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The Definition of Fucking

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The words showed up below his ribcage on his fourth birthday, which meant his soulmate was born at some point over the last year. When Derek saw the words had appeared, he ran to his mom to ask what they said.

His older sister, Laura, had found her soulmate just that year when she asked a boy named Jordan if she could borrow a crayon and the two had been inseparable ever since. So Derek knew he could find his soulmate very soon and wanted to know the words to listen for.

“What does it say? What does it say?” Derek yelled as he climbed into his mom’s lap.

He watched his mother’s face go from a playful smile to one of concern.

“I’ll tell you when you’re older, sweetie.” She said.

“But Laura already found her soulmate! What if I find mine and I don’t know because I can’t read?” Derek complained.

That had his mom laughing, “Derek, your soulmate was only born this year, they can’t speak yet. You’ll know what it says before you meet them.”

Derek grumbled but had to agree. After all, baby Cora had been born this past year and she couldn’t talk yet. He decided he would ask again when Cora said her first word.


When he asked again, it was when his uncle Peter was visiting. Mom’s expression turned sour once again, but Peter’s was positively gleeful.

“I would love to tell you what it says.” Peter offered before Mom hit him.

“You will be doing no such thing,” She scolded, “Derek, you’re not old enough yet.”

“But Cora’s talking which means my soulmate is talking!” He had waited as long as his mother had asked him to, and he didn’t know why he was being denied again. Peter’s laughter just left him even more confused.

“Well, kids Cora’s age aren’t old enough to say what’s written on you, so you still have time. Be patient.”

Derek grumbled as he went back to play with his sisters, Peter’s laughter followed him through the halls. He just wanted to be as happy as Laura was with Jordan. Why couldn’t he have that?


When Derek finally learned how to read he looked at his soulmark, sounding out the words until they made sense. He understood three of the four words, but the other one made no sense.

“Are you f-u-c-k-i-n-g sorry?” Derek said, “F-u- foo… foock… foock-in-gah.”

Derek shook his head. No matter how he pronounced the word, it still didn’t make any sense. He thinks Peter may have overheard him trying because he could hear his snickers as he walked past Derek’s bedroom.

He would never figure it out at this rate, so he put his shirt back on and joined his family for snacks in the kitchen.


In sixth grade, his mom still wouldn’t answer his questions about his soulmark and Peter was no help because he would get lost in a fit of laughter any time Derek asked, so he decided to go to the next best source- his best friend, Erica.

When she read his words, her mouth gained her signature, feral grin.

“I know what those words mean.” She sing-songed.

“What is it? What does it mean?” Derek asked.

“‘Are you fucking sorry?’” She said, “Fucking is a swear word for sex.”

“Are you sex sorry?” Derek said, “But that doesn’t make sense either!”

He was getting frustrated. Was his soulmate stupid or something? Did they not know how to properly string a sentence together?

“It can also be used to express anger,” Erica explained, “My parents yell it to each other all the time when they aren’t talking about sex.”

Derek took a moment to soak in that information. His soulmate was going to be mad at him when they met? That left him feeling queasy. Now that he knew what the words meant, he knew his mom just wanted to protect him.

It was then that the reason Erica had this information sunk in.

“Do you want to spend the night at my house tonight?” He asked.

“I guess, if you really want me to.” Erica sighed, but he could tell it was a mask.

He would talk to his parents and see if there was anything more they could do to help her, but this would be enough for now.


Derek was a senior when Cora was a freshman in high school. He was there when she met her soulmate- a sophomore named Isaac. Derek and Cora had been eating lunch together when Cora noticed someone lightly pat Isaac’s back and he winced. She got up from the table, grabbed his arm and said, “I’m taking you to the nurse.”

His responding, “Um, why?” had been written on her arm since she had been born.

All in all they were strange first words. Laura had the most normal out of the three of them. Normally Derek would say that was fine, but he knew his soulmate was going to hate him at first sight, so what was the point?

It turned out Isaac’s dad was abusing him, so Peter of all people offered to take him in. Derek’s parents were relieved because as much as they wanted to help, they didn’t want teenaged soulmates living in the same house.

Cora’s rough edges were perfectly met with Isaac’s shy sincerity. He was a welcome addition to their group and he was happy for his sister.


Derek was home for the summer and Cora roped him in to being her designated driver for the seniors’ graduation party at the Martin’s house. She had texted him that she was ready to go, but when he arrived he couldn’t find her anywhere.

She was probably upstairs with Isaac, taking advantage of the fact that there was no supervision. But then why did she text him if she wasn’t actually ready to go?

He made his way into the kitchen to try and get away from the crowd and the music. He pulled out his phone to send her a text telling Cora where he was, but as he did, someone slammed into him from behind, spilling beer all over Derek’s back.

“Are you fucking sorry?” This kid had the audacity to blame it on him?

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Derek yelled, and that had the kid stopping.

“Did you say that because you’re my soulmate or are you just one of the many people baffled as to how I continue to exist as I am?”

The question took Derek aback, but it made him realize that the guy did say his words. His extremely weird, once in a lifetime words.

“Um, soulmate, I guess?” Derek said, “But seriously, what on earth possessed you to say that?”

The guy blushed, “Oh, I was going to say ‘Are you okay,’ but then changed halfway through to say, ‘I’m so fucking sorry,’ and it just became that,” The guy’s eyes went wide, “Oh my god! You’ve had that written on you your whole life!”

“Well, since I was four, but I didn’t understand until I was twelve,” Derek smiled, “So, what’s your name?”

