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Give In

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Several weeks had passed since the disasterous opening of the hotel. Despite the public support of someone as infamous as Alastor, no new demons had checked in. Still, Charlie remained optimistic. Nifty had done a fantastic job tidying up the hotel, and Alastor had worked his magic on the kitchen and other rooms. They were ready.

If they could get anyone to check in.

Charlie laid her head on Vaggie’s lap with a heavy sigh. The two of them were in the sitting room off the lobby, which now contained elegent red velvet couches and chairs, and several low tables that ended in clawed feet. More portraits covered the wallpaper, and a small fire occupied the soot-free fireplace.

Vaggie ran her fingers through her girlfriend’s hair, not looking up from her book. Charlie sighed again, putting the back of her hand to her forehead in a dramatic gesture. Vaggie giggled and smiled down at her, and lowered her book.

“Alright, I’m listening. What’s on your mind?”

“You look at my notes yet? My ideas for the hotel.” Charlie’s eyes were wide, hopeful.

Vaggie glanced away, and her smile faded. “I took a look.”

Charlie sat up with a grin. “And? What do you think?”

Vaggie snapped her book shut and set it on the sidetable. “Charlie, I know we need to do something to get more demons interested in redemption, but I’m not sure about a party. I don’t like relying on Alastor so much. You know he can’t be trusted.”

“I know, he’s the Radio Demon. I’m not an idiot. But he has connections, he knows people. If the invitation comes from him, people might actually show up. After that interview on the news, you know people won’t come if we say it's from me.”

“Charlie…” Vaggie grabbed Charlie’s hands, and gave them a squeeze. “You know I support you in this. There just has to be a way to get word out that doesn’t involve him.”

Charlie pulled her hands away with a pout. “Well, can you think of anything else? We’ve taken out ads in the newspaper, hung flyers. I would take out an ad on television if I could afford it, but we have to be careful with how much we are spending. But if we can just get people here, show them what we are doing. We can convince them! I know we can!”

Vaggie sighed. “I know, I know. I can’t think of anything else. And the word of mouth would go far. It’s not the party. I just don’t trust him. The way he looks at you when you aren’t looking, it creeps me out. Like you are a juicy little mouse, and he’s a hungry fox.”

Charlie smiled, and stood up off the couch. “He’s Alastor, he looks at everyone like that. Besides, he’s already agreed to help me with this. So… yeah. Nifty’s already started planning the decorations.”

Vaggie slapped her hand to her face. “Charlie! I thought we agreed to discuss hotel stuff before just jumping in!”

Charlie fiddled with the hem of her button up shirt. “I know. But I gave you the notes days ago! I am just so excited to get started! This party could make all of the difference for us!”

Vaggie’s frustrated frown faded into an indulgent smile. She smiled and stood, and kissed Charlie on the cheek.

“I know how excited you get. Just promise me that you won’t get carried away, okay?”

Charlie squealed and bounced on her toes. “Thank you, Vaggie! I’m going to go find Al right now and tell him the good news.”

The blonde demon bounced out of the sitting room. Vaggie’s hand raised after her, but Charlie was already gone. The moth demon sighed and settled back onto the couch and picked up her book. But the words remained unread.

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Charlie stopped off at her office before searching for Alastor, and collected her notebook. It contained a list of ideas; she had shared a copy of those with Vaggie. It also had a list of potential invitees, which included her parents. She didn’t think they would really come, not with how much father disapproved of the hotel, but she would invite them anyway.

Alastor had been given an office down the hall from Charlie’s, along with a room on the top floor. She didn’t know how much he actually used them, his ability to teleport made it difficult to keep track of him.

The door to his office looked like the others in the hotel, made a dark wood with art nouveau inspired decorative trim, and a round, brass knob. No reason for her to be nervous. But she couldn’t help but hesitate. Vaggie’s words bounced around in her skull. Don’t trust the Radio Demon. I don’t like how he looks at you.

She took a steadying breath and knocked on the door. She was met by silence. A part of her was relieved, despite her excitement about the party. He did make her nervous. He was always in her personal space, grinning at her. She turned away. Maybe he was downstairs.

“”Oh Charlie, dear? Were you looking for me?”

Charlie froze at the staticky sound of Alastor’s voice, but she recovered quickly. She spun on her heel and smiled. The red demon stood in the open door of his office. She hadn’t even heard the door open. She held up her notebook.

“I talked to Vaggie! She’s on board with the party idea. I was wondering if you wanted to go over the details? I mean, if you have time.”

Alastor’s smile grew, and he tilted his head. “Of course, I would love to! Though, why you need permission to throw a party in your own hotel, I’ll never know.”

Charlie waved her notebook. “Oh, it’s not like that! Vaggie is my partner, I want to make sure we are on the same page before I make an important decision. Her opinion is important to me.”

“Hmm.” The sound of his static grew louder. “I am your partner too now, dear Charlie. But this is your project. I am yours to command.” He bowed, and gestured for her to enter the office.

Charlie stepped forward, but Alastor didn’t move as he straightened. Her chest brushed against his as she tried to edge past him into the office. But he leaned forward, and trapped her against the doorframe. Charlie felt herself flush. They were so close, almost nose to nose. He was so warm, and though she couldn’t place the scent, he smelled pleasant, almost musky. The beating of her heart was almost loud enough to drown out the buzz of his static.

Her eyes went wide as she realized that she had been staring up at him. His grin grew just a little as she blushed darker. She cleared her throat and pushed past him

The office reflected his personality, dark, but charming. The furniture was made from heavy dark wood with red velvet cushions, and the curtains were drawn over the windows, shutting out the dismal light that filtered through Hell.

Alastor watched Charlie as she settled into her chair in front of a large, tidy desk that dominated the room. ‘Like a hungry fox’. She frowned at Alastor as he crossed over to his throne-like chair behind the desk. He stared back over his steeped fingers, smile growing wider the more suspicious he looked.

The higher road. She chose to trust him before, and it worked out well. Vaggie was suspicious by nature. And besides, he really did look at everyone like they were his playthings.

She took a deep breath and opened her notebook. “I’ve got a list here of some people that might be willing to come, if you invite them. Of course, if there are names you could add we would be grateful.” She leaned over the desk to hand him the paper.

The radio demon traced a slim finger down the list, radio crackling as he smiled and frowned at various names. “Ah, no. This will never do!” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a black and silver fountain pen. “She would never step foot in a place like this, no offense my dear. This the Amari twins? Vipers, the both of them. Any patronage they give would have to be signed with blood. Here, let me add a few more promising names.”

Charlie sat in silence as Alastor crossed names off the list and added several at the bottom. Curiosity urged her to stand and peek over his shoulder. She leaned over him, one hand on the arm of his chair. Mimzy, where had she seen that name before? And Rosie? But she was an overlord!

“Um Alastor, about these names…”

He turned, and their cheeks brushed. Charlie jumped back as though electrocuted, and backed away towards the door. He arched an eyebrow at her. “Something the matter?”

“No, nothing! I misread, that’s all. If you are fine with sending out those invitations I’ll continue to work with Nifty over the decorations.” said Charlie as she backed away towards the door.

Alastor’s smile was all too knowing and he eyed her up and down in a way that made goosebumps raise up on her arms.

“I, uh. Have a good night, Al!”

Charlie spun and ducked out the door. A few steps later and she was in the safety of her own office. She closed the door and leaned her forehead against it. What on earth was wrong with her? She was acting like she had never been around a handsome man before. And Al was handsome, no matter what Vaggie said.

Oh no, Vaggie. Charlie slumped against the door. Maybe her girlfriend was right. Alastor was pure evil, he had to be toying with her. The interest she saw in his eyes couldn’t be real.

Could it?

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In the end, Charlie decided not to tell Vaggie about the incident with Alastor. She wasn’t entirely sure she believed it herself, that he was flirting with her. After all, they had known each other for a few months now, and he had never shown interest in anyone.

She was sure Vaggie knew something else was happening though. The moth demon stuck close to Charlie when Alastor was around, and was increasingly reluctant to leave them alone in a room together.

Charlie couldn’t help but feel guilty, even though she hadn’t done anything. Something about Alastor brought out things in Charlie that she wasn’t quite sure how to handle.

It was the dreams that did it. The imagery was mostly taken from the yearly Cleansings, blood and gore and demons screaming for mercy. It made her blood sing in a way that felt positively sinful. Skulls crushed in her claws, enemies running screaming from the mere hint of her shadow… the dreams felt good.

She hadn’t told Vaggie about them, either.

Vaggie would worry, and besides, they were just dreams. Just dreams, and just imagined flirting. Everything was fine.

And everything was fine. The party was tomorrow, and Niffty had cleaned the hotel up and down a dozen times over. Charlie had stocked the bar with all kinds of alcohol, and had even hired waiters and a cook for the evening. She had winced at the cost, even though Alastor was the one who had signed the cheques.

Vaggie did what she did best, and that was giving Charlie her support. They were curled up in bed together, having just gone over the plans for tomorrow one last time. Vaggie leaned over and kissed Charlie’s blonde hair.

“All ready for tomorrow, babe?”

Charlie signed and snuggled into her girlfriend’s chest. “I think so. There’s so much to think about, but I’m finally feeling ready. I don’t know how we would have done all this without Alastor.”

Vaggie stiffened below her, and Charlie sighed and sat up. “I know you don’t like him, but it’s been over two months and nothing bad has happened yet! Without his patronage we never could have afforded this party.”

Vaggie scowled. “And I’ve been saying we can do with without some stupid party.” She took a deep breath and her expression softened. “I know you are used to life in a palace, princess. You are used to parties with overlords and important people. I’m not. I’m just nervous, that’s all.”

Charlie leaned forward and kissed Vaggie gently. “I know, and I promise to be on my best behaviour tomorrow. No singing, I swear.”

Vaggie laughed and gathered Charlie into her arms and gave her a deeper, more thorough kiss. “I can think of something to take your mind off the party. What do you say, love?”

Charlie smiled and kissed Vaggie on the tip of her nose. “Distract me.”

Vaggie did her best, but Charlie’s mind still wandered. Lovemaking with Vaggie was passionate, but gentle, and tonight Charlie wanted more. Leaning in, Charlie nipped her girlfriend’s lip with a sharp fang. Vaggie yelped and leaned away.

“Sorry.” said Charlie in a pout.

“I know babe, I know.” Vaggie panted, fingers touching the tiny cut on her lip. “You just have to be careful with those things.”

Charlie nodded and focused on withdrawing her claws. Hellfire coiled in her belly, unspent. She wanted more, and she was beginning to think she couldn’t get it from Vaggie.


Full release, lovemaking without fear of pain of blood.

Charlie wanted more.


The following morning was a blur of activity. Finalizing the RSVPs from the guest list took a surprisingly long time. Apparently a lot of people were curious about the hotel, despite the disastrous news interview. Or perhaps because of it. Maybe they were like Alastor, looking for some sadistic pleasure in watching her fail.

Only Alastor was his usual helpful self. He supervised the guests and welcomed the staff that came in for the day. All were on their best behaviour, under the radio demon’s watchful eye.

