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The thought of her often intruded Minji’s brain without warning. It wrapped her heart up in such a swift motion that fighting it was always in vain, not like she ever genuinely tried. Siyeon, in any form, was welcome. Always. It was a kind of vulnerability that Minji still felt wary sitting with. Something like this was so foreign to her. She’d thought she’d known love until Siyeon. 


Every day, whether spent with or without her, made Minji feel less and less sure. 


It wasn’t just a feeling. Though, Jesus Christ, was it more often than not. If she thought about losing her for too long, it would make her throat burn. Sometimes watching her as she sang on stage, watching passion paint itself into every syllable, sound, and action made Minji feel an overwhelming desire to cry. Tears didn’t always brim her eyes and if they didn’t, her body ached in an effort to find them. 


There were the small things, like watching Siyeon exist in her own confidence. Something as simple as watching her take charge during dance practice would make her heart swell. Seeing Siyeon in her own world when she was backstage, focusing on perfecting choreography or doing vocal runs, left Minji in awe of her beauty. She loved Siyeon most when she was in her element. 


Even the times when she wasn’t did a number on her heart. Just last night when they’d gone out for dinner, Siyeon fumbling with the waitress because she could only speak English had been so admirable. 


Siyeon, when shy, was a whole other ballpark. 


Like now, for instance. Siyeon’s sheepishness was making her heart go into overdrive. She watched with hesitant eyes as Siyeon got comfortable. Her hands were burning against the curves of Siyeon’s waist as she held her. Her skin was always so soft. Her hands wandered lower to her hips. When Siyeon opened her eyes, Minji just smiled softly.




Siyeon nodded, “Good.”


Siyeon’s hips started to rock slowly. Straddling her, she’d been careful. The new toy needed getting used to, as it was much thicker than the one they usually used. Minji hadn’t moved, still wasn’t. Siyeon had never ridden her before. As much as she wanted this, she was in no hurry to rush. She was content just taking Siyeon in as she was. 


Flushed skin only got more red as Siyeon let the length move in-and-out of her. Her head had fallen back, beautiful throat now on display. 


They were in a hotel room. No need to be quiet as the other girls were rooms away. However, Siyeon held her whimpers in as she worked. Quiet noises threatened to leave her lips with every movement she made. Her slow pace let Minji focus on every single detail. The way the toy would disappear back inside of her as her hips came down. The slight twitches in her thigh. The way her hands came down to find her own. She let their fingers intertwine and tried to support her weight the best she could. 


It almost felt criminal just laying there and taking it all in. 


With the way the harness fit, it was hard to get any friction from the toy. It was pushing up against Minji in the wrong places, but she didn’t care. She was still throbbing. Her desire to have Siyeon fuck her with their new toy was now an old memory. She didn’t want anything to change right now. This was perfect. 


She just wished she was sitting up so she could kiss Siyeon’s breasts. Kiss her anywhere, really. 


“Fuck…” Siyeon let out a low moan, bringing her head back down to hold Minji’s gaze. 


The shyness of her gaze from before was now gone. Pleasure had colored her irises such an alluring color. She was getting what she wanted, maybe more. Her hips started to pick up their pace some, frame bouncing as she rocked her hips. 


“Does it feel good, baby?” Minji cooed quietly, “Do you like fucking yourself on Mommy’s cock?”


Siyeon gave another nod, desperate to say yes. 


She loved when Siyeon made eye contact with her, when she felt comfortable enough to do so. Her neediness was in her gaze. Mouth barely closed, each breath that left her lips only fueled Minji’s arousal. Staying still was becoming hard. 


Minji forced her hands free and, as she grabbed Siyeon’s hips again, Siyeon leaned over her more and grabbed the headboard instead. 


The mattress quietly groaned with each bounce of Siyeon’s hips. Minji’s fingers curved around them in an effort to help guide her before insisting, “Let me sit up.” 


Siyeon let the toy fall out of her as she rose up. Minji sat up and put her back against the headboard. Hands quickly found her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. Siyeon’s tongue found hers immediately and she moved with hers as they kissed. She could feel and hear Siyeon getting back into position. Wanting to watch, Minji pulled away. Siyeon’s stare trapped her, however. She watched the way her gaze changed as she got the toy back inside of her. 


Their lips barely touching, the second she was back inside of Siyeon, she kissed her.  


Siyeon moaned into the kiss, her pace from before wasting no time getting back to it. Her hands were holding the headboard again, one on each side of Minji’s face. 


Lips melding together, Minji heard her whimper as she used her fingers to play with her nipples. She pinched gently, knowing Siyeon wasn’t into pain, before properly fondling her breasts. She was getting lost in the taste of Siyeon’s tongue, but she didn’t let that distract her. Massaging her breasts just made Siyeon want more. She got a little more rough in her movements, forcing herself down onto the toy hard each time. 


