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hypothetically, of course



Kim Sung-hyun was so fucked.

It’s not the first time he woke up with Yuan Ze by his side—not the second time either or the third. By the time they did this for the fifth time, meeting each other halfway across the globe during their off-season and sometimes when they’re off training even for just three days, Kim Sung-hyun had stopped counting even when it was just supposed to be a one-time thing.

Kim Sung-hyun never thought that Yuan Ze in the mornings would be one of his favorite things. Given that Yuan Ze and favorite shouldn’t exist in the same sentence because he was a menace especially when it comes to Kim Sung-hyun. Yet the unguarded way Yuan Ze sleeps beside Kim Sung-hyun has his heart beating erratically, even though he’s experienced it countless times. His hair falls down to his face, framing his features. When awake, his eyes scream arrogance even when his smile was positively innocent. When he’s asleep however, he looks tame and soft, like the porcupine released all his spikes at once and there was nothing there but raw and unguarded trust for Kim Sung-hyun. One of his arms is used as Kim Sung-hyun’s pillow while the other lay in his waist. Yuan Ze was no Close—too many unhealthy habits that he doesn’t even try to break—but his body was lean and when he enveloped Kim Sung-hyun, he felt safe.

Which was sappy and something he’d never admit even at gunpoint.

So yeah, he was fucked. Because the thought of waking up with Yuan Ze, with no armors and nothing but the raw feeling of their chests beating in tandem, should have him running away, should have made Kim Sung-hyun scared but it doesn’t. Fuck, it doesn’t. It makes him want this , more everyday. It makes him want to wake up nestled in Yuan Ze’s arms every morning, makes him want to sleep with Yuan Ze’s face being the last thing he sees. It makes him want Yuan Ze. All of him. The Yuan Ze that nobody ever sees and the Yuan Ze that shines so brightly under the lights with his championship ear stud glittering in his ear. It makes him want the Yuan Ze who struggled hard to be where he is now and the Yuan Ze who cared so much about his former teammates.

The realization doesn’t shock him, like it’s been there the whole time waiting to be noticed. Like it was natural, a universal fact just like the sun is bright, the grass is green and Kim Sung-hyun is in love with Yuan Ze.

Kim Sung-hyun rubs his hands on his face in frustration. Great, of all people that you had to go and fall for, you had to choose the most difficult one.

Kim Sung-hyun feels warm lips on his forehead before a low, sleepy voice that shouldn’t sound sexy as hell enters his ears. “What’s got you frowning so early in the morning?”

Yuan Ze in the morning was a complete 180 from his usual arrogant and snarky demeanor. He wasn’t soft per se, but there was something with the way he looks at Kim Sung-hyun, his body completely at ease and his voice low enough that it sparks arousal in Kim Sung-hyun so fucking early in the morning.

“You.” He says instead of whatever sappy shit he was thinking of. “I hate you.”

Yuan Ze doesn’t even seem fazed at Kim Sung-hyun’s words, instead his lips quirk up in amusement and curls his arm to reach and play with Kim Sung-hyun’s hair. “Fair. What did I do now?”

Kim Sung-hyun purses his lips. Well, what the hell was he supposed to say? You’re too fucking sexy and I’m in love wirh you and maybe I want to wake up in your arms everyday? Yeah, fuck no. He'd rather shoot his mouth twice than say all of that to Yuan Ze. This bastard doesn’t need to get his ego stroked.

In general, Yuan Ze loves playing with his hair. He curls it on his fingers, fascinated by the curly hair and the way it bounces on Kim Sung-hyun’s head but he especially loves to do it in the mornings. Kim Sung-hyun has lost count of the number of times he woke up with Yuan Ze playing with his hair as if he could do it for hours.

“Stop ruining my hair.”

“It’s already ruined,” Yuan Ze teases, grinning. “I’m trying to make it better.”

Kim Sung-hyun moves away and stretches, feeling his stomach complain in hunger. They’ve forgone dinner after they’ve arrived, too busy trying to kiss the living daylights out of each other. “It’s so early for me to deal with your bullshit without coffee.”

“You call whatever shit you’re drinking coffee?” Yuan Ze snorts, leaning on the headboard as he stares at Yuan Ze. “Do we have any food left?”

“I called the cleaning lady a day earlier because unlike some people, I do like to be prepared.”

