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Wandering Soul

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Conservative Honor Student

It was around lunchtime when I saw that figure in the hallway. A small figure of someone that is obviously out of place here. He wore our school uniform which was probably bigger by two sizes from his body that he has to roll up the sleeve and pants. Is he waiting for his growth spurt? Unlike other students who have their dorm crest on their left arm, his left arm was tied by a ribbon with black and white stripes. His shoulder-length hair was tied up into a half-up bun.

It was rare to see him alone, so I decided to approach him. I patted his shoulder, “Yuu?”

The said person turned around to face me. He bowed a little before speaking to me, “Hello, Roseheart-senpai.”

Regardless of how messy his appearance was, his attitude and manner were on the high level for a high schoolboy. That was what made me take an interest in him. Moreover, he really got along with two trouble makers from my dorm—Ace and Deuce—and often helped them to clean up the mess they created.

“It’s rare to see you alone. Where are the others?” what I meant by ‘the others’ are the troublemakers from my dorm and one monster who also belonged to his dorm.

“They are in charge of the next class. I’m not included so I take today’s lunchtime easy,” he answered with a giggle.

“I see that you’re kinda relieved you can be alone for a while. It must be tiring to handle those three, right?” I smiled a little.

“Um… you are not wrong,” he answered with an awkward smile. What an honest person he was.

There was plenty of time left before the next class began so we talked a little. Most of our talk was me giving him advice for first-year classes, especially about magic, since he can’t use magic and came from another world. Somehow I find it was really comfortable to talk with him. Our conversation went well until some people who passed by talked about him. I didn’t know if they intended to talk it aloud or not, their voices were enough to reach our ears.

“Hey, isn’t that the Ramshackle dorm’s prefect, the person who came from another world?”
“The one who made ruckus at the welcoming ceremony? Yes, that’s him.”
“He really looks out of place, huh…”
“Hey, is it just me or he looks like a girl? Even those Pomefiore dudes with thick makeup lost to him.”
“You’re right. His face is so girlish and his body is so small. Perhaps he’s really a girl?”
“A girl in all-boys school? Is that even legal?”

They started to laughing at Yuu as well. What are they talking about? Indeed he looked so feminine but that didn’t make him less as a man. It wasn’t like women are inferior to men. But the way they talked sounded like they were making fun of Yuu for looking like a girl.

“You there! Do you think talking about someone you barely know is a good thing to do?!” I raised my voice to talk to them so they would know we heard what they said.

“Ugh, it’s Roseheart. So annoying.”
“I don’t want to get into trouble with him. Let’s go.”

Just like that, they left.

“Senpai, is that alright? They said you’re annoying,” I can feel a worried tone from his voice.

“I’m fine. It is the consequence as a dorm leader of Heartslabyul who should maintain the rules,” I faced him again, “but you didn’t do anything wrong, and yet those people keep bad mouthing you. You should defend yourself more. Aren’t you angry when people said you’re like a girl?”

He scratched his cheek, “Um, I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean—”

The school bell rang before he could finish his talk.

“We should go back to our class. See you later, senpai,” he said as he left me. Then he turned back a bit, “Thank you for defending me, Roseheart-senpai. You’re really kind.”

The corner of my mouth raised a bit, “No problem.”

He left me alone. As I was walking to my class, I thought about him. Did he really don’t mind what people said about himself? Usually, he could be pretty blunt, but he just kept silent now. Is he holding back? And…

Um, I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean—

Is it just me or the way he talked changed for a moment, from casual masculine to feminine?

It must be my imagination.



Master of Mischief

I’m bored.

Today, Deuce, Yuu, Grim, and I were gathering at Ramshackle dorm to finish our assignments. All of them were due next week but we all are finishing them today. Usually, I would do them at the last minute before due. The reason why I was here is because of Yuu and Deuce. Earlier in lunchtime, Yuu said he wanted to do his assignment and then Deuce asked to join him. Since there was dorm leader Riddle near us, I don’t have any choice but to join them as well.

