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a dream of you

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Xiao’s body was hot to the touch. His skin was soft under the pads of Zhongli’s blackened fingers, not even responding to the faintest of twitches from the hand. He was sleeping, so quietly, so soundly, that anyone would melt at the tranquil state of his body. 

Moreover, Xiao was peaceful. Inviting. Vulnerable. 

The first letters of sunrise sifted through the panel windows of their room, pouring over the artful structures, incomplete inked characters on their abandoned tables, and the incense that burnt its way through the night. It still smells faintly of smokey petrichor, high in their ceiling, so much so that it stirs Zhongli awake, a tired sigh seeping through his nose as the remnants of sleep chip away. 

The sun isn’t harsh yet, still sweltering dewy silhouettes from their window panels to replicate on their walls, joining in images of flowers and clouds. Zhongli pries his eyes open a little more, blinking in his surroundings as his vision clears. 

Normally, Zhongli would wake up earlier than this, get a head start on the day to feel more accomplished with himself as the mortal life continues to grow on him. But the body shifting sleepily under his fingers, the skin that leaves a trail of heart-throbbing burns in its path, the slow rise and fall of Xiao’s back nestled under his arm—anchors him in his place. 

His lover has curled away from him on his side, head nestled deeply into the fluffiness of their shared pillow. Xiao is bare, save for the marks that Zhongli sucked onto him in their prior coupling, and it makes for a beautiful contrasting image against his pale skin. It’s certainly hard to ignore the flare of arousal at the sight, a twinge of possessiveness keying Zhongli’s heart. Silently, he shifts his head forward to press a wet kiss to the back of Xiao’s neck, exposed with the disarray of his hair. The younger barely shifts at the contact, and if anything, he almost pulls away from it to snuggle deeper into the heat of the covers. The action tugs a small smile on Zhongli’s lips, so he does it again, but this time there’s no reaction. 

It’s almost instantly that the drowsiness of morning sweeps away due to the sharp spike of arousal, prompting a groan, and he sighs into Xiao’s skin. It’s difficult to push down the revving desire, especially when the purpose of his desire is laying pliant in front of him. Adepti rarely sleep, but with the marathons of sex they practice late into the secrets of the night, Zhongli knows that Xiao becomes weak to the tides of exhaustion that wash over him once they’re finished. Last night was no exception, and Zhongli concurs that Xiao is sleeping deeper than usual if the first few kisses hadn’t stirred him awake. It would probably take some time for him to wake up. 

But Zhongli wanted more, and he wanted it now. 

Slowly, he raises his hand as if it’s a sin, and grasps onto the edge of the bed cover that swamps Xiao’s tiny frame. 

Dragging it down slowly makes his heart pound: every inch of skin revealed still basks in the afterglow of their festivities, every inch exposed makes Zhongli’s cock twitch at the softness of his curves and how they battle the hard edges of arduously earned muscle. He stops dragging the covers down when they reach just below Xiao’s ass—and he almost audibly curses.

The adeptus has one leg thrown over the other, and the line of it draws the most delicious curve from shoulder to ass that the former archon had ever seen. He almost found it shameful how quickly his mouth salivated at the visual, but then again, this was his lover. 

Zhongli’s eyes flicker back up to Xiao’s head, seeking any possible changes in the dozing of the younger. Nothing. With a shuddering inhale, Zhongli made his decision—and he goes to work.

The first delicate touches surround the press of his lips against the knob of Xiao’s spine. That’s where Zhongli would start, and gradually build up until he knew what was just enough to keep him asleep. His tongue darted out minutely to taste the skin he loved, still smelling and tasting flowery, and melted his lips on the spot below it. 

Zhongli’s body shifted with his lips—the lower he kissed, the lower he moved in the bed until his height was no longer mutual with that of spooning. Every kiss tickled with anticipation for the next, and it made him want to go faster. But he couldn’t. Zhongli knew this required patience and gentleness, especially if he didn’t want to disturb the slumber of the man he loved. 

