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Warming Up

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The pair walk into their apartment; hands still tightly clasped together. "Are you still cold, 'Luc?" Kaeya asks, squeezing his partner's hand slightly. Diluc leans in to rest his head against Kaeya's shoulder, his eyes fluttering closed as a low hum escapes his lips. Kaeya thinks for a moment, pondering the best ways to warm up his shivering boyfriend. He looks at the electric fire in the centre of the room, and tilts his head to the side to place a short kiss on the top of Diluc's head. 

"Sit down in front of the fire, ok? I'll get you something." Kaeya says, squeezing Diluc's hand one last time before he lets go to remove his coat and place it on a coat hanger. Kaeya heads to the kitchen, boiling water in the kettle as he grabs the ingredients to make two cups of hot chocolate. While he does this, Diluc walks over to sit on the floor in front of the fire, turning it on to counteract the immense cold pulsing through his body. Diluc can never understand how Kaeya is always content in the cold weather, not having to bundle up as much as he does himself. He rubs his hands together, trying to warm up as soon as possible. The sensitive fur of his ears and tail hitting the cold outside is the worst, he thinks, remembering how hard the walk home was as the evening chill set in. Just remembering it sent another wave of frost through his body, his teeth beginning to chatter.

Over the whistling of the kettle and the crackling of the fire, Kaeya hears the uneven pants of his lover. "I'm almost done, 'Luc. Just wait a minute." Kaeya says, putting both cups on a tray and dipping into a cupboard to reach for the largest, fluffiest blanket he can find. With the blanket tucked under one hand and the tray of hot chocolate in the other, he heads over to where Diluc is sitting on the floor. He places the tray on the coffee table, picking up one cup and handing it to his partner. 

"Three sugars, and plenty of marshmallows. Just how you like it, right?" Kaeya smiles, watching as Diluc brings the cup to his lips. He blows slightly, the warmth from the cup radiating through his hands and onto his lips. His cheeks light up as the liquid passes through him, warming up his entire body. Kaeya unfolds the blanket after confirming Diluc is content with the hot chocolate, (a give-away due to the way his ears rest flush against his head) and sits beside Diluc. Kaeya takes one side of the blanket, wrapping it around Diluc's shoulder, and the other around his own. He pulls the corners to wrap around their fronts, encasing them in the warmth of a fluffy cocoon. Diluc continues sipping at his hot chocolate, the foam from the melting marshmallows staining his lips. Kaeya chuckles, leaning in to swipe the foam from Diluc's lips with a finger before he brings it to his own lips and licks it clean. He reaches out of the blanket and behind him for his own hot chocolate, blowing a few times before tasting it. 

"Feeling warmer now?" Kaeya asks after a few minutes when the two of them finish their drinks. Diluc doesn't answer; preferring to lean against Kaeya's shoulder again as he shuts his eyes and readjusts the blanket. Kaeya smiles, extending his left arm to wrap it around Diluc's waist, pulling him in closer. "Sleep well, my love," he says as he places another kiss on top of Diluc's head, before submitting to sleep as well.



Kaeya's eyes open after a while, hearing the steady breathing of his partner beside him. The fire is off now, having burned for a few hours, he presumes. He reaches into his pocket with his right hand, being careful as to not stir Diluc beside him. He checks the time- just past 2am. As he puts his phone back into his pocket, he hears a groan beside him, Diluc's body shifting slightly as his eyes flutter open. "'Luc? Did I wake you up?" Kaeya asks, moving his hand to lightly ruffle the fur of Diluc's ears. Diluc shakes his head, still buried inside Kaeya's shoulder. "If you want to go back to sleep, let's go sleep in bed, ok? We can change into something more comfortable as well." Kaeya says, moving his hand to cup his partner's cheek as he waits for a reply. Diluc simply nods, clearly still exhausted from their day out. "I'll pick you up and carry you over, ok?" Diluc nods again, reaching his arms out to wrap around Kaeya's neck. Kaeya shoves off the blanket, ignoring it and the empty cups as he walks towards the bedroom, placing Diluc down against the headboard.

He walks over to the wardrobe, eyes scanning from left to right to find something comfortable and cozy for the both of them. His eyes settle on a piece of clothing he bought while Diluc was working; a pair of black tights. His mind wanders from the current situation, beginning to picture a tired Diluc beneath him; a rip in his stockings as Kaeya puts his- "Kaeya.. it's cold..." 

