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Shen Qingqiu knew it was coming.

The beast had already taken countless wives, including his own shimei. What did it matter that he took his shizun, too?

It wasn’t as if she had any modesty left. Her clothes had been torn to shreds ages ago from her attempts at freeing herself. Her skin was muddy from the dirt floor of the prison, nipples constantly hard from how fucking cold it was all the time.

Still, even knowing all this—even being in a more shameful state than when she had been a slave—she kept her head high when Luo Binghe entered.

She knew it was him because he heard him dismiss the guards outside the door before opening it. It surprised her for a moment, hearing that Luo Binghe didn’t want others to know what he was going to do, but then again—

Luo Binghe was a possessive, simple-minded monster. He seemed like the type to chop off a man’s head for looking at one of his wives in the wrong way. It made sense.

“Shizun,” the little (not anymore) beast greeted him. He was wearing elaborate silk robes, not unlike the ones Shen Qingqiu herself once wore when she was a Peak Lord. The difference was in the colours.

The red accents of his robes matched the glowing mark on his forehead. She kept her face carefully impassive, not betraying even the slightest bit of her emotions.

She was lucky she’d had such good practice before, with the Qius. Lucky in the same miserable way she was lucky to be alive still.

No doubt, she would be better off dead. But she refused to give Luo Binghe that satisfaction.

Luo Binghe sighed, all dramatics, when Shen Qingqiu didn’t respond. “Shizun is never happy to see me, even though I always bring her good food and gifts. Shizun herself would have whipped this disciple for being so ungrateful, once upon a time.”

“Your shizun has the right to reject you,” she sniffled. “Who is a disciple to demand anything from their shizun?”

Luo Binghe’s saddened expression melted away in an instant as he laughed, bearing his teeth with it. His sharp canines gleamed, promising shocks of pain, and she instinctively curled in on herself.

Just a bit. Of course, still, Luo Binghe noticed.

“You’re right, shizun. But when has shizun ever acted like a shizun, anyway? Why does this one need to take the part of a filial disciple when shizun has never been the wise and guiding leader she agreed to be?” Luo Binghe pondered. He stalked forward, eyes a hazy, dark red. With his teeth showing and the red all over his face—his eyes, the mark, the crown—he looked like an animal, a predator, covered in blood. Looking for his next meal.

It spoke to her own power, she thought, that she didn’t flinch at that. Only kept her gaze level to his, lips pursed tightly shut.

“Maybe you should call me shizun,” Luo Binghe practically giggled. He stopped right before Shen Qingqiu; looming over her like a tower, his shadow entirely masking her pathetic form on the ground.

He was much taller than her now, though that was to be expected given their difference in sex. The most striking difference between them was their conflicting states of dress.

Expensive robes always spoke of power and wealth, but especially so when faced against someone with nothing. Not even the Qius had kept her entirely unrobed.

“After all, I’m graciously going to be teaching shizun something good,” Luo Binghe continued. “So for now, I’ll act as your teacher.”

“That doesn’t make you my shizun,” she spat. It landed on one of his boots.

In an instant, his other foot was on her nape, shoving her face-first against his wet boot. Her nose hit the hard material and she groaned. It didn’t hurt that much, but the abruptness of it made it much worse.

“Semantics,” Luo Binghe said. “See what I said? Shizun is so ungrateful. How long has it been since you’ve eaten, and yet you’re rejecting my help? Since you spat on my boot, I assume you’d like to clean it. If you do it well enough, maybe I’ll even get some of your favourites for you.”

As if. Any food Luo Binghe brought from now on, she had no doubt would be drugged or poisoned in some way. Even with her cultivation stripped bare from the immortal binding cables, her body could go weeks without eating, sustaining itself off of water and willpower.

It could, but that didn’t get rid of the urge to eat or the hunger stewing in her belly. The very thought of food had her both gagging with disgust and desperation.

The foot on her nape pressed down harder, crushing her face against his boot. Any more and her nose would break.

It made her laugh inside, though, to think that Luo Binghe himself thought that this would break her. Cleaning his boots for food? She’d been forced to do far worse.

It was all just her biding her time until she could make her escape, anyway. Luo Binghe was rash and driven by hatred; eventually he would make a mistake, here or during her trial, and she would seize the chance.

Until then, she just had to stay alive.

Her tongue touched the rough material and she grunted at the strange, bitter taste of it. Seeing that she was listening, Luo Binghe’s pressure on her lessened, though not enough to let her up.

She licked up and down his boot in stripes, moving horizontally to cover the entire boot. It was efficient and altogether quite frankly, a bit boring.

Was this the sort of stuff Luo Binghe got off on? Figures—it was the exact sort of base, animalistic urge she would count on him enjoying. The type that no real person would ever be interested in.

Though in hindsight, the image of forcing a childish Luo Binghe to clean off her boots with his small, eager tongue was rather amusing. One day, when she returns to her position and Cang Qiong takes over again, she’ll do the same to him and see if she likes it.

“Here too,” Luo Binghe said, voice sugar-sweet. He shoved her forward with a kick to her neck and she choked, both from the blow to her throat and the scrape of her chest across the uneven ground.

It stung, and she could feel the sharp pebbles below digging into her skin. But she grit her teeth and beared through it, licking the upper portion of Luo Binghe’s boots as well.

“Shizun is quite good at this,” Luo Binghe mused. “Have you done this before? Or is shizun just good with her mouth in general?”

Her stomach rolled at the words. Her own drool was smearing over her mouth and cheeks as she worked.

