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Act Promptly

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The sunlight that came through the window of the hotel room was muted by the curtains over them. Still the Las Vegas sun was bright and found ways to bypass human needs to sleep a hangover off.

Between the light and the sound of the shower, Beca Mitch was unwillingly pulled from a deep sleep. She felt a pounding in her head that she hadn’t since college, her mouth full of cotton and her limbs heavy.

After a few moments she moved from the place she had fallen asleep the night before, the act of sitting up pulling a grunt deep from her lips. Whatever happened last night she was sure that she would hear all about at brunch with the other Bellas. They were all here for her and Chloe’s bachelorette party - they insisted on a joint one, before their wedding next month.  

“Chloe?” Beca called when the shower shut off a few moments later.

“Yeah babe?” Chloe walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her and one more in her hair.

“Why is this ring on my finger?!” Beca looked at the ring that was comically large and was sure to turn her finger green sitting right behind the engagement ring Chloe gave her a little over a year ago.  

“Well.” Chloe flushed her a wide grin. “Turns out we don’t need to worry who officiates the wedding next month. Anyone can do it then because Elvis did it last night.”

Beca fell back on the bed with a heavy groan. “Never let me drink something Fat Amy hands me. Ever again.”



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"I'm going to rock your world, shorty.” Stacie purred into her ear.

Beca Mitchell wasn’t scared of much but as she and Stacie danced in a club in Amsterdam she couldn’t help but feel like she would be smart to be a little scared of the hunger in Stacie’s eyes. 

“Oh yeah?” Beca hoped that having to speak loudly to be heard over the music hid any sort of nerves. “Prove it.”

The alcohol in her veins, the pounding of the music, the way Stacie looked in a shirt that was barely a shirt and a skirt that showed off more leg than Beca was sure should be allowed all mixed inside of her to make her brave. At least for a moment. 

“Gladly.” Stacie’s hand held on to Beca’s as she pulled her away from the club’s dance floor and toward the restroom. 

Someone was smiling down on them because when they got inside there was no one else there. The two looked at each other, the white lights of the room making both look a bit wild as the music was a low hum now instead of a steady thumping in both of their chests. Wordlessly both were drawn to each other, Stacie bending low and Beca reaching up. After a few moments of bending over Stacie was smart enough to pick Beca up and press her against the wall. 

“Do you have any idea how long I waited for you to take your eyes off Chloe long enough to see my eyes on you?” Stacie asked as her hand slipped beneath Beca’s skirt. 

“Eyes totally on you.” Beca moaned out as she suddenly understood just how earned Stacie Conrad’s reputation was. 

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“We’re both too pretty for jail.” Stacie grabbed her jacket as she waited for Aubrey. “So no getting arrested today.” 

“I’m not planning to be arrested today.” Aubrey put her jacket on as she rolled her eyes at her wife. 

“Are there days you plan to be arrested?” Stacie asked as she opened the door for Aubrey to walk out first. “Because if you just have a desire to be in handcuffs I know easier ways.”

“I am glad I married you for reasons other than your sense of humor.” Aubrey couldn’t hide her smile too long when it came to Stacie though. 

“Seriously though. No being arrested at the protest.” Stacie’s hand slipped into Aubrey’s. “We both want SCOTUS to be not terrible this week but I rather not have to explain to your boss why his favorite junior partner was arrested over the weekend.” 

Aubrey rolled her eyes just a bit. “Wasn’t it you who said I should break out of my comfort zone?”

“I didn’t mean that you should take a police issued megaphone last month and use it.” Stacie couldn’t keep the smirk off her face at the memory. 

“Then you really need to give me those details ahead of time.” Aubrey winked before getting into their vehicle to head out for the day.

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Stacie Conrad worked her way up Beca Mitchell’s body after she managed to give Beca a mind altering orgasm. The third of the night. 

“I am so confused right now.” Beca groaned as she looked at one of her very best friends. 

“Because how can someone as hot and smart as I am also be this amazing in bed?” Stacie smirked as she rested her head on her hand as she laid on her side on Beca’s bed. 

“I thought I was straight.” Beca whispered. 

Stacie’s shit eating grin faded a bit as she wrapped one of her arms around Beca’s waist. She brought her closer as Beca reached her hand out to run the arm now around her. 

“Take it from an expert. Human sexuality is complex and hard to figure out and sometimes it takes seeing someone who gets your brain - among other parts - to think differently before you figure it out.” Stacie kissed Beca’s shoulder before resting their heads together. 

Beca thought about what Stacie said, nodding slowly as she relaxed against Stacie. “When I was with Jesse things were good. I mean he had a good time and if we took our time so did I. But with you, things feel so much better.”

“I am very good at all of this.” Stacie pointed out. “Well practiced.”

“I like you, Stacie Conrad.” Beca whispered as she trailed her fingers over Stacie’s arm. She didn’t think Stacie’s skill was the biggest change but she wasn’t ready to have a full blown conversation on this yet. 

Stacie closed her eyes, kissing Beca’s temple. “I don’t spend the night sleeping next to people, Becs. But tonight do you think I could sleep in your bed?”

Beca felt her heart clench at how wonderful that sounded. “Yeah, I’d like that. You’re freakishly long arms will be nice to have wrapped around me while we cuddle.”

Stacie laughed. “Is that so?”

“Yup.” Beca decided as she turned to allow Stacie to cuddle her close. 

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If Beca Mitchell knew just how good it felt to have Aubrey Posen’s legs wrapped around her hips then maybe she wouldn’t have fought some one on one training with her Bella captain for nearly her whole freshman year. 

If she knew what it was like to have Aubrey with her back arched and a moan on her lips - the pitch perfect as always - while Beca used the toy that Aubrey herself picked out then maybe she wouldn’t have needled Aubrey as often as she had. 

If she knew how deeply she would fall for the Bella captain, maybe she would have been nicer, faster so they wouldn have had weeks together before Aubrey went off to Yale law school and the idea of Skype replaced what they were currently up to. 

“This is my new cardio.” Beca growled as she pounded into Aubrey. She couldn’t get enough to watching the way that Aubrey moved every time she pulled out. 

“No complaints. At all. Jesus.” Aubrey reached back to grab on to two of the rails of her headboard. “None. None at all.”

Maybe if Beca knew how good it would be to top Aubrey after letting Aubrey be in control around the Bellas she would have acted like she knew her place sooner. She smirked as she felt Aubrey come apart again. Maybe but there was always going to be fun in misbehaving around her favorite Bella captain. 


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Chloe Beale was a city girl. Born and raised in Portland she loved to wear jeans and flannel in the fall. She would go for a hike now and then but when it came to sleeping she wanted a bed, when it came to plumping she wanted it indoor, when it came to bugs she wanted them nowhere near her.

Chloe knew going in that Aubrey and she had different ideas about how to spend a vacation. She just didn’t know when she let Aubrey plan their first overnight trip as girlfriends it would be a camping trip.

Aubrey could give a pack of boy scouts a run for their money when it came to camping. She loved putting together tents, making sure her fire was prepared perfectly for cooking dinner on, the smell of the fresh air, the way sleeping on the ground always made her back feel better.

“Look at this site. Water access but not too close so we can go swimming, a great fire ring to cook over, a great area to sleep in our tent.” Aubrey grinned when they got to their site.

Standing in her old faded jeans and her new LL Bean flannel, Chloe hid a frown. 

Nine hours later Chloe wasn’t digging camping much more but at least she had some fire potatoes to eat and a steak that was perfectly cooked on her plate.

“I was thinking after dinner and clean up we could lay in the hammock I set up and watch the stars.” Aubrey smiled as she stabbed a potato onto her fork. “Maybe tell some scary stories.”

Chloe hated scary stories. She could never sleep well after she heard them.

“Unless you’re scared about hearing stories where people get murdered in the woods.” Aubrey teased.

“Honey.” Chloe reached over to put her hand on Aubrey’s. “I love you. But getting murdered in the woods wouldn't even be my least favorite thing about camping.”

“You love me?” Aubrey perked up.

Chloe hadn’t meant to say it then but the feelings were true. “I do.”

Aubrey leaned across the table to kiss Chloe, something the red head returned quickly. “I love you too.”

“That’s really great to know.” Chloe smiled. 

“I booked us a hotel as a backup. If we clean up right now we can be soaking in the hot tub there by nine?” Aubrey blushed.

“Really?” Chloe looked at her girlfriend.

“I wasn’t sure how you really would feel about camping so I didn’t want to be without a backup plan.” Aubrey nodded.

“You are so smart.” Chloe grinned. “Come on, let’s clean up and head to the hotel. We can get in the hot tub and play spin the bottle just the two of us.” She winked.

It was Aubrey’s turn to grin.

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Aubrey, Chloe and Stacie all sat at the kitchen table as they watched Beca pace in the kitchen. The four had been in a poly relationship for a little over three years and tonight they were celebrating a first, Beca was cooking them all dinner. For her first full meal cooking for all four of them Beca decided on cooking a beef and stout skillet pie. Something she thought would prove one and for all she was a fine cook. Even if she much rather help Aubrey in the kitchen or even Chloe or Stacie. 

“Remember when you take it out not to put it down too fast or the crust might break.” Aubrey teased, knowing Beca could do this if she put her mind to it. 

“Shut up, I’ve got this.” Beca said over her shoulder as she finally opened the oven door once her time went off. 

This was what she had been waiting for since she put the skillet in the oven. She opened the door and pulled it out carefully - she didn’t want the crust to look anything but perfect - setting it on the oven to cool for a minute. 

“It smells really good.” Stacie smiled.

“I did so much running around today, I missed lunch.” Chloe added. She really was hungry and Stacie was right, the food smelled great. “So I'm totally excited for this.”

“It does look really good.” Aubrey shifted in her seat to see around Beca to look at the skillet. 

After the ten longest minutes of her life, Beca brought the skillet over to the table for her partners to try her cooking. She hoped the glass of wine they all had each while it was cooking would help smooth over any imperfections in her skill set.

“Well.” Beca felt a little nervous. “Dig in.”

Each of the others took a big scoop of the skillet pie. One by one they all tried it, chewing slowly as they tried to figure out how they felt. 

“Is it great? Is it terrible? Are you going to all break up with me because I can’t cook? Say something.” Beca squirmed in her chair. 

“This is really fucking good.” Chloe looked up with a proud smile.  

“Yeah, Becs, this is amazing.” Stacie smiled. 

“I knew all the years sitting at the island and watching us cook would rub off on you.” Aubrey reached over to hold Beca’s hand a moment. 

“You guys really like it?” Beca asked, suddenly shy. 

“Yes.” They each replied. 

“Awesome.” Beca got up from her seat. 

“Where are you going?” Chloe asked. 

“I need to go cancel the backup pizza I ordered.” Beca laughed as she went to grab her cell phone.

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Beca Mitchell was sick. 

She had somehow gone all twenty years of her life without chicken pox. She was the only one in the house who hadn’t gotten them before and now was laying in bed, feeling like crap. As if the low fever she had, the body aches that felt like they would never go away and being so drained opening her eyes felt like a workout weren’t enough she was itchy all over. 

Her head was pounding so much she didn’t hear Chloe make her way upstairs to check on her after getting home from her classes. 

“How are you feeling?” She sat on Beca’s bed. 

“Bad.” Beca managed to whisper, her hand poking out from her nest of blankets so she could hold her girlfriend’s hand. 

Chloe bent down, kissing a pox free patch of skin on Beca’s forehead. “How about I go draw you an oatmeal bath in the tub in my bathroom and help you take it?” 

“You-you would do that for me?” Beca asked, her eyes watering at the feeling of gratitude at having someone who would take care of her. When she was dating someone her senior year of high school and got the flu on their senior trip, he avoided her the whole time.  

“Of course I would.” Chloe smiled down at her. “Let me go draw the bath and then I’ll help you downstairs, alright?”

Before Beca could think to reply Chloe was already gone. Beca wasn’t sure how long it was before she felt Chloe’s hand stroking her cheek and helping her to her feet. 

“You want to sleep in my room tonight so I can keep an eye on you?” Chloe asked, arm around Beca as they moved a flower down to Chloe’s room. It was the official captain’s room with a private bathroom. 

“Yes please.” Beca replied as Chloe shut the bathroom door. 

Beca would have blushed when Chloe started undressing her but she was too tired to think. She didn’t protest when Chloe helped her in the oatmeal bath, a towel down to save Chloe’s kneels as she knelt at the side of the tub to clean Beca’s blister covered skin. 

“I’ve never had someone I’d trust to do this before.” Beca whispered, a towel behind her head. 

“You’re my girlfriend and even if you weren’t you’re my best friend.” Chloe kissed Beca’s temple, avoiding the blisters as much as she could. 

“I love you.” Beca admitted.

“I love you too.” Chloe beamed. 

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“Don't you get it?! I love you! I always have! So please just this once stay!” The words were out of Chloe’s mouth before she could hold them back. Her chest heaved as she ran a hand through her hair, feeling like there was lightning in her veins. 

“What?” Beca said, feeling her hands shake a little bit at the new information. 

“I’ve loved you for as long as I’ve known you. I swear some days for longer, like my heart was just waiting for you to come along.” Chloe felt herself deflate a little now that the words had left her. 

“I guess it makes sense why you were mad at me for bailing tonight.” Beca slowly sat down on her bed. She and Chloe were going to hang out tonight before Beca told her she was going to pick up a shift at the radio station instead. 

Something she had done a lot lately. Something that Chloe tried not to take personally every time that Beca did. 

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Chloe sat on her bed. “We’re not together and even if we were, yelling at you is a bad way to handle things.”

Beca looked across the room at Chloe. “You really love me?”

“I do.” 

“I love you too.”

“You do?”

Beca nodded. “I just thought you were out of my league.” 

Chloe laughed. 

“Come here?” Beca whispered. 

Chloe moved from her bed to sit on Beca’s. 

“I like you, Chlo. And I’m really sorry I acted like hanging out with you wasn’t important.” Beca rested her head on Chloe’s shoulder as Chloe’s arm moved around Beca’s waist. 

“It’s alright.” Chloe whispered. 

“Hang out with me tonight? Like as a date?” Beca suggested. 

“I’d love to.” Chloe smiled. 

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“Babe…please?” Stacie looked up from the bathroom floor. There were puddles of water all around her - muddy, nasty water - and a small dog in the bathtub that had to be some kind of mutt. “I found her on my way back from teaching my intro chem class.”

“Stacie…” Beca looked at the dog that couldn’t be more than twenty-five pounds but who should have been closer to maybe thirty if they were well fed. The apartment they had now was big enough for the couple to have a dog. They upgraded their living situation when Beca was named a senior producer and Stacie became a professor at UCLA. “We’ll take her to the vet and make sure that she's ok and if they say she will be, we’ll keep her.”

Stacie’s face lit up. She might be a college professor and be well on her way to making a splash in the academic community but she really could be a kid at heart. It was something Beca had always loved. 

“Thank you.” Stacie wanted to give Beca a full body hug for agreeing but she smelled like a wet dog and might be just as wet as their dog. “I think she was a pet not too long ago. She’s pretty clean, just really thin.”

“We should think of a name.” Beca sat on the toilet as the dog in the tub eyed her with a bit of nervousness. 

“I was thinking of Snowcone.” Stacie gave her a smile. 

“After that reindeer in that disney movie you made me watch at Christmas?” Beca laughed. 

“Yup.” Stacie smiled. 

“I think it fits.” Beca agreed. “You get her dried off and I’ll go get her a bowl of dog food to eat now that she’s clean.”

“Thanks.” Stacie moved to her knees to kiss Beca without touching her. 

“I will do just about anything to get you to smile at me like that.” Beca reminded her before leaving the bathroom to go get the food ready. 

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“How did we get so lucky?” Chloe asked.

Chloe was laying in a giant multi person hammock with the three women she had committed herself to. They four of them had bought it on a whim and when it came today it took all of them to put it up but it was great for their large back yard.

“I don’t know.” Stacie said from Chloe’s right. “But whatever it was I’m glad we all did it.”

“Me too.” Beca said from Chloe’s left. 

“Agreed.” Aubrey agreed from the other side of Beca. 

They had been in this relationship all together since just after Worlds. Between Aubrey deciding to sell the Lodge and all of them moving to LA together the relationship seemed to happen without planning. 

“Once we figured out what we wanted and all agreed we could have it, things just fell right into place.” Stacie pressed a kiss to Chloe’s bare shoulder. “The four of us just always have found a way to fit together.’

“We have.” Chloe closed her eyes with a content sigh on her lips. 

“I don’t think I could have stopped myself from loving you once I knew it was an option.” Aubrey whispered.

“I could never not love you three. It’s just part of me.” Beca admitted before pressing her face to Chloe’s shoulder to hide her blush. 

“Softie.” Aubrey moved to spoon Beca with more contact. 

“Who wouldn’t be for the three of you?” Beca replied, reaching back to pat Aubrey’s hip. 

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Beca could hear the music before her key was in the lock of the home she shared with her wife. Usually music like this meant one thing; Chloe was cleaning. 

“On the good ship lollipop, it's a sweet trip to a candy shop!” Chloe sang as Beca pushed open the front door. 

Beca just stood at the front door for a moment and watched as Chloe sang and danced in her short shorts and a thin white tank top. 

“Hey!” Chloe grinned when she saw her wife. “Welcome home.” She hopped over the vacuum to come greet Beca with a kiss at the door. 

“Have I told you lately how much I love those short shorts?” Beca teased as she brought Chloe closer with hands on her hips for another kiss. 

“Nope.” Chloe popped her p. “But I just have to put the vacuum away and you can show me. By taking them off.”

Beca grinned. “I love how your mind works.”

“You didn’t just marry me for my body?” Chloe asked.

“90% body, 10% mind.” Beca teased. 

Chloe thought for a moment. “You know what, I can live with that.”

Beca just laughed as she helped Chloe put the vacuum away so she could go show her just how much she loved her shorts. 

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Aubrey wiped her eyes for what felt like the hundredth time that day. She was back home for the service for her grandmother’s passing. Every moment she was around her family reminded her why she lived on the other side of the country from most of them.

Beca Mitchell - legally Posen but she kept Mitchell because she was an international pop star and music producer after all - slipped into the small mud room as her wife. 

“Hey.” Beca walked over to wrap her arms around Aubrey. 

“They aren’t bad people, they just have sticks so far up their…” Aubrey trailed off. 

“At least I know where you got it from.” Beca teased to try and get a watery smile out of her. 

“It’s true, I can’t even fight it.” Aubrey leaned back into Beca’s arms. 

“I have something that might help.” Beca slid a small flask out of her pocket. 

“You brought what???” Aubrey looked a bit alarmed. 

“Relax. It’s just bourbon.” Beca took a gulp before handing it to Aubrey. “It will take the edge off family. This is the one I carry when I have to go see Dad.”

Aubrey took the flask, finishing it before handing it back. “Thanks.”

“What are wives for if not to sneak you a flask now and then.” Beca asked, pocketing the now empty flask and offering Aubrey a mint. 

“I love you.” Aubrey turned in Beca’s arms. 

“That’s really good because the prenup we signed kinda screws you if we get divorced.” Beca figured if she joked about divorce it couldn’t happen. She refused to allow it to. 

“That’s what you think.” Aubrey teased back. “Which one of us went to Yale Law?”

“You.” Beca conceded. “Come on. We can do this.” She slipped her hand in Aubrey’s as the pair of them headed out of the room. 

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Ashley shifted closer to her girlfriend as she and Jessica cuddled on the couch at Bella house. Everyone else had gone home for Thanksgiving break so they had the place to themselves. 

“This is amazing.” Jessica said as she rested her head against Ashley’s. 

“It’s going to be like this a lot after we move to New York.” The pair were heading for the city that never slept once they finished to try their hands at working on stage - Jessica on it and Ashley behind the scenes. 

“You and me, a tiny little shoebox that we love for the rest of our lives when we think about it, always something to do, somewhere to be.” Jessica grinned at the very thought. 

Ashley felt warmth spread all over herself at the very thought of what was ahead of them. “You really like the idea of forever with me?”

“I really do.” Jessica kissed her. 

Before she spoke again Ashley tilted her head. “What’s that sound?” She asked before nodding to herself. “I left the radio on in our room. Be right back.”

Jessica didn’t hear anything but didn’t think much of it as she pulled out her phone to look at Instagram while waiting for Ashley to get back. 

“Hey Jess?” Ashley held a ring box. “I have a question for you.”

Jessica dropped her phone when she looked up. “Yes, yes, totally yes.” She all but jumped into Ashley’s arms. 

“I didn’t ask it yet.” Ashley laughed softly. 

“Ask it then and know I’ll say yes.” Jessica wrapped her arms around Ashley’s waist. 

“Marry me?”


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Beca Mitchell had over two million people that followed her on Instagram and another three million on Twitter. 

She couldn’t tell you why. 

No, that wasn’t true. 

Chloe Beale was the reason. 

Chloe created nearly all of Beca’s social media posts for her, even if she made Beca approve them before she hit the post button. Beca still wasn’t sure that Chloe had an official title on her team other than “Beca’s girlfriend who never got snapped at by Beca”. 

Aubrey Posen on the other hand, Also Beca’s girlfriend and someone who did enjoy when Beca snapped so she could snap back, did have an official job. Manager. 

“Beca.” Chloe whispered when Beca handed Chloe her phone. “Are you sure about this?”

Beca just shrugged and gave Chloe a shy smile. “It’s been two years. It’s time right? Especially if I want to take you both to the Grammys.”

On Beca’s phone was a rare Instagram post she created herself. It hadn’t been posted yet so Chloe could read it over and make sure the wording was correct and both Chloe and Aubrey could object to it if they felt uncomfortable. 

The photo Beca selected was one of the three of them, all sitting on a couch after a show. Beca’s head was against Aubrey’s shoulder while her left hand was tangled with Aubrey’s and her right with Chloe. The capture was simple. “I have two hands so I got one girlfriend for each.” 

“Are you sure?” Aubrey looked over Chloe’s shoulder to read the caption. 

“Yeah.” Beca nodded. “I don’t want to not reach for your hand when we’re out. Or Chloe’s. Or have the two of you not be able to hold hands when you’re out and about. I don’t want to give a million interviews about this but I want to be honest.”

Chloe tapped post and then turned her, Beca and Aubrey’s phones each to Do Not Disturb for the night. 

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Aubrey sat along in the bedroom at Bella House she and Chloe had shared for the last three years. Even when the other Bellas either graduated or decided not to come back the pair had stayed roommates. Even when Aubrey was terrible to Chloe the pair didn’t split. 

Now Aubrey was going to law school and Chloe was repeating her senior year. 

Now everything would be different. 

Now Aubrey was alone.

In Aubrey’s hand was a letter for Chloe. A letter admitting truths that she had long hidden from Chloe. She couldn’t tell Chloe how deeply she had been in love. Not when they were best friends and roommates. Not after what she did her junior year in front of the world. 

But now? 

Now that she was going and Chloe was staying? 

Why not?

Aubrey carefully placed the letter on Chloe’s pillow before turning and grabbing the last box she had to take down to her car. Tonight she was staying at a hotel. A choice she made when she decided to write the letter.

Chloe bagged on the door to Aubrey’s hotel room. The letter in one hand with tear tracks down her cheeks. She banged and banged and banged.

“What the he…” Aubrey didn’t get the final word out as Chloe Beale all but body slammed her back against the wall of the hotel room. 

“This is how you tell me you love me?” Chloe demanded. “A letter Bree?”

“I couldn’t tell you and have you reject me.” Aubrey was caught off guard enough she didn’t have the time to think up a half truth instead. 

“I thought you knew. I thought you had always known how I felt about you. I thought you didn’t feel this way for me.” Chloe almost whimpered as she spoke like a hurt animal.

“Wait.” Aubrey whispered. “You love me too?”

“Yes!” Chloe said firmly.

“Damn it.” Aubrey let her head rest back on the wall. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you knew!” Chloe said again.

“Right.” Aubrey whispered. “What now?” 

Chloe nudged the door shut with her foot. “Now? Now I show you what you missed for three years as my roommate and what we’ll be missing in this long distance relationship we’re about to start.”

“Really?” Aubrey softened. 

“You think now that I know about your feelings and you know about mine I’m letting you go?” Chloe kissed Aubrey’s jaw. 

Chapter Text

“What are you wearing?” Aubrey looked up from her dorm room bed.

“Like it?” Chloe turned around in her new holograph shirt. 

“It’s freaky.” Aubrey turned her head one way to see a kitten on a tree and when she turned it the other she saw a tiger on a log. “I am not sure even you pull that off.”

“You say freak, I say unique.” Chloe pouted as she sat down on her girlfriend’s bed. 

“You are unique.” Aubrey agreed. “It’s one of the reasons I love you.”

“You love me, do you?” Chloe got the same goofy grin she always did when Aubrey said she loved her. 

“With all of my heart.” Aubrey nodded. 

“I love you too.” Chloe laid down beside Aubrey. “Even if you don’t like my shirt.”

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell looked at her wife, her jaw on the floor. 

“What do you mean you’re pregnant? Dude the test you took two days ago said you weren’t?” She said, as if the test - that single test - was the only way they could know. 

“I went to my doctor because I still didn’t feel well and they did blood work.” Aubrey explained. “I’m pregnant Bec, I’m pregnant.” 

The pain had taken turns trying and after two years of trying had nothing to show for it. Until now. Now Aubrey carried their little family inside of her.

Beca started to cry as she moved closer and closer to her wife. She didn’t reach out and pull her in, too scared she might break Aubrey. 

“Hi. So I’m your mom. Your other mom. Some might say your cooler mom.” She managed to smile though her happy tears which made her cry more. “You stay in there all safe and happy and when you’re ready, you come out.” She reached her hand out and slipped it under Aubrey’s shirt. 

