into a pancake then moaning. It had been a long time since she’d had pancakes. She’d forgotten how good they were.

“This is so good,” she said pointing to the pancake.

“Plenty more where they came from,” Kara said quickly.

Lena chuckled as Kara spun around and delivered another perfect pancake to the stack. 

“By the way Lena, how come you never told me how insanely comfortable your bed is?” Kara asked.

“Kara, are you saying we slept together?” Lena teased. 

Kara nearly dropped the frying pan.

“Well yes but I was going to- that is- Leo…”

Kara stood there for a moment her mouth moving and no words coming out. Lena laughed softly.

“It’s alright Kara I was just teasing. Besides I’m used to sharing at this point.” 

She turned from the delightfully red faced and still gaping Kara to smile at Leo. He grinned back shoving the last of a pancake into his mouth.

“Well I’m going to go have a shower and get dressed then it’ll be time for you to get ready Leo. We’re due at L Corp by nine.”

Leo nodded quickly and Lena gave a still blushing Kara another smile.

“Why do you do that?” Kara muttered.

Lena laughed again.

“You’re too easy to tease.”

Kara made a noise of protest and muttered something under her breath as Lena walked away her pancake in one hand and a small sway to her hips. She was feeling very good that morning. 

Chapter Text

Lena sank into the couch with a sigh turning on the radio. Leo had been a mess all evening after spending most of the day separated from her. She’d had a day full of meetings, most of them face to face. Jess promised to make sure it didn’t happen again. She’d barely managed to get Leo to sleep on time and she knew he’d be awake again in a few hours tears in his eyes and hands outstretched. 

She sighed and looked at the glass of scotch in her hand. She only allowed herself one glass now. One glass of hard liquors and no more than three of wine and that was only if she had them over dinner and dessert. She wasn’t allowed to get drunk anymore. No matter how tempting it was. Leo needed her. 

There was a familiar whoosh and she turned to see Kara landing on the balcony, she wasn’t dressed as Supergirl, she was in fact wearing pyjamas. Lena raised a hand in greeting. Kara came in and dropped on the couch face first. Lena reached out and gave her a reassuring pat on the head.

“What happened?” she asked.

Kara mumbled something into the couch cushions. 

“Kara, I don’t have super hearing.”

Kara raised her head and pouted. 

“I just…” Kara rolled onto her back and sighed. “I was feeling sentimental tonight so I was going through my old journals and I read about how it all started with Mon-El, and then with William and I just-”

She buried her face in the couch again. Lena smiled as Kara made a frustrated noise.

“Why do I let myself get talked into these things?” Kara asked turning her head to the side.

“Men?” Lena asked. 

“Yes,” Kara said scrunching up her face. “Why can’t I just know a guy and let him bring me food and go dancing, or to karaoke, or… whatever without someone trying to talk me into dating him?”

Lena laughed softly.

“Well at least you have options.” 

“Says the gorgeous billionaire CEO with the adorable child.”

“Says the Luthor,” Lena said lifting her glass.

Kara muttered something under her breath that would probably be politely uncomplimentary about those who cared about her last name. 

“It’s been a very long time since someone just liked me for me,” Lena sighed listening to the radio for a moment. “And even longer since I danced with anyone.”

“James?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed softly.

“No, I’m not much of a dancer and well… we always seemed too busy talking to people to dance.”

Kara sat up and suddenly looked very determined.

“Well then you can dance with me,” Kara said getting up. “Solves both our problems.”

Lena laughed softly and looked over at Kara.

“I may not know how to dance,” she admitted.

Kara looked at her.

“But you just-”

Lena sighed and looked back at her nearly empty glass.

“I can passably waltz and that’s all that’s been really required for my job so that’s all I’ve ever done. I did a few times with Jack at University, but that was in dark clubs and while very drunk.” She gave Kara a small smile. “Lillian wasn’t a big fan of letting loose or loud music.”

Kara scoffed and went over to the radio turning it up a little. A slow ballad was playing that sounded vaguely familiar.

“One thing Alex did teach me was how to dance. Now I’m gonna teach you,” she said.

Lena glanced around feeling nervous. Dancing was one of the few things that she actually couldn’t do. 

“Come on,” Kara said with a small smile. “There’s only me here and I’ll never judge you.”

Lena gave her a small smile and drained the rest of her glass before letting Kara pull her to her feet. 

“Okay let’s start with your arms, because they’re the most awkward.”

Lena laughed as Kara took her hands and begun moving them back and forth in time to the music. 

“See you’re doing it,” Kara said with a smile.

“You’re the one moving my body,” Lena said rolling her eyes.

“Still dancing,” Kara insisted. “Now I’m gonna spin you.”

Lena awkwardly stumbled through the spin and found her back pressed against Kara. Then she was spun again.

“See not that hard. I’m gonna teach you the sway,” Kara said with a bright smile.

“The sway?” Lena asked making a face.

Kara nodded with a smile.

“Most useful dance there is, you just kinda sway in time to the music with a partner and then build from there. It’s all about the hips. At least that’s what Alex said. She may have been a little drunk when she taught me this.”

Lena laughed to cover her nerves as Kara’s hands moved to her hips and gave gentle direction.

“See we sway and then add a little more to the hips,” Kara explained. “Copy me.”

Lena smiled letting Kara guide her through. The song ended and one with a slightly faster beat followed.

“Now we sway faster,” Kara said. “And add the arms.”

Her hands went to Lena’s wrists moving her hands from side to side. Lena felt terribly awkward but Kara was holding her hands and smiling at her and they were close and it was silly but she was feeling a little better. She started to laugh and Kara grinned at her.

“So we got the sway, we got the arms, now we add the step. Follow me.”

Lena took the step with Kara.

“Step, sway, hands, and back, now to the other side. See you’re dancing. Not that hard.”

Lena was smiling far too much as she let Kara guide her through a very awkward and shuffling dance.  She looked up to smile at Kara.

“Only you,” she whispered.

Kara grinned back.

“Only me what?” she asked turning Lena carefully through a spin.

“Only you could get me to dance,” Lena confessed. “I’d be too scared of making a fool of myself with anyone else.”

“What are friends for?” Kara asked carefully spinning her in close again.

Lena looked up to see Kara smiling down at her with that perfect Kara smile. The one that always made Lena feel special. The one that was just for Lena, for the awkward shy girl who was so desperate to be loved she’d given up on boundaries years ago. It was the smile Kara had given her every time she did something awkward, or silly, or said something stupid. The one that said they were the same and she liked that Lena more than the one who figured out how to build portals to other worlds. It was the smile that always made Lena want to kiss her because it was the only smile that had ever made her feel completely safe to be herself. She looked into Kara's eyes and felt that smile workng on her making everything okay.

“Kissing,” Lena whispered.

She heard Kara’s soft gasp. She didn’t look away as Kara’s face moved closer to hers. Inch by careful inch giving her plenty of time to move away. Lena stayed where she was and tilted her face up to meet Kara’s closing her eyes at the last moment.

Kara’s lips brushed hers and then they pressed more firmly. Lena’s hands came up to grip Kara’s t-shirt pulling her closer as she kissed Kara back. Kara moaned against her lips as she opened her mouth a little more. Lena pressed harder against her trying desperately to convey how much she wanted this. 

Kara’s hands came up to hold her face as she kissed her again and again. Lena held tighter scared that if she let go Kara would come to her senses and leave like everyone else.

“Please,” Kara whispered against her lips. “Please don’t be a dream.”

Lena kissed her harder opening her mouth wider to flick her tongue out and taste Kara. 

“Stay,” Lena begged kissing Kara again.

Kara groaned holding her closer as one hand crept into Lena’s hair pressing her closer and the other wrapped around her waist pulling them together.

“Always,” Kara whispered.

Lena tugged at Kara’s shirt and heard another moan. Then Kara was pulling back. Lena was scared for a moment then the music stopped and Kara’s hands tugged Lena with her taking a step towards the bedroom. Then another. Lena’s heart started beating faster as she let Kara lead her down the hallway. As her mind caught up with what was happening Lena surged forwards kissing Kara again. The kisses got hungrier, more desperate as Kara closed the door and they took the final steps towards the bed.

Lena pulled away noticing Kara’s dazed look and smiled as she shoved her backwards onto the bed. Kara fell easily and Lena climbed on top of her kissing her hungrily. Kara moaned her hands coming up to grip Lena’s hips pulling her closer. Lena pressed tighter against Kara. Everything in her was focused on Kara, on getting closer, on getting more.

“Lena,” Kara whispered. 

Lena hummed kissing her way down Kara’s neck biting and sucking at the muscle there. Now that she was fully pressed against her she could feel just how much muscle there was. She had no idea how she hadn’t noticed it before. 

“You want this right?” Kara whispered.

Lena stopped and looked down at Kara who was giving her a nervous look. She looked from Kara then down at herself then back to Kara.

“Yes Kara. I’m currently on top of you, I keep sticking my tongue down your throat, and I’m moaning when you squeeze my arse. I want this.”

Kara gave her a nervous shrug.

“I just wanted to check, just in case…”

Lena laughed and cupped Kara’s face in her hands. 

“You’re adorable,” she whispered kissing her again. 

Kara mumbled something but then Lena’s thigh was between her legs and she gasped. 

“What about you?” Lena asked sliding her hand up Kara’s stomach. “Do you want this?”

Kara moaned.

“Yes,” she breathed. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“I bet I’ve wanted this longer,” Lena said her hand finally making it’s way to Kara’s breasts. They both let out another moan as Lena squeezed.

“How long for you?” Kara asked tugging at Lena’s t-shirt. 

“I wanted you from the first time we met and you told me Supergirl was there too.”

Lena removed her t-shirt watching Kara’s brain short out for a moment as she stared at her.

“Oh Rao,” Kara whispered.

Lena laughed.

“Could we maybe keep Rao out of this,” Lena said.

Kara looked confused for a moment then she started laughing too. 

“I did not think that through,” she said.

“Clearly,” Lena said leaning down and kissing Kara again. 

She would never get tired of kissing Kara. Never. Kara moaned again her hands moving up to feel and squeeze Lena’s breasts her eyes wide. Lena became increasingly breathless as her hips rolled against Kara. Kara’s mouth moved lower sucking at her neck. Lena swore her nails digging into Kara’s skin. She knew that was going to leave a mark but she didn’t care. Still… Lena growled and pinned Kara’s hands to the bed.

“You are going to pay for that,” she said grinning down at Kara.

She felt the shudder that ran through Kara and a wave of arousal hit her as Kara looked up at her desire written all over her face and her perfect mouth open in surprise. Lena kissed her again roughly biting and sucking on her lips as her hands scrambled to pull Kara’s shirt off her mouth moving lower as she bit and sucked her way down to Kara’s perfect pink nipples.

Sucking one into her mouth she heard Kara’s gasp quickly followed by a moan as her hands came up to bury themselves in Lena’s hair. She bit down and heard Kara whisper her name like a plea. Lena switched to the other side licking and sucking as Kara whimpered and moaned beneath her. 

Lena dug her nails into Kara’s hips silently ordering her to hold still. Somehow despite the strength disparity Kara was still under her, whispering pleas as Lena licked, sucked, and bit finding the exact places and pressure to make Kara moan and beg.

Suddenly Kara froze completely. Lena looked up and saw Kara’s attention on the door her eyes focused. Kara looked back at her with wide eyes and a slightly panicked look.

“He’s awake,” she said.

Lena leapt up grabbing her t-shirt and pulling it back on as Kara scrambled for hers. Lena could hear Leo now as he ran down the hallway and pushed open the door. He looked at her eyes full of tears and lifted his hands in a silent plea.

“Aw sweetheart. Did you have a nightmare?” she asked picking him up.

Leo nodded sniffing as she held him closer. 

“It’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re safe. I’m here.”

Leo cried softly clinging to her. She met Kara’s eyes and they shared a look. Kara smiled at her looking a little pained as she collapsed back on the bed. She blew out a breath and Lena smiled forcing herself not to laugh as she soothed Leo.

Lena walked over to the bed and Leo let go long enough to crawl under the blankets before he was snuggled once more against her. She stroked his hair murmuring reassurances as he calmed down. His breathing slowed and Kara moved closer. Leo fell asleep a few minutes later cuddling Rao in Lena’s arms. 

Lena looked up and met Kara’s eyes and they both smiled. 

“That was so close,” Kara whispered.

Lena laughed softly.

“In so many ways,” she whispered back.

Kara glared as Lena grinned at her.

“A little frustrated there?”

Kara poked her tongue out.

“Tease,” Kara muttered.

Lena smiled and looked down at Leo fast asleep in her arms. 

“Sam warned me this would happen,” Lena said with a sigh.

“Did she offer advice?”

Lena shook her head.

“She said to call her when it did so she could laugh at me.”

Kara sighed.

“Of course she did.”

They both fell silent for a moment. Kara rolled over and moved closer her hand coming out cautiously to touch Lena’s.

“So I guess,” Kara hesitated for a moment and Lena looked at her. “We should probably talk about that,” Kara finished.

Lena sighed and nodded. She looked back down at Leo. She knew he was small for his age but at moments like this when she looked at him he seemed tiny and breakable. His face scrunched up as he dreamed. She brushed her fingers through his hair watching his face relax once more.

“There’s probably a lot we should talk about,” Lena whispered. 

“Something been on your mind?” Kara asked.

Lena looked up and saw Kara watching her. Unable to hold her gaze so she looked back at Leo.

“After I was almost killed, the last time, I was thinking about Leo and what would happen to him if anything were to happen to me. Who could I trust him to? Who did I want to raise him if I couldn’t, and my immediate thought was you.”

Kara gave her hand a gentle squeeze. Lena looked up. Kara smiled her face changing to something very soft. Lena smiled back sadly.

“Then I immediately shut that down because he’s Lex’s son. I could never ask you, a Super, to raise the son of Lex Luthor. So I figured he’d go to my mother. I wouldn’t be exactly happy about it but she seemed the natural alternative. But-”

Lena looked back down and felt Kara move closer her arm reaching protectively across Leo to hold them both.

“If Leo had been mine by birth. If I had brought him into this word there would have been no question about it, you would be his godmother and if anything happened I know you would take him in immediately and without question. It wouldn’t even be a discussion.”

She looked up again to see Kara watching her with the softest expression. 

“And I… He is my son Kara and I-”

She swallowed struggling to form the words. Trying to ask the impossible.

“You don’t need to ask,” Kara whispered. “If anything happens I’ll look after him as my own. Always.”

Kara moved closer shifting her hand to Leo’s head. Lena sighed in relief looking up at Kara. 

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I know my mother would look after him but I- I would rather he had the life I want for him. As normal as possible without the shadow of his father everywhere.”

Kara smiled at her.

“I’m guessing you have some paperwork for me to sign,” she said.

Lena laughed softly hiding her face in the pillow.

“Yes,” she admitted. 

Kara smiled her hand stroking Leo’s hair. Lena found her eyes caught on Kara’s smile. Sweet, kind, gentle Kara who had accepted them both without hesitation. Kara who had always seen her as just Lena, not as another Luthor. Just Lena. 

Kara looked back her attention caught on Lena the two of them holding Leo between them, protecting him.

“Thank you,” Lena whispered. 

“What are friend’s for?” Kara asked softly.

“I think you’re more than a friend at this point,” Lena whispered.

Kara laughed softly.

“Yeah,” she whispered. “Probably.”


Lena woke when Kara left the bed. She opened her eyes and saw Kara carrying Leo out the bedroom door as he rubbed his eyes. She smiled closing her eyes and going back to sleep until her alarm went off fifteen minutes later. She rose with a groan and headed for the shower. 

Thinking back over the night before she smiled remembering Kara’s mouth against hers. She indulged herself for a moment replaying the events of the night before forcing herself to shut off the water and get changed. It was only as she looked in her closet mirror that she saw the large red hickey on her neck. She sighed reaching for her makeup. She wouldn’t be able to get rid of it completely but she could minimise it. 

The sound of voices from the kitchen drew her attention and she smiled putting the heavy duty makeup down and instead found a shirt with a high collar and a scarf to match. She didn’t have much on that day that required face to face work. Besides what was the point in having a four hundred dollar silk scarf if you never wore it. 

She smiled at her reflection and decided her lipstick could wait until after Kara left. She emerged from the bedroom and saw a nervous Kara waiting in the hallway for her. 

“Hi,” Kara whispered.

Lena smiled and grabbed her shirt pulling Kara in for a kiss. It was short and sweet and Kara melted into Lena with a sigh. Lena pulled back a moment later.

“Hi,” Lena whispered.

“I uh…” Kara licked her lips. “I made pancakes.”

Lena smiled and let go of Kara’s shirt. She entered the kitchen where there was indeed a stack of pancakes waiting and Leo half on the table drowning his in maple syrup.

“Good morning Leo,” she said smiling at him.

Leo looked up giving her a toothy grin.

“Pancakes!” he said excitedly. 

Lena nodded sitting down and stabbing a pancake with her fork. 

“How many have you eaten?” she asked looking at the stack of four he had in front of him.

“Two!” he said excitedly. 

Lena nodded and looked at Kara who was sitting down next to Leo. Lena looked at the stack of pancakes then at Kara. She nodded. Kara would deal with whatever he didn’t eat. Sometimes a Kryptonian appetite came in handy. Lena turned to the side and heard Kara choke on her food as she saw the mark on her neck. Lena smiled.


Lena sat on the couch with Leo reading to him over her lunch break -a break she now forced herself to take- when the door opened suddenly and a beaming Sam Arias walked in, a day early.

“Have no fear, your CFO is here!” she declared sliding into view. 

Lena couldn’t help her immediate laughter at the ridiculousness of Sam’s entrance.

“Hi Sam,” she said smiling.

Sam winked at her as she approached. Leo was holding Rao tightly but he wasn’t as scared as he usually was with strangers. After a month of him hiding behind her Lena considered this excellent progress. 

“Leo this is Sam Arias, she works with me and is a good friend.”

Sam smiled and waved before sitting down at the opposite end of the couch.

“Hello Leo, I’ve heard all about you,” she said.

“Hello Sam, it’s nice to meet you,” Leo said.

Sam beamed at him.

“And you. I see someone has been teaching you manners.” Sam looked at Lena. “Kara’s influence?”

Lena scoffed.

“No Sam, mine. Andrea suggested he say do you know who I am? Which I suppose is better than whatever Kara tried to teach him but not by much.”

Leo smiled at the mention of Kara then looked at Sam with a blank face.

“Are you my Mummy?” he asked.

Sam looked a little concerned. Leo giggled.

“I believe it’s some kind of pop culture reference,” Lena said. “Apparently Kara has plans for his first Halloween costume. Fortunately I however was able to teach him some manners.”

She pulled Leo a little closer as she said this tickling his ribs which made Leo laugh and squirm as he tried to wriggle away. Sam made an aw noise.

“My job just got ten times more adorable,” Sam said.

“No, your job just got ten times more work, my job got more adorable. Starting with our Japan trip next week. Have you got everything set?”

“Yes, is he coming?” Sam asked. 

“That’s the plan. I still don’t have anyone I trust to leave him with except Kara and she’s busy —she’d do it but I know she’s busy so I won’t ask— besides he’s quiet and we’re taking my jet. We’re also taking Bo and Tanya and both have said they’re fine sitting with him while we’re in meetings. It’s something they’ve both done before so I know Leo will be able to handle it.”

“The Japan office isn’t gonna like it,” Sam said gently.

Lena scoffed.

“Well they lost the right to be judgy about it when they cost me 30 million last quarter. If they want me to come in person to approve their next disaster they can tolerate a child being in the executive suites for a day or two while we sort through the mess they’ve made.”

Sam sighed. 

“At least the food will be good,” she said.

Lena nodded. She turned to smile at Leo.

“What’s on your neck?” Sam asked.

“Nothing,” Lena said too quickly. 

Sam’s eyes widened.

“Who?” she asked.

“I’ll never tell,” Lena said tugging her scarf back in place to cover it.

Sam narrowed her eyes but said nothing. 


Lena held a crying Leo and fought the urge to cry herself. She needed help. It was three am, she was supposed to get on a plane in the morning and Leo was desperately sobbing into her shoulder. She picked up her phone taking a deep breath. There was really only one person she could call.

She answered on the sixth ring.

“Mum,” Lena’s voice wavered. “I need help.”

“I’m on my way.”

Lena hung up and slumped against the wall holding Leo closer as her phone slipped from her hand. He continued to cry his hand pressing into his ear over and over again.

“It’s okay,” she said rubbing his back. “She’s coming to help.”

Lillian arrived twenty two minutes later dressed in a pair of black pants and a white sweater without makeup and her hair down. Lena felt a wave of relief at seeing her. She’d probably gotten dressed and driven over immediately. Lillian looked her up and down then at Leo. 

“Hand him over,” she said.

Lena did so and watched as Lillian gave the surprised boy a quick examination. Leo looked at her through his tears. Lillian gave him a smile.

“I’m here to help you get better,” she said gently. “Can I look at your ears?”

Leo rubbed his eyes and nodded. Lillian looked in his ears and made tutting noise.

“What has he got for it?” she asked.

“It’s on the bench,” Lena said. “I gave him something for the pain ten minutes ago. It’s all written down.”

“My ears hurt,” Leo said looking at his grandmother. 

“Of course they do,” Lillian said gently.

“The medication will help soon I promise,” Lena said doing her best to sound reassuring. 

Leo was still crying. He held out his hands to her and she took him back holding him close. She was exhausted. Lena slumped against the wall her eyes closed as she tried to soothe him. Lillian sighed and held out her hands. 

“Go to bed Lena, I’ll look after Leo.”

Lena looked at her mother still not quite able to trust her.

“This is why you called me.”

Lena looked from Leo to her mother. She was right. Reluctantly she handed him over again and couldn’t help her relief as she watched her mother quickly soothe the crying boy rocking him from side to side. Lillian looked at her and nodded.

“Put him in bed with me when he falls asleep,” Lena said.

Lillian nodded.

“And mother, if you try anything-”

“Lena. Before you say something very threatening and hurtful just remember one thing, I am still your mother. I might have done many hurtful things to you but I would never be so cruel as to try and take Leo from you.” 

Lena gave her mother one last look before she went to bed and fell almost immediately asleep. She woke briefly when a sleeping Leo was placed next to her in the bed but fell almost instantly asleep again. 

Lena woke to her alarm at seven and saw her mother lying in the bed next to her one hand on Leo’s chest. A memory came to her from a long time ago. 

She’d been up all night with the nurse crying over her ears unable to sleep because of the pain. It had been very late and the nurse was exhausted from trying to calm her. Then Lillian had been there.

She had picked her up and soothed her stroking her hair and rocking her gently until she went to sleep. She remembered waking at one point to see Lillian next to her in the bed one hand on her chest. But when she woke in the morning she was gone and Lillian denied having done it.

Lillian opened her eyes. She raised an eyebrow in a silent question. Lena looked at Leo then got up. She finished packing her bags and went to have a shower ignoring the tiredness that seemed to have settled in her very bones. 

As she exited the bedroom she found her mother in the kitchen pouring coffee into a mug.

“Here,” Lillian said pushing it towards her. 

“Thank you,” Lena said rubbing her face.

She sent a quick message to Kara.

“So what do you need?” Lillian asked.

Lena put her phone on the counter and sighed. 

“I have a flight in just over two hours to Japan. I can’t take a sick child and I need someone to look after him while I’m gone.”

“How long will it be?” Lillian asked.

“Three days. I can’t be away from him for any longer.”

“I can handle that,” Lillian said pouring herself coffee.

“There are rules and you’re not doing it unsupervised,” Lena said.

“Of course not,” Lillian said sipping her own coffee. “I’m sure your superhero friends will be checking in to make sure I don’t run off with him.”

“More that you don’t make him into another Lex or try to teach him aliens are evil. He also has some very specific care needs.”

Lillian raised an eyebrow.

“He has an appointment with his psychologist tomorrow. Kara will take him unless something big happens. You need to make sure he takes his medication as scheduled, and that his day follows the plan. It’s written on the fridge.”

“I do know how to look after a child,” Lillian muttered.

“Your track record isn’t exactly encouraging. Leo needs stability and normalcy to help him feel safe. When that plan gets changed unexpectedly he gets anxious. He’s already going to be scared of me being gone for three days. He is anxious around new people and places so no taking him to meet your friends.”

Lillian said nothing for a minute just sipped her coffee. 

“You also can’t say anything about Supergirl.”

“Really Lena?”

“I mean it mother, nothing. You can’t even watch the news in case she’s mentioned. He’s also allowed to take his lion anywhere he wants and if he gets scared you have to hold him and wait it out however long it takes until he recovers. I don’t care how inconvenient.”

Lillian nodded.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, tell him you love him.”

Lillian looked at her.

“His maternal grandmother called him worthless and the devil’s spawn. You as his other grandmother need to be the opposite. He needs reassurance he is wanted. You will tell him he is loved. If he asks you to hold him you will. If he hurts himself you will kiss it better. You will be warm and loving and kind. You will read him stories and try to do the voices, you will watch cartoons and you will help him tie his shoes without any commentary.”

Lillian looked down at her coffee then at Lena.

“I can do that.”

Lena nodded.

“He is only allowed two stories before bed, he will try for three. Nick will contact you with information about his security team. Don’t go anywhere without them and don’t try to substitute them with your own, Leo’s team is specifically picked to be faces he recognises in case anything happens.” Lena thought for a minute trying to think what she was forgetting. “He will also need to take a jacket everywhere because he gets cold even if he doesn’t say it.”

Lillian smiled.

“Just like you.”

Lena fought the urge to glare at her mother. The balcony door opened and Kara walked in dressed in her Supergirl suit with the baby truth seeker in it’s box. She looked at Lillian in surprise.

“Thank you Supergirl can you bring that here.”

Kara cautiously approached eyeing Lillian suspiciously.

“Why is she here?” Kara asked.

“Because someone needs to be here to look after Leo while I’m in Japan,” Lena said putting down her coffee.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Kara asked.

Lena sighed looking at Kara and nodded getting up and walking over to the balcony.

“What are you thinking?” Kara hissed.

“I’m thinking I need to go to Japan and I can’t take a sick child with me.”

“I can-”

“No you can’t. You need to deal with that new terrorist group. I know you’ll check in on them for me, and please take him to his psychologist tomorrow, but you can’t stay here for three days making sure he has his medication on time.”


“Is in Metropolis and before you say it Sam is coming with me and Ruby is at a friend’s. Kara I don’t need you to question me on this. If I had another option do you think I wouldn’t have taken it?”

Kara sighed rubbing her head.

“Can you name another person he knows with medical training and enough time who I can trust to not hurt him for being the son of Lex Luthor? My mother may be many things, all of which I am perfectly well aware of, but I can trust she won’t hurt Leo. As for everything else, well that’s what you and the truth seeker are for.”

Kara blew out a breath.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

Lena blinked at her in surprise.

“You’re right and I shouldn’t have questioned you like that.”

Lena hadn’t actually expected Kara to agree so easily. She certainly hadn’t expected the genuinely apologetic look Kara was giving her.

“She is the best choice and I know if you had an alternative you would have taken it.”

Lena felt the tension drain out of her. 

“Thank you Kara. I-”

She was so tired. Kara gave her a quick hug and they both turned to see Lillian casually drinking her coffee watching them. 

“Shall we?” Kara asked.

Lena nodded and they walked back to Lillian and Kara placed the container on the table. She released the creature and they both saw the shudder of revulsion on Lillian’s face as it attached itself to her arm.

“Is this really necessary?” she asked.

“Yes,” they answered. 

Lillian sighed and picked up her coffee again. 

“Will you look after Leo as I have ordered?” Lena asked.

“Yes, I’m not foolish enough to repeat my mistakes,” Lillian said with a sigh.

“Will you try and push him to hate aliens?” Kara asked.


Lena and Kara exchanged a look.

“Are you physically able to care for him as I have asked?” 

“Yes, but I'm tired so I won;t be playing any sport with him.”

“Fair enough,” Lena muttered.

“Do you love him?” Kara asked.

Lillian glared at her clearly insulted.

“Of course I love him. He’s my grandson.”

“Do you have any intention of taking Leo away from me?” Lena asked.

She could feel Kara tense next to her.

“I would never take your son from you.” Lillian sighed heavily. “You really don’t trust me do you?”

“I have a lot of reasons not to,” Lena said glaring at her mother.

Lillian sighed again.

“Do you have any more spiteful questions to ask or are we done?” Lillian asked.

“One more,” Kara said.

Lillian huffed.

“Do you love Lena?” 

Lillian and Lena both turned to look at Kara in surprise. 

“Yes. Now I would very much like to take this thing off.”

Lena sighed and removed the truth seeker attaching it to her own arm. She held it up for her mother to see.

“If you hurt Leo I will kill you. If you try to turn him into another Lex I will kill you. If you let anything happen to him I will kill you. I will do this with barely a twinge of regret. There is nothing I won’t do to protect my son. Is that clear?”

Lillian raised an eyebrow.


Lena nodded and removed the truth seeker shoving it back in the box. Kara was giving her a concerned look but said nothing. 

“Alright. I’ll go wake him up so he can have his first dose before breakfast. Supergirl if you could return this to the DEO I’ll tell Leo what’s happening. Mother if you need to go pack a bag I suggest you take the time now. I’m leaving in just under two hours.”

“I’ll have one brought to me.”

Lena nodded and gave Kara a look.

“An hour and a half,” Lena said. 

Kara nodded and left with the baby truth seeker. 


Lena got onto the plane with Sam and waited for takeoff. Once they were in the air Sam wordlessly handed her a blanket. Lena went to sleep waking several hours later. She couldn’t help worrying about Leo alone with her mother but she had work to do. 

They landed and were immediately greeted by a driver who took them straight to the L Corp headquarters in Tokyo. They’d been in the country for less than half an hour before their first meeting. Lena sat down looking around at the executive team with a sigh then turned to Sam. Sam motioned for them to begin. 

Once the presentation was underway Lena checked her phone smiling as she saw updates from Kara and her mother. They’d both sent her pictures. Kara’s were of Leo holding things up to show her or playing. Her mother sent her updates on his medication and pain level. Then a list of all the books he’d read that day.

Chapter Text

Lena smiled politely at the journalist before her. She couldn’t quite remember why she’d agreed to do an interview in Japan but she was sure someone had made a compelling case. Something about reassuring local stakeholders that she was invested in the continued growth of the L Corp branch despite setbacks. The journalist they’d sent, Ms Nakamura, was polite and apparently somewhat famous in the field of business reporting. Kara would probably recognise her name if Lena asked. Though it seemed to also be a common surname. 

They went through the usual questions about her plans for L Corp’s future and the reasons behind her hiring choices before Ms Nakamura turned the topic to her private life.

“Has it been difficult adjusting to being a parent while running L Corp?” Ms Nakamura asked.

“Oh of course it’s been difficult, I could never say it’s not,” Lena said with a laugh. “He’s a child and even the most well behaved children are a challenge. Especially when one wasn’t anticipating their arrival. But, I find any challenges far outweighed by the happiness he brings me every day.”

Ms Nakamura smiled at her.

“Do you think it’s affected your work at all?” she asked not looking away.

“Yes, I delegate more now. Which according to my CFO is a wonderful thing, my COO claims he hates it, and my director of R&D is on the verge of worship according to her last email,” Lena said tossing Ms Nakamura an apologetic smile as she accepted a stack of papers from Sam.

Ms Nakamura laughed softly.

“Why is your director of R&D wanting to worship you?” she asked.

“Oh not me, Leo. She hates progress meetings and apparently all the delegation means the number of them she has to attend has been halved as the executives are now too busy to attend. She reportedly thanks God every morning for Leo’s presence in my life.”

She watched Ms Nakamura make a note. Lena quickly scanned the documents. Sam had highlighted the changes for her.

“Are you worried that delegating more will cause trouble for you later?” Ms Nakamura asked.

“I used to be. A year ago I would have said yes, but I’ve done a lot of work with my executive team since then and I feel confident they can handle it.”

Lena signed the changes and handed everything back to Sam. She really should have planned this better. Or had someone else plan it better. Jess did seem more stressed than usual which probably explained it. She made herself a note to check in with Jess and what she needed when she got back.

“It must be nice, to have a team you trust behind you. Do you have one at home as well?” Ms Nakamura asked gently.

“In a way. A much smaller team though. A few close friends and most recently my mother,” Lena said.

Sam gathered the papers and left with a nod.

“I had heard you were intending to bring your nephew with you to Japan but changed your mind at the last minute.”

Lena turned her attention back to Ms Nakamura.

“Yes, he fell ill and so had to stay behind.”

Ms Nakamura nodded giving her a very understanding look.

“May I ask who is looking after your nephew while you’re here in Japan?” 

Lena looked at Ms Nakamura and gave her professional smile as her mind ran through the possible problems with telling the truth.

“My mother primarily but my best friend Kara is also dropping in regularly.”

Ms Nakamura looked down at her questions. She got a very amused smile and looked up. Lena had a feeling what was coming was not a question Ms Nakamura had written herself. 

“Do you feel a need to find him a… male role model?” she asked.

Lena laughed. She might start to like this Ms Nakamura.

“You mean do I feel compelled to get a husband so he has a father? No, I certainly do not.”

“You do not feel you might benefit from him having a second parent? Someone else to help you raise him.”

Lena looked very carefully at Ms Nakamura.

“That doesn’t sound like a question that would end up in your article,” Lena said.

“No,” Ms Nakamura admitted with a small smile. She tapped her phone ending the recording. “But your answer would certainly fill in some gaps in my understanding of who you are.”

Lena considered Ms Nakamura for a moment. She looked back smiling patiently. Lena sighed.

“I already have someone to help me raise Leo. Her name is Kara.”

There was a knock on the door and Lena nodded to Tanya as she tapped her watch. Ms Nakamura smiled already gathering her notes and phone.

“Thank you for your time Ms Luthor.”

“It was a pleasure. I look forward to reading the article.” 

Lena rose and gave Ms Nakamura a polite bow. She watched her leave wondering what kind of article would be written about her this time. Sam returned with a pained expression.

“I’ve got the reworked budget, did you still wanting to go to the labs this afternoon or did you want to join me for the budget meeting?”

Lena smiled.

“No, I’m sure you can handle them alone. I want to find out how they managed to wreck the design so thoroughly. I have a feeling the design team was trying to pack too much into it and I need to make sure they understand I don’t expect miracles.”

“Unless it’s from yourself,” Sam said smirking.

Lean rolled her eyes. 

“They’re hardly miracles,” she muttered.

Sam scoffed. They gave each other a nod and headed off to continue their respective fights. Lena checked her phone as she walked and smiled seeing a message from Kara. Leo can now tie his shoes all by himself. There was a short video attached. Lena took a moment outside the lab doors to watch it. She smiled seeing Leo’s excited face as he pointed at his messily tied shoes. She quickly sent a reply before she strode into the labs and greeted the waiting team.


Kara had experienced three very tense days while Lena was gone. They spoke briefly on the phone twice and she knew Lena had made sure to call Leo each night as well. He had been especially anxious and clingy while Lena was gone. Constantly needing reassurances and not wanting to let go of Kara whenever she had to leave. His anxiety was not helped by the tension between her and Lillian. After the first day of glares they’d calmed their animosity for Leo’s sake and found a polite middle ground. 

Kara spent as much time as she could spare with Leo. She made sure she was there to take him for his regular evening trip to the park chasing him around the playground as Lillian stood under a tree watching. Kara finally found and dealt with the terrorists and their stash of alien weaponry —thanks to a lucky tip from M’gann. Which meant she had the whole afternoon free after writing and submitting her article on it. 

Leo had been excited to see her so early in the afternoon. Based on the messages she’d sent before getting on the plane Kara knew Lena would be tired when she returned. In a silent agreement between herself and Lillian they put aside their history and spent a couple of hours running around in a nearby park doing their best to drain Leo’s energy. 

When Leo’s legs finally gave out Kara carried him back to the apartment and they cleared space for a puzzle on the coffee table. Kara sat beside Lillian and they both worked with Leo to help him put the entire thing together. 

As afternoon turned to evening Lillian ordered dinner from a nearby restaurant and gave Leo his medication. When the food arrived Kara saw enough had been ordered for her Kryptonian appetite. Lillian set the table and called them both to dinner. Kara sat murmuring her thanks. 

Lillian had been mostly quiet as she watched Kara with Leo. She didn’t seem worried, or even displeased after their first day. Kara couldn’t quite work out what it was but Lillian watched her as though she had a theory and was looking to see if there was evidence to support it. Halfway through dinner it seemed she had finally gathered enough information. 

“If you never tell her how you feel one day she’ll find someone who will, and then you’ll be heartbroken,” Lillian said. 

Kara stiffened. She narrowed her eyes at Lillian. But Lillian wasn’t looking at her, her attention instead focused on watching Leo cutting up his meat.

“We both know Lena won’t admit her feelings, she’s been rejected too many times in her life,” Lillian continued.

“I wonder how that happened,” Kara muttered reaching for her water. 

Leo looked from his grandmother to her and Kara forced herself to smile at him. He smiled back. 

“How it happened isn’t important at this moment, what happens now is,” Lillian continued

Lillian turned her attention to Kara for a moment before she looked at her own plate and delicately cut herself a mouthful. She looked back at Kara.

“And whether you’re brave enough to try.”

Kara could feel the food turning to cardboard in her mouth as she forced herself to chew. They finished in silence except for those moments when Leo paused in his eating to ask a question. 

As Kara was clearing the table she heard a car arrive and Lena on her phone. 

“…I don’t care Ben if you want to go in that direction you’ll need to show me an in depth long term plan,” Lena said.

Kara could hear the frustration in her voice. She turned to see Lillian watching her.

“Is she back?”

Kara nodded and Lillian turned back to Leo continuing to read to him, even doing the voices. Kara had to admit she had been doing very well at being the loving grandmother. Leo seemed to be basking in all her attention and she for her part seemed happy to shower Leo with affection in her own way. Kara had even come in on the second day to see her playing the floor is lava with him. A game she had thought so far beneath Lillian’s standards of acceptable behaviour that it actually took Leo falling into the ‘lava’ for her to recognise the game.

Kara still didn’t trust her but she was starting to see why Lena was tolerating her mother in Leo’s life. Few people were able to make Leo act like a normal child and Lillian was shockingly one of them.

Lena hung up her call as she reached the penthouse floor and a moment later the door opened. A very tired looking Lena walked in carrying her bag. Leo’s head snapped up as the door opened and then he was running towards her. 

Lena let go of her bag and dropped down to one knee with a smile as Leo crashed into her wrapping his arms around her neck.

“Hello Leo. Did you miss me?” Lena asked hugging him tightly.

He nodded not letting go. Lena looked over at Kara and gave her a smile as she got to her feet Leo in her arms. Kara kept staring at her and Lena raised an eyebrow her lips curving into a sly smile.

“Did you miss me too?” she asked.

Kara sighed and nodded. It felt like a confession. Lena’s smile got wider. She turned slowly looking over the apartment.

“Well nothing appears damaged and neither of you called me to complain about the other so… How did it go?” Lena asked.

“Um…” Kara opened her mouth trying to think how to answer. “Apparently Lillian knows the rules to the floor is lava.”

Lena blinked then she laughed.

My mother played the floor is lava? Really?” 

Kara nodded. Lena gave her a disbelieving look then she laughed again hugging Leo tighter for a moment.

“Where is she?”

Kara looked up and frowned seeing Lillian had disappeared. She used her xray vision.

“In the bedroom, it looks like she’s just getting her coat.”

Lena nodded heading over to the couch and depositing Leo onto it. He quickly picked up the book he’d been reading with Lillian and held it up. Lena smiled sitting beside him and looking at the page. Lillian returned her bag in one hand and her coat over the other.

“I’ll be off then,” she said. 

Leo looked up and Lillian gave him a smile.

“Can I get a hug goodbye Leo?”

Leo nodded scrambling off the couch and racing over to give her a quick hug. Lillian gave him a wide smile.

“It was lovely to spend time with you Leo. I’ll see you again next week.”

Leo nodded.

“Bye Grandma.”

He went back to the couch resuming his seat beside Lena. Lillian looked at Lena then Kara.

“Goodnight mother,” Lena said. “And, thank you.”

Lillian beamed at Lena.

“Anytime dear.”

She turned to look at Kara.

“I suppose we’ll see each other again soon. Unless you do something foolish.”

Kara glared at her.

“I’ll show you out,” Lena said getting up quickly to diffuse the sudden tension. “Kara could you?” 

Kara nodded taking the book as Lena passed moving to sit with Leo. Lena walked her mother to the door. Kara looked at the page.

“Can you find the crocodiles?” she asked Leo.

He peered at the page pointing at each as Kara nodded listening to the conversation between Lena and Lillian.

“Lena you are going to have to make a decision about your relationship with her before the world makes it for you.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Lena muttered.

“Don’t play the fool Lena, it’s beneath you. The two of you smile at each other constantly and Leo talks about her as much as he does you. Friends don’t spend that much time looking after each other’s children without living together or at least wanting to.”

“Maybe not every friendship is like you and yours,” Lena said.

Lillian scoffed.

“Lena, she knows where everything in your apartment is and could tell apart yours and Leo’s products by scent alone.”

Lena was quiet for a moment and Kara looked up worried. Lena’s back was to her but she still heard the sigh.

“Goodnight Mother.”

“Goodnight Lena.”

Lillian left and Lena closed the door turning back to look at Kara and Leo. She gave them a smile.

“I think it’s time for someone to have a bath and get ready for bed.”

Leo pouted but Lena was unmoved. She smiled at him holding out her hands. 

“Come on Leo, you’ll fall asleep on the couch otherwise.”

Leo dragged his feet a little until Kara suggested he could have a bubble bath then he was racing ahead. Lena laughed softly turning to Kara.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“I’m here for you, always.”

Lena smiled giving Kara’s hand a squeeze before following Leo to the bathroom before he started adding the bubble bath himself. 


Lena put aside the book and tucked Leo in with a smile. He had wanted to stay awake but she had seen his eyes drooping in the bath and they closed within a minute of being put in bed. She knew that was probably thanks to Kara. She’d messaged her earlier telling her how tired she was and Kara had sent back a picture of Leo running around at the park.

Lena had been exhausted all trip but now she was back she felt more awake. Just seeing Leo and Kara again had significantly improved her mood. After two days listening to insincere apologies and demands phrased as groveling, getting a genuinely warm welcome the moment she got home had been a new and very pleasant experience.

She was ready to relax a little. She had the next day off to spend some time with Leo after being away so long and she was starting to think maybe a long lunch with Kara. 

She kissed Leo’s head and turned on his night light. As she moved to turn off the bedside lamp she saw Kara standing in the doorway watching her. She smiled turning off the light and making her way to Kara.

“Hey there,” she whispered.

Kara pulled Lena close her lips crashing into Lena’s. For a moment Lena was too surprised to respond then she was kissing Kara back her arms wrapping around Kara’s neck as she threw herself into her arms. They fell back against the door frame and Lena had her hands in Kara’s hair pulling her head back as her lips moved down her neck kissing and sucking at the skin there. 

“Lena,” Kara whispered.

Lena pulled herself back and then closed Leo’s door most of the way.

“Bedroom. Now,” she whispered. 

Kara moaned lifting her into her arms and carried her down the hallway. Lena smiled at the casual display of strength. She took advantage of Kara’s helpless state to continue ravaging of her neck. There was something about biting and sucking as hard as she could on Kara’s neck and not seeing a mark that made her feel a need to do it again and again until she found a way to put a mark on her. 

Kara dropped her on the bed then in a rush of superspeed closed the door and returned. Lena was already breathless looking at Kara. She grabbed a fistful of that neat pink button up and pulled Kara onto the bed with her. 

“Kiss me,” she ordered.

Kara obeyed immediately the two of them melting into the bed as their kiss deepened. Lena’s hands went to work pulling Kara’s shirt out of her pants then set to work on her belt. Kara groaned as Lena undid the zipper on her slacks. Kara’s mouth moved lower as she dragged Lena’s blouse down to reveal the dark blue of her lace bra.

“Rao Lena, are you trying to kill me?” she whispered.

“Not yet,” Lena teased and slid her hand into Kara’s underwear. 

They both shuddered as her fingers slid over her clit and lower.

“Fuck you’re wet,” Lena whispered.

Kara whimpered as Lena’s fingers moved back up and begun to make slow circles around the bundle of nerves at the top. Kara’s head fell back and her hips thrust forwards gently.

“Please, please, please,” Kara whispered.

Lena removed her fingers enjoying Kara’s needy whine. 

“Soon darling.”

Kara looked at her pouting. Lena slid her fingers into the mouth licking the taste of Kara off her fingers and smiled as Kara’s eyes widened.

“I want to taste you.”

Kara moaned and Lena pulled her shirt off tossing it away before pulling Kara in for another long kiss. Kara’s hands came up to caress her breasts then she was squeezing them gently her thumbs brushing over the nipples. Lena moaned kissing her harder. Her hands made their way under Kara’s shirt her arousal growing as she felt the muscle hidden underneath.

“This gone,” she said tugging at the shirt.

Kara moved back quickly unbuttoning her shirt and tossing it away.

“Pants too,” Lena said fumbling with her own as she kicked off her shoes.

Kara whispered something and then suddenly she was naked and Lena had a moment to stare at her in surprise. Every single part of her was muscle. No wonder she was always so covered up, if anyone saw what was underneath her reputation as sweet Kara Danvers would be in serious jeopardy. 

“Fuck,” Lena whispered.

Kara smiled.

“You like?” she asked doing a twirl.

Lena laughed softly.

“Yes, but I think I’ll like it under me more.”

Kara was on the bed a moment later pulling Lena on top of her. Lena grinned at the eagerness. She slid her hand around Kara’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss as she slid her other hand between her legs. Kara was wet. Wetter than anyone had ever been for Lena. Lena moaned coating her fingers in Kara before sliding first one finger then a second inside.

Kara gasped her hands going to the bedspread and gripping it tightly. Lena slowly started to fuck Kara her fingers gliding easily in and out as she moved her mouth lower biting and sucking her way down Kara’s neck once more.

“Lena. Lena, LenaLenaLena.”

She moved her hand faster and Kara’s hips bucked. She found herself smiling wider as she looked down at her hand watching as she buried her fingers into Kara over and over. She shifted her thumb so it pressed against Kara’s clit with every thrust.

“Lena, oh Rao. Lena just, just be careful. I-I’m so close already and-” 

Kara broke off to moan as Lena changed the angle slightly. Well, well, it seemed Kryptonians had a g spot too, it was just in the opposite position. 

“I might break your fingers!” Kara gasped.

Lena froze and looked down at Kara surprised. The realisation hit Lena. She was fucking Supergirl. Supergirl had super strength which meant… her eyes went to where her fingers were buried deep inside Kara. For a second Kara looked worried then Lena smiled leaning down to suck a nipple into her mouth.

“Then don’t come while my fingers are inside you,” she said.

Kara looked at her panicked for a moment then Lena continued to fuck her as she bit down. Kara’s head fell back as she moaned her hips moving with Lena’s hand.

“Oh Rao. Oh Rao. Please.”

Lena adjusted her angle again earning another drawn out moan from Kara as her fingers rubbed over the ridge inside her. Lena could feel it swelling slightly as she kept going. The scientist part of her wondered exactly what was behind the reaction but another breathy plea from Kara returned her back to the moment as she moved her mouth to the other nipple biting and sucking until it stood to attention like the first one. 