Minji hummed against her lips. She let her nails dig a little into her skin as her hands went back down to her hips.


“I love how you feel on my cock, baby. You feel so fucking good.” 


Siyeon pulled away again, letting her head fall down near the crook of Minji’s neck. Unable to see everything she wanted to see, Minji brought a hand up to tangle in her hair. She urged her to look up and at her as they fucked. 


“You feel so good…” she cooed, “I want you to cum all over Mommy’s cock, baby. Can you do that?” 


She got her response in the form of a whimper. Siyeon started bouncing faster. All Minji could focus on was the soft, needy noises Siyeon was letting slip out. She could be loud when she wanted to be. It was just they’d been so used to having to be intimate quietly at the dorm. That was why Siyeon was always so quiet, so restrained. Most of the time. 


But Minji really wanted to hear her and her entirely. She was sure Siyeon was still wary about others hearing them, but she didn’t need to be. None of the other girls were close enough to hear them. Their room was a safe space. It needed to be if Siyeon was going to let herself go. 


“Baby, nobody can hear you in here. Nobody’s gonna hear you. I know you’re holding back.” 


Minji lifted her own hips in an effort to get as deep as she could inside of her. Siyeon moaned, but not loud enough. 


“I wanna hear you, baby. You can be as loud as you want to be in here.” 


“Please keep doing that.” 


“Doing this?” 


Minji rocked her hips forward again. Slowly. Slowly the second time too…  and the third. Hearing a quiet whimper fall from Siyeon’s tongue, she decided to pick up the speed. Siyeon stayed still as Minji fucked her. She made sure to get in as deeply as she could each stroke. 


She’d be able to do it better if…




She wriggled limbs of all kinds so she could get out from under her. Getting off the bed, she could only watch Siyeon’s sweaty frame draw in deep breaths before releasing them. Hands still on the headboard, she’d let her head fall. Minji got back on the bed and positioned herself right behind her. One hand wrapped around to her stomach, while the other spread her legs some more. She got as close as she could to her before grabbing her cock and guiding it through her wet folds. Pressing it right up against her clit made her whine. She teased it with the head of her cock. 


“You wanna cum, right, baby?” 


Siyeon nodded. 


“Can Mommy make you cum?”


“Yes. Please.” she whined.  


Minji brought the length back down to push right against her opening. She slid it in slowly, watching Siyeon adjust her position a little. The sight of filling her up from this angle was otherworldly. Minji took it in on her own time. She wanted this to last as long as it could. She pulled out and went back in just as slowly as before. 




“Say you want it.” 


“I want you to make me cum.” 


“Can you ask nicely?” 


“Mommy, please make me cum. Please.” 


That was all it took for Minji to give her what she wanted. Her pace wavered for a second before finally getting to a more forceful one. She held Siyeon’s hips as she buried the toy inside of her with each stroke. Quiet whimpers were talking away the silence of the hotel room. She was still being too quiet. 


“You like when Mommy fucks you like this, don’t you?” 




Knowing not to be too rough, she reached and grabbed Siyeon’s throat and pulled back some so she could try and get a glance of her. Siyeon’s eyes were closed tight. Her mouth was trying to do the same, but Minji was making it impossible for her to be quiet. 


She was hitting deep every single time. 


“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Siyeon groaned. 


“Tell me how much you love getting your pussy fucked by Mommy’s cock, baby. Tell me.”


Knowing she’d be hesitant, Minji made an effort to be more intent with her strokes. 


“I love—! I love getting my tight little pussy fucked by you, Mommy.” 


“That’s why you’re taking this dick so well, baby. You’re such a good girl…”


Minji’s abs were aching but she didn’t slow down. Siyeon was muttering curses. She was surely close. Minji’s other free hand went down between her thighs. Siyeon’s frame shook once she started playing with her clit. Pumping into her and playing with her clit was going to overwhelm her in the best of ways. It didn’t take long. 


“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Min— Mommy! Fuck. Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”


“Stop?” she mused, abruptly slowing her pace down. 


Siyeon reached back for her, trying to find something to grab, “No. No. No. Please keep going! I’m— I’m so close.”


Minji pulled her hips back some and forced her palms to hit the mattress. Siyeon kept her head low, but ass still in the air. Without warning, Minji slid back into her. Every stroke she made was deep. Intentional. She was holding her hips, bringing them back sometimes to meet her stroke halfway. Getting back to a quick pace was easy. 


“Touch yourself, baby.”


Siyeon did so without any hesitation. 


