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Diego Brando and I were friends in a way - Despite being the president, I came to him to tell him that I would financially support him so long as he did my dirty work. The blond, of course, agreed, but... if only he truly knew the things I wanted to do to him...

I was the one who asked him initially. He was sitting, eating on top a large rock while I walked out to him alone.

"What are you doing here, Mr. President?" He asked me. I wasn't a stranger to him, but he liked to act like I was.

"Cut the shit, come 'ere." I told him, beckoning to follow.

He did, reluctantly. I brought him back to my place, and asked if he'd like any food or drink, as well as if he'd like to stay the night. I also made a point of excusing my guards.

"I don't need anything right now, but I suppose I'll stay... Got nothin' better to do."

I smiled to myself. Diego was all mine for the whole night! How easy!

I entertained him for a bit; I grabbed tea for him and told him how well he was doing in the race... One could say I stroked his egotistical dick in that way. I could care less about how he was doing, although if he were to win, it's true that he would benefit me greatly...

One night, we struck a bit of a deal. If he were to win, he would give me a small portion and I would help him take out the men who wronged he and his mother. It was a dumb idea, but Diego was drunk and pouring his mind out to me. After Dr. Ferdinand awoke Diego's ability, the bastard had a change of heart. He decided he didn't want anything to do with me, since I apparently "betrayed" him. He was angry at me for not protecting him from the other racers, and... his ability. He just had no clue.

I walked over to his couch sitting next to him. "Hey, Diego... When you win, you'll still be my friend, right?" I made sure to say "when" instead of "if".

He almost smiled, but looked away from my eyes. "You're the bloody president. I'll never get away from you."

I flashed a wicked smile. That's right. "Mine..." I whispered. I don't know and I don't care if he heard, but he didn't move. My hands itched to touch him. "Hey." I grabbed his chin, turning it towards me. Clearly he didn't like that as evident by his scowl. "You'll always be with me." I smiled.

"Don't be weird about it." He said.

"It's not weird..." I said, loosening my grip on the side of his jaw, letting my hand fall into the crook of his warm, strong neck. "You're just mine, for always." I smiled wickedly again, showing him my teeth.

"Yea..." He said, clearly not following. He flashed a grin back, revealing extremely sharp teeth. He then exhaled, dropping his expression. "So, really. What bullshit did you bring me here for?"

I rolled my eyes. "Well I shouldn't spoil it now, should I?" I leaned in closer to his face, placing my knee between his thighs. "I wanna take it slow with you."

"O-Oh, don't tell me you-"

I kissed my friend before he could finish. He made a noise against my lips, one of confusion, or perhaps distaste, and placed his hands on my chest. He didn't push me away, rather I think he wanted to feel me or have some grasp on me. I kissed him again, crashing my lips against his, now placing a hand on his thigh. He made a noise near a whimper, and I almost laughed. He was so easy!

I pulled away from his lips, letting my mouth find his neck. I kissed it gently a few times before sinking my teeth in harshly, lapping my tongue against his flesh. He groaned loudly, whining and squeezing his thighs together. My hand was still in between them, so I squeezed one of his thighs and he stopped. So obedient, so easy... And I? So lucky. Slowly, I reached over to zip down his pants. My drool was running down his neck, which I'm sure he didn't like, but he kept moaning while I was sucking his neck at least. I stopped once I had his cock out and got down on my knees.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked him smugly.

"Just suck me off already, will ya?" He sure talked rudely for a man with my teeth marks in his neck. It was so red, I wanted to laugh, but instead, I obeyed him. I grabbed the base of his cock and swirled my tongue around the head, giving it long, gentle licks. He softly whined, presumably wanting more. This is what I wanted - Diego Brando to be a complete whining bitch by my will. Even though I didn't exactly like to bow to other men... I gave Diego just what he wanted. I took his whole head in my mouth and sucked hard. I dug my nails into his strong thighs as well, eliciting another whine from him. "More, Val..." He breathed. I gave him more, I did all he wanted, even taking him all the way down to the base, until he easily came in my mouth. There was a lot, salty.

Swallowing, I eyed him curiously. "Good boy, Dio..." I got up to sit on his lap and pet his hair, crooning at him as if he were a idiot child. "Now, you want more, correct? What do you want?"