There’s another fleeting flick of the tongue against skin he allows himself, kissing wetly onto Xiao’s spine so a glistening trail follows in its wake. Zhongli quietly hums against his skin when he finally reaches his tailbone—and the remnants from last night are still faintly present. The geo symbol etched into his skin is dimmer than the last time Zhongli set it, nearly broken in form as the temporary spell wears down from disuse. 

Softly, Zhongli presses his fingers against the weak symbol, geo resonating at the tips of his digits until the symbol is forming stronger and more alive. It glows with passion and pulses, causing Xiao’s hips to twitch momentarily. Then, there's a muffled sound faintly coming from the younger, but he shows no sign of waking up and the pace of his breath remains light and controlled. 

Zhongli swallows carefully, his erection rubbing against one of Xiao’s calves… Gods, this situation has to be the most heated build-up the man ever laced himself through. 

His eye was on the prize, though, and he wanted a taste of his lover.

Xiao’s ass was beautifully rounded and the two mounds of flesh were always soft and plush under Zhongli’s determined fingers. Now, he lays in a beautiful arch where the meat of his ass gleams like gold under the morning sun, coined with the glow of the geo symbol at his tailbone. It takes all of Zhongli’s will to not cum right on the spot, right in between Xiao’s beautiful legs, and cake them with impurity. Zhongli groans silently, brows knitting as he minutely rubs his erection against the soft skin of the adeptus’ calf. 

Zhongli wanted to be inside Xiao and fuck him ruthlessly so he would wake with a startle. 

No, Zhongli scolds himself in his mind, fingers pressing against the back of Xiao’s thigh to part his legs further, you must wait. Xiao’s dick is soft and nestled lovingly against the cushion of the bed—but Zhongli knew he could get it to full mast. Situating his legs like this leaves more room for him to crawl in between, and it’s easier to reveal all—to feast, devour, and grow hungrier. 

Zhongli pulls himself under the covers and idly moves to lay between his lover's legs. With a quick glance up, half of Xiao’s face is still mashed gorgeously into their pillow, his lips were parted ever so slightly with a soft snore. 

“Gods,” Zhongli softly curses and looks away from him, and instead turns his gaze to the plush of Xiao’s ass in front of him. Delicately, he moves his hand up to part him, skin soft under his palm. The entirety of Zhongli’s body lights up in flames at the sight of Xiao’s glistening, pink hole, still tight despite being used just hours before. The geo symbol was doing its job, keeping him perfectly slick for consumption. 

Despite the controlled pace the former god had set for himself, he couldn’t help but immediately dive in to taste the impetus of his desire.

Zhongli licks a long, broad stripe over Xiao’s hole—it tastes of sweetness from the geo power pulsing lubricant from his core, and it stains his lips like a gloss. He would never get enough of this. 

Zhongli quietly moans into his task, shifting his arms to wrap under and around Xiao’s hips to pull him closer, palms pressing flat against his back and thumb rubbing gently on the geo symbol. Even that doesn’t wake the adeptus, much to Zhongli’s surprise, so he dotingly continues his ministrations. His tongue finally prods against Xiao’s puckered entrance, lapping away at the delightful slick that graces his taste buds, and exhales hotly against it. The geo symbol throbs against his rubbing thumb, and before long, Xiao’s hips begin a small, broken rhythm of grinding down into the mattress, his lower back waving like tides to press his ass back into Zhongli’s working mouth. 

He must have woken up. At least, that was Zhongli’s initial thought. 

But when he pulls away with a small pop from Xiao’s hole to look up at his face, his eyes remain blissfully closed and undisturbed, brows light to further establish his state of slumber. A small zip of arousal shoots down Zhongli’s spine at the thought of the younger moving senselessly and without his knowledge. 

Another groan permeates the air as Zhongli’s tangled grip on Xiao tightens, tugging him impossibly closer to enthusiastically resume his services. 

