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Act Promptly

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The sunlight that came through the window of the hotel room was muted by the curtains over them. Still the Las Vegas sun was bright and found ways to bypass human needs to sleep a hangover off.

Between the light and the sound of the shower, Beca Mitch was unwillingly pulled from a deep sleep. She felt a pounding in her head that she hadn’t since college, her mouth full of cotton and her limbs heavy.

After a few moments she moved from the place she had fallen asleep the night before, the act of sitting up pulling a grunt deep from her lips. Whatever happened last night she was sure that she would hear all about at brunch with the other Bellas. They were all here for her and Chloe’s bachelorette party - they insisted on a joint one, before their wedding next month.  

“Chloe?” Beca called when the shower shut off a few moments later.

“Yeah babe?” Chloe walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her and one more in her hair.

“Why is this ring on my finger?!” Beca looked at the ring that was comically large and was sure to turn her finger green sitting right behind the engagement ring Chloe gave her a little over a year ago.  

“Well.” Chloe flushed her a wide grin. “Turns out we don’t need to worry who officiates the wedding next month. Anyone can do it then because Elvis did it last night.”

Beca fell back on the bed with a heavy groan. “Never let me drink something Fat Amy hands me. Ever again.”