Even if he gave her food, she doubted she would be able to eat much of it, with how nauseous she was. How tragic.

Luo Binghe made her do the other boot as well, and he seemed to delight in pushing her around, in a way which made the rocks below dig into her skin and pierce small wounds.

“Since shizun likes this so much, maybe we should try something else,” Luo Binghe hummed. “What do you think, shizun?”

Her tongue continued to lick at his boot—which, at this point, didn’t taste or feel like anything, really—until she realized he was really waiting for her to respond.

He allowed her to lift her head until she could stare him straight in the eyes and say: “Go to hell.”

Luo Binghe’s laughter was manic. In a flash, she was being shoved onto her back, though she half-expected it this time. She still winced, not because of any pain, but because of the way her arms were tied behind her back, forcing her back to arch and her chest to prop itself up.

“I’ve already been there,” Luo Binghe said. He began to untie the middle part of his robes fervently. Halfway through undoing the knot he grew impatient and simply tore it all off, leaving his bottom half bare. “Remember, shizun? You were the one who pushed me down there.”

Her mouth went entirely dry when she saw the thing in between his legs, half-hard and yet still as long as her forearm, at least. The veins on it were prominent and the whole thing was flushed a deep red. He gripped it in one hand and leveled it, sinking down to rest his weight on her stomach, so that it rested in between the crevice of her tits.

It was monstrous. Fitting for a beast. It was also terrifying simply because it was so huge; and while she wanted to simply dissociate herself from the whole experience like she had been able to while licking his boots, she was finding it much harder to look away from his cock.

“Like it, shizun?” the beast cooed. “Of course you do. Shizun doesn’t need to hide anything, we all know about the brothels. How does it compare to all of the other cocks you’ve sucked, shizun?”

Shizun this, shizun that. This idiot still claimed to be her disciple while believing in those inane rumours about her whoring herself. If he was expecting an experienced blowjob, he was going to be sorely disappointed.

“It looks just like its owner,” she said calmly. “Like a monster.”

Luo Binghe kept cackling at that. He was hardening rapidly despite not moving at all. She forced herself to stop staring at it.

It was just so gross, she almost wanted to look. Like a festering wound. Out of morbid curiosity at how someone who was even half-human could carry something like that.

“Shizun is tiny, so I can understand why she wouldn’t like something so large,” Luo Binghe commented, in the same tone one might use to speak about the weather or other mundane affairs. “Well, tiny except for here.”

He slapped the side of one of her tits and she jerked. She knew what his sight of her must look like, then—covered in dirt, tits jiggling, a lewd display just for him.

“I never thought shizun was so big underneath her robes.” One of Luo Binghe’s giant paws came to rest on the spot he had just slapped. His hand just barely fit all of her tit in it. “All of the other female Peak Lords showed off their assets except shizun, so we all assumed you just didn’t have any. Imagine how surprised I was when I first came in and saw them! How did you even manage to hide them, shizun? I’m quite impressed.”

By wrapping herself in two layers of bandages, she thought, but she didn’t actually answer him. She doubted he was looking for a real answer anyway.

She’d always wondered if it was something the Qius had done to her, to make her chest grow so obnoxiously large while the rest of her stayed slim. She’d grown tall despite their best efforts, but aside from that and her tits, the rest of her stayed malnourished.

She’d heard of woman—Luo Binghe’s own misguided wives, even—taking medicines which were supposed to stimulate the growth of their chests. During her time as a slave, she wouldn’t have been able to tell if she was being drugged or not.

The idea that some woman wanted theirs to be larger was baffling. They didn’t know how good they had it, but then again, most people didn’t.

The only person who’d known how disgusting her body was was Liu Qingge, and well, he was dead. It was literally the last thing he saw, after ripping apart Shen Qingqiu’s robes in his crazed qi deviation.

How ironic that Luo Binghe thought she had bared herself to dozens of men before when the one man she had unintentionally shown herself to wasn’t even alive anymore, despite her own efforts.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” Luo Binghe said flippantly after a long moment. Maybe he was actually waiting for an answer; that, or he was committing the sight of his former, elegant shizun debased into the whore he thought she was this entire time. “I don’t care how many men shizun has shown her body to or how you hid them before. I’ll be the last before shizun’s death.”

Slowly, his cock nudged itself further into the little space in between her tits. His length was too long for it to fit entirely against them directly, but he kept moving forward and forward, until the tip was hitting her closed mouth.

The whole thing felt slimy and cold against her skin, even though Luo Binghe himself was like a furnace. The head incessantly prodding at her mouth was wet, smearing clear liquid all over her lips.

Luo Binghe’s eyes twinkled with glee, uncaring about her non-reaction.

“Open up, shizun. It’s either this or your cunt,” he said cheerily.

Her own eyes narrowing, she parted her lips. He slipped inside, filling up every part of her mouth with his cock. It was so big it stretched her jaw to the point that it ached. And the rest of it was still bracketed by her tits; not even a quarter of it was in her mouth.

The taste was disgusting, like salt mixed with dirty water. She did her best to not take down any of the liquid he was secreting down her throat at all, but it quickly became too much and she was forced to swallow.

Luo Binghe moaned, throwing his head back. He rocked slowly, not ever entirely pulling out her mouth. His hands groped at her tits, kneading them and shoving them up and down his cock.

It didn’t feel like much of anything. The taste was more overwhelming than the actual feeling. If this was anything like how Luo Binghe treated his wives, he felt sorry for them.

“I was right,” Luo Binghe said breathlessly. “Shizun is far too good with her mouth for someone who uses it so carelessly.”

