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mrs. magic

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The first thing Cordelia registers is the outside light softly hitting her eyelids. Sleep continues to move through her body as she next registers her breathing. Keeping her eyes closed, she yawns. Slightly lifting her head, she realizes how warm she is. Her head hits something, a jaw. Finally, she blinks her eyes open, squinting as they adjust to the brightness. Drawing her head back, she looks up to see the one and only Misty Day. Brows furrowed, her eyes cast down to their bodies that are entangled, covered only by a light blanket. She inhales quickly as she realizes they’re naked. Memories flood back.

Cordelia’s been drinking. They all have. In a drunken haze, her and Misty are attached at the hip. They’re dancing. God, they’ve been dancing for so long, so close together. Her back is pressed against Misty’s front as music overwhelms the room. They’re swaying, hands interlocked. Cordelia turns her head to look back at the other witch’s face. 

“What,” Misty slurs, a grin adorning her mouth. Cordelia only hums before turning away again.

Misty huffs as she withdraws her hands from Cordelia’s grasp. They find their way onto Cordelia’s hips which pulls a small gasp from the woman, so faint that nobody except herself heard. Misty’s hands start to trail inwards, but Cordelia can’t bring herself to make her stop. She doesn’t want her to stop.

Instead, Cordelia places her own hands on top of Misty’s, encouraging their movement. 

“Hey! No fucking on the dance floor,” Queenie yells, and the rest of the girls erupt into giggles.

Misty is quick to respond, “We aren’t fucking!” She giggles a bit before leaning into Cordelia’s ear tightening her grip slightly. She whispers, “yet.” It’s quiet so only Cordelia can catch what she said. Cordelia feels her cheeks start to burn. 

Cordelia gasps again, but this time, it’s loud enough that Misty hears. She feels her grin against her ear, keeping her hands in their place on the tops of Cordelia’s thighs and hips. “Misty…” she whispers, only to have Misty ignore her and pull back. 

About an hour later, Zoe announces her exhaustion to which the rest of the girls find themselves agreeing. They scatter to their rooms, Madison and Zoe heading the same way, Cordelia notices. Misty’s affections haven’t stopped. They’re on opposite sides of the kitchen, still drunk out of their minds. Cordelia is haphazardly washing dishes because what else would she be doing while she’s drunk. 

“Dee,” she thinks she hears Misty say, but she’s not really sure to be completely honest. Soon, Misty appears at her side, extremely close. “Dee,” she tries again. Cordelia snaps her head up, meeting Misty’s eyes. Their faces are meer inches from one another. 

“Aren’t you tired?” Misty cocks her head to the side slightly, a playful smile at her lips. “Jesus, her lips,” Cordelia thinks. Cordelia fails to respond, pondering Misty’s words. Only when Misty raises her eyebrows and ducks her head to meet Cordelia’s eyes again does she respond.

“Oh, um, yes,” is the best that Cordelia comes up with.

“Don’t you think we should go to bed then?” Misty’s words are indicative. At last, Cordelia smiles, nodding her head lightly. “I think we should, yes.”

Misty takes the dishes from Cordelia’s hands, setting them back down in the sink recklessly before taking hold of them. She tugs her towards the staircase, leading them to Cordelia’s room. At some point along the way, Misty’s arm finds home at Cordelia’s waist, and all that Cordelia can think about is how hot she feels. All she can think about is Misty’s lips, Misty’s hands, Misty’s eyes. 

Once in the room, Misty closes the door loudly. For a second, they stand awkwardly in front of it. “Misty…” Cordelia almost whimpers. The way that Misty is looking at her is making her burn up. Making her go insane. As if a flip switched, Misty is harshly pressing Cordelia against the door. In response, Cordelia flat-out moans. Misty’s hands grasp at either side of her face, pulling it into her own. Their lips dance together. Close-mouthed kisses over and over until Cordelia can’t take it anymore. Cordelia pulls Misty as close as she can by her waist, eagerly biting at her bottom lip. Her tongue snakes its way out, pushing against Misty’s. Misty doesn’t miss a beat, urgently opening her mouth. Both witches moan among contact. After some time, God knows how long because Cordelia sure doesn’t, Misty disconnects their lips to start pressing hard kisses against her jaw. Cordelia brings one of her hands up to Misty’s hair, tugging. The moan that the action elicits causes Cordelia to push her thighs together.

Misty pulls away, dragging Cordelia towards the massive bed just a few feet away. She pushes her down against the mattress as she crawls on top of her. Her thighs are on either side of Cordelia’s hips as she resumes her impatient kisses on Cordelia’s neck. Cordelia’s hips jerk into Misty’s as she starts to graze her teeth against the sensitive areas of Cordelia’s neck. Her fingers find the hem of Cordelia’s blouse, running them across the soft skin that lies under it. At the same time, she begins to suck hard on Cordelia’s neck.

“Please,” Cordelia finds herself whispering. “Misty, please.” Responding to her desires, Misty tugs her blouse up, and Cordelia arches her back to assist in removing the piece of clothing. 

“Fuck,” Misty bites her lip, throwing the shirt over her shoulder. Her hands quickly find the clasp to Cordelia’s bra, taking it off immediately. Cordelia moans as she’s exposed to cold air that somehow feels so hot. 

Misty continues her kisses downward, nipping at Cordelia’s breasts which earns her a set of beautiful noises. Her hands then start to dance around the waistband of Cordelia’s pants, and Misty grins as she hears Cordelia’s breathing get heavier. She lifts her head back up to Cordelia’s face. “Tell me you want me.”

