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Give In

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Charlie moved to follow Vaggie, but Alastor caught her wrist. “You’ve made your choice, remember?” said the Radio Demon, voice low and full of unfulfilled need.

She flinched. Vaggie had said much the same thing. She pulled her wrist out of Alastor’s grasp, and he let her go. Clawed fingers tangled in her blonde hair as she ran her hands over her scalp, torn.. “I…” But words refused to form. Alastor lounged against the opposite wall of the elevator, blood running freely down his neck from her bite, barely noticeable against the red of his coat as he waited for her decision.

But in the end the decision was taken from her. The elevator dinged and the door slid shut.

Charlie let it.

And when Alastor held out his hand to her, she took it.

He pulled her in slowly, giving her time to protest. When she stayed silent, he wrapped one arm around her waist and raised her chin with his free hand.

“Rest assured, Charlie my dear. I won’t ever force you to choose. This… arrangement of ours is free from expectation, or obligation. I’ll be exactly what you need, and nothing more,” said Alastor, his radio static purring.

Charlie nuzzled her cheek into his hand and looked up into his deep red eyes. “I can’t ever trust you,” she whispered.

Alastor chuckled and leaned his forehead against hers. “I wouldn’t trust me either, I do have a reputation after all. One I earned. But you can trust this arrangement. It’s just sex, right?” The last words were delivered with an odd emphasis, and Charlie leaned back.

“I said that to Vaggie last night.”

“Hmm, did you?”

“Al… Why have you been listening in on Vaggie and I? I know your hearing isn’t that good.”

Alastor glanced away to study the dial of the elevator. He brightened. “Ah, this is our stop!”

The door dinged, then opened. Alastor pulled Charlie along with him out the door and guided her past her bedroom door. Charlie allowed herself to be pulled as she mulled over Alastor’s answers. He had admitted last night that she was her goal, but that couldn’t mean that he actually wanted her, right? It was all just part of some incomprehensible scheme.

They reached the door to Alastor’s room, and he released her and opened the door with a short bow. Charlie studied him for a long moment. What did she want? The need was still there, especially when the scent of his still bleeding wound reached her nose. But did she want him? All of him, schemes and all?

He raised an eyebrow at her and Charlie shrugged. That was a problem for another day. She took Alastor’s hand and walked backwards into his room, dragging him inside.

“Make me forget her,” said Charlie as she released his hand. She took more backwards steps into his room, eyes wild and daring. Daring him to do his worst.

The look Alastor gave her was almost feral as he followed her movements with hungry eyes. The expression brought the heat back to her belly with startling suddenness. She flashed him a quick smile before bolting towards his bed.

She didn’t even make it three steps before he reached her, grabbing her from behind and bearing her to the ground. He twisted so his shoulder took the brunt of the fall, and rolled so he was on top of Charlie. He pinned her hands over her head and kissed her.

Much like in the elevator, it was a hungry, biting kiss, full of teeth. Charlie arched into it, needing it, giving herself over. Her fangs lengthened, nearly spearing Alastor’s tongue as her eyes bleed red. Horns sprouted from her forehead as she moaned and rolled her hips into Alastor’s, trying to feel every inch of him.

Alastor responded by grinding back, his length hot and hard against her core. He hissed at the contact, panting. Red eyes met red, and he gave her a brief, almost tender kiss before turning his attention to her neck. He ran his sharp teeth over the delicate skin, and Charlie shivered and gasped. He grinned against her neck and alternated licks and nips as he worked his way up to her ear.

The sound of his heavy breath brought another gasping moan from her throat as he ran his fangs against the shell of her ear, his breath hot as smoke. He nipped her earlobe and nuzzled her neck, again with that strange tenderness. The sudden switch made Charlie’s head reel with confusion, but she stuffed it away, determined to forget the outside world.

Alastor trailed kisses down her neck, soothing the bite marks, and stopped when he reached her shirt. He shuffled his hands so he was holding her arms above her head with just one. Her shirt didn’t stand a change as he sliced it open with a claw, buttons popping and scattering over his carpet.

Charlie pouted and pulled against his hand, but his grip was firm, and Charlie didn’t especially want to escape, anyway. It didn’t stop him from pausing and giving her a firm look. “Charlie, my dear. Don’t make me restrain you.”

Charlie wiggled her hips against his. “I thought I already was.”

He leaned down and slid his fangs over her exposed collarbone. “Oh, I think we can do better than keeping your hands still. If you are willing to try?” The last was delivered with a tone of inquiry, of pleading.

Charlie gulped. To be restrained more fully… that involved trust. The fact that he was even asking was a good sign, but… He tilted her head, ears twitching in an endearing way, and she smiled, then gave a single nod.

Alastor’s static crackled and whined and he snapped his fingers. Shadows engulfed them both, and Charlie fell backwards through a portal in the floor and onto Alastor’s bed. He released her arms, and Charlie took the opportunity to pull off her red jacket and ruined shirt, leaving just her bra and pants to cover her.

