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The first thing Cordelia registers is the outside light softly hitting her eyelids. Sleep continues to move through her body as she next registers her breathing. Keeping her eyes closed, she yawns. Slightly lifting her head, she realizes how warm she is. Her head hits something, a jaw. Finally, she blinks her eyes open, squinting as they adjust to the brightness. Drawing her head back, she looks up to see the one and only Misty Day. Brows furrowed, her eyes cast down to their bodies that are entangled, covered only by a light blanket. She inhales quickly as she realizes they’re naked. Memories flood back.

Cordelia’s been drinking. They all have. In a drunken haze, her and Misty are attached at the hip. They’re dancing. God, they’ve been dancing for so long, so close together. Her back is pressed against Misty’s front as music overwhelms the room. They’re swaying, hands interlocked. Cordelia turns her head to look back at the other witch’s face. 

“What,” Misty slurs, a grin adorning her mouth. Cordelia only hums before turning away again.

Misty huffs as she withdraws her hands from Cordelia’s grasp. They find their way onto Cordelia’s hips which pulls a small gasp from the woman, so faint that nobody except herself heard. Misty’s hands start to trail inwards, but Cordelia can’t bring herself to make her stop. She doesn’t want her to stop.

Instead, Cordelia places her own hands on top of Misty’s, encouraging their movement. 

“Hey! No fucking on the dance floor,” Queenie yells, and the rest of the girls erupt into giggles.

Misty is quick to respond, “We aren’t fucking!” She giggles a bit before leaning into Cordelia’s ear tightening her grip slightly. She whispers, “yet.” It’s quiet so only Cordelia can catch what she said. Cordelia feels her cheeks start to burn. 

Cordelia gasps again, but this time, it’s loud enough that Misty hears. She feels her grin against her ear, keeping her hands in their place on the tops of Cordelia’s thighs and hips. “Misty…” she whispers, only to have Misty ignore her and pull back. 

About an hour later, Zoe announces her exhaustion to which the rest of the girls find themselves agreeing. They scatter to their rooms, Madison and Zoe heading the same way, Cordelia notices. Misty’s affections haven’t stopped. They’re on opposite sides of the kitchen, still drunk out of their minds. Cordelia is haphazardly washing dishes because what else would she be doing while she’s drunk. 

“Dee,” she thinks she hears Misty say, but she’s not really sure to be completely honest. Soon, Misty appears at her side, extremely close. “Dee,” she tries again. Cordelia snaps her head up, meeting Misty’s eyes. Their faces are meer inches from one another. 

“Aren’t you tired?” Misty cocks her head to the side slightly, a playful smile at her lips. “Jesus, her lips,” Cordelia thinks. Cordelia fails to respond, pondering Misty’s words. Only when Misty raises her eyebrows and ducks her head to meet Cordelia’s eyes again does she respond.

“Oh, um, yes,” is the best that Cordelia comes up with.

“Don’t you think we should go to bed then?” Misty’s words are indicative. At last, Cordelia smiles, nodding her head lightly. “I think we should, yes.”

Misty takes the dishes from Cordelia’s hands, setting them back down in the sink recklessly before taking hold of them. She tugs her towards the staircase, leading them to Cordelia’s room. At some point along the way, Misty’s arm finds home at Cordelia’s waist, and all that Cordelia can think about is how hot she feels. All she can think about is Misty’s lips, Misty’s hands, Misty’s eyes. 

Once in the room, Misty closes the door loudly. For a second, they stand awkwardly in front of it. “Misty…” Cordelia almost whimpers. The way that Misty is looking at her is making her burn up. Making her go insane. As if a flip switched, Misty is harshly pressing Cordelia against the door. In response, Cordelia flat-out moans. Misty’s hands grasp at either side of her face, pulling it into her own. Their lips dance together. Close-mouthed kisses over and over until Cordelia can’t take it anymore. Cordelia pulls Misty as close as she can by her waist, eagerly biting at her bottom lip. Her tongue snakes its way out, pushing against Misty’s. Misty doesn’t miss a beat, urgently opening her mouth. Both witches moan among contact. After some time, God knows how long because Cordelia sure doesn’t, Misty disconnects their lips to start pressing hard kisses against her jaw. Cordelia brings one of her hands up to Misty’s hair, tugging. The moan that the action elicits causes Cordelia to push her thighs together.

Misty pulls away, dragging Cordelia towards the massive bed just a few feet away. She pushes her down against the mattress as she crawls on top of her. Her thighs are on either side of Cordelia’s hips as she resumes her impatient kisses on Cordelia’s neck. Cordelia’s hips jerk into Misty’s as she starts to graze her teeth against the sensitive areas of Cordelia’s neck. Her fingers find the hem of Cordelia’s blouse, running them across the soft skin that lies under it. At the same time, she begins to suck hard on Cordelia’s neck.

“Please,” Cordelia finds herself whispering. “Misty, please.” Responding to her desires, Misty tugs her blouse up, and Cordelia arches her back to assist in removing the piece of clothing. 

“Fuck,” Misty bites her lip, throwing the shirt over her shoulder. Her hands quickly find the clasp to Cordelia’s bra, taking it off immediately. Cordelia moans as she’s exposed to cold air that somehow feels so hot. 

Misty continues her kisses downward, nipping at Cordelia’s breasts which earns her a set of beautiful noises. Her hands then start to dance around the waistband of Cordelia’s pants, and Misty grins as she hears Cordelia’s breathing get heavier. She lifts her head back up to Cordelia’s face. “Tell me you want me.”

Cordelia is quick to respond. “I do. God, I do Misty. I need you.” At that, Misty reconnects their lips in a collision of passion. One of her hands slips into Cordelia’s pants, tracing the top of her underwear. Cordelia’s body responds before she can even process what’s happening, her hips bucking desperately into Misty’s touch. She moans loud and impatiently, out in the open. Misty withdraws her hand and continues her kisses down her stomach. She stops to suck an intense hickey into Cordelia’s stomach, right next to her belly button. She bites down, not lightly, but not super hard. Cordelia is becoming more and more desperate as her hands intertwine with Misty’s curls. Her kisses get lower, and lower, and lower…

Cordelia feels herself becoming aroused at the memory. Her face becomes hot and filled with embarrassment. What do they do now? What does Cordelia do now? There was no denying her attraction towards Misty, but she never intended on acting upon it. She reluctantly extracts herself from Misty’s grasp, sitting back on her heels. She stares at the other woman’s face. Misty looks so relaxed, so beautiful. She yearns for this to become normal, waking up next to Misty (preferably naked.) She shakes her head to erase the thoughts as she enters the bathroom to take a shower. 

Once she sees her reflection, she gets startled. Dark purple bruises cover her neck, her breasts, her stomach. They’re everywhere. Cordelia can feel her face getting warm again. She presses a finger to one of them, hissing lightly and biting her lip. She turns the shower on and tries to get ready as quickly as possible.


Cordelia’s in the kitchen with Madison and Zoe (she notices a familiar looking bruise on the side of Zoe’s neck but doesn’t comment on it) when Misty walks down, freshly showered in clean clothes. They make eye contact for a second before Cordelia quickly looks away, trying to avoid the conversation and awkwardness that they will inevitably have. 

She turns and busies herself looking at brought cabinets and poking at dishes in the sink. Cordelia can’t decipher whether there’s truly tension in the room or if it’s just her.

“Jesus Christ, what happened with you two? The tension in the room is so thick that I could cut it with a knife,” Madison snarkily says. Well fuck, Cordelia thinks. She freezes for a moment, not daring to turn around to face all of the others.

“Uh,-” Misty starts to stutter. “Holy shit!”

Cordelia’s head snaps up at Madison’s voice. “You guys fucked?” Cordelia gulps, unable to come up with an answer. Apparently, Misty isn’t able to either. “I knew it! There’s a hickey on Misty’s neck, and who knows where else!” Madison continues when nobody responds.

“Madi, don’t,” Zoe tries. “No! I knew it! I knew it was going to happen when they were basically dry humping in front of us last night!”

“Madison, that’s enough,” Cordelia finally turns, meeting Madison’s eyes but ignoring Misty’s. Madison’s eyes are playful, and it ignites anger within Cordelia. Zoe seems to notice.

“Madison, come on. Let’s leave them alone.” Madison turns her head to look at Zoe before smirking. “You’re right, Zoe. We should just let them fuck it out in the kitchen,” she remarks smugly before twisting on her heal and leaving the kitchen, hand-in-hand with Zoe. Before they leave the room, Zoe turns and mouths, “Sorry,” to which Cordelia just shakes her head.

Cordelia had healed all of her hickeys for this reason; she didn’t want to risk the students noticing. She hadn’t really thought about what Misty might do with her own.

Once they leave, the air is even more tense, and Misty still hasn't moved. Cordelia turns back around to continue pretending to do dishes that are already clean. Once she hears Misty start to walk, she inhales deeply. 

“We don’t have to talk about that,” she says in an attempt to eliminate some of the awkwardness. 

“I wasn’t going to,” Misty responds dryly. Well, that’s not the response Cordelia was hoping for at all. She listens to Misty go to the cabinet to get a bagel before walking out of the room, leaving Cordelia alone with her thoughts.