At last Charlie was pulled away by Vaggie to prepare themselves. Charlie had had a dress made for the occasion, in red with black embellishments, like her suit, but with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a narrow skirt that clung to her hips. The fabric made a pleasant swish as she pulled it off the hanger and swirled it around.

“Not too much, do you think? I’m not used to dresses anymore.”

Vaggie smiled and met Charlie’s eyes in the vanity, where she was sitting brushing out her long white hair. “You look wonderful in it. You’ll be the envy of everyone there.”

“Oh hush, you are just trying to distract me.” Charlie snapped her fingers and Razzle and Dazzle appeared in a puff of glittering smoke. She sat herself on a chair in front of the tall stained glass window of their bedroom and gestured at her hair. In a few moments the two demons had Charlie’s hair pulled back in an elegant knot on the back of her head, with a few curls trailing down.

Vaggie had picked out a short dress in lavender with a muted sky blue shawl paired with white flats.

Charlie slipped into her black heels, then pulled the dress over her head. Vaggie stood and helped Charlie pull the dress down, then kissed her between the shoulderblades and zipped the dress up.

She paused, a hand on Charlie’s back. “Charlie?”

“Hmm?” replied Charlie.

“Don’t dance with him.”

Charlie paused from smoothing her skirt and glanced over her shoulder. “Don’t dance with who?”

“The radio demon. Don’t dance with him. Please.”

Charlie turned and tilted her head. “What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t I dance with him? He’s my partner.”

Vaggie shook her head, scowl growing. “No, I am your partner. He’s just some jerk who thinks he can waltz in here and take over.”

“Oh Vaggie, not this again.” said Charlie, crossing her arms.

“Yes this again. Charlie, this is important. Maybe you don’t notice it, but he treats you differently. He leans in when you talk, he watches you when you walk away. And he knows it bothers me! He winks when he catches me watching him.”

“Well, he does have a reputation as a trouble maker. I’m sure he’s doing it because it bothers you.”

“Aaugh!” Vaggie ran a tense hand through her hair, disrupting her matching purple bow. “It’s more than that. Charlie. You do it back.”

Charlie stared at Vaggie, jaw open. Did she really? No… did she?

A bell chimed from the grandfather clock in the hallway and broke the tension. Charlie exhaled sharply and tucked a piece of hair behind her ears. Vaggie fixed her bow and gave Charlie a wary look before holding out her hand. Charlie reluctantly took it.

They arrived downstairs just in time, the first guest arrived shortly after they did. The guests trickled in in singles and pairs and small groups after that; it was a select crowd, and everyone seemed to know each other already.

Husker kept the drinks flowing, and Angel Dust was on his best behaviour, and was chatting with a few of the guests near the snack table. Niffty commanded the waiters like a general on the field, keeping the ballroom tidy enough to eat off the floor.

Alastor waited until almost everyone had arrived, then took to the stage with a flourish of his walking stick. The lights dimmed and a spotlight illuminated him as the band fell silent.

Alastor gave his staff another twirl and gestured for Charlie to join him on stage. Vaggie gave one last squeeze of her hand, and let go.

Charlie waved to the crowd as she made her way up onto the stage to stand beside Alastor. The radio demon wasted no time, and put his arm around her shoulder.

“Welcome, dear guests, to this shindig put on by the Hazbin Hotel!” His voice echoed, amplified through his walking stick, and the guests clapped.

Charlie leaned forward and cleared her throat. “Um, Happy Hotel… actually…”

The crowd laughed, and Charlie flushed, but let it go. Alastor squeezed her shoulder, bringing her closer to him.

“You know me, but for those who don’t, I am Alastor, radio host extraordinaire! And this darling demon is none other than our princess of Hell, Charlie Mange!”

The crowd clapped again, their gazes sharp upon Charlie. She couldn’t help but shrink into Alastor. He held the walking stick microphone up to her and she took a deep breath.

“Thank you, everyone. Your presence here means a lot to us here. I know most of you don’t believe in my goal, but I truly believe in redemption, and I ask for your help tonight. Sponsor us, and you will be doing real good.”

Alastor leaned over, static crackling as his gaze swept over the room. “And even if you don’t, well, we are all here to have a good time, aren’t we? This party promises to be the cat’s meow, so I won’t stand in your way. Let’s get this party started!”

He released Charlie and bowed to her. “Would you care to dance?”

Charlie glanced over her shoulder to Vaggie, who watched from the sidelines with her arms crossed. Vaggie shook her head to say ‘no’. But Vaggie wasn’t the only one watching. Alastor waggled his fingers and Charlie felt the weight of the crowd’s eyes on her.

She reached out, and took his hand.

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Alastor snapped his fingers, and a puff of hellfire later, they were in the center of the dancefloor.

The music kicked up into a lively swing, and Alastor pulled her close once again. She felt herself blush, partially at the closeness, partially in shame. There would be another fight about Alastor tonight.

He swung her wide and twirled her around in time to the music before pulling her close again, and she couldn’t help but laugh. She always did enjoy dancing. Even Vaggie’s scowling face on the sidelines did little to diminish the flush of joy she felt when the music swelled.

Other couples joined them on the dance floor, including Angel Dust, who was dancing with an imp with tall black horns. He gave her a wicked wink as his partner swung him around, and Charlie felt her smile fade, just a little. Was dancing with Alastor really wink-worthy? They were just two business partners, and this was technically a work function. The radio demon twirled her and she looked for Vaggie, but the moth demon was nowhere to be seen.

“Everything alright, darling?” said Alastor, pulling her closer.

Charlie sighed and shook her head. “It’s nothing, I’ll deal with it later.”

Alastor looked out over her head and scanned the crowd. “Ah. The lovely Vaggie has fled, it would seem.” His arm tightened around her waist and he grinned down at her, sharp teeth glinting in the light from the chandeliers. “I’ve got just the thing.” Alastor suddenly dipped her and Charlie let out a surprised yelp. “Dance with me. Take your mind off your troubles. And besides, everyone is watching, it’s time to put on a show.”

Charlie searched one last time for Vaggie. No luck. She hesitated only a moment and gave Alastor a nod. His static crackled with pleasure and he caught the eye of the bandmaster and motioned for the tempo to increase.

The band smoothly switched gears to an old big band tune, full of horns and brass. Charlie’s heels kicked up of their own accord as the music swept around them. She let the notes carry away her worries about Vaggie and the success of the hotel and let Alastor sweep her up.

They danced.

One song ended, then another, and still Charlie danced with Alastor. He knew what he was doing, and led her through increasingly complicated dance steps with ease. She was pleasantly surprised. One of the very few disappointments in her relationship with Vaggie was the lack of dancing. As a princess she had had lessons from an early age, and always enjoyed the freedom of the dancefloor. It seems that Alastor had lessons too.

“Who taught you to dance?” asked Charlie during a slower song.

Alastor’s back stiffened, but his voice was easy when he answered. “My mother.”

“The same woman who taught you how to make jambalaya, I’m guessing.”

Alastor nodded. “The very one.”

“You must have been close.” said Charlie.

Alastor swept her around in a wide circle, and didn’t answer.


Charlie did eventually leave Alastor’s arms to dance with other people. She even danced with Angel Dust at one point, the spider demon sharing gossip as they spun each other around, laughing.

Charlie was having fun.

She realized this as she stood near the snack table, glass of champagne in hand. The thought caught her off guard, because it made her realize that lately, she hadn’t been having fun. She was busy with the hotel, and trying to recruit guests, and the whole situation with Vaggie. That was a major source of stress, feeling like she needed to watch over her shoulder every time Alastor was in the same room as her.

It was a relief to have fun.

A part of her regretted ignoring Vaggie, but the more petty side of her said she deserved this night, to relax and let her hair down, so to speak. She frowned, good mood fading. She was reminded of her mood after making love to Vaggie, being satisfied, but only just barely. She loved Vaggie, she brought out the best in her, and without the moth demon she never would have had the confidence to see her dream get this far.


There was more to life than being just sort of happy, right?

Charlie set down her champagne glass on the edge of the snack table, filled with indecision. Should she go to Vaggie, and try to make things up with her, or should she continue to dance and mingle and let go of her worries for the night?

She scanned the room. The moth demon was still nowhere to be seen and her frown deepened. Surely she would have come back by now, after leaving during the first dance. Charlie crossed over to the bar, where Husk was busy serving drinks and leaned over the counter.

“Have you seen Vaggie?” she shouted over the babble of cheerfully tipsy guests.

The cat demon shrugged and turned back to a goat demon in a sequined dress.

Charlie exhaled in annoyance and went to find Angel Dust. But he hadn’t seen her either, not since the beginning of the event. She wouldn’t be so petty as to go hide in her room all night, just because she danced with Alastor, would she?

The urge to find her faded as she locked eyes with Alastor. The radio demon was laughing with Rosie, who smiled wide in response to what he had said, sharp teeth shining. Charlie deliberately put on a smile and grabbed another champagne glass from a passing waiter.

Forget Vaggie, she wasn’t going to let the moth demon’s paranoia ruin the evening for her. Squaring her shoulders, she went to ask Alastor to dance.


The grandfather clock in the hallway outside their bedroom chimed once, twice, thrice as Alastor helped a tipsy Charlie back to her room in the early hours of the morning.

The last of the guests were gone, having been charmed and convinced to consider donating with great success. Charlie smiled as she clung to Alastor’s arm. Perhaps it was Alastor’s promise of entertainment, but more than a few of Hell’s elite had pledged to donate to their cause. At this point she didn’t even care about their motives, so long as she got the chance to help her people.

Alastor stopped just down the hall from her bedroom door and she smiled up at him. “Thank you, Al. You really helped out there tonight.”

“My pleasure! This was an evening to remember. It’s not every night you get to see the princess of hell kick up her heels!” Alastor chuckled and adjusted his monocle. “You were a sight to behold out there on the dance floor. Truly magnificent.”

Charlie swayed and laid a hand on Alastor’s chest to steady herself. She blushed, but she was loose enough to not care. “I mean it Al, I couldn’t have done it by myself. You were absolutely charming.”

Alastor’s static crackled and his expression grew intense as he looked down at her. “You should let yourself go more often.”

Charlie’s brow furrowed in confusion. “I... what?”

“Let your guard down, stop being so contained. You are so uptight all the time, it’s a wonder you haven’t cracked.” He laughed to soften the critique.

She shook her head, hand creeping up to her throat. “I can’t. I can’t let myself go, not all the way.”

He grasped the hand on his chest and gave it a squeeze. “You can, nothing bad will happen, I assure you.”

“It has in the past. I… I lost control once.” Charlie shook her head. “It is safer to stay contained. I can’t… I can’t risk it.”

Alastor’s static crackled and he leaned in. “I think seeing you lose control would be the absolute best entertainment I can imagine.”

The heat in his voice made Charlie tilt her head. Were they still talking about power and control here? The champagne made her head swirl and all she could do was stare up at him.

“I am observant, Charlie. And I have excellent hearing. I know you and Vaggie argue over me. Comparing me to a hungry fox… delightful.” His hand came up to caress her cheek. “I know you are unhappy in… other ways.” Charlie’s eyes widened in horror as she realized just how much he heard, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull away. The quiet intensity of his voice kept her in place.