Who was careless with their words? She wanted to sneer, but he shoved even further into her, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat, and all she could do was choke and convulse.

“Well, not good enough for that, I guess. It’s fine, shizun. We’ll just have to train your mouth to take me properly. Until then, I’ll help you.”

Luo Binghe pressed in and in until he was sliding straight down her throat. His heavy balls slapped against the base of her tits.

If she had been able to bring her hand to her throat, she was sure she would have been able to feel the outline of his cock there. She had no idea how she was even breathing; every time she tried to she ended up gurgling out a choke, to which Luo Binghe groaned and spurted more of that murky liquid out of his cock.

It hurt, but apparently not enough to get her to pass out from a lack of oxygen. He continued to push himself in and out of her throat; not even coming close to leaving her mouth completely.

His hands found her nipples and began to tug and twist at them. The sensation shocked her, a straight line down her front to her pussy.

“Oh?” Luo Binghe said. He looked like a child who had just been given a new toy. She glowered at him—as best she could, with his cock seated in her mouth. “Shizun, do you like that? This filial disciple will continue. Whatever makes shizun feel good!”

What a farce! He pulled at both of her nipples harshly, so tightly that when he lifted his hands the skin stretched towards him before he released her and they jiggled back.

Her crotch felt strange, tight and hotter than the rest of her body. But it didn’t feel good. It was pleasurable, but not good.

He began to thrust into her mouth harder, and she had no choice but to take it. She could feel her own drool trickling down her chin and onto her collarbone. He continued to play with her nipples until they were flushed and swollen, with no rhythm to match the movement of his cock.

Then he slapped her again suddenly, on her tit this time, over the sensitive nub he had been playing with, and her whole body shook from the jolt which ran down her spine.

“Ohhh,” Luo Binghe groaned. His other hand moved to Shen Qingqiu’s matted hair. “Is this really how shizun likes it? Being slapped around and played with?” he giggled.

The noise of his thrusts was becoming increasingly louder; the slap of his balls to her chest and his palm hitting her tits joining it.

It was probably because he had made her tits so sensitive, but the feeling of his cock sliding in between them almost felt—well, not good. But not as disgusting as before, either.

Her blood ran cold when she realized what he was doing. Was he trying to make her enjoy it? Enjoy having her body defiled against her will?

The Qius had done many things to her against her will, whored her out to their friends without a care for how she felt, and it had become easy then to simply ignore all of it. It was all the same numbing pain in the end.

Pleasure was different. It wasn’t something she’d experienced from anything, not even her own fingers more than a few times.

She wasn’t a romantic, and she’d never imagined herself being in a relationship, let alone a sexual one. But if she had—she wouldn’t have done it with just anyone.

Happiness, pleasure, to feel good—to her, they were special, rare things. She was happy when he had been able to sit with Ning Yingying and discuss her future; she was her only disciple who was both willing to speak with her and also smart enough to hold a real conversation with.

She had been in pleasure once from her own fingers, her other hand muffling her noises, but the aftereffects of it made her feel so gross that she had never done it again.

And she felt good when she had pushed Luo Binghe into the abyss and thought him dead.

They were feelings for herself only, or those she liked, of which there were exceedingly few people (well, none, now.)

And Luo Binghe was trying to take that from her. Make it so that her pleasure was something they both shared.

Chest heaving, he finally pulled out the entirety of his cock from her, leaving her mouth gaping and wet with her own spit and his pre-cum. He traced her lips with the tip, then slapped her cheeks with it.

“Shizun, I’m right here, don’t start getting lost in your thoughts,” he said lowly, in what was practically a whine.

Up close, with it right in front of her eyes, it somehow looked even more massive. The fact she had fit even half of that into her mouth and throat was—impossible. He must have drugged her before this and she hadn’t noticed because of her lack of cultivation.

He somehow took her staring as a sign she had enjoyed it—how those two things had a connection, she had no idea—and he was back to stuffing her mouth open with his cock.

“I’ll just have to be meaner to shizun, give it to shizun how she likes it, so she can’t think about anything else,” Luo Binghe panted. He dug his sharp nails into the side of Shen Qingqiu’s tits to brace himself as he began to thrust wildly into her throat. The slow, steady rhythm he had before was all gone now.

The back of her head hit the ground on a particularly hard thrust, and he went so deep down her throat that, while she couldn’t seem to pass out, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. The force of him was too much. She couldn’t focus on anything but trying to breathe.

“Haah,” Luo Binghe breathed out, his own eyes shutting briefly. “That’s it, shizun. Oh, none of my wives let me go this far. Shizun really is talented. Even though it’s only my blood keeping you awake right now, we can definitely train you so that we can do this properly.”

His demonic blood. He must have fed it to her sometime in the past, and was using it to control the muscles in her throat.

Didn’t that mean she truly didn’t have a choice, if he could simply make her do as he wished? How was she supposed to get pleasure from that?

And yet there was something wet beginning to trickle down her thigh. Her thighs tensed up as she shifted them together, willing it away.

It was only a bodily reaction to a sensitive part of hers being played with. As if on cue, Luo Binghe tweaked one of her nipples, and another thick glob seeped out of her cunt.

“Slut,” Luo Binghe hissed. He pulled out and then thrust back in. She gurgled around his shaft as he guided himself down her throat again. “Shizun is nothing more than a common whore, in the end. It’s a wonder you ever were able to attain immortality when this is what your body was actually made for.”