Kara was pleading with her now. A string of breathy whispers in English and Kryptonian as Lena fucked her harder and faster. Kara gave her a worried look as she changed from pleas to warnings.

“I’m so close. Lena. Lena. Lena your hand. Lena Rao please. I’m going to… I’m going to. Oh Rao Lena I’m gonna-”

Lena pulled her fingers out and switched to Kara’s clit at the last moment rubbing it in tiny circles hard and fast as she bit down on Kara’s nipple again. Kara’s whole body bucked and tensed her head thrown back in a silent scream as shudders ran through her and she lifted off the bed for a second.

Lena slowed her hand as Kara collapsed back down with a soft thump. As the last few shivers ran through Kara Lena moved her hand bringing it to her mouth again as she tasted the oddly sweet flavor of Kara covering her hand. 

“Wow,” Kara gasped.

Lena looked at her and smiled feeling very good about herself.

“You’ve got two minutes to recover then I’m eating you out. I got distracted from my original plan.”

Kara scoffed.

“Two minutes? I’m a Kryptonian, try thirty seconds,” Kara said panting. “Then again…”

Kara’s eyes moved down Lena’s body in a blatantly sexual manner. Her eyes flicked back to meet Lena’s.

“Don’t I get to return the favour first?” she asked.

Lena shook her head smiling.

“I just spent three days on an exhausting work trip and I’m already halfway to coming after watching you.”

She leaned down kissing Kara softly, then a little harder enjoying the responsive whine from Kara as she pulled away.

“After I come I’m going to pass out and not move for a minimum eight hours. And, I intend to taste you properly before then.”

Kara laughed and pulled Lena in for another kiss.

“Well in that case.”

Lena sighed happily as Kara’s hands wound around her waist then up higher undoing her bra. It was gone seconds later and Kara’s lips wrapped around one nipple sucking gently. 

Lena gasped her hand tightening in Kara’s hair as she found herself grinding against Kara’s thigh. Kara sucked a little harder her hand coming up to pinch and roll Lena’s neglected nipple between her fingers. Lena moaned grinding harder as pleasure started to properly build between her legs.

Fuck she was wet. She could feel it on her thighs. It was soaking through her underwear and coating Kara’s thigh. It felt so good and not enough. 

“More,” she ordered. 

Kara’s thigh tensed under her and Kara doubled her efforts at Lena’s breasts. At the first touch of teeth Lena threw her head back her hips jerking against Kara’s thigh as a low moan rolled through her as she got closer and closer.

She pulled back shoving Kara into the mattress. 

“I said I was going to eat you out first,” she said with a glare.

Kara grinned back looking not at all ashamed of her attempts to distract Lena.

“I just wanted to make you feel good,” Kara said innocently. 

“Liar,” Lena said giving Kara’s hair a rough tug. 

Kara’s eyes immediately darkened and Lena found herself suddenly breathless as she looked down at Kara. Her heart was beating faster as she considered that tiny reaction.

“Spread your legs.”

Kara’s legs immediately obeyed and Lena almost lost her balance as she was shifted across the bed.

“Fuck,” she whispered looking down at the panting Kara.

Kara stared back silently. Lena looked away shifting to be between Kara’s legs. She placed her hands on Kara’s trembling thighs and gave her a smirk before she dived in her tongue sweeping up over Kara’s clit.

Kara’s head fell back as a moan reached Lena’s ears. She did it again and again moving faster each time as Kara begun to squirm under her. Lena shifted lower sliding her tongue inside Kara and enjoying the sudden string of what could have been pleas or curses that left Kara’s lips. 

She kept going switching between fucking Kara with her tongue and licking her clit. Kara squirmed underneath her whispering in Kryptonian as she rolled her hips upwards in a silent plea. Lena ignored it choosing instead to suck on Kara’s clit feeling it swell between her lips as she covered herself in the slick sweetness of Kara’s arousal.

“Please Lena. Please let me come, Rao please. I’ll be good. Let me come please,” Kara begged switching back to English. 

Lena shuddered pressing her hips into the mattress aching for some relief as Kara’s words pushed her arousal higher. Fuck how was she supposed to resist that. 

She gripped Kara’s thighs tighter sucking harder tugging at Kara’s clit with her lips and was immediately rewarded with a gasp from Kara. She switched to her tongue flicking it over her clit harder and faster as she flexed her fingers gripping Kara tighter. Kara’s hips bucked and she held tighter. Her mouth was starting to hurt but she could feel the tremble in Kara’s thighs as she got close. 

“Yes, please. Like that. Lena don’t stop please don’t stop. I’ll be good I’ll-”

Lena fought through the ache in her jaw and the pain in her tongue as Kara’s body started to lift off the bed for a second time as another shudder ran through her. Lena moaned hearing the ripping of fabric as Kara’s body went taut. 

They fell back onto the bed and Lena slowly lifted her head to look at Kara. Kara was panting her chest rising and falling rapidly as a sheen of sweat covered her. Nothing had ever looked as good as Kara did at that moment her hair all over the pillow her lips full and red, and her body completely relaxed in post orgasmic bliss.

“Rao Lena. You’re-” Kara licked her lips. “You’re amazing.”

Lena smiled ignoring the needy pulse of her body as she shifted her legs. She dragged herself up Kara’s body and kissed her. Kara groaned kissing her back as Lena’s thigh slid between her legs. Lena flexed slightly pressing down. Kara moaned and Lena felt an answering moan come from her throat as her eyes fluttered closed and she barely resisted the urge to get herself off on Kara’s ridiculously muscled thigh. 

“Kara,” she whispered.


“Fuck me.” Her eyes opened and she looked down into Kara’s eyes. “Now.”

Kara’s eyes widened slightly then Lena found herself on her back with Kara on top of her. There was tug and then a guilty looking Kara held up her ripped underwear.

“I’ll buy-”

“Now Kara,” Lena said shoving Kara’s hand between her legs. 

Kara shuddered as her first finger finally made it’s way inside. Lena moaned her whole body melting into the mattress as she spread her legs wider. 

“Two fingers, no need to be gentle.”

Kara whimpered and shifted position her fingers sliding inside Lena. Lena sighed in relief as Kara’s fingers filled her. She felt her eyes closing as she lay back rocking her hips against Kara’s hand.

“C-can I eat you out?” Kara whispered.

Lena’s eyes snapped open and she looked at Kara for a moment. Then her mouth curved into a very Luthor smirk as she placed a hand on Kara’s shoulders pushing her slowly down between her legs.

“Well you did promise you’d be good,” Lena said.

Kara whimpered again and Lena tightened her grip on Kara’s shoulder. 

“Show me how good you are,” she whispered.

Kara didn’t hesitate her hand moving faster as her tongue swept over Lena’s clit.

“Oh fuck,” Lena moaned. 

She buried both of her hands in Kara’s hair as she thrust against her mouth. Kara’s hand moved faster fucking her harder as she licked and sucked her clit pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm with alarming speed.

“Slower darling I want to enjoy the ride,” Lena gasped.

Kara immediately slowed her movements and Lena closed her eyes enjoying the needy pulse of her body as Kara’s tongue begun to trace patterns over her clit. Lena could feel herself growing impatient as she clenched her hands tighter in Kara’s hair. It would probably be painful for a human but Kara didn’t seem to mind, quite the opposite. 

Kara’s movements slowly got faster and Lena found herself whispering encouragement as she pushed harder against Kara’s mouth.

“That’s it. God you feel so good Kara. Just like that.” 

Kara’s tongue found just the right spot and Lena gasped a shiver running through her body. 

“There, don’t stop.” 

Kara moaned moving her tongue faster as she went over it again and again. Lena was practically grinding on her face at this point using her grip in Kara’s hair as an anchor. 

“Fuck me harder,” Lena ordered.

She bit her lip realising how harsh her voice had sounded but Kara obeyed immediately her fingers moving faster. Then she twisted them and Lena let out a surprised gasp her hips bucking against Kara’s face.

“Yes,” Lena moaned.

Kara made a desperate noise as Lena’s thighs tightened around her face and she moved her tongue faster. Lena could feel her orgasm building stronger and stronger as she found her own movements getting desperate.

“Don’t stop, so good. You’re so good Kara. Fuck, yes. Yes.”

Her body tensed and she tightened her hands gripping Kara’s hair as she rubbed herself against Kara’s mouth harder and harder chasing her orgasm.

“Don’t stop Kara. Fuck Kara. Yes. Yes. Ye-”

Words disappeared as her orgasm hit in a rush that consumed her. Her whole body was shaking as Kara kept going pushing it higher and longer as Lena’s eyes closed and she bit down to stop the scream that threatened to escape her mouth.

She fell back onto the bed her whole body spent as aftershocks ran through her. Her grip loosened and Kara slowed her movements and removed her fingers drawing a final gasp from Lena before her eyes closed once more her body limp. 

“Good girl,” she whispered. 

The last few days of stress, work, and travel finally hit her and she felt herself immediately begin drifting to sleep. She heard Kara whisper something but she didn’t know what, then the press of warm lips against her own as she passed out.


Lena woke feeling delightfully well rested for the first time in over a week. She blinked a few times against the bright sunshine pouring in from the window. She smiled remembering the night before as she stretched. Her body ached in places it hadn’t for a long time and she sighed happily looking around. 

She rolled over and sat up. The other half of her bed had evidently been slept in and Kara must have picked up their clothes from the night before and put them in the hamper to be washed.

Lena turned to the bedside table and smiled seeing a note written in Kara’s neat hand. I’ve got Leo with me in the kitchen. Take your time. Kara. 

When she opened the bedroom door having dressed after a sinfully good shower she found Kara standing in front of her looking both nervous and hopeful. Lena smiled and immediately pulled her in for a kiss.

Kara’s hands were around her in an instant as her lips parted and Lena smiled pushing her against the wall. They separated a moment later smiling at each other. Kara ducked her head nuzzling into Lena’s neck.

“I made pancakes,” she whispered pressing a kiss to Lena’s neck.

Lena laughed and stroked Kara’s cheek. She could really get used to this. Especially as Kara’s lips moved higher finding that sensitive place just under her ear. 

“Well I better go get some before Leo eats them all,” she said.

She stepped back and gave Kara one last lingering look before she walked into the kitchen to see Leo sneaking another pancake onto his plate.

“Good morning Leo.”

“Morning!” he said brightly. 

She smiled taking the pancake from him.

“Finish what’s on your plate first, then you can have more.”

Leo gave her his best version of Kara’s pout and Lena found herself smiling wider. 

“That only works for her,” she said tapping his nose affectionately.

Leo tilted his head to one side confused but said nothing as she motioned to the two pancakes still on his plate.

“Do you need help cutting them up?” she asked reaching for the maple syrup.

Leo shook his head sitting back and picking up his cutlery. Kara came back in and headed for the kitchen pouring the last of the batter into the pan and beginning to put away the ingredients. 

Lena was halfway through her first pancake when Kara delivered the final one to her plate. Lena smiled up at her just as Kara’s phone rang. Kara sighed answering it and then gave Lena an apologetic look.

“Gotta run, lunch tomorrow?”

Lena nodded.

“Sounds good. See you then.”

Kara gave her one final smile before turning to Leo with a bright smile. 

“See you later.”

He waved to her with a fork and Kara waved back heading for the door her phone in hand. Lena watched the window and sure enough a flash of red and blue shot past.

“Aunt Lena?”

She turned back to see Leo watching her.

“Yes Leo?”

“Is Kara your girlfriend?”

Lena choked.

“Uh… why would you think that?” she asked stalling.

“Because you kissed her this morning.”

“Oh, um…” 

She looked around as though some distraction might materialise to save her from needing to answer. They hadn’t actually gotten around to discussing that. Were they dating? She looked back and saw Leo was still watching her waiting for an answer.

“Kind of, no, uh… maybe. It’s complicated, maybe,” she finished.

Leo tilted his head looking at her still confused.

“Kara and I are… best friends and sometimes we…” fuck each other senseless. “Kiss,” she finished.

Leo frowned and Lena took a moment to shove some pancake in her mouth as she looked around trying to think of something to distract him from the topic.

“Do you want to go to the park today?” she asked.

Leo brightened immediately and nodded. Lena breathed a small sigh of relief. She’d have to talk with Kara at some point about what exactly their relationship was now. Images from last night flashed through her head and she found herself smiling as she started on her second pancake. 

“Rao wants to know if we can play soccer,” Leo said.

“Do we have a soccer ball?” Lena asked.

Leo nodded quickly.

“Grandma bought one.”

Lena smiled and nodded. Then she looked at Leo again as the words started to properly sink in.

“Did Grandma play soccer with you?” she asked.

She was struggling to picture Lillian Luthor chasing a ball around. Even if it was with her grandson. Leo shook his head.

“She said she only swims, but says it’s good to play. She said it will help with making my legs strong.”

Lena nodded absently adding more syrup to her pancake then she had a horrible realisation.

“Did Grandma buy you anything else?”

Leo nodded quickly. Lena fought the urge to groan. She’d be finding things for weeks.

“What else did she buy you?” Lena asked resigned.

“We went shopping and got a soccer ball, and tennis racquets, a baseball, some tennis balls, a basketball, a football, and she said I would get a bike for Christmas!”

Lena smiled at Leo as she reached for her phone.

“That’s a lot of sports for you to try out.”

Leo nodded happily. Lena added another pancake to her plate. She had a feeling she was going to be doing a lot more running today than she had originally expected. But first she had to send her mother a long message about buying Leo gifts without checking the penthouse’s storage capacity.

Lillian’s response was very straightforward.

If you don’t have enough room buy a bigger house. I know a few places that would be perfect.

A series of links followed. Lena sighed. She went to put her phone down when it buzzed with another message. This one from Andrea.

Lunch today or I buy Leo one of these.

Lena clicked the link and found herself staring at a stuffed Pokemon. At least she thought it was a Pokemon. She couldn’t recognise it but she was sure Kara would. It didn’t seem to be much of a threat considering the lack of bright lights or musical potential, then she noticed the size. Lena sighed defeated.

Twelve thirty, and wear something athletic. Mum bought Leo sports equipment we’re going to have to use now.

Chapter Text

Lena looked up as Genevieve entered the conference room looking a little panicked.

“I’m so sorry Ms Luthor there was an incident at Mia’s preschool and I had to go pick her up then I got stuck in traffic trying to get off the highway,” she said her stack of folders falling all over the table as she took her seat.

“That’s alright Genevieve. We all have family.” 

The woman was clearly stressed and Lena didn’t really want to make it worse but she still felt compelled to ask.

“Why were you in traffic on the highway if there was an issue with Mia’s preschool?”

Genevieve blinked at her.

“Mia’s preschool is in the west.”

“Why would you take Mia to preschool halfway across the city?” Lena asked bewildered.

There was a momentary pause then half the table started smothering laughter. Sam included. It was apparently the half that were parents.

“The only preschools this side of the city all have waiting lists a mile long,” Genevieve explained.

“Waiting lists?” Lena repeated.

Sam started openly laughing.

“You haven’t looked into preschool for Leo yet have you?” Jerry, her head of legal, said smiling.

“No, he barely handles being apart for an hour I’m not about to leave him somewhere new with strangers for a whole day.”

“You should start, looking into it I mean. Especially with Leo’s security needs,” Sam said smiling at her.

“How hard can it be? I find one, tour the facility, speak to the staff, pay, and then drop him off the next morning it’s preschool it’s not like-”

The laughter from everyone at the table made her stop. She looked around at her executive team.

“What am I up against?” she asked feeling her stomach sinking.

Genevieve smiled at her.

“Well first you’re going to need to enrol him for the next term-”

“Term? It’s preschool.”

More laughter was heard from the various parents around the table.

“With your financial resources paying for it won’t be a problem but the places you’ll be interested in will still want to do interviews,” Jerry said.

“Okay first, how much are we talking, and secondly he’s four why would there be an interview?”

“For Leo’s care, you’re looking at a starting rate of eighty thousand minimum,” Penny, her HR director, said smiling. 

“Eighty thousand!” Lena said shocked. “I could hire a full time teacher for less.”

“That’s the low end and not including the private bodyguard,” Sam added. “And I love that you know a teacher’s salary but not that most preschools have waiting lists.” 

“Also you’re the one who’d have to do the interviews. To see if you’re the kind of person they consider worth giving a place,” Jerry added.

“Oh hell no!” Lena said. “I am not doing interviews.”

There were some things Lena just did not do and personal interviews was one. Media interviews yes, that was about her work, but personal interviews no. Especially not the type Jerry was suggesting. Lena loathed discussing her personal life with strangers. Sam laughed and then she kept laughing.

“Sam what’s so funny?” Lena asked with a sigh.

“Well it’s going to be harder for you because you’re-”

“I know, I’m a Luthor,” Lena said rolling her eyes.

“Yes, but also no. The money would be enough in that case they wouldn’t care about your name. But I was gonna say single,” Sam said. “If you really want to make it easier on yourself you’ll need to marry someone suitably impressive and well liked. Then they can do the interview and extra activities instead.”

Sam gave her a small nudge and Lena rolled her eyes.

“I’m pretty sure Supergirl doesn’t do preschool interviews either,” Lena muttered.

There was several shocked looks around the table. Sam sighed.

“I meant Kara. Why would you immediately think of Supergirl?”

Lena looked at Sam confused.

“You said someone impressive and well liked. Wait Kara would count?” She realised how that might sound. “I know I think she’s wonderful but I didn’t know-”

Sam sighed again cutting off what was probably about to be a rare awkward moment for Lena.

“She has a Pulitzer and she’s friendly. People love Kara. She has wife material written all over her in gay,” Sam said.


Lena hadn’t thought of that. But now it had been mentioned… For a second her eyes slowly drifted to her phone then she quickly shook her head. She couldn’t marry her best friend just to make finding Leo a preschool easier, even if they were possibly something more these days. Then again, she was basically Leo’s godmother at this point would it really-

“Did you seriously just consider marrying Kara so you wouldn’t have to do preschool interviews?” Sam asked laughing.

“No,” Lena lied. “I was just thinking of who I know that interviews well.”

Sam scoffed and Lena smiled leaning towards her with a smile.

“Sam, you’re still single right?” Lena teased.

Sam huffed and rolled her eyes as the rest of the table laughed.

“I’d have to quit if you married me. I report directly to you and that’s against policy. So it’s preschool interviews or having me as your CFO.” 

“Penny?” Lena said looking at her HR director.

“She’s right,” Penny said with a smile. “She’d have to quit or you would.”

“Nevermind then. I don’t want to marry you after all,” Lena said moving back.

“I’m heartbroken,” Sam quipped.

Pradeepa smiled at Lena looking far too entertained.

“What about Andrea Rojas?” Pradeepa suggested. 

Lena quickly shook her head. 

“We’re the same shoe size it’ll never work. I’d divorce her the moment my favourite Louis Vuittons disappear. Wait doesn’t L Corp have some kind of daycare or preschool here?”

“No, it was mentioned as a possibility a few years ago and your brother vetoed it. He said it was easier to just do some partnership deals with local providers,” Jerry said.

Lena sighed heavily. Of course Lex had screwed her over from the past.

“Well how much do these deals cost us?” she asked.

Five minutes later Lena was glaring at the numbers in front of her and silently cursing her brother.


“Yes Miss Luthor?”

“How many people work in this building?”

“Somewhere between five and six hundred people depending on the day. Total of just under a thousand employees registered to this site.”

“How many have children of preschool age?”

“Rough estimate, fifty to one hundred and fifty.”

“How much space would we need?”

“If you’re only looking at just L Corp employees… I’d need to look into it but if you’re willing to give them a whole floor-”

“Ben do we have a whole floor?” Lena asked looking over at her COO.

“If you’re willing to make HR share some space with sales then we could put it on the fifth floor so security would be right underneath,” he said tapping his chin.

“Good I want a full evaluation done and plans drawn up. Penny get me the details on hiring, and a workup of the options. Also get an estimate on how many staff are likely to take advantage of the service. Sam get someone to run the numbers I want to know what it would cost us, and the costings to do something similar across all our main sites. Including international. For pricing just do whatever the local low end price is, this isn’t about making money but I do want to know if we can break even. Give me a comparison on what we spend now with the negotiated deals. Jerry, have someone look into any relevant laws or possible legal holes we might fall into. I don’t want to get three weeks into remodelling and find out we’re in violation of some city ordinance. Pradeepa what are you doing?”

Pradeepa looked up from her phone with a smile.

“Drafting a notice to staff. When are we going to launch this new program and how many days a week will it be?”

“Seven. Skeleton staff on weekends though. I want the option there when we’re close to deadlines. Two free days per child anything more they can pay. Ben, Penny, give me an expedited time line. I want this in motion before we go into negotiation with the providers next month.”

“How soon do you want the preliminary workup?” Ben asked.

Lena’s phone buzzed a warning about the time. She closed her folder. 

“By the end of the week. As for the other issues, Genevieve email me your proposals. Jerry, no you can’t hire more interns, and I want that patent delay looked into. Ben have Jess find you a half hour later this week to go over the changes. Penny get the changes to the alien inclusion plan on my desk by the end of today. Sam I want a full audit done for the Nevada headquarters, their numbers look too neat. Pradeepa, I can see your notes the answer is no.”

Pradeepa sighed heavily as Lena got up taking her folder with all it’s notes and headed back up to her office and Leo. 


“So,” Lillian begun. “I hear L Corp is branching out into childcare.”

Lena looked up from her plate. 

“Yes, if some decent on site childcare is all it takes to stop my employees trying to shoot me I’ll happily approve it.” Lillian nodded waiting. Lena sighed. “It’ll also be useful when someone is ready to be apart from me for more than an hour or two.” 

“Is it worth the expense?” Lillian asked glancing over at Leo.

“To avoid preschool interviews? Yes.”

Lillian smiled.

“You sound like your father. There’s a reason you and Lex had nannies growing up.” Lena scoffed. “When are you gong to start?”

“I want it ready as soon as possible. National City will be used as a trial before we roll out the option at the other main sites and internationally.”

Lillian hummed softly.

“Lex thought it was-”

“Lex was a terrible businessman,” Lena said rolling her eyes. “You should see the agreements he signed. It’s going to take us months to get out of all the partnerships. He didn’t even pick ones that were nearby he just picked the biggest. So the ones that are nearby barely have any spaces but they’re getting millions for a tiny portion of the actual need.”

Lillian smiled softly at Leo who was looking at them both silently.

“Let’s hope you’ve also got your grandfather’s business sense, because she’s right,” Lillian said placing a hand on Leo’s shoulder. “Your father was sadly a mediocre businessman, despite his genius.”

Leo smiled back at her shoving a piece of bacon into his mouth.

“Shall we go to the park once we finish eating?” Lillian asked looking back at Lena.

Lena glanced at Leo who had perked up at the mention of the park.

“Half an hour but then we have to go to Paul’s soiree,” Lena said. “Speaking of, you’re in charge of looking after Leo while I’m forced to network.”

Lillian smiled clearly pleased. Lena aggressively stabbed at her salad. She was not looking forwards to an afternoon of small talk for five minutes of actual business. But she’d turned down Paul’s invitation twice before; if she did a third time there wouldn’t be a fourth and he was a major investor. He was also one of the few investors she had who hadn’t shown any concern about her abilities since Leo arrived. He had also specifically included Leo in the invitation so she did want to keep him happy.


Lena looked up to see Leo kneeling by the pool edge one sleeve pulled up as he moved his hand in the water. She looked at her mother standing five feet away talking with a woman she vaguely recognised. Granted she was clearly watching him but Lena still felt irritated. She gave Paul an apologetic look before she turned properly in her Lillian's direction.

“Mum,” Lena said raising her voice a little.

Lillian turned to her with a raised eyebrow. Lena sighed.

“Can you not let him play near the pool. It’s deep and he might fall in.”

“Lena dear you’re worrying too much, he’s fine.”

Lena sighed and heard the soft chuckle from Paul next to her. She took a deep breath controlling her irritation at her mother.

“Mum, he can’t swim. So if he falls in someone will have to jump in and-”

Lillian looked shocked.

“He’s four. Are you telling me he doesn’t even know how to float yet?” she asked.

Lena fought another frustrated sigh.

“Mrs Teschmacher wasn’t exactly concerned with his life skills and I haven’t had the chance to get him lessons with everything else.”

Lillian nodded and let out a long sigh.

“Well you really should dear. He does seem to enjoy water,” she said turning back to look at Leo, who it must be said, did indeed seem to be enjoying the water.

“I know mother but for the sake of my Valentino could you-”

“Of course,” Lillian said waving a hand silently dismissing Lena’s concerns. “Leo sweetheart.”

Leo looked up and Lillian smiled and held out her hand to him. 

“Shall we go look at the fish?” she asked.

Leo nodded excitedly. Lillian turned to smile at Lena. 

“Happy?” she asked.

Leo slipped at that precise moment and fell backwards into the pool. 


Lena raced forwards her heart in her throat as she watched her mother dive in. The entire party turned and there was silence until Lillian emerged seconds later with a spluttering Leo.

Lena quickly pulled Leo out of the water and looked him over. 

“Are you alright?” she asked panic slipping into her voice.

Leo nodded and smiled at her.

“I was in the pool,” he said brightly.

The terror she’d felt seeing him slip under the water eased slightly at his excitement. She breathed out and nodded quickly giving Leo a big smile.

“I saw.”

“It was very wet,” Leo said looking down at himself.

A staff member appeared at her side with a large fluffy white towel. She accepted it with an automatic smile wrapping it around Leo quickly to hide her shaking hands. 

“Yes and now you’re all wet, and so is your grandmother,” Lena said still smiling at him as the adrenalin continued to race through her body.

Lena glanced at her mother then did a double take feeling the smile growing to become genuine as she looked at Lillian. She couldn’t help the small laugh as she saw her. Lillian narrowed her eyes in response. Her neat hairstyle was now flattened and lopsided, her makeup had run, and her dress had was definitely ruined. Lena thought she looked distinctly like a drowned rat. Lena felt a second laugh escape her lips as Lillian continued glaring at her. 

“Well mother, I did say-”

Lillian held up a hand.

“You were right, now are you going to help me or not?”

Lena turned back to Leo who was completely wrapped in the towel now.

“Sorry Mum, my hands are full, but I’m sure someone else will assist you,” she said picking up Leo.

Lena heard her mother’s exasperated sigh as she collected the now damp Rao from the pool’s edge and moved back so the hovering staff could assist Lillian out of the pool. She turned to see Paul smiling at them.

“Had a bit of an adventure today young man,” he said smiling at Leo.

“I like your pool,” Leo said brightly. 

Paul laughed. Leo turned to Lena.

“Can we get a pool?” he asked.

“We already have one,” Lena said rubbing Leo’s shoulder to hide her still shaking hands. 

Leo seemed to have found his accident less scary and more fun. Lena knew she should probably make some time for him to learn to swim since he seemed to like the water so much. Maybe once her heart stopped beating at twice the normal rate and the adrenalin crash was out of her system. 

“Really? We have a pool?” Leo asked excitedly.

“Yes, it’s downstairs and we share it with the rest of the building,” Lena said holding Leo as tight as she dared.

“Can we go swim in it?” Leo asked.

Lena nodded.

“We’ll need to get you some bathers first, then yes we can. But for now I think we need to get you into some dry clothes for the rest of today.” She gave Paul a smile. “Can I use your-”

Paul nodded smiling. 

“Please, feel free.” He waved a hand towards his house. “The staff can show you to one of the guest bedrooms, do you need something for him to wear? I think we have some old clothes of Danny’s that might fit.”

“No, thank you. I have a change of clothes for him in the car. I’ll just get him dry and into those.”

Paul nodded smiling. He turned to Lillian who was now wrapped in another of the giant white towels.

“And you Mrs Luthor?”

Lillian sighed and gave him a very forced smile.

“You know, as generous an offer as that is Paul, I think that’s quite enough excitement for me today. I’ll just dry off a little and head home,” Lillian said.

Lena smothered another laugh as she looked at her mother. Paul nodded agreeably and motioned towards the house. They were led inside by one of the various staff members.

“Can Kara come swimming too?” Leo asked. “If she has bathers.”

The image of Kara in a bikini immediately came to mind and Lena smiled wider.

“You know, that’s an excellent idea Leo. Let’s ask her tonight. I’m sure she has at least one set.”

She heard her mother sigh behind her and mutter something that sounded rather like “utterly shameless”. Lena laughed and saw Bo heading in with the bag of spare clothes for Leo. 


Kara sat at her desk fidgeting. She had been on top of everything a couple of days ago but now she was behind… again. There’d been a firebug recently who kept targeting chemical storage. Due to her Kryptonian heritage she was unaffected by the toxic smoke and so Supergirl would fly in and put out the burning chemicals saving the fire brigades from having to risk their men. It was dirty stinking work that meant she was averaging six showers a day but the local fire chiefs had been very grateful as had everyone nearby for her help in putting the fires out.

They’d caught the firebug at last and if she could just get this article done she could head home and relax all evening. Maybe she could even organise something with Lena. She hadn’t been able to see her or Leo as much as she wanted over the last week. They’d had lunch twice and dinner once but she’d had to leave dinner early because of the firebug and by the time that had been sorted Lena was asleep and Kara wasn’t about to wake her up just to talk. Even though they really needed to have that talk. Were they dating? Girlfriends? Friends with benefits?

Kara made a frustrated noise and forced herself to type. She could edit it later the key part was getting it down first. Write it, edit, submit, go home, and then see if Lena was free for a talk about them.

She’d barely written two sentences when William appeared. She fought the urge to sigh.

“Hello William, how can I help you?” she asked with forced politeness.

“I’m chasing up your article on the firebug we need it for-”

“I’m writing it right now, there was a development a few hours ago and I’m having to redo everything,” Kara said holding up her hands.

William gave her a very irritated look. Her expression didn’t change. Her phone chimed as he opened his mouth and she took the chance to look away and check her messages. She smiled seeing it was from Lena.

Do you want to come swimming with me and Leo tomorrow? He fell in Paul’s pool today and of course while I’m having a heart attack he’s smiling and excited because he went “swimming”

Kara had an initial moment of panic at Leo falling in the pool then she smiled. The mental image of Lena in a swimsuit came to mind and she smiled wider.

“Kara?” William prompted. 

Kara glanced up and gave William an apologetic look. 

“Sorry William you were saying?”

“You know maybe your article would be done faster if you weren’t so focused on your phone,” he said crossing his arms.

“Well I can guarantee it’ll be done even faster if you’re not here watching me. A watched reporter doesn’t write.”

She gave him a very forced smile.

“Just because Andrea is fine with you being late doesn’t mean I am.” Kara sighed. Andrea didn’t mind because she knew who Kara was. “You know I’m starting to wonder what you have on her that got you that freedom. Or maybe what you do for her,” William muttered.

Kara laughed, she couldn’t help it. She looked at William’s irritated scowl and laughed harder. 

“Oh William, she’s really… not my type,” she finished still laughing.

“Well she’s an older, rich, and gives you special treatment, sounds exactly your type.”

All humour fled her as glared at him.

“Excuse me?” Kara said standing up. 

William was unconcerned. 

“I’ve just heard a few things. Office gossip and all. Seems you’ve had some kind of connection with every woman who’s owned Catco; Cat, Lena, Andrea, and well… you also had a brief fling with James, then there’s me. It seems like the only boss you haven’t have a close personal relationship with was Snapper. It just makes me wonder what your motives were when we dated.”

Kara looked at him in shock had he just-

“My motives were to see whether we were a good match. Which we clearly weren’t.”

William shrugged. 

“Or maybe I just didn’t give you the special treatment at work you wanted.”

“Wow!” she said loudly. “That is… are you actually suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” 

The look he gave her said he was but he wasn’t going to say it. Her jaw dropped.

“Well if that’s what you think I feel compelled to ask is there anyone else you think I might be, have, or tried to sleep with to advance my career?”

There was a moment of silence as the four remaining personnel in the office all turned to look at them. William suddenly looked uncomfortable. Kara considered leaving it there. He was embarrassed and would likely apologise in a moment, but then again considering their breakup… Kara turned to the rest of the office.

“If any of you want to jump in here, so far there’s been Cat Grant, Andrea Rojas, Lena Luthor, and James Olsen. Did I miss anyone- oh wait, and you. I admit I did sleep with you William, and boy do I regret it, but not because I expected special treatment.”

There was a moment of silence as everyone looked from William to her.

“What about Lois Lane?” Nia suggested getting up from her computer and coming over. “You’re pretty close with her aren’t you? And Clark Kent. Oh and if we’re expanding the circle to sources clearly you’ve also slept with Batwoman, and Supergirl. You have to be doing her on the reg to keep her as a source.”

Kara was momentarily stunned as she looked at Nia who was grinning at her. Then she started laughing and Nia joined her. William crossed his arms as they stood there laughing at him .

“You see how dumb it sounds when you actually lay it out,” Kara said grinning at William. 

“I didn’t say you slept with any of them,” he muttered defensively.

“No, you were just implying I did. But hey let me ease your worries. The only person I’ve slept with who was in a senior position to me at work, is you. And again, I regret that for a lot of reasons, big and small.”

Nia snickered as Kara gave the space between William’s pants a meaningful look.

“As for your earlier question.” Kara indicated the Pulitzer Prize that was framed and hung behind her desk. “That’s probably why Andrea is so lenient with me. Or maybe it’s that between five and ten per cent of all Catco traffic is from my articles. Or it might also be that every time I do a major piece of investigative journalism Catco’s online traffic doubles for an average of 48 hours.”

There was a moment of silence and then Kara’s phone dinged with a new notification. She picked it up and checked her messages seeing a new message from Lena.

“Now if you’ll excuse me William I have an article to write and the rest of my weekend to plan. I’ll send it over when it’s done.”

She sat down again and in an act of petty defiance opened the message from Lena.

How do you feel about the beach? I was just talking with Kelly and she had an idea for a group outing. 

Kara turned to see Nia still standing next to her.

“Hey Nia, what are you doing tomorrow?”

Chapter Text

Lena was going through her seemingly endless amount of emails as she waited for Leo’s session with Dr Thompson to finish. She was sitting opposite the door so if he opened it Leo could see her but effectively he was in the room alone with Dr Thompson for the hour. 

The door opened at the exact one hour mark and she looked up to smile at Leo. He jumped up and raced over to her. She gave him a tight hug.

“Hello again,” she said. 

He beamed at her and then looked at Dr Thompson.

“Leo, my receptionist has some chocolates if you want one,” Dr Thompson said smiling.

Leo looked at Lena and she nodded giving her permission. He went off to collect his chocolate as Lena rose to greet Dr Thompson.

“You look strained,” Dr Thompson said gently.

“Just worried about him,” Lena said with a sigh her eyes on Leo.

“He’s doing very well. We’re making progress on Supergirl and the nightmares are decreasing.”

Lena nodded.

“How is the separation anxiety for you?”

“We’re getting there. He’s stopped shaking if I come back when I say I will and he’s more comfortable with Jess and his security staff, but Japan definitely had an impact. If I’m gone over an hour there’s a high likelihood of tears. That is unless he’s with Kara.”

Dr Thompson made a soft humming noise. 

“He’s very attached to you both. I don’t suppose she’d be able to come for a session again so I can have her help him through some of the exercises?” he asked. 

“Of course,” Lena said smiling at Leo as he pointed to the chocolates. “It might take a week or two though. Her work is often as demanding as my own in it’s way.”

Dr Thompson smiled at her.

“Whatever she can do will be perfect,” he said

Lena nodded and sighed again looking at Leo who was very carefully considering his chocolate options.

“You’re doing very well. He’s coming along in leaps and bounds. Even when it may not seem like it.”

“Thank you.”

“Lena,” his voice was gentle and prompted her to turn and look at him. “Don’t sell yourself short. He’s a bright, happy, little boy. Yes, he has some issues but he is making progress and a good part of that can be placed directly at your feet. You’ve given him stability and safety where he felt he had none.”

Lena took a deep breath and nodded. It was hard to feel like she was doing a good job when Leo was still so terrified of everything.

“What are you doing today?” Dr Thompson asked.

Lena had a feeling he already knew but answered him anyway.

“We’re going to the beach with Kara and some friends so he can go swimming for the first time.”

“That’s a new environment and I’m guessing some new people.” Lena nodded. “And he’s excited not scared.”

Lena nodded again and sighed.

“I know, he’s doing very well and I’m proud of him for all the progress he’s made. But-”

She hesitated.

“But you’re scared you’re going to make a mistake and it’s going to send him spiralling?” Dr Thompson finished. 

“Yes,” she admitted.

Dr Thompson gave her a very gentle smile.

“Let me offer you a little reassurance, you’re going to make mistakes, it’s unavoidable. No one is perfect. But he won’t spiral. He might lose some confidence for a little while but he’s got his feet under him and even if something happens he knows he has you, and Kara.”

Lena sighed again.

“I’m just worried he’ll never be completely over his fears. That he’ll never feel safe enough to be himself without thinking one misstep will make me stop loving him.”

“He might,” Dr Thompson said smiling at her. “But it is unlikely. He is young and the young heal far better than we. I’m confident one day you’ll be somewhere with him, or maybe at home, and he will throw a tantrum. A full blown crying and throwing himself around tantrum over something very small. He’ll be tired and not want to go to bed, or maybe he won’t want to brush his teeth or practice piano. When that happens remember this moment. Remember your worry, and know, you don’t need to worry anymore.”

Lena laughed softly and smiled as Leo came over.

“That’s the marker is it?”

“It’s a marker, one for you to keep in the back of your mind. It will happen one day and after you’ve dealt with it as calmly as you can, have a drink to celebrate.”

Dr Thompson looked down at Leo and smiled. 

“Have fun at the beach,” he said.

Leo nodded back and looked up at Lena holding out his hand. Lena took it smiling at him. 

“Okay Leo time to go get changed then we can go meet Kara.”


Kara sat with Alex and Kelly waiting anxiously for Lena and Leo to arrive. Lena had sent a message letting her know they were on their way twenty minutes ago. It was only a fifteen minute drive and they still hadn’t arrived. Kara stood up scanning the beach for Lena once more. 

“Kara please stop worrying,” Alex said with a sigh. “Leo’s probably been distracted by a passing dog or something.”

Kara turned to her sister with a glare. 

“Just because you’re probably right doesn’t mean I have to listen to you,” Kara said pouting. 

Alex laughed.

“You should really be worried about Nia and Brainy,” Kelly said smiling at her. “They’re apparently running late and Brainy was unusually light on the details.”

Kara scoffed. She knew they’d be fine.

“Nia probably told him not to say,” Alex said looking around. “Oh look there she is.”

Kara spun around and breathed a small sigh of relief when she recognised Lena walking towards them with Leo skipping beside her. She took the moment to appreciate Lena in her incognito casual clothes. 

Without their usual security escort and designer clothes they blended quite easily among the other beachgoers. Lena was wearing a pair of very short and faded blue shorts with a loose white shirt, an MIT cap on her head, and a pair of sunglasses tucked into the shirt. Kara smiled seeing Leo beside her in red dinosaur print shorts and a blue t-shirt. Both looked a far cry from their usual polished appearance.

“Hey Lena!” Kelly said waving. “Leo!”

They looked over and waved back. Leo looked up at Lena.

“Can I go hug Kara?” he asked quietly.

Lena nodded with a smile. Kara got up as Leo ran ahead smiling as he dived into her waiting arms.

“Hi Kara!” he said excitedly.

Kara beamed back. She really loved this kid. She gave him a tight hug spinning him around until he laughed. When she stopped Lena had caught up and was dropping a backpack into the sand.

“Hey everyone, sorry we took so long. Leo saw three dogs on the journey from the car and we had to say hello to them all.”

Alex gave Kara a very pointed look. Kara pretended not to notice.

“Sam also sends her apologies. Ruby got injured at her soccer game so they’re spending today waiting to get x-rays.” Lena said rummaging in the backpack. “The doctor’s think it’s fine but Sam wants to be sure.” 

Kara put Leo down so he could go get a hug from Kelly too. Kelly laughed pretending to fall back as Leo threw his arms around her in greeting. Kara helped Lena get out towels and lay them down. Nia and Brainy arrived as Lena was spreading some heavy duty sunblock over Leo’s face.

“Hey everyone!” Nia said bounding forwards.

Brainy smiled following some way behind her with a collection of bags. Kara went to help him. Nia stopped in front of Lena and got down to be on the same level as Leo.

“Hi Leo, I’m Nia. I’ve heard all about you from Kara.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Leo said giving her a small smile.

Lena gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and he took a small step forwards. 

“I heard about you too,” he said.

Nia beamed at him and got a small smile in return.

“Brainy what’s all this?” Kara asked putting down the three packed bags Brainy had been carrying.

“I wished to have options in the range of activities. All of these are traditional beach things,” Brainy explained. “Volleyball net.” He pointed to one bag. “Volleyball, football, Frisbee, beach bowling, cricket-”

“That is a lot of games,” Alex said looking at the bags. 

Brainy looked around at the rest of their group and the limited number of bags. 

“What did you bring?” he asked looking at them.

“Towels and beer,” Alex said.

“A book, umbrella, water, and sandwiches,” Kelly said.

Brainy looked at Kara. 

“I brought donuts, watermelon, and a towel, but I am very down for playing Frisbee,” Kara said.

Nia covered her smile as Brainy turned to Lena. She shrugged.

“Four towels, sunblock, a collapsible umbrella, two litres of cold water, a change of clothes for Leo, assorted snacks, a first aid kit, wet wipes, a camera, and two phone charging packs.”

They all looked at her, then the one backpack she’d fit it all in. 

“And my tazer, phone, and wallet. But I carry them everywhere.”

“You just carry a tazer?” Alex asked.

Lena nodded then gave Alex a look.

“Oh as if you didn’t bring your gun,” she said.

“I didn’t actually,” Alex said smugly.

Kelly looked at her and rolled her eyes.

“It’s in the car,” Kelly said.

Alex gave her a betrayed look while everyone else laughed. Lena looked down at Leo and picked him up so he could be at the same height as everyone else. Leo seemed content in her arms looking around at the beach.

“And what are you most excited to do Brainy?” Kara asked.

Brainy rummaged through one bag and held up a red plastic bucket and two shovels.

“I am going to test the engineering challenge of building my first sandcastle.”

Leo’s attention was suddenly fixed on the shovels.

“Do you want to help us Leo?” Nia asked.

Leo hesitated for a moment looking at Lena.

“I’ll come too,” she promised.

Leo turned back to Nia and nodded. Kara sat down again watching as the small group walked down the beach a little to get at the better sand for building.

“Well,” Alex said getting up. “Since it’s been pointed out what everyone has and hasn’t brought along I’m going to go get us some traditional beach food.”

“Ice cream?” Kara asked hopefully.

“Yes,” Alex said giving her a smile. “What does-”

“Lena likes anything with fruit because she can pretend it’s healthier. Leo likes chocolate and anything with chocolate, except choc mint because he thinks it’s too like toothpaste.”

Alex gave her a look.

“You know way too much about those two.”

Kara rolled her eyes.

“It’s ice cream. I know everyone’s favourites.”

“Oh yeah, what’s Kelly’s?”

“Salted caramel,” Kara answered smugly.

Kelly laughed and nodded.




“All coffee flavours, or strawberry.”


Kara scoffed.

“Toss up between choc brownie and cookies and cream.”

Alex held up her hands in defeat and grabbing her wallet headed off in the direction of a distant ice cream van.

Kelly looked up at Kara and motioned for her to sit down. Kara glanced over to see Nia laughing as Brainy and Leo excitedly dug a trench in the sand. She sat her attention on Lena as she smiled at Nia shaking her head and handing over the camera she’d brought with her.

“So, have you and Lena talked about your relationship yet?” Kelly asked gently.

Kara hesitated. 

“Our relationship?” she said trying to make it sound as nonchalant as possible. “We’re best friends.”

Kelly gave her a knowing smile.

“Best friends who stare at each other just a little too long, and who smile just a little too wide at each other, and who have welcome home sex.”

Kara started choking on nothing as she looked at Kelly. Kelly gave her a very warm smile.

“How did you know?” Kara asked.

Kelly smiled at her.

“You know you’re not the only person Lena hangs out with.”

Kara knew Lena and Kelly had regular calls and did the odd lunch but she didn’t realise they talked about… sex.

“Andrea said something very interesting about Lena recently.”

Kara quickly started trying to work out what Andrea could possibly have noticed because she knew Lena wouldn’t have told her. Or would she...

“She said she had lunch with Lena and Leo the day after Lena returned from Japan, and Lena was reportedly smiling the whole time.”

Kara frowned at Kelly.

“How does that-”

“They spent the whole time playing soccer and baseball with Leo.”

Kara stopped frowning. Lena hated all ball sports. Something about never being picked for teams at school and it always being an embarrassing experience when she did play. If she hadn’t discovered fencing and archery at the same time she might have left high school hating all sports.

“So…” Kelly prompted.

“We haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet,” Kara admitted.

They’d tried to talk about it several times but Leo had been with them most of the time and something always seemed to happen whenever he wasn’t. 

“Did you tell Alex?” she whispered.

Kelly reached over and gently squeezed her hand.

“No.” Kelly gave her a look. “I thought it should come from you.”

 Kara turned to look at Lena who was patting sand into place with Brainy and Leo as Nia took pictures. She sighed watching them build their sand castle for a moment.

“I’m in love with her,” she whispered.

It felt like a giant confession despite Kelly seeming to know everything already. Kelly gave her hand another squeeze. She looked up and saw understanding in Kelly’s eyes.

“For what it’s worth, I think she might be in love with you too. But she might struggle to handle that.”

“What do I do?” Kara asked forcing herself to meet Kelly's knowing gaze.

“Well first ask her to be your girlfriend so it’s official. Then tell Alex so she stops worrying about you spending another four years pining after Lena.” Kara groaned her face heating. “Once that’s sorted get Leo comfortable enough with Alex and me so we can babysit for you. Finally take Lena out on a date. Have a long romantic dinner followed by hot sex, then tell her how you feel while she’s still basking in the endorphins.”

Kara was blushing scarlet by the time Kelly finished but she tried to ignore it as she looked at her.

“Just… like that?” she asked.

Kelly nodded smiling at her.

“Well, maybe don’t tell Alex about any of the sex details. She might have a heart attack if you tell her anything kinky.”

Kara started choking and Kelly laughed softly then harder as her eyes widened a little.

“I was not expecting that to be so on the mark,” she said. “Spanking? Wait don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know.”

Kara was opening and closing her mouth as she tried to think how to even address… that. And now she’d heard it suggested she was having a lot of new mental images all of which seemed to involve Lena’s hands and the possibilities thereof. She looked up and saw Kelly’s knowing smile.

“We didn’t do… that!” Kara said her face getting redder by the second. “There has been no spanking.” 

There was the sound of a throat clearing and Kara looked up to see Alex standing behind Kelly holding a tray of ice creams and looking at her concerned.

“Why would you need to clarify that?” Alex asked.


Kara’s eyes seemed to move of their own accord to glance at Lena still by the sandcastle. She looked back at Alex. Alex was looking at her very focused. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

“Please tell me you didn’t spank Lena,” Alex muttered.

Kelly started laughing as Kara stared at her sister horrified.

“No Alex! I-” she lowered her voice quickly. “We didn’t do that!” she finished in a half whisper.

“But you did something,” Alex said narrowing her eyes.