His thumb caressed her cheek and his eyes darkened. “I know you are attracted to me, Charlie.” She gasped and tried to pull back, but he held her hand tight. “I’ve seen your eyes linger. I know you want more than what that moth demon can give you. She is still too human. She doesn’t know what it is like to let the demon side take over.”

Charlie bit her lip. He was right, but… “I love Vaggie, Alastor. I can’t betray her.”

“Hmm. You say so now, but are you prepared for an eternity of this? Of pretending to be human, to be something you are not?”

“What are you proposing, Alastor?” asked Charlie in a quiet voice.

His hand trailed from her cheek down her neck, and goosebumps popped up on her skin. The radio static buzzed and still Charlie didn’t pull away. “I have secrets, ones I’ve kept for decades. I can be discrete. Consider it, I will be here when you need to let go of yourself for an hour or two.”

Alastor’s hand reached the back of her neck, and Charlie tilted her head up towards Alastor, heat pooling in her traitorous belly. She couldn’t really be considering this. She watched his lips part, sharp teeth visible in the dim light of the hallway. She shouldn’t. Vaggie was right there, behind her bedroom door.

Alastor leaned in.

And still Charlie didn’t pull back.

The kiss was gentle at first, tentative, giving her the chance to say no. The forbiddenness of the situation hit her, and sent zinging tingles up her spine at the danger. She leaned into the kiss, her own lips parting, and Alastor took the invitation, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He explored slowly, careful of her own sharp fangs.

Charlie sighed and put her arms around his neck. The hand that wasn’t on her neck moved down to encircle her waist, pulling her close. She tilted her head, deepening the kiss. This was wrong.

But it felt so right.

Anger sparked in the back of her mind. Of course Vaggie would be furious, but maybe she shouldn’t have abandoned her at the party. Maybe Vaggie shouldn’t be so shy, so unwilling to experiment. Charlie pulled back and nipped at Alastor’s lip with her teeth, and he grinned against her mouth, and kissed her again.

This was Vaggie’s fault.

At least, that’s what Charlie told herself as she let Alastor push her up against the wall. His hands tugged hard at the hair at the back of her head, and the pain faded into pleasure. She ran her hands down his chest with a hiss, and bit his lip more fully. Blood flooded her mouth, and she relished the taste. Taking his lip into her mouth, she sucked hard, craving the iron flavour of his life’s blood.

The hand on her waist tightened, his claws digging into her side, and she groaned at the roughness and ran her own claws down his back.

His knee came up between her legs, and Charlie gasped in surprise as he rubbed against her center. She moaned, and the sound shocked her.

She pulled back, panting, as she realized just what she was doing. Vaggie was on the other side of the wall, and here she was, moaning. A part of her registered that Alastor was panting too, but panic rose up in her breast. Vaggie could hear them, if she was awake.

What was she thinking? She wiggled out from Alastor’s arms and backed away.

“Al, I’m sorry, I never should have, I didn’t mean to-”

He chuckled and wiped away blood from his lips with his thumb. “As I said, delightful.” His eyes twinkled with dark mischief as he straightened his jacket. “I knew you had it in you.”

Charlie flushed with shame as she stumbled back towards her bedroom door, chased by his laughter.

She opened the door as quietly as she could, and shut it slowly behind her. The bedroom was dark, and the only sound was Vaggie’s soft breathing from the bed. Charlie sagged with relief. She was asleep. Charlie was safe.

Well… She touched her lips, still flushed from being thoroughly kissed and red with Alastor’s blood. His scent must be all over her.

She slipped out of her heels and padded across the room on bare feet, and ducked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She flicked the light on, and immediately regretted it when greeted by her reflection in the mirror.

Her lips were indeed flushed and red, and her hair was a disheveled mess from Alastor. She was dismayed to see her nipples straining through the fabric of her dress, still feeling the effects of Alastor’s body on her own. Damn her, where was her sense of decency.

She wished she could blame it on the alcohol, but who was she kidding? She was a demon, it would take more than a couple glasses of champagne to impair her.

No, she did this herself. She blushed in shame. It wasn’t Vaggie’s fault, not really. Vaggie was herself, it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t give Charlie what she wanted.

Blood. Blood and pulled hair and rough sex. Vaggie was just too vanilla for this.

Charlie leaned on the counter and sighed as her thoughts chased each other around. Vaggie made up for her lack in bed in so many ways. She was a wonderful friend and supporter, and was affectionate and quick to defend Charlie.

She shed her dress and underwear and turned on the shower. This was Hell. A little side action wasn’t unheard of. As far as sins went here, it barely even registers. Right?

Charlie leaned her head against the cool tiles of the shower and sighed. She was trying to convince herself to cheat. How hypocritical for someone trying to redeem sinners. No, this had to be a one time thing, temptation be damned. She would follow Vaggie’s advice and keep her distance from Alastor from now on.

The soap bubbled as she scrubbed at her skin to remove his scent.

Temptation be damned.

Chapter Text

Vaggie didn’t make a noise as Charlie climbed into their king size bed and she sighed with relief as she pulled the duvet up to her chin. The champagne made the room spin, but not as much as her thoughts did.

Guilt, lust, shame, longing, regret, bloodlust, all chased each other around in her head until she was ready to explode. It was a long night for the demon princess, and the dawn was a welcome sight.

Vaggie stirred at her side, and Charlie squeezed her eyes shut, pretending to be asleep. The moth demon rolled over and stared at Charlie for a long moment. Charlie tried not to flinch when a tentative hand reached out and brushed the hair back from her face. The shame welled up again at the sweetness of the gesture, and she rolled over and buried her face in the pillow, unable to face Vaggie just yet.

The hand withdrew, and the moth demon took herself to the shower.

Charlie’s eyes snapped open.

Her dress.

It was still on the floor of the shower.

It would still have Alastor’s scent on it, not to mention the scent of Charlie’s arousal.


Charlie’s worst fears were confirmed when the bathroom door crashed open. Vaggie stood in the doorway, dress balled up in her fist, trembling with anger.

“What is this?”

Charlie sat up, pretense of sleep abandoned. “My dress from last night?”

Vaggie hissed and tossed the shiny pile of fabric on the floor, eyes narrowed.

She pointed at the dress. “I smell blood on that dress, Charlie. His blood. Can you explain how it got there?”

Charlie’s back stiffened and her face flushed red. “I broke a glass. Alastor helped me clean it up.”

Vaggie’s eyes searched her face, and Charlie focused on maintaining her eye contact. “Is that really true, love?”

Charlie swallowed, the lie scorched her throat, and settled for nodding.

“Don’t play stupid with me, love. His scent is all over it.”

Charlie stood, and smoothed her tank top. “Of course it is. I danced with him, you saw that.”

The moth demon tossed the dress on the floor and took a step forward. “Oh, I saw alright.” The words came out through her clenched teeth. “After I asked you not to, how could you?”

Charlie crossed her arms, defensive anger sparking in her throat. “How could I not? Everyone was watching! He is my business partner, how can I expect anyone to trust this venture if it looks like I don’t even trust him for a dance?”

Vaggie crossed her arms. “Fine. That explains the first dance. But how do you explain the rest of the night? You sought each other out, again and again.”

“He’s a good dancer, Vaggie! I was having fun. That’s all it was, a bit of fun.”

“A bit of fun? You could have danced with anyone else. Anyone!”

Charlie groaned and ran a stiff hand through her hair. “I did! Ask Angel Dust, I danced with him, and a bunch of other people. Alastor just happened to be the best dancer of the night. It was… It was just nice to have someone to dance with.”

Vaggie recoiled, and Charlie wished she could snatch the words back. But the damage was done. The moth demon looked at her with wounded eyes.

“Charlie, I never learned-”

“I know. But you could have, couldn’t you?” The words flew out of her mouth, startling both of them. The heat in the room dropped to a chilly degree as the moth demon nodded slowly.

“This is about more than dancing, isn’t it, Charlie?”

The demon princess’s mouth opened and closed, at a loss. “Vaggie…”

“Charlie, I’m not an idiot. I trust my instincts, and right now they are telling me there’s something you aren’t saying.”

Charlie sat at the edge of the bed, anger flowing out of her. Her thoughts returned to last night, the revelation she had about life being only just sort of fun. She closed her eyes and turned her face away.

The bed dipped as Vaggie sat beside her. She took Charlie’s hand and rubbed her thumb over it. “Talk to me, babe.” The anger was gone as quick as it had appeared. “I love you.”

Charlie opened her eyes, throat still tight. “I love you too,” she croaked.

“Then talk to me. The bedroom is no place to put up walls from each other.”

Charlie flinched, then swallowed.

“He kissed me.” said Charlie in a tiny voice.

Vaggie’s hand clenched down on hers. “He what! I’ll kill him!” Her white spear materialized in her hand, and only Charlie’s grip on her prevented the moth demon for charging towards the door.

“Vaggie, wait!”

Vaggie looked down at their joined hands, eyes vulnerable with fear. “Say it.”

Charlie looked down at her feet, and took a quaking breath. “I kissed him back.”

Vaggie inhaled sharply, spear vanishing. She dropped Charlie’s hand and stumbled backwards. Emotions flitted across her face, anger, betrayal, sorrow.

Charlie balled her hands up in her hair and hunched forward. Rocking, the words poured out.

“I needed it, Vaggie. The blood, the roughness, hell, even the forbidden nature of knowing I shouldn’t do it. I’m a demon Vaggie. Not a sinner, not a dead human. A demon, bred and born here in Hell. Gentle love-making only takes me so far. When he offered to be my lover, I said no, but then he got in my space, and I could smell him, and…” She took another shaking breath. “I couldn’t stop myself. My demon side took over, and I let him put his hands all over me.”

Vaggie flinched, and stood staring at Charlie, face unreadable. Charlie met her gaze with tears welling in her eyes.

“It was the thought of you that stopped me, Vaggie. Not guilt. But love. I love you. My body is a traitor that wants more, but I won’t feed that side of me. Not again. I stopped myself before it went too far, and I won’t let it happen again. I told Alastor as much. It was a one time thing, a mistake.”

Vaggie stepped back and sank into the bench in front of their vanity. Her silence taunted Charlie, but she had no more words left to defend herself with. Not that she was worth defending.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Charlie’s head came up, confused. “I just did?”

Vaggie shook her head. “No, about the not being satisfied thing. Why didn’t you say anything?”

The duvet wrinkled under her hands as Charlie buried her fingers into it. “I didn’t know how to bring it up. I’ve tried to introduce new things to you, but you always told me to be more careful if I nipped you or scratched you with my claws. I didn’t see a point in saying anything if you wouldn’t want to do it in the first place.”

“Oh, Charlie… I would try anything for you.”

Charlie shrugged, helpless. “But I want you to enjoy yourself too. You bring so much joy to my life, I thought I could be satisfied with what I had, even if we are slightly incompatible in bed. But then Alastor came along, and…”

“And you were tempted.”

Charlie nodded. “And I was tempted. And succumbed, just for a moment. It won’t happen again.”

Vaggie’s eyes scanned her face. “The truth, this time?”

Charlie stood and crossed over to kneel before Vaggie. She took the moth demon's hands in her own, expression solemn. “I give you my word as princess of Hell that I won’t cheat on you again.”