He parted her thighs with ease; whether it was because of his blood in her or simply that her body was so weak now, she didn’t know. His fingers ran along the lips of her pussy, and then he pressed his thumb down on her clit.

She struggled against him abruptly because she could feel how that one action made her entire body hotter, her throat and cunt tighter, her thighs wetter. And she could feel that he knew, by how he pressed harder.

“Fuck,” Luo Binghe said. “Open up, shizun.”

As if she had a choice.

Even with his warning, she wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount he began to release into her throat. There was so much of it she was gagging—she couldn’t swallow, not with her cock still in her—and eventually he let her head go and the rest of it landed on her face.

It tasted somehow worse than his cock did. She turned her head and spit as much of it as she could out, but some of it still ended up trickling into her stomach.

Luo Binghe was shaking slightly over her; his fingers over her cunt stilled momentarily. Once she caught her breath, she dared to peek over to see his expression.

If she had thought he looked ravenous before, he looked deadly now. His cock, still entirely hard, was flush against his robes. His pupils were so dilated they took up the entirety of his irises; only a bit of red could be seen at the edges.

His teeth, eerily sharp, snapped together. She was almost scared for a moment that he was going to actually eat her, if somehow the sight of her covered in his cum made him hungry.

“It’s truly unfair that someone who looks like shizun could have such a nasty personality,” he rumbled. He gripped her jaw, forcing her to look at him entirely.

She knew she wasn’t beautiful, not like this, with half her body flushed and the rest covered in dirt. Which just made his words even more disgusting.

His hands flew off of her and he tore off his upper robes as well, showing off his bare chest. Deep scars zigzagged across his front and over his shoulders. They were scars from a whip, she knew.

She knew because she had the same ones on her back, but she doubted he had ever seen them, since she had been chained to the wall for most of her time in the prison.

“I had healed these before, but I decided to bring them back today, just for shizun.” He ran his palm over his own muscled chest and stomach. “I wanted shizun to see them.”

“Why?” she snorted. “Did you think I would see them and feel guilty?”

“No, actually.” Luo Binghe sounded amused. “I thought it might turn shizun on further.”

She raised her own eyebrows at that. What did he think, that she got off on whipping him when he was a child?

“Not everyone is as depraved as you,” she said.

“We’ll see,” he answered.

He nudged his knee in between Shen Qingqiu’s legs, rubbing it right against her cunt with no care for how hard the pressure was on her. She squirmed, trying to get away from it—nevermind if it felt good or not, she would much rather he just get on with whatever he wanted to do next. But he held her down with a hand on her shoulder, and she was powerless to do anything against it no matter how hard she strained.

His knee was getting wet from the slick seeping out of her cunt. With his other hand, he lazily stroked his cock, eyes flickering between her thighs and her tits and her face, still sticky with his cum.

Lifting his leg slightly, he focused the pressure of his knee right over her clit, and she bit her cheek so she wouldn’t make any noise.

Her body was exhausted and starving and yet it still had enough energy to send her mind a bit hazy from the pleasure. If she wasn’t sure before that he was telling the truth about controlling her, she knew now.

She wouldn’t let him have that satisfaction, though. She would grind her teeth so hard together that they shattered before she moaned and writhed in pleasure like he wanted her to.

“Shizun really does look like a whore now,” Luo Binghe drawled. “A cheap one. But still a whore.”

Letting go of his cock, he suddenly leaned over, and she was terrified that he was going to try and kiss her for a second; but she was both relieved and dismayed to find him going towards her tits instead.

Relieved because she didn’t want to kiss him, obviously. Dismayed because at least the kissing wouldn’t have felt good.

His lips sealed themselves over one of her puffy, sore nipples. His teeth were carefully concealed, and the licks he gave were gentle and slow, like a lover’s.

The type of shock it gave her was different from before. This one was like a slow wave, ever-present, wracking through her until it reached her pussy and leaked out of her in a steady stream of slick.

“You’re sick,” she hissed.

He looked at her, still suckling on her tit, and smiled. Then he bit her, those canines she had been eyeing all night sinking into the sides of her nipple, and her back arched in an attempt to both get away and get closer.

The effort it took to keep her mouth shut was more painful than the bite itself.

Not at all bothered by her reaction, he went back to lapping at that same spot. And then he bit her again.

The cycle continued until her eyes were as wet as her cunt was.

“This will be all shizun thinks about until her trial. One month of remembering how your pitiful, most hated disciple brought you to pleasure over and over.”

The mention of her trial brought something to mind.

She didn’t want to think it—she tried not to, because the fantasy she had of him was a lie, like everything he had ever done for her—but she imagined Yue Qingyuan in the same position Luo Binghe was in now.

Her Qi-ge, lovingly sucking on her tits. He would have treated her body with the utmost care, if not just out of guilt of his past mistakes. Maybe he wouldn’t have sucked them at all, actually.

The fantasy died then, but it only took a second of thinking about Qi-ge to make her realize: that for all of how animalistic Luo Binghe was, she was too. She had grown up on the streets as well. She’d begged for scraps and eaten off the ground like Luo Binghe had. Someone like Yue Qingyuan, who had escaped that life early, wouldn’t understand. But Luo Binghe, who she had abandoned in turn, would.

Though Luo Binghe didn’t know any of that regarding her past—especially with him being married to Qiu Haitang, Shen Qingqiu would bet her life that the young mistress told him lies about how well her family treated their slaves.

That was why Luo Binghe wanted to see her break down so badly, wasn’t it? He only needed to see it once: the image of his powerful, secretly slutty shizun, who had grown up pampered in a noble household and taken control of her own sexuality by whoring herself out, reduced to a mess on his prison floor.

