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The faint melody of the rain

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The rain continued to fall down in a slow drizzle Lisa noted while she stared absentmindedly out the window at the light rain, an improvement to how it was earlier the day which was a downpour. Because of the rain they decided not to risk damaging their instruments and instead rescheduled to rehearse a different day.


It wasn't until some time later after they had arrived home that they all received texts asking them if they could all gather to discuss something, those messages were from Yukina. When they all agreed, someone —Sayo requested to know the place they were to meet.  


Which was Lisa’s house, of course Lisa asked her parents beforehand to which they agreed happily, having wanted to meet the band that Lisa has been speaking so highly of for sometime and also to see how Yukina was doing.


However it would seem the melancholy of the rain followed them. As soon as they arrived the energy in the air grew dark like the sky outside. 


Surprisingly It was not Yukina who showed up first considering she lived right next door, it was Sayo. Who appeared to have walked through a hurricane on her way here. She was dripping wet, her face seemed a bit pale and she was breathing quite heavily. The normally perfectly parted side of her hair now had multiple strands coming out of it, ending up in front of Sayo’s eye though she doesn’t seem to be too bothered. Lisa also noticed the slight hunch in her posture as well as dark shadows underneath her eyes.


Lisa didn’t realize she was staring until Sayo broke her out of her thoughts “Imai-san may I come in?” 


Taken aback from Sayo’s appearance Lisa could only let out a stuttered “O-Of course you can Sayo come in, come in” 


Sayo nodded her head before heading inside, Lisa then showed her to her own room before finding a towel and handing it to the wet girl.


“Thank you for your generosity” Lisa opened her mouth to ask Sayo what happened but her door rang so instead she told Sayo to wait.


 “Ah the others are here now Sayo I’ll go get them you just sit here and dry off okay?” when no response came Lisa took that as a yes and made her way back to the entrance.


Opening her front door revealed Yukina with her back against Lisa, she was holding an umbrella in one of her hands while the other one had reached out to cup the still pouring rain.


Upon hearing the door open behind her Yukina turned toward Lisa. 


“Lisa” a slight smile came onto her face.


“Yukina hello~” Yukina simply let herself in having done so many times prior “Sayo’s already here”


Yukina’s eyes widen a margin “Really? As expected from her let us not keep her waiting any longer, this rain has already hindered our practice time” 


“Ako and Rinko haven’t shown up yet”


“In that case we will have to wait a while longer—“ A series of fast loud knocks came through the door “Or maybe not. Lisa I shall await you all upstairs” 


“Okay Yukina leave it to me” she gave Yukina a wink before facing the front again. There was no doubt who that could be and where there was one there was bound to be the other.


“Ako, Rinko hello~” Lisa started her greeting even before she opened the door. Which revealed two figures, the shorter of the two quickly greeted her back.


“Oh Lisa-nee” Ako then placed one of her hands in front of her face almost making it seem like her hand was a mask “The mistress of darkness has finally arrived with her legion of—uh” Lisa looked on with amusement knowing where this was heading.


“RIN-RIN help me” Ako whirled around with her hands clenched in front of her, the silence that came made Lisa turn her gaze to Rinko who was slouching with her eyes closed. 


“Rinko? Are you okay?” finally catching Rinko’s attention, Rinko looked up and at the worry in Lisa’s eyes answered.


“I’m fine Imai-san just a bit tired is all”


That was when Lisa took in their appearance, Rinko was holding an umbrella which was definitely used to shield the both of them from the storm however Ako still had her hoody up.


Lisa sighed “Ako where is your umbrella?”


“Geh! There was no need for it as Rin-rin was more than happy to share her own”


“And if you haven’t met up with Rinko?” instead of a reply Ako turned her head away in a different direction while pretending to whistle.


Of course Ako would forget her umbrella. Lisa could already see Ako sprinting out her door in nothing more than a jacket, leaving her umbrella still in its holder. She seemed super excited at the sudden meet up as they had already cancelled their practice session due to the rain. 


Still she looked better than Sayo, though she didn’t say that out loud. 


Lisa moved away from the door to allow them to enter “Yukina and Sayo are already here” she then pointed in the direction of her room “They’re just waiting for us now”


“I hope we didn’t make them wait too long” Rinko’s soft voice held a hint of guilt.


Hoping to comfort the girl Lisa replied “Don’t worry Yukina came right before you two and Sayo” she paused before continuing “Well you know how Sayo’s like”


Lisa led the two of them towards her room, when she entered two heads turned towards her at the exact same time. It was moments like this that really makes Lisa think how the two of them were so similar.


“I see you have brought Ako and Rinko here, thank you Lisa”


“Ehehehe it’s not that big of a deal Yukina you don’t have to thank me” Lisa scratched the back of her head sheepishly.


“I assume there is something you wish to discuss relating to the band considering that you requested a meeting with all of us” Sayo addressed Yukina, wanting to know the reason behind this gathering.