Vaggie was silent for a long moment, but at last she nodded. She stood, drawing Charlie to her feet, and pulled her in for a hug.

“Alright, I trust you.” Vaggie whispered into Charlie’s hair. Charlie sagged with relief and squeezed her girlfriend back.

Charlie pulled back with a sigh of regret and took Vaggie’s hands again. “One last thing… You can’t confront him about this.”

Vaggie stiffened, but Charlie kept speaking. “We need him, Vaggie. Those sponsors only came because of him. If we piss him off, this whole thing might fall apart. Not to mention, he is a dangerous enemy. We want him as our friend.”

Vaggie pulled her hands out of Charlie’s and crossed her arms. “So what, I’m supposed to just… play nice? After what he did to you? He knows you aren’t single, and he chased you down anyway.”

“I know, but… This hotel, the souls of my people… This is bigger than us. We need to just put it behind us. Pretend it never happened.”

A knock sounded at the door, and Niffty’s voice echoed through. “Breakfast is ready, ladies, if you want to come down and get it!”

Charlie cleared her throat. “Thank you, Niffty! We’ll be right down.”

She turned back to Vaggie, eyes pleading.

Vaggie through her hands up in the air. “Alright, fine! But if he steps one foot out of line-”

“-you will do nothing. You can’t challenge the radio demon! He would clobber you! Remember what he did to that snake, the one with all the eggs?”

Vaggie seethed, but she nodded. Charlie scrubbed at her face with her hands, relieved.


Ten minutes later, and Charlie was sitting at the breakfast table across from a very hungover Angel Dust, who nursed a cup of coffee like it was water in the desert. Charlie felt much the same, but did her best to put on a cheerful face. The smell of breakfast turned her stomach, though the bacon and toast and eggs did look delicious. Instead she just poured herself a cup of black coffee, and took a small sip.

The spider demon glanced up, eyes bloodshot, as Vaggie sat down beside Charlie. “Where the hell were you last night?”

Vaggie shifted in her seat, and leveled a glare at him. “None of your business. I just hope you behaved yourself last night.”

“Yeah, yeah, I was a perfect angel.” He muttered into his mug.

“Actually, Vaggie, he was a great help last night. He can be charming when he wants to be.” said Charlie.

Vaggie snorted. “Yeah, right. I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“You would have seen it if you hadn’t gotten your taco in a twist and ran off last night. They danced, so what?”

Vaggie’s hand twitched like she wanted to summon her spear, but Charlie held up her hands. “Enough! We all had a late night, there’s no sense in being at each other’s throats.”

Radio static buzzed behind them and Charlie jumped. “Quite right, my dear!” Alastor rounded the table and took a seat beside Angel Dust, directly across from Vaggie. “Why, last night was a roaring success! This calls for celebration, not petty arguments!” He winked at Vaggie at the last word, and this time the moth demon did summon her spear.

Charlie laid her hand on Vaggie’s shoulder, and she settled back into her chair, though she leaned her spear against the armrest, instead of dematerializing it. As for Charlie, she ignored Alastor’s comments, and did her best to not even look in his direction. From the corner of her eye she could see his grin was bigger than ever, and felt herself flush.

No, she mustn't give him what he wants. She pulled a piece of toast off the pile in front of her and nibbled at it.

Breakfast continued in silence, and she couldn’t help but sneak glances at the radio demon from time to time. If he was affected at all by last night, he didn’t show it. He was dressed in his typical red suit, and not a hair was out of place on his head. He caught her eye and winked, and Charlie resisted the urge to groan.

The temptation was still there.

Deep in the pit of her stomach, some part of her longed to know where last night would have gone if she hadn’t stopped. She took a gulp of scalding coffee to sear away the memory of his tongue dancing with hers while Vaggie sat quietly at her side, oblivious.

She could do this. She could resist him.

Charlie sighed and poured herself another cup of coffee.

This was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Charlie played cat and mouse with Alastor.

Alastor was the cat, naturally.

He followed her down hallways, lingered when she was in the kitchen, and did his absolute best to get her alone.

Vaggie was on constant alert, not just for Alastor’s presence, but for any signs from Charlie that something might be happening between the two of them. At first Charlie accepted her vigilance, but after days on end of being watched, of feeling like she wasn’t trusted, it began to fray her temper.

If only each failure didn’t seem to empower Alaster. With each day that passed, his smile grew, and by the end of a week past the party, his grin was nearly permanent. And the more he grinned, the closer Vaggie watched.

Charlie could strangle both of them.

And then there was that voice, the tiny little voice in the back of her mind that didn’t mind being the mouse. The attention was flattering, the voice said. One of the most powerful demons in hell wanted her, wasn’t that something? She did her best to quash the voice, but with each passing attempt of Alastor’s to get her alone, it grew a little stronger.

It took nine days for him to catch her.

They were in a meeting, the three of them, to go over the numbers from their sponsors. Pledges trickled in slowly, but trickle in they did. In the past she would have attended these meetings with Alastor alone, but given their new history…

Charlie was fed up with it all. With Vaggie’s protectiveness, with her lukewarm attempts to be more wild in the bedroom, with Alastor’s knowing eyes.

The annoyance rubbed at her like a burr under her skin, and it was almost a relief when the door knocked.

Niffty poked her head into Alastor’s office. “Delivery for the hotel!” said the little demoness.

Charlie and Vaggie exchanged a confused look. “Can’t you sign for it?”

Niffty shook her head. “He said he needs the manager to sign.”

Vaggie sighed and looked back and forth between Charlie and Alastor with a pointed stare before standing. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

The door closed.

Alastor leaned back in this chair, gazing at Charlie over steepled fingers with laughing eyes. Charlie met him with a glare, arms crossed.

“This needs to stop.”

Alastor tilted his head. “Whatever are you talking about, my dear?”

“I’m not your dear, and I’m not a toy. This game, you trying to corner me. What happened after the party won’t happen again, so stop trying.”

His grin slowly widened as the feedback from his radio hissed and popped and Charlie shifted from foot to foot in annoyance as he leaned his lips on his steepled fingers.

“Charlie, my darling.” He chuckled darkly. “We both know that isn’t true.”

Charlie put her hands on her hips. “I’ve told you, what happened earlier was a mistake. A mistake Vaggie knows about. So find someone else to play with.”

Alastor leaned back in his chair. “Why, when you are so lovely when you are upset with me?”

“Alastor, I mean it. Stop.”

“And I mean it, too. You felt something that night, something you haven’t felt in a long time. Admit it.”

Charlie looked away, heat enveloping her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to voice the lie.

He chuckled again. “And that is why I won’t stop pursuing you. I’ve had a taste, and I want more. And you want more too. That little partner of yours is the only part of this equation that needs working on.”

Charlie went stiff, red bleeding into her eyes as angry reared up in her throat. She leaned onto the desk so her eyes were level were the radio demon’s, and bared her teeth.”

“Leave. Vaggie. Out of this.” She punctuated each word with a finger stabbed onto the polished surface of his desk. Her claws gouged puncture marks in the surface.

And still Alastor smiled wider. He stood and mimicked Charlie’s posture, face close to hers. Her eyes darted down to glance at his lips before she could stop herself. Her anger rose and her horns began to emerge from her forehead. Anger for the games they played, and anger at herself for the dim glimmer of enjoyment that refused to be smothered.

“There.” Alastor purred as he straightened. “That’s what I’m talking about. The rage, the passion! That moth demon can’t handle you, and you know it.”

“I don’t need anyone to handle me, I can handle myself.” Charlie hissed.

“Is that so?” Alastor stalked around the desk, graceful as a stag in a glen. She took a step backwards, but the back of her knees hit the edge of her chair. He may walk like a stag, but his eyes were as hungry as a wolf’s.

That part of Charlie she hadn’t managed to quiet liked the attention. The part of her that was aware that Vaggie would be back at any second, and would lose even more trust in her balked.

Charlie stabbed a rigid finger into his narrow chest to stop his approach. He took her hand and kissed the palm of it, not breaking eye contact. Charlie inhaled and snatched her hand back as a sudden surge of heat flooded her insides.

Alastor took another step forward, red eyes locked on hers. He reached out and ran his fingers along her jaw, just the faintest touch, and Charlie involuntarily shivered. Her protests were frozen in her throat as the heat intensified at that light touch, and once again Charlie’s resolve waivered.

He leaned in.

Footsteps in the hallway. Alastor’s eyes widened just a fraction, and he gave her a quick shove, forcing her to sit back in her chair. Faster than her eyes could track, and he was back in his chair just in time for the door to open.

Vaggie stood in the doorway, taking in Alastor’s self-satisfied grin and Charlie’s receding horns. Her spear materialized in her hands, and she leveled it at the radio demon.

“What did you do to her, you grinning piece of-”

“Vaggie, it’s alright.” said Charlie as she smoothed her hair back into place. Her horns were gone now, and her eyes had returned to their normal black. “It was just his usual nonsense. My fault for letting him get me riled up.” She gave him a pointed look at the last bit, and he hummed innocently.

Vaggie lowered her spear with a huff. “Can’t you leave well enough alone?”

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.” replied Alastor. “Now, let’s get back to business! Rosie promised us…”

Charlie tried to pay attention to the numbers, she knew they were important, but all she could think about was how easily he had gotten to her, both to make her mad and to make her want to betray Vaggie. A single touch, a few hot looks. Was that all it took nowadays? She stifled a sigh.

Staying faithful was proving to be harder than she thought.

Chapter Text

“Charlie?” said Niffty, knocking on her office door.

Charlie jerked her head up, having been half asleep looking over the numbers Alastor has given her. “Yes?” she replied.

“Dinner is ready, if you want to come with me.”

“Oh!” Charlie leaned back in her chair and scrubbed at her face with her hands. “Yeah, of course.”

She stood and shoved the paperwork off to the side. That would be tomorrow’s problem.

Niffty was waiting outside of her office, swishing her skirt as she inspected the floorboards for dirt. Charlie smiled down at her and the little demoness gestured for her to follow.

But she didn’t lead Charlie down to the dining room, where they ate most of their meals. She led Charlie up onto the roof terrace underneath the hull of the ship that stuck out of the side of the hotel. There were lights strung up to give some illumination, and near the railing was a bistro table with two wrought-iron chairs. Vaggie stood as she approached and smoothed her skirt.

“I thought it would be nice for us to have a date night, just the two of us. Surprise!”

Charlie gasped and crossed the space to take her girlfriend’s hands. “Vaggie, this is such a nice idea, thank you! I could definitely use it, after today.” She meant the paperwork, but flashes of Alastor kissing her palm crossed her traitorous mind and she quashed the thoughts to the back of her mind.

Vaggie squeezed her hands and led her over to the table. She pulled out Charlie’s chair for her, then sat down herself.

Niffty appeared at their side with a bottle of wine almost as big as she was, and Vaggie took it from her with a smile. “I’ll be right back with dinner, ladies!” said the tiny demoness.

Charlie settled back in her seat as Vaggie poured them wine. A warm breeze blew her hair back from her face, a welcome relief after the stuffiness of her office. From here she could see the lights of Pentagram City stretch into the distance, the typical screams and shouts too far below them to hear. It was as peaceful as Hell could get. 