Her moans were getting louder. She was definitely close. Minji fucked her hard, sweat pooling over her skin as she worked. Her hands held her ass as she kept stroking. It had sounded like Siyeon had buried her face in one of the pillows. Muffled whimpers and curses were now barely heard over the sound of Minji’s movements. 


“You’re such a good girl, baby. I love being so deep inside of you. I wanna feel you cum all over this dick.” 


Limbs twitching, it was coming. Minji knew it was. 


“I wanna hear you cum all over this dick, baby. Don’t hide yourself. It’s safe. You’re safe. I wanna hear how you feel.” 


Fuck… Fuck, Mommy. I’m—”


She’d gotten rid of the pillow. 


“I’m so close…!” 


“All over this cock, baby.” Minji cooed, thrusting into her hard and fast. 


The whimpers came first. Minji watched as Siyeon’s nails dug into the sheets. Her body started to tense up. She kept going, knowing that she was about to implode. 


“Cum like a good girl, baby. Be as loud as you need to be.” 


Minji gave about two more strokes before Siyeon moaned. Broken and loud, it was the dam breaking. 


“Oh my god! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fu—” 


Her curses turned into orgasmic moans. Her body shook as her climax hit her. Minji held her hips, still pumping in and out of her until a hand reached back and tried to get her to stop. She slowed her pace for a bit before completely stopping. Still deep inside of her, Minji leaned down to kiss her back. Her face was hidden away in the sheets. 


The sounds of their heavy breathing had chased away any silence. Minji pulled out of her slowly. The second she did, Siyeon let her legs fall flat. 


“You okay, baby?” 


She laughed as Siyeon gave a weak thumbs up. 


Minji got up to ditch the toy and the harness before getting back on the bed. She snuggled up to Siyeon, putting an arm over her waist. When Siyeon shifted her face to look at her, Minji realized there was something wrong. There were tears in her eyes. 


“Siyeon? Are you okay?”


She laughed, “I’m better than okay. Just a little embarrassed.”




“I got the bed really wet.”




It was then that Minji understood what Siyeon was talking about. It didn’t happen often. But when it did, it really did. Thankfully they had the extra bed to sleep in. Hoping to aid some of her sheepishness, Minji brushed her hand along her cheek. 


“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, baby.” 


“I know. I just… I don’t know.” she laughed before attempting to hide her face again.


 “I wish I could’ve seen it… or felt it.” 


Siyeon came out of hiding with a suspicious curve to her brow, “You’d like that?” 


“Mhm. I’d love it. Just like how I love everything else about you.”


The red staining her cheeks got a little worse. Minji couldn’t help but smile. She brushed away some of Siyeon’s messy hair before leaning in for a kiss. 


“The bed isn’t the only thing that got messy.”


“Yeah?” Siyeon asked.


“Roll on your back.” 


Siyeon did as told, hands in her hair as she got comfortable on a pillow. Minji crawled lower until she was between Siyeon’s flawless thighs. Her hands ran up them as she caught Siyeon’s gaze.


“It’s pretty messy down here too…” 


Siyeon didn’t say a thing as Minji got closer to her core. She left long kisses on the inside of her thighs before going in to actually kiss her lips. She played with her folds with her tongue before she went lower to get a taste of her cum. Siyeon hummed as she slid her tongue inside of her. She pulled out and licked up right to her clit. Siyeon’s thighs clenched as she did. Playing with the swollen bundle of nerves made her whine. She didn’t stay there long, however. She was more focused on tasting and cleaning the mess of arousal between her legs. 


“I know what you’re doing…” Siyeon muttered tiredly. 








“I wanna eat you too.” 


Surprised by the proposition, she stopped. But only for a second. She kissed her clit before pulling away. On her knees on the bed, she just took Siyeon’s gaze in. 


“We could try.” Minji insisted, “You mean at the same time?” 


“Come here.” 


Siyeon got more comfortable on the bed and urged her over. Minji moved to hover over her head, looking down at her with uncertainty in her eyes before turning around. Embarrassment crept up her neck. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but she knew she had nothing to worry about. Her heart was still racing, however. 


“I wanna make Mommy feel good too.” 


That was all she had to say to get Minji moving. She straddled her face properly before leaning down perfectly over Siyeon’s heat. 


“Are you comfortable?” she wondered, wary about putting all her weight on Siyeon.


“You have no idea.”


The smile she had on her lips left the second she felt Siyeon’s tongue slip right between her folds. She moved languidly. She was getting a taste of every single part of her, every part except her clit. She was teasing. Just the thought of Siyeon’s tongue there made her throb. 