“You are correct Sayo” Yukina’s head lowered slightly in a nod before picking up a cup in front of her and drinking from it—probably having made herself some tea while waiting for the three of them.


“I want to hear your thoughts about lyrics that I’ve thought of for a new song”


Sayo’s eye narrowed slightly, to most it would have seemed she was upset however Roselia knew by now that she was just confused “There was no need to call all 5 of us out here then, you could have simply messaged us”


“Correct again, however I wanted to hear all of your thoughts in person. Roselia does not consist of just me, therefore I require all your opinions to make Roselia the best it could be” 


At the unintentional heartwarming statement everyone voiced their agreements.


“OHHH Yukina-san!”


“I-I’ll try my best”


“No arguing with that. Very well then Minato-san, may we see the lyrics?” 


“Awww Yukina are you getting embarrassed?” Lisa teased before waving it off, gesturing to Yukina that she was joking.


“Shall we get started?” Yukina then brought out her phone which was where Lisa assumed the lyrics were written down.


It started out great, everyone seemed excited to start discussing the band as a whole. Lisa now turned away from the window to observe how the rest of the members were doing, 


So how did it end up like this?


The mood was practically dead, there was barely any conversation going on besides when they first organized different roles for each member to do. What started out as a way to know each other's opinion turned into a preparation for the next concert they were going to hold.


Yukina was in deep thought about the new song and would only briefly ask questions in regards to Lisa and the others for advice for their own solos. Her face didn’t show any signs of trouble and her only movement other than breathing and blinking was to drink from her cup.


Lisa herself was in charge of the set list, usually Sayo and Yukina would do this but they decided to allow Lisa to write which song she felt would do well. They of course would look over it later and adjust as they see fit, the two of them were too busy to be able to start the set list.


Rinko was designing new costumes, however it seems she wasn’t getting very far either as there was only a basic sketch done of a human figure. Lisa noticed that Rinko would close her eyes for a long period of time, probably because she was so deep in thought. Still Lisa couldn’t shake the feeling something might be wrong.


There wasn’t much for Ako to do during the preparations before the LIVE even started. Normally Ako was the go to person to run errands—still supervised by another member who was also free. However now as there were neither errands nor an available Roselia member they decided for Ako to do some of her school work, to which Ako objected strongly towards but was shut down by spine-chilling glare from their residential school disciplinary counsel member. 


Sayo was the person Yukina would consult with most when discussing as they both shared the same ideal, even now with Sayo working on their finances. Every once and while Yukina would lean over to Sayo, asking her questions that Lisa knew to be about the lyrics as well as inquiring about the cost to rent and purchase new cloth.


Still Lisa could shake the feeling that something was wrong and decided to ask before jumping to any conclusions. Seeing both Sayo and Rinko look so worn out worried Lisa even more.


“Hey Sayo? Rinko?” Lisa said garnering the attention of the two as well as the two others who were in the room “Are you both feeling okay? You guys just seem a bit off”


“Imai-san thank you for your concern but it is unnecessary, I apologize for my rather ragged look. However both Shirokane-san and I are perfectly fine, we are merely just a bit tired. Neither Shirokane-san nor I would want you stressing over our health isn’t that correct Shirokane-san?”


At Rinko’s affirmative nod Lisa relented with a sigh. Sayo’s response was quick and decisive, just what you would expect from her. 


“Okay but know that we can end this early if you want right Yukina?’


“Yes, your health is important to Roselia. I would also not want either of you to become sick in anyway before the LIVE”


Small smiles plastered their way to Rinko and Sayo’s faces, Lisa could feel the air warming up and she also felt better about her two bandmates. That was the first time she had seen them smile since they got here.


Despite Sayo’s reassurance she couldn’t help but continue to stare at the seemingly darkening of Sayo’s eyes. Her body was still slouched and she appeared to be leaning quite heavily on the table. What concerned Lisa even more was the lack of attention. Whenever Yukina or anyone else would ask Sayo questions she always seems to be in a sort of daze before answering, as if she needed time to completely process the sentence. Which did not happen to Sayo unless she was bothered by a large event or if she was sick.




A shout startled Lisa out from her own thoughts, looking over to the source revealed Ako with her mouth agape and fingers twitching in mid air not knowing what she should be doing. A split second after that she saw the reason for Ako’s distress, Rinko now had her head along with her body resting along the side of Ako. Rinko’s head was tucked in between Ako’s shoulder and head, asleep.


Lisa brought a finger to her lips telling Ako to be more quiet, to which Ako lowered her voice to a whisper.


“Lisa-nee what do I do?” sensing confusion Lisa attempted to calm Ako down.


“Ako relax, relax Rinko is just asleep” giving Ako a comforting look she then added “She looks like she needs her rest so let’s leave her alone for now kay?”