Yuan Ze makes a face at him at which Kim Sung-hyun laughs. He picks up a discarded shirt on the floor, not caring if it’s his or Yuan Ze’s before padding towards the kitchen. Both of them weren’t really cooks, they have people at base cooking after all and even before that, they were used to ordering take out whenever they felt like it but at least Kim Sung-hyun knows how to make breakfast. The kitchen is clean and fully-stocked and with the grace of someone who’s done this countless times before, Kim Sung-hyun makes eggs and fried rice. It wasn’t the healthiest but it was the best he could do.

Their apartment in Greece—one they bought after the fifth time they met halfway across the world and decided it was better to buy an apartment than check in hotels everytime they do so—was a villa near Elia beach. It was far away from the other villas and fully furnished. It costs a fortune because apparently a lot of people are vying for beach villas these days but well, they have their privacy, a jacuzzi and a great view of the sunrise every morning and sunsets late afternoon. Besides, they’ve got enough money to not know where to spend it.

Yuan Ze did win the global championships during 2019 and Kim Sung-hyun has played for Pro for three years, they weren’t exactly lacking any money.

He feels a familiar stare boring his back and Kim Sung-hyun rolls his eyes. “Instead of staring at me, can’t you do something productive for once?”

“Oh?” There’s a smirk in Yuan Ze’s voice that Kim Sung-hyun is all too familiar with. He hears footsteps coming in closer until he feels Yuan Ze pat his ass softly. “But I like the view from here.”

Kim Sung-hyun kicks him in the shins. “Go make coffee.”

Yuan Ze kisses him on the shoulder as he passes, a soft lingering touch before he goes to the corner where the coffee machine was. Kim Sung-hyun feels his chest blooming in warmth; overflowing, overwhelming until there’s nothing there but Yuan Ze—when he sees Yuan Ze making Kim Sung-hyun coffee just like how he likes it, a tricky ratio of milk and sugar but Yuan Ze doesn’t even hesitate and Kim Sung-hyun knows it would taste like how he liked it.

As Yuan Ze meets his eyes across the room, flashing a smile only reserved for Kim Sung-hyun, he thinks of how he wants this forever.


Instead of going through the stages of denial and panicking about it, Kim Sung-hyun decides to accept it and plan for it. Instead of going over circles and thinking how it could happen, why not just make Yuan Ze his boyfriend so that he could have it forever? It was as simple as that. There was no need for complications. There was nothing panicking and denial would do.

And well, if Yuan Ze doesn’t like him—he will grow to because Kim Sung-hyun is nothing but stubborn and he doesn’t give up, not on playing, not on his teammates and especially not on Yuan Ze.

So he needs a plan. They had two months of off-season before the first Winter Championships starts but that doesn’t mean he gets two months of Yuan Ze to himself. They still had to go back to train, revise another round of tactics for their opponents and he couldn’t keep Yuan Ze all to himself to develop his feelings.

He has one month to make it count. More or less.

Yet he has no fucking idea how to do it because Kim Sung-hyun had never fallen in love before. At first, he was focused on getting better, training harder so he could stand side by side with Li Heran. Then after that, he was too busy trying to make Pro reach the global championships—somewhere between that and meeting Yuan Ze for training matches developed into meeting each other halfway across the globe just to see each other and fuck on every surface possible but well that's an entirely different story for another time—and then he was too busy training for the global championships. In short, Kim Sung-hyun had no fucking experience on how to get a person to fall in love with him.

He can never trust anything said in the internet after someone told him he has stomach cancer when in reality, he just forgot to eat for the whole day so he settles for the most reliable person he could think of right now and hopes he’s not making a mistake.


[pro.succ]: So I have a friend who’s hypothetically in love with the person he’s having a physical relationship with and he wants to be his boyfriend. Any advice?

[ftw.close]: (ʘᴗʘ✿) is this about yuan ze


Okay, fuck, he just made the biggest mistake of his life.


[pro.succ]: Who said anything about Old Dog Yuan?

[pro.succ] And why the fuck do you have Close’s phone, Quiet?


[ftw.close]: captain is taking a bath right now but he told me to check just in case it was important!

[ftw.close]: so anyway back to your problem. so you’re in love with yuan ze? (✯ᴗ✯)


[pro.succ]: No one said anything about Yuan Ze

[pro.succ]: And it's all hypothetical. My friend’s problem that is.