“We might’ve… sorta…” she coughed. “Had sex.”

Alex’s eyes widened for a moment then she looked over at Lena then back to Kara.


“The night she got back from Japan.” Alex let out a breath. “And we almost did it the week before she left but that got interrupted,” Kara added quickly.

Alex’s eyes snapped back to Kara again as she glared.

“And you didn’t tell me?” she asked suddenly looking offended.

“Well I-”

“Ice cream!” Nia yelled.

Alex pointed a finger at Kara.

“We’re doing sisters night this week and you are telling me everything.”

Kara nodded as the others came racing back to claim their various ice creams. Alex met Lena’s gaze for a moment and then she looked very pointedly at Kara then back at Lena. Lena coughed and busied herself eating her ice cream to avoid saying anything as she blushed a faint shade of pink. 

“Right since Brainy brought it, who’s up for volleyball?” Alex asked looking away from Lena.

There was several nods from Brainy and Kelly. Lena however was watching Leo who was looking at the water.

“If you guys are going to play volleyball I might take Leo for a swim,” she said.

Leo looked up at Lena very excited. She smiled back. Kara glanced at the others then at Lena.

“I’ll join you I-”

Kara’s voice suddenly evaporated as Lena removed her shirt to reveal a pale blue bikini top. She turned to look at Kara and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m… not a big fan of volleyball,” Kara finished.

Kelly and Alex exchanged a look as Lena took out the sunblock and started rubbing it into her shoulders and neck. 

“Hey Kara could you get my back for me?” Lena asked.

Kara didn’t trust herself to speak so she nodded and accepted the tube carefully squeezing some onto her hands as Alex and Kelly hid their smiles. Kara gulped and begun to carefully apply the sunscreen to Lena’s back. Brainy and Kelly started setting up the volleyball net as Alex dug through the bags for the volleyball and the pump to inflate it.

Kara added more sunscreen to her hands trying not to die as she touched Lena again. Lena was nodding along to something Leo was saying about the waves as Kara’s hands smoothed over Lena’s skin rubbing the sunscreen in. The last time she’d touched Lena’s bare back had been when they-

“Hey Kara,” Nia said holding up the camera “Smile!”

Kara blinked at the camera trying to gain control over her facial muscles.

“Why?” she asked smiling awkwardly her hands jerking away from Lena’s back.

“I’m documenting Leo’s first beach day,” Nia said smirking at her.

Kara didn’t believe her.

“And how much is the going rate for proof of something more between Kara and I?” Lena asked smiling at Nia.

“I think I could get a couple of hundred out of Andrea if I pitch it right,” Nia said grinning.

Lena scoffed.

“You’d get more for cute shots of Leo.”

“If I get a good one of you two with Leo she’d probably pay double,” Nia said smiling. 

Lena laughed.

“If she wasn’t in Venice and didn’t hate sand she’d be here herself taking a thousand pictures,” Lena said. 

“Why does she hate sand?” Nia asked lowering the camera.

Lena smiled and then her eyes flicked to Leo for a moment.

“A negative experience with it… exfoliating some delicate places.”

Nia made a face.

“Yeah that uh… ow.”

Lena laughed and looked at Kara. Kara smiled back. 

“You should be all good,” she said trying not to sound too awkward.

“If I get burnt Kara I will hunt you down,” Lena said giving her a look.

Kara picked up the sunscreen again.

“You know maybe I should make extra sure,” Kara said.

Lena laughed and Alex turned around to give her an exasperated look. Kara very carefully avoided that look as she added more sunscreen to Lena’s back carefully rubbing it in as her heart pounded in her throat. 

Lena seemed completely fine talking to Nia as Kara stood dying slowly as hands glided lower and lower. Kara glanced at Alex but she and Kelly were occupied with the volleyball. 

Kara’s hand moved a little lower. She waited until Lena was speaking before her fingers slipped under the waistband of her shorts. Lena stuttered. Kara grinned as she heard Lena’s heartbeat increase. Lena turned to look at her eyes wide. Kara smiled back.

“All done,” Kara said brightly.

Lena blew out a breath and smiled back. Kara watched her throat move as she swallowed.

“Right well time to go swimming then.”

Leo cheered and dragged Lena behind him towards the water Kara following with a smile. Lena carefully walked Leo to the edge of the water so he could chase the waves and feel them rush over his legs. Then he wanted to go deeper so Kara picked him up carrying him in until the water reached Lena’s chest. They stood in the water Leo between them. Together they helped him lie back and taught him how to float. 

He wasn’t especially good at it considering how much he wanted to splash around. So, at his insistence, Kara held him so he could learn the basics of actually swimming. 

Leo it turned out, really liked swimming. He couldn’t quite stay afloat and swim at the same time but he was getting the basics. When they finally dragged him from the water for lunch he was talking excitedly and trying to extract promises from Lena about letting him practice swimming every day. 

Kara laughed watching Lena nod along handing Leo sandwiches. Brainy and Kelly had some kind of challenge going to see if they could get to 100 in a volleyball rally with Nia keeping score. Their current best was twenty-two. Kara didn’t have much hope for their success as she watched their efforts but voiced her support anyway.

Alex much to Kara’s surprise spent lunch winning over Leo. She smiled watching her sister gently charm the youngest Luthor with donuts and stories of seeing sharks while snorkeling on her spring break.

The moment lunch was over Leo was turning to Lena with big puppy dog eyes and quiet pleas to go back in the water. Lena sighed and nodded.

“Whatever you want,” she said giving him a kiss on the head before getting to her feet and dusting herself off. 

Leo grinned and jumped up turning to Kara. She smiled and got up with an exaggerated sigh.

“I guess I could come swimming again,” she said smiling at him.

Leo beamed at her and raced halfway down the beach jumping up and down as he waited for them to catch up. To Kara’s surprise Alex suddenly broke into a run behind her.

“Race you,” Alex yelled.

Kara chased after her sister as she sprinted ahead. Leo realising what was happening started running too. Kara scooped him up on her way past limiting herself to human speed as she dashed into the water just behind Alex. 

Alex did a little victory lap around her as Leo giggled in Kara’s arms. 

“Hey Leo do you know how to hold your breath underwater?” Alex asked.

Leo shook his head and Alex gave Kara a quick look to check then offered to teach him. Kara smiled watching her sister showing Leo how to hold his breath underwater. Eventually Leo felt safe enough to have Alex hold him so they could sink under the waves together.

Kara looked up to see Lena smiling at her. She grinned and dived under the water swimming easily around Alex to surface behind Lena. As Alex and Leo dropped under the water she pressed a sneaky kiss to the side of Lena’s neck. Lena turned to her. For a moment they just looked at each other. Lena bit her lip and her hand found it’s way under the t-shirt Kara was wearing her fingers teasing as they rose higher. Kara desperately wanted to kiss her. She was leaning in when Alex and Leo resurfaced and they quickly turned back to smile at a spluttering Leo and suspicious Alex.

As the sun set and they packed up Kara felt a strange peace. Lena stood holding Leo as Nia showed her all the pictures she’d taken. Several hours swimming and a long game of Frisbee had finally worn Leo out and he was asleep in Lena’s arms. 

“Everyone ready to head home?” Alex asked. 

There was several nods as they gathered the last of their things. Kara picked up Lena’s bag for her and they shared a look. It had been as close to perfect as a day ever was for Kara.

“Would you,” Lena hesitated. “Would you like to come back to have dinner with us tonight? We could talk, about us.”

Kara smiled and nodded. 

“Yeah,” she whispered. “I’d really like that.”

“Kara you coming?” Kelly asked already ten steps away with Alex.

Kara turned and smiled at Kelly.

“I’m gonna head back with Lena.”

Kelly’s smile got a bit wider. Alex looked between them and gave her a small nod and a smile.

“Sisters night tomorrow?”

Kara nodded. Nia looked over and held up the camera once more. Kara stepped a little closer to Lena wrapping her arms around her as Lena leaned back into her. They smiled at Nia as she took a few final pictures before handing the camera over. 

They said their final goodbyes and started walking towards Lena’s car. Kara found herself looking over at Lena almost constantly. She found Lena looking back. Kara cautiously held out a hand and Lena took it. Warmth filled Kara’s chest and she looked down at their joined hands.

At the car Lena carefully woke Leo for a moment transferring him to the seat and buckling him in. Lena turned to Kara and after glancing around to make sure no one was watching pulled her in for a kiss.

Kara smiled stepping closer as she kissed her back. Lena pulled back for a moment looking at her then they were kissing again. It was soft and slow and everything Kara had wanted to do all afternoon.

A distant roar and screaming made her reluctantly pull away turning to look towards the sound. Lena sighed.

“I’ve gotta-”

“It’s okay. I’ll text you later,” Lena said smiling.

Kara nodded and stole one last kiss before running off in the direction of the roar.

Chapter Text

Lena rose from the couch and went to open the door. She had no idea why he’d be turning up at eleven at night but she was still happy to see him.

“James, it’s been a long time,” she said smiling in greeting.

“It has,” James said kissing her cheek as he passed.

“So, to what do I owe this late night visit?” she asked closing the door and guiding him through the kitchen to the lounge.

“I’m doing a guest lecture tomorrow and decided to use it as an excuse to visit Kelly. But she’s apparently still worn out from playing volleyball all day yesterday so I decided to let her get some sleep and go for a walk instead. I found my feet led me here, and knowing you as I do,” he shrugged. “I figured you’d still be awake.”

Lena smiled and sat motioning for James to sit as well. He looked around the lounge for a moment then walked over to sit in the armchair beside her. He felt around behind himself and held up a toy truck with a smile.

“So, I hear you have a new man in your life,” he said.

Lena laughed sitting back.

“Yes, yes I do. He’s made quite the impact on my home as you can see.”

She swept her hand around the space indicating the various toys and books spread about. James looked around and gave her that smile that used to make her melt a little. 

“He certainly has a lot of his things here,” James said putting the truck on the coffee table. 

“I blame Andrea,” Lena said with a sigh. “She has decided she wants the role of fun Aunt and no matter what I say keeps turning up with new toys and clothes that she found and thought may suit him. Though, the excessive number of books I admit are my fault.”

She indicated a precarious stack of picture books on the end of the coffee table. James smiled at her again.

“Would you like a drink?” she offered. 

“I’d love one if you’re offering.”

Lena rose and got the scotch down from the high shelf it now lived on. She poured them both a couple of fingers and returned the bottle. She handed James a glass as she passed returning to her seat. 

“So, tell me about him. This new man of yours,” James said.

Lena laughed and shook her head at James. He smiled back. Lena sighed.

“He’s very sweet, utterly devoted to me,” she said giving James a look. He smiled encouraging her to continue. “He holds my hand whenever we’re out together.” James chuckled. “He loves my friends, loves being around me, always wants to stay in, and daily finds a new way to distract me from my work.”

James kept smiling as she sipped her scotch.

“He sounds like a bit of a handful,” James said

“He is in a way. But, well…” 

Lena lowered her glass her attention shifting to the train track Leo had laid out that morning and she had forgotten to put away. She smiled.

“He also makes me smile, has the sweetest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and… I confess I love him very much. Nor do I find I really mind the interruptions to my work.” 

James smiled and sipped his scotch seemingly in no rush to get to the point. Lena prompted him with a look.

“Lena I… I miss you. I was walking tonight thinking about the changes in your life and well… I find this side of you quite, captivating. Not that you weren’t before but…" He shrugged. "I had thought you weren’t interested in this side of things yet. Having a family.”

Lena laughed sitting back.

“James, are you saying you find me more attractive now that I’m a mother?” she asked.

He laughed holding up his hands.

“I feel like that question might be a trap.”

“Oh it certainly was,” Lena said smiling back at him. 

James looked at his glass then at her. He gave her another of those smiles. She found she had become quite immune to his charm. She blamed blue eyes.

“James as charming as your company is I must beg you to stop beating around the bush so much. I have little tolerance for alcohol anymore and a small child who wakes me early.”

James nodded taking a deep breath.

“I would like to try again. Us. We’ve always worked well together and, I think I would be quite happy being Uncle James.”

Lena sighed draining the rest of her glass and turning to James with a sad smile.

“And that James is the reason why we can’t try again. You think you’d be Uncle James but you’re wrong. You’d be his father. I’m not Aunt Lena, not really. I am his mother, in every way that matters, and anyone who wants me for more than a few hours late at night has to sign up to become his parent too. And we both know you could never bring yourself to be a real father to Lex’s son. No matter what you tell yourself. No matter how you’d try, and I don’t doubt you’d try very hard.”

James opened his mouth to protest but she placed her hand over his stopping him. He looked at her and she met his eyes giving him another sad smile.

“You’d be very sweet and kind and he would adore you. And for a time we would convince ourselves you were what we needed. But eventually we’ll want other children, and they’ll be ones you’ll let call you Dad. Children you will think of as your own in a way you never will with Leo. And James, as much as I loved you once I love Leo more.”

James was quiet for a moment his eyes on the glass in his hands.

“I… I don’t really know what to say to that,” he said giving her an awkward smile.

“You don’t need to say anything James.”

Lena stood up and carried her empty glass to the kitchen.

“Do you think anyone will be able to do that? Be a proper father to him without… the same issue?” 

Lena rinsed out the glass pretending to think even as Kara’s face had immediately come to mind. Kara had already stepped in without hesitation. Already promised forever in ways Lena had once thought impossible.

“There are some people who are capable of looking at Leo without seeing Lex. Just as I found people who could look at me and not see my family. It may be harder to find someone to be his parent alongside me but well,” She shrugged a shoulder. “I am handling him quite well by myself. He doesn’t need a father.”

She set the glass in the drying rack. James sighed.

“What about your needs Lena? What about romance and… intimacy?” he asked. “Those few hours late at night.”

Lena laughed. She couldn’t help it. 

“James, are you offering to be my mistress?” she said smiling at him over her shoulder.

“Well I… not like that,” he said laughing.

He raised the glass to his lips again. Lena shook her head smiling. She turned to see Leo in the hallway holding Rao watching her. 

“Leo what are you doing up?” she asked gently.

Leo rubbed his eyes coming closer and held up his arms in a silent request. 

“Did you have another nightmare?” she asked picking him up.

Leo nodded his head resting against her shoulder as she settled him in her arms. He looked at James saying nothing.

“Leo this is James, he’s an old friend,” she said. 

Leo nodded and James gave him a warm smile.

“Hello Leo.”

Leo gave him a small wave.

“Well it seems someone else has claimed the other half of my bed tonight,” Lena said looking at James. 

James nodded and stood up. He drained the rest of his glass and sighed putting it down.

“I suppose that’s my cue.” 

Lena walked him to the door.

“Lena,” he said turning in the hallway. “About the other thing. The, late night position… If you ever-”

Lena laughed.

“Oh James, I’m sorry but that position has already been filled.”

James looked surprised.

“Andrea?” he asked.

Lena laughed again, louder. James sighed.

“Right. Sorry I… it was good to see you Lena.”

“And you James.”

James nodded and smiled at Leo.

“Look after her. She’s very special,” he said.

Leo nodded holding Rao closer. James turned and made his way down the hallway looking a little diminished. Lena watched him for a moment then she closed the door and raised an eyebrow at Leo.

“Did you really have a nightmare?” she asked.

Leo looked down and then held up Rao.

“Rao heard voices and wanted to know what they were saying,” he said.

“Really?” Lena said smiling. She turned carrying Leo back towards his room. “Well you should tell Rao it’s a bad idea to listen to conversations adults have late at night.”


“Because they talk of silly things,” Lena said.

Returning to Leo’s room she tucked him back into his bed.

“I’m sorry,” Leo whispered.

“For what?” Lena asked.

“That your friend didn’t stay.”

Lena smiled and stroked Leo’s hair meeting his eyes.

“It’s not your fault,” she said softly.

“But you turned him away because you love me more.”

Lena sighed heavily and sat on the bed next to Leo. This felt like one of those important conversations Sam had warned her about.

“Yes, but it’s not your fault he can’t be the man he wants to be.”

“What man is that?” Leo asked.

“One who can see us without our connection to my brother, your father.”

“He was a bad man,” Leo whispered.

“Yes. He wasn’t always though. He was once good and even kind at times, but he changed. James could never understand that, not really. To him he must have always been bad and pretended to be good.”

“Do you think I will change too?” Leo whispered.

Lena shook her head and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“No, you are nothing like him. Everyone will tell you the opposite, but trust me, you are not like Lex. Nor are you destined to go down the same path. I turned James away because no matter what he tells himself he will always wonder in the back of his mind if you and I will become bad. And I cannot be happy with someone who will always look at us and see my brother.”

Leo nodded still seeming sad.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked stroking his cheek.

“I look like him. Grandma says so,” Leo said holding Rao closer.

Lena smiled and nodded.

“You do, but you know who else you look like? Me. We have the same chin. And you get a dimple here just like me.”

She tapped his cheek then gently tweaked his ears.

“You have big ears like your grandfather, and blue eyes like your mother, and the same ticklish spots as me,” Leo giggled as she tickled him. “And Kara’s smile.”

Leo looked at her confused.

“How do I have Kara’s smile?” he asked.

“Because she taught it to you.” 

“She said I have your smile,” Leo said hiding his face behind Rao.

Lena laughed.

“I guess she taught it to us both then. Now it’s very late and you should be asleep.”

She kissed his head and got up.

“Goodnight Leo.”

“Goodnight Mama.”

A tiny fist wrapped itself around her heart and squeezed. Lena brushed her hand over his hair giving him a final smile before she turned out the light leaving him in the dark room with only the red glow of his night light. 

Back in the lounge she sat down with a sigh and looked at the reports she’d been reading. She rubbed a hand over her face and decided to call it a night. She wasn’t going to get anything done now. She picked up her phone automatically opening her messages with Kara. The remembered Kara had sisters night and navigated back out. She scrolled down to Sam.

Leo called me Mama tonight. 

She hit send and put her phone down. It rang five seconds later. She smiled and picked it up.


Kara opened the door and smiled as Alex held out a stack of pizzas. 

“I’ve got the pizza, and you got us ice cream right?” 

Kara nodded and pulled her sister in for a one armed hug. Alex squeezed her back tightly. 

“Okay. Let’s get settled in then you can tell me everything,” Alex said heading for the couch. 

Kara sighed and closed the door. Alex was on a mission. Kara followed her to the couch and accepted her first pizza. She got three slices in before Alex started.

“So you had sex with Lena.” 

It wasn’t a question but Kara still nodded. Alex was quiet for a moment then looked at Kara. 

“How was it?”

Kara grinned. Alex smiled back.

“Better than any guy I’ve been with,” Kara said.

Alex laughed.

“Considering your dating history that’s not saying much. Though statistics do say women in relationships with women have the most orgasms,” Alex said picking up a slice of pizza.


Kara sighed happily her mind drifting back to Lena. Alex poked her.

“Okay now tell me about what’s been happening in your relationship”

So Kara did, while eating two pizzas and leaving out all the details she had a feeling Alex would not appreciate. When she was done Alex put aside her pizza and nodded.

“Okay,” she paused to take a deep breath. “I’m sorry you didn’t feel able to talk about this with me earlier. Recently I haven’t been very supportive of your relationship with Lena when I really should have been; and I promise I’m going to be better in future. Especially about Leo. I want to help, and I want to be a part of his life going forwards.” Alex hesitated. “I know that’s kind of something I need to say to Lena, but I also know it’s something you probably needed to hear. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m in.”

Kara looked at her and smiled. 

“Thanks Alex.” 

She leaned over and let Alex wrap her in a hug. She breathed out a sigh snuggling in closer as Alex gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“I do have one concern,” Alex said.

Kara narrowed her eyes looking up at her.

“Not like that,” Alex said with a sigh. “It’s about what you want and what Lena wants.”

Kara sat up with a sigh reaching for Alex’s pizza.

“What do you want? With Lena I mean,” Alex asked pushing her hand away.

“Everything,” Kara said with a sigh. “Like I’m not ready to marry her today but… one day. I want to eventually live with her and help her raise Leo, and any other children we might have. I want to wake up every morning with her beside me, and host Christmas together, and laugh at whatever insane easter egg hunt she spends all night making for Leo. I want to stand next to her when she has to do major L Corp functions, and make her soup when she’s sick, and argue over colours for new curtains. I want… everything.”

Alex nodded and Kara blushed remembering how early it was in her relationship with Lena. She didn’t even know if they were a thing yet. 

“And if Lena doesn’t want that?” Alex asked gently.

Kara took a deep breath getting up to fetch the ice cream. 

“I didn’t mean it-” 

Alex reached for her but Kara shook her head giving her a small smile as she opened the freezer.

“It’s an important question,” she said. “If she doesn’t want forever I guess… I guess I’ll have to be okay with being only her friend.”

“I was thinking more would you be happy being her friend in public and something more in secret?” Alex asked. “I know this is awkward but Lena’s a very private person. She might not be comfortable being… out.”

Kara hesitated. She hadn’t really considered that. It made sense though. She’d had no idea Lena was… was Lena bi? They had never really discussed anything like that. They talked about almost anything else. Looking back it had been almost deliberate how Lena had avoided certain topics. 

Then again Kara had too. Admitting her preferences in the bedroom even to those closest to her felt incredibly awkward. She guessed Lena might have felt the same about her sexuality. Especially growing up in the Luthor household. For all she knew her family had been homophobic as well as xenophobic. 

“I guess I should really talk with Lena about all this,” she said digging her spoon into the ice cream.

“Yeah,” Alex said sitting back with her own. “Before you do though you should know exactly what you want, what you can do without, and what you absolutely can’t do.”

Kara smiled at Alex.

“You’ve been talking about this with Kelly haven’t you?”

“Yes,” Alex admitted. “But only because I feel like I haven’t been very good at these conversations with you before. Probably because I didn’t even know how to have them with myself, see Maggie.”

Kara leaned over to rest her head on Alex’s shoulder.

“Kelly’s a good influence on you.”

Alex smiled and sighed.

“Yeah,” she gave Kara a mock glare. “So come on Supergirl. What are the things you need Lena to agree to in your relationship?”

Kara sighed thinking about it.

“If we break up I still need to be part of Leo’s life,” she said firmly.

Alex nodded her agreement.

“He’s a sweet kid, and he loves you. I’m sure Lena would be able to handle that.”

“Considering she let’s her mother babysit I feel pretty confident on that one,” Kara said.

Alex gave her a look that spoke volumes. Kara’s mouth twitched in response. She didn’t like Lillian, but there were more important things than their history. Namely Leo. Lillian had also been consistently… not terrible for several months now. Kara could tolerate Lillian.

“Okay what else?” Alex asked.

“I’m not giving up either of my jobs,” Kara said.

“Again, probably not expecting trouble there,” Alex said waving her spoon.

“I am not lying to my family about our relationship. If she wants to keep it a secret from the press and the public that’s fine but I am not pretending in private. I couldn’t lie to you or Eliza like that. I also think everyone close to us would work it out by themselves.”

Alex nodded with a smile. Kara ate another mouthful of ice cream thinking.

“I am however quite happy to sign a prenup.” Alex laughed. “I am happy to eventually move in with her and take the Luthor name if she doesn’t want to hyphenate, and I will compromise on only getting one cat instead of two. But we are getting a dog even is it has to be one of those hypoallergenic ones.”

Alex laughed again then she pointed her spoon at Kara.

“Question, what if Lena doesn’t want to have any more kids.”

Kara thought about it and shrugged.

“We have Leo, if she doesn’t want to have more that’s okay with me. If she does then great, because I think it’s good to have siblings.”

“What if she wants lots of kids?”

Kara smiled picturing Leo surrounded by black haired blue eyed siblings. 

“I’d be happy with that,” she said still smiling.

Alex laughed giving her a subtle nudge.

“I’m also happy to carry them if she doesn’t want to. Or adopt if she'd rather that,” Kara added.

“Well whatever happens I think it’s safe to say Kelly and I are happy to babysit for you. We need to organise some more time together so I can get Leo comfortable with me. Apparently he’s already chill with Kelly for short times but as he gets more confident you’re going to want the option of a whole night off.”

Kara turned to her surprised.

“Since when? I knew he was okay with Kelly, and she does have lunch with Lena sometimes, but I didn’t know he was at that stage.”

Alex smiled clearly pleased to know something about Leo Kara didn’t. Kara pouted and Alex smiled.

“Andrea and Lena had a face to face meeting at Obsidian North today. They had to go down into the labs and Kelly offered to have Leo sit with her while they were down there because Leo can't go in. Apparently he showed no signs of distress after being with her for the hour. Lena was apparently surprised but very pleased.”

Kara thought about it for a moment.

“Makes sense in a way. She was one of the first people Lena introduced him to as a trusted person.”

“That brings up another question,” Alex said smirking at Kara. “How do you feel about Andrea becoming someone you’ll have to see socially?”

Kara smirked back at her sister.

“Already got that sorted. We found common ground in Leo. I can always talk to her about him if we’re left alone. Also since finding out I’m Supergirl Andrea’s been a very understanding boss in her own way.”

Alex frowned.

“But you’re always complaining about her making you work later-”

Kara nodded digging out another scoop of ice cream.

“That’s to make up for ducking out. She has me keep a log of every time I leave to meet a source, and then I make it up later. In return she doesn’t get on me about deadlines if she can see I’ve had to leave a lot. Drives William nuts because she’ll get on him for being two minutes late but I was three hours past deadline and she just waved it away and told me to do a write up of Supergirl’s latest fight. When there’s not a lot of heroing to do she has me draft a whole bunch of fluff pieces for her in case she needs something to sub in. Nia also has permission to check over and submit any of my articles if we get too close to the final deadline. It’s a lot of extra prep work but it gives me flexibility.”

Alex seemed to think about it for a moment then nodded.

“That’s fair I suppose.”

“Unfortunately that does mean some days I’m still there until ten or eleven because the criminal element of National City decided they all wanted to party together.”

Alex laughed. They lapsed into silence both eating their respective ice cream. Alex sighed and looked at Kara.

“So I have another question about you and Lena and I’m a bit worried about the answer.”

“Shoot,” Kara said with a nervous smile.

“Why did you tell Kelly there had been no spanking?”

“Um…” Kara got very red and looked anywhere but at her sister. “So… Kelly might have worked out something-”

Alex sighed heavily.

“It was bad enough hearing Nia call William the bondage police now I know you're doing kinky sex stuff with Lena”

Kara covered her face as her blush got worse. Alex laughed. 

“I can’t believe William was right about you two,” Alex muttered.

“He was not right!” Kara said turning to glare at her sister.

“I think considering recent events he might have been onto something.”

“Okay… but the reason our relationship didn’t work was because instead of talking to me about his concerns like a grown up he decided to rant at me about my relationship with Lena for ten minutes, in front of Nia, and very briefly Andrea until he noticed her.”

“I certainly don’t think he was right to say it how he did. But… I gotta ask. Did you really do everything he said?”

Kara sighed putting down her ice cream and made a face as she looked at Alex.

“Well… I didn’t think Lena was interested in me, like that. So I decided to go with Mon-El and well, he wasn’t great. And then she dated James but- sorry off topic. In short I might have gotten bored and been thinking of… her and so, yes okay I did but there was a lot more than-”

Alex reached out giving her a hug. Kara sighed snuggling into Alex’s side.

“In a way he was right that I cared more about my relationship with Lena than him.” She shrugged and looked up at Alex. “But at the same time that was true from day one and he knew that going in.”

Alex gave her shoulder a squeeze. 

“I kinda think he was jealous of Lena.”

Kara shrugged.

“Probably,” she admitted. “She is richer than him.”

“And smarter,” Alex added.

“And prettier.”

“And more successful in her career.”

“Better at Jenga too.”

“Has better taste in scotch.”

“And she gave me the best orgasm of my life, twice,” Kara said with a smirk.

Alex gave her a playful shove making a disgusted noise as Kara laughed.

“Okay I am now banning you from talking about Lena unless you can keep it PG.”

Kara smirked at her.

“Consider it revenge for all the things I heard about Maggie and Kelly.”

Alex grumbled a bit and Kara smiled. Alex sighed.

“On the bright side at least this time you won’t have to tell HR about your relationship. Although…” Alex smiled at her. “Lena is technically a consultant for the DEO and I don’t think you’ve watched the sexual harassment video on this Earth.”

Kara pointed her spoon threateningly at Alex.

“I am not watching that video again. It was bad enough the first time.” Alex smiled taking out her phone. “I should probably check with Pam, just to be sure. It might still be necessary.”

Kara narrowed her eyes at her sister.

“If I have to watch it so does Lena and we both know she’s not gonna like it.”

Alex thought about it for a moment. Kara could see her running the calculation of what Lena might do in revenge. Alex sighed.

“Spoilsport,” she muttered.

Kara grinned happily digging into her ice cream again.

Chapter Text

Kara’s morning was not going well. It had started early breaking up a new alien fighting ring -who went to a fight club at seven am? At least the aliens had been grateful for her intervention this time. Halfway through writing up her article on the fights William had come in and dumped two new assignments on her desk, on opposite sides of the city. She’d been tempted to protest but Andrea had only just gotten back from Venice or wherever she’d gone and it wasn’t good to constantly go to her boss whenever her editor gave her assignments she didn’t like. 

In the end she solved the problem by giving the smaller one to Nia who was more than happy to do some proper journalism after a week of fashion fluff pieces. Then she had three car crashes in a row to pull people out of.

Kara sighed dropping back into her chair after the journey back across town. Even as Supergirl her day had been draining. Kara rubbed her head trying to will away the growing ache. She might be immune to most illness and injury but even Supergirl could get stress headaches.

“Hey Kara.”

Kara looked up and smiled giving James a welcoming hug. 

“James! Kelly didn’t tell me you were visiting,” she said.

“I got asked to do a lecture on photojournalism by an old friend at NCU, thought I’d make it a surprise.” 

Kara beamed at him.

“Well I’m very pleasantly surprised. So, what brings you to Catco? Checking on me or whether you made the right choice in leaving?” she asked.

James laughed and looked at her.

“Did I?” he asked.

“Considering the assignments William gave me this morning…” Kara sucked in a breath and gave him a look. James laughed. “I’d say yes for you and no for me.”

James gave her a smile and they both sat.

“How is everything generally? Andrea driving you crazy?”

Kara shook her head.

“No we have… a kind of accord. She still makes me write clickbait titles but mostly I get to do actual journalism and she’s been very understanding about the odd hours I work.”

James smiled and nodded.

“Did you have Lena speak with her?” he asked.

Kara shook her head. 

“No, we reached this agreement ourselves. Lena hasn’t interfered with Catco since she sold it.”

James nodded and sighed his expression shifting as he rubbed his neck.

“Are you okay?” Kara asked.

“Yeah,” James said quickly. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

He gave her an overly enthusiastic grin.

“I don’t know, you seem… sad,” she said gently.

James gave her a small smile.

“It’s Lena,” he said. 

Kara felt her heart speed up.

“What about Lena?” she asked.

“I went to see her the other night, we talked and she said something… unexpected.”

“Yeah?” Kara asked trying not to give away her anxiety. 

Lena had been in love with James and Kara knew their breakup had hurt, both times. If James had come back Lena might have been tempted and then Kara would-

“She said she loved Leo more than me.”

“Well he is her son,” she said giving James a confused look. “It would be a bit weird if she didn’t.”

James sighed shaking his head.

“It was more than that. She didn’t think I would be able to love him as my own because he was Lex’s son and I… I think she’s wrong. But I know she won’t believe me if I argue the point. She made it pretty clear that her mind was made up… and that I didn’t measure up.” 

Kara thought about it. She took a breath and turned to look at James properly. He noticed her scrutiny and gave her another smile. Kara sighed sitting back in her chair thinking. He hadn’t been especially supportive of her relationship with a Luthor in the beginning and even while dating Lena he had seemed to harbour some reservations about her trustworthiness and morals… Kara mentally slapped herself for thinking ill of her friend. James was a good man and she knew he had loved Lena. Did love Lena?

“Do you think you could?” she finally asked. “Could you look at Leo and see your son?”

James nodded.

“Over time of course I would. I fell in love with Lena and she was his sister. There’s no reason I couldn’t love Lex’s son too. Especially with Lena raising him.”

Kara sighed and leaned forwards placing a hand over James’.

“That’s why,” she said gently. “You’d need time to love Lex’s son.”

James frowned looking at her confused so she continued.

“He’s not Lex’s son, he’s Lena’s.”

James’ eyes widened in shock.

“Wait so he’s actually-”

“No, she’s his Aunt. Leo is the biological offspring of Lex and Eve, but he is Lena’s son. Lex had next to nothing to do with him.”

Kara sighed again seeing James thinking hard. She squeezed his hand drawing his attention once more.

“Leo is an adorable, sweet, clever boy who deserves all the love and support in the world. If you can’t love him from the start on his own merits then, I’m sorry but Lena is right. Leo needs to have people willing to see him as his own person, not as the son of Lex Luthor.”

James held her gaze for a moment and sighed heavily.

“I’m guessing you had no problem,” he said sitting back.

Kara shook her head smiling.

“He’s adorable. I loved him from the moment I met him,” she said.

James nodded and rubbed his face tiredly. Kara turned back to her computer giving him a moment as she checked her emails.

“Do you know who Lena’s… seeing?” James asked softly.

Kara coughed looking away and quickly busying herself with some papers on her desk. 

“Yes,” she said throwing James a smile.

“Is it Andrea?” he asked.

Kara spun around to look at him with a glare.

“No! Why would you think it’s Andrea?” she demanded.

James held up his hands.

“Sorry,” he said quickly. “Andrea and you are the only people that seem to be regularly seen with her and Leo apart from people she works with.”

Kara relaxed a little. Then she looked at James again opening her mouth to point out how close he was to the answer. Then she stopped herself. They hadn’t talked about that yet. She rubbed her head, they needed to have that talk ASAP.

“Lena is being… very quiet about it. There’s a few things they need to work out before telling people.”

James nodded in understanding.

“But you know,” he said.

Kara nodded stacking her papers once more avoiding James’ very intense gaze.

“Does she… love them?” James asked.

Kara looked up and met James eyes. He seemed rather sad.

“I don’t know,” she said softly. “But I know they love her, and Leo.”

James nodded and got up with a sigh.

“I better go. I know you’re busy and I have a meeting with an old source. I’ll see you around Kara.”

Kara rose and quickly gave him a tight hug before wishing him farewell. She sat back down to keep working when her phone lit up with an alert. She sighed and headed for the stairs. 


Kara knew it was late when she finished at Catco but she missed Lena. They’d seen each other for a quick brunch the day before but they’d both been too busy for more than the meal. They were still too busy now but she decided after the day she’d had she needed to see Lena. Even if it was nearly eleven and she had an early meeting in the morning. 

She flew past to make sure Lena was still up and saw her sitting in her home office working on a laptop. Kara hovered in front of the window waiting for Lena to notice her. Lena looked up and smiled giving her a small wave. Kara smiled and flew around to the balcony landing gently. Lena came out a minute later.

“Hello Kara,” she said smiling.

“Hey,” Kara said smiling back. 

Lena took three steps forwards and then they were kissing. Kara sighed her hands coming up to wrap around Lena bringing them closer. All she wanted was to sink into Lena’s arms and not think for a while. 

“Stressful day?” Lena asked kissing her way down Kara’s neck.

“Yes,” Kara said with a groan.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Lena asked.

Kara sighed.

“Not yet,” Kara said tilting her head back to allow Lena better access to her neck. “I just want to do… other things.”

She looked at Lena. Lena smiled back.

“Other things?” Lena’s smile turned wicked and her hand tightened in Kara’s hair. “You mean you want to have sex,” Lena said forcing Kara’s head back. 

Kara moaned.

“Yes that,” she said licking her lips. “Please, I want you to, to be in charge. Just for a while then, then we can talk.”

Lena laughed softly. Then she twisted her hand in Kara’s hair again and kissed her roughly biting and sucking at her lips until Kara was panting against her. 

“Strip and follow me,” Lena said.

Kara scrambled out of her clothes bundling them together as she walked behind Lena. She was struggling to breathe as arousal flooded her body. Inside the bedroom Lena shoved the clothes out of her hand and pushed her towards the bed. Kara found herself stumbling backwards and landing on the mattress with a gasp. Lena kicked her legs apart and then she was on top of her again kissing her roughly.

Kara felt her whole body relaxing as she gave in. It felt so good after everything to just let Lena have her like this. To just give everything up to her. She whined as Lena pulled away pressing her into the bed in a silent command.


Lena could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she looked at Kara laid out on her bed waiting. She had so many ideas. So many fantasies. She took a deep breath centring herself. She had time for them later. But tonight, tonight she was going to have a little fun. Ease into everything she wanted.

“Before we start I just want to check something…” 

Lena closed her eyes against the image of naked Kara so she could do the next bit. She took the time during her walk over to the door to calm herself. She may not have had the chance to do this in over a year but she wasn’t an amateur and she was going to do this properly. She checked the door was closed before typing in the code.

“Can you still hear out?” she asked.

Kara blinked as though clearing her mind and then she nodded.

“What is that?” she asked looking around the room her eyes moving over the walls.

“Anti listening device measures. The vibrations muffle everything and cause feedback static to electronics not inside this room. But it also works as sound proofing. With the doors closed you can scream my name at the top of your lungs and only those with super hearing will be able to hear more than a muffled sound, and that’s only if they’re right outside the door.”

Kara gulped.

“Do you want to scream my name?” Lena asked walking back towards the bed.

“Yes,” Kara whispered.

“Do you want me to scream your name?”

Kara moaned nodding as Lena straddled her.

“Soon, but first; informed consent is important,” Lena said smiling at Kara.

Kara nodded.

“Normally I’d do an in depth conversation about what you do and don’t like, your fantasies, kinks, limits, and all that.”

Kara was panting as she nodded.

“But for tonight let’s just start with the basics. What do you want tonight?”

“Aren’t you the one who’s supposed to tell me?” Kara asked.

Lena smiled and stroked Kara's face with one hand.

“Yes and no. I need to know what you want first. Do you want to hurt, do you want to feel used, do you just want a good hard fuck? Once I know that I can start thinking of ideas and then I check if you’re interested in them, and we go from there.”

Kara’s mouth was open as she looked up at Lena. Lena gave her a kiss.

“So, what do you want?” Lena whispered against Kara’s lips.

“I want to feel powerless,” Kara whispered. “I want you to take me out of my head and into this moment here with you. I want you to… to use me for your pleasure,” her voice grew softer but Lena could still hear. “I want you to…” she swallowed again. “Fuck me roughly.”

Lena smiled and rewarded her with another kiss. Kara sighed happily her body turning instantly pliant against Lena’s demanding mouth.

“Thank you Kara. Now I know that I can ask some more specific questions, like how do you feel about bondage?”

“G-good,” Kara stammered.

“How do you feel about me fucking you with a strap on?”

Kara’s mouth opened and a small laugh came out as she looked at Lena. Lena made sure she showed no change in her face or heart rate as she waited for Kara’s answer.

“V-very good,” Kara whispered.

Lena smiled at her.

“And how do you feel about red sun lamps?”

Kara froze then she licked her lips. 

“How do you mean?” Kara whispered.

Lena got off her moving to the light control by her bed. 

“There’s three specialised red sun lamps above my bed. They were a security measure. I used to have them all over the apartment but, well the point is I removed them from everywhere else.”

Kara grinned at her.

“But not your bed?” she asked with a smirk. “Interesting.”

Lena smiled at Kara.

“That was a decision based on honourable intent. It was in case you ever came for a sleepover and wanted to dampen your hearing for a good night’s sleep. I imagine it can be overwhelming at times.”

Kara’s whole face and body softened as she looked at Lena. Lena kept talking.

“I’ve done a lot of work on the original design and while I haven’t been able to test it,” she gave Kara a small shrug. “I believe that these should effectively dampen your powers without actually removing them. Lex and the DEO’s design gradually drain your powers to bring you to a human state so after you have to recharge to get your powers back. Whereas with these, again theoretically, they should act like an instant block that when removed will have no effect on the radiation already stored inside you. Think of them like a blindfold when it’s on you can’t see but once removed your sight is fully restored. While they’re on your body can’t access your powers so you are effectively human, but the moment I turn them off you can.”

“Wow,” Kara said sitting up and grinning at her. “That’s incredible. Can we test?”

Lena smiled and nodded. Kara hovered above the bed then the lamps flicked on and she fell immediately back down. Kara looked up and then around her.

“Okay, it feels like they’re gone…”

Lena turned the lamps off and Kara’s face lit up. She pushed off from the bed and found herself hovering again.

“That’s amazing!” she said looking over at Lena.

“Thank you,” Lena said smiling. “So yes or no to possibly using them tonight?”

“Oh yes, definitely yes- wait…” Kara looked towards the door and then back at Lena.

“What about Leo?” she asked. 

Lena scoffed and held up her phone.

“I have probably the best home security system in the world.”

She opened the app she had for just this purpose. 

“There’s a whole web of pressure sensors in his room.” She propped the phone in it’s charger which just so happened to ensure the phone screen was tilted to be visible from the bed. “If he gets out of bed my phone will flash blue. We’ll have about thirty seconds to a minute warning.”

Kara looked at Lena and bit her lip.

“Can you hide all evidence in that time?”

“Darling, I can do it in ten.” She thought about it for a second. “Fifteen if I need to put on clothes too.”

Kara laughed and nodded.

“Okay so in that case, yes to the red sun lamps.”

Lena smiled and moved closer.

“So just to be clear. You’ve agreed to bondage, being fucked with a strap on, and me turning on the red sun lamps to block your powers while that happens.”

Kara nodded biting her lip again. Lena ran her hand down Kara’s body stopping at her thigh.

“Well then, last chance if there’s anything else you want to talk about before I go get the toys,” Lena said.

Kara quickly shook her head. Lena smiled and then she kissed her again and again capturing those perfect lips with her own. She shoved and Kara fell back with no resistance. 

“I’ll be back in a moment,” Lena said. “Stay here.”

Kara nodded quickly. Lena got off her heading for her closet and the selection of toys she kept hidden in a locked box. She spun the dial and quickly removed a length of rope. It was an eight foot length of basic hemp dyed black, she’d bought it almost a year ago and hadn’t had the opportunity to use it. She looked at the other toys and then back at Kara on the bed. She reached in pulling out a red silk bag. She closed the box and listened for the click of the lock.

Walking back into the bedroom she saw Kara exactly where she’d left her her hands twisted in the blankets. Lena held up the rope for her to see.

“This is plain dyed hemp rope. Nothing special about it. The tie I’ll use has a quick release so you’ll be able to untie yourself if you so choose. Do you consent to me tying your hands with it.”

The sudden change in Kara’s breathing answered that question. Lena smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes,” Kara said quickly. 

Lena nodded dropping the rope onto the bed. She held up the bag enjoying the affect she was having on Kara. She pulled out the harness and already attached toy.

“As for the strap on, is this one okay?”

Kara was watching her with wide eyes as she nodded. Her eyes moved from the toy and back to Lena over and over.

“Should I take that as an enthusiastic yes,” Lena said.

Kara kept nodding. 

“We can go into safewords and the like next time if you want. But tonight if you want to stop or change anything just say so.” Kara nodded again. “So, you ready?”

Kara smiled at her and opened her mouth then closed it smiling at Lena. Kara took a deep breath seeming to settle herself.

“Yes. Yes I am,” she said.

Lena smiled and turned to the panel turning on the red sun lamps again. She turned and beckoned Kara over. Kara sprang off the bed and took two steps moving to kiss Lena.

“Uh uh,” Lena said pressing a finger to Kara’s lips as they got closer. “Help me out of my dress first.”

Kara nodded her hands shaking as Lena turned and moved her hair out of the way. Kara fumbled with the tiny clasp and struggled to pull th zip down. She carefully tugged a few times then cursed as it didn’t move. Lena laughed softly.

“Having trouble?” she asked smirking.


It started to move then it caught again. Lena smiled as she heard Kara’s frustrated whine.

“You broke the zip didn’t you,” Lena said looking over her shoulder.

Kara nodded apologetically. Lena smiled to herself. Even with the lamps in play Kara was still strong.

“Well you have another five seconds to find a way to get me out of this dress,” she said looking at Kara over her shoulder. “Four, three-”

Kara grabbed the dress at the top and ripped it along the zip. The dress fell to the floor and Lena sucked in a breath as she looked at the material now pooled around her feet.

“One,” she said smiling. 

She reached up and undid her bra and tossing it in the general direction of her laundry basket. She turned around and smiled at Kara. Kara was watching her with wide eyes as she picked up the rope. 

She reached out and grasped Kara’s wrist firmly. Kara gasped as she spun her around with ease pinning the hand behind her back. Lena took two steps shoving Kara face first onto the bed her wrist still captured behind her back. Lena roughly grabbed her other wrist and quickly tied them together as Kara moaned on the bed. 

She put the loop around one of Kara’s fingers.

“If you pull on this the whole knot will release,” she said.

Kara nodded quickly. Lena pulled her back off the bed and onto her knees. Kara’s eyes had a somewhat dazed look to them as she looked up at Lena. Lena stepped in front of Kara enjoying the affect she was having on Kara’s breathing. 

“Now, take off my underwear.”

Kara’s shoulders twitched as she immediately went to use her hands. Lena smiled wider watching Kara realise she'd have to use her mouth. Kara licked her lips and cautiously moved her head closer. She opened her mouth and captured the lace in her teeth slowly tugging it down Lena’s legs. Lena smiled watching Kara struggle as she got lower. 

Lena helped her with the final bit stepping out and kicking her underwear away. Kara was panting again as she straightened up her eyes on Lena. Lena smiled and grabbed Kara’s hair. She gave Kara a final smile before shoving her face between her legs. 

The first sweep of Kara’s tongue over her clit made her moan. She heard the answering vibration of Kara’s hum as her lips formed around her clit and sucked. Lena buried her hands in Kara’s hair pulling her closer. 

Kara’s tongue was moving faster in long sweeps tasting every part of her. Lena felt her knees buckle slightly as Kara’s tongue delved inside her. She sank back onto the mattress her hands still in Kara’s hair keeping her mouth in place. Lena gasped as Kara’s tongue shifted from fucking her to flicking over her clit.

“Oh God,” she moaned as Kara’s tongue moved faster. 

Kara doubled her efforts her tongue pressing harder and faster. Lena could feel her orgasm getting  closer as her toes curled. This time she didn’t stop her.

“Yes, Kara,” she gasped. 

Kara moaned pressing her face closer as she shifted her tongue a little to one side. A long moan was pulled from Lena’s lips her hands tightening in Kara’s hair as she was pulled quickly into her first orgasm. 

Kara’s mouth slowed as Lena’s fingers released her hair and she sank onto the mattress with a sigh. Kara lifted her head and Lena immediately forced it back down.

“I didn’t say stop,” she said. 

Kara moaned loudly and her tongue went back to work as she slowly licked and sucked at Lena’s twitching body. Lena smiled as she felt the aftershocks shift into anticipation. She gently pushed Kara away. 

Kara whined the pout appearing as Len sat up again. 

“I wanna make you come again,” Kara said. 

“Oh you will,” Lena said smirking. “But you’ll do it on your back.”

Lena pulled Kara to her feet shaking out the rope with a flick of her wrist. Kara melted against Lena as she wrapped her arms around her tying her hands in front of her this time.

“Pulling this will free your right hand,” Lena said holding up the loop.

Kara nodded. Lena begun kissing her way up Kara’s neck drawing a soft moan from the blonde.