It finally happens when Zhongli digs his fingernails harshly into the soft skin of his lover’s back, scratching at the geo symbol that glowers with unanswered pleasure. Xiao’s hips cease rolling into the mattress, and that’s exactly when the former archon shoves his tongue as far as it can go into the wet heat of the younger. 

A muffled, high-pitched moan breaks the one-sided silence of Zhongli’s morning. 

The symbol engraved onto Xiao’s skin nearly shocks Zhongli's fingerprints with the spike of pleasure from the one receiving. His hand pulls away from it entirely, reaching up to soothe the sudden tenseness in between Xiao’s shoulders. The younger’s face, from what Zhongli could see, is turned to fully bury into the pillow, a fist curling around the pillow cover in its previous position. 

“Good morning, Xiao-er,” he hadn’t yet spoken that morning, but Zhongli’s voice was syrupy with Xiao’s slick and disuse—it came out deep but soothing as if it reflected the intimacy and trust of their relationship. He pulls away fully, unwrapping the harness of his arms from around Xiao’s hips—his pelvis falls to the bed gracefully, ass following the movement with a delicious bounce. Zhongli’s knees knock into the back of Xiao’s thighs to spread him further when he sits up, leaning over the back of him to tower over his lover. The thick length of his cock slides directly in between the valley of Xiao’s cheeks, a teasing tickle that makes the younger twitch. Zhongli’s hips press flush against the plush bottom of Xiao’s ass, and he’s sure the position asserts his exact wants for their shared morning. 

Fuck ,” Xiao’s first words of the morning come out as a whimper, though it's still muffled by the pillow. Xiao does turn his head, though, and when he does, his face is alight with a new red, heated and already on the same base as Zhongli. “No wonder I was dreaming of you,” he whispers, fingers shyly flexing into the covers beneath him. 

Defeated by his words, Zhongli nearly drops his full body weight onto the adeptus when he leans down, pressing harsh lips to the nape of his neck, “You’re going to end me, one of these days,” he growls. Xiao merely responds with a mewl until he’s grinding back insistently against Zhongli’s cock, stirring a pebble of precome to leak down onto his skin, “Care to satisfy my growing curiosity? What did you dream of?” 

Zhongli’s dark fingers find Xiao’s bangs, pulling them away from his features until he could see the sharp cut of his face in the morning shadows, flushed and ready to be taken. “Do I have to?” He squeaks in response, voice still broken from sleep, “It’s quite embarrassing.” 

“You must—if you want to receive a reward,” as if to prove his absolute seriousness, Zhongli reaches down and grasps his aching cock, nudging it into the mounds and adding a small slap to the skin. Xiao shudders in response, pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth, “A reward? You have nearly jumped me in my sleep… there was,” he swallows, “no way I couldn’t dream of you…

“Don’t stop there,” Zhongli orders roughly, pressing another wet kiss to Xiao’s neck before pulling away entirely. He sits back on his heels to admire the picture: his leaking cock hanging heavy on Xiao’s ass, to which the latter is shyly turned away from and his curves accentuated by the artful lighting of dawn. 

“Everything was wet,” Xiao moans weakly, emphasizing the arch of his back by pressing his pelvis down into the mattress again, “Felt… so good—you were everywhere.” 

The geo symbol pulses—flashes—and then Xiao is letting out a high keen at the new flood of slick gushing from his hole. It coats his inner thighs and bedding, the small body beneath Zhongli trembling at its power. The man desperately wants to shove his cock in him to keep any more from coming out. 

“Perfect,” the former archon releases a satisfied sigh, languidly grinding his dick between Xiao’s cheeks, “How was I everywhere?”

Xiao whines—probably from impatience, retaliation, or frustration from not getting what he wants, “Can’t you just get on with it already?” 

Zhongli pauses, hands softly groping at the adeptus’ ass, “Is that how you choose to speak to me?”