Hours passed by and I was already tired with this. It was obvious that Deuce was giving up but still trying to hang in there. Grim already seemed so sleepy. The only one who still stayed in the position from the start was Yuu, he was still diligently doing his assignment.

“I gave up,” I said loudly.

A sigh escaped from Deuce's mouth and he followed me, “Me too.”

“I’m hungry,” Grim added more reason to not continue doing our assignment.

“If you want to take a break, go ahead,” said Yuu without looking away from his books, “You can take the cookies in our kitchen, Grim.”

“Yay! One of you, let’s take the cookies,” Grim enthusiastically jumped around.

“Let me help you,” Deuce offered help to Grim.

Then they left me alone with Yuu. I looked at Yuu who was still focusing on his assignment. Some people said he looked like a girl and it was not rare for him to get mistaken as a girl. I guess I could agree with them. He has a small body, long eyelashes, a feminine face, and smooth hair. No one can blame them for thinking like that.

Though, his case wasn’t rare here. I saw some other boys who looked like girls, especially from Pomefiore dorm. But all of them were real boys, including Yuu.

I poked his cheek. Even his cheek is soft too.

“Ace, I get it you’re bored. But don’t disturb someone who is trying to focus on their assignment,” said Yuu, serious as always.

“Geez, you don’t have to be so serious. The deadline is next week, you know,” I said as I pulled his cheek. He brushed aside my hand from his cheek.

“I wonder who decided to procrastinate the last assignment since the deadline was pretty long but ended up doing everything the night before and barely got any sleep?” he squinted his eyes while asked.

I couldn’t talk back since all he said was true. It happened to me, Deuce, and Grim not so long ago. Pissed off, I made another move on him.

This time I tried to tickle him around his waist, “You’re so cheeky, Yuu. Take this!”

“Wait, Ace! Ahahahaha—”

It seemed like I hit on his weak spot. I continued to tickle him until I noticed something and stopped. Since Yuu always wore clothes bigger than his size, I never really knew about his body figure.

His waist is so thin. Not only thin but it was so soft like there was barely any muscle there. Also, what was this? The shape of his waist was kinda weird, not like any normal boys.

I swallowed my saliva.

"What are you two doing?"

Deuce's voice brought me back to reality. We were in a really awkward position when Deuce and Grim were back. I was on the top of Yuu while holding his waist.

"No-nothing!" I said as I let go of Yuu. Why did I sound so panicked?

Yuu decided to join us on our break since he couldn't focus anymore after what I did. Deuce and Grim seemed to enjoy the cookies so much. Apparently, the cookies were made by Yuu. I did admit the cookies tasted good even though not as elevated as Trey-senpai's sweets.

I took one cookie and didn't bring it to myself.

"Yuu," I called him.

"What is it?" Yuu turned his face to me. While his mouth was open, I put that cookie on his mouth.

"Eat more. Your waist is so thin that I thought you might be blown away by wind someday," I said with a smirk.

Yuu munched and swallowed the cookie with a pout on his face and didn't say anything.

After we ate, we talked about various things. Mostly we talk about how tiring our schedule was. Whenever I didn't talk, I took glances at Yuu, especially on his lip.

When I fed him earlier, my finger accidentally touched his lips. It was… so soft.

Maybe he was secretly taking care of his body like Pomefiore students did? But if he did that care about his body appearance, then why was he still wearing that baggy uniform?

Weird. Everything about him was weird.



Cauldron Summoner

After what happened today—or yesterday, since it was already past midnight—all of us first-years and Ortho were sleeping over at Ramshackle dorm. We decided to do so to tease Ace regarding the speech he delivered to the ghosts. We were laughing endlessly while watching the record of Ace doing that.