Alastor paused, static humming as he took in the lacy black bra she was wearing. He reached for her breasts and she arched into his grip, his thumbs circling her nipples, aching for his touch.

To her disappointment he took his hands away and with a gesture a soft red rope appeared from thin air. Her eyes widened. She had been expecting handcuffs. He smiled at her reaction, and with gentle hands, took her arms and wrapped the rope around them in complicated knots. He pulled her arms behind her back, rope securing them in place so she couldn’t move them an inch.

He left her legs free, and she took the opportunity to wrap them around his to bring him closer. Alastor smirked and moved backwards to free himself. “Not so fast, my dear. We have other business to attend to, first.” He reached up to pull the lace down from her breasts, exposing her hard, rosey nipples to the warm air.

Charlie shivered under the force of his gaze, and watched him lick his lips as he dipped his head down to taste them. Hot breath puffed over her left nipple as he delicately traced the tip of his tongue around it, not quite touching. Charlie made a small noise of frustration in the back of her throat, and he grinned and gave her nipple a quick swipe before raising his head.

“So impatient,” said Alastor and he moved to hover over her other breast. His tongue swiped over that nipple as well, just once, and Charlie hissed.

She struggled against the ropes, trying to get more contact with Alastor. “Impatient? Why are you so slow?”

Alastor hesitated, not meeting her eyes. “I want to savour this,” he said at last. “I want to savour you.”

Charlie stilled her struggles and tilted her head against the pillow. “But you’ve already had me.”

He kissed her nipple and leaned back, hands replacing his mouth. He massaged her breasts thoughtfully. “Not like this. Not you, by yourself. I know you want me now. It’s not just about the thrill and danger of going behind the moth demon’s back.”

Charlie huffed and arched her back into his hands, giving him a burning look tinged with anger. “You and Vaggie both don’t understand it, do you. I’m not doing this for or because of anyone else.” She flexed her arms and the soft ropes binding her creaked with the strain of holding her. “I am doing this for myself. So now it’s your turn. You say you want me. You say you want me to let go. What about you? You’re holding back. Why don’t you let go?”

Alastor stared down at her, hands frozen, before chuckling. The sound was low and dangerous, and caused the shadows in the room to dance and flail. “Let go? Let go? Charlie, darling. When I let go, people die.”

Charlie raised her chin and maintained eye contact even as the shadows grew to surround Alastor like a shroud. “I know your history, Al. And I know what it means to lose control. Why do you think I’m so careful?”

He blinked. “You? Killing people?” Alastor threw his head back and laughed. “What a wacky idea!”

Her horns lengthened, the tips turning red. She tossed her head and gouged lines into the carved oak headboard. Her hands smoked as she summoned hellfire, and the ropes snapped.

Alastor didn’t have time to process before she pounced on him, pinned him to the bed, arms above his head. His eyes went wide, but he didn’t say a word as she kissed him, hard and cruel. She mimicked his earlier motions, holding his hands with one hand as she tore open his coat and shirt.

His breathing came faster as Charlie trailed hard bites down his slender chest, drops of blood dotting and smearing as she progressed towards the band of his pants. She released his hands and he buried his hands in his long, blonde hair, claws digging in. The scent of his blood filled the air, and Charlie didn’t care if everyone in the hotel could smell it.

Charlie reached his pants and bit his hip bone before undoing his belt and ripping it off. She paused just long enough to shoot Alastor a cheeky look, mouth paused above his length. “Do you still want to go slow?” purred Charlie.

Alastor was breathing hard, and responded only by arching his hips to get his dick closer to her mouth. Charlie rewarded his eagerness with a kiss through his pants, and he whined in the back of his throat when Charlie sat up.

Her fangs flashed as she grinned down at him, and put her hands on the old fashioned buttons of his pants. She undid them slowly, feeling each twitch of his cock at the brief contact.

Once they were undone she ripped his pants off, boxers and all, exposing all of Alastor to the air. Charlie wasted no time in putting her mouth on him, sucking him and stroking him with her tongue, drawing low moans from Alastor.

“Charlie, darling,” he panted. “I want very much to enjoy this, to enjoy you. Don’t go so fast.”

Charlie released him with a pop and bit her lower lip. “I suppose you are right.” She stood up on the bed and undid her pants. She pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. Alastor lay splayed on the bed, eyes roaming over her matching black lace bra and panty set.

He smiled impishly. “Expecting to be seen, may dear?”

Charlie raised an eyebrow at him. “I happen to like nice underwear. It’s not all about you, Al.”

Alastor winked at her, and sat up. He trailed his claws up her bare legs, raising goosebumps. He stopped at the band of her panties and pulled them down, kissing each inch of flesh that was exposed. Charlie twisted her arms behind her back and took her bra off in a hurried motion, then pulled her panties the rest of the way off.

