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I Drove All Night

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Venetia loaded a few things into the boot of the car, slammed it down and climbed inside. The drive home from the Utgard was a long one and it looked like she might be making that journey through the midsts of a dark and stormy night.


The night was indeed dark. All nights are, that’s the whole point. The suns gone, go to bed dumbass. Actually don’t do that, keep your eyes on the road.


The night was in fact stormy. Weather is sadly a thing that happens. And sometimes it’s an absolute pain. Can’t see a bloody thing through this downpour.


The rain slicked Venetia’s hair onto her face as she walked out of the car she had been driving in for the last three hours. The drive had been more stressful than anticipated given how little the road could be seen. Anything the headlights didn’t reach or that was obscured by the raindrops that had formed a sheet over her windscreen ,no matter what her wipers did, was firmly out of sight.

Usually she would have played music throughout the journey but she didn’t want to be distracted by songs when her safety on the road was already precarious.

It made the car feel empty. The lack of music. No bass guitar from a song Dia had recommended reverbing through the vehicle. No vocals, whether clean and professional or whatever one would describe her very loud singing as. Just a quiet drive, eyes forward and on the road. Sitting alone with your thoughts for three hours was an unsettling feeling. It could range from overwhelming to hollow. Empty. The car felt empty with just Venetia. Venetia felt empty with just herself.

She hadn’t seen Anathema face to face in two months.

Work didn’t allow her much time off, and she couldn’t yet afford to have Ana staying in the hotel so they could spend time together. And by Odin she missed Ana. Venetia knew that you should be able to feel complete without your partner but… Ana made her more than just Venetia. She made her feel confident, secure, content. It was better with Ana.

But this job was a great opportunity that was going to provide for her and Ana. So it was worth it. Because even when they were apart, what Venetia did was for Anathema. It was for both of them.

Venetia wiped the rain and definitely nothing else from her eyes. Her outfit was not suited to this weather and soaking wet it clung to her body. She rapped her knuckles on the door and sighed. She was going to see Ana. She was going to get a break. She definitely needed one. Venetia felt completely drained.

A woman who could only be described as beautifully autumnal answered the door and stepped outside.

“Guess who! I’m home Ana, I wanted to surprise y-“

Anathema threw her arms around Venetia. They were both now soaking wet.

“It good to see you too dear” breathed Venetia.

Anathema is here and it's all going to be ok. Venetia only has two weeks to spend home but she isn't going to waste a single second of them. Ven squeezes her girlfriend tight and kisses her in the rain.

Ana kisses back.