“You are such a brat.” Aubrey was already tugging Beca closer. 

“You married me, no take backs.” Beca pressed her face to Aubrey’s shoulder. 

“No take backs.” Aubrey agreed. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell rubbed her eyes as she sat at her mixing board and once again checked what time it was. The artist that she was working with, or would be working with if the weather hadn't delayed them, still wasn’t here.

"Another hour and I’m going home." Beca told the only other person here. 

Billy Camp was a young man and his mid-20s who wanted nothing more to impress his new boss. He had a shaved head and a beard, always feeling he looked cooler than he actually was. He had a leather jacket over a henley with dark jeans on and boots that were nearly as old as he was.

"Are you sure we shouldn’t stay until the artist gets here?" Billy asked. 

"I only live 10 minutes away. If they get here in the middle of the night and really want to record I can be here in 15." Beca grumbled. 

Billy took a seat next to Becca and looked at one of the photos she had taped up just above the mixing deck. The photo was a year or two old now but it was one of Beca's favorites. It was taken in their living room with all four dressed up  after Stacie’s hooding ceremony when she got her Ph.D. 

“Friends of yours?” Billy gestured to the photo.

Beca raised her eyebrow at home before deciding that he really didn’t know. 

“Wives. The four of us are together. Legally I’m married to Chloe while Aubrey and Stacie are married.” Beca pointed each of them out as she named them. “We’ve known each other since college and been together just over a year.”

Billy’s eyebrows hit his hairline as he looked at his boss. “Seriously?”

“Yup.” Beca checked her watch again. She focused on the photo and a smile came to her face as she thought back to that day.

“I can’t believe I’m a doctor now.” Stacie grinned as the four of them walked into the home they all shared.

“I’m so proud of you.” Chloe leaned up, kissing Stacie as soon as they were out of the doorway. 

“Serious Stacie, you’d worked really freaking hard.” Beca leaned in to her side. 

“I could never have finished without you three making sure I took breaks to keep my brain from frying.” Stacie wrapped her arms around both Chloe and Beca as Aubrey pressed against her back.

“Group effort.” Aubrey wrapped her up. “And now with this, unless Chloe or Beca have a burning desire to go get a masters, the four of us have finished school. Twenty five years of higher education between us has come to an end.” 

“Thank fuck.” Beca teased as she pressed little kisses over Stacie’s collarbone. 

Stacie just laughed as she soaked up the attention she was getting. “We didn’t get a photo of us after the ceremony. One photo, ok Beca?” 

Beca made a face but when Aubrey and Chloe both poked her in the sides she agreed. “Fine. Fine. I know when I’m outvoted.”

After getting her phone set up using a mini tripod on the bookshelf in the living room, the four of them gathered together with arms around each other. 

“On three.” Beca used her nose to tap the button to start the countdown on her Apple watch.

Three seconds later Beca checked the photo and made sure it worked before showing the others. 

“We look really good together.” Chloe took Beca’s phone to share the phone with all of them. She wanted to post it later to the private Instagram she had. 

“Yeah, we really do.” Aubrey agreed.


Beca looked up when the door opened and the artist she was waiting for finally got here. 

“Hello Miss Junk.” Billy said, nervous still to be working with famous artists. 

“About time you got here.” Beca grinned as she got up to give Emily a tight hug. 

“I’m so sorry! The weather was so bad and then we went to your place to drop Benji and the twins off first and Chloe and I got to talking and you know how that is.” Emily beamed as she looked at her dear friend.

“Yes, Chloe catching up with someone can be a total time warp.” Beca laughed before nudging Emily toward the booth. 

“You know her?” Billy asked once Beca was sitting down again. 

Without missing a beat - and just to mess with him - Beca turned her head. “Oh yeah, she’s my girlfriend too. I collect them like Pokemon cards.”

Chapter Text

It worked.

It fucking worked.

After a year and a half of trying and countless nights of holding each other and sending wordless prayers up to what may be above, it worked.

Beca was pregnant.

Aubrey gathered her wife’s face in between her hands and leaned in to press a soft kiss to her lips. The feeling of it finally taking, it finally happening almost overwhelmed her. 

“I thought I was going to be the hormonal one.” Beca smiled at her wife. 

“After all we’ve been through to get to this point, I think it’s safe to say the two of us deserve to both be emotional.” Aubrey said, tears in her eyes. Happy tears. Such happy tears. 

“Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right.” Beca’s voice was quiet. “I love you, Bree.”

“I love you too.” Aubrey promised. “I love you two.” She slid her hand over Beca’s middle. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen was drunk. As she sat on the back deck at Bella House she swayed a little bit as she held tight to the half drunk beer in her hand. A half sized bottle of bourbon next to her had been full an hour ago but now laid empty. 

“We could have won if I just prepared them better.” Her voice slurred slightly as she heard the door behind her open. 

“You prepared us.” Stacie sat down beside her. “But you didn’t let us be who we are.” 

Aubrey’s head turned slowly when she heard Stacie’s voice and not Chloe’s, who she had expected. 

“Why are you here?” Aubrey asked, her eyes closing for a moment as she fought against some dizziness. 

“I wanted to check on you. Chloe and Beca were hanging out and I worried about you being alone.” Stacie admitted, wrapping her left arm around Aubrey. She was surprised when Aubrey cuddled against her side. 

“You’re warm.” Aubrey whispered, her head on Stacie’s shoulder. 

“And you’re drunk.” Stacie replied. 

“I wanted to show I was a good captain.” Aubrey’s voice was barely a whisper. 

“You are a good captain.” Stacie rested her head against Aubrey’s. “You just focused on the wrong things.”

Aubrey closed her eyes tightly. “Four years and my dad never came to see me sing. Four years and all I wanted to do was make him proud.”

Stacie wrapped her other arm around Aubrey to try and give her the hug she felt the senior so desperately needed. “I’m proud of you.”

“For leading us to failure?” Aubrey snorted.

“For making us better than we were.” Stacie whispered.

Aubrey was quiet for a long moment. Stacie thought she was sleeping as her breathing evened out a bit. 

“Will you stay the night?”

Stacie didn’t have to think too hard. “Yeah. I’ll help you get ready for bed and then take the couch.”

“Stay in my room.” Aubrey sat up, eyes a bit unfocused. 

“Aubrey…” Stacie trailed off. 

“Just sleep.” Aubrey promised. “I need a big spoon and Chloe’s gone.”

Stacie reached out to tuck a bit of hair behind Aubrey’s ear. “I’ll be your big spoon.” She stood and helped an unsteady Aubrey to her feet. 

When Chloe checked on Aubrey when she got home she couldn’t help but smile. Aubrey was tucked carefully into Stacie’s arms, the two of them wrapped tightly against each other. She shut the door before reaching for Beca’s hand and walking the pair of them to her room.

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell crossed her arms over her chest and she looked up at the flight board. 

Atlanta: Delayed 


She was flying from Portland to Atlanta to start at Barden University. While she was from Seattle she had spent the last two weeks down in Portland with her mom on a vacation.

She grabbed her bag and moved back to one of the chairs after finding a free one right next to an outlet. She pulled her Mac in and started pulling up her mixing software before noticing a shadow falling over her. 

“Do you mind if I plug in too?” A redhead with bright blue eyes and a warm smile looked down at her.

“No. No. That’s fine.” Beca managed to get out.

“Thanks!” The redhead sat down and pulled in her phone. “My flight is delayed and I need to charge my phone up so if I get an alert that the gate has changed I’ll know.” She explained, plopping her bag down in front of herself. 

“Yeah, my flight was delayed too.” Beca said, eyes moving off of her screen and over to the redhead without her brain’s permission.

“Are you going to Atlanta too?” 

“Yeah. College.” Beca said, surprising herself by opening up to a stranger.

“Oh! Me too.” The redhead smiled.

The redhead looked at her phone while going back to her laptop. But now and then she would look over at the redhead as if compelled by another force.

Like she always did Beca started to get into her work and time seemed to be something that passed by on super speed. When she looked up and over to the redhead she noticed she was gone. Everyone was gone. She looked up and saw a line to board.


Beca packed up quickly, checked it was still her flight and got in line. 

When Beca passed the redhead to go to her seat she felt her cheeks head up when the redhead gave her a smile and a wink. 

Maybe Atlanta wasn’t such a bad place to fly to? 

Chapter Text

“Where is Aubrey?” 

Stacie looked up at Beca while Chloe sat on her lap.

“She’s not with you?” Stacie asked. 

Beca looked around herself while rolling her eyes. “Nope.”

“Smartass.” Chloe, already a few drinks in, giggled at Beca’s snark. 

“She went to find you like a half hour ago.” Stacie said. She was a bit worried that Aubrey vanished in the middle of a Treble party. 

“Let’s go find her.” Chloe stood up, swaying just a bit until Beca wrapped her arms around her. 

The trio of Bellas looked around everywhere they could think to find the Bella captain. They checked bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas. No Aubrey could be found. 

Finally they headed to the backyard, each doing a double take. Aubrey was playing beer pong against one of the Trebles. And from the looks of the table she was killing him. 

“Where did you learn to play beer pong?” Beca asked.

“I have been in college for four years.” Aubrey shot her a smile before taking her shot and putting the ping pong ball in the last cup. 

“Bree is really good at drinking.” Chloe added with a giggle. 

“How did we not know this?” Stacie questioned.

“Never asked.” Aubrey turned and wrapped her arms around Stacie’s neck, leaning a little heavily against her. “Want to get out of here? All three of you?”

“God, yes.” Beca smiled as they headed away from the party and toward Bella House. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey tipped the amber colored bottle back and let the beer run down her throat. She was sitting on the edge of the empty pool in the cool Georgia night.

Two hours ago the Bellas were here singing. 

Two hours ago they found their sound. 

Two hours ago the group went to celebrate.

Two hours ago Beca went to work and Aubrey went to buy a six pack. 

Sitting down the empty bottle, Aubrey picked up another. Twisting the top off she downed half of it in another go before she heard footsteps. 

“You didn’t want to go with the others?” Beca sat down next to Aubrey. She picked up one of the beers and cracked it open.

“Do you ever feel like you’re a second later than you need to be on everything you’ve ever done in your life?” Aubrey asked. She took another long pull of her beer.

Beca took a drink of her own. “Sometimes you just have to make things happen. Screw timing.”

Aubrey snorted as she finished off the beer and let her buzz sooth her nerves. “You frustrate me and push me and make me better. You make the Bellas better and I hated it because it should have been me doing that. I shouldn’t have been a bitch to you. Maybe if I hadn’t and just accepted how things were, we wouldn’t have needed that kid to be in high school to go to the finals.”

Beca breathed out slowly. “I wasn’t that nice either.”

“No, you weren’t. You were cocky and brash and so hot most of the time.” 

Beca’s eyebrow rose. “Excuse me?”

“I’m gay.” Aubrey said flatly. “But I don’t really date. But you got under my skin the moment I saw you and all year I’ve been fighting that back. Thankfully we were jerks to each other so I never had to deal with it. But now I can’t deny it anymore.”

Becs scooted a little closer. “You know why I never tried anything with Jesse?” She whispered. “Me too.”

“Seriously?” Aubrey turned her head to face Beca. They were so close that all Aubrey would have to do is turn her head just a little bit and they would be kissing. 

“Know many straight girls who love flannel and ear monstrosities as much as I do? Oh and can’t sit in a chair like a “lady”?” Beca smirked.



“I’m going to kiss you.” Aubrey whispered before tilting her head forward and pressing a kiss to Beca’s lips. Beca's hand slipped to the back of Aubrey's neck to keep her close as the kiss deepened. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell walked back from the bathroom at the Lodge of Fallen Leaves when Aubrey Posen stepped out in front of her. 

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yes, but why this time?”

Aubrey just rolled her eyes and she pulled her girlfriend of over a year close and pressed a warm kiss to her lips. Beca melted a little bit against Aubrey as the kiss deepened. 

“Chloe thinks you’re into Kommissar.” Aubrey said once the kiss broke. 

“What?” Beca said dumbly. 

“She told me some of the “insults” you’ve thrown at her.” Aubrey rolled her eyes at Beca’s lame trash talking. 

“When I’m around her my brain goes full dumb dumb.” Beca sighed, leaning against Aubrey. “How do I make it up to Chloe before she breaks up with us?”

“Us?” Aubrey raised an eyebrow. “I am not the one telling a German that she is hot in new and inventive ways whenever I see her.”

Beca hugged Aubrey a little tighter. “What do I say?” 

Aubrey looked up and saw Chloe standing about ten feet away, arms crossed over her chest. 

“If Chloe was here with us, what would you say to her?”

Beca signed. “I’d tell her that I love her. That dating her - and you too Bree - had been the best thing I’ve ever done. That Kommissar has nothing on the two of you. That no matter what happens I love her and I plan to spend the rest of my life telling her that as often as she needs to hear it. I’m just bad at words and rather make music to tell her. And I’d tell her I’m sorry for lying about the record label job.”

Chloe stepped forward to sandwich Beca between her and Aubrey. “I love you too.”

Beca stiffened a moment before she relaxed against Chloe. “I am sorry I’m an idiot.”

“You aren’t most of the time.” Chloe kissed one cheek while Aubrey kissed the other.

“Come on.” Aubrey pulled back. “I have a cabin here and the others have all turned in for the night.

Beca and Chloe shared a smile before walking after Aubrey with matching grins.

Chapter Text

“Are you out of your Goddamn mind?”

Beca and Stacie stood beside the pair of Tesla’s, Beca’s was black and Stacie’s was red. Beca had just become a full fledged Platinum recording artist and wanted to celebrate by throwing the budget to the wind and treating her girlfriends. 

“Bree.” Beca managed to take a few steps toward her very annoyed girlfriend. “I know that you are the family budget master. And I am very thankful I never have to learn to balance a checkbook but this is my way of thanking each of you.” She reached Aubrey without her limbs being torn off so she counted that as a good sign. “I got you and Chloe gifts too.”

Aubrey, who had the idea that while having money was something her family had in a second it could be taken away, was a plan for a rainy day type of woman. She crossed her arms over chest. 

“You got us something?” Chloe beamed from next to Aubrey. 

Beca opened the door to her Tesla and pulled out two boxes. She handed the smaller one to Aubrey and a larger one to Chloe. 

“I love you both.” Beca said with a hopeful smile. 

Aubrey opened the box only to have a sudden intake of air. Inside was a Rolex Ladies Datejust with platinum and diamonds. The silver dial looked back at her like it was calling her name, telling her to put it on. Her grandmother wore a Rolex that her grandfather bought for her just after their engagement every day Aubrey remembered seeing her. Having her own made her heart melt. 

“Beca.” Aubrey nearly whimpered. 

“It’s not 100% the same watch as your grandmother’s, that one I haven’t found yet. But I know how much you love it. So I wanted to get you something close.” Beca gave Aubrey a small smile. 

“Thank you.” Aubrey used the back of her hand to wipe away the tears gathering in her eyes. 

Chloe waited for Beca and Aubrey to hug before opening her box. Inside was a pair of Fendi bags that Chloe had been talking about for ages whenever they would talk about what would happen if they won the lotto. One was white and one black. 

“I couldn’t remember which you talked about more so I got you both.” Beca smiled before squeaking as Chloe grabbed her to pull her into a tight hug. 

“I love you. So much. So, so much.” Chloe held Beca tightly. “And now just for the bags. Because you remembered me talking about them.”

Stacie tugged the others inside as a few drops of rain came down on their heads. She looked back at the Tesla before grinning and heading farther into the home they shared. 

“We need to thank you for your thoughtfulness.” Aubrey said after the watch had been adjusted and was firmly on her wrist.

“Bree, you don’t have to.” Beca said before watching Aubrey, Chloe and then Stacie all take off their tops. 

“You sure?” Stacie smirked.

“Well, if you insist.” Beca stepped forward to pull Stacie into a kiss as Chloe and Aubrey flanked either side of the little DJ.

Once they made it to the master bedroom - clothes all over the house Aubrey usually didn’t approve of - Beca laid on the bed. One by one each of her loves took care of her, making sure they thanked her properly. 

“Fuck me.” Beca said, panting after Aubrey had her turn.

“We did. All of us.” Chloe laughed, tired, sweaty and out of breath. 

“I need to go platinum more often.” Beca gave a tired smile. 

Stacie, resting on Beca’s other side as Aubrey rested her head against Beca’s stomach, reached down to play with Aubrey’s hair as she smiled. “Just wait until you see what happens when you win a Grammy.”

Beca’s eyes bugged out a little before she grinned widely. 

Chapter Text

Stacie Conrad felt like she was going to die.

She wasn’t but that didn’t change how she felt.

Maybe at 30 she was too old to go out to bars until the early hours of the morning but how often does your little sister graduate medical school? 

“I’m going to die. My life insurance policy goes to you, right?” Stacie asked as she laid in bed with an old hoodie and her glasses on. The hood was over her head, making the glasses look even bigger. 

“You’re adorable when you think you’re dying from a hangover.” Aubrey, who didn’t drink nearly as much as Stacie had the night before, bent over to press a kiss to her wife’s forehead. 

“I'm not adorable, I'm hot!” Stacie protested. 

“You are incredibly hot. And sexy. But hungover you is adorable.” Aubrey ran her hand through Stacie’s hair after pushing the hood back. 

“Take pity on me, I’m in a weakened state.” Stacie jutted her bottom lip out.

“Do you want me to go make you something greasy for breakfast? I think I have some thick cut bacon for breakfast sandwiches.” Aubrey asked, shifting down until the pair were face to face. 

“God, you are the perfect wife.” Stacie groaned as she shifted closer to Aubrey. She pressed her forehead to rest against Aubrey’s collarbone. 

“I really am.” Aubrey teased as she held tight. “Do you want to bring Bella in to cuddle while I’m gone.”

“Yes, please.” Stacie nodded.

After sharing one more kiss, Aubrey got out of bed and headed across the hallway to the nursery. Their two year old daughter was dozing in her toddler bed with her favorite stuffed animal. 

“Morning baby girl.” Aubrey lifted up Bella. She smiled wide as the two year old just cuddled close as Aubrey brought her to the master bedroom. 

“Morning Bells.” Stacie held out her arms so Bella could cuddle close. 

“Mornin’ Mommy.” Bella said in a sleepy voice before cuddling up to Stacie. “Bear tired.”

Stacie arranged the blankets as Aubrey headed to the kitchen to work on breakfast. “Then Mr. Bear should cuddle with us.”

Holding her daughter in her arms while she heard Aubrey in the kitchen was just about the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Even with the dry mouth, the raging headache and the feeling of being on a boat in a storm that was ranging in her gut she thought life couldn’t get much better than this. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell had gotten very good at going places without people knowing who she was. Her sophomore year of college she started a Youtube channel, ended up with offers from labels and within a year and a half had a record out while trying to manage classes and being in the Bellas.  Which was amazing but it made keeping her life private a nightmare. She and Chloe managed to figure their baggage out right before Beca’s life blew up. She did not want to push Chloe into the spotlight and have their relationship torn down so she and Chloe agreed to keep things quiet. 

Which mostly worked.

It worked less well when Beca was called during class to go to St Mary’s because she broke her ankle tripping on a bad patch of sidewalk.   

“Hey baby.” Beca snuck into Chloe’s hospital room, using flowers as a shield for her face as she made her way up. 

“Becs, you came.” Chloe reached her hand out toward Beca. She was a bit high on painkillers at the moment. 

“When I got the call I just got to you.” Beca explained as she sat on the side of Chloe’s hospital bed.

“Thank you for coming.” Chloe whispered before pulling Beca down into a slightly sloppy kiss.

“What is famous Beca Mitchell doing in your hospital room Chloe?” Jason, one of the nurses, and someone Chloe had shared a few classes with her freshman year, asked when he walked in. 

“I’m her girlfriend.” Beca said, tired of not being honest. 

“Really?” Jason asked.

“Yup.” Chloe said with a bit of a goofy grin. 

Chapter Text

“Y’all getting on my nerves.” 

Beca, Chloe and Stacie all turned to Aubrey - who was sitting in a chair while the three sat on a couch - stopping their bickering over the new Marvel movie they saw the night before. 

It was rare that Aubrey’s southern accent came out. It was more rare she used words like y’all. But when it happened all three of her girlfriends loved it. 

“Y’all, hmm?” Stacie leaned forward with a bit of a smirk. 

“Oh! I love when southern Aubrey comes out!” Chloe grinned.

“It is oddly hot.” Beca agreed.

Aubrey raised an eyebrow as she looked at her girlfriends. She knew they were a bit enamored with her accent the rare times it managed to find some daylight but it always shocked her just how much they liked it. 

“Well.” Aubrey fed a bit more drawl into her accent. “Maybe if the three of y’all would stop talking about the movie you saw last night I might keep the accent out for the evening.”

Stacie, Chloe and Beca all stood and gathered around Aubrey’s chair, each leaning in.

“How about we take you and your sexy southern accent to bed and forever our own names, much less the movie we watched last night?” Stacie suggested.

Aubrey leaned forward to kiss Stacie before pulling back before it could get too deep. “I may be game for that.” She answered coyly. 

“Bree, please?” Chloe ran her fingers down Aubrey’s arm. 

“We’ll make it worth your while.” Beca promised. 

Aubrey couldn’t hold back a laugh before pushing her loves back so she could stand. “Come on, y’all.” She walked to the bedroom with a little more sway in her hips than usual. 

Chapter Text

The light that filtered onto Aubrey Posen and Stacie Conrad cast them in an amber glow. The last afternoon sun peaked just through a gap in the curtains, bathing them in warmth and making magic of the moment.

Between classes for Stacie and meetings and running the Lodge for Aubrey, it had been two months since they had a chance to see each other for more than a quick dinner and quicker love making. 

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” Aubrey trailed her fingers down Stacie’s arm as the pair laid on their sides facing each other. 

“This sweetest and best of all creatures, faultless in spite of all her faults.” Stacie quoted another bit of Emma back to Aubrey.

Aubrey brought their joined hands to her lips and pressed a kiss on Stacie's knuckles. “I am not good at emotions. At explaining them to myself, let alone others. With you I rarely have to explain myself. You’ve figured it out or asked what I needed in a way I could handle so you could figure it out. It’s so easy.”

“Like breathing.” Stacie shifted closer to Aubrey, gathering her up in her arms. “Loving you is like breathing. It’s part of the DNA in each of my cells.” 

Aubrey slid her hand over Stacie’s naked back as they laid together. “There are so many conversations you and I need to have about the future.”

“You and me together, a lot of great sex, a lot of singing and dancing and laughing, science for me, being insanely good at whatever you decide to do now that the lodge is sold for you. Easy.” Stacie laughed softly.

“When you say it like that, it sounds so easy.” Aubrey felt her eyes dampen just a bit. “I love you.”

“That’s very good, Aubrey Chase. Because I am planning on a big southern wedding one day and since I’m not southern it would be very unusual if I wasn’t marrying you.” 

“You’re going to make me start crying.” Aubrey said as a few joyful tears fell.

“It’s alright to feel things and not have to do anything about them but lay in the arms of the woman you love while you do.” Stacie pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. 

Aubrey held on to Stacie as the two of them basked in the way everything was just better when they were facing it at each other’s side. 

“It’s foolish to ask you to marry me before I’m even out of college. We have time to live together and figure out adulthood together. But know one day, I am going to get down on one knee after planning something romantic and fun and so perfectly suited to you Aubrey Posen. Know one day it’s going to happen and trust us to get there, alright?” Stacie whispered.

“I trust you.” Aubrey promised. “You are my heart Stacie. My future.”

The pair laid in the late afternoon sun in a hotel room half way between the Lodge and Barden. They laid together without caring what happened because all that mattered in the moment was right there. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell was awake. 

And horny. 

Almost unbearably horny. 

Which was a bit of a problem as her wife was sound asleep in their girlfriend’s arms while their other girlfriend was laying next to her.

Yeah, she had a wife and two girlfriends. What of it?

Beca shifted a bit from her back to her right side to look at Stacie. She never in a million years thought she would be in bed with the brilliant chemist. Even if she thought Stacie was beautiful, and God who looked at Stacie and didn’t think she was beautiful - Beca never imagined what it would be like to be loved by her. It had been so good so far.

“You ok, B?” Stacie opened one eye as she felt Beca’s left hand rubbing slowly up and down her arm.

“Can’t sleep.” Beca’s voice was low.

Stacie opened the other eye. “I know a way to get you to be sleepy again.” She wiggled her eyebrows to let Beca know just what she was thinking. 

“Aubrey and Chloe are sleeping.” Beca didn’t say no.

“Yeah.” Stacie shifted closer. “And I have an idea to try not to wake them. You turn around and I spoon you while I put my hand down your shorts.”

“I think that is a horrible idea - let's do it!” Beca couldn’t even deny it sounded amazing right now.

Beca turned carefully so she and Stacie could fit themselves front to back. Stacie shifted her pillow so the two of them could fit their heads on it. She moved her hand to spay out on Beca’s middle for a moment. 

“I love you.” Stacie whispered. She let her fingers start to stroke over Beca’s skin, her blunt nails scraping just slightly over Beca’s skin. 

“Love you.” Beca’s eyes closed as she fought herself not to help herself out as Stacie teased her. “Love all of you.”

Stacie gave a sleepy smile as she moved her hand up to brush against the underside of Beca’s breasts. She ran her fingers over them, using her thumb to bring both nipples to stiff peaks. Feeling Beca shivering in her arms only told her just how worked up the little DJ was. 

“You are incredible.” Stacie kept her voice low as her hand slipped down under Beca’s shorts. “I know you’re the tough one, you and Bree are Chloe and my protectors, but I love you let go for me. You show Chloe and me and even Aubrey your vulnerable side.”

