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Stand By Me

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"C'mon, Blight! Is that the best you've got?!" 



The human clashed with the witch once again as she cried out, another strike sending her stumbling back as the witch moved to defend herself from the humans oncoming swing. With the twirl of a finger from her opponent, a pink glow emanated from the spell circle and a blast of fire shot through their makeshift arena. With barely enough time to dodge she ducked out of the way, the flame only managing to lick a small area of her arm. 


With every attack she threw she could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins. That familiar exhilarating rush that had her feeling so alive and dead at the exact same time. That sweet feeling that brought such a maniacal smile to her face. Every burn, every scratch, every bruise. Fuck. It all felt so good. She'd take every single hit. She wanted this. She needed this. The rush, the pain; it was all that she needed. 


Her heart pounded against her chest at the witch's attacks coming so close to her. She took every hit feeling every sensation. The lick of the fire, the scratch of her claws. Every scar it left brought a smile to her face as the pain shot through her like a bullet piercing through skin. 


Her lungs burned with every breath she took, legs aching with every step, knuckles bruising with every punch. Every inch of her body screams at her to stop, to rest and heal. And yet she ignored it. Instead, opting to run straight at the witch right in front of her ready for more. 


Every step she took left her panting as it shook her to her very core. Her breaths turned ragged as pain crept up all over her body. At this point she wasn't sure where it was coming from. Everything hurt. It hurt so much. Her mind, her body, everything. 


But she couldn't stop. She wouldn't. The pain was a release. A short moment of euphoria. 



The pain will make it all go away. 



It's how it's always been. The more she hurts the more she feels. With every strike she feels full. The emptiness leaves only to be replaced. It helps her finally feel…







Wiping the blood off her brow the witch watched the human with careful eyes. Every move she made was erratic and thoughtless, the only thing that seemed to be running through her head was to keep charging at her with all her might. All she could see was pure agony in the human as she rushed straight for her. Eyes narrowed, focused on their target, lips curled up in a snarl as she pushed through the ache of her body. 


A yelp ripped itself from the witch's lips, with a sudden spiking pain she found herself slammed against a tree. Her hands pinned above her head by a large calloused one. 


She hissed as a prickling pain shot up all over her back as the rough bark left scratches against her pale skin through her clothes. As the shock faded she could finally see the girl in front of her. 


She didn't look like Lucia. 


She didn't look like the same cocky idiot she'd fight with. 


She looked broken. 


The witch stared at the girl. Blood dripped from scratches she had left, bruises forming at places she'd hit, scars showing at the spots she'd burned. This wasn't normal. This wasn't okay. This wasn't her human. Her human would've blocked every hit, she would've dodged every attack with a dumb snarky comment and an idiotic smirk on her face as she taunted her more. 


Instead she was battered and bruised. Her eyes looked hazy as they stared at her filled with unshed tears ready to spill at a moment's notice. 





It seemed that moment was now. 



"FUCK!" Before Amelia could even blink her free hand had reeled back preparing for another blow. She held her breath preparing for impact, yet it never came. 


Instead she heard a loud thump as the tree behind her shook as Lucia's fist collided with its rough bark. 


Golden eyes stared ahead at nothing as the shock ran its course. And soon enough, it faded along with the adrenaline.


The woods seemed to be dead silent as the moments passed. The only noise between them were the human's heavy raspy breaths as she gasped for air. 


A light weight made itself known on Amelia's shoulder with a thump. The hand gripping her wrists fell limp against her side. The fist that had collided against the tree dropped down as blood slowly trickled down her knuckles. 


"Lucia…" Her words dragged out with a painful crack as she called the human's name. The witch's hands found their place behind the human. One gently running her fingers through her hair as her head rested on the witch's shoulder, the other comfortably settled on her back carefully holding her closer. 


All she could hear was quiet sobbing as she held Lucia limply in her arms. 






At times like these Amelia wishes she hadn't gotten herself sealed. Looking over the girl in front of her she wishes she knew some basic healing spells; maybe then Lucia would stop hurting. With a pained breath she carefully patched up her companion, placing bandages and medicine on the wounds scattered all over her body. With every injury and scar she fixed she'd carefully run her fingers over the bandage placed on top, a small subconscious movement she'd done so many times. Cupping her cheek, Amelia gently ran her fingers over the girl's bandages brushing stray hairs out of her face to see her better. 


When their eyes met Amelia could only offer what she hoped was a comforting smile. Lucia has been through so much today, she just wanted to make her feel better. She just wanted to help her. And she did it in the only ways she knew. She'd let Lucia fight it out of her system, let her scream, kick, and punch as much as she wanted until it all went away. She'd happily fought the human in an attempt to let her vent these frustrations out. And yet, she'd only hurt her more. Lucia had let Amelia hurt her over and over again. Taking each hit. Taking the full brunt of Amelia's attacks and suffering the consequences. 


Titan, she wished she noticed it sooner. 


"I'm sure they didn't mean it…", Lucia met her glance and what stared back at her was nothing but empty eyes, sullen and broken. And before she could utter another word, Lucia beat her to it. 


"Didn't mean it? Of course they fucking meant it! If they didn't they'd stop bringing it up every single time I do something wrong. If they didn't mean it they'd forget it and just stop reminding me that I'm an outsider." The pain leaked through her voice like the tears falling from her eyes. "Ever since we were younger it's the one damn thing they always bring up. They just never let me forget it. Even in my own family I don't belong." 


Her heart ached with every word that left the human's mouth. And with a pained laugh she muttered under her breath, "Who am I kidding? Of course I don't. I never have."


