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What Happens in the Jungle, Stays in the Jungle...

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Diego was sick and tired of his cousin. She got all the attention in the family because she was ‘special’. For Diego, talking to an imaginary audience with a crazed look in her eyes did not constitute anything extraordinary, just a good case for the mental institution.


Worse was, his aunt made him play along to her antics, pretend there was a clique of dumb American children waiting to be taught Spanish by a four year old.


Now they were both older, 16, and were about to move to the United States. Dora was crying all the time, saying her pet monkey would die in such a hostile environment. Diego couldn’t be happier: no more adventures in the forest, or running away from a cardboard fox.


He would finally get out the jungle and be able to make sane friends. He couldn’t wait for the move, and prepared his suitcase diligently, making sure to pack all his beautiful clothes first, he would keep the ugly ones to wear until they got to North America.


Unfortunately, Dora wanted to go find yet another imaginary treasure before they left, and his aunt looked at him in a way that said if he didn’t go, she would be very, very disappointed, and her flip flop flying in his face would be, too. So he put on his most disgusting shirt as a sign of protest, and went off with her, hopping they would be back for dinner. It was tacos night.


“Come on Diego, stop writing a story about yourself inside your head. It’s kind of weird…” Dora had the audacity to tell him.


“I wasn’t doing that,” he said defensively.


“You so were. You get that scrunched-up look every time you’re romanticising your life in your head. Don’t worry, it’s cute though.” And then she winked. Diego didn’t know if he was imagining things lately, but it seemed as though Dora wanted to get closer to him. Closer in a way he didn’t like. Closer in an Alabama way. She had bent towards him the other day as though she were trying to kiss him, and she was always saying these suggestive things, like just then.


“Whatever, let's go.” Diego lead the way out of their house, and felt Dora uncomfortable stare on his back, turned around, and saw she was unabashedly staring at his plump ass. He too, thought it looked good and rotund, but it wasn’t a reason for his damn cousin to look at it appreciatively.


“What am I going to do with you,” he whispered to himself, and he swore he heard her whisper back “rail me.”


He must be imagining things.


They trekked their way up a muddy path, with Dora still muttering about a sneaky fox hiding in the trees; Diego couldn’t wait to leave her and her jungle monsters behind.


She had brought a map this time, thankfully, and was leading them towards an underground cave. They were apparently looking for some long-lost ancient amulet. Maybe it wouldn’t be a Happy Meal toy she had planted there the day before, this time, but Diego had strong doubts about that.


“Ok we’re almost there, I think…” She seemed a bit confused and turned the map up)side down a few times, but Diego didn’t worry about that, because he spotted what looked like the entrance of a cave in the distance. Great, he thought, if we’re quick, we’ll be back before the food gets cold.


“Follow me, dumbass.” 


Diego was leading the way, and wasn’t paying attention to what, exactly, he was walking on. So he was quite surprised, when he fell through the ground.


“Argggggh,” he screamed, as he landed on something rock-hard. Or rather someone, because the thing started moving beneath him. Diego was thankful it had cushioned his fall through the earth, but he really didn’t want to stay down there long enough to discover what kind of creature he had quite literally, stumbled upon.


“Diego! Are you okay?!” Dora seemed concerned at least, but he didn’t think she would be able to get him out of there in time.


“Diego,” a deep voice whispered in his ear, “that’s a nice name for a pretty boy like you.”


Diego screamed like a little girl, and tried bouncing off the mountain of muscle under him. But the steal grip from one of the creature’s beefy arms prevented him from moving an inch.


“Now, now. We wouldn’t want you to go on hurting yourself.” The voice was nothing more than a rough purr, blowing hot, damp air at the delicate side of his throat. Diego had never been more terrified in his life. Where Dora’s stories true? Did talking animals exist, and was he a giant snake’s prisoner?


Diego really hated snakes.


“Diego??” Dora was relentless in her screaming, too.


“Calm down, both of you. My name is Dwayne, and I’ve been stuck down here for a few days. I’ll help Diego get out of here. Everything is fine!” He released his grip on the boy, slightly, but not enough for him to slide off the hunk of a man’s lap. It was as if Dwayne had done it on purpose, somehow.


“Oh! Okay! Bye then, Dwayne and Diego!” And Dora fucking left, like the lunatic she was. This, of course, did nothing to reassure Diego of his safety.


“Now that we are alone, I think we can get to business. What do you say that you and I get our hands dirty for a bit, eh big boy?” Diego was intimidated by the man man, to say the least. He felt enormous. In every sense of the word, and his raspy voice, one rusty from days of not talking down here no doubt, made him doubt everything he thought he knew about himself. The few naughty magasines he had managed to swipe from his uncle’s stash had never made him tingle the way Dwayne’s utter massiveness made him shiver to his very bones.