Beca’s breath hitched as she felt the way Stacie’s fingers knew just how to press against her. Not too much pressure, not too light either. It was like Stacie’s brain had been downloaded with a map of each of their bodies. Beca thought - with the limited brain power she had right now - that Stacie could play her body better than Beca could play music. And well Beca thought she was damn good at that.

“Fuck Stace.” Beca moaned as Stacie’s middle finger swirled at just the right speed. 

“I am baby.” Stacie pressed a kiss to the back of Beca’s neck. 

Beca bit her bottom lip to try to keep the whimpering to a minimum. 


Beca hated how quickly Stacie could build her up. But at the moment she did not care she was finishing faster than her date had the night of her senior prom. 

With a low moan and her hips rocking enough to nudge Aubrey and Chloe from sleep, Beca finished against Stacie’s talented fingers. 

“What’s going on?” Chloe yawned. 

“Beca was horny so I got her off.” Stacie said like she was telling them she went for a drink of water. 

“Me next.” Chloe gave a sleepy smile. “Beca, trade places with me?”

“Once my legs work, sure.” Beca groaned. 

Aubrey’s arm slipped around Chloe’s waist. “I got you babe.”

“Super.” Chloe giggled. 

Chapter Text

The soft piano coming from the Bellas practice room was barely audible from the other side of the door. 

It wasn’t the piano that stopped Chloe Beale, but the voice that she heard coming from inside. She paused a moment, her head tilting as the early afternoon Georgia sun beat down on her back. 

“… Every so often we long to steal / To the land of what-might-have-been / But that doesn't soften the ache we feel / When reality sets back in ..”

Chloe pushed the door open and headed inside of the practice space. Sitting at the piano inside was Beca Mitchell. The freshman member that Chloe couldn’t get out of her head since their first meeting a few months before. 

As the song went on she felt the ache in Beca’s voice. The pain and longing mixed with the self chastised nature of the lyrics coming from the newest Bella broke Chloe’s heart a little bit. She turned and shut the door carefully before taking a few steps closer to the piano. Beca hadn’t noticed her and she wasn’t about to announce herself. 

“…Don't wish, don't start / Wishing only wounds the heart / I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl / There's a girl I know / He loves her so / I’m not that girl…”

Beca leaned forward with her hands folded in her lap. 

“Who is he?” Chloe tilted her head. 

“What?” Beca’s head snapped up. 

“The guy? You’re singing about a guy, right?”

“Fuck you, Chloe.” Beca’s voice was quiet and lacked any real bite. 

“Fuck me?! Fuck you!!” Chloe shot back.

Beca grabbed her bag and headed to the other exit before she turned back. “I was singing about you. Because I’m not the girl who gets the girl, alright? I’m the girl who the girl she likes jumps into the shower with her and who she gets to try out for some stu … for some group and then can’t read any signs she likes her.”

Chloe dropped her bag, her hands over her mouth as it hit her. “You like me?”

“Yeah, Chloe. To a near painful degree.” Beca could barely get the words out before Chloe Beale was running at her like she imagined Ginny Weasley ran at Harry Potter in Half-blood Prince. What, she was a little bit of a nerd. So sue her.

Instead of catching her, Chloe brought them both to the ground, Beca pinned under her. 

“I like you too.” Chloe beamed. 

“Yeah?” Beca hadn’t smiled this wide in years. 

“Yup.” Chloe bent her head to kiss as the other Bellas filed in. Beca didn’t even care when she heard cheering in the background. But wow did she blush. 

Chapter Text

“Hey you.” Aubrey walked into the apartment she and her wife shared with their five year out daughter Bella.

“Hey babe.” Stacie smiled from her place in the kitchen where she was in the middle of making dinner. 

“Mommy!” Bella moved from the table, where she had been working on a puzzle, over to Aubrey to welcome her home.

“Hi baby girl.” Aubrey bent down, picking Bella up and kissed her cheek. “How was your day with Aunt Beca and Aunt Chloe?”

“Awes!” Bella picked up the word from Chloe. “We went to the zoo and the park and Aunt Beca let me have a real New York City hot dog. And it was so yummy.” 

“That sounds like a big day.” Aubrey walked Bella back to the able before setting her down.  

“Your dad sent you a birthday package.” Stacie gestured before she checked the chicken. “Bella will you go wash your hands for dinner please?”

“Yes Momma.” Bella got up from the table and headed to the bathroom.

“What is it?” Stacie came around the island to see as Aubrey opened the package.

“My father sends these every year and I still don't know what to do with them?" Aubrey said as she pulled out the cut piece of glass. “I keep them in a box in my office.” 

“It’s a glass dip pen.” Stacie wrapped her arms around her wife’s waist, chin on her shoulder. “And from the looks of it, it’s vintage.” 

“Oh really?” Aubrey leaned back against her wife. “My mom used to do calligraphy before she died.” Her voice turned softer. 

She dug around in the box and pulled out a card. This time there was more than the General’s signature on the card. 

*Aubrey, this is the last pen from your mother’s collection I’m sending you sweetheart. I’ve kept one that you’ll get after I pass. Until them I hope they remind you of the extraordinary woman that your mother was. Love, Dad.*

“I thought they were just … I don’t know what I thought but not this.” Aubrey confessed.

“He might not love you loudly but he does love you.” Stacie held her wife a bit closer. 

“Mommy, are you sad? You’re cryin.” Bella walked over, wrapping her arms around Aubrey’s legs. 

“I’m alright sweetheart. My dad sent me a very important gift, do you want to see?” Aubrey asked, holding out the glass pen for Bella to see.

“It’s so pretty.” Bella whispered.

“It really is.” Aubrey looked at the pen and giving a watery smile. 

Chapter Text

Seeing Aubrey Posen’s wings for the first time was maybe the greatest and most terrifying moment in Stacie Conrad’s life. Large feathers overlapping each other on wings that looked inhumanly large for Aubrey’s frame - the color not quite white but like what would happen if white fathers had fire nearby for a long time. 

“Who are you? What are you?” 

Aubrey held her hands out to try to make sure Stacie saw she was unarmed. “That is a complicated question.” She gave a small smile though it faded when Stacie didn’t return it. “I am Lucifer Morningstar. Gender presentation isn’t set for beings like myself. We’re able to take different forms and this is the one I like most.” She ached to move her wings now that they were exposed, either to stretch them or to hide them again.

“I’m dating the freaking devil?” 

Aubrey gave another weak smile at the moniker she’d picked up over the years. “I was cast out of heaven and I now rule over Hell, yes. But to be fair I turned it from a madding place of chaos to a place that is just. There are rules there now. There are systems in place. There is order. My father cast me down there and I made it better than it was.”

Stacie stood in the middle of Aubrey’s New York City apartment and looked at her girlfriend with wings coming from her back. She tried, she tried to figure out what to say or do but it was all lost on her in the moment. All except one question. 

“Why are we dating?” Stacie questioned.

Aubrey took a chance and pulled her wings back, wincing as she did. She walked past Stacie and poured each of them a drink before downing half of hers in one go. She needed something and at least human’s had gotten good at making alcohol over the years. She stepped back in front of Stacie once she handed her a drink. 

“Every angel has a weakness. Each and everyone of us has something that brings us low. And you are my weakness in human form. Immune to my powers and in you I am powerless. You hold freedom that I am unable to have with anyone else because I can not trick you or tempt you or ask from you anything you won’t willingly give. You are my only weakness and I am powerless but to submit to you.” Aubrey explained as her green eyes locked with Stacie’s hazel eyes. 

“I am both terrified and in awe of how much I love you.” Stacie couldn’t help it. Even if Aubrey had wings and was the devil herself, how could she deny the woman she loved? 

“You aren’t going to leave?” Aubrey sounded positively shy as she spoke.

“No, Aubrey. Lucifer?” Stacie made a face.

“Aubrey, you can call me Aubrey still. I haven’t been called anything but Aubrey or Lucifer in a long time and not Samael since … it’s been a long time.” Aubrey sighed. 

Stacie set down her untouched drink and stepped close to Aubrey. She ran her fingers over her girlfriend’s jaw while her other arm snaked around her waist. “You’re really powerless against me?”

“I am.” Aubrey confirmed.

Stacie bent down, kissing Aubrey firmly. She wanted the angel to understand that even if this would take time, and oh would it take time, she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Can I see your wings again?” Stacie asked, her hand that was around Aubrey’s waist moving up to press against Aubrey’s shirt where the wings had been. Two holes were there now.

“Let’s go to my bedroom. I can take my shirt off and you can see where they attach.” Aubrey suggested. 

Stacie slipped her hand in Aubrey’s as they headed toward the back of her apartment. Tonight was off to a bang, that was for sure. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen was not someone who needed instruments to enjoy music. Her years of acapella had trained her ear - and her voice - to fill the gaps. That didn’t mean however she didn’t know how to play them. She was skilled at both guitar and piano. 

And Bella Conrad’s favorite thing was to listen to Aubrey play after the dinner dishes were drying in the sink and homework was done.

“Please Mom,” Bella pouted just slightly as she sat on the couch and looked at the guitar that was stashed in the corner of the living room. “It’s been forever since you played.”

“Forever?” Aubrey raised an eyebrow. 

“Yeah babe, forever,” Stacie sat down next to their daughter. 

For a moment all Aubrey did was look at her wife and the ten year old they had been raising together over the last four years. Stacie still looked as beautiful - more so as she was relaxed in her confidence as came with age - even as a few lines lived near her eyes and the corners of her mouth. And Bella? Well Aubrey was almost sure Bella was just Stacie’s DNA with how much they were copies of each other.

“Alright, alright. I know when I’m beat,” Aubrey said as her hands lifted in surrender. 

There were a few songs that were in her head as she picked the guitar and tried to figure out what to play. She decided as she sat down on the chair that was positioned facing the couch where her whole world sat. After fiddling with the guitar for a moment to get it ready she started to strum on it as she prepared her voice. Once she was ready she looked at Bella and Stacie with a soft smile on her lips. 

“She ain't got my smile, that don't bother me a bit / She's got somebody else's eyes I'm seeing myself in / I'm holding on to every moment, God knows I've missed a few / The day we met I knew I had some catching up to do…”

Aubrey sang as a bit of emotion seeped into the words. She might not share any blood with Bella Conrad but she had taken the little girl into her heart from the day Stacie Facetimed them during the USO tour. 

“…She ain't my blood, ain't got my name / But if she did, I'd feel the same / I wasn't there for her first steps / But I ain't missed a moment yet / And that ain't ever gonna change / I could never walk away / Yeah, she's my baby and my whole world / She ain't my blood but she's my, she's my girl…”

Bella, old enough to understand the words and the meaning of the song that Aubrey was singing, cuddled closer to Stacie as her eyes never left Aubrey’s face while she sang to her. Stacie for her part was teary-eyed as she watched her wife sing to their daughter. 

As soon as Aubrey finished and moved the guitar to the side, Bella scrambled away from Stacie and launched herself at Aubrey. 

“I love you Mom,” Bella said against Aubrey’s neck.

“I love you too, Bells,” Aubrey whispered, her eyes closed as she held onto her daughter. 

Stacie gave the two a moment before she tapped on Bella’s shoulder. “Go brush your teeth and change into your PJs, we’ll read another chapter from Harry Potter before bed, ok?” She needed to talk to Aubrey before she lost her nerve. 

Bella hugged Aubrey for another minute before heading upstairs. Neither parent missed Bella wiping her eyes. 

“Will you adopt my daughter? Our daughter? Bella? Will you adopt Bella?” Stacie asked, moving to her knees in front of her wife. “You’re her mom, Bree. In all the ways I am except for the crazy dark hair and weird love of Twinkies. Her father signed over his rights before she was born. I haven’t asked before now because … I was scared if I did and you weren’t ready … but you’re her mom, Bree.”

Aubrey bent down to kiss Stacie to stop her rambling, something Stacie usually did to her. “Yes. I will adopt our daughter. Because I’m her mom as much as I’m your wife. I love you and I love her. That is not changing if you and I - even if we weren’t together she’s my daughter.”

Stacie leaned forward to press a firm kiss against Aubrey’s lips. “I love you.”

“I love you. And her. So much.” Aubrey nudged Stacie back so she could move to her feet. “Let’s go read to our girl. We can talk to her tomorrow about the idea of adoption. And me legally changing my last name.” 

“Really?” Stacie’s eyebrow rose.

Aubrey just tangled her fingers with Stacie’s before tugging her upstairs. 

Chapter Text

Chloe checked the click on the bedside table when she turned over after waking slightly and noticed Aubrey still hadn’t come to bed. 

3:14 am. 

She turned her head to see if Beca or Stacie had woken and noticed the pair were wrapped up in each other, sound asleep. Carefully Chloe moved out of bed and headed down the hall to the office Aubrey used when she worked from home.

“Bree, it’s 3 in the morning,” Chloe yawned as she rubbed at her eyes.

Aubrey jerked her head up as she looked at the doorway where Chloe stood in a t-shirt that stopped mid thigh, her red hair was a bit of a mess and there was sleep in her eyes. Aubrey felt her heart melt a bit. 

“Sorry. Work took all of my attention,” Aubrey admitted. 

“I hate when you’re like this,” Chloe moved deeper in the office. “You have to give yourself time to sleep.” 

Chloe stood next to Aubrey, slipping her hand down the back of Aubrey’s shirt to press it to her back. She used her thumb to get some of the knots out she found under her finger tips. 

“I know,” Aubrey groaned. 

“Come to bed,” Chloe pulled her hand back only to offer it to Aubrey.

“Alright,” Aubrey shut her laptop, taking Chloe’s hand. She hit the lights off as she was tugged to the master bedroom. 

Chloe carefully returned to bed as she watched Aubrey change for bed. The shirt was one of Beca’s last tour, hitting the same place mid thigh that Chloe’s shirt had on her. Chloe gave a sleep smile at the image before her. 

“Beca loves when you wear that,” Chloe whispered as she pulled the covers back so Aubrey could join her. 

“I know,” Aubrey whispered as she slipped in next to Chloe. “Sometimes I have to toss her a bone.”

Chloe chuckled. She knew first hand how soft Aubrey and Beca could be with each other even if they would never admit it. 

“Night Bree,” Chloe said as she wrapped her up.

“Night Chlo,” Aubrey replied as her eyes shut. 

Chapter Text

“Can we buy you two ladies a drink,” Dude Bro asked with a slightly creepy grin.

“Yeah, you two look like you could use some drinks,” His friend, Dudemister, added. 

Beca and Stacie, both wearing tight jeans and dark tops, shared a look. 

“We’re good boys, but thanks,” Stacie tossed the pair a smile for their effort before turning back to Beca. 

“Are you sure?” Dudemister asked. 

“Yeah, are you sure?” Dude Bro asked. 

“We are,” Beca scowled. 

“I mean two lovely ladies like you shouldn’t be alone,” Dude Bro tried. “I’m the President of Alpha Beta Alpha. My buddy here is the treasurer.” 

“Oh really,” Stacie said, fighting not to roll her eyes. 

“And I’m on the football team,” Dudemister grinned. 

“They are with us,” Aubrey said in a tone that sounded as if she brought Captain Posen back from the grave. Chloe slipped her arm around Beca while Aubrey slipped her arm around Stacie. 

The Dudemister and Dude Bro shared a look before walking away. 

“My knight in shining armor,” Stacie leaned in to kiss Aubrey’s cheek. 

“Thanks,” Beca kissed Chloe’s. 

“This is what we get for going to a college bar,” Aubrey grumbled as she rested her hand low on Stacie’s back.

“No, what we get by being in a college bar is bar DJing and cheap beer. We get hit on anywhere,” Stacie teased before sliding out of her chair. “Come dance with me.”

“Yeah, come dance with me.” Chloe held on to Beca’s hand, pulling her to the dance floor. 

The bad music, being hit on by college guys, the cheap beer, it all faded away as the four of them danced together like they were in college again. They took turns dancing with each other and as a unit. Years of being in the Bellas together gave them a talent for knowing how to move against each other. 

“Emily!” Chloe grinned when she saw her walk in. “Happy 21st birthday!”

“Thanks for coming down for my birthday,” Emily hugged each of the older Bellas. 

“Couldn’t miss it for the world,” Beca smiled. 

“Chloe booked the tickets as soon as you texted,” Stacie grinned. 

“I missed it down here,” Chloe smiled. “Everyone else should be here soon. We’re early.” 

“Are you staying for Bella’s practice tomorrow?” Emily asked. “I’d love to see what you think.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Aubrey nodded. “Come on, let us buy you a shot.”

They headed toward the bar to have the first round of what was sure to be a long night. 

Chapter Text

“We have to tell them,” Chloe argued as she laid in bed with her girlfriend of just over a year. “Not telling them does nothing except just make both of us hold this inside. It’s emotional constipation.”

“It’s self preservation,” Beca argued. 

“They like us too.”

“We can’t know that for sure.”

“We can if we ask.”

Beca just groaned at her girlfriend. “What if we tell them, it’s weird and then everything goes to hell?”

“It’s not going to go to hell,” Chloe reached out to hold Beca’s hand. 

“No? You don’t think saying, “hey Aubrey and Stacie, Chloe and I would very much like to date you both. Because having one girlfriend is boring, how about we all have three” is going to freak them out?”

“Have you met Stacie,” Chloe questioned. 

“Yes, the Hunter and I roomed together last year,” Beca reminded her. “It nearly killed me because she likes to sleep naked.”

Chloe got a slightly goofy grin on her lips at the idea.

Beca and Chloe’s eyes both moved to the doorway when they heard the slight squeak of a floorboard being stepped on. 

“Who is out there?” Beca called.

The door was pushed open to show Stacie and Aubrey in the hallway. 

“We just got back from our date,” Stacie said, her hand in Aubrey’s. 

“We weren’t trying to eavesdrop. We were heading to Stacie’s room when we heard what Beca had to say,” Aubrey’s voice was unreadable. 

“Oh God, you heard it,” Beca hit her face in her hands.

Aubrey and Stacie shared a look before heading inside of Chloe’s room. They stopped about three feet from the bed. 

“We had the same conversation,” Stacie explained. “About liking both of you.”

Chloe’s face lit up. “Really?”

“Yeah, really,” Aubrey said with pink on her cheeks.

Chloe shifted until her back was against the wall to give room for Beca to move over. “Spend tonight with us then?” She asked with clear intent in her eyes. 

Stacie smirked as she headed to lock the door while Aubrey tossed her sweater to the floor. 

Chapter Text

Dating both Chloe Beale and Aubrey Posen had been a blessing for Beca Mitchell. The pair were a highly effective tag team to break down the walls that Beca had built up over the years while Beca aided Chloe in helping break down even more of Aubrey’s. 

“We have a problem,” Beca Mitch walked into the apartment that Chloe and Aubrey shared just off the Barden campus. Both were continuing their education, Chloe with a masters in art history and Aubrey at Barden’s law school. 

“We? Who’s this we?” Aubrey asked as she looked up from the book she was reading. 

“What’s the problem, Becs?” Chloe asked, her legs across Aubrey’s lap as she did her own reading. 

“My mom is coming to town. And she wants to have dinner with us. Like all three of us. At the same time,” Beca flopped down in the leather chair across from the couch. “I knew telling her about my love life was a mistake.”

“Why is us meeting your mom a problem?” Chloe asked.

“Because she asks questions,” Beca grumbled. “And she is going to want to know things that are private.”

“Chloe and I are tactful enough not to answer questions about our sex life,” Aubrey rolled her eyes. 

“When Bree met my parents two years ago it went really well. She is shockingly good with parents. I mean she’s polite, from a solid background, beautiful, smart, kind, and all the things parents are looking for,” Chloe pointed out. “And I am totes awesome too.”

Beca relaxed only slightly. “How come I haven’t met your parents yet?”

“Because when I suggested you come to Portland over the summer you talked about how much it would cost you to import all of your coffee from Seattle for the week because drinking “watered down Portland coffee” would make you sick,” Chloe laughed. 

“Seattle coffee forever,” Beca remembered now. 

Aubrey just rolled her eyes at the pair of them, though she had a slightly amused expression. “You can meet mine next month if you would like. My parents have some business to take care of in Atlanta and offered to see me that evening.” 

Beca tilted her head with a slightly worried look before grinning. “Wait, the Borg are coming to Atlanta? Are they going to assimilate all of us?”

Aubrey chuckled as she shook her head. “No dear.” 

There was part of Aubrey annoyed by Beca's insistence - after Aubrey made Beca watch Star Trek with her - that Aubrey must have been Seven of Nine’s younger sister also taken by the Borg. There was also a part of her that loved it. 

“I need to call Mom and Dad and have them come for a visit. I don’t want them left out,” Chloe giggled. 

Beca shifted from the chair to sitting between the arm of the couch and Aubrey. “Is this where we are? We're at the meeting parents stage?”

The shift in tone wasn’t lost on either Chloe or Aubrey as the pair looked at Beca. Aubrey’s right arm wrapped around Beca’s shoulders. 

“I’m in this, Dixie Chicks serious,” Aubrey kissed her temple. 

“Me too,” Chloe sat up. “The two of you make me so happy.”

Beca leaned against Aubrey as her hand reached to hold Chloe’s. “Before the two of you I never thought I’d want to meet someone’s parents. But now? Now, I want to meet your parents. I want to meet them and have them like me.”

“I see the assimilation process has started,” Aubrey deadpanned. 

“I call dibs on being One of Three,” Beca chuckled. 

“I’m totally, Two of Three,” Chloe grinned.

“Three of Three it is,” Aubrey smiled. 

Chapter Text

Stacie Conrad stood at the end of the king sized bed that took up a good part of the hotel room and frowned. It was the largest option the hotel had but she knew it was going to be a tight squeeze. 

“How do we do this?” Aubrey asked as she stood next to her as she, Chloe and Beca returned from going for ice and drinks. “The bed is so small.”

“That’s because the bed at home is like ten feet wide because Beca can’t convert imperial to metric and ordered a giant one,” Chloe laughed. 

“Hey!” Beca pouted. “Look, math is hard and you love how big the bed is.”

“I really do,” Chloe agreed, her hand finding Beca’s. 

Aubrey looked at her girlfriends, warmth in her eyes were at one point she would have just rolled her eyes. “Beca, you and Chloe take the inside, Stacie take closer to the window and I’ll take the door side.”

Stacie rubbed her back. “Babe, you don’t always have to take the door side.”

“I just like to be the first line of defense,” Aubrey admitted.

“The chances of someone breaking into the hotel room are slim, but if they try I have no doubt you will kick their ass baby,” Chloe leaned against her side.

“Our big tough girlfriend who still travels with her favorite teddy bear,” Beca teased, though there was far too much love in her voice for any bite to be there.

“A teddy bear you gave me,” Aubrey pointed out with just as much love in her voice.

“Because I have great taste,” Beca smiled before climbing up onto the bed and kicking her shoes off. 

“On that note, I’m going to go take a shower before bed. I feel gross from the plane,” Stacie moved around the others to head for the bathroom.

“Is it big enough for two?” Chloe called, I need one too. 

“Yeah, should be,” Stacie called from the bathroom.

Once Stacie and Chloe were in the bathroom, Aubrey removed her shoes and joined Beca on the bed. The pair wrapped themselves up in each other without any hesitation, Beca fitting her head under Aubrey’s chin. 

“You do a good job,” Beca whispered. 

“I do a good job of a lot of things, what do you mean?” Aubrey asked. 

“You make sure the three of us always have what we need. You protect us, provide for us, you’re like a 1950’s husband with better boobs,” Beca laughed at her own joke.

“I was raised by people who want to return to the 1950’s in a lot of ways,” Aubrey tightened her arms around Beca’s frame. “We work, the four of us work, because we all put in the effort. I might not have Chloe’s emotional intelligence or Stacie’s talent for the romantic or your ability to support us in your very Beca Mitchell way, but I do what I can to protect and provide.”

Beca was quite for a moment, the sound of the shower the only thing either heard. After a moment the water cut off and the sounds of Stacie and Chloe drying off were heard. Finally she pulled back and looked into Aubrey’s eyes. 

“Marry me?”


“Marry me? And Stacie, and Chloe? Though I’m not sure I can propose on their behalf. But I want us to be married. I want this whole thing between us to have a celebration. I don’t care if it’s legal. I don’t care if we have anyone but the Bellas and our parents there. But I do are that the four of us stand before the important people in our lives and say this matters,” Beca sat up and looked down at Aubrey. 


“Marry me?”

Stacie and Chloe might have missed most of the conversation but they heard that. 

“Answer her, Bree,” Stacie whispered, towel wrapped around her firmly. 

“Yeah, Bree. Answer her,” Chloe whispered.

Aubrey looked from Beca to Stacie and Chloe - smiles on both their faces - then back to Beca.  These were the three people that made her feel like she was home even in a hotel room 1000 miles away. 




Chapter Text

“I have seen you before,” Chloe said after auditions for the different acapella groups. 

“Yeah, at activities fair and in the showers,” Beca said as she rolled her eyes. 

The pair was standing outside of the performance hall, Chloe finding Beca after they had wrapped for the day. 

“Before either of those things,” Chloe explained. “We were on the same flight. Coming into Atlanta. We were on the same flight and I saw you. You had your headphones on and were working on something.”

Oh. Beca remembered now. 

“Oh. Oh, yeah. I was working on a mix. I do mixes sometimes,” Beca explained, crossing her arms over her chest as she prepared to defend herself.

“That sounds amazing!” Chloe grinned. “I would love to hear some of the mixes sometimes. You know if you ever wanted to share.”

Beca didn’t usually share her music with people she knew. Doing so would open her up to having them judge her but the look on Chloe’s face made her pause before she rejected her. 

“We could go back to my dorm and I could show you what I’m working on now?” Beca suggested. 

“I’d love that,” Chloe nearly jumped up and down in excitement. “Do you sing on any of the tracks?”

“A few of them,” Beca nodded. 