“Okay Lisa-nee” Ako’s deflated look perked up just a bit, there was no doubt that Ako still felt somewhat panicked but a quick look towards the sleeping Rinko seemed to be all Ako needed to calm down.


Peering closer Ako showed a pure joyful smile “Rin-rin is soooooo cute” Lisa watched as Ako continued to fawn over the sleeping Rinko, studying all but forgotten.


“I’m happy it wasn’t anything too serious” Yukina who hasn’t spoken till now replied while looking at Rinko, it was obvious that Yukina was watching the entire thing.


Yukina then faced Lisa “Lisa how is the set list?”


“Hmmmm It’s going well Yukina, I decided to include Determination symphony, Fire bird, and Song I am. Maybe we can play Song I am at the beginning.To get the audience excited”


“Thank you Lisa” while the thanks was short and brief the smile Yukina sent her way made it all worth it. It warmed Lisa up inside to know that Yukina has definitely been smiling a lot more often. 


“So Yukina how are the lyrics going?” 


A light smile appeared on Yukina’s face “Very well Lisa'' she then squinted at the page in front of her, before turning to Sayo. Then without lifting her head “Sayo do we have individual spotlights? I would like some for each solo” when no reply came Yukina was visibly confused. 


“Sayo—” Yukina lifted her head up calling Sayo again but stopped. Lisa, hearing the call, refocused her attention to Sayo from the still joyful Ako. What she saw was something she could have never expected.


There Sayo was, both her arms crossing each other on the table with her head resting on top. Her breathing slow, a stark contrast to what it was when Lisa first opened the door and greeted her. Upon a closer look Lisa could see how much more relaxed Sayo was compared to when she initially came in, her brow seemed to always furrow and her posture was almost perfectly straight. Where now her face seemed to soften and with her body  finally resting, the tension on her shoulders had loosen.


Realizing that both Rinko and Sayo had fallen asleep Lisa recalled something while she was hanging out with Aya and HIna. While walking out of the shopping mall Aya off-handedly commented “Hina-chan I didn’t think you would have time to come with us today”


“Ehhh why?” Hina pouted.


“Huh?” Aya seemed shocked by the response “Aren’t you busy with the new school event?”


At this Hina’s eyes sparkled “A new school event! When! Where!?” which caused the two girls to chuckle.


“I guess your school doesn’t have it—Oh!” 


Unsure of what had happened Lisa asked “Are you okay?”


“I just remembered that this was a recently added event, maybe that’s why Hanoeka doesn’t have it”


With this in mind Lisa put the clues together. Putting a hand on both Yukina and Ako to stop them in case they wake up the sleeping members, Ako more so than Yukina. When she got their attention she whispered “I’m pretty sure both Sayo and Rinko have been preparing really hard for an upcoming event at Hanasakigawa, and with practice and their own school work it’s no wonder they’re exhausted, right?”


Seeing realization appear on their faces Lisa continued “I think we should let them rest for a while” 


“Rin-rin’s mine” Ako whispered-shouted before quickly looking around the room, presumably for a blanket. Lisa giggled in her head when she saw the puzzled look on Ako’s face.


“Ako I got this okay~” with a wink Lisa went to her closet and brought out two thin covers, she walked over to Ako handing her one. Ako immediately unfolded it and wrapped both Rinko and herself with the blanket. 


Lisa found the whole scene wholesome, the two were basically cuddling. Forcing down an ‘aw’ Lisa walked around the table to where Sayo was, she gently laid the blanket over the slowly rising shoulders of the sleeping disciplinary member who she sat beside then after.


Yukina then stood up with a feline like quietness which she then followed by walking toward Lisa’s bed and laying down. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as they have been to each other’s houses when they were younger and now with the band they have even more reasons to visit.






“Rest well”


Lisa was sure that even if Yukina couldn’t see her face she could hear the smile in her voice “You too”


Yukina then closed her eyes letting out a relaxed sigh.


Looking around the room Lisa found that Ako had fallen asleep, of course Lisa worried about their posture. Maybe she should move them to avoid any sores after their nap, however Lisa noticed the happy and content looks both had and decided against it.


Now turning her attention to Sayo, Lisa paused. Sayo had opened up to them already and she has made it clear that Roselia is where she belongs, still even with all that Lisa had never seen Sayo so defenceless, so vulnerable. Realizing she had subconsciously started to comb her hand through Sayo’s hair Lisa slowly took her hand away to avoid waking up Sayo.


Lisa then gently moved Sayo so that she was laying on the floor, Sayo will thank her for this when she wakes up. Lisa couldn’t resist an extra look at Sayo’s sleeping expression, Lisa wished Sayo could someday completely let down her walls. As soon as she had laid down next to Sayo the sound of the rain was all she could focus on, she didn’t know how long she spent listening to the soothing melody.


 ‘I really do love the rain’ was the last thing she thought of before sleep consumed her.