Kim Sung-hyun regrets ever thinking that Close was more reliable than the internet.


[ftw.close]: hmm since we’re discussing hypotheticals, why not ask the others too?


Kim Sung-hyun feels his stomach churn, a bad feeling suddenly enveloping him.


ftw.close added you, l&p.marshall, y1.yan and eve.xie to a group


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He was going to skin Close’s boyfriend alive.

[pro.succ]: Quiet, you better fucking run

[eve.xie]: ??? what is this for?

[l&p.marshal]: Close?

[l&p.marshal]: oh. it’s the little lunatic. what’s this for?

[pro.succ]: Quiet, shut the fuck up.

[ftw.close]: so here's the thing. god kim has a friend

[eve.xie]: you have friends other than us?

[l&p.marshal]: [crying because of laughter.jpg]

[l&p.marshal]: [wipes tears.jpg] @pro.succ i'm so fucking proud of you, how you’ve grown, flower kim.

[pro.succ]: I will end both of you together with Quiet

[ftw.close]: and he needs love advice on how to make the person he’s in love with fall for him.

[eve.xie]: and of all people they could ask, they asked kim sung-hyun?

[pro.succ]: What the fuck is this supposed to mean?! I’m a great love advice giver

[eve.xie]: you’ve never had a girlfriend in your life

[pro.succ]: Well neither have you

[l&p.marshal]: alright children, settle down.

[l&p.marshal]: so flower kim’s friend is in love with someone and they asked flower kim for advice.

[l&p.marshal]: so? you’re only giving us that? what’s the circumstances between them?

[ftw.close]: apparently they have a physical relationship!!

[l&p.marshal]: oh? guess it’s better than being strangers at all.

[l&p.marshal]: since they have a physical relationship, start from detaching yourself from the "physical" part of the relationship. take him out on dates and shit. don’t just end your day with sex.

[pro.succ]: That’s surprisingly good advice?

[l&p.marshal]: the fuck do you mean by surprisingly?! i always give good advice

[eve.xie]: you told me once to give old yan a beer because he was just shy to get one and he gave me a stare and didn’t support me in the game afterwards you fucker. i died like fucking five times.

[l&p.marshal]: ah, good times.

[ftw.close]: so dates then. hear that, god kim?

[pro.succ]: Shut the fuck up, child.

[ftw.close]: careful there god kim, you’re sounding like bandit yuan

[l&p.marshal]: i help you and this is what i get?

[ftw.close]: oh it's all hypothetical by the way.

[l&p.marshal]: ?

[ftw.close]: it's a hypothetical scenario. god kim said it’s all hypothetical

[eve.xie]: i knew this fucker wouldn’t have made any new friends


ftw.close renamed the group ‘great cupids’


[pro.succ]: What the fuck

[ftw.close]: you know since you guys were called as the great gods of ftw and now you’re being cupids so great cupids!

[eve.xie]: …

[l&p.marshal]: …

[ftw.close]: …

[pro.succ]: ...

[ftw.close]: I don’t even want to know.

[l&p.marshal]: welcome back, close.

[pro.succ]: Put a leash on your Quiet next time.

Kim Sung-hyun stares at Yuan Ze’s words. Take him out on dates. That doesn’t seem to be hard.


Kim Sung-hyun takes back his every word. Taking Yuan Ze out on a date was not easy at all.

Kim Sung-hyun sighs in defeat as he searches for typical date things to do and places to go. Browsing through the list, Kim Sung-hyun frowns.

Amusement parks were out of the question. They were 20-something for fuck’s sake and Yuan Ze would probably laugh at him if he ever invited him out to an amusement park. So amusement parks, no.

Aquariums. He’s pretty sure both he and Yuan Ze have no interest in fishes and it would probably be weird to invite that Old Shit so suddenly just to see fish. Aquariums .

Movies. That was the most normal one or well, for them anyway. It could work. They were e-sports players and even if they had free time, going to the movies was a waste of time for them when they could just watch it at home but apparently, it’s a good date plan. The only problem was there was nothing interesting that was showing and Kim Sung-hyun would rather not explain to Yuan Ze why he dragged him out to watch romantic movies. Cross that out.

Rent bikes. Fuck they were e-sports players with shit bodies. Kim Sung-hyun was better than Yuan Ze but that wouldn’t be enjoyable for both of them.

Mini golf. Who the fuck still plays golf?