“I know you know this already but you really do have a great voice,” Chloe’s hand brushed against Beca’s as they walked. “It might be the strongest we heard today, no scratch it, it totes was.”

Beca’s cheeks turned a bit pink as they walked. She knew her own talent but hearing Chloe’s thoughts on her own skills made her feel warm inside. 

“Thanks, dude.”

Chloe’s hand brushed against Beca’s again as they kept walking. 

“If you wanted to take my hand, you could,” Beca said after Chloe’s hand brushed hers again. 

Chloe didn’t need to be told twice. She tangled her fingers with Beca’s as the pair saw Baker Hall in the distance. 

“Tom isn’t serious. The guy from the shower,” Chloe’s voice was soft. “He’s just someone I see when I’m not seeing anyone else. He’s not my boyfriend.”

“That’s good to know,” Beca tucked a bit of hair behind her ear. 

“I thought you might want to,” Chole nodded. 

“I’m not seeing anyone.”


Beca shook her head as they made their way up the stairs of Baker Hall to Beca’s room. 

Once they were inside of Beca’s dorm room, her roommate thankfully out, Beca turned to Chloe. “Why don’t you sit on my bed and I’ll get it all set up?”

Chloe sat on the bed as Beca put on one of my favorite mixes. There were no words, just layers of music overlapping together. 

“This is really pretty,” Chloe rested her head against Beca’s shoulder once they were sitting side by side. 

“So are you,” Beca said without being able to stop herself. 

Chloe lifted her head back off of Beca’s shoulder. “You think I’m pretty?”

“I think you’re gorgeous. Like smoking hot. I thought you were confident about all that?” Beca gestured. 

“Oh I am,” Chloe grinned. “Just glad to know you feel the same.”

Beca leaned her head against Chloe’s shoulder, holding her hand again. “I don’t really date. I get lost in my music and I try to avoid my dad and school work.”

“We could always get lost in music together,” Chloe whispered, her head against Beca’s. 

“I’d like that,” Beca closed her eyes as her music played. 

“Awesome,” Chloe’s eyes closed as she enjoyed the simplicity of the moment.  

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell sat at the table in the apartment she shared with Chloe and Fat Amy. Both were gone for the weekend, Amy to see one of her boyfriends - it was Bumper - and Chloe to see some Bellas in Boston that were before Beca’s time. 

The lights were off, just the lights from the street casting funny shadows on the apartment. 

Everything seems to be moving slowly. As though she was pushing against a wall of time that is only incrementally giving into her wishes, as she slowly spent all her energy on it. And she’d felt like this for months.

And the worst thing is that she doesn’t even know what she was pushing towards. What she was pushing for. She didn’t have a relationship, work felt like the monkey’s paw version of the dream she once had and she was just tired. 

She lifted a beer to her lips, tipping the bottle back so the amber liquid could fill her mouth. 

She took her phone out two beers later and looked at her contact list. For a long moment her thumb hovered over Chloe’s name. She was the person - really the only person - Beca felt at home with. 

The mixture of alcohol and the desire for a change, even if it was a seismic shift in the fabric of her life, urged her forward where she had never dared let herself go before. 

She sent Chloe a drunk text. 

Beca: Having fun?

Beca had barely set down her phone when she heard the ping of an incoming message. 

Chloe: Having fun. But I miss home.

The alcohol prevented Beca from overthinking her reply. 

Beca: I miss you. 

Beca: I don’t like sleeping alone anymore.

Chloe: You are looking forward to having space?

Beca: I never do when it’s space from you.

Beca paused as she swayed just a bit in her chair. Even in the buzzed state she was in, she understood saying things to Chloe would mean something going forward. 

Fuck it. 

Her life was at a painful standstill. What harm would it do if she said something to Chloe about how much the idea of sharing a bed had turned into her own layer of hell every night?

Beca: I like you.

Chloe: I like you too, Beca. You’re my best friend.

Again Beca had a choice to make. A small bit of fear cropped up but the alcohol beat it back.

Beca: I like you in a way where I want to shove my hand down your shorts when we’re in bed together.

Chloe: Oh.

Fuck. Beca’s brain, swimming now in fear and the beer that had so far suppressed that fear, felt like it was on fire. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckedy. Fuck.

Chloe: You want to do that too? I thought it was one sided.

Beca had never been in a car accident but she imagined whiplash felt like she was feeling at the moment. 

Beca: Dude, seriously? 

Chloe: Dixie Chick seriously. 

Beca: When you get home, maybe we could go to dinner?

Beca bit her lip as she waited for the reply.

Chloe: Sure, I’d love to take my girlfriend on a date.

Beca: Fuck yes you would. 

Beca fist pumped. All of the sudden maybe life had been guiding her in a direction that she needed to be heading all this time.  

Lil’ Pump was still a dick though.

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell wasn’t a messy person by nature. Sometimes a little disorganized but not messy. But Beca while cooking with her five year old daughter, Bella, was another story. 

“Dude, we’re going to be in so much trouble,” Beca said to her five year old daughter. 

The kitchen was a disaster area, flour coating half of it with small pools of milk on the counter. There was a broken egg on the floor near the doorway to the dining room. It would have been funny if Stacie wasn’t due home in ten minutes. 

Stacie, who had just worked a double at the hospital where she was a trauma surgeon. Who usually came home after doubles, kissed her wife and her daughter and slept a solid ten hours in bed recovering. 

“Mommy is going to like her cake though, right?” Bella asked, her dark green eyes looking up at Beca. 

On the counter sat a chocolate cake that was slightly lopsided with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Bella woke up that morning wanting to make it. 

“Of course she will Mini,” Beca knelt down to look at the mini me of her wife. “She is going to love it.”

Beca had the thought of texting Stacie to warn her about the mess when she heard the front door open.

Shit. Too late.

“What the … I see you tried to bake again,” Stacie looked around the kitchen - her favorite space in the house other than the bedroom - and saw her wife and daughter together. “Oh sprinkles!” She peaked up a bit. 

“Mommy!” Bella ran over to her, avoiding the egg on the floor. “Momma and I made you a cake and I made you a card all by myself!”

“You did?” Stacie bent down to pick Bella up, kissing her chocolate stained cheek. “It must be a very special cake and card then.”

Beca walked over to greet Stacie with a kiss. “You want to go grab a shower while Bells and I clean this up? We can have a piece before you get some sleep?”

“That sounds like an amazing idea. What do you think, Bells?” Stacie asked. She brushed a bit of dark hair out of her face. 

“I don’t want to clean up,” Bella said seriously. 

“Totally Momma’s kid,” Stacie kissed her cheek again before putting her back on her feet. 

“Come on, Mini. The sooner we clean up the sooner we can have some cake,” Beca reminded her. 

By the time Stacie was in sweatpants and an old Yale hoodie the kitchen was cleaned again. She walked in with her glasses on and her hair in a messy bun. 

“Mommy, we cleaned it all up and we cut you a piece of cake!” Bella beamed when Stacie walked in. 

“You are the best,” Stacie dropped a kiss on Bella’s head before sharing another with her wife. “And you aren’t bad either,” She whispered as her hand slid down Beca’s back to slide into her back pocket. 

Stacie took a fork from Bella when offered and took a bite of the cake. The fact they tried was written over both their faces. 

“It’s great, really,” Stacie smiled after swallowing. “Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday,” Bella grinned. 

“Welcome to forty,” Beca added with a laugh. 

“You’ll always be older, Mitchell,” Stacie winked. 

Beca pouted until Stacie kissed it away. 

Chapter Text

Stacie Conrad did not date.

Dating implied commitment. 

Dating meant people expected things from her. 

Dating meant she couldn’t let the Hunter do his thing.

Stacie Conrad was totally not dating Chloe Beale. 

Sure, they had sex sometimes. Like tonight for example. 

Sure, they often shared a bed the rest of the night when they did have sex. 

Sure, the Hunter had been pretty happy just seeing the redhead lately. 

That didn’t mean they were dating.

Yet on this Friday afternoon she found herself in Chloe’s bed, naked, sweaty and utterly content to spend the rest of the night here instead of down the hall in her own bedroom.

Stacie’s eyes looked at the doorway when Chloe returned from her trip to the bathroom. She had one of Stacie’s shirts on, the hem hitting mid thigh. Her grin widened when she saw the pint of chocolate chip ice cream and two spoons that Chloe had in hand. 

“You're such a bad influence,” Stacie grinned as she made space for Chloe in bed once more. 

“I am,” Chloe giggled. “But we’ll burn it off at Bella practice. Plus after what you just did to me I thought you deserved a reward.”

Stacie took the spoon that was offered and dug into the carton. “It was my pleasure.”

Chloe took her own spoonful as she held the carton between them. “This is nice.”

“Yeah, it is,” Stacie agreed, taking more ice cream.

“It’s kind of perfect,” Chloe admitted after another bite. “Friends with benefits with someone who we trust, live with, and who we love dancing with at bars as foreplay.”

“Yup,” Stacie grinned as she remembered how their night started. “Plus you and I aren’t going to go full on Hulk if the other finds someone else for a little fun.”

“I would never tie the Hunter down,” Chloe said seriously. “Well, maybe his owner but that’s another matter.”

“You say the most wonderful things,” Stacie laughed. 

“I really do,” Chloe kissed Stacie sweetly. 

Stacie took another spoonful. “We can have dinner sometimes. Like go out to dinner and then fool around. I like food.”

“We can,” Chloe agreed easily. “Still doesn’t mean we’re locking each other down.”

Stacie cuddled against Chloe’s side as Chloe cuddled against Stacie. It really was amazing to find someone who just got you.

Chapter Text

“Watch out for the tadpoles!” Aubrey called as she moved from the shore into the man made lake next to the Lodge of Fallen Leaves.

“Tadpoles?” Chloe called as she followed Aubrey into the cool water. 

“Yeah, frogs like to lay eggs near the shore and there are tadpoles that gather there too,” Aubrey turned in the water to look at Chloe. The water wasn’t more than ten or twelve feet deep in this section. Perfect for a late day swim and to float on the noodles they had. 

Chloe swam out to where Aubrey was. She was a pretty strong swimmer but it had been a while since she was in water that wasn’t a pool. It felt good to sit on the noodle and just float.

“I’m glad you came up for the weekend,” Aubrey reached out in the water with a hand to rest it between the top and bottom of Chloe’s bikini. 

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend in like a month and a half. When you asked me here, it was a pretty easy yes,” Chloe leaned in for a kiss. 

“It is our five year anniversary,” Aubrey blushed. “I couldn’t agree to have it totally off but I thought you could enjoy the spa while I worked tomorrow and then we could have a nice dinner together.”

“You are very important, the place would fall down without you,” Chloe said without a hint of mocking in her tone.

“It might,” Aubrey made a face. “I need to hire more help.”

“Well,” Chloe laughed, “I’m graduating soon. You could always hire me.”

“You’re too nice,” Aubrey shook her head. “Besides you I’ve been told a million times to never work with family.”

“You think of me as family?” Chloe tilted her head. The afternoon sun was making her hair look like it was a rich copper. 

“I do,” Aubrey nodded. 

“I love you,” Chloe leaned forward to kiss her girlfriend. 

“Love you,” Aubrey replied. “So much.”

The pair floated side by side as they watched the sun move lower in the sky. A few little tadpoles swimming in and out of the space between them and their pool noodles like they were a brand new amusement park. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale walked hand in hand across the Barden campus. Three weeks into her second year at Barden she couldn’t believe how far she and Chloe had come. 

When she kissed Chloe after the Bella’s final performance for the ICCA finals she didn’t understand just how powerful the feelings had been. The pair spent the summer trading off going between Portland and Seattle to see each other. 

“I don’t want tonight to end,” Chloe admitted as they walked. 

“I mean we could always go to my place,” Beca offered. “I have a single this year.”

Chloe turned her head to look at Beca and try to decide if it was a good idea. They have taken the physical side of their relationship slowly because of the precarious nature of two Bella captains dating each other. If something went wrong it could impact the team, which neither one wanted. 

“I’d really like that,” Chloe smiled. 

The pair had a natural connection that didn't necessarily require them to get overly physical. But that didn't mean that Chloe didn't want to. She wanted to very much.

Beca tugged her in the direction of her dorm room, a little bit of a skip in her step as she walked. The tips of her ears were turning a little bit red but Chloe pretended not to notice.

“Sorry, it’s a little bit of a mess,” Beca said as she opened the door to her room and turned the light on.

“It’s very you,” Chloe looked around as the music equipment took over most of Beca’s desk, the flannel shirts piled in a chair, the stuffed rabbit in her bed. 

“That’s Mr. Hoppy. My mom gave him to me when I was born,” Beca explained when she saw Chloe looking at her favorite stuffed animal. She normally would have tried to hide it but with Chloe she didn’t feel the need.

“Mine is named Mrs. Bunny. I wasn’t very creative with it but I was like four when I got her,” Chloe smiled as she moved to sit down on Beca’s bed. 

Beca’s grin only grew as she moved forward. She had enough room to straddle Chloe. The pair fit together like they were meant to. Like when they were being created somehow, someway, the other one taken into account. 

The pair traded soft kisses as Chloe's hand found a gap between Becca's jeans and her shirt. She slid one up and trailed her black nails over the space where Beca spine was. It felt wonderful to touch her like this, Chloe thought. To not pull back, to not stop, to just have the permission to go forward. 

As the kisses grew in intensity Beca found her clothes to be too restrictive for the moment. She pulled back just enough to pull her flannel off and toss it behind her before her tank top followed. The navy blue of her bra contrasted nicely, Chloe thought at least, with her pale skin.

“Off?” Chloe asked.

“Totally dude,” Beca reached back and unhooked it herself. Only she could use dude in this moment and not have the moment be killed. 

Chloe wasted no time tilting her head forward to press feather light kisses over Beca’s breasts. Her right hand soon followed to stroke just barely while her left hand ran higher and higher back and forth up Beca’s thigh.

“Pants off?” Beca requested after a few moments of Chloe making her feel like no one had before this quickly.

“Totally dude,” Chloe echoed. She groaned when Beca pulled back, her eyes were bluer than she had ever seen them, full of lust and want. 

Beca was quick to push her jeans down once her belt was undone, her boots getting in the way before they were kicked across the room. She stood there in a matching navy pair of boy shorts that Chloe couldn’t wait to take off of her. 

“Um, aren’t you a little overdressed?” Beca questioned as she looked at Chloe. 

Chloe just stood with a grin on her lips and stripped down to nothing at all. She gave Beca the same confidant look that she had Beca’s freshman year in the shower. 

“You are beautiful,” Beca was caught just standing there and looking at the body that had filled her dreams since she saw it the first time.

“You’re one to talk,” Chloe stepped forward to help Beca out of her last bit of clothing. 

Beca wrapped her arms around Chloe’s neck. Their bodies pressed together in a way that made Beca reluctant to ever want to leave this position. But they both had needs that wouldn’t be taken care of just standing here.

“I care about you,” Beca played with the baby hairs on the back of Chloe’s neck. 

“I care about you,” Chloe echoed. 

Beca tugged Chloe into her bed, covers pushed down near their feet as they got settled on the bed. Again they started to trade soft kisses with each other. Their hand started moving over the other. 

Beca sat up after a moment and turned the stuffed rabbit around. “You don’t need to see this Mr. Hoppy.”

When she turned around Chloe was smiling with love in her eyes. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen was tired. 

She had to go away for a few days for work and had never been happier to see the apartment she and her wife, Beca Mitchell, had moved into about two years prior. 

She trudged up the stairs - the elevator never worked - and used her key to open the door. She could smell a pizza that must have been ordered just after she texted Beca to tell her she landed. 

Aubrey did a double take when she made it to the living room. Beca was on her hands and knees with their dog, Clef, with a measuring stick in her hands. She was counting to herself, not having any idea that someone else was in the room. 

“What is going on here?” Aubrey asked.

Beca looked up at her wife with a goofy grin on her face. “I’m measuring Clef and Mezzo. I want to see who is taller.”


Beca rolled her red rimmed eyes as she made it to her feet. She tossed the measuring stick down on the couch. 

“Because I want to win,” Beca said, like it was obvious. 

“What are you winning?” Aubrey chuckled at her slightly altered wife. 

“The game of who has the taller pet,” Beca wrapped her arms around Aubrey. “I had a shit day at work so after I ordered the pizza and you texted you were coming home I had an eatable. But Stacie didn’t tell me she gave me the strong ones this time because I said her last batch was weak.”

“That explains it,” Aubrey rubbed over Beca’s back. “How about we put the ruler back and then have some pizza?”

Beca nodded in agreement. “I missed you.”

“I missed you,” Aubrey bent her head down to press a kiss to Beca’s lips. “Any more brownies?”

“Half of one. But you can’t have it,” Beca said against Aubrey’s shoulder. 

"Why not?"

“Well my dog is taller than your cat, so I win. And winners get brownies,” Beca giggled. 

“You are ridiculous,” Aubrey laughed as she pulled Beca to the kitchen to have some pizza. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey was half way to trying to fake her own death to get out of this conversation. Chet or Chad or Chaz was trying to talk to her after she thought she made it clear she had no desire to make any small talk as she sat at the bar. 

“There you are,” An unknown brunette walked up like she had known Aubrey for years and wrapped her arm around Aubrey’s waist. She bent down and kissed Aubrey’s cheek. “I’m sorry I’m late honey, caught in traffic.”

“Oh, no problem. Why don’t you sit down and have a drink, honey?” Aubrey played along after a look at the tall brunette.

Chad - or Chet or Chaz - stood there another 20 seconds before walking off as the brunette took the seat next to Aubrey. 

“I know I don’t know you, but that guy was awful, want me to punch him?” She offered as she flashed a grin to Aubrey. 

“N-no. You don’t need to resort to that,” Aubrey gave a thankful smile as she picked her martini and took a sip. “Thank you, by the way.”

“It was my pleasure,” She smiled as she flagged down the bartender and ordered a whiskey on the rocks. 

“Let me get that for you? It’s the least I can do,” Aubrey offered. 

“Oh, I don’t need to pay. I own the bar,” She laughed softly. “Well half of it. My best friend and I owe it together. I manage the bar area and she takes care of the music and the dance area. Win/win,” She gestured to a small woman behind a mess of DJ equipment. 

“Impressive,” Aubrey noted as she took another sip of her drink. “Do I get to find out your name?”

“Stacie,” She held her hand out to Aubrey. 

“Well Stacie,” Aubrey slipped her business car in her hand. “If you ever want to let me buy you a drink somewhere you don’t own, let me know.”

Stacie looked down at the car as the woman walked away. “Aubrey Posen, Software Developer,” She turned the card over to find Aubrey’s personal cell number. Her smile bloomed as she pulled her phone out to text Aubrey. It was never too soon to shoot your shot, right? 

Stacie: Would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow?

Aubrey: 7 pm at the Pine Grove Inn?

Stacie: I’ll see you then. 

Aubrey: Have a good night, Stacie.

Stacie: You too, Aubrey. 

Aubrey: And thanks again. You were a great pretend girlfriend.

Stacie: I’m an even better real one. 

Aubrey: I’m looking forward to judging that for myself. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell sat cross legged on her bed with her laptop in front of her. It was a week until Valentine’s Day and she had no idea what to get Chloe that didn’t feel like it had been dipped straight in cheese. 

Grunting in frustration she pulled her phone out and texted the one person she thought would help - give her a ton of shit yes but still help. 


Beca: I have no idea what to do for Valentine’s Day with Chloe. 

Stacie: Roses, dinner, something sexy for her to peel off of you?

Beca: I thought of making dinner reservations. But I want to do something special. 

Stacie: I have a book with some very special things you can do to Chloe. 

Beca: You are no help.

Stacie: Chloe is Chloe, Becs. Whatever you do she is going to love because it’s the two of you together. 

Stacie: That’s the magic of being with the right person. You have to put in work, sure, but you get them and they get you. Just think about the moment that made you fall for her in the first place. 

Beca: Ok, THAT was helpful. Thanks.

Stacie: Don’t mention it. I am in the middle of my own planning anyway.

Beca: I do not want to know what you and Posen are doing to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Stacie: Unspeakable things that are delightful. :)


Beca shivered as she set her phone done and started to search Google, she had a lot better idea of what to do now. 

It would take a bit of luck and planning but she was sure she could make it happen. 

Beca held Chloe’s hand tightly as they drove to one of the campus buildings on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t too cold out but it was still the middle of winter. 

“You trust me, right?” Beca asked when she parked in front of one of the older buildings. 

“I do.” Chloe tilted her head as she looked from the building to Beca. 

“Come on then,” Beca grabbed a basket of food from the back before heading inside with Chloe’s hand in hers. 

In the building, Beca had a key that let her in, were some of the older pools used more before the new aquatic center was built a few years ago. And in the back, candles around the top, was an empty pool. 

“I figured,” Beca turned to give a nervous smile to Chloe, “that being outside but be a little cold for dinner. So I managed to get some permission to use this pool,” She looked nervously at her girlfriend. “The Bellas finding their song last year happened in a pool. So I thought it was sweet or whatever.”

Chloe’s grin was almost too wide for her face. 

“This is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me,” Chloe wrapped her arms around Beca and brought them together. 

“You are the best part of my day. I wanted to thank you for being awesome,” Beca admitted somewhat shyly. 

“You are the best part of my day too,” Chloe pulled back to press her lips to Beca’s. “Come on, let’s go eat.”

Beca helped Chloe down into the pool and to the table she set up in the bottom of the deep end. Tonight but be served with a side of cheese but it was worth it for the smile on Chloe’s face right now. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen was no a person who took a lot of time off. To the point her boss had to make her take a few days off. 

So just after lunch Aubrey arrived back to the apartment she shared with her partners, Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale. When she did, she noticed Chloe was at work - where she should be - but Beca was home. Which wasn’t totally unusual, Beca did work from home sometimes, but it wasn’t usual to see her in the living room with a scrap book wrapped in a blanket.

“Hey,” Aubrey looked at her partner. “Are you alright?”

Beca looked up from the scrap book to Aubrey. “My Grandpa passed away this morning. Mom called me after you and Chloe went to work.”

“Becs, you should have called,” Aubrey moved to sit next to Beca on the couch. 

Beca just shrugged her shoulders as she leaned against Aubrey. “He was in a nursing home. Mom went on her lunch everyday to see him, help him with anything he needed,” Beca explained, her eyes closing as she soaked up the warmth of Aubrey’s embrace. “He was in the Navy in World War II.”

“We should fly out, the three of us,” Aubrey kissed the top of her head.  Her mind already started to think of all the things that would happen on the military side because of that. 

“When Chloe gets home we can figure it out,” Beca closed her eyes and just breathed in and out. “He was my hero, yeah know? He had this amazing record collection and played music. He would have me pick a random record and we’d play it cover to cover when I went over.”

Aubrey didn’t make a comment, just let Beca go on about all of the little things she could think of. She learned he loved peppermint mints but hated mint chip ice cream. He was proud of his military service but hated to be thanked for it because it was just what you did when you were called up according to him. 

And she held Beca as she cried. Great big tears rolling down her nose as she grieved someone who she had grown distant from as she grew up. The years passing without her thinking about him as she once had. 

“I can’t remember the last time I saw him. Isn’t that terrible?” Beca whispered as she laid with her head in Aubrey’s lap. 

“That doesn’t mean you loved him any less, Beca,” Aubrey bent down to kiss her forehead. Her hand was playing with Beca’s hair. 

“Mom wants me to speak at the service but I don’t know if I can,” Beca said with guilt written all over her face.

“If you can’t, that’s ok. It can be very difficult,” Aubrey whispered. “I spoke when my mother’s father passed and it was difficult to say the least.”

Beca turned until her face was pressed against Aubrey’s middle. “You aren’t allowed to die before me. Chloe either.”

“Is that so?” Aubrey whispered. 

“Yup,” Beca’s hand found Aubrey’s. 

“I can’t promise that but I will try,” Aubrey promised. 

“I love you, Chloe too. So much,” Beca whispered. 

“I love you too Beca. So much,” Aubrey played with her hair until she was in a restless sleep. 

She texted Chloe to come home early, knowing the redhead would not want to miss this. 

Chapter Text

Chloe Beale held Stacie Conrad’s hand as the couple sat across from her best friend and her best friend’s girlfriend, Aubrey Posen and Beca Mitchell respectively. The four women all went to college together and sang in the Barden Bellas acapella group. Now college was long behind them and all had careers in and around New York City. At once once every week they met for dinner, though truth be told it was often much more than once a week. 

“I can honestly say we’ve never gotten an offer like this before,” Aubrey raised her eyebrow as she looked between the two women seated across from her girlfriend and herself. 

“Are you serious about this?” Beca asked.

“We are,” Stacie brought her and Chloe’s joined hands to her lips. She pressed a kissed to Chloe’s hand while locking eyes with her.

“The four of us have a connection that is undeniable,” Chloe offered Aubrey and Beca a bright smile. “Stacie and I just want the four of us to explore that connection in a physical way.”

Aubrey and Beca shared a look between them about the offer put forward. It wasn’t as simple as wife swapping. No, Stacie and Chloe were offering a full on four person relationship to them. The chance to explore unspoken feelings, act on long repressed urges, to finally not have to wonder what it might be like. 

Aubrey tilted her head with the question read loud and clear by Beca, who gave a slight nod in reply. 

“We need to hammer out the details but we’re inclined to bring this to the negotiation stage,” Aubrey smiled across the table at Chloe and Stacie. 

“I love foreplay,” Stacie grinned back.

“Are you sure about this,” Beca asked as she and Aubrey were getting ready that night. “We are we really allowed to do this?”

Aubrey looked at Beca’s reflection in the mirror as the pair were both in the middle of taking their makeup off. 

“I’m not sure there is anyway we can ask for permission,” Aubrey pointed out. “I can ask you, you can ask me. After that, who is there to ask?”

