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ain't no beauty queens in this locality

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It takes extra energy to recover from an injury. Kojiro is sure he read that somewhere. And Kaoru's pain meds are apparently making him feel nauseated, so Kojiro is putting extra effort into making nourishing, appetizing dishes for Kaoru.

It's a totally normal thing to do for a rival. They can't skate together until Kaoru heals, and Kojiro likes racing against Kaoru. Purely selfish motivations.

Actually, it turns out to be a lot of fun - Kojiro gets to use techniques he hasn't tried since culinary school. He digs out recipes from years ago, and orders some fun ingredients to play with.

Suffice to say Kojiro is surprised when, after several weeks of Kaoru eating his food with every appearance of enjoyment, Kaoru stomps into Sia la Luce and greets him with "Stop trying to fatten me up, asshole."

Kojiro looks up from stirring the (full fat) cream sauce he's making for tonight's fettuccine alfredo. The restaurant is closed today and Kaoru finally got his cast off, so he invited him over for a celebratory dinner. "What are you talking about?"

Kaoru huffs and folds his arms. "You're lucky I wear traditional clothing so often. I can't fit into any of my jeans right now."

Kojiro blinks, and his gaze drops to the obi at Kaoru's waist -

- which is wrapped lower than usual, just below a small curve of belly that was definitely not there before.

It must be hot in the kitchen. Kojiro's feeling flushed and warm.

"Aw, it's so sweet that you think my cooking is irresistible", Kojiro says, and Kaoru of course bristles and snaps that he said no such thing.

After trading their typical number of insults while he cooks, Kojiro plates the fettuccine and sets it in front of Kaoru at his usual seat at the bar. Kojiro steps into the back to get a bottle of wine (they're celebrating Kaoru's recovery, after all). He comes back into the dining area and looks up from the bottle he's picked -

- and nearly drops the wineglasses.

Kaoru is sitting sideways on the high-backed chair, turned mostly away from Kojiro and tapping at his phone. Kaoru from the back is a familiar sight from all their years of knowing each other, usually all slim angles - but not right now.

Kaoru's body is currently plush and soft and curving. His kimono pulls tightly over his newly round ass, and clings along one solid thigh. Kojiro's mouth is dry and he's lost the ability to think. The desire to touch hits him like a bolt of lightning, paralyzing - he wants to run his hands over Kaoru's thighs, press his face against them.

Kojiro forces himself back into motion, brings the wine over, pours two glasses, sits down.

"I thought you were joking about, uh, gaining weight." He stares at the side of Kaoru's face while Kaoru eats and wonders if he's imagining the line of Kaoru's jaw being just a bit softer, too.

Kaoru looks up at him, expression a blend of puzzlement and disbelief. "I haven't been able to walk unassisted for six weeks, much less skate. And you keep feeding me recipes that call for half a kilo of butter." He glares at Kojiro over the tops of his glasses. "You can't pretend to be surprised."

Kojiro groans and buries his head in his hands. "Guess I'm stupider than you think." He's always known objectively that Kaoru is beautiful, but this is the first time he's looked at the other man and wanted to touch.

Cutlery clinks on a plate, and the sound of chewing drifts over. "You're distressed," Kaoru says thoughtfully. There's a clink as he sets down his fork, and the faint ring of the wineglass being lifted.

Kojiro barks out a laugh. "Nah, just - disoriented I guess." He lifts his head and takes another drink of wine, trying to distract himself with normal 'dinner with Kaoru' things. Things other than ogling his friend - who only recently got out of the hospital, stop being awful.

Kojiro probably hasn't noticed the change because of Kaoru wearing kimonos almost exclusively since his injury. It's not obvious when Kaoru's standing, the drape of cloth falling into smooth vertical lines - but when he's sitting, like now, it's clear that the lower curve of his stomach spills over to meet the top of his thigh. Fabric pulls tight over Kaoru's lap, instead of falling in loose folds like usual.