Ace felt it was unfair for him to be the only one laughing stock. So he asked Ortho to play all of our recordings. Jack and Sebek didn't seem to mind watching their own recording. Jack, as a wolf-man, normally will only have one partner for his entire life, which is why he still didn't know how to handle girls properly. Meanwhile, Sebek only focused on serving Draconia-senpai. So rather than being embarrassed, they were proud since their action shows what they really were. The only one who didn’t get recorded was Epel since he was busy fighting the ghosts to clear Ace’s path towards the cafeteria.

When it was my recording to be played, it was really embarrassing. I was really awkward that time and barely can speak.

"Deuce, you're really bad with girls, huh," Ace showed a cheeky smile, feeling he won over something.

"Th-that can't be helped! No one really approached me before I attended NRC. So I don't know how to speak with girls!" I said. It was hard to admit my loss to Ace.

"It was only with a woman ghost. What if you meet a real girl someday?" Ace asked with a chuckle.

"I-I don't know," just thinking I have to talk with a girl already made me flustered, "For now, there's no girl around me so I'm safe."

"But, Deuce-kun, you can't run away from girls forever," said Epel.

"I know… It's not like I will see one of them very soon. We are in an all-boys school, and there was no guarantee I would work with them in the future," I replied Epel.

"You're clearly running away from them," said Sebek.

"W-well, just like Ace said, girls can be so confusing. So I'd rather not meet them!”

Suddenly, there was a sound of glass breaking on the floor. All of us immediately looked for the source of that sound, then we saw Yuu who just came out from the kitchen brought a tray of mugs. It seemed like he wanted to give us drinks.

"Yuu, are you alright?" I stood up as soon as possible but Jack held me back.

"I will help him. You guys can stay here," he said.

Jack went to Yuu and helped pick up the shattered mug. We didn't know why after Jack said he would help Yuu alone, all of us stayed in our seats even though usually we would always help. It felt like Jack wanted to keep Yuu away from us for a while. After cleaning up the mess, Jack and Yuu went to the kitchen to throw away the shattered mug.

"Is Yuu-san okay?" still looking at them, Epel asked, "His face is so pale."

Epel was right. We made the lounge room dim so we can watch the recordings clearly, and we can see Yuu's face has gone pale even in this dim room.

"Isn't his face pale for a while this afternoon?" Ace tried to remember what happened today.

"Really? I didn't notice at all," I said. I remember Yuu was laughing loudly with the others before I went to the Cafetaria to save the others.

"I think his face has gone pale after Deuce-kun, Azul-san, Cater-san, and Lilia-san went to help the others on Cafetaria," Epel said. So that's why I didn't notice that he seemed not good today.

"Maybe he wasn't feeling well today," Sebek, who was sent from the beginning, totally had no idea.

We stopped watching the recordings and decided to wait for Jack and Yuu. While the rest of us were chatting, I took a glance at them in the kitchen. Yuu's face was still pale and Jack looked like trying to calm him. Both of them spoke in very low voices. Even with that pale face, Yuu tried to show a smile so Jack wouldn’t be too worried. Somehow when I saw them acting like that, it felt like they shared a secret and tried to hide it from everyone.

I wonder if that was what made Yuu suddenly drop the mug like that and Jack immediately comforted him?

...I didn’t like that. Why did Yuu share a secret with Jack instead of Ace or me, his classmates and closest friends? We met him way before Jack.

I turned back to the others after letting out a sigh. I will find out about what was troubling him later.



Caretaker of the Conservative

"Thanks a lot, Yuu. Even though you came here as a guest," I said to Yuu who helped me to bring back dirty dishes to our dorm’s kitchen.

"No problem, Clover-senpai," Yuu replied to me with a smile, then he averted his eyes a bit, "Grim was always troubling Heartslabyul dorm after all. This is the best I can do to repay Heartslabyul dorm’s students."

I laughed a bit after listening to what he said. What he said was true, but we also had two students who always bothered him, which are his own classmates, Ace and Deuce.

While he was washing the dishes, I noticed that his sleeves were splashed by the water. “Ah, Yuu. Your blazer got wet. Why don’t you take it off?” I said as I pulled his blazer’s collar to help him take it off.