Beca slowly nodded as she worked on getting her eye makeup off again. “Then it’s settled, right?”

“Assuming that the negotiations go well,” Aubrey nodded. 

“Well, we have the best lawyer I know involved. So we’re going to kill that stage,” Beca winked at Aubrey in the mirror. 

“You say the sweetest things,” Aubrey beamed. 

“Tonight went well,” Stacie laid on her side facing Chloe that same night. The pair was covered in a light sweat after celebratory sex after they made their way home after dinner. 

“It really did,” Chloe whispered as she trailed her fingers up and down Stacie’s arm. 

“Do you think Bree is going to go full lawyer about this?” Stacie asked as she reached up to turn the light off. 

“Undoubtedly,” Chloe giggled. “But it’s cute when she does.”

Nothing happened to move the two couples closer until the next Friday. 

“Seriously?” Chloe giggled as Aubrey opened her briefcase to pull out paperwork. 

“God, you are adorable,” Stacie accepted the documents. 

“Blood work, lists of likes and dislikes, a rough draft of an agreement, we tried to be detailed,” Aubrey set her briefcase down. 

Beca shoved her hands into her hoody pocket as she nodded in agreement. 

“Can I make a counter point?” Stacie asked, turning around to drop the papers onto the dining room table. 

“Alright,” Aubrey agreed. 

Stacie stepped into Aubrey’s personal space while her arms snaked around her waist. “The like and dislike conversation is important, so is having ground rules. But I rather make out with you for a bit, share a glass of wine or three and work it out that way.”

“Oh,” Aubrey’s tongue poked out to wet her dry lips. 

“Totes a better way of doing it,” Chloe stepped in close to Beca. 

Aubrey and Beca shared a look and a grin before leaning in to start a much more enjoyable round of negotiations.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t the mistakes in practice or the slight shake to Beca’s hand after 8 hours locked in the practice room that tripped Aubrey off that there was a problem - though she mentally had noted both. 

No, it was the way that Beca grabbed a drink and all but disappeared at the party the Bellas were throwing before heading to finals. Even if Beca wasn’t a people person, she wasn’t one to leave her team when they were bonding like this. Not at this point in the year at least. 

“Want to tell me what’s going on?” Aubrey asked after finding Beca sitting on the ground, back against a tree. She took a seat against the same tree.

“Long week,” Beca muttered before lifting her drink to her lips. 

Aubrey didn’t press but she didn’t top looking at Beca’s profile. 

Beca looked away. 

“He broke my heart. My dad. He broke my heart and it took me so long to let someone in after. But I did. I let Jesse in. And the minute I tell him I need to slow down, not stop, not break up, not anything other than slow down, he dumps me and finds someone who doesn’t need to go slow,” The words burst out of Beca like she had been using all of her energy holding them back. 

Aubrey still didn’t say anything but her hand moved to take Beca’s. She was as surprised as the freshman that their fingers soon tangled up together. 

“You were right, about the Trebles. They are nothing but trouble,” Beca whispered with her head bent forward.

Aubrey turned just a bit to look at Beca more fully. 

“He doesn’t have any idea what he had and let go. You are worth going slow for, you’re worth giving time and space to find your footing too. you are worth so much more than he has any idea about. You are amazing, Beca Mitchell. A true pain in the ass and you make me question my sanity. But don’t let anyone tell you that you are worth the whole world,” Aubrey leaned forward and pressed a feather soft kiss against Beca’s cheek. 

Beca’s jaw shook slightly as the words hit her with all the force of a truck. 

“It’s a shame I picked him and not someone who says things like that to me,” Beca lifted a hand to angrily wipe her tears away. 

Aubrey paused before speaking again. “Sometimes, sometimes life offers second chances.”

Beca looked over. 

“I’m broken as hell right now but maybe you’d want to get coffee sometime anyway?”

Aubrey leaned in again to brush away Beca’s tear marks with the pad of her thumb. “Come on, the coffee shop just off campus is open late on Fridays. We’ll get something better than Bud Light.”

Beca got to her feet with Aubrey’s help, their hands never leaving each other as they headed out for coffee. 

Chapter Text

“You look amazing,” Aubrey smiled as Beca came out of the bedroom in a black dress and her hair up. 

“I didn’t want to give Mom another chance to say I still dress like I did in high school,” Beca explained as she used the doorframe to help balance while she put on heals making her just taller than Aubrey was barefoot. 

“I approve of the dress, wholeheartedly,” Chloe came out of the bathroom in blue. “And taking it off tonight is going to be fun.”

Aubrey, dressed in red, smirked just slightly at the groan Beca let out. “Don’t tease her too much Chlo, she might run for the hills.”

“I might,” Beca confirmed.

Chloe pressed a kiss to Beca’s jaw. “Come on, let’s go and meet your mom and then Bree and I will ply you with wine and kisses.”

“I do love to be plied,” Beca nodded as she grabbed her keys. 

Mary Mitchell was always early and this dinner wasn’t an exception. She stood when her daughter brought her two girlfriends over to the table at the upscale place she suspected that one of the two girlfriends picked. 

“Beca, it’s been too long honey,” Mary wrapped her daughter up in a hug. The two women looked very much alike other than Mary’s much lighter hair color. 

“Hi Mom,” Beca gave a genuine smile. She really did love when she got to see her mom. Now that she was an adult things had relaxed between the two of them. When she was growing up they often clashed over just about everything. 

Beca stepped back between Aubrey and Chloe. “Mom, I’d you to meet my girlfriends. This is Chloe Beale and this is Aubrey Posen,” She gave a slightly nervous smile to the pair before looking back to her mom. “Chloe, Aubrey, this is my mom, Mary Mitchell.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Chloe offered her brightly smile. 

“Beca has told us a lot about you,” Aubrey smiled. 

“Has she?” Mary laughed. “I’m not sure what either of you think of me if my daughter is the one telling the tails.”

“I was nice!” Beca protested with a laugh as they all took their seats. 

After drinks were ordered and meals settled on, Mary sat back with her chair with the same look on her face that Beca got when she was up to something.

Mary chuckled at the slight nervous looks on Chloe and Aubrey’s faces when she looked at the pair. “So girls, tell me how all of this works?”

“Well, we’re dating,” Beca shrugged.

“It’s not all that abnormal. There are just three of us instead of two of us,” Aubrey provided. 

“I fell in love with two amazing women who are super talented, caring and just wonderful. And somehow it worked out what the three of us all wanted to be together,” Chloe paused a second as she looked at Aubrey and Beca. “I love them, so much ma’am. More than I know how to put into words.”

“We love you too, Chlo,” Beca leaned over to kiss Chloe. 

“The dynamic the three of us share is not something I expected to ever find but I can’t imagine what I’d do without both of them,’ Aubrey reached over to take Chloe’s hand for a moment. 

Beca looked from Chloe to Aubrey and then finally to her mom. “I love them The kind of love that I wasn’t ever sure was real. It’s like butterflies in my belly, always want to hang out with them, fight about who takes the trash out and then cuddle up on the couch together kind of love. They are my people.”

Mary smiled before grinning. 

“Does your father know?” 

Beca snorted. “You want me to tell Dad that I’m not only gay but I have two girlfriends?”

Mary laughed. “I want nothing else.”

Beca couldn’t keep the smirk off of her face. “Maybe over Christmas.”

“I’m proud of you Rebecca,” Mary pulled Beca in close after they all exited after dinner was over.  

“Mom,” Beca whined a little at the bear hug. 

“You didn’t let your father and my mess mess up finding those two wonderful women,” Mary said, paying Beca’s protests no mind. 

“I love them. I meant what I said,” Beca stopped protesting. 

“I am so proud of the life you’ve made for yourself,” Mary smiled.

“None of it would be possible without the two of them,” Beca looked back over her shoulder at Chloe and Aubrey trying not to eavesdrop.

“Then hold on to them tight honey,” Mary advised.

“You don’t have to worry about that, at all,” Beca promised as she pulled away from her Mom to go bear hug her girls.

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell expected a lot of things to happen after she sang “Freedom 90” in front of the world. Somehow kissing Aubrey Posen in the elevator on the way up to her hotel room was not one of them. But honestly it was the first kiss she had that made her feel like all the stupid talk of butterflies and melting against a person might not be stupid. 

“Are you sure about this?” Aubrey asked as her hands settled on Beca’s hips. 

“Yeah, Bree,” Beca answered before tilting her head up to kiss the blonde. “It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?”

Aubrey laced their fingers together as she walked with Beca down the hall once the elevator doors opened. 

Beca was eager to get the hair spray out of her hair, the makeup off of her face and the clothes she wore for her performance off of her body. 

Aubrey looked just as eager to strip Beca of all of her layers. 

“Come on,” Aubrey brought them into the bathroom. She turned the shower on before turning back to the shorter Bella.

“I thought about this, you and me and what it might look like if we ever broke and gave in, not what I imagined but I like reality more than fantasy,” Beca admitted as Aubrey carefully undressed her. Aubrey taking control of the moment felt right in a way that Beca couldn’t explain but loved.

“So you thought of this over the years?” Aubrey raised an eyebrow as the corners of her mouth twitched up.

“You haven’t?”

Aubrey laughed as she leaned in to kiss Beca again. “Of course I have.”

In the shower the pair took turns taking off makeup, washing hairspray out, swapping kisses and allowing their hands to wander. It was the kind of moment that neither had allowed themselves to much, a moment with their walls, feet thick for both, to be let down. 

The pair dried off before moving to bed, both facing each other on their sides. 

Wordlessly after a few moments of basking in the glory that they were finally here, they moved closer to one another. 

“Have you been with a woman before?” Aubrey asked as her finger tips trailed up and down over Beca’s ribs. 

“Once or twice. But living with Chloe and Amy I couldn’t bring someone home and I hate sneaking out after,” Beca tilted her head as Aubrey’s lips pressed soft kisses there. “You?”

Aubrey chuckled as her fingers moved lower on Beca’s torso. “Let’s just say all those years of working on oral positioning has more uses than singing. I’ve put those skills to use as needed over the years.”

Beca groaned at the idea of just what Aubrey’s mouth might be able to do. 

“Show me,” Beca whispered.

Aubrey’s grin bloomed as she moved her hand lower to allow her nails to scrap against the inside of Beca’s thigh. 

“Why don’t you make me?” Aubrey challenged. 

Beca shivered at the bite in Aubrey’s words. “I’m usually the one made to do the thing.”

Aubrey’s smirk only grew wider. “Fantastic,” She pressed a firm kiss to Beca’s lips. “Grip the headboard for me while I go down on you?”

“Make me,” Beca challenged.

Aubrey laughed deeply as she rolled fully on top of Beca. “Gladly.”

Beca moaned as she felt Aubrey guiding her hands to rap around the bars of the headboard. 

“Keep them there, if they move, I stop,” Aubrey whispered into Beca’s ear before slowly kissing down her frame. 

As Aubrey started, Beca was glad to have something to hang on to. Maybe all those times Aubrey drilled into her head about breath control wasn’t as innocent as she thought. 

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into that,” Beca laid flat on her back with her wife spread out on top of her. They were laying on a canvas with colored paint covering both of them. 

“It was amazing.” Chloe smiled with a smug of blue on her cheek.

“What are we going to do with this thing?” Beca asked.

“I want to frame it and put it in our bedroom,” Chloe rested her head on Beca’s shoulder.

“Stacie is going to know what it is when she and Aubrey come over for dinner next week, you know that right?”

“Yup,” Chloe laughed. “But I’ve made peace with that.”

“I’m so glad you have,” Beca wiped her face and smeared a bit of purple on her forehead. “How do we get to the bathroom to wash this all off?”

“I put a towel trail down,” Chloe lifted her head to smile. “I am turning into a planner.”

“I’m so proud of your sex planning.”

“You totes should be,” Chloe laughed.

Chapter Text


Beca looked up from her phone at the dozing women next to her in bed. 

“What?” Aubrey lifted her head. 

“A fan posted a photo of the three of us at that concert in the park we went to when we thought we were incognito last month,” Beca turned her phone for Aubrey to see.

The photo showed the three of them cuddled together, Beca in the middle with her head on Chloe’s shoulder and her hand on Aubrey’s thigh. It was a photo that had a clear sense of intimacy to it. 

“What do you want to do?” Chloe asked, cuddled against Aubrey’s side.

“I can have the media team put something out about how we’re just friends,” Aubrey had been Beca’s manager for most of her career. 

Beca looked at the photo. She was struck at how happy the three of them locked in the unguarded moment. The way they all fit together as they watched some live music and just decompressed after Beca’s tour made her smile. 

“Or I could regram it and say that I had the best night with my two girlfriends,” Beca looked with a forced casualty at the other two. 

Aubrey and Chloe shared a look before turning back to look at Beca. 

“Are you sure?”

Beca breathed out slowly as she tried to debate that question in her own mind. “No. But I wasn’t sure we should date each other and it’ll be two years next month,” She pointed out. 

Aubrey and Chloe shared another look before moving in the large bed to put Beca between them. 

“Do it,” Chloe kissed her cheek.

“I will handle it from a business side,” Aubrey promised.

Beca used the app to be able to repost the phone and brought up the area to make a comment. 

“They are who I write love songs about.”

“Babe,” Chloe awed as she leaned up to kiss Beca. 

“That’s beautiful,” Aubrey agreed.

Beca kissed Chloe and then Aubrey before turning her phone on do not disturb. Whoever wanted to comment on her love life could wait until tomorrow. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell’s jaw came down on the ice she had just popped in from her drink as she watched her girlfriend of just over two years once again get hit on as she waited at the bar for a fresh round of drinks. 

Before dating Stacie, Beca would have sworn she wasn’t the jealous type but now she doubted herself. 

Stacie was a natural flirt. She was charismatic. She was drop dead gorgeous. 

But Beca trusted her. She had to. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to handle sitting there watching as Stacie got hit on while waiting for their second round of drinks while leaning against the bar. 

But a woman could only take so much. 

So after Stacie tried to get out of the conversation for the third time, she slid out of her seat and headed over. 

“Hey babe,” She leaned up to pull Stacie down.

Stacie caught on enough that the toe curling kiss didn’t catch her totally off guard. 

“Hey yourself,” Stacie grinned after the kiss broke. 

Beca looked into Stacie’s eyes as their drinks were placed down on the bar beside them. 

“Go home after this round?” Beca bit her lip. 

“You were always the smart one,” Stacie grinned.

“You have a Ph.D in mathematics and another one in chemistry,” Beca snorted.

“I take tests well,” Stacie winked as they headed back to their table with one hand in Beca’s back pocket and her other hand wrapped around her beer. 

Chapter Text

“You want us to do what?” Aubrey Posen raised a perfect eyebrow at her girlfriend.

“Be louder than Chloe and Beca,” Stacie said again. “Beca gives me such shit because she gets Chloe louder than I get you.”

Aubrey brought her palm up to her forehead. “I thought having apartments next to each other was a great idea. Next time I’m making sure our bedrooms are on different walls.”

Stacie moved on the bed on her hands and knees, making her way over to position herself right in front of Aubrey. “Babe. I know I can make you scream. Just let me prove it? You know for my pride.”

Aubrey rolled her eyes but as Stacie’s hands moved to her hips, she knew she would allow herself to be more vocal than usual tonight.


“Excuse me?” Chloe looked up from Beca the following week.

“I need you to be extra loud in bed tonight,” Beca said again. “Stacie won last week and I will not stand for this.”

Chloe snorted as she went back to her book. 

“Chlooooooe,” Beca whined. 

“Beca,” Chloe gave a stern face for a moment before a grin spread over her face. “Ok, let's go. Aubrey and Stacie will totes be able to hear us tonight.”

“You are the best,” Beca helped Chloe up before giving her a firm kiss.

Aubrey came home a few nights later. She checked the kitchen and then the living room for Stacie but no dice. Finally she went into the bedroom. 

“Did you buy us a new sound system for the record player?” She asked as she looked at the packages of speakers on the bed.

“Nope. I am going to set these up against the wall and use the mic to really give Becs and Chloe a show,” Stacie smirked.

“No,” Aubrey crossed her arms over her chest. 

“Babe, we can’t let them win!” Stacie protested.

Aubrey, who was usually the far more directly competitive of the two, walked around the bed and held her girlfriend’s hand. “Babe, it’s one thing to be proud of what you do to me. And you should be proud. Very, very, very proud,” She leaned in to her as Stacie wrapped her up in her arms. “But what we do together, that’s for us. Not for you to win some ego contest with the hobbit.”

Stacie sighed as she rested her head against Aubrey’s. “You’re right,” She admitted after a moment of pouting. “It started as fun but then it sort of just grew. And then we both wanted to see how loud we could go.”

Aubrey hid another roll of her eyes. “I know how it is when you become wrapped up in being competitive.” 


Aubrey poked her lightly in the ribs. “But I do have an idea,” She pulled back with a wide grin.

Chloe was away that night so as Beca got into bed she did so with a pout on her face. 

That pout turned into a frown when she heard sounds from the other side of the wall. This was way less fun when she was alone.

She rolled on one side and put a pillow over her head to try to block the shockingly loud sounds. 

On the other side of the wall were the speakers hooked up to Stacie’s favorite porn on a loop.

Stacie and Aubrey were down the road at a hotel having a late dinner. 

Finally she took her phone out. She breathed out slowly when she heard the sounds die down.

She hated losing. 


Stacie turned her phone around for Aubrey to see.

“Do I have to tell her?” She asked after turning the speakers off using her phone.

Aubrey just smirked, ”Nope.” 

Chapter Text

“The only thing that scares me is the thought of losing you,” Chloe whispered as she and Beca laid tangled up in soft sheets and each other.

“I think you and I just stood up in front of our friends and family and promised that we wouldn’t lose each other,” Beca pointed out with a soft smile. 

Chloe smiled as she cuddled closer to her wife of about 6 hours. It really had been the perfect wedding overall. And the wedding night wasn't disappointing either.

“You were there for my extra Barden years, when I lost my mind about Worlds, when we almost died in Europe. You have been with me for it all,” Chloe tucked a bit of damp hair behind Beca’s ear. “I managed it all because I had you to lean on when I couldn’t stand anymore.”

Beca closed her eyes to keep from crying. “Making me cry in your vows wasn’t enough for you?”

Chloe let out a small laugh at that. “I’m feeling romantic on my wedding day.”

“I am too,” Beca admitted. “Chloe, as much as I’ve been there for you, you have been the constant in my life since I was 18.”

Chloe leaned forward just a split second before Beca did. Like every kiss since the day Chloe pulled Beca close once they were pulled out of the water after the weirdest trip to Europe ever, Beca felt her heart skip a beat.

“We got married,” Chloe whispered. 

“We did,” Beca replied. 

“Bet you’re glad now I went into your shower your freshman year,” Chloe teased. 

Beca just laughed. “Still weird but yeah, yeah it worked out pretty well for me.”

Chloe had the good sense to blush a little bit. 

“Chloe?” Beca pressed a kiss to her collarbone. 


“You still should be confident in all that.”

Chloe grinned as she rolled on top of Beca. 

Chapter Text

“I didn’t think you’d end up with the school whore, Posen.”

The word slipped off of Bumper’s lips too easily. A shot sent at Aubrey at Stacie’s expense. The tall brunette caught in the crossfire of the two former Acapella captains. 

Aubrey’s beer slipped out of her fingers as she turned around, splashing on the ground. She had come in for the last hood night of “her team” and because any time she could share a bedroom with Stacie, she was game. 

“What did you say?” Aubrey looked at Bumper. 

“Come on, everyone knows about Stacie’s extracurriculars,” Bumper kept digging. 

Stacie rolled her eyes as the party raged on around them. “Bree, let him run his mouth.”

Outside of a few Bellas and a few Trebles no one was paying the daggers Aubrey was sending Bumper’s way any mind. But those who were prepared to see blood shed. 

“If you ever call my girlfriend that word again, I will end you. And they won’t find the body,” Aubrey hissed as she got closer to Bumper.

Everyone who was paying attention to the interaction was frozen. Bumper looked like he was a few seconds away from pissing himself when a hand landed on Aubrey’s shoulder and tugged her back before the hand grabbed hers and tugged her away from the altercation. 

“I wasn’t done with him,” Aubrey said once Stacie stopped walking them away. 

“I was done,” Stacie looked into Aubrey’s eyes. “He can call me a whore until he’s blue in the face. I don’t care what people think of my past. But thank you for defending me,” Her voice was soft as she cupped Aubrey’s cheek.

“You aren’t what he said you are,” Aubrey defended. 

“I know that, you know that, the Bellas - more or less - know that. You knew that from the very start, even when I called him the Hunter. You were more worried about me sleeping with a Treble than sleeping around,” Stacie wrapped her arms around Aubrey’s waist to bring her in close. 

“Have you?” Aubrey couldn’t help but ask.

“Slept with a Treble?” Stacie clarified the question.

Aubrey nodded against Stacie’s shoulder. 

“No, because I didn’t think I’d ever have a shot with you if I did,” Stacie admitted. 

“Good call, even if I still wouldn’t have been able to help falling for you,” Aubrey breathed out. 

“You’re the only Barden acapella singer I’ve slept with. For the record. Though I’ve kissed most of the Bellas between truth or dare and spin the bottle,” Stacie teased, guiding Aubrey back toward Bella House. 

“Why do the Bellas always end up playing spin the bottle?” Aubrey shook her head. 

“Well honey, we’re a pretty queer group,” Stacie laughed. 

Chapter Text

The words rattled around in Beca’s head as she followed Chloe into the woods behind Bella House. She had avoided the woods more often than not because dark scary woods were not her idea of a good time.

But when Chloe took her hand and said, "Don't be scared. I just need you to come with me for a minute,” how could she say no?

They walked nearly 1000 feet before the trees thinned out and a clearing came into view. It was a circle about 30 feet around with a fire pit in the middle and an outdoor couch and chairs around it. 

“When we got Bella House I found this place on Google Images. So I went to the store and got some stuff for the fire pit. This is on Bella land and I didn’t see any signs anyone else knew about it, no cans or bottles or anything,” Chloe explained.

Beca looked around at the fire pit and the seating. The full Bella squad could hang out here if they wanted. Chloe even had some wood collected for a fire. 

“Chloe, this is amazing,” She turned and grinned. 

“I wanted us to have a cool space outside and this is more private,” Chloe explained as she wrapped her arms around Beca. 

“And the Trebles won’t know about it to sneak up and scare us,” Beca hated the pranks they played. 

“Yup,” Chloe leaned down for a quick kiss. “You go round up the Bellas and I’ll get stuff for s’mores?” 

Beca grinned. “Sounds perfect.”

Chapter Text

“Where are your girlfriends?” Stacie asked as she let herself into Beca’s apartment. 

“What are you talking about?” Beca looked up from the couch, she was working from home today. “Chloe and Aubrey aren’t my girlfriends?”

“Are you sure?” Stacie raised an eyebrow. 

Beca rolled her eyes but after a moment of thought she frowned. “So the three of us live together and go to dinner a lot, and lay on the couch together and cuddle, so what?”

Stacie flopped down in a chair by the couch. “And you love them.”

“Of course I love them,” Beca half laughed and half let out a groan. “Shit, we’re kind of dating.”

Stacie just laughed at Beca’s frazzled expression. 


That night when Aubrey and Chloe got home from going shopping, Beca had the lights off in the apartment except for the fireplace they hardly used and a few candles. She spent the afternoon making a playlist to try to get the mood just right.

“What’s all this?” Aubrey asked as she and Chloe set the bags down once they saw Beca standing nervously by the couch.

“Ca-can the two of you sit down? Please?”

The pair made their way deeper into the apartment and took seats on the couch. They shared a look before looking up at Beca. 

“So Stacie came over today and made a comment. And I can’t stop thinking about it,” Beca said as she stood before them. “She called you two my girlfriends. And I didn’t know I wanted that until she said it.”

“Beca,” Chloe looked up at her. 

“No, let me finish this, please?” Beca asked.

“Alright,” Aubrey put her hand over Chloe’s.

“I like you both so much. Like the kind of like where I want to hear about your day and make sure you both have coffee before I pour mine. I am terrible at talking about my feelings and maybe I am making a total fool of myself but I really want to be your girlfriend, both of yours.”

When they were sure that Beca was done talking the pair stood up and wrapped Beca up in their arms. 

“Honey, we’ve just been waiting for you to figure it out,” Chloe grinned, kissing her jaw. 

“We’ve known for about two months this was the direction things were going,” Aubrey added. 

“Seriously?” Beca groaned. “Why not tell me?”

Aubrey kissed her cheek. “This was more fun for us.”

Chapter Text

“Take your shirt off,” Chloe stood with her hands on her hip as she looked at Beca. 

“Pardon me?” Beca asked from her bed. She had managed to hurt herself in Bellas practice and left early to go home and try and recover. 

“I am going to give you a back rub to help your sore back,” Chloe rolled her eyes. “As much as I love having sex with you, right now I think it would be more pain than pleasure.”

“Oh thank God,” Beca managed to sit up enough to take her shirt off before she rolled on her belly. 

Chloe walked over to the bed before grabbing a small bottle of massage oil out of the bedside table. 

“Are you sure you want to do this? Weren’t the other Bellas going out for pizza?” Beca asked as Chloe straddled her. 

“They are, but I’m your girlfriend and I am willing to give up pizza for you. So you know I love you,” Chloe poured a bit of oil in her hands to warm it before she started to rub Beca’s back.

“That is true love,” Beca agreed as she prepared for hands on her very stiff back.

“Tell me if this hurts,” Chloe requested as she moved her hands to press carefully into Beca’s skin.

“Don't you dare to stop,” Beca let out a low moan at the feeling. “Ever.”

Chloe laughed as she kept working her hands against Beca’s skin. “Do you want me to sleep in here tonight?”’