Did Misty really not care? At all? Not even enough to talk about it? She doesn’t know what she expected, but she was subconsciously hoping, deep in her heart, that Misty would want her again. Want her in more ways than just the one that they shared last night. 

Cordelia sighs, setting the dishes down harshly to go back up to her room to distract herself with paperwork.


When in her room, Cordelia finds herself less focused on the paperwork and more focused on waiting for Misty to knock on her door. When she doesn’t, even after hours, part of her sinks. She wants so badly to talk to Misty, to tell her everything, but she can’t help but to be scared. She’s already lost her once, and it was her fault. That can’t happen again.

She decides that the best thing to do is just forget it happened, but she can’t stop herself from making sure that Misty is on the same page.

She finds Misty in the greenhouse like she was sure she would. She knocks on the doorframe which causes Misty’s head to snap up in her direction. “I was wondering when you’d show up,” she smiles lightly, waving her over.

Cordelia smiles back on instinct, but she’s confused. Misty seemed upset at her earlier, in the kitchen. It seems that she’s already pretending like nothing happened. Whatever, makes my job easier, she thinks.

“Need help?” Cordelia asks as she walks over to the table that Misty is working on. “Of course not,” Misty looked at her, grinning again. “Just missed my buddy here.”

My buddy here,” rings in Cordelia’s head again. She doesn’t let the harsh feeling she gets in her stomach show. Whatever Misty wants is how it will be. That’s how it has always been, at least with Cordelia.

Cordelia picks up on whatever Misty is making, and they work in silence. Unlike earlier, it’s not awkward but comfortable. Cordelia finds herself waiting, yearning for Misty to say something about what happened, but she doesn’t.

Maybe she really doesn’t care? It wasn’t a big deal, really. They’re adults. They hooked up. Adults hook up. There doesn’t have to be more to it. She tries to not let her distress show, but she knows Misty well enough that she knows she can sense it. However, Misty still doesn’t say a word.

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It’s been two weeks. Two entire weeks since that one night that Cordelia can’t seem to stop thinking about. She knows that if Nan were here, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. The worst part is that neither of them have addressed it, and it’s driving Cordelia insane. She doesn’t regret it, not really. She regrets letting their combined avoidance of it go on for so long. She’s left wondering if Misty is filled with regret, embarrassment, nervousness. She just wants to know.  

They haven’t shared a bed since, not that that is necessarily unusual. It hadn’t been that way for almost a year when Misty started feeling normal again once she was returned from Hell. Naturally, Cordelia is up one night, forced awake by her never-ending thoughts about the other witch.

She rubs her eyes, sighing, before sitting up and turning the lamp on her bedside table on. She steadily walks through the hallways and down the stairs towards the kitchen. What she doesn’t expect to find is Misty, sitting on the couch holding a mug. Her eyes are red with lack of sleep as she stares back at Cordelia.

“What are you doing down here?” Cordelia’s voice is soft but there is an underlying annoyance that is unintentional. Misty doesn’t notice.

“Haven’t been able to sleep,” Misty replies, taking a sip from her mug. “I haven’t either,” Cordelia says.

Cordelia briefly wonders if her and Misty’s inability to fall asleep are due to the same reason. She tries not to dwell on it. 

“I was just going to get some tea to try and help,” Cordelia explains, moving to start to the kitchen again.

“Here, I can do that,” Misty starts to get up, hastily. “No, it’s fine. Really, Mist.” 

“I want to,” Misty is standing directly next to her now. “I just made some for myself.” 

Cordelia stays quiet as Misty takes the lead. She treads behind the younger woman wondering what she did to have this happen. Of course Misty would be downstairs right when Cordelia went to get tea in the middle of the night. Misty sniffles as she puts her mug down.

“Why aren’t you able to sleep?” Cordelia dares to ask. Her eyes are etched with concern as she watches Misty. Misty turns her head to make short eye contact before looking down. “I - It’s nothing to worry about, Delia.”

“Misty.” Cordelia says in a delicate voice. Misty pulls her head up to meet her eyes again. Cordelia promises, “It’s my job to make sure all of the girls are healthy and doing okay. You can tell me what’s wrong.”

Cordelia is sure that Misty’s reason for staying awake is not because of their situation. She can see it in her eyes. Misty bites her lip for a second, wondering if she should answer. 

In a barely there voice, Misty explains, “I’ve been having nightmares again.” She looks so exhausted and so sad that it makes Cordelia’s heart clench. “For how long?”

“About a week,” Misty pulls her eyes away from Cordelia, set on starting to make tea for her. Cordelia moves to stop her.

“Hey, I don’t need that,” she pushes Misty’s hands down, taking the pot away from her hands and placing it back down into the sink. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Misty is having trouble looking into her eyes, Cordelia notices. Misty just shakes her head, “I should know how to deal with it by now. I didn’t want to worry you again, you have so much going on.” That’s what Misty says, but the real reason is because she knows Cordelia is going to offer her the extra space in her bed, and Misty doesn’t know how she will survive that after what happened.

“Mist, I told you this when you first came back. I’m always, 100% of the time, here for you. Okay? I never want you to feel like you’re alone. I told you to tell me if they ever started again.” Cordelia felt upset, not at Misty for keeping this from her, but because Misty had woken up, alone, suffering and crying with nobody to comfort her. 

“Have you had them before this past week?” Cordelia questions, taking Misty’s hand and rubbing circles on it. Misty stares at their joined hands, squeezing Cordelia’s for a second. 

“I-” Misty hesitates again. Cordelia squeezes her hand to let her know that she’s listening. “I did when I first started sleeping on my own again, but it was only for a few days.” Cordelia notices that Misty’s eyes are more red than before, possibly with tears. 

“Would - “ Cordelia hesitates, “Would sharing a bed again help?” 

“Delia, you don’t have to do that. I’ll be okay. I don’t want to be of any inconvenience to you,” Misty replies, failing to meet Cordelia’s eyes. 

“Oh, Misty,” Cordelia tugs her hand to sit around her waist, and she pulls Misty into a hug. “You’re never an inconvenience to me,” Cordelia whispers, squeezing Misty tighter. Misty rests her chin on Cordelia’s head and sniffles once. Cordelia pulls away, taking her hand again, “Come on.”

No matter Cordelia’s feelings, she wants Misty to feel safe. She pulls Misty out of the kitchen, turning the light off. She keeps a hold on Misty’s hand until they’re in front of Cordelia’s bedroom where she drops it. It’s almost similar to that night a few weeks ago, except instead of being drunk and happy, they’re (unfortunately) sober and (unfortunately) sad.

Misty instinctively crawls under the covers on the side she always sleeps on, and the sight of it makes the edges of Cordelia’s lips curl upwards. It’s almost domestic. Cordelia thinks for a moment before she joins her. Is she supposed to welcome Misty into her embrace? Would Misty even want that from her? After she gets in, her questions are answered as Misty pushes herself into Cordelia’s side, her arm resting on her waist. She places her head on Cordelia’s shoulder as if their routine hadn’t stopped however many months ago. 

Cordelia runs her fingers through Misty’s hair, silently praying that Misty can’t feel how fast her heart is beating. It doesn’t help when Misty sighs, her warmth breath hitting Cordelia’s neck, the warmth seemingly travels to her own cheeks. She reaches to turn the lamp off, unsurprised at how her lack of sleep suddenly seems to catch up to her. She knows it’s because of the body next to her. Misty’s presence has always brought her subconscious comfort. 

She’s on the brink of sleep after a few minutes when Misty ever-so-quietly whispers her name. “Delia?” 

“Yeah, sweetheart?” Cordelia wishes she knew what was going through Misty’s mind. Misty feels her lips turn into a small smile. She loves when Cordelia calls her that. 

Misty picks her head up off of Cordelia’s shoulder, and Cordelia looks down at her. The moonlight coming through the windows makes it just bright enough so that they can see one another. Cordelia watches as Misty’s soft smile falls, her own brows knitting together. Before Cordelia can even register Misty’s movements, her lips end up on hers. Misty is kissing her so softly, and Cordelia’s hand naturally moves to cup Misty’s cheek. Cordelia feels a slight jolt in her lower stomach and ignores it as best as she can. Misty pulls away quickly, but Cordelia tugs her back for another faint and lingering kiss, not without a small, barely-there gasp from Misty.

When they pull away, Misty returns her head to its place on Cordelia’s shoulder. She sighs out of contentedness, and there’s not another word shared. Cordelia wants to kiss her over and over again. She wants to tell Misty how much she loves her and how much she wants to be with her all of the time. But she can’t. She’s a coward, and she knows it.

Cordelia feels how hot her own cheeks are and how fast her heart is beating again. What she doesn’t know is that this time, Misty can feel it where her hand is placed on her chest. Cordelia places one final kiss on the top of Misty’s head, and it’s so small that she doesn’t even know if Misty feels it (she does, and it makes her smile again.) Soon enough, they’re both asleep, back to as if nothing ever happened.