Minji leaned in and went straight to her clit. She ran lazy circles all over it. It made Siyeon tense, surely still too sensitive. Whimpers started to leave her lips. But she was focused. A moan of her own left Minji’s lips as Siyeon finally gave her clit the attention it needed. She firmly toyed with it and Minji lost the ability to think straight. 


Yes, baby. You’re doing such a good job. ” 


She was already so close. In an effort to get Siyeon back up to that familiar peak, she rubbed a bit more forcefully. A bit more quickly. Her hands wrapped around the thighs on either side of her head, nails digging into her skin in an effort to hold off the inevitable.


But Siyeon knew what she liked. 


Before she knew it, Siyeon’s tongue was inside of her and a thumb was rubbing her clit. 


“If you keep doing that—”


Siyeon’s movements got faster. 


“Fuck, baby!” 


Her orgasm exploded from within her. Ecstasy rushed through her veins and took over her entire being. She knew her hips were shaking, but she couldn’t be bothered to worry about if Siyeon was okay. The involuntary jerks made Siyeon go even harder. She focused on playing with her clit and just let Minji move on her tongue. 


Minji couldn’t focus on pleasuring Siyeon as her body trembled. Her face buried itself into Siyeon’s thigh, moans slipping from her throat. Siyeon’s tongue felt so good inside of her. She didn’t want the feeling to end, but she started to come down against her will. Siyeon had stopped playing with her clit and when she pulled out of her, Minji whined. She didn’t think twice about moving as she adjusted her position. Getting situated back on top of Siyeon was easy, as was kissing her. Their lips met within seconds and Minji made an effort to taste herself on Siyeon’s tongue. 


Siyeon’s hands wandered, lighting small fires everywhere they touched. Minji let her own hand run down back between her thighs and when she pressed up against Siyeon’s clit, she trembled softly. 


“Can Mommy make you cum again?” she muttered between kisses. 


Siyeon responded by grabbing her hand and pressing it against her more. She kept her pace slow and could feel Siyeon’s muscles get tense as she worked. It didn’t take long for Siyeon to lose her focus. She broke the kiss only to stay close, her exhales constantly hitting Minji’s lips. A familiar heat started pooling between her thighs again. 


She pulled back some, holding Siyeon’s half-lidded gaze. Watching noises leave her lips was just as sexy as hearing them. She was the opposite of shy at this point. Her hand stayed on top of Minji’s, guiding it as her fingers touched. She didn’t just want to cum again. She wanted Minji to see it. 


Her fingers teased around her clit, liking the way it made Siyeon’s hips threaten to leave the mattress. 


Eventually, Siyeon’s head started digging back into the pillow. Her mouth was incapable of closing, soft and needy sounds falling from her tongue like music. Minji leaned in and left long kisses along her red neck. Siyeon’s grip on her hand got tighter. 


The minutes passed like seconds. 


Siyeon’s thighs began threatening to touch as the pleasure became too much. Her back was attempting to arch. Minji watched in anticipation. Her pace got a little faster, hoping to give Siyeon what her body was starting to beg for. She kissed the top of her throat before focusing on her watching her expression change. 


“Minji…” she moaned, almost like a warning for what was about to come.


The broken moans didn’t stop coming. Siyeon’s frame jerked under her as she came. Her hand left Minji’s to grab onto the pillow behind her head. Watching her fall apart once again left Minji speechless. Almost. 


“That’s it, baby. Good girl.” 


Siyeon didn’t force her hand away so she gently toyed with her clit as she rode the high of her orgasm. She was panting by the time Minji stilled her hand. She gazed down at her and waited for her to meet her gaze. When she did, a smile took both of their lips. Siyeon’s tired eyes were bright. Minji couldn’t think of anywhere else she wanted to be in that moment. Her love for Siyeon always threatened to overwhelm her when they got like this. 


“I love you.” 


Siyeon’s smile got wider, “I love you too.” 


The shyness came back and all Minji could do was beam. She stole a kiss from her lips before snuggling up to her. Siyeon hid her face away in her chest. A hand came to rub along her back in an effort to keep her as close as possible. The heat from Siyeon’s body was more than enough to keep her warm, but she felt Siyeon shiver in her hold.


“Let’s get under the covers.”


“I don’t think I can feel my legs.” 


Minji laughed softly, “Poor baby.” 


“That’s me. I’m baby… We should switch to the other bed.”


“Oh yeah.”


Kissing the top of her forehead, Minji pulled away so she could get up. Siyeon took her time, still collecting herself. Getting settled in the other bed didn’t take long. In the darkness, Minji held Siyeon from behind, bare skin against bare skin under the covers. She couldn’t help but smile as she felt Siyeon find her hand and force their fingers to intertwine. 


If this wasn’t love, then she really didn’t know what was.