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keeping up appearances

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Keeping up Appearances








Most mornings, Kaoru is woken by the soft trill of bells and Carla stating the date, time, and weather. It eases him into consciousness without the headache of startling music or honking sounds fit to burst his eardrums in the early hours of a work morning. It is also his mistake for spending the night at the one place he is guaranteed to be woken in that exact manner.

The shrill music is muffled, but still annoying enough to ruffle his feathers.

He grunts and wiggles under the heavy arm draped across his lower back, “Jo.”

That earns him a muffled snore and a squeeze to his middle.

Kaoru lifts his face from where it was smashed into a pillow, “ Kojiro. ” He turns to stare at the lump of muscle and ego through a tangled mess of pink hair, “Your alarm.”

The tan flesh of Kojiro’s back flexes as he grunts and shifts, but he makes no move to get out of the bed, “You turn it off.”

“It’s your phone.” Kaoru hisses.

A hand flaps playfully in the direction of the bedside table, “Can’t reach.”

“Idiot.” He shoves his hair out of his face and squints across the bed. The world is fuzzy after sleeping in his contacts, but still clear enough to see no trace of Kojiro’s phone on the dark wooden table beside the bed, “It’s not there.”

“Pants.” Kojiro uses the arm across his back to tug him closer, nose grazing the flesh of Kaoru’s bicep. He hums and mouths a wet kiss in its wake.

The annoying pop song continues its merry tune as Kaoru tries valiantly to ignore the flutter in his belly. He stares down at Kojiro’s relaxed features, eyes still closed and bright hair far less of a mess than Kaoru’s long locks. The lucky bastard. Not a care in the world that they both have work in a few hours. Just content to laze around in bed.

Kaoru is not immune to the idea.

But he wants another shower. He has three appointments today and an upgrade to bestow upon Carla.

One brown eye pops open and a smirk plays across Kojiro’s lips, “I can feel your judgy face even with my eyes closed.”

Kaoru sniffs irritably, “I don’t have a judgy face.”

“Yeah you do.” He rolls over enough to put his massive chest in Karou’s line of sight, but not enough to let go of the hold he has on his waist.

“You must be mistaken.” Kaoru drags his eyes away from the bright purple mark at the base of his throat, “This is how I always look at you.”

“Ouch.” He’s still grinning like he’s won a prize.

The phone starts up another rendition of Lady Gaga's ‘applause’ from somewhere on the floor of the bedroom. Kaoru scowls down at him until he lets out a short snicker and rolls off the bed in the direction of the noise. Once the sound flickers off, Kaoru nuzzles back down into the pillow, content to get one more blissful hour of sleep before needing to face the day.

He doesn’t get two seconds into it when the blanket is ripped off and wide, warm palms begin a slow glide from his ankles to his hips. His belly quivers as an equally hot mouth presses a kiss to the back of his right thigh, where a scar from an old skating accident has faded into the skin. The urge to spread his legs is overwhelming, but he fights it. Even as those capable hands frame his hips, thumbs digging into his ass cheeks and spreading them just enough to put him on display.

“Mmmm.” Kojiro murmurs, “Sore?” His right thumb grazes Kaoru’s still slick hole and he can feel it clench with anticipation against his will.

“I don’t have any more time to indulge you.” Kaoru huffs, but he makes no move to get up.

A low rumble of a laugh, a sharp bite to his right cheek that makes him hiss and tense, “Is that so?”

“It is.” Kaoru doesn’t even sound convincing to his own ears.

He buries his face in the pillow, fingers creasing the edges as a hot, wet tongue flicks against his hole. The whimper escapes before he can stop it, muffled by fabric, but still loud. And judging by the growl he receives in reply - Kojiro definitely heard it.

It’s the same old song he always sings.

I don’t have time for you.

This has run its course.

But they’ve been in one another's orbits for so long now, Kojiro has no problem reading between the lines. He seems to instinctively know when Kaoru is at his limit. For all his boisterous boasting and flirty over-confidence, he is equally as intelligent.



All things Kaoru has never felt deserving of, given their history.