He wanted her to say no, stop, don’t, just as he did when she had abused him as her disciple. He wanted her to say that while coming on his cock, so that he could feel like he won—that despite her mind begging him to stop, her body would give into him.

But none of that would ever happen, because she wasn’t that person. She wouldn’t let it happen. Deep down, Shen Jiu was the same as Luo Binghe was. An animal. Far smarter than he was, but still. She knew how to play this game and she knew how to win.

She wouldn’t say any of those things, because she had a better idea. If she kept rejecting him, he would only keep taking it as that he was winning. That he had understood how to get her ticking to the point where she would beg.

But if she somehow got him to believe she wanted him—well, his ego was massively inflated from his other wives. She was an animal, so she understood him: he would marry her, mate her, and think smugly to himself that it was all over. She would be his wife, feisty and hateful but still his wife.

And then he would let his guard down, just a bit, and she would strike.

Once the idea lodged itself in her head, she couldn’t let go of it. It was perfect for someone as lust-driven as Luo Binghe. It was also her best chance at getting out alive, so.

He was purposely trying to press all of her buttons—and succeeding in many of them—but he would never be able to reach her entirely, because he didn’t know her. Not at all.

She couldn’t help but laugh, hoarse and a bit crazed. Surprised, he popped off of her chest.

“What’s so funny to shizun?” he asked, grinding his knee along her cunt absently.

“You’re an idiot,” she answered. “You don’t know what you’re even doing right now.”

It was like a weight off her chest, to be able to say whatever she wanted. It all fed into the scenario of her slowly giving in, after all. If she simply started being demure and loving, he would know something was wrong. He wasn’t that dumb. She would always hate his personality.

It was about seeming like herself while also being enough of like him to entice him to keep her alive and healthy. Too much of Shen Qingqiu and he would feel like he won too soon and discard her. Too much of Shen Jiu and he would realize that his cock wasn’t actually stronger than her mind and that no, she didn’t actually want to be his wife. Not even because it guaranteed her own permanent safety.

Growling, he slapped her across the face. It smeared his cum further along her skin and left the whole side he touched tingling. She licked inside of her mouth and tasted a bit of blood.

“I don’t? How can shizun say that when she’s so wet?” he asked, and she continued to laugh, because he was so unaware, so totally missing her point, that she knew he had no idea what she was even talking about. “No matter what you say, shizun—your body is opening itself for me, for my cock. You want me. Your little beastly disciple.”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” she countered.

“Shizun thinks she’s so high and mighty—“ Luo Binghe grabbed her by her hair and lifted her up. She kept laughing, but it became stunted and difficult as he threw her around.

When had she last laughed this hard? She really couldn’t stop.

Shen Jiu may not be as high and mighty as Luo Binghe thought her to be, but Shen Qingqiu felt as such, even as Luo Binghe jammed two fingers into her.

“You think if you make me feel good, that I’ll break down and beg to be your wife? Like how every one of your other stupid, airheaded women are?” she sneered. Her tears had dried up entirely even as her cunt continued to leak slick. “If you really think I whored myself out before for fun, then how would this bother me at all?”

Luo Binghe glared at her, the first openly irritated expression he’d given her thus far. “You’ll find that this is different, shizun. You’ll be gagging for me by the end of this night. You’ll want to stay with me.”

Oh, he was trying so hard to justify his own ridiculous logic. He thought of her as a whore, then expected her to cry daintily, broken like a flower’s stem snapped in two, as he fucked her?

If only he was smart enough to realize the obvious flaw in that.

His first mistake had been thinking that Shen Qingqiu had always been as naturally skilled, as naturally as elegant as she had been during her time as his shizun. When in reality, he had no idea the amount of blood and sweat she’d shed to get to that point.

He thought she was so used to being his untouchable shizun that she would be lost without it. That without her cultivation and her pride, she was nothing. But beneath Shen Qingqiu was still Shen Jiu, and she had gone through being broken before for the sake of revenge. The second time would be even easier.

“You want me to beg?” she asked, not giving him a chance to reply. She clenched down on those two thick fingers in her, tilting her head back, baring her neck. “Fuck me, Luo Binghe. Fuck me with your huge cock. Prove it to me that you can do what you say you will.”

All she had to do was get him to believe she wanted him out of her own will. Give him a taste of what it felt like to have his shizun’s wholehearted attention, keep him hooked on it like a drug. She already knew he couldn’t see through her if she played her cards right. And then it was just a matter of time.

Luo Binghe, to his credit, looked confused, but only for a moment. His face was calm in the sort of way where it showed he was forcing it to be.

A third finger joined the other two in her. Her slick was so abundant that it only stung a little.

He spread his fingers wide, stretching her insides to their very limits, and yet she knew it still wouldn’t be as big as his cock.

“This is this master’s first time doing it in this hole,” she said truthfully, only because she knew he wouldn’t believe her. Or he would, just a little, and confuse himself, trying to place together this new piece of information. Like a child with a puzzle.

“Stop fucking around, shizun. Your body is too honest for me to believe your lies,” Luo Binghe said plainly. His fingers shifted inside of her aimlessly, rubbing at her walls, pulling slick straight out of her cunt. His entire hand was dripping with it.

“This master hasn’t lied to you at all tonight.” She smiled. It would have looked perfect on her if she had her traditional fan. It was the same one she gave as she poured tea down Luo Binghe’s front, or whipped him in front of his fellow disciples.