“Take responsibility,” Xiao dares to bite back, and he’s finally sounding more awake, voice brimmed with arousal, “You started this, you must—”

Zhongli lifts his hand quickly and almost as rapidly lets it land with a heavy slap against Xiao’s left ass cheek. The noise echoes through their sleeping chamber, chasing out the sounds of their heated exchange to replace with a crackling, newfound silence. 

Xiao’s lips gape in a muted moan when the older man flicks his gaze back up to him, his body rigid beneath Zhongli. 

“So, that is what you’ve chosen,” Zhongli feigns disappointment, rubbing his hand over the blooming flower of red on Xiao’s skin. He repeats the motion, harder this time on the same cheek, and finds himself amused at the bounce from impact left behind. Xiao’s body minutely jumps—his face is in the pillows again, muffling his cries. 

“Xiao-er,” Zhongli hums, resting his palm on the scalding handprint, “you will receive your reward if you simply tell me.” The next hit comes down hard on the opposite cheek and the older relishes in the way Xiao tries to pull away from it, another sound retreating into the cushions. 

Zhongli gives him a moment to adjust or even possibly surrender—and he thinks he’s won once Xiao’s shoulders loosen, face reluctantly turning open to the world again. Well, to Zhongli again, as if he were the world. 

“You were everywhere,” he pants again into the covers, swishing with the heat of his breath at the force of it, “you were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. When I felt you, I tried to look and could not see you.” 

The confession would have sounded upsetting had it not been for their current situation.

“Anything else you wish to add?”

“It just felt good, I… perhaps it is what the mortals refer to when they mention dreams filled with desire,” Xiao’s small voice continued. 

“I see,” Zhongli hums with soft delight, “good boy.” 

Xiao squirms at the praise, even if it’s short and absolute, his hips lifting to rub his ass against the core of his lover’s arousal—almost as if it’s a plea to continue.

“I can take it,” Xiao insists breathlessly, continuing to roll his hips when Zhongli hesitates. 

“You’re certain?” The former archon questions, shifting back to spread him once more. Xiao is already nodding—Zhongli knew the younger wouldn’t lie to him, but he couldn’t help but feel just a little denial. Despite that, it settled something deep in his chest, so he heaved a breath and rubbed the head of his cock against the slick opening of his partner. 

“Please, please ,” Xiao quietly begs and his hips still with anticipation. 

Zhongli presses a hand right next to Xiao’s shoulder as he situates himself for a better angle, the other holding Xiao’s hip, and leaning on his knees instead. The head of Zhongli’s cock nudges at his entrance once more before he’s finally sinking in, much to the relief of both. In unison, they release complementary sounds, and what was once a lonely silence for Zhongli was now loud with another coupling. The man enters with an easy slide, nurtured by the slick he produced until Xiao is full to the brim with him. He’s still tight, but not enough for them to be uncomfortable.

Xiao muffles a moan into the pillow, “Good, it’s good…” 

In turn, Zhongli groans, dipping his head down to latch another searing kiss onto Xiao’s skin. And just like that, he begins with a rapid pace, creaking the hinges and wooden boards of their bed. 

Zhongli watches. He watches the way Xiao’s eyes slide close, watches the way his head bumps back into the pillow when Zhongli rams back into him—watches the way his cock disappears and reappears with each thrust into his hole. “You feel exquisite,” Zhongli grunts when his head anchors back down again, this time staying there, his forehead sticking to Xiao’s shoulder, glued with their accumulated sweat.

He’s closer now to hear the staccato moans chipping away at his dear, and it’s the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. 

Xiao shudders when Zhongli pauses his erratic thrusts in favor of slowly pulling out. He whines, his hole just barely catching onto the head before it's quickly thrust back inside of him. It punches a near animalistic sound out of him, clawing at the sheets, “Fuck—oh, Gods, Zhongli-daren—cumming!” 

A few more of those send the younger one freezing up into Zhongli’s arms, his body shuddering and hole tightening around his cock. 

“That was fast,” Zhongli chuckles against his skin, nipping at it lightly. His thrusts turn languid now, a slow, appreciative roll to dismount his own creeping orgasm.  