He barely feels deserving of the utter reverence in each kiss pressed against his spine. Nor the dreamy sighs that puff against the swell of his ass that sends goosebumps along his arms. Kojiro sucks and bites and licks Kaoru into a writhing mess in the man's already tangled sheets. 

The click of a bottle cap and a gentle flex of fingers around his upper thigh is all the warning he gets before he’s being stretched open. He’s still sore from their frantic rutting last night, but the overwhelming fullness of Kojiro’s fingers is more than enough to chase that feeling away. He clenches tighter around the pillow under his head, squeezing his eyes shut and fighting against the moan caught at the base of his throat.

Kojiro twists his palm around until it’s angled just right.

Kaoru gasps, the taste of fabric invading his mouth, legs spreading to accommodate the pleasure. His cock is throbbing between his belly and the bedsheets. It’s slick with precum and demanding attention. 

He ignores it. He’s burning too bright. His head is filled with too many thoughts. All of them involving the man rutting into him with his hand.

“Are you going to actually do anything?” Kaoru snaps, but his voice is rough with desire, damnit.

“So impatient.” There’s an infuriating grin in Kojiro’s tone, but the fingers slide out.

Kaoru hates how he misses that fullness already.

But the loss is worth the reward of an entirely different kind of fullness. One that never fails to leave him just short of breathless as he pulls at the pillowcase with his teeth to stop the moan from breaking free.

Kojiro’s hands clench around his hips as he sinks inside, thumbs holding his cheeks apart. Kaoru doesn’t need to see his face to picture it. He’s seen it more times than he’ll ever admit. Those golden eyes half-lidded, bottom lip caught in his teeth as he watches every inch of his stupidly thick cock slide in. And once he’s there?

One of his hands will remain tight to Kaoru’s hip, holding him steady as he starts a slow, excruciating rhythm. The other will smooth up the arched dip of his back, fingers tangling in the mess of Kaoru’s hair and twisting it into a fist. Loose enough not to be painful and tight enough to yank Kaoru’s face free of the pillow, where he can no longer muffle how it makes him feel.

Just how he likes it.

Kaoru braces himself on his elbows, muscles burning, scalp tingling. His cock stays caught against the bed, sensitive and straining, howling for release as Kojiro’s thrusts rock it back and forth. He digs his nails into the bed, trying to find purchase against each wave of pleasure that rolls up his spine. Kojiro’s thrusts are confident and precise. He finds Kaoru’s prostate and abuses it to the point of pain.

It’s mind numbing, disgustingly messy, and everything Kaoru’s needed for weeks. His body sings with every movement and his vision is blurry with tears, but he won’t show it. He won’t turn his face, even when Kojiro leans forward to nuzzle his ear. No matter how satisfying a kiss would be. No matter how good Kojiro is with his mouth.

“Don’t play hard to get now.” Kojiro murmurs, nipping at his ear lobe.

“Shut up and fuck me.” Kaoru snaps.

He doesn’t want soft right now. He doesn’t want to be soft ever. Soft gets him in trouble.

Soft is how he got his heart broken the last time.

Kaoru can’t afford to be soft with a man again.

No matter how his heart protests.

Kojiro hums against his cheek, hips grinding forward and sinking his cock so deep Kaoru can almost taste it, “Your words tell me I’m not doing a good enough job.” The hand holding Kaoru’s hip slides down around to his belly, where his cock is embarrassingly slick and soaking the sheets. Kojiro groans into his shoulder, “But you’re so wet .”

Kaoru grinds his teeth together, “Shut up.

Kojiro’s fingers dig into the V of his hip, “You going to come on my cock, Kaoru?”

Kaoru shakes his head, but his hair is still tangled in Kojiro’s other hand and it stings. It sends a frisson of pleasure to pool between his legs and he realizes that he is going to come without touching himself.

He won’t allow it.

He moves to brace his upper body on one arm as he frantically tries to get the other to his cock before he gives Kojiro’s ego an even bigger boost.

Kojiro doesn’t give him a chance.