Cordelia wakes up after sleeping the best she has in a few weeks. Her bliss is cut short when she realizes that Misty is no longer sharing the bed with her. She sits up and looks around, expecting her to at least be somewhat near, but she isn’t.

Cordelia’s eyebrows come together. She thought they were okay. She thought that last night was some sort of compromise. Some sort of promise. 

She shakes the hurt away before getting out of bed. It’s unusual for Misty to be awake before Cordelia. She glances at the clock to see that it’s barely after 7:00 in the morning. Confused, Cordelia goes on with her morning routine before descending down the stairs.

She’s the only one awake which is not unusual. There’s no coffee or tea made. No signs of Misty. She probably just went back to her room, Cordelia tells herself. She feels the urge to go up and check but quickly swallows the feeling. That would be weird. It’s none of my business where Misty sleeps. Cordelia thinks, again, But I wish it was. 

Cordelia starts the coffee, and she leans against the counter, crossing her arms. She can’t feel Misty like she usually can. She wants to know where she went wrong, why Misty is neglecting to talk to her about this, why she herself is neglecting to talk to Misty about this. She does her best to not feel hurt by the entire situation, but she can only help it so much. She tries to let it go for a while.


It’s sometime later in the day, and Misty still hasn’t appeared. Cordelia begins to become worried. She runs into Zoe and Madison and asks, “Have you guys seen Misty today?” 

“What? Did she fuck you and leave again, Cords?” Madison smirks, cocking her head. Zoe snaps her head towards Madison, “Could you just stop talking about that? Seriously?” Madison actually seems to hear Zoe’s words, and she even looks like she feels bad for a second. 

“No, we haven’t seen her. Is she missing?” Zoe turns towards Cordelia to ask. Her eyes are concerned.

“I haven’t seen her since last night,” Cordelia bites her lip in worry. “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know where she is,” Zoe looks genuinely apologetic which Cordelia appreciates. She checks the time again. It’s now 1:37 in the afternoon. Her eyebrows are pulled together again, seemingly a common theme today. 

“It’s okay. She’s an adult, and she can go wherever she pleases,” Cordelia says, but she wishes it wasn’t so true. She wants to know where Misty is all the time so she can be right there with her. 

“I’m sure she’ll turn up,” Zoe adds reassuringly. As if she couldn’t have more precise timing, Cordelia hears, and feels, the familiar *zip* that accompanies transmutation. She rounds the corner, heels clicking against the floor. 

Of course, Misty stands in front of her wobbling on her two feet, obviously not very used to the form of magic she’s just used. “Oh. Hi,” Cordelia cringes at how awkward she sounds. The small voice in her head is yelling at her to demand that Misty tell her where she went. It screams at Cordelia to tell Misty how worried she was about her, how much she missed her. 

Instead, she opts for, “We were just wondering where you were.” 

“Oh, I just wanted to go out for a little bit.” Really specific and helpful, thanks, Cordelia bites her tongue. She only nods before turning to see Madison and Zoe close behind her. As soon as her and Zoe make eye contact, Zoe says, “Right, we were just going.” Then, they exit the room but not without Madison side-eyeing them. 

Cordelia turns slowly back towards Misty who is looking at her like she’s expecting to be yelled at. Cordelia curses at herself for making the air between them so awkward. “Are you okay?” Cordelia finds herself instinctively asking. 

“I’m - ,” Misty hesitates. “Yeah, I’m okay. Are you okay?”

Disregarding Misty’s question, Cordelia asks another of her own, “Did you have nightmares last night?” She takes a step closer to the other witch. Cordelia’s concern drastically overrides her anger (if she could even call it that, she couldn’t ever be truly angry at Misty.) 

Misty smiles a bit which doesn’t go unnoticed, and it makes Cordelia feel a little bit better. “No, I - I didn’t.” 

“You know you can stay with me whenever you need, right?” Cordelia reaches for Misty’s hand who allows her to take it. “I know,” Misty borderline whispers. Cordelia’s heart clenches. I want you to stay with me whenever you need and all the time. I love you more than you could ever know. Cordelia wants to tell her so badly. 

Cordelia squeezes her hand before letting go, “Good.” She notices Misty is looking down. She looks sad, and Cordelia just can’t take it. So, she nudges her hands between Misty’s arms and torso, wrapping her arms around her middle. Misty sighs into her hair before hastily wrapping her own arms around Cordelia’s back.

After a few moments, Misty speaks quietly. “ ‘M sorry,” 

“For what?”

Misty mumbles into Cordelia’s hair, “I shouldn’t have just left this morning without telling anyone where I was.”

Cordelia squeezes tighter, “It’s okay, sweetheart. I was just worried. You don’t have to tell me where you’re going all of the time.” I wish you would, though. The last part goes unsaid, but Cordelia is thinking it. 

“I didn’t mean to worry you. I’m sorry.” Cordelia knows. She knows Misty wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt her. That’s part of why she loves her so harshly. She’s not very used to that, to people caring so much about her feelings and about protecting them. 

Cordelia doesn’t want to let go of Misty, so she holds on for as long as she can. Misty makes no move to sever themselves from one another. When Cordelia does, she immediately regrets it. “I have work to do, but you know where I’ll be if you need anything, alright?” 

Misty smiles, and it reminds Cordelia of the extent of all of the love she feels for the other woman. “Okay.” Misty squeezes her shoulders once more before retreating, and Cordelia scurries up to her workspace. 


Cordelia works for a few hours before she hears a soft knock on her door.

“Come in!” she calls, hoping that Misty is the one behind the door. She doesn’t let her disappointment show when Queenie pops her head in.

“Hey. I just wanted to tell you that a bunch of the girls were planning on going out tonight to the bar or something. We were wondering if you wanted to join?”

“Who’s going?”

“Uh - “ Queenie thinks for a second. “It’s me, Madison, obviously, Zoe, Misty, and maybe Mallory and Coco. They’re still figuring it out.”

Cordelia tries her best not to blush when Queenie says Misty’s name. She tries not to think about what happened the last time they got drunk together. God , all she can ever think about is Misty Misty Misty.

“When were you going to leave?” Cordelia does want to go, but she thinks she will have a lot of trouble deciding what to wear. She also needs time to panic before going to a bar with Misty.

“In a few hours around like 8 or 9.” Queenie has stepped in the room a bit more. “I know Misty wants you to go,” she adds. Cordelia meets Queenie’s eyes for a second, noticing the small smirk on her lips, before looking away, feeling her cheeks threaten to burn. 

“I - uh - I, yes. Yes, I’ll go with you guys. Thanks for inviting me.” It takes Cordelia a while to find her words, discombobulated by the entire situation. Nerves have already begun to swim in her stomach. 

“Of course, Cordelia. Couldn’t go without asking the Supreme,” Queenie says before stepping out, leaving Cordelia with her thoughts. She misses Misty. All the time. Whenever she’s not near her. So, she misses Misty right now. She debates going to find her, but she wants to give Misty space.

Instead, she opts to nap before leaving, deciding that it would be a good idea before what she’s hoping is a long night. 

Once in her room, she shimmies out of her work pants before climbing into her bed. The sheets are cool. She sighs, and she knows it’s going to take her a long time to fall asleep because of how many thoughts are running through her head. 

She can’t stop wondering what Misty’s intentions with her are. Cordelia always subconsciously hopes that Misty loves her the same way she loves Misty. She’s thought about how very possible it is with how different Misty has treated her from the other girls. And now, it seems like she’s had some sort of clarification, but she doesn’t feel like it clarified much except that Misty is attracted to her. But attraction isn’t enough for Cordelia. She wants to be loved by Misty and to love Misty right back. She wants herself and Misty to be the gross couple that’s so in love that everyone makes fun of them for it. She wants to wake up next to Misty everyday, not just when Misty can’t sleep peacefully. Some part of her thinks that maybe, just maybe they can achieve that. 

Cordelia had begun to think that perhaps Misty did possess romantic feelings for her, after their night together. What she doesn’t understand is why Misty left this morning and disappeared for a while. Maybe she just wanted time alone? But why? Was it because of me? Do I make her uncomfortable?

Cordelia has no idea how she’s supposed to read the situation. She can only hope that tonight might be a repeat of a few weeks ago. This is all she’s thinking about before sleep pulls her under. 


Cordelia wakes up just in time to start getting ready. She stretches her arms and legs, groaning as a few of her joints pop.

She walks over to her closet, looking for the dress she had envisioned wearing. It’s red with a low-cut neckline, and it’s tight but it’s not super tight. She finds the dress, and she feels a wave of insecurity as she holds it up. She hasn’t worn something like this in a while, mostly because Hank didn’t like it. She’d learned to be ashamed of less modest clothing on herself.

Still, she tries it on, amazed at how it still fits. She likes the way it looks. A lot. She finds boring but essential black heels to pair with it. As she’s looking at her reflection, she thinks she’s hot. Hopefully other people will think so too. She tries her best to erase the thought. 

Unknowing of what she should do with her hair, she leaves it as is, which is pretty pin straight. She doesn’t hate it. 

She practices walking around her room in the heels a little bit as she hasn’t worn them in a while. Her nerves are starting to catch up with her as the time to leave gets closer and closer. She’s nervous for what will happen tonight, but she’s also nervous for everyone to see what she’s wearing. 

