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The Potts Girls

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4:30 PM]



Morgan finds Pepper in her room using the laptop. 




Pepper looks up and abruptly stops moving her cursor. “Yes, dear?”


“Do you have any clothes I could borrow that could work? I thought I had a sweater like this one but I can’t find it,” Morgan says, showing Pepper the photo on the phone. 


Pepper raises a brow. “I think so, yes. What is the big deal though? Can’t you just pick another sweater? Got a hot date?”


“I can… but I like this,” Morgan says with a frown. “And no. Definitely not.”


“Alright then,” she sighs. “Knock yourself out. I’ll be downstairs. Yell if you need anything.” 


Morgan looks through Pepper’s closet when her mother walks downstairs.


Morgan runs downstairs and into the kitchen shortly after she finds a sweater that would work. “Mama, where is the hairspray?”


Pepper looks up from the cabinet she was sorting through and blinks. “You need hairspray? For why? You sure you don’t got a hot date you’re not telling me about?”


“I’m going out with a friend at five and my hair is not cooperating,” Morgan says, ignoring the ‘hot date’ comment.


“Ooh… It’s in the bottom cabinet in the bathroom. Grey bottle,” Pepper answers. 


Morgan says a quick “thank you” and is about to run back upstairs when Pepper stops her.


“Where is it that you’re going again? With who?” Pepper asks. 


“To see a movie with Sofia,” Morgan answers.


“What movie?”


“It’s kinda silly but we’re seeing Christopher Robin,” she answers.


“Oh. Okay. Tell me how it is, alright?” Pepper says.


Morgan nods. “I promise.”


She walks upstairs and into the bathroom. She opens the cabinet and picks up the grey bottle of hairspray and fusses over the piece of hair in question. Morgan heard creaking on the stairs and the reason why became clear when she saw Pepper walk into the room a moment later.


Pepper looks at her quizzically. “You seem very fussy over your appearance today. First, you ask me if there are any clothes of mine you can borrow and now you’re concerned about a fly away? What’s that about? Are you really seeing Sofia?”


Morgan’s eyes widened. “Yes?”


Pepper stifles a laugh. “Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, my love.” 


The doorbell rings and Morgan yelps, “I’ll get it!” She runs down the stairs, abandoning her dumbfounded Mother in the bathroom. 


Morgan opens the front door to see Sofia. She was wearing a white t-shirt and black overalls. She had new glasses too, Morgan noticed. They were round frames that were a mixture of light pink, clear, orange, and dark pink. They’re cute. No, she makes them cute.  


Morgan smiles. “H-Hi.”


“Hey,” Sofia says quietly. “Are you ready to go? The movie’s at 5:25.”


Morgan nods. 


“Bring her back by ten, please!” Pepper calls, which causes Morgan to turn her head to see her Mom standing at the top of the stairs with a watchful eye. 


“Yes ma’am,” Sofia confirms. “Have a good evening, Miss Potts.”


“Thank you, I will,” Pepper says. “To you both as well.”


Morgan shuts the front door once she leaves and follows Sofia to the car. 




The movie is over and the girls found themselves at a burger and milkshakes joint. 


Morgan brings the two milkshakes they ordered from the counter to their table. She had gotten Oreo cheesecake and Sofia got s’mores. 


“If we're ever back out here once Mom and I move, I’m gonna have to try the s’mores. It looks really good,” Morgan enthuses. “I always get Oreo cheesecake.”


“You can try it now if you’d like,” Sofia says with a smile. “I don’t mind. There are unopened straws on the table.” She nods toward them. 


Morgan picks one up and unwraps it. The paper falls on the table and Morgan sticks the straw in Sofia’s parfait glass. She takes a sip and grins when she takes it out. “Oh my God.”


“Is it good?”


Morgan nods. “Nice choice. The graham cracker drizzle. So good.”


Sofia smiles. “Awesome.” She pauses, glancing fondly at Morgan. “You’re really cute, you know?”


Morgan blinks. “I am?”


