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Luo Binghe wants everything.

Power has made him greedy. He’s turning real all of his teenager’s dreams: countless palaces, an army, an unbeatable sword, and one hundred wives who love him. He knows that in a few years he’ll conquer the three worlds and will become the only ruler.

However, the trip to the mirror dimension has left him confused. Because he had in his hands something unique and strange, more beautiful than some jewels, a treasure that he had never valued before.

The demon almost laughs at the irony. His own shizun is locked up in the Water Prison while he was kissing the other one.

Luo Binghe wants everything. His palaces, his army, his magic sword, his wives… and now he also wants Shen Qingqiu.


Shen Qingqiu raises his head when he hears footsteps. As always, he freezes when he sees the demon, but hides his fear behind a cold expression. He doesn't say anything despite the bitter words he feels in his tongue. Beast. Monster. Mongrel.

Luo Binghe smirks when he looks at him. His attitude is… odd. There’s something different and Shen Qingqiu hates not knowing what it is.

They remain in silence for a few minutes until the demon kneels in front of him. Shen Qingqiu tries to turn his head, but Luo Binghe had caught his jaw.

“Stop running from me.” He orders. “It’s boring.”

“The last time you said you’re going to dismember me little by little.” Despite his efforts, fear makes his words tremble.

Luo Binghe’s eyes sparkle as if he had forgotten about that.

“I changed my mind.”

Shen Qinqgiu is expectant, but not relieved at all. If the monster had changed his mind, it only would be for the worst.

“What do you want?”

“Something you deny me...” Luo Binghe gets up. He’s taller, ferocious, and dangerous. He makes Shen Qingqiu shiver in the deep of his heart.

He's more scared than he'll ever admit.

“I want your love.”

I want you to love me as the other shizun loves the other Luo. Luo Binghe thinks. I want to wake up with you in my arms. I want you to heal my wounds and braid my hair.

He’s simpler than I thought… Shen Qingqiu thinks. Now that he has everything he also wants a beloved teacher.

The idea makes him sick. Luo Binghe notices and his smile turns into a grimace. “You’ll choose what fate you prefer: with me or without limbs.”

You’re a spoiled monster. Shen Qingqiu clenches his teeth before raising his head proudly. “Promise me you’ll never attack Cang Qiong Mountain Sect and I’ll give you what you want.”

Shen Qingqiu doesn’t care about his sect. He worries about Yue Qingyuan, but he’ll never recognize it out loud.

Luo Binghe nods before bending down to release him. “It’s a deal.” He says with a dark tone.

Shen Qingqiu allows him to help him up. He’s weak and Luo Binghe has to hold his arms so he doesn’t stumble. They walk in silence out of the prison.

It’s been… so easy. Luo Binghe is not completely happy. Maybe he has Shen Qingqiu, but his teacher is not the kind shizun he wants. It doesn’t matter. In the end, he always obtains what he wishes. I never had a husband before. I will have to court him properly.

It’s not a bad deal. Shen Qingqiu thinks. He’s too powerful. He can destroy me and the entire world. And he’s a survivor. Maybe it’s not too late to turn me into his master and gain a place by his side.