She hears a knock on the door, and she freezes. Please don’t be Misty. Cordelia isn’t ready to face Misty.

She struts over to the door, satisfied with how she’s become accustomed to walking in the heels. When she opens the door, it reveals the one and only Misty Day. Her luck. 

Cordelia truly believes her breath was taken away for a moment. Well, it usually is, but this time, it’s different. Misty isn’t wearing her usual clothing. She’s wearing a small, plain, black dress that rests high up on the tops of her thighs. Her hair remains a big blonde mess, but she’s wearing more eyeliner on her lids than usual. She’s wearing heels that wrap around her ankles that Cordelia didn’t even know she had. 

Once Cordelia drags her eyes back up to Misty’s face, she can’t help but say, “You look beautiful, Misty.” Misty’s lips stretch into a smile. 

“You look beautiful too, Dee,” Misty says. Under her breath, she adds, “That is most of the time, though.”

“Hm?” Cordelia cocks her head. She didn’t hear what Misty said.

“Oh, nothing.”

They hold eye contact for a moment longer.

“Is there something you need?” Cordelia asks, opening the door a bit wider. 

“Oh!” It’s like Misty forgot why she was there in the first place. “Yes! I was wondering if you could help me.”

“Of course. With what?”

Misty begins to look somewhat sheepish, staring down at the floor. “Uh - Madi tried to help me, but she wasn’t a very good teacher.”

Cordelia looks on, confused. When Misty meets her eyes, she understands, “Oh, I haven’t worn these types of shoes in a very long time. I’m not very good at walking in them. You wear them a lot, so I was hoping you could help? I know it’s stupid, sorry.”

“It’s not stupid at all, Misty. I was actually just practicing walking in my own. Here, come in,” Cordelia shifts to move out of the way, allowing Misty space to walk. 

Misty wobbles a bit as she walks awkwardly. Cordelia reaches out her hand for Misty to stabilize on. She closes the door softly with the other. Cordelia holds Misty’s hand and guides her to continue walking around the room.

“Try to step with your heel first instead of your toe,” Misty nods, but she looks confused. “Here, like this,” Cordelia demonstrates. 

Misty tries her best to copy Cordelia until she falls into a sort of rhythm. “There you are! You’re doing better already,” Cordelia’s eyes crinkle as she smiles and laughs a bit. Misty joins her. 

Misty begins to get a bit ambitious, and Cordelia notices her stumble. She reaches to catch her fall, but it doesn’t work. The only thing it does is cause Cordelia to fall down right with her. 

Landing on her wrist, Cordelia groans and shakes it out. She had fallen right next to Misty, almost touching her side. 

“Are you okay?” Cordelia looks up at her eyes to see if there’s any hurt in them. Instead of hurt, she finds humor.

Misty begins to laugh as she pushes herself to sit up. She takes hold of Cordelia’s arm, pulling her up with her. She’s still laughing. It’s such a glorious sound that Cordelia begins to laugh too. 

Soon, they’re both laughing and giggling as they stand up, shaking themselves off. 

“I’m okay,” Misty giggles as she calms down. She lightly laughs again. “Are you?”

“Oh, yeah, I just fell on my wrist, and it hurt for about a minute,” Cordelia’s laugh dies off as well. 

Misty’s eyebrows furrow, “Which one?”

Cordelia holds up her right wrist.

“Does it still hurt?” Misty asks, cradling it. Cordelia finds that she can’t seem to catch her breath. She shakes her head. 

“Good,” Misty says. Cordelia is expecting her to drop her hand, but she doesn’t. Instead, Misty interlaces their fingers and drops them to both of their sides. 

Just as they head for the door, Queenie yells, “Hey lesbians! We are leaving now!”

Misty squeezes her hand, and Cordelia bites her lip and turns away, hiding the way that her cheeks have turned pink. She thinks she’s ready for the night. 


It turns out that Cordelia was ready. And it was fun.

On the way there, Cordelia’s stomach began to sprout with nerves, but she wasn’t sure if it was from anticipation or just because she was sitting so close next to Misty, their thighs touching. Either way, the nerves made her thrilled and excited.

Once they arrived, the girls didn’t waste any time before starting to drink. Madison initiated the first round of shots fairly quickly. Cordelia herself chose to pass on this one along with Coco and Mallory. That left Queenie, Zoe, Madison, and Misty. God, Misty taking a shot looks so hot. 

Misty threw her head back, her hair tossed behind her shoulders, exposing her neck for everyone to see. Though, everyone wasn’t looking. It was just Cordelia. 

Cordelia was sipping on a drink to start before she began to ease into it. She started drinking faster and faster, her eyesight beginning to glaze over. She looked around at her girls, smiling. She shouldn’t be so fond of seeing them let loose like this, but she’s so glad they’re having fun.

Speaking of letting loose, Misty was getting much more drunk much quicker. She was finding home at Madison’s side, drinking the same beverages that Madison got. Cordelia noticed her cheeks becoming flush. Part of her wishes she was to be in Madison’s spot with Misty attached to her hip. However, she was enjoying sitting back and watching Misty have a good time.

Slowly, Cordelia became more and more intoxicated. She started giggling at small things that didn’t even matter, swaying as she stepped. Coco and Mallory never left her side, and she found that they’re great company. 

Every once in a while, Misty comes up to her and slurs her name, “Misth Cordeeliaa.” Cordelia found it incredibly endearing, the way Misty couldn’t stop smiling. 

Misty comes up to her again, taking a seat next to Cordelia. She sighs.

“How are you doing out there?” Cordelia asks, leaning closer. 

“Amazin,” Misty stares into Cordelia eyes which doesn’t go unnoticed. Quite the opposite, actually. It sends a welcome jolt down Cordelia’s spine. 

While caught in her gaze, Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks begins to play. Cordelia’s smile grows wider as she watches Misty’s eyes widen. Misty grabs Cordelia’s hands as she stumbles off of the chair. 

“Come on, Delia! We have to go dance!” She doesn’t offer Cordelia a choice, which she is fine with. She allows herself to be tugged towards open space, eyes on Misty’s fingers that are wrapped delicately around her wrist. 

Once Misty reaches her designation, she pulls Cordelia closer to her, interlacing their hands. Cordelia glances down at them and giggles before drawing her gaze back up to Misty’s face. Misty is singing loud and obnoxious, and Cordelia finds herself feeling incredibly comforted by it. 

“Sing, Dee!” Cordelia shakes her head. “I have no idea how to sing.”

“Come on,” Misty pouts. Cordelia cocks her head, giving her a look that says I’d rather be caught dead. 

Misty severs one of her hands from Cordelia’s, bringing it up to her jaw. She places her thumb on her chin, pulling her bottom lip down to force her mouth to sing the words. 

Cordelia tries to stifle her laughter, but she fails. “Stop it! You dork!” She finally gives in, quietly singing the words.

Just like the white winged dove

Sings a song, sounds like she’s singing

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Cordelia follows Misty’s eyes as they look her up and down, and she feels her cheeks become very warm. Desire. Cordelia feels desired. By Misty, nonetheless. “You look so beautiful today, did I mention?” Misty speaks into Cordelia’s ear. She feels a tingle down her spine, lips curling into a grin.

Before she can answer, Misty spins Cordelia around, and Cordelia, in her drunken mindset, trips over her feet, falling into Misty’s embrace. Going to pull away, Misty keeps her there, holding her close, swaying them together. Cordelia’s heart is beating at a mile a minute. She glances up at Misty’s eyes to find her looking down at her. Cordelia bites her bottom lip. I wanna kiss her. 

Before she can dwell on the thought, the song comes to a close. Misty releases Cordelia, and they walk back to where they were sitting before, rejoining Coco and Mallory.

“Well that was very cute of you guys!” Coco remarks, clapping her hands together. Cordelia finds comfort in the way her words are slightly slurred together. Cordelia glances back at Misty who was caught behind her in the crowd of people. 

“You should dance with me again soon, Delia.”

“Absolutely not, that was a one time thing.” 

Misty rolls her eyes and shakes her head, but it’s not malicious.

“What time is it?” Cordelia asks, looking at Mallory who has her phone out.

Coco responds for her, “Not late, or early enough to go home yet. Come drink some more!”

Cordelia can’t deny that one. 


Cordelia has no idea how much longer it’s been. She just knows that she’s really, really drunk. She also knows that most of the girls are in her same position. She’s been sat with Coco and Mallory the entire time, sometimes searching for the rest of the girls, Misty , and sees them running around haphazardly. 

Once she realizes she hasn’t seen them in a while, she gets slightly concerned.

“Have either of you seen any of the other girls lately?” She asks her two friends.

“Mm, nope. Sorry, I’m not even sure I would’ve noticed if they were right next to us,” Mallory says sincerely.

Cordelia hums, standing to go look for them. It’s probably almost time to head home anyways. Jesus, I’m more drunk than I thought. Cordelia has to focus hard just to be able to walk without bumping into everyone. 