“Did I loose you, boy?”


“Huh??” Diego startled. He had zoned-out, day-dreaming of Dwayne, who’s face he had yet to see in the darkness, hovering above his waist, an oversized man silhouette against the light from outside the hole.


The hole, Diego finally remembered. He was stuck in a hole in the ground. With a maybe friendly beast. Just great. He might just have preferred Dora and her incessant crazy talk.


“How are we going to get out of here?” Diego asked, because he couldn’t stand the silence anymore, the only sound the ruffle of his shirt every time Dwayne took a too-deep breath.


“Well, before you fell through the sky-“


“It was a hole, in the ground, hidden by foliage. Stop making it as though I’m stupid.” Diego snapped. He hated how everyone just assumed he was the dumbest person in the jungle - dumber even than the birds close to extinction because they can’t figure out how to fuck.


“I don’t think that. I fell through that same hole before you, after all. You just didn’t see it. It happens. But thankfully, I’ve built a rope while I was down here.” He was the least condescending person Diego had ever met. He might just kiss his egg-shaped head. Through the dimness, and after twisting around over Dwayne’s legs, Diego had noticed he did not seem to have hair. He must be older than Diego first thought, but then again, building those muscles must have taken quite a while. Dwayne must be at least 40, from the feel of his thighs. That made Diego all the more interested - and excited - he had trouble focussing on the topic at hand. Oh, and now he was fantasising where Dwayne’s beefy hands could go, what they could do. The rope. He had to focus on getting out of here so that those obscene thoughts would leave.


“What can we do with a rope down here, there’s nothing to tie it to?” Diego was now asking like a pupil to a teacher, genuine wonder in his eyes.


“It’s not that high, I can hoist you up, then you tie the rope around a tree and I can pull myself up like that. It’s actually going to be so much easier to get out of here. You saved me.” Diego, though still drowned in the darkness, felt himself blush. He, a skinny teenager, would be Dwayne, a man in every sense of the word, get out of trouble. This day was getting better.


“Okay then. To work,” and with that, Dwayne grabbed Diego by the waist, since he had still been straddling him, and stood up. Diego was so surprised, he could do nothing but wrap his legs around the giant’s waist.

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They stood, in the silence, for about a minute, feeling each other’s heartbeat race. Another achievement. Diego was making a grown man’s heart hammer, with just his presence. Had he become every bear’s dream? He could only wonder.


“Well then,” Dwayne finally coughed, voice tight with emotion - Diego could not help himself hope it was lust, “We should get going.” And with that he hoisted him up in the air.


Diego shrieked. 


He had the presence to gram onto the dirt at the edge of the hole entrance, and with a boost from Dwayne to his ankles, he skimmed his way out of the crevice.


The light hit his face at last, and it was pure joy. It wouldn’t last for long, though, since the sun was starting to set. He would never make it back home in time. He was so dead. Dora would maybe even scolded, if her parents were really mad.


“I’m throwing you the rope now,” Dwayne shouted from under the ground.


“Okay,” Diego answered, because that was the only thing he thought to do, “I’m ready for reception,” he added, to dig himself in his metaphorical hole of embarrassment more.


“1,2,3,” And the rope, made of pliable roots and leaves, was right there. Diego nearly missed it; he was too busy marvelling at Dwayne’s handy work. Earlier he had fantasised at how rough his hands might be, but seeing this, he was even more… in admiration? Aroused? That couldn’t be it, surely, though. Dwayne was an older man. Definitely not his type. Diego, questioning his entire history of jacking-off under the coconut tree, was tying the rope around the closest tree.


He was attracted to blonds with big boobies, not ball-headed, well-hung hunks, he thought to himself, finalising the knot. Securely enough for Dwayne’s weight, he hoped. He really did not want him to hurt himself.


“Okay, it’s done I think!”


His only response was a slight tug, as if to test-out the strength of the rope, then a heave, and the pointed peak of a brown bold head.


They would finally see each other properly. Because as much as Diego had no clue what Dwayne possibly looked like, it was the same on Dwayne’s end.


What if he doesn’t like my face, or my body, Diego feared. He turned around, because he wanted to push back that moment of witnessing Dwayne’s disgust as mush as possible. He would not be able to outrun him, even with the head start, but he could hide his face with his hands for a little while.