“Chloe you haven’t slept in your room with Stacie all semester. Why don’t you just move into my room?” Beca managed to ask before little moans at the way Chloe’s hands made her feel.

“Yeah?” Chloe didn’t even try to hide the grin on her face. 

“I like sleeping next to you,” Beca answers with a hit of shyness in her voice. 

“I like sleeping next to you too,” Chloe bent down to kiss the back of Beca’s neck. “And not sleeping.”

“And not sleeping,” Beca agreed.

Chloe walked to the bathroom when she was done to wash her hands before walking back. Beca was once again cuddled under the blankets but she was still topless.

Chloe shed her own top and jeans wordlessly before her bra joined the pile on the floor. She slipped in next to Beca, carefully cuddling her without wanting to make her hurt. 

“This is really good,” Beca whispered after the light was turned off and her favorite nighttime playlist was turned on. “Friday night laying in bed with you listening to music.”

“It’s perfect,” Chloe agreed. 

The pair both closed their eyes. Now and then they would sing to each other or together, soaking in the simple perfection of being close to the person they loved most. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell laid in bed with her three partners and thought about what to do today. She felt like some taking care of her girls was in order. 

She didn’t do emotions the way Chloe did and she didn’t remember every anniversary the way Aubrey did and she didn’t have the raw sexual energy Stacie did but she made awesome pancakes and coffee and she tried her best to make her girls happy. And so far things had gone better than she could have dreamed.

Carefully untangling herself she headed down to the kitchen to get ready. 

First the coffee was made - because she knew she would need a cup to be able to function this early on a Sunday - before she started gathering what she needed. A playlist on low for her to rock out to as she cooked. 

“What’s all this?” Aubrey asked when she, Chloe and Stacie all came out from the bedroom. The table was set for breakfast with a plate of bacon and pancakes for all. 

“Wanted to do something nice,” Beca shrugged. 

“You’re amazing,” Chloe kissed one cheek while Stacie kissed the other. 

“You really are,” Stacie echoed Chloe’s complement. 

“Thank you,” Aubrey kissed her once the other two moved to give her space. 

“Any time,” Beca blushed but had a proud grin on her lips. 

After breakfast the foursome moved outside to a large hammock to read - books for Aubrey and Chloe, a science journal for Stacie and  some ideas for Emily’s new CD for Beca to look over. 

Beca and Chloe had their heads on each side while Stacie and Aubrey had theirs on the other to give the most room to each while still being close together. 

Stacie ran her finger tips over Chloe’s bare calf as both read. Beca meanwhile tapped out a beat against Aubrey’s ankle which always brought a smile to Aubrey’s lips. 



Aubrey laughed at Stacie as she poured each of them a glass of red before pulling out the white Chloe liked and a beer for Beca. 

They joined Beca and Chloe at the table, Stacie made fresh pasta and sauce for dinner. 

“You really are too good at this for someone who hates cooking,” Beca commented. 

“I don’t hate cooking. I hate cleaning up after I cook,” Stacie corrected. 

“We got it,” Chloe offered. 

“Thanks babes,” Stacie held her glass up, each clinking their own against the other three. 

That night the four of them got ready for bed and climbed in. Stacie was nearly always on the outside of the group. Tonight Aubrey was against her with Beca cuddled into Aubrey’s arms and Chloe against Beca’s back. It was a wonderful feeling to be connected to the three people you loved most like this. 

“Today was a good day,” Beca whispered in the dark room.

“Yeah it was,” Aubrey agreed. 

“Every day is a good one since we got together,” Chloe pointed out. 

“Except for the weekend we all got the flu,” Stacie shivered. 

“We agreed to never talk about that again,” Beca whined.

“Sorry babe,” Stacie leaned over Aubrey to kiss her. 

“You’re forgiven this time,” Beca teased as she settled back down. 

“Goodnight you goofballs,” Chloe teased. 

“Night all,” Aubrey whispered as she settled back against Stacie a little more, Beca tight in her arms and Chloe’s hand on her hip. Really this must be what heaven felt like. 

Chapter Text


“No way.”

“Not a chance.”

Stacie made a face as she looked at the three women she committed herself to.

“Please loves?” Stacie tried, giving them her best puppy dog eyes. They weren’t as good as Chloe’s but they were damn effective. 

“Stace,” Aubrey sighed. “The four of us aren’t home as often as we’d like. Getting a pet is a major-“ She trailed off when she hard a small meow. “You already got one?”

“Kind of?” Stacie winced as she walked backwards and then into the spare bathroom. When she came out she had a small cat in her arms who was freshly cleaned.

“Oh how cute,” Chloe said with a smile. 

“I found her on my way home from work. Once I got her to come close she jumped into my arms. I took her to the vet clinic a few blocks away and they said she’s healthy. I figured having a pet might be nice?” Stacie explained.

Beca made a face as she looked at the ginger cat in Stacie’s arms. The fur did remind her of Chloe’s hair a bit. “Fine. But you totally owe us.”

“Bree?” Stacie looked at her. 

Aubrey knew she was outnumbered now. “Fine, fine. I won’t cast the poor beast out.”

Stacie walked over to give her a kiss. “Thank you.”

“She needs a name,” Chloe pointed out. 

“Roux,” Aubrey offered. “For her fur color.”

“I like that,” Beca moved a little closer to the animal and held her hand for it to sniff. Even she smiled when it head butted her to be petted. 

“We need to go get supplies,” Chloe said. 

“Petsmart, here we come,” Stacie laughed. She returned the cat to the bathroom so the four of them could head out. 

Chapter Text

Beca smirked as she looked up at a panting and slightly sweaty Aubrey. Chloe and Stacie were trading soft kisses to her left as they managed to finish before Beca had with Aubrey. 

“You have gotten so good at that,” Aubrey tugged Beca up to kiss the smug smirk off of her lips. 

“As if I wasn’t good at it before,” Beca grinned after the kiss broke.

“She’s been good at it since college, I am an expert on Beca’s talented tongue,” Chloe broke her kiss with Stacie to chime in.

“I agree,” Stacie pressed soft kisses to Chloe’s shoulder. “All three of you have amazing tongues.”

Aubrey rolled her eyes at the three of them but right now she was in no position to argue back. 

Suddenly downstairs they heard a small crash like something falling off a shelf and hitting the floor. 

“Where did that come from?” Beca bolted upright. 

“I don’t know,” Chloe shifted closer to the others. 

Stacie moved out of bed and tossed on shorts and a tank top. 

“Stay here,” She said as she grabbed her trusty softball bat. “I’m going to see what happened.”

“Are you sure?” Aubrey pulled the blankets up to cover the three of them. 

“Just stay here,” Stacie turned back to the door. 

She carefully walked downstairs, moving through the house without making a sound. Years of sneaking in and out of places taught her how to move without making a sound.

“Emily?” Stacie looked at the younger woman standing in her kitchen. 

“Hey!” Emily grinned. “Thanks for letting me crash here for the week. My flight was a little delayed but Aubrey told me where the spare key was so I let myself in.”

Stacie groaned as she vaguely remembered the conversation the week before about Emily staying with them while she was in LA to work on her latest record. 

“Right. You know where the spare room is, the bathroom, and clearly the kitchen?” Stacie said as she set the softball bat down against the wall. 

“Yup. I’ll see all four of you in the morning?” Emily asked. 

“Yup. We all managed to have all weekend off so we’ll take you out to Sunday brunch,” Stacie promised. “Be up by like 11?”

“Perfect,” Emily grinned. “See you then.”

“Night,” Stacie smiled before heading back to bed. At least Emily missed the sounds coming out of their bedroom just fifteen minutes ago. She wasn’t sure the younger Bella would have survived it. Or Beca and Aubrey either for that matter. 

Chapter Text

The two couples walked hand in hand down the street after dinner and several rounds of drinks split between them. Beca, Chloe and Stacie were graduating tomorrow so of course Aubrey was in town to see it happen. 

“You two should come upstairs,” Beca offered as they got closer to Bella House. “I can put some music on and we can chill and listen.”

“The only place all four of us could sit or lay down is your bed, Becs,” Stacie pointed out. 

“Why is that a problem?” Chloe asked with a giggle.

“You two really want Stacie and I laying in your bed?” Aubrey asked.

Chloe and Beca looked at each other and then back to Stacie and Aubrey all without breaking stride. 

“Yes,” They said together.

It was Aubrey and Stacie’s turn to look at each other. A wordless conversation happening between the pair. 

“You two mean more than just for music, don’t you?” Aubrey asked.

“Yes,” Again Beca and Chloe answered together. 

“Alright,” Stacie and Aubrey replied.

“Holy hell,” Beca reached up to grabbed the headboard as Stacie went down on her. She had heard of Stacie’s skills but experiencing it first hand was something else.

“I told you you’d want to hold on to something,” Aubrey laughed as she broke her kiss from Chloe. 

“I’ve never been able to see Beca like this,” Chloe whispered to Aubrey as she watched Beca thread her hands into Stacie’s dark locks as her back curved like a bow being drawn back. “They are so beautiful together.”

“They are,” Aubrey agreed. “You watch for a while or at least watch while you can keep your eyes open,” She kissed her before moving down her body. 


After everyone had both given and received, some more than once, the four of them laid together in the king sized bed. Arms and legs all tangled over each other. 

“That was incredible,” Beca whispered from between Chloe and Stacie. 

“It was,” Aubrey agreed as she held tight to Chloe. 

“We should do it again,” Chloe whispered as she reached across Beca to rub over Stacie’s side. 

“Is that allowed?” Aubrey asked.

“I’m not sure who would tell us if it wasn’t,” Stacie laughed.

“The four of us decide if it’s ok or not,” Beca turned to look at her. “And I vote yes.”

“Me too,” Chloe giggled.

“Me three,” Stacie added. 

“Then it’s 4 to zero,” Aubrey said before letting out a yawn. 

“We should get some sleep, we all graduate tomorrow. Today. Whatever. We have to be up in like 6 hours,” Chloe made a face. 

“Ew,” Beca and Stacie said at the same time. 

“Let’s get some sleep,” Aubrey hit the light off before they all cuddled in even closer as they drifted to sleep. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen was annoyed at herself for being annoyed. 

She spun her engagement ring on her left ring finger as she watched Stacie talk to the ex high school football playing ex boyfriend she had once upon a time. 

It was silly, she knew, she and Stacie had both dealt with their insecurities around the other being hit on early in their relationship. Aubrey had to do more work there than Stacie due to the nature of who the other was. Yet seeing Stacie laughing at some joke told by this ex high school football playing ex boyfriend had Aubrey’s blood boiling. 

Which was why she was annoyed at herself. 

Stacie wasn’t doing anything more than talking to the decade old ex and had been nothing but giddy to have Aubrey meet all her old high school friends. Yet Aubrey felt a bit out of her depth in a bar in downtown Philly. 

Deciding that sitting here and being annoyed at Stacie being herself around people she had known years before the pair of them met would only lead to a bad evening, she pushed herself away from the bar.  Her arm slid with practiced ease around Stacie’s waist when she made it over to her and the ex high school football playing ex boyfriend. 

“Hey you,” Aubrey’s eyes were just slightly darkened as she looked up at her future wife.

“Hey,” Stacie melted against Aubrey without a second thought. “Miss me?”

“Always,” Aubrey relaxed at the way Stacie wrapped her arm around her waist to keep her close. 

“I was telling Johnny about the trip we took to France last year. Laying on the beaches during the day and going out at night,” Stacie filled her in. 

Johnny shifted his weight from foot to foot just a bit as he watched the two women together. He wasn’t uncomfortable about it being two women but the fact it wasn’t him with his arm around Stacie. 

Aubrey’s lips curled to a wide grin as the memories of tanning topless on the beach before heading back to the hotel to lay in bed for hours before heading out for a rich meal filled her mind. “It really was fantastic.” 

“Is that where you’re taking me for our honeymoon?” Stacie asked. 

“Not telling, you know that,” Aubrey’s eyes sparkled with a bit of mischief that really only Stacie brought out. 

“Tease,” Stacie bent down for a quick kiss that ended up lingering. 

“I always deliver, you are well aware of that,” Aubrey whispered.

Aubrey caught the ex football player ex boyfriend leaving out of the corner of her eye and couldn’t stop the smirk coming to her lips. 

“He’s harmless, Bree,” Stacie whispered.

“He’s not,” Aubrey looked into Stacie’s eyes. “But I trust you. More than anyone else.”

Stacie angled her body to press against Aubrey’s fully. “Come dance with me?” She asked as a song they could dance close to started playing. 

“Always,” Aubrey let Stacie pull her to the dance floor. 

Chapter Text

“You’re an idiot.”

“I know.”

“A huge idiot.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Beca Mitchell gritted her teeth as she leaned against Aubrey Posen. The comfort of having her girlfriend here kept her from sitting on the floor and quitting. 

Finally - mercifully - they made it up to Beca’s room. 

“You performed on an ankle sprain. Without any sort of protection to keep you from doing more damage!” Aubrey ranted as she started to slowly and very carefully take off Beca’s shoes. 

“It happened right before I got to the performing arts center, alright? I didn’t want to have the Bellas have to figure out on the fly how to change things. It didn’t hurt this much right after,” Beca protested. She flopped her arm over her eyes as she allowed Aubrey to take care of her. 

“Stupid,” Aubrey said under her breath as she looked over Beca’s ankle. “If it’s not better by morning we need to take you to urgent care.”

Beca made a face as she moved her arm just enough to see Aubrey. “You’re only here for two more days. I don’t want to spend hours at urgent care for them to tell me just to stay off of my ankle.”

Aubrey didn’t say much more as she helped Beca get ready for bed and got some ice on her ankle. She understood - respected even - performing with the Bellas even if hurt but this wasn’t a competitive event. 

“When I saw you wince up there, I knew something was wrong. And I couldn’t do a damn thing about it,” Aubrey said after she slid into bed next to Beca. 

“Caring for someone else? Who are you and what have you done with Aubrey?” Beca teased as the painkiller she took about a half hour ago started to work.

“I care about you. I care about a lot of people,” Aubrey whispered.

Beca kissed the top of Aubrey’s head. “I know, Bree.”

Aubrey rested her forehead against Beca’s shoulder as the pair laid in bed together. There were so many things she wanted to say to Beca but she decided to wait until post graduation - or at least until post ICCA Finals - to do so. 

“You did well tonight. All of the Bellas did but your voice has gotten so much stronger and your arrangements have grown,” Aubrey complemented. 

“Thank you,” Beca said as a thrill at the compliment ran through her. Even if Aubrey was captain for one year to Beca’s three, Aubrey would always be her captain. And she was pleased for the praise. 

“Don’t do that again, Becs. Seriously, unless it’s like the final it’s not worth it. And even then it’s a toss up,” Aubrey whispered in the darkened room. 

“You were here. I didn’t want to disappoint you,” Beca admitted.

Aubrey turned her head to press a kiss to Beca’s shoulder. “You haven’t done that in a very long time.”

Beca shifted just a bit, careful of her ankle, so she could cuddle as fully against Aubrey as possible. “After this year, LA has a lot of places for you to be a lawyer?”

Aubrey wrapped her arm firmly around Beca’s waist. “Yeah, it does. I’ve been looking if I’m honest.”

Beca knew now wasn’t the time to have this conversation in full. And if she knew anything about Aubrey she would want to have it in full. So for now she just let Aubrey hold her as she iced her ankle and cuddled against her. 

“Goodnight, Bree.”

“Goodnight Becs.” 

Chapter Text

The soft music from the old record player floated around the room as did the scent of the lavender from the twin burning candles on either side of the machine.

Beca Mitchell, one of the two women currently wrapped in soft sheets in the middle of the king sized bed, looked lovingly at her bedmate. 

“I can’t believe you found me,” The corners of Beca’s mouth twitched up. 

“Your concert was pretty well covered by the media for days, Beca,” Aubrey laughed softly. She reached her hand over and tucked a bit of hair out of the way. “And with Lilly running security for you, I was able to get backstage to see you.”

Coming off stage with her body buzzing as it always did after being on stage and seeing Aubrey had been as close to fate as Beca would allow herself to believe in. After years of the distaste both had for each other turning to friendship and then growing towards more it had been the spark both needed. 

“Come with me?” Beca whispered. “For the rest of the tour. Come with me to Spain and France and Ireland. All the rest of it. Come with me, Aubrey and let me show you the world.”

Aubrey started humming one of her favorite Disney songs about seeing the world as Beca laughed at her. 

"Tell me, Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?” Beca asked, her hand slipping over bare skin. 

The question caused Aubrey to shift closer to Beca and press a soft kiss against her jaw. “When I came here tonight,” She admitted. “I don’t know if I let myself think about what it would mean to see you but I think my heart did.”

“Come with me, Bree,” Beca whispered against her hair. 

“Yeah, I think I will,” Aubrey smiled softly.

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen dipped Beca Mitchell just after the pair came offstage. Years of build up and growth finally getting them to a moment that might have happened years before if each weren’t so stubborn. 

“About time with those two,” Fat Amy said as she watched Beca pulling Aubrey to a car to head back to the hotel.

“Seriously,” Cynthia Rose said from beside her. 

“Those two have played sexual tension bingo since college,” Lilly - or was it Ester now - said in a voice that felt like she was screaming to the others.

 “It’s good to see them finally admit it to the other,” Jessica said, hand in hand with Ashley.

“Unlike at our wedding,” Ashley laughed. 

“Or after our first finals,” Chloe snorted. 

“Or that was rough, Beca kissing Jesse when she should have kissed Aubrey,” Cynthia Rose winced.

“But now they are together and it’s so cute,” Emily almost swooned. 

“It’s very cute,” Fat Amy made a face. “I hope they don’t beat us back to New York. That apartment is too small for them to bang all over it.”

“Ew,” Chloe agreed. “But Beca is going to have to move to LA now anyway.”

“At least it might give Aubrey the change she wanted if she moves with her,” Jessica pointed out. 

“Just as long as once Beca gets a great new house she has us all over,” Flo smiled. “A big party, Bella style.”

“Yesssss,” Fat Amy said, already starting to plan it. “I wonder if Beca could get a Black Visa card and if I could take it for the party.”

“Should we head out to party?” Emily asked after a moment. 

“Shots on me,” Fat Amy grinned. “I’m rich now, Pitches.”

Chapter Text

“Hey,” Beca stood next to Stacie while the two of them waited in the coffee line. “What are you doing on Friday night?”

Stacie thought about it for a second. “Nothing planned. Why?”

Beca rubbed her left thumb against her right palm to try and calm her own nerves. “There is this science thing at Fernbank. They do an after dark thing and we’re both 21 now so I thought you might want to go?”

Stacie grinned at Beca as they moved up in line. “Are you asking me out?”

Beca only paused for a second. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Then yes, I’ll go to a science thing with you,” Stacie said with a smile.

Walking out of the Fernbank at nearly midnight, Beca and Stacie, swung their joined hands together. 

“I have never had that much fun doing something that wasn’t music,” Beca admitted. 

“We gotta get you out more, B,” Stacie laughed as she bumped their hips together. “That was really fun though. I love science things on dates and the drinks weren’t bad either.”

Beca felt her cheeks going red as she thought about how beautiful Stacie looked under the moonlight. 

“Do you want to go back home or keep hanging out?” Beca asked as they walked.

“I’m not in any rush to end tonight,” Stacie said with a smile.

About a half hour later the pair found themselves back on campus but nowhere near Bella House. They were laying under a tree at the far edge of campus, Beca’s head in Stacie’s lap as she leaned back against the tree.

“This has been really nice,” Beca looked up at Stacie. 

“It has,” Stacie slipped her hand under Beca’s top and started to draw random patterns over her abdominals. 

“I’ve liked you for a long time,” Beca admitted as she felt her body react to the light touches. 

“I know,” Stacie admitted. “I have eyes and so do you. And yours have been glued to my tits for a year now.”

“You knew!” Beca groaned as her left hand moved up to cover her face. 

“I know when people are into me, B. It’s like a superpower. And I figured if I made the first move before you were ready it would spook you. So I waited for you to be ready. And so far? It’s been a win for us both,” Stacie explained, carefully pulling Beca’s left hand down so she could look at her face.

“I needed to be sure I wouldn’t just fuck us up,” Beca whispered as her eyes opened again.

“You haven’t fucked anything up yet,” Stacie bent her head down and pressed a soft kiss to Beca’s lips. “Nothing at all.”

Beca bit back a comment about something she's like to fuck. "You're something else, Stacie Conrad."

"Yeah I am. But so are you," Stacie smiled. 

Beca's head turned as Stacie started to explain the different constellations to her. She could get used to dates ending just like this.

Chapter Text

Moving in with Stacie Conrad had gone better than Aubrey Posen could have dreamed. They both were tidy people, they didn’t mind spending the first part of Sunday doing some cleaning around the house, they shared a bed well. 

There really was only one thing that had been an issue.

Stacie could not cook. 

At all.

Aubrey hadn’t expected to move in with a professional chef but she had expected her to know more than how to put bread in a toaster.

So Aubrey, being the loving girlfriend that she was, decided it was time to teach Stacie how to handle herself in the kitchen. 

“Babe, both my Italian grandmothers tried to teach me to cook, it didn’t stick,” Stacie said one Sunday morning that Aubrey decided she was going to teach Stacie some basics. 

“You have a doctorate in theoretical physics. You are one of the smartest people I know,” Aubrey stood in their kitchen with her determined face on. 

“Both are true facts,” Stacie nodded, standing one of Aubrey’s tank tops and a pair of her own sleep shorts. 

“You are going to be able to make at least one thing before we go to bed tonight that you can’t make already,” Aubrey rolled up the sleeves on her shirt. 

“Whatever you say, babe,” Stacie saluted with a slight smirk. “Can we have coffee first though?”

“Yes,” Aubrey turned around and poured each of them a cup of coffee - hers was black while Stacie took hers with a bit of cream.

Stacie wrapped both of her hands around the mug as she sat at the island. “Can I ask what brought on you deciding I need to learn how to cook?”

Aubrey took a drink of coffee before answering. “Beca and Chloe had a baby.”

Stacie raised an eyebrow. “Yes, our Goddaughter is beautiful. But what does that have to do with me cooking?”

“What if we have kids and you can’t cook? And they are hungry and you have to feed them pre packaged mac and cheese or something? Or we babysit Grace for Beca and Chloe and she’s hungry and I’m not here?” Aubrey asked with a firm look on her face.

“You want kids?”

“Don’t you?”

Stacie chewed her bottom lip a moment. “Only if they have your eyes. It’s a requirement.”

“We’ll see what we can do,” Aubrey laughed.

Stacie’s mind was not on making pasta or grilled cheese or eggs. Everything that Aubrey tried to teach her to make went in one ear and out the other as she kept thinking about a little girl in her arms while Aubrey did it. A little girl with her dark hair and Aubrey’s eyes and charm for days. 

“Stacie, you’re boiling over the pasta again,” Aubrey turned the flame on the burner down.

“Seriously?” Stacie asked.

“Yes, seriously, look at the water,” Aubrey rolled her eyes. 

“No, not that. You seriously want to have kids? With me?” Stacie asked.

Aubrey reached over and turned off the stove, her hand finding Stacie’s hip. “Yes, Stacie, I want a family with you.”

Stacie wrapped her arms around Aubrey and held her girlfriend close. “I’ll take cooking classes. Or something. I’ll figure it out. Alright?”

Aubrey wrapped her arms around Stacie to match how Stacie had her arms. “We will. This is it for me, Stacie. You are it for me.”

Stacie bent her head down to press a firm kiss to Aubrey’s lips. “How about we clean up here and go practice making a baby?”

“Pretty sure we’re missing some equipment for that,” Aubrey laughed softly. 

“Anything is possible if you believe enough,” Stacie teased as she started washing the dishes. 

Chapter Text

Chloe counted herself lucky. Having three very different partners was challenging at the best of times but she wouldn’t trade it for anything. They all settled in their roles in the relations; Aubrey was the planner, Stacie the cook, Beca was oddly the one who did the tidying and Chloe was the caretaker. It worked nearly perfectly. 

When it didn’t work so well was when Chloe got sick. 

Because as well as Stacie could make tea or Beca could wash Chloe’s favorite blanket or Aubrey could make CVS runs, none had the comforting touch Chloe had. But they tried. Oh did they try.

“Here, Chlo,” Beca said as she brought a blanket from the dryer to wrap around Chloe’s shoulders. 

“Thanks,” Chloe said before coughing a bit as she settled back in.

“Should we take her temperature again?” Aubrey asked Stacie. 

“Babe, you did that like 20 minutes ago,” Stacie rubbed her back. 

“Right,” Aubrey slowly nodded.

“Guys, I’m ok,” Chloe’s voice was unnaturally low from the congestion. “It’s just the flu. Meds, tea, rest.”

Beca moved back to stand with Aubrey and Stacie. Each of them knew Chloe was right but the worry they had overroad their common sense. 

“Right. Yes, of course,” Aubrey nodded seriously. “We should let you sleep.”

Chloe gave a weak smile as she snuggled in the middle of their king sized bed. “Thank you, loves.”


“What are you doing?” Stacie asked about an hour later. She walked into the kitchen to Aubrey and Beca leaning over Beca’s iPad. 

“We’re looking up soup recipes,” Aubrey explained. 

“When I was sick as a kid my mom always made me chicken noodle soup. And since you banned me from the kitchen for the “safety of myself and others”, I recruited Aubrey to help,” Beca stuck her tongue out. 

“That’s very thoughtful of you,” Stacie sat at the island. 

“You don’t want to help?” Aubrey asked. 

“I plan to supervise. You’re good in the kitchen babe but you don’t make a ton of comfort food. Growing up with a hired cook will do that to a Posen,” Stacie winked.