With those final words Lucia once again went dead silent, sitting there limply as her girlfriend patched her up who didn't know what to say to try and comfort the girl. With a sigh she went back to the task at hand. As gentle as she could, Amelia carefully held up Lucia's bleeding hand. Now she could finally see the full extent of the damage from punching that tree. Her knuckles were severely bruised and the bark had been rough enough to scratch numerous wounds onto her skin that were sure to leave scars. Amelia's heart ached at the sight. Lucia had been hurting herself. 


The witch got back to work carefully patching her up again with practiced steps; cleaning the girl's wounded hand, and carefully wrapping the bandages around her. 


"...You got banged up pretty badly. Losing your touch, Noceda?" She teased. When Lucia only glanced back at her and away without a word that was when Amelia knew. Lucia was quiet. Lucia was never quiet. Amelia had never seen her human act like this before. Not reacting to her teasing, not throwing back a petty insult, the incident from earlier had really troubled her. The look in the girl's eyes had only proved her point further. The usual cockiness and spark in it was gone. They were quiet and devoid of light. This wasn't her stupid, annoying human. She wasn't like this. This wasn't the same. 


Amelia opened her mouth to speak, but no words left. What could she even say? 


They were never good at this. Words. It was never their strong suit. Just a few minutes ago Lucia had lashed out at her for what she said. Their relationship was never based around sweet lovey dovey words, or cute little compliments and reassuring each other every second of the day. It was always just them. Together. An arm around the waist here, a gentle hand on the shoulder there, and the feeling of pain at every hit they'd throw each other's way. And it was always enough. But sometimes she wished she were better at this. Lucia's sullen stare had left her heart aching, just wanting her human to be okay again. 


Amelia had finished patching her up. Now she could finally see the full extent of her damage. It wasn't a pretty sight. Both her arms had been wrapped fully in bandages as they had taken the brunt of Amelia's attacks. One worse than the other being covered in burns. A few bandages had been left on the girl's face. A few scratches and scrapes here and there from Amelia's insistent clawing during a head on clash. 


Titan, why hadn't she noticed sooner. She should have. She's always been good with reading Lucia. Maybe she never was. 


Even after she was done her human still hadn't responded. Her hand lay still in Amelia's own as she didn't even bother a glance. 


The witch's heart ached at the sight. She just wanted to help. But she ended up hurting her more. Her fingers absentmindedly ran over the human's bandages hand as she was lost in thought for something, anything to say that could possibly lift the girl's spirits. 


Heartbroken. Lucia was the spitting image of it. Amelia wished to never know what it felt like. Never wanted to see the full force of it. Yet Lucia sat in front of her clouded by it. Her sisters had left her heartbroken with such few words. Words that cut like knives. One's that targeted one of the human's worst insecurities. One's that only reaffirmed her fears. 


Amelia knows what it's like to fight with siblings. She had 6. But never. Never in their lives would they say something so cruel as to push each other away by rejecting them as family. And yet that was exactly what Lucille and Luz had done. And it seems this wasn't the first. 


Amelia was left stumped at a loss for words. She never knew what to say. She wishes she did. 


Lucia who was pushed away by her own siblings, her family. So what could she possibly say to someone who's had the world turn it's back on her from the very start. 


Anything to let her know she wasn't alone. 





"I'm here…" 



With those two words Amelia gently brought her human's wounded, bandaged hand up to her lips for a gentle, lingering kiss. 


Her eyes were soft, holding so much care and tenderness than they'd ever had before. All for her dumb human who she loved so dearly. 


The witch pulled away to meet the human's eyes.


 And there she sat with the most dumbfounded expression gracing her features at the sudden gesture. Eyebrows had furrowed together as she stared at the witch, her mind replaying what just happened in those past few seconds. The young witch's eyes widened at the realization of what she just did. 


"Did you just—" 




As she held Lucia's gaze her usual pale complexion had turned almost red in color as her face flushed. Flustered. Completely flustered.  


Oh Titan she just did that. 


The mood had immediately shifted as her companion's held back snickers turned into full out laughter. 


"Oh my God… What was that?!" The human howled with laughter at the witch's sappy display of affection. At least one of them found it amusing. 


"Uuuggghhh!" Amelia groaned into her hands as she shoved the laughing girl away to hide her embarrassed. "Shut up! Forget I did anything." 


"Like hell I will!" The girls amused laughter filled the space around them, her previous sorrow seemingly forgotten in favor of teasing the witch. "Oh cold-hearted, bitchy, Queen of mean Amelia Blight is actually a huge sap and a softie. And aaaalll for meee~" 


Lucia exaggerated as she dramatically leaned back against the humiliated witch who was wallowing in her own embarrassment. Red up to the tips of her pointed, twitching ears. 


"You liiike meeee~ that's so embarrassing for you." She sang, continuing to torment her clearly annoyed and flustered girlfriend. 


"I hate you."


"No you don't~" 


"Yes I do."


"No you don't~






"No I don't."



Lucia once again erupted with laughter at the smaller girl's suffering. Not at all planning on stopping with the endless teasing. 


"You are insufferable," came her muffled reply as she buried her face in her hands. 


"Yeah but you loooovveee me~" 


Lucia's relentless teasing continued on, the sight of her flustered witch already making her feel lighter than before. Sometimes she forgets how teasing Amelia would always be her favorite pastime. Something about seeing the small witch getting angry is always being so amusing to her. 




So maybe they aren't too good with words, but they'll show their affection in any way they can. Be it a grand stupid gesture or whatever else. But sometimes just knowing someone's there for you is enough. 


Although it was a really dumb decision on Amelia's part, Lucia appreciates it.