She shuffles her way through the crowd, keeping her eyes as open as she can. She spots Madison, Queenie, and Zoe, but no Misty. She makes her way towards them, stumbling. 

“Hey guys.”

“Hey Cordy. Came to ruin our fun?” Madison responds. Of course she would say something like that, not that Cordelia even fully knows what that means. 

“Uh? No? Where is Misty?” Cordelia cuts straight to the point. She just wanted to find Misty. She wanted Misty.

“Not sure. She mentioned something about going to dance.”

Cordelia’s head snaps up to search for Misty’s untamed head of hair through the crowd. Scanning the large group of people, she sees a distinct head bumping up and down. She smiles, making her way towards her. 

“Misty, Misty, Mistyyy,” Cordelia mumbles to herself, even though Misty most definitely can’t hear her. 

When closer to Misty, Cordelia stops in her tracks at what she sees. Hurt overcomes her body. Misty is dancing with another woman. It really shouldn’t matter, no, but Misty’s ringed fingers are around the woman’s waist. They’re looking at one another and giggling. We were doing that. Cordelia can’t help but to think. 

Cordelia’s drunkenness is stored away somewhere else as she feels pretty sober when she’s looking on. She watches and they lean their foreheads on one another. What the fuck. 

Cordelia wants to go intervene, but she wonders if that’s really her place. Misty isn’t hers. Misty owes no obligation to Cordelia. But it still fucking hurts. 

Cordelia stares on, her hands grasping at the sides of her dress, suddenly feeling insecure. She feels paralyzed, her face hot. The nerves from way earlier return except they’re not from excitement but from dread. 

Cordelia watches the other woman move her hand from Misty’s neck to her jaw. No.  

Cordelia watches in terror. She can’t move. She feels tears in the back of her eyes, but she pushes them away because she doesn’t have the right to be upset or angry about this. Her and Misty aren’t anything. 

The other woman’s gaze shifts from Misty’s eyes to her lips. Cordelia feels her stomach flip. She needs to look away, to run, but she can’t. She knows what is coming. She doesn’t want to see it, but she can’t bring herself to move. 

Please don’t. Please don’t. Please don’t. Cordelia chants in her head as she watches Misty’s eyes mirror the other woman’s movements. The harsh and hurtful gasp wracks her being as their lips connect. She doesn’t know if it’s the alcohol or her own pathetic brain, but it feels like her heart has been ripped out and stomped on. She can’t stop the tears anymore.

“Cordelia, I was looking for Misty so we could head out but - “ Cordelia only vaguely hears Coco's words booming into her ears. She feels like she can’t breathe. 

Coco follows Cordelia’s eyes, catching Misty and the other woman. “Oh, Cordelia. I’m sorry. Come on,” Coco reaches for Cordelia’s hands, beginning to take her away from the scene when Misty draws back. Her eyes. Her eyes. Misty was supposed to look at Cordelia like that tonight. 

Misty’s eyes glance to the side, catching Cordelia’s for half a second. In no time, Misty has stepped away from the woman like she’s a teenager getting caught by her parents. Her eyes go from lustful to concern and hurt within a second. As if she has any right to be upset. Misty makes her way towards Cordelia and Coco, but Cordelia turns the other way and walks as fast as she can out of the bar.

Chapter Text

Cordelia walks. She walks and walks until she’s out of the bar, away from the entrance. Coco follows close behind her but luckily, and to her surprise, they lose Misty along the way.

As she’s walking, her eyes sting with hot and uncomfortable tears, and the cool night air around them only makes it worse. Goosebumps cover her arms, chest, and legs, but she’s not sure if it’s from the chill or from what she just experienced.

How could she do this? How could Misty kiss her before they go to bed - in the same bed, may she add - then go and make out with a completely different woman right in front of her? All of her feelings, feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment, rush through her mind at lightning speed. 

She almost feels guilty, though. Should she really have expected anything different? Misty isn’t required to be loyal to Cordelia. They aren’t dating. But Misty makes Cordelia feel special. Whenever Misty simply exists in Cordelia’s presence, she’s happy. It’s not Misty’s fault that Cordelia feels that way. She just latches onto people who show her any sort of support. Right?

Cordelia stands on the sidewalk in New Orleans, some few hundred feet outside of a bar. A bar that she was having so much fun in just a few hours prior. But now, she’s completely overwhelmed with dread. 

She can’t go back to simply being friends with Misty. Before, her feelings were much easier to suppress because their relationship wasn’t much more than platonic. Everything has changed since then.

Cordelia feels like she should regret that night a few weeks ago. She wants to regret it. She wants to regret it because sleeping with Misty didn’t magically make everything go her way. She wants to belong to Misty, but she doesn’t. 

“Hey,” Coco shakes her out of her thoughts, hooking her arm with Cordelia’s. “I’m sorry,” she offers.

Cordelia scoffs, not at Coco herself, but at the notion that anyone feels sorry for her for what she brought upon herself. “Why are you sorry? I was the one who fucked everything up. I got so attached. Jesus, Co, I got so fucking attached and all we did was hook-up. I don’t understand. I - ,” Cordelia sighs, biting her bottom lip for a moment to repress tears. “I thought she liked me.” She meets Coco's eyes which are slightly wide.

“So, you guys did hook-up?”


“I was just never fully sure. Everyone was saying it, but I didn’t know if it was true. Fuck, I’m so sorry Cordelia,” Coco looks so genuine, so upset on Cordelia’s behalf.

Cordelia only shakes her head, “I’m pathetic. She has nothing to prove to me. I shouldn’t have expected anything.” She picks at the skin around her nails, flinching when she hits a sensitive spot. 

“No! That is absolutely not true, Cordelia Goode!” Coco pulls Cordelia’s hands into her own. “That’s not true at all! You are the most admirable person I’ve ever met in my entire life! And, I’ve met a lot of people! You hear me?” Coco releases one of Cordelia’s hands to bring it to her chin, tilting her head to force their eyes to meet. “Yeah?”

“I guess so.”
Coco sighs, grabbing Cordelia’s fingers again. “Now, I don’t know what was going on with Misty tonight, but I swear to God, I see how much she loves you.”

Cordelia flinches. Love. Such a fragile word for her. She still doesn’t know what love is. She never properly experienced it until Myrtle took over the role as her maternal figure. She just knows that whatever she feels for Misty is love and beyond. She can’t fathom the idea that Misty could ever love her as much as she does Misty.

Cordelia’s eyes snap up to Coco’s, full of sadness. “Don’t say that,” she whispers.

“Cordelia, I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true. Everyone at Robicheaux’s can see it. Misty barely tolerates anyone else except you. She will literally and truly beat up anyone who says anything bad about you. She looks at you like you’re the only other person in her world.”

Cordelia takes in Coco’s words before feeling another wave of sadness overcome her body. “I -,” She hesitates, struggling to seek her words. “Why would she do that to me then? I would never do that to her whether we were exclusive or not. Not after she -,” Cordelia’s words are lost.

Coco’s eyes never leave hers, and they’re etched with concern. She gives a slight nod as to signify for Cordelia to keep going. She’s listening. 

“Last night, she couldn’t sleep again from nightmares, so I offered my bed. I thought it would be awkward, sharing a bed again after what happened, but she cuddled up to me like she always did. Before we went to bed, she kissed me without explanation,” Cordelia looks at the ground, studying the dirty concrete below her feet. 

“I think you should talk to her.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say what you’re feeling. I can’t imagine it going poorly, Cordelia. I really can’t.”

Cordelia bites her lip. She’s so conflicted. She has so much to think about even though she’s sure that she thought through every scenario already. 

“I’ll think about it, Coco.” Coco gives Cordelia’s hands a reassuring squeeze.

“I’ll support you no matter what. You have the purest heart I know.”


The ride back is incredibly awkward. It’s mostly silent except for Zoe and Madison who exchange small and quiet words. Cordelia completely avoids Misty’s eyes even though she can feel them on her. They burn into her skin like lasers, and usually, it would be a pleasant feeling. One that makes her feel warm. But now, it makes Cordelia feel embarrassed. 

They’re sitting as far away from one another as possible. Cordelia feels pitiful, letting Misty possess this much of a hold on her. She stares awkwardly at her own knees. Coco has been holding her hand the whole time, brushing it with her thumb, offering comfort. Cordelia appreciates it, but it doesn’t make her feel better.


When they arrive home, Cordelia avoids Misty as much as possible. She immediately darts to her room without saying a word. 

The others notice, but they choose to let it go without saying much because they don’t want to further irritate the Supreme.

Arriving at her room, Cordelia lets out a loud sigh. She takes her hands and rubs her face, her eyes, pressing hard as if she’s attempting to erase her memories from the night. Cordelia thinks she’s okay until she’s all changed and laying in bed. The reality of it all hits her again.

Misty was next to me, in this spot only last night.

We were intimate with one another not too long ago.

I stared at her with all the love in the world not many hours ago. 

I thought she might’ve even loved me too.

God, how stupid Cordelia had been. Between all of her racing thoughts, she feels tears settle in her eyes in the most uncomfortable and mocking way. She shakes her head, attempting to rid the non-stop thinking in her head. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 

In the morning, Coco sits next to Cordelia at the table before Misty can. Cordelia is grateful but devastated.