"And you're re-orienting yourself by staring at my crotch", Kaoru remarks blandly.

"What -" Kojiro's head snaps up. He realizes abruptly that he's started to get hard - one hand drops towards his lap before he thinks better of calling attention to his dick by putting his hand too obviously in front of it.

It's no good - Kaoru's gaze flicks up to Kojiro's flushed face, and then down. His eyebrows rise above the frames of his glasses. Kojiro looks away, burning with humiliation - usually he manages to actually flirt with someone when he's attracted to them, instead of just staring and popping a boner like a creep.

Kaoru's chair scrapes against the floor as he stands, drains his wine, and sets the glass back on the counter.

"Fine. Take me upstairs", he says imperiously. He's silhouetted dramatically against the fading light outside the large street-facing windows.

"...So you can kill me without any witnesses?" asks Kojiro, confused. His mouth is dry with nerves - he was fully expecting Kaoru to be unforgivably offended, say something cutting, and leave.

Kaoru blinks, and looks annoyed and embarrassed. "Do you want to have sex, or am I presuming?"

Kojiro almost knocks over his own chair in his rush to reassure Kaoru just how enthusiastically the answer is 'yes', and then the trip upstairs is weirdly silent and awkward. But once they're in Kojiro's dim, cozy bedroom, he steps close and kisses Kaoru, and it's suddenly easy.

Kojiro pulls Kaoru closer, so they're touching from chest to knees and Kaoru fills his arms, warm and living and soft. The faint astringent smell of a wooden chest clings to his kimono, and there's a sweet clean scent wafting from his hair.

They get in each other's way trying to undress, and Kojiro chuckles against Kaoru's mouth before stepping back. He starts unbuttoning his chef's whites, and Kaoru unties his obi and places it neatly on top of Kojiro's dresser before starting on his next layer.

Kojiro looks up from kicking off his trousers as Kaoru slips out of the last of his clothes. Kaoru looks uncertain for the first time tonight, and Kojiro realizes no one else has seen Kaoru naked while his body's like this. When Kojiro outgrew his first shirt after he started lifting weights, it was weird - he felt impossibly big all of a sudden, distorted and gross and huge.

Actions have always been more reliable for Kojiro than words; he steps forward and drops to his knees in front of Kaoru. Reaching out, he slides his hands slowly up Kaoru's legs - faint tickle of hair, smooth skin, soft warm flesh when he wraps his hands as far as they'll go around Kaoru's thighs and squeezes gently.

"Mmm", breathes Kaoru, and then "Ah!" when Kojiro's self control crumples and he puts his mouth on Kaoru's flushed, hard cock. Kojiro's hands slide further up to Kaoru's ass and his palms are filled with warm yielding flesh. His fingertips dig in when he squeezes, and Kojiro moans around Kaoru's dick.

It's glorious - Kojiro's mouth is full of cock, he's gripping Kaoru's beautifully soft ass, his forearms are pressed full-length against Kaoru's smooth thighs. He can't help rocking his hips, even though his bare dick is just out in the air, with nothing to grind against - Kojiro's so turned on even the flex of muscles in his groin is enough to feel good.

"Kojiro", Kaoru breathes above him. One hand brushes against Kojiro's head, just gently threading fingers through his hair and resting against his skull. Kojiro moans encouragingly and stretches his jaw wider, pushes forward to get Kaoru's cock deeper.

There's several wonderful moments where Kojiro loses himself in sucking Kaoru's cock and kneading his plush ass, luxuriating in all the warm skin under his hands. Listening to Kaoru making breathy, eager noises above him, Kojiro feels like he could do this for hours. His jaw's starting to feel sore, the floor is hard and bruising under his knees, but neither of those are important when he's surrounded and filled by Kaoru like this.

Well before hours have gone by, Kaoru pulls him off his dick by the hair. "I have a request", says Kaoru, voice deeper and hoarser than usual.