Shit. This was harder than Kim Sung-hyun thought it would be.

Just as he was about to give up and just put the ideas in a box and just pull out one randomly, his phone rings out an unfamiliar tune—something Kim Sung-hyun knows he didn’t do because all of his calls were assigned to a default ringtone.


♫ If I could quit my job and fuck you all day, shit I would ♫♪♪


Without looking at the caller, Kim Sung-hyun immediately knows who it was. “When the fuck did you change my ring tone and why the fuck would you choose this song?”

There’s a pause on the other end before Yuan Ze starts cackling like mad. Kim Sung-hyun refuses to acknowledge the warm feeling that overflows when he hears it and how he probably wouldn’t change the ringtone back, probably . “Isn’t it a good song?”

“I’m going to kill you.”

“You can try,” Yuan Ze says, amusement coloring his voice. “And I mean right now, we’re going out to play paintball. You’re all unpacked right?”


“Yep. So come down before I leave you behind.”

“You’re asking the top marksman in the league to play paintball with you?”

“Heh,” Yuan Ze scoffs. “Then prove it, God Kim.”

Kim Sung-hyun doesn’t even change his clothes, too excited to go out and get the chance to shoot Yuan Ze because look , he may be in love with him but Yuan Ze is an asshole and it’s satisfying to get the chance to shoot Old Dog Yuan.

“Where are you going?” He meets Li Heran as he goes out of his room, arching a brow at the hastiness of Kim Sung-hyun’s actions. “Not tired?”

“Not really. Going out with Yuan Ze.”

Li Heran throws him a knowing look. “Alright. Take care.”

Kim Sung-hyun would rather not overthink that. When he arrives downstairs, Kim Sung-hyun arches a brow. There’s no one here but Yuan Ze, leaning on the gates wearing a dark fitted turtleneck paired up with what looks like street cargo pants that should look ridiculous but it doesn’t. Not on Yuan Ze.

“Where are the others?”

“Just us,” Yuan Ze shrugs. “Old Xie’s scheduled to land tomorrow and Close is still on his honeymoon with Quiet, wherever that is.”

Kim Sung-hyun hums in reply.

“Besides, wouldn’t want to let you lose your dignity when I beat your ass.”

Kim Sung-hyun tilts his head and smirks at him. “If you want to fuck with me, get in line.”

Yuan Ze whistles in response. He winks at Kim Sung-hyun. “Already did.”

The paintball place where Yuan Ze brings him is near the FTW base and although they’ve been away for so long and some changes have occurred in the city, Kim Sung-hyun still remembers this place.

“Getting nostalgic, Old Shi?”

Yuan Ze had been frivolous when they were in FTW. Sure, he sometimes acted like he had this big responsibility to connect and cooperate with his teammates and sometimes he uses that to drag them across town when they’re off-training playing several physical games. One time, they manage to drag Captain Yan out with the promise of cakes and desert to play some kind of dancing game. They agreed to never bring that shit up again and forget about it lest Captain Yan throws them to the wolves during a game.

The one manning the register isn’t the same one five years ago but he does recognize them, a brief surprised expression on his face before he schools it with the usual customary smile. He lists out the rules and gives them the equipments and safety pads before throwing them into the field.

Yuan Ze smirks at him and it shouldn’t give Kim Sung-hyun more excitement but it does. “ You’re going down.”

Kim Sung-hyun tilts his head in an arrogant manner. “Like I said, get the fuck in line, Old Shit.”

It was no surprise when they ended up being the last ones in their team. Both of them we’re e-sports players and competitiveness runs through their veins.

It’s fun , as much as he hated to admit it. It felt good just letting go of everything and merely focus on trying to survive and at least kill Yuan Ze once. It certainly has nothing to do with Yuan Ze suddenly coming from behind him and pining both of his hands on top of his head, backing him against a tree as he leans over him. Yuan Ze was taller than just a few centimeters because his bloodline is a fucking cheat so it’s easy for him to overpower Kim Sung-hyun like this. Though if he really tried, Kim Sung-hyun could get out of his hold.

But well.

Yuan Ze grins triumphantly. “See? Told you I’d beat you.”

Kim Sung-hyun glares at him. They both know it’s just for show, just like they both know Kim Sung-hyun could overthrow Yuan Ze easily but chooses not to. Well, he could but where’s the fun in that?