It confuses her more when Misty doesn’t even come down for breakfast, and she has to pretend she doesn’t care. Why would Misty even be upset? It’s not like Cordelia did anything wrong. However, that is truly all she’s thinking about. Her appetite never shows up, so she only forces down a few bites before finishing and bringing her dishes to the sink. The aura at the table is awkward, but nobody says anything aloud. Just empathetic glances from a few of the other witches. 


For the next week, Cordelia steers clear of Misty. Briefly walking past the other woman in the hallway but pretending she isn’t there. Everytime, Misty tries to gain her attention with pleading looks and stuttered steps. Cordelia feels awful that she might even be making Misty feel upset, but Cordelia has been hurting so much. More than when she found out her previous husband only married her with the intention of killing her and her family.

Cordelia doesn’t go to the greenhouse. She hardly stays in the kitchen for long and never sits in the living area. She hasn’t shortly visited some classes just to see how everything is going like she often does. She’s locked herself in her office and bedroom for most of the time, burying herself in work to try and distract herself from her damaged heart. 

One night, she’s lying in bed, unable to sleep, but that’s become pretty common. She thinks about going to the kitchen for tea again, but last time that happened, she encountered Misty. It was good. That was a good night. She has a feeling that if that were to happen again, it wouldn’t go so swiftly. 

Despite her subconscious yelling at her to not to go, she slugs herself out of bed with unkempt hair and glasses. Rolling her shoulders back, she tip-toes around the creaky parts of the floor to open her bedroom door. 

Once she walks to the top of the stairs, she hears shuffling in the kitchen. She stops for a moment to listen. 


Cordelia furrows her eyebrows after hearing a few more sniffles. She knows it’s Misty. She can feel that it’s Misty with the energy and sadness radiating off of her. Her heart drops. 

She’s having nightmares again. 

Briefly, Cordelia debates going back to her bed and ignoring it. She then curses herself for being so selfish. One of her girls, her girl , is in need of help and support and she seriously thought about neglecting it. 

With a sigh, she starts her descent down the steps, making a small amount of noise as she clutches the railing. She bites her lip before the final step, glancing in the direction of the kitchen.

Rounding the corner, she spots Misty sitting at the table, head in her hands two mugs in front of her. Two? Cordelia thinks.

What Cordelia didn’t pick up was that one of the mugs was for her. Misty was planning on bringing it to her but was having trouble building the courage to do so. A peace offering, maybe.

“Misty?” Cordelia speaks softly. Misty’s head snaps up, a frightened expression on her face as if she’s been caught doing something she wasn’t meant to. 

“Delia?” Misty looks so very sad to say her name, and it takes all of Cordelia’s willpower to not run and hug her and tell her she’s sorry for ignoring her and not being there for her. That it will never happen again.

“You’re having nightmares again?” Cordelia starts a slow and steady walk towards the end of the table. 

“I - Yeah,” Misty admits, defeated. Cordelia feels so torn. She wishes the night at the club never happened. She almost wishes it all never happened. She hates being upset at Misty.

She walks around the table towards Misty whose eyebrows shoot up, sad. Cordelia looks at Misty’s hand, then her face, then back at her hand. As much as it pains her to do, she places her own hand on Misty’s forearm. Misty’s gaze follows, staring at where they are now connected. Cordelia slides her hand down to Misty’s own, urging her to follow her. She interlaces her fingers with Misty’s. She interlaces her fingers with Misty’s. “Come on,” she offers softly.

Misty complies, looking apologetic and sorrowful. She slides out of the chair, abandoning the cups of tea as Cordelia pulls her back up the stairs. Cordelia has a heavy heart as she switches the light off and heads up to her bedroom. Why do they keep ending up here?

Cordelia leads Misty all the way to her side of the bed. Her side of the bed. Cordelia bites her emotions back at the thought. Misty climbs in, looking confused but grateful. Cordelia gets in on the other side, facing away from Misty, keeping as much distance between them as possible. 

She reaches to turn off the lamp next to her, focusing on keeping her breathing even. They lay there silently for about three minutes before Misty speaks.

“I’m sorry.” It’s quiet and hesitant, and Cordelia isn’t even sure she’s heard her correctly.

“What?” She asks in a voice as calm as possible, but there’s evident sadness in it. 

“I’m sorry.” Misty’s voice is more bold and confident this time. Cordelia’s eyes pop open, staring into darkness. Her heart and throat constrict as her mind scurries to find something to say. She’s speechless. What is she supposed to say? It’s okay? It wasn’t. Not to Cordelia, anyways. 

“Can you at least jus’ say somethin?” Misty shifts on the bed, facing Cordelia’s back, keeping a respectable amount of space between the two.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” Cordelia’s voice is colder than she wished it was.

It’s Misty’s turn to be silent, scrambling for a response. There’s nothing Cordelia can say. Misty fucked up. She fucked whatever they had up. Meanwhile, Cordelia’s mind is racing, trying to find something to think about that will make the tears in her eyes go away. 

“I don’t -” Misty starts and sighs. “I don’t know why I did that,” Misty’s own voice sounds watery.

“Did what?” Cordelia pretends to be oblivious. She does not want to talk about this right now. 

“You know what, Dee.”
The nickname makes Cordelia crumble, and a small tear escapes her eye even though she was trying desperately hard to keep herself contained. After a short time with a lack of response, Misty speaks again. 

“Can ya look at me?” Misty is tired. Her accent is more prominent, Cordelia notices. 

Cordelia screws her eyes shut before reluctantly turning around in the bed to face Misty. After shuffling around in the sheets, she’s turned face-to-face with Misty, and she swears that Misty’s eyes are glossier than usual. Despite the thousands of words running through her mind, she can’t seem to voice any of them. 

“I’m sorry,” Misty offers again, her eyes apologetic yet hopeful. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cordelia says sternly, her nails digging into the white sheets with a hard grip. 

“Please don’t act like this,” Misty pleads, shifting slightly closer. 

“I’m not the one acting like anything, Misty,” Cordelia defends, her voice harsher than she ever likes to use towards Misty.

Misty bites her lip at that, perhaps holding back tears, but Cordelia doesn’t look at her face long enough to be able to tell. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Misty whispers, her eyes casting downwards, staring blankly at the duvet. 

Cordelia sits up a little, resting her weight on her left elbow. “So, what? You just thought kissing some random girl in a bar right in front of me would have no impact on my feelings whatsoever? After what you did earlier that morning?” Cordelia begins to snap. She hates being mad at Misty and even more hates acting on those negative feelings, but she can’t hold back anymore.

Misty copies, leaning up onto her arm, “Delia, I really don’t know what I was thinking. My intention wasn’t to hurt you at all. I don’t ever want to hurt you,” Cordelia recognizes how her accent is diluted - something Misty does when she’s trying to sound more serious.

Cordelia shakes her head. “Yeah, of course! Who would’ve ever thought sending extremely mixed signals would have an effect on someone’s feelings?” Cordelia emphasizes the word “extremely.” Her voice has grown an octave as she pushes herself to fully sit up, Misty quickly following. 

Cordelia’s eyebrows are constantly knitted together, her anger being clearly illustrated by her dark eyes and frowning mouth. 

“Dee, I really don’t - I really don’t know what I was thinking. Could you just let me try to explain?” Misty’s eyes are red, rimmed with tears. Her bottom lip has been viciously torn up by her own teeth and fingers. Cordelia feels awful, but her damaged heart feels worse, so it overpowers her sympathy for Misty. 

Still, she gives her a chance. “Okay, fine. Explain, Misty. Explain to me why you would kiss me and sleep next to me then within the next twenty-four hours, you would go makeout with some other woman you don’t even know?” 

Misty seems surprised by this because her eyebrows soften, and her mouth opens but no words come out. She looks down nervously, reaching for Cordelia’s hands, but Cordelia jerks her hands away, stepping out of the bed with half of her hands. She tucks them securely into her armpits, crossing them. She feels tears sting at the backs of her own eyes. 

“Well?” Her voice is loud.

“Please don’t yell at me,” Misty refuses to meet her eyes, missing how Cordelia’s widen and fill with repentance. She wants nothing more than to gather Misty in her arms, but there’s a wall blocking her from allowing herself to trust her again. 

With another broken heart, Cordelia calmly says, “I think you should go.” At this, Misty’s eyes shoot up to seek Cordelia’s. Now, it’s Cordelia’s turn to move her eyes away. “I - “ Misty stutters before Cordelia hears a small noise. When she looks up, Misty is gone.


Cordelia doesn’t sleep that night. She slides back under her covers where it is cold and empty. Where it doesn’t feel right. She scurries to find a comfortable position before deciding that such a position doesn’t exist without Misty by her side. 

In the morning, Misty is still gone. Missing again. Everyone hasn’t seen her since she went to bed yesterday.

How did everything get so fucked up?

Cordelia tries so hard to not let her injured feelings show, but she does such a bad job that even Madison says something.

“What happened to you guys?” Cordelia flinches at Madison’s surprisingly caring tone, used to the cold and strong facade Madison elicits. 