Luo Binghe had the audacity to roll his eyes at that. He propped her up against the wall, guiding her legs around his hips, and she pressed her back to the cool brick, bracing herself.

As he guided his cock into her hole, she imagined the face he’d make when he realized his sweet, broken, slutty shizun had been a wolf stalking its prey the entire time. And Luo Binghe, despite being so much larger and stronger than her now, was the same pathetic sheep he’d always been.

Something warm and lighter than slick ran down her thigh, and she was sure that it was blood even without looking at it. He fed her his cock bit by bit, and it seemed to never end until it was hitting a wall inside of her and his balls were finally flushed against her ass.

Luo Binghe blinked a few times, watching her as she watched back.

“Is it good?” she cooed.

With a sharp roll of his hips, he pulled out so that he could shove his entire cock back in. She groaned, head hitting the wall; her head was already so hazy that she barely felt it.

“Shizun shouldn’t patronize me,” he said, gripping her hips so tightly she was sure she’d be bleeding there too by the end of it. “This disciple doesn’t have that much patience. Shizun never taught me that particular skill.”

“It was only a question—nnng!!” she said, but her sentence ended on a sharp gasp as he angled his cock to fill her more, better.

Luo Binghe grinned at that, and because she couldn’t wrap her arms around his shoulders, she tightened on his cock instead.

So what if she enjoyed it for real? It’d just make it more amusing later on when she killed him. Maybe she could do it while he fucked her, watch him bleed out underneath her as she rode his cock.

He was probably monstrous enough that he would cum inside her as he died. The whole scenario had her turned on just thinking about it.

“Shizun doesn’t need to hide her pleasure with those taunts anymore,” Luo Binghe growled against her ear. “I can feel your cunt squeezing around my cock.”

“Mmmnn,” she moaned, eyes half-lidded. She only had them open because she wanted to see Luo Binghe’s expression as he thought he won. Like he had engraved the image of her covered in his cum into his memory—she was doing the same for his smug, concentrated face right now.

“Such a fucking—“ Luo Binghe began to hammer into her, cutting himself off. Every thrust had her back scrape against the wall, the force of it moving her by itself. The loud slap of his balls to her ass was drowned out by their panting.

“Nn, ah, ah,” she gasped, unable to keep her eyes open as he spread her legs wider. He had to be hitting her stomach, he was in so deep—nothing had ever been so deep in her, not her fingers or anything else.

The whole thing was like pure bliss, injected straight into her veins. The pleasure of her cock filling her up along with the knowledge that he was fucking her then, likely mulling to himself about how he thought he had stripped his shizun bare, was exhilerating.

He wanted her to only think about his cock—she was, but mostly still just about how good it’d feel to sit on it as he bled out.

“Beast,” she moaned. Her tits were bouncing, almost right in front of his face as he lifted her up and down his cock, and she shoved her chest towards him. “Come on, do—ah, do your job as my husband,” she said.

If he was surprised by her words, he didn’t show it. He buried his face into her tits, making strange, animalistic noises as he did so, biting and tugging at the skin with his teeth indiscriminately.

Did he think she was a piece of meat? She kicked him on his lower back.

His cock twitched within her, and she held back another laugh. So he liked that sort of pain too, then?

They were really so similar. The fact he didn’t see it astounded her.

“Do it properly,” she said. “You were doing so well with them before, stop with that weird growling.”

Luo Binghe looked at her and said, his own voice just as raspy as hers now, “Shizun.”

To her amusement, he listened to her, and when he took her nipple into his mouth again, it was with the same gentleness as before. Not gentle by the regular definition, but gentle for him.

His teeth purposefully scraped along her nipple rather than simply for the sake of it. As if concentrated on his sucking and licking, his hips began to slow, the harsh pounding he had been giving her ebbing into something less hasty.

“Oh,” she moaned as he played with her other nipple. Her huge tits were finally useful for something, if not just because he seemed totally entranced by them. “Good boy,” she purred.

That was most definitely the first time she had ever called Luo Binghe good. He stilled for a second and lifted his head, a trail of spit leading from his lips to her tits.

“Ah—shizun likes this disciple’s cock? Is my mouth pleasing you, shizun?”

“Yes,” she said, meeting his thrusts halfway. Her whole body was simmering, like she was in the sun and not underground in complete darkness. “It’s—yes, don’t stop.” She shifted around a bit, urging him to keep going.

While his hand playing with her tits was rough and she was bleeding from numerous cuts all over, not to mention her cunt, still—he was careful to do as she asked, plucking at her nipples like they were the string of a guqin. Just like how she’d liked it.

She wished she had her arms free so she could push him down and sit on his lap. Shove his face into her tits and hold him there while she kept control of the pace; though she didn’t mind the steady and deep thrusts he was giving her, she liked the faster ones more.

Baby steps, she thought. She’d train him to give her what she wanted while he thought he was training her.

“Shizun,” Luo Binghe groaned deeply. His eyes were closed and the hot breath of him saying her title came out over her tits, oversensitive and still aching for more. “I knew shizun would be so good like this. So good.”

“Mmhm…” Shen Qingqiu squirmed lightly. “Put us on the floor so you can go faster,” she said.

Something about that (her tone? the order?) made him moan, and his cock slipped out of her briefly as he moved her back to the ground. Her hole felt impossibly stretched even without the presence of his cock in her, and with how strung tightly she was from arousal, she missed it immediately.

Once her back hit the ground, he shoved back into her, not wasting a moment. He lifted one of her legs onto his shoulder and the other around his hips.