Kim Sung-hyun grins, suddenly feeling tempted at the idea. He leaned towards Yuan Ze, capturing his lips without a second thought of where they were and how they might possibly get caught and it would be the greatest scandal of the circle. He focuses on the feeling of Yuan Ze’s lips against his, kissing him back without hesitation. He opens up to Kim Sung-hyun easily, letting Kim Sung-hyun kiss the living daylights out of him, mapping, coaxing, memorizing every bit of Yuan Ze’s mouth. With practiced ease of a man who has done it a thousand times, Yuan Ze grabs his waist, pushing their bodies together as Kim Sung-hyun nibbles his lower lip, placing both of his arms on Yuan Ze’s shoulders.

Kim Sung-hyun kisses him like a dying man who has found his salvation, unable to let go and Yuan Ze returns his fervor kisses just the same.

When they break apart, Kim Sung-hyun smiles at him. He pulls Yuan Ze’s head down, ghosting his lips on his ear. “Didn’t I tell you?”

“Hmm?” Yuan Ze hums, distracted.

Kim Sung-hyun swipes the knife with the blue paint on Yuan Ze’s back, grinning at the stunned expression on Yuan Ze’s face. “I always win.”

Yuan Ze shakes his head in amusement before his hands grab on to Kim Sung-hyun’s nape, kissing him again like a punishment for tricking him.

And well, if they go home hastily, fucking on the first available surface they find when they check in to another hotel—which was a hard table but they’re too lost in each other to even mind—then, that’s another story.

Fuck. They weren’t supposed to end the day with sex but when Yuan Ze licks the sensitive part of his neck, sucking and making a mark, all thoughts Kim Sung-hyun had already flew out the window.



[pro.succ]: @l&p.marshal You suck.

[l&p.marshal]: and you swallow

[eve.xie]: WHAT THE FUCK

[pro.succ]: Fuck you. I meant your advice sucks.

[l&p.marshal]: ??? i thought that was a hypothetical situation

[pro.succ]: It is.

[pro.succ]: And hypothetically, your advice doesn’t work.

[pro.succ]: So any advice other than that?

[l&p.marshal]: i thought my advices sucked

[l&p.marshal]: and how does an advice on a hypothetical situation suck?

[pro.succ]: It does.

[pro.succ]: But well my friend doesn’t mind it.

[l&p.marshal]: i don't know man just show some sweet gestures? ask them if they already ate. ask about his progress and what they're doing and shit? slowly let them carve their place in that person’s heart.

[eve.xie]: [puking emoji.jpg]

[eve.xie]: why the fuck are you so sappy who are you and what have you done with old dog yuan

[l&p.marshal]: fuck you old xie



Kim Sung-hyun massages his temples, feeling a headache coming through at the amount of time he’s faced the computer. The season still hasn’t started and technically, they were on break but it never hurts to be prepared beforehand and he likes watching past video clips of the games, trying to search and look for a gap he could exploit. Still, he has been sleeping late these past few days but his body clock wakes him up before dawn to go and jog.

“It’s late,” Kim Sung-hyun yawns. There wasn’t anybody in the training room except him but at least he has a lot of notes on the other teams now. “Alright, I’ll finish this before going to bed.”

Just as he was about to click play, a knock on the door interrupts him. Kim Sung-hyun sees Yuan Ze leaning on the doorway, looking at him with an exasperated expression. “If you keep this up, you won’t grow anymore, Flower Kim.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Kim Sung-hyun grumbles, too tired to even think of a proper response. “Why are you still awake?”

“Why are you still awake?”

Yuan Ze sticks a bun on his mouth just as he opened it to answer him. Glaring, Kim Sung-hyun nibbles on the bun, suddenly remembering that he forgot to eat dinner with how concentrated he was with the task on hand.

“You’re a fucking dumbass.”

Kim Sung-hyun doesn’t respond, focused on eating as Yuan Ze pulls up a chair, sitting beside him. He doesn’t say anything else, merely leaning back on the chair, staring at Kim Sung-hyun.

“What?” Kim Sung-hyun grumbles.

“Are you planning on letting L&P win this year without a challenge?” Yuan Ze rolls his eyes, poking him sharply on the forehead. “Want your body to drop dead? I can do it for you, no need to go through all of this.”

“Shut up. I just forgot the time.”

“You seem to be forgetting the time these past five days.” Yuan Ze deadpans.

