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midoriya and bakugou fight 2: electric boogaloo

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 "You're a dumbass."


"Kacchan, when we were three you tried to eat a brick because I said you shouldn't, you can't talk"


"And when we were four, you tried to lick my sweat that contains nitroglycerin, which is toxic. You don't have a leg to stand on either Deku." Bakugou said back, oddly calm looking.


"At least I didn't booby trap a whole house just for a game of freeze tag."


"Yeah, but I, at least, was never a stalker, shitty nerd."


"But you did nearly jump off the roof because Suzuki-sensei told us jokingly not to jump off the roof since we couldn't fly and you wanted to prove her wrong."


"Sure, but at least I never stole All Might merch from a fucking dead man, Deku."


"At least I never attempted murder because someone said All Might isn't the best hero, Kacchan."


"What's going on?" Kirishima, who had just arrived a few minutes ago asked quietly.


"Deku and Bakugou got into a fight and now they're starting to dig up blackmail from years ago I think? I'm not entirely sure what's going on actually," Kaminari whispered back.


Whatever Kirishima was about to say back was interrupted by Midoriya's shouted reply of, "At least I didn't purposely get into knife fights just to "test how sharp my knives are,"" he said in air quotes.


"Yeah, because you're a fucking pussy that doesn't carry around more than one knife at a time Deku, It's not my fault that you can't protect yourself properly," Bakugou shouted back.


"Most people don't carry around knives at all Kacchan," Midoriya said back in the exasperated tone of someone who had had the same argument a thousand times before.


"Yeah, because they're fucking weak ass pussies, that would die if they ever got into a fight with an actual villain. It's not my fault most people are dumb, and don't carry around knives." Bakugou replied in the same exasperated tone Midoriya used.


"Fine, but what does that have to do with whether you're coming over or not?" Midoriya shouted.


"Because you're a dumbass that asked me if I wanted to come visit auntie, as if I'd actually say no, idiot," Bakugou shouted back.


"So I'll tell mom you said you'll come over?" Midoriya asked, back to what appeared to be his normal self.


"Obviously, dumbass," Bakugou said back with a smile. "I still need to get more recipes from auntie after all."


"Ok, I'll tell auntie you said you miss her, and we'll visit on the weekend," Midoriya said walking away.


"What just happened?" Kaminari whispered to Kirishima.


"I've got no idea," he whispered back.