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A Change of Plans

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From his vantage point on the couch, David can see that Patrick is sulking. He’s sitting at the table staring at the laptop, beer untouched, his hand clenched in a fist on the table. He sighs and sips his wine, trying to assess whether enough time has passed that he can approach Patrick.

He knows that Patrick is upset that the afternoon didn’t go to plan. They’d planned to stop for a picnic in a field on the way home from Heather Warner’s farm, having packed their favourite wine and bought extra cheese from Heather for their picnic. What they didn’t factor in was a flat tyre and sudden rain. David smirked, remembering what Patrick had looked like while changing the tyre in the rain, his pale blue button down soaking wet, grease smudges on his cheek from where he’d wiped the water out of his eyes. He sighed softly, remembering bundling Patrick into back of the car and stripping the wet shirt from him, attempting to dry him off before he’d been unable to resist the urge to straddle him and show him just how much he’d been turned on by what he’d seen. He adjusted himself, and looked at Patrick.

“Honey, are you almost done?” He kept his voice soft.

No response.

David sighed and put his wine down. He walked over and put his hands on Patrick’s shoulders, squeezing gently. Patrick leaned his head back against David, who had to stifle a laugh at the pout on his fiancé’s face. He dropped a quick kiss on the pout. Patrick scrubbed his face with one hand, disappointment still clear in his eyes.

 “You know I had a great afternoon,” David said, eyebrow raised, shimmying just a little to get a reaction from Patrick.

It didn’t work.

Patrick lifted his head so he wasn’t looking at David anymore. “I just, I just wanted to do this for you. I had a whole afternoon planned! And then the car which you always tell me I need to upgrade but it’s just not in the budget and then the rain-“ he was silenced by David’s finger on his lips. 

“-stop. Stop right there. Come, sit on the couch with me.”

David grabbed Patrick’s beer with one hand and pulled him up out of the chair with the other leading him to the couch. 

He sat and pulled Patrick to lie down with his head in his lap. He ran his fingers through Patrick’s short hair, scratching gently at his scalp. Patrick’s eyes closed and he could see his face soften after a few minutes. When Patrick hummed softly, he said “I love that you had a plan for this afternoon, but you know that even though it didn’t go to plan, I had a great time. Because I was with you.”

David marvels at the way he can just say these things now, he gets to say them because he has Patrick, is going to have Patrick.


Patrick’s eyes get loud, his mouth forming that upside down smile. David has to look away, the fondness in his eyes too much to bear.

“We did have a good time in the end, didn’t we” David can hear the smirk in Patrick’s voice.

“Mmhmmm. Now, you lie here and relax. Watch the baseball or something while I get dinner ready”

“Get dinner ready?”

“Order dinner” David corrects himself. 

“Don’t get up, you can order dinner from here” Patrick grabs David’s wrist. 

“Fine. But pass my phone over so I can order dinner.” He drops a kiss on Patrick’s forehead as Patrick kisses the inside of his wrist gently. 

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. For what?”

“For knowing how to get me out of a mood”

“Well, if you really wanted to thank me …” David looks down at Patrick with a glint in his eye. Patrick turns his head and nips at David’s hip in answer. 


David climbs into bed next to Patrick later, having finally completed his skincare routine. Patrick lifts his arm and so that he can lie on his shoulder. Pulling him in closer, Patrick whispers into his hair, “you’re a good person David Rose”

“Nice person, you didn’t say nice.”

Patrick laughed softly and kissed David. 

“Put your nose thingy in, you were snoring last night.”

“Okay David.”