Sofia nods this time. “Mm-hmm.”


“Y-You're cute too,” Morgan says, trying so hard not to seem embarrassed.


“Flustered you is even cuter,” Sofia teases.


Morgan accidentally lets out a quiet shriek.


Sofia smirks before sipping on her milkshake.


Morgan does the same.


It’s quiet for a moment.


Sofia stops nursing her milkshake and speaks. “I really hate to ask this, but I can’t help it… are you really over August? Because, I don’t know… I just, really like you and I don’t want things to happen on either side.”


Morgan stops drinking her shake. “He was a jerk… once you got past the personality. I’d be concerned if I was still into him. You can thank my parents for forcing me to wallow and get my anger out when I did.” She purses her lips. “Also the fact that I don’t think I would’ve asked you in a heap of panic to kiss you the other day if I had feelings for another person.”


“Right. I just…”


“I know, I get it,” Morgan says with a nod. “I really like you, Sof. A whole lot. Please don’t worry about him.”


“I like you too, Mo,” she says quietly. “I won’t.”




Sofia pulls into the driveway at 9:15 and parks.


“I had a lot of fun tonight,” Morgan enthuses.


“I did, too,” Sofia says. 


“I’ll text you later,” the younger one says.


Sofia nods. “Okay.”


The two move in close and Sofia kisses first. Morgan kisses back. 


The two lean back into their seats and Morgan smiles. “Drive safe. Let me know when you get home.”


“I will,” Sofia promises. 


Morgan unbuckles her seatbelt and gets out. She shuts the door and walks to her house. Morgan hears Sofia pull out of the driveway.


“So, you’re kissing your best friend now?” 


Morgan all but jumps when she sees Pepper sitting on the porch bench. “I—what?!“


“I heard Sofia’s car pull up,” Pepper answers. “Oh, and you’re not very good at hiding things. I knew you had a date the second you asked about the hair.”


Morgan blinks. “How did you—“


“Baby, I wasn’t born yesterday. Your father and I practically invented sneaking around to keep the parents from getting suspicious,” Pepper says when Morgan walks up the porch steps. “Also, no offense, but you don’t care a whole lot about hair or clothes… you won’t even let me paint your nails. I knew something was up.”




The two walk inside the house and Pepper shuts the door.


“You’re not in trouble or anything. I just wish you would’ve told me,” Pepper says. “What’d you do? Was this your first date? A movie doesn’t take three hours or more. You know, unless you went to see some random rerelease of Titanic.”


“It was our first date, yes. We saw Christopher Robin… of all things like I said we would… and then we got burgers and milkshakes at that spot near the theater,” Morgan recalls with a smile. “And after that, she brought me home. It’s not really official yet, but I think we’re girlfriends.”


Pepper hums quietly, her smile going blank. “That’s nice, kid.” 




She blinks. “Huh?”


“What’s wrong? Your mood changed all of a sudden,” Morgan says. 


Pepper grimaces. “Sorry. It’s just that… that date is really similar to the first date that your Dad and I went on. Made me think about it.” 


“Oh, I’m sorry,” Morgan says with a frown. “What was it? If you don’t mind me asking…”


“We saw some animated film. It was the only movie we were even remotely interested in seeing there… and then we had dinner at this restaurant that resembled one of those old soda shops. We got ice cream and burgers there before going back to the dorms.”


Morgan blinks this time. “That similar?”


“Seems so.” Pepper nods. 


“Wow,” Morgan says, her voice going small.


“Morgan, please don’t get worked up about that. I can see it in your eyes that you want to,” Pepper carefully attempts to assure. “Your Dad and I had a strong, loving relationship. The only reason it didn’t work was because his father didn’t approve of me. You have two supportive parents and Sofia has a supportive Dad.” 


Morgan nods. “Um, okay.”


She swears she hears her mother mumble, “I still miss it sometimes,” but lets it go.


“Does she treat you right? Do you?” Pepper asks.


She hums. 


“Good. Then that’s all that matters, okay?”