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Learning her place

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Hermione received her OWL results with glee, noted her ranking with further glee, and immediately caught the Knight Bus to her best friend’s house to celebrate.

Lianne opened the door to the Potter Mansion.

“Hermione, what are you doing here?”

“OWL results,” Hermione waved the scroll at her, bouncing into the hall. “How did you do? You’re not in the ranking.” Which was annoying, Lianne was perfectly intelligent, she could easily be in the top twenty but for some stupid pureblood reason she wouldn’t even try.

Lianne was still staring at her like she’d seen a ghost, stepping back until she was in the lounge.

“And you’ve come here. Hermione, you really do never listen to me, do you? I wish you’d listened to me.”

Hermione looked at her best friend, puzzled by Lianne’s pale face. “Listened to you? I always listen to you.”

“No you don’t. You don’t listen to me about anything but I really wish you’d listened to me about not trying for top ranking in our OWLs.”

“And why shouldn’t I have? I’m just as good, better, than all those purebloods.”

“Sweet Merlin Granger, do you ever stop yapping with that mouth of yours.” Harry Potter, Lianne’s annoying twin brother, grabbed her from behind, yanking her back against his chest.

“Let me go Potter, I wasn’t even talking to you.”

“You talk loudly enough the whole of Hogwarts hears you, yap yap yap, when actually you’re nothing but an arrogant muggle-born who needs to be put in her place.”

“Let me go. Lianne, tell your stupid Slytherin brother to let me go.”

“Now why do you think I’ll listen to her when you never do?” demanded Harry. His left arm remained tight against her waist pinning her against him, while his right hand crept over her stomach and belly, reaching lower still.

Alarm prickled over Hermione’s skin and she tugged angrily against his grip, “This is some stupid pureblood scare tactic. Let me go. Lianne!”

“Sorry Hermione, I did tell you not to embarrass all those purebloods by getting into the top ten for owl scores. The consequences are all yours. It’s not my fault you didn’t listen to me.” Lianne shrugged her shoulders and left the room.

“And can I tell you how humiliating that is,” Harry growled in her ear. “You have a Potter giving you advice, helping you, and you outright ignore her. Now you’ll pay for it.” His hand slipped below her skirt, settling between her legs.

“Let me go,” Hermione demanded, fear roaring through her.

“No. You’ve humiliated my family for the last time. Now it’s time for you to learn your place.”

Hermione started to struggle in earnest. Harry laughed,

“You’re always going on about your superiority but you’re nothing but a scared little muggle at heart. And as a pureblood wizard, I’m just better than you.” He hissed a spell and Hermione felt herself weakening, another spell and her arms had neatly folded themselves behind her back, and another hiss and they were bound together.

“Not feeling so clever now, are we?” gloated Harry, the hand between her legs started to roughly rub against her panties.

“So what,” Hermione demanded with the little courage she had left, “you’re going to rape me to prove your superiority?”

“Oh the little muggle does like to give herself airs. You think you’re worthy enough that I’d take your virginity. You are a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.” Hermione took a sobbing breath of relief. Purebloods were positively mediaeval about virginity. “And you shouldn’t. Virginity is to be treasured.”

Harry laughed and his teeth bit at her neck. “You don’t believe that. You’re just grabbing for any bit of pureblood lore that might save you, like the sniveling, hypocritical coward that you are. And virginity is treasured in proper witches, not filthy muggle-born sluts who think they’re so superior to everyone else. You honestly think you’re superior to my sister.” He growled with fury. “It driven me insane for years but now you’re finally going to learn just how cheap you actually are.”

He clicked his fingers and the thin shield of her panties vanished, his hand was now mauling the lips of her cunt, thumb pressing hard against her clit making her shudder.

“See a cock slut who’s getting wet over the idea of being raped doesn’t deserve any consideration at all.”

“I no, that’s not what –”

“Do you never get tired of yapping? Maybe this will finally shut you up.” He sat down on a high back armchair, dragging Hermione down with him so she sat on his lap her back to his chest. Hermione started to try and wriggle free.

“As good as it is to see you getting with the program,” Harry’s smirk was loud in his voice, and Hermione stilled as she realized all she was doing was rubbing her arse against the swell of his erection, “I think we’ll put a stop to that.”

Another hissed spell and Hermione found her legs were helplessly still, draped over the outside of Harry’s. When he spread his legs they forced hers even wider, leaving her stretched open beneath her skirt.

Harry whistled, there was a clatter of claws against the tiles in the hall and then a huge black dog stalked into the room. His head turned towards them, and Hermione was suddenly very aware of her compromising position trapped against Harry, particularly as the dog let out a gigantic yawn that seemed more of a laugh.

“Come on Snuffles,” ordered Harry. “If you keep her hungry little cunt occupied, I can get at her tits. I might, perhaps, admit she has something to feel superior over there.”

The dog nodded its head and agreeably shambled over.

“What?” Hermione faltered, because surely this couldn’t be.

Harry laughed, “Oh is it Granger being slow for once, well the surprise will be good for you.” By then the dog was in front of them, and a wet rough tongue was licking from Hermione’s knee along her thigh. Hermione jerked and tried to pull away.