"What do I want...? I don't know... I don't really care what you do." That felt like a lie - any bitch with eyes could see just how needy he was, how much he desperately needed to be put in his place. His cheeks were still flushed, eyes half-lidded and his breath shallow.

"What's the truth?"

He sighed. "I've already lost my humanity, Valentine. I don't give a fuck what else I lose besides this damned race."

I got up and ordered him to bend over the arm of the couch. He eyed me, mumbling. As he stood and then bent, I rubbed his back and spanked his ass. He had such a firm ass... He whimpered, holding a pillow against his face. "Just hurry up. Are you gonna do me dry or what?" Ah. I hadn't even thought about that...

I sighed, grabbing him by his hair and forcing him to face me. I hastily dropped my pants, signaling for him to suck me. He scowled, he didn't like his hair being touched at all, but he sucked me a little bit anyway - probably just because he didn't want it dry. Diego felt good and looked good, so good, although his teeth were noticeably sharp. Whatever, it felt so good to have my cock being sucked by him. Just him... I felt so... in love. I only wanted him. I grew even harder inside of him thinking like this, how disgusting...

I pushed him away harshly, not wanting to get ahead of myself. I needed to fuck this boy to oblivion and back, that's all. He swore at me for pushing. "Please just fuck me."

"Oh, you're begging, Brando?"

"No, of course not!" He growled.

"Mhmm..." I spread his ass and rubbed the tip of my wet cock on his hole. "Hurry up..." He whined. What a needy brat.

"Anything you say, your majesty." I replied sarcastically. I pushed myself in, I wanted to go deep as I could. The brit was too damn tight. I was able to go maybe halfway in before I had to fuck him looser. We both were grunting as I pounded him slowly. "Does it feel good, Dio?"

"Mm... yea..."

I knew it probably didn't, but it'd get better once I was fully in. I slapped his ass and grabbed it with one hand. I held his hip with my other hand so I could push myself deeper into him. He moaned, his voice was so beautiful.

"Yea..." He adjusted himself so that he was lifting himself up with his hands. His hair fell perfectly over his shoulders, dangling in the air, swaying as I fucked him. I couldn't exactly tell what his face looked like, but I assumed he was definitely enjoying himself now.

"How's it feel?"

"It's good... Just like that..." I heard him wince a little.

"You sure?" I rubbed his red ass.

"Yea... it's so deep..."

I bit my lip and spanked him. It turned me on so much when he complimented me. "You like it deep, don't you? Good boy..."

"Fuck off."

I spanked him harder and raised my voice. "That's no way to speak to me."

He groaned, and I continued to fuck him hard. He was so tight... there was just so much to love about him. His voice was lovely, he was so obedient, and he was just... gorgeous. Pretty, like me. "Dio..."


His name slipped out from my lips. I grabbed his hair. "Dio..." I fucked him harder now, losing myself in him. I couldn't stop repeating his name, the sweet name of the squirming, whining boy beneath me... "Ah!" I cried out, grabbing his hips tightly and pushing deeper and... Finally, I came inside of him. He whimpered, and I felt him shiver as I filled his ass. "Ahem... Were you able to cum, Diego?"

He growled a bit. "No."

"Mm..." I pulled out and grabbed him by the waist, sat down and ordered him to sit back down on my cock. "Sit down, right here baby. Be a good boy?"

He made a little whine, and then did as I asked. It felt so good to be back inside of him, even if I was only out for second. That tiny second had only served to prove how much I missed his body. I grabbed his hips, slamming his ass all the way down on me. "Ride me, Dio." I breathed, snaking my fingers around his cock. He moaned and rocked back and forth on my cock while I jerked him. He was so beautiful... I loved that he let me do him like this.

His moaning got more frantic, voice shrill with lust... He leaned onto my chest, kissing my neck and spilling his cum onto my stomach. I rubbed his back. "Did it feel good?"

"Stop asking so many... damn questions..." The blond was breathless.

"That makes me want to ask more." I smiled. "Are you satisfied? Did you like it? We can do it again some time? ...Do you love me?"

I felt him breathe in deeply. His cum was sticking to both of us like... glue. "Yea, to all."

I grinned. That was good enough for me.