He shoves forward with a snarl, hitting Kaoru’s prostate so hard his vision goes twinkle twinkle. Kaoru shouts, chest hitting the bed as his arm gives out. Each thrust drags him across the surface of the sheets. The whole bed shakes, the headboard smacking against the wall. 

He’s so close that the burn is painful .

“Is it good now ?” Kojiro slams into him over and over, he doesn’t even sound winded, “It feel good for you, doll?”

Kaoru snarls and twists his head around, eyes burning, “I am not one of your little girlfriends.”

“No.” Kojiro leans forward again, yanking his head back with a painful jerk and taking his mouth in a feverish and messy kiss, “You’re better. Now come for me.”

And Kaoru does.

He shouts around the tongue in his mouth, his hips jerking into the bed as he smears the sheets with cum. The hand in his hair twists tighter to hold him steady as he rides through it with panting breath and whimpers he’ll be ashamed of later.

“Kaoru.” Kojiro croaks, shoving inside deep as he can go while he groans and sucks at Kaoru’s mouth.

They don’t move for several minutes, chests heaving and trading tiny, breathless kisses. Kaoru wants nothing more than to collapse back into slumber. He could sleep for a week now if he wanted to.

Instead, lady gaga once again ruins the moment.

Kojiro huffs a laugh into one last kiss before levering up to pull out. His hands are gentle as they part his cheeks once more, thumb pushing the leaking cum back inside.

“Can I plug you?” His voice purrs.

“Have you lost your mind? We have work and S tonight!”

Kojiro kisses as his abused ass cheeks, “Please? You’ll stay slick and full of me for hours. I can fuck you again before S and you can skate like that till we come home.” His teeth sink in with a shuddery groan - the horn dog, “You are coming back here tonight, aren’t you?”

Kaoru wants to say no. 

No. No. No. Enough of this.

Instead, he spreads his legs.





S is bustling with laughter and shouting as usual. The mixture of anticipation for the night's beefs and the possibility of Adam showing his face again seems to have everyone in high spirits. It’s annoying, but unavoidable.

Kaoru instructs Carla to begin recording the evening races. There’s no telling what Adam has up his sleeve in the coming weeks and he wants to be prepared for anything.

He drags his gaze unwillingly to where Kojiro is talking to Reiki and Langa, skateboard held under a bare bicep. The moron didn’t bother wearing a shirt like Kaoru asked him to. So, there’s no doubt that the reason Langa is blushing four shades of red and Reiki is trying valiantly to meet Kojiro’s eyes is because the hickey Kaoru gave him is on display.

For everyone to see.

Kaoru grits his teeth. Idiot.

He returns to Carla.

“I saw them! I swear!” A group of girls wander near Kaoru, voices somehow pitched and hushed at the same time.

“Oh pulease. Joe wouldn’t commit to just one woman.” Another hisses with an eye roll, “You know how he is.”

“I thought he was in a bit of a dry spell.” Yet another pipes in, “The whole beef competition with Adam seems to be distracting him. He hardly even flirts. I tried to get him to take me home but he said no.” She sighs sadly.

“Well, I definitely saw him kissing some girl behind the rocks earlier. It was dark, but I’d know Joe’s physique anywhere.” The first one boasts.

“I wonder who it was?” The third one asks.

“She had long hair. He was playing with it. OH! And she was really tall, too.” They continue walking past him, “Though I don’t really know any super tall girls around here.”

“Maybe he does have a secret girlfriend!”

“Ugh. Bummer for us, I guess.”

They all walk away, still gossiping away like they’re not surrounded by people capable of spreading rumors like a plague.

“We could always just tell them.” Kojiro leans against his shoulder, arms crossed over his massive chest.

Kaoru scoffs, “Absolutely not. I have a reputation. I can not be seen cavorting with some - some gorilla of a man.”

“Guess we should keep up appearances,” Kojiro’s laugh is low, body big and warm against Kaoru’s side. Reminding him that he’s going to have all of that to himself in a few hours. Alone. In Kojiro’s tiny apartment above the restaurant. 

Where the outside world can’t touch them.