Sure, this wasn’t a normal soulmate meeting, but it turned out his soulmate was just a drunk idiot and didn’t actually hate him. He’d take what he could get.

“Oh! Names, right,” His soulmate blushed even more and it made Derek wonder how far that blush went, “I’m Stiles.”

Derek’s dirty thoughts were derailed by that, “What the hell is a Stiles?”

“It’s a nickname because the real thing is a monster that no one can pronounce,” Stiles laughed, “So, what’s your name? Or should I keep calling you tall, dark, and broody.”

“I’m not broody.” Derek grumbled.

“Sure you’re not.” Stiles gave his shoulder a pat, “So, name?”

“Derek!” Came Cora’s voice from behind him, “Sorry it took so long to find you. It turns out Isaac can’t hold his liquor. Ew, you reek of beer.”

Cora’s nose scrunched up as she stood next to Derek, dragging an almost unconscious Issac behind her.

“Thanks for that, Cora,” Derek rolled his eyes, “Go wait in the car. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Cora looked from him, to Stiles, and then back again before she snorted, “Makes sense. He talks non stop and barely has control over anything he says.”

“Hey! I resent that!” He called after Cora and she left the party.

“Give me your phone.” Derek demanded.

Stiles complied, but gave him a suspicious look. Derek just rolled his eyes as he entered his number. He briefly debated what to put as his name, but decided to go with Tall Dark and Broody, as that was what Stiles initially called him and would most likely remember through the haze of a hangover.

“There. Text me when you wake up and I’ll take you out for some greasy food.”

“If I remember this in the morning, you will be a godsend.” Stiles smiled.

Derek took a cup and filled it with water, “Better start sobering up, then.”

With a wink, Derek left the party and drove a sleeping Isaac and Cora back home.


In the morning, Derek showered and then stared at his phone. His mom looked at him with concern, but said nothing.

Finally, Cora made her way down and snorted, “I didn’t expect you to be this pathetic about it.”

“He’s supposed to text me.” Derek grumbled.

“Who’s supposed to text you, sweetie?” His mom asked.

“Derek met his soulmate at the party last night.” Cora grinned.

“Your soulmate!” His mom gasped, “And it went well?”

“Yes, he was just drunk. And now he’s supposed to text me so I can pick him up for our date.”

“Well, I only just got up and we were at the same party. He’s probably still sleeping.” Cora reasoned.

It was impressive that she could think with such a level head while she was hungover, but Derek had to admit she had a point.

“What’s his last name, anyway? We didn’t really get to that point in the conversation before you showed up.”

“Stilinski. He’s the sheriff’s son.”

Thalia’s eyes lit up, “Noah’s boy? He’s a bit of a trouble maker, but a good boy at heart. He’s so smart, he is definitely going to do great things. Jordan always has such funny stories about him.”

That made Derek pause. He had heard stories about the sheriff’s son. He was always sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, but by doing so actually ended up solving quite a few cold cases in the county. It seemed Stiles was an interesting guy and Derek couldn’t wait to get to know him. If only Stiles would just text him so they could get started.

After another hour of silence, Derek grabbed his keys and drove into town. He stopped by the local diner and got eggs, bacon, and curly fries, along with two strawberry milkshakes. He then made his way to the sheriff’s house.

Growing up in a smallish town, everyone knew where the sheriff’s house was so that they could avoid it whenever they were up to no good.

He took the food and rang the doorbell. The cruiser wasn’t out front, but there was a beat up old jeep that Derek thought he remembered seeing around town.

After a couple minutes, Stiles still hadn’t come to the door, so Derek rang the doorbell again and then decided to keep hitting it. With the hangover Stiles surely had, he would answer the door as soon as possible to get rid of the noise.

His theory was proven true when a very angry Stiles opened the door.

“What do you- oh! You’re real!” Stiles said, clearly surprised to see him.

Derek laughed, “Yes, I’m real,” He held up the bags of food, “Want to eat?”

“God yes!” Stiles grabbed one of the bags and led Derek into the kitchen where he got plates and silverware, “You are a god among men.”

“So I’ve been told.” Derek smirked.

They sat down to eat and Derek was taken by surprise by Stiles’ moans as he ate. He had to adjust how he was sitting as his dick took interest in the noises being made. His mind wandered to all the different ways he could get Stiles to make those exact same sounds.

“So, what was it like growing up with those words?” Stiles asked when he was done eating and had moved on to the milkshake. He had to know what he was doing with that straw. There was no way he just sucked like that normally.

Derek blushed as he tried to focus back on his answer, “Well, no one in my family would talk to me about it and I had no clue what ‘fucking’ was when I could finally read it on my own.”

“I could show you what fucking is.” Stiles said.

It was clear that this was one of those times that Stiles’ mouth got away from him, but Derek was very much on board.

“Please do.”

And with that, Stiles was on him. They were shredding clothes as they made their way upstairs to Stiles’ room. They had just gotten on the bed when they heard the door open downstairs.

“Um, I guess we’ll have to save this lesson for later.” Stiles said.

“My clothes are all downstairs.” Derek said as he felt a blush creep down his skin.

Stiles laughed out loud.

“Stiles, what the hell is going on up there?” Came his dad’s voice.

“Um… I met my soulmate?”

“No sex in my house!” He called up again.

The next thing Derek knew, his and Stiles clothes were being thrown at them by a very exasperated sheriff.

“I should go,” Derek said as he started redressing, “But I would love to continue learning what fucking is.”

With one last wink and a chaste kiss, Derek left. And he wasn’t fucking sorry at all.