Kim Sung-hyun raises a brow, a teasing grin on his lips even when his heart was beating so loud against his chest. “Aww, were you worried, Old Shi?”

Yuan Ze crosses his arms against his chest, a habit he does so when he’s being defensive and there’s no other things to fiddle his hands on. “Don’t you get goosebumps by all the shit that goes out of your mouth.”

Kim Sung-hyun’s grin turns wider, poking Yuan Ze on the arms. “Then how did you know I’ve been staying up late for the last five days?”

“Because you look like shit,” Yuan Ze sneered.

Kim Sung-hyun feels warm all over, even with the words that goes out of Yuan Ze’s mouth. He’s known Yuan Ze for almost six years—been having sex with him for almost three, an accumulation of pent-up frustration along with the sexual tension they’ve always had even in FTW and lingering touches—so it would be safe to say that Kim Sung-hyun knows Yuan Ze’s habits; knows how deep inside Yuan Ze was caring and protective of his own teammates, of his former teammates enough that he turns the haters attention on him so that they won’t get bombed and pointed on, knows that even with his harsh words and harsher stare Yuan Ze was a man who valued loyalty and friendship the most, knows that Yuan Ze didn’t voluntarily leave FTW and Close alone but because he had to and even when he did, he looked out for all of them. It can be seen on how Yuan Ze’s still familiar with Close’s moves even if they haven’t battled for so long, can be seen in the way Yuan Ze still carries books on his luggages for Kim Sung-hyun, can be seen in the way Xie He still receives annual packages of the Chinese sweets he loved, can be seen in the way he texts and calls Captain Yan. Yuan Ze was a man who loved deeply—encompassingly, hidden beneath the edgy thorns of his words.

“The fuck are you smiling for?”

Kim Sung-hyun hasn’t even noticed but it still makes him smile wider. “I’m happy you seem pissed as hell. It brings me great joy.”

I’m happy you care enough to get mad.

“Fuck you.” Yuan Ze says without any heat. “See if I bring you dinner again.”

“Heh.” Kim Sung-hyun says instead of we both know you will.


But Kim Sung-hyun knows it’s not enough.

Because he’s greedy and egocentric so he wants all of Yuan Ze to himself. He knows Yuan Ze cares for him to a certain extent but for Kim Sung-hyun who wanted more and more simply being cared for by Yuan Ze wasn’t cutting out for him anymore. He wants Yuan Ze, all of Yuan Ze—as sappy as it sounds, he wants Yuan Ze’s body, heart and soul.

Sometimes Kim Sung-hyun feels like he’s tethering on the edge, so close to slipping up, to telling Yuan Ze that he wanted him, all of him, for as long as Yuan Ze would want him. Forever, if Kim Sung-hyun had his way. Sometimes, he would just stare at Yuan Ze’s serious face outside the training area, focused and concentrated on playing the game and God, if he’s not for me then make him for me please goes through in his head. Sometimes, Yuan Ze would look at him and smile with that annoying smirk of his and Kim Sung-hyun falls even farther than he thought possible.

So it’s not entirely his fault when he sends a message to Close at 4 o’clock in the morning hoping that he could vent out these feelings even if it’s just to Close’s boyfriend.


[pro.succ]: Okay fuck maybe you're right and i like him but i dont fucking know how to tell him

[pro.succ]: And it’s fucking eating me alive because i’m a greedy person and i want all of him

[pro.succ]: Fuck this


Kim Sung-hyun should probably try to go to sleep before he does anything he’ll regret. Like texting Yuan Ze, for example.


[l&p.marshal]: you like someone?


Oh shit.

Fuck. Fuck. Oh no. Fuck.

That wasn’t Close’s private inbox—no it was far from it. Though he didn’t expect Yuan Ze to be awake still but fuck why did he have to send it to that blasted group?!

He was going to kill Close’s boyfriend for this.


[eve.xie]: SINCE WHEN


[eve.xie]: and fuck you’re so fucking sappy


[ftw.close]: Stop vibrating my phone. You’ll wake up Little Quiet.

[pro.succ]: w h i p p e d

[pro.succ]: And this is all his fault anyway.

[l&p.marshal]: stop diverting the conversation old kim

[l&p.marshal]: you like someone?

[pro.succ]: I just said so, didn’t I?

[eve.xie]: DO WE KNOW HER

[pro.succ]: Turn off your fucking capslock. It’s making my head hurt.