Her spread pussy was fully on display to both of them; she looked down and watched as his cock eased in and out of her. It shouldn’t fit, but like he had fucked her throat earlier, it somehow did.

She could even see the outline of it rippling in her stomach; him too big and her too slight from a lack of nutrition recently. The sight had her whimpering. The noise made Luo Binghe look to the same place she was, and he splayed his palm over that spot.

His cock was seeping so much of that murky, hot liquid into her now that she knew he had to be close.

After taking in a moment to simply stare at his cock bulging her stomach, he began to thrust into her at a breakneck speed. She had no chance to breathe consciously as he fucked her; every push of his fat cock filled her to the brim, forcing her breath out of her in loud moans and whines.

“Haa, aah, ah,” she gasped for air. Her fingers dug into the dirt into a pitiful attempt to brace herself against the power of his movements. “Nng…!”

She didn’t try and stop the noises anymore. There wasn’t really any reason to—and she’d probably have broken her jaw, trying to keep them in, with how many Luo Binghe was forcing out of her.

“Shizun is so greedy, sucking me in so deep,” Luo Binghe said. He kissed up her body, beginning from her stomach and pausing at her tits before stopping again at her neck. “Shizun, isn’t it so much—so much better like this?”

“Yes,” Shen Qingqiu moaned, truthfully, because being fucked well and then fed was most certainly better than starving. What kind of a question was that? But she knew what he wanted to hear, so she allowed herself to speak words she wouldn’t have spoken otherwise unless tortured to: “Binghe fills this master up so well, mmnn, so full—“ she tilted her neck to the side and he took the chance to dig his teeth into the sensitive skin there. She was getting close too, spurting slick everywhere, and every brush of her cock inside of her and his teeth on her had her thinking she was about to come. “Maybe you are talented at something after all.”

“This disciple can be good at many things,” Luo Binghe said roughly, drawing his tongue along her jaw, dangerously close to her mouth. “Shizun just never gave me the chance to show her.”

Was she supposed to feel sad for him? It wasn’t her fault he was a terrible disciple.

But she said, instead of a snide remark, “then show me.”

She was his shizun, if her untalented and worthless disciple had picked up some talents while he was away, however base they were, he should prove it to her.

He captured her lips in his and she whimpered, unable to fight the press of his tongue into her mouth. She had only kissed a few times before—and not since she was a kid—but it was still sloppier than anything she’d experienced.

He was ravenous, licking all around inside of her mouth, sucking on her tongue with his own.

She shook with the pleasure of all of it; the numbing ache of her tits after being abused for so long; her cunt, being filled continually with his cock, without a moment of pause; and now him shoving his tongue into her throat, where he had fucked earlier.

“Mmnngg, hnng,” all of her noises were swallowed by Luo Binghe’s mouth.

“Shizun,” Luo Binghe gasped. He pulled on her hair, keeping her body and mouth flush against his. “Come for me. Come on my cock. Your disciple’s cock.”

“Yes, yes—ahh!” Her body thrashed as she came, overtaken by the pleasure which washed through her. Burning hot liquid squirted out of her, splashing them both. Like a dam opening up, once she started, it felt like it would never end.

He didn’t stop fucking her through her orgasm and her eyes rolled back into her head. He sucked on her tongue and kneaded her tits in his huge hands. Then his whole body tensed and he was coming too, at the same time as her, spilling inside of her for a second time.

“Shizun,” he moaned, and he sounded like the broken one. He thrust weakly as he rode out his orgasm, letting out a frankly ridiculous amount of cum into her, until he was finally done.

The amount of cum, both hers and his, which pooled around them, should’ve been disgusting. The texture was, but something about the amount of it—how hard she had came—had her cunt clenching down on his half-hard cock.

“Untie my hands,” she demanded. “Let me ride you.”

He was either stupid or blinded by his lust for her, because right after she spoke, the robes withholding her wrists dissipated into ash.

If she had a weapon nearby, even a single chopstick, he would be dead already. But she didn’t, so.

She waited for him to roll onto his back before she swung one leg over his and, gripping the base of her cock, pushed her cunt back down on it. It was rapidly hardening within her again, and she licked her lips as she looked down at him.

He almost looked awed. But not in a way that made her think he was suspicious of her, no; it was more like he was the one fucked out of his mind, not her.

“Shizun is so much better like this,” Luo Binghe murmured. He held onto her waist as she lifted herself up and down his straining cock.

Even though she was absolutely filthy, her hair a mess, blood everywhere—she was still stretched out onto him with her tits bouncing and her mouth letting out soft whines with every thrust. Just like how she knew he wanted it.

She hadn’t understood why he’d found her body so hot when it was objectively disgusting like this, but she sort of understood the appeal now. She didn’t find him attractive—the glowing demon mark made sure of that—and yet when he listened to her demands, eagerly threw himself into her pleasure, he was more handsome than even Yue Qingyuan.

“Haaaah,” she said in return, a little satisfied puff of air at a particularly good angle which had her legs trembling.

“We’ll get married, shizun, and then I’ll testify at your trial to allow you to spend your sentence with me, in my palace,” Luo Binghe said. “Shizun can stay with me. Really, shizun, I hate you more than anything, but—“

She planted one hand on her stomach to give herself more leverage to move her body faster. Her cunt was burning from the continued stretch but she needed more.

“If shizun is like this all the time, maybe we can find some common ground,” he continued to babble with a smug grin. “None of my other wives have bodies like shizun’s. One day, you can have my children and use these huge tits to feed them.”