"Unh", Kojiro manages. The hand in his hair is pulling just hard enough to be distracting. Kojiros's feeling overheated and incredibly turned on - he can feel his pulse in his dick, in his lips.

"Will you fuck me?"

Entirely involuntarily, Kojiro whimpers and his hips buck hard - his dick swings up and slaps against his abs, leaving a smear of precome behind. He's embarrassed to realize that he can smell his arousal.

"Tell me how much you want it," Kaoru says above him, low and firm, and Kojiro groans and presses his face against Kaoru's thigh, smooth and soft against his flushed cheeks.

"Kaoru, please -" He cuts himself off when Kaoru grips his hair harder and tugs his head back up to face him.

Pink locks fall around Kaoru's flushed face as he looks down at Kojiro kneeling at his feet. Kaoru's pupils are blown wide, eyes dark and heated. "I love hearing you beg", he says softly, like he's talking to himself, before releasing Kojiro's hair and stepping back. "Presumably you have supplies?"

Kojiro rummages through drawers for lube and a condom while Kaoru carefully puts his glasses on the nightstand and lays down on the dark blue bedsheets. His hair is coming loose of its ponytail and surrounds him on the pillow. Kojiro's reminded of most of the classical art he saw when he was in Italy - plump pale bodies spilling across a bed, naked and dishevelled and gorgeous.

Before he gets too lost in admiring all that smooth skin, Kojiro climbs onto the bed after him and crawls over, braced above Kaoru on his elbows.

"Hi," says Kojiro softly. Kaoru rolls his eyes, and hooks one arm around his neck to pull him down for a kiss. He still tastes faintly of cheese and wine from dinner when his tongue swipes over Kojiro's bottom lip.

Without breaking the kiss, Kojiro reaches for the lube (he once spent an entire afternoon practicing getting lube one-handed, which felt stupid at the time but has served him very well). Careful and gentle, Kojiro tucks his fingers into the hot crevice between Kaoru's cheeks and rubs lube into furled skin until he can press two fingertips in.

Kaoru wraps a solid leg around Kojiro's ribs and grinds back against his hand, moaning into Kojiro's mouth. Kojiro thrusts in counterpoint, feeling hot, tight flesh start to soften around his fingertips - his fingers suddenly slide deeper and Kaoru gasps, body jolting against his, hands clutching at his shoulders.

"That's good, I'm ready", Kaoru says breathlessly. He pushes at Kojiro's shoulder. "Lie down, I want to be on top."

Kojiro is happy to go wherever Kaoru wants him. "Sure", he says, and rolls over to the side. While Kaoru is pushing himself upright, Kojiro retrieves the condom, rolls it on, applies lube. Even that faint touch is torturous - he's hot and throbbing, the soft glide of his own hand overwhelmingly good even through the condom. He hopes Kaoru isn't expecting a long slow fucking.

There's a touch to his thigh. Kaoru's kneeling by his hip, and has taken a moment to put his hair back up into a ponytail like he does when he's skating.

He wants it out of the way, observes the one part of Kojiro's brain that isn't urgently cataloguing the sleek curves of Kaoru's naked body. Kaoru must be planning to be active.

"I suspect you'll like this view", Kaoru says smugly, far too articulate for a guy who was being fingered a moment ago. He swings one leg over Kojiro to straddle him -

- but when he settles he's facing away, thick thighs folded around Kojiro's hips and fat ass resting on Kojiro's stomach.

"Fuck", Kojiro moans, and Kaoru makes a pleased, amused sound.

"That's the idea." He lifts, steadies Kojiro's cock with one hand, and sinks back down onto it. Kojiro watches his cock disappear between Kaoru's round cheeks, impossible slick heat surrounding him.

Kaoru's ass squishes against Kojiro's stomach when he's fully seated, the bottom curves pressing warm and soft against Kojiro's abs. He rocks forward, tightness dragging up the length of Kojiro's cock, and drops back down, gasping when Kojiro's cock plunges deeper into him.