Kaeya is ripped away from his imagination, made to focus back on reality. "cough Sorry, 'Luc. You're still freezing?" 

"Mhm. We're not at the fire anymore." Diluc says, his ears twitching as the cold seeps through his body again. "How about we try something else to warm you up, hm?" Kaeya says as he takes the tights out of the wardrobe and spins around to smirk at Diluc.

"Seriously... Kaeya. I'm tired," Diluc sighs. "If you're not going to give me some clothes, I'm just going to sleep like this," he says as his tail swats against the bed. "But I have your clothes right here, you know~"

Diluc rolls his eyes, sighing again. He moves to the side and pulls the cover out to slide underneath it. "Goodnight." 

Kayea's smile drops as he runs over to Diluc, kneeling beside the bed. He drops the tights on the bedside table in the process. "Cmon... I'll do anything!" 

"Don't bother me until February."

"Wha- you know that's bound to make you pass out again!" Kaeya says as he leans in to stroke Diluc's ears, scratching behind them. "You need to take care of yourself," he says, a frown on his face. Kaeya is worried about what could happen if Diluc overworks himself for another two months. "I know it's better if you take breaks to come home when its busy, and we both know that you enjoy coming home to spend time with me like this." Diluc's ears shoot up, evading Kaeya's touch as a blush forms on his cheeks. "I do no-" 

"Diluc, you enjoyed yourself today. And I'm so happy that you were finally able to take a rest." Kaeya says as he moves his hand to caress the soft skin of Diluc's cheek. "Let's take breaks more often, ok? I want to spend time with you."

Diluc starts to sob quietly, tears falling down his face to stain the pillow. "I'm sorry..." 

Kaeya stands up to sit on the bed beside Diluc, bringing a hand to wipe his tears. "You don't have to apologise; I'm just worried about you." Kaeya says as he continues wiping Diluc's tears, waiting for his quiet whines to subside. "I'll get something for you to wear, then we can sleep. Unless you don't want to change clothes anymore, that is."

Diluc's ears twitch sporadically, disappointed with himself as he made Kaeya worry for him. "If you promise to take care of yourself, I won't bother you as much asking for sex."

Diluc sits up, turning around to show Kaeya a face stained with a deep crimson blush. "I-I want to do it!" He blurts out; the embarrassment not registering in his mind until the words are already out. Kaeya's eyes widen as his brain registers the words too, before he moves a hand to cup Diluc's cheek as a smile forms on his face. "Thanks, 'Luc. You don't have to force yourself to do it for me, though."

Diluc feels even more embarrassed; embarrassed that he wasn't able to convey his feelings in one flustering sentence. He musters up the remaining modesty he has, and releases it all with a sigh. "Kaeya... I said I want to do it..." he whispers, looking down towards the bed. "But... since you're the one who wants me to wear those, you have to do something for me too."

Kaeya chuckles, "If such a cute kitty asks me so nicely, how can I say no, hm? What do you want me to do, sunshine?" 

Diluc starts to fidget, playing with his fingers as he continues to direct his gaze downwards and away from his partner. He hesitates for a few seconds, Kaeya humming as he waits eagerly for a response.

"C-can you be... r-ro-rough..?" Diluc mumbles, covering his red face with his hands. 

Kaeya snickers, a fire unfitting of his affinity for the cold burning up inside his stomach. "Are you sure? It might hurt, or be uncomfortable." 

"I-I'm sure..." Diluc says as he takes the tights from the bedside table, getting up to leave the room and put them on. When he leaves the room, Kaeya buries his face in his hands, blush starting to form on his cheeks too. "What am I going to do... he's way too cute..."



When Diluc returns, Kaeya has already removed all of his clothes too. He looks over at Diluc, the black tights hugging his plump thighs, going all the way up to his waist. His cock is covered by the tights too, half hard. Kaeya's own cock twitches at the sight, hardening as Diluc walks over to him, avoiding eye contact. 

"Y-you have to tell me if it hurts or you want to stop, ok?" Kaeya says, the sight of his lover in front of him pushing him closer and closer to losing all of his restraint. Diluc nods in response, a silent promise between the two. 

Curiosity gets the better of Kaeya, wanting to see every part of Diluc like this. 