“Hey? Diego?” Dwayne, asked him so gently it made him want to melt. But as Dwayne continued, “did something hurt your eye? Can I help you get a bug out?” Diego reminded himself, as soon as Dwayne sees how hideously plain and pimply he looks, all his interest will ebb away forever. As wrong as it might sound, Diego wanted to live in the fantasy of being liked just a while longer.


“Diego, please take your hands away and let me look at what’s wrong with your eye!” 


Diego shook his head, about to cry, “NO! There’s nothing wrong with my eye! I don’t want you to see me! I’m ugly!” A short silence ensued, and Diego took it as confirmation from Dwayne. He was crushed. Being sure that somebody finds you too disgusting to look at and actually having direct confirmation and two very different things. Diego finally let the tears out.


But then something he wasn’t expecting happened. Dwayne, with his rough, beefy hands, gently grated at Diego’s own, small ones, prying them away from his face.


Diego didn’t dare look up. He knew we would only see repulsion. To turn a man as nice as Dwayne to disgust, Diego must really have been a sore sight to see. He did not lift his head until he felt the soft push of Dwayne’s finger under his chin, lifting it so that they could finally gaze into each other’s eyes.


“You are not ugly, Diego,” Dwayne whispered. “You are the most beautiful boy who has ever landed on me in a hole in the middle of the jungle.”


Diego giggle, “That’s not much, I’m betting I’m the only boy who’s ever landed on you in a hole in the middle of the jungle.”


“You’re right. You’re the most beautiful boy ever. Full stop.”


Diego looked up into Dwayne’s eyes, really looked, for the first time since they’d met, trying to find mirth or mischief or cruelty. He found nothing. Only brutal honesty. “You really mean that?” Diego asked hopefully, against his better judgement and all sense of self preservation.


“Really, really.”


Diego couldn’t help himself, he bounded. And hugged the hunk of a man. Dwayne seemed surprised, but did not reject him, only wrapped his corded muscles around the small boy’s waist.


“I’m really glad I met you. You’re the first person whose actually paid attention to me rather than my crazy sister.”


They were still hugging, with Diego’s head hurried in the tall man’s chest. He felt him move, as if he were softly shaking his head and it reverberated in every single part of both their bodies. “Now, now Diego. I’m not saying this to be condescending, but you should not call her crazy. She may think differently from you, and you may not understand her, but that does not mean you should call her crazy. Has she ever hurt anybody?” He asked, and he was right, his tone was not condescending. Diego would have protested every single one of those words, if they had been said by anybody else. However, Dwayne had said them, and the southing, calm tone of his silky voice was nothing but convincing.


Dwayne’s words open Diego’s eyes to some of the things he had said and done in the past year, which may have crossed the line of teasing and annoyed to downright mean and hateful. Nonetheless, he could not help who he was, and playfully challenged, “well I could have gotten very hurt when I fell down that hole and I was only there because she wanted to find an imaginary treasure so…”


“But you find me down there, so was it really that bad?” There was a grin laced in the quality of his words. Of course every part of Diego was glad of what he had found down the rabbit hole of his sister’s delusions. He was ready to directly admit that however.


Diego was searching for something playful to answer, when he realised they were still hugging. A blush rose to his cheeks, he had very been so close to another man who wasn’t his family as much as he already had been today.


“We should probably go find Dora soon. I don’t want her to get lost. Last time that happened Tia and Tio were so angry with me I didn’t get to do anything except stare at the wall for three weeks. It was the most boring time of my entire life. Can you help me? I’m not quite sure which way I should start looking…” he trailed off, because he was suddenly unsure of his time with Dwayne, and how much longer it would last. He really enjoyed spending time with the man, especially since he knew he was leaving soon.


“Of course I’ll help you. I’ll bring you and you cousin back to your doorstep if it’s the last thing I do.” He sounded so military-like, as if he were a loyal soldier and his mission was these children’s safety. It did nothing to quench Diego’s admiration.


“Alright then.”


“Alright then.”


The readied themselves; Dwayne picked up his backpack and the rope he had built, a smart decision since they might need it in the hours to come. Diego was busy admiring the man’s beautiful backside, the voluptuousness of his a-


“Diego,” Dwayne startled him, “do not move and do not panic. There is a panther behind you.”


Was it bad Diego was relieved he was warning him from a dangerous predator rather than scolding him for starring?

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Dora, backpack filled and a head full of dreams, was walking like an airhead right into the mouth of a very dangerous cave. She hadn’t pulled out her map for quite a while, so really, she was just following whatever the birds told her to do. They all had their own recommendations on where she should go, and there were so many of them, she just chose to obey the most colourful of them.