“Lie in the middle of the bed on your back,” Lena ordered stepping away.

Kara rushed to obey. She scrambled clumsily over the blankets with her hands tied in front of her and quickly took her position waiting. Then as though she read Lena’s mind she put her hands above her head.

Lena stepped onto the bed and stood over Kara enjoying the way Kara’s eyes travelled up her body. She smiled dropping to her knees straddling Kara and drawing a moan from the blonde. She leaned over and kissed Kara one hand diving between the headboard and mattress finding the clip hidden there. She smiled pulling it up. 

Kara heard the click of metal as Lena captured the rope in it. A shudder running through her body as she tugged experimentally at the binding.

“Checking in, how are we?” Lena asked.

“Good,” Kara whispered. “So good. Please Lena.”

“Please what?” Lena asked. 

“Please use me again.”

Lena smiled and kissed her roughly. Kara made a surprised noise then she was kissing her back their legs tangling together as Kara tried to pull Lena closer. Lena pulled away her mouth moving down to suck and bite at Kara’s neck. To her delight marks begun appearing. 

Lena moaned loudly and looked at the red against Kara’s neck. She looked at Kara their eyes meeting for a second as Kara’s mouth opened in surprise, then she grinned at Lena and Lena smiled back before returning to her neck. 

Kara moaned and whimpered as Lena attacked her neck with lips and teeth marking all that perfect skin steadily moving lower. Then she made her way to Kara’s breasts sucking a hickey into first one then the other as Kara writhed under her begging for more. 

Lena’s mouth and fingers found their way to Kara’s nipples and Kara cried out the sound a mix of pleasure and pain. Lena kept going tormenting them both sucking and biting one as the fingers pinched and rolled the other. Then she remembered she could scratch. She ran her nails down Kara’s stomach and listened to the moan it drew from Kara.

She looked up at her and grinned. 

“Next time I’m going to scratch your back to hell as you fuck me into the mattress.”

Kara’s eyes rolled back in her head as she strained again the rope binding her hands.

“Please Lena. Please!” she begged.

“What do you want?” Lena asked her mouth moving lower to suck marks into Kara’s ribs as well. 

Her neck and chest were a mess of hickeys and Lena promised herself one day she’d cover every part of Kara with marks. 

“Fuck me, or let me fuck you. God please just- more!”

Lena laughed softly and moved lower. She could see how aroused Kara was, she could smell it. Something a little sweeter than human but still. She forced Kara’s thighs apart and buried her face in Kara.

Kara’s cried out as Lena swept her tongue deep inside her her face quickly getting covered in Kara’s arousal as she licked and tasted teasing. 

“Lena. LenaLenaLena!”

Lena pulled herself away and moved up the bed. Kara squirmed under her panting and whining until Lena was above her. She carefully positioned herself and looked at Kara.

“Snap your fingers if you need me to move,” Lena said. 

Kara nodded quickly and then Lena moved a little lower and Kara’s mouth was back on her. Lena moaned gripping the headboard with both hands as she begun to grind against Kara’s tongue. 

Kara was straining against the ropes as she quickly worked Lena closer to her second orgasm. Lena moaned encouragement as Kara’s tongue found the right spot.

“There,” Lena gasped. “Right there.”

Kara stiffened her tongue pressing harder. 

“Oh fuck,” Lena moaned her hands tightening. “Fuck yes Kara. Kara, Kara, Kara-”

The words dissolved as her head fell back in a silent cry as she continued to ride Kara’s face through an orgasm that left her shaking and panting her body slumped against the wall as aftershocks flared through her body with every slow sweep of Kara’s tongue.

Lena fell to the side experience the only thing preventing her from accidentally kicking Kara as she lay on the bed breathing heavily. She could hear Kara’s breathing just as harsh beside her.

“Two minutes,” Lena gasped.

Kara laughed and then Lena did too. She forced her shaking body to move as she rolled over kissing Kara and tasting herself. Kara whined kissing her back desperately. 

“Fuck Kara,” Lena said kissing her again. 

Kara hummed and chased Lena’s lips with her own. Lena smiled and moved one hand down Kara’s body to the space between her legs. Kara’s whole body shuddered as Lena’s fingers brushed her clit.

“You ready for me to fuck you?” Lena asked.

Kara whined and Lena smiled kissing her once more. 

“Get on your hands and knees, legs shoulder width apart.”

Kara nodded as Lena rolled off the bed and stood up on increasingly steady legs. She picked up the harness and stepped into it. Kara moaned watching as Lena slid the harness up her legs and adjusted the straps. 

Satisfied Lena looked back at the bed seeing Kara waiting for her. Lena took a deep breath and reached for her bedside draw and the lube. She poured some into her hand then applied it to the toy until it was slick and glistening listening to Kara’s small needy whines. 

“Remember if you want this to stop all you have to do is say,” Lena said.

Kara nodded quickly her eyes fixed on the toy.

“I’m going to fuck you Kara, and I’m not going to be gentle.” 

Kara moaned her face dropping to the bed as her toes curled. Lena laughed softly. 

“You’re not allowed to come until I say.”

Kara mumbled something her hands clenching over and over. Lena ran one hand up Kara’s back as she lined herself up. Kara moaned as she felt the tip of the toy resting right at the entrance to her body. Lena took a deep breath her hand moving from the toy to Kara’s hip. She flexed her fingers gripping Kara tightly. She was going to enjoy this. 

She grabbed a fistful of Kara’s hair and pulled as she shoved the toy deep. Kara let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream as her hands tightened on the rope. Lena drew out slowly and rammed inside Kara again. A string of words came out of Kara’s mouth that definitely wasn’t English. 

“Please yes, Rao I want-” 

Another moan forced it’s way out of her throat as Lena changed the angle slightly.


Lena held her tighter her nails digging into Kara’s hips as she fucked her harder. She shoved her face down into the bed. Kara’s body shuddered and she could already feel the tremble of her thighs.

“Oh no,” Lena growled pulling out. “You’re not coming that easy.”

She grabbed Kara’s shoulder shoving her over roughly. Kara looked up at her eyes unfocused as she tried to reorient herself. Lena spread her legs and buried the toy back inside her. Kara gripped the rope  binding her looking up at Lena as she slowly fucked her.

“You were about to come,” Lena said glaring at Kara.

Kara quickly shook her head biting her lip. 

“Don’t lie,” Lena said sliding the toy almost all the way out.

Kara whimpered and squirmed.

“Now I’m going to have to be mean.”

Kara gasped her hips twitching as she looked at Lena.

“I wonder how long you’ll last,” Lena finished thrusting back inside Kara.

She slowly slid the toy out then roughly thrust it back in over and over keeping to the same pace. Kara rolled her hips trying to speed Lena up. Lena shoved Kara’s hips down into the bed and dug her nails in.

“Behave,” she said. “I will increase the pace when and if I choose.”

Kara whimpered and nodded holding herself still as Lena continued her torturous pace. She slowly increased it making Kara moan her eyes fluttering shut as her pleasure begun to build again.

“Open your eyes,” Lena ordered.

Kara’s eyes flew open instantly. 

“You will watch as I fuck you,” Lena growled one hand coming up to grip Kara’s hair forcing Kara to meet her eyes. 

Kara gasped her chest rising and falling rapidly as Lena increased the pace. Kara moaned but held still as Lena continued to slowly drive her higher. Lena was in heaven. Beautiful perfect heaven watching  Kara pant and writhe as she fucked her. 

“Is this what you wanted?” Lena asked.

“Yes,” Kara moaned as Lena shifted slightly. “Please.”

Lena moved faster. Kara was sweating now her whole body shaking as she gripped the restraints her eyes focused on Lena above her. Lena was sweating too her body protesting at the use of muscles she hadn’t tested in far too long. She ignored it too lost in the feeling of Kara’s body under her hands and the sounds of her moans in her ears.

“Did you think about this?” Lena asked her eyes meeting Kara’s again.

Kara nodded biting her lip as a shudder ran through her body.

“Say it,” Lena ordered gripping her hair tighter.

Kara gasped.

“I thought about you fucking me,” she said quickly. 

Lena smiled.

“Good girl.”

Kara’s face transformed into a happy smile her body melting into the bed at the praise. Lena moved faster pushing her towards an orgasm. Kara’s back arched and she trembled.

“Please, please, please,” Kara begged.

“What do you want?” Lena asked slowly slightly.

“More, harder, please harder,” Kara begged.

Lena thrust into her harder and Kara gasped. 

“Lena, Lena, I’m getting-”

Her words were swallowed by a moan as Lena gripped her hips fucking her as hard as she could. Kara’s sudden cry of pleasure sent a shiver through her body. 

“Please, please, please.”

“Please what?” Lena asked.

“Let me come,” Kara begged. 

Lena smiled and shook her head moving faster. They were both dripping with sweat now and she could feel the trembling in Kara’s legs as she held herself back from coming. 

“Please Lena,” Kara moaned. 

“Not yet.”

Kara whimpered her eyes desperate as Lena smiled back.

“Lena,” Kara begged her voice breaking.

Lena smiled kissing her and roughly biting her lip.

“Come,” she whispered.

Kara’s eyes went wide and her whole body shook as strained against the rope. Then she came with a scream Lena continuing to fuck her as hard as she could drawing it out. 

Lena slowed as Kara collapsed back on the bed breathing heavily. She pulled out and Kara sighed happily her legs falling open as Lena dropped to the side tugging on the loop and freeing Kara’s hands. 

She leaned down and kissed the marks on Kara’s wrists, then her shoulder, neck, and finally her lips. Kara kissed her back her hands coming up to pull Lena closer. They broke apart slowly as Lena collapsed onto the bed.

“I um…” Kara turned to Lena panting. “You’re really good with that,” she finished. 

Lena laughed softly and reached up to turn off the lamps before either of them forgot. She took one last look at Kara’s body covered in marks and hit the switch watching as they immediately begun to disappear before her eyes.

“Well I’ve had a little practice,” she confessed.

“Can I ask who?” Kara whispered snuggling closer.

“Jack mostly, and Andrea a few times.”

Kara’s head jerked up. 

“You’re kidding,” she said shocked.

Lena shrugged undoing the straps on the harness.

“Some men enjoy-”

“Not Jack. That actually makes a lot of sense. You and Andrea… did it?”

Lena laughed and nodded wriggling out of the harness and after a moment’s consideration dropped it into her bedside draw. Just in case.

“A few times. We were never a couple but we experimented a little. Mostly as stress relief. Sometimes when she’s being really annoying I like to stand behind her and whisper thirty seconds in her ear, just to be mean.”

Kara sat up looking at Lena her mouth open.

“And what is thirty seconds a reference to?” she demanded.

Lena smiled reaching up to pull Kara back down kissing away the pout that had appeared. Kara melted instantly.

“Andrea likes to pretend she’s straight but every now and then she gets an itch; and sometimes she’d call me to scratch it. We weren’t on great terms at the time and she was behaving… bratty and I was in a bad mood. She kept touching herself saying I was taking too long and she may as well do it herself. I had just put on the harness and she told me to hurry up because she wanted to do other things that afternoon…”

Lena thought back for a moment remembering. A smirk appeared on her lips. She looked back at Kara the smirk becoming a smile.

“Like I said she was being a brat and I was in a bad mood so I shoved her into the bed. I spanked her twice as hard as I could and said if she wanted me to fuck her she should be a good girl or I wouldn’t let her eat me out after I fucked her raw. Then I started fucking her, not very gently… and thirty seconds later she came screaming my name. She’s never forgiven me for it.” 

Kara covered her mouth with her hands as she stared wide eyed at Lena.

“Why?” Kara whispered.

“Something about how the strongest orgasm of her life should have required foreplay,” Lena said laughing.

“Oh Rao…” Kara said. “I had no idea she was a… a-”

“A brat?” Lena supplied. “She likes to top men but with women she’s a brat. And sometimes if you play her just right Andrea turns into a pile of submissive mush. Usually the effort required isn’t worth it though.”

Kara blinked then she smiled. She looked at Lena and then she was smiling a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“So if Supergirl just happened to stand behind her and whisper thirty seconds. What do you think would happen?” Kara asked.

Lena laughed and pulled Kara in for another kiss still shaking with laughter. 

“She’d probably turn into mush then get very annoyed about it,” she said.

Kara smiled looking almost wicked. Lena pointed a finger at her. Her expression firm. 

“That information is only to be used if she tries to get something out of you about our sex life.”

Kara grinned and kissed Lena again, and again. Lena sank back into the pillows with a happy sigh. Then Kara stopped.

“Wait, what about with James he-”

Lena sighed heavily.

“No, he wasn’t really interested.”

Kara looked at her eyes searching. Lena sighed.

“I didn’t consider it a deal breaker at the time,” she said with a shrug.

Kara sighed and dropped her head to Lena’s shoulder.

“He came to see me today. He asked me about who you were seeing.”

Lena looked at Kara. She swallowed.

“And, what did you tell him?”

“That I knew who it was and you were being very quiet about it.”

Lena let out a breath and rolled onto her side to look at Kara properly.

“We need to have a talk, about us,” she said.

Kara nodded taking a deep breath.

“Yeah, yeah we should.”

They slowly separated sitting up and looking at each other. Lena looked around then turned to Kara with a smile.

“You know, we could have that talk in the bath.”

Kara grinned at her and jumped up heading for the bathroom.

“I’ll just turn on the water,” she said with a smile.

Lena smiled back and rose more slowly following Kara. She paused to toss her clothes into the basket and then collected the toy to wash. She entered the bathroom dropping it in the sink and turned to look at Kara bent over the tub testing the water temperature. Lena moved forwards wrapping her arms around Kara from behind and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. Kara leaned back into the contact.

“How can you tell if it’s too hot?” Lena asked suddenly curious.

Kara laughed and turned wrapping her arms around Lena’s waist.

“So from what we can tell I feel temperature in the same way, the difference is I don’t get the pain response until much much later than you. So if I put my hand in boiling water I can feel the heat but I can’t feel the pain so it’s just… hot.”

Lena frowned thinking about it. Kara kissed her and she decided contemplating the difference in nerve receptors between humans and Kryptonians could wait. They had other things to talk about. Lena smiled pulling back slowly.

Kara steadied her as she stepped into the hot water with a sigh. Lena lowered herself into the water with a gasp her body quickly adjusting as muscles begun making themselves known. She turned her head and smiled at Kara inclining her head slightly in invitation.


Kara sank down into the water opposite Lena with a sigh. Lena leaned over turning off the taps and giving Kara an excellent view of her naked body as she did. For a moment they both enjoyed the hot water against their skin. A part of Kara didn’t even want to talk now. They could just relax in the hot water and wash off the sweat then curl up in bed together.

“Okay,” Lena said with a sigh. “Did you want to talk about your day or our relationship first?”

Kara blew out a breath unsure where to start. She looked over at Lena her hair somehow still mostly in a stylish twist despite everything they’d done. As she watched Lena removed the pins and it fell in several stages before she gathered it all together again tying it into a messy bun. Lena looked back at Kara with a quizzical look. Kara struggled to remember what the question had been.

“Can I get a hug?” she finally asked.

Lena nodded smiling softly. She opened her arms and motioned for Kara to turn around. Kara did and then Lena’s arms were around her pulling her gently back until she was resting between Lena’s legs her head on her shoulder. Lena’s arms wrapped around her waist and Kara relaxed. Lena kissed that special spot just under her ear that always made Kara melt into a puddle.

“Better?” Lena asked softly.

Kara nodded snuggling a little closer. Now she was between Lena’s thighs her thought were rapidly moving south even if her body was protesting. While her powers might return after the red sun apparently that didn’t extend to her energy levels. Kara sighed and dragged her mind out of the gutter, as nice as it was.

“I’ve missed you, and Leo. Work has been busy and most of it is because William was being a bit of a jerk while Andrea was on holiday. I’ve been trying to find time to talk with you but when I do it always seems to get interrupted.”

Lena hummed her agreement her thumbs absently stroking Kara’s ribs. Kara relaxed further.

“Then James came to see me today and he asked about you and Leo and I… it made me wonder if you would pick me over him,” she whispered.

“I already did, a hundred times over,” Lena whispered pressing a kiss to Kara’s neck.

“But you loved him, like you were in love with him, and he came back wanting to be with you again.”

Lena sighed and held Kara tighter.

“I love you and Leo more than I ever loved James,” she said.


Lena silenced her with a kiss. It was hard and forceful and Kara lost any capacity to do anything more than submit to whatever Lena wanted. Lena pulled back a little.

“Listen to me very carefully Kara. My relationship with James was everything I was expected to want, and in a way what I wanted. He was sweet, handsome, smart but in a different way. We were good together but… we didn’t have the same view of the world, and of love. We broke up twice and both times while they hurt, they weren’t- I wasn’t upset in the way I knew I should be. It was too easy to let him go. I cried over my breakup with Jack more than I did James and that was my choice.”

Kara sighed and tilted her head up to kiss Lena’s chin.

“Would you pick Jack if he was-”

“No,” Lena said holding Kara closer. “Jack and I broke up for more reasons than my moving. While I was certainly more fulfilled in my relationship with Jack than with James…” Lena looked at Kara one hand coming up to stroke her face. “I’d much rather have you than anyone else.”

Lena kissed her then soft and slow. Kara sighed kissing her back. Kara slowly pulled back to look at Lena putting a little space between them. She saw a tiny flash of fear cross Lena’s face before she got control of it.

“I had sisters night with Alex yesterday,” Kara begun. “And well, Alex is very… Uh I have certain…”

She swallowed trying to think of how to start. She looked at Lena and saw her smiling at her.

“Take your time,” Lena said gently.

Kara sighed.

“I guess I’ll start with what I want, with you, us.” She waved a hand awkwardly between them. “I want-” 

She swallowed looking at Lena. Lena gave her a small nod encouraging her to continue.

“You want,” she prompted.

“I want to be your girlfriend,” Kara said in a rush.

Lena’s smile got very big very quickly. She looked away biting her lip as though trying to stop it.

“I’d very much like to be your girlfriend,” Lena said looking back at her.

Kara blew out a relieved breath returning the smile.

“Were you scared I would turn you down?” Lena teased leaning forwards.

“A little,” Kara admitted her hand coming up to stroke Lena’s cheek.

“Well, you are now my girlfriend so,” Lena reached out pulling Kara closer and kissing her. “That part is sorted,” she finished.

Kara sighed happily.

“There’s a few… conditions.”

Lena raised an eyebrow and leaned back putting space between them again. She waved a hand imperiously sending drops of water scattering through the air.

“Okay, go on.”

Kara opened her mouth and sat back drawing on her Supergirl persona.

“I want to be a part of Leo’s life, no matter what happens between us.”

“Agreed. No matter our issues he comes first,” Lena said her voice becoming less playful and more serious.

“I’m not going to give up being Supergirl.”

Lena nodded again.

“Not a problem, as long as I can still have Kara at home.” Lena seemed to think about it for a second her smile turning wicked. “And I get to fuck you in the suit at least once.”

Kara laughed and nodded. 


Kara sighed looking at Lena. Lena raised an eyebrow waiting. Kara looked away chewing on her lip as she tried to think how to word her next requirement.

“I-I want this to be a serious relationship. Planning for the future together, working through our issues, making decisions as a couple, building a life together. I know it’s… early in our romantic relationship but we’ve been friends for a long time Lena and if we do this I don’t know if I could go back to that very well. Especially not after-” her voice faltered a little and her eyes dropped to Lena’s naked body then away again.

“After we’ve had sex more than twice?” Lena asked.

“After I properly ask you to do all the things I want you to do,” Kara whispered.

She heard Lena’s heart start beating faster as she looked at Kara. Lena took a very long breath and let it out.

“Right. That would- would be hard. For both of us,” she said.

“Yes, Lena I want this,” Kara leaned forwards again her face inches from Lena’s. Her hands rose cupping Lena’s face gently. “I want you. I want everything with you and I know this sounds a little crazy considering how long we’ve been thinking about this type of relationship together but Lena I know you and I know the kind of life I want with you and I don’t care if I have to hide it in public, I can do that. I’m used to pretending in public but I can’t pretend with our friends and family. That’s it really. Never stop me from being able to see Leo and never ask me to lie to my family about our relationship. Other than that I am willing to do pretty much anything. Well except give up my career but that I worked out was kinda up for debate if we have like a whole bunch of children and one of us needs to spend more time at home, not that we need to have more children, if the only child we have is Leo I am very happy with that I-”

Lena surged forwards kissing her. Kara fell silent kissing her back. 

“Yes,” Lena whispered. “To all of that.”

Kara blinked at her in surprise as Lena’s hands tightened pulling her closer. Lena wasn’t meeting her eyes.

“I have a condition too,” she whispered.

Kara nodded waiting.

“I want you Kara,” Lena whispered. “I want you so much it hurts so if you want me I’m yours.”

Lena took a deep breath her lips almost touching Kara’s before she moved backwards her eyes focused on the water between them.

“But I have… issues. Lot’s of them.” Kara laughed softly and Lena sighed. “Okay so I’m made of issues,” she admitted. 

Kara smiled and kissed her cheek. Lena looked up meeting her eyes.

“Kara, I’m going to screw this up. I’m going to overreact and I’m going to hide things and put them in tiny boxes to avoid dealing with them and I’m going to shut you out when I get scared.” She took another breath. “I’m going to have trouble letting you in. I need you to be patient with me. I promise I’ll try not to but I also know I will. And when I realise I’m doing it I will try to stop myself but there might be some… difficulties recognising I’m doing it. I’m not good at this. I’m not good at trusting people, especially with my heart. I’m getting better, and Leo has made me a lot better at it but I’m still… I put up walls. Even when I don’t mean to, and they’re very high and scary and hard to get around.”

“Lena,” Kara whispered moving closer. “I will always be here,” she kissed Lena softly drawing a sigh from her lips. “I will always fight for you.” Another kiss as Lena’s head fell back her eyes closed. “I will always protect you.” Kara’s mouth moved to her collar bone as her hands found their way to Lena’s thighs. “I will always love you.”

“Promise?” Lena whispered.

Kara smiled and kissed her again.

“I always have, and I always will. I promise.”

Lena’s thighs fell open and Kara’s fingers moved between her legs. Her mouth moved lower and she took a moment to appreciate Lena’s naked body her eyes falling on her breasts as her fingers found their way inside Lena. Lena moaned softly her hips tilting up a little as Kara’s hand moved.

“Have I ever told you that you have amazing boobs,” Kara said softly.

Lena laughed opening her eyes.

“No, but please go on,” she said grinning at her.

Kara smiled back moving her hand a little faster. Lena’s eyelids fluttered closed as Kara slowly thrust into her again her thumb brushing Lena’s clit.

“They are so… wonderful. I have wanted to touch them for years. Wanted to bury my face between them even longer.”

Kara moved her mouth lower and sucked one nipple into her mouth moaning softly. Lena gasped her hands tightening on the edge of the bath. Kara moved her mouth away with a sigh.

“They are perfect,” she said squeezing one with her free hand as she continued to thrust into Lena with the other.

“I think you’re-”

Lena gasped again as Kara sucked the other nipple into her mouth adding a hint of teeth. Lena moaned her head falling further back as her hips jerked.

“Perfect,” Kara said. “Every part of you is perfect.”

She sucked the nipple back into her mouth enjoying Lena’s low moan. She sucked and gently bit her free hand coming up to pinch and roll the neglected nipple as her other hand continued to thrust into Lena.

She moved faster watching the little waves of water roll up Lena with every thrust until the were near constant and all she could hear was Lena’s whispered encouragement followed by a gasp as she came her body tightening around Kara’s fingers as she shook her knuckles turning white as she gripped the edge of the bath. 

Kara slowed her hand her mouth moving up to capture Lena’s in a slow kiss.

“Perfect,” she whispered.

Lena smiled her chest rising and falling rapidly as she came down from her orgasm. 

“Says Supergirl,” Lena muttered.

Kara shook her head removing her hand and bringing it up to caress Lena’s face.

“Says your girlfriend.”

Lena’s face instantly broke into a smile and she pulled her in for a long kiss.


They finally managed to actually clean themselves and then dragged their exhausted bodies from the bath and into pyjamas. Lena turned off the sound proofing and they fell into bed together. Kara groaned as she looked at the lights above them.

“Hope, lights off,” Lena said. 

The lights clicked off. Kara looked at Lena in surprise. Lena scoffed.

“There’s pressure sensors in my floors and anti listening device technology in my walls, did you really think I wouldn’t have voice commands for my lights?”

Kara smiled snuggling closer as she wrapped her arm around Lena’s waist pulling them closer together.

“Hope open the blinds in my bedroom at four am,” Lena said.

There was a small chime of acknowledgement. Lena sighed happily and snuggled deeper into Kara’s arms. Kara smiled dropping her head into Lena’s neck grinning.

“What?” Lena asked sleepily. 

“Nothing,” Kara said grinning as Lena wriggled a little closer. “I’m just amused that the same woman who tied me to the bed and ordered me to come is also… the little spoon.”

Lena’s eyes flew open and she turned her head to glare at Kara.

“I can be a Dom and the little spoon.”

Kara nodded quickly then she smiled at Lena’s sleepy grumbling about judgemental Kryptonians.

“It’s just cute,” she said.

Lena growled and Kara snuggled her closer.

“Sleep, now,” Lena ordered.

Kara buried her smiling face in Lena’s neck letting her breathing even out as she curled protectively around Lena’s warm body. She fell asleep quickly her body worn out and her mind soothed by the steady beat of her girlfriend’s heart beside her own.

Chapter Text

Lena woke slowly aware someone was moving in her room. She rolled over with a groan and saw Kara dressed again in her clothes from last night. Kara turned smiling as she crawled up the bed to greet Lena with a kiss. 

“Hey,” Lena whispered pulling Kara back for a second kiss. “Where are you sneaking off to?”

“The DEO, some kind of containment incident. Then I have a senior staff meeting at Catco, at eight thirty followed by whatever William decides I need to cover on top of my other articles.”

Lena sighed letting go.

“It sounds like you’re going to have a busy day then.”

Kara nodded sadly.

“I could bring you and Leo lunch tomorrow though, or maybe dinner. We could order pizza and make a blanket fort to watch Happy Feet in.”

Lena smiled kissing Kara again. 

“Can I bring work into the blanket fort?” she asked.

Kara thought about it as Lena pressed a line of kisses to her neck.

“Only emails, and you have to watch all the singing bits,” Kara said tilting her head to the side to give Lena better access.

“I can do that,” Lena said smiling.

Kara smiled kissing her again and again. Lena laughed softly as Kara’s hands started sliding under her t-shirt.

“Go on,” Lena said giving Kara a gentle shove. “Leo will be awake soon and you have to go to the DEO.”

Kara sighed and picked up her shoes heading for the door as Lena snuggled back under the blankets watching her. Kara came racing back and jumped on her with a smile.

“One more,” she said kissing Lena again.

Lena smiled and kissed her back. Kara pulled away with a resigned sigh and crept out the door her shoes in one hand. Lena sighed happily and waited a moment watching the window until Supergirl flew past. Once she was sure Kara couldn’t see her Lena buried her face in her pillow hiding her smile as she allowed herself a moment to bask in pure, absolute, and unadulterated joy. Kara was her girlfriend.

The door opened and she heard Leo come in. 

“Mama, breakfast now?” he asked.

She pretended to be asleep her smile hidden in the pillow. Leo climbed onto the bed and she waited as he crawled closer. 


At the last moment she threw back the blankets and grabbed him with a growl. He let out a surprised yell then laughed and she hugged him close covering his face with kisses.

“Mama!” he yelled wriggling in her grip.

“It’s too early to get up,” she said holding him close and falling backwards onto the bed once more. “My alarm hasn’t gone off-”

“Breakfast!” Leo said excitedly.

Lena let out an exaggerated sigh and looked at the giggling Leo.

“You don’t really need breakfast do you?”

“Yes I do!” he protested.

“No I think breakfast can wait a few hours,” she said covering them both with the blankets and doing an exaggerated yawn. “Sleep now.”

Leo wriggled out of the blankets and jumped on her.

“No Mama, breakfast!” 

Lena kept her eyes closed as she smiled and shook her head.

“No I’m asleep, my eyes are closed.”

She pointed at her face.

“No you’re not,” Leo protested shaking her. “You’re talking.”

“I’m talking in my sleep,” she said. “People do it all the time.”

Leo giggled and shook her again.

“Mama, breakfast!”

Lena sighed and opened one eye. Leo gave his best pout.

“Okay, okay,” she sat up and Leo threw himself into her arms smiling. “What do you want for breakfast?”


Lena laughed rolling her eyes.

“You always want pancakes,” she said. 

He nodded grinning up at her.

“Maybe we leave the pancakes to Kara.” Leo pouted. It was less effective than the last one. “I can make you a cheese toastie,” Lena offered.

“What’s that?” Leo asked rolling over.

“A toasted cheese sandwich. It has bread, and cheese, and… butter. They’re very tasty. My mother used to make them for me when I was your age.”

“Grandma?” he asked.

Lena shook her head smiling.

“No, my other mother.”

Leo’s eyes widened.

“Grandma had a wife?”

Lena laughed shaking her head.

“No Leo.” She hugged him while trying to think how best to explain it. “You know how you came to me after your parents died, so I’m not the woman who gave birth to you but I’m still your Mama.” Leo nodded. “Well Grandma Lillian didn’t give birth to me but I still call her Mum. Before I lived with her and Grandpa I lived with my other mum and she’s the one who used to make me cheese toasties. And she used to add bacon.”

Leo’s eyes widened a little and he looked at her his mouth open.

“Do you want bacon in yours?” Lena asked.

Leo nodded happily and jumped up tugging at her hand. Lena let herself be pulled towards the kitchen. 

She found herself humming as she pulled the ingredients out of the fridge and heated the pan.

“Speaking of Grandma she’s going to be coming to see us at work this morning,” Lena said.

“Why?” Leo asked climbing onto a chair.

“Because I have to do a very long meeting with lots of people and a presentation so I won’t be able to look after you. So Grandma is going to come and sit with you instead.”

Leo nodded watching her slice the cheese.

“What’s the meeting for?” he asked.

“We’re releasing a lot of big numbers and telling people about some new things we’ve made so lot’s of journalists will be there to report on it.”

“Will Kara be there?” he asked excitedly.

“No, she only covers L Corp if something really big happens. These will be technology and business focused journalists. They report for newspapers and some tech magazines.”

Leo nodded and Lena heard her phone ringing from the bedroom.

“I’ll get it,” Leo said jumping down and running off.

“We walk inside,” Lena called.

Leo slowed to what was technically a walking pace. Lena laughed as she watched him disappear down the hallway. She looked out the window to see a very blue clear sky. She sighed happily. Today was going to be a very good day.


“Final questions,” Sam said looking around.

To everyone’s amusement Leo raised his hand from his place next to Lillian at the end of the front row. Lena and Sam exchanged a look.

“Leo,” Sam said smiling.

“My question is for Ms Luthor,” he said mimicking the reporters. 

Lena smiled as several people aw’d. Her PR team were giving her the biggest approval signals they could.

“Yes Mr Luthor?” she asked smiling at him encouragingly.

“Why didn’t Kara make us pancakes this morning?” Leo asked.

Oh no.

A dozen alarms went off inside Lena’s head as she realised just what could be revealed or rather what might have just been revealed. She hadn’t realised that was a noticeable pattern. Or that he knew she’d stayed over. Unfortunately Lena couldn’t get her mouth to work in time.

“Why would Kara have made you pancakes this morning?” Sam asked smiling at Leo.

“Because she had a sleepover last night and normally she makes us pancakes the next morning,” Leo said.

Lena’s smile was frozen in place as she tried very hard to think of a way to quickly salvage this as the room full of reporters suddenly realised Leo had said something important. 


Lena could feel herself starting to blush. She didn’t dare look at Sam because she knew Sam was probably staring at her in shock.

“She… she had an early morning meeting,” Lena said deliberately looking anywhere but at a person. She quickly tried to change the subject. “Didn’t you like your breakfast this morning?”

“It was really good,” Leo said smiling at her. “I just wanted pancakes too.”

Lena laughed softly ignoring the repeated attempts by Sam to get her to look at her. She kept her attention focused on Leo who was thinking very hard. She looked back at the crowd of journalists deliberately not looking at anyone’s face her smile still firmly fixed in place.

“Well if-”

“Why would she come for a sleepover if she had to work early?” Leo asked.

“She um, well…” 

Lena was hyper aware that every reporter in that room had now pieced it together as they looked at her struggle. The room felt very warm. She tugged at her collar.

“You know Leo maybe we should talk about this la-”

“Yeah Lena, why would she do that?” Sam asked cutting her off.

Lena dared look at her and saw the smirk Sam was giving her. Lena widened her eyes and coughed signalling Sam to drop it. Sam smiled back unmoved.

“It wasn’t a planned sleepover. It just sort of… happened,” Lena muttered. Sam made a choking noise that sounded suspiciously like a laugh. Lena quickly turned back to Leo. “She didn’t have time to reschedule her meeting.”

The last part came out sounding like a question but Leo didn’t seem to notice. She could feel Sam shaking with laughter beside her. She gave her a subtle kick. It only seemed to make it worse as she was now faking a coughing fit.

“Oh, okay,” Leo said.

Lena could hear the suppressed laughter from some reporters now as she quickly tried to think of where to go from there. She could also feel her mother’s look from across the room. She coughed and reached for her water ignoring the blush that continued to colour her cheeks.

“So if you have another sleepover with her where she doesn’t have to leave early she’ll make me pancakes in the morning?” Leo asked excitedly.

Lena choked on her water.

“Oh my God,” Sam muttered. “I love this kid.”

Lena stalled by draining the rest of the glass as the whole room looked at her several of them literally on the edge of their seats. She put the glass down a new plan in her mind. She felt a little calmer as she looked back at Leo.

“Maybe, but Leo you can’t expect her to make you pancakes every time she comes for a sleepover. She-”

“But she did the other three times,” he said.

Her plan just went up in flames. The crowd of reporters couldn’t keep quiet any longer and they all started laughing or faking coughing fits as Lena stood there resisting the urge to hide her face in her hands.

Three times,” Sam said incredulous. “She slept over three times! How could you not tell me about this?”

Lena turned to glare at Sam and motioning to the cameras surrounding them.

“Are we sure it was just three? That sounds a little low to me,” Lillian said loudly.

Lena turned to her mother horrified as the reporters laughed louder. 

“Mother,” she hissed. Lillian smiled back serenely. 

“What? I may be many things Lena, but I’ve never been homophobic,” Lillian said. “And you two have always been very close.”

Lena stared helplessly at her mother trying to process the many implications of that comment. Lillian raised an eyebrow and Lena snapped out of it.

“Okay moving on are there-”

Leo had his hand up again. Giving in to the inevitable she nodded to him being very careful not to let her current panic show.

“If you plan a sleepover for tonight can you ask her to make me pancakes tomorrow?” Leo asked.

Lena kept her attention firmly on Leo as she tried to ignore the laughter of everyone around her while she struggled to think of a way out of this new hell she found herself in.

“Mama?” he asked anxiety starting to creep in hearing everyone laughing.

“You know if you really want pancakes we can just go get some,” Lena said quickly.

Leo’s eyes lit up anxiety forgotten at the promise of food.


“Yup. Right now! Get your things.”

Leo raced back to Lillian grabbing his bag as the crowd of reporters snickered into their notepads. Lena turned to Jess and saw she was the only one in the room who had managed to keep her professional composure. Lena gave her an apologetic look.

“Could you reschedule…” she waved her hand.

Jess’ composure slipped slightly showing a smile as she nodded.

“Of course Ms Luthor.” 

Leo came running over and grabbed her hand pulling her towards the door. Leo sufficiently distracted Lena finally gave in covering her face with her hand. The entire room erupted in laughter. As she reached the door Sam called out to her.

“Hey Lena, welcome to parenthood!”

Lena gave her the classic one finger salute in response which only made everyone laugh harder.

As they made their way down to the car Lena quickly sent Kara a message.

Leo just outed our relationship because of pancakes.

She looked over at Leo seeing him smiling happily and swinging his arms. He turned to her and smiled wider.

“Pancakes!” he said excitedly.

She nodded. Inside the car she looked out the window allowing herself a minute to process the moment. That was going to be everywhere. Her phone buzzed twice.

Oh God Alex is going kill me.

Also, I think I may have become a bad influence on him. 

Lena laughed. Leo looked at her.

“Did you have fun this morning?” she asked putting her phone down.

He nodded happily. 


Kara put her phone down and quickly begun packing her things as she heard several of her coworkers start watching the quickly cut and uploaded video of Leo questioning Lena. 

She turned her bag in one hand and almost ran into Andrea who was looking very excited her phone in one hand.

“When did it start, and did Lena ask if you’d be her girlfriend yet?” Andrea asked quickly.

“On the record?” Kara asked.

“Yes,” Andrea said moving a little closer.

“No comment,” Kara said giving Andrea her biggest smile.

“Fine off the record,” Andrea said waving her hand.

“Why don’t you ask Lena yourself?” Kara stalled.

“Kara,” Andrea carefully flexed her fingers and leaned closer. “The only reason we even know about this is because Leo wanted pancakes. She didn’t tell Sam, she didn’t tell me. Jess didn’t even know she basically runs Lena’s life. Lena won’t tell anyone anything. You on the other hand…” 

Andrea leaned even closer. Kara took a step back and found herself sitting in her chair. 

“You will talk.”

Kara looked around searching for an exit but none appeared. She looked back at Andrea. Andrea was watching her closely.

“Dates and relationship status,” Andrea said. 

Kara looked around again.

“No comment,” Kara said crossing her fingers behind her back.

“Oh come on!” Andrea said exasperated. “Jess has a damn spreadsheet for all the wagers about you two and no idea when it happened so I need dates and who initiated because the pot is at ten thousand and there’s thirty people in on it.”

Kara’s jaw dropped.

“There’s what?” she asked her voice rising a little.

“Okay fine,” Andrea said with a sigh. “There’s like ten of us, but Jess does have a spreadsheet and the pot is at ten thousand.”

“Jess is in on a betting pool?” Kara asked surprised.

She’d always seemed so professional. Not at all the type to bet on her boss’ love life. Andrea sighed clearly disappointed in Kara’s deflections.

“Yes. We needed a neutral party with the inside track. And Sam is in it too, along with half the executive team of L Corp. Ever since Nakamura’s article the pot doubled. So… dates and relationship status.”

“What about her article?” Kara asked scrambling for more time.

Kara had read the article, well a reprinted translation of it. L Corp’s shares has risen by two percent after that article. It had been a very nice, well researched piece that gave Lena her much deserved due. Ms Nakamura had even been complimentary of Lena’s quick adaptation to being a parent while running her company and the faith she had in her executive team. There had been a lot of discussion about how Lena had added more women to senior positions in L Corp and it was paying off. The whole article had a very “girls rule the world and look good doing it” vibe. Kara was named once in the whole thing and it was in relation to Lena having a strong friendship group full of talented women. 

Andrea rolled her eyes and straightened up furiously typing on her phone.

“How did you get a damn Pulitzer,” she muttered. Andrea turned her phone around. “Look at the pictures she chose to use for the article.”

Kara blinked at the picture on screen. She remembered it being taken. They’d been out to dinner two days before Lena went to Japan and a photographer had appeared just as they were walking to the car. He’d gotten a few pictures before Bo had stepped in. Lena was front and centre in the photo looking directly at the camera her boss bitch face on wearing a navy suit and black shirt. Kara was two paces behind her talking to Leo who was draped over her shoulder half asleep.

Kara gulped. She knew what a picture like that symbolised. Andrea handed over her phone and Kara scrolled past the text noticing the other pictures. Lena again, this time some kind of official picture behind her desk signing something. On the right you could see Leo sitting against the side of her desk, Rao and a book in his lap. Then Lena standing with the executive team of L Corp all of them smiling. The fourth was of-

Kara looked closer. Someone had managed to get a shot of her and Lillian with Leo at the park. Granted it was apparently from a distance but you could clearly see her kneeling down beside Leo who was talking to her one hand out to Lillian who was smiling at him. Though the photo made it look like she was smiling at them both.

She scrolled to the final picture and saw Lena walking out of L Corp holding Leo while on the phone. She was flanked by Sam and Pradeepa her security close behind. Lena looked her usual stunning self in a black dress and sunglasses her hair styled in a bun and matching black Louis Vuittons. Leo’s head was turned so his face wasn’t visible but his grey pants and blue shirt made him stand out against Lena's all black. Kara realised the translation she had read might have missed some of the nuance Ms Nakamura had put into the article.

“She wrote an entire article about Lena being a forward thinking and brilliant CEO supported by talented women both personally and professionally; and she made sure you were shown looking after Lena’s son,” Andrea said with a wave of her hand. 


Kara handed Andrea her phone back. Andrea looked at her and waited for a moment. 

“Come on I don’t have all day,” Andrea said snapping her fingers. 

“Andrea,” Kara smiled at her. “Just to be clear, are you asking me about any sexual or romantic relationship between Lena and myself?” Andrea rolled her eyes. “Because if you are Lena gave me a very specific prepared statement to tell you.”

Andrea motioned with her hands.

“Well?” she asked.

Kara grinned at her standing up and pulling her Supergirl persona into place as she casually stepped closer to Andrea. Andrea’s expression changed from exasperated to confused as Kara moved to stand behind her. She was turning when Kara leaned closer to whisper in her ear with her Supergirl voice.

“Thirty seconds.”

Kara heard the sudden change in Andrea’s heartbeat followed by her shocked gasp as she spun around to look at the grinning Kara. Andrea stared at her eyes wide mouth open in shock. Kara took the chance and tried to flee. She wasn’t quite fast enough and Andrea’s hand shot out catching her arm and giving her a look.

“How?” Andrea demanded her voice shaking slightly. “How did you find out…”

Kara laughed.

“I think you know the answer to that,” she said.

Andrea’s eyes narrowed and Kara’s phone rang. She answered giving Andrea a fake apologetic look.

“Kara Danvers,” she said brightly.

“Hello Kara. How are you?” Eliza asked.

Kara smiled as Andrea stormed off muttering under her breath and waving her hands at the various reporters to get out of her way.

“I’m great. How are you?” Kara asked.

“I’m doing well. I did just see a very cute video of a little boy asking his mother about pancakes. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

Kara froze. She suddenly remembered who first taught Alex how to set verbal traps.

“Um… possibly,” she said looking around for somewhere to hide for this conversation. 

Eliza made a humming noise and Kara decided to just hunker down at her desk glancing around at her smiling coworkers all of whom seemed to be watching the same video.

“So are you and Lena dating or is it a casual thing?” Eliza asked.

“She’s uh, she’s my girlfriend,” Kara said smiling. “As of last night.”

“Congratulations,” Eliza said brightly. “So I’ll be seeing both Lena and my future grandson for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Kara choked.

“F-future grandson?” Kara stammered.

Nia who was nearby turned to grin at her. 

“Kara,” Eliza said with a small sigh. “You forget how long I’ve been your parent. You and Lena have been half in love with each other for years and based off the recent calls I’ve had with Alex things between you are serious. So yes, my future grandson. I want to meet him. Thanksgiving isn’t far away and it’s the perfect time.”

Kara made a choking noise and heard Eliza’s soft laugh in response.

“Now tell me what Leo likes to eat.”

Kara hesitated for a whole second before she started talking very quickly.

“Okay so he loves food as much as I do. He hates kale though, which Lena blames me for but I just consider good taste. He loves anything potato based or anything with cheese. Oh and bacon. He loves bacon. Lena’s somehow convinced him to love most vegetables. He will devour an entire tray of roasted pumpkin if we let him and if there’s chocolate fudge he will go to extreme lengths to pour an inch of it over everything no matter what it is. He put chocolate fudge on roast potatoes once and ate it. I was so proud but Lena nearly had a heart attack.”

“And he clearly loves pancakes,” Eliza added.

Kara nodded watching Nia looking from her to the video and back again. She remembered Eliza couldn’t see her.

“Yup, and pancakes. Also chocolate, and peanuts, and chocolate covered peanuts.”

“Well then, I’ll have to make an extra chocolate cake. Alex also said he likes swimming.”

Kara laughed.

“That’s a bit of an understatement.”

Leo loved swimming. Lena took him down to her building’s pool at least every second day or whenever she needed to quickly wear him out. He could now swim by himself, just not very well.

“Well I’ll pack my bathers then,” Eliza said. “We can all go for a swim.”

“Sorry what?” Kara asked panicking a little.

“Kara I’ll be down for the weekend and I expect to spend as much time as I can with him.”

“Um, okay. I’ll uh, I’ll let Lena know.”

“Good, now I’m sure you have a lot of work to do so I’ll call you next week about the arrangements.”

“Okay. Talk then,” Kara squeaked.

Kara hung up and looked at Nia who was grinning at her. 

“Future grandson?” Nia asked.

Kara dropped her head on her desk with a groan. Nia laughed. Her phone rang again. It was Alex.


“Hey Leo, there's something I wanted to talk about with you,” Lena said.

Leo looked up from his pancakes.

“You know how Kara spends a lot of time with us.”

Leo nodded suddenly looking a little worried.

“Is she going away?”

“No sweetie no.” Lena quickly reassured him. “Quite the opposite.” Leo tilted his head in confusion. “Do you remember how you asked if she was my girlfriend after I came back from Japan?" Leo nodded. "Well now she is. Um… Is that okay with you?”

Leo nodded again his attention on his pancakes one more. Lena took the chance and subtly moved the fudge out of his reach. 

“Will she still make me pancakes for breakfast?” Leo asked

Lena smiled.


“Will you make me a toastie to go with them?”

Lena laughed.

“Maybe. I don't think you can eat them both though.”

Leo looked at her and then seemed to think about it.

“I can try.”

Lena smiled.

“Okay well next time we have a free morning we will make them and you can try okay?”

Leo grinned at her as he clumsily cut his pancake.

“You sure you're okay with me and Kara dating?” Lena asked hesitantly.

Leo nodded not looking up from the mess of fudge and pancake he'd made on his plate. 

“I like Kara,” he said.

Lena smiled.

“I like Kara too.”


“Yes Leo.”

“Do you love Kara?”

Lena hesitated then looked at Leo who was watching her waiting.

“Yes Leo. Very much.”

Leo nodded resolutely as though he had just solved some great mystery then begun trying to fit a too big piece of pancake into his mouth. Lena laughed softly watching him open his mouth wider as though that night help.

“Maybe cut it up again,” she gently suggested watching the sprinkles and fudge cover his face and drip onto his shirt. 

Leo shook his head spreading the fudge further around his mouth and used his fingers to shove the pancake into his mouth. Lena sighed. Leo grinned at her as he chewed cheeks puffed out clearly proud of his accomplishment in fitting the whole piece in his mouth.

“Be careful you don't choke,” Lena warned. 

Leo shook his head again still grinning as he somehow chewed and swallowed the mass of pancake. Lena pulled out the wet wipes from her handbag and set them on the table. She was going to need them.

Leaving Leo to his fudge with a side of pancakes she sent Kara a text.

I told Leo you were my girlfriend and he gave us his blessing.

Kara sent back a string of hearts. Then Lena’s phone started ringing. She looked at caller ID. Andrea. She answered with a sigh.

“No comment.”

“You told her!” Andrea yelled.

Lena laughed knowing exactly what she was referring to.

“Also three times! How could you not tell me?” she demanded. “I thought we were friends.”