Vaggie held up her wineglass. “Here’s to the future of the hotel and…” She hesitated just a moment. “And here’s to us.”

Charlie clinked her wine glass against Vaggie’s with a slightly guilty smile, which she hid by taking a sip of her wine. It was a white wine, tart with a lingering aftertaste of pears. Refreshing. She licked her lips and set the glass down.

“Thank you, Vaggie. I mean it. This is a pleasant distraction.”

“You deserve it, babe! I know how hard you’ve been working, you deserve to be treated nicely. And I just wanted to say… I’m here for you. You know that, right?”

Charlie tilted her head. “Of course I know that, you’ve been here for me since day one. The first to believe that sinners can be redeemed. Look, Vaggie… I know there’s been some tension between us, with the whole Alastor thing-”

“Stop.” said Vaggie, reaching her hands over the table to take hold of Charlie’s. “I really don’t want to hear his name tonight. I want to focus on us, not on that creep.”

Charlie sighed, but squeezed Vaggie’s hands back. “I know you don’t want to talk about him Vaggie, but we’ll have to, at some point.”

Vaggie’s face hardened. “What does that-- No, I don’t want to know. Ah, here’s Niffty with the food.” The women sat in awkward silence as Vaggie cheerfully set down their food, fish, jasmine rice, and asparagus with hollandaise. 

Charlie stirred at her rice with her fork. “So, what was the delivery earlier today?”

“Linens.” said Vaggie in a flat voice.

“Linens, I think I saw the invoice earlier. Bedsheets and stuff, right?”

Vaggie managed a weak smile. “Yup. Niffty told me what we needed, for when we get guests.”

“Which should be any day now!” said Charlie with forced cheerfulness.

Vaggie took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Look, I’m sorry. I said this would be a nice evening together, and I get all riled up again. I just… I know Alastor is bad news, and I feel you don’t even see it.”

Charlie sat for a moment before replying in a quiet voice. “I see it.”

Vaggie ran a frustrated hand through her hair. “Then why don’t you do anything about it? Why do you indulge him, play his games?”

Charlie squeezed her eyes shut. “I like the games.” Her voice was barely audible.

“What did you say?” asked Vaggie, blanching.

“I said I like the games! It’s… he’s… This is more excitement than I’ve had in ages. I know I’ve complained about having to wait over my shoulder, but on the other hand… I enjoy being chased like this. The looks he gives me, the flirting. It makes me feel desired.” 

Vaggie stood and put her hands on her hips. “And what, I don’t desire you?”

Charlie clenched her hands in her lap. “That’s not what I mean! I love you, and I know you want me, but we’ve talked about this, I want more. I need to feel the heat of the chase. I’m a demon, Vaggie. I need more than soft kisses and gentle wooing. I need… I need to be pushed up a wall and fucked.”

Vaggie swayed. “Is that what you’ve done with him? Have you been cheating on me?”

“No.” Charlie picked lint off her dress pants to avoid making eye contact. “No. But… I want to. God, Vaggie, I am so sorry.” Tears spilled onto her lap, and she made no move to wipe them away. “I’m so conflicted. I know it’s wrong to want him, but I just can’t help it.”

“So you want to cheat.”

Charlie shook her head, eyes tinting red. “No! I want… I want blood. I want passion. I want to let my demon side out. I need to let my demon side out. I feel like I’m going crazy, all these thoughts in my head, these cravings. But I’ve been pretending to be human for too long, and I’m not. I’m not human, Vaggie. My needs aren’t human.”

Vaggie leaned on the back of her chair, eyes locked on Charlie. “So you need these needs met. Does it have to be Alastor?”

Again Charlie shook her head.

“It can be me?”

Charlie’s head came up. “But we’ve tried in the past, you don’t like it when I get too rough.”

Vaggie crossed over to her side of the table and kneeled in front of Charlie. “Babe, I would do anything for you. These past few weeks I’ve been slowly losing you.” She stood and pulled Charlie to her feet. “Not anymore. Tonight, I will get you back.”

She kissed Charlie, hard. Her tongue sought Charlie’s and danced around her as her left hand came up to tangle in Charlie’s hair. Charlie sighed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Vaggie’s waist. 

Vaggie deliberately caught the tip of her tongue on one of Charlie’s fangs, and the coppery taste of blood flooded her mouth. Charlie groaned and tightened her grip on Vaggie and raised a hand. With a snap of her fingers, a smouldering portal appeared, leading to their bedroom. Charlie pushed Vaggie backwards into it.

The back of Vaggie’s knees hit the edge of the bed, and she fell down onto the soft cover. Charlie wasted no time, and straddled her girlfriend, covering her neck in tiny little nips and bites. Vaggie squirmed under her, though if it was in pleasure or discomfort, Charlie couldn’t say. She let her fangs graze Vaggie’s neck, and the moth demon yelped as one fang pressed too hard into her neck, drawing a drop of blood. 

“Sorry.” Charlie muttered, kissing the area to sooth it.

Vaggie pushed up at Charlie and moved the princess onto her back. Her skirt hitched up to her hips as she straddled Charlie and returned the favour, giving hard kisses to her neck. Charlie arched her back, wanting more, and Vaggie reluctantly dragged her teeth over Charlie’s neck. The princess moaned, claws growing as the red in her eyes deepened.

Charlie’s hands roamed over Vaggie’s back, and it was difficult to resist the urge to rip off her dress and have her way with the moth demon. She settled for wrapping her legs around Vaggie’s hips and arching her center into her girlfriend’s.  

Vaggie smiled into Charlie’s neck and ground her hips into Charlie’s eliciting another moan. She kissed Charlie again, making sure her tongue was still bleeding. Charlie sucked her tongue into her mouth with a hiss, legs tightening.

The buttons on Charlie’s shirt gave her some trouble, but Vaggie got her top undone, followed by her suspended. She eased the shirt off and tossed it to the floor, and pushed Charlie off her again. Vaggie undid Charlie’s pants and threw them onto the floor without a backwards glance, then shucked her own dress off before rejoining Charlie in the bed. 

Charlie welcomed her back, allowing the moth demon to straddle her once again and lead the way. She arched her back as Vaggie’s hands came down on her breasts, nipples straining through the thin fabric of her bra. 

Too slow. Charlie’s claws extended, and with one swift motion, she ripped the underwear from Vaggie. Vaggie’s mouth formed an O with surprise, but Charlie ignored it, using her superior strength to flip the moth demon onto her back. She trailed downwards towards Vaggie’s center, but the moth demon closed her legs and grabbed Charlie’s face with a smile “Not tonight, love. It’s your turn, remember?”

Charlie hissed, but allowed Vaggie to position her at the edge of the bed. Vaggie kneeled between Charlie’s legs and pulled her panties off, allowing her nails to scratch Charlie’s pale thighs.

Charlie’s legs fell open, and Vaggie kissed and nipped her way up her thighs. Still too slow. Charlie wrapped her clawed hands in the moth demon’s long white hair and brought her head right to her center.

Vaggie obliged her needs and focused all her efforts into the movements of her tongue and lips. Charlie mewled and fell back onto the bed, one leg coming up over Vaggie’s shoulders under her ministrations.

The clawed hand never left her hair, tugging and tightening as an orgasm built. Vaggie dug her nails into Charlie’s thighs, eliciting a pleased moan. 

They had been together for a while now and knew each other’s bodies well. Vaggie fell into a familiar pattern as her two fingers found Charlie’s core. And while it felt good, it wasn’t what Charlie wanted. This was passionate, yes, but her thoughts wandered even as the orgasm gripped her. A perfectly serviceable orgasm, that’s what it was.

Vaggie’s head came up, and Charlie smiled at her as the moth demon crawled onto the bed beside her. She slung her leg over Charlie’s and snuggled her head onto her girlfriend’s breast. Charlie moved to return the favour, but Vaggie shook her head. 

“I’m good. I want you to relax.” said Vaggie, hand coming up to massage Charlie’s other breast.

Charlie stared up at the ceiling, satisfied and yet, not. “Thank you, love. Too bad we never got to eat dinner, huh?”

Vaggie chuckled. “Still hungry, huh?”

Charlie stifled a sigh. “A little bit.”


Later than night, after Vaggie had gone to sleep, Charlie stood in the hallway outside of Alastor’s bedroom door. 

She was ready to satisfy her appetites.

Chapter Text

Charlie raised her hand to knock on Alastor’s bedroom door. And immediately withdrew it and began to pace.She wanted this, didn’t she? She wasn’t getting what she needed from Vaggie. And this was Hell. Cheating… cheating was expected.

She could hear movement from the other side of the door and held her breath. Alastor was awake. Charlie ran her tongue over her fangs, still elongated after the disappointing session with Vaggie earlier. Her insides ached with unfulfilled desire. No, she didn’t just want this. She needed it.

Charlie knocked on Alastor’s door. The sound echoed quietly down the hallway towards her own bedroom, and she hoped Vaggie was soundly asleep.

A chair scraped against the carpet on the other side of the door, and she held her breath again as Alastor slowly crossed the room towards the door. He opened it slowly, his smile self-satisfied, and he took his time looking her up and down. Her nightgown felt as thin as tissue paper under his gaze, but she steeled her back and refused the urge to cross her arms over her chest.

It’s not like she wasn’t looking at him. He wasn’t wearing his suit jacket, and his red shirt was untucked and partially unbuttoned. She raised her eyes to meet his and blushed at the rising heat in his glance. Charlie cleared her throat.

“Alastor. You said if I needed… If I needed you. Well, I do. I believe you can keep a secret.” Charlie took a step forward and pressed a trembling hand to Alastor’s slender chest. He raised an eyebrow and licked his lips as she pushed him backwards into his bedroom. “So I’ve decided to take you up on your offer. That is, if it is still on the table?”

Alastor’s answer was to take her wrist and pull her towards him. She squeaked as his arm encircled her waist, squeezing her breasts against his chest. He closed the door with his other hand before bringing it to her cheek.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Charlie. Of course the offer is still open, and I promise that not a word shall ever cross my lips about this.” At ‘lips’ he swiped his thumb over Charlie’s own lips, and she let them part under his touch.

Charlie tilted her head back invitingly, and he took the bait with another pleased smile. The kiss was surprisingly gentle, teasing, and Charlie made a sound of disappointment. He chuckled and pulled back. A raised eyebrow wordlessly dared her to do something about it. Charlie hissed and balled her fists in his shirt, eyes deepening to a blood red as she pulled his face down towards hers.

This kiss was not gentle. It was demanding and hungry. Charlie growled and parted Alastor’s lips with her tongue. He pushed her back against the door and she made a pleased sound at the back of her throat. The kiss deepened, tongues tangling. Alastor’s hand trailed claws up her back and nestled into her loose blonde hair at the back of her neck. She allowed him to angle her head back and arched her back.

Charlie bit his lower lip and drew blood. She lapped at it eagerly, horns growing from her forehead as her carefully maintained control loosened. If the pain of the cuts bothered Alastor he made no show of it. If anything he leaned further into the kiss. His hand tightened in her hair and he returned the favour, and nipped with his fangs at her full lips. The taste of her own blood mingled with the iron-red flavour of his and she groaned and pulled back.