He immediately got away from me and looked so panic, “I’m fine like this! Today is a bit cold so I want to keep wearing the blazer.”

I frowned my eyebrows. Indeed outside is a bit chilly, but inside our dorm is warm though? I took his wrist and started to roll up his sleeves, “Okay okay, let me roll this up for you.”

While rolling up his sleeves, I noticed something about his body. His wrists and arms are so thin for a high school boy. "Yuu, are you eating properly?"

"Why are you asking that, senpai?" he asked back.

"It's just, your arms and wrists are so thin," I said as I gripped his wrist.

Before answering my question, he laughed a bit, “I’m still growing, senpai.”

“I see,” I let go of his hand and both of us continue finishing our tasks, I put back our dorm’s properties and he finished washing the dishes.

After both of us finished our tasks, I went to our kitchen’s refrigerator and took out a small box, “Do you want cheesecake, Yuu?”

Yuu, who looked like ready to go back, turned back to me, “You have one? Is it okay for me to accept it?”

“Of course. I actually prepared one for you,” I laughed a bit after seeing Yuu’s reaction, “You’re actually not very fond of sweets right?”

Yuu was surprised, “Wait, how did you know?”

“Your face. It didn’t seem you enjoyed my cakes as much as you enjoyed eating lunch in Cafeteria,” I said as I poured tea into a cup for him, “and yet, you never asked me to use my ‘Doodle Suit’ on your cake. I wonder why?”

“I know you put so much effort on baking cakes, Trey-senpai. And I don’t want your effort to go to waste by me asking you to change the taste,” Yuu said, “and in fact, your cakes are delicious. It’s a waste to not taste the original.”

My hand stopped moving. This was the first time I heard someone say that in this school. Most people thought I could bake cakes effortlessly since my family owns a cake shop. Even Cater, who dislikes sweets and has known me since we were freshmen, always asked me to use ‘Doodle Suit’.

What a strange guy.

“Um, is it not normal to not be fond of sweets?” somehow there was a scared tone when he asked that.

“Not really. You know that Cater dislikes sweets, right.”

Yuu looked flustered now, “A-ah, you’re right! Hm, hm. So it’s normal to not be fond of sweets.”

Looking at his reaction makes me confused, “Why are you asking that?”

“It’s just, when I was still in my original world, some people find it strange and uncommon for me to not like sweets.”

“Why would people find it strange? I thought it’s more common for a guy especially if they’re grown up to not be very fond of sweets, unlike girls,”

“I see,” now he was smiling, and that smile somehow showed that he felt relieved.

I accompanied him to eat the cake and drink tea. As we ate, we also talked about various things. Mostly are about his lessons, friends, Heartslabyul dorm, and everyone in our school.

During our talk, I noticed some things about him. His gestures and the way he talks are different compared to the students in our school. Even if I tried to compare to the Pomefiore students, I still felt the difference. It was like, his movements and voice are much smoother and softer.

Refusing to take off the blazer. Thin wrists. Considered as an uncommon for not to be fond of sweets. Strange gestures.

It was as if he’s— ah, no. It must be my imagination.



Cutting Edge of Trend

When I went to the Cafeteria with Riddle-kun and Trey-kun, I saw two boys with a heart and a spade mark on their face sitting across each other. I immediately recognized them as Heartslabyul students, and it took me a while to know who they were. They were Ace-chan and Deuce-chan. I couldn’t recognize them since they were usually with the other two, one boy and one cat-like monster. Thus, I suggested Riddle-kun and Trey-kun to sit with them.

“Ace-chan, Deuce-chan, mind if we sit with you?” I approached them and waved my hand.

“Oh, Cater-senpai! Of course, go ahead,” Ace-chan looked at us as he replied to me.

“Cater, we haven’t taken our meals yet. Ace, Deuce, please wait for us,” Riddle-kun said as he kept walking to the food counter.