Aubrey rolled her eyes at the comment but she didn’t have much of a comeback. “Here,” She pointed out to Beca. “This looks like a good one.”

Beca had a determined look on her face as she helped Aubrey get everything out they would need. She hated to see any of her girls in pain and someone Chloe having the flu triggered the response even more than usual.


Several hours later, Chloe woke up to a careful nudging of her shoulder. 

“Hey sweetie,” Stacie sat down on the edge of the bed. “I have some meds for you and Beca and Aubrey have something for you to eat,” She ran the back of her head over Chloe’s forehead to see how her fever was. She smiled when Chloe felt notably cooler.

“Thanks,” Chloe’s voice was still rough as she sat up enough to take the meds Stacie offered. She made a face as she sat up a little more, her body still sore. 

“We um made you soup. Aubrey did most of the cooking but I chopped a bunch of things,” Beca held her bandaid covered finger. “Only one small cut. Opening a can,” She made a face at that.

“You two did that for me?” Chloe’s lips curled up as she had a tray placed over her lap. On the tray there was a bowl of soup, some crackers and warm tea with honey.

“We have to take care of you, you’d do it for us. You have done it for us,” Aubrey stood between Stacie and Beca with a nervous smile. The soup was good but until Chloe tasted it she wouldn’t trust her own tastebuds. 

“Thank you,” Chloe picked up her spoon and took a sip of some of the broth. “This feels good,” She let out a small groan at the warmth against her throat. 

Three smiles watched as Chloe slowly made her way through her lunch, ready if she needed anything. Finally Aubrey stepped forward to lift the empty tray again. 

“I’m sleepy but I could do a movie. You three want to chance the flu and cuddle with me?” Chloe asked.

“A movie sounds good,” Beca said. Any chance to lay with Chloe and make sure she was alright sounded good to her. 

“Let me just go put the dishes in the sink and I”ll be right back,” Aubrey said before leaving. 

“What do you want to watch?” Stacie asked as she grabbed the remote for the TV in the bedroom. Beca was already laying on one side of Chloe so Stacie took the other. 

“Bridesmaids?” Chloe requested.

“Perfect,” Aubrey agreed as she came back into the room, climbing on the bed on the other side of Stacie. 

“Everyone comfortable?” Stacie asked, hearing three yeses back before hitting play. 

Chapter Text

“So much for an afterparty”, was all Beca could think after the power went out. 

After the concert something a major storm rolled in quickly, big enough the hotel and the rest of the area around them lost power. Which of course meant the Bellas would all be heading to her room to have a sleepover. Of course. Why would it mean anything else?

Beca was sitting in the corner under a blanket as she tried to warm up. Ever since they plunged into the water she hadn’t felt really warm despite the air temperature around them. 

“We found snacks,” Jessica said as she and Ashley walked in with an arm full of goodies. 

“Oh! Jelly beans!” Chloe said as she snagged a box and started sorting through them. 

“Junior Mints!” Emily grabbed a small box for herself. 

“Those are like eating toothpaste, Legacy,” Fat Amy rolled her eyes.

Emily paid her no mind as she popped one of the candies into her mouth with a smile. 

“Here,” Aubrey took a seat next to Beca wearing her matching pajama and robe combo. She handed her a small box of Goobers. Beca’s favorite. 

“Thanks,” Beca reached a hand outside of the blanket to accept it. “How’s you know I liked these?”

“I pay attention,” Aubrey said as she sat against the wall next to Beca. 

Beca just popped one of the candies into her mouth and leaned against Aubrey a bit. The movie, played on CR’s 17 inch laptop, didn’t matter. But it was nice to spend time leaning against Aubrey with the Bellas around, Beca thought to herself.


Beca woke up to all of the lights on in her hotel room and no one else around except Aubrey. Aubrey who hadn’t moved in the last however many hours. 

“Where is everyone?” Beca yawned.

“They all went back to their rooms about an hour ago,” Aubrey looked up from the game of “Words with Friends” she had been playing.

“Why didn’t you?” Beca sat up, rolling her neck out. 

“You were using me as a pillow,” Aubrey explained. “I didn’t want to wake you.”

Beca felt her cheeks heating up but she wasn’t totally sure why. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Aubrey said before getting to her feet. “I should head back to my room.”

Beca moved to her feet while picking invisible lint off of her shirt. “You don’t.”

“I don’t?” Aubrey turned as she reached the door. 

“Have to go,” Beca finished her through. “You could stay here. With me. Here.”

Aubrey’s eyebrow rose before her head tilted. “What do you want, Beca?” She asked, her body turning back around toward Beca.

“You,” Beca answered. “I’m about to sign a contract and go on tour and have everything I could want. But I need someone to go with me and keep me in line. I get mouthy sometimes.”

“Don’t I know it,” Aubrey laughed.

“Come with me? You said you wanted away from the Lodge. So come with me?” Beca asked.

“Beca, that’s … What are you asking?”

“Come with me,” Beca said again. “You said you pay attention. So pay attention to me asking you to go around the world with me,” She held her hand out.

Aubrey paused a moment before reaching out to take it. The two women smiled as they tugged each other closer. 



Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell hated moving. She hated decorating. She hated carrying boxes from room to room until she was in the right room with the right box. 

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?” She grumbled as she brought yet another box up to the master bedroom.

“Well, Becs,” Stacie sat as she sat in the middle of the walk-in closet as she tried to sort everyone’s shoes, “You, me, Bree and Chloe like to share a bed. And if we want to keep doing that we needed to get a place big enough for all four of us. So we had to move.”

Beca made a face enough though Stacie was totally correct. “Why didn’t we hire someone to do all of this for us?”

“Because this is good bonding for a relationship,” Aubrey answered as she and Chloe walked in. Each had a large box of things for the master bedroom or bathroom. 

“And it’s fun,” Chloe added.

“Fun?” Beca grumbled. “Going in the hot tub with the three of you and having my bikini top taken off is fun. This is not fun.”

“We're literally having the time of our lives right now,” Stacie stood up to walk over to Beca. She wrapped her long arms around her, bending down to rest her head on Beca’s shoulder. “The four of us bought a house together. We’re going to go to sleep tonight in a bed big enough for all four of us. We’re as close to married as possible thanks to Aubrey’s lawyer-ing. This is the best, Becs.”

Beca relaxed against Stacie as she looked at the matching smiles from Aubrey and Chloe. Stacie was right. Moving in together, living together, being together was pretty amazing. 

“I know when I’m outnumbered,” Beca sighed. She reached up to put her hand on Stacie’s neck to pull her down into a kiss. 

“You like being outnumbered,” Chloe grinned before taking her box to the bathroom.

It was done.

Well mostly. 

Beca wasn’t sure if Aubrey or Chloe, hell even Stacie, would ever not be thinking of changing something in their home. 

But it was as done as it was ever going to be. 

And Beca was thrilled. Because she had a key to a house with her three girlfriends on her key ring. And they had a bed big enough for all of them now. And a kitchen where … well the other three used the kitchen more than she did. 

“I can’t believe this is our place,” Beca said as the four of them got ready for bed.

“Mortgage payment says it’s real,” Aubrey paused from wiping her makeup off to look at Beca in the mirror. 

“Smartass,” Beca rolled her eyes.

“We love her smartass,” Stacie walked in to brush her teeth. “In fact all of your asses are important to me.”

“Who wants middle tonight?” Chloe asked as she pulled the blankets back on the bed. 

“Me,” Beca didn’t wait as she moved to the center left of the bed. 

“Come on babe, get in the middle,” Stacie pressed her hand to Aubrey’s back. “You know you like being little spoon.”

Aubrey didn’t comment as she moved to the middle of the bed next to Beca. The pair laid face to face with their arms around each other. Chloe and Stacie moved behind each to wrap them up.

One by one each said goodnight to the other as Chloe reached up to turn the lights off. 

As she laid there, Chloe at her back, Aubrey at her front and Stacie’s hand resting on her hip, Beca thought maybe this was the time of her life after all. 

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen, for all appearances, was not a violent person. Sure, she was able to dress someone down with the best of them. She could handle herself if push came to shove and she had to break up a fight. But when it came to being physical herself it wasn’t typically how she handled herself. 

Though, to be fair, Beca’s hands were holding her hips just as tightly as her own hands were holding Beca’s. Beca’s kisses were just as passionate as her own. Beca’s moans just as loud. 

“Can’t believe all it took for you to finally do this was Kommisar flirting with me,” Beca moaned as Aubrey peppered her neck with kisses.

In response to the comment, Aubrey shifted her thigh between Beca’s while pressing their lips together. Beca let out a moan at the feeling of Aubrey taking control of the moment in such a delightfully commanding way. 

“You have a type,” Aubrey pulled back enough to move to the other side of Beca’s neck. “Hot blondes who like to insult you and boss you around."

Beca’s hands gripped a little tighter as she sucked in a breath as Aubrey marked her neck. 

“You’re annoyed because I’m right, aren’t you?"

“Fuck you Aubrey. No, wait. Fuck me, Aubrey."

“Second one is better,” Aubrey grabbed Beca’s hand and tugged her from the entryway of her hotel room to the bed. 

Chapter Text

“I’m fine."

“You’re not.” 

“I am fine."

“No, you’re not."

Aubrey sighed to herself as she looked at her girlfriend laying on the couch with half a box of tissues in a small plastic take out bag. 

“You have a 101.5 fever, you keep telling me you’re freezing and you can’t stop blowing your nose or coughing,” Aubrey pointed out. 

“It’s just a little cold,” Stacie’s voice was a bit nasally. “I need to keep working on this project to meet my deadline."

Aubrey rolled her eyes as she looked at her girlfriend trying to work while sick. She shifted so she could see her screen. “Babe, you’ve misspelled three words in the last two lines. Call your boss and take today and tomorrow off, you’ll feel better by Monday,” She pleaded. 

Stacie grumbled but finally did as Aubrey requested. “There,” She pouted. 

Aubrey grabbed a kitchen towel to move Stacie’s laptop. She would disinfect it later but for now she was focused on getting Stacie back to bed. 

“I’m really fine,” Stacie rasped and leaned heavily on Aubrey as they made their way to the bedroom again. 

“Sure you are,” Aubrey chuckled as she wrapped her arm around Stacie to keep her standing for now. 

Once she had Stacie tucked into bed she brought her some medication to take with a bottle of water. “I’m going to go make you some tea with a bit of honey,” Aubrey said after bending down to kiss Stacie’s forehead. “Just close your eyes for a bit."

When Aubrey turned to the bedroom she found Stacie softly snoring in bed. She smiled a moment before setting the tea down on the nightstand. She arranged the blankets down for Stacie to make sure she was nice and warm before kissing her forehead again. 

“Cuddle with me?” Stacie shifted, barely awake.

Aubrey smiled as she laid down. “That is never a question I’ll say no to,” She whispered against the crown of Stacie’s head. 

Chapter Text

“We can explain,” Aubery said as she quickly adjusted her shirt.

“This isn’t what you think Emily,” Chloe’s cheeks were as red as her hair.

“B-but you and she were …” Emily’s voice trailed off as she stood shocked in the doorway. “And Beca and Stacie. What are they going to say!”

“What’s going on?” Beca asked after sliding the door open to come in from the backyard.

“Chloe and Aubrey were kissing!” Emily’s voice went high pitched.

“Oh,” Beca turned to her. “Making out without me watching? Rude. That’s just rude, dudes."

“What?” Emily’s voice squeaked.

“Emily, please, sit down,” Chloe gestured to one of the chairs. “We’ll explain, okay?"

Emily sat down in one of the chairs facing the couch Aubrey and Chloe were currently sitting on. Beca took the seat next to Chloe while Stacie appeared from the kitchen to sit next to Aubrey.

“Look Legacy, this isn’t what you thought it was when you saw it,” Beca started but trailed off.

“Emily, a few years ago things changed between the four of us,” Aubrey picked up after Beca but couldn’t figure out how to keep going either.

“Em, we’re all together,” Stacie stepped in. “We’re all dating, so Chlo and Bree making out is fine. Beca and I are good with it. Usually we like to watch or participate though."

“Seriously?” Emily’s eyes went wide.

“Seriously,” Beca nodded.

“So you aren’t cheating?” Emily confirmed.

“No,” Chloe shook her head. “Beca and I are as solid as ever,” She slipped her hand into Beca’s before slipping her other into Aubrey’s. “And Aubrey and Stacie are so important to it, things just happened naturally."

“It’s our charm, we’re very charming people,” Stacie grinned.

“You really are,” Beca snorted.

“Wow,” Emily looked at the four Bellas who had really become older sisters since she loved to LA. “So does anyone else know?"

“No,” Aubrey shook her head. “We were planning to tell everyone this summer when we have everyone out but you’re the first to know."

“I’m honored,” Emily smiled.

“Just don’t tell anyone for a bit, ok?” Beca requested. “We don’t want this to be a game of telephone."

“Oh my stars, I won’t tell anyone!” Emily made a cross over her heart.

“Thanks Em,” Chloe smiled at her.

“Ready to come out back and hang out for a bit?” Aubrey asked as they all stood.

“Sure!” Emily said in her usual excited voice.

“The upside now is we can totally get handsy in the pool,” Stacie said as she opened the door.

“Oh God,” Emily groaned as the others laughed.

Chapter Text

Sex with Stacie Conrad was one of Aubrey Posen’s very favorite things. It happened a few times a week and still each time it did happen Aubrey felt like she won the lottery. But today was a bit different, not that she let on to Stacie she knew why.

“So, you want to tell me now how my grandmother’s vase broke?” Aubrey asked with a raised eyebrow as she and Stacie laid in bed together.

Stacie paled and visibly swallowed. “Um."

Aubrey rolled her eyes, leaning in to kiss her wife again. “Just tell me what happened."

Stacie shifted from her back to her side to face Aubrey. “I was trying to get the chocolate stash that you keep in there because I was hungry. I managed to get it down but when I went to put it back up it went off the back of the stand."

“I’ll keep the chocolate somewhere else from now on. Somewhere that if you grab some it won’t destroy decorations,” Aubrey said with a chuckle. 

“You are upset? Your grandmother gave that to you,” Stacie said with uncertainty in her voice.

“It’s ugly Stacie,” Aubrey said with a full on laugh. “I only kept it up because I felt I should.”

Stacie let out a breath as Aubrey gathered her up in her arms. “That’s good to know.“

“Not that I don’t enjoy great sex when I get home from work,” Aubrey said in between pressing soft kisses over Stacie’s shoulder. “Next time just tell me, alright?"

“Alright,” Stacie promised.

“Now, let’s see how to plan to make up for your dishonesty,” Aubrey smirked before pulling the covers over their heads as she leaned in for a kiss. 

Chapter Text

Bellas movie night was a twice a month event. Each Bella getting a chance to pick what movie they wanted and the others being duty bound not to pick on them for their choice. Well too much.

Beca, currently sitting on a love seat next to Aubrey, tried to get into the 90’s chick flick Ashley picked but was having a hard time not falling to sleep. But less than a half hour in, Beca already knew the ending. 

“I never thought I’d miss someone picking a horror movie or something,” Aubrey leaned over to whisper to Beca.

“Right?” Beca whispered back. 

Aubrey shifted a bit closer to Beca, sharing with her the blanket she had over her. Beca shifting even closer as subtly as she could. Soon the pair were leaning against each other as the movie dragged on.

“So, I hear you and broke up with that Treblemaker,” Aubrey whispered. 

“I would have had to be dating him to break up with him,” Beca pointed out.

Aubrey chuckled. 

“Besides, I’m not into Trebles. Or dudes,” Beca kept her voice down so only Aubrey could hear. 

“Really?” Aubrey turned her head. 

“More into you,” Beca admitted.

“Really?” Aubrey’s eyebrow rose. 

“Total toner,” Beca couldn’t help using the term Aubrey once had.

“Well then,” Aubrey answered. “Good to know I’m not the only one with a toner."

“Yeah?” Beca asked hopefully. 

“Yeah,” Aubrey replied. 

“Go out with me Friday?” Beca asked. 

“I’d love to,” Aubrey leaned her head against Beca’s shoulder as they watched the movie. Both not really caring what happened but enjoying being so close to the other. 

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell twisted her wedding band off of her finger as she headed up to the hotel room. She pocketed the band before hitting the floor number inside the elevator.

Closing her eyes she leaned her head back against the polished rear wall of the elevator. There was a thrill to all of this. Meeting someone in a hotel on a Tuesday at midday in October. Meeting someone who wasn’t the one who put that wedding band on her finger. Knowing her wife had no idea this was happening.

She pushed away any guilt as the doors to the elevator opened. She stepped off the elevator and headed down the hall to the room number she had been instructed to head to.

“You took your time,” The woman, dressed only in the white and fluffy hotel robe, replied after Beca knocked.

“I had to get out of some meetings,” Beca stepped forward, pressing herself against the blonde. “Which you knew I had."

Aubrey just shrugged with one shoulder. “I needed you. Isn’t that more important than a few meetings you hate sitting through anyway?”

Beca just tilted her head up, pressing a firm kiss to Aubrey’s lips. She walked them back toward the bed. Her hands fumbled a bit with the tie on the robe but finally she managed to pull the two ends from each other.

“Someone is eager,” Aubrey’s laugh was deep as she felt Beca’s hands exploring her.

“When you text me a hotel room number in the middle of the day, it does things to me. Things you know all about. We’ve been doing this a long time, Bree,” Beca answered as she nudged Aubrey back to sit on the bed. She took a step back and started to undress herself while Aubrey watched.

“Every single time I watch you undress it gives me the same thrill as the first time,” Aubrey admitted as she crossed her legs to press her thighs together.

“Same,” Beca admitted. She pulled off the last of her clothes before crawling on the bed and into Aubrey’s leg once her legs uncrossed.

The sex was always better like this. The way Aubrey was so demanding in moments like this. Beca was more willing to let her be without challenging her for control. Beca moved between Aubrey’s open legs once she managed to lay down on the bed. After two orgasms it was Beca’s turn. She moved over Aubrey’s head, grabbing at the headboard to keep from falling over.

“Fuck,” Beca flopped back against the bed when she moved off of riding Aubrey’s face.“You are really good at that,” She panted as she turned her head to look at Aubrey again.

“I know,” Aubrey answered after using the back of her hand to wipe the fluids off of her mouth.

Beca rolled enough to cuddle against her side, pressing soft kisses against Aubrey’s shoulder. She had Aubrey all around her now, all over her face too. In this moment nothing mattered but the feeling of Aubrey playing with her hair and the satisfaction they just gave each other.

“This had managed to keep it’s appeal ever after all these years,” Aubrey’s voice was soft as she spoke. “I still half expect it to lose something now. With everything that’s happened. With all the growing we’ve done."

“I don’t think fucking in the middle of the afternoon when our wives have no idea we are will ever get old,” Beca replied as she slid her hand over Aubrey’s middle.

“Where’s Chloe?” Aubrey inquired.

“Something for the kids,” Beca replied. “Stacie?”

“Something for the kids,” Aubrey sighed. “She offered since classes are out at UCLA for the semester.”

“Professor Conrad playing the housewife for a few weeks sure is something,” Beca snorted as she slid her hand down to draw over Aubrey’s hip.

“She is so good at it,” Aubrey pressed her fingers against some knots in Beca’s back. “She and Chloe are natural mothers. I wish I had whatever it is they do."

“Me too,” Beca shifted when she heard a knock. “Did you order room service?”

“No,” Aubrey looked a bit confused. She nudged Beca to get up and see what was going on.

Beca grabbed the robe Aubrey had answered the door in, sliding it on before crossing the room to answer.

“Chloe? Stacie?” Beca swallowed when she saw who was on the other side.

“Seriously? The two of you are hooking up in the middle of the day?” Chloe crossed her arms over her chest.

“I can explain,” Beca backed up with her hands up in front of her.

“I would love to hear what you are going to come up with,” Stacie snorted. The space Beca made was enough for the pair of them to enter the room. The door shut behind her, locking the four in the room together.

“Aubrey texted me a hotel room number,” Beca admitted. “Blame her."

“Your bravery in the face of our wives knows no bounds,” Aubrey laughed before sitting up. “You two were on kid duty and I knew Beca wanted out of the staff meeting. The magic of us all together is when you’re horny, at least one of the other three is usually free."

“True,” Stacie said. She started to undress as Chloe did the same. “Next time, if you want it to be a surprise, don’t use Apple Pay off our joint account. I got an alert that tipped me and Chloe off."

“Damn it,” Aubrey made a face. “Difficult to sit through the kids' awards ceremony knowing what we were up to?"

“You have no idea,” Chloe said. She walked over to Beca and undid her robe with much more grace than Beca had undone it with Aubrey. “But, the kids are with Stacie’s parents so we have the hotel all night.”

“God bless the in-laws,” Beca said before kissing Chloe firmly.

Chapter Text

Beca Mitchell felt like she had gone from the top of the world to the bottom and back more times than should be possible by the time she was in her mid twenties. Between winning ICCA titles, Worlds, the highs and lows of her former job, working with people who just didn’t have talent, working with people who had too much talent, and everyone in between, she felt like nothing made sense anymore.

And tonight?

Performing with the Bellas for what might be the last time? Promising them in front of the world she wouldn’t let them down? Well it put even more pressure on her already weighted down shoulders.

Beca sat at the hotel bar, dressed down and feeling like while her life was just about to change she would give anything to go back in time and find a mooring point.

“I didn’t expect to find you alone,” Aubrey walked up to the bar, sitting next to Beca.

“I needed time to think,” Beca explained.

“Vodka Martini, dirty,” Aubrey ordered. “Me too.”

“Not spending time with your dad?” Beca asked as she turned to Aubrey.

“He had to leave,” Aubrey whispered as she looked down at her hands while the bartender fixed her drink. “A flight to England for a meeting. Couldn’t be avoided."

Beca reached a hand out to run over Aubrey’s back before turning back to the whiskey in her glass. Aubrey leaned against the brief touch.

“Dad didn’t seem really impressed when I called him. He thought I should come back to the states and try to figure out a more 9 to 5 job,” Beca admitted.

Aubrey tutted at the idea. “You’re a gifted performer and maybe even more gifted on the production side. I missed that at first but he is just willfully blind."

“High praise from you,” Beca admitted.

“Just remember us when you’re Beca Mitchell, international superstar,” Aubrey ordered as she drank half the martini in one gulp.

“I don’t think I could forget you, Aubrey,” Beca snorted.

“Did a pretty good job of it when I was in the middle of the woods and you were in New York with my best friend,” Aubrey said under her breath.

“You had my number too,” Beca pointed out.

“Yeah,” Aubrey admitted. “I had your number."

Beca was quiet for a moment. “What are you going to do now?"

“I don’t know,” Aubrey said for the first time in her life.

“Come with me?” Beca asked, turning to look at Aubrey. “Chloe has vet school and Fat Amy has more money than she knows what to do with. The others, they all have something to return to. Except us. But we could have each other."

Aubrey turned her head to search Beca’s eyes. After a moment she leaned in, pressing their lips together before she pulled back.

“We could have each other,” Aubrey whispered.

Beca tossed enough down on the bar to cover their tab before taking Aubrey’s hand in hers. “Come to my room?”

Aubrey smiled as she laced their fingers together and followed Beca. They had each other now and she really thought she was enough.**

Chapter Text

“Please kiss me.”

Ashley tore her eyes away from her book and looked down at the head in her lap.


Ashley bent her head to press a soft kiss to Jessica’s lips. Both smiling against the other’s lips.

The pair were taking care of a rare afternoon Bella House was empty, save for them. Ashley sat on one end of the couch while Jessica was laying with her head in her lap. Both reading for their shared English class.

“What brought that on?” Ashley asked when she sat up again.

“Do I need a reason to kiss you?” Jessica asked.

“Never,” Ashley promised.

Jessica reached up to run her fingers over her girlfriend’s jaw. “You make me happy, Ash."

“Being with you makes me happier than just about anything,” Ashley said before she bent down to share another kiss.

“Even more than music?” Jessica asked.

“Even more,” Ashley promised. “More than chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven or coffee before class or sleeping in on Sunday."

“Those are some of your favorite things,” Jessica noted as she took Ashley’s right hand in hers, settling them over her middle.

“They are, but you are my most favorite person. Not even a contest,” Ashley said with a squeeze of their joined hands.

“Please kiss me."


Chapter Text


No, not hate. Never hate. Even when hate would have been easier.


Not that either.


Yeah. Yeah, that was closer to it.

A little appreciation of someone willing to be who they were? Or who they thought they were?

Sure. It took a lot of guts to wear that many earrings and have that many tattoos to young.

Did those feelings morph? Slowly but surely? Did they go from adversarial to something of an understanding to honest to God friendship to not seeing each other for months?

Yeah. Yeah they did.

Aubrey licked her lips as she sat on Beca’s bed while Beca tried to pack her bag while explaining all the details of the tour she had just signed a contract to go on.

“I can’t believe this,” Beca said in an overwhelmed tone. “I can’t do this without the Bellas."

“You can,” Aubrey crossed her legs and leaned back on the bed with her hands to support her. “You’ve been working up to this for years."

“I want to be a producer, not an artist,” Beca protested.

“You were always best at producing for your own voice,” Aubrey pointed out.

Beca stood there in sweats, her hair damp after her shower. “What if I’m not good enough for all of this?” She asked with total sincerity.

Aubrey sighed. This should have been Chloe in here trying to talk Beca down. But she was somewhere with Army boy.

“Beca,” Aubrey said as she stood up. She moved to stand directly in front of her. “I have known you since you were a freshman in college. I have seen you grow, learn, figure your shit out. I have won an ICCA title with you and helped you get your head in it to lead the Bellas to a title. I know you. You know me. You can do this. You can perform. You can do this."

Beca looked into Aubrey’s eyes as she soaked in the praise. “Thanks, Bree."

