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Drivers License, by Olivia Rodrigo

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’’’Cant drive past the places we used to go to...’’’
The flyers needed a god damn win. And if that meant listening to drivers license on the way to the game, then that meant listening to drivers license. Travis was merging off the freeway towards the arena when he heard it.

“Sidewalks, weed crossed” Nolan sang quietly to himself, looking down at his phone.
“Wait, did you just say weed?” Travis asked taken aback.

“Yeah, that’s the words, bro” a smile crawled across tk’s face hearing nolan call him ‘bro’.
“No, that’s definitely not the fucking words”
“Then what’s the fucking words?” Snippy Nolan was his favorite Nolan as he snarked at Tk.

“Sidewalks, we crossed. Cause you know, it’s a literal sidewalk”
“Oh.” Nolan eyebrows ruffled as he realized that actually kinda made sense.
“Jesus, Patso, do you know the words to any songs?”
This was far from the first time Tk had come at Nolan for knowing a single god damn correct word to any song.

“I like can’t hear the words you know?”
“What the fuck?”
“Like they’re just like music blobs, not like comprehensible words when i hear them? Like when i watch shows without captions? It’s just like noise they’re making.”
“Okay, Patty” Travis said bewildered as he shut off the car in the parking lot.


Travis was fucking pissed. having to be in stupid Lake Tahoe, by himself, no Patty by his side, again! and not even from Patty’s migraines or anything! He hadn’t even tested positive and yet he had to stay on the other side of the country!
He had been walking down the beach of the lake, headphones playing some album with a water color canoe cover, big indie shit, from a playlist on Nolan’s spotify.
He continued to walk before stopping short, boots sticking at the snow.

“Patty! I figure it out!” he yelled in lieu of a hello as soon as nolan picked up his facetime call.
“Figured what out?” Nolan rubbed at the bridge of his nose.
“You like the mumbly indie music cause you don’t need to know the words! You can just mumble along too and that’s the words! It’s perfect!”
Nolan hung up.

“Patso, that’s literally so rude.” when Patty accepts his second facetime.
“Why do you torture me like this?”
“I love you too, Patty”
“You’re literally my worst nightmare” regardless of the biting words, Nolan’s face and tone betrayed him, an adoring smile looking at Travis.
“Show me the lake” Nolan demanded from his seat at his kitchen table eating a salad
“It’s a fuckin lake, Nols”
“Show me it” he grumbled.
“Happy?” Travis asked as he panned the camera around the lake.
“Put it back on your face”
“You’re literally the bossiest person i’ve ever met”
“It’s how i show my love” Nolan said tone dead, straight faced.