“This master is—is amenable,” she agreed. Getting married would be good not only as proof of Luo Binghe’s hold over her but because it would give her the status and money to buy whatever she wanted. Even if Luo Binghe didn’t let her buy anything which could be blatantly used to hurt him—like a fan—she knew she could come up with something that he wouldn’t recognize as a tool for murder. “As long as you don’t keep speaking so crassly about your beloved wife’s body.”

She lifted her free hand to her lips and got her fingers sopping wet before she brought them to her clit and began to rub herself furiously. She’d gotten off without it once, but for some reason, being the one on top and getting herself off as he watched, babbling to himself, helpless in the face of her—

She wondered genuinely what he was thinking, seeing her expression then, openly wanton. She didn’t know what he was thinking about exactly, but she knew it was almost certainly wrong.

Because if it had been right, he wouldn’t have fucked her at all. He would have stormed off to Qiu Haitang to ask for answers and the truth that he didn’t have.

It didn’t take her long to come again like that, not when she was playing with herself and his gaze was smoldering her with its intensity. There wasn’t as much liquid this time, but there was enough to make the glide of his cock when he took her on her back again much smoother than the first time.

He came so many times in her that she thought she would definitely be pregnant, if her body was strong enough to carry his child. She hadn’t thought he’d be so enthusiastic about it, given that he hadn’t sired any heirs yet. It didn’t sound like he wanted her to have his kids now, but the amount of cum dripping out of her cunt said otherwise.

She thought it was probably because he gave all of his wives contraceptive tea the day after, which was perfectly fine with her—but the idea of pretending to be a caring mother to one of his hideous and demonic spawns, bonding with it and encouraging Luo Binghe to as well, was appealing as well. If they started now, the relationship would be substantially built up by the time she killed him, and it would inevitably hurt more. Just another notch to her list of ways she was going to completely and utterly destroy him one day.

She even let him fuck her throat again, and while she didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as her cunt, it was much better then than it had been hours ago, when Luo Binghe had first come to see her. She moaned loudly and on purpose whenever he grabbed her hair, and lapped up all of the cum which stuck to the spongy head of his cock.

They couldn’t keep going like this forever, of course. They’d have to stop eventually. While she was positive Luo Binghe had been bluffing earlier, he would have to feed and clothe her now. They were to be married. He couldn’t treat his future wife like a prisoner.

She laughed inside, imagining herself with the title of Luo Binghe’s wife. Shen Qingqiu, that woman—she used to be Luo Binghe’s shizun, now she’s his favoured wife. They hate each other, but he never leaves her.

It was a good thing that the only person she’d ever even thought of marrying before this had abandoned her, so she had no ties to anybody else. No one who would potentially screw up her plans.

His cock was good enough that she didn’t have to force herself to moan on it. There was little risk of him finding out she was faking anything, since he was so fixated on sex—and the sex was very real. There were things she’d like to work on, but they had time for it, and really, there wasn’t much for them to do until after the trial aside from fuck.

He’d barely touched her clit. That would have to change. She couldn’t do all the work herself; he was the disciple, he had to prove himself to her, not the other way around. And her tits, while most of what he did was good, the random biting had to stop. They were animals but they weren’t animals.

Funnily enough, this was probably the most teacherlike she’d been in his entire life.

They still had at least a month before the trial, and then however long until they got married. That was plenty enough time to get her fill of his body and fester whatever affection she could in his mind before she killed him. She knew she could easily monopolize his time until then—after all, he’d always been obsessed with her. Tonight just proved it.

Her sly smile was genuine when he came back with a set of white and blue robes and that demonic sword of his.

“Help me dress,” she said simply. It was unfortunate that he wouldn’t give her a fan, but she was practiced enough at looking graceful without one.

There was no crown with the robes. It wouldn’t have fitted into her hair right not anyway; she needed a bath desperately before she could even think about untangling it.

“Shizun, this lord asked the cooks to make your favourite sweets,” he said against the top of her head as he tied the robes around her waist. She could feel his cock against her ass, but she needed to eat before they went again. “After we eat, I’ll draw shizun a bath.”

“Mhm. And how do I know the food isn’t poisoned?” she asked.

“I’ll eat some too,” he said without missing a beat. “From now on, I’ll have dinner with shizun every night.”

“How lucky of me,” she said sarcastically.

Luo Binghe chuckled and spun her around. “You are, shizun. Oh, you have no idea how lucky you are.”

No, she knew. She knew that he had come here tonight taunting her and intending to rape her once, to demean her one single, horrifying time, before he left her to rot until her trial. He wanted her to cling to that memory for however long it took until she was able to leave this prison.

He likely thought this was so much better, having his shizun not pliant but willing in her own way to be beside him. It was better, but not for him.

“We’ll see,” she said simply.

(None of the servants blinked when they saw Shen Qingqiu’s state as she entered Luo Binghe’s private dining hall. None of them so much as looked at her for more than half a second.

The food was delicious and just to her tastes—there were no strange demonic ingredients inside. Luo Binghe diligently took the first bite from every tray to show her they weren’t poisoned. When she acted like she didn’t believe him, he made a servant nearby eat it as well.

The bath was adequate, a bit too cold compared to what she would normally take, but the sex after was blissful.

She even got him to lick at her cunt briefly. Just the taste of what it felt like to have him on his knees for her made her pleasure more honest.

None of this was enough to make her revenge any less desperate. And his pillow talk needed work, as he rambled on about how much he hated her. But it was fine for now.

She could get used to this for a while.

And then when she got bored, she would strike and claim her spot over him again.)