“Of course,” Aubrey said as she looked into her eyes. “You sang it to us tonight, right? You won’t let us down."

“I won’t,” Beca promised.

On a whim Aubrey leaned down to hurt her as Beca leaned up to hug her. The pair came face to face with us. A look passed between them as both raised an eyebrow.

A moment later they were kissing.

“I might be able to do this without the Bellas, but I don’t think I can do this without you,” Beca leaned against Aubrey when the kiss broke.

“You won’t have to find that out. I’m not going anywhere,” Aubrey whispered as she wrapped her arms around Beca.

Chapter Text

The Bellas gathered and watched a moment play out that had countless times between. Aubrey and Beca talking to each other while a party buzzed around them. The way they curved toward each other had grown more and more pronounced over the years but the animated way they spoke to each other had been from the start.

“When are they going to admit how into each other they are?” Jessica asked.

“But they hate each other?” Fat Amy questioned.

“No they don’t.” Ashley shook her head as she reached for her wife’s hand. “Quite the opposite actually, if they actually did something about their oblivious crushes on each other."

“Why won’t they do anything about it?” Emily asked.

“Pride. And a shared fear of letting anyone in,” Chloe said as she joined the group. “They are my two best friends and I just want to put my hands on their heads and tell them to kiss."

The group watched as Beca put her hand on Aubrey’s arm and laughed at something she said. Aubrey reached up to tuck a bit of hair behind Beca’s ear.

“They are so close to figuring it out,” Flo sighed.

Across the room Beca kept her eyes on Aubrey even thought she knew all of the Bellas were watching the pair of them.

“When should we tell them we’re together?” Beca asked.

“Give it a few more months. I really want to see if we can make it a year without them figuring it out,” Aubrey smirked just a little bit.

“They always were oblivious about how into each other we were,” Beca laughed.

“You wanna dance and really see if they figure it out?” Aubrey asked as she gestured to the dance floor.

“Are you going to let me lead?” Beca challenged.

“Absolutely not,” Aubrey laughed.

Chapter Text

“Stacie Conrad."

Stacie, dressed in dark jeans and a white long sleeve-shirt with a blazer over it, looked up from the airport bar she was sitting at. She had a stack of papers to grade beside her but had her thoughts focused elsewhere. The voice cut through the hum of the airport bar and the people moving from place to place. It hit Aubrey square in the chest. When she looked up she saw a pair of green eyes and a warm smile that had been missing from her life for years. 

“Aubrey?” Stacie slid out of her chair to hug the former Bella’s captain. “What are you doing in Dallas?” 

The hug broke and already Stacie missed the warmth it provided. She slid back into her seat as Aubrey took the one next to her. 

“Work,” Aubrey explained. She was dressed in the type of power suit someone who had to deal with the business world would. “I work as a corporate strategist now. When two companies merge they call me in to help them bring everything under one roof."

“You always did like to tell people how to get their shit together,” Stacie grinned. She flagged the bartender down and ordered herself a whiskey neat and a vodka martini for Aubrey. She turned back to just take Aubrey in for a minute. She looked just as good as Stacie remembered. Memories that created as much ache as joy. 

“What are you doing in Dallas?” Aubrey questioned. 

“The Joint Mathematics Meeting was in Dallas this year,” Stacie explained. “I’m a professor now,” She said with no small amount of pride. 

“That’s amazing,” Aubrey’s smile grew at the news. “Where?”

“NYU,” Stacie smiled. “I ended up going to Stanford to finish my masters and Ph.D before coming back east.”

“Impressive,” Aubrey hummed. “How’s Bella doing?"

Stacie’s grin got even wider as she thought of her daughter. “Really well. She’s going to be eight in a few weeks. Growing up way too quickly for my taste but she’s the best."

Aubrey listened attentively as her drink sat down next to her on the bar. “It’s been years since I’ve seen any of the other Bellas. The last time was at Chloe and Beca’s wedding.“

“She and Beca come to Bella’s birthday party every year,” Stacie smiled. “Beca is a grump about it but she loves it."

Aubrey lifted her drink to take a sip before setting it back down. “Do you have any pictures?”

“A million,” Stacie laughed while pulling her phone out. She started to show Aubrey photos of Bella; at soccer practice, dressed up for her school play, with Stacie in Central Park. She looked more and more like Stacie the older she got. 

“She’s got the famous Conrad smile,” Aubrey noted. 

“I’m not sure it’s famous. Anymore at least,” Stacie chuckled. 

“It’ll always be a little famous,” Aubrey shot a smile back. 

“When does your flight leave?” Stacie asked.

“About an hour,” Aubrey asked as her hand fell to Stacie’s thigh.

When Stacie looked over at Aubrey she felt her mind flash over a decade before. Firelight instead of dim bar lighting. Mugs with coffee and whiskey instead of cold drinks in glasses. A shared blanket. Unsure kisses. Unspoken thoughts. She shook her head at the thoughts to try and clean them away. 

Stacie looked down at her thigh before back up to Aubrey. “I had to stop being reckless. I don’t hook up with people I meet in bars anymore,” Her voice was a bare whisper as she looked into the greenest eyes she had ever seen. 

“Then don’t hook up with me,” Aubrey lifted her hand to Stacie’s forearm. “I’m based in New York now.“

Stacie raised an eyebrow. “Are you asking me out, Posen?"

“I should have a long time ago,” Aubrey nodded. “You and I aren’t who we were in college. We’re not who we were the one time we gave in to whatever there is between us either. I’d like to get to know who you are now and be allowed the same thing."

Stacie breathed out slowly as she nodded. “Dinner then. You have my number, text me in a few days to set it up?"

“Alright,” Aubrey agreed. She frowned when she saw Stacie packing her bag with the papers she had beside her. “Leaving me?"

“I do need to get some grading done,” Stacie said as she shoved some papers back in her bag.

“I’ll see you in New York,” Aubrey smiled.

“See you in New York,” Stacie leaned in to kiss Aubrey’s cheek. 


Chapter Text

Dressed every bit the high powered attorney that she was, Aubrey Posen walked down the hall between the elevators and her top floor corner office. At only 34 years old she had been made a partner in a law firm and her family had controlled for the last 97 years. One of DC’s finest. Her uncle all but handed it over to her and retired.

“Good morning Ms. Posen. I have three messages for you and I left a few reports on your desk. Oh and you have someone waiting in your office.” Jessica greeted Aubrey when she arrived for work one Monday.

“Who’s waiting in my office?” Aubrey asked as she took her long coat off and handed it to Jessica.

“Your wife,” Jessica answered.

Aubrey nearly dropped the coffee cup in her hand before she turned to peer into her office. She could see the shadow of someone standing on the right side of her office where her bookshelf was. It had been nearly seven months since Aubrey had last seen her wife.

After a moment to think, Aubrey took a breath before turning back to Jessica. “Hold all my calls and any meetings until I say otherwise,” She ordered before stepping into her office and shutting the door behind her.

Stacie was standing with her back to Aubrey, looking over her book shelf. She was wearing her usual jeans, boots, and an old leather jacket. A leather bag at her feet that Aubrey knew had one of her cameras.

“You said you’d be gone for a few months,” Aubrey spoke to Stacie’s back.

“The assignments lasted longer than I expected,” Stacie replied as she turned to face her wife.

Aubrey tried to look annoyed as she crossed her arms over her chest. There was something about Stacie that prevented her from icing her out for long. Though after seven months she wondered if it would be any easier.

“You missed our second wedding anniversary,” Aubrey moved from standing at the door across the room to sit down at her desk.

“Did you get the gift I sent?” Stacie asked as she moved to sit on the desk next to Aubrey.

“The earrings were beautiful,” Aubrey admitted.

Stacie folded her hands in her lap. She knew from experience reaching out for Aubrey before her icy walls came down would only harden them back up. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of her though.

“I’m back state side for the foreseeable future. The Post is putting me on the White House beat for a while,” Stacie explained.

“Until you find it monotonous and run off to the nearest war zone,” Aubrey said in a measured tone.

“It’s rarely the nearest war zone that pulls my attention,” Stacie chuckled at try and break some of the tension between them.

“Seven months is a long time, Stacie,” Aubrey looked up. “Most nights I went to bed not knowing if the next day I’d get a call that you were dead or captured.”

“Before you I lived my life without having to answer to anyone. When we got married I guess I didn’t take into account having to think about another person’s life,” Stacie admitted. “I’m back Aubrey. No more long term out of country assignments. Seriously.”

“And you’ll be happy covering Washington after working on the things you have in the past?” Aubrey asked.

“I’m getting old, things like running water and going to bed next to my wife are really tempting perks of being in DC,” Stacie said with a smile.

“Oh, you’re under the impression we’re sharing a bed again after you’ve been God only knows where and with who?” Aubrey asked with a raised eyebrow.

Stacie just snorted. “I took our wedding vows seriously. You and only you,” She promised as she reached out to stroke the back of her hand against Aubrey’s cheek. The cool metal of her wedding band against Aubrey’s warn skin.

“I missed you,” Aubrey said as her eyes closed. “So much."

“I missed you too,” Stacie said.

Wordlessly the pair moved from their seats to stand, wrapping arms around each other. Aubrey was happy to know that her head still fit just right under Stacie’s chin. Stacie was happy to have the woman she had gone around the world thinking about was finally back in her arms.

“Anyway you can play hookie for the day?” Stacie asked.

“You know I am not one to skip a day of work,” Aubrey answered.

“Babe, it’s been seven months. Take the day,” Stacie said before she pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Not the day,” Aubrey shook her head. “The week though is tempting."

“That’s my girl,” Stacie chuckled.

Chapter Text

Beca woke up to the sound of a hospital monitor softly beeping. She felt like she had been hit by a ton of bricks. Her mouth felt like it was shoved full of cotton.

“What the hell?” Beca mumbled as she opened her eyes and saw she was in a hospital room.

“Look who’s awake,” Stacie leaned forward from the chair at Beca’s bedside. Dressed in her scrubs and lab coat she fit in perfectly in the hospital room. “Bree and Chlo are down getting coffee."

“What happened?” Beca asked.

“You were up for about 72 hours straight trying to finish Emily’s record in time. And the way that Emily tells it you weren’t consuming anything but coffee. You fainted and they called 911,” Stacie explained.

“Fuck,” Beca laid her head back and breathed out slowly. “I wanted to meet the deadline. I guess I haven’t been taking very good care of myself in the meantime."

“No,” Stacie stood up from the chair to sit on the edge of Beca’s hospital bed. “You haven’t. And partly it’s Chloe, Aubrey and my fault for not making sure you were alright."

“It’s not your fault I’m a dumbass,” Beca grumbled as she opened her eyes.

“You were there for me when I was going through med school. And when Aubrey was in law school. And when Chloe was getting her art degree. We should have been there for you,” Stacie bent her head down to press a kiss to Beca’s temple.

“You’re going to go all Stacie Conrad, MD on me after this aren’t you?” Beca asked. She lifted the hand without the IV up to stroke Stacie’s cheek.

“You got that right, baby,” Stacie laughed.

Chloe and Aubrey came in a moment later with three cups of coffee. Chloe handed Stacie her coffee before taking the space on Beca’s bed once Stacie moved.

“I was so worried about you,” Chloe said as she almost crushed Beca with a one arm hug.

“I’m sorry,” Beca pressed her face to her wife’s neck. “I work too hard sometimes and don’t eat when I’m in the middle of things."

“Yeah, we’re going to not let that happen again,” Chloe looked serious as she pulled back. “Seriously Beca, we’re not in college anymore. You can’t do what we did over a decade ago."

“I know,” Beca signed. “I know. Stacie already said she is going to go all doctor on my ass.”

“And I’m going all wife on your ass,” Chloe said firmly.

Beca’s eyes moved from Chloe to Aubrey. “You’re going to go all lawyer on me?” She asked with a hint of playfulness in her eyes.

“No,” Aubrey shook her head. “I am going to go all captain on you though.”

“I should have known,” Beca chuckled.

“You scared us,” Aubrey took her turn on the bed with Beca once Chloe moved. “Please don’t do that again."

“I won’t,” Beca promised as her fingers laced with Aubrey’s. “It’s Emily, ya know? I just wanted to make sure her record was perfect.”

“We all want Emily’s record to be perfect but it can’t be if you aren’t at your best,” Aubrey chastised.

“I know,” Beca brought their joined hands to her lips. “I know Bree. It won’t happen again."

“I’m going to go talk to Dr. Hansen about getting you out of here so we can take you home,” Stacie said.

“Thanks, Stace,” Beca smiled.

Aubrey moved from the bed to the chair. She and Beca adjusted their hands but didn’t let out as Chloe took a seat next to Aubrey.

“Can I have a sip of that?” Beca gestured to Chloe’s coffee.

“Not a chance,” Chloe laughed.

Chapter Text

Aubrey Posen lifted the cigarette to her lips to take a long drag before passing it to her wife. Stacie did the same before blowing the smoke toward the window they had opened to try to keep the smell from permeating deeper into the apartment.

Neither couldn’t remember who purchased the pack of cigarettes. it was a vice both had given up only to take up again only to give up again more times than either could count. Stacie was just glad there was still a pack left when Aubrey shut the front door after saying goodbye to their dinner guests. She retrieved the pack before pouring each healthy few fingers of whiskey and opening the window.

"Dinner was good. The food I mean," Stacie commented.

Aubrey laughed humorlessly. "I don't think the food is what this dinner will be remembered for."

"No," Stacie shook her head. She passed Aubrey the cigarette back before taking a swig of whiskey.

"I don't know what to do," Aubrey admitted.

"There's nothing to do. The choice isn't yours to make," Stacie pointed out.

Aubrey shot Stacie an icy look that melted into a pool of discomfort at how right she was. "I don't know what to think, then."

Stacie took the cigarette back. "I guess they were tired of not being happy."

"They haven't been happy in years," Aubrey scoffed. "Why change now?"

Stacie puffed one more time before crushing the cigarette and lighting another. "Maybe it's time then they both did something to make themselves happy again."

"You can't seriously be in support of this?" Aubrey raised an eyebrow.

"There is nothing to support. They are doing it whether we support them or not," Stacie pointed out. "Objecting isn't going to stop them and will make the situation worse."

"They're been married for 40 years!" Aubrey raised her voice.

"And unhappy for 20. At least. You know that better than anyone," Stacie said as she gestured toward Aubrey with the lit cigarette before handing it over for her to puff on.

"Marriage isn't meant to just end when you get 40 years in," Aubrey whispered. "They're kids are grown and married. They are both retired. They are both able to enjoy the rest of their lives."

"Enjoying the rest of their lives means not being together," Stacie said sadly.

Aubrey lifted her head to look at Stacie. "I wouldn't agree. If you asked for a divorce. It's been a decade for us. I wouldn't agree," She said. She rushed out her words like if she didn't divorce papers would fly down for her to sign.

Stacie gave a sad smile. "If I asked, which I won't, you would give me a divorce. But it's not going to be asked for so it'll never have to be given," She assured her.

"You think?" Aubrey asked before she took a gulp of whiskey.

"I know," Stacie nodded.

“Do you really think this will make them happy?” Aubrey asked in a whisper.

“I think this is the only chance they have to be happy,” Stacie crushed the cigarette out.

Aubrey took her wife’s hand in hers. She tugged Stacie toward the master bedroom. She needed to forget about her family for a little while. And no one made her forget the world better than her wife.

Chapter Text

Beca slid into her first class seat about 90 seconds before Aubrey did. Both of them didn’t look much different than they had before they both slipped out of the seats but they felt much different.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Beca whispered as she looked forward. She was waiting to be called out on what just happened but it seemed like no one would be. At least yet.

“I can’t believe with all the traveling we’ve done lately it hasn’t happened before,” Aubrey ran a hand through her hair.

“This isn’t like either of us,” Beca pointed out. She reached her hand out to grasp Aubrey’s hand.

“I think a lot of our friends would disagree after finding us in quite a few compromising positions over the years,” Aubrey let out a low chuckle.

“Point to you,” Beca admitted.

“We’re married now at least,” Aubrey said. She reached for her bottle of water to take a long drink before offering the bottle to Beca.

“Thanks,” Beca drank the rest of it before setting it back down.

“You’ve seriously never joined the mile high club before now?” Aubrey asked. “With all your touring and being the famous Beca Mitchell?"

“No,” Beca shook her head. “You know I don’t really like random hookups."

“We got together on a random hookup that stuck,” Aubrey raised an eyebrow.

“After several years of knowing each other,” Beca volleyed back.

“True,” Aubrey conceded the point.

“At least now I have a private plane,” Beca rested her head back against the seat.

“And a private bedroom on said private plane,” Aubrey was very glad they didn’t have to try to have sex in a plane bathroom. She had no doubt they could if they needed to but not needing to was nice.

“Think the crew heard us?” Beca asked as her cheeks tinged pink.

“Probably,” Aubrey laughed.

“That doesn’t bother you?” Beca asked.

“We’re married. A rock star having sex with her wife might be the most boring thing the crew has seen,” Aubrey leaned over to press a firm kiss to Beca’s lips.

“We have another two hours before we land,” Beca said against Aubrey’s lips. “We could go for another round?"

Aubrey just smiled before tugging Beca out of her seat and back toward the bedroom in the rear of the plane.

Chapter Text

“Can you just stay, please?”

Aubrey looked up from buttoning her shirt to see Stacie sitting up on the bed. Her knees were pulled to her chest. The sheet bunched up to hide what Aubrey knew was a very naked body.

“You know I can’t do that,” Aubrey shook her head.

“It’s not like your wife is going to mind,” Stacie rolled her eyes.

Aubrey didn’t comment. She looked down so she could finish buttoning her top. She tucked it into her pencil skirt before heading to the bathroom to reapply her makeup.

“Seriously, Aubrey. You texted me in the middle of the day for a quickie and you won’t even stay until the afterglow wears off?” Stacie called after her.

“I have a meeting,” Aubrey looked from the bathroom to the bed Stacie was laying on. “One for Beca’s new contact with her label."

Stacie rested her forehead against her knees. She knew if Aubrey had a meeting that was that important on her plate there was nothing that could pull her away. Not even the promise of an orgasm and some needed stress relieving cuddles.

“When can we do this again?” Stacie asked instead of fighting a losing battle to keep Aubrey here.

“I don’t know,” Aubrey replied. She walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the bed to put her heels back on. “I have a packed few weeks coming up and both the girls have a lot going on at school."

“Sounds like me you’re going to need to be fucked more often in that case, not less,” Stacie reached her hand out to rest the tips of her fingers against Aubrey’s forearm.

“My personal assistant and my secretary run my schedule. You know that. You know how hard it was to slip out of the office for this hour,” Aubrey reminded her. She slipped her hand over Stacie’s to tangle their fingers together.

“I love you,” Stacie said as she pushed her legs down behind Aubrey’s back so she could lean forward. She pressed a kiss to Aubrey’s temple before resting her forehead there. “No matter what, I just can’t stop loving you.”

“I love you,” Aubrey said. She leaned against Stacie while closing her eyes. She didn’t have much time before she needed to head back to the office and away from the little bubble of this hotel room.

After a moment Stacie pulled away and laid back on the bed. The sheet was around her waist that she made no move to pull up.

Aubrey leaned over to give her a final kiss. She could feel the warmth from Stacie’s body as their lips pressed together. A moment after she stood up and slipped her wedding rings back on before heading to the door.

“I’ll be here the next time you text me,” Stacie called.

“Yeah, okay,” Aubrey said before walking out without looking back.

/ /

Aubrey could see her wife and girls in the living room through the big picture window as she drove up. She parked her car in the garage before sitting there just a moment to let the day slip off of her shoulders. She grabbed her briefcase before getting out of the car and heading inside the house.

“Hey, what smells so good?” Aubrey called as she came inside.

“Chicken parm,” Her wife called from the living room. “The girls both wanted pasta and it sounded good."

Chase and Bella, both with Aubrey’s light hair and cheekbones, ran into the kitchen. Chase, who was seven, wrapped her arms tight around Aubrey’s middle before Bella, who was nine, made it over.

“Mommy!” Chase looked up at her with a grin. “I got a 100% on my math test!"

“You did?” Aubrey smiled. She lifted Chase up to settle her on her hip. “I’m so proud of you."

“Momma let me put it on the fridge and everything,” Chase said proudly.

Aubrey walked with Chase to the fridge to take a look. She read over everything and smiled at the star sticker at the top. “You got your mom’s love of all things STEM."

“Stem?” Bella asked. “Like on a flower?"

“Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” Aubrey’s wife answered as she walked in the kitchen to check on dinner. “She is calling me a nerd. Which is a total compliment."

“How was your day?” Aubrey asked. She set Chase down to go give her wife a hello kiss.

“Not bad,” She said. “I had a photo shoot for the new book this morning and then two lectures. Which went really well.”

“You’ll have to let me see the photos later,” Aubrey wrapped her arms around her wife’s neck.

“Not that kind of photo shoot, Mrs. Posen,” She laughed as she moved her hands up and down Aubrey’s back. “But I might have a guy who can help with other types of photos,” She whispered into Aubrey’s ear.

“I might be interested,” Aubrey bit back a groan.

“Hey girls, can you set the table?”

“Yes, Momma,” They both called.

Aubrey nuzzled her wife’s neck, her hand traveling down to hold her left hand. “Where’d your wedding rings go?"

“Forgot to put them back on after our little lunch meeting,” Stacie chuckled. “They’re in my purse.”

“I meant it,” Aubrey whispered as she kissed her neck. “The next couple of weeks it’s going to be difficult to find time. But I’ll try to keep our little weekly game going during it."

“We’ve paused it before,” Stacie reminded her. “But we always come back to it because you like knowing I will always come to your hotel room,” She whispered into Aubrey’s ear.

“Yeah,” Aubrey whispered. “I do. I like pretending for a little while. But so do you."

“I do,” Stacie agreed. “I also like standing in our kitchen while our kids set the table.”

“Me too,” Aubrey held on to her hand tightly. “Me too."

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text




Beca, Stacie, Aubrey and Chloe stood in front of Jessica, Ashley and Emily at the large cabin they rented on a Georgia lake. The Bellas were having a reunion for the ten year anniversary of their first national title. Cynthia Rose, Fat Amy and Lilly were all due in the next morning.

“We’re going to have to answer questions tomorrow,” Beca pointed out. “How about we save it all for them?"

“Not a chance,” Jessica laughed while crossing her arms over her chest. “You have to give us something to go on. You can’t just say, “hey we’re all together by the way”, and leave it there.”

“Why don’t we all get something to drink and go sit on the deck? We’ll answer your questions but alcohol might be a good idea,” Aubrey suggested.

“Good idea. Alcohol is a great idea right now,” Beca said. She left the others in the living room to head to the kitchen.

“Becs still gets nervous talking to people about this,” Stacie explained as the rest of them headed to the kitchen.

One by one they all made a drink and headed to the back deck of the cabin. There was a picnic table for ten they all gathered around. Jessica, Ashley and Emily on one side with Aubrey, Stacie, Beca and Chloe on the other.

“Covid lockdown happened when Stacie and I were staying with Beca and Chloe in LA. We were trying to find our own place but it was slow going,” Aubrey said. She held her drink tightly as she went on. “The four of us decided to bubble together since Stacie was working on her doctorate and I could work remotely."

“The four of us bonded more than I thought was possible,” Chloe picked up the story. “It was like being at Barden again. But no one could leave. It was kind of awes after we got used to it."

“It was nice,” Stacie shrugged. “We always worked well as a team and Chloe had lived with all of us before so she knew how to keep us steady. We worked, we sang, we watched way too much bad TV. And then we started playing Friday night drinking games."

“It was my idea,” Beca groaned. “But I didn’t expect Aubrey to dare me to take a body shot off Stacie the third week we did it.”

“I was buzzed and you’re cute when you blush,” Aubrey shrugged.

“After Beca took the shot we upped the dares until it ended with us all in bed together,” Stacie explained.

“The next morning was super normal,” Chloe said. “Which sounds totes weird. But it was. We made breakfast, we had coffee, and then that night we all ended up in bed together again. And then again that night. And the next after.”

“We looked up and it had been 7 months,” Aubrey smiled. “So we had a talk. We decided together we wanted to be together."

“Simple as that?” Ashley asked skeptically.

“Yup,” Chloe giggled. “It’s really easy to get Beca to do what we want when the three of us ask her when we’re naked."

“Fuck, Chloe. Don’t tell them that!” Beca blushed deeply as she dropped her head to the table.

“Honestly, I sort of figured that one out on my own,” Jessica said. “You were always like that for Chloe back in college. Why do you think we always sent her to ask you questions?"

“Seriously?” Beca picked her head up. “So that’s why you always slept naked in college?"

“No,” Chloe shook her head. “But it was a very useful side benefit."

“Look,” Beca shook her head. “I know this isn't typical or whatever. But this? Us? It feels like heaven. I love them and I want to be able to love them around the other Bellas.”

Jessica and Ashley looked at each other for a second before they looked back at the others. “We’re so happy for you!” They said together.

“Legacy, you haven’t said anything,” Beca hesitated.

“Oh. My. Stars!” Emily finally spoke up. “This is amazing. I can’t believe the four of you are together. Like this is so wonderful and amazing and the four of you sound so well together so I bet you have awesome riff offs at home just because like duh why wouldn’t you."

“Take a breath, Emily,” Aubrey reached across the picnic table to put her hand on Emily’s arm.

“Sorry,” Emily blushed. “I’m really happy for you.”

“That’s a relief,” Stacie slung an arm around Aubrey and Beca’s shoulders. “Because it would be really hard to not share a room while we’re here."

“There is a room in the basement away from the others…” Jessica started.

“…Maybe you four should take that one?” Ashley finished.

“Why?” Emily asked.

“Because Legacy, high notes travel,” Stacie winked at a suddenly bright red Emily.