“Am I on the record?” Lena asked.

“No, I’m calling as a wounded party,” Andrea huffed.

“Ah well be less wounded it was only twice, well and a half.”

“Still wounded here. I had to go to Kara for details. Kara! And then she turned it around on me. Do you know how that makes me feel?”

“She just got sold out by a four year old over breakfast so imagine how she feels?”

Andrea chuckled for a moment then stopped herself.

“Well I got sold out by you for a chance at Kara so I have some idea,” Andrea said trying to sound upset.

Lena smiled looking over the table at Leo who was happily devouring his pancakes.

“Actually Andrea, I’d already had my shot by then. I sold you out for fun.”

Andrea muttered something under her breath and Lena smiled wider.

“I better get a cute picture out of this and I am going to let my reporters have free rein because you’re probably going to be trending by dinner.”

Lena groaned just thinking about it.

“Now send me a cute picture of him with his pancakes that I can shamelessly plaster over everything.”

Lena hung up and dutifully sent Andrea pictures of Leo with his pancakes. One where Andrea could see his smile for her own collection and one when he looked down that could be used in any articles.

“Can I have more fudge?” Leo asked.

“Finish the fudge you already have them maybe,” Lena said.

Leo did not manage to finish his fudge. He did however manage to get it all over his face and hands in the attempt. Lena smiled as she wiped the last of the fudge of his face and hands and he showed her he was all clean.

“Are we going to lunch now?” Leo asked.

Lena sighed.

“You are as bad as Kara,” she said with a smile. 

Leo seemed to consider this a compliment. 


Andrea it turned out was right. By the time they’d returned to the office, evading the fresh batch of photographers at the entrance, Pradeepa was already waiting for them at Lena’s office with a folder and the news that no less than five hashtags had been started. 

Lena sighed looking at them. #WelcomeToParenting seemed to have evolved to be about people sharing the times their kids had outed their secrets. Lena sighed. At least it was positive press about Leo. Pradeepa had gotten someone to do a breakdown of the comments on the footage so far and they were mostly about how cute Leo was and how funny it was watching her stammer and blush. Lena was relieved to see Leo’s face wasn’t in most of the video. He had walked into view halfway through but his back was to the camera until he was dragging her from the room.

Lena decided in light of the morning’s events it was perfectly acceptable for her to hide in her office not talking to anyone but Leo until the end of the day. Unfortunately no one wanted to let her. 

Pradeepa demanded an official statement on her relationship status. A quick text exchange with Kara and she confirmed yes Kara was her girlfriend. Pradeepa looked downright gleeful at the news and hurried out before Lena could stop her to ask more about what the public statement would say.

Sam was next. She came in and planted herself opposite Lena her hands on her desk with a determined look.

“Lena Luthor,” she said making very direct eye contact. “How could you not tell me you were having sleepovers with Kara Danvers.”

Lena looked at Leo checking he was definitely occupied. Leo seemed completely uninterested in Sam his focus on the tablet in his lap.

“Well in my defence the first one was a perfectly normal sleepover. She came over to hang out and we fell asleep during March of the Penguins and then Leo had a nightmare so he went to sleep between us. I wasn’t even awake for most of it.”

“Uh huh, sure you weren’t,” Sam said giving her a look. “What did Kara say about the whole… pancakes thing?”

“Oh God Alex is going to kill me.”

Sam laughed and Lena sighed.

“Well I suppose at least we gave everyone something fun to laugh about,” Lena said sitting back in her chair.

Sam nodded sitting down.

“I certainly laughed. I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing since it happened. So come on, tell me all the juicy details.”

Lena looked over at Leo and then back to Sam. Sam held up her phone with a smirk.

“I am not putting anything in writing,” Lena said. “And it’s the middle of the workday.”

“You say that no matter what time it is,” Sam said.

Lena sighed. She knew she wasn’t getting rid of Sam anytime soon without giving her something. 

“You can have two minutes, on the balcony.”

She looked over at Leo checking he was definitely occupied before getting up and stepping onto the balcony with Sam. The moment she closed the door Sam started.

“So, three times?”

“To be fair we only really got to enjoy twice Leo interrupted the first time.”

“Oh wow. How did you cover that up?” Sam asked.

“Kara heard him wake up so we were perfectly presentable if a little breathless when he came in,” Lena said smiling at Leo through the window. 

He smiled back and returned to his tablet.

“So what happened last night? You look very happy but sleep deprived so there’s got to be a story.”

Lena sighed.

“We’ve been trying to have a talk about what our relationship is now for over a week but things kept interrupting. She had a stressful day yesterday and I was still awake so she came over we shared a very pleasant hour or three. Then there may have been some discussion about our relationship in the bath before she fucked me senseless while calling my body perfect.”

“Uh huh.” 

Sam looked at her waiting. Lena shrugged and Sam’s face fell. 

“Is that all the detail I’m getting?” Sam asked. “I thought we were friends.”

Lena sighed heavily and looked at Sam. Sam batted her eyelashes and did her best version of puppy eyes. Lena crossed her arms.

“Please. Ruby’s fighting with a friend so I haven’t gotten to have a sleepover in a month. Just let me live vicariously through you.”

Lena sighed and uncrossed her arms. Sam grinned knowing she’d won.

“She’s really good with her mouth. Like really good. I made her keep going after she'd already made me come once and it was twenty seconds before I was on my way to my second orgasm.”

Sam sighed wistfully.

“What’s her stamina like?”

Lena bit her lip and Sam leaned forwards. 

“Better than any human I’ve encountered. I don’t think she really needs to breathe and her mouth doesn’t get sore no matter how long she goes for. Even her tongue has super strength. I came three times last night and two of them felt like a religious experience.”

Sam sighed again and moved back looking Lena over.

“You seem to be walking remarkably well for someone with such experiences last night,” she said smiling.

Lena couldn’t help her smug grin.

“Maybe because I have been walking slower and more carefully these days due to my short legged escort.”

Sam sighed shaking her head.

“Lena, you are a woman in possession of many secrets.”

“And a strap on,” Lena muttered.

Sam gasped.

“Which one of you?”

“Really Sam, you think I’m a bottom,” Lena said giving Sam a look.

Sam stared at her wide eyed for a long minute.

“Well now I don’t.”

Lena laughed as Sam shook her head leaning against the railing. 

“Okay I just want it noted that you are amazing. Not only are you able to successfully run one of the biggest tech companies in the world while you raise a small child, you also look great, and you’ve scored yourself Supergirl on the side.”

Lena laughed.

“I wouldn’t say on the side…”

Sam’s attention became very focused as Lena smiled looking away. She looked back at Sam suddenly feeling that same wave of pure joy from the morning. Sam’s mouth dropped as she watched Lena start smiling uncontrollably.

“As of last night she is my, girlfriend,” Lena said biting her lip.

“Oh my God! Congratulations. Also do you ever sleep?” Sam asked.

“Yes,” Lena said pulling herself together a little. “I just had to hire an assistant to my assistant and let my mother back into my life.” She thought about it. “Oh, and give up heels above four inches. That one I’m still coming to terms with.”

Sam laughed. Lena saw Leo watching them. She smiled and walked back into her office. Leo got up coming over as Sam followed her.

“So Lena, there might be a small-”

“What’s the pot at?” Lena asked sitting down.

“Ten thousand total. I’m down to win three thousand of it if the first time was after Japan. The first complete time.”

Lena sighed.

“The night I got back,” she admitted. 

Sam beamed at her then turned to Leo who was standing next to her. He smiled and he held up his hands. Sam grinned sweeping him into her arms.

“Leo have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do!” Sam said covering his face with kisses.

Leo laughed wriggling in Sam’s grip as she hugged him tightly. 

“What I do?” Leo asked between giggles.

“Because of you I am now three thousand dollars richer.”

Lena sighed heavily and reached for the her keyboard.

“I’m guessing Andrea was involved in this.”

“Yes, as were Jerry, Penny, Pradeepa, Ben, Jess, Kelly, and Brainy.”

Lena choked.

“Brainy of course is winning most of it. I thought you’d do it after the beach day.”

“When did Brainy-”

“Japan trip return. He was very specific. Now I’m wondering if he might have had some insider knowledge.”

Lena laughed. Then she thought about it. He was from the future…

“Andrea said Christmas. She was going to make you attend the Catco party and find some way to get you both drunk.”

Lena scoffed and Sam turned back to Leo giving him another kiss on the cheek making him smile.

“I have to go collect my winnings from Andrea and then actually do some work. You look after your Mama for me,” she said.

Leo nodded and Sam put him down giving Lena one last look. 

“God you’re lucky,” she muttered.

Lena laughed watching her leave. Leo looked at her and Lena smiled at him. Then her door opened again and Ben came inholding a stack of folders protectively in front of his face. He looked out from behind them.

“When did you have it for?” she asked.

“Pradeepa and I were down for New Years. I had Eve she said Day.”

Lena sighed heavily and shifted the reports on her desk.

“I hate you all.”

Ben smiled and sat. 

“You won’t when I tell you what’s in this file.”

Lena gave him a look. He smiled opening the folder and sliding a stack of papers over.

“Approvals for the new expedited childcare centre. The floor is empty, and renovations can start before the end of the week. Also,” He removed a sheet of blue paper. “Penny has the staff interest numbers,” he turned the page around to show the other side. “With a bonus approval rating on you. You’re popular Ms Luthor.”

Lena looked at him.

“How much did you lose?” she asked.

“Altogether, one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars.”

“Why are you smiling about that?” Lena asked picking up the design plans to approve.

“Maybe because this particular betting pool has been around for five years and it’s finally being collected.”

Lena looked at him horrified.

“What did you do when I was dating James?”

“Ran a side pot about how long it would last.”

Lena stared at Ben he smiled back.

“Well who won that one?” she finally asked.

“Jess, both times. She’s also the one who started it.”

Lena’s head snapped up as she stared at Ben in shock.

Chapter Text

“Miss Luthor! Miss Luthor what did you have for breakfast this morning?” the reporter yelled.

Lena stopped halfway to L Corp and sighed heavily as the reporters around her laughed. She turned and gave the reporter a very forced smile. 

“Toast,” she said.

“And you Leo?” the reporter asked turning his microphone towards Leo in her arms. 

Leo grinned happily.

“No comment!” he said.

The reporters laughed as Lena gave him a high five.

“Did I do it right?” he asked in a half whisper.

She nodded.

“You did it perfectly.”

“That’s hardly fair Miss Luthor,” another reporter said.

“When have I ever been fair?” she asked smiling.

There was more laughter as her security arrived and pushed the small cluster of reporters back. Lena continued her walk through the lobby to the stairs Leo in her arms.

He wriggled to be let down the moment they were out of the elevator on her floor. He raced into her office and dove into his place on the couch opening his bag.

Jess smiled as Lena approached more slowly.

“He’s getting more confident,” she said.

Lena nodded watching Leo removing his cars one at a time.

“Yes, I think it might be time for preschool soon,” she said. 

Jess smiled.

“You’ll miss him,” she said. 

Lena smiled at her.

“Probably,” she admitted. 

She was rather getting used to doing her work either one handed or with a curious child. And she would certainly miss him over her lunch breaks. He was still a quiet child, but he was becoming more active as he gained confidence. It probably wouldn’t be long before having him around was too difficult without more help. She made a note for herself to speak with Dr Thompson about when he might be ready to start preschool. His own personal bodyguard/nanny may be a step too far, but it was tempting, if she could find someone she could trust.

These were the types of thoughts on her mind as she followed Leo into her office and went to sit down at her desk. It was as she stepped behind her desk that it happened. 

There was a crash sound as the glass shattered and Lena found herself thrown across the desk with the force of the blast. Lena struggled to lift her head a ringing in her ears. Her hand went to her watch but she couldn’t quite get her fumbling fingers to lift the face. She looked up and saw Leo running towards her right as she passed out.


Kara heard the alert and jumped up immediately her own watch flashing red. She turned without a word leaving Andrea and the rest of the news team stunned as she ran from the meeting room towards the stairwell and out of sight. She ripped off her glasses and jumped out an open window flying straight for L Corp. 

As she made the turn she could see the damage. A chunk of the wall and most of the windows had been blown apart and the furniture was knocked back several feet. Lena was on the floor of her office covered in glass blood pouring from her hairline and left arm. Leo crouched beside her terrified. Jess ran in looking alarmed. 

Kara flew right through the broken windows and landed beside Lena. She quickly scanned her for injuries. Probable broken wrist and fractured ribs, definite concussion. 

She quickly looked Leo over, not a scratch. Kara moved to gather Lena in her arms then looked at Leo who was staring at her terrified and clinging to Lena’s arm.

“She’s going to be okay. But I need to you be brave for me,” she said gently. “I need you to wait here with Jess for two minutes. I’ll come back and take you to her I promise.”

Leo looked at Lena weighing it up. 

“I need to take her to the hospital but I’ll be right back for you okay?” Kara promised.

Jess placed a comforting hand on Leo’s shoulder. He hesitated for a moment longer then nodded and let go. Kara smiled at him. 

“Thank you,” she said scooping Lena up and flying her away. 

Lena regained full consciousness as Kara deposited her on the hospital gurney.

“Leo!” she said trying to sit up.

“He’s fine,” Kara said quickly. “I’ll be right back with him. Lie down Lena so I can go get him.”

Lena lay down immediately staring at Kara terrified. Kara raced out of the hospital and flew right back to L Corp and a shaking Leo clinging to Jess’ legs.

“Good boy Leo. You’re very brave,” Kara said moving forwards slowly. “Now I’m going to take you to Lena.”

Kara knelt and held out her hand cautiously. Leo hid behind Jess. Kara picked up Rao holding him out. But Leo still didn’t move his eyes wide and terrified. She looked around then down at her wrist. She held up her watch to show him the red flashing dial.

“I’ve got a watch like you. See,” Leo moved out a little looking at Kara’s watch. “It told me to come help. I’m going to take you to Lena. I’m going to take you to your Mama, and then I’ll get Kara for you. I promise.”

Leo cautiously stepped out of Jess’ shadow and accepted Rao from her. Kara carefully picked him up and nodded to Jess. Jess would handle the police and everything else. Kara would handle Lena. She turned walking slowly with Leo in her arms.

“Okay we’re going to fly so I can get you there faster but it can be scary so you can close your eyes if you get scared but I promise I won’t drop you.”

Leo nodded squeezing his eyes shut. Kara held him closer and dived off the building heading straight for the hospital. She arrived and saw Lena glaring daggers at a doctor who was apparently wanting to move her. Kara ran over so she could see Leo.

“I’m not moving until Supergirl gets back with-”

“It’s okay Lena. I’ve got him,” she said.

Lena held out her arms wincing as her wrist moved and ignoring the doctor’s worried face. Leo was shaking and crying when Kara put him next to her. Lena wrapped her good arm around Leo’s shoulder and held him close as he cried.

“It’s okay Leo I’m okay, we’re okay,” she soothed. Lena looked up at Kara with tears in her eyes as Leo sobbed into her shoulder. “Please get Kara and tell her I need her to help look after Leo.”

Kara nodded and left. She flew out the door and after a quick scan around begin counting. She counted the blocks between the hospital and Catco then back and then she counted the trees below her. She checked for a safe drop zone and landed in the alleyway running towards the hospital at a passably human speed. She looked around as she went and pretended to spot Lena and Leo. She ran up to the gurney.

“I’m here,” she said. 

Lena breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Leo sweetie I need to let you go,” Lena said.

Leo shook his head holding tighter. Lena’s face twisted in pain and a doctor moved to pick up Leo but Lena’s glare made him back off. Kara stepped in putting her hands on Leo’s shoulders.

“It’s okay Leo we’re not leaving I just need to hold you while they help your Mama. You’re not leaving. You just need to let go. Come on sweetie, you can hold onto me.”

Leo turned to look at her. Kara held her hands out to Leo and he looked up at Lena.

”It’s okay Leo. Kara will hold you for me.”

Leo slowly let go and Kara carefully lifted him out of the way. The doctors and nurses immediately swarmed in moving her. Kara followed carrying a crying Leo. She rubbed his back soothingly as he clung to her shoulder and Rao. Kara’s phone started ringing and she checked the caller ID. Nia.

“Hey Nia, can I call you back?” she said quickly.

“Andrea’s wondering where you ran off to and there’s no big alien fight going down and my watch is flashing blue so what’s-”

Kara quickly twisted her watch face stopping the signal. Lena’s watch flashed green twice then went back to normal. Thankfully none of the staff seemed to have noticed. Kara quickly put her phone back to her ear. 

“Someone blew up Lena’s office. Supergirl collected me to look after Leo for Lena while the doctors are treating her.”

“Is Lena okay?” Nia asked panicked.

“Broken wrist and ribs I expect and a definite concussion but otherwise she’s probably fine. You know Lena, Supergirl is the girl of steel but Lena is too stubborn to be hurt.”

“Is Leo okay?” Nia asked.

“Not a scratch. Supergirl checked him over. But he’s pretty scared and he’s terrified of leaving Lena’s sight.”

“What do you want me to tell Andrea?” Nia asked.

“The truth. I’m at the hospital holding a terrified child and watching doctors administer pain relief to the most stubborn woman in the world.”

She saw Lena’s smile as she heard the last bit. The pain meds must be kicking in. Lena turned to smile at her and Kara smiled back. Ice packs were applied to her ribs and there was a lot of talk of xrays. Lena winked at Kara when she heard that. 

They wheeled Lena to a cubicle and a curtain was drawn as several nurses quickly removed Lena’s shirt to get at the various cuts and the few shards of glass that were still stuck in her. The doctors promised to return once the xrays were done. Kara quickly looked at the ceiling as they cut away Lena’s blood stained shirt and Lena started laughing.

“Damnit Kara don’t make me laugh it hurts,” Lena said.

“Well sorry for trying to be polite,” Kara muttered.

“You’ve seen me shirtless before,” Lena said rolling her eyes.

“Yes but that was… different.”

Lena laughed again and made several pained noises as she tried to laugh very shallowly.

“Why did you see Mama shirtless?” Leo asked sniffing.


There was laughter from the nurses then.

“She was having trouble doing up her dress so I had to help her,” Kara said.

Lena closed her eyes as she struggled not to laugh again.

“If I remember correctly you needed help undoing it,” Lena muttered.

“Seriously?” Kara asked incredulous.

Lena smirked at her and Kara sighed.

“She’s going to be fine,” she said to Leo. 

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes, she’s teasing me. She’s fine.”

There was laughter again from the nurses and one of them turned around to smile at Kara. Kara rolled her eyes then her phone rang again. She looked at the caller and sighed.

“Who is it?” Lena asked.

“Andrea. You’d think she’d believe Nia,” Kara muttered. 

She answered the call.

“Hello Andrea yes I really am at the hospital-”

“Are they okay?” Andrea asked sounding a little panicked.

“Yeah,” Kara said frowning. “Lena’s got a few fractures and a concussion, a whole lot of small cuts but otherwise she’s fine. They’re taking glass out of her now.”

“Is Leo okay?” 

“Yeah, not a scratch. Kid got lucky. Are you okay?” Kara asked.

Andrea let out a breath and Kara looked at her phone confused.

“I just…” Andrea sighed and Kara could hear the pounding of her heart through the phone. “They’re okay, you’re sure?”

“Yes,” Kara said. “She’s flirting already, believe me she’s fine.”

“And you’re sure Leo’s okay?”

“Shaken but fine.”

“Okay, thank you. Take all the time you need I already told William to cover your articles.”

“Thank you,” Kara said. 

“Can you tell Lena to call me when she’s feeling better?” Andrea asked.

“Yeah sure, no problem.”

“Thank you.”

Andrea hung up and Kara looked at Lena.

“I think Andrea is really worried about you. She’s making William cover for me and asked me to ask you to call her later.”

Lena nodded.

“I’ll call her once I’m out of here.”

Kara’s phone rang again and she sighed.

“Sam, anything you want me to tell her?”

“Just the usual,” Lena said.

Kara answered the call.

“Lena’s okay, Leo’s shaken but physically fine.”

“Oh thank God,” Sam said with a sigh. “How bad is she hurt?”

“Normal person recovery two weeks, Lena recovery two days. She has fractures and a concussion.”

Sam scoffed.

“And Leo.”

“Physically fine. Mentally I’ll just save time and tuck him into bed with Lena tonight.”

“Poor baby. Do you need me to do anything?”

“Jess can probably tell you all the urgent things you’ll need to cover today. I’ll give you a call later when we have more to report.”

“Tell her I’ll keep L Corp on an even keel until she’s back.”

“Thanks Sam.”

She had barely hung up when her phone rang again. She didn’t bother checking caller ID.

“She’s fine, fractures and probable concussion and Leo is shaken but unharmed.”

She heard the person on the other end breathe out a sigh.

“Thank you,” Lillian said.

Kara stared at her phone in shock.

“Who’s looking after Leo?” Lillian asked.

“I am,” she said putting the phone back to her ear.

“Good. Please tell Lena to call me when she can and if you need anything at all call me.”

“Um okay…” Kara said.

“Thank you Kara.”

Lillian hung up and Kara lowered her phone looking at it bewildered. It rang again almost immediately. Alex. She answered.

“Lena has fractures and a concussion, Leo’s shaken but fine.”

“Good,” Alex said with a sigh.

“Why is everyone calling me?” Kara asked.

“Because you’re the girlfriend. You’re the person in the know,” Alex said.

Kara blinked.

“Oh, right.”

“You forgot didn’t you?” Alex said with a laugh.

“No I just… didn’t realise that was a thing people would suddenly do. Or rather that people like Andrea and Lillian would suddenly be calling me about it.”

Alex laughed.

“Welcome to being the girlfriend. I take it you’re out of commission while you look after your kid?”

“Uh… yeah,” Kara mumbled.

Her whole world felt like it was tilting to one side.

“You good there?” Alex asked sounding a little worried.

“I’m just… having a few epiphanies,” Kara mumbled.

“Okay well if you need to talk about them give me a call. Until then look after your family we’ll take care of the rest. I’ve already sent Brainy with a team to help out with the investigation into the bomb.”

“Thanks. I’ll call you later,” Kara said. 

She hung up and looked from Lena who was now covered in ice packs to Leo who was snuggled into her shoulder.

Her family.

“You okay there?” Lena asked.

Kara nodded and smiled.

“Yeah, yeah I am. How about you?”

Lena sighed and looked like she immediately regretted it.

“Bruised and beaten but mostly angry. How did someone even get a bomb into my office?”


Kara removed the tray from the oven and quickly dropped the roasted potatoes in a bowl. She looked at Leo and saw he was once again looking down the hallway towards the bedroom.

“Hey buddy,” Kara said drawing his attention.

Leo looked at her nervously. She slid the potato towards him.

“She’s just sleeping.”

Leo nodded and looked at his hands. Kara came around the counter and wrapped her arms around him. He turned and clung to her crying softly. Kara scooped him up and rocked him until the tears stopped. She kept holding him as he clung to her sniffling. 

“Where will I go now?” Leo whispered.

Kara frowned at him.

“Go? You’re not going anywhere. We’re staying right here. Later we’ll wake your Mama up for dinner nag her into taking her medication, and after dinner I’ll give you a bath and we’ll go to sleep with your Mama in her bed.”

Leo looked at her his eyes and nose red and his hands twisting in his lap.

“Why would you think you’re going anywhere?” Kara asked gently.

“Because if she’s hurt she can’t look after me.”

Kara held him tighter for a moment blinking away her own tears.

“Oh sweetheart no. You’re not going anywhere. She can still look after you even if she’s hurt.”

“What if she dies?” Leo whispered so softly it was only superhearing that allowed Kara to hear it.

She looked down at him surprised. She shifted him in her arms so she could look him directly in the eyes.

“Your Mama is going to be fine,” she said trying to sound as reassuring as she could. “She might be hurt but she won’t die, she’s too stubborn. And even if something happened you’ll still have me and I promise I am very hard to hurt let alone anything else. If your mama can’t look after you then I will.”

“What if something happened to you?” Leo whispered.

Kara hugged him very tightly. 

“Nothing is going to happen to either of us. But if it did then either my sister or your grandma will look after you. And if they can’t then Andrea, Sam, Kelly, or even my mum Eliza will. You have a whole family of people now, and we will always look after you. I promise.”

Leo held her tighter and Kara felt tears roll down her face. 

“You’re safe Leo. No one will ever take you away from your family. You’re not going anywhere. I promise.”

Leo nodded against her shirt and she sighed kissing the top of his head as she held him in her arms. It was several minutes before Leo let go and Kara opened her arms so he could reach over and grab the now lukewarm potato from the bowl. He didn’t seem to mind though.


“Yes Leo?”

“Are you gonna marry Mama?”

Kara smiled down at him on hand coming up to stroke his tear stained cheek.

“One day,” she said. Then she realised what she’d said. “Well I hope one day. But that would be years from now so… Maybe don’t focus on that. It’s a possibility.”

Kara looked around trying to think how to backtrack that statement. Leo smiled at her.

“If you marry Mama would you be my Mama too?”

“Yes and no. If I married your Mama I would also be your mother but where I come from we don’t say Mama or Mum, we say Jeju. So if you ever decided that you… really saw me completely as your mother, not that you ever have to, again maybe one day if that’s a thing you want to do…” She knew she was rambling and stopped herself. Kara took a breath and focused. “Then if you wanted to, you could call me Jeju.”

“Jeju,” he said slowly.

“But again you don’t need to call me that ever if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Take your time there’s no rush with that at all,” she added quickly.

“Okay Kara,” Leo said reaching for more potato. 

Kara had a somewhat panicked feeling as she looked at Leo. She had no idea if she’d just screwed something up. She sighed and reached for the potato. She needed food. If she was eating she couldn’t accidentally say anything else that might be awkward later. 

Kara woke Lena at five for her next dose of medication. Seeing lena fairly alert if sore she gave Leo his tablet to watch videos so she could talk to Lena. Lena looked at her and Kara tried to find the words. In the end she just gave her a very apologetic look. Lena smiled.

“What happened?” she asked.

Kara sucked in a breath and glanced at Leo.

“So uh, I may have been comforting Leo and then he said some things and I was trying to reassure him and it worked but now I think there’s- well he hasn’t mentioned it since but just in case he does I don’t want you to be blindsided because it was in the context of anything happening to you what would happen to him and then he just sorta followed it up with whether I would and I just answered honestly but he might-”

“Kara,” Lena said softly. “Darling, breathe.”

Kara took a breath.

“So he uh, asked if I was going to marry you and I said one day-” Lena coughed her eyes wide. “I amended it to I hope one day but still I- I panicked.”

Lena pressed her lips together smiling.

“Clearly,” she said.

Kara gave Lena a pained look. Lena took several very shallow breaths as she tried not to laugh.

“It hasn’t even been forty eight hours and you’re already about to propose. I didn’t know I was that good,” Lena said with a smirk. 

Kara crossed her arms and Lena smiled back. Lena's phone started ringing before she could say anything more. Kara continued to glare at her as she answered.


“We have Mr Erasmus here to speak with you.”

“Send him up.”

Lena hung up and smiled at Kara.

“Well since you’ve already decided we’re getting married without even asking me,” Kara groaned covering her face. "I feel compelled to ask if you’ve already picked the month? I refuse to allow June or December both are too cliche, but I could be persuaded for October. Oh and I want an emerald engagement ring, and if the band is rose gold I will call the wedding off.”

“Shut up,” Kara whispered.

Lena shook her head.

“Make me,” she said smirking. 

“The drugs have really started hitting you haven’t they?” Kara asked.

“No, I am still in a lot of pain. But teasing you is helping.”

Kara glanced at Leo then made a frustrated motion with her hands. Lena blew her a kiss and Kara threw up her hands and went to let Nick in. 

Nick gave Kara a nod as he entered a folder in his hands. 

“Ms Danvers, you might want to occupy Leo while I speak with Ms Luthor about recent events,” Nick said.

Kara nodded and showed him through to the bedroom and brought him a chair. He smiled at Leo and gave him a wave. Kara led Leo out suggesting they make cupcakes for Lena.


Lena looked at Nick and he opened the folder.

“Hello Nick, I take it this is about this morning.”

Nick sighed heavily and handed her a file.


“What happened?” she asked her voice serious.

“Mrs Teschmacher was found dead.”

Lena looked at him surprised. She opened the file and saw a serious of gruesome crime scene pictures. 

“Estimated time of death is three days after Leo’s existence became public knowledge.”

Lena flicked through the pictures and stopped on the one of the wall. What looked to be an alien script was roughly carved into the plaster.

“They believe she was repeatedly stabbed and then that message was carved on the wall with the murder weapon. But here’s the interesting part. Directly translated it says the seed of evil must be eradicated. Now, according to the translator it’s Urentian writing, but an Urentian would have written green bloodlines must go. Apparently that’s their equivalent.”

Lena moved onto the next picture glad she’d never been especially squeamish.

“So it’s someone trying to make it look like aliens did it?” she asked.

“Or it’s a combined group,” Nick said with a sigh. “We’ve been digging deeper and I think we’ve made a connection.” 

Lena he handed Lena the second file. She opened it immediately and recognised the mugshot.

“That’s Timothy Grange he was-”

“The one who tried to shoot me at the press conference. I remember.”

Nick nodded.

“Well what we didn’t know was that he had an Urentian girlfriend who broke up with him years ago. It was only by chance we found out. He got another girlfriend, also an alien-”

“Well it seems he had a type,” Lena muttered.

“Apparently she was one of those your brother captured to turn into his Argo destruction battery. She was rescued by Supergirl. After that she and through her, he reportedly joined a group of Supergirl fanatics.”

Lena raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Apparently they are obsessed with protecting Supergirl from external threats. Number one being Luthors. Your mother’s security knows them well.”

Lena scoffed. Her mother’s security knew a lot of groups well. 

“It seems they now believe Leo is the biggest threat to Supergirl. Some kind of mystical prophecy about him stealing Supergirl’s heart forever.”

Lena couldn’t help smiling a that. 

“Well, she does love him quite a bit.”

“That would probably explain the prophecy, but they seem to think he’s going to brutally murder her and eat it.”

“Great,” Lena muttered flicking through the files some more.

“Good news, now we know who seem to be behind the attacks they’ll be easier to catch. The DEO is already running the alien angle and I’ve spoken with the NCPD and they’re chasing down every lead they can in regards to the group’s known members.”

Lena closed the file and looked at Nick.

“And the bad news?”

“Someone with money is behind it. The weapons, the bomb components, the ID they used to get access to your office. It’s concerning. Someone really wants Leo dead, or they’re hoping that by killing him they’ll hurt you, or maybe Supergirl.”

Lena nodded and handed Nick back the file. 

“Follow the money,” Lena said. “Without that they’ll be relatively easy to pick off.”

Nick nodded his agreement. 

“We’ll get them Ms Luthor.”

She nodded.

“We will.”

Nick got up and gave her a small smile.

“I’m very glad you’re okay Ms Luthor.”

“Thanks Nick,” she said smiling.

“I’ll keep you updated.”

Nick left nodding to Kara as he passed. She gave him a smile and headed back to the bedroom with Leo. 

“Hey so, I was thinking I might stay over for a few days. Just while you’re injured. And maybe have Alex or J’onn come help you out when I’m not here. Just in case you need something.”

Lena gave her a smile.

“Thank you. I think I might need to spend some time in my labs once I’m recovered, to make Leo something.”

Kara nodded her agreement.

Chapter Text

It had been a week since the bomb. Lena having decided she had rested more than enough was heading back to work full time. Jess had done what she could but the events being what they were Lena had a full day of meetings planned and Leo was understandably struggling being apart from her again. He didn’t want to be left alone for even five minutes so Kara stepped in. One quick call to Andrea and it was sorted before Lena had finished her morning coffee.

Leo held Kara’s hand tightly as they entered the elevators at Catco. A few people glanced at him then smiled at Kara. He had a backpack of toys and Rao under his arm. Lena had assured Kara he wouldn’t need anything else all day. They stepped out at the floor and Nia jumped up rushing over with a bright smile.

“Hey Kara. Leo are you with us today?” she asked. 

Leo nodded. He was getting more comfortable in strange places but Kara fully expected to be dealing with at least one anxiety attack today. She headed over to her desk putting her things down and looked at Leo. 

Unlike Lena’s office there wasn’t a lot of space for him that wasn’t a walkway. He solved the problem by crawling under her desk and taking a book out of his backpack. Nia looked up at Kara in surprise.

“You gotta hand it to Lena, she thinks of everything,” Nia said.

“He does go everywhere with her,” Kara said with a shrug. “The L Corp R&D department even made him his own safety gear for the days Lena’s down there.”

“Leo goes into the labs?” Nia asked surprised.

Kara laughed shaking her head.

“Not really. Apparently the head of R&D, Genevieve, adores Leo so he’s allowed to stay in her office while Lena works in the lab. She even has a kids ‘workstation’ in her office for the times she brings her daughter to work and so Leo just stays there with Bo or Frank. It’s behind fifty different safety measures and he can see Lena in the lab without having to actually enter himself. Last week Mia was there too so he got to make a friend.”

Nia aw’d.

“He made a friend? That’s so sweet.”

Kara laughed.

“I think it’s more accurate to say Mia decided they were friends. Genevieve was worried she’d upset him because Leo’s so shy and quiet and apparently Mia is a reincarnated Prima Donna but they got along rather well. Lena thinks Leo was in awe of Mia because she talked to him non stop and then gave him half her sandwich. It had cheese in it so he’s half in love with her.”

“Well the way to Leo’s heart does seem to be through his stomach,” Nia said with a smirk. “Imagine if she gave him pancakes.”

Kara sighed. They were never going to live that down. 

“Is there something I can help you with or did you just want to rub pancakes in my face again?” Kara asked.

Nia laughed.

“I have an article on-”

“Kara you brought a companion today,” William said stopping by her desk. “I didn’t know that was allowed.”

Kara bit back a sigh and gave William a polite smile.

“It is when Andrea says so,” Kara said.

William looked under the desk and then at her. Leo fortunately was paying no attention as he continued reading quietly to Rao. 

“Was there something else?” Kara asked.

“I was coming to give you an assignment but I guess you’re going to be too distracted today,” he said.

Kara raised an eyebrow in perfect imitation of Lena. 

“Well then perhaps you want to offer it to Nia,” she said.

Nia beamed at her turning to William. He didn’t look away from Kara.

“No it’s fine, I’ll just have one of the other senior journalists cover it. Enjoy your day.”

Kara watched him go with a forced smile. Nia sighed.

“What is his problem?” Nia muttered.

“I upgraded,” Kara said. 

Nia laughed and nodded. Andrea walked past, stopped and looked down then gave Leo a warm smile and waved. Kara saw Leo wave back exuberantly before Andrea turned and headed for her office.

“I’ll never understand that woman,” Nia muttered.

“Really? I find her rather straight forward,” Kara said sitting down and powering up her computer. 

Nia’s phone rang and she gave Kara an apologetic look before hurrying away to answer it. Kara looked under her desk at Leo.

“You happy down there bud?” she asked.

He nodded and held up his book in explanation. She smiled —he really was Lena’s son— and started working. After two hours she understood how Lena was still able to run her company with Leo in the same room. Left to his own devices Leo would sit and read or play with his cars and when she took a call he would fall immediately silent. She could have forgotten about him entirely if she wasn’t constantly checking he was still there.

At ten he touched her leg and she looked under the desk her phone attached to her ear. He mimed eating and she smiled. Ending her call she rolled her chair backwards and motioned for him to come out. He did so holding up his hands and she gave an exaggerated groan as she lifted him up into her lap.

“You’re getting bigger every time I pick you up,” she said.

He smiled shaking his head. She smiled back and looked around before leaning in conspiratorially.

“Shall we go get some… donuts?” she asked.

His eyes went wide and he nodded eagerly. She rose picking up her phone and carried him towards the elevator. When they reached the ground floor she set Leo on his feet. He held her hand as they made their way one block over to her regular donut shop. The shop attendant recognised her and immediately begun putting together a selection. Kara smiled taking out her card and scanning it as she reached the counter.

“I wanna carry them,” Leo said holding out his hands, one of which held Rao. “Trade.”

Kara smiled and accepted Rao trading him for the donuts. Leo seemed happy as he politely thanked the shop assistant who beamed at him and they walked back Leo peering down into the box the whole time. Kara subtly picked him up each time he stumbled so he didn’t drop the box.

On their return to her desk she did a quick scan to make sure no one had left any surprises for them. Satisfied her desk and Leo’s bag were untouched she sat down holding Leo in her lap as he carefully selected a chocolate donut with sprinkles from the box and started eating. He looked at her computer screen.

“Are you writing an email?” he asked around a mouthful of chocolate sprinkles. 

“An article. It’s about a recent string of robberies near the docks and people’s reaction to it.”

Leo nodded devouring his donut at speed. Once he was finished she set him back down and he returned to his place under her desk as she started on her third donut. 

Her hands had barely touched the keyboard when her phone pinged with a notification from Lena. Kara clicked it automatically. There was a screenshot of a social media post from one of the tabloids showing her walking back to Catco holding Rao Leo at her side with the donuts. The title read Confirmed! Leo’s got two Mummies. 

Kara smiled at the accompanying message from Lena.

A healthy snack I see.

Kara searched up the post and tried to ignore the flutter in her stomach as she read it. 

Leo Luthor spotted out today in the care of his Aunt’s girlfriend Kara Danvers. It seems now the secret is out that they’re not even pretending Danvers isn’t a second parent to the young Luthor. At this speed it won’t be long before we’re all hearing wedding bells.

There was a loud explosion somewhere in the distance. Kara sighed and looked over waving at Nia.

“I’ve got to run to the printing room, can you watch Leo?” she asked.

Nia nodded quickly and Kara turned to Leo.

“I’m just going to deal with something and I’ll be right back. Can you stay with Nia for a little bit?” she asked.

He nodded happily and she smiled then hurried from the office as fast as she could without drawing attention. She silently prayed it would be a quick job.


Racing back to the office ten minutes later Kara paused to check she was presentable and heard Leo talking to Nia.

“She saved Mama?”

“Oh yeah, loads of times,” Nia said. “Supergirl always saves your Mama. You know she even defended her even when everyone said she was like her brother. Supergirl never believed it not for a minute. She always said Lena was her friend and she believed in her.”

Leo seemed to be thinking. Kara did a quick check but he didn’t seem to be at all distressed.

“I think there’s actually a video of all the times Supergirl has saved her. At least all the times someone’s caught it on camera,” Nia said.

“Really?” Leo asked.

“If your Mum thinks it’s a good idea she could probably show you the video.”

Kara started walking towards them with a smile then stopped as she saw Andrea arrive at her desk.

“Hello Leo,” she said warmly.

“Hello Auntie Andrea,” Leo said looking up at her. 

“What are you two talking about?” she asked bending down to give him a kiss on each cheek. Leo clumsily returned the gesture before answering.

“Supergirl saving Mama.”

Kara heard Andrea’s heart skip a beat.

“She does that a lot. She saved me once or twice too.”

Leo tilted his head looking up at Andrea.

“Why did Supergirl save you?” he asked.

Andrea laughed and picked Leo up giving him a hug.

“Some bad people were trying to hurt me. But Supergirl stopped them.”

Leo seemed thoughtful but then he saw Kara and his face lit up. She smiled back making her way over. 

“Did Supergirl save you too?” he asked.

Kara hesitated for a moment then thought about Linda Lee.

“Once,” she said gently.

Leo nodded and looked at Nia.

“Did she save you too?” he asked.

“A few times,” Nia said with a smile. “I even saved her once or twice.”

Kara laughed and nodded. 

“She did. Supergirl was very grateful.” Leo held out his hands and Kara took him from Andrea. “But the person who gets the award for the most time saving Supergirl is… Alex closely followed by your Mama.”

“Mama saved Supergirl?”

“Yes,” Andrea said gently. “More times than I think she knows.”

Kara looked over at Andrea’s suddenly serious face. Then it changed to a scowl as she spotted something.

“I can’t leave you people alone for five minutes,” Andrea muttered marching off.

Kara was strongly reminded of Cat which was a somewhat concerning turn of events. Nia and Kara exchanged a look. Leo scrunched up his face looking at Kara. 

“Is the printing room okay?” he asked.

She laughed.

“Yes, I had to print something and give it to someone else. And now I have a whole new article I need to write.”

Leo nodded and Kara gave Nia a grateful smile before returning to her desk. Nia waved a hand indicating it was nothing. With Leo happily returned to his spot under her desk Kara went back to work. 

Five minutes later there was a small crash as a glass shattered and Kara looked over to see one of the design team had tripped carrying a glass of water.

Everyone immediately went back to work. Kara looked down and saw Leo sitting very still.

“Hey Bud, you okay?” she asked.

Leo held out his hands making a grabbing motion. Kara immediately picked him up and hugged him tightly. He held on snuggling against her as she rubbed soothing circles over his back.

“I'm here bud. It’s okay. It was just a glass,” she said gently.

“Cuddle,” Leo said burying his face in her shoulder.

“For as long as you want,” she promised.

Leo nodded and she kept an arm around him as she logged back into her computer. She prepared herself to be holding him for the next half hour but two minutes later he kissed her cheek and wriggled out of her arms and went back to his book his anxiety forgotten.

At one she had a senior staff meeting. She considered leaving him with Nia but the moment she said she had a meeting Leo picked up Rao and a truck walking with her. Once they entered the room he went to a corner without prompting. He sat down and began silently played with his toys as everyone filed in and the meeting began. 

When the other senior staff trickles in they all glanced over at Leo. Most were smiling as they looked over, others -William- glared. Kara glared back until he looked away. Halfway through the meeting Andrea apparently tired of everyone looking over to watch Leo decided to put a stop to it. As one discussion finished ended she motioned for a pause.

“Leo darling come here,” she said rolling her chair back. 

Leo looked up and picking up Rao and his truck went over to Andrea. She lifted him into her lap and slid her chair back in. 

“You can sit with me,” she said smiling at him.

Leo nodded and put Rao next to Andrea’s notes. Kara smiled and Andrea winked at her as she slid a sheet of paper and a pen towards Leo.

“Undeliverable,” William whispered under his breath.

Kara’s eyes snapped to him and she glared.

“What was that William?” Andrea asked.

“Oh nothing was just reading over my notes,” William said with a fake smile. 

There was a loud scoff from Serena to Kara’s left. William glared at her. She rolled her eyes.

“Alright, what's this about?” Andrea asked glaring at the three of them. 

“Oh he's just upset about the special treatment Kara's getting,” Serena said with a smirk.

Andrea sighed.

“Kara isn't getting special treatment, as per Catco guidelines any staff member may bring their child or ward into the office if they cannot make alternative arrangements. So long as it is for no longer than three hours or not more often than once a month, infants excepted.”

Everyone looked at Andreas surprised.

“It's in the revised employee handbook.”

Clearly no one has read the revised employee handbook.

“But she's not his guardian,” William pointed out.

“He's the child of her significant other. Also she called me this morning to check. Really if I'm giving anyone special treatment in this situation it's me because I get to hold him. Now unless there are further questions about the childcare guidelines in the handbook we only have ten more minutes scheduled in this meeting and none of you have said anything to make this worth my time.” Andrea sighed looking over them again. “And Serena, stay behind after.”

The meeting ended on time and Leo gave Andrea a hug before hopping down and walking with Kara back to her desk and his new space underneath. Two minutes later Andreas voice rang out over the bullpen.

“Danvers, Dey! A word,” Andrea said beckoning then both.

Serena skipped out of the meeting room giving William a little wave as she went. Kara silently pointed at Leo but Andrea shook her head. Nia appeared by her desk notepad in hand as she talked on her phone. Kara gave her a nod.

“Hey Leo I'm just gonna go talk to Auntie Andrea. If you need me I'll be just in there,” Kara said pointing to the office.

Leo nodded smiling to her as he went back to his trucks. With an uncomfortable sense of dread Kara entered Andrea’s office and closed the door. Andrea looked at them both.

“Is Leo distracted?” Andrea asked.

Kara looked over her shoulder to check and turned back with a nod.

“Good.” Andrea looked at them both and all pretence of pleasantries dropped. “What the fuck is wrong with you two!”

Kara jumped, she had no idea what she could have done.

“You,” Andrea pointed at William. “Not only did you suggest I was sleeping with one of my staff, but also that I would give special treatment because of it!”

William blanched surprised by the anger present in Andrea’s voice.

“How dare you!” she yelled.

“I didn’t say that,” William said quickly. “I asked her why she thinks being late on her articles is okay, and questioned why she hadn’t already been fired because of it.”

“Mr Dey, you are digging and I suggest you stop. Serena has already relayed everything and I suggest you don’t give me cause to call for more witnesses. The very suggestion that I would give someone preferential treatment in return for sexual favours is a serious accusation.”

“I didn’t- Ms Rojas I was-”

“I’m not done.”

William fell silent.

“And even worse if you had suggested that Cat Grant had. I know from experience that she is not a woman who takes such suggestions well.”

Kara went suddenly still looking at William. Cat would tear him to pieces if she ever heard that. William took a deep breath and glared at Kara.

“Don’t look at her Mr Dey she’s not the one who’s deciding your fate,” Andrea snapped.

William looked at Andrea. She looked at him very intently her focus absolute. He looked away. Kara found herself strongly reminded of Lena for a moment as Andrea continued to glare at William. 

“Be grateful Lena Luthor never heard about this. She’d drown you in lawyers for even hinting she was doing something inappropriate with an employee, and I find myself tempted to do the same. You’re supposed to be a smart man. I was sure I hired a man of intelligence and integrity.”

Kara recognised that line…

“And yet you let your own petty jealousies make you into a fool. Even worse you did it in front of others. The whole office knew and you thought there would be no consequences?”

Kara hid her smile. She knew what was coming.

“You have three months to find yourself a new position. Preferably in another city. I’ll let you make it seem like your choice.”

“You can’t fire me for… office gossip,” William said crossing his arms.

“Oh I won’t fire you William,” Andrea said rolling her eyes. “I’ll just call Cat Grant. I’m sure she’d be very understanding of your suggestion she slept with her assistant.”

Kara smiled. William looked at Kara. She gave him a look and he glared at her.

“It’s not like I’m the only one-”

“No of course you’re not,” Andrea said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “It’s called office gossip for a reason. But you are the editor, and you are her ex boyfriend which colours things differently.”

Andrea turned to glare at Kara.

“And you!” Kara did her best to look anxious. “Your ex boyfriend starts saying you’re sleeping with your bosses for special treatment and not only do you tell your coworkers making a spectacle of the damn thing, but you don’t tell HR. We have procedures for this kind of thing and they can only work if you actually come forward. Now I have to deal with rampant gossip and if this goes beyond Catco I’m going to be the bad guy if I don’t come down twice as hard on everyone. Do you want to sit through mandatory harassment training?”

Kara shook her head saying nothing. Andrea took a deep breath closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose. Kara had to work not to smile at Andrea mimicking Lena.

“William get out of my sight, and I suggest you start looking for another job before I change my mind and call Cat early.”

William left muttering to himself. Andrea dropped into her chair.

“And this is why you don’t date coworkers,” Andrea said turning to Kara.

Kara smiled and after checking Leo was still happy she sat as well. 

“You know you’ll have to replace him,” she said.

Andrea smirked. Kara’s eyes widened.

“You’ve already got his replacement lined up don’t you?” Andrea smirked. “You… you pulled a Lillian.”