"Turn around." 

Diluc fidgets. "It's too embarrassing..."

Kaeya raises his voice, adamant to get what he wants. "Diluc. Now.

Diluc whines, slowly turning around and bending over slightly to present himself to Kaeya. Kaeya ogles Diluc's ass, the tights pinching his supple skin. Diluc bends over a bit more, enough for Kaeya to see his dick in between his thighs, fully hard against the fabric of the tights. He licks his lips, cock twitching as he gives in to the desire to finally wreck the man in front of him.

"Come here. And kneel in front of me," Kaeya commands. Diluc obeys, kneeling in front of Kaeya and eyeing his thick cock as it twitches with desire. Kaeya reaches to his side, grabbing a pair of handcuffs he got out while Diluc was changing. "Hands behind your back." Diluc does so, and Kaeya tightly secures the handcuffs around his partner's wrists.

"Good kitten." Kaeya moves his hands to pet Diluc's ears before he gets down to business. He brings a thumb to Diluc's bottom lip, pressing against it lightly until he forces his mouth open and shoves in two fingers. "Suck." 

Diluc wraps his mouth around Kaeya's fingers, swirling his saliva around them and coating them with it thickly. He sucks hard, circling his tongue around them lewdly as he whines. Suddenly, Kaeya removes his fingers, splitting them apart and inspecting the string of saliva dangling between them. "Well done." He says, letting Diluc catch his breath before he pulls Diluc's head towards him, forcing his mouth open to take Kaeya's huge cock into it. Kaeya pushes Diluc's head until he takes it in fully, his nose rested against Kaeya's stomach. Kaeya pulls Diluc by the hair, forcing his mouth to move off his cock. He sets a steady pace, fucking into Diluc's mouth brutally as he chases his own release. Diluc moans, sending vibrations through Kaeya's cock. Diluc's mouth is heavenly; so, so hot and tight around his cock. The high-pitched whines and quiet chokes he drags out of Diluc bring him closer and closer to cumming.

Diluc continues moaning on Kaeya's cock as it fucks into his mouth harshly, but the sensation of his mouth being used like a toy just isn't enough. But due to the handcuffs, he can't touch himself. So, he results to spreading his legs and desperately trying to grind against the floor, the friction from the tights making him moan even louder against Kaeya's cock. 

"Such a slut, fucking yourself on the floor because you're getting off from your mouth being violated by my cock." Kaeya scoffs, speeding up his pace and fucking into Diluc's mouth harder. "I never said you could pleasure yourself," Kaeya says sternly. "Cum without my permission and I'll have to punish you."

Diluc tries his best to stop grinding against the floor, but he can't. He wants to cum; he needs to cum. He speeds up, panting as his cock leaks and aches against the restricting fabric of the tights. "You fucking whore. I told you to stop, didn't I? Do you not understand the meaning of stop?" Kaeya says as he forcefully removes his dick from Diluc's mouth. He begins to pump it himself, slowly stroking from base to tip as he tightens his grip on the way up. 

"K-Kaeya! Please... please!"

"What did I tell you? Stop fucking yourself on the floor, or else I'll punish you." He continues stroking his cock, a smirk forming on his face. "I'm sure you don't want that, hm?"

Diluc shakes his head, promptly ceasing the movement of his hips. "Good kitty," Kaeya says as he forces his cock back down Diluc's throat, watching tears drip down his cheeks. The sniffles and cries send electric shocks down Kaeya's cock as he continues to fuck into Diluc, pushing his cock to the back of his partner's throat as he quickly approaches his orgasm. When Kaeya pushes too hard into Diluc's throat, he coughs and chokes, eyes widening as he struggles to take in air. Kaeya quickly removes himself from Diluc's mouth, bringing a hand to his ears and slowly massaging the tips of them. "Are you ok, 'Luc?" 

Diluc continues coughing, bringing his hand to his mouth. He shakes his head, still struggling to breathe. "It hurts..." he says, his voice clearly strained from Kaeya's harsh actions.

"I'm sorry, 'Luc. I'm so sorry." Kaeya tries to wipe away the tears streaming down Diluc's face, regretting his actions and wishing he denied Diluc's request. "Do you want to stop?" He asks, furrowing his brows.