The sight of Alastor looming above her ignited the flames deep inside her core. His eyes were dark with desire and his lips and chin were stained red with their mixed blood. His slim chest rose and fell with rapid breaths, and the characteristic static was nowhere to be found. She ran a claw down his jaw and raised his chin, leaving a red welt in her path. His lips parted in a smile, and the arm around her waist tightened. Alastor leaned in to kiss her again, but she stopped him with a finger to the lips.

A snap of her fingers and a portal appeared behind them. She gave Alastor a hard two-handed shove and he fell backwards. She followed behind him, and found him sprawled out on his bed on the other side of the portal. He grinned as she climbed on top of him to straddle his hips.

“Impatient tonight, darling?”

Charlie’s eyes narrowed and she ripped his shirt open in response, revealing his pale, scarred chest, and gave him a grin, all fangs and blood. She leaned forward and nipped her way from his navel up to his lips, and kissed him again just once, hard and fast.

“No talking.” said Charlie as she kissed along his jaw and down his neck.

Alastor gave a breathless chuckle, his antlers beginning to grow under Charlie’s ministrations. “As my princess commands.” His hands settled on her hips, the silky fabric of her nightgown bunched up to her thighs.

Charlie ignored him and continued giving biting kisses across his chest and to the other side of his neck. His head fell back to blankets with a sigh and Charlie took advantage of the angle to sooth her bites with her tongue.

Alastor’s antlers weren’t the only thing that was growing. Charlie rubbed her center on the hardness in his pants, breath growing strained as her own need grew. She sat up, still moving her hips, hands going to her breasts. Alastor followed them with hungry eyes, claws poking through her nightgown as he gobbled up the sight of her on top of him. Charlie impatiently grabbed his hands and moved them to her breasts and he obliged, squeezing and massaging her sensitive flesh. She mewled and leaned into his hands. He took her nipples between his fingers and rolled them, earning a moan. All the while Charlie’s hips continued to move, needing the friction. Her heat and wetness penetrated Alastor’s pants and his breath sped up as she continued to stimulate him. Any intentions of a slow seduction were out the window, and he reveled in Charlie’s blown out pupils and pointed horns. The sight of her losing control, of using him to pleasure herself on him, it was too much. His antlers grew to their full extent, their black branches catching in the fabric of his sheets, and he raised himself into a sitting position to free them.

Charlie met his move with an arched eyebrow that turned into a startled gasp as he seized her and flipped her onto her back. He rubbed himself against her center in hard strokes, the heat of her driving him mad with desire. Her legs came up to circle his hips, increasing the pressure, and they both groaned.

Alastor wasted no time and ripped her nightgown in half with a flick of his claws. He attacked her breasts with his tongue, alternating between fanged nips and soothing laps of his tongue. Charlie flung her head but with a gasp and moved her hips in unison with his.

“Al...astor.” Charlie stuttered, the heat in her stomach building in intensity. She ground her hips against his as the heat rose more and more. It crested, carrying Charlie along a tidal wave of pleasure. She rode it with relief, the tension she had been carrying for months easing, just a little.

Alastor chuckled in her ear. “So eager. I like it.”

Charlie’s head flopped back on the bed as she collected herself. “I needed that.”

“Oh, but we aren’t done yet, my dear.”

A frisson of pleasure ran from where his lips brushed against her ear and straight down to her center. Charlie shivered and experimentally moved her hips. The fire in her belly reignited with her movement and she gasped again. Alastor nibbled her ear and jerked his hips into hers without warning, eliciting a surprised squeak from Charlie. She could feel his grin against her ear and in retaliation she bit his exposed neck, hard enough to leave a mark. His head fell forward as he groaned, antlers clattering against her horns.

Charlie tightened her hips around his once more and bit him again. She sucked at the mark and kissed it in turn before biting again, hard enough to draw blood. Alastor’s hips bucked into her and she licked and sucked, and any thought of a quip fled his mind. Meanwhile Charlie’s hands trailed down his chest, leaving scratches that echoed the scars that covered his torso. He hissed and sucked at her own neck, not caring if he left a mark.

But Charlie cared. Her hands stopped, inches from the waist of his bands. Alastor whimpered and Charlie pulled her neck away, and she answered him with a shove. He allowed himself to be pushed up to a kneeling position. Charlie pushed herself up to her elbows and with a smooth motion, flipped Alastor onto his back.

“No marks. Discretion, remember?” panted Charlie.

Alastor nodded mutely and Charlie smiled, a fang slipping past her still-bloody lips. She kneeled between his legs and trailed her hands down his chest, taking a moment to admire his disheveled appearance. She reached his pants and snipped the button off with an impatient claw and pulled them off him with a few sharp tugs. He law before her, bear except for her scars. Charlie’s eyes deepened to an even darker red as she took in his twitching member. She stroked it with a single finger, eyes locked with Alastor’s. His gaze was intense, eyes narrowed and dark. Her smile was teasing, a little cruel as she slowly moved her lone finger up and down the length of his shaft. He growled at her, and she threw her head back and laughed.

“Move without my permission Alastor, and I’ll leave.” commanded Charlie.

Alastor settled back onto the bed, intense expression fading into bemusement as Charlie’s tone. She crawled across him to straddle his hips once more, her entrance teasingly close. Alastor’s hands twitched, but he wisely kept them still beside his face on the bed. Charlie nodded and settled herself above him. She pushed herself onto him slowly, both to tease Alastor and to give herself time to adjust to his size. It had been some time since she was last with a man, but the stretch was a welcome one.

Charlie took him all in, and gave him one last fanged grin before raising herself up. She lowered herself quickly, eliciting a groan from Alastor. He panted, head thrashing against the blankets as she raised herself up again and drove herself down in a jerk. Her own breathing came quickly, but she had waited a long time to be filled like this, and she was determined not to shatter at the first few strokes.

Alastor had no such hesitations. Charlie’s warning flew from his head as his hands found her hips. Charlie hissed as he drove himself upwards into her, but the hiss turned into a moan as he increased the pace. They moved in unison, both panting, both nearly mindless. Charlie leaned down and kissed him hard, reopening the cuts on his lips. She sucked his lower lip into her mouth, the taste of blood inflaming the furnace of tension inside her core. Her hips rocked, the bed creaking as another wave of pressure built and built.

Charlie released his lip and buried her face in his neck, teeth seeking the marks she had made earlier. His claws dug into her hips and the scent of her blood filled the air as crimson lines dripped down her thighs and onto the dark blankets of his bed. The pain added to the pleasure and her moans increased in volume. Nothing like what she had with Vaggie. The moth demon would never understand the mix, the joy the taste of blood could give. She rose and grabbed at her breasts as she rode Alastor, the wave of heat rising higher and higher, threatening to crest at any moment.

“Charlie.” Alastor groaned, antlers tangling in the blanket as he threw his head back. “I’m getting close.”

One of Charlie’s hands trailed down her body and found the bundle of nerves at the apex of her center. She gasped at the touch, barely needing to do more than brush against it as the fires in her belly burned like an inferno. It felt so good. Images of Vaggie flitted through her mind, but she pushed them aside. She could love Vaggie and fuck Alastor, this feeling was worth it. Vaggie could never understand.

Vaggie… was standing at the door.

Charlie’s orgasm hit her in a wave of shame and excited voyeurism. She moaned Alastor’s name, eyes fluttered as the radio demon thrust once more beneath her then shuddered out his own orgasm with a loud groan.

Vaggie took a step into the room and Charlie could do nothing but stare back at her. The moth demon took in the blood on Charlie’s lips and on her hips, and spun on her heels and fled the room.

Sense came back to Charlie as the waves of pleasure receded, and she went pale. “Vaggie!” called Charlie as she pulled herself off Alastor. She found her ripped nightgown and pulled it around her as the evidence of her indiscretion leaked down her thighs. “Fuck.”

“Indeed we did my dear.” said Alastor from the bed.

Charlie shot him an incredulous look. “She wasn’t supposed to find out.”

“Cat’s out of the bag now. All we can do is deal with the aftermath.” His antlers had receded, but his lips were still flushed and bloody. She couldn’t help but stare at his naked figure, conflicted. She had enjoyed herself, truly, but was it worth the cost?

Was it worth Vaggie?

Charlie turned without looking back, and after tossing her robe back on, hurried after her girlfriend.

Chapter Text

Charlie caught up with Vaggie in their bedroom. Vaggie was pulling out a suitcase from the back of the closet, silent and fuming. Charlie held up her hand, mouth opened to speak. But she had no words. What could she say? She cheated. Adultery. Many sinners in Hell were guilty of it, and now she had joined their ranks.

And she didn’t even regret it.

Her heart ripped in two at the thought. One half, still in love with Vaggie. The other in love with what Alastor could make her feel. She wasn’t in love with him, certainly not. Charlie doubted he even knew the meaning of the word.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch me go?” asked Vaggie, hands on her hips. The suitcase sat empty on the bed beside her.

Charlie pulled herself out of her thoughts with a shake. “I… don’t know.”

Vaggie’s face twisted with withheld rage. “You don’t know? I thought you loved me, and you throw it all away for HIM. I can’t believe you.”

Charlie wrapped her arms around herself. “You are right. I’m not going to fight with you over this. I did throw it all away.”

The moth demon crossed back to the closet and grabbed an armful of clothing, hangers and all. She tossed them into the suitcase, face unreadable. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

A tear slid down Charlie’s cheek. “Neither do I.”

Vaggie paused. “You really are letting me go.”

Sorrow gnawed at Charlie’s shattered heart, and her claws lengthened, biting into her the thin fabric of her robe. “It’s the right thing to do,” said Charlie after a long moment.

Vaggie began to pace, rage warring with confusion on her grey face. “I can’t believe it is ending like this. I can’t believe you chose him over me.”

Charlie frowned. “It’s not like that. We aren’t together. It was just sex.”

“Just sex? Just sex?! He’s the radio demon! A cunning, manipulative bastard. He does nothing that doesn’t feed into his plans.”

“He’s still a man, Vaggie. He was human once. I think you are buying into a lot of the hype.”

Vaggie groaned and ran her hands through her white hair. “I can’t believe you don’t see it. Charlie, I know you are naive, but you aren’t this stupid. He’s an overlord! He rules a section of Hell. You don’t get to be an overlord without being an awful person. He’s going to eat you alive.”

Charlie flushed, the barest hint of red leaking into her eyes. “You forget who I am. I am the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. I am hardly defenceless.”

“You think you could take him on? Do you even know how to fight?”

“It’s not going to come to that, Vaggie. But if it did… I could hold my own.”

The look Vaggie gave her was a mix of pity and incredulity, and the carefully contained power within Charlie’s chest surged in response as her anger grew. “I could defend myself. You don’t get to survive childhood with a father as powerful as mine without encountering enemies along the way. I may seem innocent but I know how to fight. I’ve face assassination attempts, failed coups. I’ve fought for my life, and I’ve tasted blood. I know-” Charlie bit off her angry response, fangs fully extended. “Do not underestimate me, Vaggie.”