Even though he wants to behave himself and lie still while Kaoru rides him, Kojiro's too overwhelmed and grinds up into Kaoru's ass as best he can. He can't tear his gaze away from Kaoru's full ass as his cock slides between those round cheeks, plunging into slick tight heat.

Kojiro can hear himself making little desperate noises, high and breathy, as he clings to Kaoru's hips and strains to push upwards in time with Kaoru's movements. He bends his knees and plants his feet on the bed to get leverage, entire body arching to fuck harder into Kaoru's ass.

Kaoru makes a surprised noise at having Kojiro's legs suddenly in front of him, but then leans forward to brace his arms on Kojiro's knees. His belly presses into the tops of Kojiro's thighs, and Kojiro moans at the feeling of even more soft warmth surrounding him.

"Put your knees together," Kaoru demands breathlessly, and Kojiro complies - and Kaoru's cock is squeezed between his tender inner thighs.

Kaoru pushes back into each thrust, and fucks Kojiro's thighs as he rocks forward. They're both moaning with each breath, bodies hot and slick where they come together. Sweat is gathering between Kojiro's pecs, at the backs of his knees, under his hands where they're gripping Kaoru's thighs.

Kaoru curses and clutches Kojiro's knees tighter as he clenches down on Kojiro's cock - which is enough to tip Kojiro over the edge. He arches back and comes hard into Kaoru's ass, just as Kaoru gasps sharply above him and there's a splash of wet heat against Kojiro's inner thighs.

Kojiro slumps down, all of the tension rushing out of his body, and his heels slip away from where he'd been bracing them.

Since Kaoru had been supporting himself on Kojiro's knees, he follows Kojiro's legs down to the bed with a yelp, collapsing forward.

"Shit - sorry!" Kojiro lifts his head to check if Kaoru is all right, but is immediately distracted.

When he was upright, Kaoru's full ass cheeks had been pressed together, and all Kojiro could see was his cock sliding between them. Bent forward, Kaoru's cheeks are parted, and Kojiro can see his pink rim, stretched wide around Kojiro's cock and shiny with lube.

Kojiro whimpers and helplessly grinds his cock up. He's oversensitive and the sensation is razor-bright, but he moves his hips again and again, every muscle straining, rocking in tiny urgent movements. His hands are fused to Kaoru's thighs, desperately pulling Kaoru down into each thrust. Breath catching in his throat, Kojiro can feel tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.

It doesn't build the same way, this time. Between one thrust and the next, every muscle in Kojiro's body tenses and he shudders through a surge of pleasure that has him sobbing out loud - just as suddenly, he collapses back to the bed, completely spent.

He's dimly aware of Kaoru moving - there's a stab of raw sensation as Kaoru pulls off his cock - and then a solid weight settles on the entire length of his torso as Kaoru lies down on top of him. Kaoru's back is cool against his sweaty chest, and the gentle weight of his head rests on one shoulder.

Kojiro wants to wrap an arm around Kaoru's waist, but he finds can't move any part of his body right now. His heart is pounding and he's panting for breath, he's wet and sticky absolutely everywhere, and he feels amazing.

"I've never made someone cry during sex before," remarks Kaoru. He sounds much more composed than Kojiro is.

"I've never come twice like that," Kojiro says - or tries to, his tongue feels thick and he's not sure his mouth is working properly.

Kaoru's body shakes with laughter where he's sprawled on top of Kojiro.

"So", says Kaoru, "Do you think you'd last longer if we did that again, or is my increased body fat too potent an aphrodisiac?"

Kojiro's initial urge is to protest that he'd lasted long enough, but for once his brain works a little faster than his mouth - he parses the implications and grins stupidly up at the ceiling. "You asking me out?"

Kaoru huffs. "I suppose we can try it, if you like."

"Hey, all this was your idea -" Kojiro objects to the implication that Kaoru would be doing him a favour.

"But if I get skinny again and you can't get it up, I'm breaking up with you."