"I'm o-ok. B-but can we do something else?" Diluc says, wiping the spit from the edge of his mouth. "Of course, I'm sorry. Come sit on my lap, ok?" Kaeya undoes the handcuffs, placing them aside.

Diluc stands up, sitting on Kaeya's lap and wrapping his arms around his back. "I.. I still want you to be rough..." He mumbles into Kaeya's chest. 

"No, Diluc. I don't want to hurt you." Kaeya's mind races with possibilities; he really doesn't want to push Diluc any further. Any further, and he might just break.

"P-please?" Diluc asks, rubbing his hardness against Kaeya's.

"So needy... alright. But please tell me if it's too much. I'll be careful, ok?"

"Mhm. Thank you." He says, Kaeya rubbing his tail behind him.

Kaeya pushes Diluc away from him, leaning in to place a kiss on his lips. He bites harshly against Diluc's bottom lip before thrusting his tongue inside, intertwining it with Diluc's. He explores Diluc's mouth with vigour, one hand cupping his cheek while the other grabs behind Diluc to squeeze his ass. Diluc yelps, moaning into the kiss. They continue kissing each other, until Diluc has to pull away to catch his breath.

Kaeya moves his other hand down to Diluc's ass, kneading his soft skin through the tights. "Your ass is so plump, Diluc. I could sit here, squeezing it all day," he says continuing to do so, Diluc bucking his hips up into the touch.

Eventually, Kaeya releases one hand and brings it to one of Diluc's nipples, the other hand continuing to work at Diluc's ass. He twists the nipple in his finger, applying pressure and digging his nail lightly into it, which elicits a sharp moan from his lover. He brings his mouth to the other nipple, swirling it around with his tongue, lapping up the perky pink nub. Diluc lets out a loud, needy moan as Kaeya bites down hard, sending a shockwave through his body. At this point, Diluc is grinding his cock against Kaeya's, desperate for it to be released from the tight fabric so he can finally cum.

"What did I say before, Diluc? No cumming without my permission." Kaeya lifts up his hand, bringing it down to slap Diluc's ass hard enough to leave a bright red mark, even through the fabric. Diluc's ears jolt up, surprised at the impact. He whines, desperately trying to stop himself from chasing relief. Kaeya removes the hand on his nipple, and moves it to prod against Diluc's hole as he places a firm slap on the other cheek. Diluc writhes, the combined sensations of his dick against Kaeya's and the pain from the slaps bringing him so close to orgasm. But as he is about to cum, Kaeya brings a hand to tightly grab Diluc through the fabric, pressing a thumb against his slit and forcing him to hold back his orgasm. "K-Kaeya please, please let me cum!" Diluc digs his hands into Kaeya's chest, nails scraping against the firm muscles.

"No, Diluc. I haven't even cum yet, you know? Isn't it disrespectful for a pet to cum before his master?" 

"T-then c-cum... ah, please!" Diluc whines, bringing his hands to wrap around Kaeya's cock, pumping it with pressure. 

Kaeya pants, shocked at Diluc's boldness. He continues to prod against Diluc's hole, pushing the fabric inside with his finger. The other hand massages one ass cheek.

Diluc cries out, his cock twitching and leaking inside the tights, He removes his hands off of Kaeya's cock, bringing them to his tights to pull them down enough to release his member. The cold air hits his cock, making it twitch in anticipation. He takes both of his hands and rubs their aching members together, desperate for the both of them to cum. "Ah- ah-! Kaeya, please cum, I-I'm so ah close, please!"

"I'll forgive you just this once, since you're being such an adorable little slut." Kaeya says, removing his hand from Diluc's cheek to roughly run it up and down the base of Diluc's tail. He feels heat pooling in his stomach, immensely turned on by Diluc's desperate attempt to get the both of them to reach their high. "You can c-cum, kitten. I'm close too." Kaeya says, hearing Diluc cry out once more as he continues to pump their cocks together.

"Kae-ah! Ah~!" Diluc moans, spurts of cum bursting out of his cock, making a mess of his hand and Kaeya as well. Kaeya is soon to follow, the sweet whines coming from Diluc's oversensitivity as he continues to pump both of their cocks sending him over the edge. Kaeya releases thick white ropes of cum, further dirtying the both of them. 

Diluc flops against Kaeya's stomach, their cum mixing together and staining their stomachs as they both pant, recovering from their highs.

After resting together for a few minutes, regaining their composure, Kaeya speaks up. 