Andrea nodded and smiled watching William angrily drop into his chair at his desk.

“She might be a bitch, but she has always been a terrifying manipulator. Chew a man out, don't let him argue, threaten a dozen plausible consequences, give him a reference, tell him to make it look like his idea, and suddenly he’s resigning and you don’t have to pay out his contract. Who do you think taught Lena?”

Kara shrugged she had never really considered it. She knew Lena had a business degree of some kind.

“What you thought it was all natural talent?” Andrea scoffed. “She might have charisma and talent but you don’t hold a company like L Corp together from 24 with just talent. Lex might have been groomed to take over L Corp but Lena was made to be his head of R&D. She grew up learning business just like he did. That included spending time watching Lillian manipulate everyone around her behind the scenes. It just so happens Lena was a better student than Lex.”

Andrea sat up a little looking at Kara.

“I do wish you’d told me about his suggestion earlier. Not only was it wildly inappropriate but I could have lined up his replacement faster.”

Kara gave her an apologetic look.

“Well if I’d known you wanted to get rid of him…” 

Andrea sighed. 

“I thought that was obvious. I left him in charge while I was on holiday with Serena watching his every move.”

“Serena?” Kara asked surprised. “The if it ain’t couture it’s trash I don’t care if it’s the same shirt, Serena?”

Andrea gave Kara a long look.

“Yes her. She’s an uppity bitch but she’s an excellent gossip journalist. If anything happened to her phone half of Hollywood’s A list would need to change their private numbers. I told her to do some digging and see what she could get with William.”

Kara looked at Andrea horrified. 

“Wait so… what exactly did she do?”

“Spy on him until he said or did something I could use against him.”


“Business. Oh don’t look so judgemental he came here to spy on me.”

Kara couldn’t argue with that.

“He was also trying to find out who Supergirl is so he had to go one way or another. With facial recognition as good as it is these days I’m amazed no one’s found it out yet.”

“All pictures of Supergirl in private are quietly altered to prevent that,” Kara said.

Andrea nodded. Kara glanced over and saw Leo still reading under her desk as Nia chatted to a couple of the interns.

“So who’s the replacement?” Kara asked.

“Nigel. A certain fashion editor is retiring and she owes him. When I mentioned I was interested in hiring someone to help me with my new plans for Catco in return for a ridiculous amount of money she offered him to me on a silver plater.”

“But he’s a fashion-”

Andrea silenced Kara with a look.

“Half of Catco is fashion and entertainment based. I bring him in, shift content to seventy percent fashion and entertainment. His name will guarantee new investment and interest. Especially when word gets out about someone’s retirement. In three months suddenly I can give you and the rest of the core news team the time and space to do the deep dives you’re dying to. You go from daily to thrice a week deep dives and a monthly expose.”

Andrea looked at Kara’s shocked face. 

“Don’t tell me you’re actually happy writing a dozen articles a week on Supergirl saving stranded boats when you could be actually uncovering corruption.”

“No that- that sounds amazing,” Kara said quickly. “I’m just wondering if he’s running the fashion and entertainment then what about news?”

“Nigel and Snapper go way back, something about a university newspaper. I’ve already started discussions with him about coming back part time to head the investigative news team. In three months I’ll have everything set. Nigel starts next month and Snapper should follow a few months later.”

“What if William is gone before Snapper starts?”

Andrea scoffed.

“I am the boss for a reason. I can manage a half dozen news journalists. Now go finish that piece on the warehouse fire I want it done before five.”

Kara nodded and left with a new respect for Andrea's planning skills.


By the time the workday was drawing to a close Kara had just managed to put her articles in on time and Leo was happily sitting on her desk eating an apple. She gave him a smile as she packed up her desk and checked he hadn’t missed anything.

“Okay Leo shall we-” 

An alert came through and she looked around. Nia was already gone for the day and Supergirl was needed quickly. Kara considered asking Nia to race back but then she saw Andrea walk past. She waved and Andrea stopped. Kara widened her eyes a little and made a flying motion with her hand. Andrea nodded coming over immediately.

“Hey Leo can you wait with Auntie Andrea for a little bit. I’ve just got to go check something before we leave?”

Leo nodded unconcerned as Andrea appeared. She smiled and he smiled back. Kara quickly made her way to the nearest window.

Returning five minutes later she found Leo sitting in Andrea’s lap the two of them looking at toy websites on her computer. Andrea gave her a smile and Kara felt compelled to send Lena a warning when she saw kazoos and a small drum kit on the screen.

“Alright Leo, all sorted and it’s time for us to go. Thanks Andrea.”

Andrea gave her a wave as Leo hopped down grabbing his bag.

“Anytime. Goodbye Leo.”

Leo gave Andrea a wave as he grabbed Kara’s hand the two of them heading for the elevators. 


Alex and Kelly arrived to game night first. They both smiled at Leo sitting on Kara’s couch with Rao and a bowl of chips.

“Hello Leo,” Kelly said with a smile.

Leo waved back with both hands. Kara smiled, then sighed as he shoved a handful of chips in his mouth. She walked over to stand in front of him arms crossed looking from the chips to Leo.

“Starting a bit early aren’t we?” she asked.

“You said I could eat them when people came,” he said pointing at Alex and Kelly. “People came.”

They laughed and Kara sighed defeated.

“He’s got you there Kara,” Alex said slowly approaching the young Luthor. “Hey Leo can I have some too?” she asked.

Leo nodded holding out the bowl to her. Brainy and Nia arrived next closely followed by J’onn. As everyone got drinks and laid out snacks Kara lifted Leo and set him on her lap in the armchair to make more room.

Nia and Brainy both gave Leo a high five as they passed taking their places on one couch. J’onn approached slowly and smiled at Leo. Leo looked at him. 

“Leo this is J’onn, he’s a very good friend of mine and your Mama's, and well everyone here.”

Leo held out his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said.

J’onn smiled very softly at Leo and carefully shook his hand.

“And you young man. I have heard a lot about you and I’m very happy to finally meet.” 

Leo held up Rao.

“This is Rao.”

J’onn laughed and shook Rao’s paw. 

“It’s nice to meet you too Rao.”

J’onn gave Leo another smile and took a seat on the armchair furthest from him.

“What are we playing first?” Kelly asked.

“Uno?” Nia suggested holding up the cards. 

There was general agreement and Kara wrapped an arm around Leo as the box was opened.

“You gonna help me?” she whispered.

Leo nodded smiling. He knew this game well. Kara much to everyone else’s amazement won with Leo telling her which cards to play.

“How?” Nia asked looking at the very smug Leo and Kara as they tossed their final card onto the pile.

“Luthor!” Leo said throwing his hands in the air and grinning. 

“The chances of a four year old beating every adult here is less than twelve per cent,” Brainy said staring at Leo in shock.

“Lena plays with him a lot,” Kara said in explanation.

“Nice try Kara,” Nia said putting down her cards. “He’s a good luck charm. We’re playing Clue next and I want him on my team.”

Kara grinned at Nia holding Leo closer.

“You can’t have him he’s my good luck charm,” she said poking out her tongue.

Nia held up a bag of m&ms.

“Hey Leo, wanna help me win Clue?” she asked.

Leo wriggled out of Kara’s grasp and hopped up into Nia’s lap. Kara looked at him in shock and Nia smirked opening the bag for him. Kara felt a surge of pride at Leo. Kelly met her eyes and they shared a look. Kelly put a hand over her heart and looked at Leo happily sitting in Nia’s lap without a care in the world. 

Kara took a picture while Leo was distracted by the food and sent it to Lena. 


Lena arrived much later than she had anticipated due to an emergency with one of the suppliers. As she walked through the door she saw Leo in his pyjamas and still awake sitting between Kelly and Alex with a very serious face watching Alex remove a Jenga piece. Lena smiled as Kara rose coming around and greeting her with a kiss as she took off her coat. Lena smiled pulling her in for a second slightly longer kiss before making her way over to the couch and leaning over Leo.

“Hello Leo, can I get a hug?” she asked.

Leo held up his hands giving her an upside down hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m a lucky charm,” he said grinning at her.

“Oh are you?” Lena asked looking around.

Everyone except Brainy nodded.

“Whoever holds him wins,” Kara said. “I won Uno, Nia won Clue, and J’onn won Go Fish. Now Alex is using him to win Jenga against Nia.”

“I didn’t win,” Brainy said.

Everyone else laughed.

“That’s because you didn’t listen to Leo when he said to take the red one,” Nia said.

Brainy huffed and Leo giggled then yawned.

“I take it his lucky charm status is why he’s still up way past his bedtime,” she said looking at Kara.

Kara nodded a little sheepishly. Then Lena suddenly looked at J’onn. He smiled back with a small nod.

“J’onn won Go Fish?” she asked.

Kara nodded smiling and Lena took a deep breath. 

“How… how’d that go?” she asked.

Kara smiled.

“Well, J’onn offered Leo pretzels and asked if he’d be his lucky charm. Leo happily agreed and sat in J’onn’s lap pointing to the cards he thought he should try and pair.”

“He met J’onn tonight,” Lena said slowly.

Kara nodded smiling wider. Kelly gave Lena a smile. Lena nodded straightening up blinking a few times.

“Well,” she said clearing her throat. “In the interest of him being a lucky charm, I suppose I can let a late bedtime slide. But just this once.”

Lena looked around and seeing no spare seats sat in Kara’s lap leaning back to smile at her. 

“So Lena, when will we see you back at game night?” Nia asked.

“When Ruby finally turns sixteen and I can hire her to watch him, or once I have a proper babysitter for him, speaking of-” Lena straightened and looked at

Alex. “Alex I’m about to start looking for a bodyguard for Leo, do you have any-”

“Vasquez,” Alex said immediately. “She got thrown into a car on a mission at the start of the year and now she’s got a steel plate in her back. She’s fully recovered and highly capable, but she has to do physiotherapy every week so she can’t pass the test for field work. She’s more than capable of taking out most threats against Leo or just picking him up and running until the flying help arrives though. As a bonus she’s also a great with kids. If you’re willing to give her a health care package that includes physiotherapy she’ll be your girl. I can also vouch she won’t have any issue with his parentage.”

Lena met Alex’s eyes.

“You sure about that last bit?” she asked.

Alex nodded firmly.

“She was raised by her Aunt after her father was sent to prison for very good reasons. If you want I can ask her if she’s interested and give her your office line. She’s going crazy doing admin at the DEO.”

Lena nodded.

“I’d appreciate it.”

Alex nodded and there was a sad cry from Nia as the tower crumbled. Alex grinned.

“Sweet victory,” she said looking down.

She fell silent seeing Leo asleep against her side. Everyone quietened a little and there was a moment as they all looked at Leo curled against Alex his eyes closed and Rao held loosely under his arm. Lena watched Alex’s heart melt into a puddle as Leo snuggled a little into her side. So did Kelly’s judging by her expression. Alex sucked in a breath looking up at Lena. 

“He’s asleep on me,” she whispered.

Lena nodded smiling at her.

“He likes to snuggle,” she said.

Alex nodded.

“How uh… how often does he…” she motioned to him.

“He’s only ever fallen asleep on me and Kara.” 

Alex nodded and sniffed. Kelly carefully leaned over and held Alex’s face in her hands.

“Are you having a moment?” Kelly asked gently.

“He’s just the first… child to ever do this with me,” Alex whispered.

“Hopefully not for too long,” Kelly said and pressed a soft kiss to Alex’s lips.

Kara sat up straighter.

“Are you guys-”

“We’re seriously looking into it,” Kelly said turning to smile at Kara. 

“We were hoping to try for next year. It depends how all the tests go. We still have a few things to work out, and we want to have lived with each other for at least three months but then-” She took a deep breath smiling at Alex. “We’re going to try IVF.”

“Have you chosen a donor yet?” Nia asked.

“Not yet, that’s one of the decisions we’re still going over. We have a couple of options we’re considering,” Kelly said.

Smiles were exchanged and then Kelly looked at Lena again. 

“How is Leo going with Supergirl?” Kelly asked reaching for her wine.

“We’re making progress. I can watch the news without headphones and we can have the radio on in the car without worrying about news headlines. He’s been ble to recognise that Supergirl is there to help everyone, including him. We’ve also done a few flyby’s so he can get used to seeing Supergirl fly past on patrol.”

Kelly smiled and nodded.

“Are you planning to do an introduction of some kind?” she asked.

Lena nodded.

“Eventually. We want to make him feel as safe as possible when we do. The problem is, for him to feel that safe he needs Kara there too, and my mother. Her showing Supergirl some kind of positivity could potentially be a great help considering their history.”

Lena sighed relaxing into Kara’s arms.

“If you need a stand in Supergirl, I am happy to help,” J’onn said.

Lena turned to J’onn with a smile.

“If you’d be willing, that would be a very big help,” Lena said.

J’onn smiled at her then looked over at the sleeping Leo.

“He should not have to live in fear. If I can help in any way I am happy to.”

“Thank you,” Lena said.

“How is he about aliens generally?” Nia asked.

“Surprisingly good. He didn’t get out much before he came to me and the only aliens he heard about were the supers. His first meeting with an alien was actually in social services, Ms Samuels. It was a positive experience for him as she was the one who showed him to the toy room and gave him food, then she was the one who brought him to me. She’s really happy to see his progress.”

Kelly looked at her in surprise.

“I didn’t realise she was an alien,” Kelly said.

“Image inducer. She uses it for most meetings but because Leo was a Luthor they wanted to see if he was like his father. Apparently he was very curious but no signs of fear beyond a general fear of strangers. From what we’ve heard he had no real contact with anyone except Mrs Teschmacher, her other daughter and a cleaner who came twice a week. Dr Thompson believes that’s part of why he gets so nervous around new people and places, limited experiences. We’ve been doing a lot of work on having him get positive experiences when he meets strangers. He comes with me to all off site meetings now wherever possible so he can see new places and new people.”

“How is he about Superman?” Alex asked.

“Scared but not as much as Supergirl,” Kara said. “We believe he was raised somewhere in National City so Mrs Teschmacher focused on having him afraid of her. If we go to Metropolis at any point we’re going to have a meeting with Kal. He’s apparently very interested in helping out when Leo’s ready. Lois also sent over some videos for us of Superman talking with misbehaving children so Leo could see Superman doesn’t take kids away for being bad.”

There was quiet as they all looked over at Leo. Alex had an arm around him and a very soft expression. 

“With all the help he has I predict a 99% chance of complete trust in Supergirl before he starts school,” Brainy said. 

Lena smiled at him.

“And how did you get those numbers?” she asked.

“Looking at the progress he has already made over the last few months and the willingness of everyone around him to help him recover. You as his mother, Kara is his second parent, the Superfriends, Ms Arias, Ms Rojas, his grandmother, and his psychologist. Working together we will all ensure he becomes a normal happy child with little to no emotional scars from his early life, including his fear of Supergirl.”

Lena and Kara exchanged a smile. 

“El Mayarah,” Kara said.

“El Mayarah,” Lena whispered.

Everyone slowly left after that, Alex being the last as she reluctantly shifted Leo’s head onto a pillow on the couch. Lena gave her the blanket to tuck him in as well before she left. Once everyone was gone Kara turned out the lights and headed for bed.

Lena gave Leo a kiss on the head and whispered goodnight before joining Kara. Kara smiled as Lena dropped her clothes on the floor and pulled on a cartoon covered t-shirt and boxers. 

“What?” Lena whispered looking at Kara.

Kara smiled back biting her lip.

“I just never thought I’d see Lena Luthor wearing my clothes. At least not like this.”

Lena climbed onto the bed and kissed her roughly.

“If I didn’t have to worry about Leo being eight feet away.” She winced as she dropped onto the bed. “And my ribs.” Kara laughed quietly. “I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all,” she whispered. “And neither would you.”

Kara wriggled a little and Lena kissed her again before sliding under the blankets and snuggling into Kara’s arms.

“Little spoon,” Kara whispered earning an sleepy huff from Lena.


“Susan Vasquez to see you Ms Luthor,” Emily said.

Lena smiled at Emily and nodded motioning for her to let Vasquez in. Vasquez entered coming forwards slowly.

“Did you get a new assistant?” she asked watching Emily leave closing the door quietly.

“Emily Charlton, Jess hired her as she's technically her assistant. She started two weeks ago and is still in her probationary period so she mostly runs errands, answers the phone, and makes coffee.”

Vasquez looked surprised for a moment.

“I would have thought you’d be more involved in her hiring, even if she is the assistant to your assistant.” 

Lena shrugged.

“I trust Jess’ judgement, and Andrea reportedly knows her former boss who recommended her. From what I’ve seen she always answers the phone, is dressed professionally, and Leo likes her accent. As long as Jess is happy with her work so am I.”

Lena motioned for Vasquez to take a seat. Vasquez nodded glancing over at Leo who was sitting on the couch his attention focused on a tablet.

“I understand you’re interested in potentially hiring me as a bodyguard for your nephew,” Vasquez said.

Lena slid a blue folder across her desk.

“Bodyguard and eventual babysitter. You’ve passed all the background checks and Director Danvers has a lot of faith in you. If you’re interested this is what I’m after and what I’m willing to give you.”

Lena sat back and waited as Vasquez quickly read over the proposal and smiled as she saw her eyes widen.

“This is a very generous… everything,” Vasquez said looking up.

Lena nodded.

“We’re talking about the safety of my son. I need someone willing to throw themselves between him and danger without hesitation and report back to me anything my mother says or does that I do not like. I need you to be unbribeable, unafraid, and completely loyal.”

She leaned forwards a little meeting Vasquez eyes.

“I need to trust you almost as much as I trust Supergirl. To do that I need to be confident you won’t be swayed by something as trivial as a few hundred thousand. This plan is for that. I’ll cover yours and your family’s health care and pay out a large pension if you are seriously injured protecting him. I don’t care that you can’t stand for long periods and need weekly physiotherapy for the next ten years as long as you’re willing to stand between him and any threat that comes his way. You protect Leo and I’ll look after you, and your family.”

Vasquez nodded and looked back down at the folder. She kept reading then after a couple of minutes put it down. She nodded to Lena.

“I’m interested.”

Lena smiled and motioned to Leo who immediately put down his tablet and came over. Lena picked him up sitting him in her lap.

“I have one more question, but first introductions,” she said. 

Lena looked away from Vasquez to smile at Leo.

“Leo this is Vasquez, she might be spending a lot of time with you soon.”

Leo smiled at Vasquez and held up Rao.

“This is Rao. He’s my lion,” he said.

Vasquez gave him a smile.

“He’s a very nice lion,” she said earning a second smile from Leo.

“Who do you see in him?” Lena asked.

Vasquez frowned looking at Leo then Lena and back again.

“Kara, which is… odd.”

“Kara taught us our smile,” Leo said nodding.

Lena laughed and put Leo down. He walked back to the couch giving Vasquez a small wave as he sat down picking up the tablet again. She returned it. Lena opened the folder and signed the final page then turned it to Vasquez indicating several marked places for her to sign.

“NDA, health care, work contract. Sign everything and I’ll have Emily make you a copy and send you his care plan. You can start once your two weeks with the DEO are up.”

Vasquez signed and Lena called in Emily handing her the contract to copy. 

“Nick is my head of security, he’ll be in contact via email over the next couple of days to organise a meeting. Bo, Frank, and Tanya are part of my personal security team, they’ll also be in touch as those with the most experience protecting myself and Leo. You’ll be working with them a lot. You’ll also be introduced to the rest of the L Corp team during your first week. I expect my mother’s security will also be in touch at some point. Please remember you are not required to drive anywhere, carry anything, or assist with anything not directly related to Leo’s protection or care. Your focus will always be Leo and Leo alone. I’ll also be providing you with your weapons and body armour. I understand you’re familiar with the gun Director Danvers has.”

Vasquez eyes lit up.

“You’ll be given an upgraded one, just don’t tell Director Danvers. You’ll also get an emergency watch to call Supergirl. Do you have a colour preference or will standard black be fine?”

Vasquez smiled and nodded.

“Black is good,” she said.

Lena nodded making a note. 

“You’ll be progressively brought into his circle so he can get used to you and you can learn his schedule and key locations. You’ll also receive some additional training on how to interact with him without triggering his anxiety.”

Emily returned with the original and copied contract. She placed both on Lena’s desk and left. Lena handed Vasquez the copy with a smile.

“Welcome to the team.”

Vasquez nodded and smiled getting up.

“Thank you Ms Luthor.”

She gave Leo a wave before she left.

Chapter Text

Alex smiled and handed Leo the rice so he could add some to his plate in front of the TV. Alex and Kelly had come over for dinner and at the request of Leo -via Kara- they were eating in front of the TV so he could keep watching the Lion King for the twentieth time. Leo had chosen to sit in the middle of the floor his eyes glued to the TV while the adults were spread out over the couch and armchairs the coffee table covered in take away boxes. 

“So, Thanksgiving,” Kara said handing Lena the sweet and sour pork. “As the world will inevitably try to end on Thursday Friendsgiving this year shall be on Saturday. Eliza said the flights are crazy this year so she’ll be flying in late Friday night. She also said to tell you not to bother picking her up because it’ll be two in the morning-”

“I’ll pick her up,” Alex said shaking her head. “I don’t know why she always says she’ll take a taxi.”

Two in the morning Alex, do you really-”

“I’ve got Saturday off anyway and if she’s coming in later…”

Lena exchanged a look with Kelly over the coffee table as the Danvers sisters bickered. Kelly smiled at her.

“You know it would just be easier if I just sent the helicopter to pick her up Friday morning,” Lena said.

The Danvers sisters looked at her surprised for a moment.

“She could leave about nine in the morning and be in National City by lunchtime. If she lands at L Corp Frank could even drive her to Kara’s with Leo and I.”

Alex looked at Kara who blinked back surprised.

“That way she doesn’t have to stress about getting everything ready Saturday morning, and Alex doesn’t need to stay up half the night or take the day off to fight traffic around the airport.”

“Lena we couldn’t impose-”

Lena raised an eyebrow at Kara.

“Impose how exactly? Me sending the helicopter that will otherwise sit there unused, with the pilots I pay whether they’re flying or not, and the driver who will already be taking us.”

Alex pointed at Lena giving Kara a meaningful look.

“She’s got a point.”

“It also means Eliza will save a couple of thousand dollars in airfares and time wasted fitting the flights around her schedule. They can also fly her back Sunday afternoon without a worry.”

Kelly smiled into her rice as Alex looked at Lena as though seeing her for the first time.

“That would actually be great. Hey I don’t suppose you have a set of matching chairs we can-”

Lena’s lips twitched and Kara scoffed reaching for the fried rice Leo had abandoned to watch Hakuna Matata.

“Alex if you turn around you might just able to see the twelve seat dining table we normally eat at,” Lena said.

Alex turned and then looked back at Lena with a sigh. 

“I’m guessing you and Kara already thought about just hosting it here.”

“No, but I did,” Lena said.

“When?” Kara asked surprised.

“Two minutes ago when I remembered you only have one bed and Eliza will be staying with you.”

“Oh yeah, um… actually she normally gets a hotel but if you don’t mind I could just steal the other half of your bed and she can have mine.”

Lena smiled at Kara.

“Of course I don’t mind. You know I’m always happy to have you in my bed.” 

Lena winked and Alex made a gagging sound as Kara melted a little. Lena ignored Alex and pulled Kara in for a long kiss. When they parted Lena tilted her chin to whisper in Kara’s ear.

“We can play heroes and villains, I’ll be the villain.”

Kara looked at Lena her eyes wide as she became suddenly breathless. Lena’s smile shifted a little becoming predatory as her hand lingered on Kara’s neck.

“So Thanksgiving!” Alex said loudly.

Kelly laughed softly as Kara and Lena looked at Alex. Alex gave them a look and Lena let go of Kara with a small sigh.

“So Mum can stay at Kara’s. I’ll come by on Thursday and leave my car from Mum to use.”

Kara nodded.

“She said she wanted to spend a lot of time with Leo so-”

“She did?” Lena asked.

Kara hesitated.

“Yup, apparently she has uh…” Kara fidgeted with her glasses and Lena raised an eyebrow. “She has a lot of confidence in the longevity of our relationship and wishes to foster a relationship with Leo to match the role she feels she will one day have in his life.”

Lena blinked and Alex looked at Kara impressed. Lena smiled.

“She called him her grandson didn’t she,” Lena said.

Kara nodded scrunching up her face in embarrassment. Lena laughed shaking her head.

“Look why don’t you just call and tell her we’re doing Thanksgiving here and she’s welcome to the bed in the library. That way no one has to drive anywhere, she can get extra time with Leo, and if things work out we might even get to have an uninterrupted shower together on Sunday.”

Kara opened her mouth and then nodded.

“That would actually be really good,” Kara said with a sigh.

“The bed in the what now?” Alex asked. 

“The library, it has a piano and a guitar in it too so technically it’s also a music room; but more importantly it has a very comfortable couch that can be transformed into a double bed in about three seconds.”

Alex was looking at Lena her eyes wide.

“She can of course sleep at Kara’s if she’d feel more comfortable there but if she wants to-”

“You have a library here?” Alex asked surprised. 

Lena laughed realising Alex had never actually seen beyond the lounge room of her penthouse.

“Yes Alex. I do. I also have my bedroom, Leo’s room, the lounge, dining room, kitchen, Leo’s bathroom, my home office, a private gym, a laundry, and a storage room for the maintenance materials and the private servers I keep here. Oh and the wine cellar but that’s more a large climate controlled cupboard you can stand in.”

“Since when do you have a gym?” Alex asked.

Lena looked at Kara and then Alex.

“Since I moved in. Alex, this is a penthouse. It’s not exactly small.”

“Why would you have a private gym when there’s one in building?” Alex asked.

“Because I hate people and I didn’t want to wait for anything. It also means I only have to walk to the next room after my workout to lie down for my afternoon nap.”

“You have an afternoon nap?” Kara asked with a small laugh.

“Only on Sundays. It’s my day off,” Lena muttered defensively. 

Alex and Kara were staring at her shocked.

“Since when?” Kara asked.

“Always,” Lena said looking at Kara. “I’m not an idiot Kara. I am very well aware of the potential risk of burnout if I don't take some time to recharge, as well as the many benefits of regular exercise.”

“How did I not know this?” Kara asked throwing up her hands.

Lena laughed and Leo turned around. Lena smiled at him.

“Leo sweetie, tell Kara what do we do on Sundays?” Lena asked.

“We get up and have breakfast, and then Kylie comes and we go to the gym for the morning, and she yells encouragement at Mama for a couple of hours until she is all sweaty and then Mama runs on the treadmill while Kylie and I play with the boxing gloves. At twelve thirty she leaves and we get cleaned up before lunch then go to the library to read, and Mama usually has a sleep while I watch TV then you come over to play.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t know about this,” Kara said.

“To be fair Kylie didn’t come around as regularly before but I try to keep routines with Leo so… Sundays Kylie comes in the morning. If you stay over Thanksgiving weekend you’ll even get to meet her.”

“She still comes on Thanksgiving weekend?” Alex asked.

“Yes,” Lena said. “We have a routine.” 

Lena’s eyes flicked meaningfully towards Leo who was already focused on the movie again.

“Routines help promote feelings of security,” Kelly said gently. “If you know what is supposed to happen and when it removes a level of uncertainty and helps build confidence.”

Kara nodded and Alex looked at Lena almost like she was making mental notes.

“Don’t you have a Sunday morning routine Alex? An extra sleep in or workout?” Lena asked.

Alex laughed.

“Actually Kara and I kind of do. When we both have it off we have breakfast then go to the DEO and use the training room.”

Kara’s eyes lit up suddenly and turned to Lena.

“Hey Lena do you think you could make some of those special lights for the DEO training room?”

Lena nodded her mouth full of noodles. She quickly swallowed seeing Alex’s interest.

“I’d need to change the light fittings too, but sure,” Lena said.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Oh they’re so cool Alex!” Kara said jumping up. “Lena made these sun lamps and they’re incredible- I’ll show you.”

Kara dragged a confused Alex off down the hallway. Lena smiled and looked at Kelly.

“You have something to help… keep her grounded, in your bedroom don’t you?” Kelly asked.

Lena smiled and nodded. 

“They’ve been very… thoroughly tested,” she said.

Kelly laughed. 

Kara and Alex returned a minute later Alex giving Lena a look.

“On one hand I’m very impressed with what you’ve made. On the other… please never tell me why you have them in your bedroom.”

Lena laughed.

“Technically I had them throughout the entire house as a security measure but I removed all bulbs but those three.”

Alex looked at Lena then at the lights.

“Could you say… take one from your bedroom and put it in your gym and then we could train here instead next weekend. That way we’ll be able to properly test it and Mum can get extra time with us all.”

Lena smiled and nodded. Kara sat down again picking up a tub of chow mein. She paused halfway through adding most of the dish to her bowl.

“So if Kylie’s still coming on Sunday are you also doing breakfast with Lillian on Saturday?”

Lena nodded.

“Yes, but we’re going out so Eliza won’t see her. And we’ll be back before lunch, Mum has some Thanksgiving fundraiser she’s doing with the Children’s Hospital.”

Lena hesitated and looked at Leo.

“You know, Thanksgiving might be a good time for an introduction…”


Eliza was escorted into Lena’s office by a smiling Jess.

“Eliza Danvers for you,” Jess said.

“Thank you Jess,” Lena said rising from her chair. “We’ll be leaving shortly but I’ll be in my home office until six. Call if anything comes up, otherwise you and Emily can head home whenever you’re ready.”

Jess smiled and nodded.

“Thank you Ms Luthor. Enjoy your weekend.”

“Thank you Jess, you too.”

Lena smiled at Eliza.

“Lena,” Eliza greeted her with a warm smile and a hug.

“Hello Eliza, welcome to L Corp. How was your flight?” 

“It was great thank you. Your pilot was lovely,” Eliza said smiling at Leo as he came over.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Lena said. “Eliza please allow me to introduce you to my son, Leo.” She picked up Leo. “Leo this is Kara’s Mum Eliza.”

Leo held out his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said.

Eliza smiled and shook his hand.

“And you. I’ve heard all about you from Kara and Alex. Is this the famous Rao?” Eliza asked indicating the lion safely tucked under Leo’s arm.

Leo nodded and held out Rao’s paw for Eliza to shake. 

“We’ll be ready in a couple of minutes. I’ve just got to finish an email then I’ll call Frank to come meet us out the front.”

Lena put Leo down and smiled at him. 

“Do you mind if Eliza waits with you while I finish up my email?” 

Leo shook his head and Lena gave Eliza another smile motioning towards the couch as she returned to her desk. She finished up her email giving Eliza a minute to sit and talk with Leo as she closed everything down and collected the files she needed.

“Alright Leo, get your things and we’ll head home to meet with Kara,” Lena said. 

Leo jumped up and started quickly shoving all his toys into his backpack as Eliza watched smiling. He quickly zipped up his bag and ran towards the door waiting.

“Leo, are you forgetting something?” Lena asked as she put on her coat. 

Leo quickly looked down at himself thinking. Lena held out his jacket.

“I’m not cold,” he said.

Lena laughed softly.

“That’s because we’re inside and the heating is on. But we’re going to be going outside to get to the car and it’s cold there.”

Leo seemed to think about it.

“I’ll be okay,” he said.

Eliza exchanged a look with Lena.

“Why don’t you put it on just in case you get cold,” Eliza suggested.

Leo nodded running back to Lena and putting down his bag and turning around sliding his arms into the sleeves one at a time. He picked up his bag the moment his jacket was technically on and tugged at Lena’s hand.

Lena smiled and let him lead her out of the office waving to Jess and Emily as they passed. The moment they stepped outside he dropped her hand to do up his jacket. Eliza smiled at Lena as they waited.

“Help please,” Leo said struggling with the zip. 

Eliza knelt down and quickly did his jacket up for him. Leo smiled at her.

“Thank you Eliza.”

She beamed at him. Lena considered this a good sign. 

At the penthouse Kara was in the kitchen pulling ingredients out of the cupboard in anticipation of their arrival. Leo ran over the moment he saw her crashing into her legs and hugging her tightly.

“Hey buddy,” Kara said smiling down at him. 

Leo held her tighter for a moment grinning up at her.

“Kara’s here!” Leo said loudly pointing at her.

Lena nodded smiling.

“Hello Eliza!” Kara called.

She picked up Leo and came over beaming at them. Leo still in her arms Kara gave Eliza a hug and Lena a welcome home kiss.

“What are we baking?” Leo asked twisting in her arms to look back at the ingrediants on the bench.

“Cupcakes!” Kara said carrying him back over to the bench.

“He seems very excited about seeing her,” Eliza said with a small smile.

Lena laughed and nodded.

“He's very excited about his first proper Thanksgiving, and well... he gets excited every time she’s here even if I tell him ahead of time.”

“Any particular reason?” Eliza asked with a smile.

“It may be his way of telling me he wants Kara to live with us.” Lena gave Eliza a look and got an amused smile in return. “After my office was bombed Kara stayed the whole week to help out and Leo got attached to having her around constantly.”

“Ah,” Eliza said. “I take it he didn’t like when she left.”

Lena sighed widening her eyes.

“I got asked when Kara is coming to stay again a lot for the following week and the two sleepovers were both helpful and not.”

“How did you handle that?”

Lena smiled.

“Sam came for dinner with Ruby and Ruby told Leo people aren’t allowed to move in together in the first three months of their relationship. So I’ve still got a month to think of a new reason why Kara can’t live with us yet.”

Eliza laughed and Lena turned back to the pair in the kitchen who were already discussing what they wanted to do for icing.

“Leo, can you show Eliza where the library is?”

Leo nodded almost jumping out of Kara’s arms to show Eliza. He took her hand practically skipping ahead of her. Eliza glanced over her shoulder at them before turning her full attention to Leo as he went on about cupcake icing.

Kara looked up as Lena made her way over. Lena sighed and wrapped her arms around Kara stealing a long kiss that may have ended with her pressing a breathless Kara against the kitchen counter.

“I’ve still got some work to do so I’ll be in my office,” Lena said with a sigh.

“We’ll be out here. Any special requests?”

“Hmm, well I wouldn’t mind a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven when I finish.”

Kara grinned her hands coming around Lena’s waist as she stole another kiss. Lena hummed happily.

“You know, with Eliza here to help wear him out we might get to play heroes and villains tonight,” Lena whispered.

Kara’s hands twitched pulling Lena closer. Lena smiled and kissed her a little roughly just to hear that soft gasp as her teeth sank into her lip.

“I think I’ll have you trapped in my lair,” Lena said.

Kara smiled kissing her again.

“Are you going to torture me for information?” Kara whispered.

Lena laughed her hands sliding over Kara’s ribs and down.

“You will tell me where the fortress of solitude is Supergirl. Sooner or later,” Lena teased.

Kara grinned and Lena gave her a final kiss before heading to her office a little extra sway in her hips smiling at Kara’s loud sigh.


Kara smiled peeling potatoes and watching Leo talking to Eliza. Alex came to stand beside her picking up a knife and beginning to slice them. 

“So how are things with you and Lena,” Alex asked quietly.

“Good,” Kara said with a smile. “We’re getting our own routine and she’s opening up a bit more.”

Alex smiled softly.

“Define a bit more. Are you at the stage where she says I love you yet?”

Kara nodded and then hesitated.

“Kind of. She says she loves me when Leo or anyone else asks but she doesn’t say it to me. Like I know she does generally we’ve been best friends for a long time but… she hasn’t really said the words I love you properly if that makes sense.”

Alex nodded dropping the sliced potatoes into the waiting cream mix. 

“How does that make you feel?” she asked gently.

“I’m okay with waiting,” Kara said looking down at the potato she held. “I know she has trouble with a lot of this she warned me and… Alex I can wait. I love her so much and if she needs time before she’s able to say it back then I can wait.”

Alex nodded again saying nothing as she kept slicing the potatoes one at a time and adding them to the mixture.

“When she says it back, it’s gonna be special though,” Kara whispered.

Alex smiled at her and picked up another potato.

“It usually is.”

They kept working together for a few minutes in silence listening to Leo, Eliza, and Kelly talking.

“I think she is,” Alex whispered.

Kara looked up at her in surprise.

“Lena is… she’s complicated for a lot of reasons but Leo has really made her open up and it’s more obvious now than it was before. She used to hide her emotions a lot but Leo kinda acts a bit like..." Alex chuckled. "Well like her kryptonite. She can’t hide things from him. She actively works not to and well… I realised that the only other person I’ve ever seen her try that hard with was you.”

Kara stopped peeling to look at her sister. 

“I kinda forgot at times that she didn’t know about you being Supergirl so when I saw her interact with you at work it was so different to whenever she was with you at game night or… She was softer, and I would just put it down to her being in a social setting and you knowing her the longest. Then you two were fighting and there was that awkward period…”

Kara looked down and slowly returned to peeling.

“It wasn’t until Lena rearranged her whole life for Leo that I realised how she did that for you before. I’m the Director of a government agency, I know how much work Lena has to do and still at a call from you she’d rearrange everything. It didn’t occur to me until I saw her do it with Leo. You were the centre of her life, and then it was Leo, and now I can see how it’s both of you.”

Kara handed Alex the now peeled potato and searched for another one.

“She could easily have asked you to pick up Mum and Leo from her office and stayed behind. Instead she arranged her workday so she could personally take them back and then went to her home office just so she could spend a couple of extra minutes with you. She invited Eliza to stay in her house. Despite years of friendship and being over here a dozen times I had never seen past her lounge and Eliza, who she barely knows, she’s letting her stay all weekend.”

Alex reached over and squeezed Kara's hand. 

“She loves you. Even if she can’t say it yet she’s showing you.”

Kara nodded and smiled. She took a deep breath putting down the peeler.

“Yeah, yeah she is.”

Alex smiled and Leo appeared at Kara’s side. She smiled at him and he held up his hands smiling back with Lena’s smile. Kara picked him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s up bud?” she asked.

“Eliza said to ask if you finished the potatoes so we can put them in the oven and start icing the biscuits.”

Kara nodded quickly and Alex picked up the potatoes taking them around the counter to Eliza who had a lined oven dish waiting. Kara looked at Leo.

“Hey buddy, you know I love you right?” she asked.

Leo nodded.

“Yup,” he said smiling at her. “You gave me the last potsticker. Mama told me you only do that for me and her.”

Kara grinned at him.

“Just checking.”

Leo tilted his head and then gave her a tight hug. Kara hugged him back.


When Lena emerged from her office that evening she followed the sound of laughter back to the kitchen and found it full. Leo was in Kelly’s arms holding a piping bag as Alex filled it. Kara was removing a tray from the oven and Eliza was stacking the already iced biscuits into a box. They were all somewhat covered in flour and icing appeared to be everywhere.

She stood in the doorway for a moment enjoying the domestic scene as Alex twisted the now full piping bag closed and handed it to Leo. He leant over the counter Kelly holding him steady his tongue sticking out in concentration as he carefully piped the icing onto a biscuit. Kara appeared in front of her, smiling, Lena pulled her in for a kiss. 

As Kara’s lips touched hers Lena sighed a deep calm settling over her. She didn’t think she’d ever had this feeling before. Everything safe and warm and perfect. She deepened the kiss a little and Kara moaned softly her hands coming around to hold her. 

There was the sound of breaking glass and they jumped looking around. Alex called an apology as she went to get a broom. Leo was looking at the shattered glass wide eyed.

“Mama?” he yelled.

“I’m here,” she said moving forwards quickly.

Leo seeing her immediately held out his hands and Kelly handed him to Lena so he could cling to her. Leo buried his face in her shoulder his hands tightening in her jumper.

“Did you get a scare?” Lena asked softly.

Leo nodded and Eliza came over with Rao. Leo lifted his head taking the lion with a mumbled thanks. He snuggled closer and Lena moved around the counter to look at all the food they’d made. Kelly asked Eliza about the timing for the turkey tomorrow the two of them talking happily about nothing to fill the sudden silence as Alex returned and swept up the glass.

Lena looked at the iced biscuits and the stack still waiting.

“Did you ice all of these biscuits?” Lena asked. 

Leo shifted to look and shook his head.

“Alex did the blue ones and Kara did the red ones. I was doing the green ones,” he said pointing.

“I see,” Lena said picking up one of the biscuits. “You know I’ve never iced a biscuit.”

Leo smiled at her.

“I can show you,” he said pointing at the piping bag. Kara smiled and handed it to him moving in to stand beside Lena. “You get the biscuit and then you do a little circle with the icing.” Leo explained. 

Lena nodded and made the appropriate noises as Leo explained the process. Kara smiled at her over Leo and Lena returned it as a timer went off and Eliza called to Alex and Kelly to set the table for dinner. 

Leo wriggled down to do help carrying the forks for Alex. Kara wrapped her arms around Lena as they watched Leo smiling up at Alex as they set the table.

“He’s recovering faster,” Kara said quietly.

Lena nodded.

“He is. It’s strange how he has more triggers now and better recovery.”

“Well they are for something else. How is his new protection?”

“I’ve run some tests. Apparently it feels tingly when it’s on so I need to work on that but it’ll stop a bullet, or any other fast moving projectile hitting him. We can just turn it on during high risk times. Getting in and out of cars, public spaces, that kind of thing.”

Kara nodded her eyes on Leo as he accepted a gravy boat from Kelly and carefully carried it to the table smiling. She seemed far away. 

“Hey,” Lena whispered looking up at Kara.

“Where did you go?” she asked.

Kara sighed and gave her a sad smile.

“I just- it’s Supergirl fanatics. They think he’s going to hurt me and… I love him so much. He’s completely stolen my heart Lena.” She looked back at Lena hugging her a little tighter. “And he did it faster than you.”

Lena laughed softly and kissed her cheek.

“Well I guess the prophecy came true then. He did steal your heart. And it’ll be okay. Once he’s more comfortable with Supergirl we can do some kind of public outing where people can see you interact and they’ll see how much you love him. I can almost see the headlines now. Supergirl falls for Luthor.”

Kara laughed softly.

“Luthors. I love two Luthors remember,” she said smiling at her.

Lena’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at her. Instead of answering Lena kissed her. It was rough and needy and Kara melted into the contact taking what she could.

“Hey!” Alex yelled. “There’s a child present.”

They broke apart and looked at her then Leo who was busy selecting the biggest piece of chicken for his plate. 

“Yes, he seems so traumatised,” Lena said rolling her eyes.

“Well fine he’s not, but I am. Really Lena? Right in front of my salad,” Alex said motioning to the salad she held.

Kara laughed and they separated taking their seats at the table. Leo looked at Kara for a moment as she sat next to him and offered her the gravy first. She smiled taking it as they all filled their plates with  food. 

Halfway through dinner Leo looked very intently at Eliza.

“So you’re Kara’s Mum?” he asked.

Eliza smiled.

“Well I raised her from when she was thirteen, so…”

She looked at Kara. Kara gave her a smile and swallowed.

“She’s my foster Mum,” Kara explained. “Which is just another way of saying Mum.”

“So why don’t you call her Jeju?” he asked.

There was a moment of silence and then Kara smiled very softly at him.

“Because I called someone else Jeju first. But just because I call her Eliza instead doesn’t mean I am any less her daughter or her any less my mother. It just means she became my Mum after I was born.”

Leo seemed to be thinking about it. 

“So why do you call Grandma Mum?” Leo asked turning to Lena.

Lena thought about her answer for a moment.

“So I was your age when I came to live with her which made it was a bit different. She’s been my mother far longer than my first Mama ever was.”

Leo nodded looking around the table.

“And Alex is Kara’s sister? So when Alex marries Kelly does that make Kelly Kara’s sister too?”

Alex choked on her corn but Kelly smiled at Leo.

“That would make me her sister in-law.”

Leo tilted her head.

“In-law means that someone is a relative by marriage,” Lena explained. “So if Kelly and Alex married Kara becomes Kelly’s sister in-law and Eliza her mother in-law. In-law is just a phrase use to explain how people are connected.”

Leo nodded his forehead crinkling in a way that strongly reminded Lena of Kara. He shoved some peas into his mouth and conversation shifted to whether Alex and Kelly were planning to marry before having children or not. Leo looked questioningly back at Eliza. She smiled at him giving him a small nod to indicate he could ask his question.

“So when Kara marries Mama will that make you my grandma in-law?” he asked.

Kara started wheezing as everyone stared at Leo. Lena laughed and Eliza gave Leo a very pleased smile.

“Yes, though usually people drop the in-law for grandparents.”

“So you’d also be my Grandma?”

Eliza seemed to be radiating warmth and affection as she looked at Leo.

“Yes,” she said. “If you ever felt that strongly towards me. But it’s okay if you only ever call me Eliza, or if you wanted to use a different name. Sometimes it can be confusing if you have two grandmas.”

Leo tilted his head to one side and then to Lena. Lena smiled.

“So there’s lot’s of ways people say Grandma and it depends on the family," Lena said. "So my Mum is traditional which is why she is your Grandma, or Grandmother. But sometimes other people use a short version like Gran, Granny, or when I was very little I called my grandmother Nana. Also sometimes language comes into it.”

Leo nodded then looked at Kara who was bright red as Alex gave her a very intense stare.

“Is there a special name for Grandma in your language?” he asked. 

“Uzheiu,” Kara choked out.

“Would Eliza be my Uzheyoo or something else?” Leo asked.

Eliza sucked in a very quiet breath as they all looked at Kara. Kara smiled at Leo.

“Well if you ever felt like that about her, then yes she would be your Uzheiu.”

Leo nodded again grinning at Kara. He returned to his dinner unaware of the bombshell he’d just dropped on the table. 

Alex spoke first.

“When?” she asked.

Kara reached for her water as Lena snickered into her potato.

“Yes Kara, when?” Eliza asked. “I don’t see a ring.”

Lena was smiling as she reached for her wine.

“I- well so um… there was a small conversation and thing’s haven’t quite- I said one day,” she said looking pleadingly at Lena.

Lena patted her hand.

“It’s okay Kara. I’ll pretend to be surprised when it finally happens,” she said.

Kara sighed and pulled the bowl of potatoes towards herself pouting. 


Lena opened the door and smiled at Ruby hearing Sam call from down the corridor. Lena blinked as she registered the oddly familiar jacket Ruby was wearing. Ruby gave her a bottle of wine and a wave as she passed. Lena turned to smile and hug Sam then caught sight of Andrea behind her in a black and gold dress.

“Andrea?” she said surprised.

Andrea smiled at her giving her a kiss on the cheek in greeting.

“Disappointed to see me?” she asked.

“No, not at all I’m just surprised,” Lena said returning the gesture. “Did you two-”

Sam nodded quickly. Lena looked between the two women then to the jacket Ruby was strutting around in.

“Andrea,” she said turning back to look at her. “Didn’t you have a jacket like that? Some kind of special order from Versace?”

“I did, then Ruby stole it,” Andrea said.

Lena looked at Sam who smiled awkwardly and shrugged. Lena sighed looking back at Andrea.

“Andrea you cannot buy the affection of-”

“Sure I can. Watch,” Andrea said moving past her.

Lena frowned watching Andrea reach into her bag and take out a chocolate bar. She looked around for Leo and smirked at Lena again.

“Hey Leo, who’s your favourite Aunt?” she called.

Leo looked up saw the chocolate and immediately held out his hands.

“Auntie Andrea!” he said making a grabbing motion.

Lena growled as Andrea beamed at her and went to give Leo his bribe. Leo gave her his clumsy kisses on the cheek and raised his hands receiving a hug from a smug Andrea. Lena turned to Sam. Then looked back at Andrea then Ruby.