[eve.xie]: I DONT CARE

[eve.xie]: answer the question


Oh no. He was never going to live this down, is he?

As he was about to deny and forget this whole thing even happened—Captain Yan, who had not said a word since the creation of their group suddenly sent a message that had Kim Sung-hyun’s heart about to beat out of his chest.


[y1.yan]: Just tell him, Sung-hyun.

[y1.yan]: Only you can’t see how he treats you.


Does he know? Kim Sung-hyun wouldn’t be surprised. Captain Yan may be quiet but he was observant as hell. It’s how he managed to fill the gaps and connect all four lone wolves back in FTW and what did Captain Yan mean by how Yuan Ze treats him? Just like how he treats Old Xie and Little Close?


[l&p.marshal]: captain, you know who old kim likes?

[y1.yan]: Hmm.

[eve.xie]: CAPTAIN WHO

[ftw.close]: ?

[ftw.close]: You don’t know?


Fuck. Does Little Close know too? Or was it because his boyfriend sold Kim Sung-hyun out?


[ftw.close]: I thought it was obvious.

[l&p.marshal]: old kim i am so disappointed in you

[l&p.marshal]: how come you told captain yan and little close. LITTLE CLOSE—before me? ur best friend?

[pro.succ]: Li Heran is my bestfriend.

[pro.succ]: And I didn’t tell them.

[l&p.marshal]: what am i then?


The love of my fucking life?

Yeah right. As if Kim Sung-hyun could say that.


[pro.succ]: A nuisance

[pro.succ]: An annoyance in my life

[l&p.marshal]: you say the sweetest things, babe

[eve.xie]: BABE!?

[pro.succ]: Are you flirting with me right now?

[l&p.marshal]: i have been for the past six years but thanks for finally noticing




[y1.yan]: I told you, Sung-hyun. Just tell Yuan Ze.

[pro.succ]: What do you mean for the past six years?!

[l&p.marshal]: what? tell me what?


[ftw.close]: These two were a secret? Really? Didn’t they have a house in Greece?

[eve.xie]: THEY DO?

[y1.yan]: Hmm.


Before Kim Sung-hyun can ask how the fuck Close knew that—they weren’t obvious, were they?—he hears a knock on his door, making him stop.

At this hour?

Though it was the old FTW base, security was still tight. Tighter since they stayed here for months now.

Wary, Kim Sung-hyun opens the door.


Before he could even think about it, he closed the door abruptly to Yuan Ze’s face.

“Really?” He hears the muffled voice of Yuan Ze against the door.

Fuck. Shit. He never expected to see Yuan Ze outside his room, at this hour, after he indirectly confessed. Okay , when he puts it like that, it was no surprise that Yuan Ze was outside his door. It’s just that Kim Sung-hyun isn’t a tad bit prepared and he might’ve sent the message on impulse but right now, with just the door blocking Yuan Ze, Kim Sung-hyun feels blank.

“Can you let me in or are we going to do this with a door between us?”

Kim Sung-hyun takes a deep breath. Alright. He could do this and no matter how this night ended, Kim Sung-hyun would raise his head up high.

Opening the door, he sees Yuan Ze, tense. This is the first time ever since six years ago, when the management announced the disbandment of FTW, that he has seen Yuan Ze this tense.

“If you comment on how messy my room is, I’m kicking you out.”

Yuan Ze snorts. “Like I have the time to think about that after the bomb you dropped.”

“Technically, it was Captain Yan who—”

“Kim Sung-hyun.”

“Ah Ze.”

It’s pathetic really. How Yuan Ze merely says his name but it makes him stop, makes his heart sing out the name of the person it belonged to, makes him feel like he has a whole zoo in his stomach going wild at the sound of Yuan Ze’s voice calling his name.

Kim Sung-hyun hasn’t heard Yuan Ze say his name for so long. It was always Flower Kim or Old Kim and sometimes if he’s feeling nostalgic and feels like teasing Kim Sung-hyun, a memory of their times in FTW Sunghyun-ie.

Kim Sung-hyun sighs, already knowing the hidden question in Yuan Ze’s words. He wants to smoke right now but he figures it would just be counterproductive, not when smoking also reminds him of Yuan Ze. “Hypothetically… if I told you I liked you, what would you say?”