"I know I said I would forgive you for cumming, but, you did still cum before me, didn't you, pet?" Kaeya says, kneading Diluc's ass again and placing a firm slap on each cheek. "I think that's deserving of a punishment, isn't it?"

Diluc stays silent, feeling threatened by Kaeya's words.

"Diluc? You deserve a punishment for cumming before your master, don't you?"

Diluc tears up, head slowly nodding as he avoids looking into Kaeya's eyes.

"That's right. Go sit there and bend over for me, kitten. Then, I'll give you your punishment."

Diluc sniffles, lifting himself up from Kaeya's lap and crawling over to the centre of the bed. He gets on his hands and knees, sticking his ass up in the air and lifting up his tail to present himself properly to Kaeya.

"What a good kitty, doesn't even need to be told twice. This will make things much easier~" Kaeya says as he moves towards Diluc, pleased with his obedience.

Diluc whines as Kaeya places a hand on his ass, rubbing it slightly before moving to grip the fabric with both hands and pulling it, ripping a hole to reveal Diluc's twitching hole. Kaeya reaches for the lube, lathering his fingers with it and pushing them into Diluc's hole, ensuring his hole is wet and ready for him. "Ah-", Diluc cries out, surprised that Kaeya removes his fingers after only a short while. Instead, Kaeya leans in to blow air against Diluc's hole, revelling in the twitch it makes as Diluc's whole body shakes. Kaeya chuckles, bringing his fingers back to the entrance and plunging them in, reaching deep inside. Diluc shudders, shocked again at the overwhelming amount of stimulation. Kaeya pumps his fingers in and out, curling them to rub against Diluc's prostate.

"Ah- ah~ Kaeya! Kae-" 

Kaeya quickly reaches to grab Diluc's cock, squeezing it tightly in order to stop him from cumming. He continues pumping his fingers inside of Diluc.

"Kaeya... why..." Diluc cries, tears falling onto the bedsheets.

"I said I was going to punish you, didn't I?" Kaeya laughs, continuing his assault. Every time Diluc's moans get louder and more high-pitched, he gives another squeeze to his cock and denies Diluc of his pleasure. 

"Kaeya, please, please, I-I-" Tears continue streaming down Diluc's face, his whimpers and whines immensely pleasing Kaeya.

"You slut. I told you not to fuck yourself against the floor, I told you not to cum before your master. Yet, my slutty kitten came anyway." Kaeya shouts. "I think this is a punishment deserving of such a disobedient pet."

"Please! I promise, I promise I'll be good!"

"Ahaha, ahaha! Alright, alright. I'm starting to reach my limit, ‘Luc. But this time, you won't cum until I say you can, ok?"

Diluc nods erratically, still whimpering as Kaeya releases his grip on his cock and removes his fingers from his ass. Kaeya grabs his own cock, covering it with lube before pumping it a few times and lining it up with Diluc's entrance. He pushes in slowly, feeling the absolute bliss that is Diluc's hole. Tight, so tight. No matter how many times he loosens Diluc up, his hole still clenches around Kaeya's cock and grips it like a vice. 

"Hah, ha-" Diluc pants; the intrusion is familiar but he can never get used to the sheer size of Kaeya, stretching him so much he feels like he could rip apart. Kaeya waits for a minute, letting Diluc get used to the feeling again. After Diluc's pants become less frequent, he pulls out slowly, only to slam himself in entirely, setting a fast and brutal pace. "Feels good to be stuffed with my huge cock, doesn't it?" Kaeya says as he thrusts into a particularly sensitive spot, making Diluc arch his back and let out a long, needy moan. Kaeya chuckles, continuing to hit that spot to draw even more lewd noises out of his lover.

"Do you know how popular you are, Diluc? Whenever you go in public for an event, everyone stares at you. I wonder if they would still swoon over you if they saw me fucking you like this, hm?" Kaeya teases, slapping Diluc's ass, causing him to jolt from the sudden pain.

"K-Kaeya! ah, ah"

"Hm? Do you want them to see you like this? So needy, so dirty, begging to get filled with my cum?" Kaeya continues his ruthless pace, slamming into Diluc's prostate and driving both of them dangerously close to their orgasms.