Vaggie responded by stalking over to the dresser and tearing open the drawers, grabbing handfuls of panties and bras. She stuffed them into the bag, then looked around the room for what to take next.

Charlie snapped her fingers, and Razzle and Dazzle appeared in a puff of smoke. “Help Vaggie pack. She’s leaving.”

Vaggie’s back went stiff. “So it’s officially over.”

“It’s officially over.”

“Because I cautioned you against the Radio Demon.”

“Because you think I am a weak, stupid child who doesn’t know what she is doing. Alastor didn’t force me, Vaggie. I went to him. Willingly and in full knowledge of what I was about to do.”

Vaggie recoiled as if Charlie had slapped her while Razzle and Dazzle busied themselves around the bedroom. Any other day, that look would have stopped Charlie in her tracks, but her blood was up, she had had a taste of what she wanted, and she wasn’t about to let anyone stop her from getting more.

“I know what I want now, Vaggie. I am a demon. I need a bit of violence in my life. I’m not going to stop striving to end the culling of souls, and I won’t stop striving for redemption, but I can’t pretend to be something I’m not anymore.”

“Charlie…” said Vaggie, hands crossed against her chest.

Charlie pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep, calming breath, trying to stuff the power within her back down. The red faded to a faint pink ring around her eyes, and her claws and fangs receded. She took another breath.

“I am grateful for you. I really am. And a part of me will always love you, Vaggie. It’s just… I can’t. I can’t be the person who cheats, who runs around behind your back. You deserve better. You are a good person. And… there will always be a place for you in this hotel. Rent free. Stay. For a few days at least. Hell is a tough place to be homeless. Stay, and consider your options.

Vaggie’s face softened, and after a moment she nodded.

“Razzle, Dazzle. Please bring Vaggie’s things to a nice room on the other side of the hotel.”

Her twin goat minions bowed, and vanished in more black smoke, taking Vaggie’s overflowing suitcase with them.

Silence grew as Charlie and Vaggie stared at each other from across the room. At last Vaggie shrugged. “I guess I better find where Razzle and Dazzle brought my things,” she said in a small voice.

Charlie gave a tiny nod, at a loss for words now that her anger had faded. .

Vaggie crossed within touching distance, but Charlie kept her hands at her side.

The moth demon left, and Charlie was alone.

She raised her hands to her face and sobbed.


Breakfast the next morning was a sombre affair. Vaggie had taken food back to her new room, and Charlie came down late, red coat unbuttoned and shirt untucked. She grabbed a cup of coffee, black, and drank it without noticing the heat.

Husk and Angel Dust exchanged a confused look. “Late night?” asked the spider demon after a moment.

Charlie grunted in response.

Alastor’s radio static increased in volume as his grin grew cheshire-wide. “Why, she and her beau had the argument to end all arguments last night. They called it quits, plain as day.”

Niffty gasped and nearly dropped a plate of toast. “They’re splitsville?”

Angel Dust choked on his coffee. “You’re pullin’ my leg. Those two were the real deal.”

Alastor nodded and gestured with his staff. “Heard it all go down myself. Quite the story, I should say! Isn’t that right, Charlie darling?”

Charlie uttered another grunt as she poured a second cup of coffee.

“Hardly a model conversationalist, but who can blame her? She had a wild night,” said Alastor. The emphasis he put on the last words finally brought Charlie’s eyes up staring at the surface of the table. But Charlie didn’t blush or look flustered. Her eyes bled red, and the look she gave him was pure murder.

Alastor’s grin grew, and the look he gave her back was full of heat and promise.

Angel Dust cleared his throat. “There’s somethin’ you two ain’t tellin’ me, right? What the hell is going on here?”

“It’s nothing,” said Charlie in a chilled voice. “Al is just being his usual self.”

“Hmm…” said Angel Dust. “Well, you two sort your shit out. You’ve got a lot of work to do if we are gonna keep this place afloat.”

Charlie’s red eyes flashed to Angel Dust. “Since when do you care about the operation of the hotel?”

Angel Dust snorted. “I don’t. But if it keeps you two from each other’s throats, I can fake it.”

“I hear you’re good at that,” said Husk with an eye roll.

“Sweetie, I don’t need to fake it. I’m just that good.”

“Whatever,” replied Husk, burying his nose in a fluffy pancake.

Charlie’s chair scraped against the carpet as she pushed herself up from the table. “I’ll be in my office.”

“I’ll join you,” said Alastor with a twinkle in his eye. “I believe we have… business to attend to.”

Charlie curled her lips, revealing a pointed fang, which only brought a staticky chuckle from the radio demon.

After they left Angel Dust turned to Husk again. “Those two are definitely fucking.”

Husk spit out his pancake as Niffty gasped. “Alastor and the princess? No fuckin’ way.”

“Oh no, you are wrong! Mister Alastor isn’t, I mean he wouldn’t… gosh,” said Niffty. “Do you really think they are?”

Angel Dust leaned back in his chair. “Oh yeah. I would know, I’m the expert here. Definitely fucking.”



The moment they were in the elevator, Charlie grabbed Alastor by the throat and pinned him against the wall. “What the fuck do you think you are playing at? Telling everyone Vaggie and I…”

“Broke up?” Alastor’s voice was a little tight under her grip, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable. “It’s true, is it not? I remind you again of my excellent hearing.”

Charlie hissed and tightened her grip. Alastor’s eyes darkened and darted down to her lips. “It’s my business, not theirs.”

“Au contraire my dear,” croaked Alastor. “ You are in charge of this little party, and when something of this nature happens, it affects all of us.” He relaxed under her grip and trailed his hands up her sides. “Some of us are affected more than others.”

“Cut the shit, Al. Was this your goal all along? To get Vaggie and I to break up? To bring my life crashing down around my ankles?”

Alastor panted under the force of her grip, and settled his hands on her hips. Charlie tried to ignore the heat coming from his hands, the way he sounded when he panted, but it was increasingly difficult the more suggestive the look in his eyes became.

He managed a grin as Charlie’s claws dug into his pale neck, tiny beads of blood sparkling in the elevator lights. “You,” said Alastor.

“What?” replied Charlie.

“You. My goal is you,” said Alastor as he licked his lips.

Charlie eased up on his neck, confusion clouding her thoughts. “Me. What do you want with me?”

Alastor jerked into motion and threw her back against the opposite side of the elevator, arms pinned above her head. Charlie gasped, and as she did, he kissed her.

It was a harsh kiss, all tongue and teeth. Charlie’s traitorous body responded immediately, nipples straining against the fabric of her white shirt as she arched into it. Their blood mixed as their tongues were nicked on each other’s sharp teeth, and the taste of it nearly drove Charlie mad.

She whined in the back of her throat as Alastor dug his knee between her legs and rubbed it against her hot core. His length pressed into her thigh and she rolled her hips into it in a rhythmic motion. Alastor growled and broke the kiss.

“And I thought you were mad at me,” said Alastor as he moved to nip at her neck.

Charlie struggled against his grip, not really wanting to be freed. “Oh, I’m still angry with you. But my body doesn’t know that, so if you stop…”

Alastor paused and leaned back so his body was no longer making contact with hers. “Or you’ll do what?”

Charlie’s demonic power flared and she freed herself from his grip. She flipped them so Alastor was pinned, bringing a heated gasp from his lips. Charlie leaned in and sunk her fangs into his neck, and the radio demon moaned and pushed his body against hers even as his blood ran down his collar. Charlie soothed the bite with licks and slurps, enjoying the taste of his blood and the thickness of it on her tongue.

She looked up into Alastor’s eyes, panting. Her lips were red with his blood and she paused, hovering just short of kissing him. “You don’t want to find out,” said Charlie in a sultry whisper. Alastor shuddered and tilted his head down to kiss her.

But before their lips connected, the elevator doors opened.

Vaggie stood there, breakfast dishes in her hands. They crashed to the floor at the sight of them. Vaggie went pale and looked them up and down, taking in the blood, the tangled clothing, Charlie’s red lips. She spun on her heels and marched back to her room.

“Vaggie!” cried Charlie, but it was too late. Vaggie’s door slammed behind her, leaving Charlie and Alastor alone again.

Chapter Text

Charlie moved to follow Vaggie, but Alastor caught her wrist. “You’ve made your choice, remember?” said the Radio Demon, voice low and full of unfulfilled need.

She flinched. Vaggie had said much the same thing. She pulled her wrist out of Alastor’s grasp, and he let her go. Clawed fingers tangled in her blonde hair as she ran her hands over her scalp, torn.. “I…” But words refused to form. Alastor lounged against the opposite wall of the elevator, blood running freely down his neck from her bite, barely noticeable against the red of his coat as he waited for her decision.

But in the end the decision was taken from her. The elevator dinged and the door slid shut.

Charlie let it.

And when Alastor held out his hand to her, she took it.

He pulled her in slowly, giving her time to protest. When she stayed silent, he wrapped one arm around her waist and raised her chin with his free hand.

“Rest assured, Charlie my dear. I won’t ever force you to choose. This… arrangement of ours is free from expectation, or obligation. I’ll be exactly what you need, and nothing more,” said Alastor, his radio static purring.

Charlie nuzzled her cheek into his hand and looked up into his deep red eyes. “I can’t ever trust you,” she whispered.

Alastor chuckled and leaned his forehead against hers. “I wouldn’t trust me either, I do have a reputation after all. One I earned. But you can trust this arrangement. It’s just sex, right?” The last words were delivered with an odd emphasis, and Charlie leaned back.

“I said that to Vaggie last night.”

“Hmm, did you?”

“Al… Why have you been listening in on Vaggie and I? I know your hearing isn’t that good.”

Alastor glanced away to study the dial of the elevator. He brightened. “Ah, this is our stop!”

The door dinged, then opened. Alastor pulled Charlie along with him out the door and guided her past her bedroom door. Charlie allowed herself to be pulled as she mulled over Alastor’s answers. He had admitted last night that she was her goal, but that couldn’t mean that he actually wanted her, right? It was all just part of some incomprehensible scheme.

They reached the door to Alastor’s room, and he released her and opened the door with a short bow. Charlie studied him for a long moment. What did she want? The need was still there, especially when the scent of his still bleeding wound reached her nose. But did she want him? All of him, schemes and all?

He raised an eyebrow at her and Charlie shrugged. That was a problem for another day. She took Alastor’s hand and walked backwards into his room, dragging him inside.

“Make me forget her,” said Charlie as she released his hand. She took more backwards steps into his room, eyes wild and daring. Daring him to do his worst.

The look Alastor gave her was almost feral as he followed her movements with hungry eyes. The expression brought the heat back to her belly with startling suddenness. She flashed him a quick smile before bolting towards his bed.

She didn’t even make it three steps before he reached her, grabbing her from behind and bearing her to the ground. He twisted so his shoulder took the brunt of the fall, and rolled so he was on top of Charlie. He pinned her hands over her head and kissed her.

Much like in the elevator, it was a hungry, biting kiss, full of teeth. Charlie arched into it, needing it, giving herself over. Her fangs lengthened, nearly spearing Alastor’s tongue as her eyes bleed red. Horns sprouted from her forehead as she moaned and rolled her hips into Alastor’s, trying to feel every inch of him.