“Yes Lena?” Sam asked her voice a touch higher than normal.

“Why would Ruby be going through Andrea’s wardrobe?” Lena asked narrowing her eyes.

Sam looked back at her seeming distracted.

“Huh, oh she didn’t. Andrea left it at my place by accident a week ago. Ruby saw it and thinking it was mine wore it all week. Then when I realised I tried to give it back, but Andrea said since Ruby liked it so much she could have it.”

Lena looked at Sam very intently.

“Why was she at your place last week?” Lena asked.

“She uh… had an itch,” Sam said rubbing the back of her neck as her face turned pink.

“And she’s with you today because?” Lena asked smirking at the reddening Sam.

“Because um… last night I uh… also had an itch.” Sam looked around to make sure no one else was listening before she went on. “And this morning, and on Tuesday when Ruby was out with friends… and in her office on Thursday evening. It just keeps happening.”

Lena looked at Sam for a long minute and gave her a meaningful look.

“It just keeps happening,” she repeated.

“It’s just casual,” Sam said quickly.

Lena smiled at the defencive note to Sam’s voice. 

“Right,” Lena said. “So it’s just… casual sex?”

Sam nodded quickly. 

“Yes, just sex.”

“Which is why she slept over last night?” Lena asked. Sam nodded quickly. “You two didn’t talk at all afterwards right. You just fell asleep by accident. There was nothing more-”

“Nope, we have next to nothing in common,” Sam said shaking her head. “We would… we would have nothing to talk about.”

Lena resisted the urge to laugh at Sam’s awkward squirming.

“Of course. You’re a single mother who pulled herself up the corporate ladder through sheer force of will and pure talent, and she’s just some pretty rich girl who inherited everything and has never really struggled a day in her life.”

Sam nodded not meeting Lena’s gaze.

“Which is why your daughter is wearing a two thousand dollar jacket I know Andrea loved more than her car, and you brought her along as your plus one to Friendsgiving.”

Sam glared at Lena who smiled back.

“She read you poetry didn’t she?” Lena said.

“Shut up,” Sam muttered. 

Lena laughed as Sam quickly made her way over to Ruby and Alex. Lena met Kara’s eyes and they shared a look. Kara silently mouthed Oh my God. Lena laughed and made her way over to Brainy and J’onn. 


Lunch was a resounding success, at least from what Kara could tell. Leo was seated between Lena and Ruby for the meal with Kara opposite. Ruby took the time to teach Leo the important dishes to get early before they were gone and which he could trust would still be there for seconds. 

There was a lively debate between Andrea and Alex about late nineties grunge bands that completely flew over Kara’s head but apparently Kelly and Lena understood well enough to chime in with comments every now and then. Eliza and J’onn spent most of the meal down one end in conversation with each other about something historical, leaving Kara surrounded by the discussion of movie villains going on between Lena, Ruby, and Brainy; and the oddly lighthearted discussion Sam and Nia were having about traumatic childhood experiences.

As the meal started winding down Kara found herself watching Lena who had been drawn into a debate with Andrea the two of them leaning back in their chairs doing a lot of finger pointing behind Ruby and Leo as they argued about the plot of Tennant of Wildfell Hall

“I’m just saying it was really convenient she was such a good artist she-”

“It was an established skill from the start,” Andrea said cutting her off. 

“And she wrote down her plans what-”

“There were consequences for that! It was a major turning-”

“But then she wrote all about it in her diary again thus putting it in a discoverable form again-”

“You wouldn’t have a problem with it if it wasn’t written in the-”

Sam gave Kara a small nudge. She turned and smiled at her.

“How many times do you think they’ve had this argument?” Sam asked.

“Probably every year since they first read the book at school,” Kara said with a laugh.

Sam nodded her agreement then Kara felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see J’onn smiling at her. 

“Lillian just arrived downstairs. I’m gong to head off and be back in five minutes,”

Kara nodded and caught Lena’s eye. 

“And then married som-”

Lena stopped mid sentence and nodded getting up to bid J’onn farewell. The rest of the table noticed the change.

“Hey Leo, Grandma’s almost here,” Lena said. 

Leo looked up excitedly.

“Grandma’s coming?”

“Just for a little bit. Remember how we said you were going to see Supergirl today,” Leo nodded his excitement a little diminished.

He looked at Kara who smiled at him.

“I bet you and Ruby could convince her to play Uno.”

“Oh hell yeah!” Ruby said excitedly. “I’m gonna crush her.”

Leo looked up at Ruby and she smiled at him. He smiled back. The door opened and Lillian walked in causing a sudden silence as the various super friends and family looked at her. Lillian herself didn’t seem to notice the sudden silence as she took off her coat and put down her handbag her usual ‘mask of enigma’ firmly in place.

Leo oblivious to the tension raced over to his grandmother and wrapped his arms around her legs grinning up at her. Lillian’s genuine smile for Leo eased some of the tension.

“Hi Grandma!” Leo said.

Lillian was still smiling as she lifted him up with an exaggerated groan. 

“How much turkey did you eat?” she teased.

Leo giggled and held up four fingers. Lillian gave him a look of mock horror and Leo grinned.

“And I have like five potatoes!” 


Lena rose going over to greet her mother.

“Mum, how lovely to see you,” Lena said giving her mother a quick smile. 

“Hello Lena.”

Kara nodded to her.

“Hello Lillian.”


There was an awkward silence then Eliza rose and offered a hand to Lillian.

“I’m Eliza. Alex and Kara’s mum.”

Lillian’s eyes flicked over Eliza for a minute then she shook it.

“She taught me how to make cookies,” Leo said.

Lillian turned to him with a smile.

“Did she now? And were they tasty?” 

Leo nodded quickly and wriggled down racing for the kitchen and returning with one. He held it out to Lillian.

“I did the icing,” he said proudly. 

Lillian smiled at him.

“You did a wonderful job,” she said looking at it.

He nodded and Lillian bit into the biscuit and smiled at him. 

“Lillian Luthor eating biscuits,” Andrea said with a smile. “Now I’ve seen it all.”

Lillian glared at her.

“Why am I not surprised to see you here,” Lillian said.

“Well you know how I could never resist a good party,” Andrea said grinning back.

Lillian sighed and Lena coughed.

“So Supergirl is dropping by soon,” Lena said.

Everyone got up and the table was quickly cleared as Leo moved to stand between Kara and Lena. They looked down at him and he put his hands in theirs.

“It’s okay buddy, we’re here,” Kara promised giving his hand a small squeeze.

Leo nodded.

‘Supergirl’ landed and Leo held tighter to their hands. But after a minute he relaxed again. Ruby greeted J’onn and got a high five talking excitedly about Uno. Lena, Kara and Lillian approached J’onn each getting him in turn. Then he looked at Leo standing between Lena and Kara. J’onn got down onto his knees and smiled warmly at Leo.

“Hello Leo.”

“Hello Supergirl,” he whispered.

“Would you like to play Uno too?” 

Leo hesitated for a moment but Kara gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and he looked at her for a moment then back at J’onn and nodded. 

“Awesome!” Ruby enthused dropping down to sit next to Leo and J’onn. 

She picked up the cards and begun shuffling then. Kara handed them to Leo as they were dealt. He accepted them holding them a little tighter than he would normally but no one said anything. Lena lifted him up then sat on the couch with Lillian moving to sit beside her.

Kara sat opposite Ruby but closer to Leo motioning for Ruby to deal her in too. Leo accepted his cards and Kara has never been more thankful for Ruby in her life. Within two minutes she had Leo smiling again as he got her with a draw four and she groaned drawing her cards.

Leo looked at Kara and seemed to think about it. She smiled at him and nodded to the floor. He slid down now at Lena’s feet so he could put his cards on the pile. J’onn didn’t move but Kara saw his smile. Leo focused his eyes on his cards as the game continued. Ten minutes later he yelled Uno and was immediately hit with a blue reverse by Kara. He grinned and dropped his blue four on top and threw up his hands in victory as Kara and J’onn stared at the cards in shock and Ruby gave him a high five.

J’onn sighed dramatically.

“I should have known better than to play cards against you. Good game,” he said.

J’onn offered a hand and Leo grinned shaking it. A silent wave went over the adults as they watched Leo smiling at ‘Supergirl’.

“Well now I've been thoroughly defeated by a Luthor I am going to go patrol the city. Perhaps we can play again another time?” J’onn said. 

Leo nodded and Ruby handed him a chocolate as his prize. Supergirl left giving Leo a wave and getting one in return as he shoved the chocolate into his mouth. He turned and made a grabbing motion at Lena and was instantly picked up and hugged very tightly. Kara joined them wrapping her arms around them both and squishing her face against Leo's making him smile.

“Group hug!” Nia called. 

Then everyone was hugging them, much to Lillian's surprise who was shoved into the middle by Andrea and Eliza form the right. For a moment they all huddled together holding each other with Leo in the middle. Everyone taking a moment to appreciate just how far he’d come. 

The group broke up and Andrea patting a somewhat shell shocked looking Lillian muttering about how she's get used to it.

Leo looked up at Lena.

“I won,” he said smiling

She nodded and kissed his head. 

“Of course you did, you're a Luthor,” she said tears in her eyes.

Lillian approached slowly. She gave Kara and Lena a small nod.

“I’ll be off now. Leo I’ll see you on Saturday-”

“Why?” Leo asked turning to look at her.

Lillian smiled at him.

“Because we always see each other on Saturday Leo,” she said.

“Why are you leaving?” Leo asked pouting at Lillian.

Kara watched the sudden resolve melting effect take place. Lillian hesitated.

“I have to go Leo I-”

Leo sniffed giving his grandmother a pleading look.

“How about a game of chess before you leave?” Lena suggested. “It’s been years since we played.”

Lillian glanced at the other guests but nodded and soon the board was set up and everyone was settling in to watch. Brainy explaining the pieces to Leo as they were placed. Fourteen moves later Lena looked up at Lillian.

“Check,” she said with a smirk.

Lillian looked at the board and sighed heavily. 

“Really Lena?” Lillian asked.

Lena laughed.

“Sorry Mum, I couldn’t help myself.”

“What is it?” Leo asked leaning forwards.

Lillian turned to him with a fond smile. 

“She’s three moves away from winning, no matter what I do. Using my favourite trap.”

Leo frowned at the board his eyes flicking between the pieces trying to understand. Lillian turned to Lena and sighed heavily giving her a small smile.

“Shall we play it out?” Lena asked still smiling. 

Lillian nodded and moved her knight to get out of check. Three moves later Lena called Checkmate and Lillian tipped over her king as Lena looked downright gleeful.

“I’m remembering why I stopped playing against you and Lex.”

Lena chuckled.

“Because you’re a sore loser,” Lena teased resetting the pieces.

“No,” Lillian said. “You two got far too competitive about how fast you could best me.”

Lena sighed happily.

“Shall we play again?” Lena asked.

“May I?” Eliza asked.

They both turned to her and Lena smiled.

“Unless you’re nationally ranked I don’t think you’ve got much of a chance against her,” Lillian said giving Eliza a polite smile.

Eliza returned the smile.

“Against her no, but against you…”

There was a chorus of oohs from those watching and Lillian’s eyes narrowed at Eliza. Lena rose and offered her seat to Eliza who smiled at her and sat. Lillian gave Eliza a polite smile with a predatory edge. Eliza returned it.

They made their opening moves in silence then Lillian raised an eyebrow.

“The Sicilian Defence?” she asked.

“Well it was that or the French,” Eliza said.

Lillian scoffed. Eliza smiled. The two women fell silent again giving each other calculating stares as they continued moving their pieces. 

“You’re being so conservative with your queen,” Eliza said.

“I try not to risk my most powerful piece unnecessarily,” Lillian replied taking Eliza’s bishop.

“And yet you still lose her,” Eliza said taking it.

Lillian gave her a look.

“Sometimes I make mistakes,” she said moving her knight.

“That’s a pretty big mistake.”

“Yes, but sometimes we make mistakes because we’re too focused on something else. Checkmate.”

Eliza nodded and tipped over her king with a small smile. The two women exchanged a look as they shook hands.

“I’ll be seeing you next year then,” Eliza said.

“I suppose you will,” Lillian replied.

They let go of each other’s hands and Lillian got up. She turned to Leo and he jumped up immediately to give her a hug goodbye. Then she gave Lena a small hug, tolerated a hug from Andrea, and gave Kara a nod before she left.

Once she was gone Andrea turned to Lena.

“I forgot how fun your Mum is.”

Lena scoffed.

“She still hates you.”

“I rejected one bribe,” Andrea said rolling her eyes.

“Do I need to bring up the summer house incident?” Lena asked.

Andrea laughed.

“What happened?” Ruby asked.

Lena gave Andrea a warning look. Andrea sighed.

“Fine. But it’s a fun story.”

“I was grounded for three months,” Lena muttered.

“It’s not like you went anywhere anyway,” Andrea said rolling her eyes.

Chapter Text

Lena arrived at her last panel for the day and was immediately pulled into a hug by Andrea. Lena returned it with a smile. She was halfway across the country attending a tech conference and somehow she still got surprised by Andrea. She seemed to be everywhere these days and Lena found herself oddly happy about it. She’d missed having friends. As wonderful as the Superfriends were she was very aware she needed her own friends and Andrea, as dramatic as she was at times, and Sam were filling that hole nicely.

“I didn’t know you were coming. If you’d told me I would have offered you a ride in my jet,” Lena said.

Andrea laughed.

“I was in Gotham and became the last minute substitute since Barbara Gordon couldn’t make it,” Andrea said. “And I’ve already found three things that Leo would love. Including a very loud dancing robot, or we can do dinner.”

Lena sighed rolling her eyes at Andrea.

“You know you could just ask me if we can do dinner. You don’t need to threaten me with a dancing robot.”

Andrea shrugged.

“But I find this so much more fun.”

Lena smiled shaking her head.

“We can do dinner after this panel.”

She ignored Andrea’s smug smirk and turned to meet the other members of the panel. She vaguely recognised Diana Prince from another panel earlier that day. Diana gave her a polite smile and a nod which Lena returned. Felicity Smoak was a new face for her but Kara had been excited when she mentioned the name. Felicity gave her a nervous smile as she stood beside her. At the direction of the event staff they all took their seats at the table and Lena glanced behind herself to see the panel title on the giant screen Women leading Technology.

She put her phone down in front of her and nodded to the panel host, then she noticed the cameras. Lena straightened a little putting on her confident CEO smile. Her phone buzzed and she smiled seeing a message from Kara.

You’re going to do great.

She looked up at the camera her smile relaxing a little. 

“Alright welcome everyone to the Women leading Technology panel here in beautiful Star City,” the host said with a smile. “So jumping right in, our panel today starting from the far end. Diana Prince is the CEO of Themyscira Industries. A company mostly known for it’s incredible work in aeronautics and stealth technology.”

Diana nodded and smiled as the gathered crowd applauded.

“Andrea Rojas, is the owner of Catco Worldwide media, and more relevant to todays panel, the CEO of Obsidian North, a leader in VR technology and pioneering it’s use in the medical field.”

Andrea smiled and raised a hand as the crowd applauded again.

“Lena Luthor is the CEO of L Corp one of the world’s largest technology companies producing everything from agricultural equipment to advanced processor chips and nano technology.”

Lena nodded politely as there was another round of applause.

“And finally Felicity Smoak, the CEO of Smoak Tech which specialises in medical and forensic technology.”

Felicity nodded seeming a little overwhelmed to be there as the crowd applauded. Lena smiled at her. She smiled back giving Lena a small thumbs up under the table. Lena’s smile grew.

“So our first question, what do you all see as the areas where you most want to see more women? Diana we’ll start with you.”

The panel was fairly straightforward each of them speaking in turn with no real disagreements. Diana spoke gently often ending with some small twist of humour that got a chuckle from the crowd without saying much. Andrea was her usual confident self taking whatever chance she could to poke at the masculine business world. Felicity seemed to be forcibly restraining herself from passionate ranting as she answered each question. Lena managed everything with her usual polite detachment making sure there were good quotes but not going into depth on anything. Something Andrea needled her for earning a laugh from the crowd and an eye roll from Lena.

“Now for the last fifteen minutes we’re going to call for questions from the audience,” the host said smiling.

There was a moment or two of shuffling papers and drinking water as people raised their hands and microphones were brought out. The first questioner stood up, a woman who looked to be in her late thirties in a neat grey suit.

“Hello, uh, firstly big fan of you all. You’re all very impressive women with a lot of talent who’ve all individually accomplished amazing things. I was just wondering if you had any advice on how to have healthy personal relationships, especially romantic ones, while working in such demanding jobs.”

They all exchanged looks and Diana leaned forwards.

“Make time for each other. I know exactly how much time I have and how much of that I need to keep available for my relationships. Granted that does fluctuate at times, but somehow I always find a way to make it up to them.”

There were quite a few smiles at this as Diana turned to look at Andrea. Andrea smiled and then gave Lena a warning look before answering.

“Have clear expectations. I simply let all my partners know my expectations from them in our relationship, if they can’t meet them well…” She spread her hands. “It makes it easier to weed out the weak ones.”

Lena coughed subtly to hide her smile. Andrea glared at her eyes narrowed. Stalling for time Lena looked at Felicity. Felicity noticed and quickly put down the pen she’d been fidgeting with.

“So when I had a personal relationship we worked together. So we just sort of made time during that. Which was both really good and… not. So… I guess date coworkers. Wait no that’s terrible advice!” There was a lot of laughter at this as Felicity put up her hands. “Don’t date your coworkers. My advice is… have something you can do together, that you both enjoy. Especially if it’s something that forces you to communicate.”

Felicity turned to look at Lena. Lena sighed.

“I don’t have a very good track record with relationships of any kind. But I am fortunate enough to know someone who does. My advice is to find a method of communication that works well for you both. Kara and I were always having to reschedule our lunches so despite our best intentions they seemed to only happen every couple of weeks instead of every week. But in between we were constantly talking to each other. At first we exchanged texts, then later it was texts and short calls when we had time, and now we… well there’s been a lot of changes to our relationship recently.”

There was a lot of laughter at this.

“I strongly encourage you not to measure the closeness of your relationships by how much time you spend in their company. Kara and I barely saw each other for more than a few hours a month but that didn’t mean our friendship wasn’t one of the most important relationships in both our lives. We were best friends for years before we were-” Lena couldn’t quite stop the smile spreading across her face. “Girlfriends,” she finished biting her lip.

Andrea looked at the smile Lena was trying to hide and sighed.

“That was the first time you got to call her your girlfriend in public wasn’t it,” Andrea said.

There was a loud aw from a portion of the crowd as Lena grit her teeth and looked away before she started blushing.

“Second,” Lena muttered earning several more aw’s and an exasperated sigh from Andrea. 

“That’s cute,” Diana said smiling at her. 

Lena resisted the urge to hide her face as the room felt warmer. Andrea sighed and pushed her water closer.

“I’m sure after a few months you’ll stop being a mess when it comes to Kara. Afterall it’s not like you were secretly in love with her for five years and too scared to tell her in case it ruined your friendship.”

Lena glared at Andrea earning a laugh from the crowd.

“Why are we friends?” Lena asked.

Andrea smirked at her.

“Because we’ve got too much dirt on each other to be enemies.” Andrea smiled wider turning back to the  crowd. “And we maintain our friendship by making time to see each other in our busy schedules, for example we’re doing dinner after this-”

“You threatened to buy-”

“We also make our expectations clear upfront, I expect her to tell me she’s too busy and she expects me to completely ignore that and drag her out anyway.”

“That’s not-”

“We also find time to do things we both enjoy.”

Lena waited and Andrea looked at her.

“No go on, I want to know what it is we apparently both enjoy doing,” Lena said.

There was a laugh from the crowd as Andrea sighed.

“Drinking some very good wine and swapping stories of all the times we outsmarted some mediocre twat who thought he was smarter than us.”

Lena thought about it for a second and conceded with a nod. She did enjoy that. Quite a few women laughed at this.

“And we found a communication method that suits us.”

“Which is?” Lena asked with a sigh.

“I tell you about something I found Leo will like, you ask what I want, I tell you, and then I sweeten it.”

“So threats and bribery. Clearly we have a very healthy relationship that should be emulated by others,” Lena said with a sigh.

Andrea spread her hands smiling at the crowd.

“Well it clearly works for us.”

There was more laughter.

“What’s my sweetener for dinner then?” Lena asked.

“I’ll tell you how Kara and I pulled a Lillian on her ex.”

Lena looked at Andrea very intently.

“I take it back, this is a wonderful and positive friendship and I’m absolutely delighted that we found time for dinner tonight so that you can tell me everything in detail.”

There was a lot of laughter. The questioner thanked them and sat down. The microphone was handed off and another woman stood up.

“My question is sort of in the same line as the last one. How do you manage being a parent and working at the top of your field?”

Diana held up her hands indicating she wasn’t a parent. Andrea turned to Lena but Felicity moved towards her microphone first.

“Family and working from home. I hand my daughter to friends and family, or just the interns really because all of them seem to be family. For everything else, well… honestly that pretty much covers it. I just tell someone nearby to hold her while I fix whatever I need to, then take her back when it’s done. I've managed to ensure I have eight, mostly willing, babysitters I can call.”

The crowd laughed and Felicity turned to Lena. Lena looked at the questioner and considered her answer carefully. She glanced at the camera then back to the questioner once more. The questioner looked to be in her late twenties with a friendly smile and a carefully chosen skirt and blouse combination. Lena decided to be honest.

“After I became a parent I got my assistant an assistant; delegated a third to a quarter of my prior workload; had my CFO move to National City so I had someone to step in when I had to leave; and because my childcare options for him are limited by the number of death threats he gets daily, I’m adding childcare at all major L Corp locations. I also hired a personal bodyguard for him who will double as a babysitter, and spent three million dollars to double my private security team and give the existing one training in how to interact with him without tripping his anxiety. But I doubt that will be something you’ll need to deal with.”

There was a moment of shocked silence. Lena ignored it.

“In short I have shifted my entire life to put my son in the centre and I move everything else around him. If I can’t move something I have Kara. When she’s not an option we have friends I can trust to look after him for short periods of time. And…” She sighed. “It pains me to say this, but for anything longer I have my mother.” 

She knew Lillian was probably going to love this. 

“I wouldn’t trust my mother with a lot of things. But I can trust that if I leave Leo with her he will be safe, and she will ensure he is fed, bathed, read a story, and tucked into bed on time.”

There was a long silence then Andrea smiled and leaned forwards.

“And worst case you call Supergirl,” she said.

“Yes,” Lena said with a laugh turning to look at her as several people gasped. “Though I try not to do that very often.”

Lena heard a small choking noise from Felicity and Diana Prince was looking at her very intently. She looked at all of them for a moment.

“You’re that Lena,” Felicity said slowly. “And you’re dating Kara Danvers. And she’s- wow! That’s- Oh my God. Okay.”

Felicity seemed to be actively stopping herself from saying anything more. Lena smiled. Well that explained Kara’s excitement at hearing the name.

“I take it you and Kara have met before.”

Felicity nodded.

“She uh, she knew my husband, Oliver Queen. I’m curious you know she’s- um…” Felicity waved her hand in a vague motion trying to express something. “She’s very fit isn’t she? Like super fit,” Felicity finished.

Lena laughed and nodded.

“Yes, yes she is,” Lena said reaching for her water as the crowd laughed.

“Did she just ask you what I think she asked?” Andrea asked looking between the two of them her mouth open.

“No Andrea, she was asking about something very different,” Lena said as Felicity sighed burying her head in her hands as the crowd laughed louder.

“She might not have but I am,” Diana said. “With the history between you two the sex must be amazing.”

There was a moment of silence as those words processed then everyone started laughing again. Lena turned to Diana and opened her mouth to think of some witty reply then closed it as Andrea’s head snapped up to look at her.

“Oh my God she’s right,” Andrea said. “I had not considered that. Holy shit!”

Lena looked at them all and sighed heavily.

“You know I used to have a private life, and it was actually private,” Lena muttered. 

“Yeah but then you became a parent and Leo will sell you out for breakfast,” Adrea said with a smirk.

Lena groaned covering her face with one hand as everyone laughed again.

“Next question I beg you,” she said.

“You haven’t answered the last one,” Andrea said with a smirk.

Lena turned to Andrea with a sigh.

“If you want me to talk about my sex life you’re going to have to get me very drunk first.”


Lena was not drunk, she was just a little… tipsy as she accepted the bottle of wine from Felicity pouring herself a third, or was it a fifth? glass of wine. Somehow once the panel was over she found herself dragged to dinner by Andrea. A dinner which now apparently included Diana and Felicity. Dinner progressed very quickly to dinner and drinks —owing to Lena’s child free state for the weekend. Then drinks moved from the restaurant bar to Diana’s suite.

“Alright ladies,” Diana said holding up a golden rope that looked oddly familiar. “Who’s up for truth or dare? Where you can’t lie.”

Andrea and Felicity cheered as Lena groaned. She knew this would not end well. More drinks were quickly poured and Andrea spun an empty wine bottle.

“Felicity,” she said with a grin. “Truth or dare?”


Diana grinned handing her the golden rope.

“What’s something no one would ever believe about your sexual relationship with your husband?” Andrea asked.

Diana and Felicity laughed.

“Straight for the sex, really?” Felicity asked.

“We’re already drunk. Let’s not pretend, the whole point of this game is to ask nosey sex questions,” Andrea said with a wave of her hand. 

Diana laughed and Lena sighed. She looked at her wine and decided why not. She didn’t have to get up until ten the next morning. She looked up to see Diana tugging on the rope and giving Felicity a look.

“Okay okay, so Oliver was like, really into butt stuff.”

“No!” Andrea said grinning. “Oliver Queen?”

Lena groaned as the mental images came. She drank to quickly erase them as Diana fell back laughing. Felicity dropped the rope and spun the bottle it landed on Lena.

“Truth,” she said with a sigh.

“How good is the sex between you and Kara?” Felicity asked with a smile.

Lena sighed as Diana tossed the rope around her. It tightened.

“It’s-” the rope warmed and the truth came out. “Amazing! She’s kinky as fuck and so good with her mouth.”

There was a cheer from the other three women as Lena quickly pulled off the rope and spun the bottle. It landed on Diana.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” Diana said with a grin.

Lena thought about it for a moment. Then she grinned and motioned her closer so she could whisper in her ear. Diana laughed when she heard it but she nodded and got up approaching Andrea. Andrea looked from her to Lena who was rapidly taking out her phone to film this.

“I’ve been dared to kiss you, is that alright?” Diana asked.

Andrea smiled putting down her glass of wine. 

“I have no objections.”

Diana smiled pulling Andrea to her feet and then kissed her with a surprising amount of passion. Felicity whistled and Lena grinned. Diana pulled back then grinned at Andrea.

“Are you a good girl?” she asked.

Andrea shivered her knees buckling a little then she turned to glare at Lena.

“You bitch!” she yelled.

Lena started laughing and was quickly joined by Felicity and Diana. 

“I’m sending this to Sam,” Lena said.

Andrea threw a pillow at Lena as she ended the recording. She grinned as Diana spun the bottle and it landed on Lena again. She groaned as Andrea smirked.

“Truth,” she said reaching for her wine.

The rope was tossed around her again.

“So Kara, do you love her?”

“Yes,” she said with a shrug.

Andrea smirked.

“But are you in love with her?”

Lena opened her mouth and the rope heated again.

“Y-yes. Fuck what is this thing?”

Diana flicked her wrist and the rope was back in her hand. 

“Family secret,” she said with a wink.

Lena scoffed and spun the bottle. It landed on Andrea.

“Alright Andrea truth or-”

“Truth. Do your worst Luthor.”

Lena smirked.

“Are you a brat for men too?”

Andrea’s jaw dropped as Lena smirked at her. The rope glowed faintly.

“I’m only a b-brat for women. Damn what is this thing?”

Diana laughed and Felicity snickered. Lena poured herself another glass not sure what happened to the one before. She sat back with a smile. Thing’s started to get a little hazy at that point.

“Top or bottom?” Felicity asked pointing at Lena.

“Top,” she said with a smirk.

“Makes sense Kara’s definitely a bottom,” Andrea said.

Lena glared at her.

Andrea spun the bottle and it landed on Diana.

“Truth,” she said looping the rope around her hand

“Okay, where’s the most… risky place you’ve had sex?” Andrea asked.

Diana thought about it. 

“The Batcave with Batman’s niece.”

They all stared at her shocked.

“You did what?” Felicity said shocked.

Diana laughed as Andrea just sat there her mouth opening and closing. 

“That certainly sounds risky,” Lena muttered raising her glass.

“Okay so that VR tech you made,” Felicity said looking at Andrea. “How long was it before you used it for porn?”

“Like ten minutes after I got home with it and that’s including the time it took to undress,” Andrea said.

“Ah but the real question is, what was your fantasy?” Lena said.

Andrea grinned.

“Getting railed by Wonder Woman.”

“Oh my God!” Lena said.

Diana winked at Andrea as Felicity fell backwards laughing hysterically.

Diana spun the bottle and it landed on Felicity who was lying half on half off the couch.

“Truth or Dare?” Diana asked.

“You know what, I’m brave. Dare again,” Felicity said.

“I dare you to make a post telling people what we’re doing.”

Lena groaned as Andrea laughed from her prone position on the floor. Felicity drained the rest of her glass and took out her phone. Lena leaned closer to Diana.

“There’s no way she’ll manage to-”

Felicity held her phone up with a grin. 

“And live! Hello everyone. You know when Lena Luthor says you have to get her very drunk to get answers she’s not kidding.”

Lena laughed. 

“So to accomplish this very difficult task we have resorted to college tactics. Namely truth or dare and we being the rest of the Women leading technology panel.”

Andrea and Diana cheered as Lena covered her face. Felicity turned her phone so the camera could capture the room.

“Which also means I can now confirm Diana is as experienced as she implies,” Diana laughed and blew Felicity a kiss. “Andrea is way gayer than she likes to admit.”

“I’m straight!” Andrea insisted from her place on the floor. 

“You’re sleeping with my CFO,” Lena said loudly.

“I have needs!” she yelled back.

“Four times a week?” Lena asked. “And you read her poetry after. Straight people can’t recite Sappho from memory.”

Andrea groaned and mumbled something into the floor.

“And Lena is… well we got answers and oh boy! Or rather girl, she is one lucky woman.”

“Kara’s one of a kind,” Lena said with a smug smirk.

“No shit!” Andrea said from the floor. “She can hold her breath for-”

Lena threw a cushion at Andrea silencing her as Diana laughed. Felicity turned and looked at Andrea.

“How long has she been on the floor?” she asked confused.

Lena and Diana exchanged a look then they both looked at Andrea. 

“And the more pressing question, why is she wearing handcuffs,” Felicity said.

They all looked at Andrea and her hands which were cuffed behind her back in a pair of metal cuffs. Several bewildered looks were exchanged.

“Andrea, who cuffed you?” Diana asked.

“I don’t fucking know,” Andrea said. “But I think it was a dare and then Felicity ate the fucking key.”

Diana looked at Lena who shook her head equally as confused. There was a loud thump and they looked over to see Felicity collapsed on the floor. 

“We should probably stop drinking now,” Diana said.


Kara woke to her phone quietly buzzing on the bedside table. She blinked awake and rolled over picking it up before Leo heard. She checked the caller ID and smiled seeing Lena’s name. Leo was deep asleep so she got up to answer it.

“Hey,” she whispered stepping into the hallway and closing the bedroom door. “What’s up?”

There was a deep sigh on the other end of the phone and a sniff. For a moment she was worried Lena was upset then she started talking.

“I love you,” Lena said. “Like love love, head over heels move in together and have babies kind of love.”

Kara’s heart started beating very quickly as the smile on her face grew.

“And you know it’s the truth because Diana Prince has her magic lasso around me so I can’t fucking lie. Not that it’s really needed considering how drunk I am but it’s there because then I can’t lie, even to myself.”

Kara heard Diana sigh softly in the background.

“Sometimes we cannot admit the truth to ourselves without it being forced on us. It seems you are one of those who need this less for others and more for yourself.”

“Right,” Lena mumbled. “She keeps saying stuff like that while we look at the stars and it’s probably going to be dumb tomorrow but right now she sounds really smart.”

Kara smiled sliding down the wall to sit as she listened to Lena’s sigh.

“I love love you too,” Kara said.

“Good because you’ve ruined me for anyone else,” Lena muttered.

Kara smiled holding her knees close as excitement built in her chest and she bit her knee to stop herself from screaming with delight. Lena had said she loved her.

“I feel bad it’s taken me so long to say it but…” Lena sighed heavily and sniffed again. “Everything with you is so perfect I keep waiting for something bad to happen. I did that when we were friends. You were so wonderful and supportive and I loved you so much and I let down all my walls and I was just sitting there afraid you were going to turn around one day and tell me I’d fucked it up or die. I was so scared you were going to die.”

Lena sniffed again and Kara felt tears gather in her eyes.

“Then I found out you were Supergirl, and that you’d lied and I was angry and it felt so right to be angry. I took all the love I felt for you and I used it as fuel for that anger and heartbreak. I understood that. I knew betrayal and it made sense that you would betray me like everyone else. But I still loved you but I didn’t want to because you hurt me. And so I kept trying to turn that love to hate and it kind of worked and then Lex yelled at me and all I could think was how badly I wanted you to hug me and tell me I was good and…”

Lena took a deep breath.

“And so I went to see you and you still,” Another sniff. “After everything you listened and I just… I missed you so much.” 

Lena sniffed again and Kara felt the urge to just fly to her and kiss her better and tell her she’d always loved her but she stayed where she was and listened as Lena pulled herself together. 

“Then Leo came along and I looked at him and I knew I couldn’t fuck it up and I was so scared I would and despite everything that had happened you were there and you helped me and I fell all the way back in love with you again as I watched you spin him around that first day. You have been with me every single time, every single step and I just…”

Lena took another shaky breath and Kara could hear the tears falling now. She could picture Lena’s face as she wiped away her tears the lasso of truth in one hand.

“I’m so happy with you. And it scares me so much but I wouldn’t trade it for anything but I’m also scared. I’m so scared Kara. I’m scared someone is going to hurt Leo or you, or Leo will work out who you are and be scared of you. I’m scared my mother is going to turn around and turn out to be plotting to kill you and frame me for it so she can take Leo and I just… I love you so much. You and Leo. I would do anything for you and I know-”

Lena choked off a sob and Kara felt the tears rolling down her face.

“I love and love and love you. And I’m terrified I’m going to get you killed and then I’ll have to raise Leo alone and… he has your smile. You gave us your goddamn smile. Did you know that? I didn’t smile like that until you and now Leo has it too and I- please don’t die. I- I want you so much it hurts and you are so perfect, so fucking perfect and I want to marry you, and get a big house and have children together and have fights over stupid shit like… like whether we’re going to have a real or fake tree for Christmas. Fake by the way I am not that mean to my cleaning staff.”

Kara choked back a laugh.

“Okay, but we have to go see the real one on Christmas eve at the National City town hall,” she said.

“Okay, but we’re not letting Andrea come too she can’t sing and I hate her… That’s a lie I love her she’s a rich bitch but she’s my rich bitch and- hey how can I lie with the rope thingy?” Lena asked.

“I took it off you about two minutes ago,” Diana said gently. 

“Oh,” Lena mumbled.

Kara smiled. 

“I still love you,” Lena said.

“I love you too,” Kara said smiling.

“I’m really drunk and tired so I’m gonna go to sleep now because I have a panel tomorrow at ten thirty.”

Kara smiled.

“Goodnight Lena.”

“Goodnight Kara.”


Kara couldn't quite believe how her day was going. She was sitting court side at the annual Metropolis vs National City charity basketball game with Leo and Lillian. Vasquez was sitting behind Leo and Lillian's personal bodyguards Ivan and Boris (yes that was their real names) sat behind and besides her. Bo was to Kara's right.

It felt a little strange to have someone there who was essentially positioned to protect her. Though she knew Lena had subtly informed her security that bullets were rarely a problem for her.

It was almost surreal. She could see the various TV cameras as they passed and hear the roar of the crowd as National City scored again. She clapped along with everyone else smiling and looking at Leo who was excitedly watching the game his new light blue National City Nighthawks hat slipping down his head. 

They were now up by ten points and the home crowd were getting excited. Leo was happily watching his eyes tracking the ball as Lillian explained the rules to him as they came up. Apparently the Luthor's were big sponsors of the game and had been for twenty years hence the court side seats. 

Kara was smiling and having a good time. Lena had said she loved her and today she had the whole day off to spend with Leo. Granted she also had to spend part of it with Lillian but Kara didn't really mind considering they had exchanged maybe fifteen words.

It was as she was turning her head to follow the ball that she heard a click. The safety of a gun being taken off. Then four more. Without thinking her hand came up to turn on the field around Leo. 

She met Vasquez eyes as she did and saw her immediately power up her armour. The faint blue lines almost invisible the soft whir lost in the noise of the crowd. 

Bo noticing her action was immediately scanning the crowd and Kara heard Ivan and Boris both shift to have better access to their weapons. Kara looked around seeing the various cameras and phones everywhere. She couldn't leave to change. 

She turned to Leo.

“Hey buddy why don't we-”

It happened then. Kara watched it all as though in slow motion, the gunmen jumped up and fired Kara prepared herself to block then but Lena's field worked.

The bullets froze in mid air around Leo then dropped as their momentum vanished.

Vasquez was dived forwards and rolled with Leo safe in her arms the armour absorbing the next round of bullets as she leapt up and ran. Kara followed keeping herself to a human speed. She could hear Ivan and Boris already moving with Lillian as screams started from the crowd.

The moment she could Kara ducked into an alcove to change and fly back. She heard Leo's alarm and sent the recovery signal.


Lena smiled and nodded as the host turned to Maxwell Lord. He glared at her. Seeing her and Lord face off in conversation was apparently popular. The ballroom was full and quite a few people were standing. She intended to make it worth their sacrifice by humiliating Lord at every chance she got. 

“Oh come on,” she said smiling. “It wasn’t a hard thing to-”

Her eyes flew to her watch as it flashed red. Fear gripped Lena, the world was spinning and adrenalin flooded her body. Her watch started flashing blue. She turned and saw Tanya with her hand to his ear. 

“Ms Luthor,” the host said turning to her concerned.

She ignored the host her attention on Tanya as she nodded and looked at her. 

“Tanya what happened?” she asked rising from her chair. 

“Leo is safe,” Tanya said quickly. “But we need to move.”

“I have to go,” Lena said barely glancing at the host as she quickly made her way down the steps with Tanya close behind her.

Jess was at her side the moment she stepped down already pulling up the news with Frank taking the lead his weapon drawn. No one spoke as they quickly made their way to the exit.

Frank pushed the door open checking the corridor before they kept moving.

“Got it,” Tanya said. 

Lena’s watch flashed green.

“Where is he?” Lena asked.

“Vasquez has him. They're moving to a collection point for Supergirl. Bo is handling the police and your mother is fine.”

“The attackers?” Lena asked.

“Two fatalities, five gunmen. Supergirl is on site and the NCPD is arriving to handle the crowd.”

Lena could feel panic rising as she started struggled to breathe. Five gunmen had attacked Leo, in public. Tanya moved closer putting an arm around Lena to keep her upright as her legs started to buckle.


Kara dropped down as Supergirl in front of Vasquez.

“Lucky charm,” Kara said.

Vasquez nodded and stepped aside revealing Leo hidden in the armoured car.

“Hey Leo,” she said opening the door carefully. “Leo it's me, Supergirl.”

He looked up at her his eyes red from crying. She held out Rao. He’d been lost in the attack but Kara had made sure she found him before coming.

“I'm gonna take you to Kara okay?” she said.

Leo hesitated but nodded. Kara held out her hands and looked at Vasquez.

“Tell Lena I'll bring Kara and Leo to her.” Vasquez nodded her eyes still darting about the quiet street. “And Vasquez… Thank you.”

Vasquez nodded again. Leo went to Kara hesitantly but he went. She couldn’t quite hide her sigh of relief as she held him.

“Okay Leo please close your eyes we're going to fly.”

Leo scrunched his eyes closed and they flew to a rooftop Kara put Leo down and changed then tapped his shoulder he looked at her and clung to her crying.

Kara held him tight for a minute sitting him in her lap as she rocked him gently.

“It's okay Leo we're going to your Mama,” she said stroking his hair. “Supergirl is going to fly us so just close your eyes buddy I've got you.”

Leo closed his eyes clinging to her. Kara checked for cameras one more time then took off. Leo held her tighter his eyes scrunched closed as Kara flew him across the country. 

She could hear Lena's beacon as she reached Star City. She hovered in the air for a moment to check then dropped onto the balcony out of sight before walking out with Leo towards Lena. 

“He's safe,” Kara called.

Lena turned to her instantly relieved she ran over holding them both tightly as Leo started crying again reaching for Lena. She wrapped her arms around him as he buried his face in her shoulder one hand gripping her jacket as tight as he could. Lena kissed the top of his head telling him he was safe, she was was there. They both were. Leo continued to cling to her sobbing.

Kara wrapped her arms around them both and added her reassurances to Lena’s as they waited for his sobbing to ease. Lena looked at Kara and sighed giving her a quick kiss and resting her head on Kara’s shoulder. Kara took a deep breath and rubbed a hand gently over Leo’s back as her other arm went around Lena holding her close.

They eventually managed to move inside and sat down on the couch. Lena put on the Lion King and Leo slowly let go enough to sit between them his eyes on the screen Rao held tightly in his arms. By the time ‘hakuna matata’ was playing he seemed mostly okay again. 

Lena reached out and Kara entwined their fingers behind Leo on the couch. Kara gave Lena’s fingers a gentle squeeze. 

Lena’s phone rang and she sighed answering it.

“Hello Nick is-”

“We traced the money,” he said quickly. “Theresa Teschmacher.”

Kara and Lena exchanged a look.

“Eve’s sister?” Lena asked.

“Yes, apparently she was kept with the aliens during Lex’s plot with Shelley island. Made a few connections.”

“How did we not know this before?” Lena asked sitting up straighter.

“We’ve been trying to find her from day one. From what I can gather she’s been off the grid for some time since she got back from Shelley island. It was only a fluke that anyone managed to track her down. She was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Metropolis and the officer noticed a second license in her wallet. Apparently she changed her name and is going by Tess Mercer. Which explains why we had so much trouble finding out where she’s been for the last year. The officer let her go with a warning but wrote down all the details because he found it odd.”

Lena exchanged a worried look with Kara.

“Can we find her again?”

“Already called Jim Harper, he’s got a team on their way to pull her in for an interview and I’ve had the team here put together all we have on her.”

Lena sighed heavily. 

“I’ll let you know when he confirms she’s in custody.”

“Thank you Nick.”

Lena hung up and turned to Kara. 

“Do you think once they have her the group will stop?”

“I hope so, but… just to be sure I think we might need to do a little PR for Leo. I don’t suppose Supergirl would mind making a public statement?”

Kara gave Lena’s fingers another squeeze. 

“Of course. What did you have in mind?”

They took the jet back that evening arriving in National City and heading straight for the penthouse.  Kara kept Leo occupied with videos of big cats as Lena watched the news via headphones. She watched the footage of the attack as captured by the TV cameras in startling clarity. She was going to have to give Vasquez a bonus she hadn’t hesitated for even a moment.

“…The Metropolis v. National City game was interrupted by gunmen today in what was reportedly an attempt to kill Lionel Luthor, the nephew of L Corp CEO Lena Luthor. According to reports from the NCPD the attackers are part of a known group of Supergirl fanatics who have made two previous attempts on the young Luthor and are believed to be connected with the murder of his maternal grandmother. The Luthor family and Supergirl are yet to comment on the incident.”

Lena sighed and removed her headphones as they arrived at her building. They activated his shield and Lena carried Leo inside the full security team surrounding them as they moved through the open. There was a small press pack but they maintained a respectful distance. 

Once they were safely inside the penthouse Lena carried Leo over to the couch and they sat together for a long time Leo curled up half asleep in Lena’s arms as Kara stroked his hair humming softly. Nia called and they all started moving. Lena placed an order for dinner and Leo selected a movie as Kara answered the call.

“Okay we’ve got everything set all we need is Supergirl.”

“Okay I’ll be with you soon.” 

Kara gave Leo a kiss on the head.

“I’m just gonna make a call but I’ll be back shortly. Okay?”

Leo looked up at her and was quiet for a long moment then he nodded. Kara gave him a smile and looked at Lena. She nodded.

Kara flew away to meet with Nia and the waiting Catco staff.


The video dropped as Kara returned. Lena couldn’t help but be impressed with the speed of the edit and the response. 

It was released with Catco first but the Daily Planet, National City Tribune, and all local news channels were also getting a copy. 

Lena smiled at Leo as he watched the penguins dance Rao in his arms and Kara already reaching for the three orders of potstickers. She slipped a headphone in and clicked play. 

The screen was black then Supergirl was standing in front of the National City skyline her face serious. 

“I want to make this very clear to everyone… Lionel Alexander Luthor, Leo, is not a threat to me. He is a child. And one I care very deeply for.”

Supergirl took a deep breath.

“I am aware that many of you think his parentage will somehow result in him becoming my enemy. You are wrong. Leo is nothing like his father and will certainly never become like him. He is a sweet, funny, astoundingly clever little boy. He’s just like any other small child. He likes cartoon animals, books, and swimming. He sleeps with a soft toy and when he gets scared he cries for his mother. He can barely tie his shoes for Rao's sake. He is not a threat to anyone.”

Supergirl sighed.

“If we were all to be held accountable for the sins of our parents then I would be in prison. We cannot choose our parents. But we can choose our own actions. If you choose to attack Leo then you are making the choice to attack an innocent child. No matter what justifications you make to yourselves or others. And I will stop you, because again, he, is, a, child.”

Lena removed her headphones and looked at Kara. She gave her a smile and Kara moved closer putting an arm around her waist and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Lena sighed leaning into Kara’s arms. For a minute she just let Kara hold her. Then her phone chimed and she checked her messages. It was from Nick.

Harper called, she’s in custody now.

Chapter Text

Kara woke the moment Lena’s phone flashed red. A second later there was the sound of multiple boots hitting the balcony. Lena jerked awake beside her grabbing her phone and activating the protections around Leo’s room. Kara heard the metallic thud as the protective shields dropped into place followed by the high pitch beep as Lena activated her watch. 

Kara looked through the walls and held up ten fingers to Lena who nodded. She held up Kara’s cape and she shook her head. It was time for Kara Zor-El to show up. Lena nodded to Kara as she moved to her gun safe. Kara slipped out of the bedroom and went to take on the idiots who’d been foolish enough to come into Lena’s apartment.

She saw the group entering the hallway and in a rush of superspeed charged them. She went through them like a wrecking ball, taking them down one after the other wrenching shoulders out of their sockets and shattering jaws and knees uncaring about the level of damage she was doing. 

There was a soft click and an explosion went off beside her. Kara sighed as her clothes were burnt away. She looked around at the ten assailants, three were dead and the penthouse was a mess. Thankfully it seemed to be mostly cosmetic damage exposing the wiring and pipes running through Lena’s walls. The lounge windows were all blown out and the kitchen was probably going to need some work. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some paint and fresh plaster really. 