Cordelia is quick to respond. “I do. God, I do Misty. I need you.” At that, Misty reconnects their lips in a collision of passion. One of her hands slips into Cordelia’s pants, tracing the top of her underwear. Cordelia’s body responds before she can even process what’s happening, her hips bucking desperately into Misty’s touch. She moans loud and impatiently, out in the open. Misty withdraws her hand and continues her kisses down her stomach. She stops to suck an intense hickey into Cordelia’s stomach, right next to her belly button. She bites down, not lightly, but not super hard. Cordelia is becoming more and more desperate as her hands intertwine with Misty’s curls. Her kisses get lower, and lower, and lower…

Cordelia feels herself becoming aroused at the memory. Her face becomes hot and filled with embarrassment. What do they do now? What does Cordelia do now? There was no denying her attraction towards Misty, but she never intended on acting upon it. She reluctantly extracts herself from Misty’s grasp, sitting back on her heels. She stares at the other woman’s face. Misty looks so relaxed, so beautiful. She yearns for this to become normal, waking up next to Misty (preferably naked.) She shakes her head to erase the thoughts as she enters the bathroom to take a shower. 

Once she sees her reflection, she gets startled. Dark purple bruises cover her neck, her breasts, her stomach. They’re everywhere. Cordelia can feel her face getting warm again. She presses a finger to one of them, hissing lightly and biting her lip. She turns the shower on and tries to get ready as quickly as possible.


Cordelia’s in the kitchen with Madison and Zoe (she notices a familiar looking bruise on the side of Zoe’s neck but doesn’t comment on it) when Misty walks down, freshly showered in clean clothes. They make eye contact for a second before Cordelia quickly looks away, trying to avoid the conversation and awkwardness that they will inevitably have. 

She turns and busies herself looking at brought cabinets and poking at dishes in the sink. Cordelia can’t decipher whether there’s truly tension in the room or if it’s just her.

“Jesus Christ, what happened with you two? The tension in the room is so thick that I could cut it with a knife,” Madison snarkily says. Well fuck, Cordelia thinks. She freezes for a moment, not daring to turn around to face all of the others.

“Uh,-” Misty starts to stutter. “Holy shit!”

Cordelia’s head snaps up at Madison’s voice. “You guys fucked?” Cordelia gulps, unable to come up with an answer. Apparently, Misty isn’t able to either. “I knew it! There’s a hickey on Misty’s neck, and who knows where else!” Madison continues when nobody responds.

“Madi, don’t,” Zoe tries. “No! I knew it! I knew it was going to happen when they were basically dry humping in front of us last night!”

“Madison, that’s enough,” Cordelia finally turns, meeting Madison’s eyes but ignoring Misty’s. Madison’s eyes are playful, and it ignites anger within Cordelia. Zoe seems to notice.

“Madison, come on. Let’s leave them alone.” Madison turns her head to look at Zoe before smirking. “You’re right, Zoe. We should just let them fuck it out in the kitchen,” she remarks smugly before twisting on her heal and leaving the kitchen, hand-in-hand with Zoe. Before they leave the room, Zoe turns and mouths, “Sorry,” to which Cordelia just shakes her head.

Cordelia had healed all of her hickeys for this reason; she didn’t want to risk the students noticing. She hadn’t really thought about what Misty might do with her own.

Once they leave, the air is even more tense, and Misty still hasn't moved. Cordelia turns back around to continue pretending to do dishes that are already clean. Once she hears Misty start to walk, she inhales deeply. 

“We don’t have to talk about that,” she says in an attempt to eliminate some of the awkwardness. 

“I wasn’t going to,” Misty responds dryly. Well, that’s not the response Cordelia was hoping for at all. She listens to Misty go to the cabinet to get a bagel before walking out of the room, leaving Cordelia alone with her thoughts.

Did Misty really not care? At all? Not even enough to talk about it? She doesn’t know what she expected, but she was subconsciously hoping, deep in her heart, that Misty would want her again. Want her in more ways than just the one that they shared last night. 

Cordelia sighs, setting the dishes down harshly to go back up to her room to distract herself with paperwork.


When in her room, Cordelia finds herself less focused on the paperwork and more focused on waiting for Misty to knock on her door. When she doesn’t, even after hours, part of her sinks. She wants so badly to talk to Misty, to tell her everything, but she can’t help but to be scared. She’s already lost her once, and it was her fault. That can’t happen again.

She decides that the best thing to do is just forget it happened, but she can’t stop herself from making sure that Misty is on the same page.

She finds Misty in the greenhouse like she was sure she would. She knocks on the doorframe which causes Misty’s head to snap up in her direction. “I was wondering when you’d show up,” she smiles lightly, waving her over.

Cordelia smiles back on instinct, but she’s confused. Misty seemed upset at her earlier, in the kitchen. It seems that she’s already pretending like nothing happened. Whatever, makes my job easier, she thinks.

“Need help?” Cordelia asks as she walks over to the table that Misty is working on. “Of course not,” Misty looked at her, grinning again. “Just missed my buddy here.”

My buddy here,” rings in Cordelia’s head again. She doesn’t let the harsh feeling she gets in her stomach show. Whatever Misty wants is how it will be. That’s how it has always been, at least with Cordelia.

Cordelia picks up on whatever Misty is making, and they work in silence. Unlike earlier, it’s not awkward but comfortable. Cordelia finds herself waiting, yearning for Misty to say something about what happened, but she doesn’t.

Maybe she really doesn’t care? It wasn’t a big deal, really. They’re adults. They hooked up. Adults hook up. There doesn’t have to be more to it. She tries to not let her distress show, but she knows Misty well enough that she knows she can sense it. However, Misty still doesn’t say a word.