"N-no, I-I want your cum! Kae-ah please, I'm cumming I-"

Diluc shakes, his arms giving out as his chest flops against the bed. His cock twitches, squirting ropes of white all over the bedsheets. At the same time, his hole clenches around Kaeya's cock erratically, trying to coerce Kaeya into cumming with him. But he doesn't feel the familiar warmth of his seed filling his hole. Diluc's cock starts to soften as he pants, trying to compose himself despite Kaeya still wrecking his hole. "You came before me, again? And I didn’t say you could, either. What a slut. A dirty, disobedient slut," Kaeya laughs, his thrusts becoming rougher yet sloppier as he gets closer to reaching his limit. He grabs Diluc's cock, gripping it tightly as he pumps it up and down.

"Ka- too much, too much! I-I can't, please stop-" Diluc pants, the overstimulation making his tail sway from side to side. He shivers, his cock hardening again. More tears stream down Diluc's eyes, overwhelmed by the pleasure. "Ah, ah! Kaeya, it hurts, it hurts, it's too much! I'm cum-" 

Diluc cums again, his hole pulsating around Kaeya's cock. Diluc stains the bedsheets even more as his cum squirts down in thick spurts. "Ah, Kaeya, please, inside!" 

"Mmm... how can I resist such a cute kitten begging for my cock?" Kaeya says, moaning from the extra stimulation. "I'll fill you up, 'Luc-" Kaeya moans, his pleasure crossing the limit as one last thrust inside Diluc's clenching hole releases a warm pool of cum inside of Diluc.

Kaeya slowly slides his softening cock out of Diluc, watching as his cum trickles out and drips down Diluc's plump thighs. "Did you enjoy that, 'Luc? Did you enjoy me fucking you senseless and cumming so many times?"

Diluc rolls over, his face crimson red like his hair as his ears flop down. He covers his face with his arms, embarrassed at the state he is in. "Mhm..."

"Ahaha, you're so cute." Kaeya says, admiring Diluc's debauched state. He reaches down to place a kiss on his lover's lips, trailing down to his collarbone to bite down hard, leaving a reminder of their rough lovemaking session.

"If you weren't so tired, I would fuck you all night 'Luc," Kaeya starts, "Seriously, you look so fucking delectable right now."

Diluc turns his head to the side, embarrassed at Kaeya's frankness. What can he expect from Kaeya, though?



In the morning, Kaeya wakes up to an empty bed. He sits up, looking down at himself and grinning as he remembers last night’s events. He gets up, scrambling to find a pair of sweatpants to make himself look a bit more decent. He walks out of the room, smelling the scent of tea and coffee being made. He spots Diluc at the counter, the source of the delicious smells. After cleaning up last night, Diluc was still cold and decided to borrow one of Kaeya's plain white dress shirts. It’s big on him, reaching half way down his knees. His tail swishes up in the air, revealing Diluc's plump butt. Kaeya jolts up at the sight, walking over to his partner in the kitchen and wrapping his arms around his waist. 

"Good morning"

"'Morning, 'Luc~"

"Can you let go of me? I'm not finished."

"I'm not finished either, you know?" Kaeya says, reaching up to pinch one of Diluc's nipples.

"H-hey! We did it last night!"

"Mmm, and? You can't expect me to be able to hold back seeing you wearing only my shirt, showing your ass off."

"Shut up. Have some self-restraint."

"No can do, 'Luc~"

Diluc swats Kaeya's arms away, but to no avail, Kaeya continues his assault. He kneads Diluc's bare ass before pushing two fingers in Diluc's mouth to coat them in saliva. When he is satisfied, he takes them out and pulls down his sweatpants to pump his already leaking cock.

"Kaeya, please. I'm exhausted."

"I'll be quick, I promise~" 

Diluc sighs, giving up before even really trying. He knows it's useless to try and stop Kaeya; after all, he doesn't mind being intimate again after being apart for so long. Kaeya pushes into Diluc, his hole inviting; sucking him in due to their previous escapade. Compared to last night, Kaeya isn't as rough. Diluc doesn't mind, he's sore all over and is happy to be 'spending time' with his lover either way. It isn't long before the two of them reach their high, bringing them back to the same exhaustion they felt last night. 

"I say we stay in bed for the rest of the day, what do you think, 'Luc?"

"If you're planning on another round, I say I get back to work for the next two months."

Kaeya scoffs, "Alright, alright~"