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actually K in KFC stands for klesbians

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At the ripe hour of three AM Barbara, a popular TicToc dancer, entered her local KFC location. She relaxed as a familiar wave of hot air whooshed into her face. She pulled down her hood and went straight for the counter. Usually she would choose the self check-out that was installed a few months ago, like a proper member of gen z (scratch that, usually she isn’t allowed to enter a KFC by her mother). But 3AM during winter wasn’t her usual and Barbara wasn’t thirsting for the frappe she was about to buy anyway.

“Hello what can I get you?” a smile, that Barbara knew was just a part of customer service but God it was so pretty her heart couldn’t help but flutter.

“Yes, uh, can I get a wrap with extra cheese and a frape?” a formula she has memorized to save her from unnecessary gay thoughts flowing in her head.

“Anything else?”


“That’s going to be...” Barbara did not pay attention to the price, she took enough paper to cover her order, allowing her eyes to wander further down, away from Noelle’s face. She pretended to check the name tag, even thought she had it memorized ever since the girl started working there.

Barbara held out the money and did her best at holding the eye contact and at least trying to be believable that she is holding herself together. Their hands touched and Barbara despite herself thanked that her mother supervised her bank account and let that small gay interaction to happen. Noelle disappeared behind the weird machinery to prepare the order. As far as Barbara was aware it was just them too in the empty fast-food place.

Just please act like a proper person and not a wreck your image. Nobody needs to know you’re constantly doubting yourself and that these little escapades are your biggest happiness.

„Diluc, sir, she’s here..!” a quiet mess of a usually well-collected girl pitter pattered to the manager, who honestly didn’t like alcohol but really wished that he could go with his brother to watch him get drunk out of his ass instead of supervising an awkward love story that’s been dragging on for months now.

“Yes, and?”

“And! Sir! I touched her hand!” pathetic that this was in fact the most progress they had just yet.

“She got her usual, right? I can make it for her if you’d like to stare while she’s waiting”

“I couldn’t possibly!”

“I don’t want you moping around the kitchen area, I don’t need a bigger mess than what already is here”

“Thank you, sir!” and she was gone. Diluc sighed, this really reminded him of his high school days. How come the local lesbians swarmed to him with their love problems.

A smirk appeared on his face.

Well, it’s not like he could not root for them.

„Noelle” He nudged her as she was crouching behind a random machine. Creepy. Good thing the girl she liked was looking at her phone.

“Thank you so much, sir! There is no way in which I could repay you!” she straightened herself out (first making sure that the blonde wouldn’t notice her”

“Actually, you can,” Diluc pulled out a permanent marker and a piece of paper. “Your number,” he pointed with his head at Noelle’s object of affection, “for her.”

Diluc was not spending 100$ every other month to dye his hair red just for his underage worker to get the exact shade of red he desired on her face. He patted her shoulder as a small ‘good luck’, the poor girl will need it.

Noelle shakily took the marker and started scribbling out a sequence of numbers. God if you exist please don’t let me make a fool of myself tonight. She slipped the paper under the packaged wrap (with extra cheese) and pried for the best.

“Number 13?”

As Noelle’s eyes followed the small girl, Diluc noticed the striking similarity between them, Jean and her long-time girlfriend Lisa. It was just like that a few years ago, when Diluc picked up the job to gain some experience and met his overly flirty co-worker who had the fattest crush on his childhood friend. It was funny to see them dancing around each other, not knowing Diluc had connections to both of them. But it got tiring, all they really needed was a good push to make them finally talk. Really takes you back. He smiled again, for the second time this night, the rarest of rarities.

Who would have thought that the little boy, annoyed with his friend’s drama would end up the place’s manager. And who would have thought he would be planning their very wedding in the very same fast-food place while matchmaking a pair of fresh lesbians.

Maybe life wasn’t so bad.