She may or may not have gone full circle a few times. She didn’t exactly realise that, but she knew things were always more efficient when Diego was with her. Unfortunately he had fallen, quite literally, down a hole in the middle of the jungle. Good job that man was already there. He would take care of her cousin.

The only thing that could change the duration of this adventure was whether Diego and Dwayne would fuck before or after they got out of there. The sooner they did so would mean the longer they would take to find her again, mostly because they would inevitably do it more than once.

Dora’s head was maybe a little elsewhere sometimes, but she could feel sexual tension from a mile away. She also recognised the way Diego looked at men of Dwayne’s stature, and had even heard a hitch in the large man’s breath. She couldn’t be more ecstatic for her cousin; even though he wasn’t always the nicest, she wanted him to be happy. She would never tell him that though.

The foliage and greenery were getting more and more bothersome to Dora’s trek, and she was starting to wonder if she would be able to keep on going in that direction (which she hoped was the right one, she might have made a wrong turn or two on the way).

“Urgh! It’s getting dark and I have no clue where to go. I should have stayed with the boys.” Dora had a tendency to talk to herself when she was irritated, to the point where Diego thought she was talking to imaginary friends. She was definitely not a schizophrenic.

“Now, Now. We both know boys are never your first choice.”

The voice came out of nowhere, from somewhere behind her, probably. Dora was very surprised, so naturally, like any sane person, she screamed as loud as her lungs permitted, for as long as she could, all the whilst running through the thick jungle. She was getting scratched up all over, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t about to die in a ditch, all alone, and without having discovered any actual treasure. She kept going for a few minutes more, but at some point she had to stop, or she would probably die of exhaustion.

“Well that was a nice run. Want to go again?”


“Don’t panic again please. This is getting a bit old now. Don’t you remember me?” The voice was gruff, masculine sounding even, but that didn’t really mean anything, it could be anyone. Now that she thought about it, though, the voice did sound familiar. But it couldn’t be… She had been so young, she had always remembered it as being a fantasy.

“Map?” Was all she asked, barely above a whisper, ashamed of what she dared imagining.

“Finally she catches on! Now get me out of this cramped backpack. Your sandwiches are starting to stink up the place.” She did so, in shock, because she was talking to an actual piece of paper, as if she where on a pseudo interactive children tv show about a stupid girl taking advice from animate objects. Totally ludicrous.

“I can’t believe it’s really you, Map. I really thought I was imagining things when I was younger. Even for me this seemed a little crazy…” Dora was happy, yet confused.

“Well you were crazy. Still are, actually.” Map saw her face sag, and quickly corrected himself. “Well, not you-need-to-be-permenantly-admitted crazy. Endearing crazy.”

“You find me endearing?” Dora was, to describe her expression perfectly, uwu-ing. That in turn made Map, the animate inanimate object, blush.

“Well, yes, Dora dearest. I always did have… an affection towards you. But you cannot tell anyone, or else they think you mad. In the worst way this time. I do think-“

Map stopped dead in his tracks. Dora was unwrapping him, which to a map, was essentially like undressing him. “Wait a second Dora! Do you really want to do this right here in the forest? You know once we start and can’t control myself. Are you sure?”

Dora was confused. “Do what? What are you talking about Map?”

“Well I-“ Map paused, he himself confused -“well I thought you wanted to… since you were touching me in all those sensitive places… I’m really sorry if I jumped to conclusions I just really, really was hoping that-“

Then she did it again, unravelling him and stroking him right there, just above Kurdistan. A very delicate, unstable place that made his whole world tumble.

Map could not stop himself, he moaned like a map had never moaned before, not even in the hands of the most barbaric and experienced of pirates, with the calloused hands of a man who had played with fire - and won.

Yet Dora was more talented. She knew. Somehow, with no experience with a fleshy man, let alone a piece of paper as intricate as he. He was not simply words, he was oceans and mountains and cities and when she was done exploring, she would know every nook and cranny of his very existence. Map really hoped this would help her find her way through the forest. That she would finally manage to do something on her own, without her cousin’s help.

Though Dora’s direction skills had been terrible earlier today, she now knew exactly where to press and where to glide to elicit the most pained, yet pleasured sound there is. As much as lighlty rumaging in Iran was, Map’s final undoing came as Dora licked - licked - all of Great Britain, emulating the rain as it falls daily from the Thames to the Highlands.

Map could contain himself any longer. He burst, quite literally, ejaculating thuderously, tiny pieces of paper flying all over, some entering Dora’s mouth.

He spurted a few more when he saw her lick her lips sensually.