“Yes, Dorm leader,” now it was Deuce-chan’s turn to answer.

After Riddle-kun, Trey-kun, and I took our meals, we went back to their table and had a sit. We talked about various things as we ate together. Ace-chan and Deuce-chan sometimes argue about the smallest thing but none of us can calm them down immediately.

“Calm down, you two. Are you two always like this everyday?” I tried to stop them from fighting any further.

“Not really. Usually it’s more like… Ah.” as he was answering Trey-kun, Ace-chan realized something, “Usually it’s even more noisy with Grim, and Yuu will intervene and stop us.”

“You’re right…” for the first time today, Deuce-chan agreed to Ace-chan.

“Now you’re talking about it, both Grim and Yuu aren’t with you. What happened?” Riddle-kun asked them.

“Yuu is sick. Because he can’t attend the classes, Grim didn’t attend as well. It seems like Grim is taking care of him too,” Ace-chan explained the situation of the Ramshackle duo.

“Yuu is sick? Is Grim properly taking care of him? Are you two going to visit him after school?” Riddle-kun gave a bunch of questions. Seriously, why did he sound like a father of Yuu-chan.

“I can make some food too for him,” Trey-kun added.

“No, we are not going to visit him,” Riddle-kun, Trey-kun, and I were surprised by Deuce-chan’s answer. We’ve always known how close those four were, so to think they weren’t going to visit him is almost impossible.

“Did you even realize what you were talking about?!” Riddle-kun sounded surprised, and somehow, angry.

“Ace-chan, Deuce-chan, are you serious?” how could they be so cold to their closest best friend?

“We’re serious. Since it’s always been like this,” Ace-chan answered us calmly.

“Always?” Trey-kun noticed something strange in Ace-chan's words.

“Yes, it’s not the first time he’s sick like this. I think he’s always sick once a month?” Deuce-chan talked while trying to remember about Yuu-chan, “Whenever he’s sick, he refused to meet anyone. The first time it happened, he already said we didn’t need to visit him. But we ignored what he said. When we arrived at Ramshackle dorm, the Ghosts were the ones who opened the door for us.”

“I remember that time. We insisted on checking Yuu and went to his room. Then when we knocked on his room, he said ‘I already said I didn’t want to see anyone, right? Go away!’” a sigh came out from Ace-chan’s mouth, “We were so surprised by his tone. It was really not like him. He sounded like in the worst mood ever. Ever since then we never paid any visit. Usually we just left some food and lesson notes on the door of Ramshackle dorm. Though it seemed like he always give the food to Grim and not touched that at all.”

Riddle-kun, Trey-kun, and I were trying to process what they told us. Indeed, Yuu-chan can be blunt and even sarcastic, but to act so rude especially to his friends was totally not him.

Hm? Somehow what Ace-chan and Deuce-chan told us about Yuu-chan sounded so familiar to me. I thought I experienced what they got from Yuu-chan.

“After a few days, he went back to class and looked so refreshed. At first we were hesitant to talk to him, but he needed to catch up with our study so we tried to act normal. Thus, that pattern always repeated every month,” Deuce-chan seemed like trying to calm Riddle-kun and Trey-kun who looked so confused.

“If that’s the case, I will make some food for him and you can deliver it to him, right?” after everything was explained, Trey-kun asked them again.

“So his body is that weak… It must be hard for him, moreover he knew nothing about education in this world,” Riddle-kun held his chin, “I will give him my notes so he can catch up with the lessons.”

“Eh? Can I get too, dorm leader?” Ace-chan asked with a big grin.

“Of course not. Use your own effort!” Riddle-kun replied with a very serious look on his face.

“Cater, you’re being silent for a while. Is everything okay?” with Trey-kun’s question, I stopped from wandering in my mind.

“Don’t worry, Cay-kun is okay~”

When the others continued their talk, I thought about Yuu-chan again.

Sick every once a month. Refusing to see other people. Foul mood. Loss of appetite.

That sounded like my sisters. No way….right?