Yuan Ze stares at him. Kim Sung-hyun doesn’t know how many minutes it was. Could be mere seconds. Could be an hour. All he knows is that his heart feels like it’s about to hammer out of his chest as he waits for Yuan Ze’s answer.

Yuan Ze smiles, not the gaudy and annoying smile but a small and genuine one, his eyes crinkling at the corners and his dark eyes seem lighter, softer, gentler as he looks at Kim Sung-hyun. “Then hypothetically… I’d say the feeling's mutual.”

Huh. The feeling’s mutual.


“Well, not really since I’m a few paces ahead of you.” Yuan Ze hums, the tension leaving his body as he leans back on Kim Sung-hyun’s door. “Hypothetically, of course. I’m already in love with you.”

And that—



As sappy as it sounds, Kim Sung-hyun feels the world halt and it was only Yuan Ze and his words that matter, that exist right now. It was only Yuan Ze who could make his heart beat so erratically at the sound of his name as if he was the owner and Kim Sung-hyun was merely a medium to hold his heart. It was only Yuan Ze who looks at Kim Sung-hyun like he’s the only one who matters, like he’s the only existence for Yuan Ze and there was nothing else that he wanted. It was only Yuan Ze who—

Who told Kim Sung-hyun he loved him.

And fuck , his heart feels so full, overwhelmed with the emotions that come crashing through. He feels so warm all over, the butterflies in his stomach doing wonders and he feels so satisfied at the mere thought of Yuan Ze being in love with him.


“Oh?” Yuan Ze huffs, amused. “I just bare my heart out like that and all you can say is ‘Oh’?”

“Give me time to fucking process that the guy I’ve been in love with is also fucking in love with me, alright?”

If possible, Yuan Ze’s looks grows even softer. “Hypothetically.”

Kim Sung-hyun snorts. Right . “Hypothetically.”

Kim Sung-hyun looks at him and sees the smile on Yuan Ze’s face. Kiss him, his mind chants. Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him. Kim Sung-hyun wants to taste what satisfaction feels like on Yuan Ze’s mouth, wants to taste the smile off his lips, wants to taste—

As if reading his mind, Yuan Ze steps forward, forward, close he’s only a heartbeat away, until he cups Kim Sung-hyun’s cheek with his other hand while the other trails soft lingering touches to his arm before he intertwines their fingers together.

Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him—

And he does.

Kim Sung-hyun kisses him like he’s pouring out everything he couldn’t say, kisses him like the universe would end tomorrow and this would be the last thing he’s ever done, kisses him until they’re both breathless with their hearts in sync and nothing on their minds but each other.

He swallows it all—the way Yuan Ze kisses him back with intensity that rivals his as if trying to brand Kim Sung-hyun’s lips, the way he tightens his grip on Kim Sung-hyun as if he’s afraid that Kim Sung-hyun would let go, the way he presses back taking in everything that Kim Sung-hyun has given and gives it back to him ten-fold.

Yuan Ze kisses him back like the world was crumbling outside and this was his last moment on Earth.

“You know…” Kim Sung-hyun says, breathless after they’ve managed to untangle from each other but still too close that one tilt could have them falling for each other again, kissing like there’s no tomorrow. “We would’ve done this sooner if you told me you were in love with me, Old Shi.”

“Too early,” Yuan Ze says, slowly nibbling his lower lip. “If I told you back then, it would be pressure to you. Building Pro from the ground and trying to win the championships.”

“Heh,” Kim Sung-hyun snorts, feeling warm all over. “Never pegged you to be quite selfless, Old Shi.”

“Not even close,” Yuan Ze says and Kim Sung-hyun can feel his smile against his skin. “You should really be thankful I am. Only to you.”

“You’re so fucking sappy.”

“And who was it that sent I like him, I’m a greedy and I want all of him again?” Yuan Ze chuckles, pecking his lips. Once. Twice. “How dense of you not to notice I’ve already given you the parts that no one else has seen.”

“Shut up.” Kim Sung-hyun kisses him for safety measure. Oh. The paintball—date. All those moments between them—carving himself on Kim Sung-hyun’s soul. Kissing him gently ever morning—devotion of love. “Fuck, I really didn’t see it.”

“Yeah, dumbass.”

“You’re in love with me what does that make you?”

Yuan Ze smiles, intertwines both of their fingers, looking at him like Kim Sung-hyun was a God he was worshipping. “Lucky.”


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