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Cordelia clears her throat, playing with the frog rings adorning her left hand. Her left ring finger. She misses her. Misses what they were. 

“Cordelia.” Madison is persistent, “Respectfully, you look like your dog just got run over and your entire family killed.” She walks to Cordelia and places a hand on her arm. Cordelia is startled. 

“It seems like you’re the only one who can’t see how much that girl loves you.” At the words, Cordelia’s eyes are watering in an instant. She gulps as Madison walks away. “Don’t ever tell anyone that I said something nice.”
That makes Cordelia laugh a small amount, but the pit in her stomach is only growing. Why would Misty be treating her like this if she loves her? Don’t be silly Cordelia, Misty was trying to make it up to you. It’s your own fault. 


After another long, long day of Cordelia wallowing in her depression, she decides that she has to go find Misty. She’s not sure she will survive if she doesn’t. With no word from Misty, she’s only begun to feel worse. If something had happened to Misty, it’s entirely Cordelia’s fault. 

With no sleep, Cordelia throws on the most casual outfit she can come up with (which isn’t very.) She gets in her car and heads to the one place she thinks Misty might be. 

Parking on the side of the road, Cordelia closes the car door as gently as possible, exhaling slowly. The car ride there had been full of second thoughts, re-runs of pathetic apologies and declarations of love. Biting her fingernails and lips until the skin was raw and nearly bleeding. Shaking her hands off in an attempt to throw some of her nerves away, she starts walking through the woods, searching for a very distinct and dear-to-her-heart cabin.

Focusing on evening her breathing with deep breaths, Cordelia arrives on the small wooden porch in front of Misty’s home. Hesitantly, she knocks once, twice, three times. There’s no response.

With a final deep breath, Cordelia calls out, “Misty? It’s me. I think we should talk.” After earning no response again, she tries again. “Misty? Please?” Still, there’s no sweet voice that calls out and no hand that opens the door. 

With worry coursing through her veins, Cordelia reaches for the doorknob herself. Opening the door slowly, the small expanse of the cabin is revealed with a lack of Misty. No, Cordelia thinks. This can’t be happening again.

“Misty?” Cordelia says loudly. She walks throughout the cabin, not knowing what she’s expecting to find. She just knows she needs to find Misty.

This can’t happen again.

I can’t lose her again.

Not again.

Goddamnit, Cordelia!

This is your fault! 

If you had just been open and honest with her, this wouldn’t have happened. 

Why do you always ruin everything?

Thoughts race through her head as she speed-walks back to the car, nearly tripping over uprooted branches and twigs. They scratch her legs and possible rip holes in the bottom of her pants, but she doesn’t care. She needs to find Misty, she doesn’t know how she will survive if she doesn’t. She can’t live without her, not again. 

In the car, Cordelia drives way further over the speed limit than she usually does, if any at all. She bites her lip, trying to force the tears in her eyes to stay there. Her efforts are fruitless as they fall and roll down her cheeks, dripping into her lap. She must hate me now, so much so that she can’t even be near me.


Once at the academy, Cordelia’s eyes are red and puffy, evidence of her overwhelming emotion. Zoe finds her at the entrance.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” She notices her disheveled appearance. 

Her emotions becoming too much to bear, she feels tears burn her eyes again. “She wasn’t there,” she nearly whispers.


“Misty wasn’t there! She wasn’t at her cabin, Zoe! I’ve lost her again. God, I just can’t keep people by, can I? I always end of fucking everything up, especially when I should’ve just - “

She’s cut off by Zoe, “Cordelia, she’s here. Stop worrying so much.”
Cordelia’s words come to a halt. “What? What do you mean she’s here? That’s impossible, I - “
“She must’ve come here while you were on your way there.”
Cordelia allows herself a moment to regain her composure. “Uh - I - Where is she?” She’s conscious of her breathing.

“She’s waiting for you,” Cordelia looks up from where she was distracting herself with her hands, meeting Zoe’s eyes, her own full of desperation. She bites her lip. “She’s in the greenhouse, waiting for you.”

Immediately, Cordelia drops her coat onto the ground and darts to the greenhouse. She slams the door open, eyes scanning the room for Misty’s figure. She finds it on the ground, head resting on her knees, her arms wrapped around herself tightly.

At the intrusive noise, Misty jumps, and her eyes dart to where Cordelia is standing. Misty’s eyes are in a similar state as Cordelia’s, pink from irritation and wet from tears. They are caught in a short gaze before Cordelia whispers her name. 


Cordelia walks quickly to where Misty is, sitting next to her and pulling her into her arms. Her breathing is becoming more erratic again as she smells Misty’s hair. “I thought I lost you again.” Her own tears are coming down again. 

They sit like that for a moment before Cordelia whispers again, “I’m sorry.” 

Misty seems shocked at this as she pulls away from Cordelia’s grasp, meeting her eyes with a confused expression. “You’re sorry? Why are you sorry? I should be the one apologizing.”

There’s not much that Cordelia can say at that moment because she agrees. She is hoping for an apology from Misty because she still has no idea what the fuck is going on. Cordelia watches Misty, pulling back slightly and somewhat puzzled. 

“I - “ Misty starts. “I don’t know why I did what I did. I’m - I’m just so scared ,” Misty meets Cordelia’s eyes with her own. 

“I’m always afraid people are going to leave me. I thought there was no way in hell that you would ever want to be with me. As a solution, I guess, I tried to - I don’t know - leave you first? That sounds fucking awful, Delia. And it is. I know I shouldn’t have done it because I care about you so, so much that it almost hurts me to think about how I could be so vulnerable to someone. I know that it’s too much to ask for your forgiveness, Dee, but I - “ Cordelia stops listening. 

Misty’s voice slowly trails off as Cordelia’s emotional eyes scan her face. She can’t hear Misty over her own thoughts screaming about how in love she is with the other witch. 

Without thinking, she hears her own voice whimper out a weak, “Misty.” It’s pleading but affirmative, and it seems to grasp Misty’s attention as her eyes jerk from where they are in her lap up to Cordelia’s eyes. She almost looks scared as she whispers brokenly, “what?”

Cordelia can’t say anything else, so instead, she runs her hands up Misty’s shoulder to find their place on either side of Misty’s delicate face. Before she can think too much, she pulls her in gently to place a firm kiss on Misty’s face.

Misty gasps a small sound before melting. Her eyes flutter shut and her cheeks turn comfortingly warm. Her hands follow Cordelia’s, taking a hold of the older woman’s wrists lightly. With a small *smack* sound, they’re disconnecting again. Misty keeps her eyes closed for a second, and when she opens them, she’s met with Cordelia’s head slightly cocked to the side with eyes glossed over in concern. 

Struggling to find her words, Misty effortlessly pulls Cordelia back with more confidence. This time, she smiles as Cordelia’s lips meet hers. Their joined lips move in a natural rhythm. Both witches are sure that they have and will never experience anything more lovely. Misty decides that she will never, ever get tired of kissing Cordelia, and she will never wish to kiss anyone else again. 

Cordelia’s thumbs subconsciously stroke Misty’s cheeks before pulling her just a little bit closer in effort to deepen their kiss. Misty responds to this with enthusiasm, opening her mouth without hesitation to welcome more of Cordelia. She feels Cordelia’s lips pull upwards in a smile, and when their tongues meet, she swears she hears a small sound of approval. Her hands migrate down Cordelia’s forearms, coming to a stop at her elbows. Misty squeezes them for a second before shifting her hands from Cordelia’s elbows to her waist. Cordelia giggles at the gesture. 

Misty pulls away just to look at Cordelia. She revels in her smile, at the happiness in her face that has been restored. 

“What?” Cordelia questions, biting her bottom lip. Misty’s eyes follow the movement. Her own lips morph into a bright smile.

“I’m so happy to see you happy.”

Say it. Cordelia thinks. Tell her how much you love her.

Before Cordelia can do so, Misty’s eyes close and her hands tighten around her waist. All of a sudden, Misty transports the both of them to Cordelia’s room. Cordelia gasps, shocked at the new courage Misty has in using her powers.

Misty lays Cordelia down with a gentle hand. She reaches for Cordelia’s lips with her own, kissing her deeply and sensually. Cordelia welcomes the motion by bringing her hand to the back of Misty’s neck and pulling her closer. 

Misty takes Cordelia’s bottom lip between her teeth and bites down lightly. Cordelia lets out a small moan that makes Misty’s entire body tingle. She giggles before shifting her movements to Cordelia’s jaw, lightly nipping and sucking until she reaches her pulse point on her neck. Cordelia is encouraging as she threads her fingers through Misty’s thick, blonde hair and gently scratches her scalp.

Unlike last time, Misty is careful to not make any marks. Her fingertips trace down Cordelia’s side to find the spot where the hem of Cordelia’s pants and shirt meet. She hesitantly runs her fingers across that line, barely touching Cordelia’s skin. After a moment, she feels Cordelia’s hands on hers, pushing them upwards to go further under her shirt. 

Misty tugs on it, “Can I?”