She could hear someone on the street below calling the police and the security team one floor below charging up the stairs. She swept her eyes over the assailants again and went to check Lena. She knocked four times before she opened the door and saw Lena waiting behind it with her gun. 

“They blew up my living room didn’t they?” Lena said.

Kara nodded and Lena sighed. Her phone started ringing as Kara sped into the closet to dress.

“Hey Alex, we’re gonna need a crew out to my apartment, some idiots decided to break in and blow up my living room,” she said.

Alex breathed a sigh and Kara deactivated the alert sending an all clear. She looked once more at Lena and hugged her tightly. Lena hugged her back as the door burst open and Lena’s security swarmed in.

Lena gave them the password and they started tying up and providing medical assistance to the injured assailants. The three dead were put in body bags. Alex arrived a few minutes later in full tactical gear and gave them both a hug. 


“Still asleep in his room. Once you give the all clear I’ll take him out and we can go somewhere else.”

“My apartment,” Kara suggested. 

Alex shook her head.

“These guys were well funded and your apartment isn’t exactly a fortress.”

“We’ll go to my mother’s” Lena said.

They looked at her.

“Her house is a fortress and her security is all Luthor safe. If Supergirl drops us off then no one will be able to attack us en route.”

One of the attackers looked at Lena and spat on the floor.

“You and your family are-”

Alex’s gun smashed him into his face.

“I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you,” she snarled as the security shoved him back into the floor a gun jammed into his head.

Alex looked at Kara and nodded. Kara turned to Lena who pulled out her phone walking away to call her mother. Kara bent down to look at the man who'd spat on the floor.

“You’re one of the Supergirl fanatics aren’t you?” she said looking at him. “Tell me, do you think she wants you to kill a child?”

The man snarled at her.

“We will protect her before he grows into-”

“Supergirl doesn’t want or need your protection. If Leo asked she would tear the beating heart out of her chest and give it to him. Supergirl loves him.” The man looked at her and Supergirl stared back. “You just attacked her family.”

She rose and walked away ignoring her sister’s concerned look. Five minutes later Lena unlocked the protections around Leo’s room and went in waking him gently.

“Leo sweetie, it’s okay. I’m sorry but we need to go see Grandma.”

“Grandma?” Leo asked sleepily.

“Some bad people just made a mess so we need to go stay with Grandma until it’s fixed, okay? Come on sweetheart.”

“Okay,” Leo mumbled sleepily. 

Lena carried him out rubbing his eyes. He looked around scared by all the guns for a moment but then Kara was in front of him. 

“We’re going to get Supergirl to fly you so you’ll be safe, can you go with her by yourself?” Kara asked. 

Leo nodded slowly. Kara kissed his head.

“Brave boy. I’m going to pack some of your things for Grandma’s okay?” Kara said. “She’s going to take you first, then your Mama, then me.”

Leo nodded holding Rao closer as Lena carried him past the attackers and armed security to the balcony where Kara appeared as Supergirl. Leo shivered a little in the cold night air and Kara took off her cloak wrapping it carefully around him.

“Okay Leo I’m going to fly very fast so no one sees us.” Leo nodded tucking his head against her shoulder and she held him in her arms. “I’m going to need you to close your eyes so nothing gets in them.”

Leo closed his eyes and Kara gave Lena a final nod before she flew directly to Lillian’s National City home. She landed in the gardens and saw the dozen security personnel quickly raise then lower their weapons. Kara quickly carried Leo towards Lillian who was waiting by the door. Kara gave her a nod and she held out her hands.

“You can look now Leo,” Kara said. 

Leo lifted his head and saw Lillian. He smiled reaching for her and she quickly pulled him into her arms holding him tightly. 

“It’s alright Leo you’re safe,” Lillian whispered pressing a kiss to his head as she breathed a sigh of relief holding him close. 

She looked up and nodded at Kara. Kara returned it and flew away to retrieve Lena. They landed a minute later and Lillian was still holding Leo.

The moment Lena was close enough Lillian reached out pulling her in close.

Kara flew away once more and after giving Alex a final look gathered their bags and dropped back into the garden as Kara. Lillian was wiping a little plaster dust off Lena’s cheek.

“I’ve got a suite for you all to sleep in. Will Leo be sharing with you?”

Lena nodded as Leo reached out for Kara who gave him a smile and kissed his hand as she held it. They headed inside and Lillian showed them to a large bedroom with an enormous bed covered in a half dozen pillows and the fluffiest duvet Kara had ever seen. Lillian put Leo down on the bed still wrapped in the cloak. His eyes closed again the moment his head hit the pillow. Rather than untangle him from the cape Lillian just covered him with the blankets and placed a kiss upon his head. She gave them both a look.

“I’m very happy you’re all safe,” she said and left.


Lena went to find her mother. She walked into the lounge and saw Lillian unstopping a bottle of whiskey with a shaking hand. For a moment Lena stood there looking at her. Lillian’s hair was in a simple plait that had probably been neat five minutes ago but was now partially unwound, strands of it having come loose around her face, as though she had run her fingers through it multiple times. Her face was bare of makeup and oddly pale. 

Her clothes by contrast were as neat and stylish as ever and seemed just so slightly wrong. She wore white cotton pyjamas covered by an ornate silk gown Lena recognised as being a gift from her father one year. Lena had seen her mother wear what was effectively the same pyjamas for most of her life but something was different. She actually looked… older. Lena had of course noticed her mother age over time but she had always seemed strangely ageless. Like some fae queen who had existed for a thousand years and would continue to for a thousand more. It was disconcerting to look at the woman who had been the cold hearted villain of most of her childhood and see… her mother. Tired and soft and… warm.

Lillian looked up and met her gaze. She raised an eyebrow in the familiar questioning gesture, but there was not the usual condescension under it. It was just a question.

Lena looked away her eyes searching the room for anything else she had missed in the last few years. Her eyes fell on the photos displayed on the mantelpiece. There were a lot less than she remembered. Lillian sighed and it too sounded different. No longer a mark of her disappointment in Lena but instead something else. Something almost patient. Lena heard the quiet splash of liquid being poured into a glass.

“Whiskey?” Lillian offered.

“A small one,” Lena said turning away from the mantelpiece. 

She looked at her mother again her eyes flicking over her noting the small changes she had missed over the years. Had it been years? Had these changes only occurred since she actually started talking to her again; or had she just missed them before?

Lillian nodded pouring the second glass and bringing it over. Lena accepted the glass turning back to the mantelpiece. A large oil painting of her father was hung above it and below was a half dozen photographs. 


She stopped as her eyes moved over the photos again. Her graduation photo with Lionel; Leo grinning as he held Rao in an armchair; Leo in her arms as they made his first sandcastle; Leo half asleep in his bed holding Rao; Leo grinning in Kara’s arms as she kissed his cheek at Thanksgiving; Lena age six playing chess against a smiling Lionel with Lillian sitting between them.

“Yes?” Lillian asked.

“Where are the photos of Lex?”

It came out barely above a whisper as she turned to look at her mother once more. Lillian sighed. There it was again. When had Lillian’s sighs of exasperation changed?

“I put them away the day I met Leo.”

Lena blinked to her surprised. Lillian looked back for a moment then turned to look at the photos. Lena didn’t say anything as she watched her mother staring at the picture of Kara and Leo. She looked tired. The firelight flickered over her face softening the edges and highlighting the dark circles under her eyes.

“Why?” Lena finally asked.

“Did you know about Leo before that social worker turned up at your office?” Lillian asked.

“No,” Lena said.

“Nether did I,” Lillian sighed her eyes shifting to the picture of Leo half asleep. “You know… I like children.”

She looked sideways at Lena.

“I know that’s probably hard for you to believe considering how I treated you but… well that was different. I always wanted to see my grandchildren. I wanted to hold them as babies and celebrate their first steps as I had Lex’s. The older I’ve gotten the more I wanted to see my family grow. I confess I had somewhat given up that dream. Lex showed absolutely no inclination towards fatherhood and my relationship with you has never been,” she waved a hand. “Positive. I fully expected you to never have children out of spite, just to see the end of the Luthor name, or to never permit me to see any you did have.”

Lena was silent watching the emotions cross Lillian’s face.

“Lex knew I wanted grandchildren. I’d nagged him about the Luthor legacy a few times and he dismissed it. He said the Luthor legacy was him and he might consider it after he’d saved humanity. Then he had a son, I suspect by accident, and he named him Lionel Alexander Luthor.”

She fell silent for a long moment.

“Leo was everything I wanted of Lex’s son. A brilliant, beautiful, healthy child with the potential to be anything. Lex knew that Leo was exactly the legacy I wanted from him. And he never told me he existed. Worse, he deliberately hid him from me.”

Lena watched her mother’s face twist in rage. 

“When I first heard the news I couldn’t understand. I thought Eve had hidden him from Lex and I felt such pain at the thought. That my son had never known he was a father, had never known he had a family, an heir. I thought that was why he was given to you. Eve had hidden him with her family, kept him secret from Lex, and then listed you knowing you would take him in and raise him differently. Then I met him…”

Lillian reached out picking up the picture of Leo at the beach.

“I walked into your office and saw a sweet, shy, little boy who looked so like my Lex. Then you told me his name was Leo and introduced me promising you would throw me out if I upset him. And I realised he wasn’t just shy, he was terrified. I sat in that chair and I watched him play and saw every similarity and every difference. Then slowly things made sense. I saw a scared little boy who was the opposite of Lex.”

She put the picture back her finger trailing down the frame.

“Lex hid him from me on purpose. Keeping him as a pawn to use on me later if needed. He knew if I had known about Leo I would have demanded to meet him and then I would have taken him from that bitch… and from Lex’s control. I would have done anything it took to bring my grandson home and raise him myself. I would have showered him with the love and attention I once gave Lex. I would have raised a proper Luthor heir.”

Lilian’s hand fell from the mantelpiece as she sighed turning to Lena.

“Which of course was what Lex feared most in a way. His son raised by me, a possible threat to his greatness. So Lex decided he must be weakened in some way to ensure that he would never surpass his father. To ensure that Leo was kept from me, the woman who made Lex who he was. Leo was put with her and Lex let her weaken him just how he wanted. He was isolated, scared, eager to please. A pawn for his games, and most importantly, terrified of Supergirl. I have no doubt what Lex had planned for his son’s future. What he had intended to turn him into.”

Lillian walked to a sofa sitting down.

“It’s interesting that he couldn’t swim but he could read, and read beyond his age group. I know you don’t have a lot of experience with children so it likely hadn’t occurred to you but Leo speaks remarkably well for a child his age.”

Lena turned and after a moment’s hesitation sat on the other end of the sofa. Lillian took another sip of her whiskey. She turned to look at Lena her eyes full of an emotion Lena had never seen.

“He’s a very smart little boy. Easily on the same level as you and Lex at the same age. I sat in your office listening to you run your father’s company, far better than Lex ever had, and looked at the grandson who had been hidden from me. I was so angry. I sat there watching him when all I wanted to do was scream; because I knew Lex listed you thinking if you raised Leo he would never surpass him. I wanted to rage and cry and break things. I had missed the first four years of his life for Lex’s ego.”

She spat the last word her fist clenched around the glass she held her eyes far away.

“Leo must have noticed my… emotional state. He looked at me and then he picked up a car and brought it over to me and told me it was his favourite. When I smiled and asked him why he said because it was the first toy his Aunt Lena gave him.”

She looked back at Lena. Lena looked back trying not to show the emotions crashing around inside her. Lillian’s face softened into a sad smile. 

“Then he smiled and he looked just like you when you first came to us. So nervous, and a little hopeful. I was not a good mother to you, but I could be a good grandmother to Leo. I knew that. But if I wanted to be a part of his life I had to… to change. So I asked you to see him again. And to my surprise you agreed without a fight. Despite your reservations, despite your anger, and despite our history you gave me what Lex had denied me. You let me be a grandparent to Leo. So I played by all your rules without complaint, grateful that you would let me see him every week. Then he got sick.” 

Lillian smiled at her, and it was a real smile. She looked at Lena for a long moment and sighed.

“You called and… in that moment you were a child calling their mother asking for help. So I turned up at your apartment and I saw you… My daughter, not Lionel’s bastard, not Lex’s little sister. My daughter. You were stressed, holding my grandchild and in need of my help, your mother’s help. And for the first time I was actually the mother you needed. I was the one you could call for help. I sent you to bed and held my grandson as he cried. I was reminded so strongly of you when I held him. It was a little terrifying to be quite honest. But he went to sleep eventually and then so did I.

The next morning you told me what you needed. What he needed, and I knew Leo would never be a Luthor, not like I had always planned. Not like you or Lex. He would be… different, happier. Then Supergirl turned up and I watched you talk. I knew if I wanted to be a part of Leo’s life I would have to change again. Or rather accept things I have never been comfortable with. So I spent three days with my grandson and watched him with Supergirl. The woman who had been my enemy for longer than Leo had been alive.”

Lillian sighed heavily her gaze returning to the mantelpiece and Lena suspected the picture of Kara and Leo.

“I knew she hated me probably as much as I did her. But she didn’t hate you, and more importantly she didn’t hate Leo. She took his father from the world but there she was looking at Leo with such love as she tied his shoes and played with him. She looked at me with distrust and hatred, not that I blame her, our history is… unpleasant. But she still told me to give him a bubble bath with a few drops of lavender if he was still anxious that evening, that you kept the blank paper and coloured pencils in the bottom draw of your desk, to sleep on the left side in your bed so when he had a nightmare he wouldn’t get confused and…”

Lillian sucked in a deep breath her eyes going to her glass. She drained the last of the whiskey and looked at it again. 

“The first night even though she was still there she let me tuck him into bed and read his bedtime story. Supergirl stepped aside and let me kiss his head and say goodnight. She let me be his grandmother. My enemy let me have what my son had denied me.”

A single tear rolled down Lillian’s face and she quickly wiped it away.

“I still don’t like her,” she said looking at Lena her usual mask coming up. “And I despise her cousin. But I changed and I watched over the next couple of days. I watched Leo interact with her. I saw his happiness when she came by. Listened to his stories about you both. I saw how she fit in his life, and how she fit in yours. I realised she loved you both. I knew you were in love with her, that’s been obvious for years, but I never really understood how deeply she loved you back. Or rather I never understood how that love she had for you had changed you, and how you had changed her, and what that love meant for Leo. How she could give him something neither of us could.”

Lillian looked over at Lena again.

“I may not like that my future daughter in law is an alien, or even really as a person, but she is the best person for you, and for Leo.”

Lillian put down her empty glass and stood up.

“You asked why took down the pictures of Lex. It’s because I’ve chosen what’s more important to me. His legacy, or yours.”

Lena stared at her mother silently. Lillian swept her hand over Lena’s cheek wiping away the tear she hadn’t realised was there. She pressed a kiss to the top of Lena’s head.

“Goodnight Lena.”

“Goodnight Mum,” Lena whispered.

Lillian left and Lena sat om the sofa feeling the world ever so slightly shifting under her feet again.

Kara walked in a minute later and sat beside her. Lena leaned her head on her shoulder. Kara’s arm came around her wrapping her in her warmth. Lena’s hand came up and held Kara’s bringing them that tiny bit closer.

“Do you believe her?” Kara asked.

Lena sighed.

“She’s lied to me so many times, manipulated me a thousand ways. I just… it’s hard to believe her but, she is a complicated woman. And I know she does love Leo more than anything.”

Kara nodded and sighed.

“I believe her,” she whispered.

Lena looked at her in surprise.

“I still think Vasquez should go with Leo whenever she looks after him alone but I don’t think she was lying about any of that.”

Lena smiled and kissed Kara. 

“Let’s go back to bed, I expect tomorrow is going to be busy.”

Kara smiled and nodded sweeping Lena into her arms and carrying her towards the door. Lena smiled resting her head on Kara’s shoulder as she carried her back to the bedroom and Leo. 


Lena smiled as she accepted a glass of champagne from Sam having just escaped one of her more boring investors. The problem with events like this was how many hands she had to shake. Still as far as L Corp events went this one had been quite pleasant. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Probably due to the excessive amount of food she’d had provided, along with the wide variety of wine. 

She’d felt they ought to put on a better party than usual this year. L Corp’s stock price was up twelve per cent while Lord Tech was down three. She also had two shiny new research partnerships sitting on her desk upstairs from Diana Prince and Felicity Smoak that, if they panned out, could be especially lucrative for them all. Not to mention be exceedingly frustrating for Maxwell Lord. In five years she’d probably have half his company and, based off her discussion with Barbara Gordon earlier that night, Wayne Tech would happily take the rest. Lord glared at her from across the room. She smiled back and turned to see where Kara and Leo had gotten to. 

“I see you’re enjoying yourself tonight,” Sam said.

“I am,” Lena said with a smile watching Kara pose with Leo for the photographer. “I see things are going well with you and Andrea.”

Sam blushed a little as she looked over at Andrea. Andrea had turned up on Sam’s arm wearing a very bold red number that Lena strongly suspected had been chosen specifically to tease Sam considering how often her eyes seemed to be glued to Andrea’s... assets.

“I uh… she has a surprising level of depth,” Sam said her eyes once more on Andrea.

“Mhmm,” Lena said. 

“She does,” Sam muttered. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think she may actually be… well she’s a brilliant businesswoman.”

Lena laughed softly.

“It took you this long to realise that?”

Sam gave her a small shove.

“She does a very good job pretending she’s only half as smart as she is.”

“Well yes, if people realised she was in the top four of all her classes and won several awards for her business plans they might actually take her seriously. This way she can continue to fly under her competition’s radar until it’s too late.”

“Considering what she’s got planned for Catco I’m shocked Cat Grant hasn’t called her to find out just what she’s planning.”

Lena laughed.

“Who do you think gave her the introduction to Priestly?”


Lena looked over at Sam.

“Really, you think she took over Catco and didn’t speak with Cat Grant once?”

Sam sipped her champagne with a sigh. Andrea seemed to notice her looking and smiled making her way over. Lena smirked into her champagne as she watched Sam’s eyes suddenly glue themselves to Andrea’s prominent cleavage once more.

“You’re drooling,” she muttered.

Sam choked and Lena grinned turning to see Leo rubbing his eyes as Kara spoke to the mayor. Andrea appeared sliding an arm around Sam’s waist and stealing her champagne.

“I swear your mother knows everyone,” Andrea muttered giving Lena a look.

Lena laughed.

“Everyone with money,” Lena corrected.

Kara looked over and smiled at her. Lena smiled back and heard Andrea whisper something and the Sam's sudden change in breathing.

“Please wait until after my son has left before you sneak away to Sam’s office,” Lena muttered.

Andrea scoffed muttering something about her and Kara that Lena ignored. She watched smiling as Kara carefully made her way over. Leo walking at her side rubbing his eyes again. Lena sighed. She really shouldn’t have let him stay up so late even if he had been having fun. She blamed Andrea for convincing him these parties were fun. 

“Hello darling,” Lena said with a smile.

Kara greeted her with a kiss and Leo hugged her legs. Lena smiled at Kara and gave her mother a small nod indicating Leo as she stroked his hair. She felt him sag a little against her legs.

“I think it might be time for you to go home Leo,” she said.

Leo shook his head.

“I awake,” he said letting go and looking up at her pleading.

“Barely,” she said. “I can see you’re tired and it’s already well past your bedtime.” 

“No,” Leo said glaring up at her. “I stay.”

Lena blinked and looked at Kara who had frozen looking at Leo. Lena tried again.

“It’s very late Leo and your Grandma is going to take you home and read you a bedtime story and-”

“No!” Leo protested. “I don’t wanna.”

Lena’s heart was beating very fast as she looked down at Leo who was glaring up at her.


“I’m not going!” he yelled. “I don’t want to.”

He crossed his arms and Lena swallowed feeling everyone turn to look at them. She smiled at him and bent down to take his hands.

“It’s after nine you have-”

To her utter astonishment he threw himself on the floor and crossed his arms glaring up at her.


“Leo you’re tired you have to-”

“I’m not tired!” he protested.

“Okay, you’re not tired,” she said as he glared up at her looking more and more petulant the longer she looked at him. “But you still have to go to bed.”

She was trying very hard not to smile at him and was mostly succeeding. She wanted to scoop him up and cover him in kisses and tell her how proud she was of him. But she couldn’t. She looked down at that utterly adorable pout and did her best to keep her smile in check.

She held out her hands.

“Come here sweetheart.”

He crossed his arms harder and glared at her.

“Do you not want a hug?” she asked.

Leo seemed to think about it then held out his arms. She smiled and picked him up holding him tightly for a moment and felt him sag in her arms a little. She let go and looked at him.

“Are you sure you’re not even a little bit tired?” she asked.

Leo mumbled something keeping his head down.

“Don’t you want Grandma to take you home and read you a story before bed?"

“No,” Leo said shaking his head.

“No you don’t want a story, or no you don’t want to go to bed?”

“Mama take me home,” Leo said tugging at her hands.

Lena smiled at him her heart racing a mile a minute as she fought to keep her calm facade. 

“I’m sorry Leo but I have to stay.”

Leo shook his head.

“Mama take me home,” he insisted crossing his arms again.

Lena looked at Kara who was struggling to keep her face neutral.

“Leo,” Lena said gently. “I’m sorry but I can’t take you home. But why don’t we make a deal?”

Leo crossed his arms but didn’t protest. 

“Why don’t I read you one story now and then you go home with Grandma and she reads you your second story before you go to bed.”

“Don’t wanna sleep,” Leo said. 

Lena held him a little tighter.

“You don’t have to go to sleep. You can stay awake as long as you want but you have to go to bed.”

Leo thought about it the pout not leaving his face. 

“Your bed,” he said.

“Okay, you can sleep in my bed tonight. So I’ll read you one story now, then you go home with Grandma and she’ll read your second story and tuck you into my bed.”

Leo mumbled something and Lena raised an eyebrow.

“Okay,” Leo said.

Lena held out her hand.

“Shake on it,” she said.

Leo shook her hand and she smiled giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Glancing at the gathered guests she gave Kara a smile and walked towards her office her heart beating wildly in her chest.


The moment Lena had carried Leo from the room Sam, Andrea, Lillian, and Kara looked at each other all of them smiling.

“Leo just throw a tantrum,” Sam said her smile growing.

“He did,” Andrea said sniffing. “I’m so proud of him!”

Kara grinned at her and glanced at Lillian who was determinedly blinking at the ceiling.

“Lillian are you crying?” Kara asked throwing an arm around her shoulders.

“No!” Lillian insisted.

“Well I bloody am,” Andrea said. “He threw himself on the floor in a room full of strangers and said no!”

Sam handed her a handkerchief one arm around her as Andrea quickly dabbed at her eyes before her makeup was ruined completely. Lillian had gathered herself enough to look at the crowd of bemused guests.

“I’ll explain but first, everyone get yourself a drink we’re going to do a toast!” she ordered.

The guests all glanced at each other but drinks were quickly distributed and Lillian made her way over to a microphone. Kara exchanged a look with Andrea and Sam before collecting themselves each a fresh glass of champagne.

“Now I know that many of you are probably a bit confused as to why a four year old throwing a tantrum has prompted tears of joy instead of frustration,” Lillian said smiling at everyone. “But let me tell you a little about my grandson and perhaps then you will understand why some of us are so incredibly happy right now.”

She took a deep breath and looked at Kara who smiled back.

“Many of you here are parents, some of you of small children, so you will understand the significance of my asking you to imagine a four year old who will not disobey. Who will not tell you they are hungry, or thirsty, or cold. A child who will walk until they drop before telling you they are tired. A four year old who will voice no opinion and who becomes scared when asked to make a choice. To some of you that might sound ideal. A child who doesn’t argue, what’s not to love? But I ask you, what has to happen to make a child like that? What must they experience that make them so quiet, so obedient, so completely terrified of the world.”

A strange kind of quiet fell over the crowd.

“That was Leo when he first came to Lena. He was silent and scared. He would barely speak, was terrified to express his needs, and would have a panic attack at being separated from Lena for more than a few minutes. I know this might be a surprise to many of you, I’m sure you’ve all seen his now infamous pancake questioning.”

There was a ripple of laughter.

“But you have no idea how hard it was to do that. Watch that video again. Watch the video of him when she was attacked at the press conference in their first weeks, go back over every interaction you have ever seen between Lena and Leo. And ask yourself what she had to do to get him there. How patient and calm she had to be to hold a terrified child and make him feel safe. Then ask yourselves if you could have done it. Could you change your entire life to put a scared child at the centre. Could you do it without ever telling him no, or raising your voice, or turning him away when he asked for your attention? Could you look after him without expressing any frustration, irritation, or annoyance with anything he did? Could you work with one hand as you held a crying child or carry him without complaint all day? Could you keep to a new routine to give him the certainty and stability he needed? Could you do all that as someone keeps trying to kill him? Because that’s what Lena did… And she managed to increase L Corp’s stock price by 12% at the same time.”

There was a soft chuckle from the crowd. Lillian drew a breath looking over at Kara again. 

“That is not to diminish the work of everyone else who helped. Lena certainly could not have done it alone. Jess, her assistant who was there from day one moving heaven and earth so that Lena could give Leo the time and care he needed. Samantha Arias who in less than a month picked up everything, including her teenage daughter, and moved across the country so Lena could continue as CEO. Andrea Rojas, who through sheer charisma and blatant bribery helped draw out the child in Leo. His security team who all undertook an extra thirty hours of training, redid every escape and emergency plan they had, and took on a whole new parade of threats just to make a little boy a little less scared whenever something happened.”

She looked at Kara again.

“And of course Kara Danvers who from the first five minutes of Leo entering Lena’s life was there with her every step of the way. The two of them working together to make sure Leo felt safe and loved. Kara is, as Lena puts it, the woman who taught Leo his smile. Without her I have no doubt Lena would have struggled far more than any of us would really like to admit.”

Lillian turned away from Kara to smile at the crowd.

“In the space of a few months Lena has achieved what many would consider impossible had they met Leo that first day. She made him feel safe and loved. So much so that tonight he did what for him is the equivalent of scaling Everest. He threw himself on the floor and yelled and made a scene in front of a room full of strangers because he didn’t want to go to bed. And he did it because he knew that even if Lena was unhappy with him, even if he embarrassed her, or made himself a problem… she would still love him. She would not give him up. He did that because he is no longer afraid. So, I ask you all to join those of us who have been along for the journey and raise a glass, to Leo’s very first tantrum.”

There was a chorus of “Leo’s first tantrum” and everyone drank.

Five minutes later Lena emerged with a sleepy Leo in her arms and looked mildly confused by all the smiles being directed at her. Leo was handed to Lillian who gave Lena’s hand a squeeze before she left followed by the grinning Vasquez.


Lena turned to Kara and she smiled. Kara grinned back.

“I can’t believe it,” Lena said unable to control the tears that were threatening to escape her eyes.

Kara swept her off her feet spinning her around in a tight hug as Lena laughed in relief. Everything was going to be okay. Leo was going to be okay. 

“You did it,” Kara said excitedly.

“We did it,” Lena corrected.

Kara stopped spinning her around and then Lena was looking at her and smiling then she kissed her and Andrea was muttering about them being showoffs as Sam laughed. Kara put Lena down and she quickly blinked away her tears checking her makeup and calming herself before she looked at the beaming Andrea and Sam. Sam held out a glass of scotch.

“I believe the instructions were for you to have a drink to celebrate.”

Lena laughed accepting the glass and turned to the crowd.

“Right, well just give me five minutes to celebrate my son’s first tantrum then I’ll be back to hostessing I promise.”

There was a ripple of laughter and general conversation returned as Lena sipped her scotch and then kissed Kara again. Everything was going to be okay.

Chapter Text

Lena smiled at her phone as she looked at the picture her mother had just sent. It was of her and Leo in the back of her car both of them sticking their tongues out. She smiled as she read the caption.

We’re going to watch the Olympic swimming trials and you can’t stop us.

She turned to Pradeepa giving her a nod. They gathered their folders and started heading down.

Leo had started preschool at L Corp a month ago and had gone from one morning to four days without distress in the space of three weeks. Lena was sure Mia had been a strong influence in the speed of his acclimatisation to the change, along with his new friends Luca and Yvonne. The four of them forming their own little circle that seemed to do whatever Mia decided she wanted them to. Vasquez was convinced Mia was either going to become President or Miss America on charisma alone.

Even with Leo now in preschool Lena had found herself sticking to the routine and workload she had with him and using the extra time she had now to spend more time in the labs helping the R&D team. Monday and Friday he came up to her office at three and she would take a break to hear about his day before she gave him his tablet and he would sit on her couch and watch cartoons until she finished. Kara picked him up on Tuesday and Thursday taking him to the park then back to the penthouse so Lena could stay until dinner. Kara stayed over those nights, though she also seemed to stay over every other night as well.

On Wednesdays her mother would have Leo for the day. The two of them going on some kind of adventure. Usually to a museum or swimming but today was apparently going to be extra special. Lena smiled thinking about how excited Leo probably was to see actual swimming races. Lillian had been suggesting a few schools that had junior swim teams he could join. Lena found herself tempted considering his continuing love of the sport. 

Since Theresa Teschmacher had been arrested and her assets frozen Lena’s fears about Leo’s safety had eased significantly. Supergirl coming out in support of him had gotten most of National City onboard with giving him a clean slate.

Nick was still cautious and they still turned on the field every time Leo was moving in the open but after a whole month without incident Lena was allowing herself a little cautious optimism. They were talking about putting out a video of Leo playing with Supergirl to really start cementing in people’s heads that Leo was not like Lex. Considering how well documented her own friendship with Supergirl was at this point it shouldn’t be hard for people to believe.

Lena stepped out of the elevator Pradeepa walking at her side as she made her way to the podium set up out the front of L Corp. She smiled at the waiting press and put her notes down to begin her presentation.

She had only just finished her opening when it happened. 

Her watch started flashing red and a rush of panic filled her. Somewhere overhead a soft boom sounded as Supergirl crashed through the sound barrier and Lena found her legs giving out as she stared unseeing at the crowd in front of her.

“Please be safe,” she begged. “Please be safe.”

A pair of strong hands caught her as she collapsed her eyes on her watch waiting for the lights to change to green. Every flash of red increasing the panic in her as she cried silently begging whoever was listening that Leo would be safe.


Kara dropped into the middle of the street taking in the scene as her feet hit the ground. A large truck had slammed into the car from one side pinning it against a brick wall as a team of mostly amateur assailants fired at the car. 

Vasquez was pinned down as several of the assailants kept her in place by the car. She had her armour up but Kara could see parts of it were damaged likely from the initial crash. 

The driver had three bullets in him, one in his right arm but was firing back with his left from inside the car. Ivan in the passenger seat was unconscious but alive. The four men in the second car were reloading what appeared to be some form of modified semi automatic weapons as they advanced providing Vasquez with cover. Leo was still in the car and based off the soft hum his field active. He was crying with Lillian on top of him shielding him from the barrage of bullets trying to penetrate the underside of the car.

Kara flew into the attackers barely managing to control her strength as she struck. A few turned at the last second to stare at her in shock as her heat vision melted the weapons in their hands and her fists shattered bone.

She did a final visual check as the security called out their signals. 

Kara flew to the car ripping off the doors as the sound of sirens filled the air. Lillian had two bullets in her back the blood soaking through her white suit jacket. Kara quickly moved her aside panicking a little as she prayed Leo was unharmed. He was sobbing in terror and covered in blood but he after a quick check with Xray vision she could see he was unharmed. Kara scooped him up and looked at Lillian.

“Take him to Lena,” she ordered applying pressure to her wounds.

Kara flew away a screaming Leo in her arms and slammed into the ground outside L Corp seconds later absorbing the impact for Leo as she broke the tiles under her feet. Lena was being held upright by Frank her eyes on her watch. She saw Kara and Leo she ran towards them. Kara met her two steps in handing Leo over to Lena as she clung to him holding tight as he sobbed in her arms.

“It’s not his blood,” Kara said.

Lena dropped to her knees kissing Leo’s face over and over crying as she clung to him. Her security rushed in surrounding them. Kara turned and flew back to the car. 

Vasquez was on her feet already calling to Lillian’s security. Kara landed on the car and Lillian. She carefully removed her from the wrecked car and launched back into the air. Lillian looked dazed as she blinked at Kara’s face.

“Supergirl?” she whispered.

“Hold on Lillian, we’re almost there,” she said. 

Lillian closed her eyes again.

“You came back for me,” Lillian whispered.

Kara smiled.

“Well you are my future mother-in-law,” she said.

Lillian choked out a laugh.

Kara dropped into the emergency bay of the hospital rushing Lillian in. The staff at this point seemed to know what to expect directing her to put Lillian down on a waiting gurney and bringing over the oxygen. Nurses started applying pressure as calls were made for an OR to be prepped. Kara watched them wheel her away and then looked down at the blood smeared all over her hands and suit. She left flying back to Lena.

Landing at L Corp she saw Lena still surrounded by her security and the journalists standing around with the cameras ready to do updates. She strode forwards and whistled.

“Hey, I’ve got an announcement,” she said. 

The cameras all turned to her. She gave them a moment then took a deep breath.

“Today a fourth attempt was made on the life of Leo Luthor, a child!”

She could feel the rage burning through her.

“And I am telling you right now it stops here. This is it. This is me drawing a line in the sand. You will not try again. He is not Lex nor is he destined to become like him. He is four!”

She was breathing heavily.

“Leo is part of my family. I have held him in my arms and sung him to sleep with Kryptonian lullabies. I have wiped the tears from his eyes and fed him from my plate. He is not a threat to me and never was. He is the son of my dearest friends and so is a child of the House of El.”

She looked around making sure every camera got a good look at her face.

“And if anything happens to him I will tear this world apart to get at those responsible. Nothing will keep you safe. There is nowhere far enough, no hole deep enough, nor protection strong enough that I cannot reach you. There is no plea or defence you can give that will save you. In this there will be no mercy, there will be no compassion. You have been warned.”

There was a stunned silence from the journalists as they looked at her.

She turned her cape flicking behind her as Lena’s security immediately parted for her. Lena met her eyes for a moment then Kara picked her and Leo up holding them in her arms for a moment before launching into the air and flying them back to the penthouse.

She touched down slowly lowering Lena’s legs until she could stand. Kara breathed deeply her heart pounding as she held them in her arms. Her family. No one would ever take her family from her again. 

Leo lifted his head and his hand touched her face. Kara looked at him and he looked back his forehead crinkled in a frown as he stared at her intently. His fingers touched the scar above her eye.

“Kara,” he whispered.

“Yeah buddy it’s me,” she said with a small smile. 

He hugged her and she hugged him back breathing deeply as she held him safe in her arms. 


Kara was woken by a small finger gently poking her shoulder repeatedly. She groaned and rolled over. She heard a grunt from Lena and then a hurried apology from Leo as he scrambled out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Kara blinked against the morning light and saw Lena. She smiled as Lena groaned and buried her face in the pillow once more. 

“Good morning,” Kara whispered.

Lena groaned again and mumbled something that not even super hearing could translate. Leo came racing back.

“Did you wash your hands?” Kara asked.

Leo stopped and ran back to the bathroom. Kara laughed softly and rolled over wrapping herself around Lena and pressing a kiss to her shoulder. Lena sighed snuggling deeper under the blankets.

Leo came charging out of the bathroom and scrambled back onto the bed jumping onto Kara. She faked a pained groan and he giggled.

“Jeju awake?” he asked.

“Yes I-”

She felt Lena come suddenly very awake under her as the word registered for them both. Kara turned to look at Leo clinging to her back. He grinned at her.

“Yes Unah, I am,” she said smiling back. 

Leo jumped up.

“Pancakes?” he asked.

Lena groaned and lifted her head.

“You can’t have pancakes every time Kara comes for a sleepover,” Lena said.

“But today is special,” Leo protested.

“Why is today special?” Kara asked as she felt her smile growing bigger the longer she looked at Leo.

“Because it’s been three months since you started dating so she can move in now.”

Kara and Lena exchanged a look and Lena dropped her head back onto the pillow. Kara laughed and turned back to Leo who was looking very proud of himself for remembering.

“I think your Mama is the one who has to ask me buddy.”

Leo seemed to think about it.

“Mama you should ask Kara to move in,” Leo said.

Lena sighed heavily.

“Coffee,” Lena said. “I need coffee.”

Kara laughed and scooped up Leo flying to the bedroom door with him.

“Come on bud let’s go make some coffee for your poor Mama,” she said. “You know she can’t make decisions before she’d had coffee.”

Leo nodded grinning at Kara as they made their way to the kitchen Kara trying not to smile too much. She  gave Leo a kiss on the cheek delighting in his immediate laugh in response. She put on the coffee maker and set Leo on the counter getting out the pancake ingredients. 

Ten minutes later she handed Leo a mug of coffee to carry as she walked with a tray piled high with their breakfast. Lena was looking at her phone when they entered and smiled. Leo walked over and held out the coffee. Lena gave him a kiss accepting it. 

“Thank you Leo,” she said.

She took a sip and sighed in relief. Kara took the chance to sit on the bed putting down the tray. Leo scrambled up and she handed him a plate with two pancakes covered in fudge. 

“Are we having breakfast in bed today?” Lena asked accepting her own plate and the maple syrup. 

“Well, we have a little extra time this morning,” Kara said nodding at the time. 

Lena looked at her alarm clock and made a pained expression. 6:43. Leo looked at her then Kara and back again.

“Mama,” he prompted.

Lena looked at him then sighed.

“I haven’t even had my breakfast yet,” she said.

Leo sighed clearly over the stalling but nodded and went back to his pancakes. Lena looked at Kara who grinned back. 


Lena very slowly ate her breakfast ignoring Leo’s repeated sighs of exasperation, that sounded alarmingly like her mother’s, as he watched her stall. She caught Kara laughing at her a few times. 

Finally she’d finished her pancakes and her cup of coffee and Kara had taken the plates to put in the dishwasher. 

Leo crawled over the bed and sat in front of her. He gave her a look. She returned it. 

“You gotta ask her,” he said.

“I will,” she promised. “Just maybe not today.”

Leo glared.

“Why not?” he demanded crossing his arms.

“Well I uh…” she glanced at the door. “It’s still early and-”

“It’s been three months,” Leo whined.

“Well yes but-”

“You love her,” he said with a sigh.

“Yes, I do,” Lena conceded.

“And you want her to live with us,” he said. “I know you do. You always want her to stay over and you smile more when she’s here.”

Lena sighed. She seemed to be doing that more these days.

“And I want her to live with us so there’s no problem.”

Lena opened her mouth to try and protest but she was really running out of arguments. 

“Sweetie, maybe she doesn’t want to move in with us yet she-”

She fell silent at the face of four year old disappointment. He sighed heavily and picked up Rao holding him out. 

“Rao will help you. But you gotta be brave and ask her,” Leo said.

Lena felt her heart melt as she took Rao looking at Leo.

“Okay,” she said smiling at him. 

leo grinned back turning to look as Kara appeared in the doorway. Lena sighed.


“Yes Lena?” Kara asked smiling as she leaned against the doorway.

Lena sighed.

“Would you,” Lena swallowed and held Rao a little tighter. “Would you like to move in with me, and Leo?”

Kara’s smile in response eased every one of her worries.

“Yes,” Kara said. 

Leo cheered and jumped off the bed running over to hug Kara. She didn’t look away from Lena as she picked him up and came over. Lena smiled as she reached out and pulled Kara in for a kiss. A kiss that was quickly interrupted by Leo’s demand for his own kiss. Kara laughed and peppered his giggling face with kisses.

“You know this means you’re going to need to make some space in your closet,” Kara said turning to Lena. “Maybe give up a few pairs of shoes.”

Lena’s smile dropped as she considered it. Leo and Kara started laughing at her.

“Or instead we could just get a bigger place and make a few alterations," she said. "Like a bigger closet, a pool, and perhaps…” She gave Kara a look. “A few nth metal fixtures.”

Kara gulped and Lena's smile became just that little bit predatory.



“It’s gonna be okay Grandma,” Leo said turning to look at Lillian.

“And what makes you so sure of that?” Lillian asked smiling at her grandson.

He was still in his uniform, the junior swim team jacket hanging around his shoulders just that little bit too big. His hair was a little stiff from the chlorine and his medals still hung around his neck. He grinned back at her.

“Because Jeju says Mama is too stubborn to let anything hurt her or the baby.”

Lillian smiled and stroked his hair remembering his early days. Few traces remained of that shy child  who clung to his lion. Instead he had become a confident boy with all of his Jeju’s bright optimism and his mother’s love of books. His deep love of swimming she liked to think he got from her.

He still slept with Rao and like any child he had nightmares, but they were much rarer these days. His fear of Supergirl had been replaced with a deep sense of safety every time he saw her. 

“What happened to make you so optimistic?” Lillian asked.

“Mama says it’s Jeju’s influence,” Leo said with a smile.

Lillian smiled and nodded. 

“Well she would know.”

Leo grinned at her and she gave him a gentle hug. She looked around the waiting room and saw the others. Alex was pacing anxiously her eyes constantly moving to the clock to see how long it had been. Her wife Kelly laughed softly.

“I swear you’re more anxious today than you were when Jeremiah was born,” Kelly teased. 

Alex turned to her with a sigh.

“I was in the room for his. I knew what was going on. This…” She waved her hand. “I’m just waiting.”

J’onn’s face broke into a wide smile instantly getting everyone’s attention. He closed his eyes for a moment focusing then looked at Alex.

“You can stop pacing.”

They all sat up straighter waiting. Ten minutes late the door opened and Kara walked in with a bright smile. Leo jumped off his chair and ran to her. She picked him up with an exaggerated groan making him laugh. He leaned back to look her in the face.

“Is she here?” he asked excitedly.

Kara laughed.

“Yes. You are now officially a big brother,” she said.

Leo cheered and Lillian smiled sighing with relief. Kara looked at her the smile not leaving her face.

“Nine pounds ten ounces, and she came out screaming to be put back in. The doctors are very happy with her.”

Lillian smiled back. Kara gave her a nod then accepted a hug and congratulations from Alex, Kelly and J’onn. Kara looked back at Leo.

“So buddy, do you wanna come meet your sister?” Kara asked.

Leo nodded excitedly. Kara started walking towards the door. Lillian sat back to wait. Kara stopped at the door looking back. Lillian noticed everyone else was watching her. She turned to Kara still in the doorway.

“Don’t you want to meet your granddaughter?” Kara asked smiling at her.

Lillian blinked surprised for a moment and nodded quickly. She cautiously rose wiping her sweating hands on her pants and followed Kara into the corridor listening to Leo’s excited chatter.

Despite the late hour most of the rooms they passed were still brightly lit doctors and nurses moving about talking to each other and patients sitting or lying in their beds. Kara turned at the end of the corridor entering a room. Lillian hesitated for a moment and stepped into the doorway looking in. 

Lena lay in a hospital bed looking very tired and sweaty but she was smiling as she looked at the baby held in her arms. The doctor left as Kara and Leo entered giving Lillian a bright smile and a soft “Congratulations” as he passed.

Lena looked up as they entered the smile growing as she saw them. Kara put Leo down and Lena beckoned the suddenly nervous Leo closer.

“Leo this is your little sister, Astra.”

Leo walked forwards and smiled at the baby. Kara pulled a chair closer picking him and sitting him on her knee so he could be at the right height to look at his sister without getting on the bed.

Lillian slowly walked around the other side of the bed to watch the moment her grandson properly met her granddaughter. One of Astra’s hands escaped the confines of the white blanket she was swaddled in. Leo held out his hand touching Astra’s with a finger. She grabbed it and Leo smiled.

“Hello Astra. Welcome to the family,” he said. “You’ll like it. Mama knows everything. Jeju always saves everyone. Aunt Alex will teach you how to hit things, and Grandma will teach you chess.”

Lillian smiled sinking down into a chair watching the scene in front of her.

“All you gotta do is remember the family motto, El Mayarah,” Leo continued smiling brightly. “It means stronger together but it’s more than that.”

Lena laughed softly. Lillian subtly wiped away a tear. Lena looked up and their eyes met for a moment. Lena smiled and looked at Kara. Kara put Leo down and carefully took Astra from Lena tucking her hand back into the blankets. 

Lillian watched as Kara carried Astra around the bed and held her out to her. She sucked in a breath meeting Kara’s eyes. Kara smiled and gave her a small nod. 

“El Mayarah,” Kara whispered.

Lillian’s body moved automatically cradling Astra as Kara settled her in her arms. Astra made a small noise of protest at the movement her eyes blinking open and Lillian looked into a pair of bright blue eyes. She felt the tears begin to roll down her face.

“Hello Astra,” she whispered. 

Leo appeared at her side grinning at her. She looked at him smiling back. 

“Today is the best day ever! I’m a big brother and I won my races today.” 

He lifted the medals around his neck and held them up for Astra to see.

“I got this one in the 100 metre backstroke, and this one in the 50 metre freestyle. When you get bigger you’ll be able to learn to swim too and we can race each other. Grandma will even show you how to turn your head so you don’t have to stop to breathe. That’s really important. There was this one kid today who didn’t and he ended up having to stop in the middle of the pool to cough up water and then he came in way behind everyone else. Didn’t he Grandma?”

Leo looked up at her expectantly. Lillian nodded not quite able to make her throat work properly as more tears slowly rolled down her face.

“Why are you crying Grandma?” Leo asked his smile replaced by a look of concern.

“I’m happy,” she said. 

Astra made a noise and she looked back down at her taking a deep breath.

“Why would you cry if you’re happy?” Leo asked.

There was laughter from his mothers. Leo turned to look at them.

“Do you remember how I cried when Jeju proposed?” Lena asked. Leo nodded. “Same thing, happy tears.”

Leo nodded turning back to Lillian.

“So you’re really happy then?”

She nodded looking from him back to Astra who was frowning up at her. She brushed her finger over the little crinkle that had formed and felt her heart melt as it disappeared replaced with a smile.

She held Astra for another minute listening as Leo explained all the races to his new sister. Eventually Kara sighed heavily and Lillian saw her put her phone back in her pocket.

“Alright bud, let’s go show your sister off to the others so they’ll go home.”

Kara approached and Lillian handed over her granddaughter. She watched as Kara and Leo headed down the hallway Leo smiling happily as he led the way. Lillian took the moment to dry her face.

“You alright Mum?” Lena asked.

Lillian looked over and smiled.

“I feel like I should be asking you that. She’s not exactly small at nine pound ten.”

Lena groaned.

“I’m sure six of them have to be her head alone. I feel like she tore her way out.”

Lillian laughed softly and rose moving to the chair by the bed. She reached out and squeezed Lena’s hand. Lena smiled at her.

“Don’t worry everything heals up faster than you think.” She paused thinking. “Though, I do recommend taking a jug of water with you to the bathroom. You’ll thank me later.”

Lena looked at her confused for a moment then she sighed.

“Rao that’s going to be unpleasant,” Lena muttered. 

Lillian laughed and they sat for a minute in silence. She could see Lena’s eyes slowly closing as the exhaustion caught up with her despite her evident happiness. Lillian rose pressing a kiss to Lena’s head.

“Rest dear. I’ll send your wife and children back in a minute so you can say goodnight.”

“Thank you.”

Lillian smiled at her and felt fresh tears prick at her eyes. She walked to the door fighting down a wave of tears. Turning back at the last moment she smiled at her daughter. 

“I’ll come visit again tomorrow. Goodnight Lena.”

Lena smiled back and nodded relaxing into the pillows.

“Goodnight Mum.”