With her foot she pushed Alastor back to the bed and down he went, eyes worshipful. Charlie paused another moment longer to enjoy the view of Alastor laid out on the bed waiting for her before easing herself down to straddle Alastor’s hips. Her core lay over his length, and she wiggled, enjoying the heat flaring in his eyes.

Her belly was tight with desire, but for all her talk of going fast, she couldn’t help but savour the moment herself. His hands gripped her hips, claws cutting into her, and the pain of it made her core pulse with need. Need. That's what this was all about.

Her aura flashed and flared around her, and Alastor’s flared in response. His eyes widened with anticipation as she raised her hip. She locked eyes with him and took him into herself. He gasped, claws digging harder into her hips. She shuddered and tilted her head back as she adjusted to his size. He felt so good inside of her.

The urge to move, to tear into him with her fangs and claws was strong, and she could feel that need within Alastor, too. She moved her hips once, twice, control slipping further and further the better it felt.

Something within her snapped.

Her control fled, and she leaned down, one hand in Alastor’s hair, the other gouging streaks down his chest as she kissed him with abandon. He kissed her back, as desperate as she was. Blood, teeth, hair, claws. It became a blur.

The two demons, two of the most powerful in this circle of hell, let their powers lose as they fucked each other.

They gave in.

Alastor bucked under her and used the momentum to flip her onto her back. He bit her collarbone, hard, tongue lapping at the blood and he pounded into her. Charlie moaned and moved her hips in time with his, heat and energy building up inside her as she came closer and closer to the edge.

Sensing her closeness, Alastor slowed down, each thrust hard and deliberate. It drove Charlie over the edge, and she came hard, moaning his name. Claws raked down his back as she gripped his hips with her legs, drawing him in deeper.

He chuckled into her ear. “You should say my name like that more often.”

Charlie’s head fell back on the pillow as she tried to control her breathing. She shivered as the aftershocks of her orgasm pulsed through her. “I don’t think the hotel guests would appreciate that.”

“Mmm, but I would.”

Charlie rolled her hips against his. “Well then you had better make me say it again. Darling.” With the last she nipped his ear, and he nuzzled her neck, kissing her pulse.

Alastor withdrew himself from Charlie and rolled her onto her stomach. She obliged, raising her hips. He reentered her slowly, breathing harsh. Alastor pulled back then crashed into her, flesh slapping together. He gripped her shoulders, and she arched her back. The new angle hit deep, and she gave a strangled moan as he pounded into her a second time.

He was breathing hard, and his clawed hands drew even more blood from her shoulders. The sheets were thoroughly ruined from the two of them rolling around, but Charlie didn’t notice. She was too focused on the way Alastor hit the spot deep within her. Her muscles clenched around him, and she backed into him, silently begging him to go faster.

Alastor obliged, shadows deepening as his own control grew strained.

“Let go. Fuck me like you mean it,” said Charlie in a breathy gasp.

Alastor groaned, and the shadows danced harder. Charlie looked back over her shoulder in time to see antlers sprout from his forehead as he gave into his demonic side. His eyes were wild, unseeing, and he moved one hand down to grip her hips.

There was no slowness this time. He slammed into her, again and again, hitting that perfect spot deep within her each time. An abrupt orgasm caught her off guard, and she moaned his name again. But Alastor was too far gone. He neither stopped nor slowed as he took her as his own. It extended her orgasm until she was whining and flinching at the oversentastivity in her core. But still he didn’t slow.

A third orgasm built up within her as the shadows in the room darkened and thrashed. Charlie could barely keep up with his motions as he lost himself in her. She came hard, muscles trembling. A fourth orgasm began to build almost immediately, but Charlie didn’t have the breath to spare to let him know. She could only moan and pant as he continued to fuck her.

He sped up, faster than a human could ever go, and Charlie felt her vision begin to darken as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Alastor came as she screamed his name, a strangled cry leaping from his throat as he attempted to say her name. They rocked back and forth together as their orgasms flooded through them, auras mingling as their demonic powers flared, then began to diminish.

Charlie’s knees gave out, and she fell to the bed. Alastor followed her down, his weight on her back a strange comfort as she attempted to reel her control back in. Alastor’s antlers clacked against her horns as he leaned down to kiss the back of her head.

“... keep you,” said Alastor in a whisper.

“What did you say?” asked Charlie.

Alastor coughed and rolled off of her. “Ah, nothing my dear. Nothing at all.” He pulled her close, arm around her waist, and Charlie wiggled back into his, enjoying the warmth of his body against her. Sweat and blood mingled as they lay together in contented silence.

Her horns receded as her control and sleepiness grew. Alastor didn’t seem the type to keep guests for the night, but she didn’t care. She tucked herself under his chin as her eyes slid shut.

Charlie should really give in more often.