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May sat at the edge of the rooftop, a light breeze tickling her pinkish face as she watched the couple under her feet. They were both sitting on a bench and softly talking, sometimes  chuckling  a little when their eyes nervously met. For a while she could feel they both wanted something else other than speaking but they were both too shy to do it.  

It was time for her to step in,  May  thought and reached out her arm, her fingers holding onto a small dried  leaf  for long minutes now.  

"Wind, please..." she said and finally let it go, watching it drift on the back of a light breeze until it landed in right the girls hair. Yes! This will do it! And just as May hoped for, the boy leaned closer, reaching his arms out to gently brush the small piece out of the girl's hair. Their faces being dangerously close now.  

The girl's cheek became rosy as she blushed and though the boy acted like he was  cool;  May could feel the excited tremble of his stomach inside her own. The spirit chuckled softly at their sweet awkwardness and excitedly leaned forward so that she could see everything perfectly clear.  

Of all the first things, kisses were her  favorite  ones and being the guardian of every first happenings on Earth, she could see all of them.  She made them happen , actually. She drew the first freckles under the summer rays of the Sun on pale skins, helped the first flowers during spring to blossom, lured first laughs out of babies, and made first loves happen by accident - first of everything, including the sad ones as well. She always knew when and how first heartbreaks would happen let alone she had to assist them, how old someone would be when their first gray hairs had to appear, along with their first wrinkles...  

And though it was sad and painful sometimes, she loved her job from the bottom of her heart. Even though no one this Earth really knew how much of life's small happenings could be thanked to her... Not even the other guardians themselves. Everyone always believed that the result of her endless,  hard work  was simply natural, no matter how hard and loud she yelled into anyone's face about her existence sometimes... No matter how hard she tried to make someone finally acknowledge her existence... She never really succeeded.  

Though little moments of joy like the one she'd been observing from the rooftop, the sweet awkward first kiss of that young couple always  consolated  her sad and lonely heart. At least May herself knew she was important in the endlessly and  unstoppably  flowing river of Life.  

Just when their lips finally met,  May  felt the unmistakable pull on her heart. It always started like this. A little pull she knew she had to follow in order to be there and make the so called first...  anything  to happen. Her eyes sadly said their  goodbyes  to the young ones as she stood up, and put the folds on her cloak straight. When the string pulled, she had to go, period.  

"Will ya help me?" She looked up at the sky. The wind always did, without exception and when they playfully grabbed a few strands of her hair May knew they listened again. She jumped off the roof, falling free for a blink of an eye, and then felt her whole body gently rising high up right between the soft, cotton candy like clouds on the pink sky above her head.  

She didn't have wings like Toothiana, nor could open magic portals like Bunny and North so it was her only means of transport. But she enjoyed the cold on her face quite much and speed around herself so she never complained.  

They left the sun behind themselves quickly. Where they went it was night already, stars and the moon painting glowing wonders on the black sky and windows of the little suburban houses were all already dark. She could feel spring was around the corner, even though lamps were covered in frost and little piles of snow were at the edges of the roads everywhere. She could even see her own breath puffing in front of her face as she curiously grabbed the windowsill of her destination.  

Both wings of the window were slightly open already but she didn't enter first. She just poked her nose inside to check her surrounding and to her greatest surprise, she saw another guardian in the little room! It was Jack Frost himself. She'd seen her time to time appear at places she had jobs to do. Usually being the reason behind the first fallen teeth. But  of course,  Jack couldn't see her either. Though sometimes May didn't mind as she her eyes lingered on his pale face a little too long.  

He was like her in a few ways, May always thought. No one could see him except the other guardians. At least he had someone to talk to sometimes, even though Jack seemed to be a complete loner. Always annoying Bunny on purpose and pissing off North's yetis. Despite all this, May could always see the same expression in his eyes that were ever presence in her own, green ones as well.  

But Jack wasn't alone in the room. A little boy was standing on his bed, happily playing with a flying rabbit made out of ice, hopping around him the room and May felt her body acting on its own as she climbed into the room. It always happened so instinctively. She never knew what would the outcome of her actions be, she only knew what she had to do at that very moment.  

Like now. She knew she had to pop the little rabbit. That was the first step. She stepped closer to the boy and the bed and raised her arm, her index finger reaching out and - the bunny was gone. Small flakes of snow  were  falling inside the premise and May immediately felt what she had to do next.  

She leaned closer to the little boy's face and when a sparkling flake of silver snow fell closer to his brown eyes, May  blowed  it towards his face softly...  

She saw it touch his little nose and after a second of realization the boy whispered.  

"Jack Frost..." he said and his eyes grew twice their sizes, his jaw dropping as well, making the girl  chuckle  at his sweet reaction.  

May knew she was done. She didn't know what would happen but she knew her job was finished. Knew it inside her heart where she also felt both the excitement of the little boy and also the fastening heartbeats of Jack himself. She stepped back into the corner of the room to observe the scene, her right hand clenching onto her cloak above her heart.  

"What did he say?" Asked Jack, his eyes filled with suspicions as he furrowed his dark eyebrows.  

"Jack Frost!" The boy repeated and turned around himself as he heard the  guardian's  voice.  

He heard Jack's voice! May now knew it wasn't the little boy's first. Or it wasn't only his. It was Jack's as well. The first time ever when he was seen by a child...  

She saw how the icy blue eyes of the winter guardian both got filled with tears and felt what he felt. She always did. It was part of her job and she loved feeling the joys of others!  

But something else inside her chest moved this time, making her own heart race as well as she watched him, his eyes filled with tears of  happiness  and face evincing every emotion he had. He did a joyous backflip, jumping onto the table behind him and May felt she could do the same as she clapped her hands in her borrowed excitement.  

She felt her cheeks go pink slightly as she couldn't tear her eyes away from his face and stayed with them until they both left. Just then she sat down at the edge of the bed beside her to place both of her hands on her racing heart. She knew it. She felt it already a thousand times what was happening to her, but it was never her own emotions.  

This time she was certain, she was the one who fell in love...