Alastor responded by grinding back, his length hot and hard against her core. He hissed at the contact, panting. Red eyes met red, and he gave her a brief, almost tender kiss before turning his attention to her neck. He ran his sharp teeth over the delicate skin, and Charlie shivered and gasped. He grinned against her neck and alternated licks and nips as he worked his way up to her ear.

The sound of his heavy breath brought another gasping moan from her throat as he ran his fangs against the shell of her ear, his breath hot as smoke. He nipped her earlobe and nuzzled her neck, again with that strange tenderness. The sudden switch made Charlie’s head reel with confusion, but she stuffed it away, determined to forget the outside world.

Alastor trailed kisses down her neck, soothing the bite marks, and stopped when he reached her shirt. He shuffled his hands so he was holding her arms above her head with just one. Her shirt didn’t stand a change as he sliced it open with a claw, buttons popping and scattering over his carpet.

Charlie pouted and pulled against his hand, but his grip was firm, and Charlie didn’t especially want to escape, anyway. It didn’t stop him from pausing and giving her a firm look. “Charlie, my dear. Don’t make me restrain you.”

Charlie wiggled her hips against his. “I thought I already was.”

He leaned down and slid his fangs over her exposed collarbone. “Oh, I think we can do better than keeping your hands still. If you are willing to try?” The last was delivered with a tone of inquiry, of pleading.

Charlie gulped. To be restrained more fully… that involved trust. The fact that he was even asking was a good sign, but… He tilted her head, ears twitching in an endearing way, and she smiled, then gave a single nod.

Alastor’s static crackled and whined and he snapped his fingers. Shadows engulfed them both, and Charlie fell backwards through a portal in the floor and onto Alastor’s bed. He released her arms, and Charlie took the opportunity to pull off her red jacket and ruined shirt, leaving just her bra and pants to cover her.

Alastor paused, static humming as he took in the lacy black bra she was wearing. He reached for her breasts and she arched into his grip, his thumbs circling her nipples, aching for his touch.

To her disappointment he took his hands away and with a gesture a soft red rope appeared from thin air. Her eyes widened. She had been expecting handcuffs. He smiled at her reaction, and with gentle hands, took her arms and wrapped the rope around them in complicated knots. He pulled her arms behind her back, rope securing them in place so she couldn’t move them an inch.

He left her legs free, and she took the opportunity to wrap them around his to bring him closer. Alastor smirked and moved backwards to free himself. “Not so fast, my dear. We have other business to attend to, first.” He reached up to pull the lace down from her breasts, exposing her hard, rosey nipples to the warm air.

Charlie shivered under the force of his gaze, and watched him lick his lips as he dipped his head down to taste them. Hot breath puffed over her left nipple as he delicately traced the tip of his tongue around it, not quite touching. Charlie made a small noise of frustration in the back of her throat, and he grinned and gave her nipple a quick swipe before raising his head.

“So impatient,” said Alastor and he moved to hover over her other breast. His tongue swiped over that nipple as well, just once, and Charlie hissed.

She struggled against the ropes, trying to get more contact with Alastor. “Impatient? Why are you so slow?”

Alastor hesitated, not meeting her eyes. “I want to savour this,” he said at last. “I want to savour you.”

Charlie stilled her struggles and tilted her head against the pillow. “But you’ve already had me.”

He kissed her nipple and leaned back, hands replacing his mouth. He massaged her breasts thoughtfully. “Not like this. Not you, by yourself. I know you want me now. It’s not just about the thrill and danger of going behind the moth demon’s back.”

Charlie huffed and arched her back into his hands, giving him a burning look tinged with anger. “You and Vaggie both don’t understand it, do you. I’m not doing this for or because of anyone else.” She flexed her arms and the soft ropes binding her creaked with the strain of holding her. “I am doing this for myself. So now it’s your turn. You say you want me. You say you want me to let go. What about you? You’re holding back. Why don’t you let go?”

Alastor stared down at her, hands frozen, before chuckling. The sound was low and dangerous, and caused the shadows in the room to dance and flail. “Let go? Let go? Charlie, darling. When I let go, people die.”

Charlie raised her chin and maintained eye contact even as the shadows grew to surround Alastor like a shroud. “I know your history, Al. And I know what it means to lose control. Why do you think I’m so careful?”

He blinked. “You? Killing people?” Alastor threw his head back and laughed. “What a wacky idea!”

Her horns lengthened, the tips turning red. She tossed her head and gouged lines into the carved oak headboard. Her hands smoked as she summoned hellfire, and the ropes snapped.

Alastor didn’t have time to process before she pounced on him, pinned him to the bed, arms above his head. His eyes went wide, but he didn’t say a word as she kissed him, hard and cruel. She mimicked his earlier motions, holding his hands with one hand as she tore open his coat and shirt.

His breathing came faster as Charlie trailed hard bites down his slender chest, drops of blood dotting and smearing as she progressed towards the band of his pants. She released his hands and he buried his hands in his long, blonde hair, claws digging in. The scent of his blood filled the air, and Charlie didn’t care if everyone in the hotel could smell it.

Charlie reached his pants and bit his hip bone before undoing his belt and ripping it off. She paused just long enough to shoot Alastor a cheeky look, mouth paused above his length. “Do you still want to go slow?” purred Charlie.

Alastor was breathing hard, and responded only by arching his hips to get his dick closer to her mouth. Charlie rewarded his eagerness with a kiss through his pants, and he whined in the back of his throat when Charlie sat up.

Her fangs flashed as she grinned down at him, and put her hands on the old fashioned buttons of his pants. She undid them slowly, feeling each twitch of his cock at the brief contact.

Once they were undone she ripped his pants off, boxers and all, exposing all of Alastor to the air. Charlie wasted no time in putting her mouth on him, sucking him and stroking him with her tongue, drawing low moans from Alastor.

“Charlie, darling,” he panted. “I want very much to enjoy this, to enjoy you. Don’t go so fast.”

Charlie released him with a pop and bit her lower lip. “I suppose you are right.” She stood up on the bed and undid her pants. She pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. Alastor lay splayed on the bed, eyes roaming over her matching black lace bra and panty set.

He smiled impishly. “Expecting to be seen, may dear?”

Charlie raised an eyebrow at him. “I happen to like nice underwear. It’s not all about you, Al.”

Alastor winked at her, and sat up. He trailed his claws up her bare legs, raising goosebumps. He stopped at the band of her panties and pulled them down, kissing each inch of flesh that was exposed. Charlie twisted her arms behind her back and took her bra off in a hurried motion, then pulled her panties the rest of the way off.

With her foot she pushed Alastor back to the bed and down he went, eyes worshipful. Charlie paused another moment longer to enjoy the view of Alastor laid out on the bed waiting for her before easing herself down to straddle Alastor’s hips. Her core lay over his length, and she wiggled, enjoying the heat flaring in his eyes.

Her belly was tight with desire, but for all her talk of going fast, she couldn’t help but savour the moment herself. His hands gripped her hips, claws cutting into her, and the pain of it made her core pulse with need. Need. That's what this was all about.

Her aura flashed and flared around her, and Alastor’s flared in response. His eyes widened with anticipation as she raised her hip. She locked eyes with him and took him into herself. He gasped, claws digging harder into her hips. She shuddered and tilted her head back as she adjusted to his size. He felt so good inside of her.

The urge to move, to tear into him with her fangs and claws was strong, and she could feel that need within Alastor, too. She moved her hips once, twice, control slipping further and further the better it felt.

Something within her snapped.

Her control fled, and she leaned down, one hand in Alastor’s hair, the other gouging streaks down his chest as she kissed him with abandon. He kissed her back, as desperate as she was. Blood, teeth, hair, claws. It became a blur.

The two demons, two of the most powerful in this circle of hell, let their powers lose as they fucked each other.

They gave in.

Alastor bucked under her and used the momentum to flip her onto her back. He bit her collarbone, hard, tongue lapping at the blood and he pounded into her. Charlie moaned and moved her hips in time with his, heat and energy building up inside her as she came closer and closer to the edge.

Sensing her closeness, Alastor slowed down, each thrust hard and deliberate. It drove Charlie over the edge, and she came hard, moaning his name. Claws raked down his back as she gripped his hips with her legs, drawing him in deeper.

He chuckled into her ear. “You should say my name like that more often.”

Charlie’s head fell back on the pillow as she tried to control her breathing. She shivered as the aftershocks of her orgasm pulsed through her. “I don’t think the hotel guests would appreciate that.”

“Mmm, but I would.”

Charlie rolled her hips against his. “Well then you had better make me say it again. Darling.” With the last she nipped his ear, and he nuzzled her neck, kissing her pulse.

Alastor withdrew himself from Charlie and rolled her onto her stomach. She obliged, raising her hips. He reentered her slowly, breathing harsh. Alastor pulled back then crashed into her, flesh slapping together. He gripped her shoulders, and she arched her back. The new angle hit deep, and she gave a strangled moan as he pounded into her a second time.

He was breathing hard, and his clawed hands drew even more blood from her shoulders. The sheets were thoroughly ruined from the two of them rolling around, but Charlie didn’t notice. She was too focused on the way Alastor hit the spot deep within her. Her muscles clenched around him, and she backed into him, silently begging him to go faster.

Alastor obliged, shadows deepening as his own control grew strained.

“Let go. Fuck me like you mean it,” said Charlie in a breathy gasp.

Alastor groaned, and the shadows danced harder. Charlie looked back over her shoulder in time to see antlers sprout from his forehead as he gave into his demonic side. His eyes were wild, unseeing, and he moved one hand down to grip her hips.

There was no slowness this time. He slammed into her, again and again, hitting that perfect spot deep within her each time. An abrupt orgasm caught her off guard, and she moaned his name again. But Alastor was too far gone. He neither stopped nor slowed as he took her as his own. It extended her orgasm until she was whining and flinching at the oversentastivity in her core. But still he didn’t slow.

A third orgasm built up within her as the shadows in the room darkened and thrashed. Charlie could barely keep up with his motions as he lost himself in her. She came hard, muscles trembling. A fourth orgasm began to build almost immediately, but Charlie didn’t have the breath to spare to let him know. She could only moan and pant as he continued to fuck her.

He sped up, faster than a human could ever go, and Charlie felt her vision begin to darken as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Alastor came as she screamed his name, a strangled cry leaping from his throat as he attempted to say her name. They rocked back and forth together as their orgasms flooded through them, auras mingling as their demonic powers flared, then began to diminish.

Charlie’s knees gave out, and she fell to the bed. Alastor followed her down, his weight on her back a strange comfort as she attempted to reel her control back in. Alastor’s antlers clacked against her horns as he leaned down to kiss the back of her head.

“... keep you,” said Alastor in a whisper.

“What did you say?” asked Charlie.

Alastor coughed and rolled off of her. “Ah, nothing my dear. Nothing at all.” He pulled her close, arm around her waist, and Charlie wiggled back into his, enjoying the warmth of his body against her. Sweat and blood mingled as they lay together in contented silence.

Her horns receded as her control and sleepiness grew. Alastor didn’t seem the type to keep guests for the night, but she didn’t care. She tucked herself under his chin as her eyes slid shut.

Charlie should really give in more often.