“Please,” is Cordelia’s response. Wordlessly, Misty grabs the hem and pulls the shirt over Cordelia’s head. 

She begins to kiss down the small valley between Cordelia’s breasts. Every once in a while, she will pull some of the skin into her mouth, sucking lightly. As her wet kisses trail lower, Misty can hear Cordelia’s struggling breaths. Misty drags her palms down the expanse of Cordelia’s thighs.

Misty hears a faint, “wait,” to which she stops immediately. Her head snaps up to find Cordelia dreamily looking at her. “What? Are you okay? Do you want to stop?” Her voice is so soft that Cordelia could cry.

Cordelia grabs a hold of Misty’s arms, pulling her up to eye-level. “No. Please don’t stop. I just…” she trails off. Her cheeks turn a beautiful shade of pink, and Misty is sure it’s her new favorite color. “What is it, Dee?”

Cordelia hesitates, so Misty encourages her with an assuring stroke of her thumb on her waist. “Mark me.”


With new grown confidence, Cordelia speaks again. “Mark me, Misty. I belong to you.”

The words burn through Misty’s ears. It’s pleasant. She also feels a sharp jolt of arousal spark through her body. Misty’s breathing is instantly deeper as she goes to attack Cordelia’s neck.

She quickly finds Cordelia’s pulse point and sucks hard. Cordelia lets out a whine that Misty laughs at.  

Following her directions, Misty makes several marks all across Cordelia’s neck. Her kisses stretch to Cordelia’s collarbones, where she leaves more marks, then the tops of her breasts (surprise: leaving more marks.)

Coming to a halt at Cordelia’s nipples, Misty wraps her lips around them, sucking lightly. Earning an adorable gasp, Misty is encouraged to suck harder. Cordelia bites her lip as her hips jerk upwards. “Fuck, Mist,” she breathes out. 

If it were up to Cordelia, she would stay here forever. Nothing and nobody except her and Misty in the same bed, sharing themselves with each other. Misty’s mouth is hot on her body, and Cordelia finds herself reveling in it. At one point, Misty’s teeth graze her nipple which causes her to outright moan and her hips twitch once again.

Misty’s hands migrate to Cordelia’s hips, dragging her nails down the bare expanse of Cordelia’s torso. Cordelia whines, waiting for Misty to do something. To touch her. 

Misty seems to understand as she starts to make her way down the rest of Cordelia’s body. Her hands are massaging Cordelia’s hips, toying with the waistband of her pants, occasionally slipping under the waistband of her underwear as well. 

Misty proceeds to place wet kisses over Cordelia’s pelvic bone, over her pants. She hears a faint “Mist, please.” Her eyes flicker up, and she takes in the vision in front of her. A topless Cordelia, cheeks flushed, her chest heaving up and down, and her eyes glossy. She can’t help but to stare. Something flashes in Cordelia’s eyes, embarrassment, maybe. “What?” She asks in a small voice. “You’re so beautiful,” Misty assures. Cordelia’s eyes flicker away, and she bites her lip. She looks shy and bashful. “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Misty comes back up to kiss her on the lips sweetly. 

“You mean that?” Cordelia asks hesitantly.

“I’m more sure of it than anything in the entire world.”

Cordelia’s eyes gloss over with something else. Emotion, rather than lust. Her eyes are scanning Misty’s face with a look that Misty is familiar with, but she still gets scared about what it means. “What’s wrong? I didn’t wanna make you cry,” Misty’s hand comes up to rub her cheek, nervous about the tears swimming in Cordelia’s eyes. Cordelia’s hand reaches up to take Misty’s into her own.

“They’re not bad tears, sweetheart. I just…” Cordelia looks away again. Misty moves her head to follow her eyes. Now she’s really getting nervous.

Tell her. Now. This chants in Cordelia’s mind. She can’t hold it back any longer. 

“What is it?” Misty’s adoring voice interrupts her thoughts. 

Now or never. “I just…” Cordelia doubts herself. Misty raises her eyebrows. She’s so accepting to hear whatever it is Cordelia has to say. “God, Misty, I’m so in love with you.”

Misty lets out a small gasp. Her own eyes begin to swim with emotion. She doesn’t know what else to do, so she gives Cordelia the biggest kiss she can. She pulls away for a second to say, “I love you so much, Cordelia,” before kissing her again, over and over. Cordelia’s head is racing. She can’t believe it was this simple the whole time. She berates herself for not telling Misty sooner, and all of this drama could’ve been avoided. Hearing her feelings returned is like putting cold water on a burn. It’s the most soothing and relieving thing she’s ever experienced.

Cordelia starts giggling because she’s so fucking happy. Misty starts giggling too. With a final kiss, Misty’s hands find Cordelia’s hips again.

“Can I take your pants off now?”

Cordelia smiles big. “Please do.”

Misty scrambles to do just that, leaving Cordelia in just her underwear. She doesn’t waste anymore time as she places open mouthed kisses onto Cordelia’s core through her panties. Cordelia moans softly from under her, her hips eagerly pushing into Misty’s face. Before Cordelia can beg her to just get to it already, she hooks her thumbs around the fabric and pulls it down her long legs.

Cordelia immediately lets her legs spread, welcoming Misty without hesitation. When Misty takes a moment to simply take her all in, Cordelia whines and wiggles her hips, but a smile remains displaying on her face. 

Misty finally gives in. She takes both of Cordelia’s thighs into either of her arms, and she slides her tongue right where Cordelia has been waiting for it. Cordelia lets out a sharp gasp before melting into the bed underneath her.

Cordelia is so wet for her that it makes Misty smile and hum. Her tongue is gentle, but she’s only just getting started.

Soon enough, Cordelia’s hips are bucking for more. Misty begins to suck on Cordelia’s clit, still flicking it with her tongue. Cordelia’s moan is loud. Misty looks up to find Cordelia grasping at the bed sheets, her eyes screwed shut. She sucks a little bit harder.

“Yes, baby, fuck,” Cordelia vocalizes. The words create warmth that spreads throughout Misty’s body. Cordelia’s moans are increasing in volume, and her hips begin to move to find Misty’s face in a rhythm. Her whines begin to shorten before she chokes out, “More, darling, please.”

Misty swallows before releasing one of Cordelia’s thighs, so she has a free hand. She brings her hand up to Cordelia’s center, running her fingers through the wetness, coating them. 

“Please,” she hears Cordelia softly moan. Cordelia is going insane. Misty’s mouth is on her again, but it’s so different. She loves Misty, and Misty loves her. The feeling of her tongue and her hands - oh god her hands - is electrifying. She couldn’t stay quiet even if her life was on the line. 

She feels Misty’s fingers play around at her entrance. She tries to tilt her hips down onto them because she needs Misty. She needs to feel her. Luckily, Misty shows some type of mercy.

Her fingers glide into Cordelia effortlessly, and Cordelia’s breath is taken away. Her hips begin to shake as Misty starts at a fast pace. It seems she already knows exactly what Cordelia needs. In a way, she always has. 

Misty’s fingers curve upwards, and Cordelia throws a hand over her mouth. The moans that Misty is eliciting from her are making her embarrassed, almost. 

She’s biting her lip, and her eyes are shut tight. She hears a soft, “Let go for me, darling. I’ve got you.”
She opens her eyes to see Misty’s. They’re so bright and big, and she’s reminded of how in love she is. And then she does. She lets go, shuddering and shaking, a very pretty string of noises leaving her mouth. Her hand slides into Misty’s hair, holding on tightly. 

Misty’s fingers have slowed, and she’s taken her mouth off of Cordelia. Now, she’s pressing light kisses to the insides of her thighs. She’s so gorgeous, Misty thinks. 

When Cordelia has calmed and she’s left with just heavy breaths, Misty shifts up to her side. Cordelia’s eyes are closed, focused on catching her breath. But, she immediately latches onto Misty. She wraps her arms around Misty’s shoulders, tucking her head away into her neck. Misty places sloppy kisses on Cordelia’s head. She’s wondering why she never admitted her feelings sooner. 

After a few minutes, Cordelia’s voice is hoarse when she speaks. “What about you?”

“Hm?” Misty hums, her fingers stroking Cordelia’s hair. 

Cordelia gestures down to Misty.

“Oh, sweetheart. Get some rest for now, we can deal with that in the morning.”

Cordelia looks up at her, smiling. She nods in agreement. She looks exhausted, Misty thinks. Well done on my part then.

She flicks her hand to turn the lights off, too content in her position to get up and ruin it. Cordelia sighs, her hot breath hitting Misty’s neck.

“Yes, babydoll?” 

Cordelia lifts her head to meet Misty’s eyes. They admire each other for a second before Cordelia leans in to place a chaste but loving kiss onto Misty’s lips. 

“I love you,” Cordelia smiles wide. Then so does Misty.

“I love you too, darlin. So much.” Misty pulls her back in to cuddle, sighing. 

Their breathing evens out and deepens, preparing for sleep. 

“Goodnight, my love,” Misty whispers with a kiss to her forehead. Cordelia, in her half-dazed state, melts even more into Misty. She doesn’t think she’s ever been more happy with her life, and it’s all thanks to a swamp-witch named Misty Day.