Xiao makes a sound of protest, barely garbled as an ‘mmph’ before he grumbles, “It’s your fault, attacking me at such a time…” 

Even so, Zhongli appreciates how the younger continues to lay there, letting his former master use him to stave the rest of his pleasure until he’s loaded with cum. 

Zhongli slowly pulls out and falls over on his back on his side of the bed, letting out the most elegant sigh he could muster, willing the redness in his face to wash away with the vibrant pace of his heartbeat. Xiao turns his head to look at him, still laid out beautifully on his stomach. Their eyes meet in a familiar twinkle, exchanging soft smiles.

“Good morning to you, too,” Xiao finally says as if it’s resolute, scooting his body closer until he could throw an arm over Zhongli’s chest. Xiao winces at the cum cooling on the sheets, dragging against his skin, but he relaxes once their bodies are in contact again, snuggling close.

“I would go another round but I feel disgusting,” the adeptus confesses as he noses at Zhongli’s neck, placing a kiss there. The softness of his lips melts the former archon’s heart, and he hums in response, “Then, we can take a bath in a few. Whenever you’re ready.” 

“Sounds good,” Xiao yawns, pawing at the muscles on the older’s pectorals, “Ah—the other day, I went to the market and bought some silk flower soap. I thought you would like it since you like the way they smell.”

Zhongli turns his head to look at Xiao as much as possible—all he sees is the top of his head anyway, but even if he’s hiding away in the man’s neck, Zhongli can tell he’s embarrassed. “Really? That is very thoughtful of you,” he quietly smiles, “Shall we go test it out?”



.•° ✿ °•.


“Ah, ah—there’s soap in my eyes,” Zhongli squints past the sting, cupping water in his hands to splash in his face. 

It took a while to get to the tub—Xiao kept tapping on Zhongli’s chin and pestering him for lazy kisses along the way when he carried him, but they were there now and the both of them found joy in soaking in as much hot water it would allow them. 

Xiao stopped massaging shampoo through Zhongli’s hair, teasing quietly under his breath, “Aish, not my fault—I’m on scrub duty and you’re on wash duty.” Zhongli vaguely feels the adeptus brushing his hair over his shoulder to lay a kiss on his soapy skin. He finds relief a few moments later when Xiao tips a bowl of clean water over Zhongli’s head, clearing out the suds of shampoo from both his hair and eyes. 

“Does it smell nice?” Xiao hums, his voice light and hopeful, and almost nervous sounding. 

It does smell beautiful — Zhongli has always loved the scent of silk flower, but now he could adore it more ways than one. “Yes, A-Xiao,” he leans back into his lover's touch, and he can feel the way the Xiao’s hands pause their tender ministrations, “I would love to smell it on you, too.” 

“Mn, okay,” the younger mumbles, and now he just sounds bashful. Either way, their switching positions after Xiao conditions his hair and pulls it up into a twirly bun—Zhongli sits behind him and pulls him close. The water sloshes over the edge of their tub, but neither of them could hardly care. 

Zhongli gently takes the silk flower soap container propped at the edge of the bath—it’s a pastel pink just like its petals with silk flower stems woven into braids and wrapped in pink tassel to secure the vial-like container as a lid. He turns the product in his hands, admiring the patient craft of it until he pauses to read some tiny characters carved at the bottom of the ceramic:

Commission for Adeptus Xiao.

“Zhongli-daren,” Xiao calls, “why did you stop?”

Zhongli pulls his attention away from the container, his cheeks dusted over with pink, “Mm… my apologies, A-Xiao.”

They sit in comfortable silence as the retired archon lathers the soap on Xiao’s body, massaging the whites of it into the most knotted tissue of his lover’s form. This soap was specifically curated at the request of Xiao, and just the utter thought of it just reminds him of how deeply he loves the adeptus.

“A-Xiao,” Zhongli coos. 


“Has anyone ever told you that you snore in your sleep?”

“Wh––I do not!”