“Harry no,” she begged. “Please, I’m sorry, just please let me go. Please.”

“See, you weren’t begging like this when you thought it was my cock you were going to be getting. A little humility is going to be so good for you. Snuffles get your head under her skirt I know you want to.”

The dog barked at Harry once, then burrowed its huge head under Hermione’s skirt. She could feel its hot breath against her exposed vulnerable cunt.

“No,” she screamed, “no, no, no.”

The rough tongue was lapping at her cunt, long strokes from her tender asshole, all along her soft inner folds before rasping over her clit.

Panic-stricken Hermione realized it was starting to feel, not good exactly, but it burned with a sharpness that made her moan and rock her hips forward for more. She screamed again, “Help, Lianne, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Mrs Potter, Mr Potter. Mr Potter help.”

There were thunderous feet on the stairs, and then the lounge door swung open and Harry’s father stood there glaring.

“Harry James! Silencing charms!”

Hermione gasped with shock, but the burn was building in her body until she could barely think as that harsh tongue continued to stroke her cunt.

“Sorry dad,” said Harry. “I was figuring she wouldn’t want anybody to find her like this.”

“Dirty sluts have no shame, remember that next time,” said his father. He looped his wand a couple of times and there was a brief flash as the silencing charm settled. “Now let’s give Snuffles some room to move.” He tucked his wand under the edge of Hermione’s skirt, flicked it, and stripped the skirt from her. Hermione stared down in horror at the dog working away between her thighs. Seeing it somehow made it into reality, she was getting off on having a dog lick her cunt.

“Please no,” she whispered. Her legs flexed but she couldn’t close them against the intrusion, the rough scrape of tongue just continued and continued until the roll of sensation was overwhelming.

Mr Potter looked at her like she was being deliberately annoying. “If you’re going to be an idiot about things, at least don’t whine about it afterwards.”

“Wow,” said Harry. “It feels really great to hear you saying that to somebody not me.”

“Poor old Harry,” Mr Potter smiled down at his son. “At least you had the good sense to grow out of being a brat.”

“I always aspire to good sense, sir,” said Harry brightly, and Hermione wanted to scream at how happily enthusiastic he sounded, but the dog was now lapping directly at her clit without any respite and she could barely even breathe.

“So why haven’t you got the slut’s shirt open. You told me her breasts were the only thing going for her. You should at least get your hands on them.”

His wand ran down the front of her shirt, a sharp line of cold that shocked Hermione from the delirious heat in her cunt. Her shirt and bra both fell open and Harry’s eager hands pulled them away to expose he breasts.

“See, dad, doesn’t she have a great rack.”

“I can see why you think so,” said Mr Potter indulgently.

Fingers pinched tightly at Hermione’s nipples and the sharp spike of sensation shot directly to her overstimulated cunt and she came with a scream, body spasming, cunt rippling. She collapsed back against Harry, panting in exhausted disbelief, her eyes wet with tears. This couldn’t be happening.

The dog yipped and sat neatly, bumping against Mr Potter’s leg for a head pat.

You came already?” demanded Harry. “You really are a slut.”

“No, no,” Hermione stammered. “No.” She couldn’t have just cum. Not like this.

Mr Potter tutted. “And we need a truth-telling hex.”

“You’ve done it now,” said Harry. “Dad thinks bad lying is the worst sin of all. He made me go to Hogwarts under a truth telling hex for half of third year.”

“And you deserved it,” said Mr Potter. “I’ve told you before, don’t lie if you can’t do it effectively. I don’t care what you do, you just have to be competent at it. Which reminds me, I need to go and speak to your sister because this cum hungry slut is not who I expect her to be associating with.”

“It’s not Lianne’s fault Hermione wouldn’t listen,” said Harry quickly. “And they’re dorm mates. It’s not like Lianne can avoid her.” The dog whined sadly.

Mr Potter sighed.

The dog whined again.

“Fine, you speak to her. Now let’s try this again,” his wand clipped Hermione on the mouth, “tell me, did you just cum from having your cunt ravaged by a dog’s tongue like the filthy slut you are?”

Hermione swallowed but she couldn’t stop her mouth forming the word, “yes,” she gasped, “but I –” didn’t want to, she meant to say but what came out was, “I wanted to so badly.” because at that point she’d desperately needed to cum, but she didn’t, she didn’t, “No, no,” and again her mouth betrayed her, “I wanted it so much, no,” a deep breath, “no, I don’t want this,” she finally managed and smiled triumphantly at him.

Mr Potter shook his head at her, “Of course you don’t want to be shown what a hungry cunt you have. It will definitely dent that superior air of yours. But the truth speaks for itself. Harry, make sure she tells you how much she wants to cum every time.”

“Sure thing, dad.”

“Good boy,” Mr Potter ruffled his hand through Harry’s hair. “And I bet you that trip to the Caribbean you and Uncle Sirius are campaigning for that you can’t make her cum five more times before you have Snuffles fuck her.”

“You’re on,” said Harry, bouncing with enthusiasm. Hermione swallowed hard to wet her dry throat ready to beg, plead, anything, but the dog lapped at her cunt three times in quick succession and she howled instead.